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Great Oehiton
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Postby Great Oehiton » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:55 am

Blood donations in Øhiton

The war has left Great Øhiton in a state of almost complete destruction. Hundreds of thousands died in a very short time and half a dozen cities were completely destroyed. The reconstruction was a great success but there were some things the nation never could recover from. Great Øhiton has no army, no air force and no navy. Just a self-defense force and a coast guard. The election system is complicated and the rights of minorities like Christians are protected by various laws and regulations. The culture of Øhiton is strange and different and not very much like that of other western style democracies. War and warriors are held in high regard even though the nation is not going to fight another war any time soon. And yet, many of its citizens volunteer to fight in foreign wars overseas. Some veterans of the last war, some born long after the return of peace. To the people of Øhiton it is not a contradiction to make a stand for peace and offer help those who fight in the war. A large campaign to organize blood donations for all sides in the war was launched. The blood was supposed to be given to all those wounded in Posteastan and not exclusively to civilians.


Official Government Announcement


It needs to be clarified that the Jomsvikingar are not our citizens that have banded together to defend themselves. Most of these men and women have been hired by the government of Posteastan to fight for their cause. They have been armed and equipped by the government but nonetheless we are willing to solve this problem for you.

We are glad that we have the support of Kjalåra and that with the help of Queen Tove we can evacuate our citizens without bloodshed and destruction. We ask the Jomsvikingar to follow the instructions of our Kjalåran allies and prepare for evacuation. We hope that the peace keeping forces from Kjalåra are able to provide shelter and security for our citizens.

We have prepared the city of Orkfjell to become the new home of the returning fighters and their families. With the help of Caracasus and probably other nations we will not only provide housing and land to our returning citizens but also jobs and basic equipment that is needed to start a new life.

We offer the city of Askvoll to refugees from Posteastan who wish to come with the Jomsvikingar. The only limitation of people that can come to Great Øhiton lies with the capacity of our Kjalåran allies. Those who can be shipped to Great Øhiton are welcome here. We ask all other nations to help us in the effort to evacuate our people and the other refugees. We commend Queen Tove of Kjalåra. Her resolute stand in enforcing peace and her willingness to help strangers in need are shining examples of greatness and good in this world. May the Gods bless her and may our people safely find a way home.

I thank all of you who work for peace and I take the liberty to remind you that you will not reach it if you keep ignoring the opposition. Once Kjalåra's objectives have been reached and Queen Tove withdraws from Posteastan there will be no one left to enforce peace. If you have not found some common ground the nation will slide deeper into civil war.

Bjørn Peter Nielsson

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Lux Pulchrae
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Postby Lux Pulchrae » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:18 am

Gentile and d'Umbra went inside to change into cleaner uniforms. When each of them were done, they met again in the halls, talking as they walked, "That bastardo thinks pulling a weapon was a smart deterrent? I'll pull out my gun and shove it his face, see how he likes it!"

"Could've been a trick, maybe he knew the protester wouldn't go through with it. Maybe it was empty." Gentile argued

"And if it wasn't! And if he did go through with it! It doesn't matter if it was empty or not. If I had a warhead, armed or not, it would still be a threat."

"Calm down Colonel, he's on our side, or at least wants us to leave this place alive. You don't government security? Besides, our men had their hands on our guns the second that Javvid man went for his weapon."

"The opportunity for violence is what allows it to happen. And no, I don't trust Communist security. Or their government. I haven't even made any calls back to Posteastan. We have no idea what's going on. The whole base could've been slaughtered and we wouldn't know it. His Majesty could be strolling the streets wondering where we are and we're in some communistic island with our thumbs in our asses, letting peasant protesters have their way. Believe me, anyone back home attempted this, they'd be in the morgue by now."

Gentile rolled his eyes, taking a drag from his cigarette "I'm sure you would Colonel. And don't worry about Posteastan, I'm sure they are fine. We've only been gone, what? A day or two? Not much could happen." the two were at the door and walked out, meeting with their detail when they noticed the truck. "Oh, looks like our carriage has arrived."

"It appears so. So this is going to take us where we want to go? Or some gulag where we will be reported missing and you know nothing? And is that for us?" d'Umbra kept at it with the cracks, the last bit indicated to the shotgun held by one of the two."

"Be quiet and get in." Gentile rushed, all of them hopping onto the truck. The guards kept their hands on their holster at all times, their eyes ever suspicious of their chauffeurs.

Corney Island, Great Nortend
On his plane to Great Nortend, Cleone sat in his seat looking out the window. He looked out, wondering about many things. His duties, the situation brewing and boiling in Posteastan, a more direct involvement, where the hell his men were. Last report they heard they were in some conference at some socialist island for Lord knows what, but communications in Posteastan are wonky so it was hard to reach the ground troops, but last he heard seemed good; apparently they were mobilizing troops to assert dominance in the north of the Telin province. Then he thought about the actual meeting that was to take place with Sir Alexander. "Alexander." he thought to himself, and kept repeating the name, until he realized: this whole time he was worried about restoring the monarchy, he never stopped to think of the monarch in question. Who was he? His family? His house? Was there anyone else? Any heirs? Any siblings or cousins? What if he croaked the moment he was raised up? How much of a king did he want to be? Someone with the title of "king" or someone who ruled as King? All these he would like to ask once he gets there, but who knows what the discussion will hold. He wrote some of these questions down as a reminder for discussion. "I wonder who else is-"

"Ten minutes to arrival." the captain notified, cutting off from his thought. Along with the king came two of his personal guards, as always. Cleone looked down at himself, his uniform. There was great debate for his dress between himself. It was either a nice and formal suit, or it was his military-esque attire, his commander's regalia. Because first off, he was headed to a meeting with fellow...nobility, so a suit would be nice. But second, as Supreme General he was overseer of all military engagements to which he had entrusted his military commanders to, and since no word has been had from d'Umbra in a couple days, he'd see to matters first hand. In a way, the uniform served purposefully as well as symbolically, so he went with it.

The style hadn't really changed since the 30s except in color, from grey to a lightish blue. Complete with his medals, pin for the Order of the Sacred Heart and his silver pectoral cross, matching pants and cap, and jack boots.

The plane shook, signaling they had landed. Putting on his cap, Cleone stepped outside, breathing in air. A bit more maritime than back home. Having requested transport in advance, a diplomatic car had been waiting for the trio. Getting in, the vehicle drove to Sir Alexander's residence.

Arriving at the residence, the whole entrance protocol was familiar from the last time he was here weeks ago. Hopping out, he walked to the entrance with his guards behind him. As a guide ushered them around, Cleone asked a question "Excuse me, may I ask if anyone else is here?"

"Only Sir Alexander, Sir Endersby, and Sir Edourard, Your Majesty. Possibly some military too, honest to day I haven't checked."

"Sir Edourard?"

"Ambassador from the Grand Duchy of Rivienland, Sir."

"Hmm. Wonder how many are actually involved in this Royalist plot."

"Quite Sir." the guide said as they came upon the room, opening the door, he presented the king to those in the room, "Sires may I present His Majesty, King Cleone IV of Lux Pulchrae."

Bowing his head, he thanked the man and let him return, looking around the room he realized his sudden entrance had caused a bit of silence "Forgive me for the interruption gentlemen. It's nice to be here and see you all again. My ears were, how they say, 'ringing', so I came as quick as I could. Only a jest." Cleone took his cap off and held it under his armpit "Sir Alexander I hope you got my notice in time. Did I break any conversation?"

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Uan aa Boa
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Postby Uan aa Boa » Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:27 am

Construction Enterprises pess conference - Eloise Tenga
Kenmoria wrote:“If I may, firstly, address the question from the Boani Eloise Tenga, I will then proceed to remark upon allegations made by the Allanean representative. Firstly, I will point out that the overall goal of the IDS forces was to proceed without any casualties. The Boani vessels did have people on them, who would have been killed were the soldiers of the joint Kjalåran naval ships just ploughed through. To this aim, we asked for you to move aside, threatening attack if this request was not something with which there was compliance.”

“Though this may seem rather extreme, I ask you to think of this logically. Suppose the force did not enact communication, and just ploughed through. That would have killed everyone on the Boani ships and, given there was no confirmed know,edge of what exactly was on those ships, one or two Kenmorians or Kjalårans. In this scenario, we have casualties numbering however, any were on the Boani ships, potentially plus a few. When the warning was made, it had two outcomes. Firstly, the vessels move aside, in which case there are no casualties. Or everyone on the Boani boats were killed, in which care we are left with the same casualties as the first option, minus a few.”

“I hope you can now see why what was done happened. However, there is the question of the planned retaliation. It must be made clear, that neither the IDS or my company had full control over the communications of the Kjalårans, as they are a sovereign nation free to make their own choices. Imagine, for example, the Uan aa Boa fleet was threatened with attack by multiple nations in an enclosed space. It would be perfectly reasonable for that nation to give a warning of serious retaliation, if a large chunk of its military was in major danger of imminent destruction.”

"I think that might possibly be the most crazy explanation I have ever heard for anything. You describe the situation as though your ship had persuaded the Boani vessel to get out of the way of a tornado or tsunami, some unstoppable natural force that had nothing to do with you. It is obvious to everyone that the threat was you and your decision to use deadly force on anyone that got in your way. In no way does this answer the question: why were you violently forcing troops and weapons past international peacekeepers?

And of course you are responsible for the methods of Kjalara - you assumed that responsibility as soon as you appointed them as your hired muscle and enforcers, just as you assumed responsibility for the methods of the Syndicate when they served you in the same capacity.

But we should get to the heart of what your company is doing here. You are a profit making corporation, and so you are here to make a profit. If your purpose was humanitarian you would be a charity, since every cent swallowed by profit could have been spent on aid and relief. You find ways to avoid paying your local workforce. Your executive bonuses are not subject to the same stringency. The question is not whether you are acting at the behest of one of the various warlords and mass murderers contesting control over Posteastan, nor whether there are sufficient loopholes in international law to prevent your employment practices being defined as slavery. The question is not whether you may do these things but whether you should.

Though important to Allanea and the other signatories of the Amistad Declaration, I believe your practice of enslavement is incidental to your purposes, a corner that can be cut and an expense saved simply because it is possible to do so when there is no-one to prevent it. The point is that when this conflict is over, you will be the owner of all the telecommunications systems in Eastern Posteastan. If Valaska or whoever has replaced him since his disappearance remains in charge, you will have the sole right to use them. If you are successful then it will be the same with roads, hospitals, harbours, airports and who knows what else. In the capitalist economy you come from such a monopoly would be hard if not impossible to achieve. Here it is yours to establish if only you are ruthless enough.

