Alpha Airlines -OPEN- -WIP-

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Alpha Airlines -OPEN- -WIP-

Postby Absolute Power » Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:49 am

Alpha Airlines

Where you come first.

Welcome to Alpha Airlines ; where anyone can fly.

Callsign: Alpha Air

Proud Member of

About Us

Welcome to Alpha Airlines; the carrier of Absolute Power. Join us onboard for luxury, efficiency and an amazing experience. We fly to over 20 international destinations daily to provide you with an amazing holiday. Whether you want a relaxing holiday by the beach, an active holiday on the slopes of Forgotten Justice or a fascinating, fun-packed holiday in the bustling cities of NerdCubedGaming. At Alpha Airlines, the choice is up to you.

Being the part of one of the biggest airline groups in a the world is never easy, but it is something we have mastered over years of experience in the aviation industry. Our staff are the best in the whole of Absolute Power, our planes are the newest and best and our pilots are the highest trained in the whole of the region. At Alpha Airlines, luxury is our speciality.

Our planes are specially modified to create maximum comfort, where even our economy class feels like you are royalty as you cruise through the clouds, wine in hand and a good movie right in front of you. That is true Alpha Airlines Hospitality.

We fuse modern technology and some of the good old-fashioned service to bring you the best Absolute Power can offer, with the best of our culture mixed in as well. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy your flight: we've got you covered from on the ground to 40,000 feet. Alpha Airlines. Where you come first.

Alliances and Agreements

Proud member of

Alpha Airlines and all her subsidies are a proud member of the Clear Skies alliance, a collection of the world's best airlines.



Our Staff

Our staff are all highly trained professionals who are experts in what they do; our pilots are the best in their field, our ground crews are the most efficient out there and our cabin crew are the most hospitable people in the industry. Their job is to make your flight the best in your life- no question about it. All our staff love their job, so they perform it with extra heart which affects your experience. In our operational history we have not had one incident that was pilot error or in which a life was lost; we have never had to write off a plane either. When you get on our plane, you know you are in safe hands.

Our History

Alpha Airlines was formed in 1988 from a merger between Spartan Air and Lite Airways, two leading carriers in Absolute Power. During the economic crisis the aviation industry suffered hard, with 87% of airlines declaring bankruptcy or having loans denied by the government. Only 4 remained, Alpha Airlines, Meta Air, Air Spemxian (Bust) and PowerA!r (Now JETT!). Air Spemxian never fully recovered from the crisis and filed for bankruptcy in early June, 2001. Alpha Airlines avoided bankruptcy by selling off it's international fleet to PowerA!r and other international buyers. Reduced to the countries' only regional airline it made over $1,000,000,000NSD in 10 years. After PowerA!r became World Wide Airways, then was sold to Air Miraco and rebranded as JETT!, there was an opening as national flag carrier. The government announced that a new flag carrier would be named. The flag carrier would receive $100,000,000,000NSD and the title of flag carrier. 9 out of 10 of the government chosen surveyors voted for Alpha Airlines. We put that money to good use by renovating all our operations, ending our term as "Regional Carrier" and restarting as "International Carrier". The time of Alpha Airlines had come.

Alpha Airlines is now a part of the one of the largest airline groups in NationStates, with over $1 billion net. profit made per year, employing 950,000 workers and transporting over 2 million people a day- a huge achievement in the world of aviation.

Meet the Team

These people are the spearheads of Alpha Airlines; they have worked tremendously hard to get to these positions and are proud of their achievements.
Sir Robert Pearson- CEO; Was the international ambassador for Absolute Power for 40 years and he is now Aviation Minister and owner of Alpha Airlines. He once managed to stop an attack on Absolute Power via a piece of creative dance; this achieved him a knighthood. He is now 67 and one of Absolute Power's most famous celebrities.
Penny Gough- Head of Cabin Crew; Started off as a cabin crew member herself, grew through the ranks to become Head of Cabin Crew- she manages the food and drinks on the flight, the cabin layout and all cabin crew. Her father was a prestigious pilot for PowerA!r who was killed in a plane crash.
John Tramolre- Head of Ground Operations; He manages the ground operations, so baggage, cleaning and pushback trucks. He is celebrating his 60th birthday, and he has been Head of Ground Operations since Alpha Airlines merged in 1988.
Steve Bien- Head of Logistics and Marketing; Steve Bien studied Logistical Studies, mathematics and art at Brinkwell University, the top university in Absolute Power. He is the youngest person to ever get the job as he is currently 26. He manages flight routes, aircraft and marketing.
Captain Rob. Redstone- Head of Pilots; Captain Robert Redstone is the most senior pilot in Absolute Power with over 25,000 flying hours. He also spent time in the air force, gathering 13,000 flying hours before transferring to civil aviation. He still flies regularly.

