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GALNET Community [News][OPEN]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:03 am
by Lady Scylla


Carl Sagan once wrote ''...Your own life, or your band’s, or even your species’ might be owed to a restless few—drawn, by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds.'' We've long been fascinated with the ideas of alien life - their societies and culture, their governments, and their history. What do these far and unknown civilisations of old and new do? Do they debate philosophy like that of the Greeks? Wage grand campaigns on a scale that would make Rome tremble? Create large and expansive federations of inter-diplomacy on a scale unseen in our time?

Welcome to GALNET.

As a community of roleplayers, we have long danced across a cosmic stage of our making - occasionally together, and occasionally alone. The stories we tell are often unique, and distinct visions created by our own imagination of what we believe interstellar life may be. Yet, an aggregate of these stories into a central galactic repository has not been done to the satisfaction of everyone. In truth, it is a hard feat to manage. GALNET seeks to bring the community aspect back into the overall galactic narrative of the NSFT community. Inspired by the older State of the Galaxy projects (SOTG), GALNET'S role is less reliant on the need for an exclusive circle of editors, and instead relies on you, the RolePlayer. Because at the end of the day, you are the one who can best tell your story.

GALNET's approach will utilise two threads. GALNET's Galactic Report thread, and GALNET's Community News thread, which is where we are right now.

GALNET's community thread will allow anyone in the NSFT community to write up news articles of the current events in their nations. The advantage of this allows the rest of the community to keep tabs on international affairs by scrolling and searching for related news articles. It also allows RolePlayers to express what they want people to know about their nations without the concern of it being funnelled or misrepresented by a process.

Format guidelines are lax for the Community thread, though articles should include what quadrant is being affected, and include (if applicable) at least a hyperlink to the relevant RPs the editor's article is covering. This allows other users to read RP threads and further get a grasp of galactic affairs, especially regarding the editor's nation. Beyond this, formatting is to the editor's taste, but as a reminder - NS' site rules still apply for content.

Each month, I will take all of the news stories players have written and create a meta-narrative that represents each quadrant in a monthly 'Galactic Report'. The Galactic Report will serve as a summary of galactic affairs, and quadrant tension and always include not only hyperlinks to the community's articles, but also coverage of their stories. No-one will be excluded. This is why mentioning what quadrant is being affected in your articles is important, as it will allow me to more accurately summarise each quadrant's report. We will cover quadrants in the next section.

The MilkyWay Galaxy, which is where the central part of the NSFT community and its events takes place, is immense. Sagan said it best, ''Billions upon billions of stars.'' There are also a lot of us, the RolePlayers, who lay claim to a few of these stars, but we are also spread out across vast areas of the galaxy. Within the community, the galaxy is generally accepted to be divided into four quadrants. An example map of the NSFT community (there are many maps), displays not only the quadrants but also the intricate storybuilding of a number of RolePlayers marked on it. The quadrants are as followed:

Alpha Quadrant (bottom left quadrant) is home to Sol, and often considered by the community to be NSFT's 'Old Money' region. Things here are generally quiet, and very old interstellar powers such as the Republic of Sunset exist within its realm. The region is dominated by gunboat diplomacy and trade between these powers.

Beta Quadrant (bottom right quadrant) is considered the 'New Money' region. Newer and more mercantile powers such as the Phoenix Domain often settle or can be found here vying for resources and trade that helps fuel the rest of the galaxy. While not as quiet as Alpha, the region is relatively stable.

Gamma Quadrant (top left quadrant) historically a literal manifestation of the phrase 'Here Be Dragons', Gamma has retained a troubling and eldritch history within the community. This region not only is prone to conflict but was also the center-piece to the rise and fall of a number of plagues, Lovecraftian horrors, and diabolical empires. It is also dominated by long held powerhouses such as the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya.

Delta Quadrant (top right quadrant) is widely a militant region prone to conflict like Gamma, though exhibiting less eldritch abominations historically until late. The region is often dominated by imperial powers such as the Huerdaen Star Empire, and seen as a sort of new frontier within the galaxy. Recently, however, the region has seen a revival in conflict and has been stealing Gamma's crown for creating Lovecraftian nightmares.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:10 am
by Lady Scylla
Posting for the NSFT community is now open. All posts from this point on are In-Character.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 7:36 am
by Lady Scylla

Alpha Quadrant -- In a groundbreaking announcement by the Martian government, both the Empress and the Martian Senate held separate events announcing the start of a 'New Era' for the nation. Empress Solveig IV stated that the time of the Republic had come to an end, and both parties backed the contentious 'Union Declaration'. The Union Declaration lists out sweeping reforms for not only the Martian government, but its laws, and how it governs the colonies in other quadrants.

In protest, the Secretariat, which governs and represents the colonies, boycotted both events and called it a gross violation of their sovereignty that was agreed upon in the Laconian Accords of 2070 that ended the nearly two decade long Colonial Wars. Both the Senate and the Crown condemned the boycott citing that colonial sovereignty was only guaranteed after the removal of martial law in the colonies, which still hasn't been repealed since it was enacted in 2154.

The Union Declaration comes on the heels of the Martian push to consolidate their power within the Solarian Reaches, a bubble of a number of nations around the system of Sol. This came to a head last week when the Martians announced an ambitious military project to secure incoming trade corridors to the region. That proposal has already been underway with a number of increased deployments by the Martian navy to the affected regions.

Under the Declaration, its first provision also outlines the nation's new name, ascribing it as the ''Martian Conglomerate'', and ending the formal use of the ''Republic of Mars''. Further provisions establish Laconia, the nation's capital, at the centre of this empire and further defines the colonies as a part of an informal but de jure ''Laconian Empire'' as a result. This provision has caused protest by the National Secretariat, whose job is to govern these regions and advocate for them to the Senate. However, since the end of the Colonial Wars, the Secretariat's power has been continually repealed to little more than a devolved parliamentary body meant to keep the colonies functioning on behalf of Laconia, which exploits the regions for their resources through corporate charters.

The Martian Conglomerate has also begun antagonising the Peninsular in a series of risky intel gathering operations using light frigates. The military stated it was committed to Martian security, and ensured its vessels remained in international space. That being said, a document released by the Citadel, the nation's central command for its military, detailed that the Martians have performed over three-hundred flyby passes of Peninsular space in the last month, including a number of ship reconnaissance involving Martian vessels shadowing Peninsular ships in international space.

Further policy by the Martians has also seen a lend-lease agreement being reached with the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya in their war against the Nyteborne. It's the first time the nation has opted to aid a foreign power, and according to analysts, the GRA -- who are in desperate need of equipment -- have been receiving Martian freighters for some time now with everything from munitions to firearms and vehicles. The agreement is likely to draw the ire of the Nyteborn, though Martian officials aren't concerned over the risk of an attack. The Martian Delta which sits nearby has the Deltan fleet stationed there, and has been kept on a readiness status in case of any Nyteborn intervention.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:48 pm
by New Dornalia

Dornie News Network

Hello, this is Gracie Liang, and welcome to NDBC News. Tonight’s top stories:

Senate Subcommittee To Investigate NORINCO Regarding Foreign Expedition

In foreign news, the Senate Subcommittee on Arms Manufacturing sales--known nowadays for its investigation and continued scrutiny over the China North Industries Corporation (aka "NORINCO")--has announced that it will begin investigating reports that NORINCO's subsidiary in the Martian Conglomerate has engaged in military operations on behalf of the Conglomerate's military forces on the world of Persephone.

