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The Bloody Hand (FT Open)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:08 pm
by Balrogga
Luci climbed out of the transport with a foul expression on her face.

“I hate trying to be so “goodie-two-shoes”, it makes my face hurt and I’ll feel ill for most of the day. Whose frakkin’ idea was it for that damn commercial?”

The man with the shaven head followed his boss out of the transport. “I believe it was yours Luci. The first I heard of it was when you were registering The Hellhound at Caprica City.”

Luci stopped and turned to face Markus and glared at him. The muscle bound man stopped and took a couple steps back. Markus was afraid of very few things in this universe and Luci was one of them, especially with that look she now wore. Taking a step toward Markus she held up her index finger pointer at him. “Don’t remind me.”

Luci turned her back on Marcus and stormed off. Markus found out he was holding his breath and let it out a sigh of relief. She always got this way after doing public appearances for as long as he knew her, even when Luci was his unit commander back in the war. When she had to attend one of the public events for another officer, people tended to walk on egg shells for the next day or two.

Following Luci, Markus walked through the ship until he found her in the mess. She was pouring herself a cup of java, the steam rising. Grabbing himself a cup, he filled it and added three sugars and some of that flavored creamer. Stirring it, he sat down across the table from his boss. Marcus sipped the hot liquid, careful not to burn his tongue. Taking out a cigarette, he offered one to Luci and then took his own. Using his lighter, he lit both and breather out a cloud of thick blue smoke.

“The office has been set up in the brownstone you bought and the upper floor has been converted for your official residence. The second and third floors were renovated into dorms for the crew when we are in port as you requested. Everything is ready and has been staffed. We open in an hour; you might want to be there for the opening.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Another damn public appearance. Two frakken ones in a day, gotta plan this better in the future.” She was playing with the ash of her cigarette in the ash tray, turning the cigarette and knocking them off as the ember burned through the tobacco. Taking another drag on it, she held it in for a second and then let it out in a cloud. The scrubbers in the ceiling pulled the smoke away and cleaned it, she had them installed when she refitted the ship. She enjoyed smoking and wanted her crew to do so if they wanted, not like on other ships where everyone was so uptight about air quality. They were mercs and breathed in worse on their missions. With a sign, she snubbed out her smoke and stood up.

“I am going to my quarters. Meet me at the shuttle in half an hour and we will head back down. That will give us plenty of time.” Lucy walked out of the mess leaving Marcus sitting there with two half drank cups of coffee and a smoldering ashtray.

Forty-five minutes later the shuttle touched down on the roof pad and the pair entered the building through the roof access after keying the genetic codes. Making their way down to the ground floor, they entered the offices amid the staff waiting for the opening. Luci had hired several professional office workers for the offices itself but put one of her trusted crew in charge of the office itself. Tina could be a bitch if she needed to and keeping the dirt people in line might need that quality. Also, being an expert in hand to hand and with guns didn’t hurt, especially if one of the targets tried to hit the offices itself. If they did, there were surprises built in during the renovations that would serve to even the playing fields and she carried the remote access with her, keys to her own genetic codes.

“Hey Tina, everything ready?”

“Of course, we only need to unlock the door and we are open.”


The Bloody Hand is a merc team run by Luci that tracks down Force Users for their bounties. They use the legal systems of the nation the target is hiding in to extract the target and brings them in for the rewards. If you wish to have an RP where they hunt a character you have then post a wanted poster or a customer showing up in person with the information. She will take the jobs depending on risk, pay, and availability. The Bloody Hand is all force dead so most abilities will not work on them thanks to The Cure manufactured by the UCK. I will not use The Cure on your characters unless you specifically ask me to, it would kill your Midi for about ten years according to OG.

When you post a Bounty, be sure to include all the information and I will work with you OOCly to ensure a sucessful hunt that is also entertaining to read.

I will not be playing any of my normal nation in these Threads, only the mercs.

This Thread will act as the central point of the RP with links and the wanted posters. I will post the jobs below and their Threads.


