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Alebcay Metro Transit

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Alebcay Metro Transit (AMT) is a privately owned commuter rail service in the Republic of Alebcay. We move over 50 million people a day and are growing rapidly. Trains visit stations every 15 minutes and several routes are available at this time.

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OOC: If you run a train/rail/subway system and you need a map made, let me know via TG. I'll be more than happy to help.

From top to bottom: Booker Central (37th Street) Station, Port of Hyden Station, and Wyndham Station.

All platforms are equipped with a state-of-the-art safety system: Plexiglass barriers arise from the platform floor when trains are not boarding. This is to prevent people from being pushed onto tracks, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to tracks. In the case that the system is compromised, all trains on the track are stopped automatically and power is shut down to the line to prevent electrocution. Visible, X-ray, and infrared cameras are mounted throughout all stations, and wall mounted scanners allow for free-flowing traffic while still allowing for thorough security measures. Law enforcement officers are also present in the case of an emergency.

Automatic turnstiles, escalators, and elevators provide seamless movement throughout the station for changing lines. AMT has a proprietary smartphone booking system known as AMTPass - simply open the app and display your AMTPass barcode. Instead of fuddling around with fragile paper tickets, all you need to ride on AMT is your smartphone (paper tickets are still available). AMTPass is accepted at all AMT stations. The status of all trains can be checked online from home or away, so that planning your day is simplified - don't let life surprise you!

Our major stations, Booker Central (37th Street) and Port of Hyden service over 15 million people together everyday. Our stations place passengers within walking distance of Booker's business district and government complexes, and the Port of Hyden station provides quick access to maritime travel and recreation. If you are flying in to Booker Hyden International Airport to reach Vibrance Ocean Voyages, then AMT is the perfect way to get from the airport to the port in less than 15 minutes.

Global Ties
Three of AMT's stations currently have platforms suitable for high-speed international trains. Go local or go global - either way, the choice is the same: AMT stations are your gateway to the next neighborhood or the next country. AMT's subsidiary AIR (Alebcay International Railways) runs international routes.


International Connections
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