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2019 Arab-Turkish War [MT-Open]

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:12 am
by Khataiy

The Turks have become a major issue for the Arab State of Khataiy by continuously intervening in Arab affairs, dealing with Iran, and holding historically Arab and Kurdish lands that were wrongfully given to the Turks by the French, since 2011 the Arab State of Khataiy has worked tirelessly overthrow the Pro-Iranian Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, not for it to be replaced by Turkish influence and has since been working to eliminate and reduce Turkish influence over the opposition by winning over the hearts of the Syrian rebels and Arabs tired of Kurdish occupation in Eastern Syria by staging a pro-Arab in the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" and reconciling the different Arab opposition factions, creating the Syrian Arab Confederacy led by tribal Sheikhs from Eastern Syria and dominated by former Rebel warlords that now are considered military chiefs and government officials in the new state.

Khataiyi Motivational Poster
(Play in background for effect)

President Omar Khairallah formally declared war against the Turkish Republic led by Erdogan on October 3rd 2019, President Khariallah announced the war saying "The Ottoman Imperialists have torn our Arab nation apart, pitting the Arabs against one another, they use the name of religion for their cause, and they claim it is their right as the heirs to the Ottomans to rule over Arab lands, but I saw it is our right as the heirs of the greatest of empires like the Mamluks to defend the Arab lands, because we are the heirs of the Caliphate, and Erdogan will never infringe on our peoples, this is a matter of fighting for our existence, and fighting a holy war against the anti-Christ's disciples."

Anti-Turk propaganda from the Khataiyi Information Ministry

Khataiyi backed Syrian fighters near the Turkish border

Khataiyi Arab Army troops preparing to enter Turkey

At midnight on October 16th the Khataiyi Army began shelling the Turkish border, and the Commando Troops began infiltrating the border seizing 2km of territory inside of Turkey, while in neighboring Syria, former Free Syrian Army battalions began mobilizing in Raqqa and Aleppo, FSA groups still loyal to Turkey were quickly targeted such as various ethnic-Turkmen militias, some were allegedly summarily executed and had their vehicles and guns seized, and a secret deal was brokered with the Kurdish YPG in Hasakah to end hostilities and focus on fighting Turkey, guns from Jordan and Saudi Arabia also began arriving at Khataiyi ports and would be distributed to FSA fighters in Khataiy, Idlib, Aleppo and Raqqa, and General Khalifa Haftar from Libya has offered to send advisors and missiles.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:59 pm
by Metcalfer2
Anklyo City, the Kaiser’s Palace: 2:37 PM

General Messer you have called this meeting to talk about our investments in Turkey coming under threat” “yes my Kaiser, we have spent the past 15 years cultivating the Turkish people to be more accepting to the possibility of Metcalfen rule, now of course we have had unexpected events pop before but this current situation with Khataiy very well might destroy our plans” the minster sitting next to Kaiser William began to talk “how would you like us to deal with this situation?”

“I request that at the moment we launch a bombing campaign against Khataiy and Khataiy affiliated sites, as well deploy our special forces and advisors to aid the Turkish people, as of now we do not need our army to intervene, if we succeed and drive back the Khataiy the Turkish people will be significantly more positive towards Metcalfer and eventually your rule” William scratched his forehead while thinking “this is a reasonable course of action, very well you have my blessing” “thank you my Kaiser, you will not regret this”

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:24 pm
by Comorostan
The People's State of Comorostan confronts a troubling question: how to respond to the new war between Turkey and Khataiy? Comorostan has no love for either nation. When Turkey had been under the control of the secular military, it had been seen as a potential partner in anti-Islamist operations in the Middle East. Comorostan's Communist Zoroastrian government sought to block the dissemination of jihadist ideals from the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia or the Mullahs of Iran to the long-oppressed and restive Muslims of Comorostan. Of course this was something of a futile effort, since Comorostani Muslims found other ways of learning extremism and organizing into terrorist groups. Turkey's recent slide into religiously-motivated government was a serious concern, and the Central Committee had debated severing all links of military cooperation with Erdogan's government. But the Arab State of Khataiy was seen as a more threatening enemy. The Arab State has shown a willingness to mobilize Muslim forces in the populations of other countries and apparently was quite successful at doing so. If they were able to defeat Turkey and establish themselves as a regional hegemon without any serious challengers, they could begin to export their religious fundamentalism to more distant lands such as Comorostan.

The Central Committee therefore announced that, effective immediately, it would begin providing substantial military aid to Turkey "to effect the expulsion and the defeat of the Khataiy aggressors." This military aid would take the form of supplies such as food, spare parts, and fuel, as well as munitions to ensure that the Turkish military forces have sufficient ammunition to repel the Arab invaders. The Comorostani foreign office began to organize a civilian aid drive, soliciting donations of food and clothing from citizens of Comorostan to help Turkish civilians cope with destruction brought on by the Arab invasion.

Comorostani munitions offloaded in Turkish harbor

At the same time, the National Security Commission increased its efforts to identify and neutralize members of the Comorostani Muslim community who might be soliciting aid for Khataiy or encouraging Muslims to go and fight alongside the Arab State. Those who were found committing these crimes were sentenced to long terms of confinement in re-education and labor camps.

A member of the Popular Defense Battalions arrests a man guilty of spreading jihadist propaganda

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:21 pm
by Khataiy
Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Peshmerga fighters announcing their participation in the war against Turkey

Since the fall of President Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq in 2003, Khataiy began arming and supporting the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in hopes of utilizing a Kurdish army to fight Shiite militias and eventually help out with a war against Iran and the time to reap the benefits has come with the war against Turkey's hawk policy in the Middle East Kurdish forces such as the Syrian YPG and Iraq's Peshmerga forces would help back Kurdish rebels in eastern Turkey to keep Turkish forces distracted while Khataiyi and Syrian Arabs march on the west, political differences would be put aside between Kurdish factions creating the "Free Kurdish Resistance Operations Room" that would be given direct support by Khataiyi intelligence from Syria.

Kurdish forces in Erbil shared a video of Peshmerga soldiers announcing their participation against the Kurdish threat with a Pan-Arab television channel,

"We are announcing the beginning of Operation Saladin to support our oppressed peoples in occupied Kurdish regions of Turkey, we thank our Arab brothers for their support, we vow to end terrorism, racism and sectarianism at the hands of the Erdogan regime, the days of Turkish oppression will end soon."

Ayn Issa, Raqqa Governorate, Free Syria

Free Syrian Army commander officially declaring support for the war on Turkey

Turkey had backed many FSA groups along with Khataiy but there was always a battle between who won over the FSA, with competition existing between Turkey and Khataiy, however wise tactical decisions and intelligence agents in Syria were able to win over the FSA from Turkey's orbit, and they would now play a pivotal role in taking over southern Turkey, an FSA commander based in Raqqa would go on to declare his group's readiness to attack Turkey,

"In the name of God the most Gracious, the most Merciful, we have been betrayed on numerous occasions, the Turkish agents used to protect the Hezbollah terrorists and murderous Assad regime we had enough, they used to pin us against one another and force us to act as their army rather than the Free Syrian Army, we had enough and today we are in a place better than under Erdogan's boots, we join the Syrian National Army in the war against Turkey and we reaffirm our loyalty to a Free and Independent Syria, and the sacred revolution against Bashar and his protectors like Erdogan!"

