Automagfreek - Rise of the Republic [Open]

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Automagfreek - Rise of the Republic [Open]

Postby Automagfreek » Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:09 pm

Automagfreek... it was a name that for generations had been the most prominent symbol of terror and might, and many cringed in fear at the sheer mention of it. For countless years the Sentinels under the command of the Dreadfire dynasty had spilled the blood of those who dared to oppose the Freekish Empire, and the total number of lives lost to this indomitable war machine is known only to the Gods. And while those deemed as infidels by Damien Dreadfire were being slaughtered in far off lands, many grand purges took place at home in the early days of the New Order, and the population was forcibly cleansed of dissidents and those who remained were pacified so that the Freekish people would all march to the beat of the same drum. This resulted in great chaos and fear until the sight of secret police and public executions became commonplace, and the Freeks began to embrace their new way of life and bask in the spoils of countless foreign conquests.

But then the changes began to come, one by one starting with the passing of the ruling torch to Azrael, the now expatriated son of Lord Damien. The Freeks loved Azrael for his benevolence towards the common man, and under his reign the people were granted more freedoms and were oppressed less by the all powerful Freekish government. But then Damien stole back what he always had seen to be rightfully his, and those who now enjoyed a better standard of living were once again gripped in an unspoken fear and felt the mighty boot of the Supreme Warlord on their throats. But the fires of change had already been stoked by Azrael, and the people soon bore witness to the rise of another Dreadfire... one vastly different than Damien and more progressive and benevolent than Azrael. His name, Vladius.

The torch had been passed once more, and the brother of Damien was now left to rule as he saw fit, while the Supreme Warlord himself diminished and faded into the background, but not for long. The annexation of Pantera would soon see Damien taking charge and replacing Dayne the Evenstar as the ruler of the Reavers, but Vladius was left to his duties without interference. This lead to a new awakening, a renaissance that took the nation by storm and soon had the people speaking of new freedom and liberty the likes of which had not been seen since the early democratic Kaye administration. And being the man of reason and progress that he was, Vladius did not hinder the birth of these 'new' rights because he believed that fundamental human liberty was inherent and inalienable. The people had spoken, and the Freekish ruler would not be the one to repeat the bloody episodes that made his brother infamous by clamping down and preventing such social change, so he did the only thing he could; embrace it.

Finally one day, the Imperial Warlord was ready to take the plunge and move Automagfreek into its new direction, toward its new destiny. A speech was prepared and soon a press conference was called at the Great Hall, and though nobody had been told what Vladius would say, many knew in their hearts that this would be a history making moment.

Are you sure you are ready to do this, my Lord? Said The One, the other worldly guardian of the Dreadfire family as he materialized from the shadows in the throne room at the Hall.

Yes, I believe this to be the will of the Gods, for I have foreseen this moment in my dreams. Long have the Gods lusted for blood, fire, and retribution... but now I believe that the tides have shifted, and as the Gods destroy, so they create. Now is the moment to create something grand, something pure... based not on the forces of negativity, but on positivity. Long has my brother tried to reshape the world in his image through military might and intimidation, and in many ways he was successful. But now, the universe wishes to move in a new direction, and the spirit of change and liberty has swept these lands. I believe we have been chosen to reshape the world once again, but for a different purpose.

The One nodded in agreement, due largely to his unwavering loyalty to House Dreadfire and not necessarily to what Vladius was proposing. I'm off to the conference room my friend, take note of the world around you, for in a few moments it will surely change forever.

Vladius then made his way downstairs and through the guarded corridors to the jam packed room where national and international reporters anxiously waited. As he entered through the doorway, all in attendance rose from their seats in respect, and sat with a brief wave of the imperial Warlord's hand.

Greetings to all, thank you for joining me on this evening. I stand before you today for one reason, and one reason only. When one walks to streets of ULE City, or any of the great cities of this nation, a certain presence can be felt. It's difficult to explain, but in the time I have watched over this nation I have witnessed what I can only describe as a cautious optimism build and take shape inside the people of Automagfreek. Whispers of hope for a better tomorrow can be heard both near and far, and many believe that we now stand at a turning point in history... one which may shake the very pillars of the world.

I know well the history of this Empire and the suffering the Freekish people have endured in order to create the society we know. One cannot deny that having one of the lowest crime rates in the world is a good thing, and that we can defend ourselves from any conceivable threat thanks to our powerful military, but there is more to this nation than just that. Though many Freeks would say they are happy with our society, they do so with an unspoken fear in the back of their minds... fear of the state and what it will do to them if they do not march in line with their rulers. But since I have been blessed with leading this country forward, I have seen this fear erode, and the people are now rising up and reaching towards their full potential, and I believe this to be our ultimate destiny.

The people speak of a New Dawn, a new era in which the people no longer fear their all powerful government, but are left alone in order to live their lives the way they choose. They seek new freedoms and a word which seems almost foreign in this country; liberty. The people here understand now that the right to think what they want, the right to say what they think, and the right to publish what you say, is inherent. The people understand that free speech pre-exists the government and comes by virtue of our birth, and that the government can't take their property and can't arrest and murder them for speaking out against social injustice.

I have come here today to say that the old ways are no more, and that Automagfreek will forge a new path... one in which the people will be truly free to live their lives as they see fit. I believe that I have been chosen by the Gods to bring about this new revolution, and to announce the birth of the Freekish Republic... a Republic which shall be based on a constitution which will protect the rights of the people. Now, why do I emphasize the word 'protect'? Because I believe that our rights as human beings come not from myself or my brother Damien, but from our Creators. And therefore the role of government will not be to use the people to accomplish its agendas, but to secure and protect liberty and justice for every single Freek that calls these lands home.

I will convene a council in the next several days to begin drafting our new constitution, but I urge everyone to not expect the current system to change overnight, for re-making a nation is no simple task. The Empire that we have toiled to build shall not be torn down, but will remain and be revitalized by the coming constitution and the rights it will protect. As for House Dreadfire, it will still exist as the ultimate seat of power in AMF, but its role will be somewhat ceremonial and will exist to make sure that the new elected government does not violate the constitution and threaten the people's rights... a check and balance, if you will. More details on how this process will be shaped will come in the days and weeks ahead, but for now let us take hold and celebrate the rise of the new Freekish Republic, for the Gods will it, and may their will be done. Thank you and goodnight.
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Postby Satirius » Sun Jun 13, 2010 9:21 pm

Jannovald Barca was in his flat, alone(Administrators, by his decree, had to be unmarried and a eunuch, and also issued rather spartan lodgings), in a bathrobe, a surely un-Administrative moment for the 76-year-old to be caught in as the news station on TV was suddenly interrupted for "Breaking News." As it turned out, what was to be revealed was truly deserving of that appellation and more.

"We now bring breaking news from the Freekish Empire," the woman on the screen said. "The impossible is possible, no, it has been done today in Automagfreek, as out of no impetus save for what seems like the whim of the sitting ruler, the throne has been abdicated for the formation of, and I kid you not ladies and gentlemen, a Freekish Republic."

