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by Union of Albandrite Socialist Republics
Revolutionary City, UASR

A million things could be said about the giant concrete metropolis that Revolutionary City was. But on this particular day, the architecture, the weather, the citizens...They didn't matter. What mattered in the city was going on in the Worker's Palace. Home of the Communist Party of Albandry and the main office of the Premier, Johannan Vinsky. Within the large stone walls of the old colonial era parliamentary building turned Communist propaganda powerhouse sat Vinsky. He was smoking a cigar as he read into the recent developments around the country from the Red Star Times newspaper. Flipping through the rather mundane articles about horse breeding, agriculture, sports, the usual when an intelligence officer walked into the room. Let in by the two military guards at Vinsky's door. The officer was man of clear Arabic descent, his black hair comed back with an abnormal amount of gel, and his circular sunglasses pressed close to his face. "Comrade Vinsky." The Officer said, saluting his Premier and standing at attention. Vinsky lazily saluted back before taking his cigar out of his mouth and exhaling a puff of smoke "Comrade Arkaan. A pleasure to see you here once again." He said, standing up from his seat.

"A pleasure to see you again as well Comrade Premier." Arkaan said, smiling. "I have recently received a report on the growing situation in Posteastan." Vinsky grumbled as he heard the name 'Posteastan'. The party had been discussing the situation there for a week, and the potential impact it may have on global politics "What about it?" Vinsky asked. Arkaan continued "It seems quite a few nations haven't gotten involved, including many imperialist nations with likely intent of colonization." Vinsky groaned. He from Arkaan and looking out the window of his office, which gave a view of the courtyard infront of the Palace of the Workers. A large bronze statue of a Hammer and Sickle sat ontop of a fountain with families gathering around it, the circle surrounded with flag poles flying red flags. He watched the water flow in the small pool as he said "I see...We have yet to find a faction worth supporting haven't we?" Vinsky asked, turning away from the window back to Arkaan.
"Correct. The party is in intense debate about the potential support for the Democratic Republic of Posteastan due some of the more, uh, reactionary positions they hold." Arkaan replied.

"Of course. Of course, party can never make up it's mind, I had to listen to them argue about that for hours last night, I'm aware of it." Vinsky said, grumbling as he pushed his cigar down into the ashtray on his desk "So. why are you here telling me about it." Vinsky asked his comrade. "Well" Arkaan began "The party is going to vote on it tonight and it seems like the chances are we will support the Democratic Republic of Posteastan. Given the position some of the Politburo has decided to take." He smiled "But, our support will come with terms. Which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on right now. Vinsky looked up from his desk at Arkaan "What kind of terms?"

Supreme People's Assembly, that night

A man in a black closed collar suit stood in the center of a very large half circular room filled with hundreds of men and women in their best attire. The room itself was massive, with hundreds of seats and desks to account for all the party members. In center was a series of podiums, and behind that a large stage area with multiple podiums were members of the Politburo sat. Above them was a giant Hammer and Sickle, glowing a bright red and surrounded by dozens of red banners bearing the Communist Party's emblem. The gentleman in the center podium spoke into a microphone "By decree of the party, the UASR has decided to investigate into the matter of Posteastan, and contact Anti-Imperialist forces there to help combat the imperialist colonizers who threaten the nation!". The parliament cheered, many raising their fists and beginning to shout eagerly "DEATH TO IMPERIALISM." over and over as the gentleman in the black suit stepped down from the Podium. Vinsky leaned back in his chair and looked at the other politburo member next to him "Now that we decided to do this..Here come's the hard part...How."

FROM: The Union of Albandrite Socialist Republics's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
TO: President Vasilescu Tavitian

Attention President Vasilescu Tavitian.

The UASR has decided after a democratic decision, to potentially help you in your quest to expel imperialist forces from your nation.
The details of this aid will be worked out in later telegrams, however we do have a few expectations from your side in order to earn our support.

Contact us as soon as possible to receive further details.

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UASR.

Workers of the world, Unite!

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by Caracasus
Keilersmoor wrote:
Region of Forest


Topic: Crisis in Posteastan

Ladies and Gentelmen,
The Landtag has decided to form an emergency council to deal with the situation and to be able to act much faster on it. The emergency council came to the decision that the arguments brought forward by the RWC –RFA are conclusive and well-funded. The council agrees that the foreign military aggression continues to be the biggest threat to stability in Posteastan.

Therefore the council suggest that we take measures to

  1. Guarantee the territorial integrity of Posteastan.
  2. Reject all foreign military intervention by third parties.
  3. Guarantee that all Forestian nations renounce the use of force.
  4. The fight against fascism is explicitly excluded from the policy of non-violence.
  5. Work towards a re-negotiation of the terms of surrender.

The council lacks the information to come to a decision in regard of the lawfulness of the various governments in Posteastan. The council understands that Caracasus is the Forestian expert when it comes to Postestanian affairs. To be able to decide what stance to take on the actions of the PSDP NCP/CDP and UGF governments we need further information on the following questions:

  1. What role did the PSDP play in the war in Øhiton?
  2. Who started the war and why?
  3. Was Posteastan the only nation to pay for the reconstruction?
  4. Who was responsible for the confiscation of wealth and properties of migrants in Posteastan?
  5. What were the international reactions to this crime?
  6. Who were the international investigators in Posteastan and what was their mission?
  7. Were they protected under international treaties?
  8. Did the UGF organize the attacks on foreign embassies or did they try to prevent them?
  9. Did the Northern Alliance deliberately target civilian infrastructure during the bombing?

The council does not think that a democratically elected government, legitimized by the will of the people can be held accountable for wrongdoings committed by its predecessor nonetheless, international contracts are binding. Payments agreed upon must continue or there would be no more trust in international affairs. A unilateral cancelation of treaties will not be supported by Keilersmoor but it is likely that re-negotiations will have the backing of the Landtag depending on the light Caracasus can shed on these matters.


Rutger Thorbecke
Foreign Minister


Matter for discussion: Postestan Crisis

To: Forestian Nations

We are in agreement on many of these points. Posteastan must not become a second Ohiton. At this point in time, the provision of military aid be it weapons or soldiers to one or more of the factions in Posteastan must be met with unanimous condemnation from Forest. As per your requests for further information, please find the summarised answers to questions posed below. Further, detailed information can be found in appendices I-XX on pages 1-2930493 of the attached document.

1. What role did the PSDP play in the war in Øhiton?
The Postestan government at the time sanctioned the deployment of hand picked irregular forces to pave the way for a full scale invasion of Ohiton. There is a large body of evidence stating that these units were equipped with instructions to carry out war crimes should it benefit Posteastan's interests. Due to the nature of Postestan's secret services, it is unclear exactly how much the government of the day would have known about the finer details of the operations due to serious disruption of the investigative process, which we will explain in more detail later.

2. Who started the war and why?

The war started when the Ohiton government began ramping up its displacement of indigenous Christian populations from towns and cities.

3. Was Posteastan the only nation to pay for the reconstruction?

No. The reconstruction of Ohiton was funded by a joint coalition of many nations. Caracasusian diplomats specifically argued for, and received a great reduction in reparation payments to be made by Posteastan, arguing that crippling Posteastan would create far more problems than it would solve. The eventual token amount – which has never been paid – was to be dedicated to the establishment of trauma centres in Ohiton and the reconstruction of villages devastated by the war. The greatest point of contention between the Northern Alliance and Posteastan was the acceptance of responsibility for the attacks carried out during the Ohiton war.

4. Who was responsible for the confiscation of wealth and properties of migrants in Posteastan?

Tabalov at the time was the leader of Postestan. Following a complete breakdown in diplomatic talks, he passed article #42 of the Postestan Emergency Council. This was in response to a series of sanctions bought in by Northern Alliance nations and allowed the nationalization of all foreign owned businesses within the country. It is important to note that article #42 stated that the appropriation of property within the nation could be carried out on ethnic grounds, not by registration of location of the company in question. Outside of foreign owned large business interests such as mining and timber production in the north, it was ethnic Balagani citizens who bore the brunt of the article. Many had indeed fled Balagan during its more troubled past and had no ties to the Balagani government whatsoever. It must be noted that article #42 also allowed seizure of personal property such as homes, motorcars and apartments.

5. What were the international reactions to this crime?

Posteastan was largely condemned for these actions.