In particular, reports from various sources--including an anonymous blogger known only as "Tim the Enchanter" as well as Dornalian journalist Kendra Lemongrass's Lemongrass Report--have described a wide-ranging, violent counterinsurgency campaign waged against native tribes resisting Martian rule over the area utilizing everything from civil action programs to what Kendra Lemongrass dubs "extensive, unyielding airstrikes in support of commando raids by Martian Wolf Commandos targeting local insurgent leaders". Subcommittee members have already acquired Lemongrass's rather extensive video footage a well as a written statement by Lemongrass, and rumor has it that subpoenas have already been sent to various parties including MARINCO and most controversially, the Conglomerate authorities.

"If these reports are true, MARINCO and NORINCO must be held to account," said Senator John Vorster (GNP-Luxembourgia). "We cannot allow Dornalian megacorporations to wage their own filibustering campaigns and pirate actions wherever, and however they wish--and especially not against natives who've only taken up arms to resist invaders from abroad." Vorster, not without a touch of moralizing, added "Something--I might add--that any Dornalian would do when an alien invader comes a-knocking. It's one thing to operate mercenary units. It's one thing to sell your warfighting services. It's another thing to sell your principles and your soul in the process!"

NORINCO and MARINCO, experts note, had already piqued the interest of the Subcommittee due to the lobbying efforts of the Fair Play for Mars PAC, an organization advocating for the Conglomerate's affairs in the Republic whose controversial lobbying efforts helped ensure support for the Conglomerate's entry into the GCC. However, reports of extensive mercenary activity has evidently tipped the scales in favor of investigation. That being said, although the Senate Subcommittee has begun its investigation, analysts say it will not be easy to do so. The Senate has had difficulty contacting whistleblowers like "Tim the Enchanter," and an attempt to serve the Conglomerate's Embassy in Los Angeles has resulted in an incident which has gone viral. Said viral incident consists of footage from the Martian Conglomerate's Embassy, which appears to show diplomatic staff burning papers served on them by process servers using cigarette lighters and what appears to be attempting to avoid contact and inquiries by the process servers in faked foreign accents. The Conglomerate's Government has not commented on the footage, and neither has the Dornalian Government.

MARINCO meanwhile has issued its own statement on the matter, saying simply, "What we do on behalf of clients is our business and the client's business, not the business of a very nosy Senate Subcommittee. We're not even incorporated in Dornalia--merely the very autonomous foreign subsidiary of a Dornalian megacorporation. Our efforts are merely involved in pacifying and uplifting the people of Persephone, whose condition up until this time has been benighted by slavery and tribal infighting. Ms. Lemongrass's footage and others' testimonies are complete and utter exaggerations at best, and outright perjury at worst."

The investigation is but part of an ongoing saga, known by many as the "NORINCO Affair," started due to the leakage of emails from NORINCO servers by an unknown party. Experts have been amazed at NORINCO's resilience during the Subcommittee's wide-ranging audits and testimonial subpoenas, but nonetheless note this is one of the strongest challenges yet faced by the megacorporation.

Thank you for watching the REAL NDBC news--New Dornalian Broadcasting Corporation news--not those jokers at National Dornalian Broadcasting Corporation. We now cut to commercial.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:51 am
by The Peninsular
Reuterberg Periodical

Parliament passes Wehretaterhöhungsgesuch II; 'Logical reaction to unwarranted actions by Mars', v. Fielt says

Alpha Quadrant -- Liaso, Arret, CFP -- One hour ago, the federal parliament passed the new and somewhat controversial Wehretaterhöhungsgesuch II (WEEG II), preceded by several hours of debate, with 76.3% 'Yes' and 23.7% 'No' votes, and no abstains. The WEEG II had been proposed earlier this month by President v. Fielt, NPP, as a reaction to the massive volume of what appear to be military craft of the newly formed Martian Conglomerate spying on PNDF forces and installations from beyond the border; according to a Martian public report, there were 300 of these missions within the last month.

"These Martian missions are both without justification and alarmingly high in number.", the President said in a speech in front of parliament yesterday. "Our proposal is a solid and logical reaction to these unwarranted and troubling actions by Mars."

The WEEG II entails an increase in military budget, mostly directed towards the PNDF. The opposition, mainly from the side of the PSP, called the proposal 'a waste of resources better invested in business growth measures', though in the end only 2/3 of PSP members of parliament voted against the proposal.

According to Economy Minister Jonir Friedrichsen, the government is contemplating proposing economic measures like penal tariffs, should the Conglomerate not cease its military actions.

Make A Stand (Paid Advertisement)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:46 am
by Alexzonya
Background Music

As the music starts, a rendering of the Milky Way galaxy fades in. A series of small boxes and red exclamation points render, and begin encircling and drawing attention to a variety of crises. Particularly highlighted are the Welded crusades.

“Despite recent successes and eternal hope for the future, the galaxy again finds itself in turmoil,” intones a baritone voiceover, “and there comes a time, as there always does, when good people and the forces of order have to make a stand.”

The image switches, showing a marching platoon of mixed species, in Starfleet Auxiliary drill uniforms, carrying T.443 rifles, with a quartet of IFVs rolling along behind them.

“We have to make a stand, because the forces of chaos and destruction will not stop on their own. And we will stop them.”

The music volume increases slightly, and the images switchover again. Naomi, as it burns.

“You have to make a stand, because if you don’t, your world could be next.”

The video cuts to a squeaky-voiced blue female Kinsari, in uniform.

“I’m making a stand, for my family.”

A dark-skinned human tenor: “For my community.”

A clay-colored Ghalen: “For us all.”

A speckled-brown bipedal avianoid in a navy uniform, with a voice deep beyond human vocal range: “For us all.”

The voiceover picks up again. “Because if you don’t make a stand, who will? Join the Starfleet Auxiliary, and help make the galaxy safe for us all!” The music crescendos, and then fades out.

On any media devices so enabled, a small popup appears at the end of the commercial. “Would you like to know more?”

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 1:38 pm
by Fenvaria Republic
Republic Reacts to Increasing Tensions between the CFP and the Martian Conglomerate

Republic International Times
Beta Quadrant, Fenvaria Republic, Fuchs, Arcadia

In response to the increasing border tensions between the CFP and the MC, the Republic Foreign Minister Adali Marth has released the following statement;

“The [Fenvaria] Republic takes these flybys rather seriously and will not tolerate any sort of harassment towards its allies. It is in the best interest that the [Martian] Conglomerate ceases these flybys or the FR will have no choice but to react,” stated Adali in a recent press conference when she was asked about the relationship between the FR and the CFP as well as the increasing amount of flybys done by the MC near the borders of the CFP.

This statement comes after the latest fly done by the Conglomerate, this flyby was conducted near the CFP border. In the last month, the Conglomerate has reported more than three hundred flybys of the CFP as well as several shadowing operations of CFP ships in international space.

There is a strong alliance between the CFP and the FR, both nations have a high degree of respect for the other. Military leaders have already expressed concerns about the Martian ships operating so close to the CFP, many of them fearing that the CFP will come under invasion by the MC at some time in the near future. It also comes as a worry due to the fact that the CFP is rather close to the FR, meaning that if the CFP was to fall the border systems of the FR could be the next targets of the MC.

Several members of the military community have urged Chancellor Frederick to increase military support for the CFP. Several of them have called for the deployment of Direwolf Class dreadnoughts as well as an increase of destroyer patrols to show that the FR is serious about these flybys. As for Chancellor Frederick, he has stated several times that “He is considering the options”

In another interview, he as has stated that he will most likely order the deployment of more warships, preferably destroyers to the CFP as well as Trooper reinforcements. Stating that, “They [CFP] are our closest allies right now, if we were to go back on them, it would be the greatest shame of the FR.” He has also ordered the extended deployment of the FR ships that are in CFP territory as well as those ships to be on the highest alert and fully aware at all times.