Southern Turkey near the Khataiyi border

Khataiyi soldier proudly standing atop a destroyed Turkish tank

12 hours into the war and several villages had been liberated, and several Turkish soldiers have been captured, allied FSA groups would lead the push forward while the Khataiyi army would come in the rear clearing out resistance, by nightfall artillery round resume to bombard Turkish held areas while Khataiyi Hind helicopters would drop barrel bombs and fire missile at Turkish bases.

Above Turkish held Cyprus

Khataiyi MiG-29 carpet bombing Cyprus

As part of the Khataiyi strategy to overwhelm Turkey bombers were deployed to Cyprus to begin air raids in Turkish held Cyprus which could be used by Turkey to launch their own air raids and serve tactical importance for the Turkish navy, thus the MiGs began relentlessly bombing Cyprus ports and air fields using anti-runway penetration bombs such as the JP233s and KMGUs purchased from Russia and Saudi Arabia filled with cluster munitions, factories, shopping centers, power stations and fuel depots would also be bombed.


President Khairallah talking about the war

President Khairallah had made little public appearances since the assassination of his son in 2019, which prior to, was frequent for him and a hallmark of his style, in how public he was in his appearances, dancing in traditional Arab style with locals, praying at Mosques with locals and firing his gold-plated AK-74 in the air during important declarations and on celebrations and holidays, and smoking expensive luxurious Cuban cigars, however he would give a public and televised speech for the war on Turkey,

"Many people have been asking, how we could do this, asking why we would do this, what sparked this. I will tell you, the Turkish dictator has been abusing the Arab people since his first day in office. He has sought to restore the Ottoman Empire by spilling Arab blood like his Ottoman ancestors, that dog claims to be religious, but he is not he is only interested in taking over our states and turning us against each other, we tried to work with him, but he wanted nothing to do with our outreach, instead we have discovered Turkish agents selling Iranian drugs to our youth and his agents causing discord among our nation's leaders, we have seen the people in the Arab world raising Turkish banners instead of Arab ones and we have seen him brainwash the people into believing only he can help them.

He preys on people's emotions and thoughts with his charisma and charm, but he is a liar and deceiver, ask the Syrian revolutionaries, they know this lesson, ask our Kurdish brothers in Iraq how he sold their land to Iranian terrorists like Hezbollah. We will unseat the rogue regime God willing, and order will be restored. Erdogan has jailed journalists and teachers, he has imprisoned his nation's soldiers, and he has turn Syria into his personal bombing testing site and sewer, Erdogan can either resign or we will continue our liberation war."

Khataiyi anti-aircraft fire

The decision to bomb Khataiy was expected, and the nation was prepared as it had happened many times before for various reasons by various countries, however this experience would be in the favor of Khataiy by having well placed anti-aircraft guns ready to shoot at enemy air craft while SAMs and S-400 missiles would fire off at missiles and jets, on television footage of the Khataiyi air defense forces part of the Khataiyi Arab Army was proudly shown on national television while patriotic music played in the background.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:42 pm
by Kingdom Of The UN
The Leshin Cesarzist Leo Juhász has issued a statement today on the situation of the Arab-Turkish war

Leo Juhász: As I don't agree with the Turkish with the things they do but considering they are a great trading partner to have the KUN and her lands must take action in the events that are unfolding that is why i'm sending supplies weapons and aid to turkey to help combat the "Arabic menace" I am also sending troops to the Suez Canal to help protect it from any attacks and try to continue supplying the Turkish government but I will not send young men and women to Turkey to die but if the war gets to a point to where its on our soil and on our colonies than I have to choice to take action.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:24 pm
by Comorostan
Seeing the multitude of factions that Khataiy has mustered to fight Turkey, the Central Committee of the Party of God and the People has determined that Comorostan's aid to Erdogan's government must be increased beyond the passive supplying of military and civilian aid. Turkey must be given the power to defend itself against the aggressive and unwarranted aerial piracy of the Khataiy Air Force. The Comorostani domestic weapons industry had recently begun to focus on the production of advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems in order to counter a potential attack by its most likely enemy the United States of Astoria whose military relied on having air supremacy. Thus Comorostan was in a position to send Turkey advanced surface-to-air missile systems which it could emplace around its major cities and military bases in order to deter Khataiy from making more bombing raids.

A Comorostani air defense missile system. The weapon is a domestically produced copy of the S-400

One way Comorostan could assist and potentially force Khataiy into making a fatal mistake was by extending an unprecedented offer to Erdogan's government: Comorostan offered to send several formations of the People's Liberation Army to the island of Cyprus. These troops would take the places of the Turkish troops currently patrolling the DMZ enforced by the World Assembly, freeing up more Turkish soldiers to fight against Khataiy and their Syrian and Kurdish puppets. If Khataiy continued to attack Cyprus they would also have to run the risk of accidentally striking Comorostani troops and giving the People's State a casus belli to formally declare war on the Arab State.

Comorostani troops manning a machine-gun position on Cyprus

Even if Comorostan was not yet officially at war, it could put more of its strength on the scales to tip them in favor of Turkey. The People's Liberation Army Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Sepâh-e Pâsdârân-e Enghelâb, had several units whose purpose was to fight in conflicts where the People's State was not officially a belligerent. Under the direction of Barram Sadeggi, the Chairman of the National Security Commission, one brigade of Sepâh soldiers was prepared for deployment to Turkey to assist the Turkish Land Forces in repelling the Khataiy invasion.

Soldiers of the Revolutionary Guard Corps alongside Turkish armor

This brigade was commanded by Brigadier General Ehsan Khalili, the son of a prominent member of the Party of God and the People. General Khalili was an experienced commander who had fought in the long-running civil war in Aldastan, as well as being deployed to the continent of Caprona to train pro-Comorostani militias in Sangala and Naruba. He was a devoted disciple of Comorostani revolutionary and theological thought and disdained both the Arabs and Turks as enemies of the Comoro people, but he understood the necessity of partnering with the lesser of two evils to prevent the rise of an oppositional power with regional hegemony and freedom of action.

Brigader General Khalili of the Revolutionary Guard Corps

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:42 pm
by The German Socialist Workers Republic


The DASR is prepared to help Turkey defend itself from the terrorist-Zionist-imperialist war machine supported by the western capitalist military-industrial complex we are also prepared to send support to Comorostan with the best interests of regional stability in mind. This sort of destructiveness only serves to advance the New World Order's agenda for perpetual war in the Middle East in the name of the petrol-dollar system and illegal regime change in the name of 'Democracy' against emerging regional powers and leaders such as President Erdogan and President Bashar al-Assad, by using enforcers like Khatay, the DASR will not stand idle in the face of such recklessness.

From the People's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:08 pm
by Metcalfer2

[Metcalfer National News intro]

In today’s news Kaiser William Metcalfe released a televised press statement about Metcalfern intervention in the current Khataiy war with Turkey”

“This is addressed to both the peoples of the Empire and Turkey, Khataiy attacks on our ally are unwarranted and are considered an aggression against us, we stand with the people of Turkey and will aid them via conducting a bombing campaign against Turkish lands occupied by Khataiy and Khataiy allied forces.”

William shuffled his notes before continuing “we shall also provide advisors and logistics officers to aid Turkey but as of now, we will not send the army into Turkey. That is all, thank you for your time and may luck visit the people of Turkey”


Southern Turkey, 2:30 am

25 kilometres away from a village occupied by a Khataiy affiliated militia streaked three Mongol Jet Fighters.

