Pacifying the Provinces [MT-Cornellia-TG for entry-Mature]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby New Edom » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:38 pm

Operation Harvest
St Joseph AFB

General Dalkon listened carefully to a radar report of Vionna's air activity. Lieutenant-Colonel Eldnab said, "In addition to reports of Grand Fleet movements, the enemy intend to move in some strength, but we do not yet know where."

"As to that, gentleman," said Lieutenant-Commander Arvash, a sleek young man attached as naval liaison, "I can tell you that NENS Nathan and Habbakuk are bound on a course of interception to track the Reseerve Fleet, while P-3s and two other submarines have been ordered to start tracking the Grand Fleet. Meanwhile, Carrier Task Force Anaconda is heading south, intending to bear around Gloria Regis and then Shrailleeni waters to join fleet elects here to press the attack. It is believed that if intelligence is accurate about the intentions of their reserve fleet, then ours will avoid the Reseerve Fleet, let them cross the Tempesta, and face the combined forces of ourselves, Chaco, and San Carlo. We and the Shrailleeni will face the Grand Fleet."

Dalkon nodded briskly. "I will launch the second Operation Harvest mission immediately. We will loop in from the south and launch the second Moskit attack, and then withdraw. We can anticipate them commencing attacks against us soon. We shall be ready. " for the benefit of the naval officer, he added, "That will be the same task force as before, but with a screen of MIG-21s added. They will have completed rearming and Refueling, and are ready for launch now."

The windows in the briefing room shook as the first jets began to rumble in fire and smoke off the runway to bear their terrible burdens towards Vionna-Frankenlisch a second time.
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Postby Late Roman Empire » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:48 am

To: Mother Empress Chella Resyanna
From: Emperor Titus of the Late Roman Empire
Subject: Allied Issues
Encryption: Highest

Your Enlightened Majesty,

Recent events have indicated to me the grim necessity of more direct and drastic action taken to protect the mutual security and interests of our nations and those of our ally, the Holy Empire of New Edom, as well as as the fledgling independent nations of the Socialist Republic of Aedora and the Queendom of Kehrahn against a very imminent threat from the Feminist Empire of Deadora. We have, at times in the past, under my illustrious and divine predecessor, the Emperor Valerian, attempted some first steps at rapprochement toward Deadora, but the rise of Jacqueline Thrall, displacing and deposing her cousin and sovereign, Jennifer Thrall, has negated even the minimal progress achieved on that front. Ms. Thrall has proven most belligerent and hostile, not to mention irrational, especially compared to her stabler and more reasonable cousin.

Initial consultations between the Edomite Government and our own have resulted in the conclusion that Rome has no legitimate choice but to take significant action at cooperation with your own Empire and preparing a co-ordinated defense of Aedora, Kehrahn, Kurungarra, Krutongo (if threatened), Dressanna, and the Shrailleeni Empire itself. Toward this end, I would like to conduct a summit with a chosen representative of your Empire at my imperial estate at Macellum, away from prying eyes. The highly sensitive and classified nature of these talks necessitates the minimum of public scrutiny and the maximum of discretion, naturally. I will inform your representative of their Roman counterpart upon their arrival, due to the need for heightened security and secrecy.

The primary purpose of these talks would be to plan for Roman-Shrailleeni military co-ordination and co-operation in defense of yourselves and our mutual allies and partners in these matters.

In hoc signo vinces,
Imperator Caesar Titus Augustus
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Postby New Edom » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:55 pm


From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Encryption: Most Secret

To Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck, Minister of State Adam Marius, and Cardinal Jonathan Graham

Gentlemen, it would appear that dire war, though we did not seek it, has come to us. This coalition of nations, egged on by Vionna-Frankenlisch, intended all along to pursue a series of land grabs.

I am instructed to share important intelligence and plans with you.

First: Neue Regensburg has attacked a FOB in Damoclea as well as the undefended city of Calafia by means of air raids. Our own Air Force managed to inflict costly casualties upon them, but our cost was greater.

Second: Neue Regensburg has dispatched a strike force of Nabal and air forces towards Peregrino. It is defended by a small force of Submarines, fighter interceptors, SAM batteries and ground troops.

Third: Deadora menacing Aedora, Kehrahn's internal troubles mingled with Deadora mounting forces upon their border has required us to remain committed to air operations in the east.

.Fourth: large movements of Vionnan, Solisian, and Khanate naval forces in the southeast will require our great cooperation. My friend, General Unwerth, has informed me that I must tell you that carrier task forces led by Anaconda to the Southwest and Teman which will move from the Delphic Sea southeast can provide assistance to Shrailleeni forces in the south. I recommend that our mutual War leadership make appropriate plans for cooperation, particularly, as General Unwerth says, disrupting effective use of Deadoran and Solidian staging areas.