Big Success in the Alexzonyan weapons trails!

Garion Armory has reported a major increase in stock shares in the last quarter, this comes right on the heels of the latest results of the Alexzonyan weapon trials. Which saw the single largest purchase of Mk VI armor sets. Up to 20,000,000 Mk. VI Armor sets are to be ordered from immediately available stock. The production of 25,000,000 units per quarter authorized for 20 quarters. The distribution of required sizing will be provided prior to each quarter’s production run. Around 520,000,000 armor sets in total would be produced for the Alexonyans. While the M83A7 advanced into the finals, it wasn’t purchased by the Alexzonyans, however, the feedback from them was positive. However, they remarked that there was nothing really special about it, another thing that Garion Armory learned was that the Kisian Type 161 and the M83A7 look....practically identical. So the newer versions of the M83A7 would have to have some new furniture.

The M6 IDW, M9A1 SMG and the Elgar Combat Systems M30 Hellhound shotgun where all rejected and outright for not fitting the GRA doctrine or liking.

Lance Weapon Enterprises also showed a considerable increase in stocks as the Alexzonyans also purchased a large batch of the M20 Multipurpose rocket launcher, which the Alexzonyan’s seemed to love. It would also gain the colorful nickname of ‘Doubletap” due to its two rocket capacity. The GRA and LWE have also expressed an interest in developing a vehicle mount as well as a belt-fed mount for it.

In the end, it seems that the weapon trials have been going well for the FR, and most are excited for what else this competition has to offer, will the M93 Sabertooth MBT be purchased?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:21 pm
by Lady Scylla

Chancellor Van Allen plays down concerns of invasion. Considers further deployment.

Alpha Quadrant --
As Martian naval vessels continue to agitate Peninsular border regions, concerns by the international community over the incidents have forced the nation's Chancellor, Fredrick Van Allen, to respond. Van Allen played down the idea that the recent incidents were leading up to an invasion of the Peninsular, repeating the Senate's claim that the Conglomerate was devoted to maintaining security and peace. ''The Peninsular have nothing to fear from the Martians. We are a nation devoted to security, and see it necessary that we maintain our military intelligence even in times of great peace. The only invasion taking place here are the anxieties of the Fenvarian and Peninsular,'' he stated.

Van Allen also stated that the screenings would continue as scheduled, and that Martian vessels undergoing the operation were under strict authority to ''neither tarry, nor provoke, nor infiltrate'' Peninsular zones. Van Allen has also allowed a new bill to be tabled in the Senate that will be voted on this weekend authorising the deployment of Martian battleships to the region if the Fenvarian deploy a number of their dreadnoughts. ''Unfortunately, aggressive escalations by foreign powers cannot go unanswered, and we will respond in kind if we must,'' Van Allen said.

Questioned about whether the Citadel, the nation's central military command, would increase the Martian DEFCON -- Van Allen stated that all options would remain on the table, but depend on what the Peninsular and Fenvarians do in the coming weeks. Questions were also raised about Martian CBRN forces, and the Trident program which stockpiles the nations interstellar ballistic missiles -- he quickly tossed the idea aside stating, ''It is, by far, too early in any shape or form to consider the use or preparation of our nuclear forces.''

The Trident program has been a matter of contention for many states, despite the arms treaty the Martians have with the Menelmacar. They're FTL-capable nuclear launch platforms with advanced interstellar missile systems that could, in theory, strike Peninsular or the Fenvarians' homeworlds with ease. Their creation started a major nuclear escalation between the Menelmacar and the Martians that almost led to war, before a mutual agreement was signed, limiting Martian capacity and ensuring that the system would remain passive. The Martians assured the Menelmacar that the system was for retaliatory strikes on Martian cities, but factions in the Senate have considered if their capability as a first-strike option should be considered.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:45 pm
by Olimpiada

BlueSky Industrial Times

OFN Deployments to Vosporos: Conflict in Beta?

Recently, four additional Nautikoi, roughly two hundred vessels, were deployed to the Vosporos wormhole in Beta in an unexpected move by the Federal Navy. In a press conference, President Alexios Cyrenacius stated the following:

“Recent developments in Beta have forced us to reconsider our security options there. The galaxy is as troubled as ever, and we must assert our ability to defend ourselves and our interests wherever they may be found across the Milky Way.”

This comes shortly after recent Martian and Fenvarian deployments in the same week. When questioned if there was a connection between these and Olimpiadan deployments, the president refused to comment further.

We were able to secure an interview with Isidorus Attaliates, Administrator for the Vosporos system and Hex Conglomerate executive regarding the recent deployments.

BlueSky: So you don’t believe there’s any impending war?

Attaliates: Of course not. This sort of maneuver is par for the course in diplomacy. More likely than not, it’s merely preparation for patrols in neighboring space. Every so often our Federal colleagues feel the need to make a point to other nations. This is perfectly normal.

BS: Do you believe there’s any connection between these deployments and those done by the Fenvarians and Martians?

A: Almost certainly. Again, this is merely a declaration of borders. We are here, and we will not move out of the way just because other nations feel the need to spill each other’s blood. We have plenty of security in our own core worlds, they merely feel the need to ensure that no one moves too close to them while fighting.

BS: Would you say we’re likely to go to war soon?

A: Hardly.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:04 am
by Da Liang
Gaian Belt Initiative: The New Silk Road?
Zhao Min, People's Daily
Edited: 3:50 PM, April 04, 400 A.E.

Unknown Painting: Depiction of the Ancient Silk Road trade initiated by Proto-Sinican People

CHIYANG, March 28, 400 A.E. (People's Daily) - Party General Secretary and Paramount Leader Chen Zhiqing signs the Gaian Belt Initiative after the People's Revolutionary Congress concurred with Sinica's entry to the trade-based economic initiative proposed by the Greater Imperium of Pikasistan, The Federated Worlds of Olimpiada, and the Martian Conglomerate. According to a Congressman, the Gaian Belt Initiative will offer fresh impetus to economic development and integration of markets while bringing tangible capital benefits among the signatories and the people within the route.

In an interview with a Pro-Gaian Initiative Congressman, signing this treaty would give a massive boost to both export and import of items such as cybernetics, data, computers, antimatter, biologicals, pharmaceuticals, and other more. Additionally, some analysts theorized that the massive influx of competitive products into Sinican markets would increase economic competitiveness, innovation, and performance amongst Sinican Corporations and even the Sinican economy in the larger picture.

With Sinica entering this treaty, it has been referred to most as the "The New Silk Road", with silk road being an ancient terminology used to refer to a network of trade routes established by proto-Sinican people in the Solar System to trade in their goods with neighboring states. This leads to the Gaian Belt Initiative to be commonly referred to as the "Silk Road Economic Belt" among groups of Sinican-centric analysts.


The Sinican Construction and Logistics Group, a State Owned Entity, was reported to have been contracted by the government to construct ten trading outposts for each routes leading towards Olimpiada and the Fractal Sol Area. These star-based trading outposts that are at least 10,000-15,000 lightyears apart from each other would act as refueling pit-stops for trade ships that would pass through the trade link.

Some of the trading outposts are reported to be designed as an international trade zone and marketplace where even non-Gaian initiative trade ships are allowed to refuel and buy and sell their goods into. Additionally, adverts claim that this international trade zone host permanent housing, luxury hotels, casinos, malls, and whatnot owned by subsidiary private corporations of the Sinican Construction and Logistics Group.