Janno was in the middle of taking a long sip of water, which he had now spit out in incredulity, attracting the attention of his cat. He sure as hell wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

I have come here today to say that the old ways are no more, and that Automagfreek will forge a new path... one in which the people will be truly free to live their lives as they see fit. I believe that I have been chosen by the Gods to bring about this new revolution, and to announce the birth of the Freekish Republic... a Republic which shall be based on a constitution which will protect the rights of the people. Now, why do I emphasize the word 'protect'? Because I believe that our rights as human beings come not from myself or my brother Damien, but from our Creators. And therefore the role of government will not be to use the people to accomplish its agendas, but to secure and protect liberty and justice for every single Freek that calls these lands home.

Oh Jesus, the Administrator thought as the TV cut over to a replay of the speech by the now ex-emperor Vladius Dreadfire, this is not happening. He racked his memory for any purchases of LSD, but then quickly came to terms with the fact that this wasn't a hallucination. Now totally absorbed, he sat forward on the brown leather sofa as the cat, an orange mass of fur about as old as he was, jumped next to him, and watched the history unfolding in front of its uncomprehending eyes.

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Postby Automagfreek » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:46 pm

Mere moments after the announcement, Freeks across the Empire cheered and took to the streets in celebration, waving their flag and launching fireworks into the evening sky. It was certainly a surreal moment, but not one that was totally unexpected... for Vladius had enacted many progressive policies since his crowning and had stated many times of his intent to do away with the ways of the past and move forward in a new direction. But many questions were now being brought forward, such as what the new government and constitution would look like, and how this would affect Freekish territory such as Pantera. Vladius wasted no time in bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in all of Automagfreek, many of them driven underground by Damien's heavy handed persecution of free thinkers and those critical of authoritarian rule.

These men and women were immediately flown and bussed in to the Great Hall throughout the following day to begin laying the foundations for the new Freekish Republic. Invitations were also extended to foreign representatives for discussions that would take place separate from the internal meeting that would draft the new constitution, because Vladius felt it important to keep his neighbors and those interested in Freekish affairs in the loop. As the invitations were being drafted and sent out electronically, the council of thirteen Freekish scholars and political experts were convened and all were invited to speak openly without fear of having to censor themselves, something that in years past would have been unheard of.

Thank you for joining me on this day. Now, you all know why you're here, and our job is to craft a solid constitution and build a new governmental structure. What I have envisioned is a government consisting of four branches, and those would be Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Imperial. The first three would function in the same manner as most modern constitutional republics, each having a specific purpose and each checking and balancing one another. Now, the fourth branch would exist as the final check and balance against all others, because we are all aware that a single political party can seize control of every branch of government and push their singular agenda and effectively take control for themselves and away from the people.

I have no intent on disbanding House Dreadfire, for I believe our family is ingrained in our nation and its history, and it can still be a relevant force for good. The monarchy or dynasty, whatever you choose to call it, will be charged with upholding our constitution at all costs, and defending the new system from self interested politicians who do not abide by the rule of law. Should the three primary branches fail to check and balance one another, or should one branch empower itself to the point where the other two are irrelevant, then the ruling family will act. I believe that this will be a crucial firewall to preventing perversion of our soon to be constitution. Thoughts?

Toller Wade, a prominent Freekish political activist and law expert was the first to critique the Warlord's vision. Not a bad idea in all reality, since we've seen countless republics and democracies fall to tyranny because of a collapse of oversight and a usurpation of their constitutional authority. As long as House Dreadfire does not engage in micro-management of governmental affairs, then I really see no issue with a fourth branch of government. Of course, my Lord, you would have to be willing to stick by the laws we draft that will inevitably limit your behavior.

Vladius agreed, and conceded the point. Yes, I would no doubt abide by the laws that we draft, because I want to see this new republic last forever. It would be hypocritical and self destructive of me to ignore whatever framework we set, and I would like to see provisions made so that future generations of the Dreadfire family do not act above and beyond their only purpose, which will be to defend the republic from enemies both foreign and domestic, and not to be all controlling.

As the back and forth conversation was taking place, several of the other guests whispered amongst themselves and began writing notes, each expressing their ideas as the meeting moved ahead swimmingly. The Freekish press corps was denied entry into this closed door session but would receive minutes of what was discussed, though many of the news agencies were still eagerly awaiting feedback from across the planet as history's most infamous nation made a shocking turn away from despotism and into something righteous.
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Postby Ryouese Black Islands » Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:07 pm

Only one thing came to the Ryouese with the news of the end of The Freekish Empire; Shock.

For a Long time, the Ryouese were very careful in their wars as NOT to get The Freekish against them. The news of Automagfreek turning into a Republic was a shock to all Ryouese, and a call to arms for the Autocrats of the Empire. If AMF could be turned into a Republic that easy, what would happen if this new wave of Republicanism spread. What would happen if The Freekish decied to spread their Republican ideas by force to end all other Empires?

This was Shock and Awe and a Fear that would stay in the Ryouese Empire for a long time.
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Postby Vetalia » Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:43 pm

Regardless of whether the announcement was all to be believed, (and certainly such a drastic change engendered its share of skepticism among more than a few across Vetalia), it was all the VCSE needed to explode upward nearly 5% the day after the announcement to a fresh all-time high, up over 1,700 points to 36,783.19. It was more fuel for the already roaring Vetalian markets, now up nearly 40% on the year thanks to what was the single-largest point increase in index history. The whirlwind was unstoppable, with this latest surge fresh round of investors pouring funds in to the market based on confidence that reforms in the country would further drive its massive economy further, in turn pushing the Vetalian to even greater performance than had been previously estimated. Vetalian commentators threw around "millions", then "billions", then "trillions" when describing the economic opportunities posed by this government reorganizing, each trying to top the other with a wildly larger estimate of the boost to economic growth. Many businesses were already were scoping out the potential for future inroads in to the Freekish economy only a day after the announcement.

What was good for business was good for Vetalia, and this was very, very good for business. Assuming, of course, that the move towards republican government would not result in restrictions on private enterprise or even worse a period of sociopolitical upheaval that would threaten what had already been attained, but these were concerns to be fielded later once the initial celebrations had ended. And celebrate they did, if not simply for the fact that this announcement had made quite a few people quite a bit of money in a short period of time. Vetalia City on the night after the reforms was a sight to behold, even more than normal in these heady days as the country took time to rejoice in this fortuitious development. Sales of everything from bottom-shelf liquor to the finest champagne skyrocketed and more ostentatiously in the case of the superstars of the VSCE's Petrovsky Street the 10-ruble note replaced the lighter as the method of lighting cigarettes and cigars.

It was a glorious night, one more than a few might remember fondly for many years to come...regardless of course of what ultimately happened. These were unprecedented times.

Although more grounded than the revelers and stock traders the Vetalian government was both publicly and privately sanguine towards the announcement, preparing a formal delegation to AMF for a round of formal inquiry and discussion regarding this dramatic change. As an ally, Vetalia had a vested interest in ensuring this transition went smoothly and delivered the greatest benefit to as many as possible, not just in Gholgoth but in the world at large. This was particularly in light of increasing signs that the nation's economy was beginning to overheat, posing the the boost from new opportunities in AMF would enable the Vetalian Central Bank to deflate the bubble without collapse. Whether this would succeed was unknown, but it was a growing consensus in the upper echelons of government that they would soon need an anchor to root the Vetalian economy in place to avoid the crash and slowly deleverage from its current heights. AMF's proposal might provide the breathing room and opportunities needed to make that reality.

