The Legion Corporation - The Power of Dreams (No Posting)

A meeting place where national storefronts can tout their wares and discuss trade. [In character]
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The Legion Corporation - The Power of Dreams (No Posting)

Postby The Recon Empire » Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:36 am

| Board of Directors | Corporate Leadership |
International Operations | Legion One | Our Headquarters | Our Assets |
| The Legion Milestones | Our Logistics | Our Investments | Giving Back |

View our new Legion One Jets now!

The Legion Corporation is an international conglomerate private liability corporation owned by HM King Haden I, the current monarch of the Recon Empire. The Legion Corporation is the largest company in the Recon Empire, operating at a revenue far greater than its next competitor. It is also growing to become the largest conglomerate in the GE&T forums, owning 20 subsidiaries, amongst them are 14 wholly-owned international subsidiaries(storefronts on GE&T), totalling up to partial/entire ownerships in over 60 storefront businesses. The Legion Corporation also expands in its breadth, encompass its business endeavours to over 25 different industries. The Legion Corporation is a multinational organization, with businesses operating in over 200 nations internationally.

The Legion Corporation has been a watermark success in the Recon Empire, in almost every sector of business, and we hope to bring this company and its products to the global market. Globalization is inevitable for a successful company, and in the near future, we will be opening our subsidiaries one by one internationally, finally transforming our entire company into an international empire.

The vision of the Legion Corporation is to bring customers closer with an interactive as well as all-rounded purchasing experience. We want to bring the goods to them, and with that, comes with the convenience, quality as well as preferences. We treat all our customers with respect, responsibility and hospitality, integrating the intimacy of your local convenience store with the variety of the conglomerate. Our outreach ensures that there is a Legion storefront for everyone.

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Postby The Recon Empire » Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:51 am

Board of Directors
The Legion Corporation is directed by few of the most prominent corporate leaders in the GE&T forums, to lead the company into greater success. These corporate legends offer their priceless suggestions that help shape the company into the visions of tomorrow. We have absolute trust in their expertise and experience, and we believe that this will only aid our company to progress even further! Members of the board are by invite-only.

Executive ChairmanVice-Chairman

Mr Haden Legrand
Mr Haden Legrand is the Executive Chairman of the Legion Corporation, owning almost entirely the conglomerate, away from his royal titles as H.I.M. King of The Recon Empire and Emperor of The Crown Federation of Recon. Mr Legrand has devoted his life to exploring the ends of the world, and achieving the best in almost every endeavour. The Legion Corporation has been a successful corporation, and with the finances to continually expand the Legion Corporation with its core direction and vision. The successful subsidiary launches have been propelled from Mr Legrand's interest since before the company's globalization.

Mr Fred Walken
Mr Fred Walken has been a long-time partner to Mr Legrand in his endeavours in the Legion Corporation. Being the Vice-Chairman of the Legion Corporation, he assists Mr Legrand in many of the shareholder operations, and has personally acquainted with Mr Legrand for over 10 years. From the very beginning of the Legion Corporation, a small corporation in the Recon Empire, to the global conglomerate today, Mr Walken has been a pivotal character in its journey, and now, he continues his journey as Mr Legrand's right-hand man in dealing with the shareholders' interests and dividends.

He currently holds a MA in Sociology and MBA in Business Administration.


Our 7 Board Members

Martyn Lupov
Director of Rostislavovich Arms and Export

Martyn Sergeivich Lupov has been the Director of the Rostislavovich Arms and Export since its founding in 2001 and under his leadership, the company seen massive growth and development as he, along with RAE's best and brightest, helped grow the company into a large game player in the global firearms market which it is today. Furthermore, the Retivan Armed Forces' interest in hiring RAE as its sole supplier had boosted the company's status as the largest arms manufacturer in the country, as well as the Ministreyl Union. With branches and numerous manufacturing plants being established around the world, Martyn Lupov has set in stone a golden age for Rostislavovich A&E.
Harold Boss
Chairman of United Nationstates Media Group/President of ETV

Harold Boss has been the longest serving president of ETV, and the first ever Chairman of the Board of United Nationstates Media Group. Starting out as a field reporter for The Daily Times, which later merged into The Mediete Journal, his experiences in journalism has brought him to larger networks, where he continues to expand the reach of domestic news agencies.
Dame Julianna Stefansson
Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Yohannes

Dame Julianna is a notable banker, having held an insurmountable number of BY operations internationally. She played a crucial role historically in further regulating the institution and expanding its networking operation overseas and currently oversees one of the most profitable financial institution in the world. Her past appointments include Chairwoman of Esquarium, Greater Dienstad and Maredoratica Yohannesian Council of Businesses, Deputy Operational Manager of Ardenfontein Regional Finance & Banking Operation, and a member of the bank's root Board of Supervision. Dame Julianna is married to Hon. Edward Hermilius Stefansson, supervisory delegate of His Majesty's Treasury to YAX.
Harry Freudenberger
Chairman of SaltAIR

