V is for Vindictive (Bloody Hand RP Closed)

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V is for Vindictive (Bloody Hand RP Closed)

Postby LaoMonians » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:34 am (Rob Zombie - Hands of Death)

Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia A.K.A. V, sat at her helm of the famed two person stealth bomber the"Devil's Status."

V's job was to go on covert runs bombing targets of importance, infiltrate destroy or obtain objectives. It was well known that she was the best that Admiral Bob Carthridge had available. Which is why Admiral Bob Carthridge did such a great job of distracting the populous away from her covert acts. Though this time it was a different mission entirely.

"Hey V," Derik Aces A.K.A. Jackyl , V's co-gunner and eyes in the sky, chimed in while V was focused on the next mission. "Hey we might have extra company on this run V."

"What is it now?" V responded, somewhat distracted, as she maneuvered her stealthed bomber through the fleet of Lao Mon that had not yet submitted to the will of Admiral Bob Carthridge.

"It seems that some girl named Luci, from 'The Bloody Hand' has been highered to hunt you down and capture or kill you."

"The Bloody Hand, that some kind of PMS club for over-zealous women?" V asked, with a sort of scoff as she managed to now break the atmosphere of Trebia and began the slow arduous plummet to the planet's surface.

"They seem to be a mercenary group for higher." Jackyl responded.

"Well bring up the info you can find on this Luci, girl. But we still need to make this looting run at Parabolic City." V responded.

"Right, didn't we torch this place to the ground during the first strike for Independence?"

"Yes, and according to scanners there is still no sign of life, and the radiation is still off the charts." V stated still gently gliding the ship down slowly so the ship entering atmosphere wouldn't drop the stealth shielding of her bomber.

"So we will need our rad-gum at hand in case there is a containment breach."

V didn't even respond, she hated repeating the same safety briefings that were given to her constantly before and after a mission.

"Okay, okay V I get it, so what's the target anyways?" Jackyl asked.

"In the center of Parabolic City was the DMC Grand, the largest casnio ever built on Trebia. Well at the center in the vaults is one funding for our war, and two there are reports that DMC himself left his new plans for a sleeker fighter that would allow us to easily win this war." V responded.

"Do you believe that old wives tale of the Reverend keeping his plans here at the DMC Grand?"

"Look I don't believe anything, I just follow orders." V responded, it was her non-committal way of avoiding a pointless topic, they were going to try to get into the vault regardless of personal beliefs. "Hey it says here that Luci is a known smoker, we should set up the 'Thank You For Smoking.'" V said after a few seconds of scrolling through the briefs.

"But the bottom twenty five floors were all non-smoking?" Jackyl responded.

"That is only if they notice the signs all around saying no smoking. While I'm down there, you should try to find a working one." V responded, a slight aggravated pause and then she let out "don't worry they are after me, so you should have plenty of time to set it up."

"Okay, if not in the rubble of the DMC Grand, I'll find one from another casino nearby."

"There you go, now stay focused."

With that the "Devil's Status" landed silently, kicking up dirt that then fell on the settling ship to give it a hidden look amongst the rubble of what was left of Parabolic City. The door dropped open as V in her full Graviton suit and weapons began quickly making her way down the street towards the once impressive DMC Grand, that now only had 13 stories still left standing, above ground. Though the basement stories legend had it went down for well over 100 additional stories. The structural integrity was still yet unknown, "it should be fine for a quick snatch and grab mission, but if there was to be combat it might come down at any minute" V thought to herself.

As V made her way down the road, she remembered with perfect clarity her first time running down these very streets in an effort to save Bob Carthridge when he was held at gun point by his fellow Admirals. "Forty-four days" V muttered to herself as she recalled how long it took her to get her and the admiral out of the city.

"Well if this is to be a trap, at least I'll have the home field advantage." V thought to herself finally making it to the main entrance of the DMC Grand. The DMC Grand was still impressive as the base itself took up over a mile an a half, given that there were still thirteen stories still standing above ground, and an unknown number of levels below ground the size of this building could be any where from 21 miles to 70 miles of space to search through in order to find the vault and the reverend's famous blue prints.
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Postby Balrogga » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:18 am

Luci walked into the meeting room with Markus following. Her team was already assembled and waiting for her to arrive. Looking around the room she saw many faces she has been working with over the years, some all the way back to the Wars when they served under her command. That was the start of the unit, and the origin of their trust, they served together in the wars and saved each other’s lives too many times to count. They trusted each and every other team mate in the room to cover their back if it needed. Luci had pulled them through the battles both on and off the front lines.

“The Artemus is already on the way to Earth to bring in the Brothers for their bounty. Victor and Cass will be handling that mission. Our objective will be this woman.”

The holo projector in the middle of the table came to life as Marcus ran the data from the client through the unit. The face of their target slowly rotated so everyone could get a good look at her.

“This is Valchilitstra Valystryvaskia. Most other people simply call her V, probably since she lacks a proper human name. She is reported to being the leader of something called The Graviton Unit, probably a super elite force of busybodies serving as the personal enforcers for the political entity that calls himself Admiral Bob Carthridge. We all have heard the news reports about this so-called Bob that wants to take over the Twelve. It is the same Bob.”

“The target is wanted for a long list of bad shit. The only reason we are considering her for retrieval, besides the Cubits of course, is because there are many reports of her being tainted by the parasite since she was a child. Numerous reports back up this claim and their contents even suggests she used the god-powers to gain her position.”

The Force user is wanted for a long list of crimes, besides being infected by the parasite. She is wanted for killing millions in some place called Parabolic City. She has connections with illegal smuggling operations, both weapons and drugs. She has several espionage charges filed against her, and she is wanted in connections to the murder of ten tourists visiting from the Thirteenth colony on Caprica.”

“The Intel we have reports the Graviton unit she is part of uses some sort of power suit. With the name they have, it is implied they possess gravity based powers with those suits. If we can nab a couple, I bet we could sell them on the market but that is not our main concern.”

“We want to take her alive, if possible. Curing her of her infection by euthanasia is an option but earns us significantly less bounty. She was reported to have been seen in the vicinity of Trebia. Anna will try to track her down while we are in route to the target zone.”

“Any questions? The Hellhound leaves orbit in two hours. Get your shit packed and aboard right away.”

Two hours later, the Crusader corvette left the docking station. It would head to the Kharon Station to access the wormhole to Miradeth. From there, it would be a short jaunt using the newly refurbished drives to wherever the actual target would be. Anna would determine that.
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I had to read that post a couple times to make sure there was not something brilliant burried under all that stupidity...
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V is for Visions of Power

Postby LaoMonians » Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:28 am

V stood at the now ruined entrance to the one great and humbling structure of the DMC Grand. As V reached out for the door her hand began to shake, Fuck, not now! I hate this!! V thought to herself as a pool of blood rushed to her head causing and instant dizzying sensation. Then with the spinning V found herself caught in a vision of the future, "The Force Always Lies," she told herself as she tried gritting her teeth to fight off the on coming vision, though to no avail. V was at first looking at the door, and then was transported far away, she was kneeling in a white robe with a black lightsaber attached to her belt. She had never used a lightsaber before, but knew it was hers and could feel it as if it were a third arm ready to sever an opponent. V was kneeling before a man wearing a white hood before her. The man then raised a hand and as he did he spoke, "My apprentace you have proven yourself to be most cunning and rutheless. Now it is time for you to take your final spot by my side, kill the man you once loved as your father." With that the hand then pointed with one boney out streatched finger to V's left. There kneeling prostrate and bound was Admiral Bob Carthridge, the man who V grew up worshiping in both tactics and cunning. Without a moment's hesitation V Got up ignited her black bladed lightsaber and sliced the head off of Bob Carthridge.

The Severed head of Admiral Bob Carthridge rolled on the ground and bounced in front of V's feet. The lips moved, as the brain hadn't yet realized that the body was dead, and mouthed the words "forgive me." With that V kicked the head that just asked for forgiveness with a snear on her face and looked at her new master. V wasn't finished though as she turned, she was still filled with anger as her shoulders squared up her blade still ignited angled down at the ground.

Instantly the feeling of rushing blood came to her head as her teeth were clenched so tight her teeth began to grind on eachother. A small trickle of blood could be seen flowing from V's nose, with that V squared up her shoulders as she was visibly pissed at the future vision. V looked at the door handle and then rather than turning it with her hand, focused on it with her Graviton suit, and in less than a second crushed the door from it's original 10 foot tall by 20 foot wide frame down to meere inches, as she then flung the debris down the hallway.

V knew there was always some truth to all force visions, but as always she hated the fact that she got them. "I make my own fucking future!" She thought to herself, as she bagan to quickly run through the entrance halls of the DMC Grand, her M240 Saw fully loaded and ready to go, not really sure what lie in wait for her, but somewhere in the back part of her mind she hoped it would be something that required a lot of Ass-kicking, though sometimes you shouldn't always hope to get what you wish for.
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Postby Orthodox Gnosticism » Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:27 pm

Just for you Lao

Hunting is the ultimate sport, a sport of man vs. nature. A game of wills, and patience, which forms the primordial bond between predator and prey. Since time began, man hunted beast, and hunted man. The game evolved, as the weapons and the tricks did.

But this was something different, something which got the blood pumping with excitement. Hunting one who was infected with the force. It wasn’t as simple as a man hunting a beast with camouflage, or hunting another man, waiting for a break in the system to locate and take down the target. It was harder, tougher, one that few people could do alone.

Anna worked feverishly at her computer console. She was hunting one of the top prey, one of the toughest creatures in known existence. A force user, who could shape shift at will. Her fingers rushed through the logs, trying to trace down this V. But to find her wasn’t the only option. That would be simple enough, but to capture such a cunning creature, would require more than that. Force users Sith or JedI had a most annoying trait of walking into traps, only to spring them and walk out. What Anna needed to do was to learn who V was, to see the universe through her eyes, to know this V as well as V knew herself.

Anna’s thoughts drifted through, as she put on the holoband. Inside V-world, the virtual construct, it would be easier to sift through the evidence and histories the Shi’ido gave the Bloody hand. Anna opened her eyes into a smoky office.

A cigarette was laying on the table, freshly lit, as she often enjoyed when she was in V World. Lifting her fingers to the constructed cigarette she took a simple drag off the vapors that didn’t exist in the real world.

“Target name:” she read through the file. “Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia; Code Name V”

“History: Part of Rogue operations group, Graviton Unit.”

Anan sifted further through the papers as she attempted to build a profile. With an accurate profile on the target, it would be much easier to entrap them.

“Species: Shi’ido, known shape shifter.”

She looked through the initial report further. The Shi’ido provided next to nothing on this V. Aside from her special ops training, which made her deadly, even without the force, and her gravaton suit, which would allow her to use a quasi power while denied the force through usual SI-187 Inhibitors. Anna didn’t like how this was going.”

