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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 10:32 am
by Bashriyya
OOC: Basically I want this to be a thread, from where numerous terrorist groups on NS could begin attacks in multiple nations. As well as intelligence agencies and special operations groups coordinating to stop the spread of terrorism from these various groups as well as martial law, border closings, drone strikes, special ops, media response, media blackouts, diplomatic posts, condemnations and attacks on terrorist strongholds abroad. As well as investigations into who could possibly be arming and funding the terrorists?



A silent strike was about to begin, as the French went about their daily business, everything seemed calm they were eating their baguettes and drinking their coffee. Talking in their funny accents, living life and were having just the usual day of the average French person often times cheating on their spouse, eating moldy cheese or getting drunk. However this day was no usual day, and it was no happy go lucky day for sure as it was about to be for many their last day.

It was 7:10 PM in Paris, France Muhammed Abdullah was a fighter pilot in the French air-force, a second generation child from Muslim immigrants from Bashriyya. His cousin whom he was very close to was killed by SACTO forces in Bashriyya, Muhammed Abdullah seeking for revenge was approached by an underground Sunni Islamic terror cell run by remnants of Bashriyyan intelligence known as Al-Sayf (The Sword) Today he was about to show his worth in what he viewed as martyrdom. During a training flight, where he would be carrying live ammunition. Muhammed Abudullah speeding in his Dassault Rafale he would speed past the Effiel tower going completely out of order ignoring orders from the control tower. Then he would unleash his payload of two AASM missiles destroying the Eiffel Tower causing it to collapse and then finishing off by crashing his jet into a crowd of fleeing tourists and native French people.

The French public was terrified and soon after the government declared a state of emergency, after reports of armed gun-men firing at emergency personnel were reported contributing to the devastation and chaos.


At a studio somewhere in Bashriyya
A video would be uploaded anonymously with an Islamist logo, an American accent would speak.
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


Avenging the Tawaghit

Background Nasheed

to Dhul Qadah 1439 (10/08/2018) - All praise is due to Allah who said:

"Who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah or rejects His Signs? For such, their portion appointed must reach them from the Book (of decrees): until, when our messengers (of death) arrive and take their souls, they say: "Where are the things that ye used to invoke besides Allah." They will reply, "They have left us in the lurch," And they will bear witness against themselves, that they had rejected Allah." [Al-Araf, 37]

In the night of Friday in France the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Bashriyya has struck a blow to the infidel, we have undertaken the necessary steps to establish an Islamic State in Bashriyya for the interests of the Islamic nation. The military section for our foreign security operations has conducted a series of raids against the Crusader states of France and and next shall be the United States, this is an open deceleration of war against the Kuffar and the begging of a new era for Jihad.

Our military is active throughout the globe from America to East Asia and from the southern tips of Africa to Chechnya, our men will act upon command and we have specified targets in our campaign as part of our war on disbelief and we will introduce terror everywhere. Most of us standing before you are foreign fighters, we immigrated to your countries, you let us in and we stood as sleepers prepared to strike. This attack was done to bring attention to the occupation of Bashriyya by the greedy crypto-Jews who run SACTO in particular the nations of Inyursta, the traitors in Riysa, and the Zionist Imperialists of Nifon. SACTO is the Zionist and kuffar Army in the land of the Muslims. We urge all muslims to engage in Jihad against the occupiers and their supporters abroad.

Allah is the Greatest and all praise is due to him.


PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 10:51 am
by Raven corps
Terra International City- Nation of Kornosia- Corporate Headquarters- Office of Colderon Jason Zion

The news was awash with the randomness of modern life such stories about drag ueen little boys and the ramblings of pundits which political bias' of all spectrum's. However, no all news is created equal. A sudden interruption of the standard humdrum as a breaking news alert flashed across the screen, prompting Colderon to cease his simple puff and sip routine and and give it a modicum of attention.

Background Nasheed

to Dhul Qadah 1439 (10/08/2018) - All praise is due to Allah who said:

"Who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah or rejects His Signs? For such, their portion appointed must reach them from the Book (of decrees): until, when our messengers (of death) arrive and take their souls, they say: "Where are the things that ye used to invoke besides Allah." They will reply, "They have left us in the lurch," And they will bear witness against themselves, that they had rejected Allah." [Al-Araf, 37]

In the night of Friday in France the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Bashriyya has struck a blow to the infidel, we have undertaken the necessary steps to establish an Islamic State in Bashriyya for the interests of the Islamic nation. The military section for our foreign security operations has conducted a series of raids against the Crusader states of France and and next shall be the United States, this is an open deceleration of war against the Kuffar and the begging of a new era for Jihad.

Our military is active throughout the globe from America to East Asia and from the southern tips of Africa to Chechnya, our men will act upon command and we have specified targets in our campaign as part of our war on disbelief and we will introduce terror everywhere. Most of us standing before you are foreign fighters, we immigrated to your countries, you let us in and we stood as sleepers prepared to strike. This attack was done to bring attention to the occupation of Bashriyya by the greedy crypto-Jews who run SACTO in particular the nations of Inyursta, the traitors in Riysa, and the Zionist Imperialists of Nifon. SACTO is the Zionist and kuffar Army in the land of the Muslims. We urge all muslims to engage in Jihad against the occupiers and their supporters abroad.

Allah is the Greatest and all praise is due to him.

As far as terror plots went it seemed fairly bland and generic- stop an occupation, feel the wrath of Allah. Though the targets of this group was a biton the small and boring side as well. The United States of America had fractured a hundred time and reforged itself just as many time and who knew which name it was going by these days... same with France and what exactly is a crypto-Jew? These questions swirled around his mind and provided him some entertainment as a thought experiment. Colderon put his cigar down and pressed a small red button on his desk and his secretary came on line.

"Yes sir?" she plainly replied.

"See if we can track down a group operating in the French Remenant states and a nations known as Bashriyya. I believe we found a great location to liquidate some older stock and it will likely be a massive upgrade of their current stock."

The Secretary was heard tapping away on her keyboard taking notes. Of course Sir, I'll have our Sales departments try and make contact.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 11:00 am
by Bronze Serpent
Bronze Serpent Headquarters

Gregory Sears was chomping a cigar sitting with his second in command Baker, they were watching an emergency report. the Effiel tower had collapsed, and a jihadi suicide pilot had crashed into a large group of people death toll was rising, and there were reports of armed gunmen firing on emergency personnel. Sears said "Damn, I knew they would do it!" Baker banged his fist on the table "Those bastards, they played us like a damn fiddle!"

"We knew the Bashriyyans had a target, but didn't think they would pick Paris. The French had nothing to do with the occupation, looks like we failed. But why did they send an encrypted message telling us there would be an attack?" said Sears

Baker responded "The question is who? and the answer is they did it to mock us."

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 11:23 am
by Khataiy
Eastern Deir ez-Zor Governorate, Syria

Islamic Caliphate video statement on the attack (background nasheed)

Islamic Caliphate broke off from ISIS weeks ago blaming Baghdadi for the group's downfall stating he wasn't harsh enough when needed and was a crypto-Baathist working with the intelligence agencies of Turkey, Khataiy and others, the group's new Caliph a Bashrian citizen himself has also claimed ISIS is purely a tribal movement under the guise of an Islamic State. Islamic Caliphate has openly declared war on their former leaders from ISIS as well as Jazira another movement in eastern Syria formed by ex-rebels, former Arab allies of YPG, Syrian tribes and ISIS defectors who left the group seeing its downfall as well.