Mr Freudenberger was President of Saltbridge Chief of Staff and former CEO of SaltArms. He appointed as CEO of President of Saltbridge Investment Inc. (SaltINVEST). Mr Freudenberger is a native of Enderdon, Sagemore province. He was born in 1967, and graduated from the physics department of the Sagemore Utopia University. As subsidiaries of SaltINVEST, Mr Freudenberger was appointed as Chair, Board of Director of SaltAIR. He also Chair, Board of Director, Oldwich Skypark.
Jan Toft
Chairman of Burgunden Diversified Industries

Jan Toft was born in the northern Burgunden suburb of Embrach on the 14th March, 1948. His family was already well established, for some generations, as the owners of the Confederacy's most successful brewery, Burgunden Breuerie. Burgunden Breuerie had already been in operation for two centuries when it was taken over by Erich Toft, who rose up from Brew Master to buy the small operation from the previous owners in 1783. The Tofts proceeded to make Burgunden Breuerie become a household name across the Confederacy for the next two centuries.
Marcelle Trudeau
Former Minister of Internal Affairs of Imperial Royal Union

With skills in the legal profession, Marcelle Charles-Simone Trudeau has served previously in the Supreme Government of Imperial Royal Union as Minister for Energy & The Environment (1990-1995) and Minister for Internal Affairs (1995-1998). He retired the following year at the age of 41, and was the Chief Legal Officer of the Royal Thalean World Holdings of Imperial Royal Union for a brief period of time. He now sits in the board of directors of multiple various corporations in Imperial Royal Union while working in his own civil law firm, Trudeau & Co. He is also recognised as a Peer of Imperial Royal Union.
Hazel Warren
President of Union Stock Exchange

Born in the city of Vyrantium, Lady Hazel Warren began her career at the Grand Imperium Central Bank, where she eventually became the head director of Mythenas, a relatively small Thedosian colony. In 2007, she changed her employment to the Union Stock Exchange, where, by 2009, she had become the Vice-President. In 2011, following a tragic vehicle accident that left then-president Roy Helms in a coma, she was elevated as an emergency to the position of President; she solidified the elevation a year later, following a vote of the Board of Directors. She is the granddaughter of General James Wilson, a decorated war officer during the Great War, and married to Chester Potts, the third child of the Potts family (current Teyrns of the Anderfels).
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Postby The Recon Empire » Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:03 am

Corporate Leadership
The Corporate Leadership of the Legion Corporation is our operating body of people who decide on the company decisions. These people are core management of the Legion Corporation and its widespread global operations. At the end of the day, no matter what services you receive, the Corporate Leadership are the ones who make it work.

Chief Executive OfficerPresident

Mr Haden Legrand
Mr Haden Legrand is the Chairman and CEO of the Legion Corporation, owning almost entirely the conglomerate, away from his royal titles as H.I.M. King of The Recon Empire and Emperor of The Crown Federation of Recon. Mr Legrand has devoted his life to exploring the ends of the world, and achieving the best in almost every endeavour. The Legion Corporation has been a successful corporation, and with the finances to continually expand the Legion Corporation with its core direction and vision. The successful subsidiary launches have been propelled from Mr Legrand's interest since before the company's globalization.

Sir Edward Lovin
Sir Edward Lovin is the President of the Legion Corporation. If Mr Fred Walken is Mr Legrand's right-hand man, Sir Lovin is definitely his left-hand man. Sir Lovin has been appointed as the conglomerate's executive President after its globalization, and has been actively bringing its subsidiaries to greater heights through the intense push for corporate relations and logistical improvement. Sir Edward Lovin is one of the most important members of the Legion Corporation as he manages the day-to-day operations of the Legion Corporation on behalf of Mr Legrand, and is one of the most influential members of the corporate world within the Recon Empire.

Graduated with a BMA and was knighted by H.I.M King Haden I(Mr Legrand, CEO) for his contributions to the corporate world and the Recon business market.

Office of the CEO
Executive Assistant: Alice Parker-Boyle
Company Secretary: Samuel Phua
Brand Manager: Henry Lawson
Chief Business Analyst: Marcus Johnson
Personal Security Detail: Yang Wen Paul
Office of the President
Executive Assistant: George Hewitt
Director of Research: Evan Rand
Operations Analyst: Tom Fitch
Press Secretary: Jolene Martel
Personal Security Detail: Peter Russo

VP, Chief Resource OfficerVP, Chief Manpower OfficerVP, Chief Financial OfficerVP, Chief Investment OfficerVP, General Counsel
Victor Dencer

Mr Victor Dencer is a pivotal supporting figure for the Legion Corporation's immense success today. At the helm of Nexus Group International as its president, he mainly serves as the Legion Corporation's Chief Resource Officer, in charge of all the behind-the-scenes runnings of the corporation to ensure its smooth operations in all its global subsidiaries. Mr Dencer has been with the former Legion Logistics Company as its Chief Logistics Officer, and with the recent expansion of the company, he heads the large international group to provide all-rounded support together with his team of 3 other Chief Officers. Mr Victor Dencer is a key figure in the Legion Corporation, providing the essentials to conglomerate businesses.

