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The Pan-Asiatic States Intervenes! [CLOSED]

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 3:51 am
by Pan-Asiatic States
Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA)
Pan-Asiatic States / Estados Pan-Asyatiko / 泛亚洲国家

Press Release | Pahayag | 新闻稿



RE: Self-Determination of the People's Republic of Kongsi

The PEOPLE'S FEDERATION OF PAN-ASIATIC STATES, aware of the ongoing border provocations by the Red Army of the People's Republic of Kongsi, is closely monitoring the situation in the region. The Sixth Administration of the Pan-Asiatic States calls upon all parties in the Nacrad-Kongsi conflict to implement the utmost restraint, uphold the principles of dignified warfare, prevent any further aggression against civilians, and ensure the respect for human rights.

Following a referendum of the Executive Council (EC) behind closed doors this morning, I have been authorized to declare the support of the Pan-Asiatic States for the right to the People's Republic of Kongsi to self-determination in its territorial expansion. It is within the best interests of both the presidium of the government of the People's Federation and the People's Republic of Kongsi to jointly expand political, social, and economic relations under the banner of shared revolution against the capitalism of the "Federal Republic".

Citizens of the Pan-Asiatic States, although we may be a peaceful people, our nature alone does not determine the course we must take in history. This is a time of war. For too long, the armies of the Federal Republic of Nacrad have possessed the means that international socialism needs to make it through the trials our movement may face, and it is apparent that they will not part with them peacefully. Despite our best efforts to build a modern state, some matters can only be settled through the old trials of battle.

As for those naïve citizens of our country who imagine the Federal Republic of Nacrad as a people of peace as well - they are entirely out of touch with reality. Those who live at the Kongsi border do not have the luxury of such delusions, seeing their troops closing in on us just across it. This is a threat we cannot leave unanswered. With every passing day, I have been informed by the Ministry of State and Public Security (MSPS), Nacrad is preparing for war. The pre-emptive strike of the People's Republic is only inevitable to ensure long-term stability between the two opposing regimes.

All Asians who are still in the Kongsi-Nacrad region, particularly those who are in the country for non-essential reasons, are encouraged to consider leaving by commercial means at the earliest possible time. Non-combatant government-sanctioned commercial convoys will also be provided for those lacking in finances to retreat via conventional transportation. Maritime convoys will be able to accommodate a capacity of one-hundred (100) civilians per day, and will be accommodating natural born citizens of the Pan-Asiatic States only. Asians who are planning to visit Nacrad are advised to defer their travel until the situation is more stable.

Forefathers guide us all.


Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.
Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States
Chairman of the Asian Communist Party

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 3:59 am
by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Official Statement Regarding Kongsinese Aggression
17:23 23 May 2020

It may have already been made clear that the People's Republic of Kongsi has blatantly spitted on the long-standing agreements between Nacrad and Kongsi, in particular, the 1933 Peace Accords, the 1950 Non-Aggression Pact and the 1977 Hostility Cessation Treaty, by the raids of 21 May onwards, and the shelling of Instow City.

The Federal Republic of Nacrad, and its people, are peaceful, and we desire not one inch of foreign land, nor one drop of foreign blood. Alas, our peaceful ways are rudely disrupted, thanks to the Kongsinese forces' attacks. Nacrad has never actively entered war with any nation for the sake of expansion or the sake of forcing our ideology on others, unlike certain nations, who like to invade their neighbours in the name of "liberation" or "spreading the revolution", which we denounce.

It was also brought to our attention that the Pan-Asiatic States, which lie to the southwest of our fair nation, had voiced support for the violent expansionism of Kongsi, citing that these attacks were but "pre-emptive strikes" as we are allegedly "preparing for war" by the construction of the Instow North Camp, which is what we assume is implied by "seeing their troops closing in on us just across it". However, the construction of Instow North Camp is not for this purpose. Instead, it is to consolidate the two garrisons of Instow City, which formerly reside in Instow East and Instow West Camps.

Regardless, we advise members of the public to refrain from visiting the border with Kongsi, as active warfare may be inevitable. The Nacradian National Airways has increased its capacity in routes to Guthan, lying offshore in the island of Guthil. Concerned members of the public may take these routes to take refuge in Guthil, but the Federal Republic shall reiterate that most population centers along the coast is sufficient in safety.

As for the Pan Asiatic States' convoy, the ports at Portsville have been prepared to accommodate the convoys, and we urge Pan Asiatic States to only send demilitarised and disarmed passenger vessels into Nacradian waters, as the Nacradian Navy will provide protection during their journey in Nacradian waters.

Despite the disagreements between the fair nations of the Pan Asiatic States and Nacrad, Nacrad shall still afford any necessary help to assist the nationals of any nation to retreat to safety.

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 4:14 am
by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
Presidential Office

Official Declaration of War Against the People's Republic of Kongsi
10:30 24 May 2020

Whereas the People's Republic of Kongsi has severely undermined the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nacrad,

Whereas hundreds of lives have been lost to the raids of the People's Republic of Kongsi,

Whereas the leadership of the People's Republic of Kongsi has sent me personally threats to commit crimes against humanity upon Nacrad's nationals,

And hence do I abhor the violence on the Kongsinese part,

I hereby declare total war against the People's Republic of Kongsi. I hereby authorise and direct the Armed Forces to immediately take offensive action against the People's Republic of Kongsi, in accordance to Subsection III-5.9 of the Constitution.

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:10 am
by Pan-Asiatic States
Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA)
Pan-Asiatic States / Estados Pan-Asyatiko / 泛亚洲国家

Press Release | Pahayag | 新闻稿



RE: Outbreak of War Between Kongsi and Nacrad

The PEOPLE'S FEDERATION OF PAN-ASIATIC STATES, believing the Liaison Committee of the Nacradian National Assembly, the people of the Nacradian nation, the leadership of the Federal Republic of Nacrad, and its President to have acted in good faith by allowing the deportation of Pan-Asiatic States nationals to return to their mother-country despite political tensions between our two states, thanks the aforementioned entities wholeheartedly.

