Homofront in Yohannes

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Homofront in Yohannes

Postby Yohannes » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:15 am

[ Out-of-character information: This in-character storytelling thread is about the Homofront cell/a very small part of Homofront that is working/operating on the continent of Yohannes. I have received out-of-character permission from the original creator of the fictional Homofront series (New Aeyariss/Greater Nifon/El Cusca) on NationStates to create a fictional Homofront branch in Yohannes last year that is working independently from the leading Homofront organisation of Greater Nifon/New Edom/earlier branch storytellers. I have moved this story/my original posts here from a previous thread by another NationStates player.

This thread is Telegram/Invite only/otherwise Closed thread. Thank u! Image ]


Homofront in Yohannes

On that night, two Luftwaffe technicians were inspecting special coatings for the ZM-7L; the aircraft that would be used to strike deep at the organisation that had for so long struck fear into the hearts of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populace.

The term for all the things that made the ZM-7L the “stealth” bomber was low observability technology, or “LO.” LO combined appearance, radar cross section, and acoustic, electromagnetic and infrared signatures. Although ‘stealth’ aircraft seemed to be an invention of the seventies, there were many documented undertakings for ‘stealth’ as early as the First and Second World Wars. In fact, ‘stealth’ was not an American invention, nor was it a Soviet invention.

It was Nazi Germany’s.

The German heavy bomber “Linke-Hofmann R.I” had parts of its main body constructed from cellulose acetate to produce transparent cellon. Although the aircraft announced its presence too late in the war to be judged based on its performance, it did represent some forward thinking in the area of low-observability technology. If that was not enough, in the closing year of the Second World War George Patton’s Third Army discovered an unfinished Horten Ho 229 bomber. Assimilating a number of forward-thinking technologies, it had a radar absorbent painting; buried its jet engines in the main body along exhaust path; and was a flying wing design, which gave it smaller radar cross section. These features would all be incorporated more than sixty years later into the ZM-7L, far away on the continent of Yohannes.

Another more well known LO bomber that was designed in the Second World War was the Royal Air Force’s “Mosquito”, which aided Britain in its bombing raids at night in the skies of German-controlled Europe. To make it cheap, it was made of balsa wood. Whilst this was viewed as a step back from the all-metal bombers already proliferating at the time, the wooden construction of the Mosquito reflected less radar energy than aluminium, and gave it smaller radar signature. Combined with its small size and the decentralised approach of British bombing at the time, this made the Mosquito hard to detect — its losses were a fraction of the much larger all-metal American Flying Fortress.

Two other attempts to escape detection by the enemy were by flying extremely high. Designed by then Lockheed Aircraft Company’s Advanced Development Programmes, the U-2 single-jet engine reconnaissance aircraft flew high above eighteen kilometres. Another was the “Blackbird” strategic reconnaissance aircraft, which could reach the edge of space two times faster than the speed of sound. Both designs incorporated radar absorbent coverings and radical designs to reduce their radar cross sections.

By the seventies, another invention by Lockheed, the “Quiet Star”, was purposely built to ignore radar detection. The guerrilla tactics used by Communist Vietnam in the Second Indochina War relied on sound to identify incoming American aircraft. Although vulnerable to radar, a huge muffler meant the Quiet Star could scout the area undetected above the jungles of North Vietnam for hours; giving friendly soldiers importation information to identify the enemy’s supply routes.

Like small stepping stones, these designs represented a small step in the direction of a specialised area in low observability discovery. One by one, these aircraft allowed the release of the Gulf War’s “Stealth Fighter” and Kosovo’s “Stealth Bomber” by the Americans; and ultimately the realisation of the Long Range Striker programme by the Nineteen Countries.

In the history of Yohannesian aeronautical engineering, there had never been an aircraft design more dangerous and well-built. Able to fly almost anywhere in the world undetected to attack bigoted terrorist organisations and religious extremists, the Long Range Striker could arrive to meet its prey down below and release its precision munitions; to then fly away knowing that the bombs would most likely hit their prey, and that it could return back home safely.