Mr Dencer holds a double Master's degree in Management and Statistics. He also holds a triple Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Economic History.
Linda M. Chan

Ms Linda Mayer-Chan is the Chief Manpower Officer of the Legion Corporation. As the second CMO of the Legion Corporation, she succeeded Mr Bowen Palazzi in managing the human resources of the Legion Corporation's various subsidiaries. Prior to joining the Legion Corporation, she has worked as the Chief Manpower Officer for Legion Hypermarkets, and has worked closely with the then-Chief Operations Officer, Mr Clive Parker-Boyle, to employ over 17,000 employees for its international stores, while maintaining end-to-end smooth operations throughout.

Ms Linda Mayer-Chan received her MFA in Sociology from the Higher School of Learning, Commonwealth University. She has also embarked on a 5-year project to Ludania to explore the corporate diversities and political atmosphere, concluding with the book entitled, "Corporate Secrets".
Stewart Stern

Mr Stewart Stern is the Chief Financial Officer of the Legion Corporation. One of the earliest employees at the Legion Corporation, he has secured and maintained the financial records of the Legion Corporation while it was still in its beginning stages, and currently heads a finance department of 120 employees, managing and keep records of the financial statements of the company. Mr Stewart Stern has essential in shaping the company's route to maintaining diversifying incomes, with his efforts to setup Kauvers International Holdings LLC. to manage these income sources.

Mr Stewart Stern graduated from the McBrian School of Economics with both a MSc and MA in Economics.
Pierre Gionata

Mr Pierre Gionata is the leading figure in the Legion Corporation's varied and diverse investment portfolios through Kauvers International Holdings LLC. Having a vast experience in investments, he has headed many investment institutions, both private and public, over his 20 years of experience, and has successfully generated over NS$86 billion revenue for his companies. Mr Gionata has frequently been referred to as the "Warren Buffett of Recon" and is hailed as one of the best in the world. He is a living legend in the investment industry and continues to wow observers with his keen eye for potential in his investment targets. He is currently a billionaire with a net worth of R$180 billion, and is ranked as the 6th richest person in the Recon Empire.

Born in the poorer neighbourhoods of Imperial Royal Union, his family struggled to make a living. Mr Gionata invested his first stock in Grande Royale Group Holdings Inc. with $250 that he had raised through doing odd jobs while studying. He eventually raised enough money to move to The Recon Empire when he was 19 alone, and had shown immense talent in the fields of mathematics and economics. He was given Recon citizenship and soon graduated from a MBA with Honours at the GCU School of Business(GCSB), under the Prince Ryan Scholarship.
Frank Césaire

Mr Frank Césaire is the Legion Corporation's General Counsel. Mr Césaire serves on the company's executive team and oversees all legal matters, including corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation and securities compliance, as well as government affairs. Prior to his General Counsel position, he has held various roles such as Corporate Advisor at Legion Insurances and Chief Legal Consultant for Pegasus Petrol. Mr Césaire has been the key member during the legal conflict between Pegasus Petrol and the Griffincrest Corporation, directing the legal direction and strategy for Pegasus Petrol and securing the oil fields located all around the Recon Empire.

Before his affiliations with the Recon Empire, he was the General Counsel of CassTech Industries, and a partner of Césaire-Williams Partners. He passed the Heraclea, Dion and National Recon Bar and received his J.D. from Morrison Institute of Law.

Subsidiary Management

Director of SubsidiariesChief Audit Head
Jacob Kavakos

Mr Jacob Kavakos is the latest addition to the Legion Corporation executive leadership. Serving as the Director of Subsidiaries, he serves as the communication platform between the Legion Corporation and its subsidiaries. Meeting with Presidents of subsidiaries every two days, he collates all the reflections and feedback and operational directions back to the headquarters for review, and represents their operational obligations during board meetings. Mr Kavakos has been responsible for the rapid development of the various storefronts, and their aggressive publicity for businesses. Born in the Kingdom of Bynn, he moved to the Recon Empire when he was 14 with his family.

Mr Kavakos currently holds a MBA in Business Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD in Business at the Hewlett School of Economics.
Dr David Chun

Dr David Chun is the Chief Audit Head of the Legion Corporation. He is the head of the Internal Audit Committee, which seeks to evaluate the performance of these subsidiaries and their employees. He commands the individual audit committees of each subsidiary, with a total working department of over 90. Dr Chun holds an independent position in the company, responsible directly to the Board of Directors. Dr Chun is an experienced audit officer, having developed multiple companies substantially with his auditing efforts. He has also served as the Corporate Director of Legion Constructions.

