D.B.A. Part One: The Good, The Bad, The Weird

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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D.B.A. Part One: The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Postby The JVP » Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:13 pm

Ethrana, a small nation in the south west of Drejvaska, located in the Wendler Region.

A Federal Constitutional Monarchy, the Senate, led by Minister Ubysh Nil, has been trying to push the nation back towards it's glory days under the crown with large support from the population.

coming off the heels of a withdrawal from Moslanka, during the second Moslanka war. The people of Ethrana are tired of corruption and low wages. A change back to crown rule would see better days.

But forces within the Senate and outside are pressuring the nation to abandon the crown and instead join The Confederation of Novajinnsk, a Confederation of other states.

Matters made worse, when the Ethrana economic sector fell overnight, leading all the large employers in the nation to go bankrupt as their stocks fell drastically.

Large Companies from around Wendler, quickly jump in and buy out businesses and sectors, stabilizing the nation and lowering the unemployment rates.

Now Political parties from the Pro and anti Crown side of the debate, push to win the senate in the upcoming elections, as foreign interest and eyes focus on the nation.

In the Capital of Kacreustan, the Rhamosian and JVPian districts have popped up as the two nations, both the largest buyers of Ethrana Cooperate (JVP) And National (Rhamos) Debate, set up to help guide the nation down the right path.

And where is the King during all of this? King Foma Snatkin weighs his options. The Snatkin family have only been figure heads in his nation since the great war, and he wonders if now is the time to retake the reins and the lead the nation, as new advisors from nations afar whisper in his ear. His son and two daughters, now wonder if they will sit on the Throne of Ethrana as a symbol or as it's leader.

So is the stage for the events of Part one of (Drejveska’s Bizarre Adventure) The Good, The Bad, and The Weird

This is a Wendler Region only Thread.
Thread will get graphic at times. So 18 Plus
For Wendler members, there is a post order, please check the discord for the info.
NS rules still apply


January 2020:
Ethrana Economic collapse ( After Years of failed regional power boosting, and corrupt politicians and CEOs, lining their pockets. The Economy of Ethrana fell, when foriegn companies looking to invest, triggered a selling of stocks in local Ethrana businesses, looking to lay off millions of workers.)


Foriegn companies, mainly those from the JVP Empire, Begin buying up stock in failing Ethrana companies, and almost overnight claim majority shares.

Quickly pumping money into these failed companies, the quick boost slowly stabilizes the Ethrana Economy, as people begin to return to work.

The Ethrana Senate, headed by the Kavet (KVT), In a move to pull more seats, called for a new election to be held later in the year. But new comer party United Front (UTF) used the call for Senate elections, to blast the KVT and their union party, The People's Voice Party (PvP) and blame them for the hardships in the nation, and called for the King to dissolve the Senate, and set up a temporary Senate with the UTF in charge, to help oversee the economic recovery of the Nation.


The Rhamosian and JVPian Districts are set up in the Kacreustan, as more and more companies begin to invest in the Ethranian Market, to the dismay of the UTF.

Rhamosian Nobles begin to engage the Royal family, and calls from the KVT and PVP, for the King to take direct control of the Nation during the hardship, is being echoed throughout the nation.


The beginning of the events of GBW.
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Postby The JVP » Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:54 pm

Kacreustan, Ethrana. Ethrana Int'l Airport.

The plane ride to Ethrana was an enjoyable one, as the Twins, Rudi and Sofie, had made the most of their time, by eating sweets, and drinking as much soda as they could.

Once on the ground, the two bounced around until they got off the plane and went to get their baggage.

"Rudi." Sofie, asked as she reached her hand out.

"Yes. Sofie?" He replied as he took her hand, interlocking their fingers.

"It's loud here. I don't like it." she said, as she moved closer to him, wrapping herself closer to her brother.

"It's fine sis. We'll be out of her soon. we just need to get our bags." He scanned the area. "And a room."

"OK." She said, as she also scanned the room. "Hey brother." She pointed over to a large man in a fancy suit, looking at them. "Maybe he can get us a room."

Rudi looked over to the man. "He does look nice. And maybe he'll have snacks." He said, as he looked over his sister. "Do you want to do the honor?" He asked.

she looked up into his yellow eyes and smiled. "I would be honored." she said, as she bounced away, her pure white hair flowing as she moved over to the man, her long black dress flowing as she moved. Rudi watched her, as she talked to the man, and pointed back over to him. The man made eye contact with him, and he smiled.

Their bags came up on the belt, and Rudi grabbed them as Sofie bounced back over.

"Brother. He said we can room with him for the night. For a fee." She leaned closer to him. "He says he has a lot of snacks for us to eat, and they sound super good." She kissed him on the cheek. "He said it's less noisy there also. so let's go." She said, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the man.

"Hello there, Rudi." the man said as they got closer. "Your sister said you two were traveling alone. I can put you up in a room for the night." The man said, as he reached a head out and patted Rudi's short white hair. "What lovely twins." He mused. "Come. I have a car waiting outside."

The two smiled, as they followed the man out. "Are their snacks in the car mister?" Sofie, asked as she wrapped her arms around the man's right arm. "Yeah. Snacks." Rudi said, as he did the same on the man's other side.

"We'll get some snacks." He said, a wide smile on his face. We'll get you many snacks as you want."

Kacreustan, Ethrana. Senate Chambers

Feliks had only recently been elected during the 2018 midterm and was a rather bi-Partisan voter in the senate, but sided mostly with Kavet.

Today was one of those days that Feliks hated, debate day. Feliks sighed as a watched the middle aged gentleman from United Front (UTF), make a fuss about Moslankan refugees in the east of the nation. It was the UTF that had called for the second war against Moslanka, stating the land to be rightfully Ethrana, and now here they were debating on a bill to provide aid to the Refugees.

“These scum steal our right land, and have the nerve to set up shop and demand a free hand out?” the man went on. “I say to hell with them. Our people are jobless and our kids go hungry, and yet you let foreign companies set up shop, buy out our national resources, and give our jobs to the Molsankan slugs? I say NO, the UTF says NO.”

“Pavlo.” Can the deep voice of an older man. “We all know that is not true. Joes have only gone to our people, and no kid has gone hungry.” the man Smirked. “Maybe the UTF needs to remember who called for the war, that led us down this shit hole.”

“A war you all voted for, after the slugs attacked us.” Pavlo spat out, face turning red.

Now was Feliks turn to speak, as he got to his feet and held his hands out.

“Gentleman, now is not the time for this. Our nation is already creaking at the seams, and as senators we need to seal it up. Now, I don’t want to waste resources on illegals, but at the same time, we did destroy their homes.” He clapped his hands together. “So lets put this to a vote.”

Feliks knew what the game he was playing. The vote for the Minister was this year, and Feliks was hoping to get the spot and if not, a go position with whoever took the seat. He did not care for UTF, but even after leading the nation into an unwinnable five year war, they seemed to have won more and more seats, and if polls for the 2021 election meant anything, they were set to take a majority in seats. So Feliks hated them, but he needed to seem like an ally. At least until the crown came back.
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Postby The JVP » Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:59 pm

The Shar, Ethrana

Rudi was the first to wake up, and he wiggled his way from under the large arm of the man... Josev something or another. He never really caught the man's full name, but it does not matter. He was needed for one thing, and one thing only, and he filled that role.

"Sofie." He said softly, as he wrapped a thrown bed sheet around himself, again looking around, only to find her thin frame, sprawled out on top of the man curled up into a ball, except for a foot, which was pressed against the man's face. In one hand she had a chocolate bar, in the other she held an object. Rudi huffed, as he remembered the night's events.

We walked out of the large room that was the suite for this penthouse, the man had booked, and went over to his bag. He pulled out his phone and looked at the messages on it.