Recently, People's Revolutionary Army Navy Admiral, Li Dechemg, confirmed that naval presence will be present in these trading outposts once they are operational. According to interviews, Admiral Li stressed out that the primary objective of the navy in the area is to respond and curb immediate threats to trading activities in the belt such as piracy. On the other hand, the Ministry of Security and Law Enforcement also confirmed their deployment to these trade outposts, especially the international trade zone, in order to monitor the area of criminal activity and illegal smugglers and respond accordingly. The Martian Conglomerate was also observed to have been building military stations in tradelanes going to Sol.


Pan-Sinican and Zhuist Communism sociologists declared that being part of the signatory states of the Gaian Belt Initiative marked the end of four centuries of Inner Perfection, the very movement started by the First Chairman of the People's Republic, Zhu Zhixun, which emphasized on Sinican isolationism from the rest of the galaxy in order to focus on perfecting society through Communism. This also goes into connection with their earlier criticism of Chen Zhiqing's Communism with Sinican Characteristics Technocratic Socialism praxis and Sinica being a signatory of the Order of the Smoke Jaguar as the pioneer of ending Zhu Zhixun's Communist Inner Perfection Ideology.

Counter-criticisms from Chen Zhiqing's supporters were also prevalent. Renowned philosopher, Wang Shouyi, cites the story of a proto-Sinican story about "A farmer from Sung was cultivating his field and came across a stump. One day, he noticed a rabbit running on the field that accidentally ran into the stump, causing it to break its neck and die. After seeing that, the farmer just put away his tools and observed the stump, expecting that he would get another rabbit through the same method. But he got no more rabbits that way, and was soon regarded with ridicule by the people of Sung. People who expect to effectively govern people in modern times through the methods of ancient kings are acting like those people who are observing stumps." Adding to this, he claimed that Chen Zhiqing's radical reforms are vital in order to adapt to an ever-changing environment, bringing Sinica to reach the new Golden Age.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:46 am
by Lady Scylla

Martian Senate approves funding for new warship; Gaia Coalition forms

Alpha Quadrant --
As the fifth Nergal-class battleship, Mars' newest warship, rolls off the line at the Martian Naval Yard; the Martian Senate has been considering further upgrades to the nation's navy. A competition between Martian Dynamics and Sovereign Shipyards to produce a new general-purpose cruiser to replace the nearly thirty year old Deimos-class has finally revealed a winner. The Senate approved Martian Dynamic's Astarte-class concept after nearly a month of deliberation.

The new warship will be smaller than the Deimos, but carry twice the armament and larger weapons such as the newer Corsair-400 Railgun. The Astarte also replaces the nation's General R. Feng-class missile cruiser, the first time the two naval classes will merge. While further details about the upcoming Astarte are classified, the ship is expected to have stronger weaponry, better range, and be more nimble than its predecessor.

As the Conglomerate ramps up rhetoric about establishing a 'New Order' in the Reaches, and begins to challenge older powerhouses in the region, the Senate has started to see it necessary that the nation keeps up with its neighbours militarily. Earlier this month, the Conglomerate launched an ambitious initiative, by building a wide security net around trade lanes coming into Sol, and further striking controversy over its provocative actions with the Peninsular. Van Allen, the Chancellor of the Senate, at a press-conference illustrated the importance of a stronger Martian military saying, ''The Age of the Old Powers has come to their conclusion. Sol can no longer rely on the Menelmacar or the Sunsetti to maintain order and peace. It is time for the New Powers to take their place.''

Just last year, the Senate approved a nearly £500 billion upgrade to the Martian Naval Yards, creating a number of larger, newer dry-docks. Some of which have been used for the Nergal-class battleships the nation has been recently constructing. According to a release from the Martian Citadel, a further three contracts are in the works with unknown corporations for designs of new destroyers, carriers, and an orbital weapons platform. None have been awarded as of yet.

Mars' military ambitions have also struck a chord with a number of foreign powers. The Gaia Belt, a lucrative trade network was established between a number of powers, and the Gaian Coalition was formed to counter what some see as the rising threat of the Stepford-Arnau Trade and Military Alliance or SATMA for short. Several in the Senate have raised concerns that, especially in the Reaches, it's important to maintain a 'balance of power'. Senator Maximilian Santiago, one of the loudest supporters for a new rival power bloc stated, ''With SATMA on our doorstep, and the necessity to secure peace in the Reaches and not only humanity but Sol's future for subsequent generations, we must be able to safeguard ourselves against possible foreign aggression.'' At current, the Gaia Coalition composes of the Conglomerate, Houseidou, the Eridani Imperium, Olimpiada, Sinica, and Pikasistan.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:03 am
by Auman
In Defense!

April 9, 3170 0839 VST.
Angelica Nardelli

Foreign agitators build unrest, The Sphere grows larger

As the so-called Gaia Coalition carry on with their spree of agitation, various galactic powers have reacted predictably. Provocative and inappropriate actions by the extremist Republic of Mars against the peace loving peoples of Liaso have ramped up in their intensity over recent weeks with no sign of abating. While Aumanii patriots call for action in defense of their allies, the Overlord has been silent on the issue. The question many people have been asking is why? The answer, as I came to learn from unnamed sources inside our military government, was really quite simple... "We're going to keep doing what we're doing."

That's really the gist of it. I can see the logic in it, as a mother... When a child lashes out for attention, do you coddle it? No, this would only encourage poor behavior in the future. Do you hit the child for acting out? No, this is just poor parenting. The only effective course of action would be to not pay any attention to it at all and once they realize that it isn't working, they will stop. This is the logic as it was explained to me by my source, who seemed a lot more interested in discussing the progress of Molis Regnum, the new Aumanii capital on Mars.

Immediately following the historic return, construction work began on the shores of the Hellas Basin. The first Aumanii city on Mars in over 285 years is now nearing completion and people are already beginning to move into their homes. Real estate on Mars is currently the most expensive in the Sphere, with the familiar spectre of supply and demand driving values into the stratosphere. The majority of homes have been purchased by government workers, largely in national administration roles. The Aumanii Alpha Garrison, the primary military outpost in the system, struggles to find enough housing for deployed personnel. This bonanza, a mad dash to Mars, has created a boom in the construction industry that is, according to the trends, unlikely to abate any time soon.

This is what our military government considers newsworthy. Condo prices and steady work for fabbing contractors. Which I suppose it is. Despite the movements of nefarious entities with warlike aspirations in our galaxy, the Sphere will grow larger.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:36 pm
by Fenvaria Republic
The Fenvarian Response

Republic International Times
Beta Quadrant, Fenvaria Republic, Fuchs, Arcadia

Since the last news report several military leaders have came forward and expressed more of their concerns about the Martian Conglomerate, many of them pointed to out that their actions have counter played their intentions. One high ranking officer pointed out that the CFP is a rather small nation and poses no threat to the MC, all they do is simply mind their business and keep to their space. "Think about it, if a nation was just keeping intel....why would they need to keep running frigates up and down the border, following warships, tapping civilian communications. There are much more, cleaner and not as open methods of keeping intel, what the MC is doing is preparing for war and well they are screaming about it."

Later yesterday Chancellor Frederick made a public announcement about how the tensions between the FR and the MC have been faring;

"I am afraid that the relations between the FR and the MC have soured quite quickly, however that is obvious. Many of us had hopes for the upstart nation, but their repeated attempts to squash freedoms and heighten aggression have made things difficult."

"What about our own aggression? The deployment of dreadnoughts?"