Fifth: I am informed that New Columbia has surrendered to San Carlo/Chaco/Edomite forces. This presents both opportunities and difficulties. The Ayacans nations and Noviterans owe no military obligations to us, and while this surrender may be cowardly, it is also clever. It may have the effective result of removing the Ayacans and Noviterans from the conflict. I propose that we should at the very least secure their friendly neutrality to keep trade opportunities secure.

The other opportunity and challenge is that the Vionna's Reserve Fleet may not head for New Columbia, which would free it to return to conflict in Acheron, or to pursue attacks on our shipping innthe Tempesta. It also, however, frees Carrier Task Force Serpentis to return to New Edom.

Sixth: New Edom will be shipping 500,0000 rounds of 5.45L, 500,000 rounds of 7.45L, 5,000 AK74Us, 500 RPDs, 500 RPG-16s, 5000 HEAT rounds, 2,000 HE mortar 82mm mortar rounds, 500 ILLUM rounds, 500 WP rounds to Aedora. This train will, with Her Enlightened Majesty's government's position, be handed over to Dhrailleeni officials at the Dengali border at an arranged area.
I will do my best to keep you both informed. I convey, on the part of the whole Vouncil, our continued gratitude for friendship and steadfast courage of our noble allies.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister
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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:57 am

Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To Your Imperial Majesty Emperor Caesar Titus Augustus of the Late Roman Empire,

I am greatly pleased to receive your correspondence. It has been too long since we have last had the opportunity to speak with one another, but in the ancient tradition of sovereigns it seems that it must be the most pressing and urgent matters of state which bring us into communication once again.

It has not escaped my notice that it was your own empire which, alongside only my own and that of New Edom, has chosen to recognize the sovereignty and independence of the Kehrahnii and Aedoran. It is a gesture which I greatly appreciate. In truth I had hoped that Jennifer Thrall would lead a new and more tolerant Deadora into a brighter and more prosperous future, but this was not to be. As you may now know the defense of which you speak is real and ongoing, as Jacqueline Thrall has initiated her offensives into both of these nations. The situation is dire, and I have ordered my forces to respond in as quickly a manner as the realities of planning and supply permit.

I gladly accept your offer to raise swords alongside one another, not for the first time in recent years. Although we have never arranged for a formal treaty of alliance it occurs to me that more often than not our peoples find each other as aligned as comrades. It is in this spirit that I shall select a representative to represent my government and its interests, to travel to Macellum for these discussions. I understand and share your need for the most careful security in this matter. The necessary arrangements will be conducted presently, and I shall dispatch my representative as soon as time and planning may allow.

May the Light of the Mother smile upon your Imperial Majesty, and smile upon all the people of the lands of the Late Roman Empire,

Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen

Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta, Minister of State Adam Marius, and Cardinal Jonathan Graham,

Greetings to you all on behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen. As you may know, the Enlightened Matriarchy has attempted to pursue the path of peace in this nascent conflict and to maintain a position of diplomatic neutrality. Although we continue to remain in a state of peace with the rest of this coalition of nations, I must emphasize that there is no delusion in the Imperial Palace that conflict with the remainder is not inevitable.

The intentions of the Enlightened Matriarchy are to subdue the forces of Deadora and force the recognition of Kehrahn and Aedora as sovereign nation-states. We have not been entirely unprepared for this eventuality, and have six battlegroups on the border of Kurungarra. We are bracing for a Deadoran attack there, but should it fail to materialize will initiate our own offensive. Additionally our forces in Dengali are on alert, and it is our intention to land forces in Aedora in order to support the war effort there.

To that end the Mother Empress has ordered our fleet to idle at Dressanna until the carrier task forces Anaconda and Teman arrive. It is believed that our combined naval strength should be sufficient to overpower that of the Deadorans and grant our allied nations control of the western seaboard of that country.

The Enlightened Matriarchy shall gladly take control of the shipments destined for Aedora. At this time there is some uncertainty of the best method for their delivery, but our Matriarchy of War is debating the merits of both seaborne operations and aerial drops. One way or another, they shall ensure that the supplies reach their intended destination. We shall continue to monitor the movements of the Vionna-Frankenlisch Reserve Fleet, and shall know if it changes direction now that New Columbia has surrendered.

Finally, it would seem imprudent to ignore the threat posed against our New Edomite allies by Neue Regensburg in the north. The Enlightened Matriarchy is willing to send assets, either aerial or land, north to New Edom's defense if doing so would prevent another occurrence as at Calafia.