“MJF-23 to command, we are approaching the village, how are things looking ground side?” “This is command to MJF-23, scouts are reporting minimal activity, the village is largely devoid of civilians with a couple of stragglers but it is mostly populated by militants, the only anti-air that they possess is a handful of Manpads and a old ZU-23-2” “Rodger that, we will proceed with caution”

The aircraft continued their approach until they were at a distance of five kilometres away “alright comrades, let’s start off by giving them a barrage from the Rail’s and finish off with six Skeets”.

The three aircraft proceeded to each unleash a group of eight shots from their Rail Guns, the Tungsten Sabots tearing towards the positions of the militants parked vehicles. Once the trio of planes were directly above the village they each dropped six Skeet Cluster Munitions Bombs. The bombs descended until they reached the right height and proceeded to open up like flowers, each further releasing 150 puck sized skeet’s which continued to descend until reaching a height of 30 feet off the ground. Each Skeet exploded, sending a jet of molten copper into what ever was unfortunate enough to stand in it’s path.

The three jets peeled off and headed back to base, their mission accomplished.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:59 am
by Yuyencia
Yuyencia are concern turkish mans imperialism are harm christian community locate middle east. Commendation are given Khataiy mans endeavor but support substantial are incapability deliver.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:41 pm
by Khataiy

Khataiyi troops in southern Turkey came under bombing from Metcalfer, 7 soldiers were killed as a result of the bombings while another 12 were injured and sent for treatment back in Khataiy however the invasion was ongoing as the Khataiyi Arab Army continued to successfully occupy villages while allied Free Syrian Army groups led the fight, and the Khataiyi National Guard forces would come in to further establish control and infiltrate Turkish positions.

However with time came Turkish reinforcements from other parts of the country to counter the invasion, soldiers from Istanbul, Ankara and elsewhere were rapidly deployed and Turkish reservists were also mobilized on Erdogan's orders, Erdogan was quoted by media outlests as saying, "Khairallah has been always shown his bigotry towards our people he is a violent murderous dictator who supports terrorists and sectarianism, he hates Islam he is a Zionist puppet who takes Saudi orders from Tel Aviv, we call on the world to intervene against him for the good of the region."


Turkish reinforcements headed south


Khataiyi Commando troops

In response to the developing situation and seemingly strong support for Erdogan's Turkish regime the Khataiyi foreign ministry put out a communique condemning Turkey and explaining reasons for the war further,

The Arab State of Khataiy

Turkey's aggression has been evident for over 30 years, and since the establishment of our country, the various Turkish regimes have expressed openly the desire to invade and occupy our land and intervene in our affairs, we have expressed numerous times our desire to strengthen bonds and hold a friendship with the Turkish state, we cooperated together on the Syrian crisis and discovered their wicked intentions for our Syrian brothers to impose the same neo-Ottoman Imperialist plot upon them by selling them out to Iranian interests. The Erdogan regime has sponsored terrorism in our nation, and has sanctioned numerous terrorist organizations throughout the Arab world as part of the Imperialist agenda of Erdogan, we have acted only in self-defnese, and have no intentions of seizing Turkish territory, we only seek the liberation of the Turkish people and the defense of the Arab world from unwarranted aggression and terrorism.

Uthman al-Ghamadi, Foreign Minister of the Arab State of Khataiy

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:10 pm
by The Eurasian States

Khairallah BRING IT ON!

In the name of God the compassionate in the Merciful, we are the Turkic-Ukrainian Islamic Revolutionary Volunteer Army. We are declaring a Jihad of defense and liberation against the tyrant Khairallah and his illegal assault on our Turkic comrades. We stand united with our German comrades in this war of revolutionary liberation!

Takbir! Allahu Akbar!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:30 pm
by Khataiy
Antakya, Khataiy

Deputy Defense Minister Udai Saeed Farouq denouncing the Eurasian terrorists on Arab television

The Deputy Minister of Defense was invited to discuss the current crisis by a popular Arab television station based in one of the Gulf States, "First I will tell you, we are defending the Arab world from a second Iran we checked the Turks in Syria but they have Iraq and Khataiy in their sites next, then the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia), you call it the Arab gulf today, the rest of the worlds call it the Persian gulf, but give it 10 more years and it will be the Turkish gulf. If we don't bring down the snake today, it will be Iran invading your states and Turkey in the Levant." The journalist asked, "Many say this will divide the Islamic world or cause a world war, others say this is irresponsible, and President Erdogan himself is accus..." Udai cut her off by saying, "Whatever Erdogan says is a lie, anyone who feels conflicted about this conflict due to Islamic concerns, I tell him as a brother in faith, worry about yourself and pray to God, we are protecting the Arabs from the Safavid-Turkish coalition to destroy Arabs, Iraq already fell, Syria has fallen and it is because of none other than the Turks had we taken these steps sooner I promise you that Assad would be out of power."

The interviewer continued, "A group of Muslims from Europe has said they declare Jihad against Khataiy and claim Khairallah is a tyrant how do you respond to this?" Farouq quickly replied irritated, "Those idiots are nothing but paid mercenaries, they are Iranian-funded, Communist privateers, and if they truly cared about our religion they'd be fighting the Iranians not us, my shoes have more value than that group."

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:20 pm
by Metcalfer2

Southern Turkey, 12:23 PM

A flight of eighteen Roxolani Cruise Missile Bombers loitered high in the sky, rapidly approaching a mobile Khataiyi army forward operating base that had been set up since the invasion.

This is Bomber Burning Wreckage to my fellow bombers, we are approaching the enemy FOB. I want Bombers one to ten use their Airburst White Phosphorous Cruise Missiles while the rest use Airburst Thermobarics, let’s burn the bastards out

“Burning Wreckage, this is Osprey Talon, the Khataiyi are locking AA Missiles on us”

Copy that Osprey Talon, every one engage ECM’s, I would prefer that we don’t lose anyone

A gaggle of Manpad launched Missiles raced towards the flock of bombers, one by one each missile was disrupted by the electronic countermeasures, some exploded prematurely while others flew in completely opposite directions.

Okay my friends let us send our own volley, launch missiles now

The belly’s of each triangle shaped plane opened up to reveal a sizeable cruise missile, some with white warheads while others possessed orange warheads. The missiles dropped a few feet before the rocket motor engaged, sending their lethal warheads hurtling towards their targets. The missiles reached a distance of 500 feet above their targets before exploding in ether a shower of hundreds of chunks of burning White Phosphorous or in a over pressurised explosion of fire and heat.

Good work lads, another job well done



Tunis, Tunisia, 5:00 PM

An elderly Berber man walked through the crowded streets with a bag full of groceries, the sun could barely be seen in the sky as night started to take its turn. “Yusuf, Yusuf” the old man spun around with a speed more associated with young men, running to him was a young boy with a small wooden box “hello little one, how has your day been” “it has been good day, my mother gave me money for lollies” “hehehe, when I was you age my mother never let me have candies, she said that they made me too jumpy, say now what do you have there?” “My father said to give it to you, he said it was very important” “thank you, run back now and tell your father that he has done well”.