Dr David Chun received his PhD in management from the University of Heraclea, and holds a double masters in accounting and business administration.

Anchor Subsidiaries

Legion Properties GroupPegasus Petrol CompanyLegion Hypermarkets
Group PresidentPresidentExecutive Chairman
Sarah MacPherson
Carl Blinken
Vince Broderick
Legion Health GroupLegion Intl. UniversityLegionTV
Group PresidentChancellorPresident
Dr Mark Meyer
Dr Alistair Hennings
Bobby McEsten

Auxilliary Subsidiaries

Legion ConstructionsLegion InsurancesLegion Hospital Corp.Legion PharmaceuticalsProLife Inc.
Managing DirectorPresidentChief ExecutiveChief Pharm. OfficerManaging Director
William Recondo
Mr Alvin Brooks
Dr Kennedy Lee
Dr Desimo Markuss
Ms Camilla Arden

Corporate Relations Department:

  • Director of Corporate Relations
    Benson Onewa

  • Vice-Director of Corporate Relations
    Joshua Lemon

  • Assistant Director of Corporate Communications
    Audrey Miller
Sales & Acquisition Department:

  • Director of Global Sales
    John Hamilton

  • Director of Acquisition and Investments
    Rebecca Fulkerson

  • Vice-Director of Sales and Acquisition
    Paul Walton

The Legal Department

  • Deputy General Counsel

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The Legion Corporation operates globally, and requires a huge amount of personnel and resources transfer. As we have various subsidiaries in some regions, we ensure that our quality control and resource allocation is done at a regional headquarters. The Legion Corporation appoints regional chiefs to head our operations there.

Please note that The Recon Empire reserves the right to control all personnels mentioned below during RP.
Hierarchy is only for convenience and realism and does not affect our operations in your nations.

    (Membership refers to The Legion Club membership.)
  • Nations with Full Membership or above will be promoted to Regional President, overseeing Regional Directors.
  • Nations with Associated Membership will be allocated a Regional CEO to head their independent HQ.
  • Nations with Affiliated Membership will be allocated a Regional Director under another nation's Regional HQ.
  • Nations with substantial operations but not yet a member will be allocated a Independent Director depending on need.

The Legion Corporation
Sir Edward Lovin
Regional President
Legion Recon
Holdings LLC.
Regional President
Legion Australia Ltd.
Regional President
Legion Abidawe
Walter McVaughn
Bobby Tippett
Marcel Warner
Pamela Whitehood
Regional CEO
Legion SP
Holdings Group
Regional CEO
LGC Holdings
Regional CEO
Legion Verdiga
Holdings Co. Ltd.
Regional CEO
Legion Menavolosia
Holdings LLC.
Regional CEO
Legion Galactic
Holdings Group
Regional CEO
Phillipines LLC.
Henry Leptiste
Lauren Simmons
Wendy Cho
Keith Thomson
Martin Brevford
Calvin Sóutel

President International of The Legion Corporation: Sir Edward Lovin

Regional President of Legion Recon Holdings LLC. (The Recon Empire): Walter DeVaughn

Overseeing Divisions (7)
Regional Director, The Aspari Syndicate: Todd J. Mitchell
Regional Director, Yohannes: Laura Mandel
Regional Director, Imperial Royal Union: Christie Chiu
Regional Director, The Nation of Ceneria: Jeff Edelhein
Regional Director, Gandoor: Lydia Werschwich
Regional Director, Rawlincia: Michael W. Scott
Regional Director, New Edom: Ellen Boulange

Regional President of Legion Australia Inc. (Australian Republic): Bobby Pickett

Overseeing Divisions (8)
Regional Director, Rannoria: Thomas Eastman
Regional Director, Honmark: Eliza Simpson
Regional Director, Republic of Vectors: Isaac Roswald
Regional Director, SJT: Ernest Weaven
Regional Director, Irian Barat: Clifford Montreal
Regional Manager, Pambudia: Nathan Hagel
Regional Manager, Kyrashia: Paul Beetham
Regional Manager, Baldapehlva: Nadiah Kapoor

Regional President of LegionCorp Saltbridge Holdings Group (Saltbridge): Marcel Warner

Overseeing Divisions (7)
Regional Director, Tolmakia: Ruth Poufeller
Regional Director, Hundredstar: Esther Yayanda
Regional Direcotr, Ramsgates: Kimberly Ostrov
Regional Manager, Fifthland: Jerico Sanchelle
Regional Manager, Oisinistan: Dwight Laws
Regional Manager, Military Democracy of Birtonia: Michelle Langley
Regional Manager, The Federation of United Regions : Ernest Cater
Regional Manager, Frezland: Jolene Bennett