"I never stated that the FR would be deploying dreadnoughts to the CFP, it was merely a suggestion by some of the more aggressive commanders. I personally rather not have things explode into a galactic conflict. Now that we have stepped back a bit and looked at the problem, most of those commanders have also calmed down and started to look at things more diplomatically as well as tactically. A deployment of FR dreadnoughts would explode the situation and throw things further down the path of war, as the MC would counter that with their battleships and possibly turn on their Trident platforms."

"Do you think you are being paranoid?"

"No, I take what is given to me and try to piece together the larger picture."

"So are you calling for the de-escalation of the situation?"


"Wouldn't that hurt the FR's position? As an ally? As a military power? As a possible leader?"

"No, I don't think so. I think by de-escalating the situation it would show that the FR is not just about war and selling guns, but is about cooperation. Yes, we have a martial culture....and martial upbringing....but....the 40 Years War has taught us that saber rattling only gets you so far. Also that you need to be smart, you can't just go and rattle your saber at everyone you see or else you end up with a bullet in your brain. Or in the case of nations, worlds burning."

"Quite the optimist aren't you Chancellor Frederick. If not dreadnoughts then what would you send?"

"I am not a optimist, I try to be be realistic. As for ships, destroyers....or corvettes, probably corvettes as they are light craft, easier to maintain, supply, retrofit, etc. Logistically lighter ships are simpler."

"What about troops?"

"Still under consideration."

Domestic Front!

In other news, the Chancellor and the Office of Foreign Affairs have announced that the Fenvaria Republic has been accepted into SATMA, as the Fenvaria Republic has been a long standing ally of the Peninsularians and the groundwork for the Fenvarian acceptance into SATMA was already laid. Chancellor Frederick states that he; “Wishes that their acceptance into SATMA was under better terms and not a period of chaos.”

A SATMA gate network between the Peninsularian territory and the Fenvarian territory is being discussed, this is to help ensure ease of travel between the two nations.

Upon the acceptance into SATMA the FR has agreed to the construction of five Helios platforms in the core systems of the FR. These Helios platforms are from the Phoenix Domain to help ensure the security of the FR’s systems.

The FR has also started to invest more into local ship building, as apart of Investment Order No.09, a federal order for all shipyards to increase ship building and repair yards. While at the same time the FR invests and gives out grants to shipyards so they can increase the number of shipyards. The order is to help ensure a stable life line for all ships as well as ease some of the mounting trade congestion that has been reported. Another factor of the order is that it creates a number of new jobs and opportunities. After the order was placed major shipbuilding firms have began to construct and open up more expansive ship yards. As apart of the Fenvaria-Aumanii agreement, the Republic has allowed the Aumanii to base Aumanii Fleet warships and personnel out of Fenvarian territory in exchange for investment in local Fenvarian shipbuilding.

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by The Peninsular
Reuterberg Periodical

Steering away from possibility of escalation; 'Important and correct decision', Klessewitz says

Alpha Quadrant -- Liaso, Arret, CFP -- In a surprising step, the federal government has announced a deal with the Martian Conglomerate, recently in the headlines for its aggressive policy towards the Federation. "A recent event has lead us to see that this could spiral out of control easily.", Foreign Minister Klessewitz said in the announcement. "We don't want that to happen, and the Conglomerate does not want it either."

The announcement was preceded by a meeting of Martian and Federation diplomats behind closed doors. Although not confirmed, it is likely that this meeting concerned the Martian actions during the last month, which caused significant worry in the Federation and its allies alike.

According to Klessewitz, the deal entails an end of the Martian scouting and shadowing operations along border space, as well as "other actions", although the announcement does not specify these. "The Martians have made an important and correct decision. We are glad we can deescalate the situation now.", the Foreign Minister added. In return, the Federation government will discard its earlier consideration of economic penalties against Martian businesses.

What lead to the decision, something Klessewitz refers to as a "recent event", is undisclosed. Speculations range from a border incident to an undisclosed other foreign policy development, though nothing is confirmed.

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by Pikasistan

Anchora Docks expansion: Contract given to Olimpiadan Hex Conglomerate

This announcement comes out about 5 months after the announcement of the expansion of the first shipyard in importance in the Greater Imperium. After multiple submissions were examined by corporations from Pikasistan and its closest allied nations, the Senatorum Imperialis decided to give the lucrative task to the Olimpiadan corporation known as the Hex Conglomerate, notably after the demonstration of their capabilities by building the shipyards of Clockwork. The contract given to the Hex Conglomerate is aimed at doubling the size of Anchora Docks, which will help the Greater Imperium's effort to expand it's naval capacities, as wished by Empress Laelys.

However some major restrictions lie in the contract, which were only accepted due to the undisclosed value of the colossal construction works needed. Phase 1 of the project requires that 80% of Pikasistani made materials be used in the construction, whilst Phase 2 and 3 are respectively going to 65% and 60%, notably because of the need for Antimatter reactors which still lies beyond technical range of the nation. However rumors indicate their may be a transfer of technologies in this regard which would help further the technical capacities of the nation.

Expansion of shipyards across the nation have been made a priority by imperial authorities following the Aesir Wars and are seen as the first step in the rise of Pikasistan as a regional power alongside the opening of new trade corridors with friendly human nations across the galaxy.

Empress Laelys speaks regarding the increase of tensions in the Fractal Sol region:

Crown Empress Laelys' speech this morning before the press on Pikasistania was an unexpected turn in the escalation of a conflict between the Martian Conglomerate and the Stepford-Arnau Military and Trade Accords (SATMA) and Fenvavia Republic. The new leader of the Greater Imperium of Pikasistan expressed "deep concerns" regarding the situation, stating that the galaxy was witnessing an alarming escalation of tensions in the conflictful region.

While the Empress acknowledged the fly-bys of Martian Conglomerate were indeed the original cause of tensions, she firmly denounced the actions of the Fenravia Republic and the Auman Co-Prosperity Sphere, saying they were adding "unnecessary tensions and endangered the already fragile situations". The comments were obviously referring to the menace of deployment of dreadnoughts, even if merely stated as a <<suggestions from the most aggressive commanders>> from the Fenrivian Republic which could possibly disrupt trading between the nations part of the new Gaian Belt Trade Corridor, nominally the Greater Imperium of Pikasistan, the Martian Conglomerate, the People's Republic of Sinica and the Federated Worlds of Olimpiada. She also spoke firmly against the intensification of the Aumanii efforts of Mars, seeing it as a way for SATMA to deploy military assets in the Fractal Sol Region, adding that "the old powers see their grasp faltering in the region and are now desperately looking for a reason to intervene in [Fractal Sol]"

When asked if this escalation of tensions would cancel the plan tour of the Belt by the Octavia, first ship of the new super-dreadnought class and largest vessel ever built in the history of the Greater Imperium, the Empress stated that the tour would happen as previously planned, but that in order to leave a chance for de-escalation to happen, it would start by visiting the Olimpiadan world of Triumvirate and Chiyang, capital world of the People's Republic of Sinica, before heading to Mars.

Note of the redaction: This declaration was made prior to the announcement of a deal between the Peninsular and Martian Conglomerate.

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by Alexzonya
The Trinity Center Times-Courier

Alexzonya Responds to Aggressive Martian Rhetoric, Extremist Gaian Coalition
Staff Writer -- 4/9/119 SY

HORIZON CENTER - The Alexzonyan government has issued its strongest denunciation yet of recent provocative actions taken by the Martian Conglomerate and their allies in the newly founded Gaian Coalition. In a brief statement earlier today, Sky Marshall Rebecca Hawthrone called the recent military activities by the MC Navy “aggressive and out of line with international norms”. A spokesbeing added more detail: “[w]hile we are glad to see a secession of direct hostility against our Peninsularian allies, the general line taken by the Martians and their new Gaian allies is unduly hostile and aggressive, and will be regarded accordingly by the international community. The Martians should reconsider their aggressive stance and join the rest of the galaxy in working cooperatively.” Alexzonya’s allies have been supportive of the government’s posture. An Aumanii Navy spokesman noted their support, emphasizing his “respect for Alexzonyan honor and dedication to peace.”

