Geonal-Grudaidhian War [IC, CLOSED, MT/EARLY PMT]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:35 pm


Supreme Leader's Second Home (Evac Point Alpha)

Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh sat within the confinements of his Luxurious Office as he received the latest letters, telegrams and news regarding the ongoing dispute between Iarann Grudaidh and Port Ember. He read the first letter on the agenda - the latest letter from the Port Emberian President.

2. The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh is to resume its legal trade obligations by finalising its signed Arms Contract, consisting of the purchasing of small arms and naval vessels, to the full extent of the original contract, relating to both the financial and production arrangements. Furthermore, a $50 000 000 NSD fine is to be paid to the Republic for financial losses incurred by the Republic and its enterprises due to the unlawful breach of contract.

Reading this, Kesley stifled a laugh. The mental image of him having to pay anything to them after already dealing with numerous payouts for terror relief funds, war payments and the like was hopeful at best, foolish at worst. He took a sip of his morning coffee before continuing.

The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh is to publicly apologise to The Republic for making false claims against it, stating that the Republic was involved in the assination of the Geonal Princess. This apology is to be made at the next seating of the Combined NOSA Council.

Once again amused by the wishes of the leader in front of him, he could tell that Edward was feeling bold, cocky and butthurt, a mental image which amused him thoroughly. Nevertheless, he began to type up his reply.

From the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Grudaidh
Supreme Leader; Iarann Grudaidh

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

Subject: RE: Diplomatic Missive
Encryption Level: Maximum

President Flint,

First off, to start this correspondence. I would like to thank you for your well wishes in my change of office. This has been a long time coming and is beneficial for the productivity of this Dictatorship. Whether or not this looks weak is a strange matter for you to be concerned about, considering the rest of your correspondence addressed to myself.

Secondly, not only are the requests by your administration strange and unjust, they’re also frankly foolish. I’d like to emphasise that we have reason to believe you are - in some way, shape or form connected to the attack on Duff Gardens which has left billions of Grudaidhians deceased, mourning or brutally injured. As such, no statements will be taken back until there is sufficient evidence to deny your involvement. Thorough, meticulous and harsh investigations are ongoing on a global scale to determine the key factors and people who participated in this attack.

Thirdly, absolutely no payment will be made towards your nation - our actions were completely within the law and were done with heavy hearts. I must emphasise the existence of Section 2, Subsection 1: Trade Sanctions within the NOSA Code of Conduct in this scenario. It concerns me that you see a nation before you - which has experienced two major terror attacks and on the brink of war - and want profit. It concerns me that you see a former ally, shocked and horrified by your potential involvement in one of said terror attacks and want profit.

Fourthly, we will be happy to lift trade sanctions on a temporary basis for the sake of diplomacy and diplomacy alone, the international eyes are watching both of us closely and - quite frankly - perfectly good resources enforcing said trade sanctions have better places to be currently. My men have better things to do than enforce a trade sanction at this current stage.

Fifthly, I’d like to propose a detailed counter-offer which benefits the both of us greatly, such an offer would restore clarity and will be honoured by Iarann Grudaidh for the years to come. This counter-offer details;

- That Iarann Grudaidh will cease investigations into Port Ember’s potential involvement in the Duff Garden’s attack immediately, no questions asked.

- That Iarann Grudaidh will ensure that enemy spies and prisoners in which have knowledge which could threaten Port Ember’s national security are henceforth transferred to your nation for interrogation. This will be known as the Emissary Transfership Pact.

- That Iarann Grudaidh will resume its previously ongoing trade agreements without hesitation. As well as looking to invest in the ŚDAR-1U currently in use by Port Arthur Police Services and designed by Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd for the correct pricings.

- Reverse the closure of the Port Emberian Embassy within Duff Gardens with immediate effect

- Inform the various members of the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance’s council that no further action is to be taken regarding the investigations and that trade sanctions are to be lifted as soon as possible. This will also cease complaints regarding Warfare Dishonesty.

In return, Port Ember will;

- Lift trade sanctions against Iarann Grudaidh with immediate effect.

- Withdraw it’s complaint against Iarann Grudaidh with immediate effect.

- Continue to provide useful intelligence regarding potential security concerns towards the Militarized Dictatorship with immediate effect.

- Reverse the closure of the Iarann Grudaidhian embassy with immediate effect.

This ensures that neither side loses and both sides gain from such a scenario, the above will be known as the “Ember/Grudaidh CO Negotiations Deal of 2020.

Please write back to me as soon as possible.


Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh
Iarann Grudaidh

As he finished this, a small and satisfied look appeared on the Supreme Leader’s face, he needed to compromise for the benefit of all parties involved.

From the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Grudaidh
Supreme Leader; Iarann Grudaidh

Tony Muller;
Chairman; GFTC

Subject: RE: Notice of Suspension
Encryption Level: Maximum

Chairman Muller,

I am writing to inform you of ongoing discussion between myself and the President of Port Ember, a pursuit for a peace driven resolution is being worked on and I will keep you updated with any noteworthy news in the days to follow.


Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh
Iarann Grudaidh

Satisfied with this, he’d draw up his third and final reply of that morning.

From the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Grudaidh
Supreme Leader; Iarann Grudaidh

Honourable Charles Darby;
Secretary General; NOSA

Subject: RE: Official Statement & Notification of Enquiry.
Encryption Level: Maximum

Secretary General Darby,

I would formally like to apologize to you regarding the lack of notice within the change of power, this decision was made within a limited timeframe and all hands were on deck at the time. I ensure you, we will continue to try to notify you of any news henceforth.

Regarding potential weaknesses, I’d like to stress that this is due to the large amount of stress my mother - The Supreme Vice Leader - had been under, splitting up the duties ensured that Iarann Grudaidh was ready for any scenario, more time and care can be taken to ensure that the priorities of Iarann Grudaidh are properly seen to.

Furthermore, I would like to alert you that both Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh are engaging in talks which can resolve the matters henceforth. I will ensure that you are continuously updated regarding any new news or agreements.


Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh
Iarann Grudaidh


Port Emberian Embassy

Rose sat there within the confinements of the negotiations tent as she listened to the offer that the enemy leader had put towards her. “That depends on the information you have. Iarann Grudaidh has many interests currently, amuse me.” she sat back in her chair as she bit into the lollipop, hearing the satisfying cracking sound as she did so, a hand rested on her pregnant belly.

“I have irrefutable evidence of Port Ember’s involvement in the Duff Garden’s Attack.” the words that came out of the leader’s mouth made her freeze for a second, before a wicked smile came to life on her face. “My guess, you’d want to know this… No?”

She clicked her fingers, covering her mic as an officer came up to her. “Get the Supreme Leader on the phone, now.” the officer nodded and walked off. She removed her hand from the mic and spoke. “It would really depend on what this ‘irrefutable evidence’ is. I don’t need my men running on a wild goose chase, now do I?”

“That’s… fair” his voice remained strong, confident and cocky. Just the way she liked the people that her men were planning to kill, but that was a story for later. “It’s the identities of suspects in the death of the Princess of Geonal, as much information that Geonal could gather as possible from their… enhanced interrogation on members of staff at the theatre. We were able to slip a copy of it without any of them noticing.”

She felt the urge to laugh, so she did. “You’re seriously telling me that I’m supposed to believe this combahyah bullshit about how you somehow got hold of the most top secret information that the Empire of Geonal holds, subpar only to the Geonal Nuclear Codes without a single one of them noticing.” she pulled the lollipop out of her mouth with a loud pop, discarding it in a local bin. “I smell desperation, you’re fucked and you realize it.”

“You’re throwing away an opportunity, trust me.” he continued to press his attack, but she didn’t fall for any of it. “I have information that your Supreme Leadership will eat up, don’t you want to please them?”

She laughed for the second time during that conversation. “Sweetheart, there’s one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to Masked Resistance is - when the job’s completed, when the day turns to night and when the message has been sent - those out doing their duties for your terrorist group, those on the field are left to die like savage animals. They don’t give a rat’s ass about you, I feel for you, really I do” her voice raised at the end of that, trying to hide the obvious happiness in her voice. “But trust me, whoever you’re working for has given up caring about you. There is no rescue, there is no salvation, there is no knight in shining armour. The only way you and your friends can get out of this alive is by surrendering now. The only way you can see your family again is by surrendering now.” she smiled as she glanced at the notes next to her. “Jeremy Adams, husband of Patricia Adams and father of Samuel Adams. It’d be a shame if they remembered their father as a terrorist who ended up in a bodybag after attacking innocent civilians in an embassy raid, now wouldn’t it?”

He stuttered for a moment as his eyes widened. “How… How do you know my name…”

“Voodoo, or something similar really. Either way, I’d hate to have a Grudaidhian Strike Division of the Specialized Assault Unit raid your family home, take your child and wife and arrest them on suspicion of terrorism. Imagine… He’s holding his stuffed teddybear in his little footy pajamas, you can almost smell him, he’s crying as armoured men separate him from his mother. ‘Mama! Mama!’ he’d shout, but the men wouldn’t listen, he’d be taken to a holding cell where he’d be-”

The man would forcibly interrupt Rose “Shut up!!!” she couldn’t even see his face, but she somehow knew it was red. “You dare lay a finger on any of my fucking family and I will blow the heads off of every single one of the Port Emberian’s here, then you’ll be left to explain how you failed - once again - to save the lives of hostages.”

She sighed softly and muted herself, before turning to the Vortex Commander standing next to her, she was wearing olive-green combat uniform with the Vortex seal on her upper arms. Her ginger hair was placed neatly in a ponytail with an olive-green beret covering most of it. “Launch your attack, your priority is to capture them, ensure you capture Mr Adams… They’re to be brought in for questioning.”

The Commander nodded before speaking “Yes ma’am, quick, clean and ruthless. Just the way you like it.” then saluting and walking off to her group. Vortex had numerous teams in various sizes, all for differing situations. The team consisted of 7 total Operatives, highly trained and ruthless. A smaller group than usually seen during responses, however, having a larger group made operations clunky and painful, no ability to stealth their way through.

“Alright team, this one’s going to be silent, deadly and ruthless.” she clasped her hands together as they gathered around a layout of the map. “Dublin, Vaduz and Lima, you guys take the windows on the ground floor, you will be known as Team Alpha. Edinburgh takes a sniper position, she will be known as Operative Beta, Storm, Nomad and I will take the back entrance, we will be Team Charlie.

They nodded in unison, splitting off into their various groups. “Mic check” The operative known as Edinburgh spoke as she trained her sniper rifle at the various windows facing her, already spotting an abundance of targets.

“Hear you loud and clear, Edin.” Vaduz spoke as he fixed his balaclava - which previously laid neatly within his back pocket and putting on his helmet. “Don’t miss.” he added, earning a soft laugh from Dublin.

“Right back at you, Vad. Remember, silent, deadly, ruthless. Quick and clean, do not hesitate and don’t go overt at all costs. Rose will keep their boss talking for as long as possible. I don’t want a repeat of the last hostage situation Vortex responded to.”

“Ma’am” the rest said in unison, as they arrived at their various positions at the embassy.

“Team Alpha in position, ready and waiting, full stealth.” Vaduz spoke up again as they took their positions near the back door, readying to silently breach it. The Vortex insignia positioned on their helmets.

“Team Charlie same traffic”

“Operative Beta same traffic”

“Breach.” The Vortex Commander, Commander Stone, spoke as her team began work to take off the glass, ensuring to be discreet as they hung from their harnesses, attached to the repel points on the roof. They removed the glass and repelled in, taking various points of cover as they moved up to the wall next to them.

Stone flipped the miniature tablet on her wrist as it’s camera function came to life - often referred to by Special Forces as “the snake camera” it’s small size made it difficult to spot, but often deadly to an unassuming hostile.

She peaked around the corner using the camera and held up two fingers, signifying two enemies spotted, she then pointed the way they were facing - away from them. Perfect.

They peaked and began to slowly creep up towards them, before swiftly hitting them on the back of the head with their rifles, and dragging their limp bodies to their breaching point, where they were zip-tied and silenced, in case they were to wake up from their slumber. They continued their advance into the building.

Team Alpha moved their way through the building at decent pace, quickly and swiftly taking out any threat that opposed them. They made great progress until suddenly. “All Callsigns, this is Operative Beta, you’re overt. Hostiles are reacting to movement, god-speed.”

“Shit” Lima spoke softly as she clocked an alert guard and took the first, silenced shot of that day. Their body flopped to the ground, lifeless and gruesome. “Vortex Lead, what’s your call?”

“Prioritize finding and rescuing the hostages, leave Jeremy Adams to us.” she replied as her team advanced through the second floor. “Arrest who you can, kill the rest.”


OOC Note: Hey everyone, sorry for the double post, as my last post was a joint one between myself and Astares, I thought it best to continue the parts left out by that post. I hope you all enjoyed the read.
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Postby Astares Amauricanum » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:03 am

Supreme Leader's Second Home (Evac Point Alpha)

Adrean and Anna Blachkor

After having reviewed the messages sent by Edward, as well as the answers Kesley would be sending back to President Flint and various other NOSA and GFTC interlocutors, it was now time for Adrean and Anna to sent their own reply as well...


    Keisaer Adrean Blachkor "The Third", Son of the Imperium, Master of the Appalachia, Conqueror of the Rockyes, Lord of the Plains and Tamer of the Frost.
    Keisaerina Anna Blackor, Daughter of the Empire, Highest Servant of the Stars
    President Edward Flint, Republic of Port Ember
    Sanctions against Iarann Grudaidh, war with Geonal and more stuff.
Encryption: [list]Highest

Greetings President Flint,

before anything else, we would like to apologize for certain things that were said in our previous letter, that were clearly innapropriate for such times. These things being the boasting about the fact the Imperium would profit from the situation in terms of economic opportunities.
While we understand your dissapointment in the belief you had that the Imperium and us two as monarchs were well versed in the art of diplomacy, we would like to clarify that point before anything else.
While it is true that our nation is versed in diplomacy, and can be considered good at it, our history and our beliefs as Astarians have taught us to always have a more... unpleasant option ready at a moment's notice should the need arise.
Tthat, and the fact that, as you are already aware, us two are, aside from our positions as Keisaer and Keisaerina, Tier One SF operators in the Astarian Imperial Guard, this caused us in the last message to have a bit of professional deformation, and caused us to boast about having it better than the Republic, as we would against captured enemies to show them that they have failed to instill fear in us, or similar things or feelings.
As said previously, this was a completely innapropriate thing to do on our part, and for that we present our sincerest apologies to you and the Republic of Port Ember.

Now, let's come back to your message.

First of all, regarding the accusations we formulated against the Republic regarding the assassination of Princess Amanda Falcon, in retrospective, we have to say that it was not the best thing to do, or at least it could have been phrased differently. For that, we apologize.
But just like the santions you have taken against Iarann Grudaidh, or the sanctions the latter took against you, they were not done on a whim, each option was weighed carefully and thoroughly.
While it is true that we have no tangible proof at the moment, we know for a fact that neither our Imperium or the Militarized Dictatorship were involved in it, and intelligence regarding resistance groups within Geonal have so far not showed any concrete results regarding that matter. As such, considering all the parties involved, the only potential leads remaining point towards Port Ember, or a small cell or group within it.
So while an accusation is too big, we can't unfortunately deny that there are strong suspicions regarding your nation in this affair.
As a courtesy, we will refrain from now on to mention it with you (unless absolutely necesary), until the thorough investigations that are underway have been completed.

Secondly, when you say that you consider a breach of trust the fact that Georgia Grudaidh shared with us the contents of the letters regarding the sanctions taken by Port Ember against Iarann Grudaidh, it is our turn to be surprised and dissapointed.
As Astarians, we stand firmly by the belief that keeping secrets between friends in such dire times will only hinder the resolve process. We would have done the same in her place. For us, it is not a breach of trust, but in fact the complete opposite, it shows a trust beyond anything if you share secrets like that.
The Supreme Leader showed us the contents of these letters, so what? For your information, please remember that we have chosen to continue doing it for the foreseeable future. And we will do the same on our side.

Thirdly, regarding the fact that the Imperium would have filed a complaint against the Republic, after having reviewed carefully again the GFTC Constitution, we have to agree that the legal basis for this is not enough. In fact, it can be considered part of the gloating part we apologize for at the beginning of this message, and as a small poke to see how you would react. We can't say we are surprised by it.
But while we respect the Port Ember's position as Chairman of the Consortium, with all the prerogatives, right and duties it entitles your nation especially with regards to Article 2, subarticle d, we can't help but ask ourselves: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Or in other words, while we stand firm by the beliedf that the Republic of Port Ember will always be just and fair in its dealings as Chairman of the GFTC, what measures and safeguards are put in place in case it would deviate?

Fourthly, we have to say that we agree with you when you say that you have to stand strong and firm on behalf of your compatriots. If we allow ourselves, either as nations or as Heads of State, to appear weak in the eyes and minds of our citizns and allies, then it's only a matter of time before our credibility and faith the others have placed in us crumble like a bouse of cards. Even if the Imperium has very good relations with all the members of the Astares Covenant alliance, if we do not stand strong, we would not be where we are now.
The Blachkor Dysnasty of Keisaers have always believed in one key principle: "Keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer."
While it saddens us that we find ourslves at odds over this principle in these times, we find some solace in the fact that we think alike on the matter.

Finally, we will finish by saying that we sincerily hope that the reconciliation steps between Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh come to a successfull end. However, despite that, we chave to say that we share the concerns of Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh, in that Port Ember seems only concerned with profits, while a friend is bleeding on the ground and needing help. We won't lie, back home in Columbia District, this has raised some anger in the political class and other persons of influence. Money is to be respected, but not at all costs.

Also, we would like to thank you for the good fortune and good luck you wish to our nation in the upcoming war against Geonal. While we are perfectly aware that the Empire will not be an easy foe to defeat, we Astarians ar made of a solid bunch, just like Port Emberians.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health, and we hope that when we speak again the skies above us would have cleared and the sun will be shining again on our reconciled ties.

Signed with respect,
Keisaer Adrean Blachkor,
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor.

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office

Faced against Director Downing's enraged outburst, the reaction of Agent Elijah Kamski and Colonel Gabriel T. Rorke is to say nothing.
Rorke, while keeping a neutral face, crosses his arms and raises his right eyebrow, and in his eyes, for but a mere second, a small spark of mischeviousness passes, as if to say: You want to throw me in the gutter, so come at me bro!

After a few more seconds of silence, the Astarian Colonel sighs and clears his throat.
"You are right Director, accusing Port Ember outright was not the best thing to do, or at least not like this. Apologies for that." he says with neutral and polite, yet firm tone.
"It's true, we have no tangible that President Flint, you, or anyone elese within those borders have ordered the hit against Amanda Falcon. But for a person like you, you should know that when something like this is said, it is not said on a whim. We weighed and examined thoroughly everything we have now at our disposal regarding the matter. Neither Astares Amauricanum nor Iarann Grudaidh have ordered it. And intelligence we have regarding resistance and revolt groups withint Geonal have so far not yielded any results. More investigations are currently underway, and shall leave no stone unturned.
That means that as of now, regarding all the parties involved in this conflict, the remaining leads point towards something, or someone, withint Port Ember. Or it could be someone that tries to frame you by using your methods, we don't know. So while we still have strong suspicions, we are also ready to believe that it was not Port Ember that was involved in this. Aside from the sharing of intelligence between our nations, it's also one of the reasons that Adrean and Anna have deployed us here, to work hand in hand to try and clear this mess, and Port Ember's role.
So, if you want to continue working with us, Agent Kamski here has a compilation of files regarding the Geonal agents we unrooted on our territory. We hope it can be a start of a collaboration." finishes Gabriel with the same polite and firm tone as he finishes his coffee, as Elijah opens his suitcase, revealing some black folders with the Astares Centralis Intelligentsia on it, as he takes them out and slides them towards Downing on the table...
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Postby Geonal » Sun Oct 18, 2020 4:10 pm

The Empress sat within the clutches of her luxurious office as she stared at the man in front of him, the new heir to the throne, in all his glory as he paced around the room, frantically attempting to understand the circumstances before him. “So, let me get this fucking straight.” he began as Empress Flacon sat back and took a long sip of the tea in front of her. “You’re telling me that you ordered the attack on Duff Gardens and killed innocent civilians for an attack you have no leads on. You don’t know it was Iarann Grudaidh and in fact, more evidence suggests it was Port Ember. Are you utterly fucking blind. The only thing Iarann Grudaidh did to you was declare war on you so far and you’ve attacked them twice and committed three of the most deadly attacks in the world against Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh in history, yet you sit here thinking you’re all high and mighty and expect me to take the throne after you, you’re head is so far up your ass I can see why you keep talking nonsensical bullshit towards me, you sick and twisted delusional fuck.”

She cleared her throat and set the cup down on it’s coaster. “Now allow me to get something straight. You dare have the audacity to walk in here like a delusional fuck when our meeting was scheduled an hour ago, then when I uncovered confidential information you not only have the audacity to yell it out to the entire fucking neighbourhood but dare address me in such a manner. Let me fucking remind you that I am your Empress, treat me with some fucking respect you lazy pile of shit.” she sipped at her drink again, before continuing. “I lost absolutely everything, so I built a new everything. I’m pouring funding into shit you don’t even know about, planning hits you won’t even think about, all to damage that sick son of a bitch Georgia and her revolting piece of shit country.” The anger in her voice was ever-evident, sending Robert back into his shell. “Keep this attitude up and I’ll consider sending some of that funding to get rid of you, got that?”

“Yes, Empress Falcon.” he glanced at the window before turning his attention back to Jane, taking a deep and calming breath as he remembered who exactly he was addressing. “I apologize deeply.” he lied, a weak lie at that, but one the Empress brushed off.

“Tea?” she offered, he nodded and smiled softly before taking his seat. She pressed the buzzer and spoke “Please may you bring some fine tea for Robert? Thank you.” she let go of the button and sat comfortably, a small smile on her face. Soon enough the tea arrived and Robert took his first sip, enjoying the rich flavour of the tea. He set it down for a moment as the temperature in the room dramatically increased. “I suppose by now you’re starting to feel as if something’s wrong…” she stood up as Robert’s cold, shaking body dropped suddenly to the floor.

“I don’t feel well… What happened?” his pale, weak face glanced at the Empress as she smiled softly “...I’ve been poisoned.”

“I know you have, I poisoned you.” she stated in an amused tone, crouching down next to him. “Dear what a mess I’ve made, stained the carpet and all.” he stared at her in horror as foam spluttered from his mouth “oh dear, watch the shoes Robert.”

Soon enough, the spluttering stopped, he was well and truly dead. “Sweet dreams.” The heir to the throne had been removed from the equation, the Empress had a plan, she was choosing who got to the throne in her own sadistic way. She glanced at the report which was left on her desk before he barged in and reread a line of it. ‘Robert - The Heir to the Throne has been caught attempting to make contact with Iarann Grudaidh. High Priority Target’

She smiled softly and put the note in her desk, before taking yet another sip of her own tea and calling for the body to be disposed of.
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Postby Port Ember » Sun Nov 01, 2020 12:55 am

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
The Captain's Villa

President Edward Flint

The Captain's Villa - Port Ember Presidential Residence and Office

The hot tropical sun was long gone when Edward finally returned to his luxurious office, situated within the Presidential Residence, refusing to switch on the lights as he entered the room. The curtains which hung upon the large bay windows were still drawn open, allowing a glimmer of residual light from the exterior security lights to flood in and bounce off against the deep blue walls of the interior. Edward used this to his advantage, being able to pour himself a stiff drink of fine Port Emberian rum on the rocks in the dark.

He continued to sit down upon the corner leather couch, sinking deep into its luxurious embrace, hugging his exhausted body. He nursed his drink as his troubled mind flashed through recent events, leading to several uncontrolled sighs escaping his lips. The man was exhausted beyond belief, that much was clear.

Edward took yet another deep sip of his drink as he started to gather his thoughts about recent events - as he has done constantly without failure for the last few weeks. Despite spending every waking moment dedicated to a resolution to the current crises which his nation has befallen, no respite was gained. It all seemed to be so.. unreachable, so mammoth..

He jumped up, spilling some drops of rum upon the luxurious carpet below without warning, and continued to slap himself lightly in his face - shocking himself even with his gesture. "Never surrender Eddy. Never back down. You have an entire nation counting on you. You have your own family counting on you." Edward smiled softly, being encouraged by his own resolve.

He walked towards the door, where he switched on the interior lights, and marched with determination towards his desk, renewed with strength, renewed with courage.

He laid out two documents - correspondence from both Iarann Grudaidh and Astares Amauricanum, rereading it for the upteempth time, despite knowing its contents by heart by now, as it was already discussed at length with his cabinet, just moments ago.

After being satisfied with knowing the contents and his reply - orchestrated alongside his most trusted advisors, he began typing his responses.


Official Correspondence From The Republic of Port Ember


The Republic of Port Ember; Office of the President


The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh


Supreme Leader Kesley Grudaidh

Subject: Diplomatic Missive



Supreme Leader.

I will admit that The Republic is saddened by the opening remarks of your previous correspondence, as it would appear that the process of amending our torn relations are far from being realised.

I must reiterate that the government of Port Ember had not sanctioned the regicide of the Geonal Princess, with your office having no concrete evidence in supporting your allegation. Thus the fact that you believe you are allowed to hurl false and harmful accusations against us - and then placing the burden of proof on our shoulders - is absolutely ludicrous. That is not how logic, reason and justice works. If we follow that reasoning - I can publicly accuse you personally for being the cause of cancer in the world, and instead of providing evidence to my claim, expect you to prove that you are not responsible. This is not the train of logic I have come to expect from my respected allies.

Now, allow me to put to bed this claim that Port Ember wishes to only profit from your misery: Due to the fact that the Dictatorship had taken intentionally harmful and unlawful steps against The Republic - the entire Global Free Trade Consortium became weary and unsettled. For the Dictatorship had taken steps to harm the economy of their ally, thus all members of the Consortium became vulnerable to the same set of actions from any other member state, which many of our less powerful, economically speaking, would not survive. Thus, the Dictatorship has set a seemingly acceptable precedent, which would cause unspeakable damage to the unity and trust within the Consortium. If these actions went unchecked, and seemed to be acceptable, the Consortium would turn into a labyrinth of distrust and shadow warfare, instead of a unified and prospering economic block. By acting decisively, the entire Consortium could see that these actions, which could be likened to Economic Terrorism, would not be tolerated, and would be dealt with harshly and swiftly. This was the only way of ensuring that the member nations remained loyal and committed to the goal of mutual trust and development.

I know you will take offense with the above statement - but know that it is not my intention to insult. The fact that your actions against my Republic has been supported by claims that The Republic is guilty of a crime where no proof exists. If proof was first submitted to the GFTC and NOSA Councils before you acted - blame would rest solely on my shoulders. But now, acting upon a whim - has caused shock to the entire Consortium - shock which The Republic must repair - for the good of the entire organisation - and not for The Republic's sole benefit.

Thus, Port Ember was forced to damage its life long ties with an extremely close ally whilst also damaging its own economy immensely, in a bid to ensure that the members of the Consortium could trust and believe in the shared goals of the organisation. What we did, cost the Republic immensely, but it was done for the benefit of the organisation at large.

As for the demanded fine to the value of $500 000 000 NSD - allow me to be honest here, and inform you that figure does not even begin to repair the financial loss which we have incurred due to your actions against us. The reason we have demanded this was not to make a profit obviously, but to enact it as a fine, to further show the nation's industries and the Consortium at large, that causing unlawful damage to the unity of the Consortium, will not be left unpunished - thereby restoring faith in the market - dissuading mass panic and economic interventionist policies, in a bid to ensure that the members of the Consortium could trust and believe in the shared goals of the organisation. What we did, cost the Republic immensely, but it was done for the benefit of the organisation at large. This is not profiteering from your misery, Supreme Leader - this is saving the livelihood of countless people all across the globe.

Now - allow me to address your tabled counter offers of Reconciliation:

- That Iarann Grudaidh will cease investigations into Port Ember’s potential involvement in the Duff Garden’s attack immediately, no questions asked.: Acceptable

- That Iarann Grudaidh will ensure that enemy spies and prisoners in which have knowledge which could threaten Port Ember’s national security are henceforth transferred to your nation for interrogation. This will be known as the Emissary Transfership Pact.: Acceptable

- That Iarann Grudaidh will resume its previously ongoing trade agreements without hesitation. As well as looking to invest in the ŚDAR-1U currently in use by Port Arthur Police Services and designed by Śtalo Drako Industries Ltd for the correct pricings.: Acceptable

- Reverse the closure of the Port Emberian Embassy within Duff Gardens with immediate effect: Acceptable

- Inform the various members of the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance’s council that no further action is to be taken regarding the investigations and that trade sanctions are to be lifted as soon as possible. This will also cease complaints regarding Warfare Dishonesty.: Acceptable

In return, Port Ember will;

- Lift trade sanctions against Iarann Grudaidh with immediate effect.: Acceptable

- Withdraw it’s complaint against Iarann Grudaidh with immediate effect.: Acceptable

- Continue to provide useful intelligence regarding potential security concerns towards the Militarized Dictatorship with immediate effect.: Acceptable

- Reverse the closure of the Iarann Grudaidhian embassy with immediate effect.: Acceptable

Thus, in conclusion - The Republic of Port Ember agrees to all counts of these negotiations, and signs them into law - Considering all counts to be legally and lawfully binding on both parties.

However, please note that the Dictatorship will remain on suspension from the GFTC - until its fine has been settled in full - as for the reasons explained in paragraphs above.

I sincerely wish that these steps will assist our two great nations to reconcile and re establish its strong ties - for the good of billions of people.

To your Health & Wealth!!!

President Edward Flint


Official Correspondance From The Republic of Port Ember


The Republic of Port Ember; Office of the President


The Federalis Imperium of Astares Amauricanum


Keisaer Adrean Blachkor;
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor.

Subject: RE: Sanctions against Iarann Grudaidh & war with Geonal

Encryption: Highest

Your Majesties.

Allow me to commence this communique with a note of appreciation, for enacting a gesture of an apology for your unacceptable previous missive. Despite the fact that it is but mere empty words in this period of actions, the gesture is still appreciated. The Republic's full thoughts on this matter will be addressed later within this communique.

As to the second official agenda point, it remains clear that we will not be able to reach an mutual understanding on this matter, and it is trivial enough for me to accept it to stand as a disagreement. The fact does remain however, that private correspondence is named in such convention for a purpose. A private confidential conversation cannot be viewed as an instrument of keeping secrets, but just that - private. The fact that neither you nor the Supreme Leader can appreciate this, is of concern to the Republic, and will certainly determine the outcome of future decisions.

To the third official agenda point of your address, I would like to address your concerns relating to the possibility of The Republic abusing its rights and powers as Chairman of the Global Free Trade Consortium, by replying with two arguments:

1. As mentioned before, The Republic enacted total trade sanctions against the Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh, for the sole purpose of maintaining a sense of security and trust within the Consortium at large. The mere fact that Port Ember was willing to enact a total trade sanction against one of her largest and closest economical partners - at great financial cost, should be proof enough that The Republic holds the interests of the Consortium as a whole in higher regard than its own interests.

2. Secondly, as the Consortium is in fact a leaderless organisation, any breach of trust may be brought on trail within the in-house council of the Consortium, where the legal merits, combined with a majority vote, may enforce a solution. Furthermore, utilising the same concept, a majority vote may displace the Republic as the Chairman at any in-house council, should the Republic prove to no longer serve the Consortium's best interests.

In conclusion to this point, the Republic serves only the interests of the massed Consortium, and can be held accountable for any unjust actions, and be removed from its position with the consent of the assembly - a safeguard which the Republic itself brought into law, without prompt. I hope this places your minds at ease.

Now as a reply to the fourth official agende point and sidenote, allow me to settle this debate, once and for all. The Republic must continuously bear the brunt of the allegation that it values financial gain above all else - and allow me to say that this is nothing more than a personal attack against our reputation. The Republic did not take one single action to attempt to gain financially within recent times - instead taking decisions which would damage our economy, for the sake of the larger picture. Allow me to explain in more specific terms:

1. The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh cancelled a legally bound and substantially large order of Military Arms & Equipment, and enacted trade sanctions against The Republic. Despite the legal sections which the Dictatorship might quote, this was in fact an unlawful and harmful action.

2. In response, The Republic was forced to enact a Total Trade Sanction against the Dictatorship, and suspend its membership within the Consortium. Allow me to be clear here, due to the Trade Balance of Imports vs Exports, The Republic has lost A LOT more financially, when compared to the Dictatorship with these actions.

Now why would we do this then? It's simple really. Due to the fact that the Dictatorship had taken intentionally harmful and unlawful steps against The Republic - the entire Consortium became weary and unsettled. For the Dictatorship had taken steps to harm the economy of their ally, thus all members of the Consortium became vulnerable to the same set of actions from any other member state, which many of our less powerful, economically speaking, would not survive. Thus, the Dictatorship has set a seemingly acceptable precedent, which would cause unspeakable damage to the unity and trust within the Consortium. If these actions went unchecked, and seemed to be acceptable, the Consortium would turn into a labyrinth of distrust and shadow warfare, instead of a unified and prospering economic block. By acting decisively, the entire Consortium could see that these actions, which could be likened to Economic Terrorism, would not be tolerated, and would be dealt with harshly and swiftly. This was the only way of ensuring that the member nations remained loyal and committed to the goal of mutual trust and development.

Thus, Port Ember was willing to damage its life long ties with an extremely close ally whilst also damaging its own economy immensely, in a bid to ensure that the members of the Consortium could trust and believe in the shared goals of the organisation. What we did, cost the Republic immensely, but it was done for the benefit of the organisation at large.

Also, during the negotiations to resolve our issues, the Republic has demanded a fine to be paid by the Dictatorship, to the value of $500 000 000 NSD. Allow me to be honest here, and inform you that figure does not even begin to repair the financial loss which we have incurred due to our ally's unlawful actions. The reason we have demanded this was not to make a profit obviously, but to enact it as a fine, to further show the nation's industries and the Consortium at large, that causing unlawful damage to the unity of the Consortium, will not be left unpunished - thereby restoring faith in the market - dissuading mass panic and economic interventionist policies.

Now, facing constant critique and accusations that we are acting only for financial gain and self interest, whilst the exact opposite is true, is yet another affront to the common people of Port Ember who have suffered greatly due to the actions of their own friends. Citizens of my nation have lost their jobs, their businesses, their personal property and their faith in the market - all in the name of defending the prosperity of other nations. What grieves me is the fact that the nations who are benefiting from our self sacrifice are the ones who continue to slander us. So allow me to be upfront in an unpleasant manner - whilst those within the Columbia District pass judgement and point fingers - they are growing fat and wealthy, at the expense of my noble hardworking citizenry.

Now, I would like to offer my reply towards your so called apology and some general remarks based upon your cominique. I would like to highlight some specific quotations of interest; from your correspondence:

- "have taught us to always have a more... unpleasant option ready at a moment's notice should the need arise."