Likewise, the People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States guarantees the safety of Nacradian civilians in the Pan-Asiatic States. Politics between states should not strain the relationship between individual human beings, and the government of the Pan-Asiatic States is willing to do anything it can to ensure an unprejudiced return of Nacradian nationals should the government of the Federal Republic, or should those individuals themselves, deem evacuation necessary.

Understanding the recent outbreak of official conflict between Kongsi and Nacrad, the People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States remains stalwart in its support for the People's Republic of Kongsi, and refuses to retract its acknowledgement of the sovereignty of the Kongsi people's state - believing the pre-emptive invasion to remain largely an attempt at self-defense from its capitalist rivals.

The Pan-Asiatic States' people cannot but be concerned about a solution of the Nacradian question. While it is regrettable that war must come upon a state which has shown its teeth against slavery in the past, it is further regrettable that such a state should resist the liberation of its proletariat. The legitimacy of the People's Republic in ruling over the region has been demonstrated in its resolve to oust the Federal Republic's government at any and all costs.

Is there any society more repugnant to the future of humanity, any more alien to the plight of the worker, than a regime which does not acknowledge this fact? Calling upon the people to devote themselves fanatically to the decrepit institution of the nation-state, they have dressed up age-old ways of savagery in a modern costume, trying to present themselves as an alternative future to the inevitable international victory of the working-class.

Believing this to be true, and despite a minority of dissenting voices, the Executive Council of the People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States believes that without support and recognition from entities which acknowledge the People's Republic's right to rule over the region - they will lose. A victory by the Federal Republic would mean only a matter of time until they strike against the Pan-Asiatic States themselves, or at least, against the Pan-Asiatic States' allies.

Should the capitalist threat not be contained in the region, groups such as the Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organization (SACTO) or the Capitalist International (CAPINTERN) will surely hound the future of the people of Kongsi. No doubt, as we have seen in states where workers' revolutions have failed, this war will be politicized by the leaders of Nacrad and their allies.

Therefore, the general public, citizens of all nations, governments of both the Federal Republic of Nacrad and the People's Republic of Kongsi and workers of the world, should expect our continued support for the independence, freedom, and legitimacy of the Kongsi government to exert their social, political, and economic authority free of any interference - no longer with any oppression or intervention - from the capitalist superstates of the West.

In these trying times, may both sides mutually respect the dignity of their respective foes on the battlefield. I personally express my deepest condolences for those whose loved ones have been, or will be, injured or killed in the conflict ahead.

May forefathers guide us all, and good luck to the Kongsi Red Army.


Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.
Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States
Chairman of the Asian Communist Party

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:19 am
by Nacrad
"And let's have a look at the situation live. Michael Chan is currently standing at Instow City, where the Nacradian 30th Division is using as a springboard to the invasion of Kongsi. Michael, please go ahead."

"Thank you. As you can see, (gunfire and explosions going in the background) the Nacradian Armed Forces are fiercely fighting with the Kongsi Army. (more gunfire going in the background, shell hits building nearby) According to the locals, the 30th Division had had its position stagnated since about lunch, but it seems that reinforcements are on the way to push the Kongsi forces out. We'll get back to you, this has been NTV Evening News live at Instow. Back to you, studio."

"Thank you. Once again, the Government is encouraging members of the public to avoid visiting the Nacrad-Kongsi border for the time being, and for any people in the region to leave as soon as possible. Now, let's look at Cod Corner Dock, in Portsville. Amy, do you have any updates?"

"Yes. The PAS' convoy is now docked, and the citizens of PAS are now boarding the ship. As you can see, there is police presence, which is stationed to escort the PAS citizens onto the ship away from any protests, although none happened today. Back to you, studio."

"Thank you. We've also confirmed the Nacradian forces' advance in the north, however, we are unable to station reporters in that sector. It is reported that the cities of Shangrao and Yingtan, both about 50 km from the border, have been captured. We will keep an eye on the situation's development. This has been NTV Evening News' coverage on this war."

PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:45 pm
by Nacrad
Nacrad Engages Kongsinese Garrison at Fuzhou
11:00 25 May 2020

The IV Corps have made much ground over the course of the past 24 hours. After the capture of the rail and road hub at Yingtan, and the city of Shangrao about 50 km (31 mi.) to the east, the Kongsi Revolutionary Army had finally put a stop to the Nacradian offensive about 80 km (50 mi.) south of Jingdezhen, a porcelain capital. The Nacradian IV Corps in the south were able to break through the Kongsinese lines towards the west, and established a coast on the Fuhe River. As of 08:30, the IV Corps have started engaging the local garrison at Fuzhou.

In the far south, the Nacradian III Corps were also able to make progress out from Oswain, pushing further into the city of Ganzhou. As of 10:00, the fighting is taking place approximately 30 km (18 mi.) from the city of Ganzhou. Moreover, the III Corps broke through the Kongsinese lines at Ruijin, which is at the border, and are advancing quickly. They have valiantly taken on an aggressive offensive into the city, which is located more or less in a salient.

The Nacrad Post will remain close awareness with the war situation, and will provide updates as soon as possible.

PostPosted: Mon May 25, 2020 6:58 am
by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Official Response Towards The Pan Asiatic States' Statement
11:00 25 May 2020

On Sunday, 24 May 2020, the Ministry has received, as with all of our brothers and sisters around the world, a statement from the Pan Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA). After a brief discussion this (25 May 2020) morning, the ministry hereby makes the following response:

The Federal Republic of Nacrad, believing that the military and civil branches of the Pan Asiatic States' government and her people to have acted in good faith by guaranteeing the protection and the safe return of Nacradian nationals despite rising tensions, thanks the Pan Asiatic States sincerely.