Your company shares investments and directors with the arms manufacturers who made the bombs the Northern Alliance used to reduce Posteastan to its sorry condition, and the corporate donors to the politicians who ordered their use. Your bosses and theirs share the same golf courses and ski slopes. Between them they have created this war for profit, this war to order.

In truth comrade, I pity you. You are not one of the executive directors or investors who ordered this and you never will be. It is not your villa, yacht and stock market portfolio that is being funded here. They have sent you here to attempt to cover for them when they dare not have their own faces associated with this fiasco. Unlike the workers outside you are no doubt being paid, but just like them, and just like the Syndicate, you will be cast aside when your usefulness has ended."

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Postby Kenmoria » Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:55 am

Whilst the legal team were searching for a way to make the enslavement operation legal, by some stretch of law or other extrajudicial device, the spokesperson emerged from his position behind the stage in order to respond to Eloise Tenga’s accusations of wrongdoing and surprisingly accurate summation of Construction Enterprises’s goals. After taking a large drink of water from a branded cup, he began to speak. “You raised the question of why we were violatelny forcing troops and weaponry past international peacekeepers, to which I say that there have been clear shows of the disregard Uan aa Boa has towards our operations.”

“It would not be disingenuous of my company to assume that any Boani operations may have a bias against us were we to let them examine its ships, with a potential risk towards personnel and equipment. Therefore, it was instead a duty entrusted towards Kjalåra, as they are a nation that have not been previously involved with the conflict and will thus be neutral. This is not something that I find to be unreasonable. Indeed, they are a military with a very high standard of conduct, and are not one with any loyalty towards IDS, but instead towards Queen Tove, who is entirely unconnected towards both my company and IDS.”

“If it was not decided for there to be a clear declaration of consequences if the Boani vessels, then the IDS and Kjalåran ships could still be there to this day. That means we wouldn’t be holding this conference, and the final excursion into the territory of the Renegades would not be happening. There is a humanitarian crisis in the territory of North Posteastan that can only be solved with military intervention, and it would be unacceptable for the troops to be delayed for a potentially infinite amount of time. Sometimes, though it is unbecoming, the only solution is to respond with warnings of violence of impediments do not stop being so... impedimentary.”

“As for the question of Kjalåra, I must unfortunately announce that there seems to have been a misunderstanding. They are a proud military and not merely an escort. The goals of IDS and them are different and distinct, and a mutually beneficial partnership has been formed, with neither having power over the other. The goals of my company, with the subcontraction provided, are to invade the Renegade territory and return it to the control of Valaska, whereas Kjalåra has the intention of evacuating the Jomsvikinar. IDS need to have help in breaking into the territory, and are happy to do this for Kjalåra.”

“You are correct in that my company is, of course, a corporation that aims to turn a profit. This is not something that has been hidden, layered behind smoke and mirrors, but plainly displayed for all to see. However, it should be noted that you are incorrect in necessarily precluding the possibility of something being both corporate and humanitarian. This simplicity is the sort of thinking that belongs, in my mind, more to scholastic curriculums than serious political discussion. It is obvious that more money could be made were my company’s operations to be staged in Kenmoria, or some other Westernised country, rather than Posteastan. The primary motivation, thus, is to provide vital services for Posteastani residents.”

“In addition, monopolies are not always a sign of a villainous corporation cruelly asserting dominance over an innocent village with cold claws and monstous fire. Instead, they can show a company providing a service to a high enough standard that nobody else can compare with the standard of case provided to consumers. In this way, one company dominating can be viewed as a sign that maybe the competitors need to innovate and develop better technologies to better match customer needs. This situation in Posteastan is a perfect example. Hospitals, harbours and airports are what you mentioned, presumable as examples of things not to be monopolised, but I view them as models of things that can be well-served by my company.”
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A representative democracy with a parliament of 535 seats
Kenmoria is Laissez-Faire on economy but centre-left on social issues
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NS stats and policies are not canon, use the factbooks
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This is due to a problem with how the WA contradicts democracy
However we do have a WA mission and often participate in drafting
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Postby Kjalaara » Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:00 pm



(Encryption: Public)

To: Public Statement
From: Queen Tove

Dear Friends, dear Enemies,

It is my pleasure to report to all of you that our latest peace enforcing operation is a great success. We have succeeded in establishing the green zones in all cities and we have reduced terrorist activity to almost zero. I will now evacuate my kinsmen from the north of Posteastan and repatriate those who are willing to Great Øhiton. Those who are willing to make Kjalåra their new home are of course free to do so. After four years in the armed forces they will be naturalized to the Kingdom.

As requested by my friend Bjørn Peter Nielsson, Kjalåra will also transport those christians to Great Øhiton who are interested in making Askvoll their new home. I also thank him for his words of praise. He is one of the only true friends of peace in this entire conflict. Global leaders should follow his example and instead of murdering innocents as on the Roztechko airport or constantly threatening the legitimate government of Posteastan work towards peace and understanding through negotiations and de-escalation. Contrary to other powers involved in this conflict we have the mandate by both, the legitimate and internationally recognized government of Posteastan and the Federal Republic of Great Øhiton. In fact we are a peace keeping force invited by the government with a robust mandate to enforce peace against internal and external aggression, just like or friends in the IDS:

I need to say a few words to my enemies as well. The Jomsvikinar will not dishonorably lay down their arms. They will parade from Deslav to the coast with their flags and weapons just as they deserve. While I write these lines our men are taking over the checkpoints from the National Guard who have done a great job so far. They are no longer needed there. It is not a secret that the first peace enforcing operations of our brothers in arms from the IDS will take place in that area.

The days of lawlessness and banditry in Posteastan are numbered. If we find the backing of more nations and the approval of the international community, we are going to enforce peace in all provinces of Posteastan.

Heil og Sæl


"Any officer who goes into action without his battle axe is improperly dressed."
-Captain Sverre Brøgger

The missions of the Kjalåran special operations forces in Posteastan depended mostly on where they landed in the first place. A large unit established contact with the Jomsvikinar, resupplied them and prepared those willing to leave for the journey to the coast. They were welcomed as brothers by the warriors from Great Øhiton who made Posteastan their home. They worked and trained together and often went out on patrols. The Kjalårans were a bit surprised to find the Jomsvikingar in such a good shape and so well trained and equipped. To most of the fighters the prospect of their coming withdrawal was a welcome one. Some war bands wished to stay or join the ranks of the Renegades. It was interesting to see how much money was going around in the north. The Jomsvikingar sold a lot of their weapons and equipment to the Renegades and often were paid in cash. Never in the local currency of course. The Kjalårans trusted with the facilitation of their evacuation had an easy job in Posteastan. Other groups had other missions.

Ove Drag the man who had rightfully earned the name 'The Dragon of Milila' the nominal leader of the Jomsvikingar showed no intention of making any moves to ever leave Posteastan. He was full of hate for Øhiton. This nation was no longer his home he now ruled his fiefdom in Posteastan like a king and apparently enjoyed this lifestyle. The groups tasked with linking up with the leader of the Jomsvikinar had a lot more action than the others. The Dragon frequently organized raids south and the Kjalårans did everything at their command to support him. Not only with guided missiles and satellite and aerial reconnaissance but also with firepower and training. The Dragon's men turned out to be more then capable to deal with ultra-modern weaponry and highly computerized warfare. They were just as good at this as in gory hand to hand fighting in the streets and towns along the river Milila. The men and women commanded by Captain Brøgger really enjoyed their trip to Posteastan. Fighting side by side with their Pagan kinfolk in a target rich environment was just the thing for with they had signed up in the first place.
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Postby Great Nortend » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:24 pm

GREAT NORTEND—Commodore the Honourable Albert Flavius Constantine, Esquire de Bardi, was at the age of 46 the eldest son and heir apparent to the Banneretcy de Bardi, and to his family's claim to the throne of Posteastan. A decorated naval officer, he had served in the Erbonian Navy Royal since he had joined at age of 19 the Royal Naval College at Canesea. In his time, he had gained the command of a number of frigates and cruisers. Though retirement on half pay had been set at the age of 50 for many years, Albert had been cognisant of his father's advancing years and the need to manoeuvre himself into the role of claimant to the throne without being seen to be in a conspiracy with the Erbonian Government to re-establish the monarchy, and without incurring the diplomatic outfall that would entail. Therefore, at the relatively young age of 45, he had chosen to retire on half pay and to focus himself on the matters of state and society which occupied both of their time so greatly.

Albert gazed out of the carriage windows as it drove up the long sweeping driveway of his family's estate on the Isle of Corney. It was a secluded island with a very low population, wide open pastures, meadows and fields, and small copses and thickets of common woodland. It was all owned in chief by the Earl of Corney; however, the Bardi family had held their 13,233 acre manorial estate in petty serjeanty and for all intents and purposes, held in fee simple. His grandfather had first purchased the manor, and the attached 523 acres of land in demense for their own private use when he arrived as the exiled brother of the executed monarch after the revolution in Posteastan, at which time the estate comprised only a number of fields, paddocks and pastureland with a small rural Hambrian village, Rardenmary, on the sea. A new manor house had been built, and from there, the family marine shipping business directed and controlled.

To-day, White Cross Lines was the largest shipping corporation in Great Nortend, under the control of Albert's younger brother, Charles, the Managing Directour. Whilst Albert had had no interest in the commercial trade of shipping, his brother, after serving a number of years in the Navy, quickly retired onto quarter pay and entered into the managerial ranks of the Corporation directours.

Albert, however, knew his duty was to his people, the people of Posteastan. His father, Sir Alexander, had over the previous months written to him with news of the events and happenings in Posteastan, and Leozina in particular. From his own contacts, he realised there was a growing movement towards the restoration of the monarchy—his royal house—under his father. However, his father had intimated in these letters, or at least Albert had inferred therefrom, that it was in fact his wish to see his eldest son on the throne, and so when he had telephoned to command him to see him on the Isle at once, the day before, he had hesitated very little before calling his valet to pack the bags and to arrange for an immediate train journey up to Wooltartery and thence to Rardenmary.

They drew up on the gravelled forecourt of the manor house, amidst the bare winter plantings of the front gardens. Stepping out of the warmth of the carriage, he was glad of his thick coat in the crisp late winter air. He quickly ascended the steps and passed through the open front door, smiling pleasantly at the footman.