- "caused us to boast about having it better than the Republic, as we would against captured enemies to show them that they have failed to instill fear in us,"

- [/b]"Keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer."[/b]

I fear that your correspondence makes it abundantly clear that The Imperium considers The Republic its enemy. My cabinet agrees with me that your various actions, inactions and correspondences points squarely at the fact that The Republic is seen as the enemy, who must be monitored, controlled and handled by the Imperium - despite the continued acts of goodwill and friendship The Republic has shown towards the Imperium. I can assure you that future words cannot dissuade us from this view - as your continued actions have spoken louder than any consoling words ever can.

As I have mentioned within my previous correspondence, The Republic will not move against you, as the code of Port Emberian honour would demand, solely to pay tribute to the spirit of diplomacy and friendship past. However, make no mistake - The Republic has a very long memory when it comes to the issue of betrayal.

Now, I would like to, once again, address the issue of the false accusations leveled against the Republic by the Dictatorship and the Imperium, concerning the murder of the Geonal Princess.

Despite your so called apologies, you still maintain without a doubt that The Republic is responsible for the act of regicide which took place - the very issue which caused the deterioration of our relations in the first place. To prove this with your own words - "regarding the accusations we formulated against the Republic regarding the assassination of Princess Amanda Falcon, in retrospective, we have to say that it was not the best thing to do, or at least it could have been phrased differently." and "So while an accusation is too big, we can't unfortunately deny that there are strong suspicions regarding your nation in this affair."

Your Majesties, a false allegation by any other word, remains in fact, a false allegation.

Now, allow me to point out the flaws in your conclusion:

1. As of this moment, The Empire of Geonal is considered to be an international Pariah State, who counts The Militarized Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh, The Federalis Imperium of Astares Amauricanum and The Republic of Port Ember as its open enemies - a total of three nations who has motive to carry out such an act of regicide. Now, only Port Ember is suspected of this act of Regicide, as you state - "we know for a fact that neither our Imperium or the Militarized Dictatorship were involved in it,". Now my question is - Since this is a Fact - I dare you to provide me with irrefutable evidence of these so-called facts. I know that your so-called facts are based on the simple fact that someone you know simply told you that they are not responsible. That is not a fact - but a belief.

2. As you state - "While it is true that we have no tangible proof at the moment,". The fact that Port Ember is constantly accused of a crime in which no evidence exists, is immoral and unjust.

I do not refute the possibility and suspicion that my nation, or someone within my nation might have been involved within the crime in question. To dispute this possibility is illogical and impossible - especially considering the fact that I cannot control every thought and every action of 2 billion people. But - that is what you and Iarann Grudaidh have done - and have absolved your entire nation of guilt - despite the fact that no evidence exists to support this claim - and have dubbed it as fact. Instead, without evidence, without completing logical reasoning - you have decided that my government is guilty.

3. You claim that you know for a fact that no internal Geonal party could be held responsible for this crime, as you state "and intelligence regarding resistance groups within Geonal have so far not showed any concrete results regarding that matter." So, because you could not find evidence of any wrongdoing yet, you feel comfortable to proclaim their innocence. I find that ironic as you could not afford your own ally the same luxury as you do for our enemies. Furthermore, I find this statement extremely taxing, as you have not gathered nearly enough evidence in this regard, yet you are comfortable to shift blame at a moment's notice. My nation has collected files on over 700 groups and organisations who holds both the capability and motive to carry out such an attack in Geonal alone - yet The Republic shares not the suspicion?

4. There are over 50 nations who have lost citizens in the terror attacks perpetrated by the Masked Resistance on both Port Emberian and Grudaidhian soil - every one of those who has gained motive to carry out revenge - yet The Republic shares not the suspicion?

In conclusion, it is very clear to me and my cabinet that these allegations amount to nothing more than a witch hunt against the Republic. There are an uncountable amount of possible suspects which could be tied to this crime, yet it is only Port Ember who is directly accused - despite the fact that the available evidence determines we are last on the list of suspects.

Allow me to remind you, that history is not kind to nations who pursue a witch hunt against my people.

As for your wishes of reconciliation, be aware that Port Ember cannot and will not forget those who persecute them unjustly. I will ensure that your embassy remains open, trade continues to flow unhindered, and my nation will continue to lift the heavy burden of defending your potential prosperity - however you will not find an open seat surrounding my fire pit.

To your Health & Wealth!!!


President Edward Flint

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office

Director Jason Downing

Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office; Port Ember Megalopolis

After his burst of rage, it would seem that it had its desired effect, as the foreigners adopted a much more polite and civilised tone and behaviour, thus he calmed himself down, however still being quite displeased with the attitudes of those before him.

He cleared his throat as he fixed his tie absentmindedly, creating a brief uncomfortable pause, the tension being felt within the luxurious office.

"Colonel, see, I still have a problem with your attitude. A very big problem in fact. Let us slow down and analyse this a little closer… So what happened is, is as follows:

Firstly, the Geonal Princess is murdered - the Princess who hails from the nation whom counts Port Ember, Iarann Grudaidh and your own nation as their enemy.

Secondly, according to your 'Investigations', your nation is not to blame, because you or someone you know said so. No proof required, no, but this is taken as fact.

Thirdly, according to your 'Investigations', Iarann Grudaidh is not to blame, because someone you know said so. No proof required, no, but this is taken as fact. Lets ignore the fact that our ally is quite known for striking out against their enemies in manners of the shadow, without fear, without hesitation. Lets ignore the fact that ordering assassinations is actually quite within the scope of their operations. Let's accept their innocence without any further questions yes yes.

Fourthly, let us ignore the fact that the Empire of Geonal is basically in open rebellion, with hundreds of splinter cells literally calling for heads on pikes, as their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children are being murdered by their government on a daily basis, the populace screaming for revenge. Let's accept the fact that they are innocent - because someone said so.

Fithly, let's decide Port Ember is to blame, only because Georgia Grudaidh decided to say so, in a moment of grief and anger, without thinking clearly. Lets ignore the fact that they too, as the three examples above, have proclaimed their innocence. No difference there. Lets ignore the fact that Port Ember has never been linked to assassination strikes, unlike their allies.

Sixth point, would be to point out the obvious. There are thousands, if not millions of people who wish to see the Crown of Geonal burn and drown in blood. Thousands upon thousands of Port Emberians are angry and many would have the proper motivation and motive to carry out such an attack on their own. But the same can be said from the nation of Iarann Grudaidh, even more so in fact. Hell, there were more than 50 nations who have lost lives in the Port Emberian terror attack alone - with both their nations and their citizenry gaining the motivation for such a deed."

The Director took a massive deep breath before rising from his plush chair, towering above his seated guests, and continued to walk over to a locked mahogany drawer which rested within the corner of the room, where he opened it, revealing an extremely large stack of thin leather file binders.

"Gentleman, do you see this? This is the collection of persons and organisations of interest situated within Geonal - 711 in total. 711 Possible suspects. 711 Parties who, in Geonal alone could have killed the Princess. 711 Gentleman."

He closed the drawer and retook his seat again, fixing his tie before speaking again,
"Let me be very clear with you, do not ever tell me that my nation has been falsely accused on a whim - because that is exactly what has happened. The proof and logic points to this very fact, and if you fail to see this, you are either an absolute amateur, a complete idiot, or motivated to be prejudiced against us.

Now, I fully agree that the perpetrators should be found, and no stone should be left unturned within its process. And gentlemen, rest assured, those responsible for this will be brought to book, of that you can be assured.

And when this happens, and when Port Ember proves without a shadow of doubt that we have been falsely accused by those we consider our friends…"

The Director's lips and brow formed a soft smirk, hinting at the possibility that he had sadistic thoughts running rampant within his old mind.

He settled and continued,
"As for this…" He pointed to the files which the foreigners had placed on his desk, "I have no interest in, thank you. You see gentlemen, you have made it clear to me that despite everything my nation has done in the spirit of cooperation, goodwill and friendship, you do not consider us your true friends. You are the typical stereotypical traitor friend. And I personally prefer my enemies to have the balls to actually admit that they are my enemies. I have no time for cowards. Now, I am forced by the President himself to see if we can work together, and thus I won't throw you off my island just yet, but I won't allow you to sully my Republic's reputation and honor any further. So, is there anything you require from my office?"

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Greenfields Borough
Fort Pearl

Captain Johnathan Liérgo knocked on the blant wooden door before him, before opening it and entering the office. The office was quite spartan when compared to what would be expected of the Chief Task Force 79 office.

"Chief, you summoned me?"

An aging man in a crisply neat uniform looked up at the Captain, reluctantly breaking his focus on an open file which laid bare upon his pinedesk.

"Aye, Captain", was the only response in a gruff tone before a sealed folder was offered to the Captain. As soon as the Captain took possession of the file, the old man spoke again,
"Full briefing to take place in the briefing room in 5. Assemble your best team and get your bags packed. It's going to be a rough one…"

Without a verbal response, the Captain saluted the old man and exited the office, with a large smile appearing on his lips. It's go time.
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Tue Nov 03, 2020 3:14 am

The busy city streets of the capital of Geonal were as filled as ever. The operatives situated themselves inside a painter’s van, the company was a nonexistent NGO built on interior decoration and painting. “Mic Check.” Their Commanding Field Officer spoke. “How do i sound?”

“Loud and clear, boss.” Cobra was the first to respond, a solid nod from the rest of his team indicated that their earpieces were working as intended.

“We all know the target, I believe you were informed last night of your false identities and occupations, hence the paint truck you’re situated in currently. You will be in the building directly across from the stage at room 224, it’s been under maintenance for the last 3 days so nobody should suspect a thing. Quick and clean.”

“Copy that, see you on the flip side.”

“Godspeed, soldiers.” With that, the paint van juttered to life as the operators sat comfortably within their seats, all except for the 5th, who was hidden inside a box alongside their sniper rifle. Moving along the twisting roads of the Geonal capital at a snails pace, they knew they’d arrive there in time, it was still a pain in the ass either way.

“Fucking hell we could be there and back again by now.” Nomad spoke up, his hands gripped firmly on the wheel as the city boomed around him. “I remember going here on a holiday once, shittest shit hole to ever shit hole.”

His teammates chuckled at his remark as he maneuvered his way through the traffic. “Calm down Nomad, we’ll be there soon. Besides.” Cobra glanced at the box which sat neatly in the back, large and rectangular. “At least you haven’t been stuffed into a supply box.”

“I dunno man.” Dragonfly spoke up for the first time that day. “Killing the leader in front of civvies like that, I feel guilty man. They’ll be traumatized.” he spoke outwardly, admitting his concerns to his pack.

“Have you ever heard the saying ‘urbern latericium invenit, marmoream reliquit’ Dragonfly?” Rosebud glanced at the agent from the backseat, Dragonfly seemed stumped. “It means ‘he found the city a city of bricks; he left it a city of marble’. He left doing those people a favour by turning their bricks into marble. that bitch of an Empress has killed more of her own citizens than she’s killed Grudaidhians and these days that’s fucking saying something. By killing her today, we prevent the deaths of so many more innocent parties… Some might even cheer when her body drops, you never know.”

They arrived at the destination, quickly springing to life performing their various ‘activities’ for that day. One of which - to carry and escort the supply box to Room 224. They strutted through the halls as if this were a regular shift. Chatting amongst each other about their fake livelihoods, dissolving any suspicion that may have previously remained present.

The box was set down with a hearty thump as Zion stretched, his expensive, luxurious suit somehow still intact. He pulled a business card from his pocket and scanned it “Jesus Christ, I apparently am the most boring person alive.” the card read ‘James Carter - Head of Relations at Douglas Glass Institution’

He pulled the briefcase out of the box and stood near the window, surveying the vantage point. “You’ve got enough time to set up, don’t ya?” Nomad spoke as he went to open the door, awaiting his reply. “I’ll stand guard until it’s time to leave, in and out.”

He nodded in response. “Should do” with that, Nomad walked and stood in front of the door, slyly painting the bottom half of it as a cover.

Inside the room, Operation Falling Falcon had flurried to life, a gap in the window fitting the scope and barrel of the M200 sniper rifle perfectly. Their eyes remained firmly on the stage as the room fell silent. Dragonfly glanced at the time, it was 11:58am. “Well shit.” he spoke as he took a heavy breath “any minute now the world will be changed for the better. Fuck me.”

“I’ll fuck you if you buy me a beer tonight.” Zion chuckled softly at his joke, his grip remaining on the rifle. “Chì sinn i ann an ifrinn”. He calmly stated as he adjusted his scope carefully. Before he knew it, the Empress was walking up on stage, dressed in a black dress with a large, pearl, white necklace.

It was 12pm “Good afternoon my fellow citizens.” she began as she cleared her throat and flipped through her pages, the cameras pointing steadily at her. “Our enemies within the deepest parts of Port Ember, Iarann Grudaidh and Astares Americanum have sent bombardment after bombardment of hatred, accusation and utter filth upon our nation. To the point where civilians are risking their lives rebelling against our completely innocent government. I stand here before you today, to remind you of the atrocities of the Iarann Grudaidhian people.

It is without a doubt that my intelligence services have came to this solemn conclusion. We have reason to believe that the attack against my daughter remains solely in the arms of the Iarann Grudaidhian government.

All signs point to Iarann Grudaidh as a notable target within this atrocity, which sought a personal vendetta against myself for crimes I did not commit. They turned her into a meat substance and made attempts to feed her to myself, a personal and gruesome attack with no moral standing in any which way.

I repeat. The Iarann Grudaidhian government funded and conducted an operation which resulted in the death of an innocent political heir, not only kidnapping her but furthermore killing her in cold blood and proceeding to grind her up until she was nothing more than the next night’s dinner.”

A large explosion crackled through the sky as the ground beneath them shook. “What the-” the Empress spoke softly into the mic as she watched the horror before her eyes, the sky lit up as the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb rose through the sky. She took a step back, her eyes tunnel visioned on the cloud of fire and hatred before her.

Rosebud yelled “Take the shot!” as a single, silenced shot escaped the chamber of the rifle as it swiftly lodged it’s way into the Empress’s brain, her brain matter splattered across the ground and fabric surrounding her, the screams grew louder. “What the fuck was that?!”

“I don’t know, lets exvil immediately, the plan continues.”

They moved swiftly as they continued into the next phase of the plan, quickly packing up their belongings and bolting out of the building before security could determine the precise location of the shot.

They ran outside into a chaotic scene, Dragonfly, Nomad and the two other painter-disguised agents got into the paint van before swiftly making off as Zion split up away from them. He glanced behind him and saw it. The shockwave they felt, the rattling and the shaking they felt… Deep down, he knew who was responsible, despite there being no evidence to suggest it.

None other than their friend, Port Ember.

From the Head Office of the Specialized Assault Unit



Head of NOSA Relations; Iarann Grudaidh


Member-states of the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance);


Subject: Active Operations Report - Operation [REDACTED]

Encryption Level: MAXIMUM

Dearest Members of NOSA,

It is with haste I inform you of the ongoing situation within the Empire of Geonal - a nation with numerous enemies within this glorious Alliance. I would like to clarify some information which will remain within the highest confidentialities for years to come. An operation known as Operation: [REDACTED].

Operation [REDACTED] oversaw the elimination of the Empress of Geonal - the late Jane Falcon. It did not in any way, shape or form plan the use of an atomic WMD in order to achieve this task, the operation was to eliminate the target before returning home.

Our various intelligence groups are working hard at discovering what/who was responsible for the nuclear explosion. We’ll keep our ears to the ground.

Iarann Grudaidh

All members this letter has been addressed to are to keep the information within this letter confidential. Any misuse of the information obtained from this letter will result in harsh and necessary punishment to protect and uphold the security of Northern Ocean. The information written in this document may not be shared with friends, business-partners, colleagues nor family, no matter how close they are.
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Astares Amauricanum » Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:48 pm

Supreme Leader's Second Home (Evac Point Alpha)

Adrean, as usual, is sitting at his desk in his room, doing some work on his laptop, when suddenly his mailbox pops up, indicating he has received a new message.
After opening it, he sees it is a message from President Edward Flint.
After having opened it and starting to read, an exterior observator would see that despite keeping a neutral face, his eyes slowly betray a flurry of emotions such as sorrow, anger, confusion, all mixing together in a dangerous cocktail.
Once he has finished reading, a few second pass in silence, before the Keisaer grabs his Masada 35 pistol in his thigh holster, and puts it to eye level, the barrel turned towards his head.
After having a starring contest with his gun's barrel for a few seconds, he starts to put it back down, only for a small clicking sound to be heard to his right.
As he puts the pistol further away, he sees his wife starring at him, with a mix of emotions in her eyes too, her own pistol drawn and pointed at her husband.

It has been the first time that Anna had seen her husband like this. Not once, despite all the things they, and him too personnally, had gone through in their decade on the throne, had she seen him or felt him riddled with suicidal thoughts. So, for her to enter their room and find him with his gun pointed at his head caused her quite a shock, that once recovered after a brief second of surprise, caused her to draw her own gun, ready to shoot Adrean's weapon away if he tried anything.
As she sees her husband put his gun away, it's only for him to break down in tears, which causes the Keisaerina to put her own pistol back in its holster and rush to hold him in her arms, caressing his hair and whispering soothing words in his ear.
From the corner of her eye, she flys over some of Flint's message, not reading the whole message, but understanding that the Port Ember's President was responsible for her husband's possible suicide attempt. A thought, that despite her calm and cool nature, starts to brew anger in her being.

However, all od this is suddenly interrupted by footsteps being heard approaching rapidly, and then Pavel stumbling in their room, nearmy tripping on the doorway.
"Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I have two important news." says the male Colonel, as Adrean finally separates from his wife, whispers a small "Thank you" and a peck on the lips, before sniffing and turning towards their friend. "One very good, and one good mixed with something bad."
"Start with the good/bad." orders Anna, as Adrean grabs a tissue, wipes his tears and blows his nose in it.
"Operation Falling Falcon was a success, but at the same time it happened, a nuke went off in Geonal's capital. We don't currently know who it is."
"Well, fuck yes and fuck no." simply replies the Keisaerina with a semi grumble.
"Before I continue, what the fuck was happening here?" asks Pavel with a worried tone as his eyes travel back and forth between his two friends.
"What was happening," starts Anna with an angry tone, was that I found my dear husband here, having a starring contest with his gun. And apparently, the cause of it is a message by President Flint. I didn't read the whole message, but for Adrean to nearly commit suicide over it, he better have a good explanation. Gather the Squadron, we're going to Port Ember!"
"Wait!" Interrupts Adrean, having finally recovered from his crying session. "I agree sweetheart, we'll get our asses in a plane and go to PE. But before that Pavel, what is the other, very good news you have to tell us?"
"Ah, that. Well, apparently, our software engineer guys from the DoD managed to work faster, and completed the complee overhaul of our systems just now.
"GENERAL MOBILIZATION! ALL HANDS ON DECK!" shouts Adrean with a very loud voice, before putting his hand in front of his mouth and muttering a quiet "Sorry" to his wife and friend. "Anyway, great news thanks for that Pavel. So, Honey, do we go to Port Ember?" he asks as he turns to his wife with a smile.
"You bet." she replies, before starting to kiss him furiously, Pavel taking this as his cue to get out of the room, closing the door just as he hears a body being slammed into it, followed by a feminine moan.
"Man, I hope we never change." says the Colonel as he shakes his head with a smile before walking away, to tell their friends to prepare for their upcoming departure to Port Ember...

A few hours later...
Afetr Adrean, Anna, and the rest of the Phantoms had packed their gear to go to Port Ember, they had let Georgia and Kesley know that they were departing, and that they would stay in touch since the mobilization of the entire Astares Amauricanum military apparatus was imminent.
Also, Anna has sent in the meantime the following message to President Flint. Short and to the point, without any form of protocol.

    Keisaerina Anna Blachkor
    President Edward Flint


Good afternoon Mr President:
I'll go straight to the point: I don't know the whole content of the last message you've sent back to us. Apparently, from the few lines I've read, it seems evident that our nation has fallen even lower in your book.
Honestly, I don't care about that. What I care about though, is that when my husband received it, it traumatized him enough that he ended up having a starring contest with his pistol, on the verge of committing suicide. I'm sure you can easily understand the distress that went through me as his wife when I found him like that.
Know that if anything had happened to him, I would have held you personally accountable for his demise.
Since it didn't happen, we won't come to that. However, in my book, this means one thing: the time for letters back and forth is over. If we want to solve and clarify this problem, we need a real, face-to-face conversation. All of this seems like a big misunderstanding, but one that nearly led to the self-induced death of a head of state.
That is why, when you'll receive this message, we will be flying to Port Ember to meet you. Expect our arrival at your residence in about twelve hours sharp.

Anna Blachkor

And so, after having said their goodbyes to the Supreme Leader, his mother and colleagues, packed their gear, and boarded back in their MRAPS, they had driven to the airport, where two Astarian C18 Albatros were waiting for them. And after setting down theie vehicles and gear in the plane's cargo holds, they had taken off towards the Republic that was now mistakenly considering them their enemy.

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office

The two Astarians listen to the Director's answer with attention, nodding at times.
However, when Gabriel is about to answer Downing's question, his telephone rings again, causing the Colonel to stand up with an apologetic hand gesture, and walking a few meters away from the two other men in the room.
After a few seconds, he simply says in Astarian: "I take note of it, goodbye." before hanging up and turning back to Elijah and Jason.
"Well Director, to answer your question, we don't need anything anymore from your office. Apparently, it seems like the last message from President Flint heavily disturbed our Keisaer Adrean, to the point that Anna found him in tears having a starring contest with his own pistol after having read the message.
-Holy crap!" Exclaims Kamski with a worried expression and tone, a stark contrast to his usual calm appearance. "Is His Imperial Majesty alright?"
"Thank the Stars, yes he is." replies Rorke before turning back to Downing. "However, Her Imperial Majesty the Keisaerina is not at the moment. I'm sure Director, that you know the proverb: "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." Well, that's how Anna is currently. Pained to have seen her husband nearly commit suicide, all because of the words of another head of state.
So, in short, the time for letters is over, which is why they are on their way here to meet with Flint personally to clear whatever misunderstanding his last message contained.
They will also be dealing with you from now on. Director Downing, thank you for your hospitality, and sorry for the bad impression we left. And thanks for the coffee. Agent Kamski, pack your things, we're leaving.
-Yes Colonel." simply replies Elijah as he gathers all the files, puts them back in his suitcase, and doxns the last of his coffee. "Thank you for your hospitality Director Downing. Goodbye.
-If you need us, we'll be staying at our embassy." finishes Rorke with a nod, waiting to see if Jason wanted to telk thrm anything more before the two Astarians would leave...
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Postby Port Ember » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:22 am

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office

Director Jason Downing

Foreign Intelligence Agency Head Office; Port Ember Megalopolis

After the two Astarians announced their departure, they thanked the Director for his hospitality and started departing, without replying to the bashing which he had just delivered.

Jason looked over to the two foreigners, who were awaiting his reply, to whether he had any last comment, whilst standing within the doorframe, yet without answer, he gestured in a waving fashion, indicating that the meeting had concluded. Outside in the corridor, two suited agents awaited to escort the men from the building.

Once the men had left, Director Downing grabbed his bowler hat hanging upon the hatrack adjacent to his desk before he left the office, en route to meet with the President.

Republic of Port Ember
Port Ember Megalopolis
Lilly Black Borough
The Captain's Villa

President Edward Flint and Advisors

The Captain's Villa - Port Ember Presidential Residence and Office

The television screen which was mounted within the presidential boardroom, provided a live broadcast of the speech delivered by Empress Jane Falcon to her nation of Geonal, and was being watched intently by President Edward Flint and his closest advisors. The Empire of Geonal was the declared enemy of Port Ember, and thus every word coming from the Empress's mouth was of interest to the Republic. Besides, the Republic was responsible for instigating massive rebellions and revolts upon their enemy's soil - and remained curious as to how the queen bitch would extinguish the raging firestorm within her nation.

"Good afternoon my fellow citizens.” she began as she cleared her throat and flipped through her pages, the cameras pointing steadily at her. “Our enemies within the deepest parts of Port Ember, Iarann Grudaidh and Astares Americanum have sent bombardment after bombardment of hatred, accusation and utter filth upon our nation. To the point where civilians are risking their lives rebelling against our completely innocent government. I stand here before you today, to remind you of the atrocities of the Iarann Grudaidhian people.

It is without a doubt that my intelligence services have came to this solemn conclusion. We have reason to believe that the attack against my daughter remains solely in the arms of the Iarann Grudaidhian government.

All signs point to Iarann Grudaidh as a notable target within this atrocity, which sought a personal vendetta against myself for crimes I did not commit. They turned her into a meat substance and made attempts to feed her to myself, a personal and gruesome attack with no moral standing in any which way.

I repeat. The Iarann Grudaidhian government funded and conducted an operation which resulted in the death of an innocent political heir, not only kidnapping her but furthermore killing her in cold blood and proceeding to grind her up until she was nothing more than the next night’s dinner.”

The following moment a massive blinding flash tore through the television screen, and the second the blinding effects faded, the brain matter of the empress could be seen painting the atmosphere with brutal yet somehow artistic intent. The camera pivoted violently from the lifeless body of the Empress towards the cause of the blinding light - a giant mushroom shaped cloud in the distance. Mere seconds later the screen indicated that it lost its connection, as the resultant electronic magnetic pulse no doubtetly fried all electronics in the surrounding area.

The presidential boardroom was awkwardly silent, with not even the breathing of the shocked occupants being audible. It was a lot to take in afterall.

A lot.

Several minutes later…

"So what fresh hell was unleashed here Jason?" President Flint asked the Director of the Port Ember Foreign Intelligence Services, Jason Downing. The old man sighed softly before responding, "Well Mister President.. From the NOSA communique just received, and the scattered reports from within Geonal.. It would appear that Iarann Grudaidh had assassinated Empress Falcon.. And a nuclear bomb appears to have detonated within the capital at basically the precise moment. Our allies have stood their man for the assassination, yet have denied responsibility for the blast. And as you all saw, the Empress has revealed that Iarann Grudaidh was responsible for the death of the Geonal princess. Perhaps the assassination was an attempt to silence her before her revelation?.."

Edward nodded, "And the blast? Who the hell nuked Geonal?'

"Well it was not us Mister President. Owing to the seriousness of the situation, I will provide documents to prove that all our A-bombs are indeed accounted for.. My guess is resting firmly upon the hands of Iarann Grudaidh. Despite the fact that they have absolved themselves of responsibility - the timing was just too perfectly in sync with the assassination."

Jason could not believe his luck at how the events have unfolded today. In this particular situation, the truth was a lot stranger than fiction. Jason slipped deep into his own consciousness as he thought of the events which have transpired, which have brought them to this present moment. It all started months ago, when a terror group known as the Masked Resistance attacked the Dictatorship of Iarann Grudaidh, killing many of the Supreme Leader's family members in a daring attack. Port Ember declared their undying support towards their allies immediately following the attack, which resulted in the Republic becoming the target of these animals - suffering the largest terror attack in history when the Port Ember Port was bombed - killing thousands upon thousands of innocent citizens. It was revealed that the terror group was trained, funded and puppeted by the Empire of Geonal - and President Edward gave Jason the go-ahead to do whatever was necessary to exact justice and revenge upon their enemies. The only restriction Jason faced, was to keep his actions secret - even from the President himself. Jason responded by striking at the terror elements within the Republic - making over a hundred rats disappear permanently within the tropical darkness. Secondly, the Republic used its considerate political and economical influence to call for hundreds of nations to impose total sanctions against their enemies. Simultaneously, Jason had hired freelance pirates to terrorise the Geonal shipping lanes. Thirdly, Jason activated his sleeper agents within Geonal, and these fostered insurrections, which quickly led to open rebellion against the crown. Jason was quite surprised at the success rate of this rebellion, yet it was not enough. Nothing could ease the pain of the tropical islanders, and Jason needed to exact revenge - and a civil war was simply not enough. Therefore, the Director ordered a elite team of deniable operators to kidnap the Geonal Princess, murder her - and literaly turn her body into a meat sausage. This meaty product then ended up being served to the Empress herself - forcing her to unknowingly eat her own daughter. This was revenge. This is what the nation needed. Jason knew however that this would cause a backlash on an unthinkable scale, and thus prepared one final gesture. One final safeguard. One final fuck you. Thus, he ordered a long lost nuclear bomb to be smuggled into the Empire - a bomb which could not be linked to the Republic in any manner. The detonation of it within the capital would kill hundreds of thousands of people. This would be the final trumpet within Jason's arsenal - as he knew that Edward would reign him in after this, and probably have his head. It was worth it at least. The satisfaction and cost of revenge always weighed equally. But now this has happened! Empress Falcon went on to publicly place the blame on their allies, and went to assassinate her whilst doing that - making their allies look even more guilty. And now Jason's nuclear bomb went off at the precise moment of her death - the single largest coincidence to have ever happened in the history of the world - since neither party knew what the other was planning. And the timing was simply perfect - as it now placed Iarann Grudaidh as the number one suspect. Absolutely fucking perfect.

Another period of uncomfortable silence was broken by Jan Breytenbach, the Minister of Defence. "Mister President, with all due respect, this is a clusterfuck. Our enemies will not take this bullshit lying down. We need to stop playing with our dicks, and get boots on the ground. If we allow this back and forth bullshit shadowy terror campaign to continue, more of our citizens will die as a result. We need to get in there, and finish this fight, once and for all!" Many of the advisors and ministers nodded and grumbled in agreeance.

Edward sighed as he replied, "I told you all before, we are not putting boots on the ground. The public is adamant on not getting involved in another war! I refuse to go to war again."

Jan replied, slightly more agitated than before, "Mister President, that's bullshit and you know it. The Empire of Geonal has already declared war on us, and their agents continue to threaten our lives. We cannot simply decide to not get involved in a war, for that decision was made for us."

Director Jason Downing interjected, "Honourable Minister, I can assure you that my men in shadows are taking care of the situation. Give us a little more time, the end is near."

Jan snapped back, "Don't treat me like an idiot Director. Your 'Handling it' has led to our very heart being bombed."

The Director sprang to his feet, his face lit up brightly in several shades of red, clearly angry beyond belief, "So now you are blaming me for the terror attack!? How fucking dare you?"

Jan rose to his feet as well in response, his face sharing similar red shades as his rival, "Hell fucking yes I am. You were supposed to find this motherfuckers before they could strike, yet you failed to do your job! Just like you did all those years ago during the Hawklands Terror Attacks!" The Hawkland Terror Attacks was the series of terror attacks which wiped out the entire top structure of the Port Ember Security Forces all those years ago, and Jan's own daughter was one of the victims of these bombings, making this an extremely sensitive matter to him personally.

Before any more could be said, President Flint interrupted, "Sit your old arses down! Both of ya!" It was nearly unheard off for the President to raise his voice, and to speak in his Port Emberian accent. Both of the older gentleman were taken aback by this and sat down, not saying a further word.

Edward collected himself before continuing, "I refuse to allow my circle to become divided by our enemies. Port Ember is only strong when we remain united. I agree that this war needs to end immediately, yet I remain adamant on not placing boots on the ground. We have managed to cripple our enemies without firing a single shot. It's clear to me that we can end this without going down that path. We need to remain committed to our path, whilst also taking a firmer grip on our own domestic security. We will also need to place some pressure on our allies - let them do the fighting on our behalf for a change. I have plenty of ideas on what must happen next, and I will start getting more involved in the operations myself from this moment. Jan and Jason, we will meet tomorrow in my office so that I can tell you what I have planned. For now, I need you all, every single one of you, to go back to work and find out what exactly happened in Geonal tonight, what repercussions are coming, and how we can counter it. We need to get atop of this right now. You are dismissed."

The entire room in attendance rose from their seats in unison, and commenced leaving the room in silence, still processing the events which had unfolded. Seconds before Jan could leave the room, Edward spoke again, "Jan, in the meantime, prepare the navy for sail - immediately."

After the meeting, Edward read through the latest correspondence received from the Imperium, and let out a loud sigh. He continued to pick up the phone which was resting upon the expensive desk, dialing a speedcode. His secretary answered. "Yes, inform the relevant parties that the royals from the Imperium are en route to the Republic. Make sure that they are received at the airport, and escort them to the Foreign Visitor Hotel. Yes that's right - I will not be receiving them within the Captain's Villa.
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Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Sun Dec 13, 2020 2:55 am

The temperature in the room gradually increased as the squadron swiftly cleared it. No time for hesitation, they shot around corners, checked behind doors, in cupboards and around the vicinity of the second floor. Their breathing remained calm, controlled as they surveyed their surroundings one final time and moved to the next room.

One enemy stood in the hallway, Commander Stone - Otherwise known as Commander Fury - aimed, fired and their body dropped to the floor before they had time to flinch, their blood decorating the previously white marble of the Port Emberian Embassy. “How are we looking?”

“Good, boss.” Edinburgh spoke through their earpiece. “No targets near you at this time, target appears to be hiding in the room two doors down.”

“Godspeed.” the commander nodded to her team as they moved methodically towards the door of their target’s hiding spot. Signalling for a breaching charge, she informed her two teammates to wait for her signal as she advanced to the next room over, ensuring it was clear and placing a breaching charge at the wall.

“Breach.” 2 explosions erupted through the complex as they burst in. Shouting erupted almost immediately. “Hands! Don’t fucking move!” The Commander’s plan worked, she was able to distract Samuel with the door as she burst through the wall next to him.

“Fuck alright!!” he raised his hands as he discarded the AK-47 to the floor. “I surrender you bastards.”

Before he knew it, he was tackled to the floor and ziptied. “Team Alpha, sitrep.”

A moment of static erupted through the earpiece, before a winded Dublin spoke “ma’am, all clear, hostages found and alive.”

“Copy that. Operative Beta, how we looking?”

“Affirm, no hostiles present. All clear”

“Attention Rose. Hostiles neutralized, rooms cleared. Police and EMT should prepare, Mr Adams and some of his friends have been captured. Want me to bring them to the tent?”

“Affirmative, good work out there.”

“Yes, ma’am.” she slung her rifle as she took a grip of Samuel Adams’ arm and dragged him upward, forcing him to move with her.

They arrived at the tent to see all other arrested individuals sitting and waiting, Rose looking at them in the corner with a smile on her face. They had done well. The mission was completed.

A reporter stood ever present in front of the Port Emberian embassy, sirens of ambulances and police vehicles blaring out in the distance. “Breaking news.” she began, staring stone cold into the camera. “I am here once again at the Port Emberian Embassy where a large terror group has taken numerous citizens and workmen of Port Ember hostage. Right now I am interviewing a local poli-”

Her voice was cut out as two loud explosions erupted within the embassy, the ground slightly shaking. “As you can hear there the site is still extremely active, it is believed that Grudaidhian Special Forces are raiding the complex at this time. Officer, would you be able to tell the people what is going on?”

“At this time I have about the same amount of information as you. All I know is that negotiations have failed and the Iarann Grudaidhian government have resorted to harsher means.”

“Thank you either way, I better not keep you, thank you for your time. In the meantime and until we get further news of the ongoing raid, I will go over the current injury and death toll.” she paused, before continuing. “It is now confirmed that at least 1 million 500 thousand people have died from this large scale terror attack, estimates are showing that a further 4 million citizens are severely injured. The following hospitals are still overflown. Duff Gardens General Hospital, Willow Gardens Hospital,Pinevalley Hospital, Silver Lake Community Hospital, Rose Petal Community Hospital, Orness Extreme Incident Hospital, Grand View Medical Clinic, Golden Oak Hospital, Thistle General Hospital, White Mountain Community Hospital. We now go to Jeremy for the weather.”