The Exodus of the Jedi Order (FT, SEMI-OPEN) - First use of The Bloody Hand


First Commecial on Galactic Empire HoloNet News - Courtesy of OG
Second Commercial on Galactic Empire HoloNet News - Courtesy of OG
Third Commercial on Galactic Empire HoloNet News - Courtesy of OG

Current Jobs:

Symington Brothers
Valchalistra Valyastryvaskia

Completed Jobs:

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:28 pm
by New Dornalia
Sure enough, as the door was unlocked, a man in a slick suit came in with two bits of information. Passing a couple of manila envelopes, he simply said, "I got a message from Gordon Langhurst, Lucky 21 Casino." Passing the info, the bios would read simply:

Location of Job: Las Vegas, Nevada, Earth SSR

Name: Benny Symington

Race: Human, Empowered

Place of Birth: Camden, New Jersey

Charges: Tampering with Lucky 21 Casino property (several security cameras, several HT Industries Safe-Tee-Magic 2000 Supernatural Inhibitors and several safes), embezzlement of funds, conspiracy to commit grand theft, violations of the Earth SSR Anti-Smuggling Act Section 922(r) involving unpaid tax on narcotics, and violations of the Earth SSR Anti-Smuggling Act Section 653(d) regarding the attempted corruption of public officials.

Description of individual: Mr. Symington is an Empowered human currently employed with the Lucky 21 Casino. Headlining an act whereupon he imitates famed Vegas celebrities, namely members of the “Rat Pack,” he is an otherwise unremarkable individual whose place of residence often changes and whom can often be seen with his brother, Joseph.

Mr. Symington has been known to have difficulties with the Lucky 21's regular staff as well as the management, including myself. Mr. Symington's behavior has been especially erratic recently, and rumors persist among our staff that he is planning some sort of robbery at the Lucky 21, likely in collusion with his brother and other disaffected individuals.

Symington himself is a Caucasian individual of medium build, often wearing a cheap suit and with hair dyed black with a part in the middle.

Service Desired: We would like the prompt, efficent, quiet neutralization of Mr. Symington. Payment of 1 million cubits plus expenses will be done upon proof of his neutralization, either via photograph, severed head, etc.

Additional Notes: Caution is advised, as his brother Joseph is a Regular Officer of the People's Acolytes Vanguard service, and is an individual extremely loyal to his brother and skilled in combat. Symington himself, like most residents of Clark County, Nevada, is armed and will not hesitate to defend himself. We will disavow all knowledge of this transaction should Clark County Sheriff's Office or the Temple of Las Vegas become involved.

As mentioned before, he can be hard to locate, often changing residences and bases of operation.
Location of Job: Las Vegas, Nevada, Earth SSR

Name: Joseph “Joey” Symington

Race: Human, Empowered

Place of Birth: Camden, New Jersey

Charges: Conspiracy to commit grand theft, accessory to vandalism of Lucky 21 Casino property, violations of the Earth SSR Anti-Smuggling Act Section 653 regarding malfeasance and ill-conduct of public officials.
Description of individual: Joey Symington is a Caucasian Empowered individual of somewhat wiry, thin build, and a member of the People's Acolytes Vanguard Team based at the Temple of Las Vegas, namely a commissioned Regular Officer. As such, he can be seen wearing the Gray Uniform of a People's Acolyte, with appropriate badges of rank and office befitting a Vanguardier, when not in more casual wear.

A stalwart and loyal Vanguardier, he is credited with taking down several Rogue Psykers in the Clark County area, and regarded as an excellent field officer, if one whose icy behavior has been known to result in trouble—employees of the Roma Imperia Casino report having numerous difficulties with him during a case involving a missing showgirl.

Unlike his brother, J. Symington maintains somewhat more regular residence in a suburb within easy access of the Strip. However, he is often out on assignment, or out with his brother. Frequent visits to the Lucky 21, coupled with his brother's behavior and the discovery of damaged Supernatural Inhibitors, have raised suspicion among the staff of a possible conspiracy to rob the Lucky 21.

Service Desired: We would like the prompt, efficient, quiet neutralization of J. Symington, preferably in a manner which does not attract public attention. Payment of 1 million cubits plus expenses will be done upon proof of his neutralization, either via photograph, severed head, etc.