May the Light of the Mother smile upon us, and may we bring this conflict to a swift and honorable end,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen
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Postby Cossack Khanate » Thu Oct 17, 2019 4:30 pm

Ministry of Defense, Selvik

“How vulnerable are we?” asked Commissioner Gadhavi, twirling a pen between his fingers.

The conference room was silent for a moment, then the voice of Admiral Rao, speaking from the CRNF Akvavit, broke the ice.

“We have a decent force off the western coast of Deodara. One aircraft carrier, two destroyers, one frigate, two submarines, and two gunships. I have ordered the gunships to sail back to Solisia to assist with their offenses.”

Chief of Army Staff Singh Madhava cleared his throat. “Our ground forces are solid, Commander. 4th Armored Division has already begun moving equipment across the Strait into Deodara. The first Combined Arms Brigade, a.k.a Shikandhi, as already moved it’s Armored Cavalry Battalion and it’s Tank Battalion over. The Helicopter Detachment was the first to be over, that is 12 CV-209 Medallion assault helicopters, and 4 Rudra light helicopters.”

Gadhavi nodded and turned his head to Chief of Air Force Staff Ravi Pankaj, who nodded affirmatively.

“No worries, Commander. We have a large concentration of fighter planes in the South-Western and North-Western Commands. Furthermore, we’ve called up reservists from the local militias to help man the radar and anti-air establishments. It would be very difficult for the enemy to get a bomber to us, especially with Deodara in the way”

Gadhavi furrowed his eyebrows. “Don’t count on the Deodarans, General. I want our air defense to be capable of repelling any attack by ourselves. Our neighbors are weak and fickle, incapable of governing a state, much less conducting war.”

Chief of the Admiralty Venkat Ashwin worriedly gave his report. “To be brutally honest with you, Commander, our blue water Navy is not capable of waging a long-term naval war against nations like New Edom or their allies. Our ships are few in number, and our organization is mediocre at best. I am trying my best to reform this.”

The room went silent. Everyone knew that the war could not be won without naval dominance. After an uncomfortable pause, the Konzul-Admiral started again.

“Yet I can assure you that the naval defense forces and the coastal defense forces can easily defeat any enemies infringing on Cossack waters. I have ordered the activation of our coastal artillery units, especially along the southern coast, as well as the general alert of all volunteer units with a decent vessel. Furthermore, we are in possession of one of the fastest cruise missiles ever deployed in the Cossack military, the Yadva-II. This missile is currently riding aboard the Akvavit and it’s destroyers. But again, these missiles have not been deployed in bulk.”

Minister Ghatak, who had remained silent throughout the meeting, leaned forward. “May I ask why?”

Ashwin bowed his head slightly before replying. “Sir, the naval doctrine has always guided us to focus on the defense of our waters, not power projection. It is for this reason we do not have many blue water vessels, nor do we have the advanced weaponry needed to engage in modern war.”

Gadhavi waved his hand dismissively. “Alright, gentlemen, sir, let us focus on our goals here. Fund can be discussed at the next general meeting.” Gadhavi stood and paced his way across the front of the room.

“Keep your eyes on the prize, gentlemen. We do not have any more obligation here than to nominally defend Frankenlisch. However, defend it well, our strategic interests depend on it. If we lose our current friendship with them, we may lose any hope of projecting into the heart of the region. That being said, we do have an obligation to defend our borders, and to advance our own cause. As all of you might feel right now, the Khanate is painfully far away from the opportunities near Edom and such. What’s more, Cossacks have been systematically left out of founding establishments in new lands. We have to prove that we are regional power, and that other governments must respect our opinion, and our voice. That’s all friends. God bless Cossackia.”
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Postby New Edom » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm

Fineberg, New Edom

Fineberg society was all in a flutter. The battles raging, the diplomatic negotiations going on, the sides that were being taken in what seemed to have become a great regional conflict occupied every mind.

The Minister of Transport, Mr. Obadiah Quant, chaired a meeting with his Directors of Roads and Rails, the Director of Air Transport, as well as with the Quartermaster-General of Defense, Lieutenant-General James Seaguard, to organize movement not only of the reservists but of allied units through the Empire. The issues at hand included not wanting to snarl up regular traffic of goods and citizens as well as making sure that military transport could be conducted efficiently.

One factor in New Edom’s favour was the large private sector dominated by foreign shipping companies. By contracting with Noviteran, Roman and Adiran as well as a few extra regional transportation companies for mail, trucking and rail, the nation was able to afford high quality transport for businesses and industries which used GPS systems and and RF monitoring system, so that planes, trains and other vehicles could be fully tracked throughout the country. At the click of a mouse its exact location could be determined, along with its speed vs the road posted speed, estimated time of arrival at customers premises, how much fuel the driver is using, how much driving time the driver had left,either of the driving period or the legal working day. Thus it could also be used by planners to alert drivers of any potential problem ahead allowing for alternative routes to be planned or in the event that there is no alternative route, the customer can be informed of a revised estimated time of arrival. Along with the public companies, this would, hopefully, prevent the problems with coordinating transport that had occurred in nations like Vionna-Frankenlisch.