*Yo sicko twins.* The Message started. *Below is a list of targets. Client wants it messy. A message is to be sent. Renata is covering your tracks.* Rudi looked down to his feet and back to the room. 'How is big sister Rudi covering my footprints?', he wondered, as he went back over the list. *These are the targets. Client wants it to look like someone else did it.* The message ended with the words Blood Money.

Rudi scanned the list of targets, and came across a very familiar name. He slowly made his way back over to his sister, who has somehow slid of the mans stomach, and was now laying upside down, legs open, with a dumb look on her sleeping face.

Rudi giggled as he took a picture of her. "She looks so dumb." He said, as bend down to shake her awake.

"Sis. Sis." He nudged her harder, as her eyes slowly opened and focused on him.

"Five more minutes. My hips hurt." She said, as she slowly straightened her body, and stretched.

"We have a job." Rudi said, as pulled out the man's wallet and looked at the ID. Josev Tokar, the ID read. The tenth name on his list. Small level pro Novajinnsk supporter. "Look." Rudi said, as he showed his sister the list, and the ID.

She smacked her lips, as she took a bit from the chocolate bar, and focused on the list. "Ahh. Really." She said, pointing at the man. "But he was super nice and genital. Plus his belly is super soft." She said, as she also started to look for something to wear.

"Was he?" Rudi said, as he remembered the night. "Maybe." He said, as he unzipped the small bag he had. "Big brother Tomasz said we can't let our..." he thought for a second. "Weird... carnal urges, get in the way."

"Caramel?" Sofie said, as she pulled out a large blade from the bag.

"No. Carnal. Like the place with the rides." He also looked over a knife. "I don't know. Big Brother is weird. But fun to play with." He eyed the man still on the bed. Work was work.

Half an hour later, the twins washed each other in the shower. Giggling as they took turns cleaning each other. Afterwards, they dressed in simple matching black dresses, as Rudi put his long wig back on. They collected their bags, and hand in hand walked out of the large room and made their way down a flight of stairs, exiting the hotel and moving on to their next location.

Hours later the Kacreustan news would run a story about the body of big time donor, Josev Tokar, known for supporting the campaign Pavlo Lyska, and many others from the Party independent Ethranka. The shows scenes of the crime scene, glass on the floor, Josev's body, throat cut, and in the words Novajinnsk scum, carved into this chest, in Moslankan Cyrillic, with "Novajinnsk scum." also written on the walls. The murder is being blamed on an MLA hit team, as reports of another Party independent Ethranka supporter, being killed from a sniper round to the head, is also brought up into the headlines.

"Cafe Kacreustan"

A woman, whose skin tone could be best described as Dusky Dravidian, sat at her table, sipping on a cup of Ethrana blend. She had been in the Country for a few days, working as an IT tech for some JVP IT company. This was her cover of course, as she spent most of her time, scrubbing any footage of the Twins. She tracked their every movement, and slept only when they slept. Then she would follow them from camera to camera, editing them out, or re-looping footage. To the world, these two were never in Ethrana, but to her, she saw everything they did.

"Don't worry little ones. Big sister Renata is watching over you." She said, as she moved some of her brown hair out of the way, as she took another sip of her coffee.

"Pixie Icesys Dealership"

A group of three looked over a few cars, as a man followed them around pointing out some cars.

"This is the Pixie model S320. Luxury car. Matter of fact, the Princess Etschelena Heliana Mausen drives a black model." He rubbed his hands together, as one of the trio, got in and sat in the seat. "Oh, this is nice." He said, as he looked around the car. He said something Korean, and laughed to himself.

"We are also in the market for an SUV that can fit six. What do you get?" Asked another member of the Trio, a man with Light brown skin, and his long black hair in braids.

Oh. Um, Mister Tomasz right." The dealer said, as he looked around the lot. "We have a wide selection of Icesys SUVS. The newest model, the Icesys Frontier, can seat a family of eight, plus the dog." The Man said, rubbing his hands together.

"Perfect, I'll take one in black." He looked at his Dae, a man a few shades darker then him, but with these small red dreads. "You like that?" He asked.

"Oh yeah baby. This shit feels right. I'll have all the Ethranian bitches sucking my dick in this shit." He looked to the Dealer. I'll take this in Grey, if you don't mind.

"Listen to you. Thinking you'll get any over here." Came a feminine voice, from the seat next to him. " She looked at the dealer, with her clear grey eyes, which glowed with a blue tint. "I'll take one in black, if you please." She said, as she ran her hand up Dae's leg and took a tight hold of his package. "He'll also take his in black." She said, as she laid a kiss on Dae's cheek.

"AAA.. Yes. Black please... AAA Jin, please let go. I need those." He whimpered.

"Enough you two." Tomasz said, as he returned his attention to the dealer, who now seemed like he was going to have a heart attack.

"Three?" He said, dabbing at the sweat forming on his forehead.

"Yes. Three." Tomasz Said, as he pulled out a black card. "We'll pay full price also, if you don't mind." Tomasz moved quickly to catch the man as he fainted.

"Damn bruh. You would think he has never sold a car before." Dae said as looked at the man in Tomasz arms.

News of the murders rocked the nation, as blame seemed to be centered squarely on the Mosrana people and the MLA.

Detective Engelman arrived at the bloody mess of a hotel room. There were 36 individual stab wounds in the body, and his eyes were gouged out. There were Cyrillic runes on the wall, nothing he hasn't seen at the murder scene of a Mosni before, but never has it been in a hotel room. "Atserna hooker murder?" He was referring to the killings of Ethranian soldiers in the first war by Moslankan prostitutes.

"No, this was definitely pre-meditated. His wallet was found on the floor. No cash missing, but his ID was." Sergeant Vilanov was writing in his notepad.

"If his ID was missing, then maybe this was a hit, or an otherwise organized killing. I'll be damned." Group planned killings of political lobbyists weren't uncommon, but this was definitely done by professionals, and that thought scared the seasoned cop.

The People's Café, Slums of Kacreustan

The People's Café was a local bar, known for being the hang out of an Anti-Monarchy group called The Sons of Democracy. Tonight they would be holding a large meeting about the recent events.

"Look Erik. Those blue bloods are running this nation dry, plus with those out of region Nobles sniffing around, has lit a spark under those pro Monarchy traitors to the people" Screamed a young Ethranan, as he waved a dagger around.

"Young Jans is right. Erik, we need to snuff out these nobles, before they regain power. Hell. The MLA is out there killing our backers, and in broad daylight." The large group of men started to ramble over each other, as they yelled for the blood of the nobles, and the end to their line.

Erik, a large build man, sat in his seat, as people yelled over him. He raised his hand, and commanding all the respect for someone of his station, quickly hushed the room.

"Never forget the blood we lost in the name of these blue bloods. But we need to be critical about what is happening. Everyday those Aelian scum make the people think life will be better under the crown again. This is only the fox in the sheep's wool. No. Young Jans is..." He was cut off by the front door opening and then closing. "Damn it Kiër, I thought you locked the door." Erik said, as he reached for his gun and moved to the front of the bar.

"He. Bars closed for a private..." Erik stopped as he looked at what he could only guess were two twin girls. They both wore all black outfits. One in a dress, like some kind of doll, and the other in a pair of very small shorts. The one in the dress carried a very large item wrapped in a piece of cloth, and the one in shorts had on a long coat, open around the bottom.

"Ummm." Erik began, as he let go of the handle of the pistol he had stored in his small of his back. "Hey kids. Bar is closed. If you need to use the washroom, there is a store next store..." he was cut off by the Twin in shorts.

"Hey. Mister. Do you want to play with me and my sister?" Rudi said as he moved closer to Erik.