That said, however, it is extremely regrettable that the Pan Asiatic States have not realized the grave conceptual and ideological mistake by supporting an aggressor and a disruptor of regional peace. As a matter of fact, the Federal Republic of Nacrad has remained exceptionally tolerant towards the People's Republic of Kongsi, by virtue of not advancing one extra meter into Kongsinese territories during their incursions in 1933, 1957, 1977, 2003 and 2009, opting instead to negotiate a status quo ante bellum or a redrawing of borders in favour of the People's Republic of Kongsi, despite Nacradian victory in each conflict, ceding in total more than 500 square kilometers of border lands towards Kongsi by the redrawing of borders in 1933 and 1977.

Being a nation that is also influenced by Chinese culture, there is a saying that the Pan Asiatic States' leadership might have heard, which is "事不過三", "No event shall repeat itself thrice". And Kongsi has repeated it more than thrice. Nacrad could have invaded by 1977 by this virtue, but has opted not to, so as to preserve the delicate regional peace. Kongsi, however, has taken this for granted, and had provoked not only Nacrad's, but Jiangsu's and Hunan's borders too, the two aforementioned nations being the neighbours of Kongsi in addition to Nacrad, and with each passing day, it seems exceedingly likely for Kongsi to suddenly go rogue and annex its less fortunate neighbours.

And neither have we had the desire to out-compete Kongsi in any way! Nacrad and Kongsi, although the relationships fragile at best even before the turn of the millenium, had been in a symbiotic relationship. After we learnt that Kongsi harbours rich natural resources, we had not even thought of invading them, as opposed to some other nation that involved itself in a messy war away from home simply from the notion that "there is oil", or in Kongsi's case, "there is a coal reserve" when they invaded the Yangtze South Min Republic, which is a distinct ethno-linguistic group from the Gan people who inhabit the land known as Kongsi.

Instead, we opted to settle trade agreements with Kongsi, offering them cheap and quick transport towards the coast and also Nacradian-built automobiles and weapons in exchange of the coal, steel and other minerals that Kongsi is rich in. However, it had -- and the people of Nacrad can prove it for you, as the records are all in the Riverfort Central Library -- increased the price of the goods exponentially and disproportionately time and again. Nacrad had exercised absolute restraint in the sense that it had avoided any harsh repercussions, only using mild words in discontentment and respecting the right for Kongsi to set whatever price it deems necessary.

Finally, it is extremely ironic that, a nation previously described as "bolshevik" when it had decided to show its teeth against slavery is now suddenly, within two months or so, became attached to the scum of humanity that is SACTO. As Minister Mann put it in today's meeting, "us social democrats can't make anyone happy!" We do not desire, nor do we even hold positive feelings towards SACTO and CAPITERN, deeming them immoral, and we hope that the Pan Asiatic States can, after this clarification, refrain from associating Nacrad with SACTO and CAPITERN.

Last but not least, the Federal Republic of Nacrad also expresses the deepest condolences towards whomever is rendered victim of this unavoidable conflict instigated by the People's Republic of Kongsi.

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2020 3:35 am
by Nacrad

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2020 7:54 am
by Alexiandra
Official Communique from the Social Republic of Alexiandra

Our proletarian Republic has been observing events in the Nacrad-Kongsi border region with great dismay. On the one side stands the so-called People's Republic of Kongsi, a crude parody of the revolutionary semi-state envisioned by Marx and Lenin - on the other stands the Federal Republic of Nacrad, a bourgeois republic of standard type.

In determining which side merits the Social Republic's support, workers' deputies considered a variety of factors: whether Kongsi, and its sponsor the Pan-Asiatic States, are indeed truly 'socialist' in any meaningful sense of the word; the long history of internecine disputes between Kongsi and Nacrad; the depredatory nature of Nacradian social relations, which - like all capitalist relations of production, serve only to alienate and rob the producers themselves - and, finally, the Social Republic's own commitment to the cause of international communism, defined as the free association of producers in a propertyless, moneyless, classless society.

It quickly became apparent during the course of this investigation that neither side can justly be said to align itself with Alexiandran principles. Nacrad outright champions international capitalism, whereas the Pan-Asiatic States and Kongsi do the proletarian movement a profound disservice by disguising their capitalist substructures under a socialist window-dressing. As such, the Social Republic can support neither side - it chooses revolutionary defeatism, in the spirit of Marx and Lenin.

As did Marx on the eve of the Franco-Prussian War, the Social Republic now calls upon the workers of both sides to rise up and, through their solidarity, put an end to this bloodletting. The bourgeois representatives certainly will not do so on their behalf.

Until that glorious day, we in the Republic reserve our own right to intervention should the situation degrade sufficiently.

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2020 8:29 am
by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Official Response to the Statement Made by the Social Republic of Alexiandra
09:30 27 May 2020

It was brought to the Ministry's attention that the Social Republic of Alexandra has issued a statement on the situation between Nacrad, Kongsi and the PAS, calling for the workers in all sides to "rise up" against the "capitalist" systems in the nations.

The Federal Republic denies all allegations of being an entirely capitalist state. If that were the case, Nacradian citizens would not enjoy much of the benefits they are enjoying today, like universal healthcare, cheap and accessible education, social security net, etc., and surely Alexiandra would agree that these policies also align with the ideals of them for being an egalitarian state, where everyone is equal!

Further, the utopian ideal of the Communist Manifesto is, and the Ministry regrets to admit it, unrealistic at best. The very act of trading, and hence currency, has been practiced even before the human race started writing, and it is impossible to do away with currency completely, even the Soviet Union itself had used its Rubles and ration stamps. If one were to, say, completely abolish the currency and use ration stamps to distribute commodities around, then what is to stop someone from just trading around ration stamps much like a currency would be?