6. Who were the international investigators in Posteastan and what was their mission?

There were several hundred investigators from a range of Northern Alliance nations. Under a treaty managed by Caracasus, they were there to investigate Posteastan's secret police archives on a mission of fact finding. They wished to locate any members of the secret police or government who were responsible for the actions of Posteastan soldiers in Ohiton and extradite them to stand trial in an international court.

Caracasusian observers were on the ground to oversee every step of the process from interview to gathering and processing of evidence to ensure a clean chain of evidence.

7. Were they protected under international treaties?

Many. Notably being the Accord of Vik where belligerents agreed to set up the investigative process. Following this, Northern Alliance investigators demanded access to what the Posteastan government deemed to be sensitive military information. They refused. A firefight followed. After this, all investigative teams including the Caracasusian observers were ordered to leave the country.

8. Did the UGF organize the attacks on foreign embassies or did they try to prevent them?

There is currently no evidence that attacking foreign embassies was official UGF policy, however security details were withdrawn from many embassies, highlighting the need for officers elsewhere.

9. Did the Northern Alliance deliberately target civilian infrastructure during the bombing?

Yes. Six radio stations and four TV stations were targeted during the bombing. While there seemed to be no decision to target hospitals, schools or residential areas, many of these were destroyed during the bombing campaign as well.

Caracasus Council Elect.

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by Posteastan
Official Statement of the Republic of Posteastan

To: President Catniss Mesteñero, CHU
Subject:Port of Call

Dear President,

Your support is much appreciated and the cargo on board your ships direly needed. The only thing that needs to be corrected is the destination. We need you to land your cargo in Pibtsy. Roztechko is currently busy with reconstruction.

Office of the President
Niculai Valaska

Official Statement of the Republic of Posteastan

To: Katerin Rozen
Subject: Invitation

Dear Ms. Rozen,

if things are so urgent. I suggest we meet in the presidential palace. I will have a helicopter pick you up if you give me the coordinates of your ship. The global community is firmly supporting my leadership. The pariah state of Schwarzenfels is the only nation that is not recognizing the rightful government. The coming offensive will restore order in the south and we will than turn to the north and deal with the nationalists. I am looking forward having you as my guest.

Office of the President
Niculai Valaska

Official Statement of the Royalsit Party

To: Mačka Hajdu
Subject: Humanitarian Aid

Your Excellency,

I have no choice in these matters. Humanitarian aid is regulated by international standards. As the representative of the rightful King it is my duty to look after the well-being of all his subjects. Letters of free passage to aid organizations from CHU are included. Please make sure that all vehicles are marked with a red cross and that all aid workers wear red cross armbands all the time.

I would also like to bring to your attention that the people of Leozina are in need of humanitarian aid too. If your mission ends in a success it would be much appreciated if you could send some support here too.

The Lion Will Return

Rasvan Luca,

Official Letter from the Head of House Bardi

To: Grand Minister of Foreign Affairs Giani Gentile, under His Majesty Cleone d'Angeli IV

Your Excellency,

I would very much like it if you would send representatives to my estate. Men on the ground are important but at the moment I am not able to travel to Posteastan. If you would send me your representatives it would be much easier to coordinate our affords while your men working in Posteastan could directly report back to us.

I urge you to make sure that your work is closely coordinated with Great Nortend! We need to build a solid base of operations and consolidate our influence. Now is not the time to proclaim a Kingdom of Posteastan. We need to work thoroughly and we must not rush things. If we act to swiftly our movement will be crushed before it can gain momentum.

Cordially greetings

Alexander Bardi, KSE GCH

Official Statement of the Royalsit Party

To: Grand Minister of Foreign Affairs Giani Gentile

Subject: Official Recognition

Your Excellency,

This must be the best day in my life. In my hand, I hold the official letter of the official recognition of my government. I mean The King's government but through my tireless work. As this letter reaches you I have already publicly proclaimed the return of the King. What we need the most now are instructors, heavy weapons, money and equipment to fund hospitals.

The Lion Will Return

Rasvan Luca,

Waving the letter at the men around him Rasvan exclaimed "we did it! we did it! Lux Pulchrae has officially recognized us as the legitimate rulers of Posteastan. Prepare a march through the city center and film it. Meet me at the broadcasting house I have an important announcement to make to the people of the world."

Official Statement of the President

To: The Union of Albandrite Socialist Republics's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Subject: International Solidarity


Your support is much needed. As the representative of the masses I must inform you that we are willing to go a great length for additional support but that the days of colonialism and foreign rule are numbered. I am willing to listen to your terms but I cannot give any guarantees that we can meet all of your conditions.

Long live the international Solidarity

Vasilescu Tavitian

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by Caracasus
Jevellit Plains

An Autofarm in Jevellit Province

Ninety six years ago, almost to the day, a famine had threatened to tear apart Caracasus's revolution. Six years later, and several thousand tonnes of food aid from its new Socialist allies, the Council Elect added a new article to the constitution of Caracasus. Known as the Iron Bowl it gave sweeping powers to Industry and Trade to modernize food production and move Caracasusian agriculture away from growing cash crops for export and towards agricultural sustainability.

The Iron Bowl article still stood today, though those first pioneers of Caracasusian revolutionary agriculture would not have recognised what it had become. Industry and Trade ensured that several thousand communes worked towards food production on massive scales. Entire valleys had been dammed, rivers diverted and construction equipment had shaped the plains into terraced rice farms. In spite of its vast size, very few people actually belonged to the communes that grew most of Caracasus's staple foodstuff. Here and there, skyscrapers devoted not to living or business, but the production of crops such as pepper, onion and soy dotted the landscape.

It was here that Caracasusian food aid began its life. Calculations were made, autotrucks and harvesters diverted percentages of crops towards International Affairs and Diplomacy. From there it would be processed. Spice and herb would be added to otherwise bland blocs of reconstituted protein and fat. Rice would be processed, ground and turned into noodles, packed into foil and then folded into self-contained all in one heating stove, pan and dish. From there, these would be boxed and sent on their way oversees to Posteastan and other, similarly stricken nations. It was a far cry from the first days of the first famine, however the debt Caracasus owed the international community had not been forgotten, and would once again be repayed. No mechanism would be found at the disposal of the Council Elect to deny or cut food aid to any people in the world.



To: All Nations

The Council Elect of Caracasus has noted the crisis in Posteastan.

As surely as gulls follow a fishing trawler for scraps of food, so do adventurists and imperialists hover over Posteastan. Our stance on Posteastan is that the current crisis requires careful, multilateral diplomatic solutions, not the half-baked fever dreams of imperialists wanting to play at toy soldiers.

We condemn any nation choosing to pour more fuel onto the fire by sending in armed soldiers to an already perilous region. Our best estimates suggest as many as fifty thousand Posteastan citizens are experiencing shortages of fuel, food and medical aid as a result of the crisis. Further adventurism on the part of nations that should know far better will serve only to drive that number upwards.

For a fraction of the money spent outfitting the latest overcompensating war toy, we would urge nations instead to invest in sending blankets, antibiotics, fuel oil to power generators, medical staff and food. It may of course not be as glamorous as gunning down half-starved child soldiers but it will do so much more good.

Caracasus Council Elect.

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by Great Nortend
LEOZINA—Mr Michael Thatcher was not a very tall man, not very heavy-set. Indeed, it could be thought of as rather small. Yet, he commanded an aura of authority, set by his bushy moustache, deep brown eyes, and well-combed hair, as well as his formal frock-coat and hat. In the historic capital of the Kingdom of Posteastan, he held an important hand-written letter from Sir Alexander himself, ordering his subjects to obey the lawful commands of the bearer of the letter, His Erbonian Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Posteastan.

As he neared where he knew Rasvan Luca spent his time, he was peturbed by the loud and raucous noises.

“...pare a march through the city center and film it. Meet me at the broadcasting house I have an important announcement to make to the people of the world!” came floating through the air the distinctively exuberant voice of none other than Rasvan Luca.

Upon hearing this, Thatcher knew something was up. He broke into a sprint and barged open the building's front door, and called out: “Mr Luca; stop right there.” The building was a small tearoom, inexplicably still operating despite the severe economic downturn. Thatcher had surmised that it was the known Royalist sympathies of the owner that drew the clientele there.

He took a deep breath and asked in a clear, authoritative voice, “What is this announcement that you intend to make?” A voice piped up from Rasvan's motley group.