After the boy had run off Yusuf continued his walk towards his residence, upon entering his home he placed his groceries on his bench before taking the box to his table. Upon opening the box a scent of burnt flesh entered his nostrils as he viewed the contents of the box, a severed and burnt hand “ another unbeliever claimed for you my lord”.
“Personally I find it weird to talk to oneself but I don’t think I can judge” Yusuf sat up straight “I was not speaking to myself, I was speaking to my lord, now what can I and the Son’s of Moloch do for an agent of Metcalfer” out of the shadows stepped a man with both Slavic and Asiatic features holding a briefcase, the man sat down in front of Yusuf “I believe you are familiar with the events happening in Khataiyi” “Infidels killing more Infidel’s, what of it” “we need you to activate your assets there, start causing this invasion of there’s to become costly” “we have 345 followers in that nation, more in Turkey, I will be more than happy to kill Infidel’s” “excellent, I hope to read about their work soon, in the meantime here is the artefacts you been wanting, enjoy”.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:21 pm
by Khataiy
Southern Turkey

Metcalfer airstrike

The bombardments that rained down upon Khataiyi troops were brutal and harsh, and gave way for Turkish reinforcements to begin retaking some land, as orders were given to tactically withdraw back near the border, however mines and claymore like anti-personnel mines were left behind to make Turkish control more difficult. At least 10 Khataiyi soldiers were killed and another 15 injured in the strikes and 3 armored cars destroyed. As the day progressed artillery war fired deeper into Turkey, towards Osmaniye and Ceyhan.


As sun set came the Khataiyi army was back with tanks and self-propelled artillery to push back the Turkish, while Khataiyi fighter jets conducted air raids on Osmaniya and areas along the border, the Turkish army however was able to put up a strong resistance with ATGMs and artillery of their own firing into Khataiy

Northern Syria

Khataiyi backed rebels celebrating the defeat of Turkish backed rebels

Khataiyi-aligned and backed FSA groups were quickly recalled from Turkey instead to focus on stamping out all Turkish aligned rival FSA groups and rebels in Syria that could pose a threat to Khataiy, much of the FSA stopped relying on Turkey seeing Turkey as incompetent and selfish and Khataiy as a better ally, and many former SDF groups fed up with Kurdish dominance in the SDF alliance ended up turning to Khataiy for support rejoining the mainstream opposition and reconciling with their former rivals forming a large bloc of Khataiyi backed FSA groups, however a few still remained loyal to Turkey in Azaz, al-Bab and Jarabulus.

Khataiyi backed rebels in Raqqa and Afrin were contacted to begin operations against the so-called "Euphrates Shield zone" immediately and all FSA fighters in Turkey fighting alongside Khataiyi troops were also ordered to return to Syria to attack Turkish proxies. In Raqqa a majority were part of the SDF alliance with the Kurdish YPG and successfully separated with support from Khataiyi intelligence claiming much of eastern Syria and in Afrin many quickly came under Khataiyi influence due to proximity.

By nightfall Azaz was liberated by Khataiyi backed rebels from Afrin, which would in turn be used as a point of entry into Turkey.

Iraqi Kurdistan
Khataiyi diplomats with influential Kurdish politicians

Khataiyi support has been strong since 2005 for Iraq's Kurds in order to turn them against Iran and Iraq's Shiite dominated government backed by Iran seen as a major security threat with the Khataiyi government not even recognizing the so-called "Iraqi government" rather labeling it in its eniterty as a terrorist organization and an illegal criminal gang, pushes have been made for Kurdistan to become independent, and weapons have been sold to Peshmerga and financial support to Kurdish politicians calling for independence, additional support has been given to those who take on a hard anti-Iranian stance.

Khataiyi diplomats would hardly visit Iraq for obvious reasons, however this would be an exceptional case, to win over the Kurds, Khataiyi diplomat, Muhammad Marouf was sent with a team of other foreign ministry officials to hopefully create a unified Kurdish force against Iran and Turkey, Marouf spoke,

"We know of how much your people have endured, our people are brothers, Saladin was a Kurd, had it not been for him, we'd be slaves. Today is no different, the Turkish have backed the death squads of Iraq that call themselves the "popular" mobilization forces, but we all know they are nothing but Iran's Murder Forces, they stole your land and are dishonoring your people, they are holding you back, we wish to support you."

The Kurdish politican replied, "A very interesting stance Mr.Marouf, one we shall consider, but what should stop Khataiy from abandoning us later as the British did?" Marouf replied, "We will stand with those, that stand against the Safavids and Erdogan till the end, we are men of our word, and President Khairallah assures our support for a Free Kurdistan, Iraq is no longer a nation in our eyes, but an extension of Iran, and we see it as, Kurdistan is Kurdistan, not Iran."

After further discussion hands were shook and a deal was reached for Iraqi Kurdistan to officially join the war by attacking Turkish backed militias in eastern Iraq that are also affiliated with Iran and the Iraqi central government and to bombard Turkey's border and open up Iran's border for Kurdish sepratists in Iran.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:11 am
by Metcalfer2

Istanbul, Turkey, 12:00 AM

A small moustached man sat worried in office talking on his phone “hello, thank you for calling me, I was informed by one of your agents you wanted to contact me” “indeed, your nations troops are doing well but I believe that they need to be reinforced” “I thought that Kaiser William said that he would not be sending the Metcalfern Army into Turkey” “he won’t, we are going to have you convince Erdogan to employ the services of Obsidian Scythian PMC International” “mercenaries, why do you want mercenaries here” “they prefer the term private military contractors, these men are sympathetic towards our cause and using them means we are not risking Metcalfern lives, all you have to do is convince Erdogan to hire them” “I’ll try my best” “do not cock this up or else it’s your neck on the line



Sofia, Bulgaria, 10:27 AM

In opposite from before a large and jovial moustached man picked up his ringing phone.

“Vladislav, what do I owe this pleasure for” “hello Gregor, just giving you a heads up that you will be contacted by the Turkish government for a contract” “I wouldn’t imagine you had anything to do with that”
of course not, they just need some help with their current problem” “humph (hahaha), you cheeky little shit, I hope my guys get sent to Cyprus, they need a nice place to fight” “not going Gregor!” “Afraid not, I’m not the young war dog that I once was, I’m going to have to stay back here” “shame” “but I tha.... hold on, I’m getting another call” Gregor took the phone away from his ear to look at whose calling “sorry Vladislav, I’m going to have to end our call, it seems Eddy Boy himself is calling me” “I understand, I hope the Turks give you good pay” “I hope so too, goodbye”



Al-Iskanderounah police headquarters, Khataiy, 5:59 PM

Sitting at his desk a young Khataiy police officer sat writing out a report, the third this night alone. Taking a break to rub his face he mumbled in a sardonic voice “what I would give to be blown up right now” a fellow police officer walked up to his desk before sitting on the corner “sorry Ades you won’t get physically blown up, verbally hmm, more than likely” “come on what have I told you about this Hamui, don’t sit on my desk, any way what are you talking about?” “I just got told by Abu that the chief wants to see you, and that he seems perturbed” Ades once again put his face in hands before groaning “you couldn’t lead with that, instead you had to sit on my desk and get in my personal space” “hey that’s what are brothers for” Hamui ruffled Ades hair only to receive a rude hand gesture in return “fuck you, well I better go see what the chief wants”.