And with the impossibility of getting rid of currency comes the impracticality of removing class. Sure, even a supposed "capitalist" like us still shudder at the abhorrent classism, but the best we can do is to stop discrimination and reduce the impact, as more money, whether in the form of ration stamps, some sort of scores, or even commodities (the latter one being how currency started) inevitabily leads to the formation of class. And if anything could be done about it, it is to reduce the discrimination between them and promote the migration between social classes, which our nation has been consistently ranked the highest in enabling the citizens to better themselves and thus move up the social ladder, or for the lazy to be punished and sink down the social ladder.

One of the key ideologies of Marxism, and most forms of communism, would be democracy. But has any communist nation been able to implement true democracy? No! All of them, like the USSR, East Germany, the DPRK, etc. have nothing but show elections. On the contrary, in a "bourgeoisie nation" like ours, any citizen can freely choose whom to represent them in the National Assembly, and if all else fails, form their own party to have a say in the government! Surely this fulfills the notion better than any one-party state would.

One may argue, "well, the USSR and the likes aren't true communists." However, by that metric, what is a true communist? When using the No True Scotsman fallacy, can any of the self-proclaimed "true communists" give one single example that their communist ideals actually work? Or that simple economics mean that a welfare state under a capitalist system is the best any nation could do?

That concludes the response, and may it be known that Nacrad only invaded due to the sustained provocations by Kongsi.

PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2020 9:41 am
by Alexiandra
Official Communique from the Social Republic of Alexiandra

It is scarcely the job of the Subcommittee for Foreign Affairs to educate the philistine leaders of Nacrad on the rudiments of scientific socialism. Nevertheless, a brief foray, aimed at dispelling the illusions conjured by these philistines in order to deceive the international proletariat, might prove fruitful.

The Federal Republic is not an entirely capitalist state, we are told! If it were, poor relief, taxpayer-funded healthcare, public education and so on would never have been conceded. This is a bold assertion, convincing to the philistine as it is laughable to the proletarian. The Nacradian state appropriates a portion of the worker's product, then returns it to him in the form of paltry 'welfare' measures, and we are expected to consider this charity - nay, socialism! But, the philistines of Nacrad will reply, our public systems are funded by taxes. Taxes on whom? In large part, these taxes fall upon the proletariat itself, and eat at its wage, which is itself a much-diminished portion of the value it creates, afforded to it solely for the purposes of survival and reproduction. But taxes also target the wealthy - whose wealth is created entirely by the proletariat! And so we are reproached with misunderstanding the "socialist" nature of measures which alienate part of the worker's product, returning it to him in the name of charity and goodwill.

Next we are told that the Communist Manifesto, that classic exposition of the scientific-socialist conception, is utopian. Here, in the annals of the philistine Nacradian government, utopian socialism is merged with scientific socialism, and the truth is wreathed in a thick fog of bourgeois cynicism. The revolutionary edge of Marxism, which scientifically demonstrated the nature of surplus-value creation and extraction in capitalist society, and thus made humanity conscious of its own alienation, is derided as utopian, of all things! What Nacrad's authorities fail to understand is that Marx, the first great formulator of our revolutionary tradition, was the most fearsome adversary the utopians (who merely counterposed their own ‘eternal’ values and systems, fabricated out of thin air, to the existing capitalist world) have ever known. Indeed, by positing currency and exchange as eternal, inalienable truths which have always existed alongside man and which cannot be superseded, the Nacradian government reveals itself as the torchbearer of the utopian tradition by childishly accepting the sacred categories of its own capitalist age as eternal and immutable. We are reproached with the example of the Soviet Union, revealing Nacrad's pitiable confusion of the dictatorship of the proletariat with socialism proper.

'One of the key ideologies of Marxism, and most forms of communism, would be democracy.'

This is a patent falsehood. Democracy is no sacred cow of the communist movement - it is merely an instrument towards the emancipation of the proletariat, to be picked up or discarded as the situation demands. The revolutionary progression of society cannot be measured by popular vote, and we reject this fetish of bourgeois statisticians. Just as the bourgeoisie does not disdain to adopt utterly dictatorial forms when threatened, we, the party of the proletariat, embrace any political form facilitating the victory of our class.

Finally, Nacrad's spokesman reveals to us that we are committing the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy is avowing that the Soviet Union never succeeded in establishing socialism. Curious, considering that the Nacradian government itself, in the preceding paragraph, declared that the USSR had failed to achieve 'Marxism, and most forms of communism', because of a lack of democracy. The results of our analyses - that the Soviet Union was not socialist - are identical. But our methods differ greatly. We analyse the economic structure of the Soviet Union, demonstrating its retention of capitalist economic categories like wage-labour, profits, etc. Nacrad's bourgeoisie whines about democracy, its fetishised value. After all, "simple economics mean that a welfare state under a capitalist system is the best any nation could do"!

You misunderstand. We do not wish to institute a new type of economics, that is to say the bourgeois science of political economy. We do not mean to transform the nation. Rather, we wish to abolish economics, and abolish the nation, building upon the enormous productive capacity generated by capitalist development to produce a new social arrangement whereby "the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."

Nacrad should take care, lest the Alexiandran proletarian dictatorship illustrate these lessons in bold red typeface upon the annals of history, military or otherwise.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 7:02 am
by Nacrad
IV Corps Consolidate and Regroup Near Xin River, Bombs Jingdezhen, Nanchang, Ganzhou, and Ji'an

The IV Corps' slow but steady falling back has come to a close along the Xin River, where the heavy armaments line its shores. The IV Corps' commander, Marshal Kin-Kwok Albert Chan, has stated that the 45th, 46th and 48th Divisions' plans are to continue holding out and to exhaust the Red 3rd Army's manpower, with a decisive strike "some time in the future", where "the Kongsi Armed Forces are significantly weakened".

