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First Contact (OOC/ PMT/ Open/ App)

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 8:39 am
by The Republic of Livonia

Colonel Oskar Konkol, Commanding Officer of the 1st Mechanized Brigade's 5th "Wolf's Head" Battalion.
Exercise " Electron 39 ", Nadbór region, The Republic of Livonia,
June 5th 2039, 1320 Hours

Oskar sat in his CP at the abandoned SILA weapons factory. The Factory spread out along a small valley between 3 high points that were located close to the small civilian area of Nadbór. Hill 350 to the north, Hill 372 to the South East, and Hill 316 to the direct South. Oskar was in charge of his Elite battalion of infantry that would soon defend themselves in a mock battle against allied nations to mimic what would happen if Russia's 454th Guards Motor-Rifle Regiment to the west and CSAT's Belarussian Brigade: "Wolf Spider" were to stage an attack. With the relations frosty between both Russia and Belarus, this was only one of the many outcomes but, was one of the more likely outcomes.

This would only happen if Russia Joined CSAT or better known as the Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty. Formed at the apex of the Canton Protocol summits in 2025, this strategic alliance of states is built upon the goals of mutual defence, expanded global influence, and sustained the economic growth of China, Iran, and their allies. Which of course had made itself an issue over the past decade. With issues caused in part by CSAT in the Green Sea with Takistan joining boxing Chenarus, another NATO ally, effectively blocking it in with CSAT and Russia on either side of it. A CSAT North African Division pressuring the African Union. The Mediterranean Sea Crisis and recently their involvement to much their dismay in the "Apex Protocol" scandal. In Oskar's mind, He didn't believe that Russia would involve itself with them, With CSAT moving from using Russian based copies to weapons developed in Iran. Russia will most likely focus on themselves than attempt to land grab unless it was going to backstab Belarus for leaving its realm of influence and under the protection of CSAT two year prior.

Oskar then shook his head, the last thing he needed to be thinking about was the political ramifications of what they were doing. They were doing manoeuvres within the Nadbór Region within the Andrzejów Commissariat. out of the three commissariats in Livonia, Andrzejów was important It contained the Livonian Parliament and the direct connection to their closest Nato Partner: Poland. The borders of the commissariat outlined the Andrzejów Gap which served as a vital link to the Baltics which held 3 more allies to Livonian's; Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. This gap would be the cause of the "Exercise Electron-39" training in the Nadbór region a 163 km2 region partly abandoned by the civilian population. The northern half of the Nadbór Training area would be used for the exercise to come. Nato and other Allies would gather here to learn about electronic warfare, combat reconnaissance, and chemical and biological hazard warfare.

He himself would be waiting at his CP waiting for the allied nations to arrive and join him here he would brief the commanders and organize training sessions where each nation would contribute towards one of the three topics then later on in the week they could conduct a mock battle using the new SIMCOM adapters developed by Livonia. The SIMCOM Adapter is a training tool used to simulate realistic gunfights. To function properly, a weapon needs to have the adapter attached to its muzzle and loaded with blank ammunition magazines. The participants of the training are also required to wear haptic feedback vests to simulate being hit by actual bullets. The SIMCOM Adapter then communicates with the vest to signal that the wearer has been shot. The system works by examining the direction the weapon is pointing. If the weapon is pointed towards a target using the haptic feedback vest (i.e. a dummy target) and the wielder fires a blank round, the target will receive feedback notifying it is shot. Compared to other training solutions such as paintballs, the SIMCOM Adapter allows soldiers to fire and experience their weapon as if it was firing real rounds. The fact that the actual weapon is used also makes it easier to train with the system. The SIMCOM Adapter can also calculate bullet trajectory, allowing users to train in a combat environment that remains as realistic as possible. When loaded with a live round - accidentally or otherwise - the adapter has safety features in place to prevent the bullet from being discharged. However, this may or may not destroy the device in the process.


Welcome to the First Contact RP

I hope I can get this RP gain som traction within this community which will hopefully be fun for the Modern Tech, Post Modern Tech, and Future Tech, RPer's as this RP will be going through all three stages We will start with the MT and as we progress through the story the players and their nations will be challenged.

We are using The Armaverse for our "world" so nations that exist in the Armaverse exist in this RP and if you wish to play as one of them please let me know. I do however wish for your own nation to join this RP as well. The choice is yours! In the following post will be an APP for you to fill out plus a list of nations you can pick to play as. If you're interested, please wait for the App to be posted before posting your interest!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:21 am
by The Republic of Livonia

In this roleplay, players will have a bunch of nations to play as well as some fictional nations. Here you will be able to pick how you would like to be apart of the story. There are 3 Factions you can be apart of during the events unfolding during the campaign and they are as follows; Allies, Enemies, or Observers.

Allies: These are picked nations that are apart of NATO, They will be taking part in "Exercise Electron 39" They will be sending the preset battalion and they will be able to customize characters and use that battalion as they see fit. The nations they can select and the battalion they will be sent are listed below. Each nation will have a skill level. Those with higher skill levels I expect more from them and are able to push the story along the path I have set. Those without a skill level are free to do what they want within reason.

USA [5]
13th Infantry Battalion "Viking"
United Kingdom [5]
45 Royal Marine Commando Battalion
France [4]
Régiment de marche du Tchad
Panzergrenadierbataillon 212
1st Mechanised Battalion/15th Giżycko Mechanised Brigade "Zawisza Czarny"
3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment
Czech Republic[3]
44th Light Motorized Battalion
21st Armored Battalion
I/66th Mountain Hunters Infantry Battalion "Montejurra"
25th Squadrons Group "Cigno" / Airmobile Brigade "Friuli"
528th Reconnaissance Battalion "Vlad Țepeș"
1st Motorized Infantry Battalion "Volyn"
2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion
The King Mindaugas Mechanized Hussar Battalion
6th Infantry Battalion
Sahrani [1]
1st Infantry Battalion (Mechanized)/ 1st Mechanized Division
Malden Republic [1]
2nd Highlanders Battalion / 3rd Mountain Brigade

Enemies: These for players that wish to play against the Allies players. However, Enemies faction will remain closed until enemies are revealed through the main story.

Observers: This Faction is a combination of both "Allies" and "Enemies". Observers are for players that wish to use their own nation to take part in the exercise as an Ally of Livonia but not part of NATO they can also observe the training being conducted with a smaller group of units openly or clandestinely. There are Three nations as well available to be used if need be. These nations can be used but only after an accepted Co-Op or myself have accepted it.

Russia [5]
223rd Special Purpose Detachment
454th Guards Motor-Rifle Regiment
Belarus [4]
Wolf Spider Brigade
62nd Infantry Battalion [Mountain]
Nordic Military Alliance for Defence [NOMAD]
122nd Infantry Battalion
3rd Forward Recon Detachment

[5: Veterans are preferred. Co-OP possible trusted to follow the storyline ]
[4: Veterans or Intermediate are preferred]
[3: Intermediate are preferred]
[2: Intermediate is preferred, Rookies are welcome]
[1: Rookies are preferred]


Code: Select all
First Contact Application
Faction: (Allies/Enemies/Observer)
Nation Name: (The name of your nation or the nation that you selected)
Main Character: (the character you will view this story through)
Name of the Battalion: (name of the selected nations battalion or the name of the battalion or unit you have selected)
Level of skill: (1= Rookie 5= Veteran
RP Example: (Example of your skill, could be written on the spot or a link to one of your best posts)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 8:43 pm
by The Republic of Livonia
Accepting applications now welcome to the First Contact RP.

You are welcome to start posting your applications if you wish!