Human-Kovunanto War [Crossover/Parody/OPEN to All]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Human-Kovunanto War [Crossover/Parody/OPEN to All]

Postby Kovunanto » Mon Apr 04, 2022 9:44 am

First contact with human species came during the excavation of various worlds in search of valuable artifacts or holy structures pertaining to the Kovunanto religion, as well as finding the seven ancient wonders that were built ages long before them and its foundation. The seeding of this potentially brutal conflict stems from a long-perceived misunderstanding after Mediator Bias frequently told the Kovunanto's most prestigious caste before the Prophets that finding their end goal to reach the same level of existence as the ones who built the megastructures, the artifacts, and the countless worlds they once inhabited. Mediator Bias also noted that the Kovunanto weren't actually the ones being chosen to take up the Mantle of Responsibility, knowing all too well that the Kovunanto's very faith lies deep in the activation of these seven ancient wonders, but fail to realize that they're just mega-destructive sterilizers only meant to stop an ancient parasite that ravages everyone on a pre-determined cycle.

Sensing this, two of the seven highest-ranked Sangheili chosen to lead their armies, security and fleets, Luci 'Demacee and Lena 'Vitellai, decided that they couldn't stand the information with Mediator Bias any longer after being distracted for hours, and ordered the Lekgolo worms to disconnect the ancient ancilla to prevent such information from going out into the galaxy. Upon being called to the Sanctum of the Oracle with the other five highest-ranked Sangheili, where Prophets of Velia (Veil), Rouya (Vision), and Chaya (Life), had officially declared an Age of Revelation. Within days of slipspace travel which would've taken them years without it, the first strategic world they come across is a planet that is too peculiar for even Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai of the flagship Unflinching Spirit to understand. Clarification of the identification of such a world with no holy relics or structures on the surface leads to Shipmaster Mruha 'Krahamee from the Advent of Deep Wisdom to ask Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai if Minor Prophet of Grace and the Prophet of Velia would approve in commencing first strike without so much as starting negotiations to hail them, since that world is far too primitive, yet it carries strange auras, they counted four in total from four different continents. The targeted planet in question is terrestrial with vast oceans teeming with life and many archipelagos with two polar ice caps and a natural satellite. Shipmaster Mruha 'Krahamee then asks Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai to begin scanning again for any potential signs of lifeforms, and it turns out they are indeed suspicious that Mediator Bias is correct all along, highlighting the lifeforms on screen as red, meaning they're hostile.

Prophet of Velia and Minor Prophet of Grace decrees that these people aren't meant to be on the path to the Great Journey, that they're not meant to take their place to activate the seven ancient wonders, the maintenance of countless artifacts, and whatever holy structures they tend to guard, ignoring the whole misunderstanding altogether due to their fanatical commitment to achieving this goal. Even if that means it would take a very long time, or even forever ensuring that there isn't a single generation capable of undertaking such responsibility word by word from Mediator Bias before the disconnection. Upon realizing that humans regardless of shape, form, or origin, are deemed heretical by nature and not fit for Kovunanto citizenship as well as being the "false" inheritors of the Mantle, thus the Prophet of Velia onboard the flagship Unflinching Spirit decrees to humanity without preconditions, translated from Latin: "Your heretical presence is an affront to the Gods, and you will not escape from the threads of fate."

Immediately hearing of this, the seven highest-ranking Sangheili ordered all the Shipmasters of the armada to begin full-scale bombardment at will. The armada consists in descending quantity order: 77 battlecruisers for high-power bombardment, 70 examiner ships for excavating relics using high-precision, low-power beams, 65 procurator ships to provide backup morale and provisions, 33 refueling and resupply ships, 27 heavy cruisers for penetrating defenses, 13 executioner-class ships to maintain security, 12 frigates as auxiliary, and 3 supercarriers for ground assault deployment. Of the 10 million, 65% are the Unggoy as light infantry, with 12% are the Kig-Yar as scouts and snipers, 8% are the Sangheili who will lead the forces both in space and on the ground, 7% are the Jiralhanae as heavy infantry, 5% are the Yanme’e to provide distraction swarms, 2% are the Legkolo as shock troops as well as their Scarabs, and 1% are the Huragok as maintenance, with occasional shielding protection, and will explode on death. Within the 300 ships there are 375,000 Banshees for air support, 200,000 Ghosts for covering ground and ramming, 180,000 Seraphs to protect the armada, 75,000 Wraiths for heavy ground assault, 30,000 Phantoms for ground deployments, 20,000 Revenants as backup ground support, 15,000 excavation platforms, and plenty of anti-air, anti-personnel turrets, sniping tower placements, jammer shields, and cover-fire energy shield objects on demand whenever there’s a ground deployment.

The war goals of the conflict on the Kovunanto side are:

1. Cleansing of all human worlds to keep the promise of the Great Journey in the hands of the Kovunanto, collecting a shard per glassed world for record-keeping
2. Excavate as many high-value holy relics on worlds with holy structures present as possible for record-keeping
3. Finding seven ancient wonders and locate their Sacred Icons
4. Finding the Ark and activate the Array

And so, the Human-Kovunanto War officially begins, starting with the Four Lands as the initial strategic target.
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The Four Lands is Glassed, First Shard Collected

Postby Kovunanto » Tue Apr 05, 2022 8:59 am

The Four Lands planet consisting of the four elements filled with billions of inhabitants simply don't stand a chance against the full might of the Kovunanto armada, and the first shard representing these people are collected by Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai, the captain of the flagship Unflinching Spirit. Confirming that there's no more lifeforms highlighting as red, an announcement to the entire fleet with Prophet of Velia and Minor Prophet of Grace is present on screen:

Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai: "Today, the Four Lands, tomorrow, the rest of the galaxy to be erased of the False Reclaimers! This is our first small, total victory, our first major holy act of this crusade."
Master Luci Demacee: "This is to be a lesson to what they have done to us, we will not repent for them, we will not negotiate with the False Reclaimers, and we aren't scared of them anymore! If we keep this up, surely we'll find what our Noble Prophets will seek."
Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai: "We have our first glass shard, this will be good for the Sanctum of the Hierarchs for safekeeping. The first terrestrial world is now no more."
Prophet of Velia: "Let's find more of these heretical worlds and we'll do exactly the same as we just did. We'll leave this airspace for the time being and plan our next attack."

The entire Kovunanto armada then leaves the Four Lands to ruin and exit through a slipspace jump with all 10 million crew onboard. Additional reinforcements may be necessary in the future from within Kovunanto space.
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Arrival on Remnant, 4 Relics Detected

Postby Kovunanto » Wed Apr 06, 2022 11:22 am

It's been two cycles since the first glassing of the Four Lands, now that the Kovunanto armada has made the slipspace jump and is in Remnant airspace. The objective on the ground is to eliminate any heretical resistance and find all four relics. Orbital weapons is prohibited throughout this operation. Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai addresses to his crew onboard the Unflinching Spirit. Other Shipmasters addresses their own crew simultaneously whilst reciting the Writ of Union. Expecting the odds stacked against the Kovunanto upon touchdown, the seven highest-ranked Sangheili and their Grand Servants are ready for the deployment.

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "I hope you're ready, Master. This is going to be a test of your strength and valor. This world we're going after is serious business."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "It sure is, and their numerous academies from our scannings show that they're up for a proper challenge. The False Reclaimers have been living on this world they shouldn't be for too long."
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Which is why our Prophets forbid us from striking them from above. We have to do all the work here on foot and in the skies."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "We'll land at 14:00 hours local time, get ready to swoop down and hit them with whatever we can throw at them!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Patience, Master. Patience. Your blood will start to feel the need to battle soon, and that is when you must be ready."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Do it."
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Everyone, to the Phantoms and Banshees! Prepare for a sweeping motion of the atmosphere. It's bound to get stormy!"

Phantoms and Banshees are deployed from the docking bays, with the majority of the fleet descending onto the planetary surface. Within minutes of fighting the turbulence and low pressure amidst a hurricane approaching land, the Kovunanto forces is using the storm to provide a stealthy approach towards the southernmost continent.

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "This is as far as we can go from here, Master. Get ready!"

Master Luci 'Demacee's armor is set to camouflage mode along with the Sangheili squadron and a few Unggoy. Grand Servant Lena 'Vitellai joins in moments later also in camouflage mode.

The Phantoms then leave the scene whilst Banshees scout the area. The storm is expecting to intensify, and all Kovunanto forces activate their motion trackers.

