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VMK (OOC: Historical)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:58 am
by Yohannes


About us

2019 update: I have decided to make VMK in-character a bankrupt company. In-character now it will be a domestic (non-export) company. To honour (and respect) other people's past participation with VMK, the money and wealth invested in this company by all VMK foreign investors have been paid in full (you have the right to say that you've earned money back from investing in VMK). For NationStates players who still want to RP with VMK products, you are free to use every VMK thing for your nation (except the Armoured Vehicles and Tanks Modular Ceramic-Metal Armour by Ahlgren Eisen und Stahl & Co. OHG.)

VMK has closed down. Thank you for RPing with us for 9 years! For those who still want to RP with old VMK things, feel free to use them!

Thank you Image

Re: VMK Defence & Steel Works

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:16 am
by Yohannes

Products available for export



PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:59 am
by Yohannes

VMK has closed down. Thank you for RPing with us for 9 years! For those who still want to RP with old VMK things, feel free to use them!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:09 am
by Obamacain
To: Anago-Yohannesian Representative
From: General Tom Uruk, Obamacain

Though the Obamacainese military takes great pride in designing most of its armaments itself, it has come to our attention that some of our MBT's may be outdated. Our military engineers are working on creating a tank capable of today's war condition, but we are still very interested in the design that you have put forth.

Therefore, we would like to purchase 10 of your AY1 Serenity Battle Tank models. These tanks will be put through testing in order to judge their compatibility with current Obamacainese military systems and to judge their overall capabilities. Upon completion of testing, we will judge whether this tank is right for our army. If we judge it so, we will purchase the Production Rights.

Thank you for your service,
Tom Uruk

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:26 pm
by The Western Russians

Official Coat of Arms of Siberia
Official Communiqué of the Siberian Government

Addressed To: Alice Williams
From: Tsar Dmitri Sashavich Jacksov I of Siberia
Subject: AY1 'Serenity' Main Battle Tank
Encryption: 100%

Ma'am, the production of this battle tank has come to our attention and it has intrigued me greatly. The battle-tank shows some characteristics and abilities I have never before seen, and the current tanks of the Siberian army come nowhere near in comparison with this particular case. As you may or may not know, Siberia is currently at war with the Freekish Empire and, as a result, is on a lot of pressure for vehicles and weaponry. This is why we are coming to you for this. Our government wishes to by the Domestic Production Rights of this tank. This should come to a total of NSD$30 billion. Thank you very much, the fate of our nation depends on this.
Tsar Dmitri Sashavich Jacksov I of Siberia,
Царь Димитрий Сашаьевич Джексона я из Сибири.

Y0L-3O Long Range Search 3D Radar

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:36 pm
by Yohannes

The Y0L-3O, commonly called the ‘Yolo’, is a long-range search radar of the Royal Lindblum Company in Yohannes. It is a multibeam 3D radar operating in the lower D band frequency. It can instantly detect and automatically track up to 1,000 threats coming from the air and 100 ships at sea at the same time. The Y0L-3O can detect easily identifiable enemy patrol aircraft from up to 400 km range, and at the same time can also detect enemy small stealth missiles from up to ~100 km or low signature aircraft from up to 65 km range. It can also detect enemy ballistic missiles from up to ~1000 km range.

The Y0L-3O can do all of the above simultaneously in its reliable three dimensional elevation, range and azimuth data gathering and coverage system. In 2013, the Royal Lindblum Observatory - a R&D firm located in the Kingdom of Lindblum - jointly cooperated with the Royal Lindblum Company to develop the latest version of the radar, allowing it to now detect easily identifiable enemy aircraft from up to 480 km range at sea.

The Yolo - priced at 7.5 million NationStates or Universal Standard Dollar per set - is mainly exported by the Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, and it can be purchased with the following application in our official storefront: [ click here ]

Technical details

Weight: 13,000 kg
Frequency: 1-2 GHz / D band
Antennae: 24 phased arrays arranged in linear pattern
Elements: 8 for receiving information and 16 for receiving and transmitting the acquired data
Elevation: 0-70O
Rotation speed: 12 rpm
Target tracking: a maximum range of 400 km / 480 km for ballistic missiles

ZM-7L Dreadnought Strategic Bomber

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:57 pm
by Yohannes

ZM-7L ‘Dreadnought’ Strategic Bomber [Königreich Lindblum GmbH]

[Price: 2 billion][Design updated in: 2018][Technology: Real Life Modern Technology]

