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Foxes, Falcons and Swans [IC] [INVITE ONLY - TG TO JOIN]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:41 am
by Iarann Grudaidh
“Once we have a war, there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Sir, a telegram from the Empress of The Imperial Autarchy of Kolodania.” a gentleman stood at the doorway of the Presidential Suite, holding a black envelope. It was October 2022, an older President Taylor, who had now grown a stubble, was sat in the comforts of his bed, glanced at the clock. 6:30am Grudaidhian Standard Time. He sighed softly, before opening his palm towards the employee.

“Thank you.” the President spoke, as he was handed the letter. He glanced at it, the words ‘The President of Iarann Grudaidh’ were scribed in gold, and the stamp featured a portrait of the Empress. “Dismissed.”

As the employee hurried away, the President slowly opened the note and pulled out a piece of paper. The seal of Kolodania was carefully placed at the top of the page.

From the Office of the Empress

Empress Kathryn Versio
Empress of the Imperial Autarchy of Kolodania

Kesley Taylor
President of Iarann Grudaidh

Subject: Geonal
Encryption Level: Maximum

President Taylor,

I hope this telegram finds you in good health. I am writing on the ongoing political debate regarding Iarann Grudaidh’s annexation of the nation of Geonal. With the war coming to its final close several months ago, I feel it has become an appropriate moment to reinstate Geonal as its own nation.

The people of Geonal have not democratically voted in the occupation of their territory. The people of Geonal have, by all means, not had the ability to share or legitimize their thoughts on this annexation.

For a country that is attempting to hold firm its democratic beliefs and views, your actions, or lack thereof, most certainly have proven otherwise.


Empress Kathryn Versio

President Taylor couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he closed the letter and put it back in the envelope. Sighing, he knew this was going to be the beginning of something truly unruly.

The Director of the Grudaidhian Intelligence Service’s Foreign Intelligence Unit, Director Baker, stood in the Presidential Office with the President, the Commander General of Vortex, and Major Adams of the Special Weapons Division.

Director Baker was the first to speak “Thank you, gentlemen, for agreeing to meet with me today.” she sorted through her files before continuing “I understand that this meeting was quite unexpected and sudden, and I do apologize for interrupting your busy schedules, but this could not wait.”

“Please continue, Director.”

“It is my belief that the Imperial Autarchy of Kolodania intends to intervene in Geonal through military conflict.” she spoke, an immediate silence gripping the room. “Intelligence suggests that Kolodania’s recruitment rates have ramped up significantly, and training drills for their military - The Order - have also ramped up. They have been mainly prioritizing training in tropical assaults. Which would suggest preparation for–”

“An invasion of mainland Iarann Grudaidh.” The President interjected, “How solid is this intelligence.”

“As solid as we can get, sir.” she glanced around the room “we are looking at a military conflict with a nation far more powerful than Geonal. That, statistically, could win in a direct conflict with us without the assistance from the Strategic Alliance or Section 9. Their training is ruthless, and any humanity is completely thrown out the window on day one of their boot camp. They’re trained in both traditional and guerrilla warfare, making their tactics hard to predict. We are very lucky they avoided prior intervention during the conflict with Geonal as conflict would’ve extended months, if not years. They like to make eating a princess look like child’s play.” With the final remark, she glances around the room “My recommendation is that we get operators rooted deep within their operations network. See what we can figure out, and if need be, damage their military from the inside.”

The president stood, silent for just a moment, a calculated consideration crossing his mind. “Director Baker.” The president spoke calmly “I am authorizing further assets to be given for intelligence operations in Kolodania.” His glance shifted “Commander General, Major Adams” he paused for a moment “begin training drills for defensive operations on Geonal shorelines, I’ll be talking with the Army General to have more defensive machinery installed. Do not fuck this up.”

“Wheels down in five” The pilot spoke, there were few occupants on the helicopter as it made its way past Geonal’s shores. The once tyrannically ruled island was still scarred with the cruelty inflicted on it by the war just several months ago. Operations to ensure complacency with Grudaidhian rule were still underway. Sergeant Daniels and Corporal Chambers were the sole occupants of the rear portion of the helicopter. Daniels knew Chambers fairly well, but mainly knew her for being uninterested in small talk, which only made the ride a hell of a lot more boring. Due to orders given by Major Adams, they were sent to rendezvous with the rest of their team, and their spook. Their orders? Eliminate any remaining rebel activity on the island, something his CO had given the all-too-fancy name of “Operation Cinder” - The occupants were members of Chimera Squadron, the all-too-shady operators of the most secretive military group in the nation. Their loyalty to Iarann Grudaidh was unquestionable, even when it came down to the mass killings of prior members of the Intelligence Agency, an order was an order - and is one that would be followed no matter the cost.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:42 am
by Iarann Grudaidh
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Iarann Grudaidh
Port Ember