Dorzenum: "Master, the storm is getting hectic, we must move in a rhythm! The lightning will guide us through the desert, we must find the first relic. Watch out for any potential hostiles! Engage at will on sight!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "On it, Dorzenum. Units! Move quickly and quietly."
Dorzenum: "There is a structure just ten kilometers from your position. Expect trouble. If you're spotted, give them no respite!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Getting struck by lightning would be a death sentence, and a dishonorable one."
Vere 'Sranamee: "We must move through the storm, we are less likely to be heard this way."

As the Kovunanto forces kept advancing through the hurricane, the structure is now in sight, and is big. A tomb of sorts that houses the relic of the southern continent.

Dorzenum: "There, Master! There is a holy structure. Looks completely strange to us, but it's worth a look."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Good! We found something worth investigating."
Dorzenum: "Move into the structure, everyone! Before we get covered in the downpour!"
Vere 'Sranamee: "Do you hear that?"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Sounds like we got something else to deal with than just heretics off in the distance. Listen."
Dorzenum: "Everyone, INSIDE!"

Banshees continue to patrol the structure, but not long before their radars spot something from afar. It's black, it looks completely eerie and foreign, and parasitic.

Inside the holy structure, noises are heard from outside that are drowning out the lightning and rain. Dorzenum is the first to alert the ground forces.

Dorzenum: "We got trouble."
Vere 'Sranamee: "What was that noise?"
Dorzenum: "Something's not right."
Vere 'Sranamee: "It's coming from the blast doors!"
Dorzenum: "Weapons free!"

The blast doors open, and out comes solid black monsters.

Master Luci Demacee: "Fire at will! Engage!"

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Soveiniesberg » Wed Apr 06, 2022 2:00 pm

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First Relic Found on Vale

Postby Kovunanto » Thu Apr 07, 2022 9:07 am

With Dorzenum gone, and numerous units of the initial task force fought valiantly against the initial wave of Grimm, the Kovunanto pressed forward through the structure's labyrinth maze. Amazed at the architecture and its many halls, Rtusa 'Konomee makes a brief comment.

Rtusa 'Konomee: "This place is fantastic beyond all recognition! Whoever used to built this place was marvelous with their work."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Indeed. The relic should be around here. We don't know what else lies in this tomb."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "What of Dorzenum, the Jiralhanae who co-leads this squad?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "He fought bravely, Rtusa. He managed to call in a Scarab unit, I saw his headpiece flown off, and I grabbed it before the Grimm caught it. It's in my memory now."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "You'll get used to so much calamity all around you, Master. Let's keep moving."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Right, Rtusa. Units, with me!"

All is quiet within the structure apart from the faint hissing of Banshees patrolling it still. The storm will soon pass with its eye moving in, a brief period of calm with overcast skies.

Rtusa 'Konomee: "It should be around the corner, Master. We been following that sound for hours now."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Then we should be close enough to reach out and touch it."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "There, in the distance, on the central platform! That's what we're after!"

The glow of the Vale relic emits a strong, pulsating green light. Without hesitation, Master Luci 'Demacee goes to touch it. The glow disappears, and lights around the structure turn dim.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Hmmph, the lights went off, but it shouldn't make us feel scared now. Okay, we have the first relic. Let's move up our forces to the next continent."
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "And where would that be, Master?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "That would be to the west. We're heading to the next landmass and find the next relic. We'll then repeat until we have all four."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "Our reservist forces should arrive in any moment now with additional vehicular support."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "We need to get off this holy structure, there's no further need to stay here. One down, three to go. I'll inform the Shipmaster on Unflinching Spirit. Shipmaster Ruto!"
Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai: "Yes, Master!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "We have confirmed the first relic of four here! Moving onto to Vacuo! Permit the reservist forces to land at our position! We need Prowlers and Wraiths on the ground!"
Shipmaster Ruto 'Danomai: "Understood, Master! Sending you coordinates to the next holy structure. It's very far, it will reveal to you when you're near."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Acknowledged, Shipmaster!"

The 65 procurator ships are now on the scene to deploy the additional reinforcements, another ten million more troops to assist the dwindled initial task force, with 60% Unggoy, 15% Sangheili, 10% Jiralhanae, 8% Kig-Yar, 5% Yanme'e, and the remainder as Mgalekgolo. The remainder ships of the main armada have been idle to conserve fuel since the past three cycles in high orbit above Remnant airspace, it will take fourteen more cycles in this state before running out of fuel.

The Kovunanto forces will now move westward to Vacuo, leaving the holy structure behind to the elements.
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Second Relic Found on Vacuo

Postby Kovunanto » Fri Apr 08, 2022 7:33 am

Inside the second holy tomb just south of Vacuo, Master Luci 'Demacee, Rtusa 'Konomee, Vere 'Sranamee, Suro 'Tadumee, and Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai with their reservist forces once again going through the labyrinthine maze to find the next relic. This time however, the layout is as treacherous as than the last. Vale's labyrinths proved too easy for them to navigate, but Vacuo's security measures within the tomb have been tightened when it was constructed. It's been bait-trapped, along with some bottomless pits. It's also dark, so they have to rely on their old armor's visors to light up with heat sensors. The area inside is a bit colder compared to the hot, dry outdoors prior to their entry.

Vere 'Sranamee: "This reminds us of home, Rtusa. From the looks of it."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "You never get tired of looking at fancy buildings."
Suro 'Tadumee: "Our Prophets can't wait any longer! We need to stay close, find that relic somewhere in here."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Quiet! We better not disturb too much in this place. Since we arrived on this world in the past three cycles ago, we could've just ran in, get the relics, and then head on out. Now, it doesn't feel like cakewalk to us."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "Master, once we have the relics, what are we going to do with them?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "The answer is simple, we study its ancient properties, maybe it would be best not to tamper with it?"
Rtusa 'Konomee: "Rightly so, Master. The relics we may be looking for might be far too rare and powerful we can safeguard them as records."

As they venture further down and avoiding as many of the traps carefully, Master Luci Demacee's armor is set to camo mode along with Grand Servant St Lena Vitellai's armor. Realizing that the tenacity of the Grimm parasites following them through the tomb as before, Master Luci 'Demacee tells them to stop and listen for any suspected movement.

Suro 'Tadumee: "What's going on here? Why they following us?"
Rtusa 'Konomee: "They don't want us here."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Shhh, quiet you two! I could count on you they may be protecting these objects."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "We need to get moving, Master! We can't just stay in one spot!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Sounds like nothing to me, come on!"

The relic is almost in sight, the same pulsating sound as before, and the lighting is bright orange.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "There! Another one of these relics we're after! Let's get to it before anyone else!"

With Master Luci 'Demacee and Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai approaching the diamond platform with swords pointing in three directions to the object as a visual cue, a puzzling look on Master Luci 'Demacee's face is what prevents him from touching it unlike the last time. There's also a protective barrier that needs to be shot, but if one would to do so, an alarm will be triggered. Still, there's one other way to get around this maddening puzzle.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "I rather have you all hold fast on the perimeter of this platform! Let me see if I can't get through this mechanism. Hold on. This might take just a second."

Master Luci 'Demacee touches the symbols around the barrier in hopes of matching the symbols present high above the platform. An incorrect input will just reset the mechanism, which would force him to retry again. After six retries with no luck, he manages to figure it out and the protective barrier is down without a single scratch. The second relic can now be taken safely. Everyone else is astonished when Master Luci 'Demacee picks it up.

Rtusa 'Konomee: "See? Not too hard, isn't it?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "I'll inform the Shipmaster that we now have two of four. Getting to the other two continents however will surely raise their ire by now. Shipmaster Ruto! Come in!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Master, we heard you loud and clear! What's your status?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "We bypassed the security measures of the holy tomb on Vacuo! Two relics are found! We're heading for Mistral!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Master, be careful when approaching the next landmass, you rather need to take on a Phantom and let them fly it over for you. The next relic will be revealed when you're near, like last time."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Acknowledged! Everyone, let's get back outside and get moving! We must fly over their southern ocean until Shipmaster Ruto tells us where to go! Get back on the Phantoms, at once! Scarab, return from your post, as well!"

The Kovunanto ground and air forces will now hastily move back to the Phantoms outside the tomb just in time to avoid the Grimm parasites, but not long before being ordered to engage defensively while attempting to get out of the desert quickly.
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Third Relic Found on Mistral

Postby Kovunanto » Fri Apr 08, 2022 6:34 pm

The unoccupied jungle island looks familiar to some of the Kovunanto species' homelands. Even the majority of the unknown continent to them is indeed jungle. The torrential downpour hasn't even slowed one bit of the advancing armies and aerial patrols of the Kovunanto. Another holy tomb with some carved markings in blue that is reassuringly similar to that of Forerunner technology.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Remarkable similarities, there is no way they could replicate as close to that of what the Forerunners can do. Let's head on in. Watch the vines."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "We went on this without much of a rest. Our eyes must be kept open, the next one is deep inside."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "The tomb may be crawling with traps, but we should be able to bypass them. Do not fear the poison."
Vere 'Sranamee: "With cloaks and our swords, we shall prevail, we are the sting of reason for the Great Journey."