The ZM-7L Dreadnought is a heavy penetration strategic bomber by type. The ZM-7L, also known as the ‘Dreadnought’, is a military aircraft designed specially for the Luftwaffe for a variety of missions. A squadron of Dreadnought can fill the following roles: (i) precision strike; (ii) electronic attack and defence; (iii) aerial reconnaissance, intelligence, and surveillance; and (iv) weapon system and testing. Both the eighteen metres long aft-centre sections and the twenty-four metres long outboard sections were assembled at Königreich Lindblum facilities in the industrial heart of the Regency of Lindblum. Armaments bay for warload was designed in the aft-centre section of the aircraft, with integrated fuel tanks designed in the outboard sections of the aircraft, which have especially high concentration of composite materials.

The subcontractor assigned to design, construct, and assemble the intermediary wing sections, which took up over thirty per cent of the aircraft’s total airframe by weight, was Dietrich-Thordvaldsonn Farbenindustrie AG. With the responsibility to integrate these sections into the aircraft, the company was thus entirely responsible for the daunting task of smoothly integrating the aircraft’s fuel tank, wing structure, and the overall areas round the engine and landing gear for the design as a whole. Farbenindustrie AG contracted more than five companies to supply the military grade aluminium and titanium alloys required to construct the structural components that would harmoniously complement the modern composite components making up these sections. The Luftwaffe demanded that the aircraft must meet a minimum of “stealth” criteria through reduction in acoustic, electromagnetic, infrared, radar and visual signatures, which would hopefully reduce chance of detection by modern defensive systems. The flying wing platform, composite materials, and special coatings — with almost one hour’s worth of logistical and maintenance related work on the ground required for every minute of flight time being the outcome — were chosen based on these requirements.

Read more about the ZM-7L Dreadnought [ here ]

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:09 pm
by Dewhurst-Narculis

To Anago-Yohannesian Representative
From The Ministry of War

We have been in search of a another tank to serve in our armed forces, this tank most certainly is the sort of MBT we have been looking for. We have decided, as we have much disposable budget funds in our Defense Budget that we would like to obtain ten tanks for the sum of 138,000,000 NSD. We are sure that if these tanks perform beautifully and serve well, we shall purchase the Domestic Production Rights.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:15 pm
by Yohannes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:35 am
by Monte Mare
From: Monte Mare Defence Department
To: Alice Williams. Governmental entity representative. VWK AG

We would like to purchase 100 units of the AY1 'Serenity' MBT. We would like all those 100 units to have all the specifications and details posted on the storefront and we would like them to be white blue and white (Same as our flag). We are confident that this tanks will be very helpful in case of a military conflict or war, and we trust them for their great quality and materials used.
Thank you

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:46 am
by Coltarin
Hello good friend,
the Coltarinan military has allowed me to purchase a single AY1 'Serenity' Main Battle Tank.
Now my government would like this model coloured in the same way as the Incursus Expeditionary Armoured Division have theirs.
your funds will be wired on confirmation of this order.
Truly,The United Socialist States of Coltarin

KDF Zeedier Class [SSK]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:43 am
by Yohannes
Out-of-character information: This is the design of Knootoss released for export in Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, linearted by The Freethinkers

KDF Zeedier of the Knootian Home Fleet

The Zeedier-class submarine is a Knootian-designed diesel-electric (SSK) submarine. It was originally commissioned during the Vogels administration as the first real Knootian combat submarine and – for a long time – the first-of-class KDF Dolfijn was the only submarine in service for the Marine of the Knootian Defence Force! The Dolfijn herself is now on display in a museum in Den Helder, although many of her sisters still serve the Marine faithfully.

Crewed originally by 49 men and women, the Zeedier-class submarines had much better crew facilities than other classes of comparable size and design. A decent diesel-electric engine plant gave the Zeedier class a good underwater range of 800km, and made it sufficiently silent underwater for effective use in reconnaissance and escort missions. Range was limited depending on performance, and the design optimised surface running to allow for effective patrolling.

The engine arrangment gave the submarine a speed of 17 knots when surfaced and 20 knots submerged, and the submarine could reach a maximum depth that exceeded 300 metres. The boat could carry up to 30 underwater mines or 18 21" torpedoes. With a then-new hydraulic torpedo reload system it could reload all four tubes in less than 5 minutes. The submarine was also capable of firing medium-range anti-shipping missiles, though these were rarely carried. The torpedoes were usually the MK48 as avaliable, though occasionally various marks of older, unguided weapons were used. The tubes could also be used to launch divers, and it was in this configuration that the first specialised support missions for Special Forces were conducted.