“My Father; is he in his study?”
“Would you like me to find out, Your Highness?” the footman replied, taking Albert's coat and hat.
“No, I think I'll just go in and see for myself. He ought to be there.”
“Very well. Will you be staying?”
“Yes, er, please ask Mrs Chervil to make up my bedroom, and take my luggage up. Oh, also make a room up for Rewis somewhere near my bedroom, thank you.”
“Certainly Sir.”

These matters done, Albert quickly walked to his father's study, knocked loudly and opened the door.

Bowing at each party, he said, “Father, Gentlemen, am I disturbing you?”
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Postby Balagan » Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:50 am



TO: Forestian National Armed Forces
FROM:Commander Dursun Dektash

Potential Peacekeeping Operations in Posteastan

I thank you for the invitation and I will participate with my officers and commanders. Balagan is ready to deploy both naval and ground troops to prevent further aggression and help to deescalate the current situation.

We are not a forest nation but a long-standing ally of Parsoh. For military involvement in Posteastan the only thing that is required is that either Parsoh calls on that alliance or that we have a mandate from Forest to operate alongside their troops.

The threat of some rogue nations to randomly attack and sink civilian vessels is particularly worrisome. The recent discussions on Construction Enterprises premises show that there is no common ground in what can be defined in aiding and abetting slavery. The whole idea of declaring the territorial waters of a sovereign nation an exclusion zone is an act of war. We must take great care that there is a clear mandate and maximum transparency. It needs to be communicated to all sides what we are doing, why and for how long. Additionally there must be direct talks with Posteastan and clear demands. It would not be of much use to block the naval access without enforcing a no-fly zone at the same time, but perhaps these are all questions for the summit in Nine Day House.

If there is a mandate from Forest I will subordinate my fleets to Caracasus to shorten the lines of command and increase reaction time and battle readiness.

Dursun Dektash
Commander of the Naval Task Force Ivory

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Postby Kenmoria » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:16 am

As the spokesperson went back behind the curtain, hoping that he had either answered the question well or at least deflected that line of enquiry for the time being, he was greeted with the news that a communication to the Valaska government had confirmed the legality of the actions. It appeared that, so long as there was some form of compensation for work rendered, which could be something as minute as a basic meal for one night, Construction Enteperises were in the clear. This was good news, as it meant there was no case for a foreign actor to attack the corporation, at least in the way an unknown assailant had at the Roztechko temporary runway. On the other hand, the Allaneans appeared to be less concerned about what Valaska wanted, and more about this Amistad Declaration everyone was mentioning.

“Thank you everyone for your patience while an important matter, brought to my attention by the Allanean representative, was cleared up. I can now confirm that what my company is doing is, as I have shown all along and has been demonstrated by the numerous positive interviews that have been conducted on workers, perfectly legal by the Government standards. The fact of the matter is, monetary compensation for work rendered is not necessary in times of crisis, according to Posteastani law. The currency is, as I am sure you are aware, completely valueless due to the current economic situation, so all that is required is some form of compensation for work happening. In fact, there is a policy in place of economically reimbursing workers, as is more traditional in the world. However, all others employees, those who have been obligated into service, are receiving compensation in the form of protection.”

“With this in mind, it should be regarded that a lot of the attacks on my company have been completely unwarranted. The employment strategy of using national emergency as a way to quickly and easily create vital infrastructure, in return for protection, formerly by the Syndicate and now by the IDS, is completely abiding by local law. I know there will be some quibbles about declarations and the like, but these are meaningless. Put simply, would you expect Allanea to abide by treaties Kenmoria has signed? Of course not, that would be ludicrous. Neither Posteastan nor my company have signed any declarations portraying what is currently being done as wrong, so there is no need for any state or private actor to have an issue with the situation. I urge everyone to remember this, my company is a force for good.”
A representative democracy with a parliament of 535 seats
Kenmoria is Laissez-Faire on economy but centre-left on social issues
Located in Europe and border France to the right and Spain below
NS stats and policies are not canon, use the factbooks
Not in the WA despite coincidentally following nearly all resolutions
This is due to a problem with how the WA contradicts democracy
However we do have a WA mission and often participate in drafting
Current ambassador: James Lewitt

For more information, read the factbooks here.

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Postby The World Capitalist Confederation » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:50 pm

Imperial Palace, New London

As the rest were dispatched home and the Director and Emperor had a hefty chat about the situation in Posteastan, agreeing up supporting Tavitan, as they believed it was the most 'strategic and moral option all in one', along with the fact that he was the one that truly moved the Emperor in his speech. The Emperor invited Tavitan to a private negotiating room, with such features as a signing desk, a private buffet and a nice smell along with extremely comfortable chairs, designed to make the person inside more relaxed.

Tavitan entered the room, with no hesitation.

"I see you've made the good option, your majesty?" Tavitan remarked, taking in the odours of the room.

"This room smells like the sun shining upon a field of flowers and the food here tastes even better than the buffet. I must say, your highness, you truly have good taste." Tavitan continued, as he ate the food within, to no complaint of the Emperor.

"Take a seat, Tavitan. Let us negotiate." The Emperor quipped, stroking his fingers as the seats were truly more comfortable as advertised.

"All we demand, your majesty, is amnesty, aid, recognition and official statements of support." Tavitan said, his breath drawing down, as he truly felt the comfort of the chair.

"Then that shall be granted. We are willing to fully support you. I must say, you are like the Director in many ways." The Emperor replied, nodding.

"What do you mean, your majesty?" Tavitan was confused, as the Director had an international reputation for being slippery, dodgy and a manipulative genius. Mostly the third, with the former two coming from enemies.

"You have a very bright personality, so to speak." The Emperor answered his question, with full regard.

"Ahh. Thank you. We will negotiate this with our government." Tavitan said, before leaving.

"And so shall I." The Emperor replied, knowing that getting the support of Parliament would be a big step towards a full statement of support.

They nodded at each other, and so Britain was decided.

It would be Tavitan and the Statists.
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“We could manage to survive without the money changers and stockbrokers, but we would rather find it difficult to survive without miners, steel workers and those who cultivate the land.” - Nye Bevan, Minister of Health under Clement Attlee

“The mutual-aid tendency in man has so remote an origin, and is so deeply interwoven with all the past evolution of the human race, that is has been maintained by mankind up to the present time, notwithstanding all vicissitudes of history.” - Peter Krotopkin, evolutionary biologist and political writer.

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Postby Caracasus » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:05 am

Jevellit Metropolitan District

The debate went on for several hours, overrunning and cutting into time that had been set aside for discussion on the regeneration of maglev links throughout the city's districts. It was heated, impassioned and above all resulted in a more or less unanimous decision.

Below are some chosen extracts from several speakers.

Fatima Camicho – Commander Elect -Nineday House.

And I ask again, why? Why is it that we should send peacekeepers to Posteastan? Where exactly is the burgeoning left wing movement that we could and should support? Posteastan is a battle ground between failed ideologies. What peace would we be keeping, exactly? What peace is possible in Posteastan? I say no. We have done too much already. Only three battalions have voted for this intervention in any meaningful way. Let the country burn, and we shall hope to salvage something from the ashes.

Yusuf Crane – Representative of Brick Dust in Moonlight Commune.

Hundreds and thousands of productive hours, millions of tonnes of goods and products and the lives of at least sixty of our comrades were wasted on Posteastan. We tried, International Affairs tried to lay the foundations for a lasting peace and the warlords of Posteastan murdered our diplomats and destroyed any chance. What do we get in response? The warlords of Posteastan, the gangsters of Posteastan use us as a scapegoat at every turn. Every time someone so much as stubs a toe in Posteastan we were behind it. And now Villi Island. Every time we get involved in Posteastan, we lose. We lose precious resources that would be far better used elsewhere. Until Posteastan's people can remove their parasitic class – or at the very least force some concession from them, there is absolutely nothing that can be done by us to support Posteastan. Were it not for the treaties our country has signed, I would even call for us to halt any aid being sent there.

Saanvi Khatri – Representative of Sailships Riding the Tide Commune.

Our commune produces, as I am sure you are aware, components for missile systems and ship borne gauss guns. I say this because I do not want you to think I am somehow opposed to violence; quite the opposite. The weapons my commune makes keep us safe and furthers our revolutionary aims. What our society wants to accomplish, we provide the tools needed to do so. I'd hope anyone calling us warmongers would remember the Karthos Soviet and what happened after it gave up its heavy weaponry.

Military intervention in Posteastan cannot be on the cards in any way. We've seen the reports, we've all seen the reports. Ask Boani Intelligence if you want a second opinion. There is no left wing movement worth supporting in Posteastan, therefore there is no reason to support Posteastan. We will not and should not send our comrades to die in the name of the utter dregs of humanity that prop up its warlords. Who should we support? The fascists? The disaster capitalists? I say no. This is not our fight, this is a squabble between the decaying rump of the global capitalist class and clearical fascists. Let them murder each other.

Aid would continue to flow to Posteastan aboard the container ship Persephone II. However, the contingent from the fourth fleet was withdrawn. So too was the sole TUSK destroyer. Aid ships would instead be escorted by a single Caracasusian corvette.

While the Villi Island talks would continue, following a mandate from the communes involved that delegates from Fascist countries would have to fly in each day from their respective embassies or missions rather than stay on the island, the meeting in Nineday House was unceremoniously cancelled.

Villi Island

The drive in the truck took them past the ruins of an old internment camp. Here and there could be seen wooden stubs that once marked barbed wire fencing and watchtowers. The round humps of corrugated temporary huts were only discernible if you knew what to look for. To the untrained eye they were little more than grass mounds. Nothing much remained of the old regime's grasp on the island. Seabirds nested on the rotten wooden stumps that supported docks.

Javvid could feel the fear radiate from the delegation in the back, could hear their bickering. He closed his eyes and sat back, attempted to enjoy the drive and the fresh sea air. It wouldn't be long until they reached the ferry, where a contingent of Internal Security officers waited to transport them to the airstrip and hopefully back to wherever the hell they came from.

The Jevellit View is a reasonably well respected international online paper published out of Caracasus. Available in many languages, it is reasonably well read and – if it were a print paper – would likely find itself stocked in many cafes up and down the world. While not as entertaining as The Laughing Elephant, it was considered something of a reasonable barometer for current Caracasusian sentiment on global issues.

Internment Camps in Posteastan Spark International Outrage.

Civilians within Posteastan internment camps - unknown photographer.

Approximately two months ago, factions under the control of the clerical fascist Lux Pulchrae regime instigated a series of arrests and internments against those thought to harbour left wing sentiment. While accurate figures are hard to come by in the war torn nation, it is believed that up to twenty thousand men, women and children are currently being held in internment camps across the nation at the behest of Lux Pulchrae's rulers.