“Profile is as of yet incomplete: Not enough information to base for a proper hunt.” was the header of her report to begin the hunt, “Target V, is a highly trained individual, of a special ops task force. Able to blend in without use of her infection, she can take on any shape. Identification will be difficult.”

Anna then on an old fashioned type writer continued her report which was fed directly to the CiC of the Hell hound. “Target uses graviton metric suit to allow for use of powers without the force. Due to the charges against her, one can assume that she is a disciplined individual, who has been trained in various forms of combat.”

Anna took another drag of her smoke. “Requesting permission to contact Lao'mans before proceeding to Talyia, UCK Barony, that we contact Shi’ido for more information. Without a completed psychological profile, and personal history, and citing targets ability to shift, we need additional information for target identification and targeting. Also request specifics on Graviton suit, in particular make, model, and likeness, as well as any frequencies the suit uses to manipulate matter around it. Will be useful for jamming purposes. If not given, recommend all operators in the field carry a EMF scanner and recorder, as well as instruments to detect any kind of energy signature of target, to be studied for later use in jamming.”

"Requesting sample of Target's DNA for positive identification in case of death."

Anna reached up and pulled the holo-band off. Luci did enjoy rushing into battle, to hunt down the creatures, which is why Anna was here. The eye in the sky, so to speak, who gathered all the useful intelligence to help take down the targets. She didn't get the glory of Luci, or the others, but damn if it didn't pay well.
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In the beginning it was V.

Postby LaoMonians » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:51 pm (La Roux: Bulletproof)

V made her way down the hallway as she entered all the screens on the ground level simultaneously lit up and activated as if set off by V's movements. This wasn't too strange of an occurance as the motion sensors were set to display individualized sales based on what they are wearing though this time it had a darker feel as the Reverend, with his hood drawn was seen on the big screens. At first the Reverend could only be seen smiling from underneath his hood, though soon he began to speak. "Welcome back, V." The Reverened said in his deep melodic voice. "I've been waiting for the day when you'd be stupid enough to return, and now from the grave I will have this, my last chance at revenge."

With that Combat Initiation Droids (CIDs) began to flood the hallway. These were the Reverends' most prolific fighting force as they were light, easy to mass produce and above all able to cause a lot of damage to attackers. V had only heard of these, though she never saw them implemented in his Casino. Though with half of it destroyed, destroying the other half didn't seem to be too big of a concern for the Reverend.

One of the CIDs opened fire immediately, seeing that these droids were using blasters, and knowing that her armor was more than capable of absorbing the damage of any low powered blaster, V held out her hand in an effort to drain the energy from the blaster bolt. It was something that V learned to do instinctively, seeing the energy fly through the air and then being able to focuse that energy through her body in order to allow her to focus. It was a cheap way of making the enemies' tactics work against her, if asked about it V would deny everything, but deep down she knew she was different. While other Gravitons took minor scrapes and cuts due to blaster bolts, V's armor never even got singed, till now.

The blaster bolt would have missed V entirely, but V needed the focus that draining the energy of the blaster bolt would give her. She held out her hand in a direct collision course to the bolt only to find her hand in agonizing pain not two seconds later. With that more and more blaster bolts began flying down the grand hallway. V looked down at her hand to find a white substance had been placed directly in the center of the bolt that was now burning straight through her hand. Though V had never touched the substance before she used enough rescue flares to know that white phospohrous was now burning it's way through her hand. "Fucking Shit!" she yelled as the pain was almost too much to focus over.

The image of the Reverened began to laugh with an echoing effect as all TVs for over the span of a mile began laughing in unison at V. "What do you do now V? What do you do now?" The image on the teleprompter mocked as V began looking around for cover.

V then looked up seeing the huge 60 yard entertainment board overhead showing the face of the Reverend then looked down the hallway at the multitude of CIDs coming her way. V then reached up focusing on the large mass with her Graviton suit and began to pull it down on top of the CIDs.

The screens that were still embedded in the sides of the walls then began to clap in a low rhythmic fashion, "Bravo V, Bravo, but now what do you do?" The Reverend then began to smile, as his eyes then looked up and in the spot where the 60 yard jumbo tron television had been, just above that now was an entire flooring of the Combat Action Droids(CADs), the level two of the Reverend's grand design. V looking up noticed the droids as their red auto-targeting lasers all began to click on and began scan for movement to lock onto.

V took in a deep breath, "come on focus" she though to herself, her hand still agonizing in pain. "I have fifteen seconds before they switch to thermal scans and then I will have them all on me." V then looked at the debris that was scattered before her and saw a CID still intact, though sputtering sparks out. V then, not moving a muscle focused on the CID raising it upright, and then began pushing it forward down the hall. With that all the CADs that had been scanning the room instantly locked on to the moving droid, some hundred yards away from V. Then a multitude or rockets landed in front, behind around and on the CID. With that the CADs all began in unison to shut down, as their primary function was met of eliminate any moving target.

V stood there now unable to stop her hand from trembling as the white phosphorous finally made it's way through the otherside of her hand and landed with a plop on the ground. Fortunately the wound was already cauterized, unfortunately V would need to wrap it and quickly to avoid infection, but first the CADs above.

As V thought of a way, she realized the Reverend was using all of her old tactics against her, back during the 44 day seige of Parabolic City, the battle that started this whole movement for independence V originally had to rescue Admiral Bob Carthridge, who had been taken prisoner and held here in the Casino by the other Admirals of the fleet.

*Flashback To Ten Years Earlier*

Time: Siege of Parabolic City: Day 1

Mission Summary.
Captain Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia, AKA V, first Shi'ido to ever completely bond with her Graviton suit, first and only active duty Graviton employed by the U.S. (United Shi'ido) Armed forces, was sent on a rescue mission to extract the prisoner Code Named AB213.

V finally made her way to the detainment cell deep under the fortress that was the DMC Grand, knowing that the DMC Grand would prove the most civilian Casualties and knowing the thought of killing innocent civilians would harm the cause of the Rebels being uplifted by Admiral Bob Carthridge.

V being a full member of the U.S. Armed forces easily achieved entrance to the cell of Admiral Bob Carthridge. The only condition was that she was not allowed to carry any weapons due to her prior history with Admiral Carthridge, as Bob Carthridge was her original instructor once she first began the Graviton training ten years prior to his detainment.

V arrived, had a full scan for weapons, and then was allowed into the containment cell. Once inside she quickly shifted from her uniform into her Graviton suit. V was the first and only to have mastered the ability to shift while using her Graviton suit, as such it caught the guards of the detainment cell by surprise when she shifted before their eyes and threw them violently against the electrified cell walls.

Admrial Carthridge sat, in a corner cowering when V entered the room, the sight of a large 6'4 inch guard in a black suit made him cringe due to the tortures that he had been enduring. Then he noticed something, while looking at the sleek and supple form he saw his old student, V.

"V, what the hell are you doing here?" Admiral Carthridge asked as he looked past her seeing the two dead bodies of the guards that had made hamburger meat out of his kidneys for the last five days.

"I've come to extract you sir. Do not worry, I am a professional here to assist you." V said as she began unbidnign the shackles that held the Admirals Arms and feet together.

"You can't do this, you will ruin your military career." The Admiral protested, trying to keep V, the best soldier he ever had the opportunity to train away from the mess that he had caused. Though V had other ideas, V quickly gave the Admiral a quick but painful jab with her fist right in his solar plexus, knocking the wind out of the Admiral.

After a few seconds of gasping for air the Admiral then asked, "What the HELL was that for!"

"When conducting a successful prisoner extraction, it is vital to assert yourself as the rescuer and the prisoner as the extractee, reguardless of rank or prior knowledge of eachother. If the extractee becomes baligerent either, verbal or physical applying a quick but efficient ammount of force should establish dominance for a proper extraction. If the extractee is still non-compliant non lethal force to render the extractee inoperable is advised. According to the Universal Code of Warefare UCW195-2 paragraph 2." V then looked at Admiral Bob Carthridge with that same look and determination that she had when she was just a mere Graviton Cadet. "Will we have an issue here sir, or can I continue with the extraction."

With that Admrial Bob Carthridge shut up and let V do her thing, as he followed her, he couldn't help but think back to how much V had changed from that 95lb soaking wet girl, to the rutheless killer that stood before him now.

**13 years before the Siege of Parabolic City**

Time: Candidate Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia's Graviton Training: Day 1 (Ministry: Gangreen)

Captain Bob Carthridge stood before his troop of some of the most promising future Shi'ido, 49 males and one female. "Damn these equal opportunity bull shit cases that get sent my way!" Captain Carthridge thought to himself.

"Now men," Captain Carthridge stopped himself as he looked at V to see if she would make any issue about being called a man, though surprisingly she stood motionless. "It seems here that I have 49 capable soldiers or becoming a Graviton, as you know every day we will whittle you down till there are just 25 left after those 25 begin their training we should only hope for one or two of you to make it. As of now you are our second iteration of candidates, none of your predecessors survived the training, or quit before they would inevitably die. I predict at least one will quit by the end of the day." Captain Bob Carthidge's eyes stopped squarely on the runt of the formation the 95 lb female that stood amongst his real soldiers making a mockery of the whole USM.

*A quick role call was held. V, was the last due to her last name.*

Captain Carthridge continued with the role call, "Damon, Vabino."

Vabino, "Here!" Came the loud booming voice of Damon, Vabino.

A sneer hit the face of Bob, as he realized the last name was his one "troubled child," he thought to himself.
"Val-chicken-shit, Val-a-Stratavarious?" Captain Carthridge called out.

"The name is V Sir!" Valchalistra Valystryvaskia said with a firm female voice.

"What did you just say?"

"If you are going to butcher my name call me V sir!"

"Just who the Fuck do you think you are!"

"Sir, I know I am V, Sir!"

Captain Carthridge was now livid with rage. "The rest of you clean your barracks, there will be a health and welfare inspection when I am done dismissing this trash from my unit. Dismissed."

The rest of the formation left in a hurry as they didn't want to be anywhere near the famed Captain who had over 100 years of combat experience in his historic 323 years of military career.

After the formation left, Graviton Candidate Valchalistra Valystryvaskia stood her ground, a look of fire filled her eyes as she stared forward intent not to give the Captain anything else to use against her.

"Now, I know your parents are all proud of you for being the first female forced into my command. I am also sure that you think you are entitled to be here. Well let me state one thing, you aren't. You are nothing more than another wash out that doesn't know it yet." Captain Carthridge got right up to V's face, letting his old coffee breath covered voice waft into her face. "Push!"

V instantly dropped into the push-up position and began pushing.

"You see women, they all have big mouths, and you know what you need if you have a big mouth?"

"Sir, no sir!" V responded.

"Big muscles! For if you don't have those then you won't last long here, especially not with your attitude!"

V just stayed quiet and continued to push, her face forward a look that would scare a lesser man.

"I bet you think you are just the cat's meow, a pretty face like yours, you probably had everything handed to you on a silver platter as a kid. I bet your parents still worship the ground you walk on! Huh! Pricness!!"