“Mr Thatcher, Lux Pulchrae has recognized us as the legitimate rulers of Posteastan. Rasvan is going to proclaim this to the world.”

“I think not.”

“Why not?” asked Rasvan.

“Since you asked, by this letter of the hand of Alexandru Bardi, Head of the House of Bardi, His Royal Highness's subjects are commanded to obey my lawful commands. And I do command you Mr Luca and your friends, to not prepare a march through the city centre and to not proclaim any sort of claim, and to let me explain to you the current situation. Whatever Lux Pulchrae may recognise is surely irrelevant when your King himself thinks differently. See for yourself.”

Thatcher unfolded the letter, the gold gilt letterhead glinting in the dim light, and showed it to Rasvan, who had come up close to see.


LENDERT—Lord Sceller of Stavenson was a counsellour of the Privy Council, and thus was privy to the goings on of the Privy Council. He was also the Warden of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition, the Droughs, and was not too pleased at how quickly the Duke of Limmes and his government had managed to persuade His Majesty to support their foolish endeavour to restore the monarchy of Posteastan. It was his belief that Great Nortend should not interfere in an imperialistic way in the matters of other countries. If Sir Alexander wished to support his cause, he could do so by all means, but Great Nortend needn't get involved. Sir Louis Anderson, the Opposition's Foreign Clerk, concurred.

“Really, it's quite foolish of Limmes to jump in so hastily. It sounds like some sort of plot from a poorly written book of espionage fiction—not the machinations and policies of a mature government and noble lord. I say, Sceller, why do you think the King is so in favour? Does he benefit from the restoration of the Posteastan crown?”

“That, my dear Louis, is a very interesting question...”

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by Danlina
Adam Nechita’s Villa, Posteastan Countryside
“Well, about intel I will need to know all you can give me about the powers around Roztechko and the coastline” said Wright. “About people, I will need your people to ensure passage through Roztechko bay will be secured 24/7. And about the weapons, I will need 50 tons of plastic explosives.”
“It will take some time and money, but not anything I cannot do” replied Nechita. With his perfect smile still on, he asks Wright if she would like him to turn on the radio. She agrees.
The two continue talking about all the little details of the deal, when “Secret Agent Man” comes up on the radio. Eve Wright stops to think for a moment and sighs. “What’s wrong?” Asks Nechita, “Reminds you of your own life?”. Wright shook her head and said quietly: “More like the deaths of my colleagues...”. Nechita’s smile was replaced by a face of understanding.

The Danlina Ambassadori Branch HQ, Paralville Danlina
Minister Rozen read the telegram she received from President Valaska. She pressed the intercom button on her office phone: “Henry, please call in my six o’clock”. A few minutes later, a man in his fifty’s came in to the office and sat at the chair in front of Rozen. “Can I be of any service to you Mrs. Rozen?”
“Yes, actually” She replied. “I will need you to arrange a helicopter for tomorrow morning to bring me with a handful of agents to Posteastan”. “But it will take some time to arran-” “Well I don’t HAVE time” interrupted him Rozen. “Maybe the people at the Legislative are naive, but they’re not idiots! It’s not gonna take to much time before they put two and two together.” The man didn’t know what to say, if to even say anything. He just nodded in confirmation and left the office.
“Jesus fucking Christ, I need to do everything by myself in this place” she muttered to herself as she wrote her agents at Posteastan about the change of plan. After she finished, she went over to reply to Valaska’s telegram.

Topic: Meeting At The Presidential Palace

from: The Danlina Ambassadori Branch

To Nicolai Valaska,
I will humbly accept your offer. Do not worry about the lift, I will come by in my own helicopter. I will just need the details of where I can land it as close as I can to the presidential palace to ensure my safe arrival to our meeting.
Believe me Mr. president, you are less beloved than you think you are, so be sure to keep heads up in case anything might go wrong. Everything will get clear at the meeting.

Best Regards,
Katerin Rozen, Minister Of The Danlina Ambassadori Branch

Adam Nechita’s Villa, Posteastan Countryside
Wright looked at her phone as she received a new message. It was from Katerin Rozen.
“Um, Adam?”
“Yes Eve?”
“How close can your men and intel get to the presidential palace without alarming anyone?”

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by Kenmoria
Despite the installation of the covert listening devices, Construction Enterprises still wanted to make a bigger effort on monitoring the country. As with everything the company did, the decision was motivated solely by profit, and the desire to increase market share in the Posteastan market, limited though it may be. Something above-ground, and officially-sponsored, would be ideal to create a positive global impression.

This having been decided, a national scope was in mind as something to properly carry out the job. In fact, something so fundamental that no sensible citizen could ignore it. A phone network - something so basic that it wouldn’t be suspected by the international community, but so crucial to everyday life that it could be utilised daily by the local populace. It would also be a good opportunity to make some profit on the sidelines.

Not wishing to waste the listening devices, they were kept on, but new production was stopped and the monitoring heavily reduced. The basic infrastructure for a phone network was planned and a new grant from the Kenmorian humanitarian aid fund put forth for the construction of a phone network to aid the local populace. Now all that was needed would be permission.


Subject: Phone Network Construction
To: Niculai Valaska
From: Construction Enterprises
Encryption: Very High
Dear Niculai Valaska,

We hope this letter finds you in good health. It may please you to know that the construction work is going very smoothly, and most of Roztechko has been completely repaired into its ore-war state. However, there are still problems in the nation, as we are sure you are aware, particularly in the area of telecommunication.

To remedy this problem, we suggest the construction and maintenance of a Construction Enterprises-funded phone network, to restore proper functioning of national communication around Posteastan. This will be paid for mainly by us and a heavily reduced price offered to you as part of our humanitarian aid program, with highly decreased premiums for usage by the populace.

This structure will start in Roztechko, as that is the current base of our operations, but we hope to expand it across the entire nation, with a focus on areas held by the government side due to ease of construction. However, we hope to take advantage of momentary lulls in fighting to penetrate some of the more difficult areas.

Our philosophy is based around the idea of versatility, and we hope this network can form a dual purpose. Although of course the primary objective is to provide humanitarian aid in the form of infrastructure to the populace, there could also be some benefits in monitoring the rebellion-prone areas to spot potential terroristic, illegal or otherwise treacherous behaviour. This would of course be done by us for no extra charge. We hope this will be accepted so we can quickly begin construction.

Yours faithfully,
Construction Enterprises

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by Lux Pulchrae
Grand Lux International Airport

Just about 20 minutes out from the capital was one of the country's only airports. The rationale being that most of its tourism came by sea so airport weren't as much a necessity as much as they were a luxury reserved for government officials, heads of state, or the rich. Today two planes would disembark, one headed to Posteastan and the other headed to Great Nortend.

The first plane to depart was a simple private jet, four men boarded the jet: the king, the Grand Minister of Defense and two of His Majesty's Elite Guard. They were to visit Lord Bardi-de Leu in Great Nortend. Fastening themselves, the plane was soon in the skies and on its way.

As the flight went on, the Grand Minister, Gregorio di Minore sat up "Why are you here anyways? On this trip I mean."

"Anything to get out the palace for a little bit." Cleone responded as he sat back with his eyes closed.

Minore nodded with an "Oh."

Great Nortend

Before long the team had arrived in Great Nortend, they had requested transport to the Bardi estate and were taken there. (The estate details are assumed, let me know if wrong.) Arriving at the estate, a pair of guards stood infront of the gate, approaching the car the passengers took out their IDs, Cleone presented himself and his guards presented their weapons unloaded. They were approved and let through the gate, driving up to the house's entrance. Exiting the vehicle, the Elite Guards walked up to the door and rang the bell. Gregorio and Cleone took their time to walk to the door, mostly looking around and admiring the scene. The guards wore their usual knee-length black coats accented in red and black pants, the other two wore similar grey wool overcoats which were good enough for light weather. Hands in his pockets, Cleone waited.

Plane to Posteastan

After the first plane took off, another, smaller plane was prepped. Four men boarded as passengers along with the two pilots. Gentile and his adviser both wearing grey suits and carrying briefcases. The other two boarders looked odd, they wore long black coats and black fedoras, giving the lead pilot an ominous feeling.

"These two aren't on the boarding list." he said, checking his list again to make sure.