The patrolling Banshees will encircle the tomb and be on the lookout for any hostile forces or Grimm parasites that might emerge from anywhere. Wildlife native to this continent isn't a concern to them for now, but the tomb's dangers would present a challenge worthy for them to get by. As they make their way through the mossy walls and blue foreign markings and flooring, the pulsating blue relic after the end of the labyrinthine maze makes the same sound as the other two, one of pure sapphire.

Vere 'Sranamee: "Better get through that door, it's been sealed for quite some time. Not even a key would do it."
Rtusa 'Konomee: "Master, what should we do?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "I'll cleave through it with my sword. Stand back."

With the energy sword out, revealing the two-pronged blue U-shaped blade, he put all his might onto the door seal and turn it like a real key until the door seal turns a bright bluish-white. Then, the door seal clicks, and it makes a loud thundering noise, the ground shakes a bit, and the door slowly opens vertically to reveal the central platform as a long oval. The room is a bright blue hue, contrasting with the dark sky and the cracked moon visible high up. The relic is in the center, and this time it has an energy shield pulsating around it as a protective mechanism. The only way the seal would be broken is to use a plasma grenade or a similar weapon.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "That thing is protected by some sort of weird energy, as if powered by something. Fortunately, we're armed with the right tools."
Suro 'Tadumee: "Use a grenade, that'll get the relic flown off. Catch it before it drops into the pit, we want it intact!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Ok." *efforts*

As he pulls out a plasma grenade from his hip, he puts on its hand and trigger the fuse, the plasma grenade lights up as a bright blue ball, and he throws it just behind the seal thinking the relic will launch forward to the other side of the platform. As the fuse runs out, the plasma grenade glows a little brighter than the seal, and then explodes violently. The seal breaks, the blue relic stops pulsating, and it actually launches to the left side along with the shrapnel. Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai makes an acrobatic jump to grab the relic before it would plunge into the depths below and lands near the edge of the oval platform. She then gives it to her Master.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Thank you. Were it NOT for you, we would've been ashamed as a whole unit! I'll inform the Shipmaster that we're almost done. Shipmaster Ruto!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "It's been a little while since you called in, what you got for us?"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "The relic from Mistral. It's ours now. We're one more relic away, and then you can inform the High Prophets."
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "The last one is a very difficult one to accomplish. Should we wish to get it. Atlas is a fortified land, and we may not know of their true strength, but if we can get to that last relic in time, then we might be able to walk away spotless."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "It's never that easy, we'll get there. We'll have to figure out a way to get to that snowy landmass. Not much room for error."
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "There's only so little time on our hands, Master. Get moving!"

The Kovunanto armies are now regrouping and will try to find a way around the Atlas' defenses without triggering the alarm. Peace talks with Remnant is almost certain to fail, and soon the Kovunanto will face not only with Remnant, but humanity as well. The Kovunanto ground and air forces are on its way to find the final holy relic.
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Fourth Relic Found on Atlas and the Pre-Glassing Ritual

Postby Kovunanto » Sat Apr 09, 2022 9:51 am

Deep through the blizzards of the northern continent, the last holy structure is finally within sight. Without a single Grimm incident through the whole journey there, Master Luci 'Demacee proceeds to open the blast doors, revealing the glossy white floors, walls, and ceilings ahead of him and his unit. Advanced in design unlike any other, and security measures at its tightest, a Mgalekgolo pair are right behind him as a precautionary measure alongside some Yanme'e and Kig-Yar Jackals.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "We admire their unusual masonry behind this unusual building. Yet, they put up some serious security around here. Best watch ourselves' backs."
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "The last relic is somewhere near, I can feel its presence."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "The flooring is sensitive to our feet, we must not make too much noise as we go."
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Other things like recognition algorithms, biometric reading, and the like are quite common in this building. We can try deactivating them."
Vere 'Sranamee: "We could've just use force to disable them."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "No way, that's not possible. A single shot of plasma or a detonation of a plasma grenade will set off the alarm. Not what we want to do unlike the tomb in Mistral."
Vere 'Sranamee: "These smart heretics, no wonder this building is built just to safeguard such a precious artifact."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Shhh, let's keep ourselves down. The grand halls we're in must not be filled with debating."

Passing through blast door after blast door within the tomb, and deeper into the vault room, the hardest puzzle of all four bewilders the unit. A multi-prong system, and the door seal won't even budge without proper authentication. Even if the multi-prong system would be decrypted somehow, the door seal would still require the right authentication protocol.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "The people of Atlas really knows what they're doing with these locks, they're really smart. And there's no other way to get around this door seal."
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "We can try deactivating the metal detector, that would shut off all the secondary security measures, leaving behind just the door seal."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "We hope this wouldn't sound the alarm on us."
Vere 'Sranamee: "Try ordering the Mgalekgolo to smash it down."
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Mgalekgolo! Do your thing."

The Mgalekgolo pair proceed at will the instant the order is spoken, ramming at the metal detector in an attempt to destroy it. The alarm light is broken first, then the rest of the detector, everything in it is completely smashed. All the secondary security measures, like turrets, biometric cameras, and the pressure-sensitive floor traps are deactivated, which leaves just the multi-prong system within the door seal. Then they proceed to smash at the door seal with all their might, but no luck. Then they resort to back up before firing their arm cannons to destroy the locks. This allows the mighty door itself to open horizontally from the center, revealing the final platform as a giant circle with an arrow pointing down. It is blindingly white, the relic pulsates a pure white color, making the same sound like the other three relics. With them also in possession, it begins to glow too as if sensing their auras.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Something's happening to the Atlas' relic and the others we have in our possession!"
Rtusa 'Konomee: "What?"
Vere 'Sranamee: "It's forming! It's forming! They're merging!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: "Stand back, ready your weapons!"

The four relics join together to the center of the platform, revealing itself not as elemental relics the Kovunanto State News initially made up, but rather as powerful utility items that are the nexus of Remnant's long-gone ancient history. These relics turn into true, larger-than-life versions than just floating, glowing objects in stasis as a tiara, a lamp, a staff, and a sword. They are formed into Choice, Knowledge, Creation, and Destruction, respectively. The first grants anyone visions of the future, but are totally unpredictable and often lead to bad omens. The second is a restrictive genie lamp that houses a spiritual Oracle known as Jinn, who will allow three questions about its past per 100-year timespan, the third houses another spiritual Oracle as Ambrosius, which will perform any task that even the Huragok themselves would find it jealous, but it requires good intention and attention to detail, subjecting to a size change. The last one serves a completely unknown purpose, but to the Kovunanto, it could be a more damaging version of the commonly-used energy sword wielded by all Sangheili. With all these four relics revealing their true selves and then rested harmlessly around the central platform, Master Luci 'Demacee sees no reason to harm the relics after the transformation.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Hold fire and positions! They're historical relics from an ancient past worth studying more. The last one is reserved for my Grand Servant only. Take it, Lena. It's yours. Wield it. Whatever purpose it does, we hope this would mean the best promotion you ever have."

Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai expresses no other expression than acceptance, a small smile with a lot of confidence, she flings her energy sword into the pit and replaces it with the relic in hand, turning into a energy rapier twice as large than the one she just thrown away, and is highly portable.

Master Luci 'Demacee: "Okay, looks like we're done on the surface, for now. We have the relics we needed, and there's nothing else we can do. Shipmaster Ruto and Minor Prophets of Grace, Integrity, Esteem, and Conviction. We're ready to evacuate from this planet!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: "Confirmed. It's finally time for us to give the people of Remnant the High Prophets' regards."

The four ships with the four Minor Prophets consisting of Unflinching Spirit as the flagship, the Undying Prayer, the Advent of Deep Wisdom and the Truth and Reconciliation all preparing to mark an unpopulated area of Remnant with a glyph, whilst the ground forces are preparing to leave towards their assigned ships as quickly as they can. Within seven minutes of drawing up a glyph on the area, a warning signal is given to the people of Remnant to know that the glassing order is now prepped.

Minor Prophet of Grace: "We will teach you with your fragility."
Minor Prophet of Integrity: "We will teach you with your heresy."
Minor Prophet of Esteem: "Your deaths will be taught without discipline."
Minor Prophet of Conviction: "And your sacrifices will be taught without honor."