It was designed to destroy the bases of politically incorrect LGBT-misrepresenting terrorists who tried to slander the good name of peaceful LGBT rights movement and open-minded social liberalism. The two technicians called it:

“The Homofront Bomber.”


The following morning it was raining. Parliament Square in the heart of continental Yohannes was filled with business-suited fat old men, all wet, sidestepping one another to take cover. One reached the protected grounds of Parliament House, where the Nineteen Countries’ politicians debated fiercely with one another day-to-day. Another reached the Luftwaffe School of Aeronautical Theory. On this particular day and in one particular classroom in that school, a group of first-year secondary students were attending a free lecture led by one of the nation’s most respected aeronautical engineers: Eve Braun, the daughter-in-law of the legendary father of Yohannesian strategic bombing, Generalfeldmarschall Walden Wever.

“Why should we risk sending the stealth bomber deep into the heart of debauchery? How can we be sure that they will not be shot down, only for the enemy to study their technology?” the student seated closest to her asked.

“God forbid; the thought of having them sending these studied technologies down to right leaning fascist states made me squirm already,” his friend added.

Eve was impressed. These students were unafraid of asking questions.

“Let me explain by going back to the basic. The easiest way to detect the enemy is by using radar.”

“Standing for ‘RAdio, Detection, And Range’, the technology was developed at the height of the Second World War as a way to fight back against Nazi Luftwaffe’s aircraft at night. These early British radars proved quite good in defending the Kingdom of England from German night-time bombing raids.”

“How does that work, Miss Braun?”

“Actually, Adolf, the theory was simple—a radar transmitter sends out radar waves, which bounce off things and are then thrown up in all directions. Some of the spread out energy is reflected back to the radar site. This reflected energy is then collected by a receiving antenna.”

“Well, how about now, Miss Braun?”

“Well, most twenty-first century radar dishes combine two antennae which alternate between transmitting and receiving. The things out there which reflect radar are called ‘targets.’ By betraying information, such as the intensity of the reflection and its angle into a computer, the radar can then plot the location of these targets.”

“Wow, so it’s just like the online video game NationStates then?”

“Dear me Heinrich—no. There’s no rule-set to follow. A radar sadly cannot differentiate its targets; that is, it cannot distinguish them. This is why it is only extremely successful at detecting aircraft when there is nothing else around to reflect the wave.”

“Well, so can we shoot down Bigtopian bombers by using these radars now?” the mischievous looking girl to his left interrupted.

“Again, it’s hard to say. Although less detectable aircraft were used effectively in the Second World War—”

“Like the Mosquito?”

“Yes, Henry. Yes, the Royal Air Force Mosquitos. Although the Mosquito and others like it were proven effective during the war, there was still no scientifically sure way of determining a bomber’s radar cross section. Yes, the Americans built spy aircraft such as the U-2 after the war—but even they were not proper stealth-like strike aircraft.”

“So—the Americans were not the inventor?”

“Well, no.”

“Was it Hitler’s Nazi Germany?” Kayla interjected.


“But Miss Braun, you did say it was Nazi Germany though!”

“Yes—during the interwar years. Not after it.”

“Hah! So it was us then!” Adolf said.

“No. The fact that we stole the technology from the United States Air Force’s original B-2 programme clearly meant the Nineteen Countries was not the original inventor.”

The class was quiet.

Eve paused for effect. “It was Soviet Russia—”

“Get the [censored] out of here,” said the biggest boy at the back of the class.

“Chad—no cursing, please! One point off for Krillindor”

“Was it that scientist guy—Stalin’s invention?”

“No Adolf. One, he was not a scientist; Joseph Stalin was a dictator. Two, he was a brutal man.”

Eve hesitated. “His name was Petr Ufimtsev.”

“Who the [censored] is that? Never heard that name before”

“Chad—no. Two points off Krillindor.”

The class went quiet.

“He was a very much unknown physicist who developed the early formula of stealth—”

“As in, he was a mathematician that could make giant bombers?” Kayla asked. “Yes?”

“Well, no. Girls and guys, can we please stop interrupting here? Thank you. He wrote about the way that people can compute the deflection angles of radar waves.”

