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by Novitera
TO: Adam Marius, Wolfsbruck Ministry of State
FROM: Eric Douglas
SUBJECT: Annual Military Exercise

Mr. Marius,

I am speaking to you now on what is an alarming matter to us here in Avantine. Our government has become aware of a drastic and unprecedented military mobilization of Wolfsbrucker ground forces. As we understand, it has even become unduly disruptive to your rail transportation and perhaps economic operations as your high command calls to muster thousands of reserves. Our Department of Defense is concerned and we are compelled as a matter of state interest to mirror your mobilization with our own. It is a troubling thing to observe Wolfsbruck shift into what appears to be a strong war footing just for a mere exercise. To prevent any misunderstandings, my office is reaching out to you now. Through acquiring a better understanding of your government's intentions, we hope to prevent any incidents that may arise.

We would like to know, what exactly is your Defense Ministry planning for these exercises? A detailed plan on the units involved and their intended maneuvers would be helpful in relieving our concerns. Normally, we would never ask for such a thing. But given the scale of your military activity in this circumstance, I believe an inquiry is justified. Otherwise, the government of this United Federation will have no choice but to see this as a national security threat and assume a similar defensive posture.

Eric Douglas
Executor of State, United Federation of Novitera

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by Solisian Union
To: Imperial Majesty King James
From: Queen of Solisia, Empress of the Solisian Empire, Her Majesty Meriall Satarana
Security: Diamond Class Security, Encrypted, Transmitted over Secure Connection

Your Imperial Majesty King James,

Allow me, please, to write to you concerning your health and your state. May you live well and may your state be prosperous and stable. And with that, I wish that you would read this letter in the name of friendship. I extend my hand out to you, hoping strongly that you would accept this gesture as I offer you this: Out of good will and concern for your stability and your prosperity, I offer to send volunteers from my army into your territory, so named as New Columbia, in order to assist your own forces and the forces under the command of your people in New Columbia against the rebels causing you distress. In addition, I pray this would allow me to share my strength as well as the fuel and supplies of my armed forces.

If you wish to reply to me either with your approval or rejection of my request, I would be happy to receive. But whatever may happen, I give you my word that I seek friendship in these times upon this world. Let it be so that my Empire has approached you neither with greed nor with wrath but with concern and with sincerity.

I pray for your blessings to be infinite and for your people to live long and well and happily.


Queen of Solisia, Empress of the Solisian Empire, Her Majesty Meriall Satarana.

Yanesha, Azenia, Solisian Empire
Headquarters of the 2nd Assault Division

General Rivera was surprised at the order from the War Office. Instead of going home with her men, she was told to prepare for intervention in the war ongoing in New Columbia, a territory under the control of Vionna, a new Solisian ally.

Apparently, Her Majesty needed her to lead a battalion of men (which she was allowed to select) into that country in order to show strength and to gain experience in combat against rebel forces. Her Majesty added in the message from the War Office that this was important to the health of the alliance between Solisia and the nations close to her and beyond the boundaries of their region.

She sighed, putting away the message into it’s original envelope before facing her aide, Gracia, and saying, “Tell Colonel Luna to bring 100 of her men into my personal command. And inform my officers that they must leave behind some men here.”

Obediently, the young woman nodded and departed from her. The General now placed her arms on the desk, chin on her hand as she looked at the map of New Columbia. A battalion, huh? Rivera glanced at the photographs and books and notebooks sitting to her right. They were reminders of her past deeds as a battalion commander and a company commander. Those were beautiful times, she told herself with a smile on her face, and they were some of the easier times. Much easier than being in command of divisions or armies.

Her eyes returned their attention to the map, examining the best place to move everything and everyone in her care towards in order to get started. She saw that it would be the capital, to the south of the oil fields.

I might be ordered to head north, then swing my force towards the west and then hold positions beyond the oil fields in order to prevent the rebels from taking the oil fields again. She hummed an old colonial song as she produced a pencil from her drawer to the right and used it to draw her planned movements and positions on the map itself. In minutes, she had materialized her idea.

An hour and thirty minutes after this, her aide returned with a list of men and officers made by Colonel Luna. Surprisingly, Colonel Luna volunteered herself as well as most of her best troops. Rivera was pleased; these men were strong, smart, and slick. They were infantrymen, scouts, and raiders; everyone else on the list was either as suited to the type of operations specific to desert conditions or as suited to the various needs a battalion must see to. Logistics, communications, food, hygiene, etc.

She nodded her head to her aide and told her, “Very good. Get this finalized. What about my own command?”

“They’re still working on that. However, they have all agreed that only 300 of your troops may join you, both men and officers.”

“I see,” she whispered. Not good. That only makes less than half. How do I get more men? Should I ask? “I may have to ask Her Majesty and the War office for additional men and officers.”

“Concerning that,” the aide said with a sure smile. She produced another letter from her chest pocket and opened the envelope for her general. The paper was in the hands of Rivera as the aide said, “Her Majesty gave you a list of Legions from which you may draw troops from. She gave this letter along with a phone call. I answered that call. That was where I got these instructions.”

“Interesting,” Rivera simply said without any special note. She rose from her seat and walked around her desk and across the office. She approached her personal library, which actually was just a set of shelves full of books, reports, and other essentials. She took one thick book off the top of one shelf and returned to her desk with it.

With one hand, she opened it and began to study the contents. The aide knew then what her general was looking for when she saw the photographs and the names written in it. She was looking for officers and their commands in the Azen Legion.

In three hours, she was able to select 10 officers from the First Tercio; 5 NCOs and 5 officers from the Second Tercio; 30 officers and NCOs from the Third Tercio; 20 officers from the Special Tercio; and lastly, 30 officers and NCOs from the Serving Tercio and Secret Tercio. The sum, then, was 100 men and women from the Tercios of the Azen Legion.

Then came the list of candidates from the officers of her own command. Contained on the paper were the names of the men and women who were fit for desert combat and non-combat operations.

That was enough. There were now 500 troops and officers in her arms; the only thing left to address is the selection of 500 more.

And that would have to be done quickly. I just have the idea, Rivera thought to herself, smiling subtly as she closed the book and placed her hands upon it. She turned to Gracia and said to her, “Tell my friend, General Tadeo, that I will need 300 men and women from his command and inform the Solisian Legions that I will need 200 men and women from their formations as well.”

“Ladies! What the fuck did I say?!”

“We’re bad fucking bitches, Ma’am!”



“Whores!” the captain screamed as she marched down the hall while the female Legionaries stood in rows to her right and to her left, half exposed down to their waist as they remained at attention. The captain continued to say to them loudly, “When I gave you the order to start moving out of your beds in time for inspection, WHAT THE FUCK DID I SEE INSTEAD?”

“Ma’am,” said the company sergeant, Lady Ximena, whose scarred khaki skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat and regret, “you saw us disobey your order by acting slowly and by allowing our hangover to overcome our discipline.”


“NO, MA’AM!” declared the sweating, oily, unlucky women of the Legionary Company named after Princess Catalina de Jesus.

“¡I No te oigo! ¡Decir de nuevo! ¡Otra vez!”

“NO, MA’AM!”

“Prostitutas! Ladrones! ¡Adúlteros! ¡Identifíquense!”

¡Y SOMOS LA COMPAÑÍA DEL PECADO!” Roared the company.

“¿Cuál es nuestra recompensa como escoria de la tierra?” Asked the captain, grinning with pride as the company performed their morning ritual to a T.

“¡GLORIA Y TESORO!” Answered the company.

“¿Y cuál es nuestro credo?”


“¡Muy bien! You may all bring yourselves out of this fucking sauna and into the mess hall. ¡Ir!”

And like a disciplined mob, they flooded out of there, much to the amusement of the Captain and her Lieutenant. As they watched their female troops rush to get food in their bellies after a long night of celebration in anticipation of getting home, the lieutenant turned to her captain and said once the voices of their men have gone silent, “Capitán, ¿cómo les diremos a los hombres?”

“Con honestidad, mi compañera,” whispered the captain. She sighed as she gradually began to slip her fatigues off in order to stave off the heat and humidity of the morning. “Con honestidad. There’s no other way.”

Con honestidad, mi compañera - With honesty, my partner
Ir - Go
Muy bien - Very good
¿cómo les diremos a los hombres? - how do we tell the men?
¡EN NOMBRE DE LA CORONA DEL SOL ARDIENTE! - In the name of the crown of the burning sun
¡I No te oigo! ¡Decir de nuevo! ¡Otra vez! - I can't hear you! Say again! Repeat!
¿Y cuál es nuestro credo? - And what is our creed?
Prostitutas! Ladrones! ¡Adúlteros! ¡Identifíquense! - Prostitutes! Whores! Adulterers! Identify yourselves!
What is our reward as scum of the earth? - ¿Cuál es nuestra recompensa como escoria de la tierra?

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by Neue Regensburg
Minister Marius was in a very bad mood. He picked up his phone and called Minister Wahlmann. "Erwin, we have a problem. Get a security detail together and get your ass over here."

Minister Wahlmann told his detail, "Get ready. Marius just called me, and he is pissed. It's time to see what that no-good, pinko commie pacifist wants." The men of the KW unit assigned to the Minister of Defense formed a bubble around the Minister, and they marched down the halls of the Defense Ministry, and made their way to the Ministry of State across the street on foot.

The KW guards and Wahlmann's KW detail saluted each other, and then they walked in. They immediately were ushered to Marius's office, where the Noviteran letter was shown to Wahlmann. He said, "Fuck."

Marius said, "I know its a breach of protocol, but I don't think we have any choice."

Wahlmann swore, "You have no fucking reason to give these no-good, heathen coke addicts a single inch! They want war, buddy lets bring it on. Wolfsbrück über alles!"

Marius said, "Erwin, war is looming already. We are certain to lose if the Noviterans come against us."

Wahlmann was about to launch a tirade against the State Minister, but he stopped himself. "Fine. Under one condition... we tell the King first."

Marius picked up the phone and dialed the King's personal number, only to be used in emergencies. "Your Majesty, I'm faxing over a letter from the Noviteran government, and I recommend we accept their demands."

The King read the letter, and responded, "We can't get on the Noviterans' bad side right now, send the ORBAT over."

From: Minister Adam Marius
To: Executor Eric Douglas

I understand your concerns, and enclosed is a full Order of Battle detailing the maneuvers of the exercise. Any government has the right to be concerned at such a mobilization, and it seems that we have underestimated the amount of concern we have caused through these exercises. I would like to be the first to offer wishes of prosperity and happiness for your nation, and assurances that we have no desire for strife with any nation in Cornellia.

Operation Waldkampf**
TOP SECRET, for approved eyes only

Blue Team (Defenders) Strength:
2nd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division
1. Fighter Squadron*
1. CAS Squadron*
25 Attack Helicopters*

2nd Infantry Division
Strength: Roughly 8,500 men with support, artillery and AA
Task: Hold the village of Rhen from Red Team forces
Arms: Rifles, MGs, DMRs, RPGs and Grenades
Organisation and Plan of Battle: Artillery and AA behind the village, two infantry regiments holding the village proper
3rd Infantry Division
Strength: Roughly 8,500 men with support, arty and AA
Task: Holding the flanks of the village of Rhen
Arms: Rifles, MGs, DMRs, RPGs and Grenades
Organisation and Plan of Battle: Artillery and AA will be located with 2nd Division’s Arty and AA behind the village. The infantry regiments will take up defensive positions on each side of the village

Red Team (Attackers)
1st Panzergrenadier Division
1st Armored BCT
2. Fighter Squadron*
2. CAS Squadron*
25 Attack Helicopters*

1st Pzg. Division
Strength: Roughly 8,500 men with support, artillery and AA
Task: Launch an assault head on the village of Rhen
Arms: IFVs, APCs, Rifles, MGs, DMRs, RPGs and Grenades
Organisation and Plan of Battle: Self-Propelled Arty and AA will stay behind the main vehicular assault forces, and the two Panzergrenadier regiments will attack the center-left of the village’s defenses, to soften up the right flank for the Armored

1st Armored BCT
Strength: Roughly 8,500 men with support, artillery and AA
Task: Launch an assault head on the village of Rhen
Arms: Tanks, IFVs, APCs, Rifles, MGs, DMRs, RPGs and Grenades
Organisation and Plan of Battle: Self-Propelled Arty and AA will stay behind the main vehicular assault forces, and the two Armored Battalions will attack the right flank of the village’s defenses once enemy forces are distracted at the center-left flank

*Aircraft will engage each other with dummy missiles and blanks
**Vehicles and troops will use blanks

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by The Shrailleeni Empire
Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To His Majesty King Peter IX of Wolfsbrück,

Your Majesty, allow me first to convey that preparations are well underway for the arrival of your daughter to the Enlightened Matriarchy, and that Her Enlightened Majesty looks forward warmly to hosting her.