In a shocking development, delegates from Lux Pulchare have, at the Villi Conference, freely admitted to the internment of tens of thousands of civilians in a foreign nation without trial or charge and have taken responsibility for these actions carried out by the Royalist faction currently in charge of great swathes of Posteastan.

Conditions in these internment camps are reported to be very poor. Food is distributed in a haphazard fashion and physical and sexual assault by guards is institutionalised. Thousands of civilians in these camps are at constant risk of exposure and disease, which has already claimed the lives of an estimated two hundred political prisoners.

First hand accounts of conditions in the camp are hard to come by, however we are fortunate that a Mr Svoboda managed to escape the camps by feigning his own death. Once his “body” was loaded into a truck to be taken to a mass grave, he was able to slip out and made his way to an airstrip. Quite by chance, he secured passage out of the country on an international aid plane and made his way to Caracasus.

He tells a depressingly familiar story. Food rations are supplied, apparently, by Lux Pulchare, however these seldom get as far as the victims of Lux Pulchare's systematic purges. Instead, a significant quantity of them are sold on the black market. Starvation and malnutrition are rife, with the Royalist faction withholding life saving medicines from those in the camps. Cholera has, by all accounts, began to make a reappearance due to catastrophic lack of sewerage in the internment camps.

Guards routinely assault prisoners, quite often to the point of death. Mr Svoboda recounts multiple incidents where guards select young women and girls to be taken to the barracks. Few are ever seen again. Mr Svoboda asserts that the foreign guards – and by this we can only assume that he refers to Lux Pulcharean personnel are among the worst. We cannot give an account of the worst atrocities committed within the camps in this publication, however Mr Svobolda's testimony along with metanalysis of the ongoing crimes against humanity perpetuated by the Royalist faction are of course a matter of public record.

Click here to find contact details for your local political representative and demand they work to call Lux Pulchare to account for their actions.

Caracasus – International Observations.

“Honestly, this entire thing...”

It'd been something of a bolt from the blue. The Royal family of Posteastan was so far below the radar of International Observations that finding actual information anyone had prepared on them was problematic. Beyond problematic. Sure, there were files, and those files looked like they contained useful information until you actually read the damn things. There was barely a scrap of information that couldn't have been found by a halfway dedicated person on the internet. Rumour and conjecture interspersed with the occasional wild guess. Still, she had been asked to collate a dossier, and that was exactly what she was going to do. Now, the first born. The summary was around here somewhere. She clicked and expanded the file and scanned the opening brief.


Not much is known about Anton. He would be forty eight today. He studied at the Cardulan military academy in Tarbad for much of his youth before purchasing a commission in the Cardulan Foreign Legion. His name here has been expunged from the records, and no sources can completely confirm or deny his attendance, his military history or any further information. Some sources state that he is currently in Rivenland, though his actual whereabouts are unknown. What is known is that fifteen years ago he was reported to have had a blazing row with his father and left shortly after. The topic of the row is not on record, however sources close to the family believe this may have been due to the family's refusal to support his younger brother's wishes to join the Posteastan Orthodox church.

She sighed. Scrolled through the documents. So many ways to say the same thing. Nobody knew what happened to Anton, whether he was alive or dead or even where he was. Still, Rivenland was an interesting destination for the heir to the throne of Posteastan. On to the second eldest.


Josef is reported to be a very pious man. Those following the dysfunctional dynamics of the ruling family in exile state he is something of a peacemaker between his siblings and his father. From a very young age he has expressed a desire to take orders and join the Posteastan Orthodox church. Some tabloid press have in previous decades stated that rumours circulate regarding his sexuality, though there is no hard proof either way to support this claim. Under what is believed to be considerable pressure from his father, he has so far not acted on these desires to pursue a spiritual life of quiet contemplation. It is believed his father did not wish him to give up whatever claim he would have to the throne, which would be the result of his taking holy orders....

So a son who abandoned the family, and a son who sought refuge in the church? Were she watching this unfold in a television drama, she'd probably be quite entertained. As it was.... Oh yes, the third son.


Kilian fought in Ohiton briefly before moving to Bohemivaria. Unlike his siblings, he has made something of a name for himself in the public sphere. He is a figurehead for the fringe ultra-right political movement The Grey Shield. His brief stint as editor for the movement's online newspaper saw him publish articles entitled Blood, Soil and My Family, The White Man's Burden and The Decline of Morality in Uan Aa Boa, Racial Characteristics of the International Communist and The Betrayal of my Homeland.

She stopped scrolling through the articles and simply copy-pasted them into the dispatch. There was only so much she could take of the man's paranoid rambling. On to the very last. The youngest. The princess.


The tabloid press across the world was obsessed by Agatka for all of a year before her sudden disappearance from public life. More often than not, she has been photographed drunk or high outside a nightclub and rumours of both boyfriends and girlfriends were printed day after day. Following a brief three month period in a rehabilitation clinic, she simply stopped making headlines. It appears she changed her name and enrolled onto a course at a well known Kielersmoorian university. Reports from fellow students indicate that quite unlike her public image she proved to be a quiet, hard working student. It is believed at some point she made friends with a movement known as The Vegan Front, however her exact relationship with them is unknown.

Her research collated and notated, she prepared the file for International Observations. Quite why she bothered encrypting it was beyond her. It was sparse at best, mostly conjecture. No-one had bothered to find out much at all about the family because until a few months ago they had barely appeared on any foreign intelligence agency's radar. Still, no doubt International Observations would be changing their outlook, as would others...
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Postby Allanea » Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:52 am

"Put simply, would you expect Allanea to abide by treaties Kenmoria has signed? Of course not, that would be ludicrous. Neither Posteastan nor my company have signed any declarations portraying what is currently being done as wrong, so there is no need for any state or private actor to have an issue with the situation."

The Allanean laughed. "I don't expect Allanea to abide by treaties Kenmoria has signed… but then, I don't believe in international law in the sense in which you seem to imagine. But then again… has Allanea ever signed any law, any treaty, or anything of the sort, that prohibits our navy from firing cruise missiles at slavers? Oh wait, we have not." – he paused. "In other words, we reject the idea that there is some international prohibition on killing slavers, or some international guarantee of the 'sovereignty' of slaver states. Now, as you've stated, it's apparently legal under Posteastani law to just randomly grab a fellow off the street, force them to do work for you, and then not actually compensate them for any labor, because there is an emergency."

The diplomat turned theatrically to the other delegates. "Gentlebeings, this creature has insulted all of you. I know some of you think I am rude because I use some words like fuck, and shit, and also fucking slaver cockmongler. I shall grant you this. But I shall also tell you that this creature standing at the podium, he has insulted this entire conference, because he's just openly told you his employers are going to be randomly grabbing people off the street, and that Niculai Valaska's government is totally okay with that – and, in his mind, they're in the clear, because, first of all, Kenmoria has never made slavery illegal, and moreover, because apparently Niculai Valaska has said this is legal!"

"I don't know, gentlebeings. If what offends you here is the fact some Allanean used the word fuck, and not the fact that a scumsucking slaveholder shitstain has just told you, hey, we're going to be kidnapping people and making them lay telephone wire, what the fuck are you going to do about it, it seems to me that you've got your priorities out of wack."

"As a minimum, I suggest we should all start by leaving this conference. Were this in Allanea or Imeriata, I'd recommend hanging the Construction Enterprises spokesperson from the nearest lamppost, but I sense that this is not the way people here roll."
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Postby Posteastan » Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:28 pm

Official Statement of the High Command

To: Leozina
Subject: Buffer Zone

Dear friends,

We kindly ask you to withdraw all your troops south, across the Milila. We need to establish a buffer zone against the advance of Tavitian's forces. I am sure you understand. You will be compensated for your compliance.

Yours truly

Ove Drag
The Dragon Of Milila

Encryption: None

Great Nortend

Sir Alexander smiled. The arrival of his son had really cheered up his day. "Ah, you are here!" He said slowly rising from his armchair. He slightly bowed to the king. "Welcome, welcome. My son will introduce himself. You arrived just in time. My friend from Rivienland just gave a few very good and very important proposals. I think it is necessary to get the Church of Posteastan on board. The Metropolitan of Leozina is well known to me. We might want to contact him and ask him for his terms of support. I also like the idea of contacting the Cossacks. I have no idea how capable they are. In my opinion the only way for us to really win this game and to stay in power is to work as some kind of mediator. We need to bring all sides together. A military victory against Kjalaara is impossible. A stalemate maybe, at a high coast, and then negotiations but not a victory. There are too many guns around if we don't find a way of agreement with the other groups it will all just end in decades of civil and guerilla war. But let us first hear what our new arrivals have to say."

The Coast
Jomsvikingar Marching Victorious Through Roztechko

Kjalåra executed the plan just like they announced. Thousands of northerners marched in an orderly fashion from Deslav to the ports. The Jomsvikingar took everything they wanted with them. Truckloads of goods and money liberated over the last time, vehicles (both military and civilian) machines and on occasions live animals. This victory parade closely resembled those back in the ancient days of the Vikings.

The people loved the parade for various reasons. Both the Kjalårans and the Jomsvikingar were happy to distribute gifts and presents to those watching the parade. Many people were genuinely happy to see the first group of foreign fighters leave Posteastan and taking their weapons with them. Others just liked the distraction, the music and the spectacle. Very few realized that three of the most capable fighting forces in Posteastan had just united their troops.

Both General Neacsu and much to the surprises of the audience Queen Tove were present at the celebrations in Roztechko both gave speeches and neither was particularly remarkable but both worked very well in assuring the citizens of Posteastan that a new day was dawning. Queen Tove even went so far as to mention Yohan Patel and his shadow diplomacy as one of the main reasons for the success of this operation.

Other things were happening at the coat too. The establishment of the 'green zones' and the massive occupation of the population centers by IDS and Kjalåran soldiers had finally given the National Guard the upper hand in the war against the Syndicate. Contrary to other vetting and transit points for refugees the areas controlled by the unnamed coalition turned out to be safe. There were a few attempts of bomb attacks but no direct assaults. The sheer mass of soldiers simply made these operations suicidal for the Syndicate.
Official Statement of the Republic of Posteastan

To: Public Statement
Subject: Evacuation of Refugees

Thanks to the peace keeping forces from Kjalåra and the IDS we have managed to secure safe areas for the extraction of refugees. There have been several offers of accepting migrants from Posteastan to other nations. This plan has not worked because of the out of control terrorism from the Sakala Syndicate.