"Sir, I never knew my parents, sir!" V responded.

"Oh! Well what do you want me to do, cry you a FUCKING RIVER! Back!"

V then sprung over and began doing sit-ups.

"Why do you insist on giving me such a hard time! I'm really a reasonable guy, just tell me you want out and I'll even help you get your next duty station!" Captain Carthridge said, the first statement he made to Candidate V without yelling.

"Sir, my next duty station will be with the Gravition 187s, sir!"

"HAH HAH HA!" Captain Carthirdge couldn't control his laughter at this point. "So you think you are going to make it as a Graviton with a name like Val-chicken-shit....Val --whatever, what were you named by, a Wookie?"

"My name is V Sir!" V said as she never stopped doing sit ups.

"Val, I'll level with you, you have spirit, I like that, but don't push it."

"With all due respect Val is a girls name!" V said.

"So what's wrong with me naming you Val then?" Carthridge asked.

"V is the name of a killer, sir!"

"And you think you are a killer?"

"I am a killer, sir!"

Captain Carthridge wanted to laugh out of instinct, but when as she spoke the words "I'm a killer" her eyes looked straight through Captain Carthridge's as if she wouldn't hesitate to kill him to prove her point. There have only been a few times that Captain Carthridge can recall truly being afraid for his life, and this was one of those times when his instincts took over from his traditional military hard assed approach.

"So you think you can make it?" Captain Carthridge asked.

"I will make it , sir!" The same dead eye stare, though Captain Carthridge might have hated to admit it, he would regret making this girl wash out of his program, if any female deserved to stay it was her.

*A light rain began to fall*

"You wanna quit now?" Captain Carthridge asked, playing to the assumed weakness of a female.

"Only if you will call me V, sir!"

"Tell you what I will level with you. If you do one complete sit up, I'll call you V for the rest of your time here at the Academy, how does that sound?"

"Like a deal, sir!" V responded still holding a death stare at Captain Carthridge.

"You have to do it on my count." Captain Carthridge said with a smile, as he did the rain began to started to pour even harder causing the uniforms of both V and the Captian to begin to cling to their skin. "Down."

V then got in the down position to begin her sit-up.

"Half way up."

V then went half way up.

"One quarter."

V dropped to one quarter of a sit up.

"Three quarters."

V then went to three quarters.

*four hours later*

V feeling her stomach convulging as her stomach muscles began to spasm due to the constant precise movements, rather than fall back instead brought her body all the way up to the vertical position.

"You failed to do one sit-up! You call yourself a Graviton."

V's face was red with anger and breathing heavily as now the contracting of her stomach was no longer stopping her lungs from fully expanding. Her upper body was shaking due to the cold rain, and due to the physical exertion she had been enduring.

"Well, maybe you can do a push up? Do you think you can do a push up for me?" Captain Carthridge looked at the candidate, but before she said anything she was already in the front leaning rest position, her body a perfect plank one foot off the ground.

"Now just hold that position till I stay stop." With that Captain Carthridge went inside and got his rain jacket, got a nice warm cup of coffee, every once in a while looking out the window seeing if V would cheat, but he could never catch her cheating. "Damnit," Captain Carthidge thought to himself. "When will the bitch learn to quit!"

Captain Carthridge then went back out to his Cadet that was soaking to the bone, shaking due to the cold rain that was still pummeling her, her hands now began to embed themselves into the grass that was easily beginning to dislodge due to the massive amount of rain and the increased weight caused by V's hands pressing down in one area. Then her right hand began to shift out from under her, and then her left, till finally she fell flat on her face.

"HAH HAH HA!" Captain Carthridge said as he was coming up. "You want to quit this? I have things I need to do tomorrow, which will happen in less than an hour."

V gave the death stare and then fought desperately to get back up into the front leaning rest position, but her body wouldn't let her. Till finally V let out a "Grunt," as she then fell to her face again. She rested there for a second, her face getting pooled around by muddy water.

"I will give you this much, you might not be much, but you are all spirit and a big mouth. It's that big mouth that will get you into trouble." Captain Carthridge paused as again he watched the scrawny girl fight desperately to get back up. "Go hit the shower, your done for today."

"What's my name, sir?"

Captain Carthridge just shook his head at the stupid girl that was before him, her body had given out long ago, but her spirit wouldn't let her quit. "You just don't quit do you, V?"

"No, sir. But thank you sir." With that V let out a final gasp as she enjoyed her first victory as a Graviton Cadet.

Captain Carthridge went over to give V a hand up out of the mess, "here, let me help you with that."

V then swatted the hand away, "I don't need a MAN's help," she said as she fought to her knees and then slowly made her way up to her feet.

Captain Carthridge shook his head again, not knowing what to make of her, she was quite possibly the strongest willed person he ever had to train. "P.T. is tomorrow at 0300. That's roughly three hours from now, do not be late to your first PT session." Captain Carthridge said with a smile on his face.

V didn't even look back too tired to move she barely made her way up the steps and into her barracks, she dragged mud every step of the way. Thus ended V's first day of Graviton training.

Time: Candidate Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia's Graviton Training: Day 2

Captain Carthridge gathered the mass of 50 Graviton Candidates into ten ranks of five columns to begin stretching in a standard P.T. Formation. "Today, will be your first P.T. session, it will also be the first test to kick one of you out of the Graviton Class. The five candidates that finish last in the overall scoring of these tests will no longer be candidates and will be sent back to their parent units for reclassification. Any questions?" Captain Carthridge then looked over the whole formation, noting that V was just sitting indian style not really streatching.

"Today you will be judged on three catergories," Captain Carthridge continued, "you will be judged on your push-ups, your sit-ups and your five mile run." Captain Carthridge then smiled to himself, knowing that there was no way a damaged body like V's would be able to compete with 49 other highly trained and qualified individuals.

*Flash Forward 13 years to the Siege of Parabolic City*

Time: Siege of Parabolic City: Day 7

Admiral Carthridge just suffered a shrapnel wound to the side, as the DMC Grand guards had thrown a fragmentation grenade down the hallway while V was out front holding the line from the opposite direction. After securing the area, V began applying first aid the the Admiral, dragging him to the bathroom using the sink to get fresh water that was then used to clean the wound.

"V." Admiral Carthridge said to V, trying to get her attention away from the mission, as he wanted to ask something that had been pressing on his mind for so long. "All those years ago, how did you pass that P.T. test, I even gave you a drug screen afterwards which you cleared."

V smiled as she applied ample pressure to the wound site, and then applied even more, forcing some of the air out of the Admiral's lungs, just to be sure. One might assume she did it as a form of payback for having to remember what she endured so long ago. "I didn't sleep, I went straight into an ice bath, and then before we left to go to the formation I used two epinepherin pins on my legs, which is why I couldn't stand while we were stretching.

"So you did cheat." Admiral Carthridge said with a smile.

"Too late to kick me out now." V said as she cracked a smile at the Admiral. It was a moment like that, that Admiral Carthridge realized why he ended up liking V so much, all the time he had thought of her as a daughter. Though now he could see her as even more.
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Postby Balrogga » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:49 pm

Song - Sister by The Nixons

Luci was sitting in her quarters with the lights down low. A single lamp affixed to her work desk was the only one lit in her room. She sat at her desk holding a picture frame. The faded photo in the frame depicted two girls building sand sculptures with a beach stretching back behind them off the edge of the picture. It was obviously summertime by the light shorts and shirts the two children were wearing, the looks of innocent happiness and joy lighting up their faces. A single tear drop landed upon the glass.

Luci took another drink from the bottle on her desk. Before every mission, she took a few hours to remind her why she was doing this. To ground herself. To add value to her actions.

To remember.

The day was as bright and sunny as any other day, summer seemed to stretch endlessly on forever, days blurring together into one big playtime called childhood. Lucia and Helena were running around playing tag in the part across from their home, something they did almost every day. This was their playground and has been for as long as they could remember. Their mother sat in the shade talking with her neighbors and friends that came here with their own children every day. Even the birds were lazily flittering around in the warm sunlight, not a care in the world.

Then the ships landed. Troopers filed out of them bearing the marking of Earth amid screams of mothers trying to get their children safely to them so they could escape. Sounds of drop pod engines echoed across the ball field, bouncing off the nearby buildings making it hard to hear over the rumble and roar of the ships. Lucia and Helena clung to each other out of fear while calling for their mother. The troopers in their armor were filing out of the pods trying to cover the most ground and secure the landing point. They were rounding up the mothers and their children, pointing their weapons at them to get them to comply. Inhuman voices were shouting orders at the civilians through respirators that made the soldiers appear to be monsters or Cylons. One of the soldiers wearing robes instead of armor walked up to where Lucia and Helena were crouched, trembling with fear from what they were seeing. “Get over by your mother, you filthy brats.” The guy in robes spoke to the little girls like they were some vile thing to be hated.

“No, this is our park, go back home.” Helena stood up with Lucia behind her, protecting her as best she could for a seven year old.

“Not anymore, you little brat. It now belongs to the People’s Acolytes. Get out of my way and do what I said.”

“No! Keep away from my little sister.” Helena threw a rock she had picked up and taking him by surprise, hit the force user in the face, striking him in the eye. In a moment of rage, he swung his arm at the little girl, reaching out instinctively with his force ability and caused the child to be flung like a little doll. With a scream, Helena flew through the air and landed on the ground, unmoving and silent. Lucia ran to her side.

“Hele, Hela, can you hear me?” Lucia tried to shake her big sister but she did not respond. Lucia was later found holding Helena in her arms crying her name out over and over and over, the blood from her sister’s head striking a rock all over the younger child’s tiny hands.

Biting back the tears, Luci tried to forget the image in her mind of her hand covered by her sister’s life’s blood. She was only five years old but that moment was remembered for the rest of her life. The day the People’s Acolytes invaded Tauron. The day they took away her sister for trying to protect Lucia.

Luci grabbed the bottle and threw it with all her strength against the far wall, shattering the half-empty bottle. A mess of alcohol and glass covered the floor, soaking into the throw rug.

“Hel, I miss you so much. I will make sure each and every one of them pay for your death. I will hunt them all down one by one and bring them back. I will do it for you. I know it will not bring you back, but it will give some sort of meaning in your death. I couldn’t save you but I can save all the other children out there.”

Luci sat in silence for some time; tears streaming down her face until it seemed she had ran out. After a longer time, she managed to compose herself. Stripping off her clothes, she stepped into the shower, more a symbol of washing the grief from her than any imagined dirt. After she was done, she left the bathroom and made sure she did not step on any of the glass. Taking a broom from the closet, she cleaned up the glass and moved the run to finish soaking up the spilled drink. She would get a mop later to finish cleaning up the mess. Returning to the closet after leaning the broom against the wall over the swept up glass, she pulled out one of her uniforms and tossed it on the bed. Gathering panties, socks, and a bra, she finished getting dressed, putting her boots on last.