"Don't worry, they are last minute additions." Gentile assured. Who was the pilot to question the newly appointed high official. The plane took off and headed to Posteastan. They arrived perfectly where they wanted to be, landing in the royalist controlled Leozina Airport. Getting off, Gentile and his adviser made their way to their contact, the head of the royalist faction, Rasvan Luca. Several questions it took, and in broken Romanian, they arrived at the building supposedly hosting the base of operations for the royalists. Walking in, they could already here what sounded like an argument

"Whatever Lux Pulchrae may recognize is surely irrelevant when your King thinks differently. See for yourself." the grand minister stopped and connected who was who with what was being said, deeming Rasvan to be on the unfortunate end.


That's when Gentile interrupted and introduced himself "Well, well, well. You signore must be Rasvan Luca. You've probably read my name already but I'll say it again, I am Giani Gentile the Grand Minister of Foreign Affairs." he said in a manner that was not only to Rasvan but others in the vicinity. "This is my adviser Lorenzo Nevicca." Lorenzo bowed his head as he was introduced. "I was told that Great Nortend would be assisting greatly with your cause, may I see them?"

Leozina Airport

Back at the airport, the two men dressed in black remained on the plane. The pilots glanced at each other before the lead pilot turn around "Alright who the he-" he was cut short by the barrel of suppressed gun to his forehead.

"Don't ask any questions, just fly us to Port Serenity in Kuronami. We have an important meeting and don't want to be late, capiti?"

The pilot nodded and spoke up hesitantly "We only have enough fuel for this trip and back. We don't know how far this is."

"But we do. Fill it up and head to where we told you." Some bargaining later and the plane was allowed to refuel and set off to Kuronami where some boat show was taking place, but they weren't there for boats, they were there for one person: Mirela Costin.

The times they are a changing.

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by Posteastan
General Melisiomo International Airport - Leozina

It had taken the better half of a damn decade to get to action. Religious fanatics and a night run through unknown territory covered with ditches and hedges. Two bus rides and a short celebration with the locals, obviously their future allies. The men from Karevka had quite an entertaining ride so far, and the party had not even started. It was a short ride from the border of Tabolov Province to Leozina. When the two buses passed the invisible border the rebels slowly but steadily went silent. To the paratroopers it became clear that most of them had never seen combat before. The buses drove on the motorway and passed the Lion City by.

Sweating and pale Jack tried to lighten a cigarette. After successful finishing the maneuver he turned to the commander with an uneasy voice. "Get ready. Five more minutes." His national guard uniform was way too small for and the bullet holes in it had never been fixed. The passed a small military airfield on their right and then the bus slowed down and left the motorway close to the airport. A small group of Royalists had gathered along the road to show their protest against the presence of a National Guard unit at the Airport but by far not enough men to block the road.

Royalists in Leozina

The huge sign reading General Melisiomo International Airport had been defaced by vandals and now read King Carolu International Airport it seemed as after the first five or six attempts to crudely changed the sign the city officials had stopped to remove the spray paint. Jack produced a Otter Banner the official flag of Posteastan from his bag. Smiled, spit at it and nodded to the paras. "Once we are in we split in two groups. One Secures the terminal and the other overruns the barracks. Make sure you hit them hard. Once both places are secured fire a yellow flare. Ourman will than attack the airport from Taske." He dropped his cigarette butt and took a deep breath. "Let's go!"

The buses stopped right in front of the terminal The men disembarked and formed two marching blocks. Shouting orders in Posteastanian Jack lead the men with his banner on some kind of plastic broom stick or something. The Guards at the gates smiled at the pleasant sight. Neacsu had managed to get 120 men through royalist territory to reinforce the garrison at the airport. The gate was opened and the Guards saluted. In that moment Jack dropped the flag and yelled: For the Fatherland, onwards, Hurrah!


Mierbozia Province, Posteastan

Happy Moralists in Mierbozia

Slowly happiness and stability returned to Mierbozia. Guardians of Virtue patrolled the city and the countryside to make sure that all God-fearing women were covering their heads and all good men were letting their beards grow as the Good Lord demanded them to. The strict interpretation of the Bible made things sometimes a bit awkward for the instructors from Allanea. The separation between men and women was very traditional and the deployment of female operatives was politely rejected. Training was good and the volunteers of the Guardians of Virtue quickly made progress. More Guardians meant less braking of the law and more security. But the rise in the moral standards of the general population was not the only success.

Priest training for combat

Known strongholds of the Syndicate were raided, drugs set on fire, thieves and whores execute. Money and supplies seized in the raids were re-distributed among the communities. Hostages liberated and returned to their families or handed over to the authorities of their home province. Not everybody welcomes these changes obviously. The Syndicate fights back at all fronts but it is not a military organization. Without prisons, courts, judges and the right to a fair trial known or suspected Syndicate members and their associates and relatives often find their end with a noose around their neck or bullet in the head.

Clashes between the Guardians of Virtue and the National Guard or police are rare occasions as the moralists continue to accept the authority of Telinburg in political matters. Too obviously corrupt officials are beaten in public and deported to the capital. Trade and distribution of goods is tightly controlled by the church to guarantee stable and fair prices but because of the shortage of everything the black market continues to exist.

Government Controled Posteastan: Roztechko City, Telinburg and beyond.


Money, jobs and a decrease in violence. Poztechko was showing the way how Posteastan could recover if the market was allowed to do its magic without interference. The man rolled out a set of blueprints. Heavy graph paper that took up much of the vast architect's desk. The delegation from Construction Enterprises would be with them in less than an hour, and all assembled heads of government departments, civil servants and the ever present miscellaneous functionaries needed to be on the same page. Metaphorically at least, though given the size of the Branhoi Prison Complex plans it would be possible to literally fit them all on that page.

Discussion and debate raged. Should they request double or triple fencing for the outer compound? The Kenmorian company's estimates were hard to follow in places. Bulk discounts for six new prisons came into effect too.
Electrified fencing in a country that suffered frequent blackouts was quickly shelved. The suggested execution chambers relied on electricity or death by lethal injection. Too slow for dealing with the sheer number who may face the penalty and too reliant on medicinal compounds or again, working electricity.

They had altered the preliminary plans accordingly. The size of the exercise yard had been halved to incorporate either a gallows or sturdy reinforced wall for firing squads, with packed earth redoubts behind each to catch stray rounds. Visiting rooms were similarly discarded. It was decided that a set of three offices would serve for each prison to ensure that prisoners were given somewhere to consult representatives in private. The minister in charge had requested surveillance equipment in all such offices.

The discussion on prisons over, their attention turned to precinct houses. Officers were finding themselves, up and down the country, staffed in completely unsuitable buildings. The new precinct houses would replace these older ones and makeshift headquarters. Each would be equipped with a garage area, twelve foot fence perimeter, watchtower and so on. Larger ones would have space for APC trucks and water cannon. Holding cells built along similar patterns to the prisons would be present and at the behest of officers, interrogation rooms would finally be fully soundproofed. The discussions over, the bickering put to one side, they eagerly awaited the corporate representatives.

Tabolov, Tabolov Province
FPA on the march

The huge international support for the cause of the Democratic Republic of Posteastan had taken Vasilescu Tavitian and his supporters a bit by surprise. When the war against the Northern Alliance was at its peak no one did speak out for them. To deal with the unexpected success the supporters of the old state formed a new party. As a tribute to their foreign backers the party was called Democratic Social Union. Branches were formed in other cities, even outside the direct sphere of influence of the statist.

Clashes between the Free Posteastan Army and the National Guard became more frequent. It was only a matter of days before Neacsu called her men back and left the province entirely to the will of the DSU.

Vasilescu Tavitian frowned as he read the dispatches. As always before an important speech, he found himself unaccountably anxious. Strange really, given he'd gone through more hair raising near misses than most. You'd think that having bullets quite literally passing over your head might be more nerve wracking than delivering a damn speech.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to see this outpouring of support for us, but hell... where were these people when Cardulan Nazgul bombers were flattening our oil refineries and hospitals? Who in this lot had my cousin's back?" He muttered.

He put on his best appearance, staring into the mirror as he practised his speech.

"Today is a monumentous day. As we reject the illegal acts of the government, forbidding our party to run in local or national elections we equally celebrate the outpouring of international support for our new movements. Our new party, The Democratic Social Union seeks to celebrate these newfound friends and welcomes them all to help us build a Posteastan fit for the future.

I understand our brave soldiers in the Free Posteastan Army have been engaged in clashes with the old order's National Guard. To the national guard I say this. We are not your enemies. We should be fighting not against but alongside each other. If you surrender your...."

