Maier's decree about the oil exploitation

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Maier's decree about the oil exploitation

Postby Opelia » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:04 am

Maier's decree about the oil exploitation.

11 - 09 - 2019

The president Ekaterina Maier, in representation of the austral federal republic of Opelia and on behalf of the Opelian people recognizes the need for Opelia to emancipate itself from the control of foreign powers that have done great damage to the political, social, economic and cultural structure of Opelia and besides punishing by depriving of the national wealth to those countries that are considered dangerous for national security or that in the past have taken actions against the integrity and security of the federal republic of Opelia.

We recognize that previous governments and the current government have made the mistake of allowing some companies whose origin is in an enemy country of Opelia could extract the natural wealth of Opelia and trade them for the benefit of those nations considered imperialist according to the Noga consensus. The federal republic of Opelia also recognizes the need to establish more active control over the exploitation of national oil to guarantee that the production of the resource be only for practical purposes for the Opelian people and those nations that maintain active commercial links with Opelia.

We recognize that this decree is an immediate symptom of Noga's consensus about the imperialism and allows the Opelian state to fulfill its objective as a state; guarantee and regulate that the economic activities in Opelia are carried out with equality, quality and prosperity guaranteed for the Opelian peopleand for those nations that maintain close commercial relations with Opelia.

We recognize that this decree will strengthen the economic security of the nation by generating an economic malaise in those countries that have tried to control Opelia in the political, social, economic and cultural fields for benefits outside the welfare of the Opelian people. This decree will also allow Opelia to gain more experience in the exploitation of oil and will also allow a sustainable and safe extraction of national oil to significantly reduce the negative consequences of oil extraction and refining in the national environment.

We recognize that companies whose origin belongs to countries that have damaged Opelia and currently continue to represent a threat to the nation have ambitiously exploited national oil without respecting the environmental consequences that this exploitation could have in flora, wildlife, the environment and populations near oil fields and oil refineries, also that several of these companies expose its workers to unhealthy working conditions with a disproportionate salary and ineffective work clothing to keep workers safe against the harmful effects of crude oil and refined products.

We recognize that Opelia has natural wealth and environments that should not be altered and despite the fact that currently the consumption of energy and hydrocarbons is increasingly high, we stand firm in our need and decision to maintain the health of our territory knowing that we have; The basin of the Atalaya mountain range, The three Oreds basin, the Ored de Rocut basin, The Gran Palermo basin (recognizing it as the largest and richest hydrocarbon basin in Opelia with one of the largest reserves worldwide), the Villa Marquez basin and the Mildorf Basin, not forgetting our maritime basins: Austral Basin, Fria Basin and Miranda Basin.

Through the all previously declared, The president Ekaterina Maier of the Federal Republic of Opelia resolves:

1) The six terrestrial oil basins of the country and the three oil basins located in the Opelian sea will be completely subject to control, regulation, administration and responsibility of the government of the Ored which it belongs and to the Opelian government, once this decree enters into force all government authorities they will have the power and the obligation to renew, break or renegotiate contracts with foreign oil exploitation companies.

2) The oil exploitation or oil refin companies within Opelia wich origins are from of North American, British or of any nation considered imperialist by the Noga consensus will not have the possibility to renew or renegotiate the contracts.

3) The oil exploitation or oil refin companies within Opelia wich origins are from of North American, British or of any nation considered imperialist by the Noga consensus will not extract, refine or distribute petroleum related products from the moment that this decree take effect.

4) All employees of foreign oil companies that have been expelled from Opelia will be absorbed by the company CPO© (Opelian Oil Fields).

5) The state-owned company CPO (Opelian Oil Fields) will be responsible for the extrac and refin the national oil without economic or political restrictions, It will also be the company that owns the oil fields in Opelia and will be responsible for extract and refin the national oil.

6) All oil refineries that previously belonged to companies wich origins are from North American, British or of any nation considered imperialist by the Noga consensus will belong to CPO© (Opelian Oil Fields) and the foreign companies affected will receive financial compensation from the Opelian government. In the event that the financial compensation was rejected, CPO© (Opelian Oil Fields) will own the refinery without making any compensation.

7) All workers who are employed in the extraction or refining of oil must take a job preparation courses drills, physical training, mental training and have the necessary knowledge for the activities they will carry out, otherwise, they will not be able to work in CPO or another oil company within Opelia.

8) All companies that extract or refine oil within Opelia must make a sustainable exploitation of the resource and must commit to respect the laws of environmental protection in a mandatory, continuous and without exceptions.

This decree will come into effect from the date of its writing, knowing that it could generate negative consequences during the first periods of time but relying at long term, relying in awareness, justice and sacrifice in the name of a better future for Opelia and for the world.

Ekaterina Maier, president of the austral federal republic of Opelia.
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