Regional President of Legion Abidawe Corporation (Abidawe): Pamela Whitehood

Overseeing Divisions (7)
Regional Director, Ziechten: Ronan Sawyer
Regional Manager, Taitung Pinyin Chang Wen
Regional Manager, Sacheyenya: Nicole Petan
Regional Manager, Semolia Ed Snark
Regional Manager, Valerys: Wallace Mackintosh
Regional Manager, Dunpa: Bill Feller
Regional Manager, Gear 1: Samantha Wright

Regional CEO of Legion SP Holdings Group (SP Rebellion): Henry Leptiste

Regional CEO of LGC Holdings (Legion Greythrone Corporation Holdings) (Greythrone): Lauren Simmons

Regional CEO of Legion Verdiga Holdings Co. Ltd. (Verdiga): Wendy Cho

Regional CEO of Legion Menavolosia Holdings LLC. (Menavolosia): Keith Thomson

Regional CEO of Legion Galactic Holdings Group (The Intergalactic Universe Corporation): Martin Brevford

Regional CEO of Legion Phillipines LLC. (Pederal na Republika ng Pilipinas): Calvin Sóutel
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Postby The Recon Empire » Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:07 am

The Legion Convoy: The Chairman's Travel Detail
The Legion Chairman travels in the most lavish modes of transport. Despite being a monarch himself, Mr Legrand travels in Legion vehicles on official business trips representing the company, and as such, we have provided top-notch transportation detail, comparable to other heads of state. Due to the sheer influence of the Legion Corporation, as well as the personal popularity of the Chairman, not only do we have to provide the luxury and convenience, but also the suitable protection for Mr Legrand. The Legion Convoy is a transportation group serving our Chairman on trips, and features a collection of vehicles as well as a jet.

"Legion One": The Chairman's FlightImage
The Legion Corporation owns 3 RMA 750 Magicwind commercial jets, named respectively "Legion One", "Legion Two", and "Legion Three". Legion One is most famous, being used by CEO/Chairman Mr Legrand himself, while the other two are used by various high-level executives when they inspect the various divisions around the world, or when there are large company meetings. The Legion Jets were commissioned by SaltARMS Aerospace Commercial Aircraft. Original design by Radiomatic Moorburgh Aircraft.

The Chairman's Motorcade
(Currently renewing!)

Captive CITV (Mod E.) by Atok Ltd
Viceroy III MSUV (VIP) by Atok Ltd

The Chairman's Motorcade consists of two modes, urban and suburban. These modes allow the motorcade to be suitable for any environment. The urban motorcade is made up of 4 Viceroy III MSUVs for all-rounded security. Projected additions include medical vehicles, communications vehicles and the paramount limosine itself. Currently, the Chairman rides in a Convaire Paramount, a Reconian limousine. When there's a need to travel cross-country, the motorcade utilizes three additional Captive CITVs.
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Postby The Recon Empire » Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:48 am


  • Legion Pinnacle
    2, Bayfront Road, Upper Ortega Area, Reconwood, Heraclea, P.O. 72849

    Legion Pinnacle is the Legion Corporation's main corporate headquarters. Constructed by Legion Constructions, it features 3 iconic buildings, with 70, 20 and 40 levels in the respective towers, managing all of its subsidiaries and holdings. Officially the second highest building in the Recon Empire(after the Parthenon, the honorary palace, built high up in the forests of Dion), it overlooks the bustling city of Reconwood on one hand, while enjoying the ocean views of the Heraclean Ocean on the other. The two buildings at the sides are responsible for subsidiary management, and department offices respectively, with the middle tower used specifically for meeting rooms and executive offices.

    The Legion Pinnacle is well-known for the lavish size of CEO Legrand's office and his executive levels. Having an entire level dedicated to his legal team alone(partners from the Legion Law Firm), he himself has an office that spans the entire of the highest level, with various rooms to welcome guests, and even a full-scale dining room and kitchen.

  • Legion X Campus
    56, Creation Road, Gaven, Heraclea P.O. 390610

    The Legion X Campus was constructed by the Legion Corporation's own construction company, Legion Constructions, to enter the rapid-growing market of the world. Legion X Campus houses the product design teams, as well as the Legion Communications programming teams and servers. As this Campus is extremely large, it features many facilities for use of the employees there. Unlike the Legion Pinnacle, where business and corporate image fills the environment, the Legion X Campus is meant to breed creativity through comfort and inspiration for the Legion Corporation's creative teams. The Legion X Campus features facilities such as swimming pools, free-flow buffets and pantry bars, resting rooms with bunk beds and energy pods, a movie theater and a tennis court. The Legion X Campus has been described by many to mimic the likes of the tech companies of Silicon Valley, only this owned by a multi-industry conglomerate.