Orikson Free Radio
Black Brigades patroling Orikson Province

“Postestan stands once again surrounded by foes both without and within. Our race faces challenges on a scale not seen since the Ohiton war. While the world looks jealously on at our fair nation and our fairer people, malevolent forces are on the horizon make no mistake. I speak of course of Caracasus. Unable to truly build or move beyond mere mimicry of other, greater races' accomplishments this sprawling, breeding, all consuming mongrels seeks to pervert our homeland and our peoples for their own end.

Our so called government was all to eager to accept help from the Caracasusians, from the Ninedayist elements in its own ranks and look where that has led us! Our people polluted by the filth of a half dozen continents, our resources squandered oversees and our brave armed forces betrayed for Caracasusian promises that came with a dagger between the shoulderblades.

I say now no more! No more will we be subjugated by lesser races, no more will our women be defiled by foreign hands, no more will our schools be polluted by globalist Nineddayist propaganda We may be surrounded, but we have allies yet. The proud nation of Schwarzenfels, with whom our people share a direct racial lineage, has pledged support of arms and soldiers to our righteous cause.

However guarded we are from the enemy without, we must also fight the enemy within. Know this, those of you who would support the Ninedayists. The day of reckoning is at hand for you and your ilk. As of today, the new curriculum edict will be rolled out across all schools and universities. Diversion from the edict will be answerable to the Polity.

Loyal citizens are required to report seditious activity to the local precinct as quickly as possible, providing where possible names and addresses of deviants. Trades unions are hereafter barred from strike action at this critical juncture, and the reporting of any worker suspected of engaging in such activities is mandatory. Race traitors and sexual deviants are to be reported to the Department of Perversion Management. Here follows a list of publications and media now considered harmful to the state. Possession of such items is punishable by deahth.”

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:40 pm
by Great Nortend
LEOZINA—In a coincidence that looked straight out of a comedy film, as soon as Rasvan piped up to speak, a foreign voice piped up. He introduced himself as a Grand Minister of Foreign Affairs and that his companion was his advisor. Mr Thatcher turned and bowed stiffly as they were introduced.

“I was told that Great Nortend would be assisting greatly with your cause, may I see them?”

Thatcher bowed again upon hearing this and straighted up.

“I am His Erbonian Majesty's Envoy Extradordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Posteastan, Michael Thatcher. Whom do you represent?”

LENDERT—In Lendert, preparations had been underway by the Cabinet to ensure there would be no official link between any Royalist movement in Posteastan and the Erbonian Government. To this end, a Royal Charter had quickly been issued in order to form the Posteastan Alms Society, ostensibly a charitable society dedicated to obtaining, delivering and distributing humanitarian alms and aid to the people of Posteastan. Sir Donald Endersby had been appointed the Secretary of the Society and Sir Richard Somerham the Chairman of Committee. Letterheads, stationery, boxes and banners had quickly been designed and ordered up and five prominent businessmen in Great Nortend had been invited to become directours, including, appropriately, Sir Alexander Bardi, as the Chairman of the Court of Directours of the White Cross Lines.


Dear Mr Valaska,

We have heard of the terrible misfortunes of your country's people through our newspapers and wireless and as a fellow Christian nation in partial communion with the Holy Orthodox Church, we felt it appropriate that we send humanitarian alms and assistance to the people of Posteastan during this time of crisis.

The Posteastan Alms Society was only very recently founded by a number of like-minded businessmen in Great Nortend. It has a considerable endowment from various companies, the Nortan people, and from Government grants, and is seeking your permission and blessing to begin the shipment of humanitarian alms to Posteastan. We have heard of the excellent reconstruction works which have taken place in Roztechko and are desirous to therefore utilise the new transshipment facilities there in order to send our pallets and crates by barge up the River Telin to whereever they may be needed.

We are able to send pallets of tinned vegetables, fruit and meat, flour, sugar, salt, cooking fats and oils, biscuits, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and medicines, cooking utensils, ironmongery, paper, stationery, cloth, leather and numerous other sundry goods for the improvement of morale amongst the population and of their general wellbeing. We anticipate that the Society will begin its operations in Leozina, where it appears necessary to calm the clearly agitated population, to be satisfy their needs in order to assure and secure the stability of the nation.

If it is agreeable to you and your Government, Mr Valaska, we shall make the necessary preparations forthwith. We would ask that you grant us free and un-fettered access for our people, ships and goods, and that any insurgents or military groups are informed of our presence and our humanitarian mission. We pray for the people of Posteastan and for your country's future prosperity, and beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant.


Sir Donald Endersby,
Secretary of the Posteastan Alms Society

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:24 pm
by Karevka
The combined force of 290 Posteastanian fighters and Karevkan paratroopers advanced, passing the bodies of National Guardsmen at the entrance as mortar teams set up their weapons. The main force cautiously moved into the terminal building as the mortars began lobbing 82 and 120mm shells at the nearby barracks and other enemy positions.

The infantry quickly scrambled into the transports while their IFVs and APCs rested in the bellies of the massive cargo carriers. The first wave of aircraft took off from the runway, escorted by jet fighters which would serve as air support once they reached Leozina.

Marshal Durov, General Sitnikov and General Makar stood before Komissarov. This was no longer a SPD operation now and everyone in the room knew it, but this was still to be handled carefully. "Comrades, know that we are now waging a war against a foreign nation and it's allies. Therefore you should stand ready to counter any action from those elements. Do you understand?" The military men nodded. Karevka had already crushed Rekovan Insurgency, and they didn't want an invasion, much less a occupation.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:36 pm
by Lux Pulchrae

"We represent the Kingdom of Lux Pulchrae under His Majesty Cleone d'Angeli IV. Who, speaking of which, is in Nortend to seek an audience with the man we here are all so eager to place back on the seat of power. But it seems our opinions are 'irrelevant' to some. Hopefully His Majesty can persuade Lord Bardi to see otherwise."

Just then a royalist came through "They attacked the airport! Busload of men arrive at the terminal and are taking it over. They are shelling the barracks too!"

Gentile looked to Thatcher with an almost unamused smile "So much for a quiet intervention, eh Signore Thatcher? It is quite obvious a hard and obvious military presence is necessary."

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:54 pm
by Great Nortend
LEOZINA—Thatcher was taken aback by the sarcastic tone of the man. He turned to Rasvan and indicated to let him and the newcomers speak alone. Rasvan turned away and began to plan his men's offence in his characteristically unabashed manner. Thatcher needed to think quickly on his feet in order to defuse this diplomatic spat arising from his unfortunate use of words. He did not want to be recorded in the history books as the origin of the factionalisation of the hitherto united Royalist movement.

“I do beg your pardon, Monsieur Gentile,” he said, bowing obsequiously “I did not have any intention to suggest that the opinions of the Kingdom of Lux Pulchrae were irrelevant, of course they are very pertinent, Your Excellency, however Rasvan was claiming himself as the 'legitimate rulers of Posteastan' recognised by your Government. I am not aware of what your Government had sent or recognised him as, however in accordance with my commands from my own Government, the legitimate ruler of Posteastan is in the opinion of my King, Sir Alexander, whose cause is presumed to be advanced by the Royalist party.

“In any case, Your Excellency, I was merely informing Rasvan there that it would not be wise to march, broadcast and claim himself as the leader of the Royalist movement when we have little knowledge of his ability to lead a movement at all, nor of the potential danger he may place himself and our fellow Royalists in. I have known Rasvan for quite some time now, and from my knowledge, though he is charismatic and enthusiastic, he is also a former actor and has no military or strategic leadership experience at all. I am cognisant of the need for an obvious Royalist military presence in Leozina and hope that, despite our, er, differences in policy, we may work together to advance the Royalist cause.”

He turned to the young royalist that had just barged in.

“Who are they? Are they on our side or one of the opposing factions?”

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:44 pm
by Lux Pulchrae
"The National Guard, or at least their uniforms." he responded.

"Wait, before anything, I must clear the seemingly misunderstood position of my office." Gentile told the royalist then turned to Thatcher "I do not consider myself a petty man but I am one for corrections if I am allowed Minister Thatcher, or however you prefer. One, we did not say that Rasvan, or whoever was the head of the Royalists, that they were the leaders. We never recognized him, we recognized the Royalists as the official government. It is obvious Lord Bardi-de Leu is the head, otherwise what is the point of being the monarch. Two, it is not Monsieur Gentile, that would make me French, unless French is your language." a deeper sigh indicated a displeasure, there was a long history with the French. Back home it was negatively referred to as a "dog Latin", but the envoy couldn't have known that. He continued "It is neither Your Excellency as I am neither a bishop or cardinal, again if it your custom then excuse me. A simple 'Grand Minister' or 'Signore' would do just fine."