The Islamic Caliphate's support came mostly from foreign fighters from North Africa and the former Soviet Union, the group published a video statement commenting on Bashriyya's Jihadist movement,

"In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful, the soldiers of the Caliphate have a message for the so-called Islamic State of Bashriyya we ask first where does your allegiance fall? Do you stand with the falsehood of Baghdadi, the Jewish spy Zawahiri or with the honorable Commander of the Faithful Abu Abdus Samad al Qureishi? Our Caliphate expands daily from deserts of Sham to the southern regions of Bashriyya and soon if God wills our Caliphate will rule Baghdad and Damascus.

We fought hard in Raqqa against the Atheists and the Crusaders only to see the true nature of Baghdadi's project, we saw how this so-called Islamic State was, in all of its fakeness and we call upon the Mujahideen in Bashriyya to unite under the Caliphate's Authority. We congratulate you on this blessed raid during the month of Jihad, Ramadan, these raids are essential to Jihad.

We vow to avenge the Martyrs of Raqqa and Mosul who Baghdadi failed to avenge, we vow to conquer Paris and Rome. We will march on forward until we attain one of the two virteous outcomes victory or martyrdom for sake of Allah. We warn the apostates who joined the so-called 'Jazira Islamic Front' that you are not safe from us either neither are the Baghdadi loyalists we call on all the Wilayat of the Baghdadi State to join the real Caliphate from West Africa to Khataiy to Khorasan and East Asia

We tell all the Kuffar, Apostates and Ignorant ones that Allah is with us and a grand conquest is coming soon after Baghdadi Bashar, Nashid and Khairallah are next."

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 11:32 am
by Kobanie
This is racistic against Europeans...

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 11:34 am
by Raven corps
Kobanie wrote:This is racistic against Europeans...

OOC: This is a Roleplay. If your looking for Real Life subject matters for debate and discussion please look for the Forum called "General". If you are looking to join in an RP I would recommend you first read all of the sticky threads at the top of the Forum page to learn and understand how RP works within NS. Thanks

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 7:26 pm
by Organized States
The Executive Office, West Wing
Adams House, Washington, D.C.

"Gentlemen, let's shift to the situation around Paris." President James Conrad said before taking a sip of his coffee. "I saw it in the briefing contents, but I'm not entirely up-to-date on what we have on the attacker. He was a French Air Force pilot?" The former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Secretary of State exuded both confidence and a sense of youthfulness, despite his nearly seventy years of age. He combined elder statesmen and youthful energy into a potent political combination that had long perplexed most people, unable to decipher where exactly his personality came from. Perhaps it was his brief stint as an Air Force pilot before injury ended his career or maybe it was his time as a CIA Officer. More than likely, however, it was just Conrad.

"Yes, sir. The name of the attacker is Muhammed Abdullah, a French Air Force captain. His identity was given to us by DGSI as there was some concern on their part that he may have trained here in the Organized States." Lieutenant General Park Jung-Eun, Director of National Intelligence, spoke up. "Sarah" Park, a new addition to the National Security Council, had started her career much like Conrad at the Air Force Academy and made a name for herself both as an aviator before migrating to the Defense Clandestine Service and ascending to the Directorship of the Defense Intelligence Agency. A talented and ambitious officer with a close working relationship to the Adams House, she was a favorite for a future membership on the Joint Chiefs. "I spoke with Bill Wilde at the Bureau and so far none of their intelligence points to any personal connections between Abdullah and anyone here in the States."

"Sir, I'd like to take the opportunity to bring up the reemergence of the quote-unquote caliphate in the former Raqqa area." Dr. Peter Salman, Conrad's successor at Central Intelligence, continued. Bispecled and greying with age despite his best efforts, the former Director of Operations had made himself both a keen analyst and a reliable source of backchannel information. "We've turned the heat onto Daesh in the region, but I'm concerned that they may be attempting to go underground and to the floor much quicker than we thought."

"Lizzie, where does State stand on all this?" Conrad turned to Secretary of State Elizabeth Price Collins, another long-time collegue plucked from her attempt to return to academia at Georgetown.

"Sir, State still stands by the opinion that we gained more by letting our SACTO partners handle the mess in Bashriyya, and that we need to focus our efforts more on the fight in Syria." Collins replied with a level of clarity that often contrasted her sharply with her policywonk peers on the Beltway.

"And that is an opinion that Defense most certainly shares. Personally, sir, I'm of the opinion that we need to really turn the heat up on the new Caliphate before their plans for Ramadan get anymore bold." Acting Secretary of Defense James McMahon, another former long-time collegue of Conrad who had served as an Army Green Beret before heading the Defense Intelligence Agency for the better part of a decade. With the resignation of Bill Lowell last month due to his battle with liver cancer, McMahon had gladly stepped into the role while the White Hourse searched high and low across the nation's capital for a replacement.

"Don't mind me asking Jim, but how do you intend to turn the heat up on the Caliphate? From what Sarah has told me previously, our signals intelligence on the new offshoot is quite limited." Conrad responded. As President, he unsurprisingly put a high emphasis on having the information with him before he made a decision and as the former Director of the CIA, he was a very discerning customer.

"Peter and JSOC have had a project in the works for a while now. We're looking at a wide variety of snatch and grab assaults on suspected compounds to gain high value intelligence in mostly Libya, where we believe that efforts will be made to launch further attacks in Europe. As for Syria, I believe that it's wise to continue the current air campaign there as it is currently waged. We're seeing positive gains made in terms of numbers of troops and monetary means flowing to the Caliphate. While you and I both know that quantity of insurgents killed isn't exactly the best way to gauge impact on the effort against groups like this, it's what we've got." McMahon stated. Pausing to take a sip of coffee, McMahon continued. "Another proposal that I asked Barr at JSOC to game out was the possibility of targeting both Qureshi and his RDX shipments while they're both in port in Muscat."

"Yes, sir. Considering the composition of the RDX flowing to the Caliphate, the Agency is of the opinion that most of this stuff can be positively traced to Khaled Alquareshi and that we stand the serious chance of disrupting his operation by targeting it in either Singapore or in Muscat. We know that the supply chain begins somewhere in East Asia, likely illicitly in China or through the North Korean blackmarket, eventually being turned over at the shipping points in Singapore to Alquareshi and then to the Caliphate in Muscat. We believe that targeting one of these ships, specifically the Liberian-flagged ISC Crystex I, would disrupt Alquareshi's chain long enough for his buyers to stick their heads up and start complaining electronically about how messed up their supply lines are." Salman jumped in, adding to McMahon's point.

"Lizzie, how is this going to harm our relationship with the Omanis if we target it there? Singapore, unless we have their cooperation, is out of the question. Too much risk of exposure and civilian casuality there." Conrad turned to his Secretary of State once again.

"Sir, considering the Omanis' closeness at the moment to Iran, I don't think that it would heavily influence their opinion of us anymore than it already has been. If anything, I know that they've been wanting an upgrade for their Air Force for a long time. A squadron of F-16s might smooth things over if it goes bad." She replied.

"Well, I suppose it's decided. Get the Crystex. Quietly."