Count Thomas Lalery, Minister of Finance, read through constant reports of the requirements of industry and trade as related to war. He had already scheduled meetings with First Avantine and other banks to plan for loans to purchase stocks of necessary goods and arrange their purchase in international markets to secure food, cloth, chemicals, ammunition and machine parts. The other part of his arrangement had to be finaicial cushioning for goods manufactured in New Edom which would not be going into trade, such as fuel and pharmaceuticals. While he had reviewed these matters before, he wanted to refresh his mind from a different angle: not prevention but mitigation. He was lying on his bed, propped by cushions, reading while his wife Caroline knelt between his legs at the base of the bed. While he read through the letters she devoted herself to pleasuring him. Moments earlier, He had lain on the bed and ordered her to strip off her clothes. Instead of watching however he had picked up the reports from the table beside the bed and started reading, almost completely ignoring the beautiful woman taking off her clothes in front of him. She was a middle aged woman but still very attractive, her buttocks were firm and flaring from her slim but slightly soft waist, her breasts did sag from years but were still shapely, skin fair and flushed. Once she was naked he informed her as to what he wanted. He had not yet been aroused, and in fact he often seemed to need this before he was able to take her.

“It’s unbelievable. If this conflict goes on,” he said, “We are going to need to get loans taken out to make sure we have enough machinery, enough parts, to repair our aircraft and other war machines. We are going to need to allocate existing resources which will just be eaten up: uniforms, food, lubricants...speaking of which, use your tongue more honey...chemicals...such waste. And I’ve got to plan it all.” he threw the papers down. “And barely ever a word of thanks. Not: ‘oh thank you Thomas, you did so well during our last emergency, you should run the Council.’ No, ‘Oh thank you, Thomas, your policies are guiding us towards a more stable future, what do you advise us to do?’ Just go and make sure we have all the money and all the goods available so that we can throw them away. I should quit.”

“That,” she said in a moist voice, raising her head up a moment, “Would displease you greatly. You would be heartbroken. Perhaps you should speak to Mara about it?”

He grimaced and pushed her head back down. “Speak to Mara? I’m sure she’s full of joy about it. She barely tolerates me. If not for the King, and Sharra, I would not have this position. It’s envy, that’s what it is. They are a nest of vipers, the whole Council. With friends like these, who needs enemies? No, I shall have to do it. But one thing for certain: must get rid of Unwerth. He wanted this war, the pig. He and that serpent Augrim must go. But who to replace them?”

She raised her head again. “If you want my opinion…”

He pushed her head down again. “Almost there, honey. Don’t lose the rhythm. Put Benajah back, that would be a good win for the Constitutionalists and Free Congress. He’s a decent fellow, doesn’t imagine he’s a military genius or anything, just a good work horse soldier and would be grateful. I should do this, for that lot are still suspicious of me. Yes. Yes, that feels, not you honey, though you’re doing a nice job. Time to get on your hands and knees.”

Meanwhile, Hosidius Geta had Daniel Folais and his family to his villa to dine. He served delicious halibut baked, then covered with a mouth-watering sauce made with Tahini paste (roasted sesame seeds), lemon juice, garlic and spices. It was served with herb roasted vegetables, tabouli salad, and cream macaroons for dessert. Pleasant music was played by a quartet of musicians.

As he spoke in a friendly manner to them, he also proposed a plan that he had for a general security of shared territorial convergence. “The war,” he observed, “Has threatened the continental rail project. Of course, the Deadorans and Regensburgers don’t care about that. I’m sure they would have everything transported by mule if they could. They do not care about civilization or progress. But it is a visionary plan.

“One thing that might act to weaken resolve for war and have these barbarians recognize the opportunities that peaceful trade offers is for us to cement our own agreements. But how to do it when the grim shadow of war besets us? Only a general security agreement between ourselves, Mount Zeon, can prevent it. Mount Zeon has made an agreement with the King-Emperor to send us a mechanized division in support. If your government were to agree to send us air support to mitigate the might of the Deadoran Air Force, this would further weaken the enemy resolve.
“In the meantime, my government believes that the work that we had planned must also continue.. The determination of rail gauge measurements, weights and speeds, the meetings, the review of the surveys...we believe that nothing must halt this. The continental rail project, ultimately, will enable trade to flow with the movement of materials, will minimize need for regulation, and will unite us all in greater friendship.”
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Postby Novitera » Thu Oct 24, 2019 9:45 pm

