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Liar's Poker (APSIA Only/IC)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:38 pm
by McFreedomstan

New Wave of Finance

The once modest financial markets of the world have now bloomed as new Exchanges with standardized fees and legal practices emerge. The Imperial Landersvich Exchange (ILE), International Stock Exchange (ISEx), and the Tokyo Exchange have drastically increased their trade volume as lower fees and computer technology have made trading significantly faster and easier. Derivative trading has taken the financial world by storm and now stands as a multi-billion dollar industry. Relatively light regulations have led to just about everything getting monetized...

The Profits of War

War is hell, especially for a nation's coffers. But to the budding investor? War is lucrative. Betting pools for the victors are commonly traded as stock tickers. Current conflicts in South Asia have led to the creation of INE-V and PER-V funds that supply the Indian Emirates and the Persian Sultanate with capital on the condition that after victory the debts will be repaid with seized assets. African and Asian armament bonds are becoming a favorite way for tinpot regimes to secure funding for military ventures. Defense options have created an overnight millionaire class and attract many to the dangerous derivative game. French REITs aggressively purchase real estate and land the second Entente armies conquer them.

A Time for Growth

With major deescalation in North America, and what analysts are calling a "brief scuffle" in Europe, global markets are starting to pick up. The world is by no means peaceful, but with large organizations like the European Council, African Economic Pact, Pacific Union, and the long lasting APSIA organization maintaining stability, investors have confidence that contracts will be obeyed and trade practices will be fair. 9/10 analysts predict long term growth globally. We can only hope that they're right.


  1. Only members of the APSIA region are allowed to participate in this RP.
  2. Any RP-related secrets in Discord, telegrams, or any other medium must be disclosed when asked. No exceptions. Note that disclosed secret information cannot be used in-character by anybody except for those who know it in-character.
  3. You must use APSIA time and every post you make must include at least the date. Failure to use APSIA time will result in your post being nulled.
  4. No godmodding. If you think it's godmodding, it most likely is.
  5. You must clearly state with OOC tags when a post is not in-character.
  6. Weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons) are not allowed to be deployed unless all damage is self inflicted.
  7. If you are using a puppet, you must clearly state who the puppet belongs to. Failure to do so will result in the nulling of any posts related to that puppet and you getting removed from the RP.
  8. You must have an account on Discord and be on the APSIA Discord Server in order to participate in this RP.
  9. Your posts are allowed to be humorous, but the tone has to fit with both your nation and the APSIA region as a whole.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:40 pm
by Panjal

Pavlovski Economic Committee
February 3, 1993

Public Document - Open for Distribution

Continuing Perestroika - Improving the Investment Climate

Since the last series of Perestroika policies were introduced and implemented by General Secretary Gorbachaad in 1988, the Pavlovski Economic Committee has been hard at work observing the results, and finding new possibilities for policy and regulatory reform. Over the next three months, another series of reformative policies which the Economic Committee has created over the past five years are to be rolled out.

Listed below is the first series of reforms which will be taking place.

Improving the Investment Climate

Currently, the climate for investors within Pavlovsk is strong. However, the Economic Committee believes that strengthening property rights and simplifying business regulations will further contribute to a strong investment climate. Current laws which regulate private property, including land, water, minerals, and even intellectual property, have become incredibly convoluted over the course of the FPRP's existence, in part due to overly specific additions to regional laws, and also in part due to Federal law conflicting with these regional laws. The Economic Committee also seeks to secure the rights which private property owners deserve in a fair and equitable society. The current plan which the Economic Committee has devised will:

  • Remove entirely old and overly-specific regulations and rule exceptions, particularly those which were created in the 40s and 50s and primarily applied to a post-war economy

  • Create restrictions as to when local and federal governments have the authority to nationalize private property

  • Simplify and reduce business operating and licensing standards to allow for easier creation of new private enterprises.

  • Eliminate (or in some cases reduce) licensing fees.

  • Simplify the current tax code that international companies face when attempting to establish themselves in Pavlovsk, such as current exceptions to tariff laws.

  • Reducing cross-border trade restrictions, such as fees, customs clearing procedures, and wait time periods.

  • Creating light protections for small, domestic companies, particularly in infantile industries.

  • Ensuring that restrictions and regulations on international stock trade and investment are eliminated for ISEx members.