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Our Assets
Our Credit Ratings

Imperial Bank of Symphonia

5 Stars

General Finances

Sinking Fund: NS$1,002,569,186,195

Corporate Debt: NS$305,204,110

Bank Deposits:
NS$600,000,000,000(Bank of Yohannes)
NS$50,000,000,000(Vermandois' World Bank)
NS$15,000,000,000(International Cocomo Banking Clan)
NS$7,000,000,000(SP Bank)
NS$3,000,000,000(Staatsbank Imperialia)
NS$50,000,000,000(Bank of Thedosia)

Global Revenue:

Global Income:

Global Assets:

Internal Businesses
Revenue: NS$21,683,504,276
Operating Income: NS$18,018,593,578
Assets Evaluation: NS$50,480,000,000
Foreign Businesses
Revenue: NS$918,153,493,400
Operating Income: NS$720,205,493,400
Assets Evaluation: NS$NS$2,540,190,473,000

Legion Annual Finance Reports
Every year, Nexus Group International compiles our finances for the year, in preparation of the upcoming year. Through this report, we are able to reorganize our subsidiaries, plan our direction, as well as our corporate vision for the coming future. It also helps us understand which subsidiaries are more important than some.

Legion Properties Group
Revenue: NS$14,910,000,000
Profit: NS$9,712,000,000
Total Assets: NS$38,152,000,000
Pegasus Petrol Company
Revenue: NS$112,085,000,000
Profit: NS$96,568,000,000
Total Assets: NS$480,900,000,000
Legion Constructions
Revenue: NS$9,795,000,000
Profit: NS$8,605,000,000
Total Assets: NS$12,680,000,000

Legion International University
Revenue: NS$30,800,000,000
Profit: NS$16,920,000,000
Total Assets: NS$
Legion Hospital Corporation
Revenue: NS$27,790,050,000
Profit: NS$25,500,000,000
Total Assets: NS$19,453,035,000
Legion Pharmaceuticals
Revenue: NS$12,870,143,400
Profit: NS$11,680,000,000
Total Assets: NS$13,010,580,000

Legion Insurances
Revenue: NS$14,220,000,000
Profit: NS$12,050,000,000
Total Assets: NS$14,705,000,000
Mascagni Estate Wineries
Revenue: NS$2,460,500,000
Profit: NS$850,000,000
Total Assets: NS$5,000,000,000
ProLife Incorporated
Revenue: NS$23,212,800,000
Profit: NS$14,185,600,000
Total Assets: NS$35,464,000,000

Legion Hypermarkets
Revenue: NS$623,510,000,000
Profit: NS$233,785,000,000
Total Assets: NS$1,834,440,000,000
Revenue: NS$918,153,493,400
Profit: NS$720,205,493,400
Total Assets: NS$2,540,190,473,000
Kauvers International Holdings LLC.
Revenue: NS$46,500,000,000
Profit: NS$42,206,400,000
Total Assets: NS$86,385,858,000
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Postby The Recon Empire » Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:45 am

Invest in the Legion Corporation
The Legion Corporation, with its current market evaluation of NS$2.2 trillion dollars in assets, has released 10 billion stocks for 5% of the entire company. These shares have been released through the Legion Club, the Legion Corporation's private club for loyal customers and supports. Shares to the Legion Corporation is transferrable and dividends will be given to our shareholders. Shares of the Legion Corporation can be purchased from private shareholders, or obtained from the Legion Corporation via our Legion Club membership. At the moment, only Class D stocks are released.

Types of Stocks
Class A - Transferrable Voting Preferred Stocks with Pre-emptive rights
Class B - Transferrable Voting Preferred Stocks without Pre-emptive rights
Class C - Transferrable Voting Common Stocks without Pre-emptive rights
Class D - Transferrable Non-Voting Common Stocks without Pre-emptive rights
Class E - Non-Transferrable Non-Voting Preferred Stocks without Pre-emptive rights
Class F - Non-Transferrable Voting Preferred Stocks without Pre-emptive rights

Current Released Shares
Class D - Total Stocks: 10,000,000,000
Owners: Members of the Legion Club - 10,000,000,000
Listed on: Börse AG: TLC

Class F - Total Stocks: 100,000
Owners: The Legion Corporation - 100,000
Listed on: <Unlisted>

Stock Prices
Class D: NS$44.4 |▲7.02|
Class F: NS$5,155,000 |- 0.00|

Dividend Yields(Annually)
Class D: 1%
Class F: 0%
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Postby The Recon Empire » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:44 am

The Legion Milestones
The Legion Corporation has come a long way, and we have collated some of our best and most important moments into a list called the Legion Milestones that we would like to share with you. This list includes major investments, high-level appointments and important subsidiary events. This list has been compiled by Legion Logistics.