As a result, three days after the announcement a group of 12 of the country's elites in government, finance, and industry boarded a private Aeroflot jet for AMF, hoping to meet with the country's leadership both republican and Dreadfire to feel out this new world order and to see where it would lead. The future of Vetalia depended on it, as did in many ways the future of Gholgoth and the future of the world itself.
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Postby Kyuria » Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:12 pm

Jaw drop

The only way to describe the expression on the Govnah's face when he heard what had just happened. It had seemed one second, there was an evil militaristic monarchy, obsessed with world domination and the next, a completely honest Republic had magically appeared next door in the neighbor hood.
"What just happened?"
"I don't know,"
"Well we better find out."
The Govnah looked to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Orion Clauby.
"Send a letter and ask if we can have like, a news company or something go to cover this thing as it happens."
"Ai Sir."
She quickly puled out a small hand held computer and typed the following message:

To whom it may concern,

The Empire of Kyuria is a very proactive nation, and has recently received the news of the winds of change that have descended upon your glorious nation.
We congratulate you in your change to a more peaceful and hospitable standing in the world. To be frank though, we simply know close to nothing of your nation and the proceeding as of now and would like to change that. The Govnah has expressed interest in this new system proposed by your government and would like to know if we would be allowed to send several news correspondents to your nation to cover the happenings. It is unnerving how little we know of your nation and we are a nation whom likes to keep on friendly terms with our neighbors. We hope that you will consider and allow us this opportunity to learn that we have been denied so long.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Orion Clauby.

"I seriously hope they buy it, I didn't spend 4 sentences sucking up for nothing. Glorious? Far from it, slaughter entire nations and you'll probably never be glorious for the rest of eternity."

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Postby Derscon » Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:55 pm


Keter Shekhinah Maraidt Enilanuki reclined in the comfortable chair, sipping an Indunni White tea, his eyes closed. Tarakh chuckled. "I don't think I've ever seen you this relaxed, Mari." The Shekhinah, taking a long sip, sighed in satisfaction.

"I have finished all my work for the next month. The universe never changes, Tarakh." Pouring himself and the prince another cup, Maraidt immediately retreated back to his reclined haven. His guest could only shake his head as a secretary came in through the door.

"An urgent report, Your!" she added quickly, blushing and bowing hastily to the prince, who merely smiled in return. He chuckled for no clear reason, turning once more to the desk as Maraidt read the report.

"You know, since you have a break, why don't you come down to Earth with me? I'm sure there are some relaxi-FUCK!" Crashing down to the floor, the Prince was cut off by the sudden projectile tea spat out of the Shekhinah's mouth, the launch aided in his jolting upright. The poor secretary, her blouse and skirt covered in hot tea (and transparent), blushed as red as her long hair. Wanting to move her arms to cover herself in embarrassment, found herself chained by the shock of it all.

Staggering up, and finally resting his chin on the desk, Tarakh glanced up at the wide-eyed man so known for his perfect composure under any circumstance. Before he could speak, Maraidt stared down at him, still in amazement. "Automagfreek. It's a Republic now." The Prince stared back in a tense air for ages, the still embarrassed secretary taking off her blouse and ringing it out over the tile, slipping out of her tea-soaked shoes to avoid further damage.




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A Change in the Wind

Postby Drakonian Imperium » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:45 pm

Grand Dominion of Drakonian Imperium
Official Communiqué

It is a manifest truth, that all Sentient Beings are created and born equal, possessing innate and natural Rights and Freedoms. Among those Rights and Freedoms are the Right to Free Speech, the Right to Self-Determination, and the Right to a Voice in their Government.

Governments, established, deriving their power, and right to govern by the consent of those they govern, are honor-bound to protect and uphold these rights. Obligated, as well, to protect the governed.

The Drakonian Imperium considers these Rights and Freedoms to be self-evident, natural, and imperative to normal and proper function of governments and civilizations.

That the Gholgothic Empire of Automagfreek recognizes the importance of these Rights and Freedoms is a source for celebration. Overjoyed, the Imperial Government wishes to offer any and all assistance it can to assist the new Republic in this time of transition.

Office of Gholgothic Affairs,
Drakonian Diplomatic Corps.
Drako Throne, Drakonia
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Postby Libertarian Governance » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:46 pm

Bureau 24 Chief William Bennett had personally brought the news from Automagfreek to the Executive Mansion. An hastily assembled briefing by the intelligence czar was assembled by Chief of Staff Lars Abrams that included Chief Executive Robert Stratton, Supreme General Arkady Korabelnikov and Chief of Foreign Affairs Thomas McWain.

The meeting begin with video of the press conference that had the people of the world talking.

I have come here today to say that the old ways are no more, and that Automagfreek will forge a new path... one in which the people will be truly free to live their lives as they see fit. I believe that I have been chosen by the Gods to bring about this new revolution, and to announce the birth of the Freekish Republic... a Republic which shall be based on a constitution which will protect the rights of the people. Now, why do I emphasize the word 'protect'? Because I believe that our rights as human beings come not from myself or my brother Damien, but from our Creators. And therefore the role of government will not be to use the people to accomplish its agendas, but to secure and protect liberty and justice for every single Freek that calls these lands home.

Arkady rolled his eyes and waved his hand dismissively. Do they really believe we are buying this? It is an obvious rouse.

Immersed in the video Thomas McWain didn't avert his eyes from the screen as he called for silence. Except for one Supreme General the room sat there listening attentively. As the video ended there was a moment of silence. Lars Abrams spoke first. Will, that is, as I am sure we all agree an exceptional event but what do we really know about Vladius?

William Bennett made a show of thinking about his answer before speaking. Our assessment is that the Imperial Warlord does believe in liberty and inalienable human rights. Though clearly there is a large part of the society of AMF which does not.

Lars stood and walked over to the video monitor staring at the man called Vladius. He then turned to the intelligence chief. Your assessment of the implications to AMF foreign policy?

Exhaling Will looked first at the monitor then at the Chief Executive. We do not expect any significant foreign policy changes in the near term. However, as this Republic takes hold, if it takes hold we would expect that this could cause ripples throughout the entire area. Their neighboring states for instance might be pressured by the AMF to adopt policies we may favor.

Arkady slapped the table with his open palm. Robert listen to me, listen to me the House of Dreadfire are vicious psychopaths and they live happily in the midst of a sea of psychopaths. Be very wary of this insanity!

You consider this liberalization a threat Arkady?

I am just saying it is too pat. Arkady used his hands to gesture and emphasize his words. All of a sudden the accursed AMF is going to become a freedom loving state. Bah! What of the anti-freedom contingent did they vanish in thin air? What of Damian? What of coups and murders and dare we think instability?

Robert looked towards William Bennett. Are there any indications that this could lead to strife?

Again looking thoughtfully for a moment before answering now Bennett stood and paced back and forth slightly while speaking. Well, he does seem to have the support of a good portion of the public. We aren't sure how big or angry the opposition is.

If he is advocating liberty then we should support it and we should support it loudly. Thomas chuckled. What could be better? Freedom can be like an epidemic and once people are infected it is very difficult to take it back. Even if it is a rouse as Arkady puts it. Thomas chuckles again. Then points to the screen. Even if it was a rouse the best thing is to spread the idea. And what if this guy really is on the level? What if he loves freedom?