Five minutes later Ades knocked on the door of the Police Captains door “please come in” opening up the door Ades walked to a moustached man in his forty’s with a grim look on his face “hello Ades, please close the door and have a seat” after preforming both of these tasks Ades began to talk “what seems to be the problem captain” the older man slid piece of paper with a bulls head wreathed in fire towards him “we have been called upon my brother by the high priest” Ades gulped before straightening himself “what is our task” the older man then placed a silver cube shaped box on the table and a map “the high priest is not pleased with our nations current war with those Turkish bastards, we are to spread terror until he deems fit, do you understand?” “Yes, what is my mission if I may ask” “I need you to spread the contents of this Pandoras Box at this location, but first I’ll need your arm, please roll up you sleeve” Ades placed his bare arm on the table, the captain then proceeded to insert a syringe in the arm and press down on the plunger “you have just been inoculated to the contents of this box, please take the box and send in your brother, may Moloch look upon you favourably” “as to you”.

Ades stood up and exited the room with the box under his arm, his legs wobbled as he walked to his brother who was still currently sat on his desk “wow Ades, he must of chewed the shit out of you, you look like you just witnessed a execution” “Ha..Hamui, he needs to see you next” Hamui groaned before walking past Ades “lucky me, time to get my shit kicked in” “you have no idea” after Hamui turned around the corner Ades continued to talk “looks like I might actually get blown up, heh”.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:37 am
by Kingdom Of The UN
Leo Juhász has issued a statement on the Arab-Turkish war

My fellow Leshins the situation in the middle east has escalated into a dzsihád (holy war) and i'm afraid that the war will move to our colonies in Oman Yemen and South Eastern Leshin Raj (SEFR) I have sent men to protect those colonies from the Arab Threat in case it does end up there any sort of invasion or uprising will be a sign of war and as such attack is carried out we will declare war on the Arab nation of Khataiy. I also have received a message from Turkish President asking for help we will continue to supply the turks from the our colony in the Suez Canal and we will send our Counter-Terrorist task force to Istanbul and Ankara in case of any terror attacks on the cities.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:44 am
by Khataiy
Near Osmaniye, Turkey

Khataiyi soldiers patrolling captured areas around Osmaniye

Gains were made from the shelling of Osmaniye and a counter-attack was successfully conducted to reverse Khataiyi losses of the previous day as Turkish forces suffered 2 deaths and several injuries from bombs left behind by the Khataiyi military. The next step in the Khataiyi offensive would be to liberate Osmaniye, the National Guard later came in providing reinforcements and Special Forces commando troops were preparing to infiltrate the city early the next morning before sunrise.

Liberated Azaz, Syria

Free Syrian Army declaring loyalty to Khataiy

After the purge of Turkish backed militias now calls for reconciliation would be made, "In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful, we are the sons of this land, brothers in faith and creed, and brothers in nationality. We say to all Free Syrian Forces to join end their cooperation with the Turkish they have abandoned and betrayed us. The Arab State of Khataiy has stood by our people, guiding us, and protecting us, and repairing the divisions the Turkish caused and protecting our freedoms, like the brothers they are, the Turkish are only here to conquer and enslave us. All Free Syrian forces in Idlib and Aleppo have a duty to join the Army of Salahuddin al-Ayubi and all Free Syrian forces in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor have a duty to join the People of the Euphrates Islamic Front together we are the National Syrian People's Front, we are Arabs, we are Kurdish and we are Turkmens and we are united together against the traitors and aggressors.

We have liberated Azaz, and we have plans to liberate al-Bab and Jarabulus next, and we give the factions loyal to the Turks 10 hours to either surrender, join our ranks, or flee to Turkey, otherwise they will be subject to forcible removal."

Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmato Iraq

Iraqi Kurds retaking Kurdish villages from Shiite Turkmen militias

A day after the meeting between Khataiyi and Kurdish officials in Iraq and Iraq's Kurds have already taken the first steps in the war against Turkish influence in Iraq by liquidating Turkmen militias in eastern Iraq, launching a large scale-offensive to retake Kirkuk which was captured in 2017 by Shiite and Turkmen militias this would be undone by Kurdish and allied Sunni tribesmen with substantial financial aid from Khataiy and arms shipments.

Ankara, Turkey

Erdogan rally

Erdogan has come out to give a speech at a pro-Turkish rally in Ankara to build up support for the war and win over the hearts of the Islamic world and the rest of the international community,

"Good day Turkey! Our nation is under attack from this tiny state called Khataiy and an assortment of terrorist groups like the PKK and other radicals. We know the Syrian people love us, those who claim to be Free Syrian Army who also claim to fight us are nothing but mercenaries and liars that work for Khairallah. We will win this war with the resolve of our armed forces and prayers from the entire Islamic Ummah. Khairallah should know shedding Muslim blood is a grave sin and turning Muslims against one another as he has, by using the Syrian crisis for political gain and recruiting former terrorists to terrorize us, that he is in the wrong, and should be ashamed of himself."

The Arab State of Khataiy

Our country reiterates, that our war is solely for the liberation of Turkey from the Erdogan regime. We have captured several IRGC commanders operating in Turkish areas and Hezbollah terrorists and our intelligence shows that the Turkish are plotting terrorist attacks in our country to unseat President Omar Khairallah. We also have proof of Turkish support for racist militants in Syria that seek to displace Arabs and Kurds and to demographically change Syria's cultural and ethnic landscape as well as our own, and we will not tolerate collaboration with Iran on any scale.

Uthman al-Ghamadi, Foreign Minister of the Arab State of Khataiy

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:26 pm
by Comorostan
The People's State of Comorostan

The illegal Khataiyi aggression against Turkey is obviously an attempt by Khataiy to establish regional hegemony by dismantling any threat to its Islamist rule. Khataiy holds no moral advantage over Turkey, it has supported jihadist terror groups and provided weapons and training to criminal gangs in Syria. President Khairallah, a dictator who suppresses political opposition and enforces a backwards theocratic social regime on his citizens, seeks to create a belt of Khataiyi puppets that will do the bidding of Antakya and provide Khataiy with deniability and protection against the consequences of its religious terrorism exportation.

The People's State of Comorostan stands with the people of Turkey suffering under this unprovoked and unwarranted aggression.

This statement has been approved by the Central Committee and the National People's Congress

Comorostan continues to provide substantial military aid to Turkey in order to prevent Khataiy from succeeding in their objective of removing Turkey from the equation of regional power. The largest element of this military aid is logistical: Comorostan's state-controlled military factories churn out huge numbers of weapons and ammunition every month, and now a large amount of that surplus is transferred by sea and air to Turkey to refill their stockpiles.

Comorostani freighters and transport planes have ensured that the Turkish defenders will have plentiful ammunition to use against the Arab invaders

The Comorostani Revolutionary Guard Corps has also arrived in Turkey and begun to assist the Turkish Land Forces in the defense of Osmaniye. Comorostani military planners had identified the city as a key strategic point. More than its geographic position, the city was important because its capture would be a major victory for Khataiy. Comorostan was determined to deny them such a victory, in order to weaken Khataiy's international prestige just as the failure of the Soviet Union to subdue Finland in 1940 weakened international respect for the Red Army. Thus the brigade of Revolutionary Guardsmen was sent straight to the frontlines, where the veteran Comorostani officers could work with their Turkish counterparts in designing the most effective possible defense of the town. The Comorostani officers brought their years of collective experience fighting asymmetric wars around the region to help the Turkish forces fight effectively against the irregular Khataiyi troops.

