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The Sibinaf Greenzone (MT(2009) OOC SIGNUP OPEN)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2023 5:43 am
by Sibinaf
Sibinaf was once a great nation, but in 1999 the 10 year Civil War ended with a victory for the Terrorist Group the Black Hand. The group formed a strong government over the two ethnic groups of Sibinaf, the Sibi and Colonials. The Fighting was wrapped up mostly by 2001, but the Civil War continued in the Northern Mountains and the Capital of New Alexandria lay in ruins, after the heavy bombardment by the Black Hand of an uprising. The people in the countryside found their lives bettered by the agricultural based Black Hand and the rise of the Opium trade from Sibinaf made many landowners rich as they turned from just growing food crops to growing Poppies for Opium.

But in 2003 the nation of Sibinaf went too far. After a terrorist attack into a country deemed as meddling in the affairs of Sibinaf, the Black Hand arrested sixteen foreign journalists and aid workers. Executed on State Television the foreigners and the Terrorist Attack brought a coalition of nations into Sibinaf and the Black Hand was removed from power. Whilst some nations left, a few remained to help rebuild the nation they had invaded.

In the southern Provinces of Nagoc, Huneg and Arrowgate the Black Hand have infilitrated and rebuilt their insurgent network to a level they are ready to begin a Insurgency against the Coalition and various militia forces seeking to represent the new Democracy in New Alexandria.

This is the conflict your nation is involved in. An Insurgency in a foreign country and heavy fighting to be had and much hard work to do to bring full peace to Sibinaf the year is 2009 and its time to fight.

Welcome to the Greenzone an area of Sibinaf known to be violent and brutal in the southern desert provinces. The Greenzone is made up of irrigated land around the Rivers Arman and Kuzo in Nagoc and Huneg and the River Almon in Arrowgate. Irrigation spreads the greenzone across a central strip of the provinces and makes them where most of the population inhabit hence the fighting between progovernment militia, currently the only counter insurgent force in the South, and the resurgent Black Hand primarily takes place here.

So direct support is Coalition to fight the Insurgency or as small detachments of Foreign Fighters on the Black Hand side. Indirect support is open to weapon shipments to either side and also trainers and other such support.


Nation Name:
Were you in the invading coalition/against the invading coalition?:
Size of force involved in Sibinaf: (upto Brigade size for Coalition upto 250 foreign fighters for Black Hand Supporters)
Key Characters you will use (basically who will you be in the IC can be a private soldier to a General or both!):
Province your troops are deployed in: