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Postby Auracexia » Fri Jun 26, 2020 8:43 am

Si Nis Ruisk-tar, Khansva-met 9, 18508 09:00:00 Aoraqet'ya Devno Coordinated Time (ADCT)
Thursday, October 11, 2300 08:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

AHV Eclipse, Captain's Quarters — Perseus Segment of the Trinity Passage, Solarian Reaches. Approx. 35LY from Sol.
Cpt. Nii'tar'ya summoned Diplomatic Envoy Cmdr. Gen’ess’ya D'Thivael’ya to her quarters, and waited patiently for her to arrive, it didn't take long for her to arrive as she keyed the sensor for the Captain's Quarters and saluted before entering. "Good Morning, Captain. What is the matter you have summoned me here for." Nii'tar'ya looked at her and gave a warm smile. "I've decided to send you to Temujin Station of the United Republic of Mars to act as the interim Ambassador for the A.S.H.A."

Cmdr. D'Thivael'ya gasped. "Captain, every ship requires a Diplomatic Envoy, no ship leaves port without one." Nii'tar'ya nodded, with a smile. "I know, believe me... I know. You have served the A.S.H.A. well, you've served with me on the Eclipse for going on twelve years now, and you have made me very proud. Consider it a temporary promotion. You'll only be there for a short while, I'll contact the Admiralty and have them send out another Diplomatic Envoy, and when she arrives at the Eclipse, I will send her to relieve you as interim Ambassador, you will return to the Eclipse and she will become the full-time Ambassador for the A.S.H.A." Gen'ess'ya nodded. "It's only temporary, Captain?" Nii'tar'ya smiled. "Absolutely. Look at it this way, so far both of us have earned accolades other Aoraqet'yari can only dream of. This is the second civilization we've made contact with, in as little as five years, and both instances happened with me in command of the Eclipse and you as my Diplomatic Envoy. You're going to do me, and the A.S.H.A. proud." Nii'tar'ya stood up from her seat, placing her hands on Gen'ess'ya's shoulders "I need you to establish an embassy for the A.S.H.A. as this will go a long way towards establishing relations between the United Republic of Mars and the A.S.H.A." Nii'tar'ya pulled a bottle of octarine Kalya extract, and two glasses. After removing the cap, she poured one for herself and the other for Gen'ess'ya. She handed a glass to Gen'ess'ya, "Here's to your temporary assignment, may you make us proud." she raised her glass with a smile before downing it in one fluid gulp. "I am going to miss you while you're gone. Since we were both assigned to this ship, me, you, Se'ors'ya, and the rest of the officers on the bridge have been practically inseparable. I'm going to speak with Grand Admiral Harlowe to determine if it would be possible to have you ride back to Temujin Station with them." Nii'tar'ya gave Gen'ess'ya a long hug. "You'll be back before you know it."
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