As friends, Her Enlightened Majesty has asked that I write to you on her behalf with some concerns regarding the current troubling situation that has developed between the king of Vionna-Frankenlisch and the king-emperor of New Edom. Her Enlightened Majesty has asked that I state formally the concern of the Enlightened Matriarchy regarding McNernia, which is regarded seriously and of high priority. However, she has also asked that I state clearly that there is no belief in the Imperial Palace in the veracity of King James's claims against King Elijah. As King James is a new ally of yourself, it is Her Enlightened Majesty's hope that you may join her in convincing the king to apologize for his claims and to seek peaceful course of action.

Her Enlightened Majesty has also asked for some clarification regarding the recent, highly publicized mobilization of your forces to the Damoclean border. I do not need to tell you that such action is, given regional tensions, alarming to several nations in the region. It is also certainly within your sovereign right. Her Enlightened Majesty requests only this: that you state formally to us that there is no aggressive intention in these exercises toward our New Edomite allies. We shall take such a promise as Your Majesty's word of honor.

May the Mother smile upon you and your family, and upon all of the people of Wolfsbrück,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen

Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta,

Warm greetings to Your Excellency, I hope that this correspondence finds you well of health and content of mind in these trying times. Her Enlightened Majesty has asked me to convey several things of importance to Their Imperial Majesties regarding recent events, namely the message from King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch.

Her Enlightened Majesty wishes to make it clear that her support for the King-Emperor is unwavering regarding this incident. There is no belief in the Imperial Palace that there is any truth to the charges leveled, and their insulting demeanor is both greatly dishonorable and shockingly rash. Her Enlightened Majesty fully supports the King-Emperor's decision to demand an apology, and failing that, to sever formal diplomatic relations. This sort of activity cannot be condoned among civilized nations.

I have already taken some action in this regard at Her Enlightened Majesty's request. It may interest you to know that prior to his inflammatory speech, King James requested of Her Enlightened Majesty to host special envoys representing not the government of Vionna-Frankenlisch but of the throne personally. Since Vionna-Frankenlisch was at the time a New Edomite ally, we thought this a useful way to build closer relations. In the wake of these events this appears somewhat suspect, but is regardless an opportunity. Her Enlightened Majesty has sent a letter to King James admonishing him for his statements and advising him to apologize, and intends to gain information from these envoys as to the king's true intentions.

If, as you have suggested, peaceful address of concerns is impossible, then I have been asked to inquire as to what course of action New Edom will take. Her Enlightened Majesty wishes to avoid war if at all possible, but shall not back down from defending New Edom from any aggression if this should become necessary. It has been suggested that it may be prudent for our alliance to begin preparing for joint action in the event that aggression should occur. If there is any indication that aggressive action may be taken by New Edom against Vionna-Frankenlisch in response to these insults, Her Enlightened Majesty would like to be kept well-informed ahead of such action.

May the Light of the Mother smile upon all nations, and glow upon His Majesty King-Emperor Elijah I and Her Majesty Queen-Empress Mara I, and upon all of the people of New Edom,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen

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by Vionna-Frankenlisch
Frankenlisch, Kingdom of Frankenlisch
Commons Chamber, Halls of Government

Following the King's speech, the Leader of the House of Commons had convened an afternoon debate in the House concerning that very matter. It was well attended, with very few MPs absent and even those claimed health reasons or pressing commitments. Zimmermann and Astron had, in preparation, met again with the King to agree on certain matters, a surprising success considering the King's present agitation. Despite their anti-Edomite stance, the Labour Party were up in arms. Following a little minor back-and-forth, Thomas Howe stood to open up his own debate.

"Thank you, Mister Speaker," he began conventionally, "I would like to open by stating my obvious opposition to this disgraceful breach of convention by the King. He did not consult Parliament prior to this speech and, if my information is correct, he did not even consult the present government. This shows a flagrant disregard for the democratically-elected representatives of the Vionna-Frankenlischian people! Not only that, but this government's meek following of the King's wishes without standing up for the rights of this House show that they are but weak lackeys to the King!"

Arthur Astron rose to his seat, "This government is presently doing just that, Mister Speaker. This debate was called in government time and was called for the express purpose of letting Parliament speak its mind on the issue of New Edom. Now, I know that this House knows me too well to doubt my standing. I support His Imperial Majesty, the King, as our rightful sovereign and liege." This was met by jeering from Labour and the Worker's Socialist Party. "However, this government remains vehemently opposed to war until peaceful methods have been exhausted. Though it appears New Edom has already accepted the possibility of armed conflict."

Howe stood again. "Mister Speaker, not only the King but also this government has continuously refused to consult Parliament when resolving matters of increasing importance to this nation and this House. An alliance with the Federal Kingdom of Wolfsbruck was concluded without the consent of this House, the King's speech was given without the consent of this House. I do not doubt that, as we speak, reserves are being called up without the consent of this house!"

"The Prime Minister!" The speaker called, Dochlov Zimmermann stood.

"Thank you, Mister Speaker. I believe the Leader of the Opposition is speaking out of place. The King does not require the consent of Parliament, nor even of the government, to make a speech to his subjects. Nor, indeed, is a government lucky enough to find itself holding a majority required to consult Parliament on matters of foreign policy. As for mobilisation. Though I have my doubts about the shadow cabinet's ability to handle such a situation, this government has ordered no mobilisations to occur. As a matter of fact, we have delayed the Royal Muster so as to show the Edomites that we wish for nothing more than a peaceful resolution to this situation we find ourselves in. I give my word that not one man, not one horse has been called up!"

John Harkness, the Shadow Foreign Minister, came to his feet and the speaker allowed him the floor. "I'm most grateful, Mister Speaker, that you consider the opinions of this House important, even if the government does not. I would like to ask the Prime Minister if he supports the King's words on Ayaca, despite the Organisation of Ayacan States' vote today to denounce the King and his speech?"

"I do stand by His Imperial Majesty, the King in that regard, yes," Zimmermann replied, to the sound of booing from the Labour backbenches. "I have met with the King today and we discussed the possibilities of greater New Columbian autonomy to further prove our wish for peace on the Ayacan continent. Of course, there will have to be inquiries into the behaviour of Governor-General Laurenstowe and to what degree he was involved with the present crisis. However, an agreement has been reached to allow the Imperial Dominion of New Columbia the liberty of pursuing its own foreign affairs, within reason, and forming its own Foreign Affairs department, with the support of the Commonwealth Civil Service. Further, if the OAS is happy to receive such an offer, I would be personally very supportive of New Columbian entry to the OAS."

Aidan Willard, the brutish Leader of the National Front, stood and weighed in. The House, unused to hearing from any member of the small, right-wing, nationalist party, entered an odd period of shuffling silence before bursting into jeers of both approval and dissent. "Mister Speaker, let it be known that my Party stands with the King. We are disgusted that New Edom has acted in the way it did and insulted by the dishonourable methods which they used. Mister Speaker, as the Leader of the National Front, I would like to use my power under the Rights and Requirements of Leadership Standing Order to table a motion."

"You have that right, Mister Willard. Present this motion quickly, if you please." James Orten, the Speaker of the House, allowed.

"Mister Speaker, I put the motion to this House of Commons to declare an immediate state of war with New Edom!" He roared to the wild applause of his party, along with the Frankenlisch First and Vionnan National Parties. Labour burst into shouts and the government just looked a little distressed by this sudden development.

Roger de'Mowbare, the handsome, Gallandic-born Leader of the Democratic Liberal Party was next to speak. "My Party, Mister Speaker, opposes this call for war. We stand by His Imperial Majesty, the King, and the government, however, in their wishes to resolve this insult to the United Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch. I too would like to use my power under the Rights and Requirements of Leadership Standing Order and table a motion."

Orten nodded, "Very well, Mister de'Mowbare. Present your motion."

"Mister Speaker, I put the motion to the House to form a new, multi-party committee to investigate these events fully." De'Mowbare announced, swearing under his breath that he was the only sane man in the whole zoo. "I urge the government and the opposition to see sense and support this motion, which might avoid the awful war which this could otherwise lead to."

Orten nodded again and ignored the dozens of standing MPs, turning instead to the Leader of the House. "Mister Rickman, I assume time for these motions can be found?"

"Yes, Mister Speaker," Rickman replied, "There is free government time on the day after tomorrow which is sufficient for these two motions. I strongly advise members to be present on that day for these motions to be formally introduced and voted on."

"Thank you, Mister Rickman." Orten replied. "The Right Honourable Member for Swine Valley!"

Imperial Palace

Larry Tristram sighed again, this was going nowhere. The King was adamant that the response to Elijah should come from the Foreign Minister and the Foreign Minister was adamant that such an insult would just make things worse. He had but one angle left, Tristram produced the missive just received from the Shrai, addressed to the King but picked up by Tristram as he arrived at Imperial Palace.

“Your Imperial Majesty, there is also a letter to you. From the Shrai…” Tristram informed the King, “They’re urging peace.”

James sighed. “Just what I bloody need,” he muttered in complaint. “I’ll reply later. I’m starting to think that we won’t have to go to war… Surely the Edomites wouldn’t fight us over this?”

“They might, sire. They’re mad bastards and you’ve insulted their King.” Tristram handed the letter over. “At least write to Elijah personally, you’ve still got an hour left.”

Another sigh, they seemed to make up half of the conversation. “Alright, but I’m not apologising. If it turns out that I was wrong, I will apologise to Elijah, but I’m not yielding ground without proof. And it seems to me that he won’t discuss his nation’s activities in New Columbia.”

“Perhaps New Edom is innocent.” Tristram blurted.

“Perhaps.” James nodded. “That’d make things easier, wouldn’t it? But surely if Elijah had nothing to hide, he’d be willing to talk about it. And surely he knows he’s not getting an apology out of me so simply.” The King stroked his chin and considered aloud, “I’m starting to wonder if Elijah wants war…”

Tristram was taken aback, he hadn’t even countenanced the idea that the Edomites were considering war with Vionna-Frankenlisch. Even if the day’s events had been unfriendly, he had not considered it. “I don’t know sire…” He replied simply, now even more confused than he had been before.

“I shall write that reply to Elijah immediately, thank you, Mister Tristram.” The King closed their meeting. “Unless there’s anything else?”

“Only that the Cossacks have openly declared their support for us, the Imperator himself made a speech to that effect.”

“Oh hell, that’ll smooth things with the Edomites,” James complained. “Alright, thank you for informing me, be sure to keep me abreast of news, Larry.”

“Your Imperial Majesty.” Tristram bowed and left the King to his writing. He could not help but worry about the King’s suspicion. It wasn’t something that the Cabinet had considered, nor had any MPs brought up the idea during the Commons session. However, Tristram was very much worried about the possibility. Perhaps the Edomites did want war, many people in Vionna-Frankenlisch did, besides the government, and even then there was Parliamentary support for war. “Well, either way,” the Foreign Minister told himself, “Some lucky historians are going to have a field day…”

Imperial City, Shrailleeni Empire
Imperial Palace

Lord Spears bowed his head in thanks but remained silent as an attendant approached, speaking the Shrai language which he did not understand. Murat, however, leaned over to Spears while Arianna was distracted with the attendant. “Chella wants us to explain the King’s speech.” She whispered. Spears simply nodded.

"Her Enlightened Majesty is eager to welcome the Lady and Lord to our home personally. You have been invited to a dinner in the main dining hall, which will be attended by most of my family. Following this, Her Enlightened Majesty has requested an official audience regarding matters of state. Dinner will be in a few hours," here Arianna listed the precise time, "so there is time for you to make yourselves comfortable and perhaps explore the palace. Simply ask for anything that you require, and it shall be provided to the best of our abilities."

“Thank you, once again, for your kindness, Your Majesty. We will, of course, attend upon Her Enlightened Majesty.” Duchess Murat replied, beginning to tire of the pleasantries quickly. The two Imperial nobles bowed their heads and took their leave, retreating into Murat’s room to discuss the situation.