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:44 am
by Kolodania
Carlos Andrews was by no means an ordinary individual, this was more evident when he was patrolling his circuit. Andrews served under the policing wing - The Imperial Fist - of The Order, the Kolodanian Military. His job? Patrol Imperial Opailia’s Lower Strasard District and ensure complacency with Kolodanian law. Through the visor in his helmet, he could see two things - firstly, that there was an unusual amount of people in his circuit this evening, and secondly that an older gentleman was spending a little too much time looking at a loaf of bread. Ever so slightly adjusting the grip on the standard issue rifle he held in his hands, he diverted from his original route to investigate. In Officer Andrew’s hands was a G36 assault rifle, he was also equipped with a SIG P226 in his drop leg holster.

Raised as what, in Kolodania, was considered the “Respected Class” it was never a matter of discussion on what his career would be, Carlos was always destined to be a serving member of Law Enforcement. Decisions like this were unarguable, if you wanted to guarantee your family is still liked by the state. In unrespected classes, secrets were kept between individuals and away from the prying ears of the state - In the respected classes, nobody was on your side. Tell someone your deepest, darkest secret and you would become a stepping stone to that individual’s growth in power.

“Papers.” Andrews spoke, finally arriving to the elderly gentleman - the sound of the Bakery door closing, alongside the sound of the officer’s boots on the floor. His helmet’s built-in filter lowered his voice, as the elderly gentleman spun on his heels to face Officer Andrews. At a better view, the elderly man’s clothes were dirty and tattered. “Let me see your papers.”

The older gentleman, who was holding his body-weight up with the assistance of his cane, reached slowly into his back pocket and pulled out an Identification Card. “Name is Peter Carson.”

“Carson, your identification card is expired. Expired at the start of the year.” Andrews spoke. “I need unexpired documentation, you are required by Kolodanian law to carry, present and upkeep unexpired documentation at all times.”

“Leave the poor man alone” The shopkeeper walked from the back of the shop and behind the counter “He is a paying customer, sir.”

“Failure to present current, valid documentation will result in Detainment Procedure.” Andrews spoke, tightening his grip on the weapon in his hands as he glanced between the shopkeep and the elderly man. “Attempts to prevent the Imperial Fist from upholding National Regulation will further result in Compliance Procedure.”

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave, officer.” The shopkeep walked past the elderly gentleman, as he wiped his hands on his apron and approached the door, opening it. “You’re scaring my customers. I have every right to refuse your presence in this building.”

“Name, shopkeeper.”

“Liam Parker, sir”

“You look familiar, may I ask why?”

“I’m unsure, does your family shop here?”

“Of course not.” Andrew’s helmet could only do so much to distort the sound of his offense. “I was thinking more of the wanted posters at my station. 5’11 gentleman, brown hair that is graying, dark brown eyes, small scar over the bridge of his nose with a bruised lip. Wanted for attacking an Imperial Fist Officer before fleeing after failure to identify. Ring any bells?”

“Your delusions are not welcome in this shop, please leave the premises.”

“Identification Card, now.”

Before the conversation could continue any further, he felt a sudden heavy strike on the back of his head. The cane. He stumbled, for a second - his helmet preventing further serious damage. He stood tall once again, turned around to face the old man and raised his weapon, firing. Two shots rang out, the old man dropped to the floor as Andrews turned to face the shopkeeper. He wasn’t there anymore, the door still wide open. Andrews paced through the door to the outside - “X-Ray Two Four Four One, shots fired, suspect fleeing - Bakery on Circuit One, Zero, Five Four."

Glancing around once again, Andrews spotted the shopkeeper. He was running as fast as his legs could carry him. The two bullets from Andrews’ rifle were faster.

Commander Davis stood in front of her desk. “Officer Andrews, Identifying Designation X2441, involved in shooting an elderly gentleman and local baker after an assault on an officer. Neutralized both individuals, two shots each.” she read from the report in front of her. “Good thing you did, Andrews - upon further investigations, it appears the bakery was a front for rebel activity. Well done. Your services have been more than beneficial to the Empire, for that you will get a bonus on your monthly pay. Further discussions will occur.”