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Fortis Naval Vessel Golden arrow (MT/IC)

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2019 9:44 pm
by Walkerfort
before joining in rp

please fill out your character form there


The ship sits in the port of new artilla, the size dwarfing a few fortis navy vessels that'll protect her on her voyage,
the sounds of tourists and families chatting, vlogging and such are mixed with the sound of infantry from the local garrison being loaded onboard to protect her from pirates and the such. officers standing by various posts, security at the ready to engage enemy forces.

port st laurens is seeing the most tourism it has in it's history, buses race back and forth to bring tourists and locals onboard the golden arrow.
the captain watches from his control bridge, having been assigned to the position by Miguel himself.

the fishermen watch from their boats as navy patrols sail by, because even If a single pirate managed even a bit of damage it would get a general killed, so for days the local navy patrolled St laurens heavily

(adventure starts in the port terminal 2-1)

terminal 2-1, the guards are known to be serious and aren't seen on breaks alot, some are awfully tired but keep up their work. the anthem of walkerfort plays as guides and other workers do their best to make the experience the best they can

however three sneaky and weird figures are seen sitting far from each other with intent to get onboard


PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 3:17 pm
by Walkerfort
the terminals open the gate to the ship, sailors make final checks around the ship and the several navy officers watch over the bridges leading into the ship as people start to board. the three figures are now mixed in the crowd as they get into the illustrious ship, the naval officers who seem real tired now don't really care about suspicious people that much. Fortunately, there are some the best officers and soldiers onboard the golden arrow and seem to notice most suspicious behaviours. however all seems fine, too fine.

The Nusantaran Representative on awaiting to leave the hotel

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 6:18 pm
by Indonesian Peoples
As Ferdian, feeling tired and excited, walks down the steps in the JW Marriott hotel, a man in black suit with a red-white-yellow napkin tucked in his front shirt pocket. ”oh **it...” says Ferdian silently. “Hey, Ferdian!” Says him while running towards Ferdian. ”God dammit, he noticed me.” Says him again. “So, i feel the negotiation with the higher ups of Vietnam was successful, eh? Eh?” Says him while nudging repeatedly. “Uhh, yes leon...” Says Ferdian in a tired irritated way. “Of course it was! Haha!” there was silence. ”Say was there a fight? Did we get more land? Did they Cry?! Di-“ says leon happy and cheerful while being cut off by Ferdian. “No, Yes, No, we resolved the Viet-indo bor- wait a minute, im not even allowed what to say. Soo why dont you just go to the car and leave me be, hmm?!” Says Ferdian at the level of irritation. “Yes! I will be...” leon continues talking while walking away towards the car not knowing that Ferdian can’t even hear him. “This is going to be a long day...” says ferdian while sighing, knowingly what’s possibly going to happen, sitting waiting for his luggage with his bodyguards.

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2019 8:11 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Marquise Elua Ishkalik and her husband Bezgir Urmarkan(yes, he was related to Sishkan'r Urmarkan, founder of the Rezmaeristan Workers' Syndicalist Front and liberator of Rezmaeristan; albeit distantly) boarded their plane at Shana Tupritila International Airport. The ducal family of Ishkalik owned a private jet, but it was primarily for the use of the Duke and Duchess; ducal children could only use it for official trips, so Elua would have to use a commercial airliner. Nonetheless, business class on Tikumi'irhai, Rezmaeristan's national airline, was certainly fit for the child of a duke. It was reverse herringbone leather seats trimmed in Rezmaeristan's national colors(orange, tan, and gold). As airlines went, the food was pretty good. 10 hours after taking off, the plane landed at the airport in Port St. Laurens. They all had carryons, and so had no need to wait for baggage claim. They went straight to the ground transportation area, where they entered a limo arranged for them, taking them directly to the port. Elua was wearing a loose green dress with blue-white-silver trim around the cuffs and torso and an orange-black-red pattern around the skirt, and a long green-teal-black diamond patterned headscarf which did not cover her face, but reached down over her back. Bezgir had on a red-and-gray turban, with a long red vest and gray tunic.
"You've arrived.", said the limo driver.

The couple exited the limo and headed for the terminal. After a walk, they made their way to the dock.