“This is too complicated; why are we going back this far? It’s not even related with the ZM-7L at all. I give up!” Chad stood. He made his way to the door. He opened the door—hesitating—and then slammed it hard.

Now the class was quiet again.

“Well—he got some anger management problem alright?” Kayla interrupted the silence.

“Kayla. Remember, Chad is your classmate. No backhand swipe, please.”

“Yes, Miss Braun.”

“Though you are right about one thing: if only he waited just a bit more. He would’ve learnt why.”


“Joint direct attack munition excursions. Present. Radionavigation system jamming scenario. Present. Unconstrained weapon system effectiveness. Present. Mission level analysis. Check.” The sky was clear and the tarmac was prepared. The pilot, seated to the right, was waiting for just this exact call from his commander:

On that morning, the bomber was ready. It would undergo a series of engine and pre-flight evaluations. Every minute of the flight would be crucial: with almost one hour’s worth of logistical and maintenance-related work on the ground required for every minute of flight time, they could not afford to commit any mistake. The mission analysis of the previous hours alone had determined the effectiveness of each weapon to be delivered from the Petr Ufimtsev against her five possible target types for this mission.

“Robert, on the same page here?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

At 10:07, Robert shoved the throttle on and then released the brakes. As the Petr Ufimtsev started its run, a pair of Archeron M.Cs 82 ‘Falmentyr’ fighters—which were procured from Anemos Major seven years ago—could be seen above the sky. They would not accompany the Petr Ufimtsev deep into the heart of debauchery, however—for on this particular mission she could finish her job alone.

Around thirty seconds after, the bomber rose. She rose faster and faster. Her technical maintenance crew cheered after her. Armed with her assortment of weapons and especially—her crown jewel—the nine-hundred-kilogramme joint direct attack munition weapons, both Robert and Claudia could not wait to fulfill her intended mission over the next twenty-four hours. She was, after all:

“The Homofront Bomber.”
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Re: Homofront in Yohannes

Postby Bluepeace » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:48 am

The screen was dark.

And it suddenly came alive.

There was a shady looking figure. A man or a woman — it was hard to identify their gender for they were masked. The shady looking figure wore a wife beater’s top and a pair of extremely stretched, aluminium pants: mum yoga style. It was so tight that one could see something bulging underneath. It was big.


“Bigtopia Akbar.”

“We are Homofront in Yohannes. Our vision: a rainbow utopia. Our mission: enforced pairing.”

“Between men and men.”

Well, that made it easier to identify the shady looking figure’s gender alright.

“You may be wondering: how did we hijack the whole thing. How are we on your television screen now?”


“Well that’s what suspension of disbelief is for.”

The shady looking masked man gave the mic to another masked figure who was standing next to him the whole time. This time, it seemed like it was a she — one could see the lush of carrot hair protruding from the mask; and her arms full of attractive freckles. Ain’t no way a man could be that feminine.

The man walked away from the screen. Replacing him was a taller masked figure. Supposedly a man, judging from the rugged exterior: big muscles and big guns, and something even bigger bulging beneath his stretched yoga mum style aluminium pants.

He forcefully took the mic from the ginger haired lady. One could see the big word “TIGER 121” tattooed on his left arm.

“Greetings my n[censored].”

“Y’all may notice there’s a huge screen on the back. Y’all see what we want. Now.”

The screen was switched on. One could see a group of Jihadis and rainbow masked naked soldiers jumping from a trench. They were carrying the Anemonian AR3R1 — presumably, somehow stolen from some old dilapidated Wehrmacht warehouse somewhere — and moving fast. They moved faster and faster and faster. And then the screen went black. Pitch black like the colour of the skin of the TIGER 121 tattooed man.

“Y’all n[censored] out there know what these n[censored] on screen are motherfucking running for?”

“Bigoted motherfuckin crackin Bigtopians.”

The screen turned on suddenly. Now one could see the AR3R1 armed men crowding around something.

Or rather... someone.