“This is a bit of a sticky one, isn’t it?” Lord Spears spoke first, and not with supreme confidence. “What’re we to do?”

“We attend upon Her Enlightened Majesty, what else? She’ll ask us why on earth the King said what he did and we’ll tell her the truth.” Murat explained as if it was obvious, which in fairness, it rather was. “He’s a passionate man and he cares for his people, besides, perhaps there is truth behind McNernia’s words.”

“I couldn’t say, personally, I’m on the fence.” Spears replied. “I suppose we’d ought to get ready. Was there anything else?”

“Just one thing, keep going with the excited highborn act. I think it’ll make them underestimate you, and I bet they love to show off their culture. All peace and harmony, I ask you.”

“Oh, right, yes. Of course.” Spears, who was certainly not acting, replied and took his leave.

Murat took the time she had to bathe and change into a more appropriate dress of flowing cream-coloured Agrean silk and warlike embroidery of swords, longbows and medieval helms. She wore a tiara of crossed golden swords with jewelled hilts and a necklace of gold with a shield pendant, bearing the arms of her house.

Spears, too, bathed and changed from his tuxedo to his court uniform of a fine dark green tunic, draped in aiguillettes and trousers of the same colour, along with his new Red sash of a Duke decorated with the bronze brooch of his County of Darlington, a cathedral atop crossed swords and decorated with a laurel wreath.

Now all they could do was wait, for Her Enlightened Majesty’s summons.

Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: Elijah IV, King-Emperor of the Holy Empire of New Edom
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: High

I give my thanks for your response to my accusations. I'm certain that you are just as committed as I am to resolving this unfortunate situation without the dreadful loss of life that might be incurred by conflict. Though I admit that my words were perhaps more inflammatory than I would usually have employed, I am sad to say that I cannot, with honour, withdraw my accusations without proof of Edomite innocence in this matter. The maintenance and loyalty of the Empire are among my chief concerns and McNernia's claims are incredibly concerning to me as a proud father to all my peoples. I, for one, cannot begin to understand why McNernia would pursue the policy they did without prompt from some other power as they conducted affairs in a most incompetent fashion. However, I am not shut off to the possibility that New Edom is innocent in this affair, despite your stubborn refusal to discuss matters.

I would, personally, advise against the withdrawal of your diplomatic staff as that would make negotiations trickier then they need to be. However, if you do proceed with the withdrawal of your ambassador and diplomatic staff, I am afraid that Vionna-Frankenlisch will be forced to do the same.

With regards and sincere hopes for the future,

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator

Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: Amy Bailey, Secretary of State of Adiron
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: Highest

Madame Secretary, I bid greeting.

Thank you for your kind reply. I absolutely agree that the world has much to gain by greater communication, I hope that Adiran-Imperial conversation is one way that this can be achieved. As regarding your queries, I am more than glad to answer. There are multiple specific subjects I would like these diplomats to discuss with your government. One is maintaining Adiran neutrality in this most dreadful affair with New Edom, I pray fervently for peace and the neutrality of other nations would go a long way to ensuring that this disagreement does not escalate. I would also appreciate the discussion of various mutually-beneficial treaties both commercial and military, for the benefit of both the Republic and the Empire. However, I would also like to maintain these diplomats in Adiron as semi-permanent envoys from myself to the good Republic.

As for their diplomatic rank, they are mere envoys, personal diplomats sent on behalf of myself and not affiliated with the Imperial embassy. The ambassador reports to the Foreign Office, these men would report directly to me.

I patiently await a reply and leave with you my greatest of respects and best wishes.

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator

Yanque, Gran Chaco

The flight lasted a few hours and Lords Russell and Fawkes were both well-rested and in tip-top condition for their duties ahead. Ayaca looked rather charming below and both men rather regretted having to land in Yanque rather than enjoy the view. They had enjoyed a comfortable journey, however, and were in a good mood when they stepped off the Imperial Airways 747 which had conveyed them to the Chacano capital. The two noblemen stepped out into the terminal and Fawkes nodded towards a cafe, "Time for a bite, do y'think, Alan?"

"Absolutely. I ain't paying for both of us again though, you'll clear me out of change." Russell warned his companion with a joking smile.

"Don't worry, old boy, I'll return the favour. What'd you like?" Fawkes replied with a bow of the head and a similar grin, his fingers crossed behind his back that Russell only wanted a drink.

Following a rather hearty meal, much to Lord Fawkes' regret, the pair called a taxi to the airport. They could check into their hotel later, they were as ready as they would ever be and in high spirits so they stepped into the taxi and sped off to the location of their first meeting.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:34 pm
by Neue Regensburg
From: God’s Humble Servant, His Majesty King Peter IX von Wittlesburg, Federal Kingdom of Wolfsbrück
To: Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck, Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shraileeni Empire

Your Excellency,

I am most heartened that you look forward to receiving my youngest daughter to the Enlightened Matriarchy, along with Grand Princess von Innenwelt.

The situation between Vionna-Frankenlisch, our new ally, and New Edom is most disturbing. I must confide, it has been an intensive process in the past couple of days as we decide how to proceed. The McNernian government is viewed with increasing suspicion, and we are most watchful for any signs of their interference in Cornellian politics. We are glad the Enlightened Matriarchy and Her Enlightened Majesty agree with us in that regard. The claims which King James have made are untested, and it seems a hasty and inflammatory move at an already tense time in Cornellia. The fibers of our region are being torn apart, and we will do our utmost to get our ally to come back to the table of negotiation. War is the last thing anybody wants.

I can assure you, personally, with the full weight and authority of my crown, that I harbor no designs towards New Edom or her colonies. My government has mobilized such a cross-section of society in order to test the increasing curiosity of our government of how society would react if we were to be spontaneously attacked. I would also like to point out that these exercises are taking place closer to Kronstadt than Damoclea, and or even the mountainous Tannenberg that borders it. This being said, I completely understand how it can be seen as aggressive and hostile, and I would like to state again that neither my government nor I harbor any aggressive intentions towards New Edom or her colonies. We hope that we can work together to bring peace in such a dangerous time.

His Majesty Peter IX von Wittelsburg

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:01 pm
by New Edom

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Encryption: Most Secret

To Director Eric Douglas,

Thank you very much for your letter. I appreciate your government’s thoughtfulness and support and agree that we are dealing with a government in Vionna-Frankenlisch which is impetuous. However we share even more your concern about Wolfbruck and their intentions in raising so many reservists. Our military analysts conclude that, on the heels of the insulting letter that the alliance is preparing for war.

It is my government’s intention to demand that Wolfbruck stand down from these ‘exercises’ immediately. In the event that they do not, however, I think it would be wise to alert both of our forces in Peregrino and be prepared to cooperate in the case of an attack from Wolfbruck. I am authorized to inform you that we have already stood our air, navy and land forces on alert in case of an unexpected attack.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:19 pm
by New Edom

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Encryption: Most Secret

To State Minister Adam Marius,

Shortly after Your Excellency's government announced its alliance with Vionna-Frankenlisch, it was also discovered that your ministry of defence had called up 60,000 reserves, and that military exercises are to take place near the Damoclean border. Furthermore, these reserves have been called up in such great haste that it has caused transportation in the areas where these reserrves have been called up to be snarled and confused. This haste and the numbers have led our military analysts to be very concerned that your alliance intends to make war on us.

We are, however, glad to hear that your government recognizes our efforts in removing McNernian influence from the Region, and that Vionna-Frankenlisch's king used inflammatory and provocative language. Therefore, we would like to insist upon the following:

1. A halt to your military exercises for the time being.

2. Agreement to not move any regular military forces out of garrison

3. A public statement denouncing the audacious and incorrect public statement of King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:42 pm
by New Edom

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Encryption: Most Secret

To Foreign Minister Jesus Gutierrez

My government has been very happy with the spirit of cooperation between our countries, and the good results thus far. The end result of our cooperation in ousting pernicious McNernian influence is one of the fruits our cooperation has borne.

Our efforts at dealing with Vionna-Frankenlisch, however, are rapidly souring. Their ruling class' decadence and degeneracy, their religious hostility to Christianity is likely behind this. Their recent alliance with Wolfbruck and that nation suddenly calling up 60.000 reserves is disquieting.

New Edom does not intend to sit still for this. It is my governments intention to launch a punitive expedition against New Columbia, to strike its port and if need be hold territory hostage. Naturally, however, we would be reluctant to do this without your government's cooperation.

If your government did agree to accept our actions, we would be launching an expedition of an amphibious task force with a Marine Infantry Regiment, a tactical fighter squadron, a light carrier and escorts.

Furthermore, the question of the disputed oilfields, regardless, New Edom would recognize innfavour of San Carlo as a more responsible and stable nation.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:47 pm
by New Edom

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Encryption: Most Secret, Eyes Only

To Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,

My dear friend, I am glad to receive your message of support. I appreciate being kept well informed of the situation with regard to your government’s diplomacy with Vionna-Frankenlisch. As one of our premier allies, of course I will be delighted to inform you as to our policy in that regard.

First, King James must apologize to King-Emperor Elijah before there can be any discussion about McNernia. It is ridiculous, after all our government’s efforts to remove McNernian influence from Cornellia, after all the indignities and treacheries our government has endured from McNernia, including: bombing our troops in Damoclea, abandoning our troops in Damoclea and Hutanjia, spying on Regional trading partners, provoking potential war in Ayaca, etc, to presume that in any way New Edom’s government can be held responsible. Even speculation should have been done in a private, discreet matter, as perhaps a series of questions.

The reasons for King James’ anger are puzzling, but their intent cannot be mistaken: coupled with recent declaration of the Wolfbruck government to raise 60,000 reserves for ‘exercises’ on the Damoclean border, as well as the startling declaration of Solisia’s government in the news to send forces to New Columbia, clearly this alliance is planning a series of military moves that are intended to shift the balance of power in the Region.

Therefore, my government will be undertaking the following unless there is deescalation from Wolfbruck and Solisia and an apology from King James.

1. We intend to attack New Columbia, to demonstrate that to insult King-Emperor Elijah is to provoke the wrath of God’s annointed Monarch of the Holy Empire.
2. We intended to attack Wolfbruck via the Damoclean border and to fortify the Island of Peregrino.
3. We intend to stage a bombing raid on Vionna-Frankenlisch itself.

Naturally, we will understand that your government bears no responsibility in these matters. Our country was not directly attacked, and our shores do not require defending. This is a matter of honour. We do, however, welcome your government’s offers of help and advice and remain grateful for them.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Foreign Minister

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:23 pm
by New Edom
Yanque, Republic of Chaco

Between Dr. Benjamin Scroll, Ambassador to the Republic of Gran Chaco, and the Foreign Minister, Hosidius Geta, the approach to dealing with Chaco was a bit more careful than their dealings with San Carlo. San Carlo had a very direct interest to appeal to with regard to New Columbia. But Chaco was the senior partner in the OAS and how it was courted would have perhaps more far reaching consequences. Therefore, they initiated a series of conversations between themselves, the Chaco mission in Fineberg, and the Foreign Ministry in Yanque.

First, it had to be made clear that there was no intention of repeating the awkward circumstances of Ashab. New Edom had no intention of remaining in New Columbia any longer than it required to get Vionna-Frankenlisch humbled. They would not, however, be averse to San Carlo or Chaco seizing territory permanently. The weakness of Vionna-Franeklischan policy had already drawn one extrarregional power to the continent like vultures to a carcass. Better that a strong, friendly trading neighbor should control the access to the rich resources therein.

Second, there was a clear intent from the allies of the Vionna-wolfbruck-Cossack-Solisian agreements to destabilize Ayaca, as witness an incident in which Wolfbruck had sent agents to attempt to corrupt the police in San Carlo. The recent news declaration from the Solisian Empire as well as the Cossack Imperator’s declaration of support for the speech of Vionna-Frankenlisch’s king was considered further proof.

Third, the minister and the ambassador each wanted to make NEw Edom’s intentions clear. They intended punitive strikes, and would use the interval following to prepare more attacks to harry Vionna-Frankenlisch and cripple its war efforts as much as possible. It was believed that without Vionna-Frankenlisch and Wolfbruck that the remaining two allies would have difficulty acting.

Naturally, the affairs of Acheron were not necessarily of import to Chaco or the other Ayacan nations. But at the very least, Scroll and Geta would make it clear that they would be reluctant to urge action without the agreement of both the Republic of Chaco and the Republic of San Carlo. This was considered a point of honour, it was made clear, that His Imperial Majesty was adamant about: their blessing was needed or not one vessel or plane would move towards New Columbia.