  • December 16, 2015 - Newly restructured LGC Holdings(formerly Legion Greythrone) releases its original storefront!
  • November 22, 2015 - Lady Hazel Warren, President of USE, appointed Board Member.
  • November 16, 2015 - Legion Menavolosia established, Keith Thomson appointed Regional CEO.
  • November 15, 2015 - "Legion One" Superjets commissioned by SaltARMS Aerospace.
  • November 14, 2015 - Legion Verdiga established, Wendy Cho appointed Regional CEO.
  • November 12, 2015 - Legion Greythrone established, Lauren Simmons appointed Regional CEO.
  • October 30, 2015 - LegionTV revamped from ReconTV and goes international. Bobby McEsten to head LegionTV as President.
  • October 24, 2015 - LegionCorp Saltbridge established, Marcel Warner promoted Regional President.
  • October 11, 2015 - Mr Marcelle Trudeau, Former Minister of IRU, appointed Board Member.
  • September 8, 2015 - Legion Australia established, Bobby Tippett appointed Regional President.
  • August 31, 2015 - The Legion Corporation celebrates its first anniversary!
  • June 29, 2015 - Nexus Group International unveils 2014/2015 Profit Report.
  • May 11, 2015 - Mr Jan Toft, Chairman of BDI, appointed Board Member.
  • April 19, 2015 - The Legion International University founded. Dr Alistair Hennings appointed Chancellor.
  • March 29, 2015 - The Legion Corporation and its subsidiaries receive a 5-star rating from GE&T Accreditation.
  • March 2, 2015 - Mr H. Freudenberger, CEO of SaltAIR, appointed Board Member.
  • February 28, 2015 - Kauvers purchases 10% ownership of SaltAIR; V. Broderick, Chair of Legion Hypermarkets, to sit on Board.
  • December 26, 2014 - Kauvers' ownership of Imperial Bank of Symphonia grows from 6.7% to 12.06% via Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • December 26, 2014 - Kauvers International Holdings invests NS$11.1 million in Kern Jewelers.
  • December 25, 2014 - The Legion Corporation returns to service after a brief shutdown due to planned maintenance.
  • November 22, 2014 - The Legion Club International goes international, Mr Alan Hermann appointed Executive Secretary.
  • November 19, 2014 - Legion Insurances becomes the 4th subsidiary under Legion Health Group.
  • November 16, 2014 - Legion Hospital Corporation goes international. Dr Kennedy Lee appointed Chief Executive.
  • November 11, 2014 - Mr Bobby Ferwood appointed Chief Technology Officer.
  • November 10, 2014 - Mr Lance Chandler appointed Chief Security Officer.
  • November 10, 2014 - Mr Victor Dencer promotes to Chief Resource Officer, Mr Charlie Hagen appointed Chief Logistics Officer.
  • November 10, 2014 - Nexus Group International established to deal with growing logistics of the Legion Corporation.
  • November 8, 2014 - 3 prominent board members appointed: Dame Julianna, Mr H. Boss and Mr M. Lupov.
  • November 5, 2014 - Dr David Chun joins the Legion Corporation as the inaugural Chief Audit Director.
  • October 29, 2014 - Kauvers invests NS$1.3 trillion for 3% or 90 million stocks of VMG Defence & Steel Works.
  • October 26, 2014 - Kauvers obtains 1 trillion stocks of the Bank of Yohannes.
  • October 26, 2014 - The Legion Corporation registers bank accounts for its respective subsidiaries at the Bank of Yohannes.
  • October 26, 2014 - Mr Frank Césaire appointed as the Legion Corporation's first General Counsel.
  • October 26, 2014 - Ms Linda Mayer-Chan replaces Mr Bowen Palazzi as the Legion Corporation's new Chief Manpower Officer.
  • October 25, 2014 - ProLife Incorporated goes international. Ms Camilla Arden appointed Managing Director.
  • October 24, 2014 - Imperial Bank of Symphonia issues an "AAA" credit rating for the Legion Corporation.
  • October 22, 2014 - Legion Properties Group absorbs Legion Constructions. Sir E. Newar as Corporate Director of LPG.
  • October 20, 2014 - Kauvers increases ownership of Goldwing Finance to 15%.
  • October 17, 2014 - Legion Pharmaceuticals goes international. Dr Desimo Markuss appointed Chief Pharmaceuticals Officer.
  • October 15, 2014 - Legion Health Group established to manage upcoming subsidiaries. Dr Mark Meyer appointed as President.
  • October 11, 2014 - Kauvers invests NS$4 billion for 3.29% of Goldwing Finance.
  • October 9, 2014 - Kauvers invests NS$300 million for 1% of United NationStates Multimedia Group™.
  • October 5, 2014 - Kauvers International Holdings LLC. established. Mr Pierre Gionata appointed as CIO.
  • September 29, 2014 - The Legion Corporation invests NS$1 billion for 10% of Vermandois World Bank.
  • September 27, 2014 - The Legion Foundation established. Dr S. Desmond appointed President.
  • September 21, 2014 - Legion Hypermarkets revamped from Legion Supermarkets and goes international. Mr Vince Broderick appointed Executive Chairman.
  • September 11, 2014 - Pegasus Petrol Company goes international. Mr Carl Blinken appointed President.
  • September 9, 2014 - Legion Insurances goes international. Mr Alvin Brooks appointed President.
  • September 8, 2014 - Legion Properties Group goes international. Ms Sarah MacPherson appointed Group President.
  • September 7, 2014 - Legion Constructions goes international. Mr William Recondo appointed Managing Director.
  • September 2, 2014 - The Legion Corporation invests NS$1.12 billion for 10% of Endalaus Andlát.
  • September 2, 2014 - The Legion Corporation invests NS$1.6 billion for 8.5% of Rostislavovich Arms and Export.
  • September 1, 2014 - The Legion Corporation invests NS$2.25 billion for 5% of Trelatche Computing Development Corporation™.
  • August 31, 2014 - The new Legion Corporation creative headquarters announced, the Legion X Campus.
  • August 31, 2014 - The Legion Corporation goes international. Process of globalization of national subsidiaries begin. Executive roles announced.
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Postby The Recon Empire » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:07 am