The Gaian Coalition is a newcomer to the galactic scene, a recently unveiled military organization consisting of the Martian Conglomerate, Houseidou, the Eridani Imperium, Olimpiada, Sinica, and Pikasistan. The organization is viewed by many experts and galactic observers as extreme, due to them holding explicitly anti-trade and anti-stability views as core tenants of their members. The Gaian nations disagree, blaming the policies of the Stepford-Arnau Trade and Military Alliance (often abbreviated SATMA), an organization in which Alexzonya is a key member, for the tensions. A key Senator within the Martian Conglomerate stated: “With SATMA on our doorstep... we must be able to safeguard ourselves against possible foreign aggression.” Pikasistani leadership has also taken a stand opposing the recent return of the Co-Prosperity Sphere of Auman to their ancestral Martian homeland, accusing the Aumanii of escalating tensions and acting as a military proxy for the greater SATMA organization in the Solarian Reaches.

SATMA, an international organization with its roots in Gamman anti-piracy cooperation and ongoing effort to improve galactic trade infrastructure, is best known for its prolific network of trade gates and routine stability patrols that have stabilized large swaths of the Gamma quadrant and beyond in recent years. A Foreign Affairs Advisory spokesbeing noted: “We were ready to welcome the Gaian Coalition into the international community with open arms, as many of these nations had been notable in recent international cooperative and trade efforts by their absence, and sometimes hostility. That they have elected to formalize this hostility by founding an organization whose primary purpose is to destabilize and counterbalance many of the international communities most successful collaborative efforts is disheartening, and we will have to reconsider our diplomatic posture regarding these nations going forward.”

With the sudden emergence of the explicitly anti-SATMA Gaian Coalition, Starfleet is reportedly in the process of adjusting their defensive posture. While official sources declined to comment, unofficial reports indicate that a sizeable number of reconnaissance frigates and early-warning sensor nets have been deployed in Alexzonyan border space, with particular attention paid to their coreward frontier, and that planetary defense forces through the Republic and its allied territories have been brought to heightened alert. While war seems unlikely in the immediate term, it is clear that the government is preparing for all contingencies going forward. Certainly, the Alexzonyans are not the only ones responding to the news: sources have also indicated substantial movement by the Huerdaen military within their own borders as well as a noticeable uptick in defense infrastructure construction in the Fenvarian Republic, an Alexzonyan ally and SATMA member in Beta quadrant.

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by Lady Scylla

Tensions ease with Peninsular; GRA lashes out; ISBM test in Beta

Alpha Quadrant --
In an unprecedented move, the CFP and the Conglomerate reached an agreement, ending immediate hostilities and escalation brought upon by Mars' provocative flybys of Peninsular space. A report released by the Citadel mentioned only briefly an ''undisclosed border incident'' as being the reason for the emergency session that occurred behind closed-doors. Secretary of Defence, Angel Gallaway refused to comment.

Despite a seeming end to recent tension near the Reaches, the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya ramped up its rhetoric condemning the Martians and the newly formed Gaia Coalition, and urging for dialogue. The government has summoned the Alexzonyan ambassador as a result. Chancellor Van Allen stated that it was in the ''Martian's best interest'' to foster peace, but would also not forego on its obligation to defend itself and its allies if necessary. Tensions have refocused from the CFP-Martian feud to SATMA as of late. At a press conference in Port Haven, Van Allen described SATMA as an organisation of ''undue tyranny'', and defended the formation of the Gaia Coalition as necessary in keeping the ''balance of power''.

''We cannot stand idly by, and expect SATMA to remain unchallenged. Their corruption and manipulation has infected and destroyed many credible institutions including the GCC. They are an Axis of Evil bent on domination of the weak, the undefended, and the peaceful. And nothing more. Gaia defends national sovereignty in the face of these malevolent operators, without the balance of power, the galactic community will remain victims of SATMA,'' Van Allen stated. The Chancellor's comments came after a fiery session in the Senate, where a vote was passed almost unanimously, ending the arms treaty the Conglomerate had with the GRA.

The Senate also passed the Deltan Reinforcement Resolution at 430-70, approving of the deployment of the 7th Fleet to the Deltan colonies where the MAF is expected to increase military patrols in the region. Asked whether the move is in direct response to the GRA's own change in posture, Gallaway said that it was likely. Officials familiar with the Citadel stated that the move was a ''show of force'' in the regions around the Deltan colonies. ''We are closely monitoring the situation. The GRA's actions are not inherently hostile, but we've taken the necessary measures to ensure the public's safety,'' one official, who asked to remain unknown, commented.

The Galactic Cold War, as was coined by a newspaper in Laconia, has become a matter of great international interest. How long such a 'cold war' could last is another matter. The Conglomerate's own actions haven't done much to aid the cooling of tensions. STRATCOM, the nation's Strategic Weapons Command, announced that it had conducted an isolated test of its new Hades MkIV ISBM in the Beta Quadrant. The test was carried out in the Martian client-state of the United Provinces.

ISBMs or Inter-stellar Ballistic Missiles have been a matter of some contention for a number of powers, as the weapons field typical warheads but on long-range, FTL capable launch vehicles. While their effectiveness is questionable at best, with any sort of missile being susceptible to planetary defences, the Conglomerate has continued to develop the program. The nation describes it as a necessary deterrent, and has long maintained the policy of deploying said weapons for defensive reasons only. The MkIV would be the latest upgrade to the Hades missiles, and according to STRATCOM, the test was a success.

The MkIV test had the warhead travel 1,200 LY before impacting a designated target on an asteroid. Official details about the test and the MkIV remain classified, but the system supposedly has upgraded targeting and counter-measure features that would make it more suitable than the older MkIII. In addition, the system is designed to be put on warships such as the new Nergal-class battleships, and Astarte-class cruisers. The possibility of replacing the older Sparrow warheads of the Martian navy for fleet-to-fleet combat has long been on the agenda of the military, but the missiles were previously limited by size and yield. Better advancements in miniaturising the launch-vehicle could mean a larger yield warhead for roughly the same size as a Sparrow.

One report released by the Citadel on the Martian CBRN program, noted that while nuclear weapons were no longer really viable for planetary warfare given the advances of point-defence and ABM systems, the MAF is reportedly looking into their viability against stations and less defended targets such as asteroid facilities and miners. ''You don't have the destructive blast in space like you do with nuclear detonations on the ground, and against most military targets, warheads are little more than glorified missiles. However, not everything has the defences or designs to avoid receiving a devastating impact, and that's what the military is currently exploring,'' said Gallaway.

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by The Peninsular
Tagblatt für Wirtschaft

Leading the way for industrial expansion; Industry receives boost in optimism

Alpha Quadrant -- Firis, Arret, CFP -- In an unexpected move, Canao & Company AC has announced a big change in strategy. While a strategy adjustment had already been speculated on a month prior, this new shift is both bigger and in an unexpected direction. Additionally, the first stages of evaluation in the Alexzonyan Fleet Auxiliary Request for Proposals are concluded.

Canao & Company AC, which belongs to one of the Big Four branches of Peninsularian industry (arms and shipbuilding industry, pharmaceuticals and bioengineering industry, alcohol industry and infrastructure design industry), is the Federation's third biggest pure arms company, directly after Polar Military Technology AC and Metall & Criegsgerät. The company specializes in firearms as their core business, although they also hold some amounts of market share in other areas.