An officer of the Comorostani Revolutionary Guard Corps brigade deployed in Turkey advises a Turkish officer on the defense of Osmaniye

The Comorostani troops also took an active role in the fighting. Commando teams of Revolutionary Guardsmen crossed the no-man's-land between the two armies to strike at Khataiyi positions under the cover of night. They aimed to attack key command and supply infrastructure: attacking command centers to kill officers, ambushing supply convoys, and forcing the enemy to spread out their soldiers for security instead of focusing them on offensive maneuvers. The Comorostani forces also worked to counter the Khataiyi Special Forces who intended to infiltrate the city.

A commando team of Comorostani Revolutionary Guards moves out on a raid against Khataiy troops outside Osmaniye

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:14 pm
by Metcalfer2

40 kilometres away from Osmaniye, Turkey, 9:20 AM

Three Mongol Jet fighters made their progression towards the beleaguered city, each carry six Frangible Bombs containing a hostile payload of Chlorine Trifluoride.

This is MJF-23 to my comrades, we are approaching target in 40 kilometres” “hey Sergei, yo..” “it’s MJF-23 while we are communicating MJF-27” “yes sorry MJF-23, any way do you feel nervous when carrying Chlorine Trifluoride?” “Every time, all it takes is one stray bullet and then you become a toxic fireball, then you can’t even get a funeral because there’s nothing left of your body, Hell there isn’t anything left of your plane, it ter.. hang on” Sergei looked at his radar “look sharp, we got two Khataiy fighter jets right on us, they must of been flying close to the ground” “I can’t see th..” MJF-27 was hit from below by rapid gunfire before erupting into an oddly coloured fireball as the bullets hit his Chlorine Trifluoride, after the explosion two Khataiy fighter jets raced up from below with one jet dogging the life destroying fire, the other jet was not as fortunate and found it’s self caught in a blob of the fire.

The jet spiralled out of the air as the fire consumed the jet, the other jet attempted to make a run for it “MJF-24, do not let that bastard get away” MJF-24 gave chase before lining up the enemy aircraft with it’s railgun, the rail gun barked out one round that sped towards the enemy aircraft. Upon reaching a suitable distance the shell opened up like a lily to reveal hundreds of Tungsten Darts spreading out in a cone, the Khataiy plane tried in vain to outmanoeuvre the cloud only to have the right side of its fuselage shredded resulting in the explosion of it’s fuel tanks. “MJF-23 this is MJF-24, target has been eliminated, how do we proceed?” “We continue the mission, let’s burn the bastards out”.



Kurtkulağı, Turkey, 11:03 AM

A young South African man bedecked in the uniform of his employer walked out of a Mi-8 helicopter surrounded by similar men, the services all payed for by the Turkish government. While walking he turned to his fellow comrade “ever fought in Turkey Charlie” “no, and Alex I’m fairly sure calling me Charlie is still racist” “nah, it would only be racist if you were Vietnamese, but your an American-Korean so it’s different” “I still think it is, any way I’m just glad to have someone to talk to who isn’t Metcalfern, so where are we going?” “Just over here, Commander Jerome will be informing us what we are doing

As the group of men walked to their meeting point a trio of Rockwell OV-10 Bronco covered in the lively of Obsidian Scythian flew past, Alex looked up at the planes “well at least we have air support”. Walking further the collection of soldiers for hire stopped in front of a tall Namibian man in his late thirty’s who began to speak “now my friends our situation seems to be a bit shit, now our enemy is about 30 kilometres south from us and at the moment it’s only militias, we have all fought militias before but the main problem is the Khataiy army, they ain’t like those Saudi fucks we fought in Yemen, these guys are well trained, well motivated, they are brave and they all think we are godless assholes, now for the moment the Khataiy army is focused on Osmaniye and are stuck in a shit fight with the Comorostani so it just makes our jobs easier, any questions?”

Alex put his hand up “what are our support” “at the moment we only number about five hundred, we have a couple hundred Turks here with us and they have Artillery and a couple of IFV’s, our vehicle support consists of three Panhard AML’s, seven Panhard CRAB’s and three Rockwell OV-10 Bronco’s, we are supposed to have Metcalfern air support but they have their own bullshit to deal with” Jerome then turned to the map clad board behind him “okay, we will be positioned around the southern and eastern portions of the town, ahead of us is a pretty big minefield, behind us are our Turk brothers in arms, okay lets head out”.



Al-Iskanderounah water services building carpark, Khataiy, 9:59 PM

Clad in identity concealing clothing and thick rubber gloves Ades had been going about his terrible business for the past fifteen minutes. All twenty cars in the carpark have had their door handles coated in a white powder, Ades couldn’t be sure what it was but if he were to have a guess it probably shares the name of a popular American Heavy Metal Band. The carpark was the perfect place to do this, secluded, lot’s of targets and the carpark’s cameras were notoriously garbage yet Ades still felt uneasy, he knew that his family and his police captain are members of the Sons of Moloch but the way the chief spoke made it seem like there are other Sons in Khataiy, he always felt like that there were other but never knew for sure, and why was the high priest upset with our righteous war against the Turks, it all befuddled his mind thinking about it.

Ades had finished his work when he heard an angry voice “oi you son of a whore, get away from my car” Ades dodged a punch from behind a angry man in his early thirty’s as he came up from behind him. Using his police training Ades grabbed the man by the arm before preforming three powerful knee thrusts into his gut, once the man was on the ground Ades proceeded to stomp on the mans face knocking him out. Looking down at what he had done Ades acted quick and began ruffling through his pockets for his wallet to make it look like a robbery and proceeded to run away.

An hour later and Ades had burnt his clothes and the mans stolen wallet, Ades continued to think about the man and his wallet, he had ruffled through it to see the identity of the man and found a picture of the mans family. He proceeded to have a shower and scream in frustration. “Hopefully Hamui is having a better time”

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 4:37 pm
by Khataiy
Revolutionary Command Council building, Antakya, Khataiy

Foreign Minister Uthman al-Ghamadi responding to Comorostan

"The regime of Comorostan is out of line." Ghamadi spoke into the microphone on the stage in the press room, "There is zero evidence for any of their claims, and they are nothing but fabrications ignoring Turkish crimes, because of their joint desire to eradicate Arabs and subjugate the Arab nations. Our rejection of the Turkish occupiers and imperialists is at the heart of resistance. We are not surprised as the degenerates in Comorostan siding with Erdogan because of our values and freedoms. Comorostan has shown its evil intentions, and the proud Khataiyi people cannot accept it. We must defend our rights by any means we see fit. Our actions are based solely on Turkish aggression against our country, their double-faced policy in Syria and support for the illegal Iraqi regime. We call upon Comorostan to reconsider their disastrous stance and come to talk with us, before their history is stained with the blood of the innocent and support for the tyrants."

Osmaniye, Turkey

Khataiyi National Guardsman taking cover

At 7:00 in the morning after 45 minuets of mortar fire the Khataiyi National Guard's Commando troops began infiltrating Osmaniye by sending out false radio communications saying Khataiyi forces were falling back and were collapsing, false reports were also let out saying that Turkish troops were already attacking Khataiyi positions thus causing Turkish forces to let down their guard in Osmaniye despite evacuation orders still in place.