"Now we can discuss a plan of action. I don't know much about the strength of this party, if someone can fill me in so my team," he indicated to himself and Nevicca "Can file the most accurate reports and the heads back home can figure the appropriate numbers."

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:08 pm
by Great Nortend
Mr Thatcher looked quizzically at Rasvan, who appeared to be eavesdropping on the conversation.

“I think Rasvan Luca here may have misunderstood your missive then, or, er, embellished it. It seems then, that we are in agreement, regarding the sovereign government of Posteastan.”

He thought it indeed was slightly petty to complain about titles of address when there appeared to be a full-on military crisis only a few miles away, but it seemed prudent to address the Grand Minister's complaint, which to Thatcher, was rather bizarre. After all, it was accepted international practice for government ministers of foreign affairs to be addressed as 'Your Excellency'.

“In Nortan and International diplomatic practice, Signore, 'Your Excellency' is the title used for Ambassadours, Ministers such as I, heads of government and indeed, foreign ministers. I naturally assumed you were a minister for foreign affairs, given your title, and accorded you the appropriate diplomatic title. Similarly, 'Monsier' and 'Madame' are used customarily in Great Nortend for foreigners who do not speak our language, as it is the international diplomatic language, though Great Nortend does use some court Latin in its diplomatic practices, if I recall correctly. I do apologise if you feel slighted by my inconsideration and shall endeavour to address you as you wish.

“I have not yet ascertained the actual strength of the Royalist party, as I only this day received my letters of instruction. I have received reports that Royalist support in Leozina is considerable and that a conservative estimate would place over half the population as royalist in nature. A moderate number of men, I believe around 100 or more, appear to have publically backed the Royalists already, and blockaded the airport a few days ago. My instructions have been to organise the Royalist troops into a well-ordered militia, and to convince royalist sympathisers to join. I suspect Rasvan knows more about the party currently than I do though, and now this attack... a great inconvenience and what poor timing.”

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:05 am
by Lux Pulchrae
"Then forgive my ignorance on addresses. It is my first day, barely a day. As well as the entire ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have never left my country and I do not even know if I have a placard on my desk yet. I must admit however, there is a really strong anti-French bias at home, so no one would ever think to use it." Gentile shrugged "But enough of this merda. In regards to the attack, I must consider myself lucky I got here when I did, or else I would've been sent back maybe even killed. But, this inconvenience can be a great opportunity. Our first glory is to retake the airport, do this and we will get the support we need. No offensive, but 100 odd men or so is not going to cut it. A couple of days for more men and weapons, and maybe a plan. What do you think, Your Excellency?" he said with a smirk.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:51 am
by Great Nortend
Only a day? What kind of foreign minister gets sent right into the field on his first day?

“Well, Signore, I am but a diplomatic minister and envoy. I have little knowledge of the machinations of war. I shall immediately telegramme back to Great Nortend and ask for further instructions. It is possible that these National Guardsmen are not in fact National Guardsmen but rather another faction masquerading as National Guardsmen. I can think of no other reason why the only working civil airport in the country, as well as the Guards' barracks, would be bombed. If this indeed is the case, I feel we must support the National Guardsmen and counter the attack. A few days is likely to be too long; they could take over the airport by the end of the day. There is only a very small contingent of guardsmen at the airport, and not that many in the surrounds of Leozina. If we win, we shall gain the trust perhaps of those National Guardsmen remaining, and thereby advance the cause. But, Signore, I defer to your better judgement as Grand Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:38 am
by Posteastan
Telinburg, The Presidential Palace
President of Posteastan, the job has its merits.

The flight to Telinburg was interesting in more than one ways. Looking at the damage done to Posteastan first hand and from above clearly brought to light that the nation was in need of everything. Katerin Rozen's helicopter was given permission to land right next to the preditential palace.

Following the usual security precautions Rozen was separated from her company, allowed through the gates and inside the building. She was welcomed by Valaska in his office.

"Ms. Rozen! It is great to have you here. A drink perhaps? How can I be of assistance?"

Adam Nechita’s Modest Summer House, Posteastan Countryside
Semtex-H accept no substitude!

“Don't worry about your colleagues, my men will take good care that you don't follow in their footsteps.” Said Nechita. "You should now instruct one of your underlings to buy a lot shares of this practically worthless gold mine we have talked about. Explosives are tightly watched and you will have to steal them from your own premises once they have arrived. You should consider insuring them at home. It is the Bohemoravian stuff I always shop for quality. " He paused a while to listen to the radio. "There are several influential gangs in Roztechko. All more or less controlled by the Syndicate, but on occasions they act alone. Keep in mind that they are criminals. Recently Construction Enterprises has taken up camp in my city. They are doing fine. They do what needs to be done and secure themselves a share of the profits. Then there are Valaska and Neacsu the coast, especially the port towns are still controlled by the National Guard. Technically. And finally, there is the Costin Clan that controls Pibtsy. The Syndicate is stronger there but the reconstruction measures have given us a clear advantage over Pibtsy now. What about you? Do you have any hobbies? Practice some sports? "

Official Contract of the Republic of Posteastan

To: Construction Enterprise
Subject:Phone Network

You guys really know how to do business. I have signed all the nessesary contracts and you are free to teleport my beloved nation back to the 21stcentury! Your are true philanthropists and friends of the people of Posteastan.

Office of the President
Niculai Valaska

Sir Alexander's Manor
Sir Donald Endersby totally not a Major in the Queen's Official Mounted Guards

Following the necessary and time-consuming curtsies and protocols the delegation form Lux Pulchrae was led forward to Sir Alexander. The old man was sitting behind an oak desk in a comfortable armchair. "It is an honor to have you here my good men." He said with a slight bow of his head. "This young man here" He points at a sharply dressed man sitting in an equally comfortable armchair next to a circular cherry table. "Is Sir Donald Endersby. Maj…Sir, Donald will help us getting things done. "

Official Statementof the Republic of Posteastan

To: Mr Endersby
Subject:Humanitarian Aid

Dear Mr. Endersby,

At the moment I am not in a position where I can reject humanitarian help. To do so would be a crime against my people. I am very thankful for your offer of assistance and so are the people of Posteastan. The idea of delivering supplies to Leozina, especially if the come from Great Nortend is much to my liking. The people of Posteastan must learn that there is no more room for violence and blackmail in politics. This will show the world that we are one people and work together when it comes to the humanitarian crises, no matter what our political ideologies are.

Peace to all

Office of the President
Niculai Valaska

Royalsit Headquarters, Leozina

In all that Rasvan remained phenomenally calm. With one ear he eavesdropped the conversation of his two friends with the other he made some calls. Gesticulating at the Pub's TV he ordered a young man to connect it with one of the man portable computers in the room. "My men are at the airport. They are filming what's going on." He said, more to himself. A few phone calls later he joined the other two men in their conversation. "It's Neacsu!" He interrupted Thatcher. "She is taking over. For quite a while we were afraid that she might do so." With anger in his face he shook his head.

"I have orders from the King to follow Mr. Thatcher's instructions. That's what I will do. I have made a few calls while your Excellences were talking and I have some new information. It is not the National Guard. Not the regulars. Valaska has given no orders to march on Leozina. It is not the Renegades, I have no informants there but if they would be attacking they would have brought a lot more men. Either way, we will know for certain soon."

"I only have a few men here ready to attack the airport, but at your orders I will call for all our supporters to come to. Zilom or Leozina East. If we can't take the airport in the first waves of attack we still have enough men to block the motorway and all access to the airport."

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:39 am
by Caracasus
Nineday House

The military heart of Caracasus, named after the revolution that ended in victory nine days after it began, did not exactly buzz with activity. While Posteastan's fate hung in the balance, for all but the most international news obsessed Caracasusians it really was just another Friday.* Within an adjacent building, those soldiers who had applied for command training were put through their paces. Indoors, holoscreens played and replayed battles with hopeful candidates taking on roles on all sides of the conflicts. New strategies and old were tried and found wanting or adopted. Here the battle for the Karthos Soviet ended in victory, there a Balagani war fleet caught a Flaucian naval detachment unawares and sunk it. The next playthrough, the Flaucian ships might well utilize their slight maneuverability advantage, sacrifice a few corvettes and win the day.