Rose sat at the windowsill of the damp, barred room as she fiddled with the lollipop wrapper in her hands. Her eyes remained firmly on the man before her, cuffed to the table, his hair damp and his clothes tattered. Popping the lollipop in her mouth, she discarded the wrapper into her pocket as she stood, before pacing around him carefully.

She took the lollipop out of her mouth and smiled, crouching down next to him. “Your men failed. My team was able to get in, capture and kill your little shitlings and easily arrest you. If this is Geonal’s best, frankly, I’m disappointed.”

“I don’t work for Geonal… I work for-”

“The Masked Resistance who have numerous transactions with the Geonal Intelligence Agency, not to mention that Grudaidhian operatives within Geonal have spotted Masked Resistance training camps with Geonal government officials within them… Among other things.” she got up as she sat opposite him, resting her hand atop her pregnant belly. “Now… Tell me what you know about Geonal’s next attack and I might consider not giving you a slow, painful and torturous death.”

“I won’t tell you anything you witch.” he scoffed as he slumped back into his chair, he was pale and cold, but still resilient.

“Fine, have it your way.” she sighed softly, pulling a miniature radio to her mouth and speaking. “thoir a-steach an inneal falamh” she smiled at him softly, his confusion growing. “tha an t-àm ann leasan a theagasg dha Mgr Misneachail”

“What did you say…?” he sat up in his seat as he sniffled softly, looking at her.

“You’ll find out soon, my lovely.”

Before he knew it, a small vacuum cleaner and a vacuum bag rested beside the table. “Get in the bag.” Rose calmly demanded, he shook his head carefully and hesitantly. “Get in the fucking bag you little shit.” she spewed venom from her mouth as she gripped him by the hair. “Or I’ll get my guards to force you into it myself.” He nodded softly as she released the restraints from the table and clipped them to his waistband, he walked hesitantly towards the bag, before carefully getting into it, the zip of the vacuum sealed bag going up. “You can hear me, no?”

He nodded. “Good.” she smiled softly before turning the vacuum on, the oxygen getting sucked away from within the bag. Samuel instantly began violently shaking as the oxygen in his lungs escaped him.

The only noise in the room was the crunch of Rose’s lollipop and the sound of the vacuum, before it was abruptly turned off.

Still unable to breathe, Samuel’s struggles began to slow down. Sighing softly, Rose grabbed her pocket knife and cut a small hole at his mouth, his gasp for air was so immediate he almost ate the knife. She chuckled softly. “Oh, Samuel. If you think this is bad enough to nearly deepthroat a switchblade then I suggest you buckle up. Tell me what The Masked Resistance and Geonal’s next plans are or I’ll rip the oxygen out of every crevice of your body.”

Rose sat comfortably within Kesley’s office as she fiddled with the lollipop in her hands, a semi amused look on her face. “So… let me get this straight. In the timespan of our last meeting the Empress of Geonal was assassinated by the SAU”


“At the exact same time this assassination took place, an atomic bomb erupted in Geonal’s capital.”


“Which Iarann Grudaidh had no responsibility for whatsoever”


“Before she was assassinated, the Empress accused Iarann Grudaidh of killing her daughter”


“Despite it not being us either”


“...We’re fucked.”


“And now I’m to come with you to a meeting with the president of Port Ember regarding the information I retrieved from Samuel, this flight leaves in less than an hour?”


Rose sighed softly and nodded in submission, knowing this was an order and not a request. “How long will we be there?” she questioned him

“A day, two at most.” he smiled softly. “Thank you, you’re dismissed.”

The plane touched down on the surface of Fort Pearl in Port Ember as members of the Presidential Security detachment of Vortex departed almost immediately, surveying the area and sweeping the grounds as the escort vehicles got into formation. President Kesley exited the jet with haste as he was escorted into the luxurious limousine, the seats embedded with the Presidential logo of Iarann Grudaidh.

Rose sat opposite him as the ride began it’s long journey, local authorities and members of Task Force 79 escorting the President to his destination. “Lovely arrival.” Rose hummed softly as she flipped through the pages of her black notebook, scribbling down some notes as she did so.

The many twists and turns of the Port Emberian streets turned into a steady highway system as the escort moved onto the highway. A local police bike drove past the thick bulletproof window, it’s sirens barely audible over the many layers of protection between it and the President. “Very true, Rose.”

Upon the arrival of the Iarann Grudaidh delegation at the Captain's Villa, President Edward and his wife Joani, who held a toddler girl in her arms, welcomed them on the porch. As Kesley neared, Edward extended his arm in a greeting gesture whilst speaking, smiling broadly, "Supreme Leader Kesley, it is an honor to host you at my residence! Allow me to introduce you to my family - this is my wife, Joani, and our only daughter, Louise. Welcome to Port Ember!"

They arrived at the porch with haste as President Kesley took President Flint’s hand and shook it firmly. His security guards and Rose in tow, Rose’s eyes remained warm and friendly, she knew how to fake a smile when she had to. “President Flint, a pleasure to see you in person.” Kesley greeted warmly as he smiled softly, his hand gracefully falling downwards as their handshake ended and it met the other behind his back, the nobility within him was as strong as ever. He wore a white long-sleeve shirt with a dark blue tie, highlighted softly in white at the bottom, on his tie rested a black ribbon and the flag of Iarann Grudaidh, neatly and precisely placed. “It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you” his glance turned to Edward’s wife and daughter, before falling back on Edward. “And, just a small little correction, I’m actually classified as a President now, Iarann Grudaidh has been going through some… changes recently.” he corrected Edward’s comment that Kesley was the Supreme Leader with a slight smile, even though on the inside he found it quite unprofessional for such a large change which would surely shake international waters to go unnoticed, but shook it off nevertheless.

Edward maintained his warm smile as Kesley corrected him, replying without missing a single beat, "Ah offcourse, a simple slip of the tounge Mister President… I fear that the intricacies of titles have always been lost on me. Apologies for the error." Edward glanced across the delegation before speaking again, "I fear that we are all required to handle our business with haste, thus I will be forced to forego my normal hospitality, and ask that we retire to my office immediately. We will have a feast upon its conclusion. Is this acceptable?"

“Absolutely, I must agree, a meal sounds lovely.” his eyes lit up as he remembered something “Ah right, on my right is Rose, she is a member of one of the Specialized Assault Unit and Vortex’s Joint Intelligence Agencies, she has some information regarding the attack on the Port Emberian embassy.” she nodded her head and glanced around at the luscious manner as Kesley continued. “Keep in mind that she may have to watch what she eats due to her pregnancy.”

Before Edward could speak, Joani answered, officially speaking for the first time, "It is an honor to meet you Misses Rose, and congratulations on the little one. I will ensure that the kitchen is aware of the joy which you carry." Edward nodded as he added, "It is an honor to meet you ma'am. It is also a pleasure that you bring us information offcourse. What we do in our lifetimes, is basically an attempt to secure the future for our little ones, is it not?" Edward started to slowly retreat into the Villa, gesturing to his guests that they are invited to follow him into one of the most history-laden buildings upon the tropical island.

Rose responded, her usually cruel character had been placed behind a wall of deceit. “Thank you kindly, I absolutely agree, we have to ensure our two nations stay safe from the horrors which threaten them, which is why the information I seek to give is so vital.” She and Kesley both saw President Flint making his move inside the villa and his invitation to enter as they began to slowly move inside the building, ensuring they didn’t step out of line with their movements and that they followed the pathing of the President and First Lady.

When Edward was satisfied that his guests were indeed following him, he picked up the pace slightly, fully entering the building. Joani spoke next as she paused and turned to the visitors, "Please excuse me esteemed guests, as I fear my daughter has no patience for state meetings. We will be in the gardens until the feast is to commence." The Port Emberian First Lady smiled softly as she planted a loving kiss on her husband's cheek, and turned down the passage.

Edward led the delegates down an opposite corridor, walking down the passages until they reached a set of heavy wooden doors. Once these were opened, they entered the presidential office lobby, where a suited man was seated behind the desk, who rose to his feet when the group entered. The suited man was middle aged, yet his physically strong body was that of a 20 something year old. His suit was crisp and neatly pressed. The man did not speak a word as he studied the visitors with resolve.

Edward led the visitors through another set of doors, this time into the luxurious interior of his spacious home office. Edward gestured towards the set of chocolate brown leather couches as they entered, which stood in the corner of the office, opposite from the imposing mahogany desk. "Please friends, make yourself comfortable."

They admired the room for a second as the small group of four split into two groups of two, the two personal guards that followed Kesley and Rose had stayed behind at the door of the home office, meanwhile Rose and Kesley took their rightful positions and sat down within the office. “Quite a beautiful room you have here, President Flint.” he glanced around it once more as Rose angled herself in a comfortable yet professional position.

Rose nodded softly as she reached for a file which sat under her arm, setting it down carefully on the mahogany desk. “A report regarding the information I have obtained from Mr Samuel during interrogation. Enjoy.”

Edward took the file in hand, his soft smile still lingering upon his lips. Before he opened it, he gestured towards the coffee table which stood within the center between the couches, "Thank you for the compliment! The style, whilst lavish, is not really my personal taste, yet this is the setup which the people have chosen upon throughout the years. Anyway, feel free to help yourselves to a drink. It might be awhile before we feast... Coffee, tea, orange juice, rum or whiskey is on offer - yet I can call for anything else should your fancy demand it."

Without waiting for an actual reply, he continued, "So Ma'am Rose, if I am not mistaken - this… Mister Samuel.. This is the man who led the charge against my embassy, yes?"

Rose nodded softly as she glanced between President Flint and the file within his grip. “Yes, he was arrested onsight by Vortex Special Forces’ ACT team along with some of his compatriots and then brought in immediately for interrogation, all necessary information is detailed within the file.”

Edward nodded, "Of course… Please, help yourselves to some drink, whilst I skim this over briefly." He opened the file in hand without hesitation and started mulling through the content. The file detailed smuggler runs from Geonal to various countries - most notably Iarann Grudaidh and Port Ember. These smuggling boats are how Geonal gets informants and terrorist cells into the two nations without being detected. Further down on the page there is a list of high ranking leaders of the Masked Resistance and people of interest. Details regarding how this information has been obtained has been left rather vague.

Edward nodded as he rubbed his forehead absent mindedly. He knew that he had to get this information to his Intelligence Director as soon as possible, in order to act upon this new, valuable information.

He forced his gaze upwards, away from the file, back to Kelsley and Rose, specifically Rose. "This… This is very valuable information. However, I am honestly a bit surprised that an expendable operative such as Samuel, was allowed privy to such high degrees of their network."

Rose chuckled softly and smiled “If you’ll allow me to give my thoughts on the matter… Simple human error, these are smart people I’ll give them that, they can sneak explosives into a harbour and the capital of a major world power, however, my Masked Resistance informants have fact checked each and every individual one of these tales with information they - at the time - were in reach of… They’re completely true. They’re not good at covering up their tracks, it’s why they go for loud and fast attacks, such as rucksack bombings.”

She glanced around the room before her eyes landed back onto Edward. “I’ll tell you one thing though, this information took time to get out of him. This was a long winded project. Our Grudaidhian teams work day and night to do what is necessary to protect the security of the Northern Ocean.”

Edward nodded softly and slowly as Rose's words sunk in, and made perfect sense to him. "Offcourse Ma'am, I am well aware of the efforts and sacrifices demanded from the intelligence community during this trying period. The so-called 'Grey Men' of Port Ember have had similar experiences as to what you are describing. But I commend you on this excellent work Ma'am, this information will surely assist the Republic in preventing another attack, whilst allowing us to hunt down the heads of the snake. I personally do not have any information with which to tit for tat, but my Intelligence Director is en route as we speak, who might have something to add."

Rose nodded softly as she got up, walking over to where the drinks sat as she quickly made up her own. She took a light sip of it, before resting down back onto the seat. “I look forward to meeting him. I’ve heard many things about him.”

Edward smiled subconsciously as his gaze followed Rose across the room as he replied, "I believe that indeed. Director Downing is quite known, and infamous, within the Northern Ocean intelligence community. He has garnered quite the reputation of being a stubborn, if not plain rude, old man. However, despite his quirks, there is no denying the value he adds in his sphere of influence."

Nodding softly, she took a long sip of her drink, her eyes shut as she did so. “Well, then I’ll find him quite relatable.” she observed the room once again, before continuing to speak. “I’m sure he and I both know the darker side of Intelligence work.” she glanced towards President Kesley before turning her attention back to Edward.

A soft glint appeared within the eyes of the Port Emberian President, as he quickly replied without hesitation, "Indeed. Like the assassination of Empress Jane Falcon, for an example."

Rose, without missing a single beat, bounced back. "Of course, or the assassination of the Princess of Geonal. Another example." she took a final sip of her drink before setting it down. "Or indeed, the nuclear blast within Geonal which Geonal has insisted my nation is involved in. One more example." her tone turned into one of warning, a signal to not walk into that theoretical beartrap of hers.

Edward did not manage to hide the large smile which had formed upon his lips. As he was an extremely successful businessman prior to becoming President, he adored the thrill of a verbal sparring session.
"Those are perfect examples as well, yes. Especially considering that our two nations have had our historic relations so damaged due to the allegation that it was Port Ember who had executed the Princess. And my, my, at the exact moment that Jane reveals that it is indeed Iarann Grudaidh who must carry the blame, a well placed shot and perfectly timed nuclear attack silences her. Interesting times we reside in, indeed."

Rose, acquainted with feeble attempts of retaliation and unnecessary bickering which those who challenge her like to utilize, watched as the President’s professional mask slipped. “My my, it’s almost as if a large-scale event in which such an opportunity presents itself would be the perfect timing for a nuclear attack and multiple nations or groups may see the same opportunity. I know what you’re hinting at, Edward.” the cheery smile fell from her lips as her cold eyes gazed into the very soul of the Port Emberian president - not daring to let him get the upper hand. Her previously happy features turning into one of warning, a final chance to not step over unnecessary lines. “And - to be quite frank, your boardroom game won’t work on me, my job here is to uphold the security of Northern Ocean, maybe next time I won’t get on a jet, fly over here and risk the safety of my pregnancy in order to give you a security update. How does faxing it over sound to you? Maybe by post? Email?”

Kesley cleared his throat before speaking. “If you two are quite finished, myself and Rose are here on diplomacy talks, consider that file a gift, a token of new friendship, but do not think for a second this friendship will last long when this is how we address each other.” his tone turned into one of warning and control as he glanced between the two of them. Continuing, he spoke again. “In lighter news, Geonal is collapsing faster than ever. Although the nuclear attack was not the doing of my nation, nor has it ever been the intent of my nation - most notably due to the environmental and international damages that comes with the utilization of atomic weaponry, although that nuclear attack was not my nation’s doing - it has severely weakened the nation’s main supply routes, and with the head of the snake cut off, that being the Empress, my nation is drawing up invasion plans and plans of that nature. We could look forward to a total occupation of Geonal by the end of January.”

Edward's pampered lips formed a wicked smile as he listened to Rose and Kesley speak. Once they were finished, the President replied, stifling a soft laugh. "Your aggressive defence, breaking down into idle threats, means nothing to me honestly. In fact, it shines even more light on the suspicions of the day. I appreciate the diligent work put in, I truly do. But you will be well to remember that a nation is not solely run on the exploits of its intelligence community. The fact is, recent allegations, actions and diplomatic wrangling, has put a major strain on our historic relations. Damages won't be repaired with a single file, and neither will insulting a President."

Without waiting for a reply, he turned his gaze towards Kelsley. "It is quite difficult to look towards the future, when there is so much still unresolved. Nonetheless… That is splendid news. I actually wanted to urge you to push urgency into your invasion plans. The fact is that this.. unfortunate nuclear assassination has indeed broken the backs of our enemies, yet a wounded, enraged animal is at its most dangerous. We need to end this war, and now. I have had prepared an entire dossier of in depth intelligence reports about the military aspects of our enemy - troop positions and strengths, morale, equipment, leadership, anti air battery sites, naval defences, position of sea mines, and so forth. It's quite a beautiful collection which might be of aid for the upcoming invasion."

Rose smiled softly as the man’s ego rose, like watching a sparkling firework. “Trust me, Mr President. We have more than just a single file, however, that’s a good starting place, right? Once trust begins to become restored and our citizens can rest easy once again, rest assured you will see more information coming your way from Iarann Grudaidh’s various intelligence networks.”

Kesley spoke up once again during that meeting. “My apologies for Rose’s earlier behaviour, she’s known to be quite… To the point. That aside, any information that benefits our invasion plans will be appreciated greatly. There could possibly be some further benefits that come with said information.”

Edward sat back slightly, resting into a more comfortable position as he responded, looking straight at Kesley, deciding to no longer play the pointless tit for tat game with the lass. "Kesley, I will be honest with you, I am not impressed with your choice in entourage for this delegation. I have no doubt that Miss Rose is excellent at her job, but her job is clearly not building and maintaining political alliances. And yes, while the intelligence accords is of importance, restoring our relations is of greater import, and quite frankly this passive aggressive bickering is just strengthening the symbolic strive between us. Whilst I appreciate the value of the reports you have provided, I don't appreciate the tone. So you admit that you have more available reports, yet you will only provide them, when you feel like it. Yet, in return, I am providing you a total legion of intelligence reports - everything which we have. Do I need to remind you of the Emissary Transfership Pact, which you yourself have proposed?" Edward sighed deeply before continuing, "Quite frankly, I am exhausted by this so-called alliance. I am expected to constantly play ball to appease your nation, yet you continue to slap me in the face. And do you know what? I am no longer in the mood for this specific conversation, you have both made it clear where we stand."
Edward cleared his throat and continued again, "Back to the topic of war, I must warn you that the Empire still possesses a very mighty navy, and my top advisors have doubts that your navy will be able to crush them without significant losses. Especially since you now lack the modern vessels which you would have had… Please don't take this as an insult, as one must be realistic, and prepared in war."

Kesley’s face formed slight amusement, a purposeful slip of the mask as he reclined in his seat. “And I will deal with the bickering accordingly once I return to my homeland. I would like to further remind you that although the details have been finalized, the pact must be voted on by various members of the intelligence service due to its nature and their involvement in such information, which is another reason for Rose’s involvement within the confinements of this meeting. Once the voting has concluded, the final copy will be sent to your office for review and the items within it will be finalized. This is not just a political discussion, Mr President. This is one concerning regional and international security by the likes we haven’t seen since the second world war. And by far, Rose is the most capable woman I have met to handle this situation. So, while I appreciate the great concern in how we discipline our staffing within the confinements of the Grudaidhian Government’s Intelligence Agencies, I assure you, I will handle this properly.” The glint in his eye refused to fade. “And I further assure you that the Empire’s naval strength will be properly assessed by our government and ample support will be requested to all assisting allies…”

“To your comment regarding our naval assets being weak, I must reference the tortoise and the hare. The one that works the hardest, doesn’t rush, waits the long game. They are the one that succeeds. Not the one that’s the most powerful, but the one with the strongest mind, the one that is patient, and I assure you, Mr President, my government’s agencies can be patient.” Kesley’s small smile refused to dissipate.

Edward cocked a single brow, growing slightly agitated and confrontational. "Yes, President Kesley, you go and do that. You go and allow your people to vote on a matter, which you have already personally signed into a binding agreement.

I was under the impression that you came to restore relations, yet you come with insults. I'm not sure what your endgame is here Kesley, but you and I both know that Port Ember will never bend the knee - to anyone - on any matter. And believe it or not, I am at the point of giving in to the demands of my traditionalists, and send the entire NOSA alliance to hell, and stand alone once more. My own goddamn enemies are less of an emotional drain than my own so-called allies. As for your wise ass fortune cookie saying, I couldn't care less at this point. I have offered you advice based on the inputs of men who have waged wars countless times. What you do with it, is your concern."

Kesley shot forward in his seat, his eyes turning into a solemn and deep glare. “Edward. I’m currently dealing with an international pandemic, almost 2 million dead citizens, a large scale terror campaign and an incoming war which has gone nuclear, that same incident is one I’m being held accountable for, in which my nation did no such thing. So to be quite frank, I don’t give a rats ass if you want to destroy NOSA or stand alone in the corner like a rebelling child who’s mother wouldn’t give him any more fucking oreos. You listen to me.

For the longest time my nation has acted as a stepping stone for your economy, for the longest time my nation has allowed you to use it and abuse it in order to achieve your horny little capitalist desires. I am here to outline two very clear things, one of them being the fact we are mutuals. I am not here to let you walk over my nation and I am furthermore here to set the record straight. If you can’t handle this new era of Iarann Grudaidh then I will happily decline to renew those contracts before next year, nothing has been finalized because of the enormous backlog that comes with a shift in power and politics.” he grabbed Rose’s bag and pulled out 5 files, carefully scanning them before handing them towards President Flint. “Here’s a large chunk of useful information regarding Geonal. Take it, leave it or burn it, I don’t care. I’m sick of this nonsensical back and forth, furthermore these accusations of insult which have no solid foundations. Rose’s attitude issue will be handled, I have told you this. You’re proving my point that you don’t trust me or my nation in the slightest to handle things properly, that is a prime example of what I have seen since before our original friendship even began.

I’m done, Edward. Completely and utterly done.”

Edward’s lips suddenly formed a soft smile once more as he sunk deeper, more comfortably into the plush couch. He breathed in deeply as he spoke once more, "Finally some progress! Kesley, Allow me to be brutally straight forward here, and tell you that I have been waiting for this honest, straight forward, ballsy stance. I am equally tired of these agenda laced bickering, and only unfiltered, raw, honest emotion can close this rift between us.

Now, I know that you personally hate me, and that you despise every action I was forced to take. But allow me to provide you with a small history lesson, if you would humor me. In the 17th century, Port Ember, under the leadership of the Copperbeard Consortium was hunted and persecuted by nearly the entire civilised world, for a little over a hundred years. Port Ember stood alone. In the 19th century, Port Ember was gripped within the Colonial Wars. Port Ember stood alone. In 1913, Port Ember was caught in its violent war of independence, during the Valentine Revolt. Port Ember stood alone. Later, Port Ember was engaged in two theatres in the Second World War. Port Ember stood alone. In 1950, Port Ember was embroiled in a violent civil war against the communist scum. Port Ember stood alone. In 1970, Port Ember was involved in the Braziliztan war. Port Ember stood alone. Throughout the 90's and early 2000's, Port Ember was engaged in various communist suppression wars. Port Ember stood alone. Eight years ago, Port Ember suffered from the terror campaign against the Hawklands. Port Ember stood alone. Soon after, Port Ember was engaged in the Kyavan Conflict and the Second Braziliztan war. Guess what? Port Ember stood alone. However, everytime an insurrection, civil war or foreign invasion takes place against another nation within the Northern Ocean, Port Ember stands firmly together against the threat. Port Emberian blood is spilled time and again in defence of her allies and neighbours. Do you think my nation enjoys being the "big brother" of the Northern Ocean? Do you think we like being judged and hated, despite all our sacrifices? Yet, it needs to be done! Someone needs to do it. I alone gave enough of a shit for the security in this region for the establishment of NOSA to happen. I alone gave enough of a shit for the prosperity of the region to establish the Consortium. So, to that end, do you honestly think that I wish for Port Ember to strut around as the sole superpower of the region? Do you honestly think that I don't want your nation to be my equal? You are dead wrong my friend. I have waited years for you to grow the balls you require, to stand alongside me as equals. Because, it fucking sucks on top. Contrary to popular belief, I do want you to stand alongside me as equals. I do want you to prosper and roar. I want an equal, prosperous and safe region.

Now, I will defend myself once more, setting the record straight once and for all - with an added request. I have never exploited your nation in order to achieve my capitalist ideals. The Consortium is proof of this. And finally, I will ask you as a friend, and ally and an equal - never threaten my economy ever again. Your mother did - and our nations nearly destroyed the entire region because of it. Let me be very clear here - I don't need your business. I have access to hundreds of markets - I have hundreds of buyers for my goods. Hell, I am running a modern empire in all but name. Now, I don't want to restart this dick measuring contest again - thus I am asking you humbly, do not try to threaten me. In return, you will regain the most loyal ally you can imagine."

Kesley fell back in his seat, his face falling back to some form of neutral as he sat there. “On behalf of my mother, who is not here to defend herself right now, I will point out that woman is under a lot of pressure on an international scale, trust me when I say we’re all worn out and frustrated to a scale unimaginable with the actions of Geonal and the Masked Resistance. My mother heard the news of your nation possibly being linked to the mass death of millions of Grudaidhians, this was one of many straws which broke the camel’s back. That woman has dealt with terror threat after terror threat after rebellion after terror threat, I don’t blame her for the way she acted. It was an incorrect judgement absolutely, but I can’t blame her for it.

I would like to move on from the incidents which are unchangeable and focus on how we can fix and mend the bond that we absolutely need to fix. I agree with you that this is not a healthy way to go, so, in return I will speed up the process in regards to the pact agreement and ensure everything is delivered with precise haste. In return I ask for one thing, patience. My nation is going through what can only be described as a shitstorm right now, the capital is under attack, Vortex and SAU are working overtime and to be completely honest, President Flint, it’s best that my people are able to mourn the losses. This is the biggest single attack in NOSA history, that news won’t go away in a week.” His eyes lit up for a second as he recalled something “Ah yes, right. Rose, could you get me the document regarding the formation of CAAS?”

Rose nodded as she grabbed her bag. Quickly searching for the file and pulling it out. “Here”

Nodding softly, Kesley double checked what was in the file and handed it to President Flint. “As an offering of trust, I would like to let you in on a secret. Iarann Grudaidh is forming a new Special Forces unit. Their duties will remain classified to the highest degree, however, once they are up and running, they will be the most powerful force that Iarann Grudaidh has to offer. These guys are the nightmares of elite soldiers, and trust me when I say it’s spectacular that this power remains in the grip of Iarann Grudaidh and Northern Ocean. I can’t tell you what they do, but I can tell you that they do it well, and will continue to do it well for decades to come.

It’s high time my nation started acting like the world superpower we have become, this is a step in that direction.”

Edward nodded as he replied, with a noticeable lighter tone than before, "Well, I cannot comment on something of which I may know nothing about offcourse. But it sounds like a step in the right direction. Whatever is done, this war needs to end right now. Every moment that we allow our enemies to strut around, the more lives are lost. The fact that the nuclear attack occured is most troublesome in particular. That, combined with the Regicide has many in the international community rifled. People are starting to panic, and that always leads to idiotic decisions. We need to stabilise the region militarily, politically and economically with immediate effect.

To that end, I can propose a few immediate solutions in fact. As for the political sphere, you and me should do a quick hand-shake photgraph session for the media, indicating a public showing of the rekindling of our alliance. I will also inform NOSA of this matter, and that all charges and inquiries against each other will be dropped - by both parties. Economically, I will personally reconfirm and revouch my trust in your markets, in an effort to get my markets support for your economy back on track. Sadly, this will require you to settle your fine with the Consortium… That way, we can have your suspension lifted, and attempt to get the GFTC to run full steam ahead once more."
The vibration of Rose’s phone silenced the room as she immediately gripped her handbag. “Sorry about that…” Glancing at the caller ID, her eyes slowly widened “Excuse me for a second, I have to take this.”

“Hello?” she listened to the voice on the other end of the line, “yes, I’m with him. Yes. No. We’re in a meeting with the Port Emberian President. Can this wa-” a moment of silence before “I understand, sir.”

“Apologies, President Flint… Rose, what’s happening?'' The concern was evident in Kesley’s voice, the tension in the room reached a peak. The room was dead silent. “Rose.”

“President Kesley, I need you to come with me, now.” she turned around as she grabbed her bag, the security guards abruptly bursting in. “I know.” she stated as they nodded, holding the doors open wide in preparation for their departure.

“I don’t, mind telling me what’s happening Rose?”

“I can’t, sir. Later”

“Rose, tell me what the fuck is happening I swear to god.”

“Sir I must really urge that we go right now, I can tell you later, once you’re safe.”

“Rose, tell me what in god’s name has happened.”

“It’s your mother, Kesley. Now lets go.”

“What about my mother?”

“She’s dead.”

Port Ember helped massively with this post. Thank you my guy.
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Postby Geonal » Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:15 pm

“In a shocking attack against the heart of the great nation of Geonal, over 5 million of Geonals citizens have died.” The radio crackled slightly as she took a small sip of her glass of whiskey. Her suit jacket discarded beside her as her lips connected with the rim of the glass. “The Geonal Health System has shut down rescue operations near the core of the explosion, stating that no person could have survived the length it took them to maneuver into what has been dubbed Location Zero.” glancing out the window, she stared at the visible flames in the far distance, barely noticeable, yet ever present.

“Among the deaths of the people of Geonal is Empress Jane Falcon. Executed by sniper fire…” The silence was sluggish as the sirens blared below. “The government has ordered that all protests cease to allow families to rest and mourn. Furthermore, a national curfew of 6pm has been issued… Iarann Grudaidh is believed to be responsible.” the radio was interrupted by the loud humming of her phone. Swiftly picking it up, she answered.

“Julia Wraith.” she spoke calmly as she rested her legs on the table next to her. “What do you need?”

“Your transport is waiting, Empress.”

Blast Day…
I sat within the quaint comforts of my ambulance as the afternoon rain finally came to an end. My favourite part of the day was the lunch break, the moment I can truly unwind and be myself. "Dan, here." my partner handed me my coffee, our usual routine. I didn't even notice him come in. I took the coffee, thanked him and took the first sip. "Finally that weather stopped."

I chuckled softly "even the rain doesn't want to interfere with the Empress' broadcast today." I set down the coffee in the nearby cup holder and relax for a second, breathing in the air that flowed through the cracked open window. "Finally this country looks peaceful for once. Even with this whole Iarann Grudaidh business…"

"Yknow… the riots will get worse and worse, and so will the injuries… People are stupid sometimes man." my partner is Oscar Davidson, we've known each other for about a decade, best friends since age 20. "I just wish this whole thing with Iarann Grudaidh will die out already."

"There's some rumour that the Geonal government has connections to that rebellion group… The Masked one…"

"Highly doubt it, they're better than that."

the crackle of the radio interrupted our conversation. "control to 4006."

Sighing softly, I picked it up. "4006, go."

"Be advised, multi-car RTC at the intersection between Peterstone and Falcon Avenues involving a school bus."

"Copy… Responding N-"

The horizon turned into a white flash. "4006 to control…" Silence. Overwhelming silence as the white ball began to grow, faster and faster, no sign of halting. "control be advised…"

The shockwave hit first.

The blinding light grew.

The ambulance flipped over.

My world went dark.

Present Day...

“Do you, Julia Wraith, promise to uphold the position of Empress of Geonal, and every responsibility it holds, for as long as you shall live?”

“I do.”

“And do you, Julia Wraith, promise to take down the threats that oppose Geonal by any means necessary?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you Empress Julia Wraith. May your reign be long and rightful, your majesty.”

“Citizens of Geonal and the world beyond. As you all may know by now, I have been pronounced the new Empress of Geonal upon the late Empress Jane’s request. I want to make one thing clear. The attacks which have swept my nation with poverty, my people with sickness, my government with financial burden and in which my Empress was brutally tortured by being forced to eat her daughter’s remains, before being ruthlessly and unnecessary eliminated by sniper-fire are the responsibility of none other than the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance.

Their babariac attempts at an undemocratic resolution have made their global stance clear. They see Geonal as a testing dummy, a solitary stick of one governmental slip up brings innocent civilians into a world of hurt. A declaration of war which went silent for months, until they made the first move.

To the global governments I ask you, what if it was your government? Northern Ocean has caused continuous pain for nations like mine. What if your nation is next on the chopping block? Once they find no more use in hurting my civilians, do you want them to turn to yours?

Lift the trade sanctions. Allow my people to suffer no longer. They do not deserve to be treated like cockroaches under Northern Ocean’s boot.

To Astares Americanum, Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh and their rightful governments. I wish to make one thing clear. There is no diplomatic way out of what you have done. Unlike my predecessor, I doubt everything that has happened was Iarann Grudaidh. Your time has expired, now my government will be making the next move.”

She left the podium, the room heavy and silent.

“Our airforce can attack the fleets which are attacking our ships? Good. Send out Squadrons Falcon and Phoenix. Eliminate them with extreme prejudice. No enemy survivors.

As for the dead Vice President? I had a willing contact in Iarann Grudaidh to take care of what needed to be done. They were captured, even if they talk there’s no solid proof. I made sure of it.

Now for Astares Americanum. I want to put them in a world of hurt. Draft an attack plan and get back to me.”
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Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:39 am

The dark, damp room was silent as Kesley sat there. His hair messy and frayed as his boyfriend soothingly stroked his back. “How did she die?” he glanced upward at now Director Rose, who sighed softly and sat next to him.

“We have reason to believe that she had been poisoned. This was an assassination.” the room fell into an uncomfortable, choking silence once again as the President gripped firmly onto the glass of water in his hand. “Geonal is responsible. It’s up to you what we do with this information.”

“We’re playing a game of tit for tat.” he spoke solemnly as he set the glass down on the table next to him, his hand shaking softly. “Slaughter that government like animals, they have attacked the very foundations of this nation. It’s time we slaughter them once and for all. Activate all operations for CAAS, SAU and Vortex. Triple security around Iarann Grudaidh and begin working with Port Ember and Astares Americanum regarding a large scale invasion. Do we have proof that this was an attack by Geonal?”

Rose sighed softly and handed Kesley a report. Inside detailed how an undercover agent got a job as a chef and served the drink to Georgia, he was later arrested and through intense interrogation he admitted to being a member of Geonal’s Special Forces. “I’m very sorry sir.”

Kesley nodded softly, setting the paper down on the table as the room fell silent once again. “Your announcement speech begins in 4 minutes, sir, are you sure you want to do this right now? I can get someone to go up for you…”

“This isn’t a thing of whether or not I would like to, Rose. I have to. The nation needs to know from me.”

Kesley stood up on the podium as his leg jittered, hidden from sight. “Good evening citizens of Iarann Grudaidh and the world beyond. I hope you are all enjoying your nightly meals at the time of you hearing this, or whatever else you may be doing at this time. Furthermore, I hope the information I am about to state will not fall on deaf ears.”

He paused for a moment, sighing softly. “It is with great regret I am here to inform you today of the death of my mother, former Supreme Leader and Vice President Georgia Gruadaidh.” stopping once again, a single tear fell from his face as he wiped it softly, the room fell into a moist and uncomfortable silence as the news reporters stood there, their eyes said it all. This was the last thing anyone ever expected. “My mother was poisoned yesterday by an undercover agent sent by the government of Geonal under the false illusion that my nation had anything to do with the death of the Empress and Princess as well as any ties to the nuclear blast which tragically killed many of their citizens.”

“I repeat, Geonal killed the 2nd in charge of Iarann Grudaidh, advocate of human rights and my own mother under false illusions with no evidential backing.” he stopped for a moment as he gripped firmly onto the podium, his eyes falling down in front of him, before bouncing back upward to the cameras. “I hope it brings at least some comfort to know that the undercover agent has been captured and has admitted to the murder, which is how we have connected them to Geonal.