  • Creating an on-line database which provides a comprehensive overview of current regulations, with different pages to provide information for specific professions, such as business-owner, domestic investor, international investor, and more.

These new reforms are to be voted on by the National People's Congress within the next week, and if passed, will take effect in a gradual manner.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:26 pm
by Nomiconia

      February 3, 1993


      Monarchists seize Oghuz parliament

      Early this morning, the monarchist block in the parliament formed a union under the leadership of Atajak Karaman, a powerful noble of Oghuz, and a distant relative of the original Karaman family, a Coptic Anatolian dynasty that ruled over Oghuz long before the Beyluks. During this procedure, a third of the parliament was dismissed, most of the Ryvokians now out of power. Most are reported to have fled to Yahel or Pavlovsk.

      The new monarch is now waiting to be coronated by pope O'jibu as the rightful monarch of Oghuz.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:12 pm
by Panjal

      Lezgi Gazet

      February 3, 1993

      ​Gorbachad wishes luck to the new Oghuzian government
      Istanbul, Oghuz

      Despite being sick at home, this morning the General Secretary spoke via phone shortly on the popular morning TV program "Dmitry Today". He primarily spoke about the recent developments in Oghuz, and the new Monarch who has taken power in the country.

      "It is a young and new government," Gorbachad said. "I wish them luck in stabilizing their nation." When asked about his opinion on the establishment of Atajak Karaman as the monarch of Oghuz, he stated that "It is not in line with the principles of Glasnost to immediately condemn those whom we disagree with, no matter what ideological differences there may be. We must allow them time to show who they truly are, and what greater values they hold."

      Some party hardliners have moved to condemn the new monarchy, and are attempting to push through legislation that would cut all ties with Oghuz, but the large majority of legislators seem to echo the General Secretary's sentiment. The calm response from the General Secretary to the establishment of a new monarchy on the Pavlovski border, something which in the past would be met with a radical and immediate response, is evidence of the shift in tone that the government of Pavlovsk has undergone since 1986, when Gorbachad first took office.

      The General Secretary was also asked for an update on his health, and he stated that "I am feeling a bit better than last time I was on [Dmitry Today]."

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:44 pm
by McFreedomstan

      Dodging Communism Since 1989

      February 3, 1993


      Niagara Union Concedes, "Some Rykovian Measures are Needed"

      Chairman of the Financial Committee, Jack Buchanan, went before the Niagaran Politburo today and proclaimed that the current Marxist-Leninist economic models in place were "simply not feasible with our current level of technology." Buchanan emphasized that while the overall goal of the Niagara Union is to empower workers to own the means of production and to remove artificial hierarchies, the resources and political climate required for such a society to survive are not available. Buchanan presented a list of immediate reforms that focused on increasingly global trade drastically, private property rights and establishing a business registry.

      Fellas, I gotta be honest, having to swallow one's pride is truly an awful thing to go through, but the prosperity of our nation is being hindered by classical communist models. The old guard had grand ideas but they are neither practical nor ideal in our modern would. What we need to do is strengthen our country to the point that its industry is great enough to give all citizens a high standard of living. Yes, that means that some Rykovian measures are needed.

      The Niagaran Dollar has since been designated the official currency of the Niagara Union, and infrastructure for some private enterprise has been made. This just goes to show that leftist nations will all, inevitably revert to capitalism.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:13 pm
by Songjiang

      February 3, 1993

      ​Republican Air-force returns after conducting air strikes and Bombing raid on the Indian Emirates
      Qing Airbase, Songjiang

      The chairman spoke out today about the apparent massive air compaign conducted against the Indian Emirates, after critics accused him and his office of engaging in a war without a vote from the Politburo and one which the average person on Songjiang has no interest in.

      The chairman has this to say
      "We have done what we though was needed to reduce losses overall if India falls quickly before it can force its massive population into fighting this war then lives will be saved. We also must consider what a war of this scale will do to the world economy, and to the Economy of Songjiang in the long run if it drags out."

      Most Songjiang citizens who were questioned about the attack were pleased that another monarchist state was being crushed beneath he wings of Songjiangian Air power, while others feel we should have stayed out. The overall consensus with the people and the Politburo is that the Chairman knows what is best.
      a memorial is being arranged for the pilots killed during the air campaign in India, and war bond are being sold to replace lost aircraft.
      The chairman has stated that further air operations would not be conducted in India, but that limited ground support has been sent to help bring the war to a swift end.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:11 pm
by McFreedomstan


      Vinh Coconut Gang Crushed by APSIA Enforcers - 3 Security Personnel Terminated for Soliciting Prostitution in Pattani - Pavlovsk Cinema Built in Osaka - Yukari Nagoyami Releases Hit Album

      Pacific Strategy

      Corporate has decided to devote extensive resources to bettering PR among our neighbors in the Pacific. State visits to Tanah Naga, Denpasar, Vinh, and Sentola have been arranged for this fiscal year. Several generous grants have been prepared to assist citizens of South East Asia and Oceania with education and healthcare expenses.

      Article Author: Z-Tech Employee #4410.
      Flights to Sinhala Now Available
      Flights inbound to our new Sinhala franchise are finally available. Prices range between $200-900 depending on seating arrangements. We encourage you to make a trip when possible.

      Hokkaido Branch Manager Sued for Worker Abuse
      Employee #552 of the Hokkaido Branch has been sued by his subordinates for a grand sum of $12,000,000 following numerous reports of harsh language, physical violence, and lewd comments aimed towards staff. Z-Tech Security has commented that criminal judgement is underway for his case.

      Speech Codes Liberalized

      Corporate has expanded permissible speech on Z-Tech property in order to "stimulate meaningful dialog." Criticism of Corporate has now been fully legalized, and previous defamation protections have been greatly reduced. Public demonstration is now permissible during work hours provided that catastrophic abuses of power have taken place. Z-Tech Security is no longer allowed to monitor phone conversations with foreigners without approval by the Trust & Safety Council.

      Article Author: Z-Tech Employee #2242.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:54 am
by Yangaea

      Today's News

      February 10, 1993

      Yangaea joins ISEx, KiwiVision sets IPO

      Earlier this week Yangaea was officially welcomed into the International Stock Exchange (ISEx), allowing for easy trading of stocks from around the world. The joining of the market has already brought 100 million yangs from foreign investors into our companies. This is part of an initiative from the Chiefs to mold our great islands into an economic power.

      In related news, the multimedia corporation KiwiVision, owned by Robinson Defoe, has announced a date for their IPO. On February 15 the corporation will be open to public trading, and is projected to bring in around 350 million from investors. KiwiVision is considered the most valuable company in Yangaean history.

      The Yangaean Soccer Federation is preparing a team for the newly announced World Cup. The tournament is set to start next year in Cono Sur. The team has been chosen, and they are practicing in Xate while the players have time off from their club teams. Many of our readers have heard of Chris Wood, our young star. The 23-year old midfielder sat down with us to discuss the team, and here is what he had to say:
      Honestly, I think we have a decent shot at really competing in the cup. There aren't many teams so far, and team chemistry is very high over here. Hopefully a good performance will bring more recognition to Yangaea.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:59 am
by Nationalist Gold Union

February 11, 1993

Antonio Lardesi appointed Prime Minister
The Canal 5 CEO was also given the position of Minister of Information and Communications

Antonio Lardesi
SANTA ROSA - This morning, President of the Republic Paul Oppenheimer granted the cabinet positions of Prime Minister and Minister of Information and Communications to Antonio Lardesi Bolzonaro, the current Chief Executive Officer and President of Canal 5.

Lardesi is the first Prime Minister of Santa Rosa since the presidency of Bautista Ortiz, who briefly appointed different members of his cabinet as "prime ministers" to run day-to-day government activity. The office of Prime Minister is not defined by any Santa Rosan law, and it's powers and capabilities are entirely determined by the President of the Republic.

President Oppenheimer stated that Prime Minister Lardesi will manage the daily affairs of managing government, staff, and domestic, foreign, and economic policy. Oppenheimer will continue to focus on the armed forces and defense policy.

Upon his ascension to the office, Antonio Lardesi stated: "It is an honor and a privilege to serve my good friend and colleague, Paul Oppenheimer, and to work among the administration people who are supposed to be working for him. We'll be ironing out this whole system and making sure it works accordingly."