Written with New Edom

Fineberg, New Edom
House of Hosidius Geta

The only person that Folais brought with him was his daughter.They arrived dressed in a somewhat formal fashion. Folais in a suit and Giselle wearing a colorful casual skirt and blouse. In New Edom she had learned to dress more conservatively so the blouse had a high neckline. Her solution for her wardrobe of short skirts was to purchase various stockings. The measure was not fully acceptable but she still liked to dress how she dressed. After living here now for several months she was tanner than before due to the Edomite sun and the need to walk around more instead of spending all day in an office. Giselle looked youthful with an athletic beauty to her.

“It is nice to see you again Mister Geta.” She said warmly when they saw each other.

“You look very lovely, Miss Folais. Welcome to my home.” he replied with a friendly bow.

Folais as usual clapped Geta on shoulder. “Indeed, good to see you. Troubling but no reason we can’t find a bit of joy here and there.”

“Troubles follow mankind like midges, my dear Mr. Folais. My house is honoured, please come in.” replied Geta, not flinching at the clap on the shoulder.

A servant, a middle aged man wearing a loose tunic and trousers of white linen with red stripes, took any jackets or coats and led them to the dining area, which overlooked an inner courtyard garden.

They ate, enjoying the meal. Folais began to conversation about Giselle’s classes. “School is fine. I did not expect Edomite university to be as...regimented as it is. We’re certainly more hands off back home but I’m getting the hang of my classes. I’ve made some friends...more like acquaintances actually.”

“Friendships are built over time, like a solid and comfortable house,” said Geta with a faint smile. “It takes time, yes, to build friendship. Acquaintances come and go, but friendships of course are tested, challenged.”

“Well said Mister Geta. I still have my friends from home. They were going to visit me but then..the war.” Giselle said sadly then smiled. “There will be plenty of time after I am sure.”

When the Geta began to speak of matters of state. Folais paused. “Giselle, you’ve never seen a villa like this have you darling? Mister Geta, do you have someone that can show her around a bit? We simply don’t have architecture like this back home.” He asked.

“Of course.” he called for his major-domo, who was a silver haired, quiet and modest man, who offered to give her a tour of the house.

After Giselle had left. Folais wiped his mouth with a napkin then set it down carefully. “I’m all for the rail project continuing unabated and so are my bosses. I daresay, they want it more than your government. But the rest...that Mister a big ask. General security agreement...that’s a hard sell to Avantine. Perhaps a limited agreement. Situational and for this conflict specifically. That is possible, yes. And please, elaborate on what your government would like in terms of ‘air support’.” Folais replied politely. He leaned back in his chair and sipped on his wine.

“Deadora has a fuel shortage right now, due to the fact that Kehrahn occupies the region where the largest number of oil wells and refineries exist. But nevertheless, they have twice the air force that New Edom has.” Geta offered Folais a cigar. “And this has been added to by its allies, who are concentrating their forces in southern Acheron. In Dengali, Jurrungara, and Aedora. So that will add even more force.”

Folais nodded at this as he reached for the cigar. He took the cutter, clipping the end carefully then fired it up using matches. That took a while and it was his opportunity to think. “I understand.” He finally replied after a drag. “At the same time, Neue Regensburg is a threat we must recognize that is far closer to us. Our political intelligence tell us that King Peter is loathe to make war on Novitera. Nevertheless, we must reinforce this attitude by our posturing at home.Yet on the other hand, we are technically at war with Solisia and it would not do to not support the Chacanos who are coming here. Many things to balance. Let me ask you this, I need a rough description. What kind of air power would New Edom be wanting from Novitera?” He posed.

“Well,” Geta went to a writing desk that was in the room, produced a key from his pocket, opened a drawer in it, and removed a letter. “Here are a set of estimates from the Ministry of Defense. General Unwerth suggests that if the Noviteran fleet were to come to the relief of Peregrino, that would be a great distraction for Neue Regensburg. If we had the assistance of, for instance, 3 squadrons of multi role fighters or air superiority fighters, that would give us the necessary edge to beat Deadora, control the skies, and establish control over those oilfields. Without them, the Thralls cannot effectively make war.” Geta puffed on his cigar.

“I see. Three squadrons, that is reasonable Mister Geta. As for Peregrino, you will have to elaborate on that more. Our forces are already providing shelter and aid for those Edomites that can make it across. And from what I’ve heard, private parties are even journeying to your side to provide supplies to your regiments. Independent action of course.” He said then puffed on his cigar. “Again, the Directorate wants to avoid a war with Neue Regensburg. Given their proximity and how much we are outnumbered on land, it is disconcerting. How would you like our Navy to help exactly?” He asked.