Returning to her desk, she picked up the picture frame from the chair where she left it and placed it carefully on her desk again. She then noticed the readout showing she had a waiting request. Using the biometric system she accessed the system to read the report by Anna. Replying back she gave Anna all the permissions she needed to get her report done.

“Luci to the bridge.”

“Bridge here.”

“Get us a parking space, we need more time at Miradeth to do Intel on our target.”

“Right away Luci.”

Luci left her quarters, she needed something to drink.
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I had to read that post a couple times to make sure there was not something brilliant burried under all that stupidity...
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Postby LaoMonians » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:56 am (Faith No More: Falling to Pieces)

Anna sat in her swivel chair drinking her coffee from her large cup that rested comfortably when she was done in the arm rest of the chair. "Miss Anna." A female interactive voice modulated program (FIVE-MOP) that Anna herself created called out to Anna.

"Yes?" Anna replied.

"You have a message from one Mr. Strykler the under-press-secretary to Lao Monian Senator Richard Siltfur, in reguard to you querry on Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia."

"Patch him through." Anna turned to her large 182 inch jumbo-tron High Definition, 3D screen that now showed the rosachia covered face of a Shi'ido that looked like he just came out of the library to read the report.

"Miss Anna?" The somewhat timid under-press-secretary asked.


"Okay, good, it seems that you made a querry about on Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia, though there is a bit of confusion as to what you are asking about her?"

"What do you mean?" Anna asked getting somewhat impatient with the meek secretary before her, also she made a mental note to not use the high definition next time she was speaking with foreign dignitaries.

"Well, according to our records, Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia died over ten years ago when a nuclear explosion hit the DMC Grand in Parabolic City. According to our records, she died as a war hero, trying to stop the tyranny and oppression being lead by that ruthless tyrant Bob Carthridge.

"What?!" Anna, now extremely furious shouted.

Obviously flustered by the yelling under-press-secretary Strykler shifted unconfortably in his chair, "You want to know a current location of a dead person. Currently her empty casket resides at Delurie Cemetary, the only cemetary for a true war hero."

"Thank you for your time." Anna tried to be as cordial as possible, but she gritted her teeth and started reaching for the kill switch to the Jumbo-Tron.

"Um, Miss Anna, I have one last question for you?"


"Are you currently seeing anyone?"

The jumbo tron instantly went black, as the kill switch was hit in less than a second later.

Anna leaned back in her chair, now more frustrated that she was when she started. "I'm chasing a ghost now?" Anna mocked out loud to herself. Anna then took in a deep breath, held it for a bit and then let it out. Looking down at her coffee she realized that it was now cold. "What a waste," Anna thought to herself, as she grabbed the cup of cold coffee and began to walk out of her work area.

"Miss Anna." The FIVE-MOP called out to Anna as she left.

"What is it this time?"

"You have a call."

"I do not want to talk to Mr. Strykler again."

"No, this is from a male from 110011010101010001111111. Error, Error. I'm sorry Miss Anna it seems that I am unable to read the user's information. What would you like me to do."

Anna looked up at the screen, took in a deep breath, thinking to herself, well the display console is it's own seperate network, so they can't hack into here.

"Patch it through, though FIVE-MOP." Anna paused.

"Yes?" FIVE-MOP asked.

"Don't use the High Definition on this one, okay."

With that the face of a Man in a white hood and white robe came up on the screen. The white hood was drawn, casting a shadow over the eyes, but leaving the mouth visible.

"Great, now I have a force stalker. What the fuck else can go wrong today," Anna thought to herself. Anna then quickly regained her composure and asked in an almost too nice voice, "How can I help you sir?"

"Actually Anna it is I that will be helping you." The man said with a deep resonating voice, that spoke of smugness, the voice of someone who always got what they wanted.

"Oh, and who are you?"

"I am you client. As proof I am transfering 500 million credits to the account agreed upon at the beginning of this contract, you can check for yourself."

Anna looked up to see her automatic display of her bank account, and then a loud "CHACHING!" Ringtone was heard as Anna's bank account just went up by 250 million credits (her half of the profits). A large smile lit up her face, as she finally had the first good news of this case. "Yes SIR! How can I help you." This time true joy and happieness filled her voice as she no longer had to force a smile.

"I am here to tell you a few things. One, Valchalistra Valystryvaskia is alive, she is currently on a mission to raid the DMC Grand."

*At this point a map of Parabolic City appeared on the screen taking away from the face of "the Client."*

"V's ship landed here," the Client continued. With that the map had a circle appear around a pile of dust and dirt, then after a close up Anna could make out the outline of a ship amongst all the rubble.

"V then made her way to the DMC Grand Casino, or what's left of it, over here." A line was then drawn from the landing site to a large structure that stood in the center of the map. "Currently V is here still on the first floor of the DMC Grand. I have zipped a file that will allow you to link up with the security cameras and be able to follow V as she heads to her final destination."

"What is her final destination?" Anna asked.

"She is trying to find the three trillion credits that were held at the basement of the DMC Grand as a marker to cover any bet on the 125 story structure."

"According to the map, the top 25 stories were destoyed?"

"That is correct."

"But there are only 24 and a half stories left standing?" Anna said trying to make sense of what was being presented.

"Yes!" A slight pause to see if Anna would cut him off again, "There were 50 stories above ground, to which you are correct that only 24 and a half still stand, above ground. Though what you have over V is, one you know that there are 75 stories below ground, and two you know where the bank vault is."

"I do?"

"Yes, the bank vault with the supposed 3 trillion stored is right here." The map now became a 3d model on the screen, 75 levels below ground, then at the bottom of the 75 story a circle was made at a small room.

"That little room contains 3 trillion credits?"

"No, not anymore, first of all how do you think I am affording your lucrative payout if you capture the target? Also most of the currency was in rare minerals that do not fluctuate with market trends as much as credits will."

"So let me make sure I have everything here." Anna stated, pausing for a second, "V who is listed as being killed at the DMC Grand ten years ago, is there now on a mission to steal three trillion dollars from a Vault that is 75 stories below the surface of the rubbled city's surface. We have a map, and near continuous feed of where she is, and if we capture her we get three trillion credits. The same three trillion credits that you stole before V did?"

"Yes, more or less." The client said with a smile.

"What if we just burry the rest of the building on top of her?"

"You truely think that will be enough to stop her?" The Client asked with a smile forming at his lips.

Anna took in a deep breath, realizing why she hated dealing with people, and then thought to herself, "why are they contacting me anyways. Isn't this Luci's job. I really need to rediscuss my percentage in this case." Anna then recomposed herself and said, "we will be performing this mission first thing, hope you have a great day." Anna almost chocked on her throat as she tried to sound so cheery.

*The screen went black.*


"Yes Anna?"

"Patch me through to Luci, we need to talk."

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Postby Orthodox Gnosticism » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:36 am

After hanging up the phone, Anna took in a deep sigh. The money was good, that was not in doubt, but she was still slightly frustrated about not being able to build a psychological profile. Without that foundation, she knew that it would be very difficult to set a trap for her, or to avoid the obvious traps that she had for the team.

But even with the lack of information given, there was always something to be said in what was not said.

Anna went to finalize her report, back in V-world.

Target Code Name V:
Race: Shi’ido
Homeworld of Lao Mans

Apparently Splinter faction of the meek and often overly passive national government.
Target appears to be highly disciplined, as she faked her own death in the battle of Parabolic City, and is considered a hero to the local government.

Training in special ops, including the graviton unit which according to all records is the Shi’ido splinter faction’s elite combat unit.

She appears to be willing to do anything for their cause, highly devoted.
Target his highly dangerous, as her suit allows her to manipulate objects without the force.

Officially target is dead, and no follow up investigation. Apparently she is being hunted by a man in a white robe, potential shadow government of the Shi’ido, or more nefarious group.

Target is proceeding to Trayla, in an attempt to steal over three trillion worth of Shi’ido currency from a Casino named DMC Grand Casino on Parabolic City. Map is included in following document.

Proceed with caution, target appears to be highly intelligent, and able to take the form of anyone or anything without aid of the bacteria in her blood stream. Recommend activation of sub-dermal implants so I can keep track of who is who.

*End of Report*

With that, Anna leaned back and pulled off the holoband. She awoke in her dark room surrounded by some of the most sophisticated non-AI computers in the colonies. “Good hunting ladies” she said to herself.
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Clearing the combat zone.

Postby LaoMonians » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:04 am (Alice Cooper: welcome to my nightmare)

V stood in the middle of the long entrance to the DMC Grand, in front of her were the broken remains of a 60 yard Jumbo tron, and the now sparking dead CID droids. Above her, hidden behind where the jumbo tron used to be, were over 50 of the model 2 CAD attack droids that had now made themselves inactive due to lack of movement. All the while the TVs that filled every inch of the 400 meter entrance hallway lit up with the face of the reverend.

"Good job V. How's the hand?" The reverend said with a smile.

V, shifted her weight to her front feet, but then discipline took over. It was true that her hand was now in a lot of pain, it was also true that a quarter sized hole had been burned through her hand thanks to a new weapons system that used white phosphorus along with blaster bolts. "You did it to yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself." V said, trying to calm herself down. "You didn't know the enemy and instead of analyzing the situation you charged right in, you're lucky you aren't dead." With that pep talk out of the way, V took a deep breath and then was able to regain her composure. V didn't even notice the Reverend's face plastered all about her, instead she calmed herself looked throughout the rubble and saw a few of the arm-cannons of disabled CIDs in front of her.

"Trust your equipment, it's the only thing that will be with you for your entire mission." The voice of Captain Carthridge came ringing through her head, as she tried to find out how to move without being detected by the sensors of the CADs.

V then took her left middle finger and tapped it twice against the palm of her left hand, with that, V heard the battery units charging up and within thirty seconds the cloaking system of the Graviton suit initiated. V then began taking small controlled steps forward, guaging the activity of the CADs above her, though the CADs remained motionless. While in cloaked mode, V was unable to use the gravity modulation unit, but also the constant energy output required by the Cloak, meant that V only had two minutes to clear the combat zone, find a safe staging area and hopefully a power source for V to resupply her suit with.

Finally V tip-toed her way through the combat zone trying not to disturb the debris too much that was round her, and also tyring to avoid any CIDs that were not permanently dissabled due to the crasshing jumbo tron.

Finally on the otherside of the carnage and debris, V found herself at the center of the first of many gambling establishments. All around she noticed the "no smoking" signs as this was the no smoking section of the DMC Grand, V double clicked with her left middle finger on the palm of her left hand again, allowing what was left of the power cell to remain, just in case. As soon as the power dropped, V waited like a deer caught in the headlights wanting to see if there was a trap waiting for her once she de-cloaked, though there wasn't one, it was just quiet. Not even the jumbo trons were on at the moment, no sign of an air-filtration unit, nothing.

V then began making her way towards the center of the room where the elevators where located. Even if the elevators didn't work, gravity always did, as such getting down to the trillions in the bank vault would be easy, getting back up would be another issue all together, though that would be for later.