Meanwhile, down south, the garrison in Ganzhou, which had been encircled since last Thursday, has seen no sign of surrender even after the persuasion by the III Corps. Rumour has it that the garrison has mobilised the civilian population of Ganzhou to form a more comprehensive force. However, there has been no source supporting this claim. One thing that is sure, though, is that Ganzhou has a significant air force presence, as there has been extensive air raids. It is speculated, however, that the garrison will struggle to retain its intensity as fuel reserves are projected to run low soon.

Further east, near Fuzhou, the 43rd and 45th Infantry Divisions have completely encircled the garrison within the city, as heavy ordnance has been used to drive out any resistance. There is, however, no air force presence within Fuzhou.

The 39th Infantry Division continued to harass the garrison at Ji'an, and was unable to make much progress.

Over the course of the past few days (1 and 2 June), the 3rd Air Force Division has been conducting extensive bombing raids on the various military installations located in Jingdezhen, Nanchang (the capital), Ganzhou and Ji'an. It is expected that these bombing raids will continue. So far, Nacrad has not lost a single aircraft to the anti-air facilities of Kongsi.

"Well, I suppose that's good news. Let's get this over with quickly, none of these wars are my idea. We've lost enough men already," the President says, as he reads this piece of news, "If the situation is as good as this article makes it out to be, then Kongsi should know that they're not strong enough and surrender maybe sometime in late August, much like the war with Turkey."

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:55 am
by Nacrad
Nacrad Captures Ji'an in Kongsi
17:00 15/6/2020

Nacrad has made progress after being stalled over the last week. The III Corps entered the City of Ji'an, after the local garrison withdrew, at 16:00 today (15/6).

The Battle of Ji'an started on 9 June, where the majority of the III Corps were placed in position around the city. The push commenced on the following day, with heavy armoured, artillery and airborne elements giving the garrison nothing short of a total frontal assault. The Kongsinese garrison, although putting up formidable defence, was unable to resist the Nacradian military doctrine.

The local garrison commander, Brigadier General Wen Sheng, surrendered to the local Nacradian commander, General (Field Brigadier) Timothy Si-Yin Chan at around 14:50 today, and was taken prisoner-of-war.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:17 pm
by Pan-Asiatic States
Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA)
Pan-Asiatic States / Estados Pan-Asyatiko / 泛亚洲国家

Press Release | Pahayag | 新闻稿



RE: Fact-finding and the Institution of Long-Term Conflict Diffusion In Nacrad and Kongsi

THE DELEGATE COMMITTEE OF THE PEOPLE'S FEDERATION OF PAN-ASIATIC STATES to Member-State Delegations of the Asian Irredenta of the Srivijayan Consortium in New Palembang City, on June 17th, 2020:

Recalling the ongoing ideological conflict between the Federal Republic of Nacrad and the People's Republic of Kongsi, the capture and subsequent occupation of the Kongsi city of Ji'an by armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nacrad at 1700 hours on the 15th of June, 2020, and the Federal Republic's continued ongoing invasion of the People's Republic of Kongsi despite objection from global entities such as the Pan-Asiatic States;

Considering the Pan-Asiatic States' and the Srivijayan Consortium's mandate to promote and protect human and people’s rights specifically in developing countries envisaged under Article 4 of Consortium Resolution #3 (The Srivijayan Consortium 2020 Development Commitment);

Cognizant of the mandate referenced in a communiqué adopted on October 6th, 2019 requesting the Asian Irredenta to undertake deeper in-depth investigations into absolutist states whose power remains held by [an] "empowered indigenous aristocracy";

Recalling that the diplomatic stance of the Pan-Asiatic States, as mandated by communiqué from its Secretary-General released May 23rd, 2020, has been pragmatic neutrality and non-intervention thus far, though firmly believing the Federal Republic of Nacrad to be one such power aforementioned;

Concerned that the war in its current state will manifest loss of life inflicted by either side beyond conventional warfare, in ways such as but not limited to, crimes against humanity, the unjustified killing of civillians, and intense destruction to the infrastructure of the People's Republic of Kongsi and the Federal Republic of Nacrad alike as part of both sides' commitments to guerilla warfare;

Equally concerned about the human rights situation and the loss of life and human suffering as well as the worsening humanitarian situation resulting in unabating displacement of people and the ensuing flow of refugees into neighboring countries due to the Nacrad-Kongsi conflict;

Taking into account the right of all peoples to peace and security guaranteed by the Consortium Proclamation and expressing its deep concern about the threat the current situation poses to the peace and security of the people of Nacrad, Kongsi, and neighboring countries;

Expressing its full support for the initiatives of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for mediating in the crisis and welcoming action from the First and Second Committee of the Asian Irredenta for a prompt convening of open and constructive dialogue among the war's stakeholders;

Recognizing the urgent need for instituting measures for averting violations of human rights and instituting long-term peacekeeping;

The Delegate Committee of the People's Federation of Pan-Asiatic States:

    1. Expresses its readiness to undertake a fact-finding mission into the war situation in Nacrad and Kongsi as a matter of urgency;

    2. Calls on the Government of Nacrad and Kongsi to cooperate and authorize the fact-finding mission urgently;

    3. Urges the First and Second Committee of the Asian Irrdenta to facilitate the mission of the Delegate Committee and to take the necessary steps to ensure, as part of the mediation efforts, that all violations of human rights are halted forthwith;

    4. Calls on the Governments of Nacrad and Kongsi as well as all concerned political stakeholders to positively respond to the request for dialogue and avail themselves for engaging in the dialogue in order to bring about peace and stability to the natives of the wider region.

We hope for an immediate response from Asian Irredenta delegates.


Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.
Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States
Chairman of the Asian Communist Party

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:33 pm
by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Press Release Regarding the Fact-finding Towards the Nacrad-Kongsi War

Following the requests of multiple media entities, including but not limited to Nacrad Television Broadcast, Radio Oswain, Southeast Asia Morning Post, along with many more international and domestic journalists, the Federal Republic of Nacrad hereby agrees to allow the involvement of press in the fact-finding regarding this conflict.

