HIA R4 Dymuh (Talon) Long Range Surface To Air Missile

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HIA R4 Dymuh (Talon) Long Range Surface To Air Missile

Postby Machina Haruspex » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:21 am


The HIA R4 LSAM is a long-range, all-altitude, all-weather surface-to-air missile system developed by the Haruspex Academy of Defence Technology (also known as HADT), a subordinate of the Haruspex Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (HASIC). The R4 LASM was designed to engage multiple airborne targets such as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters at all altitudes, with limited anti-ballistic missile capability.

The R4 LSAM development began in the early 1990s, initially based on captured Cussian air defence missile systems that the Imperium had obtained via the recent war with said nation. Like the captured missile system, the R4 LSAM uses a ‘Track-Via-Missile’ (TVM) terminal guidance system and was originally designed to be launched from a slant-positioned box-shape container launcher. The missile uses a two-stage solid rocket engine.

After Haruspex Aerodynamics Design - HAD, obtained a cloned version of the S-300PMU SAM system designed by Russia in the mid-1990s, certain technologies were used to improve the R4 LSAM design. The R4 LSAM benefited from S-300's solid rocket, aerodynamic layout, gas-dynamic spoilers, and launcher technologies. This has resulted in a modified R4 LSAM which is ‘cold-launched’ vertically from a S-300-style tube launcher system. Four tube launchers are carried onboard a 8X8 vehicle with cross-country capability.

The R4 LSAM has a slant range of 200km up to an altitude of 30km. The missile has a proximity fuse with an effective range of 35m, which goes active when the missile is 5km away from its target. The missile is transported and launched on a variety of 8X8 transport-erector-launcher (TEL), which has four canisters.

Guidance & Fire Control

The R4 LSAM’s guidance is very similar to that of the American Patriot missile, consisting of inertial initial guidance + radio command midcourse correction + track-via-missile (TVM) terminal guidance. Midcourse correction commands are transmitted to the guidance system from the ground engagement control station. The target acquisition system in the missile acquires the target in the terminal phase of flight and transmits the data using the TVM downlink via the ground radar to the engagement control station for final course correction calculations. The course correction commands are transmitted back to the missile via the command uplink.

The R4 LSAM system uses a large HT-233 3D C-band mono-pulse planar phased array radar, which operates in the 300MHz bandwidth and has a detection range of 120km and tracking range of 90km. The radar can detect targets in azimuth (360 degrees) and elevation (0 to 65 degrees), and is capable of tracking some 100 airborne targets and simultaneously engaging more than 50 targets. The radar system is carried on a variety of 8X8 heavy-duty cross-country vehicles.

Type: Long Range Surface to Air Missile System
Maker: Haruspex International Armaments

Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 690 kg, 715 kg
Length: 5.55 m
Diameter: 0.4 m (wingspan 0.86 m)

Guidance system: Semi-active radar homing

Warhead: Frag-HE
Warhead Weight: 180kg
System reaction time: 5.3 seconds
Single-shot hit probability: 70~90%
Detonation mechanism: Radar proximity fuse

Propellant: solid propellant rocket
Operational range: 30 kilometres (19 mi)
Flight altitude: 14,000 metres (46,000 ft)
Speed: Mach 3

If interested in purchasing this product, please make your orders here: HIA
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