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Moonwalkin' Apocalyptic [MT | Atlas Only]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 2:18 pm
by Chazicaria

Tổng tấn công kế hoạch 177

Bão đen

Daehab-man Air Force Base, Ipwongsung Island, Saegya
2355, December 7th, 2020
Special Operations Regiment 229, Company A

Infiltration had gone swimmingly.

A dozen small small, black row boats had carried the men of Company A to shore, just two kilometers eastward along the coast from the objective. A short trek along the coast would bring these men to their objective- the Air Force base at Daehab-man. Once they arrived at the base, they'd coordinate cruise missile strikes by a passing pair of destroyers and a squadron of fighter bombers approaching from the east.

The idea was that the Regiment 229 strike team would manage to disable any major air defenses just in time for the fighter bombers to make their run. Once the bombing and missile strikes had subsided, the Company would launch a ground assault on the base and seize it, then be reinforced by helicopter-borne infantry from the rest of Regiment 229.

Of course, this was but one leg of the large-scale attack taking place tonight and into tomorrow evening that would see the Communist Saegyan military and government displaced from rightful Trangese territory.


Making their way through the dense jungle of the coast, the soldiers of Company A carried with them a great deal of armament for this task. Since it was planned from the start to be such a short movement from the infil site to the air base, full kits had been allocated to each man, along with a number of heavy weapons. Granzerian MANPADs and the Trangese domestically produced copies of the Vazandian RFG-49 recoilless rifles with HE warheads were the mainstay of their explosives, along with a handful of VP anti-tank RPGs. Each fireteam also had a light machine gun and each platoon had a GPMG, rounding out the anti-personnel capabilities of the elite group.

Communcations equipment was plenty as well, all for the purpose of guiding and directing strikes against the air base. There had been 16 cruise missiles allocated for this strike, along with 6 fighter bombers (Trangese variants KFZ-13 Weisserrabes) armed with guided bombs and rockets.

Of course, this whole attack had been disguised as a large scale training exercise performed in defiance of international condemnations against the nuclear test performed just weeks ago. The destroyers had been sailing the same route for weeks, in international waters but well-within cruise missile range. Frequently, they'd been escorted by fighters from the mainland, so the setup for this assault wouldn't set off many alarms with the Saegyans, ideally.

When the assault began, if everything had gone according to plan, it would be too late for the Saegyans to respond. Overwhelming force would ideally force the Saegyans to stand down and accept the loss- if they refused and fought back, it was believed that the islands could be defended with adequate military forces stationed there- something the Saegyans did not have, beyond some token garrison forces.

The worst case scenario would be the intervention of the VP, or worse, the OCN. However, it was believed that the OCN was too impotent to do anything about the invasion- the Entente was passive, the Kruppstadt Pact and VSO wasn't going to fight to defend Saegya and, most importantly, the VP would be too focused on the situation in Zuljikistan to respond with genuine force.

All this taken into consideration, the King was confident in his chances of success.

Tổng cục Tình báo (General Department of Security), Nơi Nương Tựa, Nha Trang
1930, December 6th, 2020
Trần Đại Quang, Kingdom of Trang Department Director

Trần found himself once again staying late for a brief that should have been done hours ago- his wife wasn't going to let him hear the end of this.

You need to spend more time with the kids. Why haven't wee taken a vacation in 2 years?

"Well, I'm sorry to not be not be too keen on vacationing as a spymaster during some of the most tense moments in Trangese relations since the war..."

And another internal argument- frequent occurrences lately. Anything to distract himself from the formalities of the briefing. As the Director of the entire Department, it's not like he hadn't already read himself up on all this intelligence over the last couple days- the only new pieces here were the opinions of analysts. At the end of the day, the only thing that was going to happen was that this brief would be pushed higher to the General Director, then to the President, and then maybe he'd inform the Saegyans and their Vesperian overlords.

"Funny," he thought, "The first people who'll get an, admittedly, redacted version of this will be the Vazandians. Our former overlords. Oh, and the Acronians, I'm sure. The President just loves coddling the Vesperians. The Chilokveris and Hudans probably won't see this until next week."

Snapping back to reality, Trần leaned forward in his chair and rubbed his temples and eyes as the brief finished, catching a knowing and almost disdainful look from the presenter. "I could fire you," he thought to himself in response.