The Zeedier-class was extensively used to patrol the Reich coast as part of the cold war between the Reich and SATO, and underwent a Mid-life refit that brought them up to date with the modern state of submarine warfare, which included further automation, new sensors and a larger weapon load. The submarines were deployed offensively in the Iesus Christi Civil War, where they scored a number of successes against the Loyalist Naval Forces. Various covert operations in Knootian Colonies and the territories of Western Atlantic allies have been rumoured.

Although increasingly obsolescent as an attack submarine, the Zeedier has managed to retain its usefulness in a number of niche roles. As such, the vessels are usually transferred to standing guard fleets, and to training forces, rather than being decommissioned outright. There are still over one hundred and fifty serving vessels in the Knootian Marine, and all are expected to serve for at least a decade.

The remaining examples are used primarily as coastal patrol ships, capable and silent in shallow coastal waters hunting down infiltrators of various pedigrees and pirate forces. Generally, the first tour of a new submarine commander is conducted on a Zeedier, as the boats are considered more forgiving to inexperienced crews than the larger and more cumbersome Elementen submarines.

Although mostly replaced by the Vampier-class submarine in the role, two extended Zeedier boats were retained to support Special Forces operations. These are unofficially reported to be used for training purposes and operational use where the smaller Zeedier class can manoeuvre in shallow estuarine and inland water systems that would bar the large nuclear boats.

Technical data

Length: 74 m
Beam: 9.5 m
Draft: 7.5 m
Displacement: 3,100 t
Complement: 38 officers and crewmen
4x 21" (533mm) Torpedo Tubes (22 Torpedoes/SL ASMs OR 36 Mines)
TSM 2272 Bow-mounted Active/Passve Sonar, Falltech Towed Mk 504 Passive Array
CC: Thales SEWACO X combat management system. Command and Control is also to be enhanced by a follow-up to the old CAESAR system developed by Caesar SuperComputer Inc The software for the CAESAR 2.0 computer system is to feature revolutionary new capabilities.
Thales T20 Acoustic Intercept
4x Reloadable Noisemakers.
Propulsion: Diesel-electric plant containing 3x 4,000hp Diesel Engines with four 1MW alternators, delivering power to a single six-blade, variable-pitch propellor in an acoustically-dampened propulsor housing.
Performance: Top Speed: 18 kts (surfaced), 20 kts (submerged) Cruising Speed: 12 kts (surfaced), 14 kts (submerged) Maximum Range: 9,000 km @ 12 kts (surfaced)
Protection: As with most submarines per se, the Zeedier class carries little armour. However, she is fitted with a dual pressure hull, anechoic tiles (to reduce sonar signature and noise emission), and reinforced hull bracing to protect against underwater detonations

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:43 am
by Yohannes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:52 am
by Orangi
Hey, look.

An M1 abrams.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:01 am
by Licana
Orangi wrote:Hey, look.

An M1 abrams.

OOC: If you actually looked at the write up, or even the stat block, you could tell they were completely different. Hell, you could tell this by close examination of the picture. I would suggest that if you are going to make comments like that, you should make sure you at least partially correct.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:08 am
by Gethi
Just a thought about the use of an organic polymer in the armor, won't it (the protein) self ignite once the shaped charge hits and lose whatever effectiveness it has? And what about degradation issues, not to mention the loss of its properties when exposed to various biological, chemical, and/or radiological agents? If possible, are you willing to just sell the empty hulls of the tanks? Our nation's state engineers would like to add our own proprietary weapons, FCS, armor, engine, etc.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:09 am
by Celis

Orangi wrote:Hey, look.

An M1 abrams.


You obviously don't read so well.

Herp Derp. Enough said.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:09 am
by Yohannes

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:14 am
by Celis
TO: The Dual Imperial Monarchy of Anagonia-Yohannes
FROM: The Holy Imperium of Celis
SUBJECT: DPR Purchase of the AY1 'Serenity' Main Battle Tank

AY1 'Serenity' Main Battle Tank
DPR Price: $51,000,000,000.00 USD
Total Price: $51,000,000,000.00 USD

After reviewing your tank and looking over it's statistics the Celisian military and myself have decided that this tank has a place in our armed forces. We believe that we will be pleased by the role that your tank can perform for our Armored units. We thank you for the time you no doubt put into designing such an amazing piece of military equipment, and would be delighted to inform you that we wish to purchase the tanks DPR.