So they joined the crowd, eagerly awaiting what they hoped would be a pleasant, uneventful cruise, as they waited to board. The crowd was a diverse bunch, but mostly Fortis(they themselves, of course, were diverse-looking) and an Indo-Iranian couple in their traditional dress would hardly stick out among such as group.

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 12:05 am
by Walkerfort
an old man, probably in his 60s, grey hair hidden under a flatcap, wearing a suit and tie and short in stature walks up to a podium on the bow deck of the golden arrow,
a big and crowded balcony cheer him along with most in the terminals. he stands up proudly and starts to speak

"hello! my name is Wincenty Hyacintha! welcome to golden arrow! now... I am the man who came up with this idea and had talked with glorious figures in our grand nation, I am so excited to see this ship sail off and visit many places!.. we even brought the military to protect our innocent people.. To let all of you know the ship has several pools on the roof, A casino in the mid section, a fancy restaurant in the stern section, some small shops in the bow section and of course the lovely living quarters spread out in the ship, but.. there's also a ball area for special guests between the restaurant and casino sections, may they have a wonderful time onboard... many thanks to god, the navy, the leader, capitalism and of course the people... now... WElCOME TO GOLDEN ARROW!"

many tourists cheered and gave applause, fortis people seem to really enjoy the speech and showed off their bit of nationalism, meanwhile sailors got things ready for june 1st as much luggage needed to loaded, several checks on the hull and ship are being conducted and to entertain the crowd, the navy obtained the go ahead to conduct a small show of them arresting a pirate

a small dinghy with pirate looking figures storm into dock, two naval vessels ram the side of the dinghy and a helicopter stuns the actors playing the pirates, soon the pirates are apprehended by Fortis special forces.

crowds cheer as they see the show, some are just intrested and others wanted just wanted to sail off

The Nusantaran representatives arived

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 5:13 am
by Indonesian Peoples
A little before the pirate show goes on, a long black limo escorted with Modified Black Ford SUVs’ with Nusantaran Flags arrived at the port.

*While a Bodyguard Trying to open the door, muffed voices can be heard.

“...riously we’re almost late! I knew we should go to the avenue but no!” Says Ferdian Rushing out of the car with his suitcase, thinking its too late.

“Well its all you-“ says leon while being cut off.

“There it Is! Thank god it didnt left yet... just look at it. Looks like a modern titanic dont ya think? I can’t believe that the government chooses a cruise to back home! Although a normal plane would be nice, but who cares!” says Ferdian looking at the cruise ship from afar.

*Huff well... *puff i could say... if only you didnt run... *huff says leon tired from the running.

“Well now leon, let’s all don’t be rude. Just enjoy the scenery and the cruise! i’m sure nothing terrible and life threatening is going to befell on us!” says Ferdian while opening up a pair of sunglasses from his pocket.

*There was silence other than the near waves and gulls on the port

“You know what, here. Go fetch us some cold sparkling water or something later on.” says Ferdian handing out an American $100 bill.

They, including 4 bodyguards, then join in the crowd a bit late missing a portion of the action.

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2019 6:56 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Elua watched the pirate show, translating the announcements for her husband Bezgir(he understood it and could speak it, but not too well) "Good thing this is just a show', she said. Bezgir joked "How do you know it won't happen for real?" Elua playfully nudged Bezgir, saying "They wouldn't let any pirates near this ship. We have the Navy to protect us and as far as I know these waters are safe. Besides, we're nobles. If we were to be caught, Dada would almost certainly have a rescue mission sent. And that's a BIG if. Long story short, we're safe."

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 6:54 am
by Walkerfort
a group of soldiers that are part of walkerfort's newest army program, the foreign fighters walk up to Elua's family in what seems to be awe.

"are they nobles?"

"it's an honor to have you people onboard!"

"I'm from your country!"

"we are the foreign legion of walkerfort ma'am"

"We hope you enjoy the cruise!"

the soldiers are lightly armed, newly trained, cheerful and naïve. They have seen quite a few foreigners and greeted them with mostly positive feedback. their squad leader is somewhere around 25 - 28, tall and blonde and most of her Squad seem to have indian or Chinese heritage.

