Foal Penguin IC (Invite Only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Foal Penguin IC (Invite Only)

Postby The JVP » Mon Sep 07, 2020 3:57 pm

Set up and Rules are in the

A few weeks before start of Games

The large meeting hall held one table, which seated three, and rows of benches along the wall. In these benches sat foreign commanders and military leaders, mixed in with the JVP Military also there for the same reason. The draft.

In the middle, at the three person table, sat General Chiara Knight Over Lord of both the Order of the Penguin and the Valkyrie Sisterhood. Next to her sat Knight Commander MaryAnne, the second highest ranking member of the Order of the Penguin. To her right, and looking as if he had better things to do, was Knight Admiral Son, who led forward and tapped on the mic at the table.

"Testing, testing, 1, 5, 3." He looked around the room. "I would like to welcome everyone to Foal Penguin Current year. We'll be starting the draft here pretty soon. But let me start off by telling you the commanders of each side." He got to his feet and took the Mic with him, as he walked over to Chiara.

"Knight Commander of her Majesty's Order of the Penguin, Chiara Ra'il, along with First Sister of the Order Valkyrie Sister Mother Chiara." Son looked around the room. "Yeah. Titles are long. But for the ease of these Games, you need only address her as General Chiara. She will be heading the Valkyrie team. They won the games last year, and will be picking second."

Next Son walked over to the Knight seating at his table. "This is Lord Knight of the Penguin Order, Jewel of the eye, MaryAnne. She will go by General MaryAnne, and will be in charge of the Penguins." He paused. "They lost last year, and the two years before that. They will pick first."

Son walked over to the large screen at the end of the room. "I forgot to tell you who I am." He looked around. "Are you ready to find out?" He watched as MaryAnne crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "I'm Knight Admiral Favine, First Knight of Princess Heir Gemma, second of his name, Hero of the Yellow sea conflict. He who stands on the top." He laughed. "That last part is made up. But please, just call me Admiral Son." He looked at MaryAnne. "I'm the reason the Valkyries have won the past two years. But for fairness, and since I'm a member of the order now. I must fight on the Penguin side." He pointed to a large Banner that showed a picture of him kneeling, as a Penguin blesses him.

"Son, when did you put that up." Came the Voice of MaryAnne, her olive skin now a little flush.

"Yes." son replied. "We should start with the draft." He walked on the stage, as the screen showed the two sides, and a timer. All the JVP assets in the games had already been split. "Alright when your unit is called, please make your way to the stage for photos." Son now got a loud clicking noise from Chiara. "Or not. Anyways, with the first pick of the Foal Penguin Current year. The Penguins select." He paused for dramatic effect, as MaryAnne whispered to Chiara that it was a bad idea to let Son do this.

"4 Tessarapouli Commando Regiment UPC, to be on the Joseon Front." Son then reached under the desk and pulled out an American football Jersey that was in the colors of the Penguin Order, with a Number ! on the back. "We'll just have this sent to your unit." Son said watching as MaryAnne put her hands into her head.

"OK for the first pick of the Valkyries. Drum roll please." He said, looking off to the side were someone set behind a drum. "3rd corps, 9th Brigade. Stallenbourg, Joseon Front." He pulled out a Jersey in the Valkyrie colors with a number 1 on it, and it was Chiaras turn to roll her eyes.

"The Penguins select Milinow Light Infantry, Ameria, Luar front." Penguin Jersey, number 2.

"Valkyries select... 2nd Archangel Commando UPC, Brolen front." Valkyrie Jersey, Numer 2.

"Penguins passed on the 3rd round picks, to get a 5th round and 6th round pick. So the Valkyries could select the whole of the Federation of Northern Peoples forces, seeing as they wished to not be split up." Son reached under the table. "You guys still only get one Jersey, so your units will have to share it. Sorry."

"In the fourth round the Penguins select Standing Maritime Group One Ameria. This is a naval unit. The Valkyries select the Stallenbourg task force 17 and 23 of the 4th fleet, a 6 six ship group." Son looked at the note card, and smiled.

"In the Fifth round the Penguins select all the UPC Air assets. Like naval, Air will be stationed in a week."

"In the Six the Penguins select Leipförde Rifles (Airborne) Ameria, Joseon Front, along with the 1st Tetho̱rakisméni̱ Division Canons of the Holy Keys UPC, Luar Front" He looked over his cards. "Man, we really should have just done this in a more easier way." Son smiled as the glares from both Chiara and MaryAnne, burned holes through him.

