Hung Parliament, Militarist Chancellor elected [MT|POLITICS]

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Hung Parliament, Militarist Chancellor elected [MT|POLITICS]

Postby Palmyrion » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:39 am


Duterte, Former Army General, Elected as Chancellor
Victor Kalimantan | 28 July 2020 4:48PM PST

  • Duterte garnered 56.1% of votes from the voters
  • SDP finished second with 30.9% of votes, CDP at 8.1%
  • Duterte to ascend to seat of power on 7 August 2020

ARAGON, PALMYRION | The official results are out, and the outcome is clear: retired Army general and Commonwealth Action Party flagbearer Ricardo Duterte has been elected the new Chancellor of the Royal Commonwealth. Collection and compilation of results from the various federal subjects of Palmyrion was finished by four in the afternoon today, with final tallying and calculation of results accomplished at 4:40PM amidst 'several complications' cited by the Commonwealth Electoral Committee (COMELEC).

Duterte, hailing from Davao City in the Province of Davao, has won the election for Chancellor after having garnered a landslide vote percentage of 56.1%. He is running on a militarist and social democratic platform for his Chancellery candidacy.

The Social Democratic Party, with Evelyn Sta. Ana as its flagbearer and Chancellor candidate, garnered 30.9% of votes from the electorate, followed by the Christian Democratic Party at 8.1%. The Commonwealth Muslim Democratic Party garnered 3.9% of votes, with the Synarchist Party and Communist Party garnering 0.8% and 0.3% of the votes respectively. This was likewise reflected on the Parliamentary election conducted simultaneously during the election from 15 to 22 July 2020, though the SDP-CAP coalition finally met their match with the CMDP-CDP alliance: the SDP-CAP alliance garnered 50.4% of the vote while the CMDP-CDP coalition garnered 47.7% of the vote, with the remaining 1.9% being shared by the CPP and the SPP who are supposedly in an uneasy coalition with each other.

Duterte will ascend to the position of Chancellery on 7 August 2020, alongside the official appointment of his selected Vice Chancellors in the Executive Council.

Electoral Outlook

Voter turnout for the 2020 Palmyrian Federal Elections was substantially higher than that of the 2015 Federal Elections, with the 2020 Federal Elections having a voter turnout of 96.1% compared to 2015's 64.3%. The voter turnout for 2015 was largely affected by the Turbulent Tens Conflict, which lasted from 2009 up until 2018; with local authority, law and order, and basic social services and economic activity restored following the conclusion of the Conflict, the affected federal subjects were now ready to participate in the 2020 Federal Elections even as sporadic uprisings from the remnants of the separatist armies arose here and there only to be quickly flushed out by Palmyrian and Marshite forces in a matter of weeks, if not days.

The northern highland federal subjects - the Federal Republic of Ilocos, the Federal Republic of Cagayan Valley, and the Cordilleran Federal Republic - remained as the electoral bastions of the Christian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party, while the Republic of Greater Zambal was locked in a two-way competition with the CAP-SDP alliance and the CDP-CMDP alliance. The Federal Republics of the Tagalog, Bicolandia, and the Visayas remained as the electoral bastions of the CDP and the CAP, while the predominantly-Muslim federal subjects of the Islamic Republics of Sultan Osmalik and Mindanao remained as the electoral bastions of the Commonwealth Muslim Democratic Party and the Commonwealth Action Party.

It remains to be seen whether of not the 2019 Commonwealth Square Pride March Massacre will affect the public's view of the religious CDP given the attackers' Christian affiliation, and likewise for the CMDP for the Jumhuriya Islamiyah uprising of the Turbulent Tens Conflict - but given the CDP's and CMDP's condemnation of these events (and, in the case of the CMDP, rumoured armed opposition by paramilitary units) the outlook for CDP and CMDP in regards to this is most likely not going to be affected.

For the Term 2020-2025, Palmyrion looks to be governed by a hung parliament torn between the SDP-CAP coalition and the CDP-CMDP coalition, with each garnered almost half of the votes for Parliament.
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Postby Kyundao » Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:59 pm

Congratulatory letter from the Capitalist Party of Kyundao:

We would like to congratulate Ricardo Duterte on his victory in Palmyrion's general elections. We also wish him success as your new Chancellor.

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