"hi! I'm the squadleader.. Sorry if we are bothering you... they just want to be friendly and such" says the squadleader

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 8:22 am
by Rezmaeristan
Elua looked at the soldiers and noticed a man with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes speaking Rezmaeri. She could tell by his accent he was a Jakitagbocki, from the capital.

"Nice to see a fellow Rezmaeri. Someone we can talk to in our language- Speaking English all the time gets a bit tiresome."

Bezgir agreed. "So does speaking Chinese. All those words that sound similar- I've known it a long time but you never know when you might have a tone slip. Honey, didn't you go to China once for a study abroad program and show me those badly translated signs? There was one in Chinese and English, you explained to me that "Stir-fried duck" had been translated as "F*** the duck until exploded." Wait that was a menu wasn't it?"

"Yeah, it was. I expect there won't be any Chinglish here. They're pulling out all the stops for this thing." answered Elua.

Bezgir responded, "Imagine if it were to become a meme, though. It would be funny but may or may not be good for business."

PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 6:57 pm
by Felsigberg
After being led to his room by a beautiful stewardess, Franz and his wife, decide to explore the ship. It is amazingly nostalgic. It reminds him of the Flachland Provincial Capitol, where he was inspired to join the Felsigberg Army by the then-dictator, Martin Weber.

He cant wait to become Prime Minister, as he was just elected, but chose this magnificent ship as the place to sworn-in. They leave the executive suite level. They tour the ship. Although Olga was his third wife, his first two failed. He knew, Olga was the one. They had one daughter together.

He and Olga dined on an amazing steak. They retired to their cabin and fell asleep watching movies together, like the good old days

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 2:15 am
by Walkerfort

sounds of the Airforce practicing their show are heard along with the sound of tanks and the newer models of Tripods are heard from walker's lane. walker lane is a large open area between elsridge and St laurens specifically made for parades in order to accommodate the newer tripods. The jets are visible from the decks of FNV GA and most of St laurens. they impress most of the people watching and cheers are heard from the soldiers.

"LONG LIVE WALKERFORT! BASTION OF FREEDOM!" yells some fortis soldiers and normal civilians as they cheer the pilots on.

the anthem plays as richard leads a squadron called the nine tailed fox and they do one hell of a show. most of the fortis celebrate and sing to their anthem showing their pride. Helicopters fly overhead and leaves a tri colour trail in the colour and order of the flag. soon things calm down and people go back to work and doing their normal stuff.

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:02 am
by The Archipelago Territory
Elijah was waiting near his cabin. He was forced to go on this trip. The President booked a trip for him just to get him out of the Presidential Center. He knew the truth. The President was stressed. He was being called to Command Ops every day because of the conflict in Diyaristan. Now he declared war. His troops are being held hostage there, and he deployed them. It was destroying the poor guy. But Elijah hadn’t declined the offer to go on this trip. After all, it was a free cruise. And now he was here. He wasn’t in the Department of Foreign Affairs. He barely knew the policy of any other nations here. He was watching the Air Force show. That was cool. Who were those suspicious figures getting on the boat? They looked odd, but then again, it would definitely be offensive if he pointed them out. But he was keeping an eye on them.

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 1:55 pm
by Rhyssua
Zoltan Sinko shaded his eyes as he stepped into the terminal, looking around with a practiced ease. Apart from a few Chinese-looking men loitering around the terminal, there didn't seem anything out of the ordinary. Before he take another step, a pair of no-nonsense security guards accosted him, weapons drawn.

" are?" One of them asked, pocketing his weapon and outstretching a hand. The other hung back, his pistol leveled at Zoltan's face. Zoltan raised his eyebrows a little, then slowly pulled out his invitation and ID. The guard snatched them rom Zoltan and scanned his face, comparing his face to the picture on the ID card. While they

Realizing the problem, Zoltan chuckled a little and tossed the right side of his suit jacket over his shoulder. It revealed that his right arm was housed in a black sling, making it appear that he was hiding a gun.

The guards noticed the sling and immediately relaxed. The one holding his ID and invitation handed them back to Zoltan, reddening a little.