Seville, San Carolo

Baruch expended his arms, dropping his bag to the floor, and embraced his friend. “Sebastian! My dear old friend! I see you have much to deal with! Prosperity hath its privileges, but also its burdens, eh?”

When they had done with the greeting, he reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of rum he had purchased at the duty free at the airport. “I hear that this is some of the good stuff, but I know you actually run a bar. Nevertheless, I wanted to arrive with one arm longer than the other.”

“At any rate, here I am. I am eager for the news of the day and good company, my friend.”

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by New Edom
Gone AFB
Haran Province
Holy Empire of New Edom

Generally, each of the National Air Force’s Central Bases had a bomber squadron with five San Real heavy bombers, 3 of which were to be operational at all times. In practice, this varied. There were always possible mechanical failures. In truth, other than for the purposes of exercises, they were an arrow in the national arsenal that was seldom used. They were very expensive, and the national misers like Count Lalery were always looking for something to sell or scrap, especially if the maintenance was expensive.

The RM-30 San Real was a supersonic high altitude heavy strategic bomber capable of delivering nearly 35 metric tonnes of ordnance to targets over 8000 kilometres away. nation. The RM-30 was designed to offer enhanced speed at high altitudes, an accomplished stealth capability and a bomb load sufficient to neutralize a number of targets on a single bombing run. It had a crew of 4--aircraft commander, copilot, offensive systems officer, and defensive systems officer--all of whom required intense training, all of which had originally been done in cooperation with froeign governments. Even the ground crews required special training in some cases. Lalery and his cronies were always trying to get their hooks into malcontented officers or ones greedy for court recognition to get them to declare the San Real a useless greedy cuckoo in the nest. General Vrinn, the National Air Force’s Chief of Staff, was, over the last few years, the most recent officer to fight for the bomber. It was pointed out that in the conquest of Damoclea it had been crucial to preparing the way for the airborne assaults.

“And we don’t have an airborne division anymore,” Lalery had responded contemptuously. “So they don’t have to prepare the way for anything.”

Then Nicanor had become President of the Council of Ministers, and as though to spite Lalery had put a stall on the committee’s work examining the bombers. After that, Sharra had been reluctant to reopen them due mostly to his wariness at stirring up trouble between Count Lalery and General Unwerth, who disliked Lalery’s financial meddling in his ministry, and thus they were still there. However, maintenance and inspection was down, and as a result of this it was discovered that only 2 were fit for service at Gone AFB.

Major-General Ezra Dalkon, commander of the 2nd Air Division and of Gone AFB, was informed by the Minister of Defense of the King=Emperor’s instructions: that he must plan a bombing raid on Frankelisch, to punish that kingdom for their monarchs impertinence. The raid must not strike at the monarch directly, but at the port facilities. No palaces or other royal residences were to be hit.

Dalkon was glad to receive this news in a way, for it would demonstrate how valuable the bombers were. Honour would be upheld. He reported back to Unwerth that “My eye shall not spare, nor will I have pity. I shall recompense them for their ways and their abominations that are in the midst of them, and they shall know that the Lord smites the wicked. My warriors of the air are keen as the desert air. I beg only that you let the King-Emperor know how devoted I and my officers are.”

It was reported to him by Lieutenant-Colonel Ozias, commander of 2nd Bomber Squadron, that Major Candace Shoen had requested command of the mission.

“I do not beg on her behalf, Excellency,” Ozias had said a bit awkwardly, wrestling his cap in his long lean hands. “I will admit that she is a very punctual, neat, clean, pious officer--for a woman--and that she fulfills her mission orders to the letter, her fitness and readiness reports are excellent. I can find no fault in her.”

General Dalkon looked at him, cool and impassive, as though he, like his famously painted ancestor, sat on a fine horse with a hawk on his arm staring to a distant horizon. He often imagined himself thus. “Shall a woman lead such a mission? Tell me, has she seen the smoke and fire of her passage before?”

“No, Excellency...but none of my officers beneath my command have. They are not tactical pilots. It has been years since we flew against the Damocleans, and most of us have since received promotions. Yet...I would not have you request experienced bombers from another base.” Ozias said.

“I would not shame my officers so,” promised Dalkon. “Will she weep when she sees others suffer? Do her womanly parts command her heart?”

“I have seen little sign of this. I feel that like other women who choose combat there is some part of her that is not fond of her womanhood and seeks a man’s part, Excellency.” reported Ozias. “I have delivered the message, but the sin be upon my head.”

“It is my decision, ultimately,” Dalkon reminded him. “Was it not a Shoen that commanded the Free Congress’ defense of Harbourtown in the 3rd Civil War?”

“It was, Excellency. Major Shoen is a cousin of that Colonel, who was exonerated for his part in it by the King-Emperor, who saluted his courage.” replied Lieutenant-Colonel Ozias.

“I recall.” General Dalkon nodded slowly. “I grant command of the raid to Major Shoen. Inform her, and tell her to make all preparations to launch a punitive mission against Vionna-Frankenlisch. I will attend the briefing myself. Dismissed.”

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by Republica De Gran Chaco
Yanque, Chaco

The two representatives were met at the gate of the Foreign Ministry by a young intern with her golden hair in a single braid, wearing a white button up top with a slim fitting gray skirt. She smiled warmly, “Please gentlemen, I will lead you through security and to the Minister’s office.”

The led the way through the gate and into the building. They walked through the large lobby and up a stone stair case. The walls were decorated with paintings of great victories, Indigenous villages, landscapes, and other such images of Chacano culture and history. They marched through several hallways and finally to a waiting room where a paid of diplomatic security agents stood chatting quietly. An older woman at a desk recognized the girl and said, “The Minister directed me to send them right in.”

The young woman opened the door for the representatives of Vionna-Frankenlisch and let them pass. Alvarado was inside and stood for them, “Gentlemen, please do come in and make yourselves comfortable. The timing of this meeting is fantastic. There are many concerns my government has right now.”

Talks with New Edom

The Chacanos, were hesitant at first, but the twin events of a lack of response to the OAS condemnation and the announcement that Solisia would be deploying troops to New Columbia had convinced them that the Edomites had a point. Internally it was argued that if Vionna-Frankenlisch and her allies could be so belligerent acting towards the New Edomites, they why wouldn’t the do it towards San Carlo? It was a worrisome thought that the cabinet had discussed several times at early morning meetings.

The Chacanos generally believed the Edomites did not want to hold ground in Ayaca, as was evident from all their recent actions, but they made it clear that any change in this policy would be met with hostility by Chaco and their armed forces. Chaco agreed that a punitive strike may be necessary to get Vionna-Frankenlisch’s attention and to show that this neglect and disrespect would not stand.

However, it was absolutely necessary to gain the permission for San Carlo beforehand, but if they were on board, which after being marginalized for so long, Alvarado was sure they would be, Chaco would throw its support behind any action taken.

Outpost Rojo, Southern San Carlo

Beny got off the radio and turned to his team that had been confined to the outpost for several weeks now with nothing to do but scan the ground below, work out, and maintain their gear. They had been able to go north into some of the mountainous woods to do some training, but the men on the team felt wasted not being used. Benny turned to the twelve men sitting around the barracks they had been given and smiled, “Looks like we can conduct patrols out in the Pampa again. Just got word that we are go.”

The men sighed a sign of relieve and began laughing and cheering. they had already made up patrol plans, so the 3 four-man teams pulled them out and went over them again, tweaking them where they believed a change was needed, but overall everything was ready. The pick up trucks with their gear for traveling around the pampa, their civilian clothing to make them look like surveyors at a glance, and their weapons and other military equipment designed to help them scout out the area and find where the New Columbians patrolled if anywhere.

The Carlanos had been committed to heavy patrolling, brining out trucks and M113s, so it was the job of the Rico Scout teams, and whatever LRRPs that were stationed at other outposts to push out further and find where the actual line was. At about 1 am the three pickup trucks were loaded and left at 25-minute intervals to head out into the pampa to begin their missions.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:52 pm
by Republica de San Carlo
To: Hosidius Geta
From: Jesus Gutierrez
Subject: New Columbia
Security: Highest


We accept your proposal for a punitive expedition, and will allow you to send troops into San Carlo. We will allow your men to offload at the port of Antigua and continue overland so as to not cause undue alarm. We wish to take part in the planning of such an expedition so we are completely aware of what is happening, and so that we may be able to offer such assistance as may be needed.

Jesus Gutierrez,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of San Carlo

Island of Ke’overi
Shrailleeni Empire

The trip out to the small island had been long and tiring. After all of his connecting flights and clearing customs Kevin had chartered a boat and had slept in the sun for most of the ride over the clear blue water. It was all hopefully going to be worth it, as Kevin did not want to go on any adventure without his old partner Selvan Rastella. Truth be told, however, Kevin had no idea how he would be received after their last adventure had ended.

He jumped off of the boat onto the dock thanking the skipper and walked towards the tiny strip of buildings. He could see a seaplane at another dock and guessed that he would not need to use his Railti phrase book to try and find Selvan. Kevin strolled up the waterfront with a knot growing in his stomach.

Turning down the dock he saw his old friend working on the engine of his seaplane. Kevin walked up behind him and leaned against a piling. He watched for a moment then called out, “How’s business been friend?”

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:06 am
by Neue Regensburg
King Peter read the letter over again. “Are you certain, Minister Marius? This really came from Geta?” Marius said, “I’m afraid so, Your Majesty.” The Cabinet had met far more often than usual in the past couple of days. Now, the Edomite letter was the main topic of discussion. Minister Deutel, Economy, said, “We should seriously consider what’s being said here. It could be the difference between peace and war.” Minister Wahlmann, Defense, said “Nonsense. They are accusing us of being liars. How many more insults will we take from these imperialist schweinhunde (pig-dogs) before we realize what’s happening here? We need to get ready to execute Fall Blau.” Minister Tarnus of the Security Ministry concurred. “They’ve doubtless taken countermeasures already, it is time to ensure that our coastline is guarded. I move that we mobilize the Guard.” Minister Kühlstelle, of Trade and Energy, said, “You guys are fucking insane! We’re talking about war with the most powerful nation in the region!” Wahlmann said, “Good, it’s about time they got put in their place. They’ve imposed their will upon the nations of the world one too many times.”

King Peter slammed his fist on the table. “ENOUGH! You are acting like petulant children. We will not bow in the face of New Edom’s demands. Minister Marius, it is high time that you remind Mr. Geta that Wolfsbruck is a sovereign nation, not Elijah’s playthings. We tried being diplomatic, they responded with ultimatum. Minister Wahlmann, begin drawing up plans to mobilize the rest of the reserves, along with our air and naval services, and begin preparations for the execution of Operations Edelweiss and Westwind. The Edomites won’t be happy when we rebuff them, and we need to prepare for the worst.”

Message from Minister of State Adam Marius

To: Hosidius Geta, Empire of New Edom
Security: Eyes Only

Minister Geta,
I thank you for your correspondence and give my best wishes to you and your nation. I would like to address your three demands at this time. As a sovereign nation, Wolfsbruck has the right to hold military exercises when and wherever they please. I would like to point out that these exercises take place closer to our own Capitol, Kronstadt, than Damoclea. Secondly, we reserve the right to call up additional forces as we see fit, such as is the prerogative of a sovereign nation. Thirdly, though King James made audacious and inflammatory claims, they have not as of yet been proven false, and we will not speak against our ally until such time as his claims are proven false by independent inquiry.
The common thread here is that New Edom is attempting to usurp the sovereignty of Wolfsbruck in the name of peace, but in the minds of the Wolfsbrucker people, submission is not peace. One would do well to remember this. I would also like to add that your military analysts are mistaken, and we would never fire the first shot in a war that would cause the deaths of thousands of young men and women signed up to serve their nation. Many blessings to you and your family.

In Christ,
Minister Adam Marius

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by The Shrailleeni Empire
Island of Ke’overi, Greater Vangarran Queendom
The Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire

Selvan Rastella struggled with a rusted bolt on the right engine of his seaplane, the Sparrowhawk. The name was something of a bitter joke, since that was the model of fighter jet that the Air Command had refused to let him fly. A decision which had turned him toward the mercenary life. Not that the life had always treated him well. After his last job had gone...poorly, he had taken up this position flying cargo runs from Ke'overi to the mainland. He was still flying, but it was far from exciting.

