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PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:20 pm
by Meiji

      March 12, 1997

      Is bombing civilians really that bad

      Recent geopolitical events have brought up the everlasting moral dilemma: is bombing the civilian population always a bad thing? According to a recent survey, 57% of the population is sure of this, while the other 42% states that "there is usually a reason to do that" and that "it depends on the situation". Weirdly, 1% of the people interviewed said that "nothing matters" and "we're just data in the matrix simulation", but we attribute this a statistical error.

      No one understands what's going on in Europe

      "The current political situation in Europe it's quite interesting" commented employee 822, the man in charge of external affairs, "all we can do is wait and see how the situation is going to develop".

      Ambassador employee 244 gone missing

      Employee 244, one of the outstanding members of the ambassador team of the A.C., has gone missing after a personal trip American Federation a couple of days ago. The family of the Ambassador is now asking the government for actions to solve this mistery. Julia Walker (the full name of the Ambassador, permission given by the family) has been seen frequenting many casinos, and is suspected to have gambling debts. Authorities have not yet released any statements on the matter.

      article has been written by Z Tech Industries Geothermal Power Project employee number 1577.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:37 am
by Songjiang

Internal Government Dispatch to the ATS Congress

April 19, 1997

Regards to the Songjiang Warlords

Great Progress has been made in dealing with the traitor Cao Wei and his followers much of his equipment has been destroyed and we have trapped him in central Pattani. The joint task force between us and the South Asian powers have been able to contain him if not remove him from Pattani and its only a matter of time until he is forced to surrender or killed by our forces.

However on this note it has become painfully clear that the ATS Military cannot continue to maintain such a small land force. The ATS Army is requesting a 5% increase to its budget so it can build the army up. The ATS Air force on the other hand wants 100 billion to purchase new fighter jets and bombers with, while the Navy is requesting a similar amount to replace older ships with newer modern ones, as well as to standardize the fleet to save money over the long run.

Hihoshi Kanzaki

ATS Congress Military Liaison

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:16 am
by Atzum

      April 19, 1997

      Thousands take part in pro-Europe demonstrations

      Thousands also came out to support the EC

      Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Germany to voice their support for Europe and to send a message against nationalism and the far-right. Rallies were planned in seven major German cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. Organizers estimated that 80,000 people took part in the Cologne march — far exceeding the 45,000 they had expected.

      The chairmen of Germany's Social Democrats, Andre Nales, participated in the rally in Cologne. "One Europe for everyone is not a Europe of nation states where everyone fights each other," Nales wrote on the social medias. "We had that already and the result is well-known."
      "A Europe for everyone is, above all else, a social Europe that holds together — especially against the right. That's what we're protesting for today and it's what we stand" he added.

      Although the marchers support Europe, many say that the EC needs to undergo some major changes if it is going to be successful in the future. "Of course the EC needs to change — we need much stronger cooperation," Susanne Helm, a 50-year-old with the "Pulse of Europe" movement told. The "Pulse of Europe" movement Marches and organised other events in cities across Europe. Even the Famous comedian and satirist Rafi Rutzen take part in this pro-Europe movement, fully engaging himself in this cause.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:32 am
by Songjiang

      Dodging Communism Since 1995

      April 19, 1997


      French Fever Explodes in Froussard and United Belgium

      French Nationalism is on the climb in Froussard and United Belgium almost as if to rival the anti nationalist sentiment in Germany. Though many simply wish to see a united France some do seem to want to stick it to the Germans. Crowds have rivaled numbers for the anti nationalist rallies in Germany, while United Belgian, and Froussard media outlets continue to feed the flames of pro french Nationalism. News agencies have taken to calling the German policy makers Retard libéral accusing them of Rykovianisum, Socialism, and even Communism.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:15 pm
by Meiji

      April 21, 1997

      Democratic tyranny rising in Europe

      In a recent public interview, German Federation's officials are pushing hard for the "establishment of a European Committee Parliament". The Atlantic Conglomerate is concerned that this action will proactive encourage "tyranny of its people". Employee 247 is not happy with the current political situation in Europe and is urging European countries to not participate in such actions; employee 247 is supporting the policies of the Franch Union and is hopeful that in the future, diplomatic relations can be improved between the Atlantic conglomerate and French Federation.