Trần cleared his throat and stood, then spoke to the presenter, "Make sure this is presented in full to the General Director within the hour. He'll want to brief the President. Ensure he gets a written summary, and let the Vazandians know we'll have table scraps for them. Acronians too; usual protocols and redactions for both of them. GD will get it to anyone else who needs it. Dismissed, everyone."



Report on Information from Intelligence Sharing Operation with Nha Trang DEC-6-20


This report will cover the information handed to us by our partners in the Nha Trangese intelligence community. The information comes by way of the Nha Trangese SIGINT and HUMINT resources currently focused on the Kingdom of Trang- that is to say, the vast majority of Nha Trangese SIGINT and HUMINT resources.

Most of the information comes from a series of intercepted and decoded intra-governmental and military communiques, all of which have been dated post-nuclear test. It should be noted that there has been a 46% increase in intercepted communiques since the nuclear test, and most have not yet been decoded or analyzed yet by Nha Trangese authorities, so this is likely an incomplete picture so far. We've lobbied with their intelligence community to allow the local IRIS station access to the un-analyzed communiques, but they've steadfastly rebuked us, claiming this information was best they could do given their national security concerns. We suspect they're paranoid about potentially exposing a human source within the Trangese government.

"Bão đen" (Black Hurricane)

Suspected codename or operational name for a military attack on Saegya- in particular on Ipwongsung and Kaesung Islands. Ipwongsung is noted for its recently discovered platinum reserves, which are quite large relative to the size of the island. Trang has claimed these islands as historical territories yanked from them by Vesperian imperialism and handed to Saegya by the VP. This is standard propaganda.

The following is a summary of a planned invasion of these islands that was planned as far back as 2017. The latest iteration of this plan that we have access to is from November 2019- we are unsure how much, if at all, the plan has changed since then.

A Special Forces Regiment such as their famed Regiment 229 or Regiment 665 would seize the the southeastern Saegyan Air Force base at Daehab-man as well as the bridge leading to the minor outlying island the base sits on. Following this assault, helicopter based reinforcements would be flown in to the airfield.

Within an hour of this assault, helicopter based infantry from Airborne Regiment 92 would be landed Kaesung Island near Borhae and Amuan Base under the cover of an aggressive bombing campaign against Amuan Base.

Simultaneously, paratroopers from Airborne Regiment 98 would be landed at Haesu to seize the port and airport. These troopers would be brought in with light vehicles and special forces.

By early morning, fighter bombers would hit Camp Baeno in rotating flights throughout the day, with the goal being to level the camp.

As soon as possible, a two-pronged amphibious assault would commence on Jinju-don and Matsuko by a split force from the Marine Infantry Division 56.

With the island secure, the plan calls for the rapid addition of long-range air defense, artillery, and light armor to be added to the garrison, along with additional infantry to pacify the civilian populace, handle insurgencies, and secure "areas of strategic interest."


While we do not have reliable intelligence as to when such an attack could take place, it's the opinion of our Nha Trang station that the recent Trangese military maneuvers are a cover for the invasion.

The geographic proximity of Trang to these islands would make large-scale logistical moves that might signal an invasion unnecessary, easily passed off as routine training maneuvers. A surprise attack would be a simple effort, deterred only by perceived Saegyan military supremacy or Stasnovan and Gorbatovic willingness to intervene. With the heating up of the Zuljikistani affair and the diplomatic crisis in Estheria and New Cambria, Trang could easily be convinced that now is their opportunity to seize the islands. It is the opinion of the Nha Trangese station that this is an extremely likely scenario, given the psychological profile of King Nguyễn Thành Phong.

End Report


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Saegyan Defense Secretariat
Defense Secretariat Complex, Sukin District

Pyongje, Saegya
08 December 2020, 0800 Hours

The hurried steps of dress shoes on the marble floors echoed resoundingly, filling the long white hallways with the crisp report of a man's rushed walking. Men dressed in tight black suits surrounded a man in a navy one. The pace at which the man walked was just short of a jog. The General Secretary's guards ushered or shoved civilian aides who had flocked to the hallway to get a glance at the man as he approached the fifth floor's meeting room, where a pair of SKS-armed guards in sharply presented uniforms moved the doors open precisely to reveal the men sitting around the table. Generals, admirals and marshals in the blues, greens and whites of the three branches, and a sparse few in the blacks of the Supreme Command. The look on the General Secretary's face was one of hardened, tempered furor. Military discipline kept the former Special Forces officer from any noted outbursts as he rounded a corner. The doors were sealed from behind him, the heavy wood clicking shut as he took his seat at the head of a table. A female military aide placed a thick manila folder before him neatly before dutifully withdrawing.