He mused on this as he worked. It was hot and, this close to the onset of the rains, humid on the island and he was sweating profusely. He worked with only a loincloth to deal with the heat, he muscular form rippling with the effort of the wrench. He was working so intently that he didn't hear the man approach until he had already spoken.

How’s business been friend?

He knew that voice. He stopped his work with a sigh, panting in the heat, and then turned around slowly. Standing there against a piling was Kevin Madrid.

Selvan eyed him for a second, panting, and then said, "I thought I told you, last time was the last time," in accented Spanish. He grabbed his upper wrap and began rubbing the sweat off of his face. He sighed and added, "do you know friend, I still have nightmares of that cave in Thule?"

Imperial Palace,
Shrailleeni Empire

At the appropriate time, Lord Richard Spears and Duchess Theresa Murat were summoned by attendants to dine with the imperial family. They would be led down the long corridor and up one flight of stairs, passing by more artwork and uniformed Imperial Guards. At the top of the stairs the architecture of the halls changed somewhat, with arched spaces near the high ceiling letting in now-dim natural sunlight and a slight breeze. They would the proceed to a pair of open wooden doors, which led into a spacious dining room.

The dining room was built from the same material as the rest of the palace, with marble walls, but was rectangular in shape. At each corner and midway through each side wall a sculpted column in a wavy pattern reached to the ceiling, which was slightly domed along the length of the room and carved to look like he waves of the ocean were above them in white. At the rear a large open patio space looked out on verdant green mountainside, and a few lounge chairs indicated that this space was occasionally used for dining in good weather. The center of the room was dominated by an large mahogany table surrounded by chairs, oval in general shape with enough space to easily seat two dozen people. There were two doors to the left of the room, one open and from which emanated the smells of food, and one door on the right wall. Decorating the table were several bouquets of exotic-looking flowers colored red, purple, white, and yellow, and silver place settings were already distributed.

Already present were an abundance of servants who were busy setting these places and bringing covered dishes in from the adjoining room. Also present was Queen Arianna, and an older woman dressed in equally fine and decorated black and white robes who would be distinguishable at even a glance as Her Enlightened Majesty, the Mother Empress of all Shrailleeni, Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen.

It would be at this point that the Mother Empress would welcome both of her guests personally. The attendants who escorted them announced their arrival with full and formal titles, at which point the Mother Empress walked forward with a kind look upon her face. She was a relatively small woman, and look all the smaller for being imperially slim. Her long black hair had a tinge of gray to it, and her dark skin bore more than a few lines along her eyes and high-boned cheeks. Her regarded them with emerald eyes and offered them the traditional hand-gesture of greeting, but did not bow.

"Welcome, and greetings," she said in High Railti. A dutiful translator stood nearby. "It is good to meet the emissaries of King James at last. I trust that you have found your stay so far hospitable. If you speak Latin, we might converse directly in that language. If not, we shall make due through the talents of Selleva," she said with a gesture toward the translator.

"The rest of my family shall arrive soon. You have met my daughter Arianna, we shall expect her husband and children as well as her sister Aryni and her family. My youngest, Talmar, is with his wife in Froma," she said. "Allow me to introduce my husband, the Prince-Regent Bavardo Resyanna fe Shrailleen."

Standing to her right was man with hair nearly as long as his wife's, a more rounded face that seemed somehow jovial. He was less slim than he was muscular, and cut a good figure. He nodded to them as he was introduced.

"Welcome to our halls," he said pleasantly.

In due time the remainder of the family arrived. Aryni and her husband along with their three children, the eldest being a quiet, serious girl of eleven, a boy of six, and the youngest of whom was a squirming toddler. Arianna's husband arrived soon after, carrying in tow their two children, a girl of nine and another of six. When everyone had arrived and greeted their guests, the seats were taken. Chella, as the matriarch of the family and Mother Empress, sat first. Aryni's husband sat with their young girl in his lap.

The atmosphere was thus that of a semi-formal setting, children being children even as members of the nobility. It was clear that some allowance was made for the behavior of the very youngest, although Aryni's oldest, the eleven year old named for her grandmother, did much to keep her young siblings and cousins occupied and behaved. In fact all of them were well-behaved for children, save for the occasional outbursts of the toddler and some fidgeting which was lightly reprimanded.

The meal was served in four courses. The first was comprised of light salads, with options based on seaweed, a soft combination of root vegetable and nuts, and Acheron-style tabouli. The second was seafood, including fine cuts of raw fish marinated in a tangy sauce, smoked and salted eel, shrimp served in the cocktail style of northern Acheron and Ceti, and south sea mullet served whole and baked. In the third, considered the main course, was the traditional food of the home island interior: roasted kalko meat served with rice and a variety of spiced vegetables. The final was an assortment of fruits and a sorbet flavored with mango. Throughout the proceedings tea and fine coffee roasted with cocoa were both offered, water provided without asking, and juices available on request. Sodas and liquor were, perhaps oddly, not offered until the final course, at which time a traditional root liquor was made available to the diners.

Throughout the meal small talk was made. The Shrailleeni would occasionally remark among themselves news concerning the domestic life of the families, but great attention would be paid to their guests. In this way the meal would pass for around two hours, as the light outside dimmed to a quiet gray and the chirping of insects could be heard from the trees.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:13 am
by The Shrailleeni Empire
Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


Highest Security Message: Eyes Only

To Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta,

On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty, I thank you for your clear and detailed statement of intent. May our communication remain as clear and open throughout all the coming days, rekindled in the spirit of which our sovereigns spoke at the ceremonies in Arcologia.

These events are greatly disturbing indeed. The announcements of Solisia, as a nation to which Her Enlightened Majesty has until lately has seen as a one of Sisterhood, are particularly distressing given the circumstances. I must report that it deeply saddens Her Enlightened Majesty that King-Emperor Elijah has decided upon an aggressive course of action in this matter. It must always be her hope, and by extension that of the Enlightened Matriarchy, that peace and diplomacy can prevail in all things. What began with words shall now result in deaths, and that is a tragedy that Her Enlightened Majesty hopes is not lost upon her friends.

Her Enlightened Majesty did demand of King Peter of Wolfsbrück an explanation for his actions. She hoped to secure from him a vow that he intended no hostilities toward New Edom, which she succeeded in so doing. It was hoped that, should he break this vow, this would substantiate ample reason for his defeat and overthrow. Regrettably this now seems unnecessary.

It is easy to foresee the actions proposed by the King-Emperor resulting in a war that will bring Solisia and, possibly, the Cossack Khanate into the fight as well. This is not an outcome that Her Enlightened Majesty wishes, in fact it is the worst that she can imagine. And yet King James has disregarded her pleas to offer the apology that would bring peace. Wolfsbrück, regardless of its king's original intentions, is his ally, and both Solisia and the Cossack Khanate have rushed to defend his foolish accusations. Her Enlightened Majesty understands that the King-Emperor must act in his own wisdom, and she herself cannot say beyond a doubt that his fears are unfounded.

Therefore Her Enlightened Majesty, with regret, agrees with the course of action that you have shared with us. She hopes that it will be sufficient to end hostilities as quickly as they begin, and that King James and King Peter see the folly of their ways and seek peace in the face of just force. She prays for the strength and safety of the New Edomites forces engaged in this task, and for their victory.

Her Enlightened Majesty acknowledges that the Enlightened Matriarchy bears no direct responsibility in these matters. However, she has ordered the mobilization of six battlegroups of the Imperial Army as a precautionary measure. In light of the news of your letter, she has decided to begin the mobilization of the entire Imperial Army as well, and to order the deployment of submarines into the southern ocean. Should this action become part of a greater war, the Enlightened Matriarchy may have no choice but to defend itself and our allies. We shall be prepared for this eventuality. Until that time, we shall work in neutrality and prepare our people for what may come.

Her Enlightened Majesty shall also continue to do what she is able to convince these impetuous rulers to see the error of their ways and seek the way of peace, for so long as she is able to do so in good faith. I shall keep you updated on our government's efforts both diplomatic and military as they proceed.

May the Light of the Mother smile upon all nations, and glow upon His Majesty King-Emperor Elijah I and Her Majesty Queen-Empress Mara I, and upon all of the people of New Edom,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen

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by Cossack Khanate
Selvik, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister Vehr sat in his office chair and simply stared out the window. He had not touched the pile of letters from junior officials and minor military men since morning. He then slowly sighed and began to compose a letter to his counterpart at Frankenlisch.

Official Communique from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
From: Minister of Foreign Affairs Ryan Vehr
To: Minister Larry Tristam, Foreign Affairs, Vionna-Frankenlisch

Dear Sir,

It has been quite some time since we have talked, an I do have to admit our last talk was on a far more positive note than now, in terms of regional affairs. It seems that the delicate balance in our borders is tipping.

I do have to mention what may have seemed like a blunt speech made by His Majesty the Imperator recently. He did, in fact, consult with me and some other military officials. Military, I say, because it is seems highly unlikely that certain situations now will be resolved without conflict. To be straightforward, the Imperator has ordered the mobilization of around 2000 troops, including planes, tanks, cavalry, artillery, and infantry. If the conflict reaches the Cossack border, the 4th Armored Division that was put on alert during the Thouthenian situation is still active. Overall, the Imperator has no doubt that our own borders and interests can be defended.

However, it would be much to our concern if the Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch or it’s holdings were attacked, or put at risk. For that reason, a small reaction force of 2000 has been mustered up. I wished to ask about the plans and forethinking of the Frankenlsich government, as our government is behind yours.

Ryan Vehr

Ministry of Defense, Selvik

“The Imperator has ordered the mobilization of the 44th?”, asked Commander Gadhavi, reading the report in front of him.

“Not just. Our second Rapid Reaction Force is on here too”, said Konzul-General Dewstaad, who sat across from Gadhavi, handing him the second sheet.

“It’s not the numbers I’m worried about, it’s the officer”, said Gadhavi, rapping his finger on the first sheet and handing it to Dewstaad. “Perhaps you’ll recognize the name”

Dewstaad took the paper and frowned, furrowing his eyebrows. “I thought he was discharged from the Army after -- “

Gadhavi shook his head, “I tried my best, but it was beyond my reach. The CO at Fort Khan was Abdullov’s right-hand man until last week. He refused to let the kid go”

“You’re really going to let Abdullov’s son lead our forces in a war?”

Gadhavi shook his head again, “No. Not for the whole war at least, if it comes to that”

Dewstaad tilted his head. “I’m not sure I understand”
Gadhavi picked up a different paper and read it. “There are some junior officers in that battalion who are more than competent”, he said cooly.

“You mean to kill Ari Abdullov”

The Commander put on a face of feigned shock “No, of course not!” He leaned in. “I’m sure, oh, perhaps an Edomite sniper would do the job just as well as one of our own”

Dewstaad leaned back, understanding his superior’s intentions. “Well, I guess we’ll see soon enough. If it comes to war, that is”

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by Vionna-Frankenlisch
Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: Zattem Resbruck, Foreign Minister of The Shrailleeni Empire
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: Highest

Dear Minister,

Do forgive me for the time it has taken to reply to your last letter, as you can imagine, things are rather hectic at present. I am glad to hear that Her Enlightened Majesty is as fully committed to a peaceful solution as I am, I would not like to guess where we might be if not for the peaceful presence of the Shrai. Recent events have certainly reassured me that your government remains committed to peace and friendship

Though I place a great deal of personal respect in Her Enlightened Majesty and I regard her advice with a high degree of seriousness, I find her suggestion that an apology from myself to the King-Emperor of New Edom could be offered in honour flawed. Until Edomite innocence in this most grave of matters is proven, I cannot apologise to the King-Emperor with honour. Though I would be most happy to offer an apology once said innocence is proven, it would be dishonest to my subjects if I were to back down from their defence for the sake of avoiding offence.

I have enclosed a copy of my personal correspondence with the King-Emperor of New Edom for Her Enlightened Majesty's scrutiny, I hope that it will go some way towards convincing her of my dedication to peace.

I send the respects and best wishes of my peoples and await your reply,

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator
To His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch

Your recent words in a public proclamation have been presumptuous, insulting, and breathtaking in their foolishness. I will not so much as deign to discuss the accusations. For one monarch to accuse another in such a way is entirely unacceptable. I demand an apology immediately. If one is not forthcoming within four hours’ time, I will have no choice but to withdraw my ambassador and all diplomatic staff from your country.