As she made her way down, a rush of blood flooded to her head stopping her in place as she tried to fight off another force vision. She gritted her teeth, as she tried to remain in control of her thoughts and mind, but to no use. Soon V got dizzy and then V got sucked into the world of her dreams, this time it was a breif view of the future. V started walking from her current location to a table in the center of the grand meeting floor, there she saw her body laying on the table. As she walked closer her body started to talk to her, even though she knew she was alive, was it her TWIN? But it wasn't a twin it was her. Then the rush of blood stopped, V was able to ungrit her teeth as she could smell the iron from her own blood as it trickled down to her lips from her nose. She quickly lapped the trail of blood with her tongue and continued onwards. "I fucking hate the force!" V found herself thinking.

At first V tried to make her way towards the elevator shafts that would hopefully allow her to get closer to the vaults, but she noticed that the support beams on the side of the building were all in near critical condition and her added weight to the sides of the rooms could cause the structure to fall, all 24 and a half stories on it. So V begrudgingly walked down the center of the room. Off in the distance V spotted the outline and memorable table cloth that her body laid upon from her vision.

"Stop looking, stop it!" V tried to stop herself, to stop her curiosity, to show that she was in charge of her life not the force, but her! She tried, but her combat training wouldn't let her not look, if there was a bomb or a band of CADs there she'd have to know and be able to react. Last thing you need is something on your ass while in a combat zone.

So V haulted, reaching down on her belt she grabbed a flash-paint-grenade (FPG), a grenade that lets off a bright flash and an excessive ammount of dye that is meant to blind people using visors or other protection equipment, causing the enemy temporary blindness untill the adhesive paint could be removed or until the helmet of the individual was removed. V took her FPG out, lobbed it a perfect 25 yards away right to the center of the table. An audible click click sound was heard, as the FPG rolled off the table and clanked against the ground. Two seconds after that an explosion of light and pink paint erupted into the sky of the grand meeting area of the DMC Grand. V then went in her M240 raised and ready to blow away any potential ambush, or someone pretending to be her. As she cleared the corner she saw the table, with a small ten inch cylintrical object on it's surface. No body double, just a cylintrical object. V's eyes seemed fixed on the cylintrical object for what must have felt like an eternity, then V's instincts kicked in and she continued to scan her sector, all to find nothing other than pink coated slot machines a table that was now spattered with pink assault paint, and a 10 inch device.

V, thought that the cylinder was attached to an IED cord, as such, she backed up down an aisle that she could still see the table from a distance of 50 meters away and then began to light up the table with her M240. Casino machines long since unused sprayed credits chips, and the wooden table that was holding up the cylintrical object had its two legs collapse from uner it. With that the cylinder now no longer stationary began to roll down the falling table, where it hit the ground and rolled 25 of the 50 meters away that V had gone down to avoid possible shrapnel from an IED blast. Though there was nothing, the cylinder wasn't attached to a detonation cord.

V went up to the cylinder and kicked it quickly, backing away to see if it had a mercury switch that would be set off by a precise movement, but nothing happened. V, the reached out with her mind and force the cylinder into a vertical position. V then felt all around the object from a distance trying to find any possible ignition switch that might be hidden along its surface. Then in an instant a four foot beam of black light shot out of the cylinder lighting up the room.

In a second the power to the lobby room kicked on, quickly jutting around the sides of the grand room, and then lighting up all the slot machines till they got to where V was, in the dead center of the room.

"Congratulations V." Came the voice of the reverend. "You have turned on your first lightsaber. You are now on your way to becoming a true force user."

V dropped the lightsaber, no longer grasping it with the force and began making her way towards the elevator shafts.
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Postby Balrogga » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:02 am

Luci read through the report, carefully paging through the leaflet of papers, each with the corners trimmed off. Setting each page aside as she read them, she turned the next and picked it up. The paper had a clip of V from her early military training days. Reaching out and touching the glowing triangle on the sheet of paper, the clip began to play. It was standard military boot camp but with non-humans inserted into it making it a parody of proper training. At least it was not a Coredian training video. Although the clip was very old, Luci watched the clip a few times to get a feel of the way things were done, to get the mindset of the basic training of the target. Everything helped, even something as old as this.

Anna seemed to be able to get at least a skeleton of a report done but it seemed the client was not very forthcoming about V, or perhaps they didn’t know enough about her to get the bitch themselves, that would explain the price they offered. Luci made a note to send the proceeds from the casino straight to her account before delivering the target; it would reduce the temptation to take the credits from her forcefully. One must be prepared or one dies most horridly.

The part of the report about the target’s ability to impersonate anyone seemed very alarming. Ana’s suggestion of activating the sub-dermals was very well thought out. Since there was not supposed to be any collateral damage in the area, using smart weapons would also be a good idea. A gun unable to target someone with a sub-dermal is a good thing, especially if the target does not know about them. Luci wanted to be sure if V manages to get her weapon away from anyone in her crew, they would not be shot with those guns. Also make sure the genetic locks were activated in the ship as well as the weapons, simple contact with the correct human DNA would provide access to the use of a weapon.

The part about the ability to shapeshift without the bacterial infection in her species’ blood bothered Luci. She needed to find a way to contain V. She needed a container that could be sealed hermetically for long lengths of time, long enough to move her from the capture point to the destination. Luci thought she knew of just the perfect container for transport.

Setting the papers back into the folder, Luci placed it onto her desk and touched her temples with both hands. Her desk and the office around her disappeared to be replaced by her quarters. Setting the holoband into the protective case, Luci reached for the communicator to contact Anna.

“Anna, can you patch us into the satellite system over the target area? Monitor the location and watch for anyone approaching her ship. Keep me informed of the status and get exact coordinates. I have to run to Miradeth Station for a quick purchase.”
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I had to read that post a couple times to make sure there was not something brilliant burried under all that stupidity...
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V Takes the Elevator

Postby LaoMonians » Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:48 am

Ralph Myerz "Think Twice"
- Show quoted text -
V started making her way down to the elevators, which previously according to the floor plans of the day only went upwards, but now V was hoping that she could see if there was an override for the basement floors. As she approached the elevator shafts, she noticed a slight light emanating from below the metal door frame. As she approached the door, she paused instantly in her tracks. She felt a shiver fill her body and leave her in a second, as if a cold breeze of dread passed through her. She looked at the door, and then realized that the light wasn't there when she was there ten years prior, during the initial siege of Parabolic City.

She paused and waited, for what felt like an eternity. Then she moved a slot machine with her mind in front of the door. She waited, but nothing happened. She then reached out and hit the elevator call button. A ding was heard as the elevator began to make it's way down to the first floor. Finally the idea came, "how are they still having power in this building after ten years." V held her saw up at the ready to blast away anything that was in the door. The door opened to reveal a completely empty elevator. V approached the elevator, but couldn't stop the feeling of dread that washed over her as she went closer and closer to the door. Finally she decided to push the slot machine into the elevator door. With that the door instantly closed, sealing up behind themselves with an instant seal that will weld steel together in under three seconds. Then there was a humming-cutting sound, that came from inside the elevator. Then a crash, as the ceiling of the car had fallen on the car. A sound of an exploding slot machine, complete with the clicking winning sound was heard.

"It's a trap. It's all been a set up." V said to herself, as she began to make her way towards cover.

"Jack! Abort mission, I repeat, Abort mission!" V yelled into her two way com, that was built into her symbiotic suit.

"*static* repeat...*static*...please repeat....*static* you are breaking up *static*" Came the unmistakable sound of Jackly.

"Abort mission, it's a set up. I repeat...." is all V got out, before an explosion caused the elevator door to fly forward, right where V would have been if she hadn't gone for cover.

Once the door finally made contact with a row of slot machines a large explosion of static electricity and energy flooded the room. The static dispersion caused the power in the grand room to momentarily flicker on and off. Though the lack of lighting was made up by the glow of three black lightsabers that illuminated the room, along with a back lighting coming from a light that could now be seen from inside the disabled elevator car.

V watched as the three assassins made their way out of the car. They were well trained, but they all split up into three different rows going down the rows of slot machines.

"I can smell her." One of the assassins said, as his black lightsaber highlighted his gnarled teeth and bright red eyes. "She's injured too."

The second assassin chimed in, "this will be all too easy." Then like that the lights slowly regained their electrical circuit and the room slowly lit up again. With the lights at full blaze, V would easily be spotted.

V huddled behind a row of slot machines, focused. She focused on the energy that radiated throughout the casino. She closed her eyes and began feeling an electrical cling beginning to form around her right hand. Till finally her right hand began to glow, like a miniature flash light. Thankfully the lights were fully on at this point, or her position would have been given away in a second. At this point, the three assassins were adjusting to the newly acquired light from the absence of light that they had just been exposed to.

Finally the glow turned a burning blue, a that point, V raised her right hand up and then slammed it through the floor to a master power cable that feed electricity throughout the main lobby. A shock of pain radiated through her, as her right hand still had the hole burned into it by the white phosphorous rounds. Grabbing a hold of the the main power cord, she felt the energy of the room drain into her, as she became the start and end of the circuit. She guided the electricity through her, to her suit. She felt the energy level of her suit rise, as the lights at first began to dim and then finally went out entirely. Now, the room was coated in darkness again.

"Did she do that?" The third assassin asked out loud.

"She must have," Replied assassin number two.

"How can you drain the energy from an entire room? Master might have been right about her." Said the first assassin, "it will be a shame that we will kill her, before the master can train her."

The three voices began to converge on where V had been, but she was too quick, too smart. She knew to keep moving, keep the enemy guessing. Also she left a nice surprise for the assassins. As the first assassin (assassin number 3) approached where the energy drain had occured he smelt the distinct smell of blood from the right hand of V. He smelled it so closely now, his hand trembled as he wanted to have just a taste of Master's chosen one. He reached his hand down, and as he did, he failed to notice a red line that had been running right over top of the spatter of blood. In less than a second an explosion occurred, that severed the main power cord to the room, and two sent the third assassin into hundreds of spots around the casino. The smell of burnt flesh and plastic filled the room, as a faint smoking began to occur as the main power line had been severed, but somehow the electricity was still flooding through the main power line.

"One down, two left here." V thought to herself, as she made her way out of the lobby room. Fortunately now, V had one thing going for her, her armor was back up to full power, but her right hand had a faint trickle of blood streaming from the once cauterized wound in her hand that was now ripped open, when V had to punch her way through a marble floor tile.
V made her way to the bathroom. She decided to go to the men's bathroom. It was remarkable to her, as to how clean the whole bathroom had been. She turned on the sink to the hottest it would go. V braced herself, as she prepared for what would soon follow. She would first apply steaming hot water to remove any infectious materials that had penetrated her skin. Then, she would take an ace bandage from her first aid kit. Wrap it, and then find Jackyl and leave this dump. She paused, looked at herself in the mirror, as she did, she noticed a strange smell.