Robert looked each advisers in the eye for a moment in turn then spoke the words of a new policy towards the AMF. Tom, officially extend a hand of friendship to the new Freekish Republic. Lars release a public statement supporting the reforms of Imperial Warlord Vladius and our desire of improved relations between the AMF and LIbertarian Governance. Robert stood and begin to exit. You must excuse me my boys are waiting in the theater for me and a bowl of sugar coated popcorn. You know how Governors behave when government officials are unresponsive. He walks out of the room.
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The First Step to Reconciliation

Postby Drakonian Imperium » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:53 pm

Along with the Drakonian Declaration, a simple missive arrived at the Foreign Ministry of Automagfreek expressing that the Imperium wished to normalize relations and to exchange embassies. Despite the terse nature of the missive it nonetheless marked a monumental change in relations between the Drakonian Imperium and Automagfreek.

Ever opposed to the militarism and wars of aggression waged by the Freekish Empire, the Imperium had decried the violent methods employed by the Sentinels and the numerous war crimes they committed in the name of Gholgoth. The Imperium had also opposed the oppression and tyranny forced upon the Freekish people. And thus, despite maintaining a Representative Mission to the Gholgothic Council of Lords, the Imperium had, in protest, never established formal relations with the Gholgothic Empire, and never exchanged ambassadors or embassies.

Now, the Imperium was approaching the Freekish Government and requesting the formalization of relation. It was an important step. A first step.

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Postby OMGeverynameistaken » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:01 am

In the far distant future, probably in another dimension too, Tsar Nicholas IX, Emperor and Autocrat of All Russias, shuddered in his sleep, turned over, then quickly sat up. Sweat beaded on his brow as he fumbled for the bedside lantern.

The exact contents of the dream were slightly hazy to him at the moment, but what was clear was that it had been a highly unpleasant one. Probably involving, although he couldn't be too sure on this point, communists. There was certainly something about monarchy and its handing off power to unsuitable people, which, to Nicholas' mind, was pretty much anybody who wasn't a monarch.

The Tsar shuddered again, what an awful dream, he thought.

He took several deep gulps from the glass of water by his bedside, flipped off the light, and went back to bed.

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Postby Sapiency » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:12 am

At about the same time in the future, in the same dimension, laid a man.

He suddenly woke up; and anyone could see that he was the Supreme Aretecrat. He felt a shudder go up his spine, something of mob rule resonated unto his mind, political upheaval. He wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad.

He felt strange. No one had woken up from a bad dream in a very long time. At least, not in the Aretecracy. Investigations wouldn't be needed; probably just an isolated incident.

He picked up a little hypodermic syringe, stuck it into his neck, and went quickly back to sleep.
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Postby Damirez » Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:23 am

“Is this for real?” there was a certain amount of disbelief at the news. Andrew Wallenstein was the first to express it.

“It seems so,” one of the diplomats in the room replied, the same look of bewilderment firmly etched on his face. “At least for now…” he added, fully aware of the Freekish history and previous ‘liberalization’ incidents.

“Well, the signs were all there, if you looked for them,” Davout, foreign minister, took the moment to throw his own opinion on the table, “It just happened a lot faster than expected..”

“But still,” one of the more junior diplomats present at the table argued, “Still, a republic? Out of the blue, just like that?”

“Ah,” Davout chuckled at this, amused at the speaker, “But it’s not really a republic, not if you listen carefully.”

As for House Dreadfire, it will still exist as the ultimate seat of power in AMF, but its role will be somewhat ceremonial and will exist to make sure that the new elected government does not violate the constitution and threaten the people's rights... a check and balance, if you will.

A passage from the speech was replayed at the flick of a button, to underline what the minister was hinting at.

“We call that a monarchy,” Wallenstein commented, “And in this particular case, it comes close to a constitutional monarchy out of all things, but according to Vladius’s speech, there’s more to it than that.”

“It’s more of a blend,” the foreign minister looked at his glass as he talked, “Something between a monarchy and a tribune. Or at least, that’s what we can surmise according to the speech.”

“Indeed, it all sounded quite nice,” Wallenstein rose from his seat and moved to the well stocked bar, “But speeches tend to sound like that. Actions on the other hand are an entirely different fish food.”

The adjunct poured himself a glass of whisky, one of the many drinks he had managed to get acquainted with in his trips abroad. He motioned towards the table, where the rest were seated, as if asking if anyone else wished for a refill. The others pointed to their still half full glasses and refused.

“Now, if it were only for this speech,” Andrew continued, adding ice , “We’d be quite dismissive of this discourse, but…” the drink was ready and he started moving back to the table, “It fits the pattern, and the reforms so far initiated by Vladius.”

“In other words,” Emilian Davout smiled, “We just might be getting somewhere here, and it’s worth a shot getting to know this new ‘regime’ in Automagfreek. Andrew?”

The man was already seated, sipping the ember liquid when Davout focused on him again. He gave a weary sigh, but lifted from the seat at the look Emilian was throwing at him.

“As you well know,” he changed his tone, now in ‘presentation mode’ the glass replaced in his hand with a small remote, “Our publicity around those parts is not exactly good.”

A display came to life behind him, a map of Gholgoth coloured in various shades of red clearly defined on the wall.

The shades varied from blood red, used to portray a couple of nations, to light shades of pink, again, just for a few nations, most fitting between. Over several nations, labels could be seen, describing the nature of the ‘disagreements’ between The Principality and the respective nation, whilst small commentaries were present in the legend.

“I think you all know where we start when we talk Gholgoth,” he pointed at a nation in the upper right side of the screen, one of the deepest shades of red, even far beyond nations that by nature should have been catalogued as mortal enemies.

“It never was Automagfreek that represented the starting point for us, or any of the other aggressive imperialistic nations,” the visual display of several nations blinked, “And in fact, we’re quite entrenched in the belief that positive relations would have been possible with several of the regional powers, but…” again, the country in the upper right area of the screen was pointed, a menacing red underlining the numerous labels it had attached to it.

The Peacekeepers of Aleos.

When talking about the Great War, Damirans never thought about the grand conflicts in Nova. The nation was relatively young, and as such was spared most of the bloodbaths in the region, barring the Novan war of the fifties when it played a major role. No, the Great War was something else entirely for the people of the Principality.

A twenty year long conflict bathed in blood and covered in the wreckages of ships, tanks and planes was what the Damirans considered their Great War. A conflict ignited out of thin air in the middle of nowhere, but fought with stubbornness and ambition on both sides.

The Succession Wars.

It had started in an archipelago of remote, at that time, islands that had little to offer, at that moment in time. The kingdom that ruled over the islands was at that moment in the middle of a political crisis, with contenders disputing their rights for the crown. Perhaps, given enough time, it would have solved itself peacefully, and the kingdom would have avoided the civil war that ignited, but foreign intervention saw that it did not go so.

Both The Principality and the Peacekeepers of Aleos were rather isolationist nations then, and both were searching for ways and means to end their isolation and express in the world at large. For the Principality, this was of less importance as the Damiran businesses were expanding regardless of the official governmental policy, but little was known, or is known, about the Aleosite policies of that day.

Following that line of political thought, both nations recognized the importance of the islands. Although apparently located in the middle of nowhere, the islands could, and with relatively little investment, would become major trading hubs between several regions, their relatively isolated location in the age of sails and age of steam now suddenly in the middle of everything with the arrival of nuclear power.