Port of Muscat, Oman
+24 Hours from the Paris Attack

Lieutenant Commander Mike Hernandez kicked his feet silently to bring him further and further into the port. Inserting three miles from the port, the three operators had swam in under the cover of darkness in the early morning, taking advantage of the depth the high tide brought. DEVGRU, being largely a maritime counter-terror unit, trained frequently on maritime infiltration, particularly into highly-guarded port facilities. While port infiltration and demolition had long been a specialty of Frogmen everywhere, DEVGRU's ability to make it look like an accident was a particularly valued skill by OGA-types in Langley and Arlington. After successfully avoiding the harbor patrol boat's fourth pass tonight, Hernandez and two other SEALs, Chief Special Warfare Operator Chris Klein and Special Warfare Operator First Class Drake Hanford dived deeper into the dark murky waters of Muscat's port. Dirtied by years of pollution, mostly undeclared and unnoticed oil spills, the grimy water was pitch black at this early hour of the morning.

"Crystex in sight." Hanford signalled via an infrared flashlight in Morse Code. Used to signal other elements in clandestine operations like this, the flashlights were completely invisible to the naked eye and didn't require the operators to break radio silence to communicate with each other. After acknowledging with a quick "OK" in Morse, Klein reached into his waterproof bag and pulled out a shaped charge designed to puncture the hull of the ship and detonate the explosives inside of the Crystex's hull. With Hernandez's help, the two SEALs attached the shaped charge to the massive container ship, which had carried cars from American ports to the bustling markets in the developing world in a previous life.

Having secured the charge to the hull, the SEALs began the long swim out of the harbor and back towards their exfilitration point.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 9:01 pm
by Nazi Basurian Empire
Basurian authorities took the initiative Islam was followed by 0.2% of basurians but they always looked for ways to make their life harder

local militias stormed muslim basurian city quarters saying they are "investigating terrorist tendencies" while in reality they pillage shops and slaughter men and women

Basurian government covers this up as an "anti terrorist operation"

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 9:51 pm
by Khataiy
Rayhaniya Governorate, Khataiy

ISIS fighters in Eastern Khataiy

The split in ISIS left it fractured internationally including its remaining powerful branches such as those in Khataiy, Afghanistan, Bashriyya and Nigeria. The ISIS presence in Khataiy had existed since early 2013 as Khataiy was used as grounds for recruitment and a pathway for foreign fighters going to neighboring Syria their presence was also supported by a local group known as Ansar al-Haqq that operated in the rugged countryside of eastern Khataiy and struggled for power fighting Kurdish rebels and at many times the group was accused of being a government intelligence operation than really a true Jihadist group and in 2012 the group rebranded as Ansar al-Sharia in Khataiy and began sending fighters to Syria to join al-Nusra and ISIS, they would also send arms across the border to FSA groups and Ahrar al-Sham, the group then rebranded again as the "Consistent Group" after declaring allegiance to ISIS in 2014, and in 2016 ISIS officially recognized it as "Wilayat Antakya" later renaming it again to "Wilayat Khataiy".

In Early 2018 ISIS in Khataiy rose to prominence producing several videos of their operations and actions in the country, including carrying out assassinations, executing prisoners and fighting Kurdish factions and rival groups from Syria. In early 2018 they successfully managed to assassinate multiple influential individuals in eastern Khataiy causing a political crisis in the country with the Muslim Brotherhood which is part of the ruling coalition to split between loyalists of the government and a new opposition led by a family who had long held a prominent position in the Muslim Brotherhood of Khataiy, the patriarch of the family was assassinated by ISIS in Rayhaniya in 2018 the family has since accused the Khataiyi Baath Party of collaborating with ISIS to assassinate Abdullah Ali al-Fadl, who was a prominent Khataiyi politician and had been an important figure in the Muslim Brotherhood of Khataiy, which later led to a reorganization of the Khataiyi ruling coalition into a unified party now called the "National Front".

The Fadl family and their supporters claimed President Khairallah feared the growing influence of Abdullah, along with his relatively moderate position regarding Iran and Turkey, and had therefore sent the Khataiyi Mukhabarat to give his information to ISIS to kill him. The influx of Syrian rebels invading Rayhaniya in 2018 after clashes with Kurdish rebels strengthened the local ISIS affiliate as secret ISIS members from Idlib were able to cross the border embbeding in groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham and others then would go on to join the local ISIS branch.

ISIS in Khataiy spent a majority of its time fighting its rival HTS with the heaviest fighting occuring in January of 2019 after HTS executed multiple alleged ISIS members in Idlib causing ISIS to respond by executing HTS prisoners in Khataiy, HTS later responded by attacking ISIS positions and rival rebel groups including Ahrar al-Sham which it had recently fought weeks earlier in Idlib, HTS accused the FSA and the Khataiyi government of working with ISIS to execute HTS prisoners, HTS claimed the rebels gave ISIS the prisoners to avengne their defeat in Idlib and that the prisoners were captured during the fighting, HTS claimed the Khataiyi government organized the exchange through the Mukhabarat. During the clashes the FSA with government support was able to expell much of HTS from Khataiy, and several nations carried out airstrikes against ISIS during the clashes and pressure was put onto the government over allegations of cooperation with ISIS and almowing Syrian rebels to freely operate in Rayhaniya.

Khataiyi Peshmerga

ISIS also fought against local Kurdish factions including the Khataiyi backed "Khataiyi Peshmerga" which was created, trained and armed by Iraq's Peshmerga which was invited to the country in 2018 during the conflict between the Kurds and the government to counter-balance leftist factions and ones affiliated with the PKK and YPG.

The announcement of the Islamic Caliphate braking off from ISIS caused an internal rift internationally and Khataiy's branch would not be left out, there was little interest in deviating from the mainstream of the group however arguments began to brake out, a small clique led by a commander who went by "Abu Khalid al-Halabi" he began to argue ISIS wasn't doing enough to eliminate the Syrians from Rayhaniya, and that ISIS needed to take direct action against the Khataiyi government and open a new front against it, he also claimed that they were being too nice to the Kurds and not harsh enough or carrying out enough attacks, he claimed ISIS in Khataiy was too idle and inactive.

After an argument broke out between him and a loyalist commander he renounced ISIS in favor of the IC offshoot, "This isn't Jihad you cowards this is politics, and you are acting like gang members!" He yelled at the other commander who replied, "We pledged to hear and obey and to be patient we are building an Islamic State, we can't be reckless." Abu Khalid replied, "You don't even enforce Sharia, out of all the territories of this 'Islamic State' we are the most humiliated you wont dare even order attack against Khairallah, the Kurds and HTS aren't the only enemies of Allah in this country, and where is Baghdadi? I know where he isn't, he isn't waging Jihad he is hiding like a coward!" The other commander said back "You are way out of line." Abu Khalid said in an angered and frustrated voice, "And you're a Kafir!" Afterwards Abu Khalid left the room and gathered some men who agreed with him, not more than 14, Abu Khalid told them "The days of disgrace end today, the lies of Baghdadi end today, and the establishment of the real Islamic State will come, but only through the way of Jihad, if the apostates of Baghdadi don't want to repent from their ways they shall repent by the sword my dear brothers." Afterwards the 14 men entered some vehicles and arrived at the HQ of ISIS in Khataiy.

Abu Khalid exited his vehicle carrying an AKM with a folded stock and walked in pointing at the people inside, "Where do you stand! It is time to resolve this, either you stand with Islam or you stand with Baghdadi and your corrupt commanders!" Another ISIS commander sitting on the floor said "Abu Khalid what is wrong with you? Are you on drugs?" Abu Khalid pointed his gun at him "What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you?! You claim to support the Caliphate yet when we call to justice you cling to Baghdadi, you work for the Dajjal!"