Our Logistics

With the growing number of subsidiaries, the Legion Corporation must continue to evolve as a conglomerate to deal with the rising demands of logistics and resource allocation. In addition to the continual globalization of our corporate empire, we find the need to bring in a new arm of our corporation to keep up with us as we continue our journey.

Nexus Group International

Nexus Group International is an internal company of the Legion Corporation, managing its general assets and logistics. Founded under the name of "Legion Logistics Company", the company was required to be evolved to accommodate the growing demands of the global conglomerate and its numerous international subsidiaries. The company originally was set up due to the overwhelming need for a collative resource allocation of its various subsidiaries, and a better platform to manage the corporation's all-rounded needs worldwide.

Mr Victor Dencer
Chief Resource Officer

Nexus Group takes care of every aspect behind-the-scenes, from the transportation and security to equipment and services. Nexus Group oversees all the real estate holdings of the conglomerate, and works closely with Kauvers International Holdings, LLC, the conglomerate's private investment arm, to provide the consistent support to our parent company. Nexus Group has its representative in each of the Legion Corporation's subsidiaries, to provide an all-rounded logistical supply and resource management of the conglomerate.

Mr Victor Dencer has been appointed as the Chief Resource Officer of the Legion Corporation and concurrently the President of Nexus Group International.
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Postby The Recon Empire » Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:59 am

Our Investments

The Legion Corporation expands not only via our own storefronts, but also investments into other companies. We believe that a permanent success must not be reliant on a sole source, hence the conglomerate setting, diversifying our income sources. The Legion Corporation derives 8-9% of its income from investments.

Kauvers International Holdings LLC.

Kauvers International Holdings LLC. is a private investment and holdings company. Kauvers Holdings manages various shares and stocks of international companies, as well as investing in these companies, bringing immense revenue for the Legion Corporation.

Mr Pierre Gionata
Chief Investment Officer

Kauvers Holdings is a diversified investment company, investing in a variety of industries across multiple fields of purchases. It specializes, however, in investing in small to medium enterprises, and seek potential from there. Kauvers Holdings believes that larger corporations lack the sanctity of business ethics in its runnings as corporate politics thrives there. Kauvers Holdings holds more than NS$86 billion worth of stocks and shares and believes in long-term investments and trustworthy credit. Despite being operated by a staff of 15, Kauvers International Holdings LLC. is one of the world's largest investment companies.

Mr Pierre Gionata has been appointed as the Chief Investment Officer, concurrently of the Legion Corporation and Kauvers International Holdings LLC.
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Giving Back

The Legion Corporation believes in giving back to society, and with our successful ventures into the global market, through our interactive subsidiary and wide client contacts, we want to do something for the next generation. We have set a portion of our funding directed towards charity and has always been donating annual since the conception of the company. With growing amounts of donations as the company grew, we have set up the Legion Foundation, our private non-profit foundation, to handle these finances and increase our charitable grants, and champion our causes further!

The Legion Foundation

The Legion Foundation is a private non-profit foundation founded in 25 September 2014 by Mr Haden Legrand, CEO of The Legion Corporation. The Legion Foundation was founded with the idea of giving back to society, after the Legion Corporation's successful ventures into the international market.

Dr Susan Desmond, PhD
Foundation President

The Foundation is driven in by the interests and passions of the Mr Legrand and Legion Corporation, with the guiding principle to promote the arts, education, as well as creative thinking, ideas and solutions. We want to empower those with the potential to make a difference. The Legion Foundation is currently endowed at NS$102 billion dollars, secured by two trustees, Mr Legrand himself, and Mr Fred Walken, the Vice-Chairman of the Legion Corporation.

The Legion Foundation continually accepts donations and contributions of any amounts, in an effort to embrace fairness and equality, and makes an effort to acknowledge anybody who contributes however little. The Legion Corporation, its parent company, contributes 3% of annual profits to the foundation, at an estimated NS$46.7 billion each year(2014).

Dr Susan Desmond has been appointed as the President of the Legion Foundation.

You can check out the Legion Foundation here!
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