And so, the official partial glassing of the planet Remnant may now begin in earnest. Tractor beams from all 77 battlecruisers, 70 examiner ships, 27 heavy cruisers, 13 executioner-class ships, and 3 supercarriers, meaning 63.3% of the entire armada almost immediately begin closing their gravity lifts as they move into various positions around populated areas both high and low orbit, having achieved the air and space superiority required to perform the difficult process, at least for now, and their tractor beams switched from ferrying to cleansing mode. The skies are then littered with warships of Kovunanto origin hovering over, the very presence of these ships are loud enough to wake them up to an imminent fiery theater of their livelihoods. As the tractor beams begin lighting up almost simultaneously, the areas being targeted on the surface begins to light up an orange-red glow. After a few moments of charging and their shields dropped, the partial glassing of Remnant has officially begun. Remnant's four continents is bound to be partially cooked within a matter of two weeks' local time.
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Postby New Saharia » Sun Apr 10, 2022 8:15 am

Operation Typhoon

After a brutally long trek through its own labyrinthine bureaucracy, the United Government of Earth would, at long last, enact its most fateful decision. A declaration of war on the Covenant, soon followed by emergency powers being entrusted to the United Nations Space Command - a hastily-established emergency military organization designed to place all of Humanity’s fighting forces under a single, united banner. Such a thing was not easy, nor particularly popular - Humans were an unabashedly proud species, with many favoring their cultural heritage far more than the arbitrary declaration of a united Humanity - whatever that was supposed to mean.

Humanity’s past was long and brutal. However, they learned much about the tactics and tendencies of tyrants, and how to address them. The Covenant were beyond reason; diplomacy was only a figment of fiction now. There would be no appeasement, no reconciliation, and no compromise. Violence is universally translatable - and the Covenant would get their answer.

One-hundred thirty ships under the command of Fleet Admiral Smith Blaskowitz - led by the Majestic, an Eligius-class Battleship - descended upon Remnant. Upon their arrival in-orbit, the UNSC 6th Armada would broadcast a final call-to-arms to the planet’s inhabitants, ordering them to muster whatever was left of their defenses to engage Covenant forces…

3 Eligius Battleships
3 Punic Supercarriers
5 Athena Command Cruisers
14 Marathon Heavy Cruisers
18 Resilience Cruisers
20 Halcyon Light Cruisers
18 Independence Light Carriers
12 Ferrus Destroyers
37 Paris Frigates (Early Model)

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First Hostile Contact with UNSC and Engagement

Postby Kovunanto » Sun Apr 10, 2022 10:18 am

The Kovunanto Battle Net sounded alarm bells towards the Kovunanto Armada of an approaching UNSC armada from outside. Crews immediately scrambled in alien tongues to get to battlestations, some of the armada immediately switched from cleansing mode to ferrying mode in order to allow vehicles to intercept the fighters. Seraphs and Banshees are unleashed from their bays, defensive shields are ready. Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai onboard the Unflinching Spirit flagship counting somewhere around over a hundred-something ships just after they exit the slipspace.

On the ground, some low-orbit vessels decided to re-deploy troops and vehicles to face what would be traditional armies of the various peoples of Remnant. However, one particular unit of Sangheili with some Kig-Yar and Unggoy noticed strange autumnal leaves that are abnormal, it almost made Master Raza 'Rattinee sniff and have an allergic reaction unlike any other. His golden armor's shields are ready.

Master Raza 'Rattinee: *Move forward command in alien tongue, followed by frustration in guttural pitch, turns on heat sensors, pulls out energy sword*

The Unggoy and Kig-Yar of Master Raza's unit on the battlefield follows the scent, energy sword out, their plasma pistols are on overcharge mode in case their threat pops out. To their surprise, they are finding themselves face-to-face with the most venerable of Remnant's military, and one of many four-member colorful teams of such rank that matches the Sangheili. After further scanning with heat sensors, they spit out the first name of the four: Red Reaper in their alien tongue. Master Raza 'Rattinee and his Grand Servant Thyko 'Zudumee knew this would be their last days of their lives, and he's beckoning the abnormal source to show itself. Not only that, but he also spotted three other abnormalities, one that caught him off guard was the cold air around his unit, his heat sensors detecting blue and light purple, not yellow, orange, and reds as he would suspect. At the same time, one of his Unggoy got his helmet off and died on the spot to his left, releasing an overcharged plasma pistol shot from his trigger finger, and Master Raza 'Rattinee finds himself receiving a large wound to his chest. When he realizes the open wound, his shield is already down, and he roars as he turns to see the last one to be a female Faunus, black, yellow-eyed, and a large black sword in hand. The other three are now identified as White Princess, Black Panther, and Yellow Boxer in alien tongue. This must be Team RWBY!

Master Raza 'Rattinee: *chuckles as his shield slowly recharges* "Not my chest! Not on my armor! You call that a sport!? I'll make it worth your while! Rawwwrr!!"

And then, his unit is confirmed to have been ambushed. He and his Grand Servant will fight, but eventually they will both die trying alongside the unit.

On the other side of the battlefield in one of the populated capitals such as Vale, Banshee patrols destroys city traffic and fleeing pedestrians indiscriminately save for their academy, a mighty Scarab is then deployed to level the city and present a challenge, their legs are stomping through people, cars and buses alike. The once sunny skies and verdant green trees has now turned a dark greyish-orange with lightning in the distance, and Kovunanto-induced fires are spreading out of control in the surrounding wilderness, threatening wildlife as well. Meanwhile, in Mistral and Vacuo, as well as Menagerie, they are facing the full brunt of the cleansing beams, giving them no mercy. Entire vegetation is uprooted, the desert sand slowly turning into something else, and the Faunus species is put into grave danger.

The battle of Remnant has entered a new phase.
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Glassing of Remnant almost Completed, Space Battle Continues

Postby Kovunanto » Mon Apr 11, 2022 8:50 am

The Kovunanto armada would not give the enemy adequate time to let them land, and any chances of providing humanitarian corridors to any remainder survivors is axed. Ground and air forces of the Kovunanto have to leave just as quickly as they arrived within the span of one-quarter of a cycle. Full commitment of glassing means that every single bit of untouched landmass will be turned to glass, since now that if there were any future holy relics present, it would just be as worthless anyway if ground units attempt to retrieve it and escape the upper atmosphere. Now that the upper atmosphere's effects are beginning to wane, this would allow the UV radiation from their system's star to bombard the planet. The once dust-heavy atmospheric layer is fading away, but the 80% loss of value on all four relics was already dealt a blow to any chances of studying them, except for the fourth relic, which may allow the Kovunanto a chance to redeem the item's value, but at the moment they were too focused on attempting to achieve total superiority over the enemy forces.

With the aerial and space superiority achieved in the sector, the Kovunanto vessels not focused on the glassing turn its full attention to the first UNSC armada. Whilst hostile cities and villages are left burning and reduced to ruin, the crippled Master Raza 'Rattinee has managed to find an intact secondary relic that wasn't as important to the mission, but it would allow the Kovunanto soldiers firsthand knowledge of proper grenade throwing as well as temptation to pull out their own grenades, a Catch Skull in some back alley within the Vale. With it in hand, he immediately felt the temptation to drop the skull and pull out a grenade the moment he spots a humanoid target. He skillfully holds the skull in his left to avoid the temptation, while having his energy sword to his right. The skull is a bit too heavy to carry, and he hurriedly finds the closest Phantom dropship so he can take the skull with it.

Master Raza 'Rattinee: "This skull is worth keeping, I felt my hands twitching, aching for a throw, to throw something at my foes. Yet, I held this wicked thing with all my strength. My brothers! We found a first secondary relic, and it never was damaged!"

His brothers are ecstatic to find such a thing during battle.

Master Raza 'Rattinee: "Onward, my brothers! Let's level this planet together! Leave NO ONE alive! Not even their academies! The world of color must end! Drown their palette in their pitiless sorrows! For the Great Journey!"
The 'Rattin Tribe: "For the Great Journey!"

From space, the planet Remnant is almost unrecognizable to the average passing visitor, but to the Kovunanto, it is almost considered a major victory. The battle in space may still continue, but to the Kovunanto, they are satisfied enough to complete their mission and call it a day.
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Postby New Saharia » Tue Apr 12, 2022 12:51 am

The First Battle

It seemed too late. The planet Remnant was utterly unrecognizable from its former state, the continents bearing long scars of hellfire. A black soot covered much of the world as the UNSC’s armada closed-in against the Covenant fleet. As they closed distance, the Human warships readied themselves for battle anxiously.

“Attention all ships, this is Admiral Blascowitz! Engage the Covenant fleet at maximum range! Fighter and bomber squadrons, get into position!”