The nations both sought to secure a favourable monarch on the throne. The pretenders chosen were quick to dispose of the opposition and before long, it was between them that the next king was to be elected. The Aleosite supported pretender made the first move. What followed was all out war, not only between the two pretenders, but also between the forces dispatched by their backers, and for twenty years, neither backed down.

“But our situation in that particular area of the world couldn’t improve as long as the Aleosite government opposed us,” Davout added, motioning for the presentation to continue.

“Indeed,” Wallenstein enforced the statement before continuing, “And this presents an unique opportunity.”

The display shifted, old data, carefully compiled appearing on the screen.

“During the conflict,” he didn’t need to explain just what conflict he was talking about, “There were deep rooted suspicions, if not full out confirmation that the Peacekeepers were receiving outside help from the very beginning. “

Numbers littered the screen, faster than they could be recorded by the eyes of the watchers.

“Out intelligence service confirmed at the time and following the war, that the Freeks, and the Panterans offered much of the logistical support the Aleosites needed in the first decade of the conflict.,” he paused just for a brief moment as images of ships flashed on the screens.

“That’s why, despite our initial naval superiority in the area, we had to be wary of directly engaging the supply convoys,” the Freekish flag was proudly displayed on one of the ships, “Seeing as such an action would have given the conflict a rather ‘unfortunate’ dimension and would have brought us on a direct collusion course with both the Freekish and Panteran war machines.”

There was a bit of a shudder at the thought, at that moment in time The Principality would have been ill equipped to wage a war on that scale in or outside the region.

“Since the only options in such a case were either withdrawal from the isles, direct conflict, which would have required a war footing and immense sacrifices, or the ‘patronage’ of a rival powerblock, we were forced to ‘ignore’ the aid given to the Aleosites.”

Those watching nodded, familiar with the history.

“Now, once the logistical support offered by the Freeks diminished, as it was replaced by new Aleosite capabilities, the situation shifted. But…” he pointed at the screen, “There are still those that believe that in the case of a full Damiran victory the Freeks would have intervened.”

He looked at each and everyone of those assembled, searching their expressions for something, carefully composing his next sentences.

“And for the last twenty years, despite the agreement reached, we’ve been fretting about the possibility of another major conflict in that area. One with Freekish involvement.”

“This is why,” Davout started, “ This shift in politics,” he removed himself from his chair, replacing Wallenstein as the presenter, “Represents an unique opportunity to change the current status quo.” He pressed a button, the display changing to a new set of images

“The change in Automagfreek must be encouraged,” he continued, “The costs for doing so are minimal, and at worst, we can be seen as optimistic believers should the whole affair go downhill again. At best, the benefits we can reap can be immense.”

He toyed with the remote, allowing time for all the data, both that on screen and the one he imparted, to be absorbed.

“Neutralizing support for the Peacekeepers in their own region,” he continued at last, “Insuring a Freekish view on the issue that would be more in the area of grey than the black and white of Damien’s reign,” he paused, “That is something worth striving for!”

Automagfreek, the Freeks, words by default associated with terror and horror, were now on the lips of Damiran diplomats when thinking about the Succesion Wars and the status quo of the isles affected by it. The Damiran diplomacy had a new mission to perform.

A new age in Gholgoth?

For years now, Gholgoth, and Automagfreek especially, have been words associated with the despair, horror and the darker sides of human nature. Many reporters in search of the sensational built their careers on news articles depicting the horrors inflicted by the Freeks and their allies upon the world.

It’s common knowledge that The Principality was always wary of the Gothic nations and their actions, the long conflict with one of their ranks, and the constant state of tension caused by this deep in the collective psyche of its citizens with little in the way of hope that the situation might change.

From an objective point of view, it’s quite obvious that not all Gothic nations are defined by ‘fire and brimstones’, but it’s hard to dissociate when the images travelling around the world are of Freekish boots crushing civilian skulls. As long as the literal heart of the region, Automagfreek, fully embraces the ways of genocide and annihilation, a change in the way people, and nations, view them is impossible.

This is why the speech held last night by the ruler of Automagfreek came as a shock for many. The Freeks, defined by the above image of boots crushing skulls, are changing. Furthermore, the direction they’re heading is one few would have predicted just years back. A republic, and one that will make the protection of human rights one of its chief concerns!

The shift in politics can only bring satisfaction to the Damiran officials, seeing as the same tenets are what The Principality has been built upon, freedom of the individual and protection of said freedom by the state.

The first official reaction to the Freekish announcement came from Foreign Minister Emilian Davout, who congratulated the nation of Automagfreek as a whole for its change in politics and its leaders for choosing to embark on the difficult, often thorny road of reform.

The minister underlined that no matter how difficult the path to freedom, the result is always worth it, and that the courage of the current generation to change will be well rewarded as both they, and the future generations, will reap the benefits of change.

In the same open letter to the Freekish government, the minister also announced his intention for a tour of Gholgoth, starting, quite obviously, with the nation of Automagfreek.

What does this signal for the state of affairs in the world at large at this moment? What does this tell us about the relations between The Principality and Gothic nations?

We can only wait and see the direction upon which Automagfreek will embark now. Change is coming to the Freeks.

Excerpts from Foreign Affairs.
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Postby Questers » Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:59 pm

"Have you seen the news? Yeah. Yeah, come down to the Rover for a drink, won't you? Everyone from work is."

"Yes, yes. I have to do something first... I shan't be long. Yes, see you shortly." The phone clicked off.

The Land Rover Discovery glided through the streets of Jesselton with one particular goal in mind. In the early morning bright sky, everything continued as normal. The radio spoke to him, but he turned it off, preferring to drive in silence. And drive he did. Down roads and across junctions, down hills and under tunnels. It was quite the drive. Finally, he stopped at an open park, empty of people. Soon, it would become marginally more busy, Clarence knew, but the time was judged right, and there wasn't a soul in sight. Birds catapulted from tree to tree, taking cover in the shade from the bright sun that beat down on them relentlessly. He sighed, opened the car door and stepped out, taking something form the seat beside him and walked into the park. Almost immediately past the treeline he was presented with a mass of white crosses that stuck out from the ground in ugly uniformity. They were at least alphabetically ordered, and he looked through the rows upon rows of grave markers until he came to Miller.

Richard C. D. Miller
RIP January 1st 1911- July 16th 1951
233 Fighter Regiment

Clarence knelt down beside the white cross and looked at it, pursing his lips. There was no more writing. Just three lines to remember the man by. He knew without looking around that some of the crosses had flowers by them; the park was regularly visited and maintained in good standing by Veterans Associations. At least someone never forget, Clarence thought. He laid the wreath at the foot of the cross. "I know you can hear me, father. It's been a while, I'm sorry. I've been quite busy. But I thought of you today. It's the news headlines, you see. I know that you would be overjoyed if you were here to read them, so I thought I'd bring you a newpaper." He stuck a newspaper under the wreath of flowers. A few choice words stuck out where they were visible through the wreath. ' freedoms... liberty... the people will be truly free... the birth of the Freekish Republic... a Republic which shall be based on a constitution..