"I apologize for the suspicion sir," he began. Zoltan smiled a little and waved away his concerns.

"No, you're fine," Zoltan said. "You're doing your job."

The guards nodded their gratitude and stepped aside. After glancing at the figures seated around the terminal one last time, Zoltan boarded the ship with a smile. They did their job. Now he would do his.

He walked around every part of the ship that he was allowed to, even pretending to get lost a few times so he could view some restricted areas. Zoltan was no artist, but he could appreciate masterpieces when he saw them. And the Golden Arrow was, undoubtedly, a masterpiece.

PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2019 5:48 pm
by The Archipelago Territory
Austin boarder the ship. It was pretty big, but some things stood out. First, his wife, Sofia, pointed out to him those Chinese people who looked suspicious at the terminal. The guards were eyeing them, so he thought it would be fine. The crisis in Diyaristan was wearing him out. He was just glad he and his wife were on this vacation. But then again, the Opposition Party was using this as an excuse to destroy him. “We’re at war with the Sevevellian Empire, being accused of international crimes, and are facing a recession, all while the President and his top attorney decide to go on vacation, leaving Vice President Cooper to deal with these crises!” claimed one Opposition congressperson. “Wait, does he have a gun?” asked Sofia. He saw what was happening. Security was pointing their weapons at a man who looked like he had a gun in his pocket! It was just a false flag though. The President had enough of this though. As he saw the man “getting lost” (how many times can you get lost?), he raised his suspicions, remembering that some kind of International Body declared him a “criminal” and was looking for him. He made his way to Elijah’s cabin, where he would discuss things with him, heading back to his own room to eat dinner and fall asleep, still uneasy of the fact that the ship was full of suspicious people.

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2019 8:00 am
by Pan-Asiatic States
Allan Lawrencio blended in with the boarding crowd. He arrived with his wife, Loretta, and was rather excited with the whole journey. He had only one bodyguard on him, who didn't bother him or anyone else, a member of the Cadre for Party Security. Allan Lawrencio was a close relation of the late Fernando Lawrencio; a stout Communist and Pan-Asiatic patriot. But this never showed. Perhaps some would recognize him, but he hoped they didn't. Today, he only wanted to enjoy a nice break from the politics of the capital. The bright daybreak shone on his face like a nice warm shower. He peacefully boarded, listened to the captain's prodding (snickering a little upon the mention of "thanking capitalism"), left their luggage at their room, and hit the restaurant.

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2019 8:22 pm
by Walkerfort
the ship's engines start up, most get onboard but for those who stay behind, a helicopter taxi service that was recently doing trips across St laurens are offering rides to the ship if they are late. the ship gets ready to leave as the gates close. the anchor is raised, the moors are detached and illustrious ship starts to move out of port. many cheer as the ship sails off with the grand navy protecting her.

the ship gets out of port and she sails off. the gold highlights on the ship reflect the sunlight as she heads south to her first stop, Hanoi, the northern city of Vietnam. the golden arrow's captain talks with first mate

C: "are we doing well?"

FM: "most certainly captain"

C: "wonderful, some are talking about suspcious figures but... ah well... we have a good defense force"

FM: "heh.. it's not likely this ship will go down, god himself could never sink this ship"

PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:51 am
by Felsigberg
Franz Krüger puts his hand on a copy of The Constitution of The Republic of Felsigberg. He is surrounded by his Deputy Prime Minister, his wife and Attorney General.

"I, Franz Krüger, of The Province of Flachland, swear to uphold these laws with my life, to give my all in the name of Felsigberg. If I do not hold true to these, may the people smite me down."

"Franz Krüger and Anne Kerzenmacher, I announce you Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. May you serve Felsigberg well."

Franz and Olga spend the next few hours dining on the ship, as well as exploring the rest of it.

The food is great and the ship is still magnificent.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:59 am
by The Archipelago Territory
Austin and Sofia were aboard a large ship with a bunch of suspicious figures, tons of government officials, and their protection unit. What could go wrong? Earlier today he got off a conference call with the 200 top ranking military officials regarding the Pan-Asiatic States’ potential evolvement in Diyaristan, and how it might affect the crisis in Diyaristan. Huh, maybe that’s why people were complaining about the WiFi.