I am
Elijah IV
King-Emperor of the Holy Empire of New Edom

To: Elijah IV, King-Emperor of the Holy Empire of New Edom
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch

I give my thanks for your response to my accusations. I'm certain that you are just as committed as I am to resolving this unfortunate situation without the dreadful loss of life that might be incurred by conflict. Though I admit that my words were perhaps more inflammatory than I would usually have employed, I am sad to say that I cannot, with honour, withdraw my accusations without proof of Edomite innocence in this matter. The maintenance and loyalty of the Empire are among my chief concerns and McNernia's claims are incredibly concerning to me as a proud father to all my peoples. I, for one, cannot begin to understand why McNernia would pursue the policy they did without prompt from some other power as they conducted affairs in a most incompetent fashion. However, I am not shut off to the possibility that New Edom is innocent in this affair, despite your stubborn refusal to discuss matters.

I would, personally, advise against the withdrawal of your diplomatic staff as that would make negotiations trickier then they need to be. However, if you do proceed with the withdrawal of your ambassador and diplomatic staff, I am afraid that Vionna-Frankenlisch will be forced to do the same.

With regards and sincere hopes for the future,

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator

Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: Richard Laurenstowe, Governor-General of New Columbia
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: Top Secret


When I appointed you to your position, it was out of respect for the democratic decision of my New Columbian subjects. Quite frankly, I am beginning to doubt whether myself or my people were correct in that selection. New Columbia is more than just an outpost on the Ayacan continent. It is more than the oldest state of the Frankenlischian Commonwealth. It is more than the home of eight million of my subjects. New Columbia, as a nation, is an embassy from the Empire to all of the Ayacan states. Whoever leads New Columbia is like a representative to the OAS.

As you are, no doubt, aware, the Organisation of Ayacan States recently resolved to denounce me for the speech I made condemning New Edom. In that speech I made several references to New Columbia, mainly as your nation is where these dreadful events took place and was to focus of the present crisis. Let me put it simply, I am watching you. I understand that you are under a lot of pressure and sometimes cannot keep up with diplomatic correspondence, therefore I have allowed your government to form a new Foreign Ministry, however, until that is completed, diplomatic relations between New Columbia and the rest of the region will be taken over by Frankenlisch. Further, all correspondence you have received from other nations for the past three weeks are to be forwarded to the Imperial Office immediately. Finally, I charge you with mobilising the Imperial New Columbian Forces for the defence of the Empire. Similar orders will go out to the other Commonwealth states in the coming days and I have already allowed my government to begin the mobilisation of the Imperial Air Service and Imperial Navy.

Know that the Empire stands with you in this time of trial. And do not disappoint me again, it will be the last time you do so.

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator, Lawful Ruler of New Columbia

Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: Her Majesty Meriall Satarana, Queen of Solisia, Empress of the Solisian Empire
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: Highest

Dearest Majesty,

Allow me to begin by sending my deep appreciation for your kind wishes towards myself and my peoples and do not doubt that I wish the same for yourself and your fine nation. It is not every day, despite our geographical proximity, that the Empire and the Solisians converse and I believe this may be the first time we have exchanged correspondence. I hope that you will find my nation the same welcoming place as it was to your people during my uncle's reign.

As for your offer, let it be known that I accept fully the suggestion of alliance. In these present times of trial, Vionna-Frankenlisch accepts any friend who doubts the warlike ways of New Edom and wishes only for peaceful truth to reign in Cornellia, not fear and schemes. Your additional offer to deploy volunteer units to New Columbia is further accepted, they will be most welcome in the fight against rebel forces in that country. I would be glad to receive them and I warmly suggest that they be placed under the overall command of General Lord Lindegard, a most capable officer and a gentleman of the highest order.

I would like to address the news broadcasts originating from your nation which declared the acceptance of this offer before I had even drafted this reply. I'm sure this is just a case of government leaks being overblown by the press, as can happen in any nation, but I would still advise keeping a firmer grasp on your media in future. Especially as we come closer and closer to potential conflict. Certainly, the leak of military plans sets a very unfortunate precedent and the actual publishing of this news is most worrisome.

With best wishes for the future and the greatest of respects,

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator

Imperial City, Shrailleeni Empire
Imperial Palace

Duchess Murat followed the attendants without even a glance at the fine architecture and furnishings that surrounded her, besides when she had to drag Lord Spears along behind her, her mind was focused on other things. Though Spears, to her eyes, seemed an idiot, he had come highly recommended from the King and she assumed he must have some qualities. He did seem a most intelligent man, if excitable, and his deep interest in foreign religions and cultures seemed to be the subject of some delight among the friendly Shrailleeni. Let him read and study and converse with the locals, Murat had other, more important concerns. Once they had reached the door, Murat slipped the attendant a piece of paper with the pair's titles, having expected what came next.

They followed the attendant into the great chamber and were announced dutifully.

"Her Eminent Grace, Theresa Murat, Duchess of Cathena and His Grace, Richard Spears, Duke of Darlington and Earl of Shiring, Prince-Bishop of Faen and Baron Caernam."

Both nobles stood in place as a woman approached them. Though neither had seen her before, both knew immediately that she was the Mother Empress. She's small, the tall, strong-boned Murat considered, too small for an Empress... A similar thought crossed Spears' mind, but he soon decided that her small physical size probably disguised an immense intellectual height and he was certainly aware of the supreme respect her people had for her.

"Welcome, and greetings," The Mother Empress introduced through a translator, "It is good to meet the emissaries of King James at last."

Murat highly doubted that, considering the circumstances, but she bowed her head in thanks anyway, Spears followed her lead.

"I trust that you have found your stay so far hospitable. If you speak Latin, we might converse directly in that language. If not, we shall make due through the talents of Selleva," Chella said with a gesture toward the translator.

"We speak that language, Your Enlightened Majesty," Spears replied in Latin with a smile. "We have been treated most graciously and I thank you for it."

The diplomats greeted the Mother Empress' husband pleasantly, observing all the common courtesies, and did the same to her family in turn before finally taking their places at the dinner table next to one another. Murat, an Espicutan, took the seaweed, her homeland seemed to take its entire cuisine from the seas and rivers and she was well used to eating it. Spears, who was less adventurous when it came to food, enjoyed the nuts and vegetables. They ate this and the second course, which Murat welcomed with delight, politely and without speaking. The main, too, was welcomed with wordless excitement, neither had eaten since that morning and both were famished. Spears seemed to prod at his meal a little before finally deciding on which angle to attack from, his face soon betrayed his approval of the dish and he ate it as quickly as was polite. Murat, used to tasting new cuisines, went straight in and came to a similar resolution as the Duke of Darlington, though she seemed a little confused by the kalko meat.

Both were in roaring spirits by the time the final course was offered and, though they did nothing to strike up any conversation, they engaged politely with the small talk around the table. Spears, in particular, spoke with a great deal of friendly confidence and Murat thanked Andy that the Vionnan had an exquisite grasp on Latin. As the Mother Empress spoke to several of her family members, Spears leaned to his left and whispered to Murat, "I'm gasping for a bloody drink..." Murat nodded, the Imperial reliance on alcohol was well known and the Shrai seemed like teetotalers in comparison. As if on cue, however, the pair were offered some kind of root liquor which they accepted eagerly, much to the amusement of the Shrai.

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by Vionna-Frankenlisch
Te'vol'Hake, Castermaine Province

Yasun nodded disinterestedly as he led the foreigner into the town, the heavy gates creaking behind them as he walked briskly in the direction of the central plaza. The road beneath them was wide, long and dirt, with the occasional area of sandstone cobbles. The day was winding down but the streets weren't yet empty, children ran about as the sun began to set and worried mothers and grinning fathers drew them into spacious hovels and tall houses of clay and mud. The town, its inhabitants dismissed as savages, had an overwhelming air of early civilisation disrupted by outside modernity. The natives walked about in both tribal roughspun and modern fabric. One man, mounted high on a swaybacked destrier, had even found himself a dusty set of service dress, the uniform's insignia designating its late owner as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. How it came to clothe a wealthy native, one could only guess.

The town hall, made of tall sandstone bricks beneath its tent-like canopies, was easily visible now. It towered several levels above the mostly two-story structures of the inner town. To the left, a spindly man with a scar and a wickedly sharp knife danced around a big native with a crude tin badge and a heavy club. Yasun did not even look, though he grinned slightly as the guardsman brought the club down on the criminal's head with a sickening crunch and an awful squelching noise. Natives strode calmly across the amateur mosaics of the cobbled plaza towards other sections of the city. A group of scary-looking guards bore finely-crafted spears and wore the skins of mountain lions with metal bars sewn into them in a crude form of armour. These guards were posted outside the town hall, where Yasun silently led the Shrailleeni man.

The interior was illuminated by torches and braziers which heated the open-air structure too. That said, it was still tough to make out the surroundings in full and it would take some time to realise that the walls were lined with armed guards, bearing colonial rifles. At the back of the great chamber, centered against the rear wall, was a chair of wood adorned with trinkets of metal, gemstones and colourful beads. In that chair sat a gorgeous young woman, perhaps twenty years old, in a long dress of soft wool with another, shorter dress of leather and interwoven bones over the top. Atop her head of flowing raven hair was a feathered crown of beaten tin, the craftsmanship of which was masterful compared to much of the other metalwork visible in Te’vol’Hake. To the woman's left and right stood clusters of elders, which could quickly be interpreted as some savage form of a royal court.

“You have the honour,” An aging man by the side of the throne announced, “of standing in the presence of Chieftess Crow’Hake who leads the great Hakemaebo Tribe.”

"I have already met with two foreigners. One a southerner who led my people into war. The other a northerner who has armed us and made us strong." The Chieftess said darkly, rising to her feet and approaching. She carried out the slapping ritual without even a wince and continued as if nothing had happened. "Who are you?"

Government Quarter, New Adeleux
Ministry of Energy

"This is all true..." Morgannon replied to the Shrailleeni responses. "All true..."

He considered the situation for a moment and found it laughable. A fortune in oil awaited the Empire out in those steppes and deserts. If not for a few million half-savage natives, of the kind that Imperial explorers had pushed aside in their thousands in years gone by, that oil would have been in their hands long ago and New Columbia would be one of the most valuable regions of the Empire. As it stood, New Columbia was nothing but a dusty hellscape besides the coastal regions, where crops grew on the little land available and small settlements dotted the landscape. The original Frankenlischian explorers, all those years ago, must've thought themselves overcome by luck until they landed and discovered the interior was nought but native-infested steppes. Still, the Empire had endured, and carved out civilisation in this forgotten little corner of the world.

"Erm, what was I saying?" Morgannon blurted without thinking, suddenly shaken from his patriotic considerations. "Ah yes, my apologies," he said once he had regained himself, "I cannot make a final decision until I have consulted my Minister. However, I will make your case as persuasively as I can. Can I help with anything else?"

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by Vionna-Frankenlisch
Royal Communique of His Imperial Majesty, King James I
His Imperial Majesty King James Frederik Turrell, the first of his name, King of Vionna-Frankenlisch, Emperor of the Fallen Isles, Grand Imperiator of the Vionna-Frankenlischian Colonies and Dominions beyond the Seas, Elector of Grangenburg, Duly Appointed and Lawfully Elected Governor of Saint Gall, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military, Defender of the Andyist Faith and Lord Protector of the Realm.

To: (respective foreign ministers of the Ayacan States)
From: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
Security: High

Dear Minister, I bid greeting.

We would like to apologise for the neglectful attitude of the Governor-General of New Columbia as of late. Mister Laurenstowe has been warmly reminded of his duties and charged with forming a new department for foreign affairs, so that New Columbia may, in future, take a more active role in its own foreign policy. Until such time as that department is formed, however, the United Kingdom of Vionna-Frankenlisch, namely the Imperial Office in conjunction with myself, will be taking full control of New Columbia's diplomatic affairs. From now until the appointment of a New Columbian Foreign Minister, all diplomatic correspondence to New Columbia should be directed towards Lord Halstone, Minister of Imperial Affairs.

I note that with the unfortunate state of affairs in New Columbia at present and Governor-General Laurenstowe's unattentive approach to his diplomatic duties, relations with your nation may have slipped somewhat and I hope dearly to rectify this situation. I have deep personal respect for the Ayacan states and I am greatly disheartened by the recent motion to condemn my words in regards to New Edom. Though I admit, I used language which I may not have usually employed, it was out of care for my subjects in New Columbia and for the sovereignty of Ayaca which the Empire has always respected and stood up for. I hope that, with time and effort, the situation may be restored to what it was in my Uncle's time.