"Lets see. Valkyries want the UPC Naval units, Penguins will take the Air units from Stallenbourg. Brooke Christensen to the Penguins, MGEN Gabriel li Logico to Valkyries, Julia Weiss to Valkyries also, and BGEN Ronel Ranalas to Penguins." As Son named off these units and key personnel, he still pulled out a Jersey for each, and all the well each unit or person called would have their logo or image shown on the screen and then placed on their respective sides.

"The ends the Draft. Vegas orders this year favor the underdog Penguins, 35:5 odds, Also side bets have been made. Please talk with your bookies after we are done." Son looked around the room one last time. "A dinner will be held for this, and I kindly ask that you only sit with members from your team. In a few weeks it's an us versus them type deal, so take this time to mingle and get to know your other commanders. After the games we'll host a party to were you can talk with members of the other side." He looked back to his cards.

"Please brief your units on a few ground rules. Drinking will be allowed during the first week, but not during week two. We did not include them, but we kind ask that you bring along some MP units to police your troops. They will not be a part of the games, but will play a major role in week one as they look to keep troops from doing troop things." He flipped to a new card. "SEX. Please tell your troops to practice safe Sex. Condoms, pills whatever. These games are only two weeks long, but it only takes one night to make a baby. We can't stop them from doing it, but we can at least make them do it safely."

Son took a sip of water before moving on. "Saluting. JVP forces will be briefed on officer rankings of other nations. We'll provide the proper level of respect, we ask the same. But we do not expect your troops to address our Knights in the JVP way. To your troops, brief them that Knights are to be called Sir. Please respect the JVP Culture as we will respect your culture. JVP forces are allowed to be openly gay, please respect this, if this is going to be an issue, please let it be known now. We are here to train and we are here to learn from each other. Let's keep that at the forefront of our minds." Son put his cards away. "That will conclude the brief, and we'll just move along to the dinner cause I'm hungry."

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Postby Nothern Peoples » Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:08 pm

1st Brigade, 4th Legion, temporary HQ, JVP
Col. Marsasik, a 26 year veteran of multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and UN missions to Afrika, observes the the five Overmajors arrayed in front of him: the commanders of the famed 14th Armored, 38th and 41st Infantry, the 92nd Artillery and the one in charge of his own brigade HQ team. They had, of course, sat through a dozen briefings before the actual movement to the JVP, as had the men outside, busy taking vehicles off of the trains that had brought them here from the harbor. However, as always, reminders were needed, and changes had happened. "Gentlemen, as you know, we have been given the honor of representing the Federation within these Foal Penguin War Exercises. We have been given a chart of JVP rank insignia, and their NCOs and Officer's WILL be respected as if they were our own. Weve gotten enough information to make a deployment booklet, and these will be passed out to everyone. You all have deployed, you know how the booklets work. Weve also been informed that the JVP salute is close enough to our own that any change will be unnecessary. Fleet Hydra will not be expected to arrive for eleven more days, so the marines and air force may be a little behind us on local customs and knowledge. Go check on your men on the trains. God knows is hotter there than at home, and I want minimal heat casualties before we start true operations. Dismissed" He had made, and had gotten, permission to unload his vehicles at a train yard 20km away from the base they would be staying, while sending the connexes forwards to the main railyards. First impressions were important after all, and being seen first as a parade of armored vehicles instead of a cluster of tired, jet lagged uniformed sheep was much, much in his preference. He knew they mostly ate fish here, but god he hoped hed find some beef, pork or even some potatoes somewhere. Still, the food couldnt be much worse than Sudan. Those were months of AVSs only, and noone really recovers mentally from that level of constipation.
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Postby Nothern Peoples » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:11 pm

A pair of figures in pressed feldgrau dress uniforms, M1996 Bayonets and M2007 Pistols in their leather holsters, and Federation medals and ribbons on their chest. They kept their caps on as they entered the building, as per Federation regulation and wore the bushy mustaches common within the Federation armed forces. The shorter one, at maybe 1.6m was Colonel Marsasik, a 26 year veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan. The taller one, standing at 18m would be SGM Järvinen, a 21 veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and serveral anti-Unionist operations within the Federation and the Stormkold territories. They would sit at their spots, listening quietly, their very pale skin standing out among the more olive JVP natives. The news on alcohol would be welcome, as who doesnt enjoy some brannvin? However, it was a good first impression overall, and the dinner didnt seem bad if a little fish heavy

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