As your president, I believe it to be right to warn you ahead of time of the nature of this incident. And furthermore inform you that Iarann Grudaidh is moving to a full offensive against Geonal. This war has only begun.”

The heavy breathing of gasmasked individuals acquainted the clang of the shells dropping to the floor. Lights scanned through the darkened room before a monotone, low voice spoke. “Clear.”

The figures moved out methodically and further into the stronghold, quickly moving positions as they advanced down the narrow hallway, yellow gas spewed out the vents. “57% 02 remaining, sir.”

“Copy.” the large group of agents split into two different squadrons as they cleared two rooms simultaneously. Rounds of silent gunfire burst out as the stronghold fell silent once again. “Advance into stage delta. Plant the evidence then let's evac.”

At that moment, one of the operatives set down a single fingerprint - that of the Masked Resistance commander known as Callum Michael. This wasn’t any regular operation. The crackle of their earpiece interrupted their thoughts as she spoke. “Your welcome for getting you that DNA sample, Bennett. It wasn’t easy. I’m sure the Chimera Advanced Assault Squadron’s first operation has gone as we had hoped?”

“Yes, ma’am. Evaccing now, will meet at Recon Point 5660 for exvil to homeland.”



Subject: Operation: Georgia’s Might

Encryption Level: ULTIMATE

Regarding the latest success of Operation: Georgia’s Might and Mission Alpha, which entailed the mass extermination and execution of Geonal agents within the confinements of their former military base. The evidence has been successfully planted as requested to be found by forensic teams.

A formal rundown of the happenings will be detailed below

0112 - Gas deployed
0114 - Forces first made entry
0117 - Hostiles eliminated
0118 - Evidence planted
0119 - Forces exited.

Overall Mission Time - 7 minutes.

The mission had the following phases;

Alpha - Entry
Beta - Mass Extermination
Charlie - Mass clearing
Delta - Evidence Planting
Echo - Evacuation

A full detailed report has been attached in the encrypted document below. The next phases of the operation will be carried out in the following days in order to dismantle and disrupt Geonal/Masked Resistance trust and teamwork.

Please get back to me regarding the status of Operation: Red Blade.

She smiled softly, taking a sip from the wine glass as she slipped her hand across the table. “What do you say we… get out of here, go somewhere quiet.”

The nod of her lover was almost instant as he swiftly grabbed his bag, setting down cash for the bill before they hastily exited the restaurant. “What did you have in mind, my sweet?”

She smiled softly and pulled him down the alleyway. “I don’t want people overhearing us, baby…” she smiled softly, her hand landing on his neck, a small grin plastering both of their faces. “Now, to tell you the truth…” she paused for a moment as her smile fell. “The Chimera Advanced Assault Squadron send their regards.” Before he could react, a small dagger shot out of her ring and into his neck, her soft coos quietly silenced his struggles. “Nobody’s here to help you anymore.”

He made a soft grunt before his body fell to the floor, she wiped the blood off her hand and pulled out a small communications device. “Iris to command, job completed. Target eliminated.”

Iris listened to the radio as the announcer declared the death of her latest target. “This just in. Taylor Lopez, political leader for the Masked Resistance was found dead this evening with a single puncture wound to the neck.

His body, found inside the Empire of Geonal, was found in the alleyway of a nearby restaurant known as The Rose.

Geonal authorities have refused to comment regarding the matter, however, there is heavy speculation that the Masked Resistance were involved in the attack of a Geonal Military Base, killing all those inside. It appears this could be a revenge attack.

Back to John in the studio.”

“Empress Julia Alexandra Wraith. Designated Survivor with no official ties to the now deceased Empress Jane Falcon.” Iris set down Wraith’s file with a hearty thwack as Rose carefully inspected the photo on the front of it. “I met her once during an undercover assassination operation in western Geonal. She’s like us, Rose.”

Rose’s eyes darted upwards, a small smile on her face. “How so?”

“She’s a master of manipulation, infiltration, has a lengthy list of potential victims in regards to murder, assault and torture.” she made sure to emphasise the last part. “I doubt Julia Wraith is her real name, more likely a codename like ours.”

“So what you’re saying is that Geonal is under the direct and complete control of a homicidal beast with no intention of diplomatic resolution.”

“Correct.” she sighed for a second. “And Port Ember has cornered their ships, a cornered beast is an unpredictable one, now with the new head of state… Things will get ugly. I’d say that Port Ember should pull their fleet away, they’ve sent their message and done the necessary damage… But you know what they’re like.”

“I assigned you to Chimera for a good reason, Iris.” she smiled “because you know how to get a job done. That’s what CAAS needs right now. But to be quite frank, we can’t take this new leadership sitting down.”

“I agree.”

“President Kesley wants to look at this report, he will most likely pass this along to our allies in Port Ember and Astares Americanum, I’ll bring a copy to him by sundown… I just have one final question.”

“Go for it.”

“How large of a threat is this new leader, compared to what we were dealing with before?” Rose sat up in her seat, careful not to hit her bump against the desk in front of her as she looked at Iris.

“Being brutally honest… if I were to rate pre-Julia Geonal out of ten it’d be a solid 7… Now we’re sitting at a 9. She’s dangerous, angry, bloodthirsty and knows how to cover her tracks.”

“In other words if we don’t get our asses in gear…” Director Rose paused for a second, fixing her hair. “We’re fucked.”

“Royally. One more thing ma’am.” her voice became visibly shaky for the first time during that meeting.

“Go for it” the Director’s interest peaked as she sat up in her seat.

“She was the Commanding Officer of Operations Hidden Angel and Urban Rain while working with the Geonal Intelligence Agency.” she paused for a second “She told me herself during an undercover operation, just before I killed her boss.”

“Why did she tell you?”

“Because she thought I was one of them. The operation is known as Operation Rainfall, you should have access to it, my report is available there.”

“Iris, you’re close to this, make sure you don’t fuck up.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The day was as dim as ever as Georgia’s hearse made its way to her burying place. Crowds of onlookers watched as the convoy slowly moved by. The command car, the hearse and the limousine containing the family moved slowly as the Grudaidhian national anthem played softly. A tune previously filled with hope and gleefulness now forced those mourning to tears.

There was no cheering, little to no noise except that of sobbing and screaming. Flags which previously flew high, fallen to half mast.

The people were the most powerful part. The vast majority of them are wearing black. This wasn’t just the family’s loss, but an entire nation’s. Their choked sobs, broken eyes and shaky hands said all that needed to be known. If you asked any one of them which emotion was most prominent regarding the assassination, they’d say the same thing.


“We’re pulling up at the funeral site.” the President’s bodyguard spoke softly as she surveyed the surrounding area. “Sir, you don’t have to do the speech if you don’t want to.” her eyes turned to the broken president in front of her.

“This isn’t a matter of what I want to do. It’s what I have to do.”

6 hours later…

“Their new Empress is Miss Julia Alexandra Wraith… Late 30s.” Rose set down the picture in front of President Kesley. “Marked Designated Survivor by the Late Empress Jane Falcon, Miss Wraith presents a set of skills like no other.”

“How so?” the President’s tone remained cold, evidently not impressed that the chess match against Geonal had taken such a drastic turn.

“Miss Wraith was CO in operations Hidden Angel and Urban Rain.”

“You mean she…”

“Yes, our understanding is that she ordered the assassination against your mother, the late Vice President Georgia Grudaidh under Urban Rain... As well as the attack against the ex-Supreme Family, being the ringleader of the attack which saw the assassination of your younger brother and other members of your royal family in Operation Hidden Angel.”

“How do you know?”

“Information extracted from an old friend who knew her, sir.”

“And how did they find this out?”

“An agent codenamed Iris who was the Commanding Officer in Operation Rainfall, she had met Julia during her operations deep in Geonal territory before killing Miss Wraith’s boss.” she pulled out the thick file and placed it on his desk. “There’s everything you need to know, sir”

“One question, Rose.”


“I’m considering reactivating the Special Weapons Division, would this be a good idea?”

She paused for a moment, before answering “If you make them elite forces, not just special forces, give them the latest weaponry and tech, then we would be able to counter a lot more than before. Consider this a chess game, and you’ve given yourself a bishop. Julia Wraith is bloodthirsty, angry and terrifying, she’s the new queen on the board. It won’t stop her dead in her tracks, but she’d have to think more carefully about her moves.

Another piece of advice, talk to Port Ember in regards to pulling their ships away from the Geonal fleet before Julia has time to form a solid counter attack. Allow their men to come home, they’ve sent their message.”

“I’ll see what I can do, dismissed, thank you.”

From the Office of the President of Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Grudaidh
President; Iarann Grudaidh

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

Subject: Agreement Update, Apology and Geonal Leadership Shift
Encryption Level: Maximum

Dear President Flint,

I hope this correspondence finds you in good health.

I would like to first of all apologize for the interruption in our previous meeting the other day. Although I had looked forward to continuing the meeting, under the objectively abhorrent circumstances of that day, I could not.

Secondly, I wish to notify you that the agreements between our nations have been finalized on our side and a copy will be sent to you as soon as it is ready. My apologies for the delay.

Thirdly, I would like to speak to you in regards to the new Geonal leadership. Findings have emerged recently that Miss Julia Alexandra Wraith is directly responsible for the assassinations of my late Supreme Family which took place last year. We also believe her to be responsible for the attack which had killed my mother, the late Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh.

Julia Wraith has heavy ties to the Geonal Intelligence Agency, little is known about her and she has no known ties to the late Empress, however, her operations span far and wide, most likely having something to do with the attack against Ember Port and the Duff Gardens Attack. With this new information, I must urge you to hastily withdraw your naval fleet from any ongoing engagements with Geonal before Julia can engage in a counter attack, she will be swift, ruthless and will execute any of your ships she can get a grip on.

Military experts have already acknowledged the likely counter attack which will take place in the following days in order to save what little they can of their severely damaged fleet, furthermore in an attempt to abolish your own.

We also have reason to believe she is working to plan further attacks against Port Ember, Iarann Grudaidh and Astares Americanum within the coming weeks. We’re already estimating high civilian loss of life.

These attacks are likely to be a further push against our nations for the assassination of their Empress and the nuclear attack.

Empress Wraith has different tactics and goals than the late Empress Falcon, we don’t fully know what to expect, she is an extreme threat to the safety of Northern Ocean, allow your sailors to come home now and prepare for future, more troublesome engagements. They have done your nation and Northern Ocean proud, however, we must remember to have our limits.

However, if you do not like the idea of your ships returning to port, I would not be against offering assistance to stir away any potential counter attacks.

This war is far from over. I have attached a full report made by Director Rose for your review.

Best Regards,

Kesley Taylor
President of Iarann Grudaidh


Intelligence Report - Port Ember Viewing Granted
Granted By: K. Taylor at 2147 hours

Document Case File: #520
Document Overseer: Rose
Document Subject: Julia Alexandra Wraith

Good evening,

Firstly, welcome to the document in regards to Empress Wraith, containing all necessary information and movements that our intelligence operations have gathered over the years.

I would like to start off by confirming the information that the name “Julia Alexandra Wraith” is fictitious. It’s existence formed in 2019 under the supervision of the Geonal Intelligence Agency. Our sources have not been able to gather her birthname, however, we have tracked down her official codename to Victorum.

Our earliest known encounters with Miss Victorum start off in late 2019 under Operation [REDACTED] in which Operator [REDACTED] had infiltrated the Geonal Intelligence Agency and executed the boss of Victorum.

Recently established information has been able to connect Victorum as the Commanding Officer of two notable acts of terrorism against the Grudaidhian govenment. These operations are known as ‘Operation: Urban Rain’ & ‘Operation: Hidden Angel’

Lets begin with Operation: Urban Rain - hereby shortened to U.R.

U.R. is the most recent notable attack against Iarann Grudaidh. U.R. saw the infiltration of the building’s staff team, most notably the kitchen staff and the poisoning of the late Georgia. Intelligence shows that this attack was years in the making. They had someone join early 2019 and slowly gain trust within the complex, before eliminating the Vice President.

Original speculation was this was a revenge attack for the late Empress Falcon, however, studying time restraints, such a counter attack would be impossible in the timespan given.

The second operation, Operation: Hidden Angel is hereby shortened to H.A.

H.A. is the bloodiest assassination operation that the Geonal government has ever sanctioned. This operation saw the mass-execution of all members of the late Supreme Family, however, it only half worked. The elimination of the younger brother of President Kesley is the most notable part of this due to his closeness to the title of Supreme Leader, had two bullets hit Kesley and his older brother instead, this could be a very different tale.

As stated before, Victorum is the Commanding Officer of both of these operations, which - to the active bystander - raises the question of “Why was she made the Designated Survivor?”

The answer is simple, Empress Falcon made sure she was.

Falcon is more clever than we gave her credit for, she knew how to run a circus. The elimination of the old designated survivor, the late Robert Chapman was the first step on her agenda. Chapman was an angered, aged gentleman, swiftly eliminated by Empress Falcon.

The exact details of his death are unknown, however it is known that Victorum was made Designated Survivor upon the announcement of his death.

She knew her days were numbered, so she made them count. She had set up to give the office to someone who knew how to properly go against Northern Ocean, our values, our way of life, our people.

We can not confirm nor deny Victorum’s responsibility for the Ember Port bombings, nor the attack in central Duff Gardens killing millions of citizens respectively, however, we can deem it as highly likely.

If I am to give you one recommendation as the closing statement of this document, it’d be this. Don’t let this woman out of your sight. She is dangerous, she is bloodthirsty, she is ruthless. She knows how to get answers, how to make people feel pain. Northern Ocean is on her radar, and if we don’t act swiftly and decisively our days could become numbered. We have seen what Falcon is capable of, but Victorum is more brutal than any threat our nations have faced before.


"I'm sorry ma'am. Your baby has passed away." Rose listened to the words of the doctor as she sat there in front of her. "the baby seemingly caught an infection and had passed away throughout the night."

Her silent gaze said it all. "tell me this is a sick joke."

"I'm so sorry." the silence in the room was deafening. "I'm going to be right back but I'm going to guide you through this okay?"


“Good evening, Operatives.” Commander Nicole Moore paced calmly around the room, the small smile on her face obvious. “As we know by now, The SWD has been reactivated.

Every single one of you is part of the next generation of soldiers for this Division. Although this division had shut down 20 years ago, the President saw it necessary to reactivate it. Our task is simple, respond to threats on a global scale and live up to the expectations of our ancestors.” She stopped at the front of the room again, looking at the soldiers in front of her.

“I am Commander Moore, the commander of this task force within the Division. You are now known as Task Force 47. From now on, this is your base of operations, The tower we are currently standing in is called the Judgement Mast. Utilized by the SWD before our shutdown, then taken over by Vortex, before generously given back to us.”

“This is one of the most secure buildings in Iarann Grudaidh, security teams work around the clock to protect the building and it’s inhabitants, attempting to attack this place would be foolish. We are further protected from air attacks by our various long, short and medium range SAM launchers.”

She paused for a second as the SWD logo appeared on screen “You are no longer members of Special Forces, you are Elite Forces. Our tasks are different, our goals are different and our operations are far more sensitive.”

“Firstly, I’d like to welcome you to Operation Urban Shadow. This is a revenge operation for the deaths of the Vice President and Ex-Supreme Family. You will be working with 4 other task forces on this operation... This is where it gets real.” she stopped for a moment as the face of numerous deceased members of the now disbanded Supreme Family, including the Vice President, appeared on screen. “Our objective? The complete destruction of the Masked Resistance and elimination of Empress Julia Wraith for the executions of the President’s family, and our own Vice President.

Full briefing is at 0700 hours, be sharp. I will not tolerate failure, nor lateness.”
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She smiled softly at Edward Carlille as she paced the room, her posture remained straight and narrow. “You know, Edward, there’s a reason I focused years worth of attention on Project Torrent.” her eased pace contrasted with her strict and stern movements. “Because the technology used within Torrent is the cyber equivalent of a thermonuclear bomb, just plug it in, go through the security features and there you have the ability to bring the Information Era to it’s knees.”

“What do you mean… Ma’am?”

“I’m talking cities, Carlille, Port Ember Megalopolis, Duff Gardens District, Columbia District. Their power structure would be on it’s fucking knees in minutes at the click of a mouse.” she turned to face him as he sat on the office chair in front of her desk. “Automatic Doors? Jammed, Security Locks? Failed. Street Lights? Out. Power? Gone. Heat? Nada, name anything that uses technology and I’ll have it begging for mercy within a split second.”

“I see… Attacking them like this would have severe consequences, though… However, this would be a useful last resort.”

“We’re past last resort territory Edward” she spoke with an amused scoff “they nuked our capital city, what more do you want me to do, send them a fucking box of flowers? Get real.” she took a swift drink of the whiskey on the windowsill before quickly setting it down. "I will make those three feel a pain a thousand times worse than anything they've put on the table."


“General Edward, I let you know about this because you run the GIA, not because I want your opinion. I am giving you preparation time, don’t fuck it up.”

“Yes, of course ma’am.”

“Y’know, my first target is the one that expects it the least, yet deserves it the most... Port Ember.

Astares, well, they haven’t royally fucked us over yet. Iarann Grudaidh… I have bigger things planned for them. This is Port Ember’s present, wrapped in a bow and all.”

“I’ll make sure everything is ready for the deployment of Torrent.”

“Good. Dismissed.” she scowled softly as he left the room, as the door shut quietly behind him she began pondering her next moves. It’d be obvious the attack came directly from Geonal, giving Port Ember reason for invasion… but since her relations with the Masked Resistance were dying, she would be able to manipulate them into targeting a Geonal building.

She sat at her desk and quickly made a call. “Kingfisher, remember me? It’s time. I want you to plant the idea in their heads to target one of our cybersecurity bases, make sure to encourage them to steal a few things. Wraith out.”

Once the call was completed, she made yet another. “Patrick, our relations with the Masked Resistance are dying, give them something to be angry about so they fall into our trap. Two birds with one stone.”

“Yes, madam Empress. Right away.” setting the phone down and abruptly standing, she walked over and grabbed at the whiskey before taking a final drink.

"Your days are numbered, Edward."

The Geonal Cybersecurity Centre had been breached as Masked Resistance agents sweeped through the building, grabbing what they could find. The blaring alarms overwhelmed the ears of all those placed within its concrete walls. "2 minutes till exvil"

The job was quick, clean and ruthless, the ties between the Masked Resistance and Geonal truly and utterly shattered.

They evacuated as quickly as they came, their path of destruction evident.

Empress Wraith’s phone vibrated softly on her desk. The voice on the other end spoke almost immediately "Victorum. The operation is a resounding success."

"Good work. Out."

Before she could put her phone down, her eyes landed on the photo of her late mother.

Then came the flashes,,, Death Day.

The screeching sirens blared throughout the city as the dust scattered through the sky. It was the shockwave which hit the hardest.

"Janet, can you hear me?" the paramedic sat above a much younger Victorum. "my name is David and I'm gonna make sure you're okay, alright?" she nodded softly

"wheres my mum? How do you know my name" her voice was confused, soft, timid

"let's focus on you for now, sweetheart." he paused for a second before abruptly changing the subject as he began treating her injuries "How old are you, Janet?"

"16 today… Me and my mum were going for Lunch…"

she snapped back into reality as she glanced across her office for a quick second, setting her phone down as her hand moved to cover her mouth.

She went back in as quickly as she exited.

"Today is the 28th of October, 1995. First up, the case of the terror attack against the capital city, which pronounced 18 dead last week has gained a new lead." she listened to the TV reporter as she sat in silence. "The attack is believed to be members of the rogue terror group known as the Lilac Front, a pro-Northern Ocean terror group notorious for its members being ex Iarann Grudaidhian military. Liam Carson, the man responsible for the attack, was confirmed yesterday evening as an ex high ranking Special Forces operative under the Special Weapons Division."

she hadn't heard her real name in so long, till this day she didn't know how the paramedic knew it. Maybe it was because her mother told him, before she passed… He did seem extra emotional, but who wouldn't be when they were responding to a backpack bomb attack with numerous dead or injured.

She smiled softly. Backpack bomb. The same she used against the Port Emberians and Iarann Grudaidhians during the Masked Resistance attacks.

Karma? In her eyes, absolutely.

Because of those governments failing to control their agents and allowing them to form a now disbanded terror group, she lost the only person who mattered to her… Her mother.

"So, Janet, as already mentioned… If you want to continue through the ranks of the Geonal Intelligence Agency, you will have to part ways with your old name. That name will be scrubbed from existence, including your birth certificate and any digital footprint you have made. Your family will be told you are MIA and are currently being searched for by Geonal military, after a while you will be presumed dead. You are to have no contact with them. Is this understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, welcome… Agent Victorum."

Once again, she snapped back into reality and mumbled to herself. “25 years ago…” before glancing away from the photo. She quickly grabbed her phone, scrolled through it and hit call. “It’s time. The Masked Resistance have fallen for our trap and we can now announce the large scale theft of numerous Geonal cyber-weapons… Including Torrent. Nobody knew the location, I doubt that the Masked Resistance even knew what they were stealing.

Deploy Torrent in two hours, target Port Ember’s capital. Their day of reckoning has arrived.”

She hung up before the person on the other end could reply, a small smile appeared on her face as one of her bodyguards entered her office, indicating that the stage is set to make her speech.

She arrived there quicker than expected, a soft scowl carefully placed on her face. “Good evening to you all. As you are all aware by now, an attack against Geonal’s CyberSecurity base took place within the capital. We can now confirm the identities of the attackers as members of the Masked Resistance terror group.

They have became increasingly hostile towards our agents and attacked the Cyber Security base in search of one thing. They have gained access to and grabbed a Cyber WMD by the name of Torrent. Torrent can cause a catastrophic attack against any given target in a matter of seconds.

With this newfound information, and the fact that this weapon could be used against Geonal at any time, I am green lighting the use of special forces in order to eliminate the Masked Resistance threat and recapture Torrent.

We are unsure of their motives, furthermore, we are unsure of their plan… However, we do know that the Masked Resistance is an anarchist terror group, with no plans on stopping any time soon. Attacks against Iarann Grudaidh, Port Ember, Astares Americanum, Geonal and any other nation they deem a threat will continue to occur until their complete and utter extinction.

I make a promise to my enemies who align themselves with, or are members of, Northern Ocean… I promise to you, that I will do everything in my power to uphold our common interest in eliminating the Masked Resistance threat.

It may be that my predecessor was blindsided by anti-Grudaiadhian rage and didn’t do anything to this terror group, it may be that she didn’t want to intervene with something threatening the Grudaidhian way of life. Or even the ridiculous claim that we were working alongside the Masked Resistance terror group… However, I see a different approach… An approach of no more civilian casualties, terrorism has no place in Geonal.

Thank you.”
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The sounds of their grunting moved throughout the padded walls as President Taylor swiftly threw a solid punch towards his trainer. Striking quickly and relentlessly, before quickly kicking his trainer to her knees.

Before he could finish the job, the trainer had kicked him back, swiftly getting back up. Moving in once again, before ducking down, avoiding another punch, and decisively sweeping his trainer off her feet and onto the ground.

Quickly pulling his pocket knife from its holster, which remained at the back of his leggings, he placed the blade to her neck. "Checkmate"

"Impressive work, President. Your mother would be impressed."

he nodded softly, holstering his knife and grabbing his nearby water bottle. "No, she would've told me my punches were sloppy."

"Were they?"

"Maybe so."

He smiled softly. One of his guards approached with haste and handed him his phone. “You have a call, sir.”

He smiled and thanked him. "Hello?"

"Sir, we have a situation. We need to meet… Immediately. Please meet me in Briefing Room Alpha." the voice at the end of the line spoke before abruptly hanging up.

He sighed softly, taking a sip of his water, before throwing on a black hoodie, fitted with the Presidential Seal.

He entered the briefing room to see his usual guard team alongside Commander Nicole Moore of the Special Weapons Division.

"Ah, Commander. I knew I recognised the voice, good to see you. Apologies for the delay, I was in training."

"Its fine sir, apologies for disrupting your usual activities but this couldn't wait. If you'll look at the screen, please." the screen lit up with an image of the cyber security complex of Geonal, after the attack. "It has just been confirmed that the Cyber Security Complex within their capital was attacked earlier today… All the guards were mercilessly slaughtered and a large amount of their equipment taken."

Kelsey took a seat as she moved to the next slide. "A win for us right? Not exactly.

The attackers are confirmed to be the Masked Resistance, a large group of their Formal Attack Group, the terror group's version of special forces, attacked the complex and stole numerous items. Most notably… Project Torrent."

"Project Torrent?" Kesley inquired, he had not heard of anything like this before.

"Our tech department has described this thing as more deadly than the hydrogen bomb. It targets the infrastructure of large cities and can wipe out a city's power in meer seconds. Street lights, life support, websites, servers, mainframes, anything that is plugged in and uses technology will go down."

He paused for a moment. "How is that possible..."

"Its a Trojan Horse. Part of Geonal Intelligence's department of Electronic Warfare. This attack will make the nuclear explosion in Geonal look like a summer holiday. It has the power to send us to the dark ages."

"Commander Moore, you want permission to enter Geonal territory and extract Project Torrent, I can see it in your face.

You have the green light. Grab the package and exvil, we can not trust Project Torrent in the hands of the Masked Resistance nor Geonal."

“Sir, if the Masked Resistance do have this weapon… They will launch it as soon as they can in fear a strike team will find them. I can not promise you we will get there in time.”

He sighed softly “It’s not like we can raise the threat level because we’re already at the highest one… Attempts to thwart the attack would take too long… This will be the next attack, and they’ll either take Geonal, Iarann Grudaidh, Port Ember or Astares Americanum…

It amuses me that Geonal and the Masked Resistance are angry at one another. It seems Geonal may be burning bridges. Smart move.

Now… Commander… As crazy as this may sound, could this be a set up from Geonal… Again, crazy… But I can’t leave any option undiscussed.”

“Possible, but unlikely, I’d doubt they’d work together seeing the killings between the two that have been occurring over the last little while. Their ties fell apart by their choice, Geonal made their bed, they’re gonna have to lie in it.”

“Thank you, Commander.”

The door was shut as the president sat at the foot of his bed. His eyes were fixated, locked onto the photo across from him. His softened, exhausted eyes stared at the photo, it’s golden frame containing none other than his mother.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Weak.” a voice mocked him, seemingly coming from the seat in the corner of the luxuriously crafted bedroom. His eyes shot open to reveal none other than his mother. “You’re weak.” she spoke again, her semi-transparent form sitting on the pure white chair.


She nodded. “Your strategies, everything… They’re flawed.” she took a sip of a semi-transparent wine glass, her eyes glaring directly into his own. “Geonal will strike, there is no doubt about it… So strike first.”

“How?” She smiled as she took a sip of her wine glass, before turning into nothingness.

The president shot awake in a cold sweat as he frantically glanced in the direction of the armchair. She was gone, there was no sign of her being there either.

“Interview commences at 4:34pm Grudaidhian Standard Time, I am DCI Julia Brown, in the room are DI Ewan Wright, DI Morgan Brown and myself of the Grudaidh Investigation Unit’s Anticorruption Division. Second Lieutenant Diana Scott and Operative Owen Moore, Operative Rayna Shaw, Operative David Corbett of the Special Weapons Divisions Anti-Terror Task Force. Finally, Stephanie Doyle and her legal solicitor Miss Tara Ryan. Same cautions apply.” The wide, spacious interview room had the company of 9 individuals. The three operatives stood at the corners of the room as Second Lieutenant Scott sat at the end of the interrogation table with the three members of the Anticorruption Division.

Legal Solicitor Miss Ryan was the first to speak. “I must say, the amount of company in this room is a bit overkill, is it not? Not to mention the elite forces agents standing outside that door alongside members of the Special Tactics Agency.”

Bouncing right off her, DCI Brown responded “As this case is regarding the largest terror attack in Grudaidhian history during a state of war when our government has declared the highest terror alert level this country has to offer, not to mention the accusation revolving around an attack with a death count of over 1 million, I hope you can appreciate that the proper parties regarding the corresponding incident are present during the questioning of Stephanie Doyle.”

“I believe we agreed beforehand that you were going to refer to me as my standing rank, that being Detective Superintendent.” Stephanie spoke up, before taking a soft drink of her water.

“Due to the nature of this incident, including accusations of yourself aiding in a mass terror incident utilizing explosive weaponry and the fact that you were officially stood down from your position of Detective Superintendent, I must note that there will be no attempt to call you by that rank to prevent confusion in further proceedings and to eliminate any and all accusations of personal relations it may bring.” DCI Julia Brown calmly stated. “If there are no objections, we can begin the proceeding.”

The room continued to be silent as Second Lieutenant Scott began “Alright, Miss Doyle, you were arrested by operatives of SWD Task Force 14 in connection to the attack on the capital of Duff Gardens, in which you are believed to have aided the terrorist organization known as the Masked Resistance alongside 3 other senior officers within the Grudaidhian Police Services. These officers being Major Davidson, Colonel Peters and Colonel Adams, two remain in militarized custody however Major Davidson was shot dead earlier today following an attack on his Commanding Officer once his links to the terror organization had been revealed. He was shot dead by another Operative of the SWD who shall not be named at this time.”

“Jesus…” Stephanie spoke softly, under her breath as her expression paled. “3 senior police officers…?”

“Correct, however we have now confirmed the existence of a fourth, yourself.” Lieutenant Scott didn’t miss a beat in reminding Stephanie of her guilt. “On the night of the Duff Gardens Attack, a report made by one Detective Layla Andrews stated that there was reasonable suspicion that such an attack would take place. This was due to the increased shipments of components used in previous backpack bombings being delivered to Laverty Port. You were tasked as the Senior Investigating Officer to investigate the person or persons these shipments were being transported to and ensure there was no active terrorist threat against the nation. You closed this case citing that the case was not ‘In the interest of the general public’.”

“I stand by that, it wasn’t.”

“Members of the Vortex Terror Investigation Unit have traced the explosives used to one Jerome Perkins, Geonal nationalist who went under an alias at the time of buying. The explosives were traced back to the ones previously mentioned, the same ones coming from Laverty Port. These components are responsible for the deaths of millions of this nation’s citizens, I’d say that is well within the public interest.”

“Right… however that in itself doesn’t make my client connected to the Masked Resistance, I must insist that we should see what you have against my client in regards to their connections to them.”

“Quite right, for the record please turn to page 52 in the document.” she quickly flicked to the page before continuing “in this photo we see a large quantity of cash which was discovered under loose floorboards of Miss Stephanie’s home. The cash totals over 500 thousand dollars and was found contained in large plastic bags. Similar packages were found in the houses of the three other suspects as well.” she smiled softly and looked up at Stephanie. “Mind explaining this money?”

She nodded “I don’t trust banks, online banking isn’t really my thing… I decided I’d keep my money in bags and hide it somewhere a robber wouldn’t look… The floorboards.” she paused for a second, before speaking once again. “Money under the floorboards doesn’t damn me as a criminal, Lieutenant.”

“Maybe so, but this does.” she paused for a second, flipping a few pages of her document before speaking “if you’ll turn to page 57.” the photo on page 57 revealed Stephanie talking to a male, short black hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She went silent. “Stephanie, tell me, who are you talking to here?”

“No comment.”

“I’ll tell you myself, then. The man in this image in which Miss Doyle is talking to is one Jerome Perkins, the same Jerome Perkins mentioned earlier… This man was later identified as a senior member of the Masked Resistance, this was two days before the Duff Gardens Bombing.”

“No comment.”

“You didn’t need to add a comment, it’s a statement of fact.” she stared at her, Stephanie’s pupils said all she needed to see… Fear. Stephanie was shaking in her boots… and that’s when she noticed it. The tapping, the fidgeting. Stephanie was anxious as all fuck. “Mr Perkins was one of the suicide bombers in the attack, his body was discovered in quite graphic detail on the four crumbled walls of the apartment block he hit. Not before meeting up with you once again, this time with a large sum of money… That same money found under your floorboards, in fact it still has his prints on it.”


DCI Brown spoke next. “Due to the findings listed above, I must caution you before this proceeding continues that we have spoken at length with a judge and they are willing to make a guilty verdict.”

“You’re lying.” she began to violently shake “liars, all of you... “ she mumbled under her breath as she began grabbing at clumps of her hair, standing up. “Liars… Framing me.”

“We’re not framing you.”

“Liars, liars liars.” her voice became louder and louder as she moved towards the two way window. “All of you are fucking LIARS!” she smacked her hands against the window.

“Stephanie.” DCI Brown’s patience grew thin

“I’ve been framed, this isn’t real, you’re framing me!”

“Stephanie Doyle, you will be charged under the Anti Terror Provision Act of 2019, the Anti Corruption Act of 2005 on the following grounds; Treason against the Democratic Republic while in a position of public office, accepting bribes while in a position of public office, conspiracy to commit a terror attack against the Democratic Republic, accessory in murder of the first degree. That last charge being marked under what is known as the Immoderate amount as we can not, within reasonable doubt, account for the livelihood of innocent citizens still Missing at the scene of the attack.” Two of the SWD operatives swiftly moved and restrained her, as her lawyer took a long, frustrated sip of her water.

Kesley took a long, strong sip of his whiskey as he sat within the confinements of his office, the dark circles that had formed around his eyes the days before growing by the second. His breath became shaky as he stared at the words on his screen confirming the matter of fact that the Grudaidhian Police Service had something to do with the biggest attack in his nation’s history.

The worst possible scenario had occurred. The foundations of his nation’s entire security infrastructure were likely to come under fire once statements were released.

Taking another sip, he lowered his head solemnly while setting the glass of whiskey aside. Taking a moment to breathe. “You’re a mess.” the voice was calm, exhausted but calm. “You coming to bed or is this another late night?” it was his husband, glancing up he indicated for him to come in.

“Sorry, Luke… I lost track of time. I can’t come to bed right now.” he glanced at the screen, then back to his husband. His voice was soft, coarse. “I just found out that four senior police officers have been arrested in connection to the Duff Gardens Bombing attack… They were all in on it.”

Luke nodded softly, before walking forward. “Gonna be honest with you, Kesley, if you don’t do something about it, the people’ll think you’re taking this sitting down. Release a statement, give anticorruption extra funding, do what your family has done best for generations and fix the fucked up shit.”

Kesley smiled and let out a small, content chuckle. “Right… I’ll be in bed soon.”

“Good.” and with that, he left, leaving Kesley to draft the statement as well as public speech for the morning.

The moonlight had dipped under the sea as the sun began to rise. The 7am breeze hitting the island nation as Kesley glanced through his notes for the speech, a small Robin chirping above the open window which led into his office. Once his speech began, a documented statement would also be released to the general public. He sat up from his seat and checked the time, before quickly looking for a final time in the mirror. Satisfied, he walked out and to the briefing room.

Stepping foot in the room, the various news outlets went silent as they began filming. Setting down the speech in front of him, he began. “Vice President Miss Owens and I have, over the past weeks of our presidency, been ensuring that investigation teams across Iarann Grudaidh properly and thoroughly investigate terror incidents around the nation, along with their root cause and how we can properly prevent them in the future.

