Keeping the Peace (ISA/TG for interest)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Keeping the Peace (ISA/TG for interest)

Postby Romextly » Sat Mar 06, 2021 6:07 pm

In 1986, a military coup had taken Motu o Faʻatau in a coup, throwing off stability in the island of 400,000. The Dictatorship was ruled with an iron fist and those deemed to be traitorous to the regime were killed off. Refugees managed to flee to the nations nearby, one of them being Romextly. After hearing the tales and accounts of the refugees, the Empire of Romextly, brought up the topic of the island to the nations of the International Strategic Alliance to intervene on part of the people of Motu o Fa'atau and install a more stable government to not have any of the genocidal rages that the leader of the regime had.

So started Operation Thunder Eagle to liberate the island nation from the regime. The powerhouses of the alliances easily destroyed the navy and air force along with most of it's conventional land armaments and troops. The troops swept through the island nation making sure no conventional forces would be able to comeback and return the island to the horrible regime. The regime leader was executed and it seemed as if the invasion had been over. The coalition then returned to discuss the islands future.

They all agreed to pull almost all their troops from the island as it had no major natural resource that could be able to pay for it except destroyed Palm oil plantations and food farms. However, they decided to put in a 2 year temporary administration along with a couple of peacekeepers to help train local police and new military to fend off insurgents. However, due to some...unsavory choice for the first administrator, public opinion collapsed, leaving the administratration, new police and military and coalition troops at ground zero. However with a new administrator and a larger starting budget along with a monthly budget, it looks like it could help stabilize the region...

OOC: If you are not in the ISA, TG any member of the ISA to be examined by the ISA committee. This is a character based RP

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Postby Romextly » Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:43 pm

OOC: These will be my characters
  • Corporal Alejandro Ramos
  • Lieutenant Aquila Apian
  • Militia chief Loto Sua
Corporal Alejandro Ramos
Journal, March 8, 2021

My unit was given the order to move out today. I had said goodby to Maria and my kids a couple days ago, but already I'm leaving with a heavy heart. i had to tell my kids I had to go to help protect kids like them to be able to leave. And what was even worse was that it's my first time leaving Romextly. My unit had been trained to take over where the main force had left. We were told that though this was a special unit, we would probably not see places out side of Romextly due to the isolationism. That was in 2018, before the national revolution. Then, the Emperor began to have more relations to countries.

They promoted me to corporal as the unit was expanded to 2 battalions of men. And for two years, we sat in Jisrael training for the moment where we would be needed to keep the peace. Then finally a couple of weeks ago, the liberation of an island out in the Fluctus Ocean. Finally, hope began to course in our veins. And it full on exploded once we were told that we were selected to maintain the peace.

Now, we were cruising along in 6 TPS boats, 1,000 men total to pick up where the rest of those rubberarms and army men left off. The culture was tropical, so in the two weeks we had to prepare, we prepared ourselves on the language, culture and knowledge of the area. Our leader, Lieutenant Colonel Lopez had been given maps of it, so we spent sleepless nights around our squads memorizing everything that we could. We were also given N-14s in exchange for out CF-20. We had to spend more time on that as well. Well, we are due to land on soil soon, so we should be able tell more of what's happening. The mass yesterday was more chaotic, but it was good for the spirits. I do hope that we're able to know how the island and it's people will be.

Lieutenant Aquila Apian
February 22, 2021

"How's it going Andreas?" Apian said to a Corporal sleeping on his bunk. The corporal awoke suddenly and looked around while feeling around for his pistol. He then looked at Aquila and grinned sheepishly, aware that he was sleeping on the platoon leaders bunk

"Sorry sir. The job is just stressful." he said while putting his dress cap on his head. "I can't stay on the job 24/7 LT." he said still grinning

Aquila raised his right eyebrow at him. "Right, keeping watch on my mail that you shouldn't have even gotten is very stressful to a corporal. And how are you even on the job for 24/7 if I literally just left an hour ago."

"Sorry LT. But do we have a 411?" the corporal. At the sound of the number 411, heads somehow appeared from what was once thought as an abandoned barrack.

"Yes, I have a 411. Now, if you excuse me and give me my damn mail, I can tell you guys." he replied, holding out his hands to receive it. "Come on Cadorporal." he said. Damns are heard all long the barracks and hootings are heard. Andreas looked back and held the mail out.

"Now, can you tell us what it is before I die of boredom?"

Aquila rolled his eyes and sat on his bunk. His men all gathered around him, eager to hear of their first deployment in the creation of their unit in 4 years.
"I guess I'll have to, or elese I'll have a riot on my hands, huh? Well a small island of nation call Malua Lutlo or something like that just got liberated by Romextly and our allies. Now, they want a stable conservative government, but there are still insurgents all around. And lets not forget that the paper pushers of the natives there haven't exactly been acting the best. So now, real Coalition admins and peacekeepers have to go over there."

Whoops are heard everywhere. "Finally, I can use my damn gun on a damn murderer." said a Private Julius.

"Hey, no shooting civilians. We can't have another massacre. Especially once we finally get an assignment. Or else those idiots at the 2nd will get the gig. And we can't them have it. So, are we doing it or not?"

"We're doing it!" was the roar of the week

Two weeks later
"We're not doing it." said Andreas.

"Come one we're almost there!" said Julius

"You say that everyday, said the seasick Corporal

"No, he is saying the truth. I can see the port now. Look."

He managed to get his right hand on the railing and look at the large mountain island and whooped "Land!" before throwing up in the ocean.

