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The Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency (FT Alliance)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:44 pm
by Vipra
The Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency


“This most righteous pact is made not for highly flaunted ideals or mercurial values, no, instead it is formed out of the one true necessity of all civilizations. We join together to survive and thrive in a galaxy filled with threats and abominations that seek to undo all life. However, bound together under this pact we will exploit and destroy all who seek to stand against us. Unlike the alliance of old we shall stand not against a supposed evil or recognize that one area of space is sovereign to another. We care not about such nebulous things, instead we shall rise up to seize our place among the stars by any means necessary. The JSA is dead, long live the TSAR.”

- Imperator Ultoll Alataryx upon the Inauguration of Venium Jalari as the first Rex of the TSAR

Origin and Goals

The TSAR was formed from the body of the dying Joint System Alliance, the Imperium of Vipra throwing a coup and seizing Delta Capita in a gambit to take control of the alliance from the founding nation of Magna Omega. However, instead of maintaining the JSA as it had been the Imperium decided to reinvent the alliance in a new form. The old constitution and doctrine were thrown out for being inefficient and too limiting and a new one was drafted by the Imperium along with the loyalist nations that had stood by it during this trying time. Soon the alliance was reformed and remoulded into something more befitting what the JSA was instead of what it had aspired to be.

Composed mostly of former JSA members, TSAR’s goal and purpose are to thrive and assume dominance by relying upon each other and exploiting those outside the alliance. Those outside the TSAR are not considered to have the same rights as those within and are free to exploit unless specifically blacklisted as a target. The growth and success of the alliance’s members are first and foremost the goal of the TSAR, and should that require hundreds of other nations to fall then so be it. All within the TSAR are expected to advance their goals at the expense of those outside the alliance, aggressive expansion viewed just as highly as making new allies for the alliance to call upon. In the end, what empowers the members brings even greater power to the alliance.


Ranks are given not to nations but instead to persons from nations, all nations are seen as equals within TSAR, but certain persons shall outrank one another in order to avoid the democracy that was the downfall of the JSA. The strict leadership ensures that the alliance is smoothly run and that bureaucracy shall not hinder the alliance to the point of decay and death.

Rex: The Rex is the position given to the Vipran delegate. He/she leads the alliance in all matters and is considered unaligned in terms of nationality. Should the Rex be found wanting in any way the dual consuls can hold a vote among the delegates to replace the Rex with a two thirds majority.

Consul: Chosen from among the delegates, the dual consuls are the left and right hand of the Rex and do as he/she commands. They hold respect and responsibility above normal delegates, having to take the Rex’s place should he/she be unable to fulfill alliance duties.

Delegate: Delegates represent their nation’s interests in the TSAR and speak on their behalf. They are granted residence within Delta Capita, and can call meetings with other delegates or convene a council with permission from a consul or the Rex.


Article I - Mutual Defence and Aggression
Should any TSAR nation come under attack the Rex shall assign appropriate member nations to aid the beleaguered nation. Nations assigned this sacred duty are expect to fulfill it without complaint, should they fail to meet the demands placed upon them they will be blacklisted or face punitive measures from the TSAR. Should a TSAR member be found to be antagonizing such wars only to draw upon TSAR resources they shall be blacklisted or face punitive measures.

Likewise should a TSAR nation be going into a war or be fighting a foe that outmatches them they may call upon the TSAR to aid them. TSAR members are not required to aid them, but it is encouraged in order to maintain alliance strength. Should the war go well all conquered lands shall be divided among the victorious nation and those who aided it, the territory handed out by a council headed by the Rex and the delegates of the member nations involved.

Article II - Order
The Rex leads the alliance, all commands from the Rex are to be taken as law and the Rex can alter the charter after consulting with the dual consuls. Refusing to follow a direct order from the Rex will result in a tribunal where reasoning shall be brought into question and a judgment meted out. The consuls hold similar power but may not contradict or alter the doctrine unless given explicit allowances by the Rex. The Rex and consuls shall never intervene within a member nation’s internal affairs unless they go against the following article of sapient rights.