I am glad to report that there finally is a part of Posteastan that is safe enough for this kind of operation. The refugee centers are under control of Kjalåran peace keepers. All nations wishing to honor their word should contact the Kjalåran officials and work with them on the details of the evacuations.

National Guard Headquarters
Nina Neacsu

Royalist Telin Province

The war was not going well. The Dagon's warriors were hardened veterans, masters of guerilla warfare and experts of the territory that had been their home for years. Just as if that had not been enough they were equipped with state of the art weaponry, capable of engaging APCs and other vehicles from a safe distance kilometers away using overhead attack missiles. Their indiscriminate use of landmines and roadside bombs did not particularly help in making the fight against this group more enjoyable. The Wolves put a lot of work in crippling and mauling the foreign soldiers. Whenever possible they tried to capture as many of them alive to move them to unknown locations.

The situation was much different in and around Leozina. It was stable and it was mostly the Syndicate that engaged the foreign troops or the Watchmen. Occasionally wiping out a patrol with an improvised explosive device or killing an officer with a well-placed shot from a precision rifle.

Rasvan Luca turned out to be a man with many friends. As requested he managed to get a representative from the Patriotic Block on the line. The man on the phone introduced himself as Captain Curta. "The minister of the interior is busy in Tabolov" he explained briefly. "I'm authorized to negotiate with you. My friend Rasvan has already told me that you have moved troops to the north to guard the checkpoints? This is a good first step towards your cooperation with the People's Chamber. The days of war and internal strife are over. It is the time of direct talks. I am listening."

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Postby Shwe Tu Colony » Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:32 pm

Psytronius, Sousundowa Carême's Restaurant, late at night
"It's a quiet night today, isn't it?" the yellow Immature Sweetness twin said in his moderate French accent, arms on the bar counter as he looked into the night sky through the glass door, "No Kevin, no Windwakers, no daemons... just us two." He sighed a breath of relief as his purple brother slid an alluring glass of hot chocolate towards him, topped with a mound of vanilla ice cream & whipped cream. "Ah, thank you!" he said, watching as his brother communicated to him through sign language, "Oh, right!" He opened the cabinet near him, extracting a bar of chocolate & a Pirouette cookie that he impaled a marshmallow on top of. Then, with several deft glides of his gloved hand, he shaved his chocolate bar & coated his whipped cream with a layer of sweet chocolate. "Ah, perfect!" he said as he spun a blowtorch into his hand from the bar counter below, which he used to gently toast the marshmallow.

Once its flame extinguished, he popped it & the cookie into his mouth, careful in not letting the hot chocolate get onto his glove. After taking a few bites, he reinserted it into his drink. "How, ah, creamy did you make it this time?" he watched as his brother replied, "How am I supposed to sip it then? Ah well, pass me an edible spoon." He jammed the rest of the whipped cream-covered cookie into his mouth & took a similar-looking utensil from his brother, which he used to extract sectors of ice cream, whipped cream, & hot chocolate from his cup. "Hmm, found anything exciting recently?" he asked, his cheeks stuffed with his decadent desert. His brother responded with widened eyes, followed by him rushing outside the door & returning with a newspaper, which he placed in front of the other. "'War in the Nation of Posteasten, Allaneans Secure City Sectors in Roztechko & Pibtsy?' Interesting..." he ate another spoonful, spinning his empty pastry in his hand as he thought, "W-wait, do you know if..."

A set of solemn messages, followed by a head shaking, "no."
"Ah! Mont-Blanc*, how are we going to function!" he said, jamming a stressed spoon of dessert into his mouth, "Are you sure we should really go? I mean... it sounds dangerous." His brother gestured to move over as he extracted a tablet of the Psytrine Civilization Database. "Hmm? Why would we already have information about this place? Very peculiar, especially if we can not do much there in the first place," the yellow twin said, taking & examining the tablet, "But! I am not opposed to the potential for something new. It has been awfully boring in the city, recently, wouldn't you say? I think we could use an adventure of sorts, or at least something different." The other nodded as they read through the document.
Childish, or perhaps just Psytrine. Years in their asylum of a world had a habit of leaving one's sense of "fun" rather distorted.
One could argue that it was more so a desire to work. But towards what?
*Like other Domeses, Sousundowa says various euphemisms in place of proper curse words.

"I do not think that we can leave these people alone in good faith," came the yellow boy's solemn reply, "Not that we know now." His brother shook his head in opposition & signed him a message back while they both took scoops out of their dessert. "Eh? I guess it would be ironic, but if there's no..." his twin cut him off with a finger to their mouths, & then replied, "I guess you're right. Ah, Mont-Blanc if only we could! It would be so much easier." He sighed. "I guess we can try to help a few people. Hopefully they will not be, ah, put off by the other social class, unlike last time. That was a disaster!" He drank the rest of his hot chocolate & dumped the empty cup into the sink. "Ah, I guess I should go tell the others, & Parfuhmerie. I think they will want this chance to strengthen their bonds with Allanea, & where there's a humanitarian crisis..." His brother signed him a cross. "He'll love to help us, I just know he will! But first, we have to manage everything. Could you go & inform them that we'll be coming? & tell Grain Mom of our plan... we need a better representative than me."

Nobody would believe that the Immature Sweetness boys were the main Sousundowa Carême.

Present Time shortly after Sousundowa opens, Warehouse in Pibtsy Downtown
"It's an honor to work with you, Sousundowa," MV Crossbar said, shaking the yellow twin's hand in the kitchen space, which was in direct view of the warehouse entrance & thus would leave the odd sight in full view of those outside, "It's a shame that I can't help you out here in the kitchen more, but I—"
"Crossbar, it’s fine!" Sousundowa reassured him, "As promised, we just need you here to manage the soup kitchen at night, unless you have other plans?"
"Well, it'll depend on what the Allaneans may say — if this city is pretty good, I might go travel somewhere else to distribute aid, but otherwise, this warehouse will do."

The current plans were carefully laid out to minimize damage and maximize profits. First, Sousundowa had arranged for the presence of fearsome assassin security guards specialized in modern warfare to be somewhere nearby, alongside MV Crossbar, a bizarre crossbreed of assassin and humanitarian aid worker who would be responsible for ensuring nighttime success in the form of aid. Then, to ensure that news of the restaurant would spread, they arranged for the Domeses of Communication Alexandra Macroni, with some help from the Domeses of Business Steve van VOC, to begin posting ads on the internet. Where legal, they would be tailored ads, based on internet browsing history — those with more parental implications would see it as a family restaurant, gourmets would find the quality of the food boasted to them, nobles would see the decadence of aesthetic meals, the middle class would see "decent prices and great food", and so on, so forth.

Sousundowa's branch in Posteasten was divided accordingly, with sectors for the average diners, aristocratic diners, and the gourmets, all divided by tall, firmly-grounded partitions that were highly soundproof as well, to ensure that the more upper-class diners or loners would not be disturbed by adjacent tables.
In the opposite corners of the warehouse were bars. One had a more homely vibe to it and was nestled within the middle class's section, whereas the other was surrounded by high-class tables had the same aloof, aristocratic air as the rest of the area around it.
These two contrasting bars would be operated by Immature Drinks and Mature Drinks, a pair of sisters with completely opposite views of servitude: Immature favored commoners, and Mature favored the nobility, and so their stations were placed accordingly. The former was not opposed to serving those of higher class, but the latter utterly refused to serve just about any she deemed "inferior."

Ironically, this also included a good number of her coworkers, including her own sister, but especially the children in the kitchen, whose antics she despised, be it the flirtatious habits of Immature Spiciness and Seafood, the muteness and annoying happiness of Immature Sweetness and Immature Dairy, or the unpleasant natures of Immature Saltiness and Sourness. For her, they were all, horribly barbaric. It came as no surprise she wanted her own, isolated section of the kitchen, but her sister's was a more noble goal: she reasoned that being separated from the main kitchen would make it easier to move around and mix drinks for several customers at once, rather than have just one side and tens of other chefs all at once. The rest, though, had no qualms with tens of other chefs, though, and so the central kitchen was divided up for each of them. One sector, a salad bar; another, an omelette station; a third, desserts; and so on, so forth, with the sushi bar having seats in front of it. Each area was manned by one of Sousundowa's, but occasionally they would leave their station and move around if they had to go help someone else cook if it just so happened that their recipes were shared.

Usually they weren't, & more often than not idle hands were assigned to help wait or help manage the backroom where the ingredients were kept — & also, the room closest to the conference room, a sealed-off section of the restaurant intended for more secretive affairs, & was thus roofed with soundproof material & walled with two layers of partitions, intended to ensure maximum security for the occupants. To enter, one would have to go in through the gated kitchen, which was sure to alert Sousundowa, & who knew what tricks the chefs had up their sleeves, especially if the rumors were to be believed. Rumors of a sweet sugar-skating boy, of a spicy fire-breathing man, of a truly pious girl with a material deity, of a bitter smoke-blowing misanthrope, of a white-tailed woman, of a savage girl with a chainsaw, of a man with two savagely-slicing lobster claws, of his impulsive younger brother. & that they were all just one person, sealed away in a small boy with a yellow cap, able to call out each one as he desires?
Just rumors, hopefully, but when one looked upon the chefs of Sousundowa, one could not help but feel something odd within them. Despite being so different, they conducted themselves with such similar auras that one felt they were all the same person through a different perspective, & that at any moment, they could all suddenly pause & gaze at the ceiling, reciting the same line in synchronicity.

Just rumors. Nothing more than Psytrine propaganda intended to rouse up interest in their strange world. Speaking of which, most people in the city would say that they had never really seen where Sousundowa entered from. Some dock workers might say north, but how far? Others, east, but how far? Or perhaps by plane, & from there the direction may well have been some odd choice, intended to suppress any curiosity for this bizarre Psytrine civilization.
Did it even really exist? Perhaps it does, but nobody could believe it. The advertisements pointed back to "The Floating City-State of Psytronius," & Sousundowa's tablet-menus had a screensaver featuring a supposed Psytronius in all its floating grandeur, but never would a normal search engine point back to any such city beyond a work of fantastical fiction that had found its way into the world: a purported memoir by one Benjamin Gallo, aptly titled Bejamin Gallo, My Sweet, Sweet Prince. Then, no more clues, but through more thorough systems able to access the darker & deeper recesses of the internet, one might find the blogs of conspiracy theorists hidden well away or government papers that would say some rather bizarre things of a "Psytronius."

