Hiller Cease-Fire [Attn: Ewa Beach, Solm]

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Hiller Cease-Fire [Attn: Ewa Beach, Solm]

Postby Tergnitz » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:26 pm

Hiller Cease-Fire
We, the Heads of State and Government of:

Ewa Beach

Hereby sign this Military Cease-Fire.

    The objective of this Treaty is to officially state that all aggressive military operations between these two nations are to halt immediately and that both of their respective militaries will withdrew from first-strike positions, adopting a lower threat status in the process.
    The Parties to this Treaty;

    REAFFIRMING their desire to live in peace with all peoples and governments, and desiring to strengthen the fabric of peace around the world,

    DESIRE to publicly and formally announce that all active military operations against formerly hostile nations have been suspended,

    FURTHER wish to strengthen joint efforts regarding diplomatic interaction, with an ultimate aim being the preservation of global peace and security.

    Have agreed to the following:

Article I
The Parties, upon signing this Treaty, hereby accept joint blame for the outbreak of war which later came to be known as the ‘Crimson War.’ Additionally, the Parties fully acknowledge the fact that the conflict erupted due to a lack of diplomatic interaction between the nations involved and due to the aggressive, nationalist mindset possessed by the incumbent governments of both Parties.

Article II
The Parties, in accordance with Article I, have acknowledged that no singular nation is to be held at fault for the original outbreak of hostilities. Therefore, by signing this Treaty, they agree that there shall not be any reparation payments or any territorial exchanges as a result of this conflict coming to a close.

Article III
This Treaty does not place any restrictions on the usage of military force or the size and composition of the military forces of either Party.

Article IV
The Parties, in an effort to improve diplomatic lines of communication and with a hope of enhancing the bilateral connections between both nations, hereby pledge to establish the dual, permanent positions of High Envoys. These individuals shall serve a four-year term before being replaced, and shall compliment the diplomatic staff already present in both nations.

Article V
The Parties, by singing this Treaty, agree to a binding and permanent Non-Aggression Pact, enhancing the fragile peace which has descended over both nations. Should this Pact be broken, the aggressor nation, in the next round of negotiations after a future, theoretical conflict, shall be forced to pay reparations to the victor. Additionally, the entirety of their colonial possessions shall be deemed forfeit and shall be ceded to the victor.
Clause A The realms of the Non-Aggression Pact are restricted to an outright declaration of war between the nations of Tergnitz, Ewa Beach and Solm. Conflict between these two nations in the defence of an allied nation shall not be deemed to have broken this Pact.

X. [Image By Signatory, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Augustus Tiberian Vera I of the Imperial Dominion of Tergnitz, 10:28 a.m, Saturday the 14th of August.
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Ewa beach
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Postby Ewa beach » Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:36 pm

X. [Image By Signatory, President John Murphy of the Ewacian Federation, 8:36 p.m, Friday the 13th of August.
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Postby Solm » Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:26 am


Priority: High
To: The Imperial Dominion of Tergnitz and The Ewacian Federation
From: President John Hunt, The Republik of Solm
Classification Level: Public
Subject: The Hiller Cease Fire

It is with great delight that the Republik of Solm announces its compliance with the Hiller Cease Fire and all its subsequent articles. The Republik of Solm was ecstatic to end this horrid war, coined the Crimson War. We hope to improve our diplomatic ties with the Imperial Dominion of Tergnitz and continue with our best ally: The Federation of Ewa Beach. Hence, I, President John Hunt, of the Republik of Solm, with approval of the Joint Congress of the Republik, sign the Hiller document.

X. Image By Signatory, President John Hunt of the Republik of Solm, 08:18, Wednesday the 18th of August.

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