"..What is the current situation on the ground?" The General Secretary leaped into the meat of the issue without reservation. Fielding such a question was Vice Marshall Hae Yongsung, a general who was quite really fearing for his career. In his role as Commander of the Revolutionary Army, this failure of his soldiers to mount any significant defense against the foreign invaders was a blatant embarrassment to the nation as a whole. Had this been a few decades prior, the man's blood might be painting the walls behind him. He knew that was not an impossibility, even now.

"..General Secretary, the raid on the islands was incredibly well-planned and coordinated, and our forces were outnumbered, cut off, and decisively destroyed. Our forces did not have any heavy supporting equipment where the enemy did." The General, for what it might be worth, choked his fear back as he answered. His livelihood at best and life at worst depended entirely on how he handled this situation.

"..And our troops could not even buy time or space for reaction forces to arrive?" Youngsoo's ire then fell upon the Commander of the Air Forces, Air Vice Marshall Seung Kyung-Sam. This man was one more composed, who had at least taken the forethought to field the questions that the General Secretary might have asked him.

"..General Secretary, the closest forces that could have provided support in time were those of the 114th Fighter Aviation Regiment, stationed in Paeksu, which are equipped with KaG-27SMS air superiority fighters. Those aircraft were not equipped to conduct air to ground operations. A squadron from the 114th was scrambled to intercept aerial contacts over the islands at 0134 hours, but their mission was aborted at 0352 when the surrender signal was broadcast from the islands."

The Secretary leaned forward into the desk. His scapegoat would not be found easily. It was at times like these that he would require all of the military prowess he had before him, and so he leaned back again, gesturing. "..They have the island. The question is, can we retake it?"

"..Yes, General Secretary, we can retake the island." Yongsung spoke, his glance at the Air Vice Marshall returned momentarily with a superior raise of the lip by said officer. Yet he leaned forward, resting his hands on his lap. "..Our, ah, current estimates of the enemy forces on the island number at total- 17,000 on Ipwongsung Island and another 2 to 3 thousand on Kaesung. They are expected to funnel additional forces in, in the range of tens of thousands. Our priority, in that case, needs to be immediately isolating the island from further reinforcements."

"Attacks on their naval units- especially unengaged and noncombatant units- are not going to be taken lightly, sir;" one of the Party aides to his side commented, then raising his voice. "Should we commit to such immediate military options, any recourse for diplomacy would be-"

"Enough." The General Secretary interceded, slamming his fist down on the table as the pens about him jumped. "..This is a military matter. We shall meet force with force and we shall retake what is rightfully ours." As he withdrew his fist, he turned to the side-sat Commanders of the Navy and Air Forces. "..I want those islands cut off, and I want an expeditionary force ready to retake that island within a week. I'm catching a flight to Paeksu."


Saegyan Revolutionary Navy
204th Naval Bomber Aviation Regiment

10,000 meters above, 160 miles northeast of the Saegmo Islands
08 December 2020, 1314 Hours

As the afternoon sun caught the glimmer of their steely grey wings, the 204th Naval Bomber Aviation Regiment's 919th Squadron, consisting of four Ta-22M3 bombers, soared above the open sea below them. Contrailing in the sky to either sides were two flights of four KaG-27 fighters from the 114th Fighter Aviation Regiment, who had been with them since they had arrived over Paeksu. The four bombers would be firing the first Saegyan shots of the war in aggression. Each of the bombers carried two Kh-32 'Kitchen' missiles, heavy antishipping missiles intended on crippling the Trangese naval presence. There were but two destroyers that were holding security on the eastern and northern approaches of the island. Naval Command had been scrambling to organize a task group to re-secure the waters around Saegmo, but until they were organized and able to sail, it was left to the long arm of Naval Aviation to clear the way for follow-on air operations over the islands.