As a matter of fact, even the Government of Nacrad itself does not know the reason behind Kongsi's continued aggression, which is the direct cause of the National Assembly's authorisation of invasion.

Therefore, the Federal Republic hereby authorises and invites the press to join efforts in uncovering the untold truth of Kongsinese aggression and the unfortunate war that ensued.

It also goes without saying that, should it be deemed necessary, members of the public are welcome to monitor the situation in the front lines. We can assure that Nacradian troops have been, are, and will treat prisoners-of-war and civilians alike, along with enemy combatants, in accordance to international law.

Our adversary Kongsi, however, had not extended this treatment. According to the many reports made by frontline captured persons, in the form of letters sneaked outside a prisoner-of-war camps, it seems that Kongsi engages in much brutality against Nacradian PoWs, including the denial of food and water, being made to do back-breaking heavy labour, and most horrendously, "Lingchi", which is slicing the person alive into thousands of pieces. This, we feel, is also a matter worth looking into.

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by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
III Corps of the Armed Forces (Army Detachment) of the Federal Republic of Nacrad

Invitation for the Leadership of Kongsi for Peace Talks
21 June 2020

Dear people and leadership of the People's Republic of Kongsi,

Greetings! It is already clear that the war has leaned towards the advantage of your foes. Over the past month, over half of your territories have fallen into the hands of the III and IV Corps of Nacrad. So, why are you still suffering through this futile effort? Is it under the futile notion of a "Socialist World Republic"? It is a terribly foolish vision,

Why are you still holding out? Haven't you heard from your "prisoners" of war that we have "captured"? They all regarded us highly. In fact, they say that life in Nacrad is better than life in Kongsi! In fact, one of them even said that this is the first time he has had a fulfilling meal! So come, lay down your arms before Nacrad, and we will promise you a good life.

Why are you still holding out? Haven't you realised how much more advanced our weaponry are? Hadn't you seen the tanks, the aircraft, the small arms, as to the uniforms of our Armed Forces? Now look at the clothes, the guns, the vehicles. Don't you feel ashamed? With numbers, you might intimidate us, but you will never, ever, defeat us!

So, lay down your arms. We hereby invite the leadership of Kongsi to have a short talk. Respond quickly, and we might grant you some favourable treatment.

Piikalan Support

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by Piikala
Dear people of the People's Republic of Kongsi and leadership of Nacard,

The Imperial State of Piikala would like to assist your people in your struggle against capitalism and the corruption it brings upon the world. The Imperial government of Piikala would like to supply your peoples with food, humanitarian aid, ammunition, and military support. We implore you to accept our help and not submit to the capitalistic dogs the Federal Republic of Nacard. If your leadership accepts our request, we promise to help your peoples spread the communism across the region. We would also like to inform the capitalist dogs running Nacard that the Imperial State now declares war on your country and shall promptly send in Piikalan forces to obliterate your forces in Kongsi and the people of your nation!

The Prime Minister of the Imperial State Piikala and her self administrative territories Yamamoto, Nakamura

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by Nacrad
Federal Republic of Nacrad
III Corps of the Army Detachment

Report on the Siege of Ganzhou
Prepared by General Simon Sze-Man Tsang

I. Introduction
The Battle of Ganzhou has settled into a siege, with the Kongsinese Revolutionary Army desperately holding out despite overwhelming odds. Starting from 2 June, the III Corps' attack on Ganzhou has lasted a month. As such, this Report aims to analyse and summarise the progress of the Siege of Ganzhou over the last month in the strategic and humanitarian aspects.

II. Strategic Advances and Difficulties
The III Corps have made much progress since 2 June, the largest territorial gains made on 3 June. Starting from 2 June and ending on 1 July, the force committed to the attack of Ganzhou suffered casualties as follows:
  • 322 Infantrymen dead
  • 930 Infantrymen injured
  • 3 Aircraft downed
  • 13 Tanks immobilised

Please refer to reports 2020-FLD-06-113 to -132 for the details of combat.

The current forces besieging the city include:
  • [redacted] Infantry Divisions
  • [redacted] Armoured Divisions
This is, in total, [redacted].

It was estimated that the local garrison contains of 195,000 to 233,000 regular combatants, which [redacted] the current siege force of [redacted]. However, it was revealed by the fled civilians that the local garrison does not operate any armoured vehicles or aircraft. Having known that, however, it was also reported by various refugees that the local garrison leader, Zhao Shengli, has ordered the formation of the Ganzhou Militia, though this information is not confirmed by field personnel.

The Kongsi Revolutionary Army (KRA) has little knowledge of tactics, making no attempts at strategically minimising losses. Their tactics can be summed up as "throw as many men at the enemy as possible, and pray that their morale breaks". Fortunately, with aid of the [redacted] pieces of artillery present, these attacks are easily thwarted.

KRA personnel, however, have nearly fanatical morale. Even when completely surrounded, they were still able to enthusiastically carry out bayonet charges, though unable to do much harm, these attacks may decrease Nacradian morale. I shall suggest ways to tackle this problem in a later section.

III. Humanitarian Work
During the siege, our forces have been providing humanitarian aid to civilians and enemy combatants whom have surrendered. I have formed the Ganzhou Area Refugee Committee on the treatment and eventual resettlement of the refugees, which currently contains [redacted]. It was decided that, for enemy combatants, those who surrender are to be sent to [redacted] for military training, while those having an education level no lower than 7th Grade should be encouraged to engage in the local rebuilding and community duties.

From 2 June to 1 July, a total of 533 civilians and 356 enemy combatants have surrendered.

Among those surrendering, much information was obtained, of which will be detailed below.