The person was masked too, but one could clearly see that whoever the person was, she or he was not amongst them. For one, the person was crying — one could see the tears seeping through the mask. And two, the person was tied to a rainbow pole.

“NO-O-O-O-O-O”, the person wailed with deep sound. Well, that was easy — it’s a he.

The AR3R1 armed men began to lick his left arm, and then his right arm. They made their way down... and then...

The screen went black.

The TIGER 121 tattooed man walked out of the screen. The masked man who was first on screen came back. He said:

“Tea please, tea,” he pointed to the ginger haired masked lady. Clearly frustrated, the masked lady gave a cuppa tea for her leader — clearly, he was their leader — whilst sulking; this was after all sexism in action. “Insufferable, I daresay”, one could hear her muttering.

“My name is Yohannes Donata.”

“I am the leader of Homofront in YohannesTM.”

“My associate standing next to me”, the lady next to him moved and seized the mic.

“I can do this myself. Please, b[censored].”

“Sexist pigs”, she muttered.

“Hi. My name is Erika.”

“I am the co-leader of Homofront in Yohannes.TM

The big TIGER 121 tattooed man suddenly moved next to them.

“I am TIGER 121. B[censored].”

“I am yo worst nightmare.”

Suddenly someone cried. Or rather, one could hear someone pleading: “Please no, no, N-O-O-O-O.”

Two masked men forcefully dragged someone to the front of the three leading figures of Homofront in Yohannes. The person wore an expensive looking business suit — well, that was easy: clearly it’s a he — and was sweating profusely. He squealed like a pig. In fact, he was so fat he looked like one.

TIGER 121 brandished his Anemonian AR3R1: it was rainbow painted. He shove it down the fat man’s mouth.

“This what happens to bigoted LGBT hatin’ mothafucka yo.”

It was too gruesome to see. The screen went pitch black.
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Re: Homofront in Yohannes

Postby Yohannes » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:58 am

On a cold night, on the twenty-ninth of May in the skies bordering the heart of debauchery, the Luftwaffe’s Petr Ufimtsev was about to penetrate possibly hostile airspace unprotected for the first time.

In the primary school classrooms of Yohannes, it became a legend amongst children before it even went through its first mission seven years ago. With its fuselage shrouded by a classified composition of radar absorbing stealth, she could visualise it already: they would fly into possible harm’s way, deliver their assigned eleven thousand kilogrammes of destruction for this mission, and then escape whilst remaining almost undetectable.

As mission commander, Oberstleutnant Claudia Fischbächer was not sure at first whether Homofront in Yohannes was capable of seeing anything like that. On the first night of operation she went through the mission level analysis once again, which stated that there could possibly be present a pair of hostile Mikoyan MiG-29M fighters over the skies of Homofront territory. How the hell a terrorist organisation could have the fund to obtain not just one, but two aircraft that could fly at high altitudes two times faster than the speed of sound she did not know nor care—and clearly she could not afford to commit any mistake to open the possibility of an engagement with those fighters: such would equal death for her and Robert.

In the cockpit it was starting to be tense. They were entering their thirteenth hour of continuous flight. Claudia glanced at Robert furtively. He was deep in thought—as pilot he had no chaff, no flares, and no high speed afterburner. He only had one thing to protect them both: stealth.

She could still remember clearly the refueling operation one hour before over the sea which indicated that they had left the South Sea of Yohannes. Then, as Robert put his hands on the steer and the refueling attachment was released, the Petr Ufimtsev switched into partial stealth mode amidst the night sky. And now, as Robert moved his hands through the steer just the same and stared blankly at the interface and cockpit electronics in front of her, Claudia said: “On the way here—I’ve been so nervous.”

“What if we don’t make it?”

Robert kept looking ahead with a smile, both hands tight whilst studying the imagery displayed on his interface. “You’ve studied the targets well in advance throughout the mission analysis,” he glanced quickly at Claudia before shifting his gaze back in front. “We’ve studied all this imagery and prepared ourselves well.”

“That is true,” Claudia clicked on the mission analysis interface once again: joint direct attack munition values and coordinates displaying the bomber moving were all that she could see on the interface. “I daresay we have acquainted ourselves well with where the threat might possibly be.”