It really wasn't fair. None of it was. She'd come top in her cohort for strategy and had done well enough when it came to tactics. Kire had done everything right. Not only had she proven herself adept at commanding whatever virtual army she found herself in charge of, she was also a pretty damn good soldier.

And yet not one damn unit had voted for her to lead them. Well, not unless you counted internal patrols and who wanted to be lumbered with that as a position? Tracking down illegal gold miners sneaking across the border or rescuing tourists? Pah.

The embarrassment had crept over her as she'd sat, waiting as the names and associated units had been called out. She'd waited until the last point, comms device in hand, wordlessly rejecting the three riverboat patrol units who had "voted" for her to lead them. Likely they'd sent a dispatch to Nineday House stating they really did not care who was technically in charge. A pity commission.

The room had emptied. Even Haan, Haan who had botched even the simplest of operations had been assigned a commission overseeing some remote listening post somewhere. She was left to last in the great atrium. The instructor had shared a brief look of mutual embarrassment.

"Hey, maybe next year huh?"

Her leadership mentors had all said the same thing. Her strategies were unique, at times brilliant but ultimately flawed. She showed promise, of that they had no doubt, but their reports - and those reports would of course be read by the soldiers voting for new commanders - all underlined a concern that her recklessness had not fully been tempered by training and age.

As another trainee had put it, nobody wanted to die at the hands of some glory seeker who thought they were the reincarnation of Marduk.

Later in the courtyard, quietly stewing over her fate, the stupidity and lack of ambition of her fellow soldiers and the unfairness of the entire universe in general, Kire nearly did not register the older man and woman watching her. They walked a short distance across the crushed gravel and gestured. She shrugged. "Yeah. Sit wherever you want."

"I'm very sorry you were not selected." Spoke the woman.

"Why? It's not like you told them not to vote for me."

The man and the woman exchanged slightly nervous glances.

"About that... I'm rather afraid we did actually Kire."

Kire couldn't breathe for a second as her brain struggled to process what she'd just heard.

"You... what - wh... why would you... how would you?"

The man leaned in. "Listen, Kire. I know you must be feeling very confused about now, and that is absolutely fine. It is just that for someone with your unique skillset... there are other areas you would serve the revolution better in. Tell me, have you heard much of the Caracasusian Guerrillas?"

*Editor's note. The Caracasusian revolutionary calendar tracks months, days and years on a different scale to the more widely utilized Gregorian Calendar. If you have any questions regarding this, your local Caracasusian consulate will be more than happy to explain.


Topic: Medical Relief Aid

Addressed to: All factions recognised as de jure or de facto administrators of Postestan.

International Affairs and Diplomacy has noted a sharp spike in reported cases of a particularly virulent strain of influenza across the nation. In accordance with multiple international treaties and legislation, Caracasusian aid has been prepared for delivery.

Aid to consist of retroviral drugs, imminosupport medication and twenty five articulated trucks to ensure said medication is kept at a viable temperature whilst in transit.

Please confirm receipt of this message and provide - as outlined by international legislation - a framework for prioritized dispatch and administration of these medicines. Should infrastructure have deteriorated to the point this cannot be provided, please confirm and aid workers and armed escorts will be dispatched to ensure delivery and administration.

With Regards,

Caracasus International Affairs and Diplomacy - subdivision International Aid.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:12 am
by Allanea
The Spire
At last, it was time for the Allaneans to leave. As they sneaked out, they left the bodies of their fallen comrades on an improvised funeral pyre on the second floor, made out of thermite grenades, aluminium framing, some furniture, and whatever ammunition they could have scrounged from the enemy's guns – which were also laid upon the pyre . Everything was rigged with explosives, and what fuel could be found was spread about the building.

Thus, when the door was opened and the Syndicate fighters went into the strangely-quiet building of the Spire, they would first hear a hissing sound from the second floor, as the pyre took up, enveloping the fallen PLU troops in thermite-flame thousands of degrees strong, reducing their bodies to ash, and then there was a racket as hundreds of rounds of rifle ammunition began exploding in the pyre. The pyre's aluminium frame burned, and then the fuel fire spread through the building. Detonations shook the ground as the explosives the Allaneans set through the place have begun to take off, and the concrete tower that gave the Spire its name fell sideways in a cloud of concrete dust.

If any of the Syndicate soldiers who entered first were smart enough or lucky enough to dash back out before the explosions, they might report seeing a writing on the wall, in red, with the drawing of a red flower accompanying it: A message from those meddling Allaneans.

General Melisiomo International Airport

The Allanean aid troops that had been quartered at the airfield watched the unfolding violence with horror – not so much because they were afraid to die (although, of course, some were), but because the notion of dying in an outburst of violence none of them could understand, between armed groups they were scarcely able to even identify, in a foreign nation whose fate they had, frankly, little interest in, was frightening.

Nevertheless, their commander turned on the camp's PA system, which in this case was a few loudspeakers hooked up to his computer.

Gentlemen! Gentlemen!

Gentlemen, I am Colonel Patrick Wilson, Free Kingdom Armed Forces.
My men are here to assist the law enforcement in this country fight crime, and to deliver trucks and other supplies for rebuilding. We ask that you don't interfere with our work. If you wish for us to leave your country, that is understandable and we can work out a solution, or you can work one out with our superiors. However if you attempt to intern us, or to seize our weapons, we will be forced to fight as men fight.


From: Grand Ambassador Peter Nizhinsky
To: Patriarch Iancu Funar
Re: Hiding a dead prostitute
Your Holiness!
I appreciate the great vigor with which your people are currently fighting crime. The hangings of Syndicate members are especially welcome to us. I dearly wish to continue cooperating with you. However, to be absolutely clear, I am a man with limitations of my own, and even if I did not have views on the issue, the killings of sex workers which I hear of will make it difficult for me to justify to the Senate a continued expansion of funding for you [and then there's the practical matter that many of them are probably victims of the Syndicate!]

Now, I will not waste precious paper by quoting the Bible to you – I'm sure you know more about Christ and Mary Magdalene than I'll ever know, and have probably considered this issue and come to your conclusion after thinking about it at length. Your faith calls upon you to remove the whores, I cannot persuade you otherwise – but why not remove them to a place of perfidy and sin such as Allanea, where they'll not bother you? Perhaps just put the whores on a plane to Liberty-City, or perhaps to instead of killing them – you win, I win, the whores win, the Syndicate loses!

Peter Nizihnsky



]From: Grand Ambassador Peter Nizhinsky
To: Alexander Bardi
CC: Royalist Leadership
Subject: Great Risk
Your Majesty!
To be clear, as the plenipotentiary representative on behalf of a constitutional monarchy, I respect and admire the bravery of your men. However, I believe that what you are doing is deeply unwise. I believe that Posteastan, and more importantly, its neighbors, are not yet ready for a return of the Lion, and do not know when they will be. Were Allanea to become embroiled on your behalf, we would end up seen in the region as a force interested in forcing monarchism upon Posteastan – and in the end, you would likely still lose, and thousands of your noble supporters would perish.

We ask, then, that you call on your people to cease the struggle, and we will evacuate your supporters to safety in a civilized nation, perhaps Allanea, perhaps elsewhere.

That said, should you be desirous of proceeding with your struggle are willing to provide humanitarian assistance, and, should you be willing to hang Syndicate scum, some dual-use police equipment such as trucks, etc.
Peter Nizhinsky.



]From: Grand Ambassador Peter Nizhinsky
To: Caracasus Council Elect
Subject: Re: Words of wisdom.
Let me say this in the way of my people: Fucking Aye.
I will immediately work with the relevant work groups in my country to commence airlifting flu vaccines and medications. Would you accept, as an interim solution, a proposal that we airlift some of the aid shipments to Caracasus, and then your personnel can distribute them?
Peter Nizhinsky.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:21 am
by Keilersmoor
Region of Forest



Topic: Crisis in Posteastan

Ladies and Gentelmen,
It is my profound wish to express my gratitude for this painstaking work to the Councile Elect, the Nineday House and the IAs in question. As is it often the case with these matters every answer leads to more questions. Following an analysis by the courts and the judicial experts working for the Landtag the provisional view of Keilersmoor on the conflict is as follows:

Posteastan's intervention to protect the ethnic minorities in Øhiton was lawful.
The question remains, why did the Northern Alliance and Posteastan engage in hostilities of both were opposing Øhiton?