After a few minuets of back and forth arguments reinforcements arrived pointing their guns at Abu Khalid's men and a stand off occurred another commander appeared named Abu Abbas al-Jarjanazi, Abu Abbas yelled at Abu Khalid "Don't do this brother, this is against Islam!" Abu Khalid yelled back "You're against Islam!" Then fired a round towards the direction of Abu Abbas and his men, afterwards fire was returned and in a shootout lasting 10 minuets 8 men were killed total, including Abu Khalid.

He was shot fatally in the stomach and chest, another round was lodged in his leg, after the fighting those from among his men who survived fled, while Abu Abbas approached him, "Why Illyas?" He asked calling him by his real name, "This isn't martyrdom you killed your brothers, you killed the soldiers of this Caliphate and now you lie here defeated with the blood of your brothers on your hands." Illyas had blood in his mouth and struggled to speak, "I died for this Ummah, I ki...lled for the sake of Allah, and... now I will die for his sake... this... is why.... we... fi..." He died before finishing his sentence.

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 10:26 am
by Allanea
Liberty-City, Office of the Minister of War

"The essence of terrorism," – said Kalugin – "in the form that is practiced by these groups, is intimidation of a very particular sort. It's sometimes referred to as a punishment-oriented strategy. In other words, the terrorists target civilian populations, and they hope that the fear, among enemy civilians, of being killed by the terrorists, will inspire them to alter their political stance to one that the terrorist favors. Fortunately for everyone who is not a Jihadist terrorist, there are serious drawbacks to this strategy."

"And they are?" – the Minister of War asked.

"The reality is, there are very few examples in history in which punishment-oriented strategies actually work. Again, we're talking, not about whether killing civilians is effective – in some cases it is supremely effective, depending on your goal. We're talking about the specific strategy of killing a random selection of civilians, in order to intimidate the others. Less Carthage, more Coventry."

"Right," – the woman nodded, throwing back her brown hair.

"The reasons it doesn't work are double. One, citizens realize, on some level, that they themselves are not very likely to get killed – terrorism rarely succeeds at becoming more dangerous to the people of a developed nation than, say, lightning strikes. The very fact a nation is developed and rich should suggest it is armed with all the tools that keep the threat of random violence down. And two, people are, by and large, not idiots. While the terrorists imagine that random citizens will lose confidence in their government after being blown up by terrorists, the reality is… well, a cabinet may lose an election. But the state itself, "the French government", or "the Swiss government", or what-have-you, that persists. Because people are not idiots."

"And so instead of getting angry at the government, which failed to stop the terrorists, they get angry at the guys who send the suicide bombers."

"And then, of course, the government goes and bombs the terrorists. Which, of course, is what is going to happen here."

"And we're going to take part of it." – the Minister said.

"Correct. The world is now angry at the terrorists, after what happened in Paris – now is the time for us to start killing them and not get whined at for "collateral damage" or what-have-you."

"Let's talk to Leyfield. Get things on the move."

* * *

East Mediterranean Squadron, FKS Kahlan Amnell

The Kahlan Amnell was a vast, white-and-grey ship, its deck covered with dozens of white radomes. As it received its orders, it turned East, its many antennae listening intently. It would not enter, for now, the national waters of Syria or Khatayi, and indeed neither would its escorts, seven warships of various classes. It would, however, keep its ears and eyes open. And it would bide its time.

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 11:09 am
by Ammoras
The Right Honourable President Geoffrey of The Commonwealth of Ammoras Issues a Statement

May 20th, 2019 | 10:01am

It saddens me extremely to share this news with you all today (referring to the citizens of Ammoras, and the Commonwealth's Allies). The grand shipping port, named after our majesty, Jamison Ramirez Port, was indeed attacked this morning. 3 bombs were detonated, 1 inside the classified destroyer ship, HMS Chameleon, 1 inside The Presidential Transport Vessel, and the final inside of the cruise ship, HMS Francois (a boat that was filled with French citizens about to return to France to be with loved ones after the Paris attack). The approximate numbers killed on the HMS Francois are in and around 500, with the death toll climbing.

We have strong reason to believe this was a terrorist attack carried out by the group that goes bt the name of Al-Sayf (The Sword). These same people were responsible for the devastating attack on Paris just 3 days earlier. We know that these people were from the country of Bashriyya. Acting on that intelligence, The Commonwealth hearby declares a state or emergency.

The changes due to the state of emergency are as follows:
- Unfortunatly, right after the reopening of air travel to Ammoras, all air travel is once again, not allowed. The ONLY air travel will be approved government travel
- Our borders are closed. This means no one will be entering our country. Departing the country is only legal with approved permits.
- There will be strong military presence in all cities near our border
- Bashriyya citizens currently in our country will be sent to the vacant military training town. This point may sound extreme, possibly racist, but we guarantee it is solely to protect our citizens

Lastly, The Commonwealth of Ammoras hearby declares the Bashriyya military a urgent threat. This means that as soon as the Bashriyya military moves their armed forces outside of their country, war may be declared.

The Commonwealth stands by the French in these tough times, and the citizens the lost on our soil will be strongly mourned. A list of the deseased French citizens will be sent to their government shortly

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 2:43 pm
by Allanea
Somewhere in Allanea

The Arabic language is complicated – not only due to its grammar or alphabet, but also due to the fact that there exist, in fact, dozens of dialects of the language, spoken differently in different parts of the world, with different inflections and sometimes even different vocabularies. An agent trained in Egypt will stand out like a sore thumb in Southern Iraq, and a local informer can tell foreign fighters apart from local-born terrorists simply by the way they will order coffee. The language taught in schools, as 'classical Arabic', Is a brain-breaking exercise even for native-born Arabic speakers.

This was where Hakem El-Jabri came into the picture. He had immigrated to Allanea as a refugee from Qaidi, his parents taking the opportunity during the first Qaidi Civil War. Yet he still spoke Arabic as North Africans spoke it, and by happy incident it was similar to the dialect spoken to many French Arabs. Which meant he was a perfect man to lend his voice to the Old Man of the City.

He was of course not old, but that would be altered in post-production. The Old Man would be recorded on video seated in a wheelchair, with his face concealed by a mask, with the black banner of the Jihad unfurled behind him. The video would be filmed in a concrete basement, and the location data in the video file would be edited out.

Then, the 'Old Man of the City'

Greetings, Warriors of the Umma!

May Allah, the Merciful, bless you.

The strikes you have landed on the infidels and the takfiri, they are great strikes. These are surely the end times that are foretold in the scripture, and the return of the Mahdi is soon upon us. Truly I am impressed by your strikes, and by the courage of your martyrs.

This, too, is the courage that Allah and His Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, Require From You.

El-Jabri was disgusted by the role he had to play. The words were blasphemous, speaking the name of Allah in the context of these cruel crimes was blasphemous. He remembered well what awful things people who were like this 'Old Man of the City' had done in his birth country – yet he knew also that he had to play this role to stop men exactly like this. He continued.

Let not the false clerics and the weaklings tell you that the Jihad is not the will of Allah, or that Allah desires some other Jihad. There is only one Jihad in these turbulent times, that of the sword. Allah desires you to be courageous like the warriors of old, and each of those who give up their life in the struggle will receive the finest rewards of the gardens of paradise, and each shall in paradise be rewarded with a thousand fine houris, and sweeter wine than any in the gardens of the infidels.