During these investigations, we have led to the discovery that 4 senior officers in the Iarann Grudiadhian Police Service, including a Major, two Colonels and a Detective Superintendent, have all been found in connection to the Duff Gardens Bombings.

Three officers have been placed in Militarized Arrest, a fourth was shot dead after attempting to take their Commanding Officer hostage.” he paused for a second, glancing at the cameras and reporters behind them. “I want to make one promise to you. I will not stop, I will not rest until the culprits of this attack have been brought to justice.

They have targeted our families, they have targeted our children, not only that, but they’ve targeted the very heart of Iarann Grudaidh, the very heart of Port Ember, the very heart of Northern Ocean.

In the following weeks, I will be ensuring Iarann Grudaidh works alongside Port Ember and other NOSA forces, as well as Astares Americanum, to bring a swift and decisive stop to the relentless attacks which face our nations.

Despite how much I wish I could, I could not reverse time and prevent what has already happened. Instead, I want to show you what I’m setting in motion to make sure nothing like this will ever happen again. Anti Corruption is now adding an extra 70 million Grudaidhian Dollars to their budget, allowing the ability for extra constables, extra funding and extra resources. We will also be digging more into breaking supply lines for explosives, ensuring that no single Senior Investigating Officer has any potential connections to a future attack.”

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Fort Pearl Airbase
Greenfields Borough
Port Ember Megalopolis
Republic of Port Ember

After a few hours of flight in the two C18 Albatros cargo planes, Adrean, Anna and the rest of the Phantoms had finally landed in Fort Pearl Airbase, in Port Ember Megalopolis.
On the way, they had received the message from President Flint, telling them he would meet them at the Foreign Visitor Hotel and not at the Captain’s Villa.
For the Imperials, it was clear that this was a gesture to show either contempt or anger, and for them, it was kind of justified, so they didn’t give it too much thought. Had they been in Edward’s shoes, they would have probably acted just the same.

So, as the two plane’s back cargo doors open to allow the MRAPs the Imperials brought as their vehicles, Major Robert Iglesas, callsign Reaper 4, steps out clad in tactical gear, his ACR slung across his chest, and sees some local policemen approach them, most likely to escort them to the Foreign Visitor Hotel.

“So, I guess you guys are here to guide us here, right?” asks the major with a small, almost sheepish smile, as he approaches the Port Emberians.

From within the group, a single man stepped forth. His police uniform was crisp and neat, whilst his collar rank badges and gold plated chest name badge identified him as Lieutenant Hillbert. He offered a crisp salute towards the Astarian Major as a sign of respect, before responding,
"Greetings to you Major. I am Lieutenant Hillbert, Task Force Commander of the Port Emberian Police Special Task Force. That's correct Sir, I am here to escort you to safety. Sir, I have one vehicle which will lead the convoy - I request that your convoy will follow it closely, one after the other, whilst remaining in a single lane. There is one more vehicle of mine which will link up as the rear link. I also have a squad of 12 motorcycles which will move fluidly between the convoy. I also have one incoming bird in the sky which is part of the team. The route is approximately 20 minutes drive Sir. If there are no questions, then we should hit the road… And welcome to Port Ember Sir."

“Thank you Lieutenant. Understood, I’ll relay the message to the others.” replies Robert before pressing his hand to his throat
“Reaper 4 to all, contact established with the Port Emberian Police Special Task Force, current group led by Lieutenant Hillbert. One of their vehicles leads, another closes the rear. Also a bird in the sky and twelve bikes. 20 minute to destination.”
After a few seconds during which Robert receives the various “Wilco” messages from the rest of the Squadron, he nods to Hillbert, before turning back towards the planes, where various engines can be heard starting, before the various MRAP vehicles step out of the planes, and order themselves in a line.
Robert, for his part, jogs towards one of the lead MRAPS, before going around the back and getting inside.

It took a few short minutes for the convoy to line up in the predetermined sequence, and once it was in place, Lt Hillbert received a confirmation message from the many unseen observers that the path towards the destination was safe. Without wasting any further time, the convoy started rolling.

When the convoy reached the main gate of the base which they were exiting, an honor guard saluted it as they drove through the lavish gate, where a large sign board proudly read "You are now exiting Fort Pearl - Home of Task Force 79 - Have a Safe Journey!". The convoy moved through twisting and winding paths, which led them over a large hill, known by the locals as The Hill of Pearls. Once atop the hill, if one were to look backwards from hence they came, one could clearly see a massive and shining lake, with the military installation, Fort Pearl, nestled peacefully on its southern banks. North of the idyllic lake lay the ever present and vast jungle, stretching as far as the eye could see, into every direction. If one would look forward when atop the hill, one could see the ever present and vast urban jungle known as Port Ember Megalopolis, stretching as far as the eye could see, into every direction.

Once the convoy left the hill, they took the onramp onto the Port Ember Megalopolis Freeway - a modern marvel in transportation engineering. The raised highway system contained a whopping 16 lanes, with no speed limit restrictions, allowing the convoy to pick up speed, without being hassled by traffic gridlock. Once the freeway system passed into the central heart of the super city - the Lilly Black Borough - one could easily determine that this area was indeed the 'Capital within the Capital', as one could see a myriad of public parks, statues, monuments, embassies and impressive public administrative buildings dotting the landscape, with the area emphasising open spaces, displays of nature and heritage, in stark contrast to the rest of the city, which was cramped, overcrowded and productive.

Once the offramp was taken which led into the Borough, it was a short drive to the impressive 30 story Foreign Visitor Hotel, which was officially named the Golden Eagle Hotel. The convoy came to a halt at the front doors, where a detachment of neatly suit-clad Secret Service Agents were awaiting their arrival.

The Astarians take some time to take in the sights on their way to the Golden Eagle Hotel. They have to admit, their own capital, Columbia District, is way smaller than what they see before their eyes.

After arriving in front of the hotel and parking their MRAPS on the side of the road, all of them get out, clad in tactical gear and wearing their black berets on their heads, their rifles slung over their chests and military backpacks in their hands.
The group then approaches the front door, led by Adrean and Anna.

“Greeting gentlemen.” says the Keisaer with a nod to the Secret Service Agents standing guard in front of the hotel. “Before my wife and I meet with President Flint, is there somewhere we can take a shower and change into a more appropriate outfit please? The cargo hold of a military transport plane is hardly the best place to do that.” he adds with a small chuckle.

The Secret Agents came to attention simultaneously, and offered a unified salute, as is customary for them to do upon greeting a foreign Head of State. The agents however, did not reply to the question, but instead turned to look at a gentleman who stood behind them, also clad in a neat black suit, hair grey with age. He smiled as the attention turned to him,
"Greetings your Majesties. I am Donald Hacksbury, your personal envoy for the duration of your visit. Your room, the top floor penthouse, has been prepared for you. Separate rooms have been prepared for your entourage as well. Food will be served in your rooms as well. To that end, your meeting with His Excellency, President Flint, is scheduled to commence in the boardroom, in two hours."

“Greetings Mr Hacksbury, and thank you for your warm welcome.” replies Anna with a sincere smile, although deep inside, the Keisaerina, just like her husband and their guards, are surprised by the preparations Edward had ordered for their arrival, as his last message was pretty adamant on the fact he was considering the Imperium an enemy of Port Ember.
Still, not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, the Astarians go with the flow and straighten their backs, happy for the preparations made for them.

“We’ll be sure to thank President Flint for these preparations.” continues Anna with the same tone. “In the meantime Mr Hacksbury, could you please have some light food prepared for us and sent to our rooms while we unpack and settle?”

Meanwhile, behind her, Adrean has ordered the Phantoms to get the rest of their gear out of the MRAPS, so with haste, the 43 Astarians (44 minus Anna currently speaking with Hacksbury) carry various military canteens inside the hotel’s lobby, before waiting in front of the elevators.

Suddenly, an army of staff appeared, who offered to assist in the carrying of the myriad of logistics, whilst others escorted each individual to their respective rooms. The dispatching of the luggage and personnel to their room would be completed in a very quick time frame, and in a professional, orderly fashion. The Hotel staff has been doing this for years after all.

The Astarians welcomed the help offered by the Hotel’s staff, and so, the gear and belongings of everyone were quickly stored away in their rooms.
Meanwhile, some Phantoms went back to the MRAPs to park them in the underground parking garage.

Ten minutes before Adrean and Anna’s meeting with President Flint

After a quick shower and a quick meal, Adrean and Anna brushed their teeth and changed in more formal clothing for their meeting with Edward.

For the meeting, Adrean is wearing a Fer-Jarningur, the formal version of the Jarningur, the Astarian traditional clothing, consisting today of a pair of knee-high leather boots, dark grey pants with a red stripe on the side; a dark green long sleeved-shirt with a grey sleeveless vest on top of it, and finally a dark green cape worn over the shoulders, with fur around the collar, and fastened by a silver chain on the front.
Anna, for her part, is wearing the same, but with a long shirt instead of the pants.
Although it was traditional to wear it with one’s sword and daggers fastened on the back for warriors and soldiers, as a courtesy, neither of them would do so today.
Also, none of them were wearing their black berets on their heads, as they were inside a building, and that they were here first and foremost as heads of state, not soldiers.

Lastly, they had also been informed of Jane’s Falcon demise, and the subsequent atomic explosion occurring in Geonal’s capital.

As they get out of their penthouse and walk towards the boardroom, the Imperial Couple exchanges a few words. (OOC note: they converse in Astarian This not will not be put in the final version)
“You alright honey?” asks Anna as she holds to her husband’s arm, still thinking about the mental breakdown of her husband half a day ago in Iarann Grudaidh when he saw Edward’s message, and his near suicide after.
“Yeah, as you are with me, everything else does not matter.” replies Adrean with a small chuckle before kissing the top of his wife’s head. “I’m more calm now. We’ll all be civil and polite, so this should go mostly good I hope. And with all the problems we’ll be facing in the next few days, now is the best time to get some rest don’t you think?”
“Indeed.” simply replies the Keisaerina, before they arrive in front of the boardroom, greeting the two neatly suit-clad Secret Service Agents which were stationed in front of the ornate double ebony doors.

Upon greeting the Imperials, the agents swung the large doors open and allowed them entry. The boardroom was still devoid of other human lifeforms, yet the success and status of the hotel was conveyed within its walls. The room was filled with one large table, made entirely from yellowwood, adorned with small plants, beakers of water and microphones. Plush high-back leather chairs were neatly stacked underneath the table, whilst the walls were adorned with photos of historic visits and delegations hosted within these walls.

The Astarian Imperial Couple enters the boardroom, and took some time to take in their surroundings, walking around a bit to examine the different photos on the walls.
“I wonder if we’ll have our spot one day on this wall.” says Adrean with a small chuckle, clearly aware that some sun would have to shine on Astarian-Port Emberians relations, which were currently heavily covered by clouds.
“Yeah, me too.” replies his wife as she chuckles a bit as well.

A few moments later a group of people entered the room, all dressed in a very lavish, formal manner, all carrying an aura of power and influence.

The group closed the distance between the door and the Imperials, with an aged gentleman speaking first.

"Your Majesties…" The man extended his hand forward to Adrean in a handshake gesture. The man knew very well that social custom dictated that a bow was customary, yet he waived this for a good 'ol handshake no less. "Jan Breytenbach, Minister of Defence... I wish to bid you welcome to the Republic. I hope you have been well received?"

When the group led by Breytenbach enters, the Imperial Couple turn towards them, keeping neutral faces and analyzing them and their body languages.

Then, as Breytenbach comes to them, Adrean quickly raises his hand to ask for a moment, before taking out a small flask of hydroalcoholic gel from his pocket, spreading some on his and his wife’s hand, before cleaning their hands with it.
“With the COVID around, better to be safe than sorry.” he says to Jan with a small chuckle, before grabbing his hand and giving it a firm shake, followed by Anna.

“Thank you for your welcome Minister Breytenbach.” he says with a cordial tone. “We have been received very well, thank you for asking. Anyway, I don’t mean to appear as impolite, but I’m pretty sure I know nearly all of you.” he says with a smile as he now addresses, the rest of the Port Emberians. “Anna and me saw all of your faces and names when we researched the persons of importance in Port Ember, but with all the problems happening all at once, it’s pretty easy to forget. Sorry about that.” he says with a sheepish smile as he rubs the back of his neck.

Jan smiled softly as he nodded in response, replying in a firm yet friendly tone,
"Off course, introductions are in order! This lovely lady is our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Claire Swindon."

Claire spoke in a warm tone, "Your Majesties, it is an honor to meet you in person finally. Your Secretary of State, one Michael Foxter, spoke highly of you when we met during your Embassy Debut Ceremony."

Jan continued as Claire finished her greetings, "This is the famed Minister of Trade & Industry, José Gudfrey. His daughter, Jolene Gudfrey, is the President of the family business - Gudfrey Trading Company, of which you must surely know of…"

Minister Gudfrey smiled and nodded in greeting, as Jan continued, "This charming gentleman is Sir Thomas Cole, the Governor of the Colony of Port Arthur."

The Governor offered a soft bow as greeting to the royals, with Jan speaking again, "This is Marshal Heinrich Teach, the Chief of the Port Ember Security Forces…"

Marshal Heinrich nodded without speaking, allowing Jan to continue, "And lastly, Director Jason Downing, the Director of the Port Ember Intelligence Agency."

The old man nodded as he greeted with a simple "Your Majesties.."

Adrean and Anna smiled at each Port Emberian as they were introduced by Jan.
“Mrs Swindon , an honor to meet you. Our Secretary of State Michael Foxter indeed did enjoy greatly his meeting with you during our Embassy’s opening reception.

Minister Swindon flashed a soft smile in response.

“Mr Gudfrey, an honor to meet you as well. We have heard of your company, but only in name. What type of goods does it sell?”

José responded, continuously carrying a soft smile, "Well it's one of the largest import/export conglomerates on the planet. The company has been in existence since the 18th century, but my daughter has really taken it to new heights."

“Mr Cole, a pleasure to meet you. We hope that you find your job easy, the Stars know how hard a colony’s management can be.” they say with a small chuckle to the Governor.

Sir Cole bowed again softly in agreement, allowing the introductions to continue flowing.

“Marshall Teach, a pleasure to meet you as well. We hope that the Armed Forces of our two nations will be able to collaborate many times in the future.” they say with a sincere smile.

The Marshal nodded in response, his facial expressions remaining stoic as always.

However, as they turned their head towards Downing, their earpieces buzzed, and they raised their hands in an apologetic and wait gesture, before listening to the message the person on the other side of the line told them.

“Shit, that’s sad to hear. Pass our condolences to Kesley. However, one more death won’t change what is bound to happen. Dismissed.” says Adrean in Astarian before hanging up and turning back to the Port Emberians.

“Sorry about that, we were just told that Georgia died. Anyway…” says Anna in English again, ready to greet Downing properly…

...only for the conference room door to open, and comes in Oronar, Adrean and Anna’s grey-blue and white Astarian Wolf, still a puppy (but the size of three-quarters of an adult German Shepherd), a small, synthetic attaché case in his mouth, and a tactical plate carrier around his body.
As the canine approaches his masters, he places the attaché case down in front of them. As they take it and remove two tablet computers, Oronar turns his head towards the Port Emberians, but as his gaze passes on Downing, he suddenly starts to growl a bit.

“Oronar, stand down.” says Adrean in a calm but firm tone, that does not allow any negative response.
The canine stops growling and sits on his haunches, looking at his master and emitting a few whimpers.
“It’s okay boy, I know what you think.” says the Keisaer, speaking in Astarian, whilst simultaneously stroking his canine behind the ears, causing the Wolf to pant a bit and wag his tail happily. Once satisfied, Oronar then goes to a corner of the room and lies down.

“Sorry about that Director Downing, but Oronar here has a tendency of feeling how people are, and he can turn hostile towards people who he feels are unclear or shady.” says Anna with an apologetic tone to Jason, although her eyes clearly symbolises that herself and her husband are not the only ones who find the PEIA boss shady, and that they will keep an eye on him.

Seems like Gabriel was right, thinks the Imperial Couple, as they think back to the report Colonel Rorke made about his meeting with the Director a few days before.

The old Director simply allowed a faint smile to form on the very edges of his lips, not being moved by what had transpired.

“All right, now that the introductions are done, and before President Flint arrives, we have something important to say.” says Adrean to the group of Port Emberians. “During the upcoming war, Anna and myself will be participating as fighter pilots. Some of you know we flew combat missions in 2014 during the war between the Kingdom of Dheimar and the Empire of Pahran, and that each of us scored about ten aerial kills. With Geonal though, we plan to do a lot more.” he says with a serious tone.

Jan resumed control of the Port Emberian delegation, responding on behalf of the group. "Indeed Sir, we are very well aware of your past valiant actions. We wish you the best of luck, and hold firm that you will remain unscathed. The loss of sovereign leaders can be a massive blow to own morale, whilst being a rallying cry for the enemy after all. I am sure that His Excellency Flint will arrive soon, thus I will humbly invite you to take a seat at the table."

Jan's eyes continued to drift towards the impressive canine within the corner of the room, smiling as it brought fond memories of the Grey Wolf which belongs to the mother of his child, a Selkie lass, awaiting upon Jan within the Colony of Port Arthur.

Adrean and Anna sit down at the table at Jan’s invitation, not missing the Defense Minister gaze towards their canine companion.
“Don’t worry Breyentach, we know our weaknesses, and when to act and when not to based on that. Add to that a good training and a determination to come back alive to see our loved ones, and you’ve got some of the keys why we’re still here today despite all the risks we take.” says the Emperor with a smile.

After having taken a sip from her glass of iced minty water, Anna looked around to the delegation, before taking a deep breath.

“Before the President arrives, please allow us to make something very clear to you: despite everything that may have been said before in the correspondence between Edward, my husband and myself, we do NOT consider the Republic of Port Ember an enemy. Even though you’re all surely aware that due to our history, we Astarians are very cautious of who we interact with and what we do in those interactions, what was said in those letters back and forth over escalated a bit and does not reflect our actual views.” she says with an apologetic smile.

“However, most of you are surely not aware that behind this seemingly erratic behavior, there’s a reason.” continues Adrean with the same serious tone as his wife. “Most of you are surely aware that aside from being monarchs and fighter pilots, we also have a Tier One Special Forces operator background. But not what you may expect.
The units we belong to are called the Keiserlig Custos Special Training Squadrons, also known by their informal name, the Bodark. What’s a Bodark you may ask?
Basically, back when the Imperium was founded a millenia ago, legends started to be told about warriors whose soul was to be tied to the one of an Astarian Wolf in a mystical ritual, in order to make those warriors capable of defeating evil creatures that were common in our folklore.
While we all know today that these creatures are pure myths, we still believe that there is one kind of demon very real and tangible. Us, the human race.
Anyway, I won’t go into a detailed history of the Bodark, but to create one, the recipe has stayed unchanged since the beginning. Take an Imperial Guard who has gone through a rigorous Tier One selection process, as difficult as the one your own soldiers go through when they apply for Task Force 79, but at the end, throw him in a pit in a forest, ideally in March, when the winter ends and it is cold and rainy, and keep him there for a certain time. Feed him with food laced with hallucinogenic drugs, torture him a bit, and break his spirit and soul apart to rebuild it.”

As he lets a beat pass to let the Port Emberians digest the information, Adrean types something on his tablet, and after a few seconds, turns it towards the Port Emberians. On the screen, a photo showing the abdomen of someone, with a clean-cut six pack, but with a branded mark of a menacing Wolf Head.

“Once it’s done, and the candidate survives, brand him with this symbol, and you have a Bodark. A warrior ready to undertake the most difficult tasks, and whose mind and spirit is strong enough to overcome the cruelty and gruesomeness his job will maybe require.”

“However, that comes at a price.” continues Anna. “Once you go down the pit, you never come back completely to the surface level. That’s a saying we have. In other words, once you’ve completed this training, you’ll never be truly normal again. Your mind and spirit will always have a certain part of instability that can border on madness sometimes.” explains the Keisaerina, throwing a sideways glance towards her husband that may signify that Adrean may have nearly fell down that path before.
“It is not that severe in our case though, don’t worry.” adds the Empress with a small chuckle. “But still, you can understand now why we don’t exactly fit in what one can expect from a head of state.” she finished with a serious tone.

As the Port Emberians listened, they nodded only as a response. They knew full well the effects the stringent military processes had on the human psyche, but were not at liberty to discuss their opinions.

Luckily, before enough time passed to warrant a response, the elegant double doors opened, with President Edward Flint entering the room. The entire Port Emberian delegation rose to their feet as a gesture of greeting with respect towards their Commander in Chief.

When the Port Emberian President enter the Conference Room, the two Astarian monarchs rise as well from their seats, nodding with small smiles on their faces; glad to see the President, but still a bit cautious as to how the man would react.

“Good afternoon President Flint, and thank you for receiving us.” simply says Adrean with a cordial tone.

Edward nodded in response, and responded in a cold, yet professional tone. "Greetings Your Majesties. Welcome to the Republic of Port Ember. Please, take a seat." Edward walked towards his allocated seat at the head of the table, and sat down without delay. He continued,
"Apologies for the delay, I have been dealing with the fact that the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh has been murdered. Now, Your Majesties, I will be blunt with you - the world is burning around us, thus I hope this meet will be brief. In that light, what brings you?"

“Very well then, we will also go straight to the point Mr President.” replies Adrean with the same professional tone as Edward. “As we said before to the delegation present here, we do not consider the Republic of Port Ember an enemy of our Imperium. The hostility you may have felt in the letters we exchanged stem from the fact our training as Tier One operators included a time of psychological manipulation, which left some marks on our psyche. And while we can control it to an extent, we won’t be normal ever again, and always a bit unstable.”

“Aside from that,” continues Anna, “our armed forces are getting ready for an imminent deployment to Geonal. And my husband, me and some of our Guards who are qualified as fighter pilots plan to participate in the conflict that way.” adds the Keisaerina with the same serious tone.

Meanwhile, Oronar, who had been lying on the floor all along in a corner of the room, raises his head when Edward enters. Once the President has seated, he approaches him, and sniffs around him a bit, before looking back at his masters and bark once with what seems to be a nod, then goes back to his corner.

After a few seconds, Adrean and Anna look at each other, before looking back to Flint.

“Mr President, may I say something that has been on our minds for a very long time, but that may be unpleasant to hear?” asks the Emperor with the utmost seriousness.

Edward remained silent as he listened to the Imperials speak, forming several strong opinions on which was said, despite choosing to remain silent for the moment, biding his time instead. When the wolf approached him, Edward formed a soft smile as he kept an eye on the magnificent beast, throughout the process of approach. Edward wondered what the beast had concluded, but remained silent still, appreciating the sight of this wonderful specimen. Finally Edward responded when the Imperials posed their question, "Life is unpleasant at times, so yes, of course, please ask away?"

“Well, here it is.” replies the Emperor “ As I’ve detailed to your compatriots here before the process we undergo to become the Operators we are now, (you can ask them later about it.), once we’ve completed it, we tend a lot more to rely on our instincts and gut feelings when facing an unknown situation. You may not believe in this, that’s your choice, but for us, I swear to you on my honor as Keisaer that it is the truth, and that it helped us a lot in the past and to this day.
Anyway, regarding the tragic events that happened in Geonal, which then triggered the attacks in Iarann Grudaidh and which Georgia accused Port Ember of being the origin, when I see you President Flint, I don’t have that gut feeling. Just like you said, you’re not behind this horrible event.
But when I look at him,” continues Adrean as he turns his head to Downing, “ this gut feeling is there, at a level I haven’t seen in quite a long time. Even my Wolf Oronar confirmed it, by growling at Jason and not at you. He has a thing for feeling how people really are, don’t you boy?” asks the monarch with a smile as he kneels down and scratches the canine behind the ears, causing it to wag his tail and bark happily a few times.
“So, in light of this, that only means one thing to me, and the Imperium by extension. The assassination of the Princess of Geonal was the result of actions carried with all certainty by elements within the Port Ember Foreign Agency without the endorsement of President Flint or any other government member. At the moment, we do not have any tangible proof that this is indeed the case, and I’m sure whoever ordered this did a great job at covering their tracks so that no one can trace this crime back to them.

Mr President, Ministers, Marshall, Governor, know that this will not change the relation between the Imperium and the Republic, or how we see your great nation. Still, for any dealings we will have in the future, you can be sure that we will always try to have any of you as an interlocutor rather than Downing.
And if you’ll allow me Jason, you can be sure that if I had the power right now, I would send you on the spot to an ACI black site to show you how we Astarians deal with rogue elements within our government.” says the Keisaer as he leans towards the Director, a look of pure coldness in his eyes. At the moment, Adrean’s personality had switched for a few seconds from his monarch’s side to his cold-blooded, calculating killer one.

“That’s all I have to say Mr President.” continues Adrean as he looks to Edward again, his face showing he is back in his Emperor’s persona. “As I told you, unpleasant but I had to get that out.”

Immediately following Adrean's lashing, complete silence ensued throughout the luxurious boardroom. The first audible sound came from Edward, as he poured himself a glass of iced water from the pitcher placed before him. The tension was so thick that it could be physically felt by all in attendance.

Director Jason Downing dared not make a sound or even change his physical posture, despite anger rising from within his very soul. Despite all the lashings he wanted to unleash, he knew not to overstep in the presence of the President.

Minister Jan Breytenbach cleared his throat, as if preparing to speak, as the entire room responded by turning and looking at the Minister of Defence. Alas - no sound came forth from the aging veteran.

Deep inside, Jan felt it necessary to speak, to agree to the sentiment of the foreign royals. Jan had zero tangible evidence, but he somehow knew that Jason was responsible for the brutal execution of the young princess - he felt it in his very bones, and he resented Jason for it, every moment. But, Jan also knew that he could not say anything, not now at least. Every Port Emberian man, woman and child knew one fact to be truer than any truth: No matter the argument, dislike, hate or animosity between any two Port Emberians - they had to stand united when in the presence of outsiders. No exception. Their nation, their people, has shed too much blood in history when they stood divided. Never again.

Edward finally broke the uneasy silence once he took a few large sips of his refreshing water, placing the glass down upon the table, with a loud dinging noise. "Well Adrean.." Edward used the Emperor's first name on purpose, indicating that the safety of titles no longer held bearing here, "Whilst I consider myself to be a canine man, with deep respect and trust in their abilities, unfortunately their distrust of a man is not enough reason to come into a man's home and threaten their lives.

As a Gentleman Diplomat, I can assure you that I have deployed a magnitude of resources into the investigation relating to the demise of the Princess, and not a single person is harbored from investigation, including even myself. I have told you this in our last correspondence as well.

Now, I am speaking no longer as a Gentleman Diplomat, but as the President of this Republic, the Defender of the Nation. I was under the impression that this visit's aim was to restore our relations, yes? To attempt to convince me and my people that we are not enemies, yes? Because, Adrean, coming into a man's house and threatening the life of a Port Emberian under my protection, is quite counter productive. You are continuing to beat the same old dead horse, the very reason why our relations are within stormy oceans. I will now lay this cursed topic to rest for good, I will continue my investigations unabated, and if Mister Downing is indeed involved in this crime, I will personally ensure that he is hung by the neck to death. On the flip side, I will not hear you voice another allegation towards me, my nation or any of my citizens without solid evidence. Do I make myself clear?"

Adrean and Anna listen to Edward in silence, the Keisaer and Keisaerina pouring themselves a glass as well and drinking a few sips.
Once the President has finished talking, the Imperial Couple lets a few beats pass in silence.

“Crystal clear Edward.” replies Anna with a neutral look and a nod, the Empress putting aside the titles too. “To answer your question, this visit’s goal is indeed to restore, or at least try to thaw our relations between the Imperium and the Republic.
However, you may know that as Astarians, we believe in saying everything that needs to be said before anything else, in order to not leave any unsaid parts and built a solid basis for the building, if you’ll allow me this metaphor.
And also, I’m sorry if you feel that my husband has threatened Downing, but for me and any self-respecting Astarian, this was not a threat. Adrean is not someone to issue threats and not carry them out, he rather carries the sentence immediately without warning.” adds Anna as she looks at her husband who simply nods once.

“So, just like you Edward, we will now put this unpleasant topic aside and let the investigators do their job. And we will also not say any other allegation like this one, mostly because there isn’t anything else to say in that domain.” finishes the Empress before taking another sip of her water.

“So, everyone, back on track if you will. If possible, we would like to know what was said in the meeting between you and Kesley Edward. Are you back in the war or not?” asks the Empress to the President.

Edward's lips formed a soft smile as he allowed a beat to pass before replying, "Oh, Port Ember has never ceased its war effort. Whilst I still vehemently wish to avoid a conventional war with our enemies, we have managed to mobilize our entire Armed Forces, including Reserves and Colonial forces. Thus, if needs be, we can crush the enemy within a week. Our intelligence community is working equally hard, and is working hard on crippling the opposition ahead of the planned invasion by Kesley's forces."

“Good, good.” replies Adrean with a nod. “Although I would not be so arrogant as to say we can crush Geonal within a week. With all due respect Mr President, we are talking about a nation that has around 200 millions soldiers on a population of 700 millions. While it does not mean that every individual soldier is an excellent one, in that case, that surely means instead there are some who are equipped and trained with the best weapons and equipment, while others are left with maybe a rifle and three mags of ammo.
And if we compare our own forces, between yours, ours, and Iarann’s, we’re still far from Geonal’s number. Not to mention we can’t transport all of our troops at once on the Island. Moving an army this size would take months, any person with a basic understanding in logistics will tell you this.
And on a personal side, we call dibs on the invasion. The first ones who will set foot on this island will be Astarian Marines and no one else, mark my words.” says the Keisaer with a determined tone.

Edward nodded before responding, "I am not here to discuss the exact tactical strategy for the invasion, as that is what Field Marshals are for, during war councils. I am here to reiterate to you that Port Ember stands committed in our war against the forces of evil, as we have always been, and always will be. And of course to remind you that my previous correspondence was not written out of anger or in the heat of the moment - it was calculated and factual. Thus I wish to remind you that the content of the correspondence remains standing - every word within it."

For a second or two, an expression of defeat briefly appears on the Imperial Couple’s faces. But as if a proverbial light bulb went on inside their heads, they look at each other for a few seconds, before nodding slightly and refocusing their attention on the Port Emberian President.

“That is really unfortunate Mr President.” starts the Empress with a serious tone. “One thing we can assure you, is that despite the appearances on a superficial level, my husband and I do wish for relations between our two nations to be rekindled. Whilst we are fully aware that this will take time, be assured that this is our objective.”
“You have every right to be angry at us, even more so after what was unfortunately, but necessarily said.” continues her husband. “But we all know here that this situation can be attributed to the current war, it would have never happened otherwise. It is our firm belief that in times like these, we must not be divided, but stand united.
Therefore, my wife and I have thought of something that would be a show of goodwill from our part, to show we’re willing to make amends with the Republic.
As all of you surely know, us Astarians as a society prefer to import only raw materials, and manufacture all we can ourselves, be it weapons, televisions, home appliances, etc. And right now, some of our major industries are in need of more materials than what we can, or what our current trade partners can produce and sell us.
So, what I’m saying is that if you agree, I can convince our major companies to turn to Port Ember as well for our import markets. What do you say Edward?” asks the Emperor with a raised eyebrow as he crosses his arms.

Edward took another deep sip of the iced water placed in front of him, as he took a hard look at his ministers and advisors present. He could not see any subtle signs of opposition, thus he responded once he placed his glass down once more,
"Well that would most certainly be an efficient way to restore confidence in the markets. The markets are very skittish at the moment due to the political fallout, and governmental assured contracts will most assuredly restore confidence. However, at the risk of sounding greedy, which this is most assuredly not, the Republic will not be satisfied by being thrown mere bones… If you can agree to make a Port Emberian supplier your favourite importer for one or two of your major industries of your choosing - then you will have the full support of a united Republic."

“That seems fair enough.” replies Anna with a nod. “If you’ll excuse us for a moment.” before she turns to Adrean, who has opened up his tablet computer again. The Astarian monarchs then lean towards the screen, and apparently check various things related to what Edward just replied to them.

“Okay, according to recent data sheets, what we need are mainly manganese for our automobile industry, as well as niobium and tantalum for a bunch of other industries, mainly our multimedia devices production.” finally replies Adrean as he turns again to Edward. “ On those materials, we are more than willing to make Port Ember our favourite supplier. Would that work for you Mr President?”

Edward looked across the table at his Ministers and advisors, specifically towards the Minister of Trade & Industry, Minister José Gudfrey. Whilst Gudfrey did not respond verbally, his smile and nod was answer enough for Edward. He turned his gaze back towards the royals,
"That is acceptable indeed, yes. I am aware of these mentioned industries, and their enormous scale. This will certainly go a long way in restoring all troubled past. Well then, I will make sure to advise the relevant stakeholders to make contact with your relevant stakeholders. I thank you for your level headed diplomacy."

“And we thank you for having received us, and the offer to rekindle the relations between our two nations.” replies Adrean with a grateful smile and nod. “I will be honest, having mental issues like mine due to my training is not a pleasant thing to have. And it can sometimes create huge problems, like right now.
In any case, once we’ll be done with this war, I’ll be sure to seriously consider my retirement. From soldiering I mean.” he adds with a sigh.

“Before we part ways Edward, I have another thing to ask.” continues Anna. “Would you be willing to make Port Ember a destination for the R&R of our soldiers in this war? The money they could spend here would surely be a nice boost in your economy, don’t you think?” asks the Keisaerina with a hopeful tone.

Without hesitation, Edward nodded before replying,
"Of Course Ma'am.'' Edward once again switched back to the use of formal titles, as a sign of rekindled alliances, "That is a beautiful gesture, and one which your troops would undoubtedly appreciate. Port Ember has been a haven for tourists and weary warriors for generations for the entire region. Port Ember knows exactly how to take care of friendly, yet fatigued warriors."

“Very good, very good indeed.” answers Anna with a smile and a nod. “So, once again, thank you for receiving us here. Once this is all over, we’ll be sure to visit as well. As tourists of course.” she adds.
“Indeed.” continues Adrean with a nod and a smile too. “Anyway, if you all don’t mind, Anna and me will take some rest here before going back to the Imperium tomorrow.” continues the Keisaer, before the Imperial Couple stands up.

Edward rose from his seat, followed immediately by his group of advisors, carrying his signature soft smile, "Of Course Your Majesties, the Hotel has been booked and cleared for your visit. A Secret Service detachment will continue to provide internal and perimeter security for you and your entourage during your stay. However, I was wondering if I may ask a last favour of you before you depart? You will notice that this Hotel has a rich history of photographing historic delegations on these walls. Would you mind posing for one?"

“Of course, of course!” replies Anna with a beaming smile and very pleased tone. “We would gladly do such a thing. I won’t lie, we are very glad you ask us that, given we were under the impression at the start of the discussion these photos only portrayed friends of Port Ember, and we had fallen out of that category.” explains the Empress. “If you don’t mind though, could we also call our friends to pose as well? Since aside from our guards, they’re also part of the Imperium’s nobility, this would show the rekindling of ties between our two nations as a whole. We can do two sets of photos if you want, one with us just heads of state and another with our delegations as a whole, what do you say?” she asks with a hopeful tone.