"We must adapt to our environment.", C&Co. CEO Weber said at a press conference today. "And we have to look into exploiting the opportunities we are given. Therefore, our company will start focusing stronger on business abroad, in the large markets of Auman and New Dornalia." According to further comments by CPO Zinger, the company has decided to focus on the rather large civilian markets in both these nations, and will be attending the Dornalian DakkaCon later this year. Many experts on the business speculate that Canao & Company will be revealing new weapons there.

In other news, the conclusion of evaluation the first few stages of the Alexzonyan Starfleet Auxiliary's RFP has spread optimism in the arms industry. Although only C&Co. was awarded a contract, over the older T.443 as a training and drill rifle, and the MPSGH-1, SMP-7 and Polar MilTech's TPARW launcher all were not selected in the end, the stock of both companies has seen rises in the last few days.

According to the report by the Starfleet Auxiliary, none of the weapons were disqualified due to any flaws in their design or other products overshadowing them completely. In fact, both the MPSGH and SMP were only disqualified due to their slightly higher prices. The TPARW came in a close second in its category, being called 'the most sophisticated tank hunter' of the entries tested. CDO Giovano of Polar MilTech sees, as do many, the results as a clear proof that Peninsularian weapons companies can keep up with the galatic market. "We were worried that we may have been behind in technology, but the reports show quite the opposite: Our launcher could easily compete and even surpass the Alexzonyan Shortbow missile and the other entrants in many regards.", he said in a press conference.

The other parts of the evaluation are yet to be concluded, and experts have expressed high expectations especially for M&C's Protector Mk. I fighter craft, and SG-96 combat shotgun.

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by Olimpiada

Sabishii Gazette

Shipbuilding Contracts for Hex, Mykonos

by Justinian Telesinus
5:34 PM, April 10 3156

ELYSIA-3, TRIUMVIRATE - The first such expansion in nearly a century, President Cyrenacius authorized contracts for a fifty percent increase in OFVC (Olimpiadan Federal Vacuum Corps) vessels in active service. The addition of the vessels is meant to happen over the next eight months, integrating another hundred and four Nautikoi into the Corps. In a statement given by the president, he cited the reason for the expansion as “a response to increased spending by SATMA members across the Milky Way.”

Fleet Admiral Ioannes Nassos stated that “The galaxy is full to the brim with horrors. The Tezekis Incident, Fujimori’s World, and the Scarlet Blight taught us that as surely as the previous centuries of struggle against xenoi. So when faced with the SATMA power bloc, we face a conundrum. Not only do we face further xeno threats, they are backed up by our fellow humans, of all people. If we have learned anything from our victories over them, it must be that humans are the most dangerous of all. As such, it pays for us to be ever vigilant against their advances.”

SATMA, an alliance formed to defend the interests of xenophiles and their xeno allies across the galaxy has grown rather active recently. Due to a bout of brinksmanship between the Martian Conglomerate and the Peninsular, tensions have been high everywhere, and SATMA has not failed to respond in excess. With rapidly increasing ship production on the rise, it is rather difficult for anyone to not believe they are gearing up for a war against peaceful human nations across the galaxy.

This change in fleet policy comes hot on the heels of an EOS report detailing a number of sensor deployments by the Alexzonyan Starfleet on their coreward border, noteworthy for its unfriendly status and proximity to Olimpiada. When questioned about this possibility, Nassos refused to comment, citing “serious security concerns” and “how did you get that?” as reasons. Shortly after, our interview team was escorted from the military station and kept in secure holding for six hours, forcing us to engage in speculation rather than fact presentation. Such as things are, it is the opinion of this journal that the state is preparing for conflict in the near future, though how soon that is will be difficult to know.

So, to our readers in the OFM, do be ready for a fight: You may not have time to do so later.

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by Rhukhor Havakhund
With Vicen Asvadi
Evening, my SPRAT-loving babies! It's "oh"-200 Piraeus local, and you know what that means... Live from the Liu, it's Renegade Radio!

Introductory song plays, complete with samples of several prior broadcasts and interviews. Crescendo includes a string of seemingly nonsensical and woefully out-of-context slurs, the speaker's voice matching that of the host, Vicen Asvadi. After approximately twenty seconds, the introductory sequence fades into the host's muted laughter and opening monologue.

We've got one hell of a show for you folks this evening. Legally-dubious salvors and tin-tinkerers of the Galaxy, unite, you have nothing to lose, but— Well, you have all that you fuckin' own to lose, but that's no different than any other day. The notably depression-inducing state of affairs aside, we do actually have a bit of news to announce before your good ol' boy really starts whippin' at the knickers. First, let's get the big-bad-boy addressed straight-away: we've got a new, wider, far more ethically-tarnish— I mean, "independent" and "upright" audience, my tweezing little space sponges! That's right! Apparently, several rag-tag liquid-router services have decided to start picking up our broadcast from this thick, rusty'n'trusty bitch and have started relaying my sultry baritone beyond the Gemini Belt.

You heard your man, Vicen Asvadi, correctly, ladies, gentlemen, and potentially-sapient-hull corrosion; the fat-cats all the way down in Alpha Centauri can tune-in and hear the single-most awe-erasing, award-un-nominated, bottom-shelf, mind-numbingly-gravy-filled four hour block of absolute hyperwave hell every-single-day. ...Oh please, someone airlock me... If the Valinor can hear me, I'm absolutely positive I'll be having an OVA-ry knocking on my door any day now. "No, Your Most Majestic Imperial Whatever-You-Call-Yourself, we haven't removed the graffiti yet." At this point, if we did, no one would recognize us; that's a sad sack, isn't it? It's like good branding, only made of lead - possibly. Maybe. Probably.

Questionably legal syndication aside, we do have more news to get to this evening. For one, I'm broke. ...Oh wait, that's not news, that's just my bank statement. My apologies. I always get those two confused; I'm not sure if it's the huge line of zeroes queuing-up or the fact it's all in gaudy red print, but it always happens. Let's fix that... Ah, yes, there we are. This one comes to you wild out of the... Well, frankly, it's the ass-end of the Gamma Quadrant, but apparently SecDiv ain't got shit else to do. Oh, nope, there I go again, my mistake. No, this is the Imperial Star Republic herself, moving naval forces out of the Eurydice Spur regions in order to help assist the quelling of tensions between the IStaR and— ...Does that say "fuckin' space shrimp"?

I can't read my own hand-writing. Why that's sad is because I didn't hand-write this; it's typed. On a screen.

Apparently everyone's favorite interstellar crustacean mafia, the Vahkiran, are trying to stir up a bit of trouble for themselves. You know, I can't say I blame them. We here in the Liu do get our fair share of the imply-traders - what with this being their system and all. I mean, it's only natural. Unfortunately. Fortunately? I mean, things have been booming as of late; that's good for most of us, 'cause it lets us boom things in response— Er... No. What I meant to say was "It lets us use our completely legal salvage licenses to assist in the removal of all the heinous debris and detritus that nefarious criminals cause in the Belt." Yes, of course that's what I meant.

Y'know, I once tried to hook-up with one of the prawns. Have I ever told this story? I don't think I have. Regardless, it's a short one; it ended with SecDiv breaking-up a bar brawl and about 60,000 Galactic Standard Credits-worth of court-mandated therapy. ...Something about "chitinous clicking" just triggers me. I don't know what it is. Let's just say, however, that we came to a mutually-beneficial agreement that I'm not to come within three hundred meters of a Vahkiran female, less I'm liable to find my remarkably well-defined jaw removed from my precociously handsome face. This has nothing to do with the fact she threw me through a table, pulled out one of those wishy-wibbly-shiny-whiney sword-things and nearly ended me then and there. Has nothing to do with that at all. Nothing-what-so-ever.