      Happy Birthday volcano!

      A new volcano was discovered yesterday on the island of Iceland: the "newborn" was named George. It is quite an active volcano and experts urge tourists not to go too close to avoid getting in danger.

      Ambassador employee 244 is still missing

      Employee 247 is requesting personal assistance from the American Federation in locating ambassador employee 244. Employee 247 is hopeful that "everything is ok" and that the Ambassador will be soon found alive and well.

      article has been written by Z Tech Industries Geothermal Power Project employee number 1577.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:37 pm
by Nice-Pontivy

      Alain Clerc denounces proposed EC reform as a "sham"

      April 23rd, 1997

      As tens of thousands turned out in rallies to mourn the Paris airplane crash and fire, the subject of the EC weighed heavily on many, and some views similar to the other pro-French rallies were expressed. Alain Clerc made a short public statement on the matter of the EC and the German Federation's proposed reforms. Below is an excerpt from the speech.

      ...Let us be clear. Attempting to destroy nationalism is the same thing as enforcing the same identity on all peoples. It is disappointing that a nation that professes to want peace would try to twist Europe in such a way that creates even more conflict. And on the subject of the EC reform, it is a complete sham. It should be clear to any unbiased observer that Germany is using their dominant status to try to subvert the stability of Europe in the name of 'peace'. The Europe for everyone they claim to uphold is in reality a Europe for Germans, and I am very glad to see that other nations can see this as well. It is appalling that the Germans claim to want a Europe for all nations when they rejected the Atlantic Conglomerate's calls for unified European institutions. It is clear that the only unified Europe they want is one on their terms, and that's not even mentioning how the French nations have been completely excluded from this process. So, I ask, is this a Europe for all, or a Europe for only Germans?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:38 am
by Atzum

      April 28, 1997

      ''United in diversity''

      Prime Minister Frank Barley

      For this Saturday, the '' Pulse of Europe '' movement in Thuringia for the European conference has now invited the Prime Minister Frank Barley to Jena and he was a guest of honor. About 2,500 people have come to the Jena Sparkassen-Arena. Unfortunately, space would not exist for more people. On average, the audience was more masculine and advanced in age - but there was a few female and younger guests as well.

      By contrast, Frank Barley remains predominantly thematic in European politics. Already at the beginning of his speech - when he says it's fun to be in such a "beautiful state" - spontaneous applause breaks out. Then the chairman of the ruling partie begins to point out the great connections between Europe and world politics - in a somewhat professorial manner. His message to the audience in Jena can best be summed up in what he often quotes sentence: "Germany is too small for the world and too big for Europe."

      ''The differences of all European states make europe what it is today. The identity of the individual states, countries and people makes it possible to create a better Europe at a time of uncertainty. The Conglomerat unrealistic proposals for a unified European institution are doomed to fail because individual nationalists like United France want to protect their own interests and spur the fire of disunity among the europeans instead of working on a greather idea, greater than all of us. The EC is a steeling light for those who believe in it. I stand for a Europe for all of us, no matter which skin color, race or religion you have. We are United in diversity''

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:35 am
by Gosmenia


An interesting new political player enters the ring this election...


After the shocking resignations of many congressional members, a snap election has been called. You'd think this would be the most surprising thing to pop up from the 'parental license bill' controversy, but then again you've haven't met the royalist party. A relative newcomer to Gosmenian politics the Royalist party led by Tanya Nikolaev aims to do no less than restoring the monarchy. This promise has many people curious about how they will achieve this as it's still unknown what happened to the Gosmenian royal family during the Christmas revolution. Besides their main goal, the party seems to be aligned more with the Nationalist party when it comes to general policy. Still, they seem to be relatively unknown to the general public at large. Though miss Nikolaev seems confident her party will be able to obtain some seats in congress come July, though many of the mainstream parties doubt the possibility.

