She Speaks the Language of Despotism [Semi-Open ; FT]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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She Speaks the Language of Despotism [Semi-Open ; FT]

Postby Jenrak » Mon May 17, 2010 11:12 am

Mature Content

"So solemn her words abreast false kings, that thy will be brethren to even the most silver-tongue of bastards and whores. Make peace with tyrants and warmongers, for peace is but a fiction, and stability is a dream."

    Midnight on the planet of Scian was rarely something that people considered to be midnight - no cold whispers on the pale winds, no faint songs of the wilderness, and no howls of white-mooned silver wolves on the plateaus. It was bright, a lit and horrifyingly hot. Bright with hellfire, a lit with hellfire, and horrifyingly hot with hellfire. Soldiers rushed down the pathways of the small villages on the edge of the thick wilds to embrace formation as the pounding of thick and heavy treads upon the hard and frozen ground kicked up razor sharp shreds of cracked icy mud. The air was thick with the warm ghostly breaths of the soldiers as they brandished their rifles in formation, a few taking point as they only skittered with the lowliest of noise through the forest. Another group from the north seemingly came down from the hills, slowly approaching the tiny village as the dance of flames were still vividly embracing the night veil.

    One of them, a short haired and blue eyed young man, no older than twenty rushed up ahead by the order of his officer, his rifle carried strong and well as its butt was perched neatly by his shoulder. He pressed a small glassy and glossy button on his shirt, a tiny, almost inaudible beep emanating before it popped out and onto the cold ground. Small pieces of dirt littered around its drop, before it broke apart into a tiny spider-like creature, droning faithfully as its single blue eye stared back at him. He nodded, and it turned around and skittered into the flames. "Hooking up ETR network." He whispered, pressing his temple carefully before a small blue insignia appeared on the surface of his eyelids, the veins on his cheeks and his eyebrows leading towards his eyes becoming slightly more pronounced. "Sending transmission. Enabling G6 Wi-Fi network. Port to location." He whispered, his fingers pressing an invisible in front of him, his rifle still by his head.

    A small gulp was heard before he pressed his temple again, this time the blue insignia turning into a flash of red and orange mixtures, headed by a thick and eerie grayish scene. "Target seems to be using a smokescreen, possibly Avalon-make." The young soldier suggested, almost seeming as if he was talking to himself.

    "Roger. We will order movement immediately to hold position. Medics will be on standby to scour for survivors if necessary, but current situation is hold until suits are on their way. ETA is 35 to 40 minutes. Please hold reconnaissance drone until then." A voice from within his mind answered - it was gruff and slightly old, but still carried a pouncing youthfulness that suggested the man was merely groggy, tired or had a bad throat.

    "Should I get a sample?" The young soldier asked, his fingers tapping the ground slightly to keep track, his wrist occasionally pulled out from his sleeves to reveal the time ticking away under his skin. The small village was dense with a soft grayish fog, lingering about without care of the sway of the wind or the fire that blazed around it. An immovable cloud, it hung about the ground and carried not even shadows in its midst, engulfing a large section of the tiny hamlet as it crept up from the western creeks. "It can't be something natural." He whispered, looking at the sight of the recon drone through his eyes. "I'm moving into the fog for a closer look."

    "Readings are fine. Just get a reading." His officer answered back on his integrated communicator. "Don't do anything rash, and put it into stealth mode." He ordered, as the soldier nodded to himself in the darkness.

    A small clicking noise was heard on the drone, its sights his sights as it relayed its images towards him, slowly and every more daringly moving into the fog, the long gray fingers soon stretching into its form as it began to creep further and further into the mist. Sweat was pouring down the young soldier's forehead, his breathing becoming stronger and stronger as he began to take deeper and deeper breaths. Long columns of smoke were nothing more than gray, and here, within this faint and solemn area of emptiness, there was no darkness. It was a hauntingly beautiful but colorless world, as the hamlet was wrapped in a monotone blanket.

    It was a desaturated world, and even there eerie whirs and growls were audible, but the drone's movements were moved about carefully, seeing noting. Just the buildings, untouched by hellfire, untouched by the bombs that seemed to whistle in the backgrounds. Here, there were no heavy shadows and everything was just a mess of distorted light from a moon-less night. There was a star in the sky, but it was ebony black and small forks of crackling energy seemed to emanate from its hearth. The young soldier breathed even deeper as he watched all this. Oh Messiah, dear Messiah. This is...unreal. He thought, his chest rising and falling as even his palms were so sweaty that he dared not to hold his rifle with them in such a state.

    The world within the world was dotted with black stars, and each were like the veins that adorned his face. Throbbing, crackling, and pulsating amidst a black cobweb in the sky.

    "Newcastle, are you there?" One of the voices again rung into his ear, his communicator flashing into a great light. "Newcastle?"

    He fumbled back into reality. "Speaking, sir. I'm getting the feed from the drone. Are you?"

    "I...I am." The officer answered back, a draining essence seeming to permeate his words. "I can't believe something like this is happening. Are the readers on?"

    "They're on, but there's nothing reading them. I-I don't know what it is, but it's not something at least we have on this planet."

    "Is it alien?"

    "I don't know, sir. I don't know what this is. This technology must be incredibly advance to distort a contained spatial field to this extent." He kept the recon drone pushing forwards, following a small black mass that he was seeing in the distance, the eyesight zooming into a large bulbous flesh sack, dragged painfully on the cobblestone grounds with two powerful human legs. But it wasn't human, and it's upper face seemed to be dotted with black eyes like those of a spider. Upon its back were hundreds of more eyes, each twisting and turning as they stared curiously at the drone, seeing it from such a distance. It's skin was smooth at the top, with scars and massive pimple-like shapes adorning its arching backside, it's eyes dripping with pus and blood as each movement popped and squeezed out more and more pus.

    As the pus dropped onto the ground, it slowly distorted out a thick grease before a tiny curled up spider-ling was visible. These little things, only the size of the thumbnail, skittered onto the drone as they pounced onto its camera, the image relayed to the young soldier's eyes. It was all he could see, his heart beating faster and faster as the large creature lumbered forwards, it's noise only a small guttural growl, barely audible even by the highly sensitive drone. The spiderlings had no fangs - their abdomens were lined with small mouths, each laced with razor sharp teeth as it tried to chew away at the drone's shielding. Oh dear Messiah. He whispered, his breathing rising and falling and writhing in an unbelievable tone. He couldn't fathom it at all.

    The cobblestones were splashed with its blood, mixed and diluted with a mess of yellowish pus and what seemed to be highly thick and sticky fluid. "Semen?" He whispered, hearing noise from his officers, but he couldn't focus in on their words. He was fixated on the sheer locking fright of such a beastly thing, A long black mass in front of the large bulbous sack revealed a hanging and barbed slab of flesh, confirming his fears. "No way." He shook his head. "No, no. No way." He spoke, his fingers running through his short hair, feeling already the sweat accumulate into his hair as he gripped his rifle. He couldn't get a good look at its front, but a hanging and dangling lower jaw lined with razor-sharp teeth was something he did see, and the whithered gums were only too well splashed with red saliva.

    It popped and crawled and splashed with its own blood and semen and pus, lurching ever more quickly as it walked quicker and quicker, its back raised as the soldier his rifle slightly, the transmission from his drone still feeding into his eyesight. It stopped, then bent down, almost to pounce at a small rocky outcrop on the ground, and to his horror, to his surprise, with him behind it.

    He raised his fingers to press his temple, but it lunged its teeth into his shoulder, locking him in place as he felt his muscles twist and convulse violently at the burgundy venom pressed into his bloodstream, a burning and witheringly painful sensation seeming to tear his muscles apart as his head was cold, then hot. It burned and then seemed to freeze with intense frostbite, then burned again. He groaned, opening to scream before it inserted its penis into his mouth, tearing his cheeks wide open as he finally screamed, the blood spraying out as he tried to fight it off. His adam apple's moved as he gagged at the foul stench and taste, almost vomiting as it raised its weapon erect again, jamming it into the small depression above his collarbone, stabbing his windpipe with its erection before it injected a sea of semen into his throat.

    "O...augh...Mess - " He gagged before it gave off a guttural growl again, biting into his stomach before it smashed him against the rock, stabbing into his eye as it rushed into and out, spraying more and more into his optical cavity as he tried in vain to fight it off, and only small sprays of gunfire littered the noiseless air. Three holes - one in his windpipe, one in his mouth, one in his eyes, each filled to the brim with stinging, burning and spider-filled semen, each scattering as his flesh was dragging hot and pus-covered upon a greasy cobblestone road. His head had a large hole from the front to the back, almost as if he was shot with a massive gun, and his blood was coming out in a pinkish hue, his stomach bursting tiny crawling insects.

    Cheeks wide open, his sinews and small flaps of flesh were hanging upon his skinless face, his hands turning a pale white-colour before a small gurgling noise was heard. It moved on, this thing, leaving him behind as it searched for a better pray, still erect and hungry as his blood was dripping from its rotten fangs.

    Large holes the size of stab wounds were on his shoulders, and the neural interface was torn asunder in a dazzle of fiber wires and silicon plates beneath his skin.

    His corpse laid there for only a second, however, as it slowly began to distort in on itself. His feet's ankles first stretched outwards, shooting out of his heels as it came back into the bottom of his feet. His stomach curled in on itself, twisting into an all-consuming mouthlike entity, caving his entire body into a fetal position, and his hole ridden upper body began to shrink itself into a small blood mass of scattered flesh, muscle and blood into a dripping ball. His legs were torn apart at the knees, as white shapes were jutting out of his skin, only barely past the uniform. The drone was deactivated, and he turned into a literal fleshball, before the creeping fog wrapped him into a blanket of gray shades, turning to columns as it whithered into a black dot into the sky among countless others.

    All of it was under a white canopy.

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Postby Dbrought » Tue May 18, 2010 9:02 am

OOC: Cue Listening to this as part of the intro helps the feel. for me at least.

Empty space
In transit through unknown sector #8734
DNS "Robyn"


Anton was badly hungover from last nights round of drinking. True enough, the crew had finally finished mining that dam worthless piece of rock for good. Finally they could roam again in search of new riches instead of having to stay at the same hell hole sharing their find with every other goddam miner captain in the whole Feking Dominion Flotilla. It didn't matter that they found it first and could make a fortune for themselves for years. No for the "good of the Flotilla" those dam government bastards nationalized the whole thing and gave everyone the rights to it. In a week it was like all of Anton's old whining neighbors from his planet days had followed him and parked right next to him. And then the pay wasn't even that good cause people were, "suffering". Find your own dam rock ya cherry pickers. Then again now the crew would have to do work again. At least they would after the hangover.

Anton got up from his cot and fell to the floor with a thud. after about another 10 seconds of staring at his jacket lying in a head on the floor Anton put his hand on his chair and pulled himself onto it. Dam he felt like crap. Anton's head felt like it was about to either crack open or melt. Maybe both at the same time. Dam that exotic stuff he had been saving was good. Only the best could make you feel this shitty the next morning. After sitting for a minute Anton bent over and pulled on his jacket. Its smelt like oil, shit, and a musty smell like something had maybe died in it. As it turned out the last captain had died in the jacket, needless to say it was Anton's favorite jacket. From a hook on the bed Anton took his holster and pistol, just in case he finally decided that that basterd Davis had finally outlived his lifespan and his tolerance for good. Killing a crewman was never something Anton would actually do, but somehow just knowing he could kill somebody if he relay actually badly wanted to right then made him feel better. Now that he had his jacket and pistol Anton leaned up against the door frame waited first as if it would move itself on its own, then fumbled with the door control pressing every wrong button multiple times until he smashed his hand against all of them in frustration and watched the door open.

Going down the corridor Anton still felt like crap, but he tried to make the rest of the crew think he was more angry than he was sick. At least then they would leave him alone. As he came to the rec room he saw Jefferies, Blunk, and Slad playing cards and drinking with some old music (music from vid) playing from the old broken intercom Palov took apart months ago. He never could reconnect it with the rest of the dam ship. Something about the circuits and some signal and how the whole ship might have issues with everything. Anton figured he was lying just so they could get something to play their tunes on. Anton never used the intercom, so he never cared enough to find out. All Anton wanted now was to relax on the bench as he poured himself some water and popped a hangover pill.

"i'll call." "i bet you would. going for 3 are we Blunk?" " I think it is 4 Slad." "Well who the hell asked you Jefferies. you folded so shutup." "Man, shut yourself up its obvious your bluffing, any blind man can read you a mile away." "I said shut it Jefferies if you knew i was bluffing then why did you fold?" "Cause unlike you i was smart and folded one Blunk bleed all his cards." "You been looking at my cards asshole? I'll gut you for your money's worth if you have been trying to peak at my cards." "I wasn't trying to peek at your cards. You just thought it be nice to show them to all in creation what you had. so i folded." "Your lying. You always have been a terrible liar Jefferies. You just folded cause you didn't have shit." "Well either way Bunk i'm going to win. so either raise check or give me my money." "Check. show me the dam cards fool so i can get my money back." "Naw i think i'll raise you. 40." "40. what the hell are you trying to pull man? We all knows you bluffing." "Well you got to pay to find out." "Fek you and all your got to pay to find out bull. Here is your dam 40 now show me the dam cards." "Well i got a sequence with 8's and 4's." "Ha i told ya he was bluffing. that ain't shit." "Just wait a dam second. you see if you just happen to have a sequence of 8's and 4's and have an even cross of highs i think you win. now what you got?" "cross high 20's, Damit." "Thank you very much." Dam you Slad you always keep that cross up your sleeve ya cheat." "Hey if ya can't catch me ya can't prove nothing, so i'll be taking your money." "Dam int Slad. you always just have to take a 1/4th of whatever i make. i don't see why i ever bother playing with you. i should just pay you right after and go my own way." "Ah hell you just sore. Whats the point of money when you can't spend it on shit and won;t have fun with it one cards?" "Ah hell i don't know. I'm just tired of losing."

Suddenly on of the still working intercoms sputtered and fizzed until it sounded legible

Captain. I'm picking up a strange signal on our scanners, i was wondering i-

"Davis! I told you that i don't care and that you are never to bother me whe-"

But sir i have never seen anything like this and it doesn't register as anyth-

"Just shut up Davis. Those readout tools are beat to hell as the last captain when he bought the ship. Now is someone attacking us?"


"Are we in immediate danger?"

No, but

"Shut it Davis! ignore it and continue with your worthless life. When something does happen like the discovery of a new rock or some danger then tell me. Until then piss off "

Anton turned the intercom off and went back to sobering up for the next few minutes.

Engine Room

Karen had been up for hours trying to fix the dam coupling for conduit two. For whatever reason so idiot through building the dam thing with only 3/4th the containment nodes was not having a good idea at the time. Well it worked well enough for a while, but now it was a bitch to fix. Karen had been in the engine room for so long she practically lived there. The sounds of the core and generators had started to become commonplace enough that Karen found it hard to sleep in more quiet areas.

"Crap that can't be right. Jack check to scans on that." "I wish to remind you Karen that i wish to be designated as-." "Well i'm still going to call you Jack. You A.I. wanted recognition and rights. Well if you wanted the freedom of organics, you have to deal with nicknames like the rest of us. I'm going to call you Jack. now tell me has the coupling gone more that 3 positive." "Negative. the charge has gone down by 5 negative." "What the Hell. That can't be right. Gimme the console." "Here you are mam." "That's impossible. there is no way we lost that much in transit. Run a diagnostic on the scanner." "Diagnostic running. Scanner is running fine, but there is an unknown energy signature affecting the coupling." "Identify." "Signature unknown. source unidentifiable, coming from north 60 degrees." "Bring up what we do read of it. I see , blah blah blah, blah... wait..... Oh Shi-. SHUT DOWN THE CORE NOW! GET US OUT OF FTL!"

Karen sprinted from her workspace to the core console pounding madly at the controls.
Please state emergency override comma-
"Hit the Deck, NOW!"
Command accepted Shutting Down Core

Karen ran over to he Coms system hitting the general alarm and the intercom.



Anton was halfway back asleep at the bench when the alarm came. The Sirens pounded his head making his hangover a thousand times worse. And then it happened. flinging most of the crew awake and to the ground

Space suddenly was ripped open as if some madman with a knife cut across it wildly. From that rift the Robyn was thrown into real space again at an angle drifting aimlessly as if it had been thrown by some giant. the ship groaned under the stress, but held together. The ship fired a few thrusters righting itself. in the engine room a small fire erupted from the coupling. Karen raced to put it out with the fire extinguisher. Had she been 2 seconds later it might have made it to something vital, but after a sustained 30 second burst from the extinguisher it was out.

Karen, what the FEK just happened?!

"We almost hit a FTLi anomaly head on. With all do respect, i just saved this entire dam ship." (Either something natural or you can claim responsibility)


"I managed to save the core, but one of the couplings is blown. We won't have FTL capabilities back till i fix it. The power is fine though. we have normal engines and power to all our other systems minus FTL."

Can you fix it.

"We i could have if most of the spare containment nodes weren't toasted. I'll try but frankly we need spare parts."

Keep me appraised.

Anton brusquely walked to the bridge. Running into Davis coming from the bridge.

"DAVIS! you feking told me that it wasn't any immediate danger!"
"But sir i-"
"Shut it Davis. Get off my bridge. Freya what our status? Where are we?"
Other than loss of FTL systems the ship remains mostly intact. No new ship damages have been sustained. Our current location unknown. This sector has never previously been explored. There is however a nearby system. i'm reading multiple planets. i see some within the M band. it is possible that we can encounter locals.
Anton pushed his hand against the panel unlocking his preferences. The chair moved forward, and several holographic displays were brought up. A star map was rendered and displayed a long list of irrelevant information that Anton ignored. Anton reclined in his seat and looked at the data streams flowing in.

"Cycle the guns online and bring us in slowly. search the system for any transmission or indications of activity. If we are lucky we will be able to find the parts we need from somebody."

Anton punched the intercom
You all have Karen to thank for saving your asses. We are intact and moving into the system. We might meet the native though. Pull your guns out of your asses and get to your stations.

"Yes Freya?"
you might want to look at this.

"Ah holy hell."

OOC: post what i pick up at long range.
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Postby Sertian » Tue May 18, 2010 7:45 pm

Somewhere in N-Space, Sleeping Quarters of the S.I.V. Phantom

Thumping, vibrations… The first sensations she recognized as sleep slowly left her form. The feel of her small cot moving with the vibrations of a ship decelerating under full burn. A familiar sensation, but weaker than she remembered it… Odd, her tired brain thought, torch drives usually rumbled when they were on, yet this was only a quiet purr…

Then came the other feelings, the instant pushing on her left shoulder, the low pitched voice of a man calling to her… Her eyes slowly crept open to look around the dark room of the sleeping quarters, catching sight of half a dozen other cots similar to hers - most of them manned with personal sleeping or on their way there. And then she spotted him, the one that was pushing at her form, the one that was speaking to her.

“Sir, the commander wanted to speak to you, we’re almost at the destination,” his voice was dull, utterly unremarkable as the low officer that spoke them.

“Alright, alright,” the women said with a yawn as her arms stretched out, ligaments and bones moving for the first time in hours around the dense, genetically enhanced muscles of the female. Her legs then did the same, toes curling and ankles moving in a ball-like motion before her hips swiveled to the side, placing those bare feet upon the carbon composite of the floor.

She then reached out blindly, feeling around the head of the cot before her fingers grasped the device she had placed there just a few hours before. The curved features of the HUD headset feeling light in her grasp, and still warm from the electronics that continued to buzz frantically in her sleep. She slid the device around her head, the optical crystal lenses holding itself just before her right eye - tinting the world in green while red letters and lines began to display information for her convenience.

The SpecOps agent then stood on her feet, stretching her back and the other muscles that had not yet awoken, before taking the last few steps away from the bunk - giving the tired officer that awakened her a chance to curl into the thin, barely comfortable fabric for his turn for rest. As for the women, she left him in peace, making her way out of the room and through a door that quietly slid out of her way. A few steps beyond that was her locker, a quick wave of her hand over the reading device let the locking mechanism read the ID chip implanted in her right thumb - causing it to open and swivel the lid of the container out of the way.

She reached in, pulling out a fresh uniform and a few other assorted items and went about dressing herself. She kicked off her sleeping garments, shorts and tank top and stuffed them into the container. Then quickly slipped on the cool, crisp clothing that held itself comfortably against her skin. Then came her boots, sliding over her bare feet and fitting cozily over their form. Finally came her side arm, the slightly heavy ion pistol nimbly grasped in her fingers came to rest on the magnetic clip at the side of her belt. Fully dressed the agent closed the locker, the mechanism sealing the container shut once more.

The women then walked out, away from the living quarters of the ship and started to make her way throughout the small frigate. Occasionally stepping around technicians checking up on some small system or soldiers on their way to some section of the ship for some errand, all the while the pleasant purr of the stealth frigate’s ion drives cooed throughout the entire hull. But after a short walk she came to a door, one that immediately slid out of her way and allowed her entry to the lit room beyond.

“Alison, pleasure to see you’re awake,” the young looking commander, who seemed to be in his late twenties said with a smile as he stood in front of a hologram representation of the planet they were heading too. “I don’t suppose you’re willing to tell me just what this mission is about, now?”

“Unfortunately you’re not cleared for this mission, Low Commander,” the women said bluntly as she made her way in front of the hologram, her piercing green eyes settling on the sensor representation of the anomalies they were investigating. “You are here to follow your orders, to take the package to this planet and then remain unnoticed in system in case emergency pick up is needed.”

The commander grimaced somewhat at the women’s reprimand, his stance changing to one much more defensive, “And just what is your rank or caste? You always introduce yourself as Alison, not once have you spoken the level of authority you seem to be demanding.”

“You’ve not had the privilege of working with a SpecOp agent, have you Low Commander?” the women said curiously, even as a small grin worked its way into her features. She looked every bit the military women - firm although not unpleasant features with short, sandy blonde hair. She could almost be considered beautiful. “If you do not know, a SpecOp are assigned tasks by the Emperor himself and have no rank. We are considered to be agents of his authority, any command or request I make should be considered like it was a command from the Emperor himself. I hope that isn’t to hard for you to understand, Low Commander.”

The commander’s features grew aggressive, almost hostile from the women’s condescending tone. But they only lasted for a second before he took in a deep, almost sighing breath and relaxed his facial muscles, “Very well. What are your plans for my ship and crew then, if I may ask?”

“You may,” the agent turned her attention away from the holo-map and gave a venomous smile to the ship’s captain, “Your mission should have relatively little risk. We’ll be doing a low orbital drop of the package ten kilometers away from the perimeter of the anomaly. Afterwards, you’ll use a short burn and lurk a few thousand kilometers away from the planet - far enough not to draw attention but be in range of the communicator on the bug. You’ll wait there to ferry any messages from or to me, and unless an emergency extraction is needed, you’ll try to remain undetected until you’re supplies run out or you receive orders from Armada Command.”

The Low Commander’s brows furrowed as he thought over the plan, his eyes glancing to the hologram as well. “A high orbital insertion would be better. Our chances of being detected are increased the closer to the planet we get.”

“I agree, but this ship lacks any drop pods and a Bug is only capable of Low Orbital Insertions,” Alison spoke. “So unless I want to go down alone, with no food, spare ammunition, or a solar array, we’re going to go in low. If we do it right, any ships shouldn’t have that long to detect your ship - especially if we enter from the opposite side of the planet.”

The low commander gave a gruff cough, “Doesn’t matter. So long as they detect us during the insertion, they’ll be able to track us for the remainder of our stay in the system. The stealth doesn’t make us invisible, SpecOp. It only makes us no more detectable than a small rock or piece of orbital debris.”

“I trust in you and your crew’s ability to remain undetected then,” the women stated while waving her hand dismissively. “I’ll leave the approach trajectory in your capable hands.” And with that, she stood in the center of the commander’s office, claiming it as her own for the time being. The male, slow to pick up on this, stayed in place for a few seconds before finally making his way out of the room to tend to the women’s orders.

The women, checking to see that she was finally alone, turned back to the hologram and quickly went about changing the display image. Typically a view of the outside during ‘FTL’ was bland - just the complete black emptiness of N-space. However, the shroud-class frigate was currently decelerating, which meant that it was projecting a stream of ions behind it… Which caused quite the phenomena when the propellant left the confines of the 3D bubble…

The image eventually changed, the hologram fading out to show the view from one of the vessel’s many optical sensors. The camera swiveled, and for a few minutes she stared at the glorious image of this simple phenomena. The stream of high energy ions flowing in a ghostly blue light from the end of the ship, traveling for just a few dozen meters before meeting the end of the protective confine’s of the ships bubble… There mass broke down operating under nine dimensional physics, its particles decaying into pure energy. At the end of the ghostly blue stream was what could have been mistaken for a glorious shining star, standing alone in a vast void.

Some Time Later, S.I.V. Phantom’s Cargo Bay

The Cargo Bay was busy, a few beings doing last minute duties for the insertion. But at the center of the bay was Alison, standing alone next to an automated buggy the size of a small car. Its nickname as Bug was obviously given because of the two sensor arrays at the front which had the appearance of the compound eyes of an insect.

“Are you sure you want to go in alone?” a soldier who’s face was hidden behind his helmet asked as he walked up to the lone agent. “We have no idea what sort of hell hole you’re going down there - for all we know there could be some extra dimensional army coming out of that distortion.”

“I’m sure,” the women responded as she picked up the helmet of her armor. The base armor was large enough, designed to protect the soldier from just about anything that could be thrown at them and with electronic motors to assist movement to make them even more deadly. However, it was even more bulky due to the variety of addons equipped to the base armor’s hard points - devices specifically designed for an orbital drop like this. Ablative armor plates that would restrict movement but would eject off in the last phases of the drop, complete with jump jets to assist in deceleration…

“This is an espionage mission, not a small scale invasion. I’ll be able to move quieter and quicker on my own,” Alison placed the helmet over her head - the device clicking in place as it formed its seal. “Besides,” her voice picked up from the armor’s radio, “If there is an army down there - a few extra soldiers won’t make much of a difference.”

“Alright sir, but take care of yourself. I don’t want to tell my kids someday that my first mission with a SpecOps ended in her death,” the soldier smiled underneath his helmet before giving the agent a salute and moved on his way.

“Five minutes until orbital drop. Please clear the cargo bay,” a crackled voice sounded a warning through the ship’s radio. Immediately the personal in the bay started to pack up what they were doing - some rushing to finish the last second parts of their tasks while most of them were stowing away tools and other items that would be sucked out from the bay’s doors when they opened…

“One minute until orbital drop. All personal please leave the cargo bay immediately,” the voice crackled out once more while the last of the beings in the bay made their way to the inner air lock.

“Thirty seconds until orbital drop. Hope you’re ready Alison.” The SpecOps agent reached up, grasping her power-armored fist around a handle attached to the roof of the hangar. She took a few seconds to look at the Bug, the vehicle’s electronics flashed their lights as they corresponded with the computers on the ship to make precise adjustments for its landing.

“Ten seconds to orbital drop…” the women’s muscles clenched in preparation as the atmosphere of the cargo bay was sucked out into the reservoir.

“Five… Four… Three… Two…” the last of the atmosphere was gone, leaving the agent in total silence. The last number past unheard, the indication that it had passed only known from the outer doors sliding open and allowing the women to see the planet below. Its body took up most of her view, and if it wasn’t a sight she’d seen hundreds of times before she might even be touched by the grandness of it all - the sheer size of what could be considered small in an imaginably large universe…

The Bug was the first to leave the hangar. The locks holding it in place disengaging and leaving the vehicle to float in the hanger slowly for a few seconds until the thruster firing of the ship left the buggy behind to continue falling towards the planet below.

The women then waited, counting the seconds in her head. Five… Four… Three… Two… Then on one she let go of the hand rail above her, pushing off and then kicking out towards the planet. The ship’s thrusters fired once more and she was left alone in a free fall.

She kept her breathing slow and calm, her mind just as steady as she kept control of herself despite the fact she was several kilometers above the planet and about to fall at hundreds of meters an hour to what could be a fiery death if she screwed up. Instead she focused on the vehicle falling in front of her, a barely recognizable dot at this distance. Her suit’s HUD followed the movements of her eyes, picking up on the subtle commands given and magnified the vehicle’s image as it entered the atmosphere. With it, she was able to clearly see the vehicles thrusters fire, keeping it at a slow controlled descent.

She then turned herself around, her eyes looking up to see the shrinking image of the Phantom. It was an interesting sight, the clearly visible but closing bay seemingly standing by itself. The ship’s hull hidden as the meta-material it was composed of warped and refracted the light it came into contact with, giving the blurred image of the star field behind the ship.

However, she was drawn away from her browsing by the alarms of her suit. The magnified image of the ship was replaced, instead a diagram of her location and trajectory taking its place. With a sigh the women turned herself back once more, orienting herself towards the now larger planet beneath her. She then waited, watching the information played out in front of her eyes, her mind jumping along the complex equations of the orbital descent then counting down the seconds till she would fire the thrusters on the outer layer of her armor… Fifteen seconds, ten seconds… Five… Fire!

The dozen or so thrusters embedded in the ablative armor plates didn’t really roar - there was barely an atmosphere for sound to trouble anyway. Instead they gave a sound much like an high pitched squeal inside the suit, a sound that was thankfully kept at a barely manageable level. The sensation, however, was something quite different - more akin to a deep, powerful vibration that made its way deep into her form…

The agent closed her eyes, breathing deeply as she started to count down the next stage once more. Focusing more on articulating each number in her head, distancing herself from the fact that she was falling… falling… falling… Distancing herself from the fact that she was entering the atmosphere proper now, distancing herself from the fact that the outer layer of ablative material was literally boiling itself away to keep the rest of her cool…

Her mental count down came to its last few numbers just as some of the decelerating thrusters began to fail - the layers of ablative coating above their mechanisms being boiled down to a thin egg shell by now. But most of the deceleration was over now and she was only falling at a moderate amount of meters per second. She opened her eyes while the ablative plates and thrusters detached from the core armor, flinging themselves off and away. She relaxed just in time for the parachute pack on her back to fire, causing her entire suit to come to slow down rapidly in a full body version of a kick to the gut.

But the danger was over, the parachute would take her safely down to the land underneath her and, despite the few bruises she might have from the parachute’s deployment, she had made it through the entire affair without a scratch. She took the strands of the parachute in her hands and tugged on them, guiding her approach down towards where the Bug would have landed a few kilometers from where she was now… She wouldn’t be able to land on top of it, but she could at least cut down a few hundred meters from the walk.

The agent cut the lines of the parachute when she was ten meters above the ground, letting the cloth float away for some time instead of falling on top of her. Her feet would impact the ground first, quickly followed by her knee, then her elbow as she rolled into the landing. A few seconds later and she was on her feet performing a quick overview of her armor’s systems.

Once Alison was sure that the suit was functioning properly she’d pluck the large meter long battle rifle on her back off of its magnetic clamp and hold it nimbly in her hands. The rifle’s electronics coming online, linking its IR targeting laser and ammo count information to her HUD. Armed and ready, the Special Operation agent started a brisk walk towards the Bug’s location, moving at a tangent to the mists that clustered around the anomalies she was sent to investigate…
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Postby Jenrak » Tue May 18, 2010 8:11 pm

    Lumbering through space, wading with the sway of leviathans as it swam silently through the stars to its destination, the multi-turreted guns of the Tabula Vult were ready and baring to strike down colonies with fell shots. Gargantuan, long and intimidating, it was twisting with the fleshy ends of demonic ichors as they broke apart like small droplets behind its wake. It ran on its own shielding, it's own armor and its own armaments, but that did not stop the crackling of dark and black energy that surrounded it like a shield. Long ebony and velvet fingers were reaching out amidst the small ships that followed it, almost electrocuting the stragglers that were in its shadow. The glisten of strong rays from far stars in deep space cast extremely solid shadows, and there was no insignia to denote such a massive ship as such.

    Each end was brimmed was with drone pods, each ready to fire out small ocular-shaped machines that would whirl and twist and scream hellfire at their opponent. The front of the ship was splashed with what seemed like pikes and bayonets the size of people, and the area did not reveal a single window save for one small slit only slightly visible from the control bridge embedded into the top. There were long wires that were dipped in steel armor with chestnut-brown chitinous plating lined along the edges. Throbbing hearts and beating organs were wrapped amidst a long blanket of alien skin and rotting flesh, tied together by incredibly strong sinew. It's wades were slow and deliberate, and it's movements were unyielding and erratic. It's turns were almost non-existent, and it seemed that it was inefficient in its movements. However, the fighters that littered its side, each crackling with a black energy themselves emanating from the long and twisted, piked ship's core, all seemed to speed around like hornets on a mobile hive.

    As they docked in the hundreds of hangars, it seemed to be the case - a small city, moving like a deliberate and crawling fortress, carried and supported by massive thrusters and immense exhausts. There were no flags around it, and it was bare of any markings save for the small and occasional cannon fire shot. What seemed to be wounds and holes, oddly enough, were patched up by the growing and intertwining fleshy substances that seemed to propel it with a supernatural power. It's eyes were everywhere, dotting the area like honeycombs as its small spiders busy at work - each the size of a human - fixing the ships as it continued its voyage.

    The charts on its navigation were clear - Scian, a small planet on the fringes of the Imperial Massing, a large and vast cluster of dead stars and planets, with only the small little settlement on the single hospital world of Scian. It was an unimpressive planet, to be sure, dotting with more yellow and brown and green than the blue gem that was the homeworld of the humans, but it was also an autonomous settlement. People had their own ways, traditions and means, and it was still so long ago before anyone would remember the words that were uttered for their exile. Nobody knows - nobody cares. All that mattered was that Scian was this great ship's destination, almost there as it seemed to reveal Scian's pocky surface in sight.


    The bridge of the Tabula Vult was cleared of everything save for a single body, before the clangs of armored footsteps came through the halls behind the thick fortress-like doors. The sway and patrols of the fighters were only great sights to this being, standing at the helm as it watched the area about it. Assistants and soldiers all seemed to decorate the area around the bridge, especially the command centers, but it was the bridge that was left untouched. Save for her. Her left arm a whithered and twisted mass of flesh, she held it hanging at her side as its turret was blended in deeply with the writhing and throbbing arm-sized tentacles that coursed through her body. A hellish system of small black circles were seen on her lower body, suggesting war paintings. However, it didn't take a highly observant eye to see that it was beneath the skin, and that it caved and whithered away at her flesh, the veins long and pumped full of blue and purple blood. Her legs were flesh until the knees, and from there the muscles, sinew and veins were twisted and jammed into a small set of three-toed robotic limbs.

    Foreign and unknown in design, it gave her speed, and kicking power, as well as a flexibility unheard of before. Her right arm was bristled with cold plated armor, the small pieces of shield armor hiding even further beneath it, ebbing and shaking at the prospect as it strengthened and then waned and strengthened and then fell. Although seemingly erratic, it was movable and highly advanced, moving and shifting accordingly to her whim. Her hair was long and flowing, glistening with a pale platinum color as long frontal bangs hid a young woman's face. A great plate on her right shoulder, almost like a mounted defense, ended with a curved and wicked blade that was dried with the blood previous victims. Standing at the bridge, she watched the deep voids of space as its coldness permeated the air around her.

    The clanging grew louder, revealing open doors as a single soldier, clad in a uniform different from the fabric of the others, rushed to stand behind the grotesque woman. The soldier bowed his head, and on his armor was an insignia of a hawk tearing apart another. His guns were tucked away neatly, but it still showed a substantial armament, and his plasma knife was sheathed in his boots. He had a young, sharp and powerful looking set of cheekbones, lined with deep blue eyes and a dried set of lips.

    "Report." The woman requests without looking back. Her voice was sweet but also strong. It was calming but also aggravating. It spoke with the softness of whispers and the chaos of screams, hooking almost all the main pitches in her voice as it echoed with incredible difference. However, it was certain that when she spoke, it was of incredible confidence.

    "It is as you feared, Madam: the Bydarium Ikrahk are going wild. Your old comrade's forces are tearing his old fiefs apart. I'm going to posit and believe that by the end of the month they'll overrun the planet of Scian." The soldier with a thick and gruff voice spoke.

    "A month? How accurate is the projection?" The woman asked.

    "Almost one hundred."

    "So there's the possibility of an anomaly. Can we judge the value of the anomaly's worth based on its relative position to the projection?"

    "I...don't understand what you're talking about."

    "Ah, yes, I understand. I will best leave you to your duties, Captain Newcastle."

    "There is something else, that you should know, Madam." Newcastle answered, sweat rushing down his face.

    "Oh?" She turned to face him. "Have I been promised the reinforcements I have suggested from Umenmnan?"

    "No. Actually, it's Totalius?"

    "Totalius is assisting me?"

    "No, he's making movements now. While Avhuvria is busy dealing with the others on the backwater, Totalius is mobilising his army to take Bydarium's domain."

    She clenched her teeth, her his head turning back to the window as her withered left arm turned into a clenched fist. Her chest rose and fell, and her head was shaking in almost a sense of disgust. "Get back to work, Newcastle." She suggested forcefully. He was only all too willing.


    The mist was growing larger, more aggressive, and more disturbing. It's things spawning from its berth were of such an unnatural means that it seemed as if God Himself had no more reservations on the sanctity of his creatures. Whirring out like beasts were a small hive of wasps, each prickled with razor-sharp hair and bullet-piercing venomous stingers, virulently aggressive as their eyes were staring at the thickening fog with impunity. Of course, their faces were not scattered into the man eyes they carried - it was simply too.

    Heavily lidded and through thin slits, human eyes were visible on these things as human faces and heads were their adornment. While they had the look and feel of wasps, they carried the heads of human beings, and each sneered and cackled with an impish-like cackle that seemed to reverberate into a larger laugh. Maniacal and vicious, they swarmed around their prey like locusts and devoured what they could of them with their small and sharp canines. Bursting amidst them were long urchin-like creatures, immovable otherwise save for the long and barbed tentacles that emerged from their spines, stabbing into the rectums of countless rotting bodies as it forced them to carry it about like slaves.

    Dragging it wherever it went, the trail of blood and feces were already making long lines on the floor. From the mist, more emerged. Ghostly, supremely daunting and untouchable things, each with the razor-sharp utters of thousands and the roars of cities. Their teeth dangling almost onto the floor, they were the size of elephants as their hairy front legs were reminiscent of spiders. Mouth open, gaping and yelling at the area, a trumpeting nois eseemed to burst forth from their blood covered throats.

    One such woman rushed away from the large beasts, trying to evade the monotonous and horrific center of the swarm's mist, growing ever more so as entire platoons were becoming lost in the mists. Their screams were echoes of the thick fogs, and the pulsating noise of a vicious heartbeat was heard. It tore apart forests and shriveled mountains, consuming all in its path, leaving nothing more than a thick white fog, filled with the stench of destruction. Immense bulbous and pus-filled monsters crawled quickly towards her, another grizzling growl heard nearby before the swift pounce of razor sharp low-teeth caught onto her back, forcing her down in pain as she reached for the cobblestones to crawl away. She groaned, shrieking and crying out in pain as the deep canines were already far into her spine, her cries only stopped momentarily as one of the beasts rammed its penis into her vagina and tore out her uterus.

    The flesh was still hanging there, the fallopian tubes encased in an array of hot flesh and sinew, covered in slobber and saliva and pus as she left out an arrowed splash and splatter on the ground. It shined in the weak light with a freshness from young death, and every tug seemed to pull out a smaller round organ with every yank. Blood flowed out like a trail, filling the small cracks of the cobblestone paths. There were no screams anymore from her, but to those who would listen very closely to the mist, they could argue that she still screams.

    Even now, as her body was broken apart into large columns and the black map engulfed body to an inverted sky, you could still hear it. If you paid attention, homed in and carefully waited for the moment, it was there. Deep within the mist, a single among a forest, you could hear her screams.

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Postby Sertian » Tue May 18, 2010 11:04 pm

She was making a good pace through the wild terrain, covering almost a kilometer of wild terrain through nimble athletic movements or sheer overpowering with her armor. She was fortunately still away from the edge of the mist, away from the chaos and death that followed in its wake… Thankfully oblivious to the horror that was but a mere stone’s throw on a planetary scale. In fact, she was rather bored.

Her movements were swift and fast, a brisk walk in her power armor being almost the equivalent of a sprint for an unassisted human. The rather blockish battle rifle in her hands held tightly against her ceramic plated chest while her other equipment - the carbine weapon clamped in place on the left side of her back or the hefty ion pistol on her hip, or the myriad of what one could guess were grenades lined down her left thigh - slept quietly until its time to be used.

To relieve her boredom and to help her keep on her toes so that no nasty surprises could sneak up on her, the agent started to adjust the spectrum settings on her helmet’s visor. For a few seconds the coloration of the world shifted and changed as an overlay of the infrared spectrum placed itself on top of that of visible light. Then the infrared layer dissolved, instead an image overlay of ultraviolet shifted the world to blues and whites. Next came microwave, and then even some radio wave emissions were integrated into the visor’s image. Each layer overlay lasting for a ten seconds at the least before cycling to the next one, and all while the women continued to run towards her equipment.

But to her detriment, despite not seeing anything around her, something bugged Alison. There was no danger in her immediate vicinity, likely nothing that her visor had picked up would indicate imminent death or the true horror that was but a few mere kilometers away from her… It made her puzzle for a few moments, causing her body to go in a sort of autopilot run so her higher functions could be freed to think of the problem. After exactly three seconds of thinking she realized what it was. The mist, the visible representation of the anomaly she was sent to investigate was growing - reaching out to her and the buggy’s position. That’s what had her nerves on edge.

She pondered trying to measure how fast the mist was growing and estimate how long it would take to reach the vehicle she was moving towards and if she could reach it in enough time - or at least give her an estimate for how much time she would have to equip extra equipment and grab a few extra rounds of ammunition for her weapons. But she decided it was a waste of time - weather was a chaotic enough phenomena as it was, and this was something her Empire had never seen before. Trying to judge its rate of movement with just a few minutes observation would never give a clear answer.

Instead, she picked up her pace - going from a fast sprint to an impossibly fast streak across the country side. Her armored feet landing on the desert-like ground, then leaping off with genetically enhanced muscles and electromotors working synonymously.
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Postby Jenrak » Thu May 20, 2010 10:38 am

    A slow and lumbering, but deliberate carapace sped through deep space, still a ways away but having all the time it needed. Communications were cut from Scian, and it knew. There were no words being uttered, no things talked about and no utterances acceptable by any kind. Just a silence as it roamed and marched with a powerful sovereignty, it's legs wrapped up as it waited appropriately. Covered in the wading, flailing arms of those it had consumed, and marked with a great red cross-shaped scar on its spinneret, the monster rushed through its journey to the best of its abilities. Pushed on by the loyalty of its Symphonies, it's legs were unmoving and frozen, and its eyes were closed and shielded by volatile solar winds.

    A great ghostly trail was left behind, almost like a long strand as a seemingly unbreakable and nearly invisible thread seemed to be left behind, almost as if it were a massive cobweb. Whorehoards and Violators were slumbering on its skin, and its million-fanged monstrous teeth were kept shut and locked away. It had yet to reach the system itself - there was still time.


    Diplomats were rushing through the bushes, stinging and screeching and chewing apart the patches of flesh that were left bare by those unfortunate enough to be caught in the mist. The dense fogs were difficult to navigate, and it seemed to wrestle with the electrical equipment there through some seeming black magic. From the edges of yours eyes you can only discern a massive behemoth wade through the dying trees, but when you turn you would only see nothing more than a dull palette, thick and barely discernible. The center of the mist was thick and calm, almost like a hurricane's eye, turning and spinning with for a single spot, where seemingly nothing grace it. A wall of bones and sinew were forming like a great tunnel into the earth, clawing its way into the dirt as it spewed forth the sow bugs into the air. Worms pressed into their bodies as they inflated and became massive multi-legged boils, withering and screeching as their cries were echoed through lifeless plains.

    There was a blank spot in the center there, where some would say it all began, but nothing was of interest and there were no faint oddities to determine it as anything but. No special markers, no great geographical determinance - there was only a small and empty plain, ashen with the sulphur plumes of great thunder-heads above. The rumbles were marked by not a single drop of rain, but snowflakes. The air was slightly cold, but there was no need to have snowflakes in such a temperature. Something was wrong. Something was highly amiss.

    Marching from the central gates of the mounds of corpses, Whorehoards sped at the front lines of the Ikrahk armies. The fog was creeping only slightly closer to the cities, and already the crackle of electricity was reverberating about in a pattern that seemed to suggest a warning. What was causing such a disturbance? What was happening? People didn't know, and only the small trickle of farmlands on the edges were already swallowed up by the great cloud. Pale snowflakes in warm weather only had the taste of charcoal, and it was poisonous to consume and toxic to breathe. The Easterlies Fault was already consumed, the gaping black maws that seemed to flow amidst the rivers that lined it like veins turning into great empty deserts. The black stars in the false canopy of the sky was already thick and intimidating. It was gaining speed.

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Postby Intelligent Neighbors » Fri May 21, 2010 1:48 am

In the seemingly endless and uncaring emptiness of space within the Imperial Massing, there was nothing. And then, there was light. Faint, almost ghostly light, beyond tiny amongst the stars. Yet if one moved closer, and still closer, there was the suggestion of a shape. The shape of a person formed from the light with deep black eyes. Eyes that now lit up with orange fire, shone out brightly as the being of light exploded outwards. Now for a brief moment, if one were to step back, the light formed a ship. Suddenly, the light is gone and all that remains is the ship itself. Real and solid now, firmly here.

Ol'sison, commander of R-4 Calm Horizons, gasped as he exited the gap and dragged his ship along with him. Such efforts were a great drain upon his mental resources, and he now sagged into his chair as his mind returned to his physical being. Others on the bridge began checking that his ship was complete, scans flowing around the two hundred meter vessel. One by one the checks came back green, lights on the command screens indicated the ship was hale. The tricky part was done now, all that remained was to broadcast the message from the Imperium over the system, run a quick scan for life and get out of here. This wouldn't be the first time Ol'sison had jumped to a system and found nothing, or even the hundredth. Yet his orders were clear; to broadcast the message of inquiry, establish contact with any galactic powers, such that may be, and ascertain the threat that each posed to the Imperium. Nodding to his communications head, the message began transmitting from the Calm Horizons in many formats including standard binary, universal language and the language of the Neighbors. Transmitted over as many media types as the Imperium could think of, signals filtered through the system as the ship moved through it.

"The Imperial vessel 'Calm Horizons' sends it's greetings to you, and wishes to make contact with any significant life-forms in this system. Contact would yield significant incentives. Message repeats..."

Simple enough, but most races in the galaxy would be interested in 'significant incentives'; nearly all had a use for money, and if not money, then something of worth could surely be traded. Vibrations passed through Calm Horizons as the defense mechanisms rolled out from the body of the ship, unfurling cannon and missile racks, as well as shielding. It never hurt to be too careful in this situation; they were attracting a lot of attention.

One by one, each planet in the system that previous contacts had pointed out as the 'Imperial Massing' (a name that had put out the Intelligent Neighbors slightly; after all, there was only one Imperium according to the official mantra), was scanned for known forms of life. Of course, they could only detect what they had come across before, or something akin to it. Largely nothing was detected in this apparently dead and deserted wasteland, one planet, one star after another dead and forgotten. Spiraling outwards, R-4 began the analysis of the remaining fringe planets, all the while broadcasting it's signal.

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Postby Jenrak » Sun May 23, 2010 7:41 am

    "Haaah." She breathed loudly into her glasses, wiping it with a small beige slip of felt, pressing it back onto her face as she frowned. "Wait. How strong is the Titan Pod?" She asked someone else in the line, the assault rifle on her back neatly folded as she had her glasses in her hands.

    "It's got a good stabilizer." A brown-haired woman replied, her hair tied back into the ponytail as she flashed a smile, as the remnants of tiny pretty freckles were visible before she placed a helmet on, the gleaming and clanging edges of her armor clicking as her shoulder plate was adjusted appropriately, locking it into with the fiber belt before she entered the door beside her, the pod's gate closing with a sucking whir before a red light flashed.

    "Alright." She placed on her glasses, pressed a small black orb in her ear as it extended with a spidery stretch, moving down and out as a receiver crawled to the tip of her lips. "This is Captain Rachel Yilmaz of Vehemence. All members of The Frenzy, we will be making drop very soon." Rachel put on her glasses, and squinted slightly as she pressed the edge of the frames lightly to fit her ears. Pushing a bang aside, her long and messy black hair stood out with her-class military armor. The hum of loading shields were already glistening with a slight buzz of golden light around the plates, and her shoulder plate was locked into place in three spots. Her gloves were brimming with electrical shielding, and her gauntlets were crackling with built-in shock units for close quarters combat. A small plasma knife was tied with mechanical fingers to her waist, and the gleam of an unused pistol hung at her right side.

    Her main weapon was a pulse cannon of immediate interest to all who would see it - a twisted and arcing machine with three handles, it was definitely a contraption of obvious alien design. Snaking in on itself at the ends, it seemed to feed a small space where there seemed to be burnt out slivers of metal prongs. Each looked like tiny fangs on a gaping crocodile-head, all of the teeth stretched out and brimming with a glisten as the smell of charcoal was lingering on its edges. A tiny battery was hooked up to a micro-generator, shielded by a fold of titanium as it hid its handles. Held with a magnetic lock onto her armor, Yilmaz snapped her fingers as her display unit popped to life on her left arm.

    Her eyes danced across small readings of the planet's atmosphere, satellite feeds and images of the mist. Her face showed a stern and strong stare, without a single hint of the military bravado her soldiers had. Her lips were a soft shade of whitish-pink, fading in colour with her slightly pale face, her long black hair brushed into the small slips between her neck shields and the lock. She pressed the communicator's center. "All Frenzy personnel, we are going to drop six away from the center of the anomaly. Fire team is going to hit their zone hard, then move back." She commanded through her communicator, as small clicks responded back with a steady stream of 'Roger'.

    "Stay tight, keep low, and watch for ambushes. I will be there soon." She exhaled deeply, a cold chill running through her body, snapping her fingers again as her arm-display channel died out with a hum. Yilmaz walked over to the only pod left, and punched the the sequence, the doors opening to a small and one-person pod, the seat cold and bare as she sat down, the cushion expanding on the back as the lock clicked down. "Pow." She whispered, looking at the open door across from her, sitting there before it slammed shut, and the area was filled with a sense of weightlessness. It didn't last long, however, as the micro-gravity stabilizer kicked into gear, allowing her to remain seated as she felt small jerks of the pod.

    "What a shitty stabilizer." She whispered to herself.

    The lines of the escape pods were crashing down into the atmosphere of Scian, only a few kilometers away from the fringes of the growing mist. The area looked like a hurricane from space, but it's growth and unnatural pace made it certain that it wasn't anything planned by nature. The area was quickly growing cold, and the cities of Scian were already preparing themselves as the nations made way for the mysterious marauder.

    Drop pods like small fiery fingers lined down into the area, pushing through the thick atmosphere as the ends were lit with a blaze. High above the planet, far from visual view, the Tabula Vult watched its strike team advanced onto the dominion of a former Cyst-Prince.

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Postby Sertian » Tue May 25, 2010 12:26 am

The women’s steps started to slow down, their pacing coming closer together while her feet impacted the ground more often. She could see the Bug, the vehicle’s underside scorched from its reentry but otherwise intact. A few more steps and she was moving at a pace that could be considered a quick walk by any normal human, and by the time she finally came to a stop next to the vehicle’s side.

The electronics in her suit immediately went to work once she drew close enough to the Bug, the HUD display on her visor representing the suit computer’s attempt to access the buggies systems. First attempt… failed, diagnosing… First antennae damaged, most likely destroyed in reentry. Accessing back up and… bingo.

Her visor’s HUD lit up as the various systems and command interface of the vehicle stretched across half of her field of vision. With a few bats of her eyes and movements of her hands various windows collapsed, minimizing and being filed away to some shortcut stored on the armor’s memory, leaving behind only the interfaces that she needed.

Before looting the vehicle she’d take a second to glance up at the mist - by now a huge advancing wall that covered the horizon in front of her… And most curiously, what seemed to be streaks coming down from the sky. Drop pods perhaps?

The agent turned her attention away from the storm and the unknown horrors it contained, quickly opening one of the Bug’s containers and pulling out several clips of her battle rifle’s heavy ammunition. Another venture and she pulled out two spare energy cells for her carbine. Then one final reach into the vehicle’s storage holders gave her a fair share of grenades - all of them clamped to a specific magnetic holster on her armor.

Now she turned her attention to the interface programs that were still displayed on her visor while he head turned to look at the mist as it creped forward towards her, now less than a kilometer away. The sensors of her helmet tracking her eye movements, allowing her to navigate through the systems and subsystems until she finally got to the one she wanted.

“This is Package and Bug calling to the Phantom, come in Phantom.”

She waited for several seconds, waiting tensely while her fingers grasped the heavy rifle in her hands tightly, until the course and radio distorted voice of the young commander finally crackled inside her helmet, “Package, this is Phantom. Delivery go smoothly.”

“Just about, Bug got minor damage but back ups are working,” he fingers relaxed ever so slightly while her eyes started to drift and focus on the swirls of the mist in front of her. “Was there another orbital insertion? I thought I saw something crashing through the atmosphere.”

“Most likely, another ship entered orbit over your position and discharged something - we weren’t sure if it was a weapon systems of some kind but it could be drop pods. So far they haven’t given any indication of noticing us yet, we’re assuming that they’re writing off us off as a sensor glitch or roaming space junk.”

“Hmm… Any other incursions into the system?”

“Some other ships, one or two maybe. We think they’re on the other side of the planet and we’re only getting sparse analysis with passive sensors. If we want to find out for sure I’m going to have to light my position up like a Christmas tree, and I’d rather sit here until you need rescuing.”

“Hopefully it won’t come to that,” the women’s eyes strained, struggling to pick something out of the image on her visor. Was that, movement she saw? No, it had to be an illusion from the currents of the mist - what she saw didn’t move naturally to be any animal or human. “Can you give me an estimate for where those drop pods might have touched down?”

“No sir, not with passive sensors while lurking. The best I can tell you is that some seemed to dive in the deeper portions of the mist, I can’t tell you a thing about anything else.”

“Alright then, I’m dropping the line to reduce the chance that the ship in orbit will intercept this communication laser. Stay safe up there commander.”

“You too, Package.”

She closed the line, waving away the window for that system and instead drew up another one to activate the Bug’s motors. The vehicle’s batteries hummed to life as its wheels started to turn, the buggy making its way just a few steps behind the women as she started to walk towards the hell in front of her.
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Postby Intelligent Neighbors » Tue May 25, 2010 5:33 am

"Nothing again? Another empty system it is then. Run the final scans over the remaining planetary bodies, just to be sure."


Pulling up the scan screen, the Ech in command of scan indicated the planets to scan, and hit the buttons. Data filtered back from the scanners, whirling through checks and filters. Slowly the screen began to fill with results that scan command could read. Frowning for a moment, the Ech leaned in closer; as if that would make the results clearer.

"Ol commander, it appears we have something, passing data to your screens now."

Ol'sison looked over the data appearing on his screen. Scans seemed to indicate life on the planet, competent, advanced life... why wasn't it responding? Something didn't quite seem right. Issuing a few commands the ship moved closer to Scian, further data streaming up to the screens as it did so. A visual image of the planet began to appear, filling in as they moved closer, zooming in and picking up more detail. Yet, a large portion of the planet now seemed to be in the grip of an enormous hurricane.

"Get me further scans on that anomaly."

Shortly, what little information could be determined was known. The rate of growth of the thing and the heat readings from it were just not right. Ol'sison thought about possible courses of action; should they offer assistance to what now appeared to be cities over the planet? No, they hadn't the capacity and had no idea who or what they were dealing with. With cold efficiency he made the decision; fire air-bursting weaponry into the midst of the cloud to attempt to disrupt it's flow whilst a team went in for a closer look.

Quickly now, conscious of the speed at which it was moving, Ol'sison ordered his second, Ol'thulen, to prepare a team to take a dropship down for a look. Ol'thulen was competent enough, not too far from having his own runner ship, if there had been any spare, and would doubtless pick a some of the H-forces aboard the vessel to make planet-fall. He was prone to be slightly too aggressive in nature, but as a relatively young Ol, that was to be expected.

Serving as soldiers for the Imperium, the H-forces were a twisted remnant of humanity. Having long ago been stripped of useless emotions such as compassion, compromising ones such as fear, and dangerous ones such as ambition, they were the fist by which empires would be made to kneel. Alas, on such a vessel as Calm Horizons, they were few in number. Not built for assault and full-scale warfare, the R-class only had a contingent for use in small situations such as this one. Should it be necessary, a behemoth C-class warship could be dispatched, complete with legions of the H-forces.

Ol'thulen had gathered what he needed for the operation; a Yan-To dropship complete with three crew, four H-force marines and twelve members of the Ech guard contingent. He himself was the only Ol taking part, and as such it would be his duty to use his mind to protect and assist those who fought more directly. Or, as his superior kept reminding him, to engage in diplomatic discussions with, and aid, any life-forms below. Around him complex machinery fitted his tight armour to his lithe body, hugging it tightly and sending sensors into his flesh. White and black patterns flowed across the surface, diagnostics checking the camouflage system was working. With a hiss the helmet slid into place, binding with the armour below. A slight twinge of pain as it bound with his mind, allowing it's power to be amplified, controlled. The front of the helmet stretched out and contorted into a grimacing face, full of sadness, despair and blackness. At his hip lay a sheathed weapon; a sharpened blade of a fallen Ki assassin. Nothing known to the Imperium was stronger, sharper; but the weapon was mostly a status symbol.

Looking around, he took in the Ech in their own preparations. Armour similar to his own, yet far less sophisticated it mostly just matched in appearance. His was an artifact, one of the few suits that survived the tragic fall of his species. Theirs, a copy, poor in truth and yet maintained the horrifying visage built into the first suits. Their weaponry too, was of a calibre far less than the H-forces, simple solid-slug firing weapons built for utility and ease. Effective, if rather archaic.

The H-forces, now they were another matter entirely. Purely built for war there was nothing wasted on appearance, on status symbols, here. Grey body-armour covering their entire bodies, as capable of withstanding attacks as anything the Imperium had created to date. Weapons systems linked directly into the suit, and hence, the brain of the 'human' inside. Such weapons systems as would match any known technology out there. The Imperium had traded much for some of the technology on display; 'fusion-rifles' that could punch through armour at ridiculous ranges, 'matter bombs' that would tear entire city blocks asunder and arcane axe-like weapons that shone with energy.

Ready, finally, the force stepped into the dropship and Ol'thulen signaled that he was ready. With a slight jolt the ship was propelled along the floor and through the giant airlock that sealed behind them. With a crunch, the outer lock opened and the Yan-To was through, thrusters gently guiding it away from it's parent. When a safe distance had been attained, full thrust was engaged, sending the ship downwards into the atmosphere. As it burnt hotly, sensors flashed that three missles had passed them, heading from the Calm Horizons toward the maelstrom below. Targeted to strike the upper and middle layers of the cloud-like formation, at it's epicenter the missles fanned out, dark streaks flashing down.
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Postby Jenrak » Tue May 25, 2010 9:19 pm

    "Ow..." The red-haired woman groaned, her back aching and sore as she sighed, stretching slightly at the encampment. The fresh smell of a broken, razored and gutted monster was at her feet, other soldiers scurrying into the foliage as they bared their rifles forwards, small whirring display units lighting the area in a soft yellow shade. The mist was deepening, and the area became increasingly surreal as the columns of grayish fog swirled into spiraling upwards canopies, providing an umbrella shade as the small lights of the stars became whirling black holes in a seamless bone-white sky. There was nothing here that seemed to be grazing into a strengthening darkness, but it was an eerie lifelessness that seemed to perturb her. "How are our sensors picking up? Any word from the fire team?" She asked into her wrist-band, walking around as her rifle was tucked into the magnetic lock on her waist.

    "No ma'am, no reply has been given to the fire team." One of the soldiers in the foliage replied, the rustle of the leaves audible in his communications. "Currently the zone is hot, with no reply or suppression."

    "What about Captain Yilmaz's group? Is Vehemence inbound?" She asked one more time, her head raised as she watched the sky began to die. Long bones were become more and more visible, and the thickness of the fog seemed to even drone out noise - there was an unnerving silence in the air. The only things she heard as she walked on the caked ground were the movements of her footsteps.

    "No ma'am, we haven't gotten a reply from Vehemence yet." The same soldier replied.

    "I - wait, provide base protocol, soldier." She demanded, as the communication was dry for a second.

    "Private Shaun McWilliams, number 2203, member of the 1st Insertion Squad, Vehemence." He replied back, as the woman frowned, her communicator lifted again to her mouth.

    "Private McWilliams, report to my location." She ordered, as she closed the channel. She pressed the inside of his right palm, as small clicking noise was audible before it slowly died down to a silence. A small chill ran through her suit's armor as she had slight chills, but much of it subsided as she kept his eyes scanning around the area.

    It wasn't too long before emerging from the thick fog that McWilliams, a large and well built man with thick high cheekbones and a strong front chin emerged, his face thick with the small green markings of native flora. His sweat was mashed upon his face and his neck was thick with little scratches as he appeared in a purple-plated armor. The distinct insignia of The Frenzy was visible - a large and intimidating right shoulder plate, followed by a retractable blade. The woman had her arms crossed as she stared at him. "McWilliams."

    He saluted her, his rifle in his left hand. "Lieutenant Karisa Delarosa, ma'am, I am ready to serve." He stood straight and tall, almost with an excitement in his face with such a rarity. Karisa looked at McWilliams.

    She was a smaller, but more stern and serious-seeming woman, accustomed to a lot of the talk and preparation that goes on in dealing with things such as these. She had seen and dealt with the Ikrahk more in her life than entire empires had, and her work here was not going to be beset with a small string of pervasive and persistent fogs. Still, no noise, poor lighting, and a surreal sense of an almost backwardness to the whole area made it disorienting for anyone who was unused to dealing with it. Delarosa turned her head left and right, scanning the dense fog around her. There was nothing there. "McWilliams, report."

    "Ma'am, there has been no signs of Captain Yilmaz of Vehemence. Currently channels are kept open to facilitate possible transmissions. We believe the fog may be making the final creep past the swamps towards the cities. If we move quickly, we can hopefully intersect the attack and warn civilians."

    "Our priority, might I remind you, Private, is to insert Vehemence personnel into the fog's epicenter and find the anomaly responsible. What happens after that is simply a consequence or a needless piece of information to either stain a pointless CV or to be a nice bait for a medal. Either way, our orders from Yilmaz and from Agratoth were clear, and that is to clear a path for our proper insertion and Agratoth's proper insertion to Imprint upon the reigning warlords of the feral Ikrahk. If you cannot keep this objective in mind, then there is no point in having The Frenzy here at all."

    "Yes ma'am." He answered loyally.

    "So, let me clarify this. Follow base protocol." Delarosa ordered again.

    "Private Shaun McWlliams, number 2203, members of the 1st insertion Squad, Vehemence." He replied, his head held up as he stood straight from his salute.

    Delarosa looked around. "Do you know where the others are?"

    "I do not know, ma'am."

    "So you work for Vehemence?"

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "I do too, and I've never seen you before."

    "We are likely in different teams, ma'am."

    "That's not the reason why, McWilliams."

    "What is the reason, ma'am?"

    "It's because Vehemence is a female-only organisation."

    "Oh, I - " Delarosa smashed her palm into his face, injecting the flesh with a fully loaded cartridge of cryo-fluids, as McWilliams' face began to slowly turn into distorted chunks of ice, his eyes and nose falling apart into small icy showers as she grabbed her pistol on her side, firing three rounds into the side of the private. She pressed her temple, her eyes turning into a shade of luminescent scarlet as she kicked the body away from her.

      Don't play coy with me, violator. Get rid of this shit, now.

    She sent it out as an open neural message, translated to be received by any sapient Ikrahk within her range. Surely enough, McWilliams' body, when she looked back at the ground, was gone.

    Only a blood-trail was left, leading into the deeper recesses of the mist.

    She kept her eyes open, looking left and right as she began to slowly hear sounds. Noises. Deep, skittering noises. A small click here and there. Then it went silent. She tucked her pistol away, pulling out her rifle as she held it lined with her sight. She turned and skirted about, looking carefully at the thickening fog. There it was again! Small clicks and howls this time, followed by an uneven dragging noise as if someone was carrying a corpse. The stench of it - morbidly pungent thing, was also filling her nostrils as she looked about.

    Then a silence.

    She listened carefully, waiting for a small interval, hoping for a clue, and then it hit. There it was again! The pattern was clear, and instantly, Delarosa fired into the mist, a small splattering and squelching noise audible, followed by an innumerable chatter of little skittering insects. The whirs and buzzes of what sounded like hornets filled her ears, but she kept her discipline. She kept her stance. There it was again! She fired again, this time no noise.

    Silence filled the air again.

    She turned again, looking around for any clues before she took a slight step forwards, before from behind, a corpse flung itself, teeth bared, at her. She backhanded its face into a messy pulp, turning around to find another as she loaded bullets into that one. The rush of another came with a rifle, the ends caked with dried blood as its contorted and writhing twisted face were laced with gnashing clicks. She smashed her palm into its face, her rifle pulled out for a tentacle that shot at her from behind.

    She turned to combat another corpse, rushing at her as she smashed its head apart, only to have it continue as the tentacle behind it smashed into her armor. The shock field kept a small crackle to keep her alive, and she missed certain impalement by a margin.

    She turned on her communicator. "Calling all available units, this is Lieutenant Karisa Delarosa of The Frenzy, subset group Vehemence, under serving of Captain Rachel Yilmaz, requesting assistance at point. Open-suit position is open, code is 4335. Enemy is class A Violator, requiring assistance. It's much larger than the Fleet." She answered, rushing through the mist as another tentacle swung at her, her rifle tearing a long destructive line into its form. Another swung forwards as Delarosa slashed at it with her knife, though it jerked back.

    She assumed a defensive posture, and there, immediately, a tentacle had stabbed through the back of her head and out her right eye socket. She didn't move at first, though her her body then jerked and shook violently at the shock-armor guzzling into action. Her blood splashed all over the mist, as it slowly began to fade away its veil.

    She didn't run that far at all - she went around in a circle, directed in an almost Venus-like fashion by the movement of the tentacles. There, hanging impaled and drained, their eyes gone as black husks and holes, were her comrades. All of them too thin and skeletal to fit in their armor, they were dangling almost naked as their orifices were pumped out of their organs. It seemed to be mushed out in small purple slosh, sifting into center of the mess of tentacles. It piked around the edges, and laced in small thorns, it was an inescapable ring of razor sharp teeth closing in.

    Delarosa couldn't see it, for by the time the mist showed she had no eyes left to see with.

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Postby Jenrak » Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:39 pm

    "Area is hot. I just lost my lieutenant. Suit life indicators have been cut, there's no reply. All members of The Frenzy, keep stations, keep position, we'll wade it out through the night. Keep communications flashing, and break this barrier." Her hands were running through her hair as she walked around the camp, the throbbing and swirling shapes of the sky blending from a thick and deep black to a ash-white gray. She didn't even know if it was night-time anymore - she kept her consideration of time on a poor internal clock, unsure as to the time zones native on the planet. "Stay tight, keep close, and watch for attacks. This place is crawling with enemies."

    Rachel was dressed in a white t-shirt and army pants, sitting on what she hoped was a log after emerging from her makeshift tent. Small pockets of sweat, dirt and grass-stains were seen smeared on her shirt. Her hands were rough and cut, but she still kept herself strong and graceful. Her long hair tied back into a ponytail, she sat staring at the ground, listening to any sudden movements that could be their end. "Is the communication consistent?"

    "Almost, Captain."

    Yilmaz sighed. "We need to get this channel up and running with Agratoth. The Tabula Vult is our only chance of getting off this hell-hole. I want this planet glassed by the time I get back to space. How are the cities?"

    "Not good. Not good at all."

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Postby Sertian » Fri Jun 04, 2010 3:06 pm

The area around her was… serine. Beautiful almost, she thought as she made her way through the mists. The only sound was the quiet crunching of ground underneath her boots and her breath. Of course, the serenity was unusual, and potentially deadly. She could barely see out to her arm in the thick mists and even the wide band range of her helmet’s sensors proved incapable of penetrating the veil. Communications were likewise isolated, virtually all of her armor’s communication bandwidths were dead quiet.

Even the ping received from the frigate in system had gone quiet, lost within the mists shroud. It was possible, she thought, if she expanded the beam’s bandwidth and increased power she could pierce whatever was interfering with communications and reach the frigate - but she’d have to stay still for that and she wasn’t ready to become an easy target for whatever might lurk in the unknown expanse around her.

And then, something came in, virtually screeching over her in-suit radio as it crackled in and out. “…ling all ava…ble units, this is Lie…isa Delarosa of Th…zy, subset group Vehem…. ving of Captain Rachel Yi… requesting assistance at … A Violator, requiring assistance. It's much larger than…”

Alison stopped in her tracks with the Bug slowing to a stand still a meter behind her while trying to discern whatever words she could from the garbled and scratchy message. After it faded she attempted to cipher through the silence, trying to pick it up again if it was repeated… But that was it, a few seconds of another being’s voice and she was once again isolated from contact.

But it was something to go off of. Shifting her hold of the battle rifle and holding it snuggly in her left arm the women turned her attention to the buggy, going about the various requirements to boost a signal to the Shroud-Class in orbit. The communication, if it penetrated, would likely be detected by other ships in system but it was necessary risk. “This is SpecOp Alison messaging the S.I.V. Phantom. Anomaly is apparently interfering with communications and sensors, I can’t see much farther than a meter in this stuff. However, I’ve picked up a communication - not sure who it belongs to but it sounds like there’s something in this mist that needed assistance. Could be some sort of native life form, but it pays to be careful. Stand by for emergency extraction.”
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Postby Jenrak » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:28 pm

    "The Phantom? I thought the Scians hadn't perfect space travel yet." A dossier officer, a tall and gaunt man with a wispy, stringy mustache commented, his face a mix of confusion, surprise and discontent.

    "They haven't. The Scians are still terrestrial." Another man, just as old, listening to the message over and over again. "No matter where it comes from, it's a foreign vessel. Somebody else is here, and somebody is watching this happening. The communications have not been entirely jammed in the immediate area."

    "Then we shoot it out of the sky, because the alternative is them finding our territory. I have to notify the Admiral about this." He pressed onto a small communicator in his tiny steel office, the small beeps becoming a dull drone before it became a silence.

    On the bridge, Agratoth continued to watch the mist grow further and further, becoming almost a hurricane in shape as its malevolent eye began to extend further and further into an increasingly expansive calm. She clenched her teeth, a small gritting noise audible as she watched the swirls slowly began to reach to the west ends of the great swamps that separated the planet's inlands from its violent seas. A small beep was audible as a tiny image showed up on her window, revealing a long bar. "Speak to me." She ordered.

    "Admiral, we believe that the Tabula Vult is not the only vessel in orbit at Scian." One of the dossier officers noted, as Agratoth's face turned to a frown.

    "Is Totalius already scouting the area out?" She asked, her mutated and distorted hands behind her back as her cannon rested upon her shoulders, the throbbing veins of her arms pulsating with her very heartbeat.

    "No, nothing matches Ikrahk signatures, nor does it seem to bear matching of Totalian imprints. Nothing has sworn fealty to Totalius, as far as the Diplomats are suggesting. We're...suggesting something else."

    Then it clicked. "We have a foreign vessel. Can we get a make schematics on it?"

    "No, admiral. They're a bit aways from us, and our main resources are on maintaining communications."

    "Alright. Divert to communications on the ground. Get Yilmaz on my channel." Agratoth ordered.

    "Yes, ma'am."


    Rachel was lying on her back, her face looking up at the black stars as they swirled on the white marquee. A smile on her face, she heard small crunches of the ashen blades of tall grass. She looked to see a face swimming above her with a pair of beautiful emerald eyes upon a pair of deep cheekbones and sharp lips. "Rachel?" He asked, his t-shirt and dog tag moving in the cold wind. She smiled.

    "Yeah?" She asked back, smiling through her thick-framed glasses.

    "Can I join you?"

    "No need to ask, Elliott." She said, shuffling over to the right a bit as he laid down beside her on the grass, watching the shapes swirl by. The noise of radio chatter and the smell of disinfectant and grease was filling the air, tickling her ears and nose as she smiled at him. "So what brings you here? Come to see me?" Her light mocha skin seemed to be an odd shade of color amidst all this grey.

    "I brought you this." He pulled out a small metal case from his pocket, pressing its smooth chrome surface before it danced to life, a small and smooth beat flowing through the speakers.

    Oh, how this night seems so cold to me,
    the sound of waves out, by the sea,

    She lit up. "You didn't."

    the songbirds' melody,
    I wish you were here with me.

    "I did." He smiled.

    "You know, if there are any Ikrahk in the vicinities, they'll hear us." The young man spoke with a coy and cunning voice.

    "Are you underestimating me, soldier? Don't worry. Mommy will take care of them for you."

    "You're not that old, Captain."

    "Oh, it's Captain now?" She chuckled, shaking her head.

    "I'm serious. You're what, twenty..."

    "Seven. Which means that when you were born, I already had my first crush."

    "Why are we talking about love?"

    "I didn't say love. Just my first crush." The rustle of the grass seemed to place their conversation on a surreal level. Here they were - waging war on a forgotten planet, stranded in a thick mist where anything was a possible predator. What guns they had and the soldiers they stationed in the wake was likely enough to get to the center, but they had no other choice. It was a hard hitting area and the loss of Delarosa was still on her mind. "A textbook story."

    "You'll have to tell me it sometime."

    "I will." She smiled, before taking a serious-looking, though obviously playful face. "Now get back to your post!"

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Postby Sertian » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:30 pm

S.I.V . Phantom, drifting 3,000 kilometers from planetary atmosphere.

“She did what!?” the Low Commander's voice screamed as his face looked over the information with horror. “A wide beam communication with an unknown number of hostiles in the area? Every space jocky with a laser communications array in the system would be able to pick that up, especially if that hurricane is truly scattering the transmission.”

The Low Commander gave a heavy sigh, his form leaning forward and resting his face in his hands. “The other ships, have they detected us yet?”

“Unknown sir... The only ship we've got on passive sensors seems to be hovering above the phenomena. Its unclear the type of weaponry they've got, but I doubt we could stand up to firing. For the moment, they're in our way of any possible entry scenerios.”

“So she's on her own then...” the officer spoke softly as his eyes glanced back to the information projected in the air above his chair. He'd swipe his hand through the holographic display, causing the information to evaporate – to be replaced with the Tactical Assistant Computer's hologram of the surrounding space. Most of it dominated by the projection of the planet with the large storm forming over its land mass, while a small gold dot denoted his ships location and a large red one displayed the location of the only other confirmed vessel in the system.

He'd reach out with his hands and interface with the map, causing it to zoom out at a phenomenal scale. The system's sun and other planets zoomed out until other stars came into view. Then entire clusters, and finally the system they were in was nothing but a label amongst the clouds of dust and plasma that made out the local space. Here he stopped the scale, his eyes piercing through the hologram's color until he found what he was looking for – the gold dots and label information belonging to any Sertian ship within the frigate's communication range.

One cruiser and two destroyers... Not much to go on, but it would have to do. He reached out and tapped the ships's labels, causing them to be added to a list that hovered below the map. Once that was done, he returned the map to its previous position – showing off the planet once again. After that it was relatively simple to draft up the text communication to each of the ships. Three powerful but focused FTL laser signals shot away from the system to reach each ship with the commander's message:

This is Low Commander Daniel of the S.I.V. Phantom requesting assistance in Sys-1325. We have a SpecOp who's extraction is blocked by an unknown ship. Our presence in this system has been compromised, and it is unknown if our location has yet been detected by the enemy ship. Enemy ship is unknown to be hostile or not, but the situation on the planet seems bad. I repeat, this is Low Commander Daniel of the S.I.V. Phantom...

On Planet

Alison was once again moving through the mist, traveling towards the location of the radio signal she had picked up with her battle rifle held firmly in her hands. It was tempting to relax, the entire place seemed to quiet and peaceful despite the shroud over her vision and communications. But her mind kept itself active, her eyes looking intently into the swirling mists for some kind of movement that could indicate life. Something that could give meaning to all the surreal landscape around her.

Her fingers gripped the handle of her battle rifle, and she felt the hum of its electronics waiting to be used. The feel of the trigger resting lightly against her left index finger while the soft glow of the plasma held against the rifle's rails illuminated the desert camouflage paint on the power armored chest plate.

“God damn, the communication couldn't have come from much farther,” she muttered under her breath as she gave the area around her another look around to see only the milky white mist and the eiry silent landscape. With no other option seemingly left, and the source of the unknown communication Light knows how far away, she decided to go with a risky option.

She activated the Bug's systems from her suit, switching through the myriad of controls and finally coming to the vehicle's diagnostic systems. There she ciphered through more systems with her eyes, searching and finally coming to the buggy's power control. She rerouted power from its sensor package, they were doing no good in this environment anyway, and instead directed the voltage to the vehicle's communication array. The resulting energy would be far above the operational usage of the hardware, but still within the design tolerance...

With the overclocked system ready, she spoke into her suit's microphone and sent a wide band radio message out blindly into the mists around her. “Delarosa, are you there? What is your status, do you still require assistance?”

Alison let that sink out, try to penetrate the interference for a few seconds before speaking once again. “Or Captain Rachiel? Anyone? Is there anyone out there alive and reading me?”
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Postby Jenrak » Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:48 pm

    It was coming. On the edge of the system, it was coming. A great destructive beast, slowly wading towards the planet of Scian as its legs were curled up in its long journey. The images of people trapped into its was interlocked with the platinum carapace of its massive form. Behind it, a majestic fleet of Symphonies were loyally at its every turn and move, their eyes closed as each little hornet's nest upon their skin were full of raging diplomats. Behind was a spinneret, ejecting through long pustules a twined thread of alien silk. It made no noise, no sound, but the sheer imposing nature it implied as it swam closer through the outer edges were nothing but worrisome feelings trickled into its shape.

      The planet is called Scian. Encompass it. Violate it. Leave not a single virgin soil roam free. It is mine. My dowry from the universe. Enforce my will. That is all.

    It's legs began to slowly open, and between them came a set of closed eyes, numbering in the millions as the shine of far-off stars were on its tinted surfaces. Entire hiveminds were growing like beating hearts, each like a dust mite the size of nations as they crawled upon its skin. The drip of saliva and blood from its shape lingered on in the trails behind it, sticking to the large and strong spinneret thread it kept behind. A cobweb was slowly forming, and only on the edge of the system was the fleet of Symphonies it commanded. Cyst-Princes looked at the far-off dots. They could see it in this tiny system - Scian. It was close.

      Do not let resistance go unharmed. It is mine.


    The Tabula Vult's cannons were formidable. Bristling with enough firepower to set systems afire, it was a slow and lumbering glacier that was not very quick, even in warp-drives, but it was definitely without question a beast of considerable firepower. Developed by Xzaerom Aerospace as its flagship powerhouse project, the Tabula Vult was a ship of unmatched muscle power. It's spires were lined with grimacing guns and its turrets were stuck onto more turrets. Pyramid guns were like great coils of spiked guns, and each seemed to shoot in all directions into a frenzy of unfathomable chaos.

    However, it was not a quick vessel, and when the news came, the news, Agratoth's only response was to fortify. "Get the Xerxes Guns ready, and keep at fighters on alert. Have the warp points primed and prepared, and have all interceptor cannons willing to fend off enemies. Plasma weapons are situated, aim EMP for the flagship." She commanded, looking at the empty canopy of space before her. "We are dealing with an Arkas here, men. They do not die easily, if at all." The men were rushing with her every command, trying to get themselves ready and up to speed as the Tabula Vult seemed to shine with immense energies. It's engines were slowly cooling down as the exhausts on the ships were cooling down to black dots on the back of the ship.

    "Get everything and everyone prepared. We're going to make sure that when Totalius comes, we'll be ready. He's got a Symphony with him, I'm sure of it. Get communications down to the surface, immediately."


    "Captain Yilmaz," a message on Rachel's wrist popped up, the images from lights installed onto her flesh beneath her skin, "a message has been sent." Her eyebrows raised, Rachel got up as she stretched slightly, pressing the small holographic interface on her wrist as it began uploading. A slight heated sensation was felt on her arm as she took deep breaths. "Play it over."

    And there, she heard Alison's message.

    "Rupert, get me details on the signal. Open up a ground-side channel. Keep communications constant." She ordered, as the feed cut off before the lights beneath her skin turned a deep red. It glowed with a vivid splash of light as she pressed her cheeks, a small shocking feeling seeming to course through her neck and the back of her skull. She cleared her throat.

    "This is Rachel Yilmaz of Vehemence, Captain of the Frenzy, insertion group five, at location AR55-300, 34 miles northwest of supercell anomaly. We are currently under camp and awaiting further investigation of the source of the anomaly, and will be awaiting extraction at an appropriate time. All interested parties please leave the channel open for a temporary download hub so you may get information and directions to our location downloaded to your heads-up display." She pressed her cheeks again, as it began to cool down.

    "Captain?" A man with a sharp, deeper voice asked into her ear from the headset wired into her skin. "You know this can be read by Violators, right?"

    "That's fine. Let them come. We'll hold the perimeter until stragglers get here."

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Postby Sertian » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:30 am

Silence once again… The woman cursed underneath her breath as she held the rail rifle loosely now. The entire scene was throwing her off, the ‘threat’ of danger in the area clashing with the serine calm of the area. She was tempted to drop her rifle and relax, to enjoy the quiet and beauty of the mist-choked land around her, and if it wasn’t for her training she might have.

But it was still toying with her head. Perhaps it was the boredom, or the anxiety, but now she could almost swear that she was starting to see shapes – corporeal beings – moving throughout the mist just beyond her sight, creating not a sound and leaving behind not a track. This caused her jaw to stiffen, her teeth grinding slightly against each other while her hands once more gripped the rifle tightly, least one of those amorphous shadows decided to come real and leap at her unprepared form.

Then finally the reply message came, broken and static at first, but at least it was long enough that she could focus and adjust the electronics that were picking it up. Finally she heard the women’s voice clear over the static, and precise enough to pick up the general location it was receiving from.

With a smile she turned her attention to it, glad to finally have a clear direction to go on rather than the faint traces and hints at people she had to go on so far… Yet blind to the fact that if she had walked barely a few minutes more in her previous direction she would have come across the gory scenes of the Lieutenants death and the creature that was responsible.
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Postby Jenrak » Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:39 pm

    "Captain, we have a feed from Lieutenant Delarosa's channel." Rachel's earpiece, embedded into her skull, was already clicking and beeping away as she walked over to the main section of the small camp. There was an empty plasma pit for the fire, and the small beeps of nearby sensor locators and satellite lock-down posts were also erected in an almost haphazard fashion. The denseness of the forests became almost jungle-like in character, and deep shadows were already forming just past the corner of her eyes. She heard the small cracks in her mouth. The operator couldn't be lying.

    "Open up the channel." Rachel ordered, as the static began to blare, turning to a deafening dull tone before it clicked to a nonsensical parade of distorted white noise. "This is Captain Rachel Yilmaz, commander of the primary contingency of The Frenzy for insertion group at AR-55. Requesting immediate reply to this channel." She waited, and the noise continued. "Lieutenant Delarosa, on orders and position given to me by Agratoth, you are to respond to my transmission unless you are completely incapable." She waited, before the noise drove her to the end of her tolerance.

    She shook her head, before clicking back to her communications officer. "The suit's on, that's for sure, for it to be transmitting a blank signal, but there's no reply. If she's dead, then that means the support system will shut down with her. So, she's out there, somewhere, and still alive. Somehow."

    "Maybe she's in hiding, and she can't verbally reply?"

    "No, no. She could still set up a neural network. We - "

      I'm at the north end of the camp. I see you.

    " - should see it." Rachel immediately got into action, whirling about a small ball embedded into her right gauntlet, her left arm reaching for the handle of the rifle on her back. "All units, keep standby and ready. Have all forces and preparations complete. Keep the signal for co-ordinates to our camp open." She raced across the small plains, rushing towards the few tents that were still up, and rushed to the small hilly plains on the other end of the camp. Reaching the northern doors, she stood there, waiting for a moment, for any break of the fog to expect her.

    And there she was. Delarosa, limping in with her shirt wrapped around blood-stained eyes, her hands and her mouth destroyed by some unknown force - the skin was torn off at parts, revealing dangling flesh as she tried to get her way to the gate. Only the neural fields were capable of leading her properly, almost on an artificial instinct. Rachel didn't seem to make an expression, but the guard kept his rifle up.

    "Karisa?" She asked, looking at her former Lieutenant, as the woman tried to open her mouth, the long lines of her melted lips smacked together as it tore itself apart. Long lines of coagulated blood and sticky saliva stuck to the white strips of what remained on her lips, and the blood from her veins made it look like lipstick. She tried to speak, before Rachel lifted her rifle and fired a single blast of incredible firepower.

    "Captain!" The guard asked, his eyes bulging in fright. "What did you do?"

    "We have a Violator." Rachel answered, looking at the steaming heap of burnt flesh and shredded parts. "Get everyone into an enclosed and bunkered position. Keep all forces on standby. Keep the guns ready." She ordered, the rustle of leaves amidst the dense foliage only now prickling her ears.

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Postby Clamparapa » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:19 pm

Cold. A sensation brought about by the loss of heat. In space, well, space itself was the very definition of cold. As she hurtled through space, naked and alone, she had no idea where she was or where she was going. Though she had a human shape, she was not at all human. She was a cyborg, sent from--well no one knew where she came from, not even her. She was 16, her name was Sonya, and she looked human. That's really all she knew of herself. She had awakened out in space, somehow surviving against the pressure and breathlessness of space, but she could still feel the cold. That freezing of her body. Her circuits kept her warm enough to survive, but she still froze.

Opening her eyes, finally, she looked at her destination and saw a planet several thousand kilometers away. She quickly, but steadily, fell to the planet below, her cold heart racing as she dropped. She had no idea where she would land, but she hoped and prayed that if there was anyone there they would be friendly and take her in. Not that taking in a strange, naked, 16 year old wasn't a leap of faith and blind acceptance, she still hoped someone would take pity on her.

She landed with a distinct BOOM! on the surface, anyone nearby would have heard it instantly. She walked out of that crater a wreck, robotic parts showing all over her body, with half the skin on her face gone from the burning of the crash. She had survived though, a half robotic girl in her teens on an unkown planet with no memory of what had happened to her. Things looked promising...

OOC: Me and Jenrak have spoken about this on IRC. Also, apologies for the short post. I'll edit it with some more info tomorrow. Just wanted to get my post up tonight.
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Postby Sertian » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:42 pm

"This is Captain Rachel Yilmaz, commander of the primary contingency of The Frenzy for insertion group at AR-55. Requesting immediate reply to this channel," came the message, thankfully adjusted to a sensible level against the dead silent backdrop it was competing against. If she wasn't sure before, she was now certain that she had a good com frequency with someone else - some power on the planet and perhaps a source of information. Keen to find out she opened her suit's out going radio and was about to reply until another apparition appeared in the clouds of the mist and then disappeared once more.

What was that? Alison thought, forgetting about the open radio line as she saw yet another shape swirl in the mist ahead of her… She held her rifle tightly, her arms already bracing the butt of the weapon against her chest to help with the considerable recoil while the muscles in her finger tensed around the trigger.

Just tricks of the phenomena Alice, nothing to worry your nerves over... She thought again, and then she heard it, the sound she perceived easily over the dead quiet environment and the crackle of the open radio. An unnatural sound, something akin to a skitter yet with the feeling of a slow drag. Her form tensed even more as her blood began to race, her breath drawing in long gulps of filtered air while her eyes darted around, searching... Her ears oh so intently following that sound, trying to trace its origins through the silencing fog.

She turned her shoulders, looking to her left just in time to see one of those swirling shapes in the mist materialize into something corporeal - some creature about the size of a large dog leaping at her from its shroud. Trained instinct kicked in before she could even rationalize what was happening - her arms took aim, lining the barrel of the blocky battle rifle to the chest of the creature and pulled back on the trigger. The massive recoil of the electromagnetic weapon slammed the rifle against her chest while streaks of blue light raced out from the weapon and pierced the creatures chest. The creature's body fell to the ground, landing a few centimeters from the agent's boot. It's body dispersed into two main lumps and messy scattered gore from the sheer shock wave from the bullet's velocities.

Then a warning came up, the map displayed in the corner of her HUD coming alive as the motion detector revealed another creature lurching at her from behind. She ducked down, falling to one knee and already aiming at where she estimated the creature would be. Her trained mind squeezing down on the trigger right as she saw the beast, sending a three rounds hurtling into its skull and chest cavities and leaving behind as fine a mess as the first monster.

And then all was still again. Her armored form twisting and turning about, looking about for any more ambushes. Her lips firmly pressed together while her eyes flickered to and fro. A few more moments passed and the sickening noise dissipated, growing quieter and quieter until finally she was left in silence again. With her nerves shaken and her fingers trembling from the adrenaline in her system she moved on, taking only a few seconds to glance at the remains of each of the monstrosities to get a good image of them in her suit's memory.

And then she remembered it, the radio line she had left open. A line which had no doubt broadcasted the events of the past minute; the sound of the creature, the timing of her heavy breaths, and most importantly the sonic screams that raced from her discharging weapon whenever it fired. Swallowing, she steadied her nerves to try and remember what she was about to say; her mind drawing upon the lie she had prepared about being an alien anthropologist studying the inhabitants before the anomaly hit... But whatever those things were, whatever the mutated beings that had attacked her had once been changed things - and she didn't know how many hundreds or thousands of their ilk could be lurking in the mist mere meters from her.

Finally she came to a decision and spoke into the radio with her thoughts collected, her voice sounding almost calm, "This is SpecOp Alison of the Sertian Empire, tasked to investigate the anomaly that's covered this planet. Captain Rachel, if you don't mind me asking, just what the hell is going on here?"
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Postby Jenrak » Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:48 pm

    The long of morning dew was covered by a soft blanket and fine layer of mist upon the porches of Westland Avenue. The sleepy town was only feeling the cold reaches of a watery veil as the first trucks began to kick to life, the noise of their engines echoing out to an open ocean beyond. The creak of the general store's doors were opened and closed as the workers got their daily cigarettes, and the news were garbled and crackled as the click of static permeated through the screens. The clang of the door opened again, and the stocked shelves were only inviting a small wisp of ghostly shapes. "Hey there." The morning clerk, a young woman with bright sapphire eyes and heavy make-up stridden face answered. She gave a clear, white and toothy smile, but there nobody there.

    Nothing at the door as she shrugged and turned her attention back to try to fix the camera television. A couple smacks made small slips of perceivable images before it turned back to a tombstone-grey mess. She shook her head, turning back to the counter when she heard the door again. "Hello - "

    Nothing. Only the door opened again to allow in a small sliver of bone-white mist. She got up off the duck-taped chair, straightening her cotton baby-blue uniform vest as she walked over to the front doors, grabbing the cold handle to open it. A breath of cold air from outside billowed in as she shut it closed, a frown on her face. "Huh." Shrugging again, she went back to her counter as the door swung open ajar.

    There was nobody there. She walked over to the lock, grabbing it tightly as she turned it, locking the door as she looked out the glass walls of the small general store - the area was covered in a deep white mist as small black dots were forming in the sky, whirling and shining off black bands into her eyelids like a crippling sunshine. Deep ebony lines were emanating from these black circles in the sky, and when she turned away, the lines persisted. They continued to burn into her eyes, forcing her quiet demeanors into writhing shrieks as she began to rub her eyes.

    And she rubbed them. Again. And again. And again.

    There was only the flash of the thick white mist, but she continued until the entire general store was engulfed by a deep red fog, lost in the mist.


    The murmurs of tribal men were always an odd thing to hear, but their deliberations were without question. Their arms thickset and nestled for the rifles in their hands, they looked at the young girl-robot hybrid with an interest of an unnatural nature. A freak-show. Something that could certainly sell.

    And if her strewn and shining parts weren't enough to convince them of her unnatural presence, the crumbled and finely-sanded ground around her in the crater definitely placed red alarms up to a full flare. The barriers of rocky mountains were twisted into sharp peaks, and the long shadows of the dusk starlight was already casting deep shapes into the purplish atmosphere. The smell of water was in the air - the humidity was a sharp thing, and the rain-shadow that was forming would quickly turn to tumultuous grumble.

    "Take her." A large man with a mass bevy of tattoos on his bare left arm commanded, looking at the fine powder of superheated dirt around him. "Keep her for now, until the storm settles and we meet up with the camp on the other end." He cocked his gun as he took small stares into the cracks and tiny slits between the tall stone walls, hoping to not catch someone else looking on their discoveries. Dressed in old and tattered clothing, these men were all well-built and muscular beings, their backpacks thick and almost exploding to the brim.

    Old rifles laced with the shine of time were in their arms, the barrels already seeming to be caving into time as the metal began to slightly curl at the edges. However, it didn't affect much. Two personnel, immediately at command, prepared for her removal from the site.

    Pulling out long leathery gloves, two gaunt and thin-faced men took a stare at the girl as they chuckled. "The things the boss finds." They stated in amusement.


    "Keep the channel open." Rachel ordered, as a small set of mounds were set up at the northern entrance, her right hand up and steady as a tiny group of soldiers were at her side. Each of them had their rifles prepared, and a single sniper at the back kept distance as he watched the entire rumble through his scope. "To SpecOp Alison of the Sertian Empire, I am downloading and relaying the location we are at now. The area is not safe, but coming to us will be safer than staying in one spot. I am sorry, but I do not have the time for explanation. Meet me and my team at the rendezvous point." She kept the log on with the tracking downloadable for all who would be able to connect to the channel. Her recording, furthermore, was still on.

    "Everyone," she did not turn her head to meet her soldiers behind her, "when the front tentacle emerges, fire on the small red pustules to aggravate it. Then, when it emerges, keep constant suppressing fire. It is important that the Violator is under constant pain. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, ma'am." The entire squad replied in almost perfect unity.

    "Sniper, are you in position?"

    "Wind is non-existent and sight is clear. No sign of visual interference. Clear for now, Captain." The sniper replied in a young and upbeat tone on her communicator.

    "Then let's hold position while everyone else bunkers down." She relayed, the grip of her trigger feeling ever more alluring. "Keep position." She whispered, partially to her soldiers, and partially to herself. "Keep position..."

    The flocks of the trees were shaking in its movements, though there was no direction that she could ascertain. "Keep position." She commanded again, her soldiers holding their rifles while hiding behind the metal shields, the soft hum of their energy shields whirring and throbbing as the area around them kept rumbling without a single location. "Keep position." She continued, waiting. The leaves were falling with a supernatural slowness, almost as if time had stopped. Each fell piece was slumbering its decline as the soft touches of the bottoms only kissed the ground.

    The black stars in the sky were still, and the world seemed to be frozen in history. "Keep position." She said again, her rifle pointed as she waited one more time. It became stronger, larger, and more vicious. Growls and groans were audible in the area around them. "Any sights, sniper?" She asked.

    Nothing. "Sniper? Weston. Operative Weston, I order you to reply. Weston." She pointed her rifle. "Aim fourty-four south, and enact suppressing fire!" She yelled.

    And instantly, as they pulled their triggers, massive tentacles writhed out of the ground as they twisted and slammed into the group, bringing up a great blanket of blood as the soldiers continued their positions and their roles. Pushing around to form a small circle of hail fire around Rachel, she kept her rifle pointing to the opposite end before another tentacle arose in her trajectory. Instantly, she fired off the cannon, an arc of black energy crackling through the air as it irradiated the flesh and turned it into an exploding mess.

    "Keep suppressing fire!" She yelled, rushing over to the other end as the tentacles rose up again, caging around her as she fired another volley into its core, forcing a spray of corrosive blood all over the area. Her shields were falling fast, though she kept going. "Keep position!" She yelled, smashing her right fist into another tentacle, pulling and whirring her hands into a chainsaw-like fashion, slicing through the heated flesh with ease. "Keep position!" She yelled again as the severed fingers of her soldiers flew past her like bullets.

    "Keep position!" She continued to yell, even as she became the lone person left, her teeth gritted and her face scarring and melting in the acidic spray, the blood from her lips popping from rivers of pus as hiving skin broke out all over her body. "Keep position!" She continued to yell before she fired another shot as it dipped back into the deep recesses of the planet and into its earthen tunnels. The area was sprayed with blood and aghast with corpses as the stench of death began to permeate the entire area. A rotting, foul smell, and a coppery taste to boot.

    Rachel's teeth were clenched and her jawbone was visible as small mite-sized machines began to close and skitter and tightened her veins and sinew. It wasn't instant healing, but there were was only one medic, and he can't come out just yet. "Area is clear, SpecOp Alison." Rachel clicked on her communicator, only to find it was recording the entire time. "Come to the provided rendezvous point."

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Postby Sertian » Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:01 pm

Alison’s teeth grinded against each other as she listened to the sounds of battle coming over the radio. The distress and death she heard causing her to hastened her speed towards the location given. At a full sprint she was barely five minutes away, but the Bug wouldn’t be able to match that kind of speed on the open terrain. “Understood Captain Rachel, I’m half an hour from your position. I have supplies with me to help reinforce you-”

Before she could even finish her sentence though the alarm signal sounded through her suit’s systems, warning messages popping up about damage being done to the vehicle behind her. She swore openly, cursing various peoples and beings that Rachel would not know of and turned. Her armor-assisted legs leapt, clearing the meter behind her and landing next to her vehicle. There she saw them, an entire pack of the creatures that had assaulted her earlier, their fang, claws, and writhing tendril limbs ripping into the mechanics of the wheeled buggy.

She didn’t waste a second after landing before opening fire, her rifle braced firmly against her shoulder as her finger liberally pulled back on the trigger. The first few slugs ripped into the closest hounds, ripping through their flesh and sending splattered remains flying through the air. The sonic screeches from those rounds alerted the rest of the pack, drawing their attention away from the vehicle and towards the aggravated solider. Several of them leapt upon the power armored figure, jumping to their end in a hail of gun fire. The entire pack was circling around her, trying to get behind her as the closest creatures felt their death as the tungsten slugs splattered their brains and organs. Then she pulled down on the trigger once more and was met with silence, the HUD icon on her visor blinking with the empty ammunition count in her rifle.

With the deadly roar of her weapon silenced an opportunistic hound leapt at her front, its gambit rewarded only with the butt of the rifle slammed into its face, crushing its bones and smashing its brains over the field. The empty clip from the rifle then ejected itself, landing upon the still twitching abomination as it sizzled into its gut.

Alison slammed the rifle like a club against another leaping creature, sending it flying in another direction and finally causing her to drop the hefty battle rifle. The remaining creatures gave a laugh, their jaws clattering while their appendages writhed in expectation around the ‘helpless’ female.

Of course she was far from helpless as she gave a wild scream into her surroundings. Her right arm reached to her thigh, fingers wrapping around the smaller carbine locked against her leg. The devices systems coming online, energy flowing into the firing mechanism. She quickly brought the device, holding it in one hand and fired it at one of those hounds, sending the electrical package coursing through its body - the creature’s muscles spasmed in pain and anguish for a few moments. But its ‘body’ recovered after the assault, its muscles writhing as it tried to left itself up from its prone position and then died as the SpecOp adjusted the setting on the rifle and sent another pulse of ions at the hound and boring a hole straight through its skull.

She pointed the carbine at another hound but this time she was interrupted as one of the feral creatures leapt upon her backside. She attempted to turn, point the gun at the vile thing but it impacted against her back first and threw her forward onto her front - the carbine thrown from her hands and into the mist.

The creature on her back gave some sort of triumphant shriek as it poised its appendages to dig into the female beneath it, only to be unfortunately dislodged as the power armored agent rolled to her back and threw the creature off. It landed, rebounded and attempt to leap onto its victim once again, just in time for Alison to clench her left hand into a fist and ignited the plasma katar on her forearm. The hound screeched as it saw the glowing blade of death, its screech turning into a blood curdling panic as it landed on the edge, slicing it in two with the edges sizzling and burning from the heat.

Alison quickly rolled to her knees as another creature launched itself at her, this one meeting its end as she ignited the other katar on her right arm. With both blades now active she launched herself into the pack, slicing into the creatures as they attempted to claw and kick, some getting a few scratches in only to have their claws scrape vainly against the main chest plate of her armor. Another tried to launch itself at her legs, hoping to penetrate the slimmer armor there and perhaps cripple its prey - but this one was met with a kick from the powered armored leg and sent flying with its skull smashed open.

A few moments more and she was alone once more, her breath deep and heavy as the dual blades hummed with their deadly power. With a long, slow exhale she opened her hands, letting the katars dissipate in a cloud of vapor. She took a few moments to look around, looking at the carnage of bodies around her, the pieces of the creatures burnt and splattered - some of the discarded limbs still twitching as they bled out.

She collected the carbine which was thrown from her hands, finding that some of the creature’s blood had settled onto its composite material. Normally she would let it be, confident that the tight seal on the gun’s skin would protect it from liquids such as blood. But these abominations, these freaks were far from normal, and she wanted to be careful with anything that came from their vile corpses. She adjusted the settings on her katar, lowering the field density and ignited it once more and went about incinerating the blood from the gun. After she was done sterilizing the weapon she placed it back into place on her hip. She repeated the process with the battle rifle after pulling it from underneath layers of dead beasts, cleaning it and slapping a new clip into its folds.

Finally free she turned her attention to the wrecked remains of her vehicle, much of its contents and supplies scattered into the mists by the ravaging hounds. She dug into what packages remain undisturbed, pulling out a pack and filling with handfuls of ammunition clips and grenades, and only when it was full did she turn towards the location she was given.

“Captain Rachel, I’ll be there in a little over five minutes. Scratch the supplies though, I’ve only got as much as I can carry on my person.”
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Postby Jenrak » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:17 am

    "Roger that, Alison." Rachel answered, walking around the charred and shriveling remains of the large Violator as she fired short bursts into the eggs that seemed to still throb with a fresh life in their holds. The wombs were still abreast of living beings and it pulsated with a reddish arterial pattern that coursed deep and vicious blood through its incredible shapes.

    She fired another shot, a whole spray of flesh flying around as her shield deflected it acidic remains, watching as the grass it touched wither and die almost instantaneously. "We'll keep position until you get here."


    The moon of Alian was a small base planet, with only a few scientists lingering on its cold and barren surface. There was no atmosphere, and the shape of the satellite itself seemed to be a more elliptical shape than anything else - there was not even enough gravity to force it into a spherical shape like its parent planet. As it loomed over Scian, revolving without a care, a dark shadow began to cast its shape over the surface. Deep ebony shapes formed on the dusty plains and canyons as the rocks were swept into an overwhelming darkness. The shape began to flicker slightly before its long ends moved with a quick jitter and skitter unheard of in anything of its size.

    Eight monstrous legs clicked as they moved, leading to a large carapace and spinneret, with long clicking sounds void in deep space. A great toxic nebula emerged from its mouth as long lines of alien and unbreakable silk emerged from the tips of its spinneret shooters. It swarmed and slithered about with a swish and crackle, before the long legs touched down upon the moon's surface. Each leg seemed to be the size of nations, creaking down with a metallic grace as its legs were wrapped in beautiful sinew and tight steel grips. Long locks of incredible power kept the behemoth of a thing together, its skin housing endless whorehoards as they crawled along its grease-smooth surface.

    A trillion eyes looked in a trillion directions, and each one reflected the glimmer of far off suns.

      She is here. She is not to get in my way.

    Deep, ravaging, destructive. Those were what summarized its vicious mind-speak as its words echoed throughout every mind of the primordial hordes that lived on its surface. The size of continents, this great spider-like being wrapped itself around the moon of Alian entirely as it began to pump dark energies into its core, the faces of humans embedded onto its front vomiting out blood to fertilize its lifeless soil.

      This planet is mine. That is all.

    There was a rumble in slip space. Something was coming. Not Symphonies. Not a Symphony at all.


    "Dear God." Agratoth noted, looking at the Alian moon. "Get all Jupiter cannons online, and keep the shielding up immediately." She banged her fist on the screen, her teeth gritting as the throbs of the micro-voids in her womb began to scream and shriek with her mood. "How did he get here so fast?! Fuck." She watched as the great spider take over Alian, wrapping it around itself like a giant prey as it began to liquefy the moon into its shape, growing larger and larger as it did so.

    "Keep a proximity, and arm the Tabula Vult. Have all run-drives on maximum capability, and be ready to fire and jump out to deep space if necessary. Our orders were not to interfere with another sapient construct if we could help it, but right now we are not in the position to be able to combat him. The best we can do is fire pre-emptively." The communications officer told the others at the bridge, sweating pouring from his head. "Master Agratoth, what do we do?"

    Agratoth brushed back her long hair with her whithered hand, looking at the starry sky out before her from the bridge. "Keep the Tabula armed. If worse comes to worse, we will need to retaliate. I have confidence, my friends, that today we may kill an Arkas."

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Postby Clamparapa » Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:26 pm

OOC: If you do not enjoy reading gory stuff, do not read this. Apologies that this took so long. Just getting back into the RP rhythm.


The tribesmen dragged her through the brush, thinking they were demoralizing her by dragging her over the rough terrain, but in reality, she was having a fun time riding the ground. Being pulled alone was just like a roller coaster to her damaged mind (the crash hadn't been so kind to her brain), and she giggled as they dragged her along. They would stop and tell her to shut up before they finally got tired of it and let her have her fun. However, when they returned to their village, they began becoming much more forceful with her. Although it was more aggressive, she was still playful. Things went downhill as soon as one of the tribesmen began to get "alone time" with her.

People around the area stared in horror as the man's head was flung out of the hut, a look of shock on his face and his brain hanging out of his broken skull. When the guards peered into the building, they saw a sight of horror and grotesqueness unlike anything they had seen. The girl from the stars was there, covered in the man's blood, staring at his manhood in her hands. The man's body parts were strewn everywhere, his blood looked like it had been sprayed on everything from a hose. His intestines were mounted on the wall, in some kind of intricate pattern. His eyes hung from her teeth as blood dripped from her lips-licking tongue. She was breathing very calmly, too calmly for this horror. The horrified guards looked down to see the girl slowly look up at them, not with a terrified or angry look, but one of sinister sneering. They looked at each other and began to run.

Unluckily for them, this girl was an expert hunter and killer; she was designed to kill and destroy. She leaped with superhuman strength out of the hut and onto the collective backs of the two guards who were stumbling over each other, trying to escape. She waited, taking in the men's screams with a huge grin on her face. Finally, her hand snapped down and dug into the back of the one of the men. Searing pain overwhelmed him as she dug through his back looking for it and when she found it, she let out an insane laugh. She tore out the man's nervous system; his entire spine was now in her hands. But what to do with the blood dripping symbol of life in her hands? She then looked at the other man who was struggling to get free, even as his best friend was lying there, drooling blood, dying. She again laughed, this time in a terrible high-pitched whining sound that split the eardrums of the still-living man. No sooner had the man screeched in pain than she plunged the tip of the spinal column into his back, easily sliding it in, destroying his stomach. She enjoyed the feeling of the man's warm blood on her hands. She did it again and again and again and again and....again until the man was nothing more than a bloody mess. Holes covered his body, his friend's spine now located somewhere between his liver and stomach. The blood now covered her from head to toe and the funny thing was, she loved the blood. It slid down her throat, becoming one with her. It was a drug for this girl and her body, a drug that meant the lives of the rest of this village must be sacrificed if she was to enjoy it.

She eyed her next victim: a young soon-to-be mother. Pouncing angrily on her, angry that she was selfishly hoarding her precious blood, she began to eye the terrified woman. She was young, beautiful, her whole life ahead of her. The girl sneered; that should have been her. Instead she was this hideous creature, with an insatiable taste for blood. She clasped the woman's stomach and ripped it wide open. The woman let out a bone chilling scream but it did nothing to stop the girl. She ripped out organ after organ, finally finding what she wanted. The new spark, the new life this female was protecting, hidden deep in her womb, was finally brought to light. Hopefully the child was killed instantly so as to not feel the terrible suffering that was about to be bestowed upon it. Ten, eleven, twelve times was the child beat into the ground, nothing left but a mass of meat. The mother, somehow still alive cried in terrible agony, seeing her child like this. She tried to call out, move, do SOMETHING to save her child. All this did was attract the attention of the killer, who leaped back on the woman. How should she destroy this bitch? She looked at her bloodied hand and saw the flesh and bone within it. She smiled as the mother knew exactly what she was going to do. She screamed as her former child was used to beat her to death, her screams lingering on even after death. Finally, both bodies were left there, nothing but a bunch of flesh of what might have been two living creatures at one time, but not anymore.

After seeing the death of his wife and unborn child in such a terrible and horrific way, the tribesman charged the girl with a spear, attempting to gut her. He should have just run, for even as he pierced her chest, she grinned, allowing the wonderful feeling of the sharp, cold steel penetrating the chest cavity to wash over her entire body. It in no way damaged her but instead activated pain receptors in her mind. Unfortunately, this girl was a terribly incredible masochist, loving every second of the pain. She pull the spear deeper into her, moving closer and closer to the man holding it. Stunned and horrified at what he was seeing, the man made no attempt to drop the lance or move out of the way, leading to the girl to grab him in a tight hold. She brought her face to his and...planted one on his lips. She kissed him, hard and heavy. In fact, she kissed him so hard, the man was beginning to suffocate, his nostrils covered by the girl's face squeezing into his own. He then felt a strange sensation as her tongue worked its way into his brain, slowly digging in and pulling out small chunks. After a few minutes, he had died, his brain completely eaten by the girl. She let him drop, the spear still within her. What to do with the weapon? She soon saw a small child staring at her and with the most evil smile, impaled it with the spear. No one was to be spared. After every man, woman and child in the village ceased to exist, she sat down in the center of the village, covered in her own blood as well as the blood of others, and began to sing. Nothing in particular, just whatever popped into her cybernetic mind...

TL;DR: Robot girl goes nuts, killing everyone in the village and enjoys it. A bit too much.

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Postby Jenrak » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:37 am

    Military vehicles were kicking up the dusts of the road, creating a thin and pale veil of white as it trickled onto the leaves and kissed the branches in a diamond blanket. The murmurs and talks of men in deep black suits and sunglasses around the perimeter of a tall and lonely house on edges of an empty street were all that stood in contrast to the rumbles of the white skies. The area was calm and serene, and no monsters seemed to crawl about in this area, but it could be for a few reasons. It could be because there was something odd about the derelict turrets and tips of the great Victorian building.

    It could be because of the superior firepower that was displayed here. Could such supernatural things be scared by the mundane nuances of the limited physical world?

    No crows were here, and the sense of solitude was pervading the grounds to such an extent that the clear and green grass was a becoming paler by the second and the stars in the sky were nothing more than thick lines of deep black, etching and fading and ebbing as if the sky was to burst open at any second. A thick and deep mist filled the area, and crunching noises were heard on faint walkways as two figures marched up the tiny steps to the front door and grabbed the knob.

    "Are you armed?" One of them, a clean shaven and well dressed man with a quip of suave and brick wall of hair gel asked, his eyes squinting in a natural manner as if he was completely aware of the swagger he was emitting.

    "Yes, sir." A younger man with equally clean hair and black leather gloves replied, his vest tide and prim as he carried a pistol in his hands.

    "Reads are coming from the upstairs. We think the project left to there. We aren't sure of what we'll see."

    "Yes, sir." He answered, as the man turned the door knob, the creak of the door allowing a small screech to fill their ears. "All forces, standby." He ordered, waiting for a click. "Interference. Repeat and replay." He ordered to the communicator. The two of them walked in, the musty surfaces of the untouched living room blanked and empty. Long railings were without a single fingerprint, and the beams of false sunlight cast deep shadows on the statues of succubi. The large stairs crept up to a shadowy hallway as the windows on the second floor were nailed shut with old and rusty pieces of metal.

    "Keep close." He ordered, walking through the long hallways as a slither noise was audible. "Lucy, are you there?" He asked, his voice raised slightly to allow a small echo bounce through the halls. There was nothing in this house save the foreign memories of something else. Something inhuman. The stench of rotting fish and seawater filled the noise as a pungent flavour laced atop its putrid gas. The two frowned, as they reached into their pockets, pulling breathing masks over their faces as they continued down the trek.

    The hallways seemed to twist into odd shapes in the corners, and the cobwebs were dangling at every single place as if it were made and remade so many times it became abandoned through the ages. Creaking noise was heard again, the floorboards smacking against each other as the dim shadows moving underneath the door at the end of the hall was seen. "Lucy? We're coming in, alright?" The man at the front asked, his gloved hands touching the weak door as it pushed it aside, opening to the room.

    "You've grown." He said, as the man behind him vomited. The two of them were white and frightened, but they had a job to do.


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