When we come back, SPRAT-kin, we'll address the news in our neighborhood, and possibly start taking callers. I'm not sure. Depends on how much of this Moxxie I can smoke-up in the next six minutes. We'll see, back here on Renegade Radio...

A brief outro tune plays before the broadcast harshly terminates, immediately playing an advertisement for NAVOS Freight & Cargo, specifying their Liu Xiu office. Based upon the quality, it is likely the advertisement was ripped from a legitimate broadcaster and is being replayed from the Renegade Radio studio ad hoc. Following the advertisement, three songs are played, each of similarly poor quality; the genres of the three vary, but most fall under the broad "rock" or "industrial" umbrella, with hints of electronica. These are broken by a second advertisement, for SPRAT - the Official Space Ration of Choice™ - before three more songs play, each apparently from a dated billboard chart from approximately eighteen standard weeks previous.

The final song terminates during the final refrain, immediately returning to the host's voice.

So I've just been looking over my ¥abber, and, apparently someone from the Solarian Reaches - one "@MoneyBagsMcGee" - thinks I am, quote, "The worst disc jockey in the Galaxy," and that "I am likely missing more genes than the average Freesian." I'll have you know, Money Bags McGee, that I am not a disc jockey at all; we don't have discs, fuckface. It's all digital. Get with the times. Secondly, Freesians don't wear jeans. Thirdly, fuck you, fuckface, and the bigass locust you carried your ass in on. Also, your name sucks.

Given most of our listeners are this side of the Sol Meridian, let's focus on some local topics, shall we?

Security Division raids on drug production centers have increased "ten fold," according to the official release from, well, the Security Division. Apparently, what with the "Phanite Problem" largely "resolved," they're looking for new targets out there in Greywinter. The representative from the Security Division cites an "increase in foreign traffic and tourism" as a need to "quash the narcotics problem" in order to maintain "safety and security [...] for traders [in Liu Xiu] that arrive daily from across the Galaxy." I wonder if they realize it's those tourists and traders that are the primary buyers of such "narcotics"? I doubt it. I mean, let's be honest here: where there is a demand, somebody is goin' to supply it. I didn't have to follow @AdrianRhett or @GalacticQuarterly to learn that one, folks; just common-fuckin'-sense.

I mean, don't get your ol' boy Asvadi wrong: I love SecDiv. Those constant drones flying around the Haven? They help me find the hulk. It's positively wholesome that they think so highly of us out here, barely-hangin'-on over Kythira. Between them, the Valinor constantly givin' us mean glares from the Windrose, and the prawns tryin' to skitter into orbit, it's a proverbial hug-party over here. We've never felt so loved as that one time when everybody's favorite creeper bartender got his shit kick'd in and spaced. ...Not that that happened. That's just a metaphor. Simile? Metaphor. Yeah, that's just a metaphor for the rough'n'tumble business of completely-legitimate salvage operations and the free settler lifestyle that we here at Renegade Radio embrace whole-heartedly.

And by "we" I mean "me." 'Cause it's just me. Me and a soundboard from 20.0016 GSY.

Speaking of space and prawns and floating bad checks, the station manager wishes for me to relay a message to the adorable shrimpies: please, for all that is holy, stop trying to free-float EVA over to the Haven. Seriously. You miscalculate and "Boom!" suddenly you're lobster-paste on the hull; then she's gotta force someone to go out there and scrub you off. Then we get comments from the traders out of Freeport about how we're not a "legitimate free port" and are just a "smugglers' den" and that our "menu is exceptionally limited" because it just has bathtub gin and shoe polish as the daily specials every day. Seriously, though, stop. She told me to say we don't serve your kind here. I had nothing to do with saying that, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned story about one of your kind clicking her plates at me menacingly. Just stop.

Onto our first caller! Hey, Sloar-lover, you're live on Renegade Radio!

A "beep" - apparently intended to indicate the joining of a caller to the station - plays, followed immediately by ear-shatteringly loud, incessant clicking. The noise is quite evidently pre-recorded, and not actually a live caller. A second "beep" shortly following the first seems to indicate the host has terminated the "call."

I said "Stop!" Fuckin' seriously, you prawns are so damn sensitive. I swear. Next caller! You're on Renegade Radio!

Caller: Hi— Uhm, hello, yes. Why are you so terrible? You're not even playing good music - like, at all. That shit you just played was from, like, six months ago, man.

Well, for one, because we're a news station. It's suppose to be terrible, forced, and mind-numbingly boring. What do you think we do here: play number-one, hit singles from the "flyest" charts of the 19.9000's?

Caller: But you're not a news station! You've—

Now hold your shit-kickers there, boy. We are, most certainly, a news station. We report on the happenings of Liu Xiu, with particular emphasis upon Harriers' Haven, thank you very much. It's not our fault that SecDiv are party-poopers and won't let us start, I dunno... Making salvage more readily accessible and in far greater quantities. We're a hard-scramble people, my listeners. We're salvagers, free settlers, brigands, pirates, criminals— Sorry, no, no criminals listen to us. At all. Nor do any smugglers. We're all salvors and free settlers, trying to make a dent on Kythira here.

Caller: ...Kythira is a gas giant.

That's why it's so hard to make a dent in 'er. Where are you calling from, caller?

Caller: Hira, on Pinnacle.

Doesn't it, like, always rain there?

Caller: No... In fact, it's pretty much always sun — A distinctive "clack" plays, clearly indicating the call has been terminated.

See? We're a news station. Breaking news, Sloar-babies: it did not rain in Hira today. See, caller? We're a legitimate, wholly above-board, one hundred-percent authorized news source... you fuckstick.

Regardless, we're at the part of the mornin' I like to call the "Last Last Call." That part of the evening where those of you who actually do require my services get your intel for the coming week. First and foremost, there are a couple of announcements the Big Mama just wants me to get out. For one, the Faint of Heart will no longer be accepting non-human clientele, as previously stated; you heard that right, you chitterin' freaks. Not that I'm sure many of you felt exactly welcome to begin with, but the jig is up; don't bother dockin'. ...Just gettin' that out there, so y'all don't erroneously go thinkin' that was ol' Asvadi kiddin' around. Secondly, the standard fare is expected to make port sometime in the next forty-eight hours, Jiwao standard. All you li'l' kiddies know what that means; expect a good drop this time, or so I'm told. "Par excellance," as it were. All those Cirrus boys are gonna be runnin' hot, so I'd give them a wide berth.

Next, the miners are mining heavily, but don't expect to pull-up and offload. It's not that sorta mining operation, and I wouldn't go about tryin' to convince 'em otherwise. Free settlers are not welcome. I repeat: free settlers are not welcome. Free settlers, however, are still welcome at the Haven, as always. Speaking of: good prices are being offered for select wares - all above board, of course. Remember to have your SecDiv green slips on hand for inspection; wouldn't want the tin-heads gettin' all uppity about things, now would we? We here at Haven are always willing to pay the price for somethin' special.

This has been Renegade Radio with Vicen Asvadi, folks. Dial-in tomorrow, my fellow Sloar-kin, for out-of-date, woefully under-reported, needlessly verbose news. But for now? For now, fuck off, big boys!

A brief outro begins to play, similar to the initial introductory tune, before it is quickly silenced by a roar of indecipherable static. What appears to be a voice - very faint and off key - echoes behind the white noise, seemingly repeating an alphanumeric string before it, too, abruptly ends.

gamma quadrant