Lardesi will retain his position as CEO of Canal 5 per written permission by the Government Junta.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:01 am
by Songjiang


PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:14 pm
by Landersvich
Die Imperiums Neue Presse

Feb 11, 1993

The Imperial Landersvichian Exchange

The ILE was the worlds first, largest - in terms of GDP and volume, cheapest, and most useful exchange on the planet. The rapid growth of, what was a back-burner project for HLR, has quickly become a global phenomenon. The ILE has 8.786 trillion dollars worth of GDP under its belt, trillions in trade volume, and hundreds of trillions in trade value. We asked Otto Handel, Managing Partner of HLR, to elaborate on why the ILE is the worlds greatest exchange - and perhaps the most defining creation of the decade - if not longer.

Handel Starts, "The ILE offers a ton of services - it does not simply facility and allows for the trade of equity and debt, it connects global businesses, investors, and capital - under one platform - all to manage risk, allow for fast and accurate transactions, and make lives easier."

Here are some of what make the ILE different:

Cheapest at .003 Marks a share.

Offers ETF's - allows for the standard person to invest with ease.

Offers Futures - allows for the safe exchange of currencies.

Mitigates exchange risk.

Has the largest amount of capital flow.


Landersvichian BOOM!

With the past two EC deals now complete, Landersvichian companies are set to make a massive amount of revenue and profits. Alps Shipping Co. (731mn revenue), Laitz Waffen (655.4mn revenue), Gaulbert Erbauer (593mn revenue), Neue Energie LP (503mn revenue), are all expected to continue to grow. HLR is also expecting to make a few large announcements in the coming days and weeks - economists and business people alike are curious about what they could be.

Economists say that Landersvichian growth in this era of slightly more stability will be astonishing! In response, the Kaiser has announced possible plans to cut taxes on both citizens and businesses - productivity after the announcement jumped. They have also stated that the free flow of capital, debt, equity, and futures are leading to economic booms in North America, Europe, and Africa. "The world is now more connected - everyone can make money; from those investing to those who need the capital to grow and expand their business." said one economist.

In Other News

The relations between the EC and Landersvich is the best they have been in generations; continued cooperation is expected to grow the economies of the European market and increase stability.

The Landersvichian Imperial Military is on track to become one of the most advanced militaries on the planet.

Representatives from the new Oghuz government are invited to Landersvich to tour the Imperial Capital of Vienna and visit the Kaiser.

Kaiser Nicholas XII has just turned 65 years old! He has decided to donate 10mn Marks to the Cancer Research center of Hutz Pharmaceuticals (Alician owned)


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by McFreedomstan

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by Free States of Columbia
The Establishment of the Commonwealth of Columbia

February 14, 1993

On this day of the 14th of February 1993, we the people of the Province of Columbia have been given independence from the Niagara Union. The Niagara Union graciously granted the Province of Columbia the opportunity to vote for independence. In the end, the citizens of Columbia voted for separation. Therefore, we the people will exercise the legal right to self rule as granted by our successful referendum. The Province of Columbia has assumed her position with the nations of the world as a separate and independent nation state. The Province of Columbia will henceforth be officially known as the Commonwealth of Columbia to the other independent states of the Earth. The Commonwealth of Columbia has full power to wage war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all the other acts and things which independents States may of right do. We the people of Columbia thank the Niagara Union for giving the opportunity to pursue such goals.
The Provisional Congress of the Commonwealth of Columbia

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:00 pm
by Landersvich
HLR Press Release

02 - 14 - 93

The big news we had announced a few days ago is finally ready to be shared! HLR, under the guidance of Otto Handel, has issued 840bn Marks in what is being dubbed "Boom Boom Bonds". The bonds had been issued on the ILE to all member states. It has a 30-year term and offers 1.5% interest - which is being considered very safe. The interest payments drop HLRs profit from 58bn Marks to 18bn Marks; however, HLR had just announced its purchasing of the Weinburg-Sveen Trust. The acquisition of the firm adds 52 bn of profit revenue to HLR - boosting our total to 70 bn Marks! HLR's new valuation is 1.269 trillion Marks - plans to go public are under talks; however, leadership is still unsure.

Otto Handel's statement, "We bought the Weinburg-Sveen Trust because they are a great company! We want to keep the leadership and team in place - they are the reason the company is great. They will become an HLR Subsidiary - one of our flagship firms!" he continued "This is perhaps the largest company acquisition in European history - we want to congratulate everyone involved. Our friends at RAMANO who are going to have a blast reevaluating our insurance needs."