Preposterous were these tales though, telling "truths" of a flying city high in the sky, populated by perfected specimens intended to manipulate some strange substance produced within them & within their home in order to perform miracles. Even the authors of such sources concluded with doubts of their own, unable to believe the absurdity they had seen within dreams that may well still be haunting them to this day.
It was the city of a dream, & a city that was made by & created dreamers. Perhaps, if one ordered the right meals from the right chefs at Sousundowa, one might find themselves thrust into the dream?
Just a coincidence, hopefully, but if the sweet yellow-capped garcon was insisting on not ordering the "The Psytrine Feast of a Lifetime," which itself was labeled as a dangerously decadent dish, it may be best to listen.

"But anyway, what do you think you'll be doing, Crossbar?" the yellow Immature Sweetness twin asked, "It's early morning, & your shift isn't until night, so..."
"Take a walk, I suppose," he replied as he took a few steps towards the gate, squeezing through the frantic chefs that were beginning to prepare the first meals, "I prefer seeing myself, rather than through some secondhand report. It tugs at my heart better, I guess is the way to put it."
"Ah, a noble thing to do indeed!" suddenly said Mature Sweetness, slipping behind Crossbar & putting her hand on his shoulder, "Well, I do pray for your success, you hear? I'm all waiting."
I'm? That didn't sound right, & any customer nearby might well catch such a strange phrase...
"Same for you, Sousundowa," he said, before finally disappearing among the hundreds of customers.
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Statement of the Thomas Bolstad Brigade

I am quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood.

To: The John Brown Society – Free Kingdom of Allanea

We will not stand by as a gang of – you'll excuse the expression – carpetbagging profiteers do more to liberate the enslaved of this world than our own revolution.

The Thomas Bolstad Brigade comprises of three hundred Caracasusian volunteers eager and willing to shed blood should it be needed to bring about an end to slavery.

Many of our number are ex armed forces members, and those that are not have received more than adequate training in combat, subterfuge and sabotage. We have the will, but currently lack the means to act in any meaningful manner. We require material support and co-ordination with your operatives on the ground in Posteastan.

As I am sure you are aware, we chose the name for our brigade from your own society. You may not be aware of this, but the valiant act of self sacrifice by Mr Bolstad reached even as far as Caracasus. He is a figure many of us learn about in our schools and communes and your society is held in reasonably high esteem both in Caracasus and any nation that refuses to close its eyes to the sight of slavery.

We stand with you in your mission to purge slavery from Posteastan. We will march with you to the sea!

Construction Enterprises Conference

The Allanean finished speaking, and apparently had convinced more than a few people. The Caracasusian reporters gathered exchanged glances. They had more than enough information to be working on, and more than enough evidence to go to print - or more accurately to upload. After a period of short, whispered discussion among themselves, all five stood up and made their way out of the assembly. They would take a quick walk around the town to get some photographs and then head back to the airstrip to await the Kavverit that would take them home.


Caracasus Council Elect

Declaration of civil war

Following further developments in Posteastan, the Council Elect has decided that the situation in Posteastan has now deteriorated to the point where the country should be considered in a state of civil war or armed conflict not of an international character.

The nation of Posteastan currently contains more than one faction within the country engaged in open warfare for control of the country's government and infrastructure.

Furthermore, there are estimated to be well over one thousand casualties suffered as a direct result of armed conflict.

The Council Elect urges all parties currently in conflict to follow international legislation on warfare, and will take steps where possible to monitor and record breeches of international legislation on this matter for the purposes of providing evidence and prosecuting those suspected of war crimes in an international court.

It has been noted that a very small number of Caracasusian citizens may have sought to travel to Posteastan for the purposes of supporting one side or another in the conflict. We remind everyone that the Council Elect will seek to repatriate any Caracasusian citizens and strongly urges all Caracasusians to avoid travel to the nation of Posteastan for the foreseeable future.
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post for Danlina

Postby Allanea » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:25 am

The four got to the truck, where they used a cellphone that was disconnected from its gps device to open a new email address and use it to send the photo to Nizhinsky, with the caption “no one knows we did it, and we can do it over and over again if the mission demands so”.

Meanwhile, the Allanean government continued to deliver humanitarian aid and remove refugees, but Allanean military presence was slowly being removed. The Megara Ganduril turned around and withdrew. The other ships remained on station, but it was clear that their presence here was at best temporary.

And yet it was decided that the 'walk-ins' would be still useful. Therefore, an advance payment would be sent, and the chips would be handed over – or rather, delivered to a 'dead drop', a specific hiding place in a city park in Rostechko.

It was accompanied with a message: You will complete full payment upon completion of your task. Repeat employment contingent on success.

Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.

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Postby Allanea » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:37 am

Officially speaking, the John Brown Society existed as a private organization, wholly independent from the Army, the Navy, OAS, or any other Allanean government organization. And this was true, in a broad sort of sense. But then, on the other hand, it should not be a surprise to say that the government, law enforcement, the military, and any number of groups talked to each other when it came to issues like human trafficking.

The government sometimes asked for help from the Society when there were tasks that – for legal, political, or sometimes even ethical reasons – the Free Kingdom could not undertake.

It should not be surprising, also, that Allaneans hated Communists, much in the same way in which the Communists hated the Allaneans. However, it was also true that few things were considered worse than slavery. The Allaneans were willing to work with Communists when slavery was in question, and after all, did not even the most ardent of anarcho-capitalists work with socialists against slavers, from back in the day?

Therefore from the headquarters of the John Brown Society, a response was sent:


(We realize that in your culture this is the appropriate appellation).

The John Brown Society is currently working with the Free Kingdom Government to get our own people on the ground (currently the people present are mostly government operatives, but a shift to more JBS involvement may or may not occur). We have access to weapons (and specifically there is a specific corporate partner who is willing to donate equipment, perhaps you've heard of Souraski Arms International?) and we have access to some professional smugglers which are willing to ship them to you if no other means become available.

Potential assistance from the Free Kingdom Government is also possible, or at least so we are told. Would you like us to send an operative to work out the details by means of more secure communications?

Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.

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Postby Kenmoria » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:26 am

“What have I established? That Allanea does not care about international law or human right: great, but that doesn’t mean my company can’t. You may declare that I am insulting people, and that I’m some fashion national emergencies are against the refined tastes of everyone here. To be entirely honest, we are in a war zone. I don’t think that building a telephone line is really a matter that requires such language in polite discourse to be used. The differences between you killing people without trial and my company repairing wartorn infrastructure are many, but one of them is that your actions are not legal under Posteastani law, and my company’s are.”

“Let’s not sour the taste of the talks by continuing this line of discussion much longer though, as I’m sure all the journalists have had their fill of questions and answers, and the local populace have received an opportunity to meet with the IDS soldiers. It has been demonstrated that you, a spokesperson, apparently hold no regard for the rules of formal debate, nor actually referencing sources. I believe the business here has concluded, and bid you all a merry way home and a safe journey. If anyone has any questions, I will be staying behind at the end to answer them. Thank you.”

With that, the lights dimmed, and the conference was over.
A representative democracy with a parliament of 535 seats
Kenmoria is Laissez-Faire on economy but centre-left on social issues
Located in Europe and border France to the right and Spain below
NS stats and policies are not canon, use the factbooks
Not in the WA despite coincidentally following nearly all resolutions
This is due to a problem with how the WA contradicts democracy
However we do have a WA mission and often participate in drafting
Current ambassador: James Lewitt

For more information, read the factbooks here.

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Postby Cat-Herders United » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:44 pm


May the international community and any other interested parties please note:

Since illegitimate fascistoid bandits have stopped aid shipments sailing up the Telin River on the pretext of so-called “inspections”,

And since allegations of arms smuggling inside humanitarian shipments remain unproven,

And since these fascistoid bandit gangs are not a legitimate government and therefore lack the authority to stop any navigation upon the Telin,

And since the only possible purpose for this pointless and corruption-riddled hold-up of humanitarian aid is to use plague and artificial famine as a weapon against entire civilian populations,

We the People of Cat-Herders United hereby declare our intentions to defend the freedom to navigate on the Telin from all threats except the legitimate government of Posteastan, who are the only entity legally able to stop or inspect shipping. All attempts by illegitimate forces to usurp this authority shall be met with force.

To the Republic of Posteastan, we officially offer our support in their police-actions against the fascistoid bandit entity engaging such robbery on the Telin, both in material and naval terms.

Signed in the name of the people,

Catniss Mesteñero
Cat-Herders United

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Postby Kaystein » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:03 am

The Liberation of Vatgera

A rioter in Vatgera

Ove Drag, the Dragon of Milila, was dead.

What was supposed to be a small public event to serve as a reminder for obedience toward the people of Vatgera, who were thought of as broken and defeated, took a shocking twist when one troublesome foreign warrior with a foot in the grave managed to free himself from captivity. A large crowd gathered at the area seemingly became possessed with rage at the sight and stormed the area the warlord was located, overwhelming and disarming the Dragon's professional guard. In the ensuing chaos, the tortured warrior managed to slay the Dragon, but not without receiving a mortal wound in the process and falling unconscious. Word of the incident spread rapidly among the city and dispirited people tired of the exploitation and violent abuse of the Jomsvikingar and the Sakala Crime Syndicate formed impromptu lynch mobs, starting riots all around the city

The Wolves of Vagnes were left reeling in shock and confusion. Rioters fell upon units faster than they could be informed about what had happened to their leader and overwhelmed as well. The men that could beat a retreat, holing up with other Jomsvikingar remnants at fortifications in the city or leaving the city altogether. The syndicate was of no help either, with Goran dying to an earlier missile strike.

The incredible speed at which events happened meant the majority of the city was freed from renegade control by that day's end.

The countryside surrounding the city went a little better for the renegades. Though at first, it seemed like the chaos would be contained to the inner city by the existing renegade's units on site, a directed rear attack from red sky on one side of the city took the renegade forces by surprise, and this coupled with rioting groups pushing outward made already disorganized renegade lines collapse into a shattered retreat.

Mini-sieges followed, as newly formed resistance groups, organized in part by members of a faction calling themselves "red sky", assaulted the holdouts of Wolves of Vagnes with looted weaponry and equipment.

The Streets of Vatgera

Rioters ducked behind various wreckage and debris as Jomsvikingar rained ammunition and high explosives upon them from windows and barricades around a 4-story hotel turned makeshift fortress. Concrete and bodies fell away from explosions, fires burned over mounds of destroyed property, and screams filled the air from people from others dying. In all it was a typical Posteaston Monday.