I in my age am tired and old, and my bones ache. But I am a merchant and a scholar, and I tell you – soon the time shall come, when you will despair, and the infidels will appear stronger, and their armies will draw closer. But it is in those time your bravery must be stronger, and you must then redouble your martyrdom operations, with the living torpedoes, and the suicide trucks, and all the rest of it. For it is then that the arrival of the Mahdi will be at hand.

And I, who cannot fight alongside you – for I am old – have made money over the years poisoning the infidels with their own drugs, and corrupting their sons and turning their daughters into what they have been destined to be all along, therefore tell you – I offer you my aid, and weapons, and supplies for you to wage the sacred war against the infidel.

May the fight continue, Allah Willing.

After some editing (for instance, the Old Man's voice was edited digitally to sound like that of a man in his seventies), this video, and an appended Dark Web contact address, would be spread across all manner of Jihadist sites, particularly those affiliated with ISIS and other similar groups.

After having disseminated this propaganda, the Allaneans waited for their fish to bite.

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2019 8:04 pm
by Khataiy
Eastern Deir ez-Zor Governorate, Syria

Abu Abdus Samad al-Qureishi

This would be the third video statement released by Baghdadi's newest rival the one openly challenging his claim as the Caliph of the Muslims, Abu Abdus Samad the Bashriyyan foreign fighter who joined ISIS in 2014, a former Bashriyyan soldier known for his brutality against the "apostates" accused by many including his rivals in ISIS of being too harsh, Syria's eastern tribes feared and hated him, the scholastic elite of ISIS viewed him as ignorant and bloodthirsty, his supporters were mostly from Chechnya, Bashriyya and Algeria, most of them were in their twenties and likewise viewed as bloodthirsty and ignorant by the religious authorities of ISIS that seemed more interested in killing then building the perfect Islamic State. This clique grew to hate Baghdadi and the religious authorities that issued Fatwas and served as the group's inspiration for its ideology, according to the followers of Qureishi it did not matter if someone sinned and didn't even realize what they were doing was wrong they were still guilty and subject to the same penalties regardless if they were aware or not, including death.

Though they were seen as the extremists, they criticized much of the attacks on foreign soil against the citizens of countries at war with ISIS claiming it was all done for show and it was arrogant and done purely for the sake showing off which is a sin, Qureishi is remembered by the Syrian rebels as the one who said he would sell them out Hezbollah and Assad if he needed to.

Qureishi claimed to be a direct descendant of Muhammad, however his parents were in fact Berbers, his family was poor but still managed to live a normal life, his father worked for a grocer and his mother worked in a textile factory, he had 2 brothers one older one younger, with the older one dying at the age of 20 due to an illness and his younger one going on to university to study computer science, Abu Abdus Samad's real name is Ammar Ben'Cheb, he joined Bashriyya's army after secondary school and remained in the army until April 2014 when he traveled to Syria to join ISIS.

He had stayed in Khataiy for a few weeks at an ISIS recruitment house, before crossing into Turkey to enter ISIS territory on the other side of the border, in Khataiy he made contact with recruiters and met with smugglers and financiers, afterwards he made his way to Jarabulus and officially joined ISIS. Because of his military background he bypassed much of the basic combat training however still underwent the ideological training where his dissatisfaction with the group began. Nonetheless he quickly rose through the ranks and was given a position that would be the equivalent of an officer, he held command over a unit of men in eastern Aleppo where he spent most of his time battling the FSA, Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra.

Months later he was relocated to eastern Syria to fight the government and in summer a conflict with the influential Shaitat tribe, which was closely aligned with the FSA and al-Nusra, he showed the tribe no mercy, personally executing multiple prisoners, he developed a deep hatred of the Bedouin tribes of Iraq and Syria during this period, he viewed them as lowlifes and would tell his men there is no difference between tribes and gangs and they should be treated the same, with a hefty punishment.

Two months later relocated back to Aleppo to partake in the battle of Kobani against YPG, he was in charge of the western flank and was in command of 2 commando formations called the "Inghimasiyeen" that went into battle with explosive belts with the expectation not to survive and to kill as many enemies as possible even if it meant taking their own lives in the process.

During the battle as the tide shifted he got into heated arguments with other commanders over tactics, he even refused to send reinforcements to another commander's men just to make a point, his superiors threatened to imprison him or kill him afterwards, however he blamed the other commanders and his superiors for loosing the battle.

After being in ISIS for one year his dissatisfaction with the group was deep, he held a resentment towards many, he didn't have any patience for scholars in the group who would issue Fatwas and condemn his hardheadedness and his behavior, he was frequently reprimanded for cussing to which he would usually reply with comments such as, "While you call me a sinner for saying shit the armies of Assad, the Apostates, and America are plotting against us and all you worry about is my mouth? You should be the ones who are ashamed." He was also punished for beating one of his subordinates for questioning his orders, as he beat him he told him "You will listen to me! I am your commander, I don't fucking care if Baghdadi tells you to disobey me, you will listen to me, Allah orders you to listen to me, if I told you to kill Baghdadi you will!"

By 2016 a year later, he was already plotting to overthrow Baghdadi with a group of men who supported him, he became very popular with fighters from Chechnya and Georgia, many fighters also from Bashriyya and Algeria were fond of him as well however he held a staunch rivalry with his Iraqi superiors and the Khaleeji and Saudi infantrymen and religious authorities.

In 2017 he remained in Raqqa commanding his men, including his former Soviet and North African supporters, he felt abandoned and betrayed despite narrowly escaping to the Euphrates valley, staying there repelling Kurdish assaults until the cease-fire between YPG and ISIS in 2018, many ISIS members also demoralized by the chain of defeats also left joining the Khataiyi backed "Islamic Front for the People of Jazira" however this was mostly Iraqis and native Syrians, those left in ISIS began forming two camps the loyalists and the opposition, leading to his separation from the group declaring ISIS as illegitimate, corrupt and a failure, he also condemned the lack of action against Jazira claiming they were traitors who should be dealt with, but he hated no one more than Baghdadi.

Calligraphic logo of the group during the video's opening

This would be his first video statement with his face relieved, the video opened with a calligraphic writing in Arabic saying, "In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful" Afterwards an image saying "The Caliphate" in Calligraphy was shown with English text underneath saying "Islamic Caliphate" directly mimicking and rivaling ISIS' own videos, afterwards he appeared on screen sitting next to an ISIS flag as a Nasheed played in the background, the camera focused on him and a caption said in Arabic, "Commander of the Believers (Amir al-Mu'minin), Abu Abdus Samad al-Quraishi [May Allah preserve him]" As he began to speak the nasheed in the background faded but was still playing on loop,

"In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful, peace be upon the messenger, his family and companions, a sword of mercy to the believers, and may victory be reserved for this religion of Islam, as for what follows,

I cannot say I am surprised, rather this was expected, but already we are seeing our Caliphate being accused of fitna and dividing the Mujahideen, and this claim is being repeated by Baghdadi's supporters, which ironically mirrors what happened years ago when Joulani split from the Islamic State, and his men accused Baghdadi of doing the very thing we are being accused of today. And I will tell you what Baghdadi and Adnani told them, this isn't a calamity this is a purification of the ranks. If you wish to stay with Baghdadi in a humiliating state then do so, but you will suffer for it, and if you decide you are cheap like a prostitute go on and join the so-called Jazira "Islamic Front" with the tribal gangsters and PKK mercenaries and FSA apostates you nothing but an asset for them to die, the same for the Crusader backed Awakening Front who is also recruiting the soldiers of Baghdadi who are even cheaper.

