Point of Silence (Closed invite only)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Point of Silence (Closed invite only)

Postby The JVP » Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:13 pm

Various crime families and Crime syndicates make home in the Region of Aels. Each fighting one another or the nations they call home. Some being prop up by their host nations, and some working in the shadows.
Drugs, slaves, guns, you name it, there is a way to get it.

With the fall of the Namijistan and being absorbed into the JVP Union, the true crimes of corrupt generals and party leadership has come to light. Years of wide spread corruption gripped the Namijistan people, as leadership sold military grade equipment on the black market. Tanks, jets, even whole naval task forces, moved around on the books till they fall off and showed up on the books of some foreign nation.

After a full audit on the Namijistan military and government, clues to the involvement of the Brown Family, a large Crime syndicate out of Ivorystan, came to light. Generals spilling the beans on their involvement for lesser prison time or a stay from going on the block.

Going after the Brown family would be no easy task. After years of middlemen service selling drugs and weapons, the Brown Family had set themselves up as large Private military company. using money to buy up small islands or chunks of land to move supply through.

Now to big to take out with simple law enforcement, the Crown must now take the next step to eliminate the threat.

Piercester, Luar Aels. Vortex Armour truck Company

"Alright bitches, gear up and load up. We don't have time to sit around exchanging panties." Came the voice of a very well build man.

"That's offence sir." Said one of the personal, checking their helmet.

"Fine. Your unisex underwear. Better Demiko"

"Just a little Cooper." Came the laughing voice of Demiko.

"Remember that I hate you Demiko." Cooper said, as he checked his K7. He did not care for the weapon, what with it's 9mm caliber, and light frame. But orders called for a silenced weapon, and the K7 was what they were issued.

"Alright gather up." Cooper barked as she slang the weapon over his shoulder. "You know the plan. This is the first hit on the targets. One Species per truck. One driver, six in back." He looked over the five families gathered before him. They all came from the Order, Ursidae Carnivora Ursus. Grizzly, Kodiak, Tibetan Blue, Polar, and Tibetan Black, each a mixed sex family, each a member of the Queen's Knights. Cooper of course was surprised when he got the word that the Penguin Knighthood, would be tasked with taking the fight to the Browns, and more surprised when his Genus was called up to take the first shot.

"Alright. The Vortex Money solution company, was so nice to let us their trucks today." He said, nodding over to a wall where a pile of bodies had been stacked. "The Browns will never know that their own armour truck front, will be loaded with the biggest bad asses from the Order." He looked over his knight brothers and sisters. "For those of us that have free access into the building you are hitting. Wait till they take on the door, throw the bangs, then light them the fuck up. The rest of you, drivers, ram the fuck through the walls, get in as deep as you came. Then same thing, drop the bangs and light them the fuck up." He touched the front of his vest, which was full of flash bangs.

"Remember, Order Procyonidae Carnivora Procyon will be coming in for support and clean up if we fail. So hit them hard and don't give those scavengers and thing bones to pick at." Cooper said, as he walked to one of the black and blue trucks, Ford BATT APX, a truck that was more APC then money transport. Cooper had been told that these trucks were meant for the board patrol with Denethier, but some how fall into the laps of the Browns. They would be his after the mission, spoils of war.

"Mount the fuck up. We go in 5 mikes." He said, putting his head gear on. He was quickly joined by the rest of his Species, Grizzly Family. He looked each of them over as they climbed in. He made sure to touch each of them and give a small prayer. "Let the Great Penguin and the High Queen Protect." He would say as each of his six Species members came in. he was sure the other Species heads were doing the same thing.

With everyone in, he gave the word to open the bay doors and roll out. "Once we leave, we go radio silence. You will only make contact when you've done the deed. Other then that, High Queen Protect."

The small convoy of five trucks left the bay and moved to family front locations around the city. Likewise all over the Brolen, Ivorystan, and Luar, similar operations were taking place. Each one an opening shot against the Brown Family. The crown would take the war to Browns, and they would engage them with the best they had. The Order of the Penguin Knighthood, and the Queens Personal Valkyrie Sisterhood would take action against the Brown family and their PMC outfits, around the world.