Emperor Mikhael Melhavre

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:26 am
by Lykosia
The Unitary Republic of Lykosia
Ministry of Defense and Security
Triumph Bldg, 01 Warrior Street, Freedom District, Snowpoint City
Telephone: (025) 335-118-14045
E-mail: lykosia_mods@gov.lys

To: Yohannes
From: Lykosia, Ministry of Defense and Security
Subject: Purchase

After we reviewed your MBT the Lykosian Ministry of Defense and Security is interested in purchasing the Domestic Production Right of the AY1 'Serenity' Main Battle Tank for US$51,000,000,000.00 for our usage in the Lykosian Republican Army and the Lykosian Navy Marine Corps. The payment will be wired soon after we received the confirmation of our order.

Tony Montana
Minister of Defense and Security

RCS Ardenfontein Class [AGB]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:03 am
by Yohannes
RCS Ardenfontein of the Home Fleet

The RCS (Royal Commonwealth Ship) Ardenfontein Class is a nuclear-powered multi-purpose icebreaker class in service with the Commonwealth Navy. Designed by Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild and commissioned in 25 December 1989, she was simultaneously conceptualised to fill the role of secondary off-shore supply, diving support, towing and research vessel. The reasoning was due to the fact that beyond periods in which icebreaking operation would be needed, the vessel may fill other operational roles which render its usage imperative.

The class was designed with an unusual bow structure: the lack of its sharp characteristic in comparison to most other open water navigational vessels. Viewed from a waterline horizontal angle, her bow is structurally flat in comparison to her overall width. The aforesaid feature was designed to combat difficult ice conditions. As a consequence of this bow structure however, the Ardenfontein Class will not effectively operate well, in comparison to other vessels, in open water. This was due to the fact that her bow would not be able to, in comparison to other vessels, allow her to resist multiple exceptionally strong, high wave impact.

As well noted, the class was designed with its unique exertion torque deliverance helically-incised cylindrical rod support, aft of the shaft propulsive to her hull. On top of that, she simultaneously is provided with the addition of another propulsive support in the form of of two forward pulling cylindrically incised rod. The propulsive force generated is delivered to her hull, giving the vessel an approximate 25% increase in additional structural thrust. Water streams are produced on the bow screws to lubricate the area between the vessel’s hull and its surrounding ice.

In heavy ice conditions, it is recommended for the vessel to be navigated upon by her aft direction. Her conventional aft form corresponds to the bow of modern effective sole icebreaker designs. However, this generates the high probability of underwater blade damage. There is high probability that surrounding ice will consolidate into the two blades’ middle space separation. During her conceptualisation, it has been noted that this will generate a complex issue; a field condition which cannot be fixed easily in an immediate operational situation.

However, following past debates in April 1990, Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild reverted the Ardenfontein Class' underwater blade arrangement towards that of two rotating cylindrical rods in place of her original rudder design, with an operational turning angle of 270o each, constructed side by side in relation to the other. This structural rotating screw arrangement was tested, successfully implemented and applied, as a result allowing the resistance of high ice load. The blade structure simultaneously functions as the primary breaker of ice ridges, disintegrating the aforesaid accumulation, throwing it aside in the process. The blade structure also aided maneuverability of the vessel in operational open water situation. The Ardenfontein Class has ever since been one of the main strategic operational vessels of the Commonwealth Navy to fill its off-shore material aid & supply vessel, diving support, vessel towing and deep sea research role.

The Ardenfontein Class is mainly exported by the Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, and it can be purchased with the following application in our official storefront: [ click here ]

Technical data

Ardenfontein Class [AGB]
Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild
Nation of origin:
In service
25 December 1989
Multi-purpose icebreaker
Total displacement:
24,000 tonnes
Vessel LOA:
150 metres
Vessel LWL:
140 m
Vessel EB:
30 m
Vessel WB:
28 m
Draft limitation:
12 m
2x Weilmfontein AR-27D PWR/water reactor pressurised
nuclear-powered, 55 MW (74,600 shp)
Prop. shafts:
2x C3N Dunedin
Electric overall
~25 knots nautical max/flank
~19 knots cruise
99 enrolled personnel, 50 officers, 1 flag personnel
1x RH-90 Incursor (rotary)
50 mm ice-point, 48 mm Frontier steel vital hull, 20 mm rest
Wilhelm II NCIS

CNV Washington Class [BBGN]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:19 am
by Yohannes
Out-of-character information: This is the design of Sovereign California, a friend of mine in NationStates. Full Credit to the website Shipbucket for the tracing of some of the parts.