The food prices have increased. From the words of the refugees, the cost of rice has risen to 155 Kongsinese People's Dollar per catty. This converts to 14.2 Nacradian Dollars per kilogram, while the supply of rice has been spotty at best. While the local government has promised 1 catty (0.6 kg) of rice and 20 g of pickled vegetables per person per day as ration, in practice, the amount of rice is more like a quarter catty (0.15 kg), and even that amount is not guaranteed following 27 June. Nacrad has begun limited airlift attempts at delivering food, but were stopped due to Kongsinese anti-air artillery.

It was also revealed that the local government has decreed it illegal to leave the city. We are informed that, should the refugees be caught, they would be executed. This likely discouraged the refugees from leaving.

IV. Suggestions and Conclusion

To take advantage of the aforementioned enemies' problems, namely the inability to lower enemy morale and the starvation of local civilians, I suggest that leaflets in persuasion of surrender, or in other words, "cease resistance", to be dropped over the city. It is vital to break enemy morale, or this battle may end in a bloody manner.

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by Nacrad
Assault on Nanchang Starts

FUZHOU, Occupied Kongsi -- It was a hectic day at Nanchang, as the Nacradian IV Corps began shelling the Communists' capital. This would likely signal once again a full assault into the communists' lines.

From what we heard from the locals, Nacradian Armed Forces personnel have been pouring into this formerly small and quiet town since mid-June. The Fuzhou Airfield, an ad hoc airfield built just outside the downtown area, had been teeming with activity. Today (11/7) morning, however, the sound of jets taking off had drowned the city in the rumble of jets once again since its capture in early June. "I saw tens of jets flying in and out of the airfield the Nacradians built last month since I had breakfast," adds a local farmer, who had been living in this city since he was born, "I have never seen so many soldiers in this city before."

Fuzhou had been captured by the IV Corps since 8 June, after which, the IV Corps were stalled in positions roughly 25 km (15 mi) from downtown. However, this had not stopped Nacrad from rebuilding the city, much like the various towns that dot the mountainous, formerly impoverished land. Since June, Nacrad had sent much humanitarian aid and had rebuilt much of the civilian infrastructure within the cities.

This has led to the locals, especially the urban dwellers, to regard the Nacradian effort highly. "My life has somewhat improved after the Nacradians took over," says a young lady, "I can actually be full on a day's rations."

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by Free Republic of Hong Kong
Official Statement of PM of Hong Kong
We support Nacradian efforts against Kongsi.As we had experienced the menace of the Red. Now we stood to liberate it. Glory to Freedom. May God be with you
PM John Wu on behalf of all HK citizens

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by Nacrad
Life in Occupied Kongsi Better Than Before, Says Locals

JI'AN, Occupied Kongsi -- The war against Kongsi had gone on for a month and a half already, and Nacrad has made impressive progress against the malnourished and ill-equipped Kongsi Revolutionary Army, which had now fallen back to their capital. The progress made by the Nacradian Army is certainly impressive. But what do the locals have to say about the occupation? Quite positive, in fact.

"I have never been able to stay full when the communists were in charge," says a local, "Now I can barely finish the food they give me each day!"

This alludes to the increase in food shipment by the Nacradians. In fact, most days, there are meat rations, usually in the form of canned luncheon meats. This was considered a delicacy during the communist period, while today it is handed out like worthless food scraps. Each person reportedly gets 2 cans of luncheon meat per week, almost 700 grams of rice per day and quite the amount of vegetable, usually in the form of cabbage heads.

All the while, the Nacradians have already begun rebuilding the city. In the city of Ji'an, where the former garrison blew up all bridges inside the city, foundations are being built to reconnect the banks. Similar projects, including one to thread a railway line through Yingtan among other cities, have been announced.

It is not clear yet if the Nacradian authorities will annex the area, or prop up a regime after Nanchang's collapse.

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by Pan-Asiatic States
Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA)
Pan-Asiatic States / Estados Pan-Asyatiko / 泛亚洲国家

Press Release | Pahayag | 新闻稿



RE: Fact-finding Mission Report In Nacrad and Kongsi

THE DELEGATE COMMITTEE OF THE PEOPLE'S FEDERATION OF PAN-ASIATIC STATES to the Nations of the World, Parties Involved in the Kongsi-Nacrad Conflict, and Member-State Delegations of the Asian Irredenta of the Srivijayan Consortium in New Palembang City, on July 17th, 2020:

On the 11th of July, the First Committee of the Asian Irredenta elected to establish an independent international fact-finding mission on the Kongsi-Nacrad Conflict. In accordance with its mandate, the mission focused on the situation in and aftermath of the Battle of Ganzhou.

The mission, organized by the nations of a tribunal of representatives from all committees of the Srivijayan Consortium, primarily, from the nations of Pan-Asiatic States (represented by His Excellency, Mr. Thiha Pyay, Senior Diplomat, Pan-Asiatic States Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Allied Iran (representative to-be-announced), and Cairene Arabia (represented by His Excellency, Mr. Badri Al-Saidi III); in association with the observer-state of Reorganisieren Reichregierung (represented by Lt. Col. Heinrich Kriebel (ret.), Senior Diplomat and Consul-General of the Shanghai Consultate, Auswärtiges Amt) - with the permission and cooperation of the governments of Nacrad and Kongsi - was initiated today by way of the mobilization of Consortium resources. A permanent legation office was established in Riverfort, while an office in Kongsi is yet to be approved by authorities.

Factual findings shall be based on the “reasonable grounds” standard of proof. This standard will have been met when a sufficient and reliable body of primary information, consistent with other information, would allow an ordinarily prudent person to reasonably conclude that an incident or pattern of conduct occurred.

The mission strictly adheres to the principles of independence, impartiality and objectivity. It seeks consent from sources on the use of information, ensuring confidentiality as appropriate. Specific attention is paid to the protection of victims and witnesses, considering their well-founded fear of reprisals. The mission expresses its grave concern at the intimidation and threats faced by persons cooperating with the mechanisms of the Asian Irredenta examining the situation in Myanmar. It urges Kongsi and Nacrad to protect human rights defenders.

