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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Panjal » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:42 pm


BOGS - Bureau of Global Surveillance

June 23, 1995


Global Status Report

The time has come for another Global Status Report. The last Global Status Report took place [NOVEMBER TWENTY-SIXTH, NINETEEN NINETY-TWO].

Contained below is the full regional report.

The Americas

  • The American Federation and Santa Rosa have established North and South Barnetian puppet states.

  • Santa Rosa has exited a period of military dictatorship, and returned to a democratic system.

  • The American Federation has attempted to pressure the government of Santa Rosa via shows of military force.

  • The Niagara Union and the American Federation have avoided confrontation with each other, supported by the previously created NAP.

  • Probability of survival for the American Federation: [MODERATE].
    *Intervention within the Federation is to be considered.

  • Probability of survival for the Niagara Union: [MODERATE].


  • The French states have remained at peace. The states of Nice and Pontivy have unified into one state.

  • The European Council has seen a decline in power.

  • The Eastern European States of Kakanj, Greater Kosovo, and Asteria have established the 'Balkan Pact'. The pact stands as a tertiary threat to our organization.

  • Probability of survival for the European Council: [LOW].

  • Probability of survival for the Balkan Pact: [MODERATE].


  • A group primarily consisting of Rykovian states have established the 'Glasnost Community'. The pact stands as a secondary threat to our organization.

  • The former Lasirian states have been stabilized and continue to be monitored by the APSIA Organization.

  • The 'Persian Sultanate' has established itself as a significant power following a campaign to subjugate the Indian subcontinent and the creation of the 'Ürümqi Pact'. The pact stands as a tertiary threat to our organization.

  • The Japanese Corporate state has stayed largely un-involved in global affairs.

  • Probability of survival for the Ürümqi Pact: [HIGH].

  • Probability of survival for the Glasnost Community: [MODERATE].


  • The African state of Mbale has pushed anti-leftist propaganda, straining it's relationship with it's neighbors.

  • The Landersvichian firm 'Handel, Lutz, & Roechmeyer' has used it's immense wealth to influence African politics.

  • The Kingdom of Algiers has pushed for control over the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Overall Global Order is regarded to be [THREATENED].

The current Probability for Intervention is [MODERATE].

OOC: This RP is now concluded. All posts beneath this are considered non-canon.
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