By sunrise Khataiyi commandos from the National Guard were in the city storming police stations, grocery stores and ultimately attacking the air port and local armory using silenced weapons and air cover from Mil Mi-24 helicopters

Khataiyi technical firing at Comorostani commandos

Comorostani commandos attacking at night were rather surprising but upon their detection a defense was quickly assembled by using technicals and men took to their positions, and radio support for mortar fire was called in upon Comorostani and Turkish positions, and reinforcements were requested.

Antakya and Iskanderun

Anti-Comorostan protestors in Khataiy

Protests and demonstrations were frequently organized by the National Front to promote the nation's stances. Protests were organized against Comorostan with the burning of their flags and chants such as "Death to Comorostan" and "We are all Khataiy" portraits of Erdogan were also burned along with the Turkish flag.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:16 pm
by Metcalfer2

Osmaniye, Turkey, 10:00 AM

The two Mongol Jet Fighters had made their way to Osmaniye.

This is MJF-23 to command, hows the situation down there” “command to MJF-23, things are not looking good at the moment, the Khataiy made a surprise attack and have made great advancements, we are currently sending X-33 Bombers to the city but we are going to need you to drop the Chlorine Trifluoride on this location” Sergei looked at the screen “are you sure you want us to drop the CTF there, it will probably cause a lot of collateral” “yes, there is a large amount of Khataiy troops and armoured vehicles there, hopefully our Comorostani allies can use the fire” “understood, preparing bombing run

The two aircraft descended towards the target zone, small arms fire began to ping off the aircrafts as they reached their target. As the jets reached the target they released their six tumbling Frangible Chlorine Trifluoride Bombs, each one erupting in a wave of toxic fire that covered the Khataiy troops and vehicles, eating away at flesh and metal alike as well sending plumes of acidic and toxic smoke into the surrounding area.

God help those poor bastards”.



Kurtkulağı, Turkey, 3:45 PM

Alex listened to the radio as reports came in from Osmaniye “well Charlie look’s we probably next if Osmaniye fall” “my names not Charlie, it’s Charles, anyway look at it this way, maybe the Khataiy have some pretty women with them” “for one I don’t think they have women in the Khataiy military, two all women that they do have are all incredibly religious and probably won’t go near a heathen like you” “(hahahah) that’s some negative thin...” their conversation was broken by a loud scream.

Looking out into the minefield they spied a Khataiy militiaman with his foot stuck in a series of barbed blades “will shit, looks like he stepped on a Lotus Mine, ten bucks say it’s one of the Napalm ones” “nah, Thermite without a doubt” a minute later their query was answered as the screaming man was engulfed in a bout of high intensity flames “hah, Thermite, pay up”.

Their talking was further interrupted by a series of gunshots “oh right, the other militiamen

PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:39 pm
by Khataiy
Special Forces encounter Comorostani militants

Khataiyi Commando soldier from the Army's Special Forces

Since entering into conflict with the Erdogan regime in Turkey multiple nation's have offered support to the dictator's government, citing economic reasons despite numerous human rights violations and state support for terrorism by the Erdogan regime including for Hezbollah linked militias in Iraq as well as war profiteering from the Libyan emergency, that the Arab State of Khataiy along with other Mediterranean states have spent years trying to negotiate a peace deal to end the 5 year conflict.

Recently Khataiyi forces have liberated several kilometers of land from Turkish regime forces, and Syrian Revolutionary factions have strove to eliminate Turkish backed gangs in liberated territories in the north, while Iraqi Kurdistan has pledged to eliminate Turkish backed terrorists from Iraqi soil due to incompetence from the Iraqi terrorist regime that was installed by Iran in 2003 after the fall of President Saddam Hussein, after talks were held in Erbil.

Most notably the nations of Comorostan and Metcalfer have offered military support to the Erdogan regime, and mere days into Khataiyi operations against regime forces, Comorostani militants have been encountered attacking Khataiyi outposts near occupied Osmaniye, conducting night raids, and Comorostani media outlets have shown photos of the nation's state sponsored terrorist organization the so-called "Revolutionary Guard Corps" modeled on Iran's own state terrorist organization, with Turkish regime soldiers. While Metcalfer has provided aerial support to the Erdogan regime.

Currently Khataiyi forces have entered portions of Osmaniye and are preparing to capture the full city and establish full control over all areas along the Khataiyi border to establish a security belt for future offensives.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:52 am
by Metcalfer2

[Metcalfer National News intro]

The camera faded to a female reporter in front of a picture from the Kaiser’s press conference.

“Today Kaiser William Metcalfe gave a press conference to talk about the current Khataiy invasion of Turkey and our first casualty in the Metcalfern intervention, let’s go to it now”.

The screen switched to the footage of that day’s press conference and the Kaiser speaking “unfortunately I must report that we lost a brave warrior of Metcalfer today, MJF-27, or as he was known to his friends and family, Hans Sikorsky, was killed in action this morning forty kilometres away from the beleaguered city of Osmaniye when the ordinance he was carrying was detonated by a pair of Khataiy jets, but I’m pleased to inform you that vengeance was swift and that Hans’s wingman destroyed both enemy aircraft and completed their mission” William took a breath before continuing

“I will tell you this, that the bombing Hans’s wingmen completed is only a taste of what is to come, you shall see hell warriors of Khataiy, that is a promise, thank you for your time” William gave a wave before walking off the podium with the image changing back to the female reporter “now to other news from today”.



Osmaniye, Turkey, 11:00 PM

In the dark of night death came from high attitude, a fleet of 25 X-33 Bombers reached their target, each carrying a payload of 300 Napalm filled free fall bombs. In the cabin of one of the bombers two crewmen conversed while they sat at their stations.

I honestly thought the Kaiser was being poetic when he said that the Khataiy were going to see hell, I didn’t realise we were going to Dresden them” “victory at any cost my comrade, they should be glad that we are not using the Chlorine Trifluoride, I heard the lot that those Mongols dropped is still burning” “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised, I still don’t know why we still use that shit, everybody except for the M.O.L’s are too shit scared to use the stuff, give me Napalm any d..” the conversation was interrupted by the screech of the Missile lock alarm “AA missiles locked onto us, engaging ECM and Point Defence Weapons”.

Racing up to the high attitude Bombers was a mixture of Manpad and SAM launched missiles, the majority were disrupted by ECM while the remaining few were shredded by Automatic Grenade Launchers mounted to hulls of the planes.

The two crew men breathed a sigh of relief as they finally reached their target zone, the southern portion of the city of Osmaniye. Each of the 25 bombers bellies open up reviling their incendiary guts “releasing now, let’s make Bomber Harris smile with pride boys”. Each and every one of the 300 Napalm filled bombs dropped from the aircraft, upon reaching the ground the bombs each created an almost beautiful mosaic of oranges and reds as the wall of flames engulfed the streets and buildings of the unfortunate city.

The Bombers peeled away once the deed was done, our two crewmen turned each other “eat ya heart out Bomber Harris” (hahahah).


Kurtkulağı, Turkey, 11:45 PM

Alex now covered in a mixture of dust and militiaman blood sat down with a heavy thud before talking to an equally tired Charles “well I guess Jerome wasn’t kidding when he said they were well motivated, and that was just the militiamen, emphasis on was” Alex surveyed the area that the Militiamen had been coming from, what he could see from the fires illuminating the area that was once palm trees and yellow dirt was now a miasma of blackened soot and red militiamen innards, something that tends to happen when you focus the combined efforts of 500 mercenaries, Turks with Artillery, a handful of armoured vehicles, a Mine field and three light aircraft on some highly motivated militiamen.