Additional Notes: Caution is advised, J. Symington is an extremely dangerous individual, possessing training in Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga close combatitives, as well as extensive firearms training in both ballistics and energy weapons, including a rare Starwind Rifle. J. Symington must also be handled delicately, as his numerous connections on the Vegas Temple and the Clark County Sheriff's Department would make open notice of his death a liability. He is also known to be extremely loyal to his brother—any attempt to harm Benny Symington will likely invoke J. Symington's wrath as well. Take them both out.

As stated before, we will disavow all knowledge of this transaction should Clark County Sheriff's Office or the Temple of Las Vegas become involved.

Wanted Pilot of the Rebel faction! Pilot V.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:44 am
by LaoMonians (Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive)


Valchilitstra Valystryvaskia

Code Name V.

Leader of Graviton Unit, under Admiral Bob Carthridge.

Wanted in regards to the killing of millions in the slaughter of Parabolic City.

Wanted in connection to espionage against the Lao Mon Government (OOC: The "True" Lao Mon government, not the minor faction that is lead by Admiral Bob Carthridge)

Wanted in relation to illegal smuggling operations off world.

Wanted in regards to the murder of at least ten Earth SSR tourists while on vacation to Caprica.

Reward: 1 billion credits dead, 1 Trillion Credits if made to confess for her crimes before her public execution.

Last known location, in the vicinity of Trebia.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:43 pm
by Balrogga
Luci sat at her desk in the Offices of the Caprica City Chapterhouse of the Bloody Hand. She was looking over the requests they had already received.

“This double job for Vegas looks promising. It says the brother is a verified Force User. The defect usually runs in the family genes so most likely the target is also infected. Assemble a team for an Earth extraction. Get the leagal team to expedite the necessary permits and contacts.”

Markus looked up from his paperwork and nodded while Luci took a drag off her cigarette. “I will have them on it right away. Any idea who you want on the team?”

“No, not yet. We have time yet to figure that out while we get the papers in order. Make sure all the licenses are correct with Earth SSR laws for the hardware.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about them, they are one of the most gun happy nations we have contact with. Still, it is better to be safe.” Markus handed the papers he was looking at to Luci. “Look at this one. It has a bounty equal to the military budget of a small country.”

Luci takes the dossier and reads through it. “Hmm, it doesn’t say anything about the target being a Force user. While the money is good, it is also suspiciously high for a single target. See if you can contact hem and verify if this ‘V’ is a deviant or a Force user.”

“Right away Luci.”

Luci put down the forms and sighed. “I’m hungry, want to skip this joint to head around the corner? They have a great Tauron selection in their buffet.”

“Sounds good, I will send them a request for additional info after we get back.”

Markus and Luci grabbed their jackets and walked out the front door.

V is a confirmed "User"

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:43 pm
by LaoMonians (Death Rides a Horse)

A scrambled transmission reaches a known listening post of Luci's on Caprica.

"This is a message for Luci, leader of the Bloody hand. It is confirmed that the target Code Named V is a force user. She was praised for her noted abilities since she was a child, we believe this helped her to become the best pilot our fleets have ever produced, also she is skilled in ground command and urban operations as was proven by her hostile take over of Parabolic City.

While the force is not her first form of attack, she does have it at her use. She is a member of the Graviton Unit, the best of the best of all soldiers of Lao Mon, before their Admiral Bob Carthridge went rogue and decided he wanted to be the "New" leader of the Shi'ido. The Graviton suits are holy unique as they offer the wearer the ability to be stronger faster and more agile, while at the same time allowing the user to focus their minds to shield them from view of outsiders. These suits also use an objects own gravitational pull against them, reversing the frequency and allowing for the Graviton to move any object that has Mass in any direction or way they wish, so long as they focus on the object. V is the leader of the Gravitons, and with her death along with her admitting her involvment and acts of treachery agaisnt the proud Lao Mon government would be a key turning point in our war.

For more information, reach us back on this channel: 11718983 cypher key killher."