It is already apparent that Mujahideen of West Africa are eager for the truth which is why the Caliphate already controls large portions of land in the mighty Sahara, and our men here in the heart of the Ummah, Sham are surrounded by the apostates of Baghdad, the Atheist Kurds, the Crusader Front of Iraq, and Mercenaries from the tribes in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, we will fight them until we either die or achieve victory.

Already martyrdom seekers from our Caliphate's army have slaughtered the traitors of Jazira and Baghdadi by detonating his explosive belt amidst their ranks, the brother was from Russia and he asked me for permission to carryout the martyrdom operation to which I said yes, he was eager to take the lives of the apostates.

A brother showed me some social media where our soldiers in Khataiy were betrayed by Baghdadi's apostates, the Emir of our army in Khataiy, Abu Khalid al-Halabi was relentlessly murdered by Baghdadi's thugs under the protection of the apostate President of Khataiy, Omar Khairallah. It is evident our Caliphate is expanding daily across the world and the Mujahideen will emerge victorious over all of the enemies, and our Jihad will continue until the final hour.

May the peace and blessings and mercy of God be upon you, may you enjoy the blessings of Ramadan."

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 1:20 pm
by France 600
Paris, France

Paris lay injured. Hundreds and hundreds of citizens and tourists alike lay dead under the smoldering, steely ruins of its once-proud relic, and thousands lay in its hospitals. The citizens themselves were in the grip of rage and fear – rage over the attack, fear that a new one might come, or, in the case of some, also fear that the angry public would turn, not on the terrorists who carried out the attack, but on the Muslims living in the country, whether as citizens or as refugees and tourists.

In this moment, it fell upon the country's President, Gerard Beliveau, the leader of the Socialist Party, to address his people. A joint session of Parliament would be called. At noon, on the day after the attack, the President himself arrived at the Palais Bourbon, in a black, gleaming limousine. At 12:15 precisely, he began to speak.

Address of President Gerard Beliveau

Mr. President of the Congress,
Mr. President of the Senate
Mr. Prime Minister
Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Government,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Parliamentarians,

France is at war. The attack on the center of our capital was an act of war. It left hundreds dead and many injured. It is an act of aggression against our country, against its values, against people, and against its way of life.

They were carried out by a jihadist army, by Daesh, which is fighting us because France is a country of freedom, because we are the birthplace of human rights.

At this exceptionally solemn moment, I wanted to address a joint session of Parliament to demonstrate our national unity in the face of such an abomination and to respond with the cool determination that this vile attack against our country calls for.

I do not doubt that these terrorists now imagine that, after their cowardly attack, we will cower in terror, that with their blood-soaked actions they will succeed in terrifying this country in acceding to their demands, or, perhaps, into lashing out against innocents who live in this country. Nothing would be more desirable to Daesh – a religious conflict in the heart of Europe.

Neither of these things will take place. The security agencies are even now reviewing various legal measures that we can take, to secure our country against traitors from within and against those terrorists who infiltrate our country under the guise of refugees and work migrants – while remaining within the boundaries of the French legal system and the law.

The French Republic has faced up to threats before. It has faced up to opponents who were more vicious, more competent, and, dare I say, also more literate than these. We have stood up to war, and to privation, and to foreign invasion, and emerged triumphant, with our dignity, and our values intact.

France is the very heart of the European project. We are at the very heart of Western civilization. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen has been written here. Our people have fought and sacrificed time and time again for liberty, for human rights, for equality, and we are ready, if necessary, to do so again.

The terrorist enemy imagines that because we love freedom and equality, we are weak. The terrorist enemy is about to be disappointed. What he will discover now is that our freedom and our equality is at the source of our strength, and not our weakness. What he will discover is that we will fight, and we will bring the fight to him.

I have submitted to this legislature a set of measures to reinforce, re-fund, and strengthen our law enforcement, our National Guard and our military to better confront the strength. I have also ordered the Navy and the Air Force to prepare themselves for more air strikes on the terrorists.

Moreover, I have directed the Diplomatic Service to work with any of the countries currently fighting against the Jihadist threat, and in particular against Daesh, to offer them help, and to accept their help where available. We will engage our country's law enforcement, diplomatic, intelligence, and military resources in the fight against terror.

We will act in accordance with our laws, and our values, and our traditions – and we will triumph.

We will eradicate terrorism because the French want to continue to live together without fearing anything from their neighbors. We will eradicate terrorism because we are attached to freedom and to raising France’s profile around the world. We will eradicate terrorism so that the movement of people and the mixing of cultures can continue and so that human civilization is enriched. We will eradicate terrorism so that France can continue to lead the way.

Terrorism will not destroy France because France will destroy it.

OOC: Roleplaying as France with Bashriya's permission.

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 10:20 pm
by Reorganisieren Reichregierung
OOC: Taking Germany upon Bashriyya's invitation, and doing what Germany does best

Germany here has 1918 boundaries + Switzerland, minus Alsace-Lorraine.

Im Auftrag auf Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät, Der Großdeutsches Kaiser



First of all, we would like to give our condolences to all those who died in the recent terror attack. The people who died in this attack did not deserve to die and were innocent of any crime. However, the same could not be said of the government of France, who enabled this attack.

You wage wars of aggression against Muslim nations and Muslims in their homelands, killing thousands of men, women and children, only to establish a system where degenerates are freed from the righteous. At the same time, you opened your borders to the now-unrestrained scum of the earth, who band together secretly and openly under Zionist banners such as "Al-Qaeda", the "Free Syrian Army', the "Islamic State", "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham" and other such golems.

You did this because you can stand neither the Muslim nations doing what is best for their people nor the native citizens of the land they occupy, who they view as not only too expensive to pay for their labor, but also disloyal, as nothing scares you more than a man who can stand on his own. You cower your citizens into fear and shame with mockery, you force them to be ashamed of who they are, and on top of that, you have made a religion where the heroes of Germany are the worst sinners who are burning in hell and for their "sins", your own people must pay!

Your policies have created nothing but instability abroad and in your own country, and your people are paying the price for it. As the security situation in your country threatens our national security, we deem it fit to demand you cease your disastrous policies and with it, the instability of your nation.

To stabilize the current security situation, the Greater Germanic Empire of the German Nation demand the following:
•The demilitarization of the Alsace-Lorraine region
•Cessation of participation in any armed conflict and support for any non-state actor. Retaliation against any non-state actor in response to a terrorist attack is negotiable
•Cessation of participation in any kind of economic sanctions or embargo, whether declared by an international body or a state
•Cessation of support for the illegal state of Israel
•Repeal of all laws, statues and rulings hindering the freedom of speech and freedom of association, or promoting certain groups above others
•Cessation of all propaganda reinforcing the implicit de facto sanctity of certain groups or ideas
•Cessation of all de jure and de facto censorship of ideas and the expression of ideas, particularly the criticism of "sacred" groups and ideas
•Cessation of violence against the protesters known as the gilets jaunes and immediate negotiations between the protesters and the government and consideration of their demands

Failure to comply within a reasonable amount of time will result in military intervention to stabilize France and eliminate all social chaos and instability.



PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:04 am
by France 600
The Germans seem to believe that the French nation is in crisis because it was attacked by illiterate terrorists. The French nation is not in crisis. Therefore we do not see a need to discuss a complete alteration of our society at their demand.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:16 am
by Allanea
Message from: Alexander Blaken-Kazansky Napoleon Emperor of Greater Prussia and the Thousand States, King of Allanea, Reichskamphen, Leipzig-Island, Tsar of All Russia, Moscow, Vladimir, Novgorod; Kazan, Astrakhan, , Siberia, Chersonese Taurianl Lord of Pskov and Grand Prince of Smolensk,; Prince, Karelia, Tver, Yugorsky land, Perm, Vyatka, and others; Lord and Grand Prince of Nizhny Nogorod, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Belozersk, Udorsky land, Obdorsk, Kondia, , and all of the northern countries Master; ; hereditary Sovereign and ruler of the Circassian and Mountainous Princes and of others; Lord of Turkestan; Archduke of Free Dragkon, Duke of Leyfield, Blaken-Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, and Oldenburg, Count of Centreville, Protector of Snogohsia Liberator of Torontonias, President of the Capitalist Internationale, Friend of the Elves, and Headmaster of the Leyfield School for Girls.

We, by the Grace of the Gods and the Will of the People, King of Allanea, Emperor of Greater Prussia, et cetera et cetera, declare our position on the issues of the day:

1. As the Blaken-Kazansky dynasty is the lawful heir and legal continuation, of the Napoleon Dynasty in spirit, as it is the crown-bearer of Greater Prussia, We view it as our obligation to protect the French nation against terrorist attacks.

2. As the Crown of Greater Prussia is, under Greater Prussia's imperial Constitution, the lawful supporter of Christians and their right to worship, We view it as our obligation to protect Christians from Jihadists.

3. As the Free Kingdom of Allanea, of which We are, by the Grace of the Gods and the Will of the People, rightful King, a signatory of the Amistad Declaration on Slavery and the Rights of Man, We view it as a reasonable application of that Declaration to wage war against the so-called 'Islamic' 'State', as it is an organization that engages in, and promotes in, human chattel slavery.

4. As the Free Kingdom of Allanea, of which We are, by the Grace of the Gods and the Will of the People, rightful King, is the standard-bearer of individual liberties, We view it as our national interests to bomb the Jihadis wherever they may raise their head.

As such, We have directed the Greater Prussian Authorities to transfer one hundred million dollars to the accounts of the Government of the French Republic, and furthermore to commence shipping guided munitions, military supplies, et cetera, to its airfields.

Moreover, We have directed the preparation of airstrikes against Islamist militants wherever they can be found, the reinforcement of our drone campaigns against Islamist groups, and any other military operations against them, as appropriate.

Further, death to the slaver.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:25 am
by Ard al Islam
What? Fuck this thread.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:37 am
by Bashriyya
Ard al Islam wrote:What? Fuck this thread.

The most epic thread of the summer.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 3:05 am
by Reorganisieren Reichregierung
Im Auftrag auf Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät, Der Großdeutsches Kaiser



If you are not in crisis, then why did a foreigner serving in your armed forces attack the most recognizable landmark of your country? Why do terror attacks carried out by foreigners in your country happen yearly?

The "illiterate" terrorists who attacked your country live and die for something, in this case, Islam. What does France live for? Vapid materialism, nihilism and decadence. Muslims would die for Islam because Islam provides them with meaning. None of your soldiers are willing to die for anomie and crushing soulessness, and in fact one of your soldiers chose to die for Islam rather than your meaningless state, signifying nothing but sound and fury.

Terrorism is not and will never be part and parcel of living in a big city, but is a sign of a social cancer. You bomb their homeland to pieces, destroying his community while consolidating your power, then you invite him, to destroy the communities of your native citizens and consolidate your power over them, and most of all you show him that not only is your society weak, but it is also godless, degenerate and wicked, then you are surprised when your guests turn on you and your sick society? And it so happens that your guests are the worst degenerates, the ones who righteous men kept restrained, and have been unleashed when you killed the righteous men with your airstrikes. This scum of the Earth, who rallied around banners made in Tel Aviv and called themselves "Islamic State" and "al-Qaeda", saw your weakness and at the same time a society so putrid that even they were disgusted. And to top it off, you support these jihadists abroad, since they are the handmaidens of your masters in Washington and Tel Aviv. You, the government of France, are the most solipsistic, most narcisscistic, most self-righteous hypocrites in all of Europe!

You do not want to stop terror at its root, you want to use the terror attack as an excuse to moralize about tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism and at the same time attack a helpless country with the blessing of the United Nations. In light of your obstinance and your refusal to engage in self-reflection, we reiterate our demands. We did not forbid you your decadence and degeneracy. We merely ask you do not act as if you are morally superior, and to stop forcing others to believe that your sin is holy.

We advice to self-reflect, and ask yourself why the ones you hold as sacred turn on you at the first opportunity, before we force you to see the answer.



PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 3:57 am
by France 600
To the Government of Germany:

It's interesting that you insist, despite all logic, that we judge the many, for the actions of the few. We will not do this, and it will not happen.

It is also not true that people will not "live for materialism". We already know this because when Germany waged war against a materialist society, Germany lost, and French and Soviet soldiers celebrated in the ruins of your capital.

As of this moment, the French military is on high alert. Our reservists are being recalled. Our atomic arsenal is being readied.

If you attempt an invasion of our nation, be aware that we are absolutely prepared to defeat you, as we have defeated German nationalism twice before.

* **

Even as the President of France sent out these words, the French military was already moving. Explosives were already being planted across the major bridges and roads. Tanks brigades and infantry forces were already moving, some to the Belgian border, others to Alsace-Lorraine.

But even this was not everything. National Guard police officers were moving East, riding on their wheeled APCs. Firefighters, in Paris and elsewhere, were refreshing their military training as sappers.

And, of course, there was that other French tradition – that of the francs tireurs. Thousands of people – some Christian, some Muslim – were standing in long lines for gun permit applications, and those who already owned firearms – and there were millions of those throughout France – were now preparing for the invasion as best they could – fortifying their homes, making supplies of ammunition, and so forth.

If the enemy imagined that it would dictate to France by force of arms, then it would be surprised.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:10 am
by Allanea
France, Airbase 705 Tours – Saint-Symphorien "Commandants Jean et François Tulasne"
In the mean, the Allaneans did not acknowledge, in their letters, nor in their press releases, the newest crisis which France now faced. Instead of that, Allanean cargo airplanes continued to make their way across the Atlantic.

As they landed at airbases throughout France, the loadmasters began to work, moving professionally and swiftly to move the cargos they had come with off the ramps at the planes' rear, and down the runway, where French airmen would receive them.

Every time, it would be the same – a short line of bombs, rockets, missiles would remain standing near the runway, on secure trolleys to maneuver the weapons around the base. The Allanean captain in charge of the particular flight would walk over to the French officer, and they would shake hands. Then, of course, they would move on to have dinner together, and after a small glass of brief wine and some brief rest, the Allaneans would make their way home.

* * *

Senegal, Airbase Dakar Ouakam

Here, far from the eyes of European mass media, something totally different was happening. A pair of immense, turboprop bombers, having crossed the Atlantic under radio silence, had landed. Their crews were now drinking wine alongside the French airmen and soldiers who manned the base. They were celebrating the honor they would soon have, at taking the front edge in their countries' counterterrorism campaign.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:30 am
by The Archregimancy
Ard al Islam wrote:What? Fuck this thread.