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Postby Arcadian States and Commonwealths » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:10 am

"About a month ago a family of three went to vacation in the JVP for their annual vacation. They arrived in Gyeuogbok at 5 in the morning and checked into their rooms. A few days into the vacation Basile Ange went for a morning walk and was last seen on security footage at 2 in the morning before he disappeared for a month. The investigation went no-where until ta ay ago where a bag surfaced in a nearby river. Local police found the bag after an emergency service call was made, and the body was found and was soon identified as the 35-year-old Basile Agne."

Rouen, FASC
Agent Caroline Blanchet, RPS

A task force of fifty agents from the Republic Police Services were being sent to the JVP to work with local forces after the revelation of organized crime being behind the death of Mr. Agne. She was apart of a two-man investigative team, that would work with one of the three five-man CTU teams deployed with them one to the region. The rest were support officers and investigators. The flight to the JVP would be a 14-hour flight, but the 747 they were on had inflight meals and entertainment so it shouldn't be all bad.

Her partner Walter Lieber was already on the ground since he was in the first flight of agents heading into the country. This plane was a fix of roughly 25 agents and the rest civilians who were travelling for whatever reason. When they would arrive in the JVP's capital they would get off the plane on the tarmac and be greeted by vehicles to take them where they needed to go. As she looked out the window into the overcast and blinding rain, she was hoping it would be sunny where they were going.
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Postby The JVP » Mon Mar 02, 2020 12:09 am

Incheon Airport

Mirko waited with a sign saying "Smith wedding party." It was the cover for the FASC agents coming in. He had known the Crown had thought long and hard about allowing agents from another nation, to conduct operations on JVP soil, but he figured the fight against the Browns would be an all hands on deck. Plus he seen the images from the killing. To kill a family like that in cold blood. He knew if this happened to a family from his nation, that the Queen would have to lock them all up, to keep them from going after the killer. So he welcomed these agents, and he would makes sure they got what they came for.

"Greetings, and welcome to the JVP." He said, in his best Markion Common. "We have a bus waiting for you outside. get your bags and we'll be off." He said, folding the sign up and looking over the group. 25, and with the other 25 already ate the base, that mad a total of 50. Hmm. He hoped they were ready for what they would be getting into.

Once on the bus, Mirko addressed the group again. "The time to Dongducheon will be about an hour or so. We'll be going to Camp Casey. You'll be going in under the disguise of Knight selection trainees." He braced as the bus moved forward.

"We have some barracks ready for you, and your command will work with our." He held up a packet of papers. "As per the pack. You will be in Joseon for the next three days to get over the jet lag, and to go over the mission. You will be assigned a few sets of KCU." He said, pointing to his suit, before remember that he was in causal clothes. "Never-mind." He said. "If the uniform does not fit, please let us know, we''ll issue you a new set." He flipped the page. "You will also be issued protective gear, and what not, depending on your mission. Your weapons came over in the first wave, so don't worry." He looked at the packet. "Lets see. basic Aels common, blah, blah, blah. Look. we are going after some nasty dudes. The fighting will be intense. We just conducted a big rain on some of the money fronts, and we lost three Knights. We can't just replace that type of soldier, and your nation can't afford to place you. Keep your ears open and head on a swivel, and you'll be going home a head." Mirko put his packet down, and took his seat. He was quiet for the rest of the trip, most likely having fallen asleep thinking about his wife.

The drive to Camp Casey was fairly quick, and as the bus made it to the gate, a group of armed knights boarded the bus. They said something in Korean, and Mirko replied back. The knights snapped to attention, saluted and exited the bus. The gate opened and the bus pulled forward.

"alright. gents." Mirko began. "Welcome to Camp Casey. World of advice. Knights like to fight, and they won't think twice before dropping you if they feel you have wronged them." He patted his stomach, which gave a solid thud. "Get hit them back and don't lose. If they pull a sword on you." He laughed. "then tell them you know me." He was joking about the sword puling part. But he knew some young dumb noble that got a knighthood, would be looking to do something stupid. He hoped he did not have to kill one of them.

The bus pulled up to a large building. "Welcome to Barracks 313. You guys will be on the third floor. Head in, get your keys, and settle in. Dinner is at 1900, and i'll be door in the CQ area if you need me." Her said, as he got off the bus and greeted another knight at the door.

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