One man among the rioters winced as bullets thunked into the large slab of concrete he used as cover, and him with only a pistol, a few clips, and a smoke grenade to his name. Glancing around from his cover, he saw silhouettes of several mercenaries peak over their makeshift barricade, and the hotel they were defending him from lay one block beyond that. The man ducked back behind his cover as several others crowded before him, and the guy took a moment to gather himself.

Informing his men that they were about to charge the opposing barrier, the man pulled the pin on his smoke bomb and threw it out.

The area between the lines ahead became obscured in a grey haze.

Gulping the man waves his gun in the air and roared, charging over his cover. His people followed his battle cry with their own. They charged through the smoke through the sounds of screaming and gunfire and battle around them.

They slowed down to a stop on the other side.

Before them, a young woman stood panting. Fresh blood covered her lithe form, matting down chestnut hair that ended midway down her back. A spaz shotgun hanging limply in from her right hand. The bodies of Jomsvikingar mercenaries surrounded her.

The foreign-looking woman turned toward the rioters. Some winced when her emerald eyes passed over them, making them back up several paces.

The man cautiously began to make his way toward the woman who mirrored him, even as the smoke cleared and other groups of rioters moved past the cleared barricade toward the hotel. They met in the middle of the chaos, the man and this woman who had just ghosted a fireteam of professional soldiers."Who.." the man began, lost for words. "Who are you?"

The woman let out a chuckle. "Roz" she breathed out between gasps for air. "Roz Valentina. Say, you wouldn't have happened ta see a friend of mine, would you?" she asked, lifting her free hand over her head. "About ye high, kind of pudgy and with a beard a mile long? Wearing a brown suit with a striped tie. Really loud when he gets mad. Goes by the name 'Brian'."

The bewildered rioter could only shake his head "N-no. I don't know anybody like that."

Roz smiled. "'Tis okay. He's hard to miss 'fella, so I know you're not lying."

"You're not from around here" the man began, narrowing his eyes as he got a good look at her. "You're definitely foreign. What's your country?

"Oh! You ever hear of a place named Kaystein?"

Somewhere else, Vatgera

Sometime after the city's liberation...

Costel laid awake in his bed, looking out at the forest through the single window of his room. He'd grown used to these white walls and floor over the past few weeks he'd spent recovering, and even though a majority of the pain had subsided he still felt a general malaise throughout his body. Every now and then, he'd feel a pang of pain emanating the jagged, elongated line on his chest. The stitching held, and the bleeding had been minimal for the last few days. In all, the doctor had said his rate of healing was a miracle.

By all rights, he should have been dead back on the platform, next to Ove Drag. They both knew it.

Instead, azure eyes filled gazed out toward the snowy countryside with restless energy. For the first time in months, Costel was filled with hope; hope based upon his actions as the lady doctor would consistently remind him, along with gaining some unsolicited fame. Gifts and get-well cards wishing him a speedy recovery from complete strangers adorned the furniture and area around his bed.

Still, though, he lay thinking about home. Would his family be thinking he was dead? What about his wife?

Costel sighed, shaking his head at his own thoughts. Knowing what his wife was like, she would have already cashed in his will and moved on.

So really, nothing lost there.

He hadn't heard much about what had been going on in Posteaston either. He'd had a gag order put on him by the doctor, saying that the freedom from such stress would aid his recovery. Or some nonsense like that. He didn't bother really arguing against it because the doctor was kind of right, and the mass cheering he heard from a few nights ago meant good things were happening, he hoped. Costel chuckled, relishing again the fact that he could find reason to hope for the future here.

It felt refreshing not to worry about soldiers breaking in at night and dragging him off or being forced to hide in thorn bushes to avoid patrols.

The door to his room creaked, and Costel glanced over to see his lady doctor walk in wearing a friendly smile. The woman was petite, and had to be in her late-fifties; she wasn't middle age but didn't have the many wrinkles he associated with the elderly, and only thin streaks of grey accentuated the woman's vibrant hair. She was "Hey, doc" Costel greeted back with his own goofy smile "how's everything going?"

"Okay, Costel" she replied, "there could be fewer patients, though. At least the fighting in the city has stopped."

"Yeah, I figured we won"Costel replied, gesturing his head at the window. "The cheering all night could have woken the dead."

The doctor giggled. "That's not all. Today, you get to leave. After looking over your wounds one more time, you should be good enough to walk around without any trouble."

Costel fist pumped the air. He immediately gripped his chest. "Ow" he muttered

"Idiot" the doctor rolled her eyes and walked over to him. "You're still going to have pain and some light bleeding from your wounds and will need to be changed regularly. Come back and I'll be glad to help you."

Costel nodded. "Again, my thanks doc."


"H-hello? Is this thing working"

*background noise*

*clearing their throat* "Ahem, hello. This is a public message to all respective people within range of this signal. This is the new government of the free city of Vatgera."

"I say again. Vatgera is free. We have pushed out all renegade forces belonging to Federal Republic of Posteastan. Vatgera is now under the governnance of it's own people."

"This is being broadcasted to all parties of Posteaston in range. Vatgera is free. The new city council has decreed Vatgera to be a safe haven, and will stand neutral from any further fighting. Anybody who wants to escape the fighting, are welcome here. This is all for now."
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Postby Caracasus » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:14 am

Northern Posteastan - Train Tunnel

The door opened. Kjoll found himself counting under his breath.

“one... two... three....”

A chaotic montage of flashes. Here a flare burned red. Music, terrible, discordanent music, samples of a thousand tracks fed through a dozen other patterns of noise. You'd go mad trying to follow any pattern in it. Shotguns boomed in the dark, trails of fire and phosper. Shadow, a movement. A shout.

“It's on top of the damn carriage!”

One fell in the strobelight as it leaped. Blood spurted up and over as bone like fingers tore through the soldier's throat. Keynes desperately swung the now empty shotgun at the thing, it leapt back with ease, a round caught it in the leg and it staggered.

A pool of harsh white light, the creature in grey sunk. Guns raised, blasts echoing throughout the tunnel. It rose, impossibly, under the sustained fire and reached out one arm. Kjoll rose his gun in unison with the eleven left and opened fire once more.

The remains were almost unrecognisable. Here and there parts of the thing's bioengineering showed through torn open steel reinforced ribs. The rubberized, simplified tubing that served as a digestive tract, the balloon like organ that would be something like a stomach inflating and deflating still. Three of its four hearts, small biomechanical mechanical devices something like the size of an orange. Carbon fiber tendons meshed with meat and tissue. The jaw a mess. The long, thin hypodermics embedded in each tooth broken and skewed.

The inside of the carriage bought no more answers. An ancient computer terminal, cutting edge technology some twenty years ago. Either it had been wiped by the creature or had simply ceased to work years ago. Stacks of nutrition bars, and in the far corner neatly folded and compressed wrappers, showed nearly two decades worth of food. Its pod, a glass cylinder, occupied almost the entire rest of the carriage. Long disused wires and upload links rusted in the brown sludge congealed about the bottom.

They buried their fallen comrade and began work. The winch truck would arrive soon, and then they would find out whether the man's death was in vain or not.
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Postby Uan aa Boa » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:37 pm

The Rifle, Hoe and Sun
First Edition

Posteastan Plunges Into Chaos - Caracasus Follows Boani Withdrawal
Construction Enterprises Admits to Using Forced Labour and Deploys Mercenary Forces
Fascists Ejected from Conference After Confessing to Prison Camps

The already dire situation in war torn Posteastan has continued to go from bad to worse and was today officially recognised as a civil by the Council Elect of Caracasus, who followed the wise example of the Beloved Comrade Chairman in ordering the withdrawal of naval forces from the area. "Let the fascists and disaster capitalists murder each other" was a much repeated sentiment in the public debate.

In Posteastan the focus of fighting has shifted into the north of the country with an assault on rebel forces by mercenaries in the pay of infamous Kenmorian profiteers Construction Enterprises. The company this week held a bizarre event in which journalists were invited to take part in carefully staged meetings with company personnel and military forces from the mercenaries and from the notorious rogue nation of Kjalara. In the accompanying press conference a company spokesperson publicly confirmed that forced labour was being used to build the corporations new telephone lines, further vindicating the decision of the Revolutionary Worker's Army's cyberforces to close down the network. In a further shocking twist the spokesperson was unable to say whether the operation was legal even under the minimal and anarchic laws of so-called President Niculai Valaska and had to leave the stage to ask. There was also a half-hearted attempt to claim that this situation did not break international law because of a technicality - claims that quickly collapsed under questioning to be replaced by an insistence that it did not matter since Kenmoria is not a member of the World Assembly. The same spokesperson had earlier refused to express any regret for the threats of deadly force made against the brave crew of the Boani scientific vessel PV The Martyrs of 19th September.

The press conference broke up after a diplomat from Allanea appeared to suffer some kind of seizure, perhaps struggling to contain the murderous bloodlust that seems to overcome his people when the subject of forced labour arises. The Construction Enterprises spokesperson quickly drew proceedings to a close, perhaps fearing an Amistad-inspired bare hands assault in the conference room. To this so-called friend of the oppressed worker we say: when will the determinedly laissez-faire Allanea introduce basic laws to protect workers from exploitation?

Meanwhile at the Villi Island conference in Caracasus proceedings were temporarily interrupted by the arrival of a party of jackbooted hatespeakers from the reactionary cesspool of Lux Pulchrae. Amid a number of outbursts including reference to Africans killing each other with firing squads for a handful of rice and a scene in which Cde First Speaker Pula was asked if she "understood better now miss" the delegation quickly stormed out after a heated argument with representatives from Keilersmoor and with Speaker Marrik of the Council Elect. Before leaving Pulchraen Grand Minister Giani Gentile boasted of the hundreds of "communist dogs" he had imprisoned in a makeshift camp at Leozina Airport. More puzzlingly, he appeared to be very angry that Cde Pula had called him a fascist, although he simultaneously declared himself a fascist, likened himself to a gruesome monster from European fiction and said that if people continued to call him a fascist, which he was, he might behave like a fascist.

Gentile failed to make a better impression on the people of Villi Island, and together with his entourage was pelted with vegetables while leaving the conference. We cannot help but feel that this was a better negotiating tactic than the one deployed in the chamber by Speaker Marrik. The presence of such individuals at a Forest conference has prompted fury from the Vegan Front of Keilersmoor and many other sources, including a number of Boani communes. Together with increasing Forest support for the Royalist and Separatist factions in Posteastan it has led to 14 Boani communes now voting in favour of withdrawing from Forest, or Boaexit as this policy is sometimes known.