Meanwhile, Adrean has put his hand to his throat microphone, before pressing the button and saying “Phantom 1 to all, we have reached an agreement with Flint. He wants us to pose for a photograph, so you all have ten seconds to bring your asses to the Conference Room ASAP!” says the Emperor in Astarian and with a commanding tone in his radio.

Just a few seconds after, as Edward would be answering, the sound of many boots striking the ground can be heard in the corridor, approaching rapidly. And finally, the group of Personal Guards of Adrean and Anna, their childhood friends and heirs of the Astarian nobility, appear at the door, before standing at attention, only a small part of the group being visible from the room, the rest waiting in the corridor.

Once the commotion has subsided, Edward finally replied, still carrying his soft smile, "Of course Empress, that is the very purpose of stateliness and diplomacy is it not? To bury grudges and rekindle family ties? So yes, I believe, from our side at least, that the hatchet has been buried for good. As for the photos, we will most definitely do two sets, exactly as you have suggested. These photos will be framed upon these hallowed walls, and also be circulated to the press, in order to calm the nerves of the populace and the market.

Once everyone was inside the spacious room, a photographer appeared inside as well, and lined up the two delegations together, in separate sets of heads of state and complete delegations.

Once everything is done, and after a final round of handshakes, Adrean, Anna and their Guards exchange goodbyes with their hosts, before going back to their rooms to take some rest.

The following day, they will get back to the Federalis Imperium, where much work awaits them before the nation goes to war...

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:07 pm

The armoured, black van was swiftly boarded by the 5 men. Their all black attire fitting with their black ski masks. Two in the front, accompanied by three in the back. “Fucking move!” one from the back called out as they loaded their MP5.

The car sped along the highway as police vehicles began pursuing, their all blue lights flashing as the armed police cars tailed them. “Foxtrot Uniform 2003 to control, suspects making off in a black Ford Transit, licence plate Whiskey Delta Echo Zero Four Charlie, 5 suspects, all black with MP5 automatic submachine weaponry.”

“Copy that Foxtrot Uniform 2003, pursue with caution, air support will give continued updates, if shots are fired, disengage and allow the air unit to track.”

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Oscar Andrews, who was overseeing the Martial Law around the region had just finished his afternoon coffee as a Sergeant flagged him down and spoke. “Sir, we have a high speed pursuit in Northburgh, FRU is tailing alongside local police with air support, no confirmation if this is terror related however rumours are circulating that this could be a Masked Resistance incident.”

“Okay, Northburgh obviously has local military in all major areas, inform the Northburgh Policing Control Centre that the assistance of regional military assets has been offered, including 3 RRVs, critical shot is immediately authorized if deemed necessary to protect officers, soldiers or the wider public. Give critical, immediate updates and to inform me of any happenings.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Control to all units, be advised, the deployment of military pursuing forces has been granted, prepare for immediate military intervention due to high level terror rate, military forces will be cooperating in the engagement of these suspects. Critical shot has been authorized if deemed necessary, proceed with caution.”

The van came to a grinding halt as the 5 occupants rushed into the small, two storey shop. “Be advised, they’ve fled into a small paints store, postal 2045, they’ve barricaded themselves inside at this time. Let's set up a perimeter and get nearby buildings evacuated.”

The two military Rapid Reaction Vehicles parked in front of the newly set up command tent as the 8 soldiers within them dismounted. Their rifles slung on their chests. All of them were wearing tactical gear, including a helmet and balaclava.

“Surprised Vortex or SWD haven’t nabbed this one already.” Chief Inspector Emma Morrison walked outside of the tent with a soft smile on her face.

“They’re held up with training exercises and operations further north, mainly the capital. Since this is a small incident and there’s no word of explosives, we’ve been sent to deal with the mess.” Sergeant Lianna Nelson smiled back as she gripped her rifle, before unbuckling her helmet and pulling her balaclava off, holding them against her side. “Sadly you’re stuck with us for the time being.”

“I believe we’ve worked before, Sergeant. Surprised you don’t recognise me, Chief Inspector Emma Morrison of the Firearms Response Unit.” she smiled, in recognition to her old colleague. “Good to see you’ve got the position of Sergeant, well deserved.”

“Holy shit, Emma fucking Morrison huh?” she smiled. “Good to see you again, it’s been a while.” she smiled softly, before turning back to her team. “Guys, meet former Corporal Emma Morrison. If anything Chief Inspector, I’m scared for your team, they must be shitting themselves.”

“Right back at you.” she chuckled softly. “We have 5 confirmed tangos on the eastern building, three guarding the front and rear exit of the shop, two on the floor above. No shots fired yet, however, they rushed out of their flat once they received word that FRU were doing a sweep of it for suspected weapons. They ran out with said weapons, FRU gave chase, they ran into this shop. Fahrenheit order is greenlit.”

“Fahrenheit order?”

“The order to shoot on sight. Sorry, used to speaking to constables.”

She nodded “So, paint building, 5 tangos, how enclosed is the space?”

Smiling, she invited them to enter the command tent, where a map is laid neatly on a centre table. “Floor plan of the first building shows two entry points, front entry with glass panes next to it, which have been boarded shut. The front door is made out of glass, the back door is metal. Second floor has the hallway, with the stairwell and a bedroom, windows on the second floor have had their curtains drawn, but they’re not boarded shut.”

“Ma’am” one of her officers walked up to her and whispered something in her ear.

“You’re serious?”


“Alright… Fucks sake.” she scoffed softly “Turns out that these guys have made the threat to blow up the building, god fucking damn it.”

“So, this area’s about to get swarmed with Vortex, is what you’re saying?”

“No, even worse, SWD.”

“They always steal the fun shit, don’t they?” the sergeant nodded in response “What’s their ETA?”

“5 minutes.”

“Fuck me… Not even time to get in and out before they arrive.”

“As much as I hate to say it, may be best to give em it, never know what’s going to happen.”

“Least it ain’t like the People’s Guard era.”

“Don’t even remind me.”

The 5 minutes sped by as an armoured, black mbombe pulled up onto the scene, next to the command tent. 11 operators dismounted from the large, armoured truck, their rifles held comfortably in their hands as they approached the command tent.

Captain Oliver Hill commanded the 10 other operators as they entered the command tent, 5 of them standing guard outside as the rest entered with the Captain. His well groomed, bearded face formed a soft smile as he saw the two Commanding Officers in front of him “Good day. I’m Captain Hill with the SWD. Sorry for the intrusion, I must apologize for our sudden appearance, but sadly the heightened terror threat causes us to have to snatch shit.”

“You’re fine, Captain.” the Sergeant nodded, forming a small smile. “The explosives is a definite issue, 5 tangos, two upstairs, three downstairs, small paint building, mostly Close Quarter Combat. Fled after an attempted house raid.”

“Close Quarter Combat just so happens to be my team’s specialty, I’ll give them some time to formulate a strike plan and we’ll inform you of our progress. I’ll make sure to give you both a gold star during paperwork.”

The two nodded as Chief Inspector Morrison spoke up “We’ll do the same, Captain. Don’t cause a mess please, I already have a mountain of paperwork to do myself.” she nodded and indicated towards the blueprints on the desk.

The president sighed as he hit the comfort of his luxurious chair within the confinements of his office within the Presidential House. Finally able to retreat from the otherwise distressing and busy day. He glanced at the documents in front of him, all of which he had to approve before the end of the day.

He picked up the first one, taking a glance at it. It was a proposal to be sent to the President of Port Ember as well as the Emperor and Empress of Astares Americanum on the creation of a Joint Task Force. Said task force to be called Section 9.

He took a small sigh as he read over the document, which listed their duties, their purpose and more. Smiling slightly, he began to write up an official letter to the two heads of government.

From the Office of the President of Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Taylor;
President; Iarann Grudaidh

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

Adrean & Anna Blachkor;
Imperial Couple; Astares Americanum

Subject: Formation of a Joint Task Force
Encryption Level: Maximum

Dear President Flint, Emperor Blachkor and Empress Blachkor,

Allow me to commence this dispatch with the acknowledgement of the meeting between your two leaderships dating today. I am saddened that I could not attend this in person, however, all four of us can acknowledge that our duties to our people mean we have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Sacrifices that have indeed occurred during our time dealing with the threat of Geonal and the Masked Resistance.

I would like to first of all go over the overall subject of this dispatch, the formation of a Joint Task Group consisting of special forces operatives of all three of our nations. This formation should not only strengthen the security of Astares Americanum, Iarann Grudaidh and Port Ember but also help in the process of re-solidifying our alliance to one another.

As we are all well aware, the relations of our nations have been greatly tested over the previous few months, I wish to put a stop to that.

I, and senior members of Red Command - the group that oversees my nation’s many special forces divisions - have discussed and approved the formation of a Joint Task Force consisting of units within our three nations. Which I will now move forward for your review.

This task force will be called Section 9, however this name can be changed if a more suitable one is found. This task force will respond to threats of all natures on an international basis that concern our three nations. This should not only improve the relations of our three nations, but our response times to international and national incidents that may result in the immediate deployment of a special forces group.

We believe it best to introduce a headquarters for this Task Group in all three nations in order to ensure a rapid response is adequate. Each headquarters will house operators and soldiers from all three nations. Red Command have selected the Blackwater Estate to be utilized by this Task Group within Iarann Grudaidh.

This task force will work by an immediate deployment of our operators during a critical time of immediate threat, such as an attack from Geonal or the Masked Resistance.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about the matter. I would like to further discuss this in future as we prepare for the movement of full war.


Kesley Taylor
President of Iarann Grudaidh

“A miscarridge?” Kesley spoke softly, sitting in front of Rose, his features gone soft. “Rose… I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah so… We won’t have to worry about the whole maternity leave thing anymore, I’ll be back full time, sir.” She straightened her posture as her face turned cold, entering an at attention position.

“Rose…” He spoke, but she was silent. “Rose, you should take time off.”

“During a state of war, when I’m most needed? Right. I’ll pass, sir.”

He nodded softly “My mother always did say you hated time off.” he smiled softly.

“Nothing to do but think, when I’m off. Sir.”

“You talk to your family often?” he quizzed her, missing a beat before speaking again. “Parents, siblings?”

“Supreme Leader Georgia really didn’t tell you, did she?” she spoke. He simply shook his head, a confused look on his face. “Lets just say me and my family disagree on quite a few things. It’s why I joined the military.”

He nodded “I see… I won’t push on that matter, I have to be at River Valley Academy in a couple hours.” he smiled. “I’ll talk to you later, Rose.”

She paused for a minute, obviously blocking her emotions from showing. “Of course, President Taylor.” she stared directly in front of her, not daring to make eye contact as he left the room. The door closing behind him with a soft click.

She sat down as her hands became shaky. The first tear fell as she wiped it softly. Hot, fiery tears. Filled with pain. Filled with anger.

She dived into the past. Pressing her hand up against the glass of the visitation booth. Her mother handcuffed, one hand to the table. The tears streaming down her face. Hellfire. She felt like hellfire. Like how she did after destroying her ties to her family. Complete and utter hellfire.

No amount of counselling, no amount of venting could help with the fire that pulsed through her veins. She could only do what she did best.

Her job.

“Sir, ma’am. It is my recommendation we make further movements to not only assist in our future invasion force, but to assist the Port Emberian fleet currently deployed near Geonal waters before Geonal is able to bring overwhelming fire-power against it.”

“Right... “ Vice President Sam Owens took a long drag of her cigarette as she sat in the corner of the room. “Our Naval fleet could spare the deployment of IGS Red Beauty and IGS Blackwater, two of our aircraft carriers, in order to send a message to Geonal.”

“Right, that’d be optimal, but keep in mind Geonal has the ability to fire a shit ton at us… I’d recommend the North Fleet’s Carrier Strike Group, along with that of the Reserve Fleet. This will allow our ships to be more scattered and completely shut Geonal from their southern seas. Our ships, alongside that of the Port Emberians, would be able to curbstomp any hostile engagement at a moment’s notice, it’d also be an easy means to get SWD and SAU on Geonal.”

She nodded softly as she paced the meeting room, filled with members of Red Command, as well as numerous Admirals. “I’ll send a correspondence to the Port Emberians. If my wonderful members of Red Command could inform SWD to prepare for immediate operations on foreign seas, soil and airspace, that’d be excellent. Admirals, prepare the necessary fleets and get that sorted.”

Varying levels of “Yes ma’am”s echoed throughout the meeting room as they were officially dismissed. The president was only there to observe the meeting. Sam retreated to the confinements of her Luxurious Office as she began typing up a telegram to the President of Port Ember.

From the Office of the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Sam Owens;
Vice President; Iarann Grudaidh

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

Subject: Naval Fleet Movements
Encryption Level: Maximum

Dear President Flint,

I hope you are doing well. Allow me to begin this correspondence with a warm greeting. I am Vice President Owens, the designated survivor allocated during my predecessor’s time as Supreme Leader, who is now taking over as the Vice President for the rest of the remaining term period. I am a Port Emberian who moved to Iarann Grudaidh at the age of two, so I hope you see me as a familiar face in the crowd that is the Iarann Grudaidhian Government.

I understand that Vice President Georgia Grudaidh and yourself had a falling out in the weeks leading up to her eventual death. I hope you know that she held no grudges and very much admired you as a political leader.

I will now move onto the subject of this correspondence with information that will assist your naval assets near Geonal waters. Feel free to pass this information along through your navy’s communication channels appropriately.

At this time, the deployment of the North Fleet’s Carrier Strike Group, alongside the Reserve Fleet’s Carrier Strike Group is going to be immediate by the Iarann Grudaidhian Navy. IGS Blackwater and IGS Red Beauty have been deployed within these two strike groups and should make it to Geonal waters within the following days.

I understand that this move may be sudden, however do note that there are rumours of an advanced strike group planning to attack your ships any day now. These rumours, although unproven, can not be ignored.

We understand you are unlikely to need our assistance due to your nation’s war-winning naval capacity, however do note that Iarann Grudaidh is also conducting operations of our own, which will further assist in the future invasion of Geonal. This, alongside the potential for mass attacks on Northern Ocean soil, has forced our hand to move these ships immediately.

As Geonal is north of us, the deployment of these two fleets will allow a full, swift take over of their southern seas and allow a swift assault on their nation if push came to shove. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings in regards to this.


Sam Owens
Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Rose sat comfortably across the blood drenched assassin, his eyes were half shut, his hair coated in a thick layer of muck and blood, some blood had actually gotten into his eyes, blinding him. She softly hummed to herself as she glanced at him, fiddling with the small knife in her hands. “Oh, you poor, poor soul.”

He whimpered softly as she hummed once again, she was indeed happy with her handiwork. “I’m sorry…”

“You made this personal the moment you took the life of Georgia.” she giggled to herself “your apologising is futile.” sitting up, she walked slowly behind him and placed hands on both his shoulders, causing him to flinch. “However, you can tell me who really sent you.” she began gripping tightly onto his shoulders “If you do, I may just kill you quickly and let you be at peace.”

His whimpers went quiet as he slowly breathed, he was obviously scared. She took her hands off his arms and walked back to her seat, plopping herself back down onto it.

“You ever hear of the Red Beauty?” she asked as he shook his head. “She’s a Grudaidhian legend, Red hair, black dress and beautiful facial features, one day in the 1800s, she comes home to find her husband back from naval service. He’s cheating on her.”

She paused for a second, his confusion about the point of this story evident in the atmosphere. “So, she grabs a small gun from his drawers… Kills him point blank.” she laughed at the last part “He deserved it, but she still got done for the murder. Execution by fire.”

She sighed softly, before continuing. “So, ever since then she roamed the Grudaidhian island, tempting married men to sleep with her, only to trick them into a lifetime of torture and agony. Every time they slept, any time they closed their eyes, they’d see her face, her hair, her black dress… And they’d piss themselves so badly that the wife thinks they need nappies.” smiling at the last part, she dug the edge of the knife into the table. “Every single night she’d leave a calling card reminding them she was there. The Grudaidhian national flower. Euonymus Linifolia. The Red Beauty.”

“I saw her in a dream once, we talked… We agreed on many things.” she smiled as he whimpered “including the fact that people who betray those who trust them deserve a lifetime of hell.”

“I’m not the one going to hell… Miss Rose.”

“I don’t believe in hell, even if I did, you think I’d be scared of the red man?” she cackled softly as she glanced to the corner of the room, before her eyes landed right back onto him. “He’d be scared of me. Trust me. I’ve done a lot worse than what you’ve seen.”

“There is one thing I’m able to tell you.”

“Go on” she smirked as she positioned herself to hear what he had to say

“I’m not the only hired assassin... Watch your own.”

Kesley’s eyes rose from the mountainous amounts of paperwork on his desk as the woman walked into the room. He had recognised her as Iris, one of Rose’s operators. “Ah, Iris, good day.” he spoke softly “Rose told me about you, is there something I can help with?”

She simply smiled as she raised the pistol, his eyes went wide. “No, Kesley, nothing at all.”

“Let’s just consider this briefly…” he spoke softly, raising his hands “I can survive a bullet or two.”

“How about three?”

“Please, if you’re going to shoot me, can I at least leave something for my husband?” he smiled softly, indicating behind her, towards a bookshelf. “It’s an inside thing, I want him to have it…”

She sighed and nodded, allowing him to slowly approach the bookshelf. Her first mistake.

He swiftly jerked the silenced pistol out of her hand as he pushed her to the wall. She immediately jerked back and took out a combat knife, Kesley did the same.

His swift, decisive movements were up to scratch, the two moving in a trained, methodical rhythm. He knew every trick in the Grudaidhian combat book, but so did she. Her swift, cruel and punishing movements were comparable by that of Rose, or Georgia.

She got the first hit, the knife grazing his arm as red liquid oozed from the cut. It wasn’t long before he swiftly moved and struck back, the knife hitting her cheek as she grunted. “You’re good.”

He jolted backward as the knife just missed his face, hyper focused on survival and controlling his stamina. Just like he was trained. She swiftly tackled Kesley to the ground as he dropped his combat knife, forcing her off and getting up, he’d back up towards his desk, grabbing a small pen. Pulling it, he’d reveal a small, clean blade. She advanced towards him, but not in time.

It was too late to continue, as three operators walked in, Rose being one of them. Their weapons were trained on Iris as she quickly grabbed the President, putting the knife to his neck. “Don’t fucking move, Rose.”

“Iris… of all people.” she let out a sound of disbelief as she trained her gun. “It doesn’t have to end like this, seriously. Kill him, you die, let him live and you go to jail for a bit.” she spoke softly, moving into a more strategic position.

“We both know that isn’t true, Rose. You’ll either shoot me or take me to a blacksite never to see the light of day again.” she pressed the knife closer to his neck. “You know how many years of deception and work this took? To get here?”

“I raised you, took you under my fucking wing. Course you did this after I lose my child, huh.” she couldn’t help but get angry “You know better than to do this, traitorism is not the way of Iarann Grudaidh.”

“Good thing I’m not a Grudaidhian.” She lifted the knife away from the President’s neck, before feeling a sudden stabbing sensation in her thigh. The pen. She moved the knife and was able to stab him in the chest, two impacts. The knife made an impact with his flesh as he began gasping for air.

One single gunshot rang out as the two bodies dropped to the ground. “Fuck. Get me a fucking medic!!”

The convoy arrived at the front of the Presidential Manor, four black armoured SUVS with two black humvees total, with an ambulance in the middle. The Presidential Policing Service followed closely, closing off roads as the convoy began its journey to the hospital.

Vice President Sam Owens walked towards her office, followed by Director Rose. The silence was deadly as extra agents filed quickly through the halls. Entering the office, the Vice President let out a soft sigh as she sat in front of Director Rose. “You know what this means, right, Rose?”

“Of course, that our entire intelligence agency is compromised, operatives are likely known to the Geonal authorities and god knows who else and furthermore that the service has been breached by foreign powers.”

“All correct, but not what I meant” she paused for a second “I’m giving you a clean house order.”

“Ma’am…” Rose's evidently befuddled face amused the Vice President, only slightly. “You’re asking me to clear house… and by that you mean…”

“I’m ordering the recall of all active untrusted operators effective immediately.” she pushed a list towards the Director. “The names in this file have been scrubbed, but the identity behind them still breathes. That needs to change, Director.”

“What you’re asking of me…”

“The President of this nation has been attacked. No doubt that Geonal Intelligence knows we’ve fucked up their powwow with the Masked Resistance and even less doubt that they now know flaws and lapses in the security of the Presidential Manor, they’re willing to exploit, tug and yank any strings they’re able to get their dirty little hands on.” she paused for a second. “They killed Georgia, they killed Georgia’s family and attempted to kill President Taylor. Three separate attacks. These walls are less safe than the street next to the local convenience store for fucks sake.”

“Ma’am… These are good operators'' Rose flicked through the list carefully “These are our people.”

“Like Iris? Iris was considered top of the top, she was your friend too.” she took a glance at Rose. “I know you care about national security. I am entrusting you with this information. Replacements will be drawn up and given to you through the usual channels, luckily those remain uncompromised.”

Rose paused for a moment, evidently searching for all alternatives, finding none, she gave in. “Of course, ma’am. Right away.” her evident dislike of the task was plastered over her face. "Chimera should do it." she glanced up "They are deniable and out of house, their bodies will be taken care of by the agency, but Chimera are trained assassins. This is their line of work."

She nodded softly "thank you, Rose. I don't want to do this, but we have no choice."

"We never do, do we, ma'am?" she smiled, only slightly. "The agency will mourn, but I'll ensure it survives through this."

"That's why you were appointed Director the moment Georgia died. Your dedication, despite all being thrown at you, is admirable."

"Don't suppose there's an award in this for me? I'd love some shiny gold medal."

"I'll see if we have any left over plastic ones from my old nursery." she smiled back, earning a laugh from the Director as she indicated towards the door. “Cheers, Rose.”

From the Office of the Presidential Leadership of Iarann Grudaidh

Sam Owens;
Vice President; Iarann Grudaidh

Kesley Taylor;
President; Iarann Grudaidh

Julia Wraith;
Empress; Geonal

Encryption Level: Maximum

Empress Wraith,

Due to the troublesome actions of Geonal operatives within Iarann Grudaidhian territory. We are issuing a Final Contact Notice in which this will be the Democratic Republic’s final warning against the Empire to the Imperial Cabinet to plea for your nation’s Unconditional Surrender. Due to the evident and overwhelming ties between those within Geonal’s Intelligence Unit and that of the Masked Resistance terror group, even despite the recent attack on your cybersecurity base. The Democratic Republic sees no choice but to issue this warning.

You have three major world superpowers against you, all three of which have assets and powers far above anything you can handle. Your time is excruciatingly dated. I suggest you pick wisely.

The people of Iarann Grudaidh are warriors, and have been since birth. The people of Port Ember are commanders of the sea, and have been since birth. Northern Ocean strikes powers far greater than you can possibly imagine. Even if you did successfully make movements into Northern Ocean territory, the death of those who so hopelessly follow your leadership will be swift and punishing, including the potential for further invasion of Geonal territory by far less patient and considerate characters.

The following terms are demanded of the Imperial Cabinet;

- Full unconditional surrender
- Preparation for take-over by the Iarann Grudaidhian, Port Emberian and Astares Amerauricanumian Military Forces for the foreseeable future
- The dissolution of any and all currently standing governmental bodies within Geonal.

If these terms are not agreed to by 24 hours upon the sending of this communique then may the Red Beauty spare you from her wrath.

“I am standing, live, outside the Presidential Manor where moments ago a large armoured convoy arrived with an ambulance, before seemingly taking someone away in the back. The identity of the person is unclear, however there are some rumours that it is President Taylor, no confirmation has been made so far and no official statements have been released.” her eyes remained straight towards the camera as police cars drove by nearby. “This comes just a few hours after the mobilization of naval fleets on the northern part of the nation, rumoured to be assisting the Port Emberian fleet nearby Geonal waters. The lack of response from the government has began worrying members of the public as the world’s eyes once again firmly land on Iarann Grudaidh. Back to John in the studio.”

Rose lit a cigarette as she stood in the large warehouse, the clacking of her heels echoing as she took a seat near the front. 12 CAAS Operatives stood around the warehouse, waiting. “I’ve missed these” Rose mumbled as she glanced at the cigarette in her hand, talking to nobody in particular.

The doors of the warehouse abruptly opened as 7 CAAS Operatives escorted a large grouping of people, placing them in various neat rows, facing the Director. Any joy she felt vanished upon seeing the black bags over their heads, their arms ziptied, three separate zip ties for each of them, unable to be broken with ease, their arms forced behind their backs behind the bindings. One by one, the CAAS operators lifted the bags off of their heads as they began frantically looking around the warehouse.

Rose stood, stomping out the cigarette before she began pacing in front of them. “As you know, an attack on the Presidential Manor took place earlier today, an attack which led to the stabbing of the President of the Democratic Republic. It brings me no joy to stand here. No joy to look at your faces, people I’ve worked with over the years. However, our lapses in security are being tolerated no longer.

Vice President Owens has issued a clean-house order to my office upon the confirmation that one of our own was the perpetrator of the assassination attempt. Said order is to be filled out immediately.

You are here because you are not trusted, you are here because your country has been betrayed by the deepest operatives it has.

Rest assured, you don’t officially exist, nor do you unofficially exist. Your names are gone, your faces are unknown, your families think you’re dead. Meaning we can do whatever the fuck we like and they won’t give a rats ass.” she giggled at her own comment, a small smile forming on her face. “I’m here to ensure that Chimera, the lovely operatives they are, eliminate every last one of you.”

The operatives raised their silenced assault rifles as the whimpers began. Slowly getting louder. “Sorry ‘bout the mess.” she waited for a second “Fire.”

The sound of 19 silenced CSR-21s firing echoed throughout the halls as the screams commenced, too distant for anyone to hear. Rose stood there, watching as the screams got louder, before slowly getting quieter. “Cease fire.” the echoing of shells dropping on the floor came to a slow halt as they stood, awaiting their next order “Appreciate it, operatives. Do final checks to ensure that nobody survived that, one shot to the head, close range. Then prepare them for disposal.”

Her phone vibrated softly as she picked it up. “Lotus. Clean-house order is in effect, get far away from Grudaidhian shores and cut out all technology. The Agency is after you.” the phone call ended in a soft click as she glanced around the train carriage.

“Next stop, Ackley Town Station.” the voice over the intercom’s cheery voice didn’t do anything to help her mood as Lotus stood, she glanced at the open window next to her. Grabbing her phone, she shoved it out of the train, hearing an audible yet distant smack as it hit the rails. Satisfied, she did the same with her laptop.

As the train came to a grinding halt, she glanced outside the doorway. Three armed police officers stood, waiting, rifles in hand, their faces stone cold. Her time was limited. She hit the button on the other side of the train as they took notice of her, both doors on each side of the train compartment opening at the same time, one to the platform and one to open railway. Aiming their weapons, she moved. Quickly hopping out and bolting it to the other platform, before running. As fast as her legs could take her, she felt the breeze push past her hair as she quickly made pace to supposed safety.

Turning the corner, she saw three suited women standing there “Ma’am, we need to speak with you for a second. We just want to talk.” their forced smiles said all she needed to hear… Turning to go around, she saw another one standing behind her. She was trapped.

One carefully approached her as she quickly kicked them in the shin before pushing them back, pulling a silenced pistol from her waistband as she began firing. She took down two, one more was immobilized. All that was left was the final one.

Her moves were swift as she struck the lady in the face, pushing her back far enough to shoot her, killing her instantly. “Armed Police! Drop the gun!” they darted around the corner, their sights trained. She lifted up her hands, clearly showing the silenced pistol

“Alright gentlemen.” her Irish accent plain to see “I’ve had my fun” she chucked the gun to the side as she held her arms out. A small smile on her face. One of the two approached her slowly. That’s when she moved, ripping the assault rifle from his hand and hitting him in the face, using his limp body as a shield, before darting forward to the other constable and pushing him to the wall, before grabbing his pistol out of the holster which remained at his hip, shooting him once in the head, then the same with the two she immobilized.

She discarded the gun, picking up her own as she continued to move. This time, back the way she came. She hid the pistol back in her waistband as she boarded the train that had just arrived at the platform. Immediately moving to hide in the bathroom.

As she sat there, she took a moment to breathe and think. Wait to get to a village town, avoid bigger cities and find a hotel to sleep for the night.

She sighed softly, acknowledging the inevitable as she opened the door to the bathroom and took a seat, the ticket inspector had already done their rounds, she was safe until the next stop. She tied her hair into a ponytail as she began blending in, grabbing a nearby newspaper and inspecting it.

The train stopped as she got to the next stop, careful not to raise suspicion, she felt someone slide in front of her. She pulled the newspaper down.


In the most non-Irish accent she could pull successfully, she acted as if she didn't recognise her "Pardon me, is there any other seats you can go to? I have social anxiety and I just… I just need the space, I'm really sorry."

Rose was amused, smiling at Lotus. "oh don't play dumb."


"Lotus, I wasn't born yesterday." Rose smirked "nice accent though, and the sob story about anxiety? Good to see someone took the improvisation course to heart."

Lotus' facade faded as she glanced out the window. "If you're wondering, I'm not working with Geonal."

"That why you killed three Chimera operatives and two police constables?"

"They wanted to kill me, I received a heads up."

"Who from?"

"Not your concern."

"Well, actually, it is. Someone sharing classified information is always unappreciated."

"How many agents are left? That were part of the clean up?"

"Just you. Answer the question, Lotus."

Lotus took a moment to think "How many total?"

"23% of the GIA has been scrubbed."

"And you plan on killing me, broad daylight at a train station…"

"Didn't stop you."

"Rose." she spoke softly "you know the sacrifices I have made for you. For the Agency."

"And I appreciate them greatly, but this order comes far higher than my reach and you should realize that." Rose sighed, evidently frustrated by the circumstances she was under. "The president was stabbed. The Vice president orders a cleanup. No loose ties."

"I'm not a loose tie" Lotus was pulling on a thin thread as desperation was drawn from every word she spoke.

"No, you're a loose cannon. Now that's even worse." Rose smirked once again "why the hell do you think they sent me instead of some big shot CAAS agent? You already killed three."

"And if I kill you?"

"Lets just say you will be marked as a terrorist and if you even stepped foot in Northern Ocean territory you'd be slammed so far into the ground you'll taste the earth's mantle. Plus, you really think I'm here alone?" she laughed softly as she pulled a lollipop from her mouth, unwrapping it and popping it in her mouth.

"What are you waiting for?"

Rose smiled and laughed through the lolly, before taking it out with a loud pop. "Are you impatient to see death or something?"

Lotus smiled softly, once again glancing at the scenery nearby. "Something like that."

Rose glanced around "Between you and me, nice work at Ackley." she smiled "I'd be impressed if they weren't one of our own."

She took one good look at Rose, her eyes falling. "Don't act as if you've wiped your hands of killing your own when 23% of the agency has been - in your words - scrubbed." she paused for a moment “you and I are doing the same thing, killing others for the sake of survival.”


"Just make it quick, painless."

"I ensured that every death was painless, Lotus. I followed orders, that didn't mean I had to make it hurt for them."

"How did they go?"

"Facility, summary elimination."

The room fell silent once again, before Lotus spoke. "You say the President was stabbed."

"Correct." Rose knew where this conversation was leading, but decided to amuse it nevertheless.

"Who by?"

Rose took one good look at her coworker, sighed and gave in. "Iris."

The thick, heavy silence at the table became noticeable. "Between you and me, never liked her in the first place."

Rose sighed softly. "You're on the kill list because of the incidents in Port Ember during your reconnaissance missions." she admitted "However, I'm sure the Vice President can look over the 5 deaths, and the fact you are alive… if you pass an advanced screening. "

Lotus smirked "That's the Rose I remember."

"Don't get used to it, and for now, it's Director to you."

"Yes, Director."

"You're still going to have to come with me and my team, who will have you at armed gunpoint, but you'll have a nice room if that makes it better?" she smiled at her last statement. "The agency wants you dead the least, anyways."

"I think that's the first compliment you've given me." Lotus glanced around "You don't suppose I could get a new phone and laptop, too?"

"What happened to them?"

"Threw them out a train window once I received the alert."

"Smart girl." Rose laughed as the train came to a sudden halt “Come on, it’s our stop.”

The two departed the train as they walked up to the parking lot. “So, where’s your team?” The slight worry in Lotus’ voice was evident. “I didn’t see anyone following us when we left the train.”

“That’s because they know how to do their job” Rose turned the corner, Lotus following further behind. Though once she turned the corner, she realized. Six suited agents immediately grabbed her. “Sorry about that, Lotus. Business is business.”

Rose turned and began walking off, back towards the trains.

Rose stood in front of the Vice President, a soft smile on her face as she stood, her back straightened and her gaze forward. “Ma’am, as requested, the necessary persons have been scrubbed.”

The Vice President, amazed at the speed, spoke, uncertainty emanating in her voice. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” Rose paused for a second “I will not go into detail, however do know that it’s the quickest and cleanest scrubbing of the agency this nation has ever seen.”

Vice President Owens smiled softly. “Good. I’m looking at the formation of another intelligence agency, not to replace the GIA, but instead to assist it and be the public image of the Grudaidhian Intelligence Family.”

“I see, ma’am.”

“As you’re actively known as the director of intelligence networks, we are now creating new positions. In light of this formation, we will be creating a Board of Directors, which oversee the two agencies. You will be the Chief Director, your position and powers remain static, however you have a further grip.”

“Understood, I appreciate it.”

“Suitable candidates will be requested from your office, congratulations Chief Director Rose.”

“Understanding the public existence of this intelligence agency, and further acknowledging that Rose is a codename, I must insist that false identities are created for all public officials of the intelligence network which are marked as official citizens”

“Understandable, I have to agree. Thank you, Chief Director. Dismissed.”

“Ma’am.” Rose saluted, before walking out.

The five black vehicles made pace throughout the city streets as they arrived in front of Kingfisher Drive Police Station, the headquarters of Duff Gardens Anti-Terror Operations Division. The lead vehicle paused in front of the security checkpoint, the window slowly winding down to reveal two males, one in the drivers and passenger seat. The one in the passenger seat held out his badge. “DCI Sean Rose, Anti-Corruption. It is your legal obligation to let this convoy through, now.”

The constable at the gate nodded as the bar blocking entrance into the parking lot juddered upward. The convoy moved once again, this time parking at the entrance to the police station from the parking lot. 10 suited detectives and three uniformed officers stepped out of their respective vehicles as they scaled the stairs.

The grouping of 13 Anti-Corruption Officers arrived on the Detective’s Floor of the police station. “What in the hell is going on here?” Superintendent Caleb Wells walked out of his office, evidently aggravated by the sudden bombardment into his station.

“Superintendent Wells, I am DCI Sean Rose, before this proceeding starts I have the legal obligation to inform you that Anti-Corruption is serving your department a Protocol 35 Notice, not only that but you are officially relieved from duty upon enquiries under Operation Burnt Sun.” DCI Sean Rose spoke, as his detectives moved throughout the room.

“Bullshit,” Wells laughed softly “You’ve got no clue what you’re on about, son.”

“Caleb Wells, you are under arrest for suspicion of Treason against the Democratic Republic whilst in a position of public office, and further conspiracy to commit a terror attack which has been marked as immoderate, meaning that the death toll is so high we don’t have a specific wording for it.” two constables grabbed his arms and pulled him into handcuffs “You do not have to speak in any capacity, however, it may harm any defence if you do not mention, when you are questioned, something you may later rely on in court. Anything that has been said will be given in evidence. You have the legal right to an attorney, if one is unable to be afforded, one will be provided for you.”
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Astares One, en route back to the Imperium.

After a night of rest in Port Ember, Adrean, Anna and their friends had left the hotel in their MRAPS back to Fort Pearl Airbase. There, they had boarded the B-900 Jumbo Jet Astares One, the double-deck official plane used to transport them in official trips, and which had made the flight from the Imperium to Port Ember in the night.

Now, seated in their office aboard the plane, Adrean and Anna were reading the different reports and messages they had received.

"Let's see... Kesley's offer to create a Joint SF group, then he gets stabbed and hospitalized, while two Grudaidhians carriers are ready to engage the Geonal Navy alongside the Port Emberians. And let's not forget their intelligence agency which is subjected to a purge of their less loyal elements." recaps Adrean as he looks to the various windows opened on his computer screen.

"Yeah, that's quite the happening if you ask me. Although he could have watched his back better." replies Anna with a nod.

"Maybe, maybe not. I hope he makes it in the end, I wouldn't want to have saved his ass for nothing." replies her husband with a small grunt, before starting to type a message in reply to Kesley and Sam.

    Keisaer Adrean Blachkor,
    Keisaerina Anna Blachkor
    President Kesley Taylor,
    Vice President Sam Owens
Subject: Creation of a Joint Task Force and other matters related to the imminent War against Geonal.

Dear President Taylor, Dear Vice-President Owens,
first of all, please allow us to wish you our most sincere condolences regarding the death of Georgia Grudaidh. She was a strong woman, who even if she had a few bad points, was still a great leader who had her nation's interests at heart. We will miss her greatly.

About our meeting with President Flint, we are happy to tell you that it went well, and that the strained relations between our two nations are on their way back to normal. Although to be honest with you, we will still keep a close eye on Jason Downing, the Director of the Port Ember Foreign Intelligence Agency. He is hiding something.
But you are right, it's time to put a final stop to the strain in the relations between our nations.

Now, regarding the creation of a Joint Task Group between Astares Amauricanum, Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh, as special force operators ourselves, such an offer only calls for our approval and, dare I add, blessing. We will have the Department of Defense look for a list of operators and a suitable HQ location in the Imperium in the next days.

Speaking of Joint Task Force, you may remember Kesley, that before we departed your home to Port Ember, we talked with your mother about the creation of a Joint Astarian-Grudaidhian Army Corps, to which you and your mother approved.
I'm happy to say that we have found a number of units on our side that would make our contribution to this Corps. We hope you will be able to do the same.

On a more sensitive topic, I don't have to remind you that fortunately, the Imperium has not been plagued by the wave of mass terrorism your nation, as well as Port Ember, has suffered at the hands of Geonal and the Masked Resistance. Sure, we had some spies we caught on our soil, but aside from that nothing as cruel and as sad as what you went through.
We know that the state of animosity between Iarann Grudaidh and Geonal dates back to a long time ago, and that millions of your compatriots have died due to them. We can only imagine the immense amount of anger that must be boiling in every Grudaidhian veins, and that you want to be the first to set foot on Geonal soil in this war.

But we don't have to remind you that as Astarians, just like you, our fighting and survival spirit is strong, very strong. And to that end, we would like to request the right for our troops, specifically Astarian Imperial Marines, to be the first to invade.
Before you get angry and say no, please allow us to remind you a few things:

-We were among the first to strike by sending some of the Imperial Guards Bodarks to destroy some deep-sea oil rigs to lure a Geonal Fleet in a zone away from the coast.

-While you deploy your own carriers alongside the Port Ember Naval Forces, this can act as a great diversion for a force to go through and land in Geonal.

- Who saved you, Kesley, when you were about to be shot in the head just after your brother had been shot himself by the Masked Resistance in your residence? That's right, it was us, not you own troops. In the Imperium, we consider that due to this, you owe us a life debt. And we are now calling in that debt.

We know the war ahead of us will not be easy, it will be bloody for all sides involved. As always, it displeases us to send so many young Astarians, male and female, to a certain death. But as leaders, we can't do anything but take responsability for each and everyone of their lives.

May Astartes, Star of War and Strength, bless the Geonal invasion and occupation with success for the Armed Forces of Iarann Grudaidh, Port Ember, and Astares Amauricanum.
And may Ymir, Star of Life and Creation, and of Death and Afterlife, bless the souls of the fallen soldiers, and guarantee them a painless and quick death should their time have come.

Keisaer Adrean Blachkor
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor.

PS: Kesley, get well soon. :) Your day has not come, and we hope to see you back in the game soon, ready to kick ass.
Semper Fidelis, Semper Invicta.

Seas south of Geonal.
In the Zone where the former Falcon 1, 2 and 3 oild rigs stood some time ago...

Fortunately, Operation Silent Shark had worked perfectly, and the three oil rigs were now resting as wreck at the bottom of the ocean.
As the Astarians had planned, the Geonal Fifth Fleet had taken the bait, and sailed immediatly towards the zone, where for reminder, fifteen nuclear attack submarines of the Astarian Imperial Navy waited in ambush.

And so, upon the arrival of the Geonal ships, hell had broken loose. In a matter of hours, sonar echoes resonated from everywhere, alerting the ships, but that did not stop the Astarians from scoring three kills. A Landing Helicopter Dock, and two Missile Cruisers had been sunk, and now, the Astarians had retreated in the dark depths below, only emitting some sonar pulses here and there.
Now that their first goal had been reached, their new task was to keep the Geonal Fleet above them in the area, alert but not attacking. The Astarian Chief of Naval Operations had been clear, if they sunk too many ships, hell would break loose on the subs, and they would have no means to rescue the trapped crews.

So, as a wolfpack, the submarines lied in wait, circling their prey, keeping them alert and in a designated spot, where they would not be able to assist other forces.
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Postby Port Ember » Sun May 02, 2021 12:05 am

Amanaki City
East Ember Island
Republic of Port Ember
Monday 17H00

As the tropical sun was slowly starting to fade upon the horizon, it had already worked its magic upon the archipelago's landscape for a full fifteen hours, the city was still scorchingly hot and humid, to uncomfortable levels. There was not a silent corner within the busy, populated city, as millions of people were going about their daily lives, mostly returning to their homes after yet another productive day at work or school, or finally on their way to work for the bustling night shift, or a night out with the family or a loved one. The majority of people just wanted to get home after a long day, in order to rest, eat and spend time with those who mattered. The roads and public trains were filled with near gridlock levels of traffic, as everyday lives and economy turned and churned away.

Another day in paradise.

Except, at 17:03, the lives of the millions of Port Emberians residing in Amanaki City, would change in an absolute instant. Life would not be the same, not be normal again, at least for a long time.

And that's for the lucky ones.

Amanaki City
East Ember Island
Republic of Port Ember
Monday 17H03

Frank Mitrá

The radio of Frank's sedan purred on softly as he sat within his vehicle, absolutely and totally stuck in traffic. Frank let out a soft sigh, knowing that there was no use in becoming frustrated and angry at this terrible traffic situation, as he knew the millions of people surrounding him in their own cars, were stuck in the exact same situation. Besides, he was supposed to be used to this, as he has been living in the traffic-ridden city for the past five years already.

Frank's tired face formed into a soft smile as memories and reflection rushed through his mind. He had no right to complain or become frustrated, as it was his own decision to move to this city afterall. Frank was born and raised in the capital city of Port Ember Megalopolis, where, despite it being 50 times more populated than Amanaki, traffic gridlock was nearly unheard of. The capital benefited the most from the nation's wealth, as billions of tax aurums were invested into the city's infrastructure on a continuous annual basis, whilst also being a true smart city, one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. But, as amazing as it was, there was simply no way that Frank could make his mark in the same manner as he could here. The Megalopolis was just too crowded with talent, corruption and favouritism.

Frank turned his attention back to the radio, in an attempt to take his mind of the mind numbing traffic,

"That was 'Salty Dog' by 'Crossbones' dear listeners, and what an awesome track it was! I am your host, Derrick Heira, and I am bringing you 'News at 5'.

*The News Soundtrack plays*
I am Derrick Heira, it is now 17H03, with the News on Amanaki FM. Today's news broadcast is sponsored by Rose Perfumes - 'Because Seduction is a Right'.

Top Stories of the day includes:
- The story in Iarann Grudai…"

Suddenly the radio went dead, alongside the entire vehicle, whilst a deafening blast could be heard, originating from somewhere to Frank's right. A large, thick black cloud of smoke could be seen hanging in the darkening tropical sky, probably about 5km away. Frantically looking around, Frank realised that it was not only his vehicle which died - everyone's did. As far as he could see, thousands upon thousands of vehicles - resting in silent bliss.

Frank climbed out of his car, staring at the rising pillar on the horizon, his mind racing as to the possibilities of what could have happened. His mind clicked instantly - Midtown Power Station. Must be.

Frank removed his cell phone from the inner pocket of his suit's jacket, and noticed immediately that it's screen was pitch black. He also noticed that the phone was hot, nearly scorchingly so, to the touch. His mind raced on more, with it concluding something which Frank did not want to conclude, his mind shocked at its own thoughts, and let out an audible gasp of "No…"

Electronic Magnetic Pulse was repeated within his mind, over and over.

Amanaki City
East Ember Island
Republic of Port Ember
Monday 18H15

Frank Mitrá

A container truck stood just outside of the Ministry of the Interior Field Office, and was bustling with activity, a lot of people moving around, clearly without direction, clearly in panic.

As Frank stepped into the container, a man greeted him,
"Colonel, what a sight you are..
Except that you look like shit."

Frank looked down to himself, realising that his normally crisp white buttoned shirt was no longer tucked into his black pants, and it was drenched in sweat. A few blood drops also decorated it, compliment from the cut on his forehead.

"Aye, I walked 4 kilos in this bloody heat, and had to help a few car crash victims. Major… What the fuck is going on!?"

Amanaki City
East Ember Island
Republic of Port Ember
Monday 18H30

Col Frank Mitrá - Head of the Ministry of the Interior; Tactical Division; Amanaki Field Office

The container truck which was serving as an ad hoc Ops Room for the Ministry of the Interior Tactical Division Field Office was filled with suit, and half suit clad men and women, who have finally calmed down, now able to hide their distress, to an extent, as the presence of their trusted commander calmed them somewhat.

Major Steven Walker, the Second in Command of the Field Office, started speaking.
"Colonel, we have managed to paint an outline of a picture of the situation, although we are mostly flying blind still. The situation is as follows:
One. It is clear that the electricity infrastructure of the city is down, completely. We are unable to confirm how large an area is affected, and whether other towns and cities have been hit.
Two. Obviously, everything powered by electricity is offline, which in summary, is basically the entire city. And I mean everything. The immediate problem here is that cell networks are down and landlines are down as well.
Three. We have determined that an Electronic Magnetic Pulse has hit the Central District, as we have received reports that vehicles in that area have stopped working instantly.
Four. We honestly do not know what the hell is going on and what can be done to solve this. I.. I don't know.."

Frank interjected. "That's okay Major, relax, you did well. Okay people, listen up. You heard the Major, you know that we are right in the middle of a clusterfuck, which we don't know how it happened, we don't know how far or deep this goes, and we don't know how the city is taking it. We will NOT be speculating, we will not be spreading rumours. We will act, and we will act decisively. I know you are worried about your families right now, but millions of other families in the city are depending on us right now.

I need the Comms Team to set up a satellite radio commlink with Port Ember Megalopolis and determine whether they are still online. Then, I need to speak to the Minister of Defence - Urgently.

I need one Tactical Team to link up with the Police HQ down in Central, and assist in coordinating the public safety, wherever and however you can. When darkness falls, panic and opportunity can spark into widespread crime, looting and riots. Shut this down before it spreads.

Then I need a tactical team deployed to the Emergency Services HQ. I assume that a lot of people are hurt, in danger, in need of help, and stuck somewhere. They can't call for help - so make sure you help where you can in order to get the Emergency lads working smoothly. I think the Central Powerstation popped, and that needs serious attention, in serious urgency.

Lastly, I need a tactical team deployed to Central Hospital. I figure they are flooding with patients right about now. Make sure the good docs and nurses are not subject to looters, so that they can get their jobs done without being killed off too quickly.

Get to it people, the City needs us.

Port Ember Megalopolis
Ember Island
Lilly Black Borough
Republic of Port Ember
Tuesday 14H30

The Captain's Villa


The Captain's Villa - Port Ember Presidential Residence and Office

President Edward Flint was seated at the head of the massive ebony conference table, situated within the Conference Room of the Captain's Villa - the Presidential Office & Residence. The President's elbows were placed atop the table, with his head bowed forward, hands intertwined into his hair. The nation's top Ministers and advisors were seated around him in silence, none daring to make a sound, yet anxious to be led, anxious to ease the suffering of their nation, yet again.

Forcing himself to regain his composure, he sat upright, removing his elbows from the table and looked at his gathered advisors. "Right, I'm listening."

Minister Jan Breytenbach rose from his seat, and commenced his briefing,
"As we all know, Amanaki City has been declared a Disaster Zone as a response to the crises. The military has landed in the city at 0400B this morning, and the following reports were provided:

The entire power grid of the city has gone offline, which includes the entire inner city and all its suburbs. What is worse is the fact that emergency backup generators which were wired to the grid are also not working. Generators which were uncoupled is fine, at least. This has crippled the entire infrastructure of the city, including telecommunications, which includes networks and landlines, running water, streetlights…

The Central Powerstation has suffered critical damage and has exploded, which somehow caused an Electronic Magnetic Pulse. The Pulse spread out in a total radius of 10 kilometres. This pulse was deadly, as it fried every electronic device in its range, which includes any private and public electronic device, including about 300 000 private cars and cellphones.

The exploded powerstation caused a serious fire, which spread to other buildings surrounding it, damaging a total of 4 office complexes. The death toll in this fire is a total of 14 deaths. The fire has finally been contained at 0615B this morning.

Looting and riots erupted this morning at around 0300B, especially within the Central District. It is unknown how many casualties have been suffered, and to what financial extent the populace has suffered. Fortunately, the deployment of the Military has managed to cease this challenge. Crime sprees broke out all across the city, especially in the area of gang wars, as the criminal elements took full advantage of the fact that telecoms are down, and no crime can be reported. This is getting handled however, as the Ministry of the Interior has deployed drones to each police station, which is being utilised to cover their sectors. Military squads have also been deployed in visible patrol format.

Rescue services however, are swamped, and unable to provide assistance as effectively as possible, due to the fact that telecoms are down, and thus people can't report when in trouble. Ministry of the Interior Agents and military squads have been attached to firehouses, and they are now sweeping the city, block by block, building by building, to ensure all is safe. This is a tedious, time consuming process, but absolutely necessary. It would appear that the most people who are stuck and distressed are people in elevators and underground trains.

Military squads have started distributing drinking water and food parcels to the populace while water supply infrastructure is down.

Military engineers are attempting to reestablish the power grid somehow, which would bring telecoms back. I am unsure how far this process is."

Breytenbach sat back down, with Edward nodding.
"Good, keep up the good fight, Minister. You have my authority to deploy more troops if needed."

Edward let out an audible sigh. He hated deploying the military in his streets, as the media, and even some ordinary citizens, would want to hang him for such a decision, but it needed to be done. He spoke again,
"Now, what the hell caused this!?"

Director Jason Downing rose from his seat as he spoke,
"The Tech Department quadruple checked this fact Sir… It was a cyber attack."

The entire room grumbled lowly as he continued,
"We have confirmed without a doubt that the enemy had employed the 'Project Torrent' weapon which Geonal claimed was stolen by the Masked Resistance terror group. We are still working on the details…"

Edward's eyes lit up like a thunderstorm before he spoke again.
"This meeting is dismissed. Get out, all of you. Now."

As the room rose from their seats, Edward turned to Jason, "Not you."

Jason sat down again, with apprehension visible on his facial features.

Once the room was cleared, Edward spoke once more.
"The Masked Resistance. Are you fucking kidding me? At the start of every day, I am reading a report from your office, detailing how you have captured or killed yet another agent of the Masked Resistance, reading how you are hunting them down from every corner of this planet. Every day you claim they are broken. Yet here they are, causing yet another catastrophic disaster on my islands. Director, you are testing my patience. You are slipping old man, and I will not, and cannot accept incompetence in my government."

Jason's own eyes darkened, "Incompetent!? Are you.."

"I did not give you permission to speak you little shit." Edward interrupted.
"I am sick and tired of this defensive posturing, I am sick and tired of failure! I know these fuckers are crafty, but for the love of all which is holy, you have agents and assets employed across the entire globe, with more people employed than some nation's standing militaries. You have an availability of near endless proportions. You are supposed to be better than a ragtag group of suicidal fuckwits.

Director Jason Downing, you are hereby relieved of your duty with immediate effect."

Later that evening, President Flint handed over a letter to his secretary, to be forwarded to the recipients post haste.


Official Correspondence From The Republic of Port Ember


The Republic of Port Ember; Office of the President


The Democratic Republic of Iarann Grudaidh


Sam Owens
Office of President (Acting) / Office of the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Subject: Diplomatic Missive



Supreme Leader.

I would like to commence this comunique with an apology, for not responding to your government's missives in a perfectly timeous manner.

The first agenda point to be addressed within this comunique, is one of empathy and solidarity. The news of the attack on President Kesley has garnered the utmost callings of shock, anger and support to the President, his family, your government and your people at large. Please know that whilst we are not physically seated besides the President's hospital bed, the entire Port Ember remains with you all in spirit. Furthermore, if you need a favour - Port Ember will comply without a hint of hesitation in this time of need.

Secondly, I wish to address the information relating to an impending attack on my Naval Forces deployed within the South Geonal Sea. I wish to thank you for the sharing of this vital piece of intelligence, and the lives of those whom could have possibly lost, and are owed a debt to you, our friends. My Naval assets have been ordered to steam south hastily, whilst a larger element has been sent from port northwards, to link up with the deployed assets. This will form a deployment of my total Northern Fleet, a force to be reckoned with. Our Naval Commanders hope that the planned Geonal offensive gives chase of my south-steaming assets, which would lead them directly into the tiger trap which is the Northern Fleet.

My Naval Commanders have pleaded with me to request your deployed naval assets to link up with the Northern Fleet, in a bid to strengthen the planned trap. You are not obliged to comply off course, and you're free to utilise your assets in any manner which you see fit, at any time.

Thirdly, I wish to discuss the laid out proposal to establish a Joint Task Force. My Parliament has moved swiftly, and agreed to it's formation, with Port Emberian involvement. The Port Ember Security Forces will establish the base of operations for this Task Force at Fort Pearl, the home of the Top Tier forces within the Republic. However I must insist that the top military leaders of all three host nations meet in person in order to draft a Standard Operating Procedure document, which is vital to the success of such a venture. Without it, tactical control and Deployment protocol will cripple the utilisation of the Force.

Lastly, I wish to inform you that Port Ember has suffered yet another large scale terror attack on it's soil, in the form of some or other cyber attack. The exact details of this attack is still shrouded in mystery, as is the exact extent of loss of life in Amanaki City. What I can share with your office is that the situation is dire, and my people are dying because of this attack. I urge your nation to take precautions to avoid the same calamity. I will inform you once my Intelligence Agencies discover the identity of those responsible, and I can assure you that justice will be swift and terrible.

Madam Vice President, I believe you will agree with me that these acts of terror on both our nation's needs to end with immediate effect.

To your Health & Wealth!!!

President Edward Flint

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Postby Geonal » Sun May 02, 2021 5:37 am

"My apologies, Empress Wraith." Empress Versio's solemn look said all that needed to be told "but you will not have my support during this upcoming confrontation with Northern Ocean."

There was evident disappointment in Julia's eyes as she spoke "Well well," she glanced down, before her gaze landed back on her former ally "the cowards approach. Our region is being threatened by outside insurgents."

"Empress… Julia." she paused for a second, her glance brief. "We can not risk the safety of this nation due to your shortcomings. The former Empress was fed the remains of her own daughter before being ruthlessly assassinated, a tsunami from the nuclear blast at your capital almost impacted Kolodanian shores."

"You have the military might to prevent any invasion into the region with the click of your fingers," she paused for a second "you have the ability to bring Iarann Grudaidh to their knees, why won't you do it?"

"Because although we could handle Iarann Grudaidh if they were on their own, with some difficulty, asking me to face Port Ember, Iarann Grudaidh AND Astares Americanum at the same time is like asking a squirrel to lift a boulder." she paused for a second. "Your days are numbered, Julia… I don't need my days numbered too." she paused once again, before speaking. "Give em hell and escape to Kolodania when they come calling. We'll tell them that you used the nation as a temporary safe zone before fleeing out of the region, we publicly cut ties with you."

"Empress Versio, you of all people should know a leader does not flee from her nation. If I die, I go down with my ship…" Empress Versio nodded at her counterpart's statement. "The offer is appreciated, no matter how futile."

“Even if we did have a face off with Iarann Grudaidh, they always have the backing of their allies.” Versio sighed softly “Although my nation would have the ability to bring them to their knees, even go as far as to invade their shores… How long do you think it’ll take for Port Ember, Astares Americanum or even The Chuck to form a response, whether that be total war or fucking black ops for christs sake”

“I wonder what that’s like.... Having the backing of your ally.” Julia glared into the screen for a second “So be it, Kathryn. Godspeed.”

"Good luck, Empress Wraith. I wish there was more I could truly do." Versio ended the call as Wraith took a deep breath.


Empress Wraith took a seat at her desk, going through the various letters she had received that day, before coming across one very peculiar one.

Due to the troublesome actions of Geonal operatives within Iarann Grudaidhian territory. We are issuing a Final Contact Notice in which this will be the Democratic Republic’s final warning against the Empire to the Imperial Cabinet to plea for your nation’s Unconditional Surrender.

She had only read the first sentence, and already knew she was going to get amusement out of this.

You have three major world superpowers against you, all three of which have assets and powers far above anything you can handle. Your time is excruciatingly dated. I suggest you pick wisely.

A soft scowl appeared on the Empress’ face, almost wanting to scoff at the insult.

The following terms are demanded of the Imperial Cabinet;

- Full unconditional surrender
- Preparation for take-over by the Iarann Grudaidhian, Port Emberian and Astares Amerauricanumian Military Forces for the foreseeable future
- The dissolution of any and all currently standing governmental bodies within Geonal.

She sighed and smiled softly, before ripping the piece of paper up and putting it in a nearby bin. She was not going anywhere.

Picking up the phone on her desk, she made a call. “Prepare for extra coastal defences on our southern seas. Any enemy military within their might are to be struck down without discretion and without delay. If they move further north, we’ll know, and we’ll burn that torch when we get there…”
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Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Sun May 02, 2021 5:56 am

Security guards stalked the halls of the hospital, the door to the surgery room remaining shut. The tight, anxious breathing of the First Gentleman was all that could be heard within the Relatives Room, which was secured with rings of security stretching the entire hospital, and around the block.

For security purposes, the floor had been cleared and the patients which were once treated on said floor transferred accordingly. The entrances remained heavily guarded and ambulances were rerouted to other nearby hospitals.

A solitary tear dripped down Luke’s cheek as his eyes remained locked onto a small trinket on the coffee table in front of him. Anger. Pure, uncontainable anger coursed through his veins with lightning speed. All he could do was wait, as the love of his life was under anesthesia a few rooms away.

There was no new information. He didn’t even know where his husband was stabbed. All that he knew was an intruder got to him before intelligence agents could kill them.

The convoy arrived outside as the Vice President stepped out of the limousine and walked into the hospital. Every step she took, she did so with force. The thick layer of anger and fury pulsing throughout her body was clear to see.

Arriving at the relative’s room, she opened the door to reveal a discontented Luke Taylor, his eyes not shifting to the new presence in the room, too locked in thought to do anything.

She stepped in as the door closed behind her. “I know that right now is not a good time, Luke. In fact, I doubt there will be… But we need to talk about succession.”

A soft sigh escaped the gentleman’s lips as he glanced towards her. “Sam, Kesley and I fully entrust you to take the role of President of Iarann Grudaidh if he…” he stopped, unable to continue the sentence as his vision blurred.

Once again, a tear fell from his face. “Thank you…” she paused for a second “Thought I’d get that topic out the way…”

“You have to tell him, Sam. One of these days you’ll have to tell him.” he spoke softly “I know you entrusted me with this secret, but he should know.”

Sam bit her lip. “Tell him what?”

“We both know.”

She sighed for a second. “If I tell him I’m his sister… Do you think he’ll be pleased?”

“Course not.”

“I’m the illegitimate child between the late former Supreme Princess at-the-time and a citizen of Port Ember. Do you understand what that means, Luke?”

“That your mother kept secrets from the both of you. She would want him to know.”

Letting out yet another sigh, she nodded. “Fine, but the public must never know. My mother's image doesn't deserve to get ruined because of a stupid mistake she made, she at least had the decency to send money over to us in Port Ember, and gave us accommodation as well as citizenship. the least I can do is ensure utter secrecy."

"your secret is safe with me, and it will be safe with Kesley

Some time had passed and the Vice President had returned to the Presidential Manor. She walked with precision towards the podium, the international reporters immediately noticing her appearance, instead of that of the President.

Standing at the poem, she began. “My fellow Grudaidhians, the great region of Northern Ocean, and the world beyond.” she spoke softly, her words carefully and delicately picked. “I would like to start this speech by confirming overwhelmingly evident rumours of an incident within the Presidential Manor earlier today. I have a duty to inform members of the public of such incidents with extreme haste.

I understand that this announcement took a great period of time, in fact the incident happened several hours ago, however do note that due to security threats and intelligence gathering operations, the Presidential Office decided to refrain from making this announcement too soon.

I am deeply saddened to confirm that the President of Iarann Grudaidh, Kesley Taylor, was attacked within his office earlier today by a rogue agent, who is confirmed to be sent from Geonal’s Intelligence Service. He remains in hospital in critical condition, and has already undergone surgery. I can not give - within reasonable doubt - any comments on his current health condition, which could change at any moment, however you will be updated as soon as possible.

We can, however, confirm that we have detected the exploit that members of Geonal’s Intelligence Services have been abusing in order to gain access into this building ever since the first attack from the Masked Resistance, which further cements previous ties between the Masked Resistance terror group and Geonal, as well as Geonal’s involvement in the assassination of Georgia Grudaidh, my predecessor.

It is - with this in mind - that my office is issuing a Final Contact Notice towards the government of Geonal, demanding total surrender of all militarized and governmental bodies within 24 hours.” she paused for a second, straightening her stance before continuing. “Iarann Grudaidh is famous for the way we fought during the war against the United Kingdom, in our bid to get independence. The overwhelming, one-sided enemy deaths were greatly notable by the skill and precision of our ground forces, which we still hold to our soldier’s hearts today.

To anyone and everyone who deems Iarann Grudaidh a notable threat, or attempts to use this incident in order to reap the rewards in the same way Geonal has, we will show you what we do to those who have crossed far too many lines. We will show you what this nation will do, when you hurt our people, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically.

I am exhausted of seeing civilian deaths, I am exhausted of seeing my people be hurt, and I will not tolerate another announcement of a terror attack against this nation for as long as this government is in power.

Iarann Grudaidh will not be holding back, and to any nation that dares attempt to stand in our way, we will show you what this nation will do to those who hurt us most.


The vice president took a moment to sit down at her desk, beginning to read the various communiques sent in her direction, beginning with one from Astares Americanum. Reading it in full, she replied.

From the Office of the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Sam Owens;
Vice President; Iarann Grudaidh

The Imperial Couple;
Empress and Emperor; Astares Americanum

Subject: RE: Creation of a Joint Task Force and other matters related to the imminent War against Geonal.
Encryption Level: Maximum

My fellow leaders,

I must first start this letter with a sincere apology from my office in regards to the absence of the Iarann Grudaidhian President, the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the necessary governmental bodies are able to manage in his absence, I will be temporarily stepping in for him during his recovery. I must also note - on the basis of professionalism - that you address your fellow leaders by their proper titles. This is a sign of respect shown as a courtesy, I hope you understand that fully. Regardless, I must move henceforth into discussing your correspondence directed to this government with a matter of urgency.

I must further go into your request in regards to the first invasion. I believe it to be best that I put this as straight-forward as possible, to avoid potential confusion. We have consulted our many departments, including public relations and our Department of Defence, all of which have recommended a push that Iarann Grudaidh invades first.

Looking at your key reasonings for your nation to invade, I must note I’m seeing some strings being pulled in terms of empathy, do understand that the Democratic Republic is grateful for the help of our allies, however further note that twisting the truth will get you nowhere. Especially not with me.

I find it an insult that your office looks towards an injured man, lying in hospital after receiving a stab wound, and decides to ask such a question. I hope this was a moment of poor judgement and not something that may later appear to be a pattern.

Going back to my original comment in regards to our consultation of our many departments. Our PR department informed us that - after receiving such heavy blows from a deep rooted enemy - doing nothing and continuing to wait or work in the shadows - especially while close allies invade enemy shores - would likely have a severe knock-on effect to the nation’s public status as a World Superpower, as well as throw the words ‘lazy’ ‘useless’ and ‘failure’ towards the Democratic Republic’s way, something this nation can not tolerate, especially because of the simple fact that many of our nation’s people have been severely affected by the growing Masked Resistance attacks, to watch their government not do anything would be - quite frankly - a final nail in the coffin, cementing our inability to take the correct action when needed.

Our Department of Defence informed us that if we did not make moves to occupy the enemy military, we may see a breach of Grudaidhian shores by enemy combatants, they will see us as a weak enough target to launch an effective strike, or, in the event of invasion from Astares Americanum, may use it as an opportunity to occupy Grudaidhian Armed Forces for a long enough period of time..

Who saved you, Kesley, when you were about to be shot in the head just after your brother had been shot himself by the Masked Resistance in your residence? That's right, it was us, not you own troops. In the Imperium, we consider that due to this, you owe us a life debt. And we are now calling in that debt.

If I recall correctly, and by what official media outlets as well as Vortex debrief documents suggest, Vortex and Astares Americanum soldiers worked together in a joint operation, so that comment is overwhelmingly false. “You owe us a life debt. And we are now calling in that debt.” I must note that I admire the confidence within this statement, however, I find it insulting, crude and overwhelmingly offensive to attempt to pull the moral strings of a man who was brutally attacked in the comforts of his own office, do not make this a pattern you follow.

I must further make this clear - you were friends of the former Vice President, not President Taylor, nor myself. From what I know, President Taylor has met you from time to time - including the Supreme Manor Rescue Operation - but has not had the chance to build formal, personal bonds with your nation. We do not know you, and attempting to pull such strings during a state of war - the likes of which is liable to claim more civilian casualties than our two nations have seen in their lifetimes - is quite frankly redundant, moreover completely unwarranted and crude.

I could also mention the simple fact that the operation was a horrendous failure, with a majority of the hostages dying due to a failure to respond to the scene in time, bragging and boasting about how you saved President Taylor from a fate similar to his brother’s will get you no bonus points with this government. Once again, this comment was of excruciatingly bad taste in light of recent events, and by the fact you’re seemingly using the President’s brother’s death as a bargaining chip against us.

Now, I must note that I can not control your government from doing whatever it likes, that is out of this government’s hands. Meaning you could invade Geonal this week or the next, which is completely out of our control, however do note that any invasion will not have the current backing of Iarann Grudaidhian forces, and we will not hold back from any invasion opportunities shown in the foreseeable future, or given to us by our allies and teammates in the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance. We do, however, wish you well in any invasion or combat attempts made by your nation - and hope to see that your nation may succeed in any future conflicts that may follow.

Dum spiro, pugnare
As long as I breathe, I fight

Sam Owens
Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

It was the dead of night near the Geonal Intelligence Agency’s headquarters, which sat next to the River Cipyar, the nearby streets vacant of any signs of life.

4 SWD operatives, wearing all-black gear, creeped silently in a small dinghy, it’s engine disabled as they used two paddles - careful not to alert nearby enemies of their presence. “Rapid 4 - approaching complex.”

“Copy that rapid 4 - get in, gather information about the attack, and get out.”

“Copy. Going dark” he spoke as the boat came to a slow halt, the four occupants grabbing diving gear which previously laid resting at their feet, and putting it on. Rapid 4 spoke once again as he anchored the dinghy. “Ready lads?”


The dive was swift, the four operatives barely making a splash in the water, just as they were trained. Their target? An underwater pipeline into the building, evidently rusted and aged, which gave them access to the lower floors of the complex - specifically the basement - which contains the building’s server room. The 4 made pace through the pipelines as they arrived at their destination, carefully getting out of the water and onto a metal platform, they put aside their diving gear and took out their Vector 45s, which were equipped with a suppressor, laser and an ACOG sight.

Standing at the doorway, which blocked off their current room from the rest of the building, Rapid 3 placed a small UDC under the doorway. “Two tangos, right side, assault rifles, guarding a closed doorway.”

“Copy. Readying breach.” Rapid 2 placed a breaching charge in the centre of the doorway before returning to their position. “On your mark.” Rapid 2 indicated towards Rapid 3, as he quickly cleared the UDC and went back to his position.

“Mark.” the door exploded as the four operatives immediately breached the room, shooting dead the two targets and dragging their bodies out of sight. “Prepare for someone to check out what the noise was.”

Just as expected, two operatives opened the door that the now deceased enemies were guarding and surveying the nearby area. “Charlie 3 to command - there’s an open doorway and the two guards are missing, my guess is they’re investigating the noise.”

The operatives took a quick glance around, before retreating back into their room.

Rapid 1 quickly glanced at the doorway. “Be advised, that door connects to the server room - easy point of access.”

“Copy” Rapid 2 smirked “on me.” The 4 operatives took position on the doorway as they readied themselves. Rapid 4 opened the door slightly, chucking in a flashbang.

Just as they were trained, the flashbang boomed as they breached. Quickly mowing down the 5 tangos in the room, 3 of which were on computers, 2 of which were conversing near a water cooler. “Clear.”

They advanced towards the second doorway, which led to the server room. “Remember, grab what intel we can and evac.”

“Copy that Rapid 1.”

“You can drop the nickname, Sergeant. It’s Captain Kieran Fisher to you.”

“Alrighty Captain.”

Kieran gave a visible eye roll as they breached. Rows of servers spanned the entire room as the operatives moved down the columns. Making sure the room was clear, they moved into Stage 3 of the plan. Walking up to one of the servers, Rapid 3, otherwise known as Corporal Daniel White, opened his laptop and connected it to the server. “Fuck.”

“What is it?”

“Security clearance required, not anything my worm can bypass.”

“What does it need?”

“A security dongle.”

“Wait two seconds.” Rapid 2, otherwise known as Sergeant Anne Thompson, returned to the room they had previously just cleared. Patting down one of the guards which sat at a chair, sure enough, she found it.”

Returning, she handed it to the Corporal “happy birthday.” she smirked, as he gave her a satisfied nod and plugged it in.

A few seconds of typing, accessing files and granting himself access to what information he could gather… He found it.”