V then sniffed the air, "what is that?" She thought as she began to look around the room and into the mirror, then she noticed it from the mirror, the water in the sink was melting away the porcelain lining of the sink.

"What the?" V let out, as she began to back away slowly from sink. The sink then began to vibrate, only for an instant, as the heat of the chemical that it was containing burned too hot. Then finally it exploded. V quickly dodged away from the spraying liquid, as she watched it begin to cling to and burn the area around her.

V then thought to herself, as she made a note of the smell and properties of the compound. V was shure that she had seen this chemical somewhere before. Then she remembered a demonstration two years ago about a new proto-type of chemical that burned hot individually one was a liquid, one was a powder. Individually they would burn the flesh off of you and shred your Graviton suit into shreds. But when they combined to form AB compound, the compound could burn at a rate that was ten times hotter than white phosphorous.

V made a quick scan of the room, to find where the B compound would be, as A was clearly in the pipes. Then she looked over at the towels. "That bastard." V thought to herself. Let someone was their hands, burn them, knowing that instantly they would reach for a paper towel without thinking and then they would burn off their hands down to the nubs.

As the thought flowed through V's mind, she got a slight, but sadistic smile. She could almost have an appreciation for whoever was putting her in this mess. "It's a shame I'm going to have to kill them, for wasting my time." V thought as she then felt the two assassins heading down the hall, right out in front of the wall.

V then reached out with the force, turing on the three other sinks, in the men's bathroom that she had retreated to. Once all four were going at full blast, she started throwing paper towel, by paper towel onto the mirror that hung on the wall facing the hallway. Finally V used the force and began turning the faucets around, so that the faucets started spraying the mirrors. A faint metal grinding sound could be heard as each faucet made it's inevitable 180 degree turn, to face the mirror, that hung on the wall to the hallway. Finally the chemical A water made it's violent, but inevitable contact with the chemical B towelsr. once that happened the wall began to burn and corrode away. Few things can explain how noxious a chemical burn is, let alone the smell and the vapors that are created from melting cement and steel lined walls, that are brought down to nothing, but ash and bubbling rubble in a matter of seconds.

From the hallway it looked as though the wall started to glow, then the wall dissolved and a flood of blue liquid streamed into the hallway, of course it was helped by V forcing the projecting the flow of the spewing water, out into the hallway.

"What is this?" Asked the second assassin.

"Time to go." The first assassin replied. No sooner had he said that, then a blanket of brown paper towels beggining to fly over top of the ever growing pool of liquid, in the middle of the floor.

"What, why?" Were the last words uttered by the second assassin, as a few towels managed to cling onto his pant's leg. Then a spray of liquid dripped on the assassin's upper hip and rolled down to his pant leg, where the paper towel had already started to burn it's way through his suit.

The first Assassin didn't waste any time leaving the area. A loud cackle could be heard coming from the mouth of the first assassin. "God damn, we are gonna have some fun with her corpse, when were done." He said, as he made his way down the hallways.

The second assassin had the unfortunated occurance to have the rest of the blanket paper towels fall on him. His skin melted slowly as the liquid that pooled around him, now combined with the chemicals from the paper towels. If V had to guess, the assassin might have died of suffocation, due to the lack of oxygen in his body, before his skin was melted away and his organs became a liquid mess that pooled on the floor. Slowly the floor opened up as the completed AB chemical solution began to burn anything in it's path.

"Well I'm safe for now." V thought to herself. "Now all I have to do is get Jackyl and get the Hell out of here."

"Jack! Can you hear me? Come in Jack...Damn it! Do you hear me?" V began to yell into her two way communicator. Though there still wasn't any electricity on this floor, due to the detonation in the main room, lights could be seen coming from the floor below, where the AB chemical solution had opening up a passage way to the floors below.

"V." A faint voice called out, not in the voice of Jackyl but in the confident voice of the Reverend. "You will not be able to leave V, not with Jackyl at least, if you go now." A slight pause as V made her way around the pools of liquid in the bathroom and exited through the bathroom door. As she left the room, she entered the hallway, with the ever increasing cavity of a hole that filled the entire floor of the hallway of the Casino.

"Come on down." Came the calm and benevolent tone of the Reverand, with a touch of over confidence.

"What if I said No." V said, feeling somewhat dumb as she spoke to an inaimate objects.

"Then you wouldn't be of much help the Jackyl here? Would you?" The revereand said through a smile, even though V couldn't see the face of the Reverand, she knew that his face was one constant smile. "Enjoy it while you can. If you are still alive...if you are still alive..." V thought to herself as she jumped over the flowing pool of water and into the giant cavity in the floor. Stopping herself just before she hit the ground, she glided over to the edge of the A chemical that was still pouring into the first ground level floor of the building.

Now that she was on the ground level, she could finally see the monitors where the Reverand was speaking from, but rather than seeing the annoying immage of the self-richeous Reverand, V saw another pickture. A piture that shot ice down her spine and made her exhale uncontrollably. She looked up and saw Jackyl, her special OPs parter, captured. Though the fact that Jackyl was captured didn't surprise her, what did surprise her was that he was bound in a black chair. The chair was custom made with wrist, elbow, thigh and anckle restrains built inot the chair, or rather the chair was built around the restraints. Upon seeing the chair, V's jaw dropped as she stared on with horror. "It can't be." V whispered. "The same chair, the same fucking chair." With that V started to get angry, as now she knew she was being fucked with.

V watched as a female figure walked onto the screen. The figure was wearing nothing more than black leather all over her body, to include a face mask. As she came into the screen, she cracked a whip that wrapped itself twice around the chair that Jackyl was tied to. With a sharp tug of the whip the chair toppled over backwards into a pool of ice water. Small air bubbles made their way up to the surface as the leather wearing female then dropped a small electric line. V felt as if she was going to vomit.

Time: Graviton Officer V's 32nd Operation: Day Number 168 of Infiltration.

Mission Summary- V using the Alias Ariel Winters was to seduce Congressman and Political Tycoon Michael Torlion. It was believed that Torlion had been selling government secrets, it was V's job to find out who he was selling information to, what information was sold and provide spin control in case things got ugly.

V awoke to find herself restrained, her wrists, elbows, things and anckles were all bound. A black mask covered her face, V felt her breathing being restricted one from the mask and two from an extra restraint that had been tied around her mid-section.

V instantly tried to jerk her arms, but the restraints were well crafted and she wasn't able to get the leverage or torque she would need to break them from her current position. With that jerk a sound was heard at the far end of the room to the right. The room was at least twenty feet long, from her current position forward. If she had to guess the entire room was forty feet wide and forty feet long, V was always good about judging distances.

"I'm glad you've finally woken up, Ariel." Came the smug voice of Torlion.

"Lover." V began, "what is the cause of all of this. I knew you liked it rought, but give a girl a ..." A sharp backhand was felt striking the face of V. The hand was close to V, it didn't come from Torlion. Also the hand wasn't as danty as Michael Torlion's hands either. It had to be the hand of Vinny "The Grabber" Valcon, the right hand man and all around thug for higher for Mr. Torlion.

"Who are you really?" Mr. Torlion had moved closer, his voice was only a bit away now.

"Honey." V said with a devlish smile as she secretly licked away the blood that draped itself over her top lip. "I'm Ariel.." A slight feeling of weightlessness hit V, as her weigth was shifted in the chair. Originally she was sitting upright, but now she was plumiting backwards. As she began to fall, V tried to brace for impact, tightening her back muscles and leaning as much weight as she could on her right shoulder. Trying to let her shoulder take the brunt of the blow. Then a splash, and V was instantly submerged, her entire upper body was outside of a freezing pool of water. The shock of the cold water caught her off guard, as the breathe was instantly released by her tightening chest.

Shi'ido are amazing creatures. Especially those that have been trained to move their vital organs to their extremities during times of trouble. V did so now, focusing, she realized that her hands and feet were not fully submerged. This normally showed the parady of the cold and allowed the fear of the breaking of the hands and feet to sink into the victim. V used this to begin growing an extended air tube to the poors of her feet, allowing vital oxygen to reach the lungs and in turn reach the brain. Next thing V had to do, was get out of the chair.

Finally after a minute of being submerged, V was brought to an upright position. V made sure not to gasp for air as she was finally able to take in a full breath. This took away the power from the torturer. The torturer normally asks something along the lines of "do you like breathing, well if you do, you should tell me what I want to know." V thought to herself. "Torlion probably had to get how to torture for dummies. Fortunately for me, he's extremely dumb and lazy and probably just read the title headlines."

"Cool enough for you?" Torlion said, trying to get some type of response.

"Not as cool as you are baby." V said, a devlish smile filling her face from behind the mask. Then as V suspected Vinney came with another backhand to the face. V let out a large sigh as if she was already tired of this sherade. "Look honey, I told you. If you wanted a threesome it would have to wait till your birthday. Though I thought that you'd choose someone cuter than Vinney." A few more punches came as Vinney was getting irritated at the mockery now.

"Who sent you."

"Cupid. Don't you remember, it was Valentines day and..." V was splashed into the water. Then a metalic whirring sound could be heard as Tolion's miniature generator started up. Then the sound of electricity flowing thorugh the metal bucket that V was in. V could feel it pulsing, at first she fought the current, having it tighten her muscles uncontrolably. Then a strange thing happpened. She accepted the current, she accepted her fate, that she was to die today. She let the current flow through her, and around her. At first she figured that it was because she was close to death, but instead she felt invigorated from this, she felt alive. For the first time in a long time, she truely felt alive. A warming sensation filled her, as the ice in the tub around her began to melt, she felt the warm glow of energy pulsing through her body.

A minute and a half later she was pulled out of the tub, again this time she made no gasp for air, and for the first time she sat upright.

"Now do you want to tell me who you are? Or shall I continue." This time Torlion pulled off the bag from her head. Rather than seeing the face of a battered abused woman, he was shocked to see the face of V staring back at him. A huge smile from clung to her face, as she stared back at Torlion. Then Torlion noticed that asside from smoke rising around the body of V, V was completely fine.

"What?" Torlion said with a shaking voice. "Who. who are Yooou?"

Nothing more than a smile filled V's face, as she looked on with a murderous look. It would be the equivalent to the way an Eagle looks at a field mouse, if the field mouse could see the Eagle just before the impact.

"Fine." Torlion said. "I know who can make you talk." A slight pause as Torlion shifted his gaze from V, to Vinney who was standing behind her ready to plunge her back into the iron tub again. "Vinney get her." With that Vinney left the room.

"Leaving me alone with you, not such a smart move." V said as the smile on her face widened, but the murderous look in her eyese never shifted.

"I'm in control here. Not you." Torlion said.

"Really. Lover." V said Lover mockingly, hoping that it hurt, everytime she'd say it. "You don't sound so sure of yourself."

"Listen here you Cunt. I'll find out who you are, before the day is done." Then Torlion shifted his gaze as Vinney could be heard going through the hallway draggins something in heels behind him. "Just watch, I know what makes you tick."

