Griffincrest searches for pirates!

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Griffincrest searches for pirates!

Postby Blackhelm Confederacy » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:29 pm

Well, just what the title says. We will pay big bucks for anybody willing to serve as a pirate to the Griffincrest Corporation! Money, Advernture, Glory! It's all there, so come on boys and girls, who's up for some privateering?
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Postby Oceangoing Pirates » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:30 pm


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Postby Parina » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:33 pm

While officially the Kingdom of Parina has complete records of it's military hardware, private investigations have found that some 13 fully-armed Type 23 frigates are unaccounted for.

Griffincrest would be getting quite a few warships soon. With crews very dedicated to the idea of looting those who traveled the seas unescorted...

OOC-Not really sure how to write that, but basically you are now the proud owner of, say, 7 Type 23 frigates, fully armed, fully crewed. Congrats.
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Postby Zinaire » Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:37 pm


To: Griffincrest Oil
From: The Zinairian Domestic Authority
Re: Piracy

Following your search for privates to act as stooges for your corporation and your obvious and complete disregard for the rule of law, the safety of innocents, and ethical business practices, Griffencrest Oil has been declared a terrorist organization in the Republic of Zinaire. Any and all assets will be seized by national police and gendarmes and all personnel will be arrested. In all likelihood, most will be repatriated or released without charge. Any additional personnel which attempt to enter the country will also be detained, and any further assets will also be seized.

We are by no means unaware of your penchant for acting belligerently when you are treated as the international criminals that you are, but we would advise you not to pursue this matter in your usual manner. In all likelihood, the results would be similar to the fiasco that your corporation experienced in Nova. We assume that you would not like a repeat of the incident.

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Postby Katonazag » Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:57 pm

Raven Network News
St. Istvan, HCSK

Broadcast Transcript
"Good evening, I'm Dan Zelnyak, reporting to you tonight from the news desk in St. Istvan.

Our top story tonight: In light of the call for pirates placed by the Griffincrest Corporation, changes in the laws concerning piracy were passed today by the Joint Executive Council meeting at the Czarina's palace in Chesterfield, Kingdom of Krommindy. As you well know, a state of war exists between HCSK/Krommindy confederation and the Blackhelm Confederacy, with forces deploying within the region. While the two confederated nations have differing laws on how to deal with privateers, the new legislation would make most piracy within the waters of or against a vessel of either nation during time of war a war crime. The exception is ships engaged in piracy while operating under a Letter of Marque and must also be sailing under the flag of their employer nation at all times while the Letter is valid. All others would be classified as unlawful combatants, which carries different penalties depending on where the violation occurs and which nation's naval or law enforcement forces engage said pirates.

We'll take this opportunity to highlight some of the differences of piracy laws and penalties that would be faced:

The Kingdom of Krommindy has long been a sea-faring nation, and it is only natural that piracy laws have been on the books for hundreds of years. As it stands, domestic piracy is to be tried in the Royal Court System, and piracy committed by citizens of other nations is deferred to international court with the Delian League or the Fegosian Union. Piracy committed by subjects of the crown is taken very seriously, and regardless of where the offenses were committed, a trial may be held in criminal court. A guilty verdict carries a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison, and may range up to death, and the Czarina may adjust the sentence as she desires after 5 years for accomplice charges or 10 years for committing an act of piracy on the waters or in the air. Since the new law makes them an unlawful combatant during times of war, they would face military justice instead of civil, where the penalties are much stiffer and may be adjusted by Her Majesty at any time. Naturally, the citizen of another nation caught in an act of piracy will still face international justice under the new law, but as a war crime, with charges of being an unlawful combatant will be stacked with whatever other charges are accrued by the offender.

The HCSK is new to justice on the waters, but well acquainted with air piracy from the campaign to exterminate organized crime in the early 80's. Under HCSK law, the citizenship of the offender is meaningless. However, cases involving citizens of Krommindy, Romandeos, and Delian League and Fegosian Union nations have resulted in extradition on some occasions after diplomacy initiated by the offender's government. The major determining factors in piracy are whether violence or threat (demonstration of intent and ability to commit more than Simple Assault, but does not necessarily include kidnapping or unlawful detention in all cases) of violence against persons was used in commission of the piracy. If violence or threat of was used in any crime, a guilty verdict carries the death penalty which will be carried out in 5 years after adequate opportunity for appeal has elapsed. If not, it is tried as grand larceny, and other various charges may be added depending on the incident. However, under the new law, a pirate's fate would be much more dire. Under HCSK military code, unlawful combatants caught red-handed in arms against the HCSK or it's allies may be summarily executed by an officer after determining that the unlawful combatant is of no or little intelligence value, filling out a simple report, and passing it on to their superior. The officer must then carry out the sentence themselves. However, officers are advised not to use this if reasonable means of detaining and transporting are available, and will face serious charges if found to have abused the policy.

The legislation was easily passed in Parliament in Krommindy earlier today. It is expected to pass in the HCSK Senate tomorrow, and in the House the following day, as most of the legislators contacted stated that they were in favor. After being passed in the HCSK, the Joint Executive Council will meet at the Főváros in St. Istvan, where President Sabo and Czarina Deeane I will sign the legislation at a press conference on the front steps.

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