Erik narrowed his eyes. This one was a male, that he could now tell. "Ummm. Sorry." He said, as he watched the boy reach behind his back. Years in the military had sharpened his senses, and fighting in Moslanka, had led him to never trust anyone slowly reaching behind him.

Erik quickly pulled his gun and pointed it at Rudi, but it was too late, as Rudi had pulled his weapon and had already swung. Cleaving Erik's gun hand from his arm. "So you do want to play mister." Rudi said, as he swung his weapon down again, cutting off Erik's lower jaw, leaving him gurgling instead of screaming.

"Brother Erik." Came the voice of one of the men from the back. "We heard..." The man looked down at Erik, now laying face down in a pool of his own blood. "BROTHER ERIK." He yelled, as he rushed Rudi, only to have the edge of a knife glade cleaning across his throat. He was dead before he hit the ground.

His yells had alerted the others in the back, and the twins heard the sound of guns being loaded.

"Sister. I think they want to play with you." He said, as he watched his sister unwrapped the MG 338, she was carrying, charged it, brought it down to the wall that separated the main bar from the back room, and fired. 7.62 Novajinnskian made rounds ripped through the wall, and into the large group of men in the back, all the well Sofie laughed and giggled as she squeezed the trigger. Letting go every so often so as not to overheat the barrel.

"Brother, do you think they are done playing?" She asked at some point, right before some poor fool rushed out of the back, knife in hand. He was quickly killed by Rudi, as he swung his weapons, slicing the man from shoulder to stomach. Spraying both him and his sister with blood.

Rudi licked the blood off the blade, remarking on the taste. "Too bitter." He said, as he heard more moving in the back, and motioned for his sister to keep firing.

After a few more sprays, he waved for her to stop, and moved to the back, blades at the ready. There had to be at least 50 men in the room, and they all laid dead or were dying. Some twisted on the floor as the 7.62 had made a complete mess of their bodies. Those that clung to life, did so weakly.

"Oh dear Sister. You left so many for me to play with." Rudi said, as he went to work, hacking and slashing at anyone still left alive.

ten Minutes later, and covered in Blood. Rudi walked out from the back room and looked at his sister. who had already re-wrapped her weapon, and had painted on the wall, something in Novajinnskian. Something about the people being weak.

"You did good work brother." She said, as she walked over to him. Laying a blood kiss onto his lips.

"As did you." He replied, taking her hands into his. "Lets go get some ice Cream."

"OH. I want Peach." Sofie said. "But." She looked at her Brother. "Remember Big Brother Tomasz said we can't eat sweets covered in blood anymore."

Rudi's eyes widened. "But it tastes so much better with the blood."

"I know." She replied. "But Big brother said to be on our Q's and P's"

"P's and Q's silly."

"Yes, those. P's and the Q's. He said he would buy us lots of snacks, and pet our heads if we did a good job." She smiled. "He may even play with us at night."

Rudi's eyes grow even wider. "Big Brother said all that." He watched as his sister nodded. "Then let's go change."

The two had only left the bar ten minutes before the police showed up. The News would report on the matter the next morning.
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Postby Uribill » Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:06 am

The Kingdom of Uribill is known for many things: royalty, vodka, potch accents. But one thing it is not widely known for is its foreign intelligence capabilities. That is because Uribill’s foreign intelligence agency, the Krelvek Institucjá od Strané Inteligencjá (Parenese for Royal Institution of Foreign Intelligence) doesn’t often operate outside of the Parens, but also because they know how to lay low and not attract unneeded attention.

The KISI has a very specific duty, that is to ensure the security and stability of regional monarchies that are of interest to house Uribill, by listing targets and groups of interest that might be a cause of concern and gathering as much intelligence about them as humanly possible - and in any means necessary.

So when several of these groups of interest show uncharacteristic violence towards each other, it turns on some alarm bells at the KISI. It seemed as if Moslankan extremists were carrying out targeted hits on pro-Novajinnsk politicians, and in return Novajinnskian operatives carried out a brutal public attack against a prominent anti-monarchist group.

Several KISI sleeper agents stationed in Ethrana were awakened by a new set of orders, coming right from the commanding directorate in Uribill. They must get involved in pro-Novajinnskian politics and anti-monarchist groups and recognize the source of the uptake in violence.

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Postby The Kingdom of Rhamos » Mon Mar 15, 2021 10:53 pm

Rajabo City, Danlina, Drejveska

The operation had been underway for just over a month now though overtly on the surface not much had physically transpired save for the occasional movement isolated groups of personnel into the area. Digitally though the area was a buzz with activity as SIGNIT samples were acquired via roving surveillance vehicles that collected and intercepted personal cellphones from prison employees and guards. Individuals secure in their office cubicles hundreds of miles away used this information to compile profiles of all those involved in the prisons operations which are further filled in with research of their social media presence.

In coordination with these efforts a HAPS drone loitered high up almost in low orbit above the area, its sensors working to provide ISR imagery as well helping the ground surveillance units monitor cellphone signals to track and map guard and worker habits. These signals and their movements were modeled against publicly available blueprints and schematics of the compound furthered filled in with surveillance photos to further account for any renovations and remodeling that might have occurred since the facility was built.

Weeks and days’ worth of surveillance finally paid off when a hit was finally registered from a local dating site of all places, a guard was bragging to an e-thot about his job guarding a “dangerous spy.” Using this bit of information his cellphone in particular was tracked for a week monitoring his patterns at work looking for points of repeated visitation. Coupled with this was an effort to engage with this individual in a manner he was deemed most susceptible too, a profile on the site of a women matching the mans ideal considerations was crafted and matched with him.

He quickly agreed and after a rousing date night wherein he was promptly intoxicated and then drugged by a female operative he was interrogated for the exact location of a specific inmate. His testimony was compared against his foot traffic history from his cellphone to ensure its accuracy before the man was placed in several compromising and life shattering positions in which pictures were taken to ensure his continued silence lest he appear on several watchlist.

All this information was compiled and trimmed down to the essential bits which was handed off to the strike team.


Kacreustan, Ethrana

The nondescript Ethranian Cafe had a sort of rustic charm to it that any Rhamosian would find rather quaint. Its rather old world feel mixed with the air of mediocrity and dissatisfaction with the daily grind of life gave it a rather calming atmosphere.

At least, that is how Duke Red perceived it anyways. Any other person might have remarked on it as depressing and possibly, greasy. But the Duke was a man of peculiarities and today was no different for him.

Watching the morning news, he sipped deeply from his coffee with a satisfying "Ah" while watching the report of the latest killings. Across from him sat his personal assistant, a woman of a once very prominent and rising acting career in Rhamos before being laid low by a bomb in Theia. Her prosthetic arm, burn marks and eye patch all on her left side marring her once beautiful complexion.

He turned his attention from the television screen to the women before he finally addressed her.

"It seems some evil ne'er-do-wells have found their way in to poor Ethranian midst." The comment had a sense of halfhearted pity in it that was only belied by the oddly jovial predatory expression on his face.

His assistant for her part barely raised her eyes from the book she was reading in response. "Did the situation really necessitate such and disproportionate response? Those two monsters will no doubt make a garish nightmare before they are done."

Regardless of if she was actually looking at him or the book, the Duke raised his hands slightly in mock hurt at the statement. "Why my dear Adilaide, such pointed words wound me. I merely outsourced our open positions to two exceptionally talented and capable candidates. Surely you can understand the need for such delicate handlings in an otherwise brutish nation such as Ethranian don't you?"

Adelaide licked the tip of her finger before using to turn another page of her book content not to give the duke the satisfaction of falling into his verbal game. Instead thinking carefully before she responded she finally quipped. "I do, but I don't see the need for those two."

The Duke waved of the question as he took another sip of his coffee. "You know, the best part of traveling is being able to sample the local delicacies of each country we visit. It is always very telling of a country's people by how they prefer their coffee."

He motioned to his own cup in front of him. "Take my own for example; it tastes bitter and unrefined and yet, there as simple notes of exquisite quality hidden beneath its surface in a refreshing after taste." He punctuated this be taking another satisfying sip. "When taken all together, one understands that with a little work it could truly be something worthy of even the highest of noble taste."
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Postby The JVP » Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:13 pm

Border of Ethrana and Moslanka.

A small outpost sat on the Ethrana side of the border. It was small, and only housed three soldiers, or should have, if the army had staffed it properly. This is what Peter thought as he took a long puff from his pipe, and looked at the dark Moslanka lands beyond.

The detail was easy enough, he would sit in the shake for a 24 hrs., and then rotate back so some other shitty detail, simple. He figured. He had been on this detail for a few months, and nothing really happened, so he kicked his feet up and opened the paper.

"Novajinnskian scum. I knew they had their hands deep in the pockets of those Ethranka scumbags. Seems the people are finally going after them." Peter scoffed, as he took a few more puffs. He was a Kingsman, and voted for Kavet. They would restore the Monarchy.

At that time, a buzzing began to feel the room. "Damn it. Dogs again." He said, as he grabbed his rifle and went to check the area.

Sergeant Peter's body would be found the next day.

1st Lieutenant Jisan Kožka, remarked on how Peter was close to the end of his service, and was looking forward to being home with his wife and child. He strongly condemned the Pro Novajinnsk Movement, but failed short of calling for an outright purge of their membership.

Across the country at the estate of the late Josev Tokar, a gruesome crime scene was unfolding. His widow, and their five children were all found dead. lined up and gunned down. A letter left stating that the killing was done by a remnant of Sons of Democracy group. Who blamed the shooting up of their hangout, as being the work of a Pro-Novajinnsk group that supported the Monarchy but under Novajinnsk rule.

An investigation of the house did find large stacks of Novajinnskian currency, along with documents outlining how the money was to be used, in support of various Party independent Ethranka candidates, with a large sum being earmarked for the next election cycle. Notes detailed enemy groups of interest, such as the SoD, and Nobles that were to be eliminated.

The media had a field day with this information, and it was covered on all the major news networks, as more notes and journals came forward. The news of course, skipped over the death of CEO Erik Edelmann of Banke de Vietschen, his company now under the leadership of a JVP firm, or how The Lanžov Group, was bought out by a JVP hotel Group, Hotel Pengu, and how Markus Janssen was killed after records showed that he was underpaying his employees, and how he invested heavily into the elections of Party independent Ethranka candidates. His murder is being linked to a female employee, who after years of being sexually assaulted, pushed him out of the window of his skyscraper office, and he fall to his death.

support and calls for the removal of Party independent Ethranka candidates, caught in the scandal, have been widespread, as a young street artist had been spray painting a call for a return to the Monarchy, and Forum boards are being flooded with Glory to the Ethrana crown, Glory to Foma Snatkin King of the Ethranians.

Apartment in downtown Kacreustan

Renata slammed her pinky into the enter key, as a new post on the popular Ethrana forum boards went up. It was in support of the Monarchy, and how the youth votes needed to back Kavet and mainly Jans Malekski, who has called for level heads as the government investigates these claims.

She mused to herself, as she stroked the white hair on the twin laying on her left leg, and then the one on her right. "You two must be so alone working out there by yourselves." She rubbed Sofie cheek, which had a bit of Chocolate on it. "Messy eaters." She purred, as she laid back in her bed, the twins shifting to lay next to her. "Alright. Let's get some sleep. Tomorrow is another big day." She pulled the covers over them, as the twins both cuddled closer to her, wrapping their arms around her waist, and burying their faces into her stomach and back.

Across the city.

A black SUV pulled up to a warehouse, and three people got out. They all wore all black, and made their way through the warehouse, till they spotted their target. A large Ethrana cargo ship. It was full of random goods and what not, and was set to depart in the morning. Security was relaxed and the three had an easy time getting onto the ship.

Once on, one of the trio, pulled out a wad of what looked like plastic. He modeled it into a shape and placed it on a set of containers.

"You sure I can't blow up the whole ship?" Said the person modeling the plastic.

"Do it and I'll rip them off." came the voice of another.

"Touchy." Replied the first voice.

"Shut up." Came the voice of the last man. "Just do as you are told. You'll get a chance to blow up something bigger later.

The trio went quiet, and only spoke as they moved away.

Once back in the car, the man that modeled the plastic, pulled out a small device, and pushed a few buttons. A Large explosion rocked the ship, as containers fell into the waters below.

"HOT DAMN." Said the person, as he threw the device out the window, making sure it fell in an area it could be easily found. As the guy driving, made sure to leave a trail of skid marks in the area as they pulled off.

The next money as police teams scan the area, the device is found, fingerprints link it to a known member of the Pro-Novajinnsk anarchy group, Sea Front.

After these latest rounds of attacks, calls for aid to help in taking down these terror groups, have been called for on many online outlets, along with the protection of the royal family.

JVP Companies in the Area have called on JVP Knights to be deployed to Ethrana, along with forces from Rhamos. The call comes not to protect JVP and Rhamos workers in the area, but to protect all their workers, as it seems some groups don't want the Ethranian people to live a better life, and only want to keep them under the thumb of corrupt CEOs and Political figures.

Down with Party independent Ethranka, has become a common saying among the youth, and now their parents are starting to pick up on it.
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Postby The JVP » Tue Mar 16, 2021 7:11 pm

Senate Chambers

"You fucking traitors to the people." Roared the voice of an elder Kavet Senator, as squared up with a member from Ethranka. "You sold your soul for 30 pieces of silver." The Senator threw a wild haymaker and hit the Ethranka Senator in the face. "Stay down like the dog you are." He said, before getting hit in the stomach by one of the downed man's party members.

Scenes like these where happening all over the Senate Chamber, as cools for order rung out, only to fall on deaf ears.

But everyone saw this coming, as paperwork began to surface that Ethranka was paid off to push the nation towards a second war with Moslanka, and then handicapped the military so it couldn't fight properly. All so Novajinnsk could have an easy in both Moslanka and Ethrana, now that both nations had weakened each other.

Once again Feliks called for order, before being blindsided by an Ethranka member, who was then struck in the back of the head by the butt of a Rifle, as the Royal Marines rushed the room, and began subduing the fighting senators.

Feliks worked his jaw to make sure nothing was broken, before a white gloved hand reached down to help him up. Feliks took the hand, and looked up into the face of a kind looking Elderly man in red robes, and a small golden circlet sat on his white hair.

"My King." Feliks said, quickly dropping to one knee. He had just come face to face with King Snatkin Foma.

"Stand my boy. In this room, you need to have your wits about you." King Foma began, as he looked over the warring room. "And places like this require a lot of wit." He let out a loud whistle that seemed to stop the room, as the once fighting senators now turned and kneel before the king. All but one Ethranka member, who was quickly struck in the back of the head by a heavy blow from one of the royal Marines.

"Senators please. Conduct yourselves like real Ethranian men." The King spoke, now scanning and making eye contact with as many senators as he could. "A dark shadow has spread across our nation, and we need to be the light that drives it out. That is why as of today, I'm dissolving the Senate and will call for elections at the end of the year."

A loud grumble came over the room, as the king's words settled in.

"Silence." Foma snapped. "I'll be setting up a placeholder government that will set up for elections later this fall." He motioned towards Feliks. "This Senator right here will head the intern-Government. He will pick two people from different parties to aid him. That is all." The King turned to leave. "Marines, clear the Senate Chambers." The king walked out as Marines began to yell at the Senators to get up and clear out, some needing to be motivated.

Some time later, Feliks was in his office, an ice pack on his face, as Pjavel, head of the Ethranka party stormed into his office. "My good friend Feliks, oh what happened to you?" Pjavel said, taking a seat in the chair across from the senator.

"As if you don't already know. One of your party members blindsided me." Feliks spit out, as he put the ice pack down.

"Sorry to hear about that. I had just left the chambers before the fight broke out. The Marines kept me from reentering. The party member in question has been removed." Pjavel pulled out a slim case. "Anyways. I hear the King is allowing you to form the stand in Government."

Here it came. "Feliks knew what the man really came in here for. "let me guess. You wish to be a part of that?"

"Whatever gave you that idea? But since you brought it up. Yes, I would like to help. Seeing as my party is being painted as traitors, I would like to clear our names."

"I already have the head of Kavet taking the second seat. So why not. Shows that we can all work together." Feliks said, putting the ice pack back on his face.

"Perfect." Pjavel said. Getting to his feet, and heading to the door. "My party is about the people's voice, and polls show that the people's voice still sides with Ethranka. Be wise to remember that." He left the office.

"Conceded bitch." Feliks said to himself as he relaxed into his chair. He knew the next few months would be stressful, but after that, maybe he would be appointed Minister. The world only knew.

Around Ethrana

News of the King Dissolving the senate spread like wildfire, as candidates from all the parties held talks and local town halls. People began to wear ribbons marking them as members of a party, our pro/anti crown.

And in the back background of this all, hits on extremists groups began to ramp up. And hits lead to retaliation, and retaliations lead to more hits, and the cycle began.

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Postby Treko » Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:03 pm

Radosław Kozlik
ТВСД Group- Olga
Kacreustan, Ethrana, Trekkish Embassy

I pulled my plate carrier over my head and strapped it tightly to my chest before grabbing a nearby assault rifle that hung on the van's wall horizontally. I rocked a mag into the magwell then placed the assault rifle against the back of the driver's seat before looking to the back of the van where I saw Malak, Kogut, and Wasco talking among each other, “Malak, what’s the situation on the ambassador’s children?”

Malak quickly pulled himself away from the conversation and began looking earnestly at the laptop that sat before him in his lap. Different shades of light flickered across Malak’s face before a green tint covered his face, “Kozlik, the ambassador's children, are heading out in 5 minutes on the normal route. Our plan is still good to go,”

“Good. Start gearing up and prepare yourselves. As soon as that car leaves the embassy, Balla,” I said as I smacked Ball on the shoulder, “Will begin to tail the car at a distance. When we get halfway through the scheduled route we will begin the plan. Everyone knows their parts?”

All four of my team members gave a quick nod before beginning to gear up in the van. I held my view on my squad for a moment before switching back to looking at the embassy. It was a rather old colonial mansion that had been renovated for the modern age. The wall that encompassed had the same colonial style as the embassy, yet it was covered in security cameras and a pair of uniformed guards at the gate. In my effort to take in the beauty of the colonial estate I took notice of the target leaving and gave my driver the go ahead. As the van slowly lurched forward I grabbed my assault rifle that leaned against the back of the driver's seat and walked back to the rear of the van whilst stabilizing myself by pushing my hand against the roof of the van.

“Look alive, we’re reaching the interception point,” Shouted Balla, his face never turning from the road.

“You heard, Balla. Mask on,” I ordered as I pulled a balaclava down over my face before racking the charging handle, “Be quick, be smart, be lethal,”

Balla quickly pulled up to the side of the embassy car and Wasco pulled the side sliding door open for the team. After the sliding door opened, Kogut and Malak let out a devastating burst into the passenger side window of the embassy car. The driver and passenger went limp as the burst tore into them, spreading the insides of their head all over the interior. Muffled shrieking could be heard from within the vehicle which cued Wasco to smash the rear side passenger window open. As Wasco peered into the car, the back of his head blew out, and he dropped dead where he stood. The balaclava was the only thing that was holding his head together. I quickly shouldered my rifle and fired a burst into the passenger window. As I cautiously approached I heard the whimpering of a child. I did not lower my rifle as I peered into the car. A lone bodyguard sat in the middle seat. His head rested on his shoulder and his eyes were blank as blood poured out of his mouth. I quickly looked around and found one of the children tucked in the space between the passenger seat and the rear seat. She sat with her knees-up to her chest and hands on her head. Blood and glass covered the top of her head. Even her school uniform had specks of blood on it. Without hesitating I reached in and unlocked the car door from within before pulling the child out and handing her to Kogut who quickly carried her into the car.

“Where’s the second one? Where’s the boy,” Malak shouted as he covered my rear as I looked into the car once more. There...beneath the dead bodyguard I had eliminated was a lifeless child. Even in death his hands were covering his head as if seeking some form of protection from the assault. Sorrow washed over me as I backed away from the car and looked at Malak and shook my head before getting into the van.
“Balla, get us out of here,” I ordered as I closed the sliding door behind Malak after he entered the van.

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Postby Vivtzem » Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:46 am

Parannall Naval Station, Vivtzem

The clatter of typing and concentrated yelling could be heard all throughout the halls of the cramp station. The yelling in particular could even be heard through in the lunch room. The room itself was dull in color, consisting of a monotonous grey tone with a black outline streaking as a single line from the way bottom, wrapping around the room from the right side of the door to the left side of the door. The room was illuminated by great share of the high hanging chandelier, in addition to the active microwave which hummed with the ferocity of its laugh few days of operation. It sat upon the countertop next to the sink, plugged in dangerously close to the damp but drying dirty dishes. In of itself it held something of great importance to the people who crewed this station, cinnamon buns. To be more specific, one of a two dozen pack. Inside the microwave sat one of the delicious cinnamon surprises. On a paper plate it spinned on, radiation bombarding every outwards and exposed side of itself. The bombardment of radiation was diapered in part by the thin layer of wet paper tower that covered the top and cylinder like sides of the bun.

A handful of audible pops could be heard from the metal machine, it’s origin from the bun, but it did not disturb the at the time sole inhabit of the room. Clad in dark brown hair that extended down barely to the back of her neck, her eyes bore the same color as her straight but messy hair. A Eurasianmix in origin it is very well apparent that she had inherited slanted almond eyes of the orient. She sat scrunched over a wooden chair of mahogany heritage, its unmistakable color being in contrast with her white dress uniform that resembled that of early twentieth century navies. Her dress cap sat on the table, which was of birch origin, next to which was a coffee cup that was as black as the nightly expanse of the universe, being dotted with white dots all over itself. She busied herself during her lunch break with a scroll throughout the World Wide Web, scrolling through news articles abscent mindedly. Suddenly she stops, her mouse hovered over an article, she whispered in disbelief to herself as she read the title “Anarchist Group blows up Queen of the Eve in port.” Without but a second of hesitation she clicked on it, half a second of her life was taken to load up the article. Upon the completed loading she saw the attached image file, it was set during the day, emergency responders on the edge of the port overlooking the floating debris of the aforementioned ship. She contributed to scrolls down the article with great haste, her eyes quickly scanning it line by line until she stops dead in her tracks. . . ‘The perpetrators are believed to be from the radical Anarchist Group known as Sea Front.’ It takes herself a quarter of a dozen seconds to fully comprehend it, reading it back and fourth within those triplets of seconds. Her words stumbled out of her mouth in disbelief “What the fuc-” her profanity was cut out and overwhelmed with the atrocities beeping of the microwave.

With haste she threw her back and stood up. Her eyes fluttered with panic as she quickly grabbed her laptop and quickly shut it close. Her eyes sharpened to the door before she grabbed her laptop and held it close to her chest with both hands. She raced to the door and quickly relieved her right hand from holding the laptop, itself already sweaty as a result of her panic. She attempted to push open the door but to no success, her mind was fogged by the current news as she had in the imminent forgotten it was a pull door. Her memory then jogged and she took a quick step back, getting enough space from the door so to which the movement of the pull would not be hampered. Without yet another second of delay she pulled open the door and quickly ran through its opening, taking a quick left turn to the corridor that led to Operational Command. Her right hand regrouped with her left in order to properly secure the laptop as she took off bolting down the hallway, her black boots thumping down against the carpet with a purpose.

The hall winded down in elevation at a smooth way and around a corner where she came face to face with the Commanding Officer of her working office of the station. Time nearly seemed to halt as she barely avoided collision, herself falling to the right hand side of the hallway on her right arm as to protect the laptop. A loud collision could be heard as the Commanding Officer yells in concern “Specialist?!?” The girls groans in pain for a quick second before turning her gaze to the man “Greetings, Lieutenant.” She says in a tone of minor pain. The lieutenant shoots back in confusion “What in the Holy Mother’s name has got you like this?” As the Lieutenant spoke the Specialist pushed her back against the wall, using it as a measure to pick herself up from her fall, speaking in a hurried yet exhausted tone as she straightened her stature out “Those bastards in the foreign Intelligence did not even tell us Sea Front was going to blow to the Queen of the Eve!” The Lieutenant’s facial expression went from concern for the specialist’s well being to a confuse anger “They did what?!?” He exclaimed in a confused fury. The Specialist nodded her head before responding “Sea Front, that Anarchist Group from Ethrana. They blew up a ship while it was at port.” The Lieutenant used his right hand to cover his face as he took it in “For Christ sakes. Probably Micheal took the contact. The Commander needs to hear about this, WE are the Naval Intelligence not them.” The Specialist nodded her head one more time before stating “I was on my way there, Lieutenant.” The Lieutenant exhaled as he calmed himself down, taking the Specialist by the left hand shoulder, saying “Let’s not waste any time then.” The Lieutenant then proceeded to essentially dragged the Specialist to the door of Operational Command. He pushed open the door as he greeted by a nineteen eighties era styled war room, rows upon rows of computers with information systems specialists working them, the rows descending down to a black wood desk where the station commander sat. The two descended down, constant eyes being on them from both the Information Systems Specialists and the Security Specialists. Eventually the clattering of their boots came to a halt as they came in front of the aging Station Commander.

The two stood half a arms length away from each other. In unison they saluted, the bent nature of the arm laid a clenched fist to the very edge of their rightmost eyebrows. As if linked to the same mind they greeted the greeting man with a simple word “Commander.” The Commander used his left hand to reach for his reading glasses, taking them off and folding it onto his black as tar desk, on the specified left hand of his personal computer. He took a moment to collect himself as she looked up at the two sailors “Yes, Companions?” The two were relived from their salute as they entered a more at rest stature, the Lieutenant placed his hands at his side while the Specialist gripped both of her hands together behind her back. The Lieutenant was the first to speak “Commander, Sea Front has blown up a ship in port at Ethrana.” The Commander shook his head in denial, sharply responding “Utter nonsense. If they did they would have at least told us.” Suddenly the Specialist spoke, her voice somewhat nervous in the presence of the highest ranking Officer at this station. “I am afraid not, Commander.” She then unwrapped her hands from her laptop and flipped it open, the light from its brightness brought an alien light to the room. She then flipped it around towards the desk and presented it onto his head, right in front of his reading glasses. With an audible sigh he reached for his reading glasses and placed it on himself, then proceeding to unplug his mouse from his personal computer to the laptop. His visual opticals then wandered to the brightness of the computer. He squinted his eyes as she read it line by line. All in all it took him nearly four minutes to get through the entirety of the article. He sighed as she scrolled all the way back to the top of the article, reading that it had been published seven minutes ago by the time he had received the computer. The Commander gripped his forehead with his left hand as his right wandered over to a wired phone on his desk. He picked up the phone itself and placed it within the hold of his ear and his shoulder. Click by click he had pushed in seven numbers, nearly two seconds following the completion of action the phone began to ring, only to be immediately picked up. The Commander, in a grimm voice responded “This is Commander Vilustra. Put me on the line with Director Gabriel, Director Micheal and Director Raguel got some explaining to do.”

Paralemville International Airport, Danlina
“Next!” waiter at one bar restaurant of the airport called. Standing in line was your usual suspect, frequent fliers, and people seeking vacation in foreign land. Upon closer observation two of those in line were agents of Micheal and Raguel, the twin foreign intelligence agencies of the new Vivtzem, the former being under directive of the military while the latter was the product of civilian ingenuity. The one of Micheal was a man cacucassian descent in his early twenties, dressed in rather loose fitting pair of blue jeans and a button up long sleeve shirt of a plaid black and blue pattern. His dirty blond hair was in a neat comb back. His spring blue eyes were covered with the duel black lenses of multipurpose glasses. His civilian counterpart was a rather common resident of Vivtzem, a slim eurasian women in early twenties. Her eye color and hair color were typical of the genetic pool of Vivtzem, that being dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She dressed in a rather casual nature, wearing black joggers as her lower item alongside a long sleeve purple shirt, tied around her waist was a white jacket in the extra extra large size. The two stood shoulder to shoulder, not allowing the other to stand a step further than the other. They faced forward, directing at the back of the heads of a couple in front of them in the line. “Next!” Rang out the waiter once more as the couple in front of them were shown to a table of their own, no longer obscuring their path to the waiter’s podium.

The two stepped up to it, each in their own pace and swagger, yet always landing in the same spot. The man took in a breath, ready to get themselves a table, it eventually slipping from his lips “Can-” the woman quickly cuts him off, seemingly impatient of how long it took him “Table for two please.” The waiter nodded his head with a visible smirk across his face “Of course, please follow me.” He stepped away from his podium and walked off, a separate waiter rotated in and took his place at the podium. He led the two towards the corner of the restaurant where a near circular arrangement was, it was quite some tables away from the other tables and thus away from the other patrons. The two proceeded to take seats opposite of each other, settling in before fixing their gaze on the waiter. The table was filled with silence for a couple of seconds before the waiter finally spoke up, looking to his aides and behinds before speaking “Welcome to Danlina, companions. How was the flight?” A light chuckle came from the woman as her eyes darted down to the flemsey paper menu that laid peacefully on the table, stating “Flying is always as exciting as always.” In the meanwhile her military counterpart held up his menu with his right hand while using his left hand to hold up his chin, responding “It was rather tiring, wish I could have slept during it.” The waiter nodded, gathering breath before speaking “Anyways, can I intrigue you with something to drink?” Both the man and the woman nodded, the woman speaking first “I’ll have a ice water.” She then turned to face the man as she awaited his answer and not too late did it come, as he responded “I’ll have the same.” The waiter memorized and committed it to his temple, then mustering up the courage to inquire “Now, may I put a query to you-?” His question to ask and set up a follow up question was cut off with the clattering of boots eminently from his opposite, his behind. All three turned their eyes and attention to this new factor and bestowed upon their eyes was a young woman who appeared of barely the legal age to be considered an adult, she is in her full dress uniform and dark brown eyes plus her straight dark brown hair. She walks with no real confidence of her own and it is clear that she is nervous, only steeled by her orders and the knowledge that she is in allied territory. She holds a small leather file case close to her chest. The agent of Micheal mumbles to himself, just loud and coherent enough for the other two to hear “Fucking hell, if there is one thing Gabriel lacks its subtlety.”

The waiter turns to face the girl and politely inquires “Is there anything I can do for you, Ma’am?” She instinctively nods and widens her view to encompass all three, after taking a handful of seconds to calm her nerves she speaks “Gabriel wishes to know what this is all about, alongside Discord. Gabriel wants a line directly on your findings when they come.” The girl explains in a rather meek tone. The man speaks up with a slight hint of anger in her tone, a gaze fixating on the girl “First of all, sailor?~” The man asks, seeking either her rank or more preferably her name. The sailor straightened her stand as she sensed the anger in the man’s voice, responding half a second later with only her rank “Specialist. .” Immediately the man continued to her soon to be rant “Specialist. You and the rest of the five are not even allowed out of the country, violating your jurisdiction.” The woman then abruptly joined the rant, in a more condescending tone than angry “Second of all, this is a civilian lead operation, this is not for military affairs. Gabriel and Discord are not even on the liberty of being on a need to know basis.” Even the waiter joined in, adding his two cents to the conversation “Specialist, I recommend you return back to the Homeland before this ends up at the desks of the Security Council. Nobody wants another pan agency jurisdiction briefing again, especially not us.”

The Specialist gulped as it seemed all to apparent that she was going to be continued to be chewed out for simply having the gaul to be the messenger, before any of them could continue she spoke up, briefly raising her voice from her previously meak tone “I am afraid it has already been to Metatron. . they wants Gabriel and Discord in the know.” She explained as she took out a paper from her leather file case, slipping it down on the table. The man of Micheal let out a great sigh before straightening himself across the back of the seat, picking up the paper and reading through it, half a minute later he started with words “We, on behalf of Micheal and Raguel are going to Ethrana to reestablish contact with Sea Front. Secondary objective is to keep an eye out on their spiraling domestic situation as it seems all but ready to collapse if they do not play their cards right.” The Specialist once again instinctively nods before doing her final part “Thank you, sir. You know how to reach us.” With that she then makes a one hundred and eighty degree turn before walking off to another sailor, this time an officer, an older man in his earlier twenties it seems. The three all remained in agonizing silence for a few seconds, all a bit peeved about the intrusion of other intelligence apparatuses into their operations. The silence was broken by the woman, joking saying “next thing we know Benjamin Kinjan himself will come through the door and ask us what we are up to.” The waiter then grew a look of concern on his face as he then proceeded to inquire “Raguel has not informed PIC of our operation?” The woman shook her head “No, not yet. I am assuming you lot will once we land in Ethrana, since Raphael is our half that operates this enterprise.” The waiter hesitantly nodded “I’ll have to bring it up with Director Raphael first, you will know by the time you land. . .”

A brief pause overwhelmed the table before the waiter decided to move on to his show job “Anyways. Can I offer you some mutton dumplings with some sweet danlinan marjoram as appetizers?”
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Ethranian News outlets.

News over the past few weeks in the nation of Ethrana had begun to turn grim. It seemed like every night there was an attack. Be it on a small cell of Anti Monarchy movements, a retaliation strike on Pro Monarchy movements, or the killing of Political backers. Everyday the body count grew, and everyday calls for the King to take the reigns of the nation grew.

Ethranka Politicians doing early campaigning in their districts, were quick to point the finger at Kavet, blaming them for bringing about a false narrative to discredit Ethranka and the United Front. Most of these Campaigning Senators would be found dead the next day, whipping up their support base.

It was the bombing of a Kavet campaign site that seemed to set off a tipping point across the nation. People now openly wore ribbons in support of their preferred party. Purple and Gold for Kavet, Red and Black for the United Front, and Purple and Yellow for The Ethranka Party.

This did little more than to single targets to attack for opposing sides.

To help keep the peace, the King called on the Royal Marines to be deployed, but this only emboldened the Anti Monarchy side, who began making plans for what they called 'The Solution.'

The attack and killing of the Trekkish Ambassadors child, scared the nation. Many questions were asked, who did this, why did they do this, would Treko retaliate, should he raise troops in case of an attack? The media had a field day in finger pointing, with most pointing towards Novajinnsk, saying an attack like this could only be pulled off by an outside player, and getting Ethrana on the bad side of a GDU member, could see the nation opened for a Novajinnsk take over. Some even asked if the nation should pivot and look for aid from some of the nations now investing in them.

Still, even with all the killing and suicides of CEO's, the News still found time to keep the nation updated on the latest drama of the Princess Iryna, and her nightly outings to clubs and local hangout spots. The Party Princess of Ethrana as she is being called.

Still life for many in Ethrana is improving. Companies once filing for bankruptcy, are boosting good profits, as workers enjoy reasonable work weeks and a live able pay. Vets returning from the front find employment in their local law enforcement, and women feel safer going out at night.

Ethrana may be on the brink of a civil war, but if you asked the average Ethranian, life is wonderful.

Unknown Locations on Eastern Ethrana.

Novajinnsk agents that had infiltrated the Ethrana Military during the war, now enjoyed a happy life back in their barracks. Most waiting to be released from service like so many other Ethranians returning. But they had a mission, and it seemed like it was getting ready to start.

The main task of those on the border was to count returning equipment, the military wanted to know what was lost during the war so they could write it off, and it just so happened that these agents pulled the lucky straw, and were tasked with cutting the tons and tons of crates of rifles, small arms, and crew weapons, along with the cases of ammo. The military expected for about 20% of this equipment to be lost, so when reports of 30% rolled across some desks, it was handwaved as acceptable combat losses.

This was how the Novajinnsk moved arms to the many Anti-Monarchy group, and the Ethranka terror cell, stationed mainly in the East, an area known for being very Pro-Novajinnsk, an area ripe for the picking, as a black SUV slowly headed East of the Nation's Capitol City.

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Postby Vivtzem » Wed Apr 07, 2021 6:47 pm

DA 671, somewhere in Drevejskan Airspace
The seemingly eternal humming from the multiple engines from the plane was a soothing lullaby for many, a constant companion that slowly whisked them through a wound in time that allowed them to skip a great deal of the flight if the Holy Mother would be so merciful to a humble soul in dealing with the minor inconveniences of the world’s daily jitterings. For other people the humming can be relatable in its essence to the repeating verse of a song that they await with eager minds to end as soon as possible. For some it is boredom that overwhelms the mind as they remain in a near complete motionless state, simply wishing to get through it with the hardened steel of absent minds. Some have anxiety from flying, for both reasons of ration while others simply do not hold the constitution for being powerless, being in a several tonn metal bird flying through you have no palpable control all objectively necessary needs for survival during the flight are held by foreign entities, not faceless but very much nameless men and women who one knows absolutely nothing about, barring their face and general occupation. For others their mind is all but absent, holding no particularly strong feelings during this less than daring experience. They seem to be in the midst between being in a humble sleep and resting in an awake form. They do not seem to black out in the medically definition of such an event of inaction, but in the literal and most basic definition of the word it fits. Their minds go absent and are left in the material world simply staring at the back of someone else’s chair. All of these examples and many more represent many attitudes and courses one can take while in the air. The wonderment and blissful nature of the great majority of passengers are found in not. To the members of Vivtzem’s Foreign Intelligence web like apparatus there was a new mood that had found them on the plane, specifically of the agent of ever optimistic Raguel. She sat near a window seat, staring out into the black midnight star filled sky. She had a feeling that she did not have since the days when she was still in basic espionage training, dread. The sense of dread was in the absolutes of overpowering. Something felt wrong about this operation, in her experience she had never been going to a place with so much chaos of the malicious heterogeneity. She was used to the organized mess that was the homeland, overall she justified it as the most free any system can be for the good people of Vivtzem. She had also held a foreign deployment during the unorganized chaos of riots and revolutions throughout the world. She had just been a glorified observer during the foreign deployments and in the core principles and directives this mission was not all too different, but she had a creeping feeling that the mission was going to go off course and enter a spiral that they would not be able to escape from. She let out a sigh as she stood up from her seat, walking out from her row, stating “Sorry. . Sorry. . .” As she squeezed her way between the seats in front of her and her fellow row members, the first being of three while the latter being two as she herself is the third. In due time she made it to the aisle that's from all of the hull’s steel and aluminium sarcophagus. Step by step she made her way to the end backway of the plane, her eyes glancing to the twin doors to the lavatories. Both of the doors were shut closed, light emanating beneath the cracks of the doors and a red plastic slot near the door handle reading ‘occupied’. She then proceeded to lean against the wall to wait, thinking to herself about all the possible ways the operation could go wrong, the one that occupied her mind the most being them being found out by local Ethrana Police units or Internal Security Forces as she could probably be charged with espionage while raguel would disavow her and or deny her status in Vivtzem completely. She had always grappled with this on her previous foreign eskapades, but she could not shake off her worry. The only sane thing she could do was to do what she had done for the great majority of her life, bury it and hope that it does not come up ever again, or at the very least bury it and hope that it does not affect her ability to do her job by a degree greater than now. She nodded to herself in agreement on this course of action that she has dedicated herself to. Suddenly the door to the rightmost of the two lavatories opened up and out came the man of Micheal. Time almost seemed to slow down as he scanned his environment, spotting the woman. The two exchanged a look between each other, each making a small and subtle nod to acknowledge each other’s presence in such a confined space, sizing up each other’s aptitude and continued willingness for the operation as for what better chance to do it than when the others is caught in a moment of unpreparedness. After their brief second analysis they continued on their separate paths, the man returning to his seat in a hurried and rushed pace, strolling down the aisle with not even a single drop of swagger, as he walked back he stretched out his back and also his hands above his head, releasing a satisfied grunt upon the successful minimum exercise of his muscles. With the way to the lavatory finally clear the woman moved in, standing there and looking down at the urine stained floors for a second of disgust before turning around and shutting the door, proceeding to then lock it. She then leaned against the lock door, looking herself in the mirror blankly.

Ethrana International Airport, Ethrana
A crisp breeze of wind cuts through the semi enclosed curbside pickup of the Airport. There stands the two agents, the man and the woman. The pickup area is in a burst of activity, families throwing bags into a minivan while yelling at each other. A businessman arguing on his phone while trying to get a cab to stop for him could also be seen only half a dozen feet from the two “Just looking at this you would not be able to tell that the country is on the verge of imploding.” The woman whispered over to the man, to which he nodded in agreement “To be fair this is an airport, it is not like we have seen the rest of the country yet. There very well could be many a surprise coming for us in the near future.” The woman chuckled to the man’s response “ I suppose you are right.” She raised her hand as a nearby taxi was cruising by them. It took a second, but the taxi did stop, and it proceeded to pull up to the curb of which they were standing at. The driver of the taxi then stepped out of his vehicular automobile and walked over to the left side of the vehicular, revealing himself to be within the age of your typical college student, he wore a short sleeve polo shirt of maroon color alongside inoffensive and typical blue jeans. Adorned on his head sat the closest thing he had to a crown, a baseball style cap that had the name of the company ‘Hitch’. The word hitch was embroiled in a gold thread while the base color of his cap was the same as the one that sat solely on his shirt, maroon. He extended his hands for the two to shake, leading the way the civilian moved in first, taking half a step forward and interlinking her right hand with his. After half of a second of the shaking action itself she pulled herself away from him so that her military counterpart could take her place. The man gave the cab driver a firm handshake and held it in the shaking motion for two seconds. After both of the two had their turns with the handshakes the cab driver, without asking, proceeded to move for their suitcases, this he achieved without even a slight hint of protest from the seemingly pair. He picked up the two bags and walked over to the rear end of their car, then gently placed down the bags on the asphalt, one on his left hand side and one on his right hand side. He bent over slightly, his back conforming to this as he used to his right hand to feel around the body of the trunk door itself. His thinly veiled fingers were constrained by black gloves, despite this he found the button within the first second. A look of satisfaction grew across his face as he threw the drunk door up, revealing a perfectly well kept and maintained trunk space, the carpet looking as if it was from a brand new car, making it a stark contrast with the rest of the dinky and dinged automobile. The cab driver held his hands on the elevated trunk door and turned his head over to the right, looking to the pair, starting a query “Anything else?” The two shook their heads from the left to right, signaling that they indeed did not want to put anything else in this young lad’s rear end compartment. After such observations the cab driver nodded towards them in a sign of understanding, then facing the trunk and slamming down the trunk door down. The young lad then raised his head and looked back towards the pair with a smile. He then proceeded to walk towards the right hand back passenger side of the door, opening it as a signal that he is ready to take them to where their hearts desire. The civilian took the first steps in front of the held open door and politely thanked the man verbally “Thank you, sir.” Doing a very light bow before entering the car, scooting in all the way to the other side as to make room for her other half. Next stepped up the military counterpart, doing a simple nod of appreciation towards the young cab driver before entering the car himself. Once his full body was inside the safe metallic exoskeleton of the automobile the young lad quickly glided the car door to the mold of which sealed it. He then quickly hustled over to the front lost driver side door, swinging it open before jumping into the seat and slamming the door. Fixing his buttocks on the seat before strapping on his seatbelt for his own personal safety. He looked to his left side view mirror before then turning the steering wheel to a sharp counter clockwise direction alongside a steady push to the acceleration. The car jimmied out of its neat rectangular like parking and into a driving lane. Dead ahead was the end of the tunnel that served as passenger pickup for this side of the airport. As he did this he spoke to the two people that sat as comfortable as they could at the back of his car “So. What brings you two to Ethrana at such a peculiar time?” He asked in peak curiosity while not breaking his sightline of the road that laid in front of him, almost as if it was the clairvoyance of the God of Abraham. The man was looking out the right hand side window, watching all the people getting picked up by friends, family, and complete strangers much like how he and the civilian were just subject to. When the question came to his ears a small smile creeped onto his face as he turned to look at the civilian, wanting to see how she would answer. The civilian kept up a great smile upon her face. It was not exactly fake either, there always was such excitement with these things, getting to act as a tourist and visit a country that she has never been to before. A small and mischievous chuckle escaped from her lips, it soon straightening as she looked at the rear view mirror to respond “What do you mean?” The van driver took a few seconds to formulate a counter response before furthermore explaining the situation of the nation. “You know. . . the country is not exactly in its best shape at the moment. . . All the political violence and all.” Before the woman could even think of and formulate a response to the young lad she heard her counterpart respond. “With all that going on it makes the trip pretty cheap. We have been planning this get away for a few months now.” He stated rather cold. The young lad felt a cold shiver wrap and slither down his back as the man gave his relationship. Seeking to end the conversation and start a new one he stammered to a new sentence “So- so. Where would you guys like to be taken?” To his relief the woman was the one to speak, stating “The evergreen hotel in Valernova, please. We will be willing to pay extra for such a long drive.” The man nodded “A perfect destination, Ma’am. Although the city might be under curfew by the time we get there.” The woman nodded “Why let a little domestic terrorism get in the way of a good vacation?” A musical tune then released from her pocket, the tone of ringing from her personal cellular device. She quickly rummaged through her right hand side pants pocket to pull out the aforementioned cellphone, tapping it once before putting it to her right ear. “Yup, it’s me. . . . .” A few seconds of near silence elapsed, faintly the person on the other line could be heard, but it was not at all audible “Mhhh. So you guys told Benjamin then?” More seconds passed as the conversation continued “Hopefully it doesn’t get too crowded, we will only have so much room in the hotel. . . . . . . Okay, love you. Yeah, bye.” She hung up the phone and looked out of the window.


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