With the announcement of the Royalist party running for congressional seats, many are speculating how Pavlovsk will react to the emergence of a party whose sole purpose is to restore a governmental system they helped overthrow. President Ivanov has made a statement saying "This 'Royalist party' is nothing more than an extension of the Nationalist Party, and I promise you they will have no seats in congress come this July." For now, we can only wait and see if the President can keep that promise. We'll just have to keep watch on the Royalist movement as they are truly going to be the underdog of this election.

Written by: Vladimir Yahontov

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:28 pm
by Songjiang

Internal Government Dispatch to the ATS Congress

May 12, 1997

Cao Wei Report

Name: Tzi Ma

Alias: Cao Wei

Date of Birth: October, 4, 1947

Place of Birth: Beijing Imperial City

Affiliation: Leader of the Wei Communist Revolutionary Front

Former Affiliations: General of the Imperial Songjiang Army, General of the Republican Army of Songjiang, Militant Governor of the ATS territory of Wei.

Notations: Tzi Ma was one of the finest military leaders of Songjiang known for his charisma and ability to push his men to fight on even under extreme conditions. He is noted to have put down several uprisings during the rule of the Qin Dynasty, and later successfully encircled and destroyed a Pavlovsk Battalion, and inflicted large casualties upon Japanese, Corporate, and Joseon forces during the Songjiang civil war with his force of mainly militiamen.
He is known to have a daughter named Christina who lives in the American Federation his wife was reported to have been killed during the civil war. He was a die hard supporter of Rykovianisum and it is likely he will attempt to push his communist state he is building in that direction were he to succeed.

The losses we have sustained so far and would likely sustain in attempting to take on Cao Wei are not in the opinion of the ATS High Command worth the effort we suggest reinforcing the southern Border of the ATS and containing Cao Wei and his forces in Southern Asia.

Hihoshi Kanzaki

ATS Congress Military Liaison

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:01 pm
by Nice-Pontivy


      May 14th, 1997

      On April 24th and May 14th, the French flag was raised over Troyes and Brussels, respectively. Froussard's Parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of reunification, while Belgium's Senate and Chamber of Representative, in an unprecedented and unexpected move, voted overwhelmingly in favor, far surpassing the expected number of votes that were predicted off of public statements. The French Federal Parliaments subsequently voted to grant special autonomous powers to Belgium and Piedmont. The public support for the reunification has been divided, with many supporting the reunification while others lamented the loss of national sovereignty, although this has been somewhat dampened by the special autonomous status given to Belgium. Public opinion has been somewhat divided, with 52% in the Calais region supporting the unification, 49% in Wallonia, and 47% in Flanders, with about 3% in all regions indifferent. The Federal government has promised to respect the rights of the citizens of Belgium, and not infringe upon their autonomy and local governments.


      Temporary Deputy Prime Minister Louis Louis Francouis made this statement regarding the recent reunification:
      This is a great victory for the people of France. We have been tested, and not found wanting. The people of all of France, no matter where they came from, can look forward to a bright and prosperous future under one banner. The French Century is far from its end. Our century is only just beginning.

      The French Federation's neighbors have yet to react to this sudden turn of events. It is unclear how the major players of the world will respond to a newly emergent France that has grown so large in such a short period of time. There is some concern from elements of the public on how this "Greater France" could affect the region, and some speak of a repeat of the World Wars. For now, however, it seems that France has opted to remain relatively quiet in the grand scheme of things.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 12:28 pm
by Meiji

      May 22, 1997

      A.C. congratulates united French Federation

      "It was only a matter of time." stated employee 247, "the European continent is slowly turning into a more stable version of itself. The problem comes with the strength you need to handle stability and the European continents leaders don't seem to have the strength to pull it off. This is why the Atlantic Conglomerate is controlled by a our company: only the best people for our people."