The extortion of reparations by the Northern Alliance was unlawful.
In a conflict between Øhiton and Posteastan should have been solved bilateral. We agree with the Revolutionary Workers Council with Responsibility for Foreign Affairs that imposing these sanctions had no other base than the threat of physical force.

The confiscation of privately owned property was unlawful.
We believe that the sanctions carried out under article #42 amounted to a crime against humanity. Removing the ability to generate income for one certain group based on a political decision and the ethnicity of the victims is such a severe step that we strongly advise against any form of rehabilitation of the UGF and the DSU which we see as their successor. We do not advise against direct talks but the matter of article #42 must be addressed.

The attack on the investigators was unlawful.
The attacks against foreign observers and inspectors was unprovoked and unlawful. From the evidence provided we came to the decision that these attacks were a crime against peace. They are largely responsible for the Northern Alliance's war on Posteastan. However, the UGF cannot be held accountable for attacks against foreign embassies.

By committing severe war crimes, the Northern Alliance has forfeit all rights to compensation.
The actions of the Northern Alliance are not in accordance with the standers of Forest or international law. We freely admit that we don't have jurisdiction in this case but we see no reason to support the illegitimate claims of the Northern Alliance.

As a result of these findings we propose the following approach. The nations of Forest might try to encourage the Northern Alliance to relief Posteastan from its debt caused by the unjustified compensations. We should try a cooperative and understanding approach but carefully hint that if we can't come to a understanding the region of Forest might follow the example of Uan aa Boa and end cut all economic ties with the Northern Alliance. A step that will result in a lot of damage for all sides but will definitely cost more than Posteastan pays at the moment. To leave enough room for diplomacy we suggest that the Treaty between the Northern Alliance and Posteastan shall be replaced between a bilateral peace treaty signed by Øhiton and Posteastan.

Considering the criminal conduct of the UGF government we have come to the conclusion that the so-called Renegades' actions were covered by the right to resistance. Their orders were unlawful, not following them cannot be considered a crime. We still think that the Renegades or the Royalists are the best options for the future but we have no objections entering talks with the Valaska government.


Rutger Thorbecke
Foreign Minister

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:55 am
by Kenmoria
The permission from President Niculai Valaska was extremely well-received, if not entirely unexpected, due to the levels of deprivation in the country. What was more surprising was the degree to which he had commended the corporation in his letter; it seemed as though a permanent connection between Posteastan and Construction Enterprises could be forged, given the amount of infrastructure the latter had built and indeed was going to build.

Because of the fact that nobody in the regional project management team had failed to predict the affirmative response, some of the preparations wer already underway, with materials having already been imported from Kenmoria and other supranational corporationa. The only part that was not a guarantee was the permission for the spying operation, which would be on a scale not seen since the temporary privatisation of the military in the Second World War. However, with that secured, work could begin straight away.

Firstly, a new deal was sent to the Syndicate, to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. It contained news of increased cash flows to the group, in return for an increase in security around the area in which the work would take place. This was not just for the sake of protecting the workers, but also keeping the local populace safe, since it would be much better for use of the phone network if there were actually people to use it. Their knowledge of that areas were currently held by the various factions in the war was also invaluable to the operation. However, the company was not seriously considering allying with the Syndicate for long, and planned to betray them to Posteastan in a few decades.

After this new arrangement had been sorted out, the physical work on building the phone network could begin. Workers were told of the ambitious plan and started to tear down the unneeed infrastructure, to make way for the new. Although this would temporarily cut signal to a few areas around Roztechko, it would be to make way for what would be a better-funded and ultimately better replacement, and of course increased the demand for telecommunications around the port. Furthermore, work on potholes and various other aesthetic deformities in the land were sped up, to allow for better international aid posters, which would soon become an integral part of the project.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:26 am
by Lux Pulchrae

Standing there for a moment, Gentile looked at Thatcher and Rasvan as he gave the news that a completely independent group was attacking the airport, probably another country as well. "Blocking all access to the airport sounds like our best option, to me at least. Eliminate their possibilities of escape and sandwich them in between the airports defense and our offense. However, since His Excellency Thatcher is calling the shots, all final decisions are his to make. Anyone else at the airport?"

"<I remember seeing soldiers stationed there when we dismounted the plane, didn't look Posteastani to me.>" Nevicca spoke up with a shrug.

"So we act now." Gentile spoke to all, then turned to Rasvan "And PLEASE, don't tell me I'm dealing with a bunch of Muskateers here. Your weapons are up to date right? Exactly how many men can you muster?"

Great Nortend

Cleone and Gregorio bowed their heads "A pleasure as well Signore Bardi and Signore Donald. As you probably already know, I am Cleone d'Angeli of Lux Pulchrae and here with my minister of Defense, Gregorio." the latter again bowed before the two sat. "We are here to discuss the advancement of your kingship. To my knowledge, should we succeed, your position would be that of a constitutional monarch. Am I correct?"

Port Serenity

Finally reaching the the port, the two shadowy men exited the plane, walking up the docks. They found themselves in the middle of some kind of boat show, but they weren't there for that and continued to walk. Looking over their intel, they hailed a cab and headed to where they believed was the residence of Mirela Costin. They walked up to the gate where they were met by a guard or several.

"We are here to meet with Ms. Costin. She should be expecting us." one of them said. He and his partner looked almost identical, the only thing differentiating them was that his partner wore shades.

The guard halted them and patted them down, finding an M9 pistol on each of them, along with suppressors and a couple of magazines "Expecting?"

"No, just prepared. If you want one we know exactly where to get them." the man smiled. His partner was patted down and asked to remove his shades, being met with a "No."

"May I see your IDs please?" the guard requested.

"I left mine in my other pants." he smirked, the shaded man also smiled and began to chuckle "I left mine in his pants too." they laughed for a bit. This laughter was cut short by several guards approaching from behind, twisting the strange men's arms behind their back and pointing their guns to their heads. Their hats were removed and a black hood was put over them, the guards then forced them to advance, entering the estate.

"Madame, these men said they had an appointment with you. There was nothing on the list."

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:28 am
by Caracasus

Topic: Further clarification

Addressed to: Rutger Thorbecke, Foreign Minister of Republic of Kielersmore

As per your request for further details regarding the Ohiton conflict. While it is broadly true that the Northern Alliance and Posteastan goals aligned in that they wished to halt the then Ohiton regime's persecution of minorities within its borders, the two factions began fighting each other almost immediately.

It is impossible to provide an unbiased account of the conflict itself, for reasons that are of course very apparent. Ohiton bordered the nation of Cardulan, itself a primary member of the Northern Alliance. The precursor to invasion was the killing of several Cardulan police officers by elements within Ohiton. This was due to North Ohiton (bordering Cardulan) having a high population of Christians and the sectarian violence that sprung from Ohiton regime's initial orders.

Posteastan's irregular units entered the war with the aim of securing areas of Ohiton and bringing to an end Ohiton's persecution, as did the forces of the Northern Alliance. Mutual distrust between the groups quickly led to suspicions that the other group was actually utilizing the conflict for the purposes of seizing territory for itself and using the humanitarian disaster as a paper shield for their respective actions. In many ways, the Ohiton conflict can be viewed as a proxy war between several interested powers.

It is important to note that both members of the Northern Alliance and Posteastan's irregular forces are under suspicion of carrying out war crimes to some degree or another. Notably the firebombing of Orkfjell by Northern Alliance planes and the mass murder of South Cardulan Armed Resistance fighters by Posteastan irregulars.

With Regards,

Caracasus International Affairs and Diplomacy

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:16 pm
by Karevka
The men cheered as the first plane touched down, quickly disgorging it's complement of infantry. A second one touched, and from it's cavernous cargo bay came two infantry fighting vehicles and a APC. The initial force was finally granted rest, losing 105 men out of 290. They looked on as a third plane landed. It was a beautiful sight. The Prime Secretary and his ministers now knew their commitment was final. There was no turning back now. War plans were drew up, more divisions readied for combat and border checkpoints strengthened and rationing programs drafted. The reservists knew something was up when they received notes telling them to keep their gear at the ready. Many of them were worried that they would sent to combat.