Another victory for Obsidian Scythian PMC International” Alex turned to look at the smoking Charles and began observing the green tipped bullets that Charles was feeding into his MG3 “say Charlie boy I haven’t seen green bullets before” Charles looked up with a humph of amusement “you haven’t seen these before, M.U.B’s, Metcalfern made and supplied, these specific bad boys are hollow points full of an acid named Hydra Venom” “acid, the sort of fuck is this shit” “it’s Metcalfern, they think that the Geneva Convention would cuck them as a nation, but any way this is some hard core shit, I once saw a minigun full of this kill a Abraham’s, the ones I have put in my old girl make death really painful if the bullets don’t kill you first” “that’s fucking diabolical, I’ll just stick with FMJ’s” “suit yourself”.

The men’s conversation was broken as a fellow merc ran up to them “did you guys hear, Osmaniye is currently cosplaying as Dresden during WW2, there’s talk that the Khataiy army will probably be coming this way” after hearing this Alex turned to the direction of Osmaniye to see a intense orange glow in the distance “fucking Metcalfern’s man



Al-Iskanderounah Police headquarters, Khataiy, 8:39 AM

Ades made his way steadily to his captains office, meeting him this early in the morning was unnerving but he had to go through with it. Upon reaching his captains door he heard the call to enter before he even knocked, upon entering the room he was greeted by his captains face curled into something that resembled approval “please Ades have a seat” upon closing the door Ades responded “may I ask what I’am here for?

“Yes Ades, your here to talk about the task you carried out the other night, tell me what happened” “I did as instructed, I covered in the door handles of the cars in the white powder” “the Anthrax?” Ades’s stomach dropped with his suspicions confirmed “yes” “what happened next” “after finishing the final car I was attacked by a man who believed that I was trying to steal his car” Ades’s thoughts turned to the moment when he stomped on the man’s face “I made sure that he didn’t see my face with the face mask, and even if he did I don’t think he would be able to tell any one any time soon, I then stole his wallet to make it look like a robbery” “where is the wallet?” “Destroyed, I burnt it along with every piece of clothing I had on, I dumped the ashes down a drain on the opposite side of the city” the captain smiled before placing a folder on the desk “I trained you well, your actions hospitalised 52 people so far, the people whose cars you sabotaged, the first responders who tended the man you injured, some passerby’s and of course family members who interacted with people who had Anthrax on them”.

Ades tried to process the information before the captain continued “don’t worry Ades more than likely the infected will die, but as to be expected the government is having a fit over it, they have got the entire block under quarantine and are calling for blood but this leads into your next mission” Ades took a big gulp before asking “what’s my mission” “there is a vehicle waiting down below, your brother is in it, you will be told what your mission is on arrival, may Moloch favour you” “and you my brother”.

Ades left the room and made his way to the garage, upon entering he jogged to the running vehicle. Turning to his brother Hamui he gave a shaky smile before remarking “off we go”.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:31 pm
by Comorostan
Khataiy wrote:"The regime of Comorostan is out of line." Ghamadi spoke into the microphone on the stage in the press room, "There is zero evidence for any of their claims, and they are nothing but fabrications ignoring Turkish crimes, because of their joint desire to eradicate Arabs and subjugate the Arab nations. Our rejection of the Turkish occupiers and imperialists is at the heart of resistance. We are not surprised as the degenerates in Comorostan siding with Erdogan because of our values and freedoms. Comorostan has shown its evil intentions, and the proud Khataiyi people cannot accept it. We must defend our rights by any means we see fit. Our actions are based solely on Turkish aggression against our country, their double-faced policy in Syria and support for the illegal Iraqi regime. We call upon Comorostan to reconsider their disastrous stance and come to talk with us, before their history is stained with the blood of the innocent and support for the tyrants."

Chairman Nouzari speaking at the press conference

Chairman of the Central Committee Sadiq Nouzari, the second-most powerful man in Comorostan behind only General Secretary Jaffar Momeni, held a press conference to respond to the statement by the Khataiyi Foreign Minister.

"Khataiy calls on us to come and talk, yet did their pirate government make any effort to seek satisfaction from the government of Turkey? No, they spoke in the only language that imperialist aggressor regimes know, and that is force. The People's State of Comorostan abhors war, and it is a tragedy whenever the peace-loving Comoro people are forced to take up the sword no matter how righteous the battle. If Khataiy will pledge to abandon their foolish and illegal aggression against Turkey then we are happy to come to the negotiating table and talk with Minister Ghamadi or President Khairallah and work out the legitimacy of their grievances and how to address them. Until then we will continue to provide President Erdogan with whatever aid he requires in preserving the safety and sovereignty of his nation."

Khataiy wrote:Protests and demonstrations were frequently organized by the National Front to promote the nation's stances. Protests were organized against Comorostan with the burning of their flags and chants such as "Death to Comorostan" and "We are all Khataiy" portraits of Erdogan were also burned along with the Turkish flag.

Political rally in the capital city of Harmony

The Party of God and the People organized their own rallies in major cities across Comorostan. In the capital city of Harmony large crowds marched down a main avenue, chanting "Khataiy bandits back off!" and "Revolution in Antakya!" The large crowds marched to government buildings to show their support for the Party's decision to aid Turkey and to encourage their elected officials to increase their support. Few of the people in the crowd truly understood why Comorostan cared about Turkey but they supported their government and did not want to be seen as insufficiently patriotic. The crowds burned the flags of Khataiy and the pro-Khataiy groups in Syria, as well as effigies of President Khairallah. The rallies also included donation drives where citizens could contribute canned goods or spare clothing to be sent to help aid Turkish civilians whose lives had been disrupted by the conflict.

Khataiy wrote: Comorostani commandos attacking at night were rather surprising but upon their detection a defense was quickly assembled by using technicals and men took to their positions, and radio support for mortar fire was called in upon Comorostani and Turkish positions, and reinforcements were requested.

Comorostani Revolutionary Guard commandos take up firing positions in an engagement with Khataiyi forces

The People's Liberation Army Revolutionary Guard Corps, or Sepâh-e Pâsdârân-e Enghelâb (commonly known as the Sepâh) was an elite fighting force in the Comorostani military. Their soldiers engaged the Khataiyi soldiers in short firefights, calling in Turkish artillery to counter the mortars and firing RPGs and anti-tank missiles at the technicals. The men were equipped with night-vision goggles, allowing them to move with ease in pitch blackness. If the enemy mustered too much firepower, they could fall back and use the darkness to cover their escape back to Turkish lines. The raids continued as the Khataiyi forces invested the city of Osmaniye, trying to split the attention of the Khataiyi commanders and give the Turks more time to bring in reinforcements and fortify their positions in the city. A dozen Comorstani soldiers were either killed or wounded during the initial raids.

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by Peoples National Workers Union
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Mahad Ajnad Nijid

Shows great condolences on the Nation of Khataiy against the Turkish Agitators who have set their arms against the Arab people through Islamism and Zionism , and will gladly support this war of liberation with arms and political solidarity , we will gladly hand you our advisers and troops along with equipment to help you win this war against the Terrorists of Ankara.