The Hugoland Annexation (MT Open)

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The Hugoland Annexation (MT Open)

Postby Maguzapach » Sun May 05, 2019 5:48 am

For a long time the Autonomous Republic of Hugoland has enjoyed the best of both world's, receiving the benefits of being a part of the Maguzapachian Republic, while also having the independence to determine internal policy, in fact achieving for it's people a higher degree of personal freedom than the rest of Maguzapach. This situation is now threatened by the revolution that transformed Maguzapach into an Empire. As the imperial forces consolidate their power, members of the republican resistance have fled there in order to continue the struggle. The Regional President finds himself in the middle of an escalating conflict, but is determined to maintain both Hugoland's autonomy and it's citizens freedom. To this end he has begun to organize the regions paramilitary force and look abroad for help...
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Postby Alexiandra » Sun May 05, 2019 5:56 am

Official Statement from the Armed Workers' Republic of Alexiandra

The people of Alexiandra condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the false 'revolution' which has transformed a bourgeois liberal democracy into an openly fascistic and imperialist despotism. We extend our wholehearted support and solidarity to the people of Hugoland in their struggle for greater autonomy, and reiterate our endorsement of workers' self-determination as the only viable route to human emancipation. To the tyrants now in charge of Maguzapach, we say this: cease your reactionary flailing. Relinquish control of both Hugoland and Maguzapach itself to democratic worker and municipal assemblies, and stop participating in imperialism, that greatest of human evils. If our demands are not met, the despots of Maguzapach will be met with the full fury of a revolutionary people-at-arms, determined to defend their comrades in Hugoland.

We are watching closely.


The Revolutionary People's Assembly of Alexiandra
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Postby Soviet Tankistan » Sun May 05, 2019 6:04 am

Official Statement of Allegiance to the Republican Resistance Against the Imperialists

Soviet Tankistan is a republic ideologically dedicated to workers’ rights and resisting the most evil ideologues, like monarchists, imperialists, and fascists. We sympathize with you greatly and hope to show our support of the cause. In response to the vile Empire’s unjustified attack, we have sent ammunition and veterans to help out.

Premier Kuznetsov
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Postby Maguzapach » Mon May 06, 2019 3:35 am

Garandton, Hugoland

"Miss Stabl, or is it Mrs?" asked the official calmly.

"Ms." was the reply from the refugee.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Stabl, President Baom is not able to speak with you directly. In fact, due to the political sensitivity of the situation, this conversation is completely unofficial. Political freedom is a right here in Hugoland and his Excellency believes in that this principle most be upheld, but at the same time it is the policy of Hugoland to avoid all unnecessary acts of provocation at this juncture" the official explained in a cool and detached manner that, to Vanilla Stabl seemed incongruent with the gravity of the situation. "I suggest you lay low, although you are free to act as you please. I will remind you that in the moment there uncertainties about the status between Maguzapach and Hugoland. As you know under the Republic, those charged of crimes in Maguzapach, who fled to Hugoland were arrested and extradited, even if their crime was not a crime here. I do not want to worry you unduly, because there has been no request from Maguzapach to arrest you."

The young lady, was clearly displeased. "You would just acknowledge that usurper, and just hand me over to him? That misogynist is a mad man, whoever doesn't resist him is complicit."

"That may be, but unfortunately, we Hugolander's lack the military force to resist Maguzapach, Republic or Empire. If you feel uncomfortable here, then it is always an option to choose another nation for your exile. Now, I know there are some private persons who have opened their homes to refugees, you can get their information from the front desk, now if you excuse me."

Aalandoon, Maguzapach

Melchior Caruth sat at the head of the table, the men around the table, and they were all men, were his inner circle, representing his coalition of discontents. They were the Cabinet of the Provisional Government, in all but name.

"The Councilors who have refused to sign the instrument, will now be offered the chance to sign their the resignation, those that have signed, have been released, although a few have fled the country, and we expect they will revoke their signature there" reported Security Chief Dennards.

"It doesn't matter" replied Caruth. "We have full control of the bureaucracy now, I have already begun the reorganization and am pleased to announce that I have done the near impossible and pleased both the religious and the secularist with one act, for I have dissolved the Department of Religion."

The circle gave a subdued applause, before General Gagos spoke up. "We are reorganizing the armed forces, but are having dissertations. I believe most of them have fled to Hugoland."

"How many?" asked Dennard clearly worried.

"Not more than a 100, but we expect more" anwsered the General.

"I suggest we let them leave, in fact we should offer leave to all Hugolanders in the armed forces. That way we can root out the disloyal elements and replace them with more troops" said Caruth.

"But what about the principle?" asked the General preturbed.

"Simple, we hold off charging them now, then when have resolved the situation with Hugoland, we can punish them then. Our strength is not yet full, so we should be generous. This brings us to our next item on the agenda, Hugoland has not yet recognized our authority. If I know Baom, he will try and draw this out as long as possible, but in the end, he will fight. We have already given him and us time, by letting him consult his legal experts. He has only three days left, so we should be prepared for an escalating conflict."

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