“Oh, I do not expect undue risk. Merely to buy us some time,” explained Geta. “Right now, Carrier Task Force Serpentis is preparing to leave Ayaca and return to New Edom. Once it has returned it will provide sufficient force as to menace the naval units surrounding Peregrino and help relieve it. But if Novitera were to insist on a reduction of Regensburger naval forces near PEregrino to avoid war with your country, I am sure that this pressure could influence them, and bring them to the negotiation table with us. They might even be persuaded to make a separate peace.”

Folais nodded. “I see, I see. So you do not ask us to make outright war on Neue Regensburg, that can be done as well. I’m afraid that now I must tell you the price.” He said carefully. “I think to calm the Directorate fears, New Edom will need to maintain strong military pressure on the Damoclean front until a peace settlement. I do not know whether your government already intends to. But it would help keep their forces from turning north. Next, Finebeg must promise to accept no peace settlement with Neue Regensburg that does not include a non-aggression pact between Neue Regensburg and Novitera. As well as public recognition from the Regensburgers of Noviteran sovereignty over Southern Peregrino. Of course, we would insist on a seat at the table when this discussion occurs as well.” He paused. “Contract preferences to Noviteran companies for post-war reconstruction efforts would also be nice.” Folais said with a smile.

“The terms about protecting Noviteran sovereignty are most reasonable,” said Geta. “As far as prosecuting the war between our nation and Neue Regensburg on the Damoclean front, we share a concern in this regard. Governor-General Hamilcar has been instructed to raise reserves, stockpile resources, assist the Mount Zeon troops in moving through Damoclean territory to reach Magna Lacuna. Until they make peace, one of our best options is to keep pressing them from Damoclea, which is where our greatest strength facing them lies. About the contracts, well, at the moment I don’t see who else is on board with pursuing infrastructure projects and so on, so that seems to be plain sailing, would you not agree?”

There was a nod from Folais. “It would seem so. But please, if I may have a moment of privacy. I need to make a phone call.” Said Folais then went away for a moment.

Perhaps he could be hard anyways by a servant anyways but he simply wanted to not awkwardly talk on the phone in front of his host. Not that it would be easy to understand anyways as he was speaking in Nishigo (Japanese). There was a three way call made with Douglas and North. Folais outlined the discussion. A few questions were asked but after a while they seemed to be in agreement. Folais returned to the table. “On those terms, I have been given authority to accept. What say you Mister Geta? Shall we make it official with a toast?” Folais asked.

“Indeed,” said Geta. He went to the liquor cabinet. “Brandy? This is a very nice apple brandy, from the Abbey of Ollonois in Lazodiria. Interested?”

“Never heard of the place but it sure sounds fancy. Yes please. Why don’t we have Giselle join us as well.” Folais offered. He was feeling satisfied as this was a win for him today.

Avantine will be pleased he had gotten this deal but the true honey was after the war. If Folais could become the gateway between Noviteran companies and Edomite contracts, that would mean a serious rainfall and influence back home as well as here. “Giselle, where are you dear? Come, Mister Geta and I are celebrating.”

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War against Deadora, Allies Formally Declared!

Postby Late Roman Empire » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:56 pm

The Constantinople Tribune,
Sergius Argento

In a very brief and scathing message to the Senate, Imperator Caesar Titus Augustus, Emperor of the Romans, Pontifex Maximus, and Lord of the World, has formally declared that a 'state of war now exists between the Roman Empire and the following aggressor nations: the Feminist Empire of Deadora, the Kingdom of Neu Regensburg, and the Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch. These warmongering nations are now deemed truly hostis, enemies of the Roman imperium and the Roman people. Furthermore, the Holy Empire of New Edom and the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire are hereby formally awarded the status of Friend and Ally of the Roman People, though we hope to implement and seal this stance with an eventual treaty that will outline the long-term conditions of our formal alliance with both countries. Make no mistake. We shall not permit this aggression to stand. We stand with New Edom, with Shrailleen, with Aedora, and with Kehrahn. The Deadoran state must be completely obliterated from existence for the peace and prosperity of all of Cornellia. It is now total war between us."

Reserve contingents have all been issued orders for complete mobilization and the Master of Soldiers has "not ruled out a possible wartime draft of civilians in case of necessity." This means a full mobilization of the state, a possible war economy, along with war taxes, potential conscription, and full-on, total war status on a scale not seen since the Great War. The Emperor has made his meaning plain. He seeks to completely wreck the very existence of Deadora as a functioning military power. Rome has not waged total war on any nation since the Great War. If the Divine Augustus, in His Divine Wisdom, sees it as necessary to bring Deadora to heel by any means necessary, this very much includes the risk of escalation, up to and including the possible use of strategic air warfare, cyber warfare, air strikes, and cruise missile strikes, even conventional ICBMs. Simply because Rome has no WMDs does not mean that Rome cannot have a long reach. Rome does not enter wars without planning to win.