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 3:55 pm
by The Gank Federation

PostPosted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:54 am
by Balrogga
Lucy took another bite of her Chicken Marsalla while sipping on her Chianti wine. Markus finished chewing his mouthful of pasta and looked over at Luci.

“So, what are you thinking about the two bounty offers?”

Wiping the corner of her mouth, Luci cleared her throat. “I think we should use Victor for the brothers. Earth is his home and he would have better contacts. I think we should send him with Cassie as backup in The Artemus, it is just finished being upgraded.”

“That sounds about right. They should be able to take care of two brothers, even empowered. Getting the crew together would be the hardest but with the publicity we have had this week, I am sure we will get some good recruits. How about this V character?”

“I will take Anna with me and we will go after her. We will take The Hellhound. You will stay here and take care of business.”

“Damn, you girls get all the fun.”

PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:01 pm
by Orthodox Gnosticism

Lao is flying to afgan now, so this is the first bloody hand thread.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:39 pm
by New Dornalia

The other bloody hand thread, starring Cassie and Vic.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:38 pm
by Orthodox Gnosticism
Target Name: Andrew Ehrell
Species: Woodian Humanoid
Title: Sensei of the People's Acolyte, Sanctuary District, Seattle Wa, Earth SSR, UCK

Wanted Dead or alive: $250,000 cubits alive, $500,000 Cubits dead.

Andrew Ehrell, former Major in the nation of Evil Woody Thoughts, is a combat medic. He has expertise in medical skills, as well as being very lethal with his scalpels, that he carries on him at all times. Currently residing in the Sanctuary District, in the PA temple, Major EHrell, has interfered in a operation that cost my organization many lives. He is a Sensei with the People's Acylotes, and as such is not to be underestimated on his knowledge of the force.

Upon confirmation of his death, or capture, call me back on this channel, password: Cylonlizardmen

And may his return to the soil be swift.

Sent from an unknown caller.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:40 pm
by Balrogga
Markus sat in the office at the Caprica Chapterhouse of The Bloody Hand going through paperwork. The monitor beeped indicating he had another message waiting. Setting aside the quotes from Thrashia he was reviewing for possibly purchasing more Crusader Corvettes he read over the information displayed on the monitor.

With a sigh, he stretched and yawned. It would only be a matter of time before they start receiving these crackpot offers. The Hand had arranged with the government to turn over any suspicious bounties that were not backed by a law organization. The Hand only took legal contracts and the ones which did not fill the requirements were to be handed over to Special Branch for investigation by the UCK as suspected contract hits. This was part of the agreement the Hand made when they acquired their license. They would only take contracts from legal sources and any suspicious ones would be turned over to Caprica.

Forwarding all the information to their assigned contact with a few taps of his fingers, Markus looked at his cup of coffee and sighed. He wished he had gone with Luci; it tends to get so boring when off assignment and stuck minding the store.

He stood and went to get more coffee.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 1:44 pm
by Solar Communes
The last person one would ever expect to come in in a place like the Bloody Hand came once it was his turn. It was a tall man with a huge e-paper in his hand wearing a mechanical counterpressure suit. He greeted the person in office with a smile, presenting himself as Chris Dansen, and explained, carefully detailing what was everything about, while he handled the reports:

"One day ago, we found a severely wounded person inside a metro tunnel with clear evidences of vandalism around him, like a message in the walls. "SUCK IT HATERS!" was the message carved in charred stone by some kind of laser or energy beam. And then there was, right there, the wreck of a severely wounded man, who was ranting something about Einstein and how something is better than other thing and clearly furious in spite of his situation. He raged so hard that his jaw was dislocated when the medbots came to give him aid. Because a problem is better to be solved when it starts rather than later, this insane man who we believe to have gotten in contact with midy, .midi, .mid, media... sorry, we don't know how to spell it, but in any case, here is the report, if you have any questions, just ask."

In the report was written:

Code: Select all
Scum Name: Kan'Hughlal
Species: Dustperson
Title: Over-bloated egocentric thing that shouldn't matter
Powers: Bending light and invading minds to torment or attempt controlling others.
Threat Level: Unknown, subject has become insane and besides invisibility and mind control, there is no idea of what else he can do.
Current crimes: Vandalism, severe maiming, trangression against free will.
Reward: Over 9,000 thousands energy credits ( e¢ 9,100,000 ) .