      Ambassador employee 244 has been kidnapped

      Employee 247 has received a letter made out of newspaper cut-outs of letters requesting 2 million dollars for the safe return of Ambassador Employee 244. The CEO has stated that we will do everything in our power to get her back.

      Germans begging for mercy

      German representative has been sighted entering one of many Atlantic conglomerates offices. Anonymous sources stated they came here for exchange of cultural benefit.

      the unification of the Italian Peninsula

      congratulations Europe is one Step Closer to being back to full strength.

      Two wrestlers have died after falling into an active volcano

      A group of tourists have been spotted climbing up to the mouth of an active volcano. Park Rangers have warned the men several times of the dangers of an active volcano; unfortunately their calls went unnoticed and the group set up a wrestling ring on top of the volcano, probably for a publicity stunt.

      article has been written by Z Tech Industries employee 1577.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:01 pm
by Italian Democratic Peoples Republics


May 22, 1997

Today, Italians began their vote to choose the government to take up the mantle of the Italian state and lead the Italian people into the future. Many parties had been campaigning quite hard despite the limited amount of time granted to do so, with parties like the Communist Refoundation Party, Democratic Party, Republican Party, Socialist Party, and a whole host of other left-leaning parties gaining wider support for their government systems than usual due to their hard anti-monarchist rhetoric. The few monarchist parties remaining within Italy have been polling at extremely low numbers as of late, and it is expected that even if monarchism was on the ballot it wouldn't receive much support. The options for the referendum were agreed upon by a meeting of the transitional government, led by Prime Minister Prodi, designed to allow for the best representation of the people's views on the government of Italy. The election also entails that the government system must only receive a plurality to become the next governmental system of Italy, and that the parties sponsoring each system will come into power to form a new transitional government should their system be chosen. The results for the government system referendum are as follows:

  1. Rykovianist Socialist Republic - 44.7%
  2. Democratic Parliamentary Republic - 26.9%
  3. Confederation of States - 22.5%
  4. Dictatorship - 4.2%
  5. Military Junta - 1.7%

With the election over, the Italian Communist Party, Communist Refoundation Party,
and the Italian Socialist Party have come together to help form the transitional government and to write a new Constitution for the Italian State. Fausto Bertinotti (Pictured: right) of the Communist Refoundation Party is said to be heading the transitional government, replacing now former Prime Minister Prodi. All three parties have happily proclaimed victory, and have stated that they will lead Italy into a strong and prosperous future for all Italians.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:55 am
by Oghuz and Associates
Uludag Network

The temporary Government is happy to finally announce that official Elections will start soon, namely next Month at the 16th. Workers are already setting up voting Booths in every City with over 25,000 Residents and at least 10km apart from each other. Political Leaders had little to no time to do any big campaigns and are now rushing out to hold speeches and befriend the Population. Expect Mr. Köpek to join us tomorrow in our Nightshow to talk about the upcoming Elections and their Effects on Oghuz as a whole.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:19 am
by Panjal

People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs
June 17, 1997


Q3-4 Operations Agenda


  • The North American operational safehouse within the former Gettysburg town of [REDACTED] is to be shut down. All agents operating out of the safehouse are to return home by December.

  • Operations within the American Federation are to be halted until further notice.


  • NKVD Special Agent #0037, previously deployed to Havana, will be deployed to Istanbul. The agent will once again be posing as 'Vladimir Costanza'. As similar to his operations in Havana, #037 is ordered to pose as an architect, working for a Yahelian construction firm called 'Art Vandaley Industries'. Agent Costanza is ordered to get himself acquainted with the city of Istanbul before conducting any operations.

  • Six NKVD Covert Agents will be deployed to areas within Oghuz where Kurdish rebels are active. Agents are instructed to record video with tape recorders of any possible 'war crimes': mass killings, murdering of innocents, bombing of civilian targets, etc. by either side. Agents are instructed to pose as Pavlovski tourists, and leave any areas, or cease recording, if specifically asked to.