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by Nationalist Gold Union

Office of the
President of the Republic

February 15, 1993

Formal Recognition of the Commonwealth of Columbia

Mr. President of the Provisional Congress of the Commonwealth of Columbia,

This serves as a notice that the Republic of Santa Rosa formally and officially recognizes the Commonwealth of Columbia (Mancomunidad de Columbia) as an independent and sovereign nation state and will engage with it in future activity accordingly.

The Government of Santa Rosa would be pleased to invite the Government of Columbia to establish an embassy in our capital city of Ciudad Beldad. A plot of land has already been designated to accommodate for this.

We welcome Columbia into the community of free American nations and look forward to fostering a friendly relationship between our peoples.

Paul Oppenheimer
28th President of the Republic of Santa Rosa

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:05 pm
by Free States of Columbia
Office of the President of the Provisional Congress

Response to the President of the Republic of Santa Rosa

February 15, 1993

Mr. President,

The people of the Commonwealth of Columbia thank you for your nations support. We look forward to working with Santa Rosa in the future.

The Congress has voted and has accepted your government's invitation to establish an embassy in Ciudad Beldad. We invite your nation to establish an embassy in our capitol of Columbia City.

Once again, our new nation looks forward to working with Santa Rosa and establishing a strong, friendly relationship.

Joseph McKnight

President of the Provisional Congress

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by Toluca-

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by Palauraya

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by McFreedomstan

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:53 pm
by Shiandor

March 5, 1993

Government creates state-owned construction company, announces large-scale development plan

The Government has spent $46Mn creating a new state-owned construction company: Kadavu State Construction Company. KSC Co. is tasked with building the countries roads, ports, and especially the new focus of the government: airports. The Emperor has announced a new plan to greatly increase the future economic capabilities of the country as well as connect it to the rest of the world. The major goals are: the investment of funds into highly specialized services, such as finance, healthcare, engineering, chemistry & pharmaceuticals, banking; the construction of a network of regional airports that will connect Kadavu more than ever before, and the construction of underwater cables to Australia and Indonesia, in order to be connected to the global markets. KSC Co. has been set with an initial quota of the renovation of the countries three international airports, located in Suva, Port Vila, and Tongatapu, as well as the construction of 15 regional airports. The new initiative is currently being funded by the income acquired by the country's gold exports, but it is expected that the funding will eventually rise due to the magnitude of the task.

Accompanying the creation of KSC Co., the government has made a small state-owned regional airline called Air Pacifica. They have given Air Pacifica an initial $80Mn loan to be paid back within 10 years at a 3.5% interest. Air Pacifica currently only owns a small regional fleet of A318s and E170s, but it is expected that as Air Pacifica grows and merges with other airlines it will grow larger and larger. Its hub is located at Arepata International Airport (Suva), and currently offers flights to Port Vila, Tongatapu, Tuvalu, and a variety of small islands.

The country will stop selling excess amounts of gold and only export as much as the market demands. This frugal strategy will result in the stockpile of gold during low-price seasons to be sold en masse during peaks of demand. The Emperor will announce later this year on the progress of KSC Co. and Air Pacifica.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:45 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

Political Advisory Council
Republic of Santa Rosa

March 6, 1993

Proposed Constitutional Overhauls

Members of the Government Junta,

This is a list of proposed political and constitutional changes to the current system of government in Santa Rosa. As we stand, the current regime structure is uncodified, decentralized, confusing, and potentially vulnerable. The following proposals have been approved unanimously by all ten members of the Political Advisory Council, approved by the President of the Republic via the Prime Minister, and now require approval by the Government Junta, as is customary.