Miller sighed. "That's all for now. I'll come and see you soon. But I... I thought I should tell you that we won. Just as of this morning... it wasn't in vain that you and the other boys here gave their lives. Everyone is thinking about you today. The entire country. Questaria and the English speaking peoples won the clash of civilisations." He stood up and walked away, leaving the West Sandakan Air Force Memorial and getting back in the car. Man, I wouldn't mind a drink, Miller thought as he pulled out of the car park.

[OOC: I don't mean any sort of OOC LoL I WON!11 sort of shit by this, it's just a representation of what certain parts of my population feel.]
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Postby The Parthians » Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:19 pm

Persepolis Palace

Work... the unceasing work of running a country, the inescapable amounts of paperwork and thinking that had to be done each day to ensure the Shahdom of Parthia didn't collapse into a failed state.

The Shah sighed as he took a deep drag from his cigar, a vintage Dunhill Mojito. There was always something which needed his attention, always something which demanded he make a decision. It had been an unceasing, unyielding demand since that day he took the throne over 31 years ago. He knew that he had been born for this task, and that none other in Parthia held the experience and intelligence to do what he did, yet he also understood the task of being an absolute monarch demanded a kind of energy, one he was lucky enough to possess...

"Why has Dreadfire turned his nation into a republic," muttered the Shahanshah in the empty room of marble walls and marble floors covered in silk rugs. The Shah was both puzzled, shocked that a nation he once regarded as absolutist as is own had suddenly embraced the Shah's disliked methods of electoral politics, and slightly worried that it meant the Parthian system, the absolutist, monarchical state built around the rule of one man was declining in Gholgoth.

The Shah sighed. Much had changed with the rise of Vladius Dreadfire to the rulership of Automagfreek...

Khosru III, Shahanshah of Parthia was not one who particularly cared much for the politics of the electorate. He preferred the strength and easy decision making that came from central command by one man, with tasks delegated out to subordinates at will. He bragged about his government's efficiency, it's ability to come to a decision as quickly as he did. Nonetheless, he also knew that what functioned well in Parthia was not necessarily something he deemed perfect for export.

The Shah took another drag from the cigar and let loose a puff of the sweet and savory smoke, watching it dance as it rose upwards to the crystal chandelier attached to the gilded ceiling. "The Freeks must decide for themselves... all nations must decide for themselves... The Shahdom must stand by their decision," he muttered.

The world, after all, could always change. Parthia need not follow unless the Shah willed it. That was the singular beauty of the Parthian system...

The Shah sighed again, "I hope this works well for our Freekish friends..." he said a bit louder to himself, still watching the smoke dance towards the ceiling.
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Postby Dephire » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:49 pm

Galva, Briska

Many weeks had passed since the Briskan attack on Sharfghotten. The warships that were mere hours away from being within the battle sphere now solemnly sailed through the various harbors. Silently they gracefully skimmed the waters with their crew members sulking about the "swift" decision for a return to the homeland. Though the war was over with his people, Archerus only wished he had been more involved in the matter. His only action in battle was to witness the devastation caused by a satellite that he did not build nor really had control thereof. Archerus stood in the bridge overlooking his fleet. He disappointed his men with his lack of action on the battlefield, and he knew this. The emperor could not help but hide his face every time a soldier glared at him. He may be the emperor, but he felt like a child who was given too many pleasures in life. Archerus left the bridge and headed downstairs to the flight deck of the Defiance.

"My Lord, there was an announcement by Vladius of Automa-" Markas had been trailing Archerus through his descent onto the flight deck and only now spoke up.

"Markas, I have told you many times that you do not need to refer me to anything other than brother. I also know who Vladius is and to where he he calls home. Now please, just get to the urgent news that is important for my ears," Archerus spoke in a manner that seemed to make Markas withdraw a few steps. This mood was new to him as Archerus never spoke so... angrily.

"Vladius has declared his country is now a Repulic, brother."

The emperor stopped instantly. His voice seemed to stammer as he thought about it, "A... republic?"

"Yes, all freedoms, or at least most freedoms, will be returned to the people. There will be a constitution!" Markas sounded a bit excited about the matter.

"This... Pleases you, brother?" Archerus, still with his back to Markas, sounded now irritated. The anger building inside him as fear began to manifest itself within his mind.

"I... I only feel that it is a huge step. Whether or not it is in his country's favor or its downfall, I am not certain."

"Markas, our nation cannot have any more freedoms than what I give them. For us to put together a constitution that will be fair for everyone in our nation would be a disaster, but that is not the hard part nor is it the worst that could happen. I predict that our nation might tear itself apart to have the same 'way of life' as the Freeks. The same freedoms and a constitution. Freedom riots may occur. We haven't had a riot since the days of Alexander and Jonathan. The worst thing that could happen... Civil War."

Markas was puzzled, "Then why not just give our people a constitution and freedoms?" At this question, Archerus seemed to growl under his breath and resumed walking towards the flight deck, leaving Markas just standing there.

Skivala, Briska

The day had been going smoothly for a particular young man. This young man woke up after a good-night's rest, ate his favorite breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs and bacon with buttered toast, and went out to do his morning jog in the streets of Briska's port city Skivala. As he left his apartment, he took notice of the streets being unusually crowded, more so particularly crowded around the electronic stores. Apparently there was a news story that seemed to touch everyone's lives, and the young man was intrigued enough to stop and listen.

"... It has now been confirmed that the brother Gholghoth nation, Automagfreek, has decided to become a Republic. Further details include there to be a constitution with freedoms and liberties being granted to the Freeks after so called 'long years of oppression'. This appears to have had monumental amounts of positive reception within the community as joyous parties consume the streets of.."

"We could have that.." The young man began to say. Quickly, heads turned and looked at him. An elderly man scoffed, "You are joking! The High Lord would never approve of such things. The man is just getting back home.."

Smiling, the young man patted the elderly man on the back, "It could still happen. We have gone long without a constitution of our own. Equal rights for all citizens of Briska. Freedoms that we, as human beings, all deserve. Why should we live in fear of his power? I do not believe we should give him the liberty!"

A woman in her late thirties, though still fondly attractive, pushed her way through the crowd and began yelling at the young man, "You are insane! The Emperor already gives us the right to do what we wish to do! What do you pester at further gaining? A piece of toilet paper stating what we already know?"

"What merely pester at gaining is the right to choose who leads us, who makes the laws, who gives the orders, and who does the enforcement. At the present time, it is Archerus who leads us, Archerus who makes the laws, Archerus who gives the orders, and Archerus' Imperial Guardsmen who does the enforcement. There has not been an election in the history of Briska ever! There needs to be a change!"

"Boy, did you not wake up alive and well?" The elderly man from before spoke up again.

"Why yes, yes I did."

"Hm. And was it not the High Lord's protection and love for the people that allowed that to be?"

"That could be very controversial at best. Does his laws and way of enforcing them make it so? No. There was not one thing keeping my very neighbor from possibly breaking into my home and murdering me where I slept. While we all were here, his majesty and the entire army was off playing rubber duckies in some war that most of us couldn't give two shits about. Most of those soldiers were more than likely draftsmen forced into service!"

"We are a mandatory service nation, mind you."

"That's a point I'm trying to make! This mandatory servitude is SLAVERY for God's sake!"

The woman from earlier then smacked the young man hard on the face, "Mandatory service is a form of protection you asshole!"

"Is it? Do we really need to all be enslaved into service in order to be 'protected'? Protected from what exactly? Are we not, as a nation, in the most powerful region known to mankind?"

