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Kongsinese Moaist Insurgents Take Jinggangshan [MT|TG first]

PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 4:26 am
by Nacrad
03:30 NST, 22 January 2021.
Jinggangshan City, ~ 70 km west of Ji'an

Colonel Jason Lau was the commanding officer in Jinggangshan, a city hemmed in by thousand-feet hills all around, with only a regiment of men under his command, and no tanks to help out either. Jinggangshan is a small city, said the central command, so but a token force is enough. They were wrong.

Major Lau was waken up rudely from his slumber by the sound of mortar shells hitting the city, rocking everyone awake. They're under attack. "Major, we have bad news," a lower ranking officer knocked on his door, "We're attacked by the Kongsinese Maoists, numbering no less than 4000."

Shit. He knew that this will happen. but definitely not this early on, and not this severely outnumbered. He put on his uniform, and made his way over to the situation room, wherein a group of commanders have already gathered to discuss the situation. "Morning, gentlemen. May I have a quick briefing?"

"Yes, sir." A lieutenant colonel replied, "We are under attack by the Maoists from the east, south and north. It would seem that they have mortars, and are capable of shelling Jinggangshan. The insurgents have already taken this junction, along with this road, which means that we are cut off by road. We have already called in air support, but Ji'an says it will take at least half an hour, and this is further complicated by the fact that these guerillas do not use vehicles widely. This means we will have to wait until sunrise for the airstrikes to be effective, and even then, it is a big if. We estimate that there are no less than 4000 insurgent fighters currently attacking the city, which means we are outnumbered badly.

We have a regiment of men in Jinggangshan, and they have all now taken up defensive positions here, here and here. It is planned for these companies to pull back across the bridge, should the situation worsen. However, we will not be able to hold for long, even if that goes ahead. Current estimates put us at a week of fighting at most."

The situation was dire. Not only was the garrison caught off-guard by this attack, it also does not have enough men to stave off being outnumbered nearly three-to-one, and doesn't even have the big guns that Nacrad relies on. For now, they must hold on. Everything will get better in a few hours, when the Sun comes back up, right?

Wrong. The worst is yet to come.

Insurgent positions
Note: Dialogue in this section is assumed to be in either Mandarin Chinese or Gan Chinese, and is accordingly translated.

Chen was a former Kongsi People's Army servicemember. Having been in this army for years, he joined the insurgency as soon as the Internationale was played for one last time. Looking northwards into the valley, this town of a hundred thousand lay serene, almost undisturbed by their attack. But this is far from the truth. From this rocky outcrop he can hear machine guns going off, slaughtering his comrades-in-arms and the Nacradian imperialists alike. Jinggangshan almost seemed to be that one Place Far Away. He still vividly remembers the tales of the original Kongsinese Red Army's struggle against the Republic of China's military told by his father, only now he is standing far away shelling it.

"Sir, the gun is now positioned. Any orders?"

His train of thought was disrupted. Brought back to the present he looks towards this city, and the silhouettes of the moonlit mountains that surrounded. He looked back towards the artillery gun, a 75 millimeter gun that was probably older than the country he once belonged. "Load high-explosive," sternly he commanded, "and fire when ready. Conserve ammunition."

Memories flooded into his head. Perhaps, he thought, the moonlight catalyses memories. He remembers using this gun in the siege of Ganzhou, a siege that took a heavy toll on the lives in a mere 2 months' time. He remembers the airstrikes, the death toll. He remembers seeing his wife and children, tragically blown to pieces by a rogue bomb -- or was it a shell? He can't remember. It's time to make them pay.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:19 pm
by Nacrad
07:00 NST, 22 January 2021
Jinggangshan City

S. Sgt Lam sighed to himself. He remembers the promise of the Ministry of Defence that he would be back home for Lunar New Year, and he was looking forward to that. He racked the charging handle of his M2 Browning atop the IMV he was sat in, and fired off a few bursts in the thick subtropical jungle that surrounded the city. Fucking ungrateful communist bastards, he thought, hearing the AK-74s and DShKs' chatter and the bullets pelting against the metal.

"City told us to retreat across the bridge, let's go." he heard on the intercom, as the IMV turned around and sped towards the bridge. He wasn't sure what happened next, but he remembers hearing a loud boom. And the next thing he knew, he was in the cold river water struggling to get himself free of the cramped turret.

Southern Kongsi Security District HQ, Ganzhou

"The Maoists did WHAT?" lashed Lt. Gen Teh, the commander for this area. He was awaken mere minutes ago to this piece of bad news, and he hasn't even had the time to enjoy a morning coffee, damnit! He was briefed about how Colonel Lau's regiment got encircled, outnumbered and outgunned in Jinggangshan, and how there likely isn't enough manpower to divert to save them. He was furious, and yet, there's little he could do.

He contemplated about the options. Should the city be abandoned? He knows well about the history of this city -- it'll give a significant morale boost to the rebels. Should reinforcements be called in from the Northern Kongsi Security District? They have a bit of an insurgent problem to tackle too, and he's not sure if the manpower loss would be worth it. Both options are bad, and he must choose the one that's less so. There was an eerie and tense silence in the situation room, a stark contrast to the bustling city life outside.

"Evacuate troops from there. We can always retake the city, but less so respawn fallen soldiers."

Ji'an Air Force Base

The bombing raids against the rebels had not been successful. Between the dense subtropical forest and the narrow river valley, little could be done to spot, and much less attack the rebels. But now, a change of plans. Chinooks were rolled out of the hangers, fueled and ready. It's time for an evacuation. Airman First Class Williams knew how dangerous this operation is, and it likely will become more dangerous the longer it is delayed.

82 kilometers one way. That's 164 for the round trip. Will he make this hundred-mile journey in one piece, and bring back the troops? He made a silent prayer, and waited for the order to take off.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:30 am
by Nacrad
09:15 NST, 22 January 2021
Jinggangshan City

The situation had worsened, just as Col. Lau feared. The operation to evacuate the soldiers had gone on for the better half of an hour, and almost all soldiers that were guarding this city were evacuated. Well, almost all that were still alive. There are only a few dozen left to be evacuated, and as the last Chinook came down, they were lifted into the air too. The DShK rounds had taken its toll, he can tell, with all the bullet holes on the helicopter's body.

The sliding door was slammed closed. With the increasing squeal of the turboshafts atop, the remaining Nacradians took to the skies. Between losing a thousand lives, and a hundred thousand civilians' support, Ganzhou chose the latter. An understandable, yet disappointing decision. He looked towards the city, and sighed.

Rebel positions

Bombs had come down from the skies from the cursed F-16s for almost 5 hours by now, and yet morale was still high. The Kongsi Maoist Liberation Front's members know that, with Jinggangshan as a concrete base, they can surely be able to sit these attacks out. The biggest problem by far are from those cursed A-10 Warthogs, but of course they didn't know that it's called a Warthog. Regardless, with another Chinook being flown out, it seems that there's little defence anymore. Charging in, they found abandoned military vehicles scattered on the streets, most of them, though, are inoperable, the Nacradians siphoning what little fuel is left in these and taking what weapons they could.

It was no time to lament them, though, as the scarlet standard once again flew over this city, as it first did nearly 60 years earlier."I proclaim that the People's Republic of Kongsi, is hereby formally established!" announced a leader, on one of the immobilised vehicles.