  • NKVD Special Agent #0110 is tasking with contacting the regime of Cao Wei and receiving information on their opinions towards the Federal People's Republic of Pavlovsk.

  • A group of 12 Agents is to be deployed domestically within the Turkic FR to begin searching for possible Kazakh Insurgency hideouts.

Kashmir in Turmoil

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:00 am
by Laladesa

Ludhiana Bulletin | Kashmir Borderland Report of 1997 #1.

June 17, 1997
Kashmiri Borderlands to be rocked

Today at 13:00 HRS, the Kashmiri (Laoshu) border had received the end of multiple Punjabi artillery shells. It is likely that an expansion into Laoshu is soon to occur, though Punjabi higher ups in the armed forces are still not entirely sure of the dangers that they may face in Kashmir. Military reconnaissance presents that Kashmiri militant groups have already fortified their own parts of the border with Panjaba, though it is known that these militant groups are infighting, with no proper one commander, this militant had been fractured amongst lower warlords. As such, a series of military exercises have begun in the past few days to show Panjaba’s confidence and tenacity concerning the situation facing the now fractured Indian subcontinent. It’s people have turned raiders and savages, and Panjaba is willing to turn that nasty reality on its head. Under the Vermillion banner only will the subcontinent prosper. The nation shaped by the murder of one child will enact its power on those who caused that death and Panjaba will reunite India under the rule of the Shah. India will become safer under the sun of the Shah, this new India will never see a sunset marking its end, it’ll only see it as the start of another day to grow stronger.

A couple hours after the artillery barrage on the borderlands, the High Chairman, Amar Uppal has requested for his voice to be heard by the people, as he gave a speech concerning the attack on the borderland with Laoshu. This article will focus on a couple factors of the speech.

”We here of Panjaba will use the reconquest of Laoshu as the stepping stone for the Vermillion banner to shape India and its fractured peoples.”
~ High Chairman Amar Uppal

”I have already started assembling men, men to retake our rightful lands, the Vermillion banner shall reign from the Punjab to Bengal, under the Shah will we prosper as one people !
~ High Chairman Amar Uppal

(Picture taken at the Governor Palace at 21:00 HRS)

(Photograph of Punjabi commandos arriving after the bombardment of the border | Sullivan Gallery ©)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 4:29 am
by Toluca-

Government Dispatch

June 17, 1997

Withdrawal and Permanent Exit from the Caribbean

This government dispatch is to inform the people of the Federation of coming changes. These will be distributed to major institutions and businesses, as well as TV stations and other media corporations.

The Presidential Council has made the decision to permanently withdraw from the Caribbean Islands. Following the devistation caused by the military, the Caribbean peoples have well and truly earned the right to self-governance.

The states of Jamaica, Santa Clara and Hispaniola will be set up as independent presidential republics. Elections will be held for the new nations and will be administered by the Federation.

Compensation will be given to each of the nations for damages caused over periods of time.

Eric McCarthy
President of the American Federation

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:49 pm
by Free Titano

      June 21, 1997

      Deal with Gosmenia

      After a productive morning meeting with the ambassador of Gosmenia, Ghiles Shaw released the details of the deal signed this morning.
      The purpose of this is to enable companies based in the Atlantic Conglomerate to carry out investment opportunities in the territory of Gosmenia. All this will take place in compliance with the bureaucratic and environmental regulations of the country and buying the land and resources at an honest market price from the respective owners, using local labor so as to encourage the development of these areas on both the occupational and infrastructural levels, with companies taking advantages of the programme committing to be proactive in the infrastructural development of the areas (collaboration with the local government will be key). On the part of the Gosmenian government we have a commitment not to increase taxation and to reduce tariffs on activities involving companies involved in the programme, with the obbligation for the Gosmenian Government to favour deals with AC companies located in the eastern european nation in case a tie offer from another foreign company takes place; this for the next 10 years (unless belligerent actions by one of the partners involved take place).
      The head of the *Corporation* expressed positivity on the deal and the possible gains for both nations this can bring.

