Noga's consensus about the imperialism.

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Noga's consensus about the imperialism.

Postby Opelia » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:54 am

Noga's consensus about the imperialism.


31 - 08 - 2019

The president Ekaterina Maier, in representation of the federal republic of Opelia and on behalf of the Opelian people recognizes the existence of imperialism in the contemporary world, recognizes the relations of contemporary slavery and the relations of economic, political and social dependence similar to those of a colony in modern times. The existence of this imperialism means that international communities have not fulfilled their objective, that human rights are not really applied in the world, that the intentions of certain countries to intervene in foreign territories hide ambitions of power and material interests, that many countries use their positions of economic or military superiority to interfere in foreign countries.

We recognize that the Federal Republic of Opelia has been in relations of imperialist economic dependence, that has been under a relationship of political slavery, that the national culture and social values ​​of the nation have been corrupted and modified by foreign powers in the benefit of imperialist forces.

Through the all previously declared, The president Ekaterina Maier of the Federal Republic of Opelia resolves:

1) The federal Republic of Opelia believes in the existence of modern imperialism with all their variants and all their aspects.

2) The federal Republic of Opelia declares itself openly and unconditionally against imperialism in all their forms, pledging to fight against the imperialist nations that suppress the freedom of other nations in diplomatic form or in extreme cases, in a military form.

3) The federal Republic of Opelia interprets imperialism as a crime against humanity and considers that the existence of nations that promote the imperialism must be punished with diplomatic, econimic and military sanctions.

4) The federal Republic of Opelia recognizes as imperialist acts a diplomatic, economic or military actions of a nation perpetrated by a foreign nation whose consequences imply that the foreign country obtains a political, economic or social control over the affected country.

5) The federal republic of Opelia is committed to destroy the diplomatic and commercial relations with the nations that was considered imperialist by the Opelian government, is committed to ban the diplomatic figures from imperialist nations travel to Opelia, is committed to expel diplomatic figures from imperialist nations in Opelia and is committed to seize the material assets of the diplomatic figures of the imperialist nations in Opelia.

6) All citizens of any nation considered imperialist by the opelian government will have banned the entrance of the country or at least they will receive a more rigorous selection and investigation process to enter in Opelia.

7) The federal republic of Opelia reserves the right to arrest, torture or kill government agents or military agents from imperialist countries that are illegally in the Opelian territory or who are doing espionage acts against the federal republic of Opelia.

8) The federal republic of Opelia will not respect the international treaties of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons or the resolutions of the international community because they are considered measures of imperialist style.

9) The federal republic of Opelia recognizes the United States of America and the United Kingdom as the main imperialist nations of the world and is committed to establish an "iron fist" policy against these nations.

10) The federal republic of Opelia recognizes the intervention of the United States of America in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine as acts of modern imperialism and condemns all resolutions presented by the United States of America for those conflicts.

All points expressed will be valid immediately in the federal republic of Opelia regardless of the acceptance that will receives from other nations, in this way the consensus will be respected until the last consequences and can only be removed by the desire of the opelian people or by the president's decision.

Ekaterina Maier, president of the federal republic of Opelia.
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Postby Allanea » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:10 pm

Statement from Grand Ambassador Peter Nizhinsky, Speaker-to-Slavers

I have beheld Ekaterina Maier's statement, and would like to state that it is contradictory in its logic, and hilarious in its practice. In its core, it argues that all attempts by any nation to intervene in any other nation are morally illegitimate, since they conceal a form of selfish interest, and that they are all a form of 'modern slavery'.

This is of course laughable for a range of reasons. First, because the fact that a nation, or a person, pursues an act for selfish reasons, does not mean it is morally invalid. Consider an extreme example: were an act of genocide ongoing in nation A, and nation B, which has been opposed to nation A for some geopolitical reason, invaded and stopped the genocide (and assuming they did not then commit one of their own), this would be entirely morally justified action. If I am walking down the street and witness a restaurant being robbed, it is totally legitimate for me to "intervene" and stop the robbery, even if I am doing it because I am secretly hoping the restaurant owner will give me a discount.

Second, "national sovereignty" is not, and has never, in international affairs, been held absolute. The responsibility to protect is an important part of international law. Traditionally, and in terms of international agreements signed by hundreds of nations, chattel slavery and other crimes against humanity invalidate a nation's claim to sovereignty.