With best wishes for the future and the greatest of respects,

- James Frederick Turrell, King and Imperiator

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by New Edom
Container Port of Reme
Etruria Major Province
Holy Empire of New Edom

With radar aerials swiveling constantly, the carrier, NENS Serpentis sat like a village made of alloys, steel and plastic, on her starboard and port as she steamed out of her berthing stood parade dress uniformed sailors and Marine Infantry at attention. The band played a jaunty march, and the colour party stood, flags whipping in the wind, and the Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer bellowed, “Present--Arms!” while on the piers they were leaving behind them wives, families, sweethearts and supporting friends and comrades waved and shouted prayers of support.

The honour guard was dismissed and marched neatly belowdecks as the ship was piloted out by the two tugs that preceded her like heralds, and then, as it reached the end of the bay, it gathered speed, and a great wake like a long tail spread out in foam behind her. From the shore, people watched. The elevator lifted up two Terrier fighters, and as each in turn streaked off the deck and into the air, the crowded cheered three cheers one last time, and then at last the great ship was a winking gleam on the horizon, off to join her escorts and move across the Tempesta towards Ayaca.

2nd Air Division
Gone AFB
Haran Province
Holy Empire of New Edom

Aboard the Kelenken, an E-15 AWACs flying out of the Air Force Base at Lycaeum s under the command of Major Kephalos, the crew of 14 under his command were busy monitoring the MESA radar system.

The AESA was deceptively hard to intercept because an AESA radar will change it's frequency every pulse, at up to 1000 times per second. Since the AESA can change its frequency with every pulse, and generally does so using a pseudo-random sequence, integrating over time does not help pull the signal out of the background noise. Nor does the AESA have any sort of fixed pulse repetition frequency, which can also be varied and thus hide any periodic brightening across the entire spectrum. Traditional Radar Warning Receivers are essentially useless against AESA radars. This means that the Royal Crest could look for long periods of time without being seen in the process. This MESA radar for the A565 employed a very erratic search pattern made possible by the enormous computing power at the disposal of the crew, further adding confusion to the Radar Warning Receiver at the other end. So they were fairly confident of their abilities. However while the crew were all experienced, they had never used this system—for which they had begun training about 3 years ago—in a large scale action before. Nevertheless they were all professionals and knew their business.

The Kelenken was also acting as Battlespace Command Center; it had a partner that was currently on the ground, the Harpy, and it rotated shifts with the other plane.
Commander: Major-General Ezra Dalkon
Operations: Lieutenant-Colonel Levi Ednab
Intelligence: Lieutenant-Colonel Rafael Hortensius

1 E-15 AWACS (Role: intelligence, long range radar, battlespace command)
8 x GM-24 Caballero Air Superiority Fighters (Provide escort and interdict enemy air force) CO: Major Marko Joppa
4 x Blackfly UAV (Move in advance as scouts, provide electronic diversion and recon) CO: Captain Micah Laban
2 RM-30 San Real Supersonic Bombers (raid port of Frankenlisch) CO: Major Candace Shoen
1 x T565 Refueling Plane (Role: Provide refueling at mid point for the fighter craft) CP” Captain David Dan-Eden

The planes had been fueled and serviced, and now, led by an Air Force Chaplain, they sang,

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly
Through the great spaces of the sky;
Be with them traversing the air
In dark'ning storms or sunshine fair.

Thou who dost keep with tender might
The balanced birds in all their flight,
Thou of the tempered winds, be near,
That, having thee, they know no fear.

Control their minds with instinct fit
What time, adventuring, they quit
The firm security of land;
Grant steadfast eye and skilful hand.

O Ever hear our humble prayer
For these thy warriors of the air.

Major Candace Shoen stood during this hymn with head bowed, bareheaded. She hoped she had said all that needed to be said in her letter to her parents. Not for anything would she remove herself from the path on which she was embarked. It was not merely that she eloved flying, or that she had a heart molded to service to her Monarchs and her country. The squadron, the flight, they were her family.

Long had she, her family, her friends and siblings known war. Many people she knew had had to rebuild, had had to flee homes or fight for homes. The notion that the Vionnans would cry out in terror, would know flames and bodies buried under rubble was merely the way of the world. Let their king know that his wild words led to the fear and death his people would face, and let them know that one could not, with temerity, attack the Lord’s annointed.

Besides, the mission was the thing that occupied her mind most of all. To bring her two bombers close enough to the target to give the attack time to escape enemy radar and succeed, yet distance enough to turn and withdraw back to base. Intelligence, weather reporting, operational and supply planning and ground maintenance all had done their work. Now it was her turn.

Therefore, when the hymn had ended, she had a glad heart as she turned and saluted the senior officers who stood on parade, and then made her way with her crew towards her plane. Excitement whipped through the pilots and air crews. They would be the blade that drew the King-Emperor’s sword of war.

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by The Shrailleeni Empire
Calla-Gold Palace, Bryn Tegna
The Feminist Empire of Deadora

The faint scent of candles wafted through the room, their dim and flickering light the only source of illumination. The darkness fell hot and heavy over the large chamber, sumptuous curtains keeping the sun at bay. The sounds of soft moans and low groaning, gasps of pain and longing, permeated the muffled chamber. It was a world of sweat and sex, pain and pleasure, the tang of blood mixing with the fragrance of the candles.

Jacqueline Thrall twisted on the spacious bed, feeling the silk on her bare skin, legs spread and nails digging into the skin of the woman who worked there, panting. She let fresh blood well up beneath her fingers, and laughed. It was a strong, clear sound that did nothing to interrupt the proceedings, but she could not help herself. It was all too perfect.

After so long, so many failures, she finally had everything she had ever wanted. The Black Throne was hers not only by right of blood, but by right of conquest. Those who had followed her sister were now rotting in the ground, tortured, mutilated, or killed outright by her own hand, or else they were in hiding terrified of that same fate. She had seized control of the most powerful women of the land, and forced them to bear their necks to her alone. And now at long last the Imperial Army, that favorite haven of her sister, the last bastion of those who supported her, was entirely under Jacqueline's control. Even now in the dungeons of the Calla-Gold palace the last of the treacherous officers lay flayed and degraded, their life blood running into the unfeeling stone. It had taken so long to find them and root them out, so many infuriating weeks of waiting, so many orders refused. If only Jennifer could see her beloved army now, her pride and joy bent to Jacqueline's will...

The glory of the breaking flowed over her, filling her up with exquisite victory. She closed her eyes, parted her lips, and cried out. Things were finally going her way. It was time.

Some time later, the Matriarch Empress of Deadora reclined on her high imposing throne. Her tight dress and plunging neckline accentuated her curves, which in truth needed little assistance. She was voluptuous, muscular, graceful, the peak of feminine fitness. Green eyes looked down at the assembled women, hungry like a cat's eyes, eyes that told all who fell before them that they were utterly at their owner's mercy.

This was not a full session of court, but instead a gathering of her most trusted inner circle. There was Matriarch of War Errisyn D'Teyn, her strongest supporter during her seizure of power, and her counterpart the Matriarch of Defense Skora Vrein. Her newly appointed Matriarch of Foreign Affairs Orlena T'lok, Arlenica Nessic's Kehrahni replacement. Lennii Hera the Matriarch of Observation and Intelligence, who had been quick enough to demonstrate her new loyalties by heading Jacqueline's purges. And then there were the newly appointed Military Matriarchs, all new blood and all demonstrably loyal to their empress. After all, each them of them had literally killed to be here.

"And so," she asked cooly from red-painted lips, "I trust that Operation Exquisite Pain is now ready to move forward?"

"Yes Your Ascendancy!" D'Teyn said with a satisfied smile. "All of the resources required to execute the operation are in place. We may begin mobilization at your command."

"Good, that is very good," Jacqueline purred. Her eyes lit upon the new Matriarch of the Army. She was a Kehrahni woman, one of the many who had stayed behind in Deadora. Particularly skilled with a blade, and who understood that Jacqueline despised soldier's talk and sought clear explanations and results. "Matriarch Dhoz, do you concur with this assessment?"

The woman looked up at her, and knew what her empress wanted to hear. She did not want to know about supply shortages or underfed soldiers, the logistical problems of recruiting numbers from a much-decreased population, or the disruption caused by a wave of new and untested officers. She wanted to know if it could be done. And considering the fight ahead, the answer to that was true enough.

"That is correct Your Ascendancy. My divisions are armed and eager for battle."

Jacqueline nodded, clearly pleased by this answer, and then turned to the next Matriarch. "And in the air, Matriarch Halleyn?"

The young Nadirii woman, younger even than her empress, looked up defiantly. The Airforce was proud, and she was proud to have been chosen to lead to lead it. She had been there at the invasion of Dengali, and had been there when Jennifer had betrayed them all by withdrawing. She and her hand-picked officers had vowed then and there to never be forced to give up the skies again. The Airforce was faring better than the Army, they still had plenty of fuel despite Kehrahn's treachery and the Matriarch Empress had taken a liking to them.

"They'll never know what hit them, Your Ascendancy. Our wrath will be complete and devastating."

"Oh, very good answer Matriarch," the empress said approvingly, a hint of another hunger in her eyes. "And at sea?"

Kheira D'Res had survived the purge as well, killing her predecessor in armed combat at the empress's insistence. In truth too much of the navy was in need of maintenance, and they lacked the fuel for an extended operation. But for what was required in Exquisite Pain, they had enough for that. D'Res had vowed to prove her worth, and the glory that awaited a victory at sea against a worthy vow would supply that.

"We simply await the order for deployment Your Ascendancy."

Jacqueline nodded, and then smiled. Then she clapped her hands together and laughed, a sound like bells ringing out over the mostly empty hall.

"Hahahahahahaha! Oh, I only wish that I could see the fear in their eyes for myself. You, loyal Matriarchs, will make our nation whole again, and expunge the filth from our borders at last."

In response to this the three women saluted, and bore their necks. "We pledge our lives to you, Matriarch Empress!"

Jacqueline returned their salutes with a wave of her hand, and then settled down into her throne again.

"Now, it is time that we stopped looking only inward. The region marches on without us, it is time that we rejoined it, stronger and more powerful than ever. There are other things to consider while we bring our Shrailleeni sisters to heel."

She smiled and closed her eyes. "I am speaking of course about this delicious speech by King James of Vionna-Frankenlisch. What art! Gods, I could all but kiss that rambling idiot. If only I could have seen the look on Elijah's face when he first heard then news..."

She opened her eyes again, and they fell upon Orlena T'lok.

"I think that it is time to reach out to the man, and offer our cooperation. If New Edom enters a war with Vionna-Frankenlisch, they will be weakened and distracted. It is almost too perfect. And our dear sister south of the border Empress Meriall so willing to follow him into battle. It's almost as if the Solisians have finally grown a spine. Poor Chella must be absolutely distraught."

She mused for a moment. None of the others said anything. Oh they might fight among themselves, but no one challenged the Matriarch Empress directly. No one dared. That was the difference between her rule and that of her sister. Jennifer had always fought to assert herself. But once she had gained power, Jacqueline had ended all of that with ruthless efficiency. She had no qualms about killing anyone who she even suspected of plotting against her. Fear ran through her palace almost as thickly as the blood.

"You will reach out to both of them," she ordered finally. "Their cooperation will be greatly appreciated as we reunite the empire. Offer our assistance with New Edom, but promise nothing yet. Let us see how they respond. Oh," she added as an afterthought,"and I shall write another letter to Queen Jada. It's time she was forced to make a decision."

There was a moments pause as the assembled women watched her. She let it steep for a moment, savoring the feel of terror, and then sat up abruptly.

"Well? Do as I command!"

The reply came, strong and nearly in unison. "Yes, Your Ascendancy!"

Official Communique of the Feminist Empire of Deadora

TO: His Imperial Majesty King James I Turrell of Vionna-Frankenlisch
FROM: The Matriarch of Foreign Affairs, Orlena T'lok

Your Imperial Majesty,

You are to be entirely commended. For too long has the region stood by and abetted the blatant expansionism and imperial ambitions of New Edom. They sit astride the entire Tempesta wreathed in conquest, one nation after another falling into their control. Hydrenia, Lyscania, Damoclea, Arcologia, Gavinium Magnus. Aided and abetted by the cowardly Shrailleeni and greedy Ayacans, unchallenged in their supremacy, unrivaled in their odious trickery. But you have seen through their lies, you have chosen to take a stand.