      article has been written by Z Tech Industries Geothermal Power Project employee number 1577.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:06 am
by Oghuz and Associates
[6/28/1997] (Secret)
The recently bought A-10 Thunderbolts have today been ordered to bombard the City of Patnos, at the same time both Artillery Brigades are to open fire on the City without restriction. Two more Divisions from Erzincan shall start their two or three hour Journey to Patnos and assist the Division currently encircling the City. The A-10's shall perform six (refill every two Runs) Bombing Runs of the City before returning and staying at the nearest Base. The Artillery Brigades shall keep on firing for the whole Day and part of the Night. After that, the three Divisions are sent to attack and secure the Outskirts against the reduced and exhausted Kurdish Opposition.
Assuming the establishment of the Forward Base in Diyarbakir have finished, both Divisions are to catch up and assist in clearing the Outskirts, totalling in five Divisions assaulting them after the throughout Bombardment. The Escort Divisions (2) hold their Positions near the Artillery Brigades to repel any Kurdish Charge and ensure a smooth and safe bombardment.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:17 pm
by Aliciaz

July 2, 1997

Earth quake hits the Alican-French border, Camino Nuevo secures deal, congressional races tighten, and President Cortez speaks out about EC.

In the early hours of July 1st a earthquake registering a 6.6 on the richter scale hit and caused damage in parts of the District of Catalonia and across the border in the French Federation. The cost of the damage still remains unknown but 27 deaths have already been reported from the catastrophic event. The Alician military has sent 450 men to assist Catalonia in search and rescue missions. The Governor of Catalonia is on sight and has declared a state of emergency in the district. The Governor has said he plans on contacting French officials to work together through this tough time. The Alician death toll is expected to rise into the Hundreds. No French data is available at this time.

In other news executives at Camino Nuevo are celebrating after a deal has been struck with Doc Wagon. Camino Nuevo will now begin supplying the company with medical goods such as the company's state of the art "ultra thin needle." Nuevo has stated they are excited as for such a deal as this opens them up to world wide clinics. Nuevo stated that with the new revenue coming in research will get great boost when it comes to new drugs and cures. When asked if Nuevo will begin research in other facilities around the world instead of only at the University of Madrid they responded with "If the opportunity to help people rises we will take it." It is unknown if Nuevo executives received bonuses from securing such a massive deal.

With congressional races underway and President Cortez's party fighting to keep control of the lower house some key races have became close in the polls. Both Rykovian communist candidates are celebrating after polls show them both recieving the plurality. Although ten other districts are seeing Rykovian candidates only one shows the party picking up a seat. The Maldives holds two seats in the lower house. One seat is held safely by Congressman Rafik of the Liberal Nature Party. The Maldive's second seat for the past 4 years has been held by conservative congressman Fulhu. Fulhu announced he would not run again for the lowerhouse leaving a three way race to open up. Fulhu's son is the conservative parties nomination but with a troubled past seems to be lacking the performance his father always had, the liberal candidate is Jala Veer. Veer's father owned and operated one of the most prestigious hotels on the islands before selling the hotel for $24 million. Veer attended the University of Barcelona school of dance before traveling the world. Veer returned home 4 years ago and is now the liberals candidate. Rykovians produced Mr.beebu as their candidate. Beebu has worked as a plumber on the islands his whole life. Polls currently show Beebu with 45% and Veer with 43%. The remaining 12% go to Fulhu.

President Cortez was questioned on how she feels about a push for EC reform and EC recruitment. Cortez had this to say:
"The EC is the greatest alliance Europe has ever seen and i hope to keep it that way. Just like i overseen the entry of Alicia i plan to see the negotiations and recruitment. The EC stands for peace and economic prosperity and that will not change. The German Federation and i have spoken breifly but i do plan on meeting with our ally very soon on the matter. The EC is and will remain as strong and stable as ever"

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:19 pm
by Unified Capitalist Kingship
July 2, 1997

Turks given a 1/10 on the Yaheli Diversity Scale. Yemenese man deemed "Lord of The Rats". Government official discovered to be two goats in a trench coat.