The flight deck aboard Number 013, third in the flight's left echelon formation, was utterly still. Faceless behind glass visors and oxygen masks, the pilot glanced to his right-seated copilot, giving a gentle nod as his hand reached to enable the weapons slung beneath the wings. Their radars had begun tracking the pair of Trangese destroyers who had only half a day before sat idly in international waters, performing a routine cruise. If the Navy were to have its way, today would be the last time either ship's hull crashed against the waves.

"Flight, this is 0-1. Positive radar track solution on enemy contacts, two trailing destroyers, bullseye 063 for 104 kilometers. Come right for intereception lineup and prepare to engage."

As the flights acknowledged, the weapons officer aboard 013 began to acquire his targeting track on the lead destroyer. The other two bombers were assigned to the rear ship, for an allocation of four missiles per destroyer, all of them gently banking as they came within their optimal launch range. Upon reaching their attack vectors, the bombers gently banked away from eachother, before the lead aircraft on the rightmost side of the formation began his engagement. The enormous missile gently glided beneath the aircraft, before its rocket motors flamed to life. The missiles overtook the lead aircraft, before arcing up sharply to begin their climb. As soon as it had cleared the underbelly, the lead aircraft rolled his aircraft over and began a sharp performance turn away from the target and back to base. The second aircraft fired his and followed the sharp turn- and so did Number 013.

"One, away." A click resounded throughout the cabin as the left missile left its pylon. As the second left its pylon and rebalanced the bomber, "Two, away" was called, as the pilot gave a nod to begin his turn away from the target area, the force of the turn reclining the pilots into their seats as their payload climbed up and away from them.

"Lead, 0-3, weapons away, returning to base."

Eight missiles took to the sky. Within only a few minutes, the heavyweight missiles would deliver Sukin's righteous fist of justice upon the invaders of Saegyan soil.

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by Gorbatov

BREAKING NEWS: Gorbatov declares war on Trang
Amid Trang's blatant invasion of Saegya's Ipwongsung and Kaesung islands, the Gorbatov stands with its Saegyan ally.

D-20 Heavy UCAV with ViS-18S

Following the news of Trang's invasion, the VP Executive Council held an emergency session to further coordinate Vastava Pact's plan of action in response to Trang's audacious act. After several hours, Premier Konstantin Voroshilov held a brief press conference, further detailing Gorbatov's response:

In regards to Trang's blatant disregard for international law, the Gorbatovic state would like to stress further its commitment to protecting its allies and interest abroad. Thus, under Gorbatov's obligations with the VP and the Saegyo-Gorbatovic Treaty of Friendship, I hereby declare a state of war between the government of Trang and the people of Gorbatov. In accordance, the Proletarian Liberation Army has been authorized to strengthen their contingent within Saegya, as in further coordination with the Saegyan Revolutionary Army, should bring this conflict to a swift end.

Despite such a statement, one can only speculate the full-scale of the PLA's military response, but a few hours later, the Ministry of Defence released a brief statement, further elaborating the Gorbatov's response. In accordance, the statement further details the fast-tracking of six of Saegya's ViS-18 order by mid-December, and the gifting of military supplies and +100 combat drones to Saegya, mostly loitering munitions. Though it is further revealed that four D-20 heavy unmanned combat aerial drones will be provided to the Saegyan military. One can further detail the notability of such a system, as according to our military analyst, the drone is still being tested, despite serial production. However, it is further speculated that the developers are seeking to test the system in combat conditions, which the conflict with Trang will provide. Moreover, another notable inclusion within the statement is the supply of conventional munitions for the BR-06 systems and B-87 bombers, as inside sources within the ministry indicate that the PLA is under negotiations with its Saegyan counterpart for the use of its strategic weapons for the conflict.

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Saegyan Revolutionary Navy formation making way towards the Saegmo islands.

Author: Mi Young-Nam @PGJDMiYoungNam

After hours of fierce delegation and ongoing debate within the Orginazation of the Congress of Nations, the Central State Committee of the Saegyan Revolutionary Worker's Party, in an emergency session, have announced that a state of war now exists between the people of Saegya and the Trangese Rogue State. Comrade General Secretary Seo Youngsoo, reading the declaration aloud before the Popular Congress, cited the gross violations of sovereignty and decency committed by the Trangese state, up to and including the illegal seizure of the Saegmo Islands.