The man awaited for the answer.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:07 pm
by Balrogga
Markus looked over the reports handed to him by Chris. After reading them he looked the individual over from hat to counter-pressure suit. With a sigh, he lay the report on the desk and spoke to his visitor.

“Mr. Dansen, I cannot accept any missions at this time. Both our teams are currently out and Luci would have to approve the mission when she returns.”

“As far as this person you are offering the reward for,” Markus picked up the report again and checked, “an individual named Kan’Hughlal, do you have any official declaration from a government entity to make the bounty legal? Earlier today we had a suspicious bounty placed on an individual that was not backed by any known government and we had to turn it down because we only take legal bounties.”

Markus picked up his coffee cup and took a drink, finishing it. He stood up and walked over to the coffee pot to refill his cup. With a gesture, he offered Chris some and brought it back to the desk if it was accepted.

“Also, what exactly is a Dustman? I am unfamiliar with the term.”

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:55 am
by Solar Communes
“Mr. Dansen, I cannot accept any missions at this time. Both our teams are currently out and Luci would have to approve the mission when she returns.”

Chris nodded, understanding Markus explanation:

"I understand that. To tell the truth, we could solve this problem on our own, but the collateral damage would probably be slightly larger if we resorted to our own methods, which is the reason I came here."

While Markus browsed the file, he was cautiously observing his reactions. Outsourcing was an infamous word, but when the typical method of dealing with such kind of threat to the average layman involves tearing apart the last place where the suspect was spotted in minutes ago with old fusion weapons, ensuring the threat would have no chances of survival, it is definitively more economical to hire outside specialists than to repair the infrastructure damage. This was, as he knew it, a live test. If proved effective, this would probably be not the first time a Solarian would go there to ask for them to take care of a lunatic with that kind of Force.

“As far as this person you are offering the reward for, an individual named Kan’Hughlal, do you have any official declaration from a government entity to make the bounty legal? Earlier today we had a suspicious bounty placed on an individual that was not backed by any known government and we had to turn it down because we only take legal bounties.”

Chris smiled over the assumption, and explained throughly:

"There is no government in Solar Communes. Only a popular consensus that this guy is a threat to everyone. I am afraid people can't bother signing in favor of this, but being an anarchist society, and admitedly socialist as well, we see things not in legal or illegal, but in good for everyone or bad for everyone, and this is determined by consensus or common sense. A man who likes to kill random people is obviously bad for everyone, regardless of existing a law specifically saying something should be done about it or not, for example. Some call this Common law, but I can't really bring paperwork because there is none besides counterfeit documents people unaware of Solar Communes nature may be tricked by. To finish this, technically," he added, "by the common law in Solar Communes, regardless of it being an unwritten set of laws, it is legal."

As Markus offered him coffee, he answered:

"Thank you," Chris shook his head, "but I don't drink coffee."

He then listened to his last question:

“Also, what exactly is a Dustman? I am unfamiliar with the term.”

"A dustman, or dustperson, is a sentient, self-replicating set of something similar to nano-robots." Chris started, "Most of them were born humans, but had their consciousness transferred to their new vessels, and because of being used to be human, they exist mostly as sentient nanites residing in nonsentient human bodies, or as some say, avatars, and yes," he gave a strong emphasis on the detail, "it is a choice because all strains of dustpeople have the capability of shape shifting. I have more information but I didn't bring it, sorry." however, with a smile he explained, "But I have a work around, just a second," he began to rub his hands as slowly sheets of actual paper were coming out of his palms, all of them with written content about the dustpeople.

"Skip the mythological parts. It is the physiology and information on strains that should have the most important details for this case, but unfortunately, we have no idea of the strain of this Kan’Hughlal. He managed to erase pretty well any traces of whatever identity he had before he started doing what he is doing."

"Hope this have been clarifying, and that eventually, once the other bounties are solved you may be interested in this." Chris finished.

"To be honest, I have not much to do. Do you mind if I wait here? I am a very patient man."