Article III - Sapient Rights and Genocide
Non-combatant sapients are given a few basic rights. They shall not be tortured or abused, physically or mentally, without due reason and explanation given to the Rex. Commiting genocide is a severe crime, and as such any alliance member that commits genocide and causes a sapient species to go extinct by any means will be blacklisted by the alliance and face punitive measures. Alliance members wishing to rid themselves of a bothersome species can deport them to willing nations or impound them within internment camps indefinitely.

Article IV - Disruptive Elements
Any member state of the TSAR considered disruptive or unfitting shall undergo a tribunal under the Rex and consuls. Reasoning need not be given by the tribunal for the trial, and no appeals can stop nor delay it. This can be for any number of reasons, such as flaunting the charter or simply being adverse to other alliance members. The tribunal’s ruling will decide whether the nation is expelled, faces punitive action, or retains membership.

Article V - Loyalty
All TSAR members are expected to swear loyalty to the alliance and their fellow members. Open borders, even with visas, are necessary. Trade is likewise expected to always remain open, embargoing or blockading another member outside of a punitive measure is considered a violation of loyalty and will result in blacklisting and punitive measures in turn. All members are expected to maintain open and healthy relations with one another in order to facilitate the alliance’s growth and expansion.


The Imperium of Vipra
The Republic of Ekilion
The Autocratic Solar Imperium of Dead Snow
The United Stellar Empire of Telvira
The Technocratic Dominion of Dbrought
The Stations Alliance Directorate of Unified Colonies
The Grand Solar Empire of Kisia
The Solarian Empire of Cilistia Novaren
The Commonwealth of Kostemetsia
The Matriarchy of the Ikaran Dominion

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:29 pm
by Ekilion

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:53 pm
by Clamparapa
Dear first Rex Venium Jalari of TSAR,

As per our meetings, our government has agreed to join the Regency and wholeheartedly agree to uphold the ideals and charter set forth by this alliance. Our nation, witnessing the fall and subsequent dismemberment of JSA, will assist in the preservation of this alliance for as long as possible. The JSA had strong ideals but weak execution. We hope to be able to assist in this alliance's endeavors and provide for it the assistance required to make an alliance successful. We humbly submit our ticket to join this new and potentially strong alliance in the hopes of making it persevere through the strongest storm.



Jason M. Vasquez
Commander of the Stations Alliance Directorate

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:17 pm
by Telvira
All hail TSAR! Our glory shall endure for millennia as the weak fall before us.


PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:05 pm
by Vipra
Commander Jason M. Vasquez,

It is with great joy that I usher you and your people into our ranks as honoured brothers of the Regency. Suitable quarters have already been established for your delegate and all his or her aides, servitors, or slaves. The Imperium, the glorious founder of the TSAR, is glad to have such a prestigious nation among its allies.


Venium Jalari
Rex of the Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency

PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:01 pm
by Dbrought

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:59 pm
by Ikarus Dominion
Ikaran Dominion Communication
Regarding the Joining of TSAR

Greetings from the Empress may her Will and Guidance be for ever prudent in the face of the galaxy.

It is the Empress's wish along with the View of the High Overseer Council that the Ikaran Dominion reaches out to the Intergalactic community and join with those that have values closely akin to our own.
So with this in mind it it the Dominions wish that you consider our fledgeling empire for membership within the hallowed walls of the TSAR.

High Overseer Dianna Kuros
Blessed by the signature of Her Immortal Empress Liana Helena Troy

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:20 pm
by Vipra
High Overseer Dianna Kuros,

Due to the position of the Ikaran Dominion as a subsidiary state of the Imperium of Vipra the Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency is obliged to accept you as a member. Suitable quarters have been assigned to a delegate of your government's choosing and we expect his or her arrival in short order. The Imperium, the glorious founding state of the TSAR, is glad to solidify its alliance with such a loyal nation.


Venium Jalari
Rex of the Totalitarian Systems Absolute Regency