At this point a member of the police force had begun listening in the conversation. He quickly signaled for a few of his fellow policemen for assistance and slowly walked up to the young man.

"This nation needs a new way of life. A better way of life. Less spending on the military and more on the people! And look, one says a few words and already the police are going to deny you the right of free speech."

The officer laughed, "Deny you the right of free speech? Nay. What you are doing is disturbing the peace on account of spouting out idiotic remarks to a crowd of people who would rather enjoy the fine day. Now please, come with us, young man." The officer clasped handcuffs over the wrists of the young man and took him away from the crowd. Everyone stood there, puzzled, for a few minutes before shrugging it off as if nothing happened.

{TL|DR: Mixed feelings amongst citizens of Briska.}
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Postby Automagfreek » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:39 pm

OOC: Since it's going to take me awhile to write the entire constitution of AMF, I'm going to skip ahead and assume it has already been written and ratified.


Life throughout the new Republic was not much different for the average Freek than it was during the Imperial Era, because many looked upon the sudden influx of new civil and political freedoms with suspicion. Many did seize upon the opportunity to make their feelings known in the political arena, but most continued to live their everyday lives and cautiously watch as the nation gradually transitioned away from ages of despotism and into a new era of liberty. The Constitution had been debated on and drafted over the course of many months and had finally been adopted as the supreme law of the land, and after rigorous review, House Dreadfire gave its formal blessing and adopted what was being called 'the most significant document in Freekish history', signaling that the behavior of the Dreadfire dynasty would now be limited by law.

There could be little doubt that Vladius meant what he said when he promised to do away with the ways of the old and usher in a new era, and though the Freeks rejoiced and welcomed this change, there were some that remained cautious.... because Damien's thoughts on the matter had not been made known. Some speculated that the Supreme Warlord could, at any time, do away with the Constitution and restore Automagfreek into the imperial machine that it was for so long, though the consensus by and large was that he would dare not do so now, or else risk revolt at the hands of the newly empowered Freekish people. As time continued to progress, the country began to morph and evolve into something it had not been for generations.... media outlets sprang up and freely reported on the news without fear of government reprisal, political rallies and debates were held publicly, new businesses were established as scores of regressive government regulations were done away with, and so forth.

This gradually transforming society, at all times, kept in the back of its mind the thought that should they step out of line, the state may find justification in clamping down on them harshly. Some thought it was very suspect that after generations of draconian, authoritarian rule that they would now be allowed to do whatever they pleased, and many did indeed think it to be a ploy. Perhaps Vladius used this fear to his advantage, because the populace and the marketplace would now inevitably regulate themselves in order to avoid a perceived savaging at the hands of the state, though Vladius had no intention of doing so. He would also see to it that the incoming administration would keep this perceived fear in the back of its mind to in order to avoid becoming corrupt usurpers of power like so many other failed republics throughout world history.

Keeping the dynasty as one of the four branches of government to serve as the final check and balance would perhaps be AMF's greatest asset in assuring adherence to the Constitution, and Vladius would see to it that House Dreadfire now and forevermore would be the guardian of the people's rights. He made this mission statement explicitly clear to the new Primus (OOC: Prime Minister of sorts), and that anything other than utter fidelity to the Constitution will result in disciplinary measures to the fullest extent of the law. The man who had won Automagfreek's first election in recent history was a man already familiar with the inner workings of the nation, for he was an outspoken opponent of the Dreadfire regime, and was driven underground for his rhetoric that was deemed inflammatory by the state. Nero Sevrin was his name, and like numerous outspoken citizens before him, he belonged to an area of academia that was notorious for spreading the ideas of liberty and natural law.

This made him a natural choice for the voters and would send a clear message to those abroad that Automagfreek was committed to forging a new path. His inauguration speech lasted nearly an hour, and it was praised by pundits in the media as "a revolution" in free thought within the nation. He would stun the masses further by opening diplomatic channels with former arch rivals in Haven, most notably the one reviled Praetonia. Excerpts from his first address as Primus were played constantly on all of the news stations, and though not everyone approved of such a gesture, the masses were willing to see how it would all play out.

"... and I feel that, as Lord Vladius Dreadfire has made clear, the time has come for us to cast aside the ways of the old. On this day Automagfreek has been made anew, and to show the world that once abhorred us that our slate is being wiped clean, I have ordered a the opening of diplomatic channels to Praetonia immediately, to discuss at their convenience the mending of relations, the removal of trade barriers, and whatever issues they wish to discuss.
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Postby Trailers » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:45 pm

OOC: The Peoples Freek? Lol.
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Postby Praetonia » Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:55 pm

"A surprising turn of events, to be sure," the King drained his glass, "but what is to be done? What can be done? It seems as though our erstwhile enemies have won our battles for us!"

The assembled Cabinet looked similarly bemused.

"We shall of course accept their offer of rapprochement. Heavens knows this is precarious enough; all possible assistance must and shall be rendered on the part of the Estates."

He looked around for approval. Most nodded cautiously, but the development remained troubling.

"Oh why so glum?" the Paymaster-General half-shouted, clasping his hands together. "It's victory, ain't it? A second Glorious Revolution - half way across the world - that sees fit to welcome the second greatest power into the Common Law communion!" He had no doubt in his own mind which the first was, or whether any others counted. The King was not so sure.

"Now hang on a moment," the First Lord of the Admiralty always tried to pour cold water on others' optimism, "It is hardly the same as the Great Revolution. Is there a noose around Dreadfire's neck? Or whatever it is those chaps do - stick his head on a pike I suppose. Either way, and however much he may claim that rights derive "not from him but from the creator", it is quite clear who is on top in this revolution, and who controls just how far it shall be allowed to go. I shouldn't wonder if it weren't some kind of sinister trickery."

The Paymaster scoffed.

"Well think as you please, but it ain't no victory of ours, I can tell you that: if we had anything at all to do with it, it could only be as an example planting in Dreadfire's mind the possibility of this madness. Perhaps he really has been converted to the cause. Perhaps he's a Crusader now like your chaps in Parliament. Aye, he'll be lining up in the aisles to vote another hundred carriers onto the lists. 'Guinea to fight Maximus and the Pope, if you please sir?'. Indeed! But if you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you."

He drained his glass, slammed it down on the table and poured himself another drink.

"It remains to be seen where the matter will end," the hushed tones of Alfred Somerville commanded quiet attention just as the cabinet was about to break up shouting, "Dreadfire imagines he has made himself a constitutional monarch. Very well: but of what character? A constitutional monarch may still be very much political, as in the past in Questers. Or perhaps he will content himself to the defence of the populace, and remould himself as a mere head of - what is it they call us? - 'the most heavily armed neighbourhood watch in the civilised world'?

"Danger lies down either route. He has nailed his colours to the mast in conceding that man possesses universal natural rights: what corner does that leave for him? Oh yes, our Estates have carved out such a position, but not after long and bloody fighting, to produce a compromise that was accepted - if you will excuse me, Your Majesty, - as much out of mutual exhaustion as genuine support. It is precarious for a sovereign to place a rifle in the hands of the masses, and declare he is by right their equal, and yet to still exercise many of the privileges of sovereignty. And what of his past conduct? Has he not admitted himself that it was largely criminal?