"Do you now, this has to be good." V said condesendingly as she knew that she was getting under the skin of Torlion.

"You might be some type of Masochistic freak, but how would you feel if we harmed her." With that Vinney "the Grabber" pulled a female figure forward. The female was wearing nothing, but a black lace braw, black lace panties, black heels and a black leather bag over her face. V didn't need them to remove the bag to know who was under the mask. Then in that instant, every ounce of ground that V had gained was suddenly and irrevocably lost. Even before Vinney could remove the leather mask, a few clumps of crow black hair already betrayed the identity of the woman behind the mask.


Mission Update:

V posing as Ariel Winters found out that her new boyfriend and Congressman Torlion frequented a local gentlemans establishment. It was at first believed that here is where Torlion was selling his government secrets. Though V soon found out that there was one reason and one reason alone why people frequented the Blue Orchid Gentlemens Club, and it wasn't their happy hour specials. Though the club swore that they showcased over 200 different women from over 20 different species, there was only one woman that was worth going to see, Anix'anna.

Anix'anna was a crow black haired vixen with milky white skin that floated across a stage. Upon seeing the girl and seeing her then boyfriend Senator Torlion bewitched by her charms, V knew what she had to do. At first she began taking notes, asking for help. V originally used the excuse of her cheating husband, but Anix'anna soon became more than just a teacher of how to seduce. Anix'anna became the seducer, and V became the seduced.

It's hard to describe the bond that V had with Anix'anna. You tell yourself a lie enough times and you can believe it. You let yourself sleep easily knowing that you are just using Anix'anna as an asset, that you can drop her at the drop of a hat. Yet something always makes you want to go back for more.

V's mission could have been over a month ago, but V had grown attached. Not to Torlion, no self respecting woman could ever grow attached to the scum of the Galaxies like Torlion. V had grown attached to Anix'anna. V knew the whole corrupt heirarchy, she had the lines and documentations that connected corrupt corporations to their respective corrupted polititions. There was only one loose end, that needed to be tied.

As an undercover agent you were never allowed to say goodbye. You were never granted the ability of true intimacy. True intimacy caused you hesitate, it caused you to pause. Truth be told, V paused. Hell she didn't just pause, she baulked, she went head long into an all out stop. If her head was in the game, she would have been out on her next assignment, and not here bound on a black metal chair with elbow, wrist, leg and anckle restraints.

If V had done as she was told, as she had been trained, she wouldn't be soaking wet, watching her love's blindfold get pulled off right before her. It was the shock, the look of pain in Anix'anna's eyes that brought everything crashing to a hault and caused the fire to filter out from her eyes. For the first time in this whole exchange and banter that pig, that fucking pig Torlion was winning. Torlion always did have an ace up his sleeve when it came to creative bargaining. Hell half of the documentation that V was able to get was the black list material that could get half of the senators disbarred from office, permanently. V should have seen it coming, she should have known that Torlion would make it personal.

"Ah. Not so fiesty now are you. BITCH!" Torlion said thorugh a smug smile as he took out a thick cigar and started to chew the end off.

"What, what is this?" Came the shaking timid words of Anix'anna. Anix'anna who had less than a few seconds to take int the fact that she was one kidnapped. Two, she was in nothing but a black lace bra, black lace panties, and black leather boots. Three she was in the Torlion house, and four that she was staring at Ariel Winters Torlion bound to a chair over top of an electrified metal bath tub. Anix'anna's lip began to tremble, no longer thinking of herself, only for the woman that had gone to her and for over the past 150 days. "What did they do to you?" Anix'anna asked as tears began to form at the corner of her eyes, now being able to see the smoke rise and singe marks that were all over V's body.

"It's okay. They can't hurt me." V said, her voice nearly gone as she herself was fighting back the tears of seeing Anix'anna in pain.

"Like Hell we can't." Torlion yelled out around his cigar. "Vinney. Do it."

With that a swift kick the the chest caught V right in the sternum, sending her chair tumbling over into the metal tub.

Through water you can hear sounds much clearer. You can hear the screams of a loved one, as you are being submerged. You can hear the flow and hum of electricity. Back in the ice filled tub, V felt her rage return. She didn't care about the torture that she'd endure, she brought it upon herself. The bitter pain that stung is what they might do to Anix'anna, all because she didn't leave quickly enough.

V kicked from side to side, but it was no use. This chair was specially designed and hooked into place to not allow for shaking while submerged. All V could do is wait and listen. The screams that Anix'anna let out were enough to make V's blood boil. Finally Torlion turned off the generator and hoisted V up in time to see Vinney dragging Anix'anna behind Torlions Desk. Back there Vinney hid a button that let out two old fashioned cast iron arm and leg restraints.

Torlion took his eyes off Vinney and Anix'anna as he looked at his wife. "Now dear. Are you gonna tell me who you really are and who sent you. Or do I have to get rough on your friend there. Oh don't worry, I'll let you watch."

V took in deep breaths as a way to try and control the rage that was building inside of her.

"I do knows how you love to watch. I've seen your collection of tapes of Anix'anna and I. Which is why I'm going to set up a personal viewing for you. Followed off by me killing her right before your eyes." Torlion said, cigar now lit. With that he took a deep puff and blew the smoke in V's face. "Then after I kill your little cunt girlfired, I'm gonna kill you. After you tell me who you are of course."

At this point Vinney had gotten the first arm restraint on Anix'anna. V's chest still heaved in and out as she tried to calm herself enough to think. Then V saw it all unfold, the future the past. She saw the events and the times, her skin lit up with goose bumps as she realized a way. She saw a way to fix it. Then in less than half a second it was over, a faint trickle of blood flowed down V's nose as the fresh scent of iron and copper filled her nostrils.

"WAIT!" V yelled out.

Vinney and Torlion's eyes switched to V. As she slightly adjusted her posture in the chair. V's eyes never looked away from Anix'anna. Almost with an unseen gesture, Anix'anna knew this was V's way of giving Anix'anna a chance to free herself. Anix'anna not missing a breath, looked away from V and noticed the knife that was in Vinney's waistband. She grabbed it with her free right hand and instantly slashed at Vinney's neck. Arterial spray then began covering the angelic white skin of Anix'anna. The plump and over weight body of Vinney began to tumble. Anix'anna provided a swift kick to the stomach to ensure that she wasn't trampled from the weight of Vinney.

Torlion dropped his cigar to the ground as he began to run towards Anix'anna. Anix'anna turned holding the knife out at arms length, like a caged animal, trying to fend off herself from a charging hunter.

Rage filled V, she felt a rise and flow of energy around her. Then she felt Torlion as he ran across the room. V then felt herself able to add energy to movement of Torlion. Soon Torlion found himself flying headlong into the wall. Torlion's limp body hit the ground. V had never been able to move an object without her suit. She never knew that she could move anything, until now.

She looked over at Anix'anna, who looked at the incapacitated body lying on the floor with shock and horror. She looked over at V, with fear and then anger took her.

"What just happened."

"You saved your life." V said. Now that the danger to Anix'anna was over, V was able to calm herself and regain her composure.

"What? How?" It was clear that shock was beginning to take it's toll on Anix'anna.

V then looked down at her restraints and using her mind and anger she forced the restraining straps free. V heard a gasp as Anix'anna looked on with horror.

"What are you?" Tears began to form in the eyes of Anix'anna.

V walked calmly over to Anix'anna. Looking at the blood splattered vixen, V couldn't help but want to touch her face one last time.
"We are free." For the first time V meant it. She would leave the Gravitons, she would leave the special forces, all for this moment, all for Anix'anna. V reached out with her left hand gently touching the blood spattered face of Anix'anna smearing the blood particles together and watching how the red mixed with the white across her face. V then unable to control herself went in for a kiss.

The feeling, the moment, the electricity all combined for the first few seconds of bliss. Then pain. A sharp pain in her stomach. As she looked down she saw that her stomach was now bleeding. "The knife" V thought to herself. Then a sharper pain as the knife turned inside V's stomach ensuring that the wound wouldn't close.

"You bitch. Why did you do this to me." Anix'anna was still frantic, still fightened. She probably didn't even realize what she had done yet. "Your a witch. Have you been controlling me all this time?" Apparently Anix'anna knew what she was doing.

"No. I ..." V tried to plead her case to get Anix'anna to listen to her, but pain filled her as her hands grasped desperately to hold in her guts. Her Graviton suit had a pressure seal that would combat such an injury, but this mission called for her to not be in her suit. A feeling of weightlessness filled her head, as she then fell herself falling back on the floor. Anix'anna had given another swift kick, this time to V making her body convulse with pain as she fell back wards. V's head hit the hard marble floor of Torlion's office.

"One day, you might find yourself in a hostage situation." The voice of Captain Carthridge, V's old Drill Instructor came to her loud and propheticly. The first thing you do is secure the area. Next thing you do is make sure to remove any weapons that the hostage might have acquired during their captivity. Hostages are wild animals, they will strike first and ask questions later. It is important that you establish yourself as a person to help, maintian control of the situation, this might save your life. Too many good troops have been lost thinking that they can relax, only to be attacked by those that they were sent to help."

V smiled to herself, as she couldn't help but laugh as to how weak she had become. How weak she had let herself get. Then she felt a wave of warmth fill her, as she gave into the feeling the want of rest. "SLEEP." V's body cried out, and then she was absorbed in a white glowing sea, peace.

V woke up to the smell of smoke and fire. A feeling of panic hit as she scanned the room, she saw the empty chains dangling over her feet. "Anix'anna?" V called out. Realizing that she was gone, V tried to quickly get up to her feet, all to find an intense pain in her stomach. V looked behind her to see Torlion's throat slit from ear to ear. A slight sigh came as she realized that threat had been neutralized.

V looked around for help, then she found the phone on Torlion's desk. Without thinking V dialed for emergency help.

"Hello. Police. We've had a home invasion. I've been stabbed, my husbands been murdered. Please send help." Another white current washed over V as she found herself falling to the floor.

V awoke to find herself in a hospital bed. A nurse came to her. "Ariel? The police men have some questions for you. Will you be able to see them?"

"What? Yes." V said as she tried to get up, but then found that she didn't have any energy.


"Ariel, can you describe the men that killed your husband, Senator Torlion?"



"Ma'am you realize that you just described the president of the Colonies right?"



V made sure that all of the senators and corrupt politicians paid right then and there. A scandal broke out, throughout the senates. V was later able to retire from the lime-light as Ariel Torlion, the widow of now dead senator Torlion.

V spent the next six months in rehabilitation, trying to be able to walk again. At first the Doctors swore that she would never be able to serve, let alone maintain being a Graviton. All that changed with then Admiral Carthridge came to visit V while she was in the hospital.
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Sometime later, Luci returned to the Hellhound. She immediately started her engineer department clear out two spots in the medical bay and reroute power supplies. She also had them do the same thing with one of the cells in the Brig. Nobody knew what she was up to, they just followed the specifications she gave them for the requirements on a Pad.