  • Officially terminate of the 1883 constitution, which has been suspended since 14 November 1991
  • Create a Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution to codify these political changes and solidify the current regime
  • Establish the National Revolutionary Party (PRN) as the sole legal political party of Santa Rosa. The PRN shall have a three-point platform: nationalism, progressivism, and statism. Party membership shall be mandatory for any person at any level of the government, military, and civil bureaucracy. The party must approve any candidate for an elected office.
  • The executive branch of the government will be the Council of Ministers. It will be appointed by the President of the Republic. The President may appoint a Prime Minister to manage the executive branch.
  • The legislative branch of the government will be the National Assembly (AN). It will consist of 500 members who are elected every 4 years. The AN will meet once annually. The AN will have a Permanent Committee, consisting of 25 members from the 500, determined by the party controlling the Assembly (the PRN). The Permanent Committee will meet at least 6 times a year. The Permanent Committee will be the de facto legislative authority and will have the authority to vote on motions presented by the Council of Ministers. It will also approve the President's selections for ministers and have the authority to appoint judges. During the event of a presidential election, the Committee must approve nominees for President and Vice President, for whom the military junta will vote for.
  • The military will be independent of both bodies. The Junta of Military Chiefs will have the right to elect the President of the Republic; the candidates are approved by the National Assembly Permanent Committee. The Junta of Military Chiefs will also have the right to veto any motion by the National Assembly, though the veto can be overturned by both the President and a unanimous vote of the Permanent Committee. The Junta may also select a Commander-in-Chief among themselves or any other member of the Armed Forces, which could include a member of another branch of government. The Commander-in-Chief has direct and sweeping control over the Armed Forces.
  • The judicial branch will mostly retain it's previous figure, though the other branches will have much more control and oversight over the decisions of judges. All judges and government prosecutors must be members of the PRN.
  • The President may declare a state of emergency to pass authoritative decrees in the absence of the National Assembly. A state of emergency may be overruled by a 2/3 majority of the National Assembly or Permanent Committee as well as a simple majority of the Junta of Military Chiefs.

If the Junta were to approve the aforementioned measures, the Political Advisory Council will carry out the procedures needed to implement them.

Mick Kennedy
Chairman of the Political Advisory Council
Minister of the Interior

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:56 pm
by Free States of Columbia
The Columbia Times

New constitution sets structure for government

March 7, 1993

After a month of long debate, delegates of the provisional congress have ratified a constitution for the Commonwealth of Columbia. The new constitution has set rules for how elections are to be held and how the new government is to be run. This article will serve as a breakdown for those who are interested.

The constitution has officially set the nation as a presidential republic. The new government will follow a three branch system with an executive, legislative, and a judicial branch.

The legislative branch is the branch that makes and passes laws for the Commonwealth of Columbia. The legislature will be composed of a single house that will be called the Senate. The Senate must approve any treaties the President makes with a foreign country or appointments he/she makes. The Senate also holds the power to declare war on a country. The Senate also has the "power of the purse". The Senate holds the power to impeach the President if they believe he/she has committed a crime.

The Commonwealth of Columbia has been split into 65 different districts. Senators run to represent a district. Elections are held via the instant. Instant-runoff method of voting. In order to qualify a person must be 25 years old to run and a citizen of the country.

The executive branch is headed by the President of the Commonwealth of Columbia. The President is both the head of government and the head of state. They are also the commander-in-chief of the military. He/she has the power to make treaties with diplomats, so long as they are approved by the Senate. If they feel the need to, they can veto a bill passed by the Senate. However, the Senate can overturn the veto by a 2/3 vote.

A presidential-hopeful must be thirty-five years old to run and a citizen. The instant-runoff method of voting is used during the election process. The winner of a Presidential Election will be whoever obtains a simple majority.

The judicial branch exists to oversee the government and ensure that all laws passed are constitutional. There will be 11 judges that make up a "Supreme Court" that will rule on such matters. Judges will be appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:36 pm
by Toluca-
From the Journal of Ernest HutchinsonImage

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:35 pm
by Aliciam

April 15 , 1993

Camino Nuevo, French States, and Royal Wedding

Camino Nuevo has announced they will begin investing massively into Kosovo and Kakanj. The Pharma giant is expected to make huge gains. Nuevo were questioned on if the price of drugs were going to rise but the company assured the press their goal is to save lives.
The company did announce a new weight loss drug would be entering the market within the next month.

Recent news from our French neighbors shows Occitania and Lache have now joined with other French States. President Cortez had the following to say
"I want to congratulate the Entente for their success in unifying the French nation and bringing peace to the endless fighting. I hope our friendship can grow and prosper. I plan on reaching out to French leaders to speak on deals that can greatly benefit us both."

Queen Mary officially sent out her wedding invitations. Although the list of people invited has not been released the Palace did confirm most world leaders, CEOs, and A-listers were invited. The Queen did invite members of the non profit that collaborated with the Queen during the Mbale drought, The pope of Mbale, and over 100 commoners from the residency camp the Queen has in Mbale. The queen announced clothing will be paid for the commoners from Mbale and the leading Spanish airline offered to fly the people over at a 70% discount as a wedding gift to the Queen. This truly shows how humble Queen Mary really is.
The queen does ask RSVP be made

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:26 am
by Songjiang