Austin heard a sudden, loud knock on the door, followed by “Open up!” There was his protection unit, holding their weapons. They gestured for him to follow them, as they brought him through the ship’s corridors. “Sir, you are the highest ranking Archipelago Official aboard this boat, we need you in the Command Cabin. There’s been an incident.” The President was rushed to the cabin, where he proceeded to his seat. It looked like Commander Vasquez was arguing with the ship’s security guards, who were screaming back at him. “ENOUGH!” yelled the President, slamming the table. “I’m sorry for yelling, but can someone please explain what is going on?” Vazquez answered, “Yes sir. About five minutes ago, a man only saying he was “from the pacific” barged in to a conversation your Secretary of Justice was having with another passenger. As he showed the other passenger a meme, the unidentified man took Elijah’s phone and ran up to the ship’s deck, grabbing a life vest and proceeded to jump into the Ocean, being picked up by a speedboat. The problem is, if he gets Elijah’s password he would have access to loads of classified information. The Secretary of Justice is the highest ranking attorney, we can’t let anyone get his government phone.”

The President hesitated, thinking of his options. “We have 200 troops stationed in Walkerfort. Deploy 20 of them to retrieve his phone. Austin didn’t need this. Everywhere he went, even on a vacation like this, he was always having to handle emergency situations.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:28 am
by Walkerfort
the suspicious figures have seemed to disappeared somewhere, no one knows where they ended up or how but seems all is good. however unknown to all, the golden arrow carries some "intresting cargo" meant for one of the locations, the military is keeping people out of the mid lower decks and some are curious to the cargo.

"damn I hate these stupid snoopers"

"Agreed, nosey moralists"

"heh... but we have guns and they don't"

"hey! keep your guard up..."

some soldiers on deck to try and mingle with the patrons with mixed results, drinking on the job has become a problem and the MP are overwhelmed

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:16 pm
by Felsigberg
While Olga is napping, Franz decides to take a walk through the ship. He walks down the hall, stumbling evertime the ship hits a wave. Franz grew up farming and hunting, not sailing and fishing!
He walked up a deck where soldiers were mingling with the guests on the ship.
He was relatively unknown, but every now and then a rich snob would congratulate him on his victory in the election. He eventually walked to the stern deck of the ship, where the sun chairs were.
He laid his tired, aching body down and closed his eyes.
To his surprise, a soft, feminine voice was to be heard. "Are you Franz Krüger? Prime Minister of Felsigberg?". He opened his eyes and looked at her. She had shoulder length, dirty blonde hair, and was wearing a two piece swim suit. He tanned body excited Franz in a way that he had not felt in a long time.
"Uh, yep. Libertarian Party of Felsigberg!". She smiled, "I am Luisa Fernandez, daughter of the President of San Mateo Iron and Steel Corporation.". They looked at eachother, silently. The beautiful girl bit her bottom lip. "Meet me at the closet by the restroom during the grand buffet.". She got up, and strutted away.
"Oh shit. I wish I didn't cheat on my first wife." He groaned. He sat there, tanning, and went for another walk to the bar. He ordered his favourite. Pepsi and Vodka. The taste made Franz feel reinvigorated. He left the bar after finishing his drink, and tipping five Gelds, went back to his cabin, and watched the film adaptation of The Ballad of The Hans.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:52 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Elua and Bezgir were on the mid-deck. They'd just finished up at the waterpark/pool, and recognized a familiar face in a military uniform. It was the foreign legionnaire they'd met before boarding, and they couldn't tell if he was on duty. His uniform was a bit sloppy, partially unbuttoned.
"Hey, Your Grace!" he called to them in Rezmaeri, surprisingly not as drunk as his breath would imply.

"Tishkapur, right?" asked Elua.

"Private First Class Dalir Tishkapur. Assigned to security. I'm required to ask you if you've seen any suspicious figures on board. They should be somewhat Chinese-looking. No racial profiling though, some of my fellow legionnaires have Chinese blood. And they're not going to be dressed conspicuously so also don't be looking out for silk shirts."

Elua and Bezgir laughed.

Bezgir asked, "You wanna drink?"