The UNSC warships unleashed a torrent of fire from their MACs, throwing their hardest-hitting weapons against the looming alien warships with all the tenacity they could muster. Broadside interceptors and Longsword attack craft screamed towards their targets, pushing themselves at full speed. Strangely, the UNSC vessels would hold position at their maximum range, content with laying down MAC fire from a distance. Dozens of lethal rounds sliced into the Covenant fleet as the UNSC fighters and bombers lingered in the deadspace in-between the two armadas.

Blaskowitz hoped that some of the Covenant ships were still closer to the planet and unable to participate in the initial engagement, having been occupied with glassing or attacking Remnant forces rather than achieving space supremacy. If they could engage the alien fleet in multiple batches, the Covenant could stand to lose their vaunted space-supremacy…

It did not seem that Remnant would offer any significant resistance. Regardless of this battle's outcome, it was surely all for the sake of a dead world.
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Enemy Boarding Parties and Taking Fire on Kovunanto Vessels!

Postby Kovunanto » Tue Apr 12, 2022 1:36 am

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *Alien roar*

The very flagship the main crew is in just took some serious MAC fire, as well as some other ships near theirs. Then he realize that something's wrong with the landing bays. They can hear some English-sounding enemies as well as bullet fire nearby below. They can see Marines attempting to board the ships! Alarm bells have been sounded, and the crews are already engaging! The ships closest to the UNSC armada is returning fire as frantically as they can.

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *Alien tongue* "Master! We lost our advantage in space! We got company! Defend this ship! Defend our ships! To arms!" *Another alien roar*
Shipmaster Kesan 'Zosovee: *Alien tongue* "Our ship's been boarded! Get your backs in motion and fire at will!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: *Alien tongue* "This will be good." *He turns on his energy sword* "I'm coming for you!" *Alien roar*
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: *Alien tongue* "Right behind you, Master! Onward to victory!"

With the planet's atmosphere completely gone however, the tide of the war although seemingly for the previous moment in Kovunanto's favor is now turned back against them! All Dust magic of all elements can now be used freely since the limitations are no longer in place, and that spells big trouble for the Kovunanto, and only moments before they will face off a few teams of Hunters and Huntresses-In-Training. Should they manage to board the ships, it will spell doom for the entire armada. Strangely, the fourth relic wielded in Lena 'Vitellai's right hand starts glowing once more on its own. Although the glassing was done, there's no greater threat from the UNSC armada's MAC blasts than the very few heroes from below about to ascend towards the Kovunanto armada faster than a modern fighter jet of their age. Hostile aircraft faster than the Kovunanto's own Banshees and Seraphs are about to be intercepted, and now air and space superiority is roughly equal temporarily, and tech superiority is given up to the Remnant's best aircraft.

Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: *Alien tongue* "I'll handle their hunters! They're mine!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: *Alien tongue* "Not without me going with you on my watch! They'll be here any second!"

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *Alien tongue* "Do not let them get near the command bridge!"

The duo is now preparing for not only Team RWBY's grand entrance, but also other four-member teams. A few moments later, the same abnormal autumnal leaves is at it again towards the duo. A telltale sign of their arrival.

Master Luci 'Demacee: *Alien tongue* "This better be worth my time." *Clutches its jaws*
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: *Alien tongue* "I have your back, Master. They shall not pass!" *The duo stands back to back with their melee weapons drawn.*

Meanwhile, crews are trying their best to repel the boarders as their ships are sustaining damage from all sides. The Kovunanto armada is beginning to lose its numerical edge over the UNSC, but it is still pounding through them. The vessels that participated in the glassing are now done with their task and begins to rejoin with haste.
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Postby New Saharia » Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:23 am

A bridge officer from aboard the Majestic informs his superior of the new development eagerly. “Admiral! Covenant forces are incohesive! Several warships are attempting to pull away from low-altitude maneuvers and into orbit. Several ships are moving to engage!”

“Hold position and continue firing! Let our attack wings do their job. To all ships! Concentrate your firepower on the Covenant supercarrier - we have to penetrate their shields!”

Before the MACs can open-up, the Covenant fleet unleashes a volley of fire from the closest several warships. The deadly bolts of plasma rip and bludgeon into the unshielded UNSC warships, managing to knock out several vessels, including a pair of Halcyon cruisers. They were hit hard, but continued firing all their long-range weapons - now bearing down on the nearest supercarrier. Compared to any of the UNSC ships, it was utterly enormous. Its elephantine stature made it almost mythical to witness.

It seemed the Human fleet was still unaware of the Huntsmen’s attack. Regardless, their interference in Covenant lines would soon be noticed…

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Hitting back at the UNSC Armada and Huntsmen Teams Hard

Postby Kovunanto » Wed Apr 13, 2022 7:59 pm

With the closely advancing Kovunanto warships from the planet below now at the broadside and portside of the moderately damaged armada, it gives the crews a fighting chance to push back the UNSC armada, now Remnant's air force are easily blown to shreds from the supercarriers' main batteries. At the same time inside the flagship, even as the crews were indeed surrounded by boarding parties, the arrival of the ships from below prevents the Marines and the Huntsmen teams from ever escaping without getting shot on the way out. The forcefields on the landing bays around the Unflinching Spirit are still online, as well as the engines. Despite the major structural damage, it can still hold on.

With the Kovunanto armada now at roughly one-third worth of losses, still inside the decks of the flagship, a Mgalekgolo pair is seen readying to disperse the fight and bring order to the crews by slamming objects on their way past the Marines in an attempt to crush the Huntsmen. Yellow Boxer was no match from the might of a Mgalekgolo crushing her from behind while being distracted, leaving Red Reaper, White Princess and Black Panther. Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai meanwhile fought on for quite a while with White Princess sword-to-sword around the circular room with rectangular beveled doors on all sides. Whilst scores of Unggoy and Kig-Yar Jackals are slaughtered left and right, the flagship is still operational from Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai's men at the command bridge, with the holographic planet Remnant almost completely lacking satellite textures, as if it is having problems rendering it properly. In front of them, the windows are nearly cracked, they can see far out where the long-range MAC fire was coming from, easily seen from the scorching planet being lit up in blazes, bright orange, yellow and reds with black spots.

Red Reaper is then grappled by Master Luci 'Demacee, hurling her and her war scythe to the ground, but before he can do so, the young Huntress-In-Training backflipped and is prepping a rifle shot. The Mgalekgolo responds with firing its arm cannon in beam mode to slow her down and fill her with non-lethal second-degree burns to her torso. The aura that powers her is easily downed, giving Master Luci 'Demacee a few precious seconds to end the duel with her after fighting her for what may seem like minutes passing by. Grand Servant St. Lena 'Vitellai somehow caught her non-dominant hand and made a back-handed throw towards the gap where the MAC fire had blown off the section earlier, and she tosses her straight into the vacuum. Out of all of that remaining strength to keep fighting her, the White Princess was seemingly defeated, her mythical multi-purpose rapier heading straight into the still-burning planet. Black Panther and Red Reaper are the only two still fighting. The Mgalekgolo pair are on the scene, allowing Master Luci 'Demacee and his Grand Servant enough time to make report to the Shipmaster Ruto of intruding Huntsmen teams on the flagship. They locked the door behind them so that Red Reaper and Black Panther can't get through to the command bridge, leaving them stuck with the Mgalekgolo pair and other Kovunanto crewmates. The majority of the Marines on the flagship are dead, with the Yanme'e coming out to dispose of the bodies and provide backup support on the decks.

Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "Shipmaster! Huntsmen teams are on our ships! We have our hands full here!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "We'll send in whatever we have at them! With no food or water on them, they'll surely die with us onboard!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "What of our enemy?"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "See for yourself. There's still like 70 of their ships against our 200!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "Then it is a fair challenge."
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "All ships! Focus fire on the armada! Crews! Remain steadfast against the raiding boarders! Huragok! Address battle repairs immediately!"

The Huragok comes out of their small stations on surviving sectors of the damaged ships and begins to get to work. Harmless supercomputers with incredible reflexes, they also provide a passive overshielding aura within a 25-meter radius to nearby crewmates. The exact overshielding capabilities is unknown towards the UNSC, as they're too few in number after several Huragok were caught in some MAC blasts since the start of the engagement and exploded upon death.

The battle is almost over in the Kovunanto's favor for now, air and space superiority is still contested almost 3-1 in numbers, but since the Remnant's air force is now decimated, tech superiority is back in the hands of the Kovunanto side. Decisive moves can still shift the tide at any moment. The population of Remnant is approaching near zero in almost a wink, and within a day or two without any food or water, eventually they'll be declared extinct from the fossil record. Sunlight by now is blocked off, preventing any chance of growth from the soot and debris, and the residual burning fuel in some areas is all there to see. Not only already unrecognizable, but uninhabitable. A small smile rests on the Sangheili within the command rooms of every surviving warship. Another planet worth billions of inhabitants is gone, human, Faunus, and Grimm alike.
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Postby Allanea » Fri Apr 15, 2022 1:26 am

The void contorted in a flash of radiant white, and then returned to norm. But something had changed, something that had not been previously there was now present. It was a ship. It had, compared to the ships of the Covenant, a crude appearance – a spearhead shape, comprised of heavy slabs of armor steel, their flat shapes disturbed only by long rows of weapon turrets and the maws of missile tubes.

Written across the ship's upper port armor plates, in gleaming silvery letters on dark grey, was the name – Defiance. It was a battleship on a patrol fleet – by sheer luck, it was the closest one when the battle started.

To the defender forces: This is the FKS Defiance, Captain Samuel Mills. I am inbound to render assistance in 15 minutes. Please send me any information you have on the situation. Preparing to receive encrypted data packages.

The Defiance was not the best, nor was it the newest, ship in the Free Kingdom Stellar Navy. It did not have every newest device, nor every fanciest weapon. Nor did it have the best crew. It was, however, who came. Therefore, it would fight.

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Postby Novaya Equestria » Fri Apr 15, 2022 8:03 am

OOC: Just making sure, are we even allowed to have our own Earths/Sol Systems?
I RP as Novaya, a Human militaristic nation (cuz anime) and an archipelagic country.
Please refer to me/my nation as Novaya in both IC and OOC, NOT Novaya Equestria.

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Postby Tajijstan » Fri Apr 15, 2022 8:39 am

M48 Patton tanks were unloading on Gestwink Island in Tajstani Pacific Trust Territory. Recent attacks and flyovers of UFOs prompted the Tajistani Ministry of Outlaying Territory to send in the 456th Armored Division to hold and secure the islands. The local militia armed with M16-A23s (Tajijstani variant of the M16), grenades, and jungle camo had also been taking positions. Lt. Maasi-Pinjinga Kaina oversaw the shipment of MBTs to his islands. He looked up into windy sky and felt that a storm was brewing.
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A New Threat Appears to the Kovunanto

Postby Kovunanto » Fri Apr 15, 2022 10:53 am

During the ensuing battle, the Kovunanto armada still at 200 warships remaining when both sides are clinging on for air and space superiority. The Mgalekgolo pair have managed to clear out the adjacent room to the command bridge of Unflinching Spirit whilst Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai continues issuing orders to the armada even as the flagship continues to sustain more damage from the distant MAC blasts. It might take a few more direct hits before the supercarrier they're stationed on will eventually succumb and make entry into Remnant. The other Huntsmen teams have quickly cleared out the rear section of the flagship and are advancing quickly to where the rest of the fighting on deck is occurring. Startled, Master Luci 'Demacee can hear the bridge door slowly banged up from the chaos behind him. He and Lena 'Vitellai attempts to barge the door with large crates about their height to buy themselves more time.

Almost immediately, another slipspace rupture is heard. From behind, a lone ship from another human faction, the Free Kingdom, has entered the fray. It might present a bigger threat to the armada than the nearly-half remainder ships of the UNSC, Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai and others can hear it clearly.

Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "The brave fools have decided to send in their friends. Let's give them their own challenge, too. Bring our half of this combined fleet to face the new target! Cover our rear and keep attacking the main threats!"
Shipmaster Kesan 'Zosovee: *alien tongue* "Affirmative! 100 ships to stern of Unflinching Spirit, change battle formation! Attack new target, fire at will!"

Onboard the Advent of Deep Wisdom where they'll be part of the rear group ordered to face the Free Kingdom ship, they are alerted to the presence of a massive cannon that's more terrifying than all the combined fleet's cleansing beams only meant for glassing planets.

Shipmaster Mruha 'Krahamee: *alien tongue* "Steady on the approach! Hostile warship's on our rear flank's got a glass cannon! Engage with extreme caution!"
Shipmaster Kesan 'Zosovee: *alien tongue* "Roger! Crews in rear group! Get that glass cannon out of this sector! We don't want that obliterating our chances of victory!"

Back at the front group of the armada, the attention is now equally divided for now, giving the UNSC a fair breather now that the rear group is off to face the Free Kingdom, unless they can hear more slipspace ruptures, then it will all be over in mere minutes.
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Postby Allanea » Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:35 pm

Aboard the Defiance

The ship was an older one. Its bridge was not one of the superfluous halls seen on newer Allanean vessels. Rather, it was a fairly modest facility – a single large screen on the front, seats and computer screens for the Captain, XO, and other officers. On that enormous screen, Captain Samuel Mills saw the impossible. He saw half of the enemy fleet begin to turn towards him.

There was no mistaking the enemy's intent, now. They had decided, for some reason, that the Allaneans were worth committing a hundred ships for.

"Sensors officer, do you have an ID on those hostiles?"

"Capitals of various types. Two supercapitals, Sir. Just about eighteen miles prow-to-stern each of them."

The Captain's eyes widened. He already knew from the screen what was happening, but wanted to make absolutely certain.

"Are you sure there is not a sensor error?"

"Absolutely, Sir. Confirmed from multiple sensor types."

Terror – cold, unreasoning terror, sank through Mills' body. He had not felt this afraid for years – not since he was a cadet with the Naval Academy. In the past, he had felt this way for reasons that now seemed minor, pointless – exams, interviews, bad dreams. But this was different. The terror that was now making him feel cold and weak was the terror of impending, near-inevitable, death.

He stuttered only slightly as he spoke.

"It has… it has been been an honor to serve with you all, gentlebeings. Weapons officer, make ready on the missile armament. Status check on the spinal."

"Spinal, fully functional. Missile tube functionality – ninety-eight percent of tubes."

In any other situation, Captain Samuel Mills would have inquired as to what was the reason for two percent of the missile tubes being unready for combat. He might have berated his weapons officer. There was no point, here.

"Spinal gun, target the closest supercapital! Missile tubes, lock on the second one!"

"Aye aye, Sir!"

"You may fire when ready."

* * *

There was an ear-shattering roar. It would be heard only by those on board the Defiance as the plasma cannon that spanned the entire length of the ship fired at lead supercarrier. Then, the ship became enveloped in flame and smoke.

The Defiance was over two kilometers long. This meant a lot of room for missile launchers. Many of these were of types that were difficult to reload in space, but this hardly mattered. There were thousands of missiles – some enormous, dozens of meters in length, meant for planetary bombardment and fighting against enemy supercapitals, others regular-sized anti-ship missiles. And all of them – a vast cloud of thousands of missiles – had been launched towards the second supercarrier.
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Postby New Saharia » Fri Apr 15, 2022 7:22 pm

The Majestic’s sensor-officer calls back to the Admiral again. “Sir, there’s another starship coming in! It’s Allanean!”

Majestic takes another direct hit, shaking the ship violently before Blaskowitz can respond. The officer continues. “It’s the Defiance, sir! They’re attacking the other Covenant Supercarrier!”

Blaskowitz wastes no time in giving his next orders, almost excited now. “Hail that ship - let them know support is on the way. Have our forces break through the opening the Allaneans have given us. Paris wings two and four, focus your fire on the closest Covenant ships! We’re going in!”

Uncharacteristic of Blaskowitz’s original strategy, the UNSC fleet bludgeons its way into the gap between the Covenant fleet, determined to keep them separated. However, their ships have taken serious damage thus far. The devastating blows from the Covenant battlecruisers continue to tear away at the Human ships, their unshielded armor taking the full-brunt of their volleys. Still, they continue to hammer away mercilessly at the aliens…

A group consisting of five Paris frigates and two Indpendence carriers burns at flank-speed to the Defiance, hoping to offer the Allanean close-in support against Covenant Seraphs and Banshees...

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Reinforcements on the Way after Supercarrier is Down

Postby Kovunanto » Sat Apr 16, 2022 12:25 am

The Kovunanto crews onboard Undying Prayer commanded by Shipmaster Kesan 'Zosovee is under attack by boarding parties. Huntsmen teams consisting of JNPR and NDGO are on the scene to demoralize ship morale. A Mgalekgolo pair and some Jiralhanae War Chieftains are dispatched as well to crush them. Meanwhile, the Advent of Deep Wisdom by Shipmaster Mruha 'Krahamee weren't so lucky, as after sustaining too much damage that the hull's integrity alarm bells start ringing, there's little else for the crew to do but brace for impact with some UNSC ships, albeit unintentionally due to the ship rupturing into two, separating the front and rear of the supercarrier. The last throes of Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, a few Huragok, and Jiralhanae are completely helpless and is slowly making way toward the upper atmosphere of Remnant. They could try and make a last-ditch effort to find any fast-moving UNSC ship at the same altitude for a boarding attempt and kill as many on their deck as possible.