"The Saegyan people will never stand for this gross violation of the basic principles of trust and respect between nations;" Comrade Youngsoo said to the congress amidst raucous applause. "The Trangese Rogue State has continuously exercised its blatant disregard for its own people and its neighbors, including its proliferation of nuclear weaponry and illegal occupation of the Saegmo Islands. The valiant soldiers, sailors, and airmen of the Saegyan Revolutionary Armed Forces shall not rest until the Saegyan people's prosperous future is secured from the clutches of jingoistic tyranny by our southern menace, and until the people under the yoke of a devil incarnated are liberated from their shackles and peace is restored, each shall be expected to do his utmost in the pursuit of our noble goal."

Youngsoo declared with fervent emotion in his heart; "I will not take pause until the golden ornaments of (King Nguyễn Thành Phong)'s utter vanity become the chain we shall hang him with."

A number of emergency provisions have been enacted in the immediate support of this goal. The National Service Conscription laws have been authorized for use by the Central State Committee, and all reserve forces have been immediately activated. According to the Central Military Committee, the Saegyan Revolutionary Armed Forces have been given authorization to engage with and destroy any military assets loyal to the rogue Trangese state.

The Central Military Committee has also confirmed that operations to retake the Saegmo Islands are 'well underway' and has declined to divulge further details in order to ensure the integrity of operational security for our brave comrades-in-arms. The Saegyan Revolutionary Coastal Service has ordered that no further civilian maritime operations take place within the Saegmo Exclusion Zone, which has been designated as an active warzone.

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Daehab-man Air Force Base, Ipwongsung Island, Saegya
1320, December 8th, 2020
Trangese Naval Task Force I.

Horns blared across both of the destroyers as the crews scrambled to prepare their attempt at interception of the incoming missiles- if they didn't manage to nail all of the missiles, neither of these ships would likely be going home.

As the Saegyan missiles cruised into weapons distance, both destroyers opened up with CIWS and missiles, plus electronic countermeasures, minimal as they were. The lead destroyer, D-3, managed to disable 2 of the incoming missiles and damaged a third which skipped across the water before detonating no more than 20 meters in front of the ship, sending shrapnel across the decks. Seconds later, the fourth Saegyan ASM impacted the bow of the ship directly, rocking the entire vessel and crippling the main gun and most of the VLS, along with putting a sizable hole in the waterline- a disabling hit, perhaps, and assuredly a hit that would keep the ship from engaging in combat any time soon.

The second vessel, D-2, did not fair as well. CIWS blasting away at the targets only managed to disable one of the incoming ASMs, leaving three to impact directly and literally ripping the ship in half. Nearly the entire crew was killed in an instant, and explosions and fires took off across both halves as they began to rapidly sink. A handful of Trangese sailors tried to jump into the water with what little survival gear they had. D-3 would attempt a rescue, but as the severely damaged vessel took stock of its damage, it realized it would need to return to port immediately, lest it sink. A course for Ipwongsung Island was set, and the crew began their attempt to keep the crippled vessel from being swallowed by the merciless sea, desperately hoping another sortie was not en route.

The Trangese Air Force scrambled a dozen fighters immediately, six from their patrol around Ipwongsung Island itself and six from mainland Trang itself, to attempt an intercept of the retreating bombers or their fighter escorts. Another four would make for D-3 and attempt to prevent any further sorties against the ailing destroyer as it retreated to port.

Ipwongsung and Kaesung Island
1400, December 8th, 2020
Airborne Regiment 98

Ipwongsung was under near total control, with virtually every major objective seized on time. Word had not reached the ground element of the disaster with Task Force I., so morale was exceptionally high. Reinforcements and logistical support were already being flown in hourly by the Air Force, and scouts were in the process of painting a picture for General Cao Đăng Quang to assess the defensive needs of the newly annexed islands. The first orders of business would be to round up and eliminate the last elements of Saegyan resistance, establish an impenetrable defense, and make the cost of taking the islands back to be of a greater cost than letting Trang keep them.

To those ends, the Airborne had been tasked with moving into Haesu and locking down the town completely while actual garrison forces were transported to the island. To give the light unit extra mobility, the prisoners taken during the assault on the airport would be handed off to the Special Operations Regiment to be dealt with.