Consumption and Combustion

Local Omani chain "Falafel Jihad" has recently experienced tragedy in the form of a great loss. On 607 Benishire Avenue, one of the largest Falafel Jihad chains exploded, destroying the building, killing 4, and injuring 5. Upon extensive investigation, it was discovered that this was due to large amounts of Nitroglycerin in the chains signature hummus. Further investigation has been launched into the reasoning behind the presence of the substance in the food but no further information has been found as of yet. A formal announcement has not been released by CEO Garesh Assman, which has led to old fans of the chain boycotting their local locations. This is an isolated case of this magnitude, but the event has sparked discussion over the lack of a food monitoring government branch.

An organization such as the Americans FDA does not exist within the local confines of Yahel and with food-related fatalities coming ever more common, worried citizens have taken to their local union offices to demand action.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:05 pm
by Nice-Pontivy

      Legislative elections turn out in favor of United French Federal Party; 6.6 richer earthquake rocks the Occitanian region, causes 65 deaths

      July 2nd, 1997

      On July 1st, the people of France went to the polls to elect lawmakers to the newly formed French National Assembly and the French Senate, which form the French Parliament. The results have led to a resounding victory for the United French Federal Party, as they control both houses.

      Out of 300 delegates elected for the National Assembly, 151 seats went to the UFFP, 34 to the French National Republican Party, and 24 to the French Labor Party, with 17 independents. This result has been attributed to support for the UFFP exceeding the support for the FNPR in the majority of the southern regions and Belgium.

      Out of 115 Senators elected for the Senate, 74 seats went to the UFFP, 14 seats to the FLP, 22 to the FNPR, and 4 independents were elected. 35 Senators are selected by the 7 provinces, with 5 senators selected each. The Parisian province selected 4 UNPRs and 1 UFFP, the Nican province selected 4 UFFPs and 1 UNPR, the South Pontivi province selected 3 UFFPs and 2 FLPs, the North Pontivi province selected 5 FLPs, the Froussardian province selected 3 UNPRs and 2 FLPs, the Belgian province selected 3 independents, 1 UFFP, and 1 FLP, and 1 UFFP, and the Piedmonti province selected 2 independents, 2 UFFPs, and 1 FLP. In total, the Senate comprises of 85 UFFPs, 30 UNPRs, 25 FLPs and 9 independents.

      FNPR and FLP politicians have described the results as "skewed" in favor of the UFFP. The national results in fact show a population split fairly evenly among the three major parties, with 37%, 33% and 30% for the UFFP, FNPR, and FLP, respectively. However, commentators have noted that both the FNPR and FLP have been sidelined in many of the provinces due in large part to both the significant support for the incumbent party and the fact that both parties are attempting to cater to a population that is largely unsatisfied with the status quo, whereas many are currently in favor of the status quo. Both the FNPR and FLP seem to be changing their strategies to fight in the upcoming presidential elections, which will occur at the end of 1998.

      At the same time, in the regions of Occitania and Catalonia, an earthquake registering 6.6 on the richter scale devastated the French-Alician border. 38 deaths have been reported in Occitania and the death toll is reportedly still rising. Catalonia has reported 27 deaths so far. The French military sent 1000 men to support search and rescue operations in Occitania. Estimates for damages hover around $200 million.
      The earthquake has affected elections occurring in the region. As of publication, 3 seats in the National Assembly and 1 seat in the Senate have still not been called, as the elections have been extended to account for the large damage and destruction of civilian infrastructure in the area.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:26 am
by Sietsk
July 6, 1997

Continuing the work
With each day that passes, the work at the Constanța Port continues. Out of the 80 piers needed for "undisputable trade supremacy", it currently has 45. The goal is building 20 piers each year, and in the extra year that remains, infrastructure around the port will be improved. The port is planned to be connected to the Constanța-Bucharest Highway, which is more important than the other highways and thus it will be finished in the year 2000. All of the progress is conducted under the watchful eye of the Carpathian Inspectorate, ensuring the quality of work, and removal of undesirable workers.