The crumbling mass of the Undying Prayer is no longer the undying warship the Kovunanto fondly admires, and is slowly descending in a huge cloud of smoke. However, this is going to be very bad news to the UNSC, because by doctrine, the destruction of one supercarrier will bring forth an overwhelming response. Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai of Unflinching Spirit is the first to be informed of a great loss, an important Kovunanto asset.

Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "We just lost one of our greatest ships! Send in the reinforcements! SEND IN THE REINFORCEMENTS!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "They'll be asking for it, they're on our way, in one minute! Hold tight!"
Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "You think this ship's gonna keep holding? We still got Huntsmen teams trying to break down this door!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "They hope they have fun getting themselves bludgeoned by our... security." *Small grin*
Master Luci 'Demacee: *alien tongue* "Gonna check for ship integrity now. It's 30%!"

After one more minute of space fighting, another armada of the Kovunanto Navy has appeared from slipspace, much larger in response to the Undying Prayer's death out for revenge and in support. 500 ships consisting of 200 corvettes, 100 destroyers, 70 cruisers, 40 of which are light, 30 of which are heavy, 60 executioner-class ships, 50 sentinel-class ships, and 20 refueling and resupply ships readying to intercept the Allanean Defiance and the 60+ remaining UNSC ships. While this armada doesn't have any additional supercarriers to back it up, its vehicle total consists of just 75,000 Banshees, 30,000 Ghosts, 15,000 Seraphs, 5,000 Wraiths, 3,500 excavation platforms, 2,000 Revenants, and some anti-air, anti-personnel turrets, sniping tower placements, jammer shields, and cover-fire energy shield objects as per standard. The crew's total numbers is just 700k, much smaller than the main armada's total crew makeup. The composition of the 700k crew are 50% Sangheili, 20% Unggoy, 15% Kig-Yar, 10% Jiralhanae, 3% Yanme'e, 1% Mgalekgolo, and the remainder are the harmless Huragok. This is the reserve armada of the Kovunanto Navy that just came out of slipspace.

The leading flagship of the reserve armada is none other than Ardent Condemnation, led by Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee, the only one so far who can lead a much larger combined fleet than the main armada. After the recital of the Writ of Union to his crew, he and his crews are ready to give their lives to aid. With his higher influence than the Shipmasters, the main armada's commanding officers listened to his brief hailing words.

Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee: *alien tongue* "We are the Combined Fleet of Ardent Condemnation, we hereby condemn the unacceptable loss of the Undying Prayer upon the wretched humans at this hour of extraordinary need, and our presence will welcome you with open regard for support!"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "We sought your help, and you will help us guide through this battle together! At your command!"
Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee: *alien tongue* "Prepare to strike back, hearken to our souls for our fallen brethren of the supercarrier! We must show them no respite!" *He then gives a snarling remark to the UNSC armada* "Take one of us flagships down, another force of us will come to take its place and squash all opposition!" *He then turns around to his crewmen* "Crews! To your stations!"

Then Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee curiously wants to assess the main armada's current situation.

Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee: *alien tongue* "Shipmaster Ruto, what's your situation?"
Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai: *alien tongue* "Stiff hostile resistance from the Defiance, we're heavily damaged, we can still take on them together! Supercarrier's entire crew died honorably with it. One-third of our fleet strength remaining! Huntsmen teams still trying to breach our bridge door, we got them taken care of by our Mgalekgolo pair. Attempting our remaining crews to board them to get our revenge!"
Fleetmaster Rokan 'Revumee: *alien tongue* "All right, hang in there, Shipmaster Ruto! We're intercepting now! Crews! get ready to enter their decks, line up on them, steady on the angle to their sides!"

The Ardent Condemnation's ships and whatever's left of the Unflinching Spirit and Advent of Deep Wisdom capable of doing the boarding is getting ready to feel the brunt of enemy resistance as it is preparing the boarding parties. The commanding officers and gunners will remain operating the plasma batteries.
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Postby Allanea » Sun Apr 17, 2022 10:33 am

Aboard the Defiance

"Captain! The defenders have detached a force – two major combatants, five minor!"

Samuel Mills glanced at the screen. The purpose of the UNSC maneuver was clear.

"Ensign, send them a message of thanks. Tell them I am grateful to have them alongside us."

"Sir, enemy combatants approaching from multiple vectors – "

"I can see that! Launch smallcraft! All batteries, fire at will!"

The plasma cannon on the Defiance came alive. Every aspect of it – ventral and dorsal, front and starboard – was armed. And from every side the fire came. Fighters and strikecraft bobbed and weaved around her, trying to keep the enemy's craft and missile away from her stern, where she was armed least, and firing anti-ship munitions where an opening presented itself.

The words ventral and dorsal are from the Old Latin for belly and back, and in this dark hour it was clear why such words were used, for the Defiance was now a beast, a great bear, fighting among dozens of foes.

That bear is surrounded by hounds, yet he does not yield. Blood flows from his furred flanks, and yet he fights. Sweeps of its mighty paws send a catch dog sailing through the air, or mash it against a tree stump. And yet the dogs' teeth are sharp and their bite is fierce. They hang on, and the bear grows weaker and weaker with every second.

So too the Defiance. As it turned and fought, among the wreckage of its enemies, fire and smoke trailed from breaches in its armor like blood. Within its body, sailors perished – some a quick death, others a death in pain and terror, their very flesh set alight, uniforms and weapons melting and boiling on their clothes, or bleeding out from a dozen injuries at once.

But the Defiance was still alive when the enemy's reinforcements came in.

On the bridge, Captain Samuel Mills was seated in his command chair. There was a sharp pain in his side and trying to get up made him feel as if he was being kicked in the ribs by a horse. His brain steel felt like it was working, so he remained at his station.
The air was bitter now, and smoke hung in the room. His XO was slumped at his station, his arm bent an unnatural shape against the dashboard, but he did not move. A man with such injuries should have been screaming in pain, but the good, loyal Martins was now beyond pain.

On the grand screen, Mills saw the Covenant's relief force come out of slipspace. He had no fear now. He was perplexed, momentarily – I was so afraid of the one hundred ships – now there are hundreds more and I feel nothing. – and then he knew why he felt this way.

"Sir, the enemy is broadcasting an open message!"

"And it is?"
"Take one of us flagships down, another force of us will come to take its place and squash all opposition, Sir".

Mills smiled. His teeth were pomegranate-red with blood.

"Broadcast a response. Tell them… If you are stupid enough to think that frightens us, the rest of my life is not enough time to explain why you are wrong. Sign that with my ID."

"Yes, Sir."

For three more minutes after the broadcast, the Defiance lived on. Its comms stations broadcast signals, weapons turrets swiveled and fired, but with every second the flashes of its guns grew fewer, and at last its shields flashed and winked out.

A mighty explosion erupted from its back – if it had been in atmosphere, it would have been ear-shattering, but to those not on board it was quiet, a seemingly-serene display of fire, smoke, and gleaming shrapnel.

Then, at last, the guns fired no more.

Among the catch-dogs, the bear slumped and was silent, a mass of muscle and fur.
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Cyro Samples and Research Logs Stolen in Freeze-Flame Sector

Postby Kovunanto » Mon Apr 18, 2022 9:41 am

~* * * * *~

The Aftermath of the Battle of Remnant, 07:00 hours local time

During the previous engagement, the main armada lost in total 280 of its 300 ships. Unflinching Spirit and Advent of Deep Wisdom were the only two supercarriers to have survived limping back to port along with its 18 other vessels, 7 battlecruisers, 6 procurators, and 5 excavation vessels. The reserve armada lost exactly half of its number at 250 from the single blast of a glass cannon. Among the important contributors to the battle, several key Shipmasters, including Mruha 'Krahamee, has perished. Only one Master and his Grand Servant were killed and its body was later found by the Yanme'e hours after the battle on the wreckage, already in its first stage of decomposition, his armor and weapon was nowhere to be found from the disintegration of the Undying Prayer. The whole 'Rattin tribe was also gone, their bodies too distengrated to be put into caskets.

Total casualties of the engagement of the Kovunanto side, including the ambushes with the Grimm during the relic hunt phase are estimated to be in the millions, about 17 million were killed. This also includes a Minor Prophet, the Prophet of Integrity from the Undying Prayer.

Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai remarks on the hard fought souls on both sides like a warrior poet back in the safety of the Kovunanto's holy capital.

Frontlines of differing beliefs clash for differing reasons (Referring to humanity and the Covenant's ideologies)
Skylines of differing colors brush for changing seasons (Referring to Remnant and its color theme)
Bloodlines of differing kinships with mirroring concretions (Referring to Homo Sapiens with its diversity and the aliens' caste system)
Both weave over the trenches, for a cause that cannot be won (Referring to the war itself that inevitably leads to nowhere)

~* * * * *~

Outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom's Outer Sphere, 11:30 hours local time

The serene galactic sky and its nebulae lights up the view as the Kovunanto Navy now repaired and merged with Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee's own armada. A combined fleet size of just 270 ships, it should've been more than that, because now they have to deal with encountering a spacefaring kingdom that wasn't meant to achieve such a status in ages. Having missed the formal invitation to the Easter gathering ball, an annual gathering back at the holy capital, the Kovunanto Navy is addressing an interesting dilemma in their logistics. Master St Luci 'Demacee and his Grand Servant walks up to the Fleetmaster on the bridge of the Ardent Condemnation flagship, as the Unflinching Spirit and Advent of Deep Wisdom are on both sides of the window, with Shipmaster St Ruto 'Danomai and Shipmaster St Kesan 'Zosovee, respectively. They all have better augmentations to their armor and have recharged their standard-issue weaponry after a long day of waiting for their fleet's repairs.

Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Speak, Master. We only have a short time for such debriefings!"
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "What can you tell us about the kingdom of mushrooms?"
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Our High Prophets have a... change of plans, if you haven't guessed it by now. We're going to ensure that these inhabitants aren't humans so they can be used as substance for our energy reserves. The longer we go on without a single mass herd, the shorter our lifespans. Not to mention our armor configurations are better optimized to handle higher temperatures from some worlds."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "So we're not purging them, you say? As long as they are something else, we just go ahead and take them in. Yeah, well their history of being captured is gonna make quick recognition on their headlines, and news travels very fast in their kingdom. They're not meant to travel in space, so how dare they make it into space?"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Fleetmaster, if we can get into these energy production facilities, we might be able to use their foundries as a means to make our ships go faster, our beams more powerful, and our plasma batteries more efficient."
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Of course, we were hoping this will work. Their ships aren't that many from our scannings, and only meant to destroy their own stone castles many times, but they can move through space. It's only made out of plain wood, easy prey for them."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "There's just too many species for us to scan through, it's simply a waste of time. Now, Fleetmaster, where are we heading? This sector is too large to navigate!"
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "We have marked coordinates in order of priority. There may be as many as forty-ish smaller sectors that I could count. All spread out evenly arranged."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "So, they're a socialist monarchy?"
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "No, Master. This monarchy we're after is something else. Completely byzantine in their policies, and the dimensions are ever-changing every century. If we can cut off the pipeline networks, they won't be able to call for help that quickly. No, that would only slow them down a bit. If we could get the facilities first, we can speed up the process of glassing, until we can get to their capital."

Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai raises her hand.

Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Yes, be quick!"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Their worlds are inhabited mainly by the Lumas except for their capital. Unfortunately, if we try to get near them, we would burn ourselves to death long before we even get close, not even our ships and armor can withstand it, they're bright as real stars. So how can we go about this? The Lumas can't fight back, but their usage is nigh impossible to avoid. And not only that, their bigger Power Stars also can't fight back, and again their usage is what makes them able to do things that are... shall we say, impossible to imagine."
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Hmmm, Master, we need an alternative before we engage."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "I know two ways we can take them out safely. We can head over to one of their high-yield coolant systems and steal some cryo technology first, and convert our cleansing beams into freezing beams specifically for this purpose. Then, while we're at it, we can go after the dark matter production plant and convert our plasma batteries with high-powered antimatter particles. Care must be taken on the latter so that we don't dematerialize ourselves into nothing."
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Ah, that explains it! We can go after the coolant system nearest to us and take the cryo samples to convert our tractor beams to sub-zero freezing beams, and taking over their dark matter plant quickly would allow us to become the most feared navy within the galaxy!"
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "Then let's get on over it, and quickly!"

Mushroom Kingdom - Outer Sphere, 12:00 hours local time

The Kovunanto Navy is now moving in towards the outer sphere via slipspace jump. The 270 ships led by Ardent Condemnation are heading towards one of the many smaller sectors within this outer sector, one that is mixed with fire and ice first. Temperatures fluctuate all the time and are in constant motion, the ships' temperature readings also begin to fluctuate, so they stop at a respectable distance to keep it level. Auroras are already lighting up upon arrival, which is giving away the position of every Kovunanto Navy vessel.

Master St Luci 'Demacee: "Fleetmaster, why did we stop? What's going on?"
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "We can't get past these giant fireballs and iceballs, they mind their own business, but their presence is many in number. Getting too close and we would get intense burns or instant freeze."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "All right, give us the order to send in the Phantoms, Seraphs, and Banshees, we need to get down there and steal the cryo samples and get out of there quickly."
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Crews! To your Phantoms, Seraphs and Banshees! Shields up and hold this position around this sector! Hold your fire unless we're attacked!"

The loading bays of some ships are unloading. Seraphs are released from their hinges, Phantoms loaded with crewmates, some of them have Wraiths below them, and Banshees are taking off to the first of many sectors. The armada is holding position in a circle formation. The Phantoms try their best to land on the icy surface, taking care to avoid rousing the snowmen and flying helicopter flower women milling about aimlessly. - Super Mario Galaxy OC ReMix by Nostalvania: "Where Hot and Cold Collide" [Ice Mtn+Lava Path]

Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Find the cryo samples, Master! We need them to convert our tractor beams for later!"
Master St Luci ''Demacee: "It will be done, Fleetmaster! We'll be out of here in almost no time!"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Keep your feet up on the snow, and watch out for snowballs, slippery terrain and frozen waters, Master!"

They are followed by some Unggoy, other Sangheili, and some Kig-Yar to provide support on the ground. Banshees and Wraiths are already clearing out the snowmen that pops up on the surface randomly. A cryo facility is nearby, but is blocked by the frozen waterfalls.

Master St Luci 'Demacee: "Grrrr, the path is blocked. Might as well use an incendiary grenade to melt them."

A Jiralhanae Spec-Ops team have been dispatched a minute later to do some demolition work. Two incendiary grenades are thrown at the frozen waterfalls, and it did the work. The facility's doors are revealed.

Master St Luci 'Demacee: "Good work! Now we can get to the cryo labs and steal the samples. All of it. And every single one of those research logs about them, too!"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Skeeter! Look out! I hate these things!"

Master St Luci 'Demacee throws his energy sword at the charging Skeeter readying to pounce on the duo, destroying the head. The Skeeter is flattened, legs stretched out.

Master St Luci 'Demacee: "It's dead now. Let's get these samples, their research logs and get ourselves out of here."
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "Uhh, Master!" *She gets his attention through the shoulder blade*
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "What is it, my Grand Servant?"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) *whispers* "We need to hurry. They're coming, fast."
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "By the Noble Prophets, what's coming? And where?"
Grand Servant St Lena 'Vitellai: (Translated from Latin) "I can sense it, far away. Source unknown. Something, much bigger. We must go!"
Master St Luci 'Demacee: "Fleetmaster Rokan! Come in!"
Fleetmaster St Rokan 'Revumee: "Yes, Master! We're ready to disembark!"

The combined fleet is now ready for disengaging with the Freeze-Flame sector and is now heading for one of the three high-yield energy production plants, the one that is closest of the three nearby. It will take only a few minutes to get out of the sector before making a slipspace jump to avoid detection. All the vehicles and crew on the ground are back to their respective ships, leaving only footprints on the icy surface behind.
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KSN: We're getting reports that Gensokyo is collapsing on itself. All forces are to vacate the planet.

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Kamchatka Peninsula, Far-Eastern Governorate

Postby State of Imperial Russia » Mon Apr 18, 2022 11:04 am

Russian forces in Kamchatka.

Following reports of unusual activities over Kamchatka's Milkovsky District and later the disappearance of several in the raion, the Russian government sent a small contingent of government troops to investigate. Their patrols came up inconclusive, neither catching a glimpse of these reported "incidents" nor the missing persons. Upon questioning a local peasant, they were told of strange lights for miles and miles, shining through the clouds and piercing the darkness of the night sky.

Setting down for the night, the soldiers waited to catch a glimpse of these lights. Were aliens real? Spacefaring creatures ready to violate the sovereignty of humanity?
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