Dalir consented, and the three went up to the bar. Unlike Bezgir, Dalir was fluent in English. This wasn't necessarily a good thing though- he started hitting on women by the bar. Surprisingly, he was doing okay- until an MP showed up and told him to concentrate. To make a point to the MP he started questioning a Chinese woman in a silk dress.

"Ma'am, I would like to take you over to my sergeant's office-"

"Is this just an excuse to take me somewhere? Alright, I'll gladly go!" she said in Chinese, which both Bezgir and Dalir spoke; Elua could tell what was going on just by reading body language.

"Isn't this ironic? He said no racial profiling and here he is racially profiling. I think he's just using it as an excuse for something else,though , if you know what I mean." said Elua.

"Oh, that's plain, even more so if you know what he was saying", added Bezgir, translating what Dalir had said in Chinese into Rezmaeri. "Let's go get changed and see if there's anything fun going on".

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:56 am
by The Archipelago Territory
It was Commander Vasquez’s second time being deployed. He had a few soldiers with him, and he was going after someone he had no intel on. He let down the rope and slid down to the boat, where a man had plugged the phone into his computer with a USB. He went to grab it, and successfully got the phone, before realizing that the man was holding a shotgun. “Who the hell are you?” He asked. Once the man saw the other soldiers, he quickly closed the laptop and threw it in the ocean, and handed the commander the phone. Commander Vasquez wasn’t stupid though. With all 20 of his soldiers pointing their weapons at the man from the helicopter, Vasquez asked “Who are you, who do you work for, what bugs did you put on the phone, and did you send information to anyone?” He smiled, before the boat went up in flames from an explosion. Vasquez managed to get off just in time, grabbing the rope and climbing it. Huh, maybe his PE classes did help. When they got back to the ship, he instructed Elijah’s personal protection unit on what to do. “I’m gonna keep this phone, it’s probably bugged. For now, give Elijah a new iPhone. Also, tell CyberCommand to check this phone and see where this was plugged in or if it has any spyware.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:22 am
by Walkerfort
the bar, 9:15 PM

"WOOO! how is everyone tonight?" yells the same blonde squadleader now drunk and has her uniform in a state of neglect

"GOD$@##@T RILEY GET THE F#@%+& DOWN!" yells a short, 18 maybe 20 and blonde MP

"ah F#%@ you james!" riley shouts back before james runs up and tackles her

the MP are quickly regaining control however, some of the guests start to become fussy about the fact that some MPs are checking them because of them being chinese

"THIS IS RASCISM! STOP HARRASSING US!" screams a chinese woman at an MP who asked to look at her and check her

"Ma'am I just want to check incase of any bombs or something" calmly responds the MP before being screamed at by the chinese woman

PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:24 am
by Walkerfort
nearby Hanoi

The MP finally cleared the drunken soldiers up and are now resting or back on patrol. The nearby FNV st laurens, the latest destroyer that came to escort the golden arrow decides to have a bit of a show so orders were sent to the FNV charlie to release balloons. soon red balloons are in the sky and the St laurens shoot them down using her AA batteries and then orders were sent to three PT boats telling them to impress the guests with their speedy crafts. they obliged and soon the PT boats sailed around the golden arrow in a very professional manner. many were impressed, some annoyed and the captain seems to enjoy it.

meanwhile in the bar

Wincenty Hyacintha was chatting with some VIPs when he noticed they were close to Hanoi so he decided to walk to his private quarters and give an announcement.

"ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to say we are near Hanoi and such the dance will happen soon, don't be late!"

the annoucenment is heard throughout the ship and many decided to partake in it.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:03 am
by Indonesian Peoples
With Ferdian in his room taking a nap, he was awoken by the sudden sound of the speaker.

“Zzz... *insert speaker... AeLsO... wha?? W-what time is it now... 9:19...”

Walkerfort wrote:nearby Hanoi

"ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to say we are near Hanoi-

“Hanoi? Oh hey, thats is where those a**holes negotiator live... Great... ”

Walkerfort wrote: -dance will happen soon, don't be late!

“ A dance? A Dance?! Oh shot! Maybe i wi...“

He Ramble through out the time, getting ready for the dance.