"Ciufulești-Pătrățoasa" Medical Facility - Where are they now?
"After one year in development, hopefully it has been worth the wait". A representative from the C-P facility has announced that the cure for the wild boar disease has been found- and will be available in the next 3 months. He has also promised that C-P will offer the cure for free, together with veterinarians which will apply it.

Other news
The Tourism Initiative
While the Carpathian Tourism Initiative has been announced a few months ago, only now the effects of it's creation can finally be seen. Mass renovations have been started across the entirety of Carpathia, as part of the great plan of "Tourism Revitalization", as it was named by the president Gregor Stanev. One of the first achievments of the Tourism Initiative is the opening of the Bran castle to international public. While the castle was not deteriorated in any way, it was not suitable for tourists, and now that has changed. Now, you can have a tour of the castle with a paid guide, or jusy buy a ticket and explore it on your own. There are also group discounts, a large restaurant with authentic Transylvanian food, souvenir shops and many more.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:59 am
by Panjal

      July 7, 1997

      APSIA Security Report: War Crimes 'Probable' in Oghuz, Ghabar
      Kurdish insurgents in Oghuz

      Multiple Agencies of the APSIA Organization have released a joint report regarding the 'Kurdish Rebellion'. The report comes after the beginning of a massive revolt by ethnic Kurds within Oghuz, Ghabar, Yahel, and Pavlovsk. The majority of the revolt has concentrated itself within Eastern Anatolia and the South Azerbaijan regions of Oghuz and Ghabar-- the report estimates that 800,000 Kurdish men and women have opted to take up arms, and attempt to create an independent state.

      The Security Report asserts that due to the 'high concentration of guerrilla rebel activity', the 'probability of war crimes by any and all sides is probable to likely'. The report emphasizes that the city of Patnos, Oghuz is likely to be the center-point of Kurdish insurgency activities, and as such is likely to be an area where war crimes are taking place. International observers have been monitoring the situation in Oghuz, but do not have explicit permission from either Oghuz or Ghabar to monitor forces up-close, leading to an absence of knowledge regarding the exact operations of their militaries.

      The Security Report requests that both Ghabar and Oghuz allow international observers from both the APSIA Organization and other Non-Governmental Organizations to begin observing military actions alongside their forces, urges APSIA Organization members to closely monitor the situation.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:02 am
by Tumbuland
    Tumbu Times


    Police Determine that the "Sahara Monster" is Actually just a Naked and Sunburnt White Man, God says "No" to Starving Children's Prayers, Ancient Race of Skeleton Demons Uncovered by Archaeologists

    President Calls for Unity Between Tumbu People

    Map of Tumbu Ethnicities According to the Murdock Map

    Tumbuland is a nation of great diversity, and according to President Obiang, the many different ethnolinguistic groups need to have unity. The Tumbu people would be weak if disunited, but a united Tumbuland would be the strongest nation in Africa, he says. He underlined the need to spread the lingua franca, Dutch, far and wide in Tumbuland in order to remove any communication barriers which somehow might exist, and to forge a common identity between Tumbulanders from all regions and ethnic backgrounds.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:21 am
by Gosmenia

July 8, 1997

Elections are over

The snap election for the National Congress is officially closed and the results are in. the Liberal Democrats have 65 seats, the Conservatives have 54 seats, the Nationalist Party have 34 seats, the Socialist Party have 15 seats, and the newcomers the Royalist Party have 20 seats. The Royalist victory has been a shock to many Gosmeniaians as seemingly very few believe they had a chance at winning any seats at all. Their victory also shocked the government the most with President Ivanov seen visibly nervous and depressed. The one thing on everyone's mind after this election is how Palovsk will react, only once the diplomatic meetings between Pavlosk and Gosmenia are underway will we learn their opinion.