Tổng cục Tình báo (General Department of Security), Nơi Nương Tựa, Nha Trang
1943, December 8th, 2020
Trần Đại Quang, Kingdom of Trang Department Director

That familiar buzzing in his pocket told Trần that his wife was either really getting fed up with the late hours, or she was staring at news broadcasts and worried again.

The only thing the news was reporting on right now was Trang-Saegya- be it the invasion, the VP response, the shit-flinging in the OCN, or the President trying to remind the world that Nha Trang exists and that southeastern Serica isn't all just "royal cultists" as an assistant to the Vazandian ambassador to the OCN had so delicately put it. Trần once again snapped back to the real world near the end of the brief- Nha Trang was weighing first-strike options, yadda yadda. It was the same shit that was briefed every time the Trangese did something stupid or isolating, which over the last decade had become a monthly occurrence. Hell, Trần's career had nearly been built on simply describing the actions of the neighboring rogue state in big words to various Presidents and politicians.

Of course, this time was different. There was a Vazandian IRIS liaison in attendance with one of their Air Force Colonels, plus the entire Nha Trangese General Staff. If he had to guess, this was probably the big opportunity. Early reports suggested that the Trangese Navy had lost two destroyers at sea today, and with their air force dedicated to holding the Ipwongsung air space and a corridor to it from Trang itself, this would be a perfect chance to finally ensure that Trang's nuclear program couldn't threaten Nha Trang. At the end of the day, however, this was all up to the President. Would he be willing to take such a drastic step? Would he do it without informing the VP?

Trần had zoned out again. As he blinked to jack back in to the real world, the brief was ending. As he stood and shook hands with the usual pleasantries, the General Director appeared in the doorway to the briefing room. A quick glance and nod later and Trần was on his way to the General Director's office. Once he'd entered and closed the door, the GD wasted no time in opening up with news:

"The President is going to offer real time intelligence sharing to the Saegyans in exchange for a request for concessions in the case of an invasion by the VP or OCNSC. By extension, they'll likely provide what they get to the Gorbatovic and Stasnovan governments as well. Supposedly this is going to come with a secondary offer to coordinate a mass strike on Trangese nuclear sites. He wants the OCNSC to authorize military action against the Trangese nuclear program and he's going to offer our air bases as a staging point for OCNSC assets." The General Director cut through the haze that Trần's mind had been in, bringing back the focus that had been so badly degraded by the last week's sleepless nights and long hours. Even the buzzing in his pocket was totally ignored.

"I figure that's why the Vazandians are here- has he spoken to the Acronians? Granzery? Siviras? And he's already thinking invasion? Hell- that eager to spend the Reclamation Fund..." Trần replied in a cynical tone, but not purposefully. Years doing this job had withered away at the idealistic young analyst that had enlisted in the Air Force before making the jump (or mistake) to TCTB.

"All in the works. I'm telling you this because this means you're going to be overseeing this intelligence sharing if it goes through- nothing gets out that we don't want the VP to know, but the President is adamant that we actually help the Saegyans to foster a 'cooperative spirit.' He'll expect the effort to make a difference- I trust your judgement on this, so I'm not going to micromanage here." A backhanded compliment- an easy way to say that you're trustworthy, but, I'm in charge and I can take this whole thing over if you fuck up.

"Not an issue. I'll put together a meeting and get a liaison prepped for transfer to Saegya if they accept. Just let me call the wife and tell her not to hold up dinner."

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Saegyan Revolutionary Air Force
114th Fighter Aviation Regiment, 26th Fighter Squadron

10,000 meters above sealevel, 174 miles northeast of the Saegmo Islands
08 December 2020, 1324 Hours

"Wolverine Callsigns, this is Geisel. Radar contact, bullseye 063 for 55, yours 287 for 162. Two group of three-ship enemy fighter aircraft."

Wolverine flight, the 4 KaG-27SMS fighters that were dispatched to escort the Navy bombers, were not in an ideal position to begin engaging the enemy fighters that were launched to intercept them. Their mission was to defend the strategically important bombers from attack, but the massive, high altitude Ta-22M3s would have little issue egressing with no payload left. With fuel and ire for their Trangese foes to spare, the flight's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jeon, decided to take an unexpected reversal.