“This is real,” Claudia touched the interface with a column displaying ‘Fuel’, ‘Electronics’, ‘ECS’, ‘FCS’, and ‘ENGG.’ She changed the input to zero, ninety-eight, one hundred and three, eight hundred, and finally zero.

“N 1.. N 2.. T 1.. F F.”

Although she could not see from her position, she knew there and then that the control flaps were slowly being shut so that radar signature could be decreased.

They were entering combat operation territory. Partial stealth mode made way for stealth mode.

The Petr Ufimtsev slowly rose to reach higher altitude and hopefully bypass the predetermined combat altitude from the threat. Claudia clicked on the analysis interface to go through the input of carefully choreographed bombing runs again.

She looked at Robert, and he at her.

They were ready.
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Re: Homofront in Yohannes

Postby Bluepeace » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:03 am

On the thirtieth of May in the skies of the Wild South, Bluepeace combat forces have been committed to the cause of green revolution for six years.

On this cold morning, two extensively domestically modified Bluepeace Air Raider Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis single-engined jet fighters were orbiting six kilometres nearby the southernmost point of Yohannes. Transmission coded as The Black Hawks, they were waiting to escort a single Antonov An-124 Ruslan aircraft, chock-full of supply, into the heart of their latest ally in Yohannes: Homofront.

But, in a dramatic reversal of the supposedly simple air walk, there would be a mix up. The Antonov An-124 was still on the ground, and they were burning fuel at a rate of one kilogramme per second. Flight leader captain Nenasheva Ilyinishna indicated to the other Black Hawk Raider for them both to jettison their empty fuel tanks. She knew deep in her heart, however, that doing so would only delay the inevitable.

Nenasheva knew she had to make a decision. One, she could order The Black Hawks raiders to wait for the An-124 Ruslan and risk running out of fuel. Or two, she could order them both to readjust their mission into that of an intercepting hunting mission instead. There would be no shortage of victims around — after all, they were against the whole world: the patriarchy and the bigoted majority. She made up her mind. The leading Black Hawk turned one hundred and fifty degrees.

“We are now on the prowl.”

Flying number two was her partner. Former professional tenis champion turned senior lieutenant Maria Pavlova knew that too. They could stay there and burn as much fuel as they could in a wasteful way. But that would be bad. So they could only make one decision, and that was to utilise their resources to the maximum. The moment she saw Nenasheva made a turn and head straight for the sea which would indicate their arrival in the southernmost continent of Yohannes, she knew what that would mean: they would cross the borders of rightful debauchery to hopefully intercept a lumbering second-rate supply aircraft or two.

She pushed the power up and took out the speed. But, there was something odd. There was not the usual supply aircraft around this time.

“Leading Black Hawk One. Radar scope indicates something approaching.”

“Roger that. Let us... look for them.”



“Something just went by us.”


“Smart joke captain. Right down radar scope empty. Twelve... twelve and a half... thirteen kilometres. Probably some big bird.”

“Something just went by us. No joke.”



“Let’s get the fight started, if that’s true,” Maria answered.

Nenasheva, being her usual stubborn self, would give chase. And as her wingwoman and lover, there was nothing else for Maria to do but to fulfill her duty. Nenasheva said she was sure there was something high up there. Well, once turning, there would be no backing off. It was not a fighter, that was for sure; if it was one they would know already by now. Which meant only one thing: it was avoiding them for some unknown reason; whatever it was. In right down the radar scope there was nothing significant, but whatever it was they would know soon enough.

“Roll into climbing turn. Swing.”


The climbing turn and swing to around one hundred and eighty degrees was a slow and faithful one. Maria would stay on trail to protect her lover come what may.
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Bluepeace is an international organisation that aims to protect the environment. We will accomplish our goal by any means — including but not limited to: Kidnapping corrupt government ministers; setting fire to legislative buildings (including climbing the building to demonstrate); seizing foreign ships and oil tankers that we feel are not environment-friendly; and broadcasting radio and television ads on the danger we face if we don't seriously fight climate change.

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