"Andreas, Andreas, Andreas." Said Aquila

Loto Sua
March 8, 2021

This is translated from the Samoan language
"Have you got it?" Rangi asked

I looked down at the new gun in my hands, one they called a CF-20. It was supposed to be a lot better than the AK I have,but I do have my thoughts. We were at the shooting range, Rangi and I along with the 600 members of the Liberators, the group I started to defeat the regime.

"Yeah. It looks nice, but can it work?" I replied still looking at the gun

"Let me try!" I saw him raise his gun and aim at the target and fired at it. Now, I'm a very good shooter, but I can only get the body mass at 50 meters. This man got it in 450 meters. The men behind me began to mumble. Rangi moved towards me, holding the gun up.

"I love it. It barely even recoils." Rangi said euthasitcally.

The man who gave us both the guns leaned forward. "There is enough for 200 of you." Rangi and I widened our eyes. We had gotten that same amount of AKs in two years. And we had it in a couple of days?

"That's amazing." Rangi said "But aren't you guys leaving?" we had heard reports of the army leaving. However, the insurgent number was still large than us, and better trained.

"I'm staying, but most of the others are. Most of the planes and ships are leaving as well. However, due to the incident that happened 3 weeks ago, a large quantity of peacekeepers numbering about 4,000 total will come in to support you."

"That's good." I said, nodding my head "That's very good."

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Postby Romextly » Fri Mar 12, 2021 4:15 am

Corporal Alejandro Ramos
Journal, March 11, 2021

Damn, this place is hot. I mean, I knew that we were going to a tropical island, but this thing is worse than the Jisrael desert. It's bad enough that it's hot here, but the fact that we're freaking surrounded n=by water makes it even worse by the humidity. But, overall the island is beautiful. I mean there are so many colors here. Though the general attitude to us isn't very favorable. Apparently one of the people here did something bad and now the natives here hate our guts because of that one person. I don't understand how we're supposed to be able to put down this insurgency with the hostility of the native populace.

They do have chocolate here though. Like they have cocoa here. I guess that's a good reason to help stabilize this. To have a large production of this to make more chocolate. Two days, we got a message dump from three weeks of having no mail or communication with my family. My daughter had sent over a video of her dance recital, while Marcos asked if I had killed anyone so far. My wife sent over some information of what was happening in the neighborhood. Apparently, there was a baseball game a week ago, though apparently no one knew who was playing each other in that game. I wrote back replying to Angela's recital, replying on how I haven't killed anyone and a filling in of what's happened so far since the beginning of the deployment.

Today, my platoon was moved out to one of the villages, called Vaomatua Faʻi. Sixty of us moved for patrol and help increase the general feeling of the natives here to us. The adults mostly stayed in their huts watching us intently. Something that Jeremias noticed was that there was barely any young males or males in the 20s to 40s. So we continued to look suspiciously at the rainforest around us. However, the kids that came barreling past didn't let us afford to look around. They mobbed us, begging for something. We all took out different treats and they scrambled to get a piece of candy. After getting their fill, they ran off playing a game we probably wouldn't understand. We met the elder who led us to the communal hut we were to stay in. The watch was set up and with candlelight not being something to take for granted, I guess this is the end of today's journal.

Lieutenant Aquila Apian
March 11, 2021

"Beautiful, ain't it?" Apian said to the corporal

"I guess it is." he said looking at the colorful surrounding in the trees. They still had their guns on them as it was not known if there was hostiles or even insurgents in the city, the only city on the island.

"Did you hear they grow chocolate here?" I said to him out of the corner of my mouth.

He reached inside his pocket, as if digging something out and took out a golden ball. He held it up to my face, unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. "Good." he said muffled as he was still eating the chocolate.

Aquila was taken back "How did you manage to keep that Ferrero Rocher and not have it melt? We didn't have refrigerators on that ship, last time I remember."

He simply continued eating, while showing off the inside of their pocket. He motioned the Lt. to put his hand inside the pocket. Once he put it inside, he felt the pocket cool and saw that he managed to input into his service pants. "It's to keep the warmth out."

Aquila simply shook his head and moved on to the base. The rest of the platoon waited back as the officers moved forward, including his Sub Lieutenant Jonas Marzo. "What do you think we're gonna be in?"

He looked over at me and shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe they'll have us here at the base. I do know that it's gonna be harsh living for those in the Vectors."

"That's true. It's gonna be very dense to be able to have airstrikes accurately."

"Platoon 3, Charlie Company, 1st Peacekeepers Battalion?" shouted a staff sargent

"That's us." Aquila said to Jonas as he walked briskly to the Sargent. "Lieutenant of Platoon 3. Our assignment?" he questioned

"You are in... Vector Alpha-Six." He showed them their position on the map of the island.

"Yessir." responded Aquila after seeing the position. He turned to Jonas and told him "Now, it will get interesting."

Loto Sua
March 11, 2021

"That's it?" I responded to the interpreter. I pointed at the column. "Only, what...about 800 men? That's it?"

The interpreter turned to him. "It's actually a thousand, and there should be more arriving. Along with some planes and boats."

Rangi responded "The insurgents number at least 7,000. Now counting how many will want to attack them just for being part of your government."

"As I said, this is not to destroy the insurgency. It is to encircle and weaken it while your militia get trained in the art of warfare."

"But 1,000 can not hope to attack 7,000?" I questioned.

"We control the skies. If they need assistance, they can call up some planes. A man can kill hundreds with the right equipment and right timing."
the interpreter returned

"Still, I expected more than this from governments and nations so large." Rangi retorted

"It should only be for two years and they didn't want to spend too much money to peacekeep." The interpreter admitted

"Fine. We still have to recruit more men then. We barely have the same amount of men as that. We should get to working, eh?"

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