Or, as the Master of Soldiers stated recently, "Rome wins wars not because of superior tactical brilliance, but because of Roman steel, grit, fortitude, and resolve. Rome wins wars because she does not quit them short of victory. Rome will never stop attacking Deadora until Deadora has been destroyed."

Be afraid, Jackie Thrall. Be very afraid.
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"I swear by Almighty God that I will faithfully serve and obey the Divine Augustus, as our Lord and Master, and hold him alone as my true, dread sovereign and prince. I swear that I will serve him loyally until the hour of my death, on pain of damnation to my eternal soul." - the Imperial Oath of Allegiance (administered to the civil service and armed forces)

Woe to they who demand things of the Lord of the World, for he is neither so obliged nor amused.

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Postby New Edom » Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:26 pm

A ball was held on the western terrace in Betharan Palace Fineberg. The air was warm, the sky a bower of moonbeam and starlight. Now and then a faint breeze stirred as if night turned in her sleep. The walls of the palace and the Cedar Tower cut off the terrace from the direct moonlight, and electric lanterns spreading their light made alternating regions of brightness and gloom as the breezes made branches shudder around the lights. Galloping strains of music and the noise of revelry came from within the palace.

The young Countess Camilla Sharra never appeared more beautiful than she did that night. Her engagement to a dashing foreign soldier, and her thrill of emotions, made her glow. Her father, Count Sharra, understood why the entire court spoke of his daughter. But some whispered about this, and wondered why there was no man of aristocratic birth and title of New Edom or of one of the allied monarchies--Ghant-Hydrenia, Delvian States--suitable for the girl.

“Hardly a girl anymore,” Count Matthias Beroth, Councilor of State, remarked to General Jonathan Ashdod, the Minister of Police. His dinner jacket dripped with decorations, crosses and orders, a sash across the lower ballooning sack of his belly. “She’s a woman for certain. Old Sharra must have been getting a bit desperate. The only real candidate was that drug deranged Prince Lucas, but still, a better catch than a Chacano colonel they say is little better than of farmer stock with no title.”

“Do you have no romance in your soul, Count?” asked Ashdod. Ashdod wore a single breasted green army dress uniform with his single row of medals on display, his balding head shining in the lamplights, a cigarette in his hand. “Apparently the girl is in love with her gallant. So charming. Sharra dotes on the girl.”

Count Falk, Commander of the Imperial Guard, known to be very gallant and proper towards young ladies, gave her a low bow, then offered her his hand.

They began to dance without ever having spoken to one another. However a number of people close to the Sharras appreciated the commander’s gallantry, and Camilla smiled up at him.

"That was a good idea," said Count Lalery, who was not dancing but standing on the sidelines along with Dr. Campion, Dr. Zanthor and the Ghantish Ambassador. "She's safe enough with him."

“So charming,” said the Queen-Empress. She was floating around the room in a gown of dazzling blue that softly emphasized her voluptuous beauty, her silky raven hair and the olive flush of her healthy skin, and golden jewelry fashioned to resemble griffons’ claws, wings and eggs bedecked her throat, wrists and bare arms. She gave a dazzling smile all round and accepted the hand of Prince Enoch-Tubal-Cain, who, splendid in a white naval uniform with gold braid and medals displayed, led her onto the floor. “Oh, I do love this song,” she sighed.

“I do as well.” Prince Enoch looked down into those lively dark eyes, and occasionally his body would press against that voluptuous body through her sumptuous gown, and she felt his arousal very clearly. His hands softly caressed her supple spine down to where her waist met her hips.

“Oh, Enoch,” she chided him.

“How can I help myself? Even now, you are the one I yearn for most,” he told her as he swept her around the terrace, her gown twirling gently. His hands briefly, when no one could see, moved lovingly over the soft curves of the imperial behind.

Mara did not protest at his actions or words, nestled against him in his arms, the fullness of her bosom against his chest. “Yet,” she said,

“Though I do love you as well, my dear, you know that the one who held my heart in his hands is dead, and there is no one like him left in this world.”

“Perrin was a man among men, a giant, and his fire is gone,” said Prince Enoch. “ and he…”

“My gallant hussar? No. Never. He treated me as his treasure, his queen to protect,” Mara’s eyes glistened with unshed tears. “I will never stop missing him. Oh but I love you too, my dearest. Nevertheless, you are too lazy to break up the empire to take me away, and are content to rule our household for us. We must be grateful for what we have. For Perrin and his men were taken from us too soon, possibly for the sin of our vanity, to remind us that all kingdoms and empires are but flesh. And so I have my children, and you yours. Be content with your wife, sir, and your pretty mistress.”