The Asian Irredenta of the Srivijayan Consortium thanks all parties involved for their cooperation, and urges further association with members of the investigative body in order to precisely asses the situation of the war in the region.


Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.
Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States
Chairman of the Asian Communist Party

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by Nacrad
21/07/2020, 18:00.
Ganzhou City.

"Raise the white flag. We have no chance."
"General, are you sure? Nanchang said that help is on the way."
"Hah! I'll tell you what that is, that's all lies! Bloody lies!"
General Chen slammed a poster on the table. It reads:
You are surrendered. We have marched to Nanchang.

"Plus the fact that we've run out of ammunition and food, of course."

Begrudgingly, the garrison raised a white flag in the central square of Ganzhou. General Chen walked out of the city, and reported to the nearest officer, "Sir, I hereby surrender the City of Ganzhou, along with the garrison, to the Nacradian Army."

He was then made to board a humvee, where he is driven to the forward headquarters of the besieging forces. Then, he was marched to the office of General Tsang, the commander of the besieging force.

"So, you're saying that you're surrendering?" asked General Tsang, rhetorically.
"Yes, I am indeed," answered General Chen.
"Very well. I'll get you a room to sleep for the night. Expect to be taken to a prisoner of war camp."

Meanwhile, the III Corps marched into the city center, to find the city almost flattened, the stench of bodies and gunpowder and rotting sewage filled the air, stewing into an obscene odour in the hot weather of July. They raised the Nacradian flag. The garrison is to be taken either for retraining as Nacradian fighters, or thrown into PoW camps for those who refuse.

Nacrad Post

Ganzhou City Surrenders, Captured by Nacrad
20:00 21/07/2020

GANZHOU, Occupied Kongsi -- The months-long siege on Ganzhou had just ended with a Nacradian victory. At around 18:00 today (21/7), the leader of the Ganzhou garrison, General Chen, had exited the city under a white flag of truce to surrender. He was taken to a Prisoner-of-War camp briefly after the surrender. The III Corps' central command had confirmed to the Nacrad Post that the captured general, along with all other captured fighters, are held under humane conditions pursuant to the Prisoner Rights Act.

Reportedly, General Chen had surrendered begrudgingly due to the City of Ganzhou running out of ammunition and food, according to papers found in the city, it had been completely unable to feed its inhabitants since at least a week ago, though they kept fighting under the false guise of hope that Nanchang will send a force to relieve the garrison, the illusion of which broken after being informed of the encirclement of Nanchang.

The conditions inside the formerly-besieged city is, however, undeniably horrid. "As I walked down the Central Avenue, I can't help but to notice the horrid smells of decomposing bodies, burnt gunpowder and sewage, steaming into this horrid putrid stench that filled my nostrils as I walk," says a soldier, "Most buildings were reduced to rubble too."

Nanchang has not made an official response regarding the surrender.

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by Nacrad
Theme: ...
Fuliang County, ~10 km north of Jingdezhen City.

A young couple huddles in the ruins of an apartment building. The sounds of gunshot, artillery shells, tanks rolling by, filled their ears. The Nacradians are advancing through the ruins of the city, rifling through each building. They both know that, as communist militia members, they won't stand a chance against the Nacradians. And yet they stood their ground, defending the county town even as the Red Army retreated further into the city. But now, after an artillery barrage, the Red Militia was scattered, its members either killed or incapacitated. The young couple fled with their captain, medic and a few injured partisans into this building, where they met another group of militia members.

The medic stood up, and reported, "The comrades... they're dead."

The survivors of this relentless bombing routine all dipped their heads in remembrance of their fallen comrades. The Captain did too. But he wiped his tears off and made an order, "Gather your weapons, we will make those imperialist dogs suffer and pay for our comrades' lives!"

And thus it is. The small formation of about 20 men and women sneaked out of their building, and onto the streets. The rubble on the streets a testament to the relentless tactic of bombing and shelling that the Nacradians employ so frequently in war. And with each shell landing on the distant city, comes their fury.

Finally, they saw a group of Nacradian soldiers, setting up a military checkpoint. It is their time. It's the time to avenge the comrades' death. They opened fire from an abandoned shop, taking the brunt of the assault rifles' fire. But they held on. Finally, tanks arrived. They won't be able to live for long under tank fire.

"Yi-ling, promise me you'll love me always."
"Liu-xian, I will."

The young couple kissed. Savouring the last moment. Indeed, all's fair in love and war. They bid each other goodbye, as the militia takes on the tank. Liu-xian strapped many hand grenades on his body, then, with a battle cry, he ran against the tank, and detonated his grenades, taking it out.

The tank is taken out, but at what cost? Generals and colonels think that this is but another loss of life, just numbers on a spreadsheet. But they're flesh and bones, they are cherished and savoured by people. But it's no time to wallow in the sadness. The Captain, holding his tears back, commanded to retreat into Jingdezhen. They weaved through the alleys, and swam across the river, finally arriving at Jingdezhen. This is where the tragedy of losing his fiance had struck her. She stared at the photo of him, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

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by Nacrad
Nacrad Makes More Gains in Kongsi

FUZHOU, Occupied Kongsi -- It is a joyous day at the city of Fuzhou today, as the Nacradian Army once again takes out a swath of the remaining few forces belonging to the Communists. At early morning today (31/07), following an overnight shelling campaign and subsequent push into Jingdezhen, the forces found the Red 3rd Army's headquarters in the city destroyed. However, their commander is nowhere to be found.

The remaining of the local garrison, no more than 10,000 soldiers, had had very low morale. "The Kongsinese were in no condition to pick up arms, having seen thousands of artillery shells rain down on them," adds a medic, "they all suffer symptoms of Combat Stress Condition."