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It's not often that I warn someone for their very first post; but then it's not often this clearly warranted; please familiarise yourself with the site rules.

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 5:39 am
by Reorganisieren Reichregierung
Im Auftrag auf Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät, Der Großdeutsches Kaiser


Encryption: [DATA REDACTED]

Fall Gelb


In light of the recent events in France, and the threat the inherent instability of France poses to our national security, it is imperative that we preempt the eventual spillover of chaos into Germany by declaring a state of emergency and preparing our armed forces.


All subordinate units of OB West and OB Süd are to begin mobilization. A callup of reservists will ensure all formations are to reach full strength within 3 days after receipt of orders, and all formations are expected to be capable of sustained operations 1 week after receipt of orders. All ground units are to standby for further orders after full mobilization.

All subordinate units of Luftkommando West and the Marineoberkommando der Nordsee are expected to be capable of sustained operations 1 week after receipt of orders. All naval, air and air defense units are to standby for further orders after full mobilization.

The Reichsministerium des Innern is to mobilize 10 additional regiments of security troops. 7 regiments of security troops and 1 division-sized quick reaction force are to be sent to the jurisdiction of OB West and 3 regiments of security troops along with 1 division-sized quick reaction force are to be sent to the jurisdiction of OB Süd. All forces should be deployed and capable of sustained operations within 5 days. Furthermore, at least 20 additional security regiments are to be mobilized within the rest of Germany and deployed within 2 weeks.

The implementation of Fall Gelb automatically entails a nationwide state of emergency, and martial law in the territories under the jurisdiction of OB West and OB Süd. All civil defense measures are to be implemented nationwide, and all units with the general air defense, ABM and nuclear strike are to mobilize within 24 hours and standby for further orders. Independent volunteer military units are to be armed accordingly to Heer standards and integrated into the military command structure. All stockpiles of weapons removed from service but stored in good condition are to be distributed to nationalist civilian organizations and the civilian population at large.

After Fall Gelb is deemed complete, Fall Rot will be implemented immediately.



Im Auftrag auf Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät, Der Großdeutsches Kaiser


Encryption: [DATA REDACTED]


From: OKW

Re: Fall Gelb

We appear to have given them a good scare. Although I am personally pissed at their official response, I am curious how would they react to further agitation.



PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 6:40 am
by Ruskland-Preuben
Capital of Ruskland, T'laatu
"Recent Terrorist Incident in France Causes Revocation of Proselytization Permits for Islam" Was what the headline for the news was, and good riddance! They had been as aggressive, if not even more so than the Christians in their missionary efforts. Indeed, this move would stunt the growth of that weed in Ruskland. Oh well, no use thinking about it some more, it was good news and he'll leave it at that. "Alright, I'm leaving for work now!" He shouted at the missus and his two children, who were at the dining table behind him. "See you later hun, and don't forget-" she was about to remind him of the wedding anniversary which was tomorrow when he sheepishly and hurriedly replied: "Yes yes I know dear, anyways, I'm gonna be late!". After that, he rushed out of the door to the dining room, slipped his on his shoes at the doorway, and left to earn bread for him and his family. He entered his car and finally left the house's premises after turning it on and driving out. Tuning up the radio, he would be met with varying amounts "In our major international news" about the recent incident in France, he was about to turn it off when he heard some more, something about the ever-escalating tensions in that area, indeed, the Allaneans and the Germans were upping it a notch. "About damn time those people got thrown back to where they belong, back to their homes..." The man murmured to himself as he slowed down his car in anticipation of the traffic that was just a few meters from him. "Dammit, I'm going to be late..." Another set of murmurs.

He decided to pass the time by looking around, as of now, he was going at a snail's pace near the Grand Central Square. Here, one could see many sorts of people going about their business, vendors were scattered about, a monument to Cthulhu towards the north, another one to Dagon in the south, and in the east and west, Hastur and the first emperor. The man was about to leave with the declogging of the traffic when he saw a rather bland colored and old car park itself on the curb. "Hey, isn't that-" suspicions were confirmed as the car's door opened, it was that immigrant from his workplace. He had argued with the man yesterday when news of the incident hit, and damn was it a colorful time. He would leave, but the crazed look on the man's face had disturbed him, and whatever was he holding in that backpack? And so the father of two parked his car, and slowly stalked towards the immigrant man, intent on finding out what he was planning. This small chase led him to the Cthulhu monument, which the man was currently going towards with intent on climbing it or so he discer- Yep, he was climbing it. The man with work elsewhere would've shouted at him to stop, but the guards beat him to the chase and already had called him out on it, no signs of stopping though, and a moderately sized crowd had already gathered around the statue, some filming, others picturing. And so the man who should be elsewhere stepped forward and called for him to go down, he only received an angry face. He peered around, and he could see that groups also had gathered at the other statues. "Is this a planned pran-" he was again interrupted by the crazed man shouting. "HEAR ME RUSKLAND!" The disturbed man bellowed out for many to hear and already was a crowd gathering, "TODAY IS THE DAY YOUR FALSE GODS AND HEATHEN WAYS END!".

He was about to tell him to shut up and climb down before he could embarrass himself further, he got the cry of "ALLAHU ACKBAR!". This had the desired effect and people would suddenly scatter, and the guards near him firing a taser. It would appear they would scatter successfu-


"BREAKING NEWS! TERRORIST ATTACK AT GRAND CENTRAL SQUARE! 100+ CONFIRMED CASUALTIES." Worrying, she thought as the regular news had been interrupted. She was currently donning a coat and preparing that old motorcycle she used before in the garage. "What we're seeing on the ground here, my god, just, corpses lying around." She could hear the soundwaves emanating from the living room, and now, the motorcycle was ready for usage, and she rolled it over to the outside. Her kids were on the bus, which was slowly leaving her sight as it moved down the street. The mother of two revved up the motorcycle and sped off to the Square, where after a few minutes of trepidatious driving, she arrive and meet a grisly sight. Charred corpses, littering the ground, dust lying on the brick floor, with rocks of shattered granite every now and then. The wails of sirens permeated the air with their sharpness and crowds gathered behind the yellow tape. The police were moving around hastily, talking hastily, and generally looked stressed than usual, and it appears that she will bump into one, "S-sir, where is my husband?" She tentatively asked, and the cop replied with "We don't know as of yet, the bodies are still being identified.".

She is one of the many people who have lost someone in that terrible event, but now, their tears have dried up. Today, all of Ruskland cries out for blood. And blood they shall get, the emperor has declared a state of emergency and has stripped all who adhere to the faith of Islam within the nation of all their rights and have been kindly as possible, told to leave within 24 Hours lest they are detained. As for what this nation was going to do overseas, a carrier strike group has been assembled for deployment in the Middle East, it's estimated that it would take about a month to both deploy and arrive at their destination, and debates have been raging whether to put boots on the ground or not, as of now, bombing would be the way. Emperor Yohannes II Tlhunghung has sent a statement to the leaders of Allanea, France, America, and Germany if they are willing to discuss the possibility of war in the Middle East and draw up the necessary plans.

OOC: As for why I have mostly Russian ships and a Supply-class, well, I'm just broken off Russian Alaska that acts as the middleman for the US and Russia. I also only have 2 carrier strike groups...