“My mistress,” sighed Prince Enoch. “Sweet Jess. What shall I do with her?”

“Get her with child,” advised Mara. “I cannot understand these Adiran women, with barren wombs into their thirties. It makes it harder to bear a little one, you know, the womb withers. You should give her a couple, send one to an Adiran school, another to the priesthood. Take her in her arms, let every curve be mine in your heart, and be content.” she gave a last gentle press of her belly against him before turning to clap with everyone else at the end of the song.

“I do so adore you, my Queen, and I shall obey but weep within,” sighed Prince Enoch, but his smile was bright to the court and he clapped with enthusiasm.

Princess Jocasta at that point came in with several of her entourage, including her husband, Prince Michael of Dakmoor, who wore the full dress of the Royal Cavalry Guards. She was carrying a small, pretty broom of sandalwood and bright yellow corn bristles.

:Mara walked to Camilla and muttered to her, “No one ask her why she’s carrying a broom. Pass it on, quick.” Camilla instantly obeyed, keeping back a giggle.

Jocasta, proud as a queen herself in her crimson gown with her silver and ruby tiara, strode in the terrace, receiving bows as she went. She looked around with a gaze imperious, her dark hair swept down her back. A few seconds passed, and then Colonel Marcus Josephus, her Private Secretary, bowed and said, “Excuse me, Your Highness, but why are you carrying a broom?”

“Shit,” muttered Mara to Enoch, who hid a smile.

“Why am I carrying a broom?” said Jocasta in a loud, ringing voice like a trumpet. “This broom symbolizes how we shall, at last, sweep the menace of Deadora away!”

As some of those assembled began to clap, led by Dr. Paul Aphek, Colonel Josephus and others, Mara said loudly, “I don’t get it.”

As she said this, the Queen-Dowager, the slim chestnut haired Rebecca, sighed and made her way towards the two women.

“Of course you get it,” said Jocasta. “I should have thought it was not hard to grasp even for someone so caught up in their piety as our Queen-Empress…”

“Sissy, have you had too much to drink?” asked Mara.

“Children, not in front of the court, For God’s sake, I wish I’d had boys. You’re both mothers; behave yourselves.” murmured the Dowager. “Didn’t you have an announcement?” she said pointedly to Mara.

“Oh yes,” Mara said, and indicated to the bandmaster, “Let’s have the fanfare, I have an announcement to make.”

The band struck up the Imperial Fanfare and people stopped dancing, talking and drinking, and turned in the direction of the members of the Imperial family present.

Count Evol-Merodach, the Grand Chamberlain, a no longer young man with prematurely thinning hair and a good loud voice, announced, “Highnesses, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, pray silence for Her Imperial Majesty the Queen-Empress.’

“That is one long fanfare,” muttered Mara to Camilla and Olympia Hesperinus, who had returned to her side. Aloud she said, “Thank you all so much for coming. We are not just gathered here because it’s a nice evening and I enjoy your company! No no. There is a war going on, and we all need to do our part! We are organizing many committees to gather resources, organize people and pull the country together so that we don’t lack anything for the days ahead. Count Lalery has told me that we have about three months of resources we need to fight this war. But it might last longer than three months, and then what? So we all must pull together, as the apostles and their followers did after the day of Pentecost, so that no one lacks for anything! I’m afraid everyone’s going to have to do a bit of extra work. So what we have done is created a lottery. This will place all of you, all you leaders of society, into committees of importance. You may not be experts in these fields, but that won’t matter, because you will have lots of experts working for you.” as she spoke, one of the under-chamberlains rolled up two large boxes on a trolley. “And all your names are here! So for instance,” she held up her hand. “I will draw a name from this box. And look here...the first name is Princess Maria Tiglath-Pileser...and you have been appointed to the Urban Poultry Farming Committee! Congratulations!”

People did applaud, but appeared to be somewhat confused. The young woman protested, “But Your Majesty, I don’t know anything about poultry farming!”

“Yes, I know, but you’ll have experts on the committee. You’ll supervise,” said Mara patiently. “It was on all the invitations.”

“I like this idea,” said Count Beroth. “I beg Your Majesty to draw me next.”

“But it doesn’t work that way,” said Mara, her smile straining a bit. “I draw the names randomly.”

“Oh. Can’t you draw mine right away though?” he asked.

“No!” Mara. She muttered again to her ladies, “It’s going to be a long night. Alright, let’s see who is next…”
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