A couple hours later, a cargo transport approached the docked ship, driving up to the open cargo bay doors. Luci met them as they pulled up. She spoke with them for a few short minutes and turned to walk up the ramp while they unloaded the truck. Four large men climbed out of the cab and with grav suppressors, moved several large objects from the back of the vehicle and onto the ship via the cargo ramp.

“Two of them go in the Med Bay and one will go in the brig. The med bay is down that hall, I will show you where I want the third.”

A crewman leads the first two with their cargo floating in between them to the med bay while she led the second to the brig. Opening the cell she picked out she showed them where to do the installation. Leaving the two men to do their job, she assigned a crewman to assist them if they needed it and went to the med lab as the workmen were arriving with the last unit. Pulling aside the doctor and the chief engineer she spoke with them for a moment.

“Be sure you understand what they are doing. We have three of these babies at 2 million cubits a shot. The third is in the brig for prisoner transport.”

“What are they?”

“They are Emergency Medical Stasis Pods, the first ones sold in the station. They arrived from Caprica while I was in the office looking into cryo pods. Apparently they were just released on the market and they contain Ta’Nar technology.”

“Why did you think we need them?”

“I was thinking about how we could contain V after we caught her. With her being a Lao-Moan, she can shape shift herself right out of her cell or through the ventilation system. I figured we could get a cryogenic pod to freeze her in so she could not escape. I was at the warehouse looking over pricing when these arrived.”

“But why did you get two for the med lab?”

“They freeze the person placed inside so time does not pass. If someone gets hurt too badly that a normal stasis pod cannot save, these will keep them safely until we can get them to better medical facility than we can provide on the ship. From the description, not a single second will pass between activation and deactivation for anyone or anything placed inside. We are the first privately owned ship to possess them. Right now they are mainly going to Hospital ships and military vessels.”

“Why the third in the Brig?”

“If we have someone to contain, I would rather have the unit locked in the brig. If we have to use it to help a third crewman we can use it there. As you can see, they come with grav suppressors so they can be moved from the ship to the hospital and then deactivated there. They have their own internal generator running off a fusion battery good for a couple hours and an external power cable hook up. The guys thought of everything when they designed them.”

“Great, if the power goes out in the ship we have a few hours before the unit runs out of power.”

“Exactly, you can also hook the two together so one can run off the battery in the other to extend the life of the first. We can also just bring a portable generator and hook it up to that. Either way, these babies will be paid for with the first person we save.”

One of the delivery personal walked up to Luci where she was talking with her crew. “Ma’am, it is all done. They are ready for testing and then we can sign the paperwork and be off.”

“OK, test me first. If it doesn’t work then you don’t get your signature.”
Luci stepped into the pod which was kind of shaped like a coffin. The clear case closed around her allowing everyone to see Luci standing within.

“When you place someone inside, they can either step in or the unit can be placed at a variable incline all the way to a 90 degree surface such as in a table. Close the cover by pushing this button on the control panel. Once the lid is closed, this light will turn green ... like that and then activate this control.”

The technician touched the panel and the surface of the clear cover turned reflective, almost a perfect mirror.

“There, your boss is frozen in time and cannot experience anything. She will be completely unaware of anything happening outside her personal time frame. We could leave her in there for a minute or as long as there is a power supply to the device. You could keep her in there permanently but then I would not get her signature on my paperwork. This is how you turn off the unit.”

The man slowly touched the controls so the others could see what he was doing. The solid green indicator began to flash and then a beeping alarm sounded indication the immanent shutdown of the unit. The mirrored surface cleared to show an impatient Luci who knocked on the lid. Touching her earcom, she sent a message to the intercom.

“When are you going to start the demo?”

As the cover opened she could still hear the people giggling.

“You have been in there over five minutes, boss.”

“Wow, I didn’t even feel anything.”

The technician only smiled. He knew this would be a common reaction.

“Here is the paperwork and there is the manual. Please sign your electronic signature here and here.”

Luci completed the transaction and then handed the chip with the manual to the engineer.

“I want that manual placed on the network for everyone to familiarize themselves with. I don’t want anyone on this ship that cannot place someone in the EMS Pod. You never know what we might be getting ourselves into or who might save your life by pushing a couple buttons.”

“Now get everything stowed away, we leave in three hours.”
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Behind The Curtain

Postby LaoMonians » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:59 am

Location: Admiral Bob Carthridges' Flagship the Prestigious Kobol I, which looks remarkably similar to the Battlestar Galactica.

Senior Airman Jones ran frantically down the hallway, tripping over higher ranking officers and officials as he searched desperately, eyes focused forward. Jones never cared if he ran into anyone whether higher ranking or not, he just tried desperately to find something, someone. Finally he found it a slight exhale escaped his already paniced breathing as he headed towards Admiral Carthridge who was on the filming area of the Kobol I, just before he gave his evening press release of what could be said and what couldn't be.

"Admir..." came out in a paniced wheeze from the chest of Senior Airman Jones as he waved frantically trying to gain the attention of the Admiral before he would be held captive to the camera for the better part of an hour.

The Admiral chewed on his cigar, never even acknowledging the gasp, as he prepared for tonights speech.

"Admiral!" Jones yelled, finally getting closer waving his arms frantically.

Still nothing from Carthridge. As Jones desperately tried to get closer the secret service members moved in to cut off the Senior Airman. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"No!" Exclaimed Jones still gasping for air, but not willing to be denied.

"What seems to be the problem here?" Asked Renfro, the senior cheif of security.

"The admiral has a call." Jones said, finally resting his arms against his hamstrings as he tried to hold himself up with his own body's frame.

"So?" Renfro still in position and not giving into the pathetic E4 that stood before him.

"It's on his Green Line." Jones said in a whisper, as he also bobbed his head up and down to show the emphasis behind these words.

"Roger." With that Renfro quickly turned around and whispered into the ear of Admiral Carthridge. With that Admiral Carthridge got up and quickly put on a hoodie and a loose pair of clothes. As Renfro shifted in the image of Admiral Carthridge, so that he could give the evenings' press releases.

Within seconds Admiral Carthridge managed to move throughout the ship, using secret passageways to go up the three flights to his own personal chamber.

Two secret service members followed him and waited outside the door standing guard down the empty hallway, as Admiral Carthridge made his way in. The two guards that had been guarding the room, then exited providing extra security outside in the completely empty hallway.

"Your Late.." The words came from a male voice with a melodious tone, "Admiral." The way admiral was spoken was the same way you would say Private to a lower ranking soldier to prove your dominance.

"I have no excuses, my Lord." With that Admiral Carthridge kneeled on the ground and bowed his head before the jumbo projector that he could no longer see who was talking. Though judging by the exchange Admiral Carthridge knew full well who he was addressing and knew is place in reguards to him.

"Indeed." A slight pause as if the man with the voice was passing judgement during this pause. "Your candidate has passed her first few steps, though she is rough around the edges."

"She is the finest soldier that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching."

"Indeed." Another pause, as if passing a second judgement. "She does possess the Force, as you have claimed, but you have failed me."

Such a tone would have sent lesser men shivvering, yet Admiral Carthridge just felt a slight chill run down his back, as he chose his next words carefully, "In what regard, my Lord?"

A slight pause. "I told you to send her alone. She was about to leave, but then she was calling out for a fellow Graviton code named Jackyl."

Admiral Carthridge cleard his throat, trying to buy a few seconds for thoughts on how to phrase his next statement.

"WELL!" The voice demanded, apparently Admiral Carthridge took too long with his response.

"There is not now, nor has there ever been a Kyle Jackson, who she claims to have the code name of Jackyl, or Jacks."

"Do you take me for a fool?"

"No your eminence," again calm cool and composed, the voice of a man who knew he was right yet also knew that he was talking to a superior. "Our psycological profile shows that V, since she is well over 60 years of age and has an abundance in the force, without any formal training had a hard time rationalizing to herself how she knew things. We believe that over time she created the identity of Kyle Jackson, A.K.A. Jackly to help her fathom what the force is telling her."

"So your saying that she's broken?"

"No, I'm saying that she is untrained, raw, perfect for what you have envisioned."

A long pause as the man with the melodious voice pondered. Admiral Carthridge felt a stiffening in his back from hodling his position for so long, but dared not stare at his master till ordered to do so.

"She was ready to quit my little trap for her, yet it was the disappearance of Jackyl that caused her to go further, is this a sign of fear from her?"

"No, her training told her to leave, yet her loyalty and her impulses she received from the force have caused her to drive on. She will drive on to the ends of the 'Verse, to complete a mission, make no doubts of that."

"It's just as well, if she left or if anyone got within 100 meters of her ship they would feel the force of ten megaton nuclear warheads going off." The Melodious voice interjected. "Is there anything else about this candidate that I should know about?"

"Nothing that comes to mind, your eminence." Admiral Bob Carthridge said.

"You wouldn't just be using me, for me to continue my funding of you and your troops now would you?" The Man with the Melodious voice said with a certain amount of spite in his tone.

"My first mission willy always be for you and your goals, my Lord."

Another long pause. This time Admiral Carthridge could feel the eyes of the man that he was speaking to piercing him, trying to claw his way thorugh his mind. "Very well. I better not be disapointed. Also I have a few extra guests arriving soon. Just in case V gets any ideas for help, make sure you and your fleet are on the other side of the Galaxy. In fact," he paused as the idea came to his lips. "You probably should make a journey of exploration to MiraDeth, talk with the local populace, and prepare for something that has not yet come into fruition."

"Yes, my Lord." Admiral Carthridge dared not ask about being sent into a potential death trap, he knew by the tone of his leader that the fleet would soon fight in one of it's toughest battles yet. A slight smile began to burn at the corner of Admiral Carthridge's face as he relished the idea to show off the power of the Kobol I to the universe. Though he couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of regret for leaving a soldier stranded and alone in a battleground. 'To die next to one whom you've spilled blood with, that is the true way for any Lao'Mon.' Admiral Carthridge thought to himself.

"Having some last minute doubts about V are we? You feel that she is not up to the challenge?"

"No ,Sir."

"Good. Prepare your fleet, before your thoughts betray you once more."

"Yes, Sir." With that the Jumbo Projector clicked blank, with a faint static click, with that a minor exhale was let out. It took a good minute for Bob to regain his composure and stand up straight. With that he left his room, two guards went in to guard the room to make sure nothing got in, the two extra guards on the outside followed at the flanks of Admiral Carthridge as he made his way through the ship.

"Renfro." Admrial Carthridge said as he clicked on his internal ear piece.

"Yes sir." Renfro said, almost immediately.

"Prepare the fleets, we will soon be heading to MiraDeth."

"Where the Hell is that sir?"

"I suggest you find a star chart and start plotting a direct course. Admiral out."

"Affirmative, sir."

With that, the Admiral made his way to the command deck, so he could begin going over logistics for what was yet to come.


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