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We Say Mabuhay! [OOC|MT|Semi-Open]

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2023 9:18 am
by Golfia
A Commonwealth Society Roleplay


IC | The Commonwealth Society | Regional Map

“I, Francis Maranan Jr. do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as President of Mahárlika, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself to the service of the Nation. So help me God.”

During the inauguration ball at the Malacañang Palace, guests can enjoy a lavish banquet featuring traditional Mahárlikan food and drinks, as well as international options. They can also take part in dancing, with live music provided by a variety of bands and performers. The ballroom is decorated with ornate lighting and floral arrangements, adding to the grandeur of the event.

In addition, guests can socialize and network with each other, including with high-ranking government officials, diplomats, businessmen and other celebrities. This is an opportunity for them to make connections and discuss matters of importance in a more informal setting.

There are also speeches to be given by the newly inaugurated president and other notable guests, thanking attendees for their support and outlining their vision for the future of the country.

Overall, the inauguration ball at the Malacanang Palace is to be a celebration of the new president and the beginning of his term, as well as a chance for guests to enjoy a luxurious and memorable evening.

Greetings to all Commonwealth Society members! We are excited to announce a new RP for our community. We encourage all our Member States to participate and join the fun. This RP focuses more on individual characters rather than nations as a whole and will be light-hearted in nature. No application is necessary, just make sure you're a member of the CWS and on the map to participate. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to ask on this thread.

The RP will run for about two weeks OOC, but only a a night IRP. It is an opportunity for your characters to showcase their personalities, indulge in informal diplomacy, and have a great time at a big party. You are welcome to bring as many characters as you wish to the event, but kindly specify which characters you will be bringing. Remember, although this RP is for fun, it is still an excellent chance to develop your character's storylines and interactions with other members.

How to join

This RP is for members of The Commonwealth Society only. If you are not a member of our region, you are more than welcome to join the region – please check out our Discord server for details on how to apply to the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Member States should post a message on this thread stating that they are participating to be allowed to post in the IC thread. Please also include what characters you will be bringing to the event.


1. The OP/Co-OP’s word is final.
2. No godmodding – try and be as realistic as possible while keeping artistic flair.
3. No metagaming – OOC knowledge does not transfer to your IC characters/nations.
4. Keep OOC in the OOC thread (be civil!) and vice versa.
5. No inadequate IC posts (I.E. No one liners, grammar and spelling to be at a decent standard).
6. All CWS Roleplay Regulations must be followed in this RP. These can be found on our Discord.

Participating Nations

Golfia - The Republic of Mahárlika - OP
Kherkov - The People's Empire of Kherkov - Co-OP
Saint-Auguste - The Dauphiné of Saint-Auguste
Acroticus - The Aderan Republic of Acroticus
Batavie - The Kingdom of Batavie
Britcan - The Kingdom of Britcan
Demesetelis - The Sultanate of Demesetelis
Taungne - The United Kingdom of Taungne
Borrin Quen - The People's Republic of Borrin Quen


PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2023 10:45 am
by Golfia
Will likely bring the President, Vice President and the Ayala Conglomerate fam!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2023 11:10 am
by Saint-Auguste
Count me in! I'll be bringing Prince Pierre and Prince Dominique to the event, the younger brothers of Dauphine Stéphanie

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2023 1:20 pm
by Acroticus
Happy to join! Let me get back to you on characters; probably some diplomat or other.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2023 10:54 am
by Kherkov
Co-op reporting! Just to confirm, the Kaiser will be in attendance along with a smattering of officers, support staff, and guard of honour/military security.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2023 5:56 am
by Golfia
Just a head's up after some deliberation; I've edited Mahárlika's parliamentary system slightly so that it resembles South Africa (e.g the president is both head of state and head of government and depends for his tenure on the confidence of Parliament.) Bukobuko is thus the overall boss, whereas Consuela Estillore's been upgraded to Vice President as a result of this (thus still retaining influence), and let's just say that the topic of whether to join LFN or not forced the two major parties into a grand coalition. Apologies in advance for confusion, but I'm still testing things out and tweaking it to my satisfaction!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2023 6:46 am
by Batavie
The Batavian Ambassador will be in attendance!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2023 5:59 am
by Britcan
A delegation from Britcan will be in attendance. It will include the Ambassador, the Foreign Minister and Princess Sophie.

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2023 6:02 am
by Gurnia
the Gurnian President and the Gurnian Vice-Prime Minister will be present

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2023 2:57 pm
by Demesetelis
The Grand Ole Sultan of Demesetelis, his brother, and a smattering of nephews will attend the festivities.

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2023 5:00 pm
by Kherkov
Gurnia wrote:the Gurnian President and the Gurnian Vice-Prime Minister will be present

Hi Gurnia, as this RP is open to CWS Member States only we'll need you to register on our Discord before you can post on the IC. It's a pretty simple application, just need some basic info about your nation RP-wise!

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2023 4:38 pm
by Taungne
Prime Executive Khine Thet and Taungne's ambassador to Maharlika will tag along (get it?)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2023 4:52 pm
by Borrin Quen
Chancellor Daniel Fernández, accompanied by mayor of Puerto Rico Alfonso Natal and the Borrin Quen Ambassador to Mahárlika will all be in attendance!