"..Wolverine flight, this is Lead. Turn for interception."

The four fighters rolled their engines to maximum military power as they brought their planes about in a sharp 180 degree turn, the empty skies filled with the enormous rumbling of their engines. The planes were brought sharply back towards the Saegmo islands as their radars once more illuminated the island expanse's airspace in their views.

The six fighters at the head of the column were identified and targeted rapidly as the distance closed quickly. The flight lead, upon receiving his authorization for engagement, directed his flight to engage, one missile per enemy target. Despite being outnumbered, the KaG-27s were armed with R-77 missiles capable of reaching beyond visual range. With a rush of air, each aircraft sent one or two of such a weapon outbound to engage and destroy the converging flight of enemy fighters.

Saegmo Islands
1400, December 8th, 2020
Kaegdo Mines
The population of Saegmo had watched in horror as the island was overrun in a very short order by Trangese airborne troops. The garrison at Camp Baeneo, most of which remained in garrison over the night, put up some resistance to the fighting. A delaying action was fought in order to garner enough time to destroy military equipment that could be used, or allow forces to escape into the jungle- two efforts met with mixed success. No single formation larger than the squad level was able to evacuate in good order, and a good amount of the garrison's logistical vehicles, firearms, and protective clothing, among other miscellaneous items, were left by the time the majority of the garrison surrendered to the enemy.

Unbeknownst to the Trangese forces, a formation of more significant size was able to escape in good order. Platoons A and B of the 2nd Company, forward-deployed to the Kaegdo mines, received radio transmission on the alert network a good thirty minutes before the Trangese forces sent to capture the area (which was not of military necessity to secure immediately) arrived. With the decisive thinking of their platoon leader, the Saegyan platoons vanished into the dense jungles surrounding the mines with their vehicles and in good order. Cell phones had their batteries taken out, radios shut down. They became ghosts in the underbrush, unseen and unknown. The records of their mission were among those that now smoldered in piles of ashes at Baeneo.


The administrative capital of the Saegmo Islands, Haesu was a smaller city of 45,000, with a modernization effort completed in the early 2010s reforming the city in a modern steel and concrete visage. It was undoubtedly the most metropolitan area anywhere in the islands, serving as the primary port for the islands, as well as serving the only major civilian airport on the islands. The airport, being a non-military target, offered minute resistance. Airport security was lightly armed and even less so manned, and gave no contest to the superior-armed military forces who seized control. Air traffic controllers meekly stepped from their console, the sparse few civilian aircraft in the air either landing at the airport quickly or vanishing off beyond the horizon, perhaps to roads or airstrips further displaced from the Trangese threats. Civilians stayed indoors and police officers, armed with semiautomatic pistols at best, watched cautiously either with their civilian compatriots or from the seat.

Amuan Base
When Amuan Base came under attack, it was made very quickly clear to the resident instructor cadre. They were hosting a unit of highschool age cadets, there as part of a leadership training program designed to prepare them for proper entry into the Revolutionary Army or into one of its officer training programs. Caught during a classroom lecture, the instructors were made to hold position, allowing the bombs and rockets to fall upon buildings indiscriminately. The vehicle depot was smashed with a laser-guided bomb, barracks halls hit with rockets, the obstacle course set ablaze. Yet the base was a small one designed to conduct training for jungle warfare and the vast majority of its buildings were empty- they were expecting a batallion from the Army mainland to arrive in two weeks, but the massive lodgings for them were completely empty. 150 cadets and the 50 or so instructor cadre, plus the 100 or so support staff, were all that were on station to deal with the attack.

With the logistics buildings hit the hardest, the support staff suffered most, loosing a good portion of manpower. 14 students and another 3 instructors were killed in the attack, but after the damage was assessed and the situation ascertained, they discovered that most crucially the armory and equipment storage, kept in a reinforced bunker left-over from days of old, was undamaged by the attacks beyond a peppering by rockets. Every single one of the remaining personnel on the base were armed, equipped for proper jungle warfare with backpacks, tents, rations and equipment, and before they could be caught, they vanished into the forest. What remained of the equipment, buildings, and fields of Amuan Base were mined as a present for their Trangese guests.