Pilot Programme

We are seeing the biggest expansion of Alpha Airlines ever, with hundreds of new airplanes on order. Our pilot programme for 2013 is now -CLOSED-. Our pilot programme will reopen in Summer 2014, and we will be taking in 100 candidates. Last year we admitted 120 new pilots to our fleet, including Alpha Airlines X and Alpha Airlines Régional, our subsidies. All pilots that make it through are guaranteed a place in Alpha Airlines or one of our subsidies.

Our Routes

This section only shows the flights for Alpha Airlines, the international carrier. For information on Alpha Airlines X or Alpha Airlines Régional routes please go to their threads. Any seasonal routes will be marked with a star, and are serviced at peak times. Click on a route to find out more.

Little Red

Little Red is our way of saying "thank you" to you. You can apply to join our Little Red Initiative at any time, onboard any flight.
How does it work?
For every hour you spend on our flights you will earn "Red Points" which allow you, once you have accumulated enough, to "purchase" rewards with them. To use your points, enquire at our enquiry desk or email us to find out more.
What can I get?
With Little Red you can get anything from memorabilia to a free upgrade on your next flight. Terms and conditions apply. Check our website out for more.
How Do I Apply?
You can apply by completing a survey, either from our website or onboard a flight. Ask a flight attendant for more.

The Fleet

At Alpha Airlines, we employ only the newest and safest aircraft for you, the customer. They are regularly checked and of the highest standards. To support this year we chose Radiomatics Moorburgh Aircraft, the pinnacle in safe, luxurious aviation and a pillar in aviation. Our current fleet consists of:
10 RMA 550-
5 RMA 290-
5 RMA 350-
1 RMA 1000-
We like to replace our fleet often to ensure the highest standards are met. We currently have no orders as our fleet is all new.


Economy Class:
Even in Economy Class flying is a great experience, with plush seats, good food and world-class service all for you.
Seat Statistics:
Seat Pitch: 32o
Width: 18cm
Power: Yes
USB Port: No
Wifi: Yes, limited to 9MBPS per person
Screen Size: 9"
Food: 3 meals a day, plus on board amenities available for purchase on all flights

Business Class:
For a little extra you can enjoy a bigger seat with more legroom to make your journey even more enjoyable, plus added amenities.
Seat Statistics:
Seat Pitch: 90o
Width: 23cm
Power: Yes
USB Port: No
Wifi: Yes, unlimited
Screen Size: 12"
Food: 3 meals a day, plus free snacks throughout the flight.

First Class
Enjoy access to luxury lounges before your flight, fast track boarding and the best of our hospitality in flight. Be assured, this is an experience you will never forget!
Seat Statistics:
Seat Pitch: 180o
Width: 40cm
Power: Yes
USB Port
Wifi: Yes, unlimited
TV Screen Size: 15"
Food: 3 meals a day, plus free champagne and snacks at any time.


Hub Airports:
King Robert International Airport, Absolute Power

Focus Airports:
Helsingberg International Airport, Vandelstein
Kingsmouth International Airport, Kington Langley


Alpha Airlines X, a budget airline, 100% owned by Alpha Airlines
Alpha Airlines Régional, a regional airline, 100% owned by Alpha Airlines

Alpha Airlines recently took delivery of our first order from Radiomatics Moorburgh Aircraft, ushering in a new phase in our history. Thank you too all our employees who make this possible.
Alpha Airlines Régional just went active for the first time ever, serving countries in Itevis and Shabubba

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Re: Alpha Airlines

Postby Alebcay » Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:10 pm

On behalf of the administration at Booker Hyden International Airport, Alpha Airlines is invited to service Booker Hyden International Airport, a new airport opening in the Republic of Alebcay, within the region of Itevia. If you wish to provide service to this airport, please provide some basic airline information in the method provided at our webpage, which has been linked above. Should you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us by sending a telegram to the Republic of Alebcay with subject "BHIA INQUIRIES: ALPHA AIRLINES".


Caleb Xu
General Operations Manager
Booker Hyden International Airport
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