“What now?”

“No…” Glancing at the screen he quickly moved to his comms device. “Sir, I’ve just accessed intel that the Geonal Intelligence Service - upon orders from the Empress - lured the terror group into attacking their data centre… But there’s nothing saying that the Masked Resistance have ownership of the device.”

“So what you’re saying is…”

“That it’s highly likely that Torrent never left the hands of the Empire.”


A sudden, wailing alarm began to blare out as the room’s colour turned red. “I’m locked out.”

“Fuck, we’re overt.” Captain Fisher turned to his team “how much info did you get?”

“I’ve got enough.”

“Good, let’s evac back the way we came and get the fuck out of here.” he glanced around for a second before walking to a server block, placing a block of C4 above it. “That’s in case shit gets ugly.”

“Right, let’s move. On me” Sergeant Thompson pushed back the way they came, arriving at the door leading to the hallway. “Ready?” she waited a moment. “Go.”

Simultaneously, the four operatives breached into the hallway. 6 hostiles stood in their way as they pushed forward, opening fire without a moment’s notice. The silenced echoes of the bullets carrying throughout the various hallways, as the shells clanged against the floor.

They placed more C4 as they moved back the way they came, before putting their diving gear back on and evacuating back to their dinghy.

Arriving at the dinghy, Captain Fisher pulled the trigger out, glancing at the building for a quick second, before pulling it. A fiery, dazzling glow spluttered out from the way they had come as a low, grumbling explosion echoed through the night sky. Taking away the anchor, they started the engine and quickly fled the scene.

The room was chillingly silent as the Vice President’s alert, deep and infuriated eyes landed on the Colonel, who’d dare not speak. Not now. Her hands visibly shook with anger as she rose from her seat, quietly walking over to a small drinks bar in the corner of her office, pouring herself a small glass of whiskey.

There were 4 people in that room, Colonel John Portman of the Special Weapons Division, Major Jan Alexander of the Special Weapons Division, Rose and the Vice President. Every one of them felt a cool chill in the room, except the Vice President, who only felt a whirlwind, a thunderstorm, an inferno of anger. She chugged down the whiskey and set it aside, striding to her desk as her heels made a strong, audible clack.

She finally spoke, ending the silence in the room. “So, Rose, you came to inform me of the attack in Port Ember, which was a likely deployment of Project Torrent.” she paused, as Rose nodded. “And, Colonel Portman, Major Alexander, you two came to inform me of findings in a Special Weapons Division operation which concluded that Project Torrent never left the hands of the Geonal Intelligence Service. This information comes straight from their headquarters.” Colonel Portman nodded. “Great, was just making sure I didn’t fuck up my hearing.”

The room went silent once again, as the Vice President sat back down in her chair and glanced up at the three, all of whom stared at the wall behind her, frozen. She let the room skip yet another beat, before speaking “how do we suppose we inform the Port Ember President?” she commented “Fax? Communique? Telegram? Do we want to phone up his mother so someone he loves can tell him?” her voice began to raise “How the fuck has it led to this?” she growled “Our President is in a hospital bed, our capital still has rubble from a terror attack lying in it’s city streets, millions of Northern Ocean citizens are deceased, let alone casualties from today’s ruthless attack. We are sitting on information that the attack was not - in fact - from the Masked Resistance, but from the Geonal Intelligence Service. Said information would lead an invasion, or a nuclear weapon, to Geonal’s doorstep, and at this point I can’t argue against such an action.” she paused, laying back in her seat.

Rose began to speak “Ma’am.” which earned the Vice President’s head to turn to her, quickly. “The death toll for the latest attack is unknown, but it could be in the thousands at this rate. We need to immediately take action if we don’t want Port Ember to chop off our heads.”

For the first time, Vice President Owens laughed “Chop off our heads?” she smiled “We’re no doubt about to invade a country with them soon, I doubt they’d want to kill us off, even if they had the means to fight us alongside fighting a terror organisation and Geonal.” she smirked “though I like that thinking, don’t trust your allies, I’ve been hearing a lot of that lately.”

The room went silent again, before the Vice President sighed. “Dismissed, all of you.” which earned three soft ‘yes ma’ams’ before the trio quickly retreated out of the room, not wanting to stay in there a moment longer.

She glanced at a small communique which laid neatly on her desk from the Port Emberian President. Sighing, she already knew what the information was likely to contain, but read it anyway.

As she finished reading the communique, a soft sigh escaped her lips as she set it down, and began to prepare a reply, which was marked with various notices of it’s urgency across both the message, and the letter it was being carried in.

From the Office of the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Sam Owens;
Vice President; Iarann Grudaidh
Office of the President (acting); Iarann Grudaidh

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

Subject: URGENT: Urgent Message to the President of Port Ember, RE: Diplomatic Missive
Encryption Level: Maximum

Dear President Flint,

I first want to send the deepest condolences to your nation on behalf of myself and the President - who sadly can not address this pressing incident himself - as well as on behalf of the entire Democratic Republic. I sadly have to cut these condolences short, as I have some very ugly and abhorrent information that must be immediately shared with your government.

I write this letter to your office with extreme urgency, as information I have now formally received will be of great use to your government. This is information I am obligated to share towards your office in a timely manner, so I will avoid beating around the bush.

Operatives of the Special Weapons Division were deployed on Geonal soil in the dead of night earlier today for an information gathering operation in regards to the potential whereabouts and power of Project Torrent.

As we are aware, an attack occurred at one of Geonal’s facilities - supposedly by the Masked Resistance - in order to take Project Torrent and use it against MR’s enemies.

During the SWD Operation - which oversaw an attack on the Geonal Intelligence Headquarters, we obtained information that the attack was in fact staged.

This means that Project Torrent never left the hands of Geonal, and the latest attack on your nation was not perpetrated by the Masked Resistance terror organization, but in actuality was a ruthless plan by the Geonal Intelligence Agency. I have attached a copy of the findings that the Operatives have made for your nation’s teams to analyse on their own behalf.

It is my opinion that Geonal have gotten away with too much, they have crossed far too many lines. I want you to know that any move Port Ember makes will have the full backing and assistance of Iarann Grudaidh.

Now to address the somewhat less pressing concerns put forward in your communique towards myself, and further air some more thoughts that you may find useful.

I am glad to hear of you agreeing to the formation of Section 9 - I hope that this brings a light to somewhat more darkening events which have unfolded in the recent months. I agree to the formation of a Standard Operating Procedure, as well as a meeting between our three host nations. I have checked with Red Command, which oversee the various Grudaidhian Special Forces groups, and we would like to offer my nation’s base of operations for Section 9 - known as the Blackwater Estate - to be a suitable meeting place. I would also like to inform you that we have found a Commanding Officer for Section 9, that being Lieutenant Colonel Kate Livingston, keep in mind that each host nation will have their own Commanding Officer - which will have the same powers and same ranking as each other, they will all act as the Board of Commanders, and be the main ties between the host nations and Section 9.

More information about a meeting between the top military leaders of our three nations, as well as the new Commanding Officers of Section 9, will be brought up in a later communique between our three nations, which I will allow Lieutenant Colonel Livingston to send over.

As for the requested link up with the Northern Fleet - I have spoken at length with my Naval Commanders and they will make movements to link up with your team as soon as possible. As for owed debts, we are both leaders under the region of Northern Ocean, as an ally, and even further a friend of the Democratic Republic, it is only right that we warn you of impending danger, I am comforted by the thought that I know you would do the same for us.

Dum spiro, pugnare
As long as I breathe, I fight

Sam Owens
Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh

Office of the Grudaidhian Lieutenant Colonel - SECTION 9

Kate Livingston
Lieutenant Colonel; Section 9

Edward Flint;
President; Port Ember

The Imperial Couple;
Empress and Emperor; Astares Americanum

Subject: Requested Meeting and Further Information
Encryption Level: Maximum

Dear leaders,

I am writing in regards to a planned meeting - which was briefly mentioned in communiques sent back and forth between Port Ember and Iarann Grudaidh. I hope this communique finds you in good health, I understand your time is busy so I will keep this as brief as possible. Furthermore, feel free to forward this to the correlating military personnel.

I would like to begin by introducing myself, I am Lieutenant Colonel Kate Livingston, Iarann Grudaidh’s appointed Commanding Officer and National Representative, operating within the Blackwater Estate as part of the Board of Commanders for Section 9. I have yet to meet my fellow Commanding Officers, however I must insist that there is no rush. Keep in mind that each nation appoints one Commanding Officer, as well as a select amount of Special Forces Operatives as part of Section 9.

Secondly, I would like to discuss something which was briefly mentioned - a meeting between the top military personnel in regards to a Standard Operating Procedure. I would like to inform you that lengthy discussion between us and members of Red Command, we would happily welcome you all to the Blackwater Estate.

I understand that due to recent international conflicts that we are all well aware of, there may be some security concerns. Please do note that the location of the Blackwater Estate is completely unknown to the public, it is kept with the highest amount of confidentiality, only those working at the Estate, Red Command, other high ranking military personnel, and the Presidential Cabinet, know if it’s existence.

The meeting is to occur any weekday in the coming weeks, at whatever time is most suitable for your nations, to discuss and form a Standard Operating Procedure. I, alongside high ranking members of the Red Command, will be present during this meeting.

I would like to further outline that for safety and security concerns that you - that being President Flint and the Imperial Couple - do not personally attend this meeting, due to the amount of media coverage a state visit may get, which may compromise security. I understand that this formation is of great value to you, so please feel free to send in an informant, we can further also have the meeting recorded and sent to your offices with haste.

Please write back to me if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to help in any way I can.


Kate Livingston
Commanding Officer; Lieutenant Colonel
Section 9 - Clypeus Division
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Adrean and Anna's Office
Silver Palace, Columbia District.

"All right, we will proceed as planned. May Ymir watch over you two." says William Raven as his image moves on the computer screen. Just as he finishes, the other members of the Imperial Cabinet say similar things to the Imperial Couple.

"Thanks to all of you." replies the Keisaerina. "Semper Fidelis, Semper Invicta" she adds as she recites the Keiserlig Custos motto. "Dismissed."
With that said, the Astarian Secretaries shut down the videoconference, going back to their tasks in their various departments.

Since they arrived in the Imperium a few hours ago, the Imperial Couple had conducted various meetings with members of the Astarian Cabinet and other government officials. In the end, they had managed to have the declaration of war against Geonal voted unanimously by the Congress, had reviewed with the Secretary of Defense Patrick Barrera the state of readiness of the Astarian Armed Forces, and had enacted the continuity of government under William Raven, the First Secretary of the Imperial Cabinet.

Now that the country has been prepared to be ruled while they were away in battle, the two monarchs still had a few things to do. First of all, send a letter back to Vice President Sam Owens.

    Keisaer Adrean Blachkor,
    Keisaerina Anna Blachkor
    Vice President Sam Owens
Subject:RE: Creation of a Joint Task Force and other matters related to the imminent War against Geonal.

Vice President Owens,

before anything else, please allow Us to star with an apology too, to both yourself and the President. Adressing him and yourself in a familiar way was not appropriate in any way, at least by international standards. But know one thing: for us Astarians, in times of crisis such as now, when messages need to get delivered urgently and rapidly, honorifics, especially long ones, often get in the way of information. While We recognize that calling the President by his first name was maybe too much, if need be for the foreseeable future, We will stick to last names until we've reached the step where as leaders, we will reach the first name basis.

On the matter of the life debt, We are sorry that you feel insulted, and you are right, the operation was not a complete success. And it is by no means Our intention to use the death of the President's brother as a bargaining chip. For that, We offer Our most sincere apologies again. It was not the goal of Our message.
But as Vice President, you know that in operations like these, not all the hostages can always be saved, even with a perfect plan. And the fact remains: while the rescue operation was indeed carried out jointly by Astarian and Grudaidhian operators, your compatriots saved the late Supreme Leader while we were tasked to save the rest of her family.

Now, in order to give you some understanding about why we are sometimes liable to react like this, please allow us to tell you a little story:
about ten years ago, we were just teenagers who had gone through three years of Civil War (2005-2008) where we fought as soldiers. After the war, seeing our potential in the domain of special operations, a Colonel in the Imperial Guard named Gabriel Rorke offered us, as well as our current Personal Guards, to train us as special forces operators.
But what we did not know, was that he was training us to become Bodarks. What's a Bodark you may ask? Well, to understand this, we have to back in time a bit.

A long time ago, some time after our ancestors had landed here and started conquering the land, and eventually established the first bases of the Imperium, a myth was born. No one can really trace back its origin, but it is most likely a mix between Native and Viking oral tales, that mixed together.
Anyway, the legend speaks about great monsters that inhabit the land, such as Wendigos, those dark spirits that inhabit the mountains in winter, and tells that in order to fight them efficiently, a man or woman, considered a great hunter, must bind its soul with the one of an Astarian Wolf in order to acquire the traits of the animal, such as its strength and ferocity, in order to focus it on fighting the demons and other atrocities. The term to designate such a person is Bodark.

Rapidly, some people, soldiers, hunters, etc, became very interested in this tale, and through dreams, were given the answer on how to become a Bodark, and the ritual one must undertake.
As the legend talks about binding a human and animal soul together, why not have the human live like an animal?
And so, it was determined, that the person chosen to become a Bodark would be thrown in a hole or pit, deep enough for them not to climb out, and spend months in the cold and rain, preferably in the end of winter and at the start of Spring.
But on top of that, the food they would receive would be mixed with hallucinogenic drugs, like the ones found in the Psilocybes mushrooms.
This way, their soul would be broken, and reconstructed piece by piece in order for them to accomplish their mission. Death and rebirth. Although clearly, the first processes were flawed, and many people died while undeergoing this challenge, as medical knowledge was not the same at the time than it is today.

Some time later though, the Keisaer had the process forbidden except for specific Guards of the Imperial Guard. This way, with better monitoring of physical and mental abilities, the survival and ability rate increased, and slowly but surely, the Imperial Guard created the Bodark Squadrons, made of the best of the best, who had undergone the worst training possible in order to be capable of surviving on the worst conditions possible.

This process though, does come at a price: an unstable mind and spirit, which needs to be constantly monitored in order to avoid someone going mad and feral and wreaking havoc all around them. And unfortunately, We belong to this category, and coupled to our position as heads of state, it can sometimes mess things up, when our animal side comes back to the surface, especially during wartime.

We have a saying among Bodarks: Once you go down the pit, you can never climb back completely to the surface. Or in other words, no matter how hard we try, we'll neverbe truly normal again.

Vice President, know that we do not tell you this story for you to take pity on us, nor to justify our mistakes. Rather, we come clean in admitting that despite our best tries, we will sometimes fail in our interactions with others. And this was such a time.

Anyway, back to the topic. Regarding the invasion and the request we made to land first, after consulting with the Secretary of Defense, General Patrick Barrera, we have to admit that in the current state of things, it will be better if Grudaidhian troops land first. Due to what Geonal did to you, your troops landing first is a natural right. So please forget our request, and proceed as you may have planned. Know simply that whenever you make your move, Astarians Marines will be ready to back you up.

This will be all. Thank you for taking the time to read us, and we hope that President Taylor will recover soon. May Ymir guard him.

Semper Fidelis, Semper Invicta.

Keisaer Adrean Blachkor
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor

With this message done, it was now time to send another letter, this time to President Flint. After all, his nation had just been struck by an EMP attack.
    Keisaer Adrean Blachkor,
    Keisaerina Anna Blachkor
    President Edward Flint
Subject: EMP attack in Amanaki

Dear President Flint,

we have been made aware that the city of Amanaki within the Republic has been struck by a sudden EMP attack, and that there are many casualties to mourn. While we don't know exactly on our side who perpetrated this vile attack against your nation, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Republic of Port Ember.
Unfortunately, we can not offer any tangible aid as we speak since our nation is in the final steps of preparation for committing ourselves to total war against Geonal.
But we hope those few words we send you will still show you that we care, and if we had the means, we would commit more to help you.
In any case, we do not have any doubts that your country will prevail, like it has done so many times in the past.

Semper Fidelis, Semper Invicta.

Keisaer Adrean Blachkor
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor.

With these two replies done and sent, the Imperial Couple could now focus on the other important subject of the day.
As they read again the message from Lieutenant Colonel Kate Livingston, they start to discuss the matter at hand.
"One thing for sure, they are quick and efficient." says Adrean as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Indeed." replies Anna. "But this leaves us with the big question: who to nominate as the Astarian Commander for our participation in Section 9? And also, who will we choose among all of our units to be a part of this adventure?" asks the Empress with a sigh as she strokes her chin, deep in thought.

"Honey, we will worry about the units later." says her husband as he rubs her shoulder. "For now, let's focus on the Commander's choice. I will tell you frankly, I won't choose Gabriel for this job. He has only a few years, if not months before his retirement, so we will need someone else."

"I'm thinking the same thing too." replies Anna with a nod. "But then who? Another one of our instructors, or someone else entirely, in which case we'll have to discuss it with Patrick and Dad?" she asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Nah, talking about it with Barrera will take more time than we have, and we need all the time we currently have to prepare the war ahead anyway." replies Adrean as he shakes his head. "No, to be honest, I have one of our instructors in mind: Merrick." adds the Keisaer with a simple tone.

"Uh." answers Anna at first as she looks away for a moment, thinking over her husband's words. "This is a good idea, he will surely fit in the job. But if you agree, I woud like for him to be paired with Keegan. Those two are like twins, they would be more efficient together."

"Then it is settled." finishes Adrean with a smile, before pecking his wife quickly on the lips and turning towards his computer, before starting a videoconference with their two former Bodark instructors...

    Lieutenant Colonel Keegan D. Gruss, Astarian Imperial Marine Corps.
    CC: Commander Mathias A. Merrick, Astarian Imperial Navy
    Lieutenant Colonel Kate Livingston, Section 9

Dear Lieutenant Colonel Livingston,

Thank you for your message, it was well received by my commanders-in-chief.
Before anything else, please allow me to introduce myself: I am Lieutenant Colonel Keegan Daniel Gruss, of the Astarian Imperial Marine Corps. I have been chosen by Their Imperial Majesties, Keisaer Adrean Blachkor and Keisaerina Anna Blachkor, to serve as the Astarian Commander for Section 9. As Deputy Commander, they have chosen my comrade Commander Mathias Alphonse Merrick, from the Astarian Imperial Navy.

As for why we were chosen, I will just tell you that we have been part in the past of a joint Special Force unit made from various elements of the Astarian Armed Forces and Imperial Guard. And we also had the task to train Their Imperial Majesties when they undertook their Tier One operator training. We can talk more about it when we meet in person.

So, in light of this, please note that myself as well as Commander Merrick will be travelling to Iarann Grudaidh in two days. We will arrive by plane, with a Humvee to move us and our belongings during our stay at the Blackwater Estate. Can you please tell us where we must land, and who will we meet to accompany us to the Estate?

Lieutenant Colonel Keegan D. Gruss.
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Port Ember Megalopolis
Ember Island
Lilly Black Borough
Republic of Port Ember
Wednesday 07H00

The Captain's Villa


The Captain's Villa - Port Ember Presidential Residence and Office

Edward was seated in the boardroom of the presidential residence once more, feeling like he was spending all of his waking hours here for the last few months, living only to control crises. Edward hated this beyond reason, as this was not why he ran for the Presidential office. He wanted to build the economy, he wanted to improve the quality of life for the populace, he wanted to increase the soft power of the nation on the global scale. Despite what he had wanted, the Republic has made enemy upon enemy during his reign as he pushed for global standing, becoming embroiled in a total of 12 wars and armed conflicts, on various scales. There were extremely positive events during his reign as well, but history tends to remember blood spilled above all else.

And here he was once more, discussing Port Emberian blood - both spilled already, and to be spilled in the near future. A vicious, never ending circle.

Edward looked at the advisors and Ministers gathered around him, and he could see the fatigue on their faces, and knew that everyone around him was just as exhausted from burying their friends, families and citizenry as he was. Yet, if they did not force an end, it would never do so by itself.

He looked over to a new face amongst those already painfully familiar, a man named Salford Peters, who has been appointed as the new Head of the Port Ember Foreign Intelligence Agency, after Edward dismissed Jason Downing of his duties.

"Colleagues…" Edward started, "I know that we are all tired. I know that we are all demoralised. Yet, when I look around this table, I can still see a glimmer of hope, of steely resolve. When we are seated around this table united, I cannot help but be reminded of our ancestry, of the strong and proud blood which courses through our very veins. I know you will not believe it now, but our nation has been through a lot more trying times in the past, and yet, here we stand. We stand still, strong, united and prosperous. And we will continue to do so, until time exists no more.

Now, to the unfortunate business at hand. On today's agenda is the status of the Amanaki City disaster, and a very… interesting piece of intelligence which came to light from our Grudhian allies…"

Port Ember Megalopolis
Ember Island
Lilly Black Borough
Republic of Port Ember
Wednesday 10H00

The Captain's Villa
Press Conference

The gathered legion of reporters rose from their seats as President Edward Flint entered the Press Room of the Captain's Villa, the striking royal purple walls of the room being an immediate catching point for Edward, despite having seen it nearly daily for the past nine years. He walked brusly over to the handcrafted ebony podium, encarved with the Port Emberian Coat of Arms, with a large national flag hanging on the wall behind it proudly, without fear or apology.

The once rowdy crowd of reporters fell eerily silent as Edward closed the distance between himself and the microphone as he started speaking,

"Fellow citizens of Port Ember and the Northern Ocean at large; Friends & Allies of Port Ember within the world at large.

Today I will cover the subject of the Amanaki City Disaster briefly, as my office has already released an official statement, and my Secretary of Press is updating the media as the story is developing.

What I can say about this matter is that the Republic is doing everything to restore order within the City, and is working around the clock to save those in distress and restore all downed infrastructure. Additional military, law enforcement and emergency services personnel from across the archipelago had been deployed to strengthen the efforts, and will not rest until a sense of normalcy has returned.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to each and every family and friend who has lost a loved one due to the disaster, or is still fearing for the safety of one or more. My heart bleeds with you, my brothers and sisters.

The real reason for my address to you all today, is to inform you that a semblance of good news has been revealed in this stormy, turbulent period of our history. The perpetrators of the cyber attack which has crippled Amanaki City has been identified, and the Republic is in possession of solid, irrefutable proof that this attack was carried out by Agents in the employ of Geonal.

Now as you all know that a state of war already exists between our nations, yet The Republic condemn this act as being categorized as within the highest level of an attack of terrorism. Therefore, the Republic hereby, officially, and with the world as witness, declares the government and empress of Geonal as a terror organisation, and thus an unlawful, criminal occupier of the nation Geonal.

The Republic will not, can not and shall not seek any further diplomatic discussions with these terrorists, and will move swiftly to apprehend these international terrorists. There will be no peace treaties, no ceasefires, no armstices. The Republic will arrest and place these criminals on trial.

The Republic will deliver its proof of alugations to the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance administration, as well as to the World Assembly, to allow for independent verification to our casus belli.

Ladies & Gentleman - Port Ember sails for war.


Official Correspondence From The Republic of Port Ember


The Republic of Port Ember; Office of the President


The Democratic Republic of Iarann Grudaidh;
The Federalis Imperium of
Astares Amauricanum


Sam Owens
Office of President (Acting) / Office of the Vice President of Iarann Grudaidh.

Keisaer Adrean Blachkor,
Keisaerina Anna Blachkor
Office of Imperial Majesties.

Subject: Diplomatic Missive



Dear Vice President; Imperials.

I would like to commence this comunique with the deepest gratitude towards the nation and people of Iarann Grudaidh
for their swift intelligence collection which uncovered the web of lies spread by the Geonal government, and thus proving without a doubt their responsibility in the terror attack against my nation in the Amanaki City Disaster. We owe you a debt.

This cover up which was unravelled also casts the Geonal Government in the light of reasonable suspicion regarding their ties to the terror group known as the Masked Resistance, who has claimed responsibility with the constant terror campaigns against the Northern Ocean.

It is thus of this Government's opinion, that the Masked Resistance is in fact a mere puppet of the Geonal regime, and most law experts in the World Assembly agree with me in this regard.

Please note that copies of all evidence has been submitted to the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance HeadQuarters and the Security Council of the World Assembly, for a verification and documentation as our cause of war, in an attempt to minimise the international fallout associated with military action.

Thus, The Republic of Port Ember has officially classified the Geonal Government as a whole to be a Terrorist Organisation, and is deeming them a threat to National; Regional & International security - and thus an international criminal organisation which is unlawfully holding ransom the Geonal people.

I hereby wish to inform you, my allies, that Port Ember will sail for war, with near immediate effect, with the intent of invading Geonal, and arresting all International Fugitives.

The Republic has already mobilised for war fully, and is thus conducting only final preparations before the Operation will commence.

I am informing you of this as Geonal is a common enemy to us all, and The Republic hereby formally requests the military assistance of your nations during the upcoming invasion.

If you shall agree, Port Ember will host a Joint War Council at the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance HeadQuarters, in Port Arthur, by the end of the week. If you should accept my request - please consider your top military ranks invited.

The time for united action has arrived.

Long live the free!

Ps. The Port Ember Security Forces has appointed Colonel Emily Striker as the Officer Commanding and National Representative for Port Ember's commitment to Section 9, and is awaiting instructions for the planned meeting at the Blackwater Estate.

To your Health & Wealth!!!

President Edward Flint

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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Iarann Grudaidh » Fri May 07, 2021 4:30 pm

Vice President Owens stood at the foot of the hospital bed, her eyes fixated on a now awake President Taylor, who was occupied reading a debrief of what had occurred in his absence. “I must say, Sam… This is… Commendable.” his eyes flickered upwards “A final contact notice, military operations… You really know how to fill my boots.”

“There’s a reason for that.” she sighed softly, her eyes fell down, knowing she had to say it now - before life sped up again. “Set the paper down, for a second.” he did so, his face forming a soft frown, evidently concerned about what was coming next. “There was a reason that your mother made me a designated survivor, in case anything happened…” she gripped the bars at the bottom of the bed. “And that’s because, during a trip to Port Ember, she had sexual intercourse with a Port Emberian - this was before your dad… And he got her pregnant.”

The room fell deathly silent as Kesley’s eyes went from one of worry to one of realization “She was pregnant” she continued “since she was Supreme Princess at the time, she didn’t have to worry about the public knowing… So she gave birth to me, sent me back to Port Ember and gave money to the father for financial support.”

Kesley chuckled slightly “My mum would never do that.”

“I have the DNA to prove it, Kesley.” she paused again “I’m your big sister.”

Surrounded by a damp silence, Kesley’s soft, tired eyes said all that needed to be said. “Sam…” he broke, thinking carefully about what he said next “I need rest, to think about this. Leave a copy of your proof with me, I’ll look at it when I’m ready… You get back to work. Our country needs you.”

“They need you too… Recover soon.”

President Taylor nodded as she turned and left the room.


Fahrenheit Facility (SWD BASE OF OPERATIONS)

Major General Nathan Hill fiddled with the cigarette in his hand as he stood outside a decently-sized square-shaped building. The dismal rain had begun to form puddles around him, which he used to chuck his cigarette into, earning a satisfying hiss as a column of grey smoke escaped his pursed lips.

The briefing started in 5 minutes, it was one of the largest meetings that the Special Weapons Division had seen since their reactivation. He mentally went through his checklist of pointers one last time, before turning around and gripping the door handle, before tugging the metal door open with a loud grumble. He strode through the hallways, as operatives stood at attention the moment they noticed him, saluting out of respect.

Arriving at the meeting room, he stood at the podium, which had the SWD seal engraved into it. The room fell silent as he spoke. “As we are all well aware, a cyber attack occurred in Amanaki City within Port Ember, under a launch of a cyber weapon known as Torrent, by the Geonal Goverment. This government has now officially been designated a terror group by Port Ember, with serious backing of other member-states in the Northern Ocean Strategic Alliance.

I reutter this to anyone who has not yet woken up. We are no longer facing a foreign government, we are now facing a large-scale terror group - with their own, now rogue, puppet group - who are forcefully controlling the land of Geonal.” he allowed the room to skip a beat, darkened eyes watching him. “Empress Wraith has been officially condemned as a High Priority Terrorist Leader by Iarann Grudaidh, Port Ember and various other nation-states due to their actions of terror against both Iarann Grudaidh and Port Ember.”

“Due to their illegal occupation of the land of Geonal, Iarann Grudaidh, Astares Amauricanum and Port Ember are officially making motions of full-scale warfare.” his face formed a small frown “now, although I may have personal objections to some of what is occurring, it is not my place to have an input.” he sighed “Instead, I am informing you of the immediate mobilization of the Special Weapons Division. This base of operations will be one of the first to deploy overseas in Geonal to conduct operations.”

A harmony of low grumbles echoed throughout the room as he cleared his throat “I doubt this comes as a surprise to many of you. We are fighters, born and bred, and we will not fail this nation. We will destroy this terror organization with every part of our being, for Ember Port, for Duff Gardens, for Amanaki City, for Vice President Georgia.” his voice raised with every name he mentioned “For Northern Ocean.”


Presidential Manor

Vice President Owen’s commanding presence caught the keen eyes of those in the press room as she took to the podium, the journalists, camera men and various other attendees falling deathly silent. She began with a soft smile on her face. “As you all know, the President was attacked and hospitalised some time ago.” She began her speech, her eyes glancing around at the various reporters present, recognising a few. “The President underwent surgery, which has now been deemed a major success. He is now recovering inside the hospital until he is ready to return home.”

To her surprise, many in the room began to clap, laughing softly, she indicated for them to quieten down. “I must, however, address other matters which are far less heartwarming than the cheerful news of the President’s survival.”

Her smile slowly fell “earlier today, a broadcast made by the Port Emberian President declared the government of Geonal a terror organisation which is illegally occupying the land of Geonal, due to an attack sent by their government which has claimed an unknown amount of Port Emberian lives. I have the duty to inform you that Iarann Grudaidh not only backs this move, but will henceforth follow in Port Ember’s footsteps, and designate them as a terrorist organisation.”

“The shocking loss of life which has occurred - either through their puppet, the Masked Resistance - or personally by them, is something that has gone tolerated far too long. They have still not said a word in regards to our Final Contact Notice, and we are henceforth withdrawing all diplomatic talks, and further our offer to surrender all forces immediately. We do not negotiate with terrorists.

To the many Grudaidhians, Port Emberians, and many others who have been affected by the atrocities of this Geonal terror group, I promise you that this government will not let you down.”

City Streets

Diana Wright walked calmly, her eyes glancing around the damp, dark city streets around her. It was midnight, she had just finished her shift at the local factory, and was heading home to get some rest. The streets were quiet, but still busier than usual. Due to recent financial burdens, the government of Geonal has been busy trying to keep the economy afloat.

A small buzzing emitted from her left-side pocket, Miss Wright stopped dead in her tracks. She could’ve sworn her phone was put in her right pocket, not her left. Tapping her right pocket, she confirmed her previous suspicions rather quickly, her breath becoming shaky. This wasn’t a friend.

The adrenaline began to kick in as she felt a small buzz in her stomach, taking the small burner phone out of her pocket and pressing answer, before placing it to her ear. “Ivy. You have been reactivated. Listen and destroy.” the automated message began “Black SUV, two blocks down, licence plate begins with ER. Full debrief awaits.”

The call ended with a small click as she quickly dropped the phone and stomped it under her foot, mumbling “fuck” under her breath softly. Today was going to be a long day, and it hadn’t even begun yet.


Downtown Shopping District

Daniel Wright had just finished his morning shopping as he descended the lengthy stairs, the bustling streets drowning out any thoughts he could’ve had. It was too loud to think. Sighing softly, he approached his car and put his new possessions into the boot, closing it with a thwack, before entering the driver’s seat himself.

Then he heard it. A small buzzing noise emitting from the glove compartment. Sighing softly, he knew what was coming next. He opened the compartment and answered the phone, putting it to his ear. “Captain Wright. You have been reactivated. Listen and destroy.” he sighed a second time “Follow the black SUV to the destination for debrief. Turn on your engine and flash your headlights when ready.”

The call ended with a click as he opened the back of the burner phone and took it out of it’s compartment, dropping it on the carpet and smashing it under his heel, before getting out of his vehicle and chucking it in a nearby bin.

Getting back in his vehicle, he put on his seatbelt, started the engine and flickered his lights. Something told him he wasn’t going to like where this was going, but he began to follow the vehicle anyways.

Blackwater Estate

Daniel was sitting in a decently-sized meeting room as he awaited the arrival of whomever had requested him. The doors creaked open to reveal the one person she didn’t expect to see. Her dark eyes immediately locked with his, as she stood dead in her tracks. “Diana.”

“It’s Ivy.” she moved forward again as she set her bag down opposite her brother. “And hello to you too, Daniel.”

The conversation between the two was quickly interrupted as Director Rose and Lt Colonel Livingston entered the room. The two immediately standing and saluting. “At ease” the Chief Director spoke, as she set down a small notepad and her phone, the Lt Colonel remained present next to her.

“Listen up, ladies.” Rose’s face remained stone cold “intelligence shows a potential inbound terror incident, we don’t know how much time we have left, and you’re being deployed immediately.”

There was never enough time.


River Valley Academy

Nicole Ritchie is the director of River Valley, and has been for a couple years. She worked tirelessly to ensure every student received a proper, thorough education. She was sitting in her office with two boys. “Right, boys.” she cleared her throat as she took a seat at her desk. “Care to tell me what…” her eyes glanced to the window for just a second, but it was enough to notice it.

The fumes, the blinding, yellow mist that encircled the campus. Shadowy figures calmly walking through it. “What the…” she prevented herself from swearing as she sat up. That’s when it started.

A Boom, a flash.

And another.

And another.

This was no trick of the eye.

“We have an active situation” the live debrief began as the voice spoke over the communication device, the combat helicopter already making pace towards the academy. “The nature of this threat will require a full strike team. You’re being deployed. One of our most notable academic institutions has fallen under attack.” the voice remained calm, but the tone remained serious. “We know that all first responders have fallen silent. We can confirm numerous casualties due to the release of an unidentified chemical weapon.”

“The Special Weapons Division is being deployed.” the voice continued, their voice remaining steady. “The chemical weapon has began to spread through the capital. The Vice President has declared that Duff Gardens is down. You are the last responders, and the final barrier between terror and modern society.” she released a soft sigh “Don’t fuck it up.” she paused briefly, before continuing “You do not know me, and you may never truly find out… But for now, you can call me the Spear.”

“You will face an unknown amount of enemy combatants. You are to be deployed directly into the hot zone. We will have decontamination crews on standby. Your orders are to eliminate the threat using any means at your disposal, and rescue any survivors you may find.”

“This is why the Special Weapons Division was reactivated, and this is what you have all trained for. Your time is now.”

As per protocol in the event of a major incident in the capital, an immediate transmission was made to all allies of Iarann Grudaidh.

Duff Gardens has fallen. We are temporarily blinded, stability to be resumed. Stay Safe Order in place. Monitor for incoming attacks. NOTICE OF IMMEDIATE MOVEMENT FOR FULL WAR, AND FURTHER INITIATION OF DEFCON 2, WITH FULL READINESS FOR DEFCON 1.

Duff Gardens, going dark. Godspeed.
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