Third, President Maier deliberately conflates a range of different actions with "slavery". In her mind, clearly, "negotiating oil concessions favorable to your industry" is the same as slavery. Now, this is not a thing Allanea does (we prefer mutual free trade wherever possible, and have a vast number of trade partners), it's still clearly not the same as actual slavery – but President Maier is clearly okay with slavery, as long as it occurs within one's borders.

Now, because different nations called "the United States of America" exist in the multiverse, we cannot establish factual certainty regarding the precise claims the Opelians make, but here is the response of the Free Kingdom of Allanea:

1. The bar on travel to Opelia is not really a big deal to us, since we've literally never heard about you at all. Given our vast amount of trade partners and allies we're not really super-sad about the trade sanctions either.
2. Should a single act of aggression be attempted against Allanea or any of its allies, please be aware that we will retaliate with asymmetrical levels of force.

3. Enjoy life without iPhones, Alienware laptops, and Cisco routers I guess.

May the Gods continue to Bless Allanea.

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Postby Kragholm Free States » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:59 pm

From the Desk of His Most Noble and August Majesty, Henryk Sebastian I of the House of Pendragon, Lord Protector of the Realm, High Warden of the Duchies of Kungsvik and Södervik and Östervik and Grindvik, Governor-General of the Colonies of Saint Kristoff and Saint Ingrid and Saint Ansgar, Prince of Karalia, Governor-General of Skäggland and Majne and New Kungsvik, High Warden of the Krager Territories of Timor and Namkij and the Gold Coast and the Antilles, Emperor of North Francia and Wallonia, Prince of Bombay, and Emperor of Sudan and Eritrea and Upper and Lower Egypt, Grand Marshal of the Rijkshaer and Grand Admiral of the Rijksmarinen and of the Rijksflygkorps, Archbishop of the Holy Lutheran Church of Kragholm, and Grandmaster of the Royal Order of the Round Table

To the ill-esteemed Madame President Maier, or Whom among the Opelian Republic it may so concern,

We too recognise the existence of Imperialism; that is to say, we recognise it as a force for good, a tool by which the virtuous and the free may bestow the blessings of civilisation upon those less fortunate than ourselves. It is a means by which even those aforesaid hapless souls who call a poorer land than ours their home might be uplifted, physically, intellectually, spiritually, economically; that all should bathe themselves in the clear waters of enlightenment and emerge as better men.

With that said, we do believe it to be a matter of some great concern that you, Madame President, would wilfully and by threat of criminal force deny those blessings to untold billions in such dire and urgent need. It is not enslavement to set a man free. It is not exploitation to grant him enlightenment. The Imperial manner has brought such benefits as were not before comprehended; industry, infrastructure, education, the replacement of rule by warlords and tyrants with rule by rational men guided by the principles of liberty and equality. The end of slavery - for yes, we have crusaded far and wide against that foul institution, and persist in that crusade to this very day without rest. The end of barbarism - for we have dissuaded the Hindoos from their cruel suttee, and the Mohammedans from their lashes and their stones, and the Franks from their incessant malodour. How, we ask, is this an act of evil? How, we ask, is saving countless lives in such a manner worthy, in your eyes, of murder - even of torture; of the greatest crime against righteousness that we do know to exist?

We ask this, yet we harbour no expectation that your answer will be satisfactory. There can be no virtuous justification for your wicked decree, you who would make threat of conflict against ourselves, our Imperial citizens, our honourable allies, and countless nations whose sins pale when compared to your own. There can be, in clear and present fact, no virtuous justification for allowing such a black-hearted and petty excuse for a ruler to continue to impose herself upon a people who, we remain sure, do not share in her sinful mind. Let it be known, therefore, that from this day forth, a state of war does hereby exist between our two nations, and will continue to exist until Opelia surrenders itself unto us or lies in ruin. With steel in our hands and fire in our hearts, we will depose you from your seat, Madame President, and replace your 'Federal Republic' with the mighty and indomitable Crown of Kragholm.

We shall revel in the irony of that day; the glorious day when the Opelian people are liberated by the selfsame Imperialists its corrupt President so despises.

Let us remember now the words of Caesar, which ring true in this very moment: "Iacta alea est". The die, O President, is well and truly cast.




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