"So he has placed himself in a great deal of personal danger for no obvious benefit if he intends to remain an absolute monarch, and for that reason I trust his sincerity. However, we must ensure that he is safe from such danger, or else this brief victory - whatever you want to call it - could be swiftly overturned."

The Paymaster-General grunted in agreement. "And what's the harm in that? Off with his head, and let the victory be complete!"

"Perhaps, George, but it seems unlikely. I do not imagine that there will be a Common Law revolution of our kind - would that there were. For one thing, the populace is still dazed, glad of their new-found freedom, incomplete that it may be, and, yes, still half-servile. There is doubtless immense support remaining for the ancien regime, rendered impotent only by the fact that their general and chief has declared for the other side. Who knows what could happen? The greatest danger is that the government simply loses its legitimacy, and any number of groups could take advantage of that. Not least the military and police he would rely on in such an event."

"So you want us to support Dreadfire," the First Lord rolled his eyes, "the man's head should be on a pike!"

"Tricky ground that," the King mused, "if the courts were to become involved. Dreadfire is doubtless a criminal still in their eyes, and were he to visit Praetonia, could be shot down in the streets. Too much assistance, and we could become accessories after the fact, you know."

"That is true, Your Majesty," Somerville conceded, "but we are hardly in a position to deploy troops or whatever else in his support anyway, and I doubt he will visit us here. My point is that we should seek to give his new constitutional republic the greatest outward legitimacy that we can manage. In the long term, a favourable monarchy and constitution, and a receptive audience for our own ideas should do a great deal to establish a stable settlement."

"Very well," the King agreed, "His proposals on improved relations, and free trade, shall of course be accepted without reservation. I believe, however, that not so much can be accomplished behind closed doors as can be achieved with a grand public gesture. Inform him that I would be delighted to see his reforms for myself.

"What's next?"

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Postby Macisikan » Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:32 am


Secretariat of State for Imperial Security: Minute to [name and position omitted]
Through: [omitted]
Copies to: [omitted]

MINISTERIAL MINUTE: Constitution of Automagfreek
The nation of Automagfreek has formally enacted a Constitution (full text at Attachment A). This constitution establishes, among other things, the absolute rule of law, freedom of the press, and freedom of political opinion.

2. The strength and acceptance of this constitutional structure is uncertain at best.

3. Until recently Automagfreek (refer to CMIRI Dossier #923) was a strictly authoritarian nation with no civil rights or political freedoms at law; it was also extremely heavily militarised.

4. The Covenant only has rudimentary trading interests in Automagfreek (detailed at Attachment B), and has never been at odds (even diplomatically) with that nation.

5. Please refer to minutes [references deleted] for further background.


6. Imperial Interests:
a. – Imperial Interests are not threatened.
b. – Imperial security is not threatened.
c. – Imperial allies are not involved.

7. This matter is of minimal concern to the Covenant. No action is required.

[presenting officer's details omitted]

That you:
(i) note the issue detailed above.

[delegate's details omitted]

[draft officer details omitted]
[file number details omitted]
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Postby Automagfreek » Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:23 pm

I'm surprised the Praetonians accepted so willingly... Said Vladius with a great degree of surprise in his voice. The new Primus had done well in the early days of his election by bridging one of the greatest divides between two nations that the world had ever seen, and his weekly meeting with the ruling head of House Dreadfire focused almost exclusively on Freekish-Praetonian relations. I'm not, I think the Praetonians were waiting for just this sort of gesture, and when it occurred they knew they couldn't afford to squander it. I think this more than proves right my theory that they do not have a hatred for Automagfreek nor the Freekish people, but solely for your brother. Just look at how the world reacted when you were given the ruling crown.

Vladius nodded in agreement as a smirk crossed his face. Nero took a drag from the lit cigarette in his hand and then proceeded. It certainly appears that AMF's standing in the world has been largely restored, and now I feel the time is right to capitalize on this new momentum. With your permission, and I ask permission because of the potentially sensitive nature of this idea, I would like to approach the Praetonians with a proposition, be it for mutual cooperation or alliance. Vladius paused for a second, almost at a loss for words. So soon? This seems to be quite a drastic step in a relatively small period of time. How can the Praetonians be sure of our intentions, and for that matter, how can we be sure of theirs? And how will our Gothic brothers react to such news?

Nero had the answers to these questions already in his head, for he had thought long and hard on the matter in advance. Well, one can never be sure of anyone's intentions these days. Hell, look at the situation in Ralkovia. I bet neither of us could have predicted potential civil war inside Gholgoth, but because of foul intentions, it's a near reality. The Praetonians, I feel, will appreciate the steps we've taken to transform our society, and will want to see a friendly AMF as opposed to a hostile one. I understand that proposing such a thing as an alliance will be quite a shocker indeed, but I believe that it will prove our sincerity to do away with the past and forge a new future, and we will be able to quickly tell how serious the Praetonians are in supporting our liberalization and mending old wounds. If they express interest, then all the better for us I say. Praetonia is an economic and military powerhouse inside Haven, and the trade alone will bring great prosperity to us both.

He then rose from his chair, taking another long drag off of his nearly spent cigarette before mashing it into the glass ashtray. And as far as Gholgoth goes, I don't see how it will be an issue. The Gothic Lords know that we would never turn our backs on them, and our first loyalty is to almighty Gholgoth, now and forever. If anything I would expect a Freekish-Praetonian alliance to be well accepted, for it will symbolically mark the end of the longest cold war in history, and bring about new opportunities for trade and relations with Haven. Gholgoth will no longer have to peer over its should in suspicion at its neighbors, but will instead be able to mutually focus on what's important on the world stage.

Vladius clapped his hands in a melodramatic fashion. I had no idea the people elected a used car salesman to office! The two shared a brief chuckle before continuing on, and though the Warlord still held reservations, an invitation was formally sent to the Praetonian authorities shortly after the meeting concluded.



The Imperial Republic of Automagfreek

From The Office Of The Primus

The Imperial Republic of Automagfreek wishes to express its gratitude towards the noble nation of Praetonia for accepting its offer to begin tearing down trade barriers and to establish formal ties for the first time in our histories. But only a year ago, few could have predicted such a turn of events, but alas here we are, building a new future on fresh foundations. While we now regret the decades of hostility and distrust between the Gothic and Havenic peoples, we will not look upon our past with shame, for it is my sincerest belief that without our experience in despotism, true liberty could have never taken hold in Automagfreek.

We are strong, proud, resilient people, but we are also smart. We know now that tension between our two countries will only stifle us both in the long run, and that mutual cooperation is not only essential for us both to grow and prosper in new ways, but it is also vital for our survival and relevance in an ever changing world. We do not expect decades of hatred to disappear overnight. We do not expect the past to be so lightly forgotten. But on this day we proud Freeks shall declare with unity that we shall not shy away from true change, for the real chance of building a brighter tomorrow for not only ourselves, but for all of free humanity.

The new ideas that have swept over this land like wildfire have long been commonplace throughout Praetonia, and in order to ensure these blessings of liberty, I do hereby propose a formal partnership between our two nations and those who are of similar conviction. Whether this offer is accepted or not, let it be known that AMF shall remain committed to advancing the ideas of free humanity. But I believe now is the time for a new understanding, a new cooperation.

I eagerly await your reply.


PRIMUS Nero Sevrin
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