The Matriarch Empress has seen this, and she wishes you to know that you do not stand alone. Our sisters to the south have seen the reason in your words as well, and now it is our turn. You will find the Feminist Empire much changed from rule of the late Jennifer Thrall. No longer do we stand weak and disunited. The region will soon see that Deadora is not a failing power, but very much strong, vital, and ready to challenge the yoke of oppression cast by New Edom's attempted supremacy.

Jacqueline Thrall offers her hand to you in friendship during these trying times. She recognizes that you have this in common: you each wish to assert your sovereignty over the land that is rightfully yours. Therefore she proposes to offer you assistance in this regard, in return for your own cooperation with Deadoran designs. If this is something that is of interest to you, then we shall speak further.

Orlena T'lok
Matriarch of the Office of Foreign Affairs

Official Communique of the Feminist Empire of Deadora

TO: Her Majesty Meriall Satarana, Queen of Solisia, Empress of the Solisian Empire
FROM: The Matriarch of Foreign Affairs, Orlena T'lok

Your Imperial Majesty, Dearest Sister,

I fear that this message has been regretfully long in coming. No doubt the previous weakness of the Matriarch Empress's sister has given you great cause for concern, as instability should for all wise women. Under the auspices of the treacherous Shrailleeni, foul Marxism has been allowed to grow and fester along your very border. Given the recent tragedies that your nation has suffered at their vile hands, you must turn your eyes northward with well-deserved anxiety.

Do so no longer. Her Ascendancy the Matriarch Empress Jacqueline Thrall has swept away the last of the corruption and ineptitude of her predecessor's regime, and is read to lead the Feminist Empire forward into a new age of prosperity and strength. As our closest Sister, she wishes to reach out to you in the spirit of the ancient bond between out nations, in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

These are dark times in the region. The low dishonor of the New Edomite empire has been exposed by the brave king of Vionna-Frankenlisch, and the Matriarch Empress has seen that you dear Sister have wisely and strongly defended your ally in the face of this treachery. She wishes to reach out to you as one Sister to another, as a friend and ally. Let Deadora and Solisia come together now, and move into the future together. If you are of like mind, I would be honored to journey to your capital to personally forge our alliance, and to speak more of what we can accomplish together.

Orlena T'lok
Matriarch of the Office of Foreign Affairs

Official Communique of the Feminist Empire of Deadora

TO: Queen Jada of the Kehrahni
FROM: The Matriarch of Foreign Affairs, Orlena T'lok

Your Majesty,

When last the Matriarch Empress spoke to you, she stated that no ultimatum would be made toward your attempt to form a breakaway state. This statement continues to stand true. Jacqueline Thrall bears you no ill will for your actions. Those actions were against the weakness and corruption of her fallen sister, not herself. Empress Thrall sees this, and she knows that you acted as a woman of Kehrahn should. You seized your power from the weak, and established your dominance. Kyrrn is all the stronger for it.

You may notice in the coming weeks some mobilization of the Imperial Army across your provincial border. Empress Thrall wishes me to assure you that this movement is not intended for you. Instead, she wishes for you to observe as we pacify the south. She knows that you have offered your recognition of the Aedoran, despite the fact that the scheming socialists there have stolen land, businesses, and homes from the Kehrahnii people who rightfully own them. Now the Imperial Army, and the Nadirii and Kehrahnii who proudly fight for it as they have for millennia, will put the Aedoran in their place, as the Kehrahnii did centuries ago. Empress Thrall knows that you will not be so foolish as to actually throw in your lot with socialists and tribals, and that your promise to defend them was a wise deceit.

Watch, proud Queen, and know this: even now Empress Thrall sees you as a natural friend and ally. If you wish your independence to be recognized, then perhaps it should be. You have earned it. But you do not need to slink to the rapacious and exploitative New Edomites, that is entirely beneath you. Consider instead, that your return to the empire can yet be negotiated on terms extremely favorable to you and your clan. Titles, positions, and power can all be recognized. Nadirii and Kehrahnii as sisters, partners, and equals. Jacqueline Thrall is extremely generous to her friends.

Consider this in the coming days. As a token of good faith, the Matriarch Empress offers an emissary to you. I am sure that you remember Queen Baela D'Bhati of Legirahn? Another who rebelled against the late Jennifer Thrall, with ample reason, and who has been rewarded for it. Let her speak for the Matriarch Empress in your court, and demonstrate that all that I say is true.

Orlena T'lok
Matriarch of the Office of Foreign Affairs

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by Republica de San Carlo
Island of Ke’overi
Shrailleeni Empire

Kevin rubbed the back of his neck, “Thule seemed to be pretty bad, but we got out of there, and we even rescued those maidens from the head hunters, or whatever they were, skin walkers or whatever. My point is here we are.”

Selvan didn’t seem overly impressed so Kevin went on, “I got a new job offer. Big money, government contract, over in San Carlo.”

He bent down and picked up an old piece of fishing line and studied it for a bit, “Thought you might like some cash and excitement. Unless flying a duck full of crates is more up your alley these days.”

Southern San Carlo

“What are all these crates for?” Captain Felipe Agosto Miro de la Guerra asked the captain who was having them stacked in a warehouse that was sectioned off for his company’s equipment.

“These are for the Foreign Ministry, and if anything is missing, you will be personally held accountable.” The captain said not bothering to look at Filipe.

“Why would I steal from the army? I’m too rich for such nonsense.” Felipe said protesting.

“You are not the only man on this base, but you are the only man to be held accountable, so make sure nothing is gone missing.” The captain said again, “These are the orders from the general himself. You have a good family name, so you must be trustworthy to take care of such things.”

Felipe was getting angy, “Well then what am I guarding?”

“Rifles, and ammunition. Try not to worry too much, they are being shipped out in 3 days, and your company is giving the escort. There will be an official meeting later where you will be briefed.” The other Captain said then went on about his work.

Felipe cursed loudly then marched off. He took a swig of his canteen, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was his brandy canteen he had chosen at random today. He walked off swinging his riding crop, and looking for something to do. His men had been preparing the M113s that had arrived and everything was almost done. The Regiment was now prepared to move out at a moment’s notice. He had ordered his first sergeant to train the men at every available opportunity, as he had gotten in an argument with some of the officers in the regular Congressional Guards that the reserve component was every bit as good as the regulars, and filled with smarter people, as they did not need to rely on the army for welfare handouts.

The night had ended in Felipe savagely attacking a regular Lieutenants batman with his riding crop and screaming, “This guttersnipe is worth less to me than my boots!”

Felipe was still furious, that those other gentlemen had so insulted him, that he was forced to do something like beat a servant. He was still furious that the other officers were so ill mannered that it would force a man to do such things. He thought about the idea that his company was going on some kind of special assignment and smiled.

“There, he thought to himself, that was the time to prove his company’s worth! While those ill-bred swine, bastards, and younger sons are back here fixing tracks I will be leading men outside of the wire.” He was very pleased at the thought of this and took another sip from his brandy canteen and began whistling.

Felipe walked into his quarters and decided that he would join the men in the hills on their exercise. He put on his flack jacket and PASGT helmet and carefully put his Oakley ski goggles on over the helmet to achieve the look he wanted. He grabbed his webbing and CAR-15 and found his jeep driver, “Corporal, take me to the company, I have decided to join them on maneuvers today. Bring me to where ever my command vehicle is.”

Felipe jumped into the passenger seat of the jeep and sipped more out of his canteen and began singing an old battle tune as the jeep left the base and headed out for the hills.

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by Republica De Gran Chaco
Yanque, Chaco

“This letter is too thin and too late.” Luis Trujillo said over the phone, “They could have done more to stop this, and the deployment of foreign mercenary forces to New Columbia, shows that they are just buying time. These people aren’t serious. Don’t even bother a reply to Vionna-Frankenlisch, those fools won’t read it anyways, but warn off the Solisians, and make sure everyone connected with this island knows they have been warned off.”

“Yes sir, I’ll have it written up immediately.” Alvarado said over the phone, “Anything else you want?”

“No that’s it for now, I have to call Garcia, then head off to a campaign event with Cayo.” Luis said then hung up the phone.

He dialed his secretary then told him to get the defense minister on the line. Luis waited a moment fiddling with his lighter and mumbling curses. His wife had convinced him to cut back to just a pack a day for now, to try and help his wheezing at night. Luis had his cigarettes on a schedule now, and it was making him furious.

His secretary informed him that the Defense Minister was waiting on the line. Luis picked up the phone, “Garcia? Ok, we still have those subs out on mission from the McNernian threat correct? Ok good, I want them to shift mission to monitor and interdict anything coming from the Solisian Empire…Yes that’s right I don’t want them thinking they can just waltz around this place like its their playground, those people can learn that they don’t belong here. Also, tell the Carlanos to have their subs and air patrols watch out for the same thing. Understand?”

“Sir, I am also informing you that I have sent the 5th SEAD Squadron to San Carlo, and have quietly activated the VIII Tactical Reserve Group to get a few more SEAD squdrons prepared if the worst comes to it.” Garcia said.

“Fine, do what you need to do Garcia.” Luis said then hung up upon confirmation and checked his watch. He had fifteen minutes to go before he could have another cigarette. He opened up some nicotine gum and began chewing it unhappily.

To: Carmen Alamillo, Foreign Minister, Solisian Empire
CC: Republic of Ashab, Republic of San Carlo, Queimada, Empire of Vionna-Frankenlisch, New Columbia
BCC: New Edom, Novitera, Adiron
From: Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republica de Gran Chaco
Subject: Deployment to New Columbia
Security: High


It is with great shock that we find out about your people’s planned deployment to New Columbia. We had hoped that this was some kind of journalistic mistake in the newspapers, but since neither your government, nor that of Vionna-Frankenlisch has denied it, we now assume that it is truth.

This announcement could not come at a more sensitive time, and in fact now appears to be outright belligerency rather than just open disrespect. We are requesting that your government rescind any offer of military forces to Ayaca and cancel any planned deployment.

Failure to do so will be considered as hostile intent, and will be met with a response from our government.

Simon Alvarado,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica de Gran Chaco

Flores, San Carlo

Diego Montserrado had arrived in Flores the morning before. He had gotten settled into his hotel room and had met with Hector Ramos who had been in charge of handling Lord Hotspur. Diego was being sent by the Chacano Ministry of Intelligence to work with the Carlanos in seeing what they could do to prop this strange man, who had appeared out of the wilderness up. It seemed that New Columbia could not be trusted so continued Carlano support of the Indys was encourages, as well as Chacano support for this separate faction.

Diego had spent several hours talking with Hector working out the plans on what they wanted to do with Lord Hotspur, and once they came to an agreement the two spent the rest of the evening drinking at the bar and watching a soccer match that was on TV.

The next morning Diego woke and when he was shaved, showered, and dressed got on his room phone and dialed up Lord Hotspur, “Hello, Lord Hotspur? My name is Diego, I was referred by Hector Ramos. I was wondering if you would be willing to meet me for lunch early this afternoon?”

Chacano patrols were being scheduled regularly now along with the influx of Carlano squadrons that had moved south to be on the border. The E-2 Hawkeye that had been brought was also up when it could be, scanning the air for what ever was moving. Major Marin Medina was happy to see his squadron had taken to patrols in San Carlo well. He had also arranged some training days with the two close air support squadrons that had been deployed to the country as well.

The planes would simulate attack runs on places in the interior. Marin, knew that the Sky Raiders and Super Tucanos had also taken turns training with the Lancers and the CLI that were on the ground, so that their Forward Air Controllers could get some practice in, directing and coordinating air strikes. Over all so far, the training that took place had been going well. The Defense Ministry had made sure to well supply the deployed units so that they could conduct these kinds of exercises in anticipation for whatever was to come.

The longer the men stayed in San Carlo, and the smaller intense exercises they were ordered to conduct meant that more rumors grew everyday about what they could possibly be training for. Rumor had it that the New Columbians were planning some kind of invasion, and the announcement that Solisia was planning on deploying troops seemed to confirm that.

Marin was a bit skeptical at first, but then he saw that a SEAD squadron was being sent to San Carlo, and he began believing the rumors in his mind. He wondered just what the heck was happening, that was causing all of this tension over the region. It must be some kind of Vionnan plot to try and grab colonies from New Edom, Why else would this be getting so out of hand?