[Click here for High Resolution Image]
(zoom in to enlarge details further)

The CNV Washington (BBGN-65) is the first of California's newest heavy battleships with the California Class, continuing on where the United States Navy left off with the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) taken from the United States. After making the decision to build a new (heavy) battleship, construction began and the keel was laid in 2001. With the ship being finished BBGN-65 was commissioned to the Californian Federation Navy as the Washington on March 5, 2005. After sea trials the ship was put into service on August 14, 2006.

Technical data

Name: Washington Class [BBGN]
Shipwrighter: Monterey Californian Shipyards
Nation of origin: Sovereign California
Type: Nuclear Guided Heavy Battleship
Total displacement: 99,700 t
Vessel LOA: 335.28 m
Vessel LWL: 317.29 m
Vessel EB: 93 m
Vessel WB: 89 m
Nav. Draft (max): 15.54 m
Draft limitation: 12.5 m
Propulsion: 3x CMT-NR B-3C Reactors
6 × steam turbines, 6 × shafts
291 MW (390,000 shp)
Speed: ~30 knots nautical max/flank
~18 knots cruise
Range: Unlimited (20 years)
Complement: Approx. 3,100 incl. Marines & air crew
Armament: 16 × 16-Inch (406mm) ETh Guns
30 × 10-Inch (254 mm) ETh Guns
16 × Octuple Medium Range Vertical Launch System (16)
16 × Octuple Long Range Vertical Launch Systems
8 × Missile Cannisters (2 × 4)
8 × Short Range Missile Launchers
8 × Chimera G-IV Combination Anti-Missile Defense System (CADS)
6 × MK-59 Cruise Missile 48 cell VLS (2 Forward, 4 Aft)
4 × Quadruple Phalanx G-III CIWS
2 × MK-59 Strategic 32 cell VLS (2, sides of superstructure)
2 × Killer Dart "Interceptor" Torpedo Launchers
2 × Quintuple mount type MK-32 Torpedo Launchers
2 × MK-32 Torpedo Launchers
Sensors: SPS-64D Active Phased Array Radar System
Californian AEGIS system
APAR Radar Systems
Export: US$6,200,000,000.00

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:52 am
by Gethi
On behalf of the Federal Mercernary Army of the Gethi Dominion, the board has authorized me to purchase 10 AY1 MBT's for immediate testing and war gaming against our current MBT's. The payment of 138,000,000 USD will be sent upon confirmation of delivery.

Furthermore, once product trials have been completed and if judged sufficient for our needs the Dominion will purchase production rights for the additional sum of 51,000,000,000 USD.

Federal Mercenary Army
Field Commissar of Procurement
Moar Dakka

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:11 pm
by Yohannes

Gethi wrote:On behalf of the Federal Mercernary Army of the Gethi Dominion, the board has authorized me to purchase 10 AY1 MBT's for immediate testing and war gaming against our current MBT's. The payment of 138,000,000 USD will be sent upon confirmation of delivery.

Furthermore, once product trials have been completed and if judged sufficient for our needs the Dominion will purchase production rights for the additional sum of 51,000,000,000 USD.

Federal Mercenary Army
Field Commissar of Procurement
Moar Dakka


To : Field Commisar of Procurement. Dominion of Gethi.
From : Alice Williams. Governmental entity representative. VWK AG.
Subject : Acquisition of AY1 'Serenity' MBT.

Dear Tony Montana

This letter has reached your desk for your order upon the acquisition of 10 AY1 Serenity MBT has been accepted. The total cost of the aforementioned order is US$138,000,000.00 (one hundred and thirty eight million universal standard dollar).

The said delivery shall arrived by at most three days' time.

We gratefully thank you for your patronage.

Governmental entity representative

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:59 pm
by Jbeil

Aimé Lepercq, Ministre des Finances.
Quartier de Bercy, 12e arrondissement de Pont-Des-Cerises.



The Jbeili Republic would be interested in purchasing 200 "Serenity" tanks from the nation of Yohannes-Anagonia.
Once the transaction is complete, funds will be transferred to cover the costs of the purchase.

This document was sent with the authorization of President Alain Savary.
This document was sent with the authorization of the Jbeili Parlement.