Keilersmoorian Foreign Minister Rutger Thorbecke meanwhile offered a full apology for one of his staff describing Boani as terrorists. The diplomat in question has since been sent home in disgrace.

We say the whole world is mad! No civilised nation should be asking its citizens to spill their blood for the sake of the warlords and fascists embroiled in Posteastan! Let the reactionaries and fascists and circle together ever closer to the drain of history!

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Postby Lux Pulchrae » Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:50 pm

As the truck drove to its destination and passed the old internment camps, the two took a glance at the site. D'Umbra scoffed, while Gentile mostly ignored it. "Hey, Commie. Is this supposed to be a literal guilt trip? Huh? Well, for one, it isn't. So your attempts are futile. I'd cry more for a Frenchman than communist. Enjoy this trip cause I will be talking the whole way. Either you go deaf or I lose my voice. Capisci? I'd quicker welcome a Moor into my home than a communist. At least that Moor has a chance of being a good christian. Nothing but sin and error can come from Marxist communists. You do know equality is unattainable vero? No matter how many laws you pass, whatever reforms you push through, however 'happy' your people are, there will always be misery and there will always be someone at the bottom."

Citta del Re
Back in the nation's capital, offices of Defense monitored the situation in Posteastan, picking up two very concerning documents, one from some communist tabloid, the other was a request from the Cat-Herders. Now Amaglione was forced to issue two public statements of her own:

Official Statement from the Kingdom of Lux Pulchrae

SUBJECT: Response to Communist Propaganda

This "news" source called the Javellit View is nothing more than a propaganda for the Caracasus government, in an effort to undermine our work in the region. We denounce any and all accusations, and determine this as nothing more than lies, a corruption and media narrative spun up to somehow put the Kingdom in a negative light, because they see us as politically unapproachable, when we on the other hand have been nothing but. I've have been assure by BOTH our men and officials in Leozina and the Telin Province aiding our men, that this "Mr.Svoboda" does not appear on any regional census or morgue, alive or dead. Quite a coincidence he just so happens to find a plane from Caracasus, what luck this supposed "escapee".
It is clear this tabloid has an agenda that wants to make us seem like monsters, producing any witnesses at whim to suit their agenda.

On the subject of "death camps" or prisons, where supposedly "thousands of men, women, and children, are locked up", that is again an absolute lie. The logistics and resources for this are far too great for what we send at the current rate, this " first-hand report" seems to make everyone out like fools. To that, we say it is a lie. There are no death camps, food is given in plenty, and there is no disease. Had there been, our people would have been sick too, there has been maybe two cases of this so called "cholera", maybe two, but has since been treated. What we do have, are detainment cells of harmful, radical, and weaponized men. Please tell us, are we supposed to let them out to the streets to kill and harm more innocents? We would like to hear a better option. No, we hold them until they have been checked and cleared, we cannot have murderers and insurgents up and down the hills shooting the people of Leozina and the surrounding areas. There are no women and children locked up because that is ridiculous.

Abuse, physical, sexual or otherwise is the same case as the other accusations, complete and fabricated lies. Our men, and I am hoping the Royalists too, are moral people, they know what is right and wrong, we have clergy stationed with our men, to do these crimes would be impossible for them. Maybe with communists or nazis but not with us. It is a smear campaign to further turn public opinion against us.

They seem to confuse aid camps with prisons. And confuse good Christian, good Catholic morals with evil, and let us say that only demons do this, for they do not recognize Christ, and if they do, they do not see good in Him. The people are free to go whenever they want, we openly admit this, they are, anyone can attest to this. But then where would they be going back too? The rubble they call a home? Their ruined lives caused by the previous conflicts and its ailing government? A government that cannot protect and nourish its people, does not deserve the right to govern in the first place. Whether it be the Tavitian regime or Telinberg. If we were so evil as portrayed we would not bother with housing and feeding and clothing and curing these people, it would be a waste of resources. But because of our morals and Christ-like duty to help and protect those less fortunate, we are bound to do so. They come to us because they know they have no other hope to survive, especially in the rural areas. We even offer refugee status back to out country, and if asked to, we will return them at their request.

To the people of Posteastan: these regimes are atheistic and non-Christian and dare we say, they go as far as to spit in the face of Christ and your Church. They support pagans and communists, but when your fellow brothers come to help, their ears are deaf. Your only true leader, your true father of the nation is your king. Telinberg has failed to help and protect you, this fact is already known. If it did its job, and did it well, we would not be here to hear your cries. You may look to other forms, who say they have what is best for you, but no one has what is best for you like you Father, God. And no one is more appointed to watch over you than your King. For an elected leader, the "people's" leader, they are elected by faulty, sinful, and erroneous men. But God appoints to you a King, a divinely chosen line of which the nation's best interests are at heart. Nothing good has come from democracy, it is time to return to what God has given you, not man.

Official Statement from the Kingdom of Lux Pulchrae

SUBJECT: Response to Cat-Herders

In response to these "Cat Herders", the "robbery" on the Telin, or better yet, the security check on the Telin is in response to reasonable intel from the Tavitian government. Notice how they call for Telinberg's help, knowing fully well that Tavitian regime knows, and now we know as well, of their operations in Kolvce. The security check is in response to the warning of weapons being shipped in throughout roads and the Telin river. They only call to the international community to yet again shine a light of shame on us, if only what we are doing is wrong. We do not block the transport of humanitarian aid, but last time we checked, rockets and machine guns are not part of this aid. They are not necessary to life. These Cat-Herders are nothing but supporting separatist terrorists of Kolvce.

They will get every ounce of medicine, food, and others they send down the river, and if they reach out and ask like decent people, we might even send some of our own. But no, they have to resort to lies and use the cover of help to smuggle weaopns for the separatists, well known separatists in Kolvce. That would be like handing your enemy a gun, it is foolish.

While Giornada waited, a telegram came in, it was from a man calling himself the 'Dragon". Then, he was notified that contact had been made with the Patriotic Block, he approached the phone introducing himself and captain doing so himself as Captain Curta, who told him of the situation "People's Chamber? I could wipe my ass with the 'People's Chamber' Captain! Minister of Interior? Why are you bastardi with Tavitian? I sent troops to the north because YOU people wanted my help with the Renagade raids and protecting towns near Orikson! The hell you think I sent them for?" he looked at the telegram sent in earlier, "However, I have a message from this 'Dragon' man, telling me to withdraw my forces, wanting to use me as a buffer zone between them and Tavitian. How am I supposed to handle this? Either I go along with pagan demands or I disobey orders and side with the Tavitian government. That's quite a shame, I thought Nationalists and Royalists could have been great. Anyways, what assurances can I be granted? I need forces, strong ones. Can I be granted that? I have some anti-aircraft equipment that could be repurposed. I've yet to see a plane or missile, but I can recalibrate it hit people. Can I have your word on support? If I do not, I can take my men elsewhere. Somewhere further south, capsici?"

While he waited for Curta's response, Giornada had Communications send a response telegram to the 'Dragon':
TO: Dragon
FROM: Major Giornada
SUBJECT: Buffer Zone

Our fight is not with you people, it is with the Renegades. We have been asked to stop their raids in the northern areas of the province. No engagement is to be done unless you engage first. Besides, what kind of compensation can you provide? Do your people not have enough in the north? Pending on this 'compensation', we are willing to agree to the possible arrangement that neither we go north of the Milila nor you go south of it.

Patrols beefed up in Leozina when word of the Syndicate's presence spread. Known syndicate hangouts in Leozina were purged with the help of the Watch's intel. The local capos and bosses that were caught were summarily executed and assets seized. Lux Pulchrae knew how to deal with organized crime, and it was dealt with hard punches. The mafia back home may have some weight but here, the troops couldn't care less who they were. And as a result, curfew after 9pm was imposed.

Corney Island
Cleone looked as the old gentlemen spoke, the supposed heir to the throne, the pretender Sir Alexander who turned attention to him, wanting to hear the king's ideas "First, Sir Alexander, I agree, the Church is an important aspect to have behind you. If the Church is behind you, so are its people. I suggest you strongly make good connections with whoever heads your nation's church. As neither the church of Rome nor Nortend's church would be pleasing to the people. You or someone with your blood must go back and secure the kingship in the name of God, without God's backing, you have no one." he remained standing, looking at the people in the room.

"Another point I would like to address is the 'cooperation' with these other parties. They are sinful, either side. Tavitian, Telinberg, it does not matter, the Devil is the Devil no matter what colors he wears. To work alongside evil is to do evil. But, I must be a realist here, a man of the world and say that alone, we cannot get what we want. It is sad to hear the Patriotic Block has buckled and knelt to Tavitian. At this rate, we will no one on our side. Through all their faults, through all their trickery and this rigged, mock election they set up, the only hope is to find ground with Tavitian. The failures of Telinberg lead me to the conclusion that they can no longer help your people, plus it supports pagans. If an agreement can be made that your line returns to its former glory, I will support it. One where you actually have power, instead of just sitting their like say, the Queen of England or so."

"This brings me to my next topic, Sir Alexander: The monarchy. It has come to my attention that I knew what I was supporting but not who. I have come to know further of you and your legacy. A family that has been away for so long makes the monarchy questionable. No offense to you, Sir Alexander, but I suggest the monarchy to have a younger, fresher face as a way to ease the people back into the monarchy. You have lived here all your life, so have your children and grandchildren, I assume. You would essentially be a foreign king, despite your blood. Maybe Lord Albert can fill in. I hope my reasoning is clear with this. This is not to 'shaft you of your destiny', it is a matter of appearance. You have had your whole life, it was lived here and what has it amounted to? Your life is not for you, it is for your descendants, it is time to give them a chance."

"To finish this off and finally end my piece, as a way to better acclimate the people with the monarchy I propose that we setup an event. A grand show, so that the people know who their king is. It is quite sad that His Majesty King Alexander could not be present to hear me out, but my proposal is an event where maybe him, the next King of Posteastan, and me, address the people of Posteastan as our three divinely appointed majesties, in an effort to win public support. If the Tavitian regime truly cares about its people, then it will listen to the people who want their king back. I call it 'The Three Kings Summit', the name is up to you of course, but the idea, the purpose, remains. Should an agreement come in our favor, we host it at the grandest cathedral Posteastan has to offer, with your highest clergy, where your line will be crowned and officially backed by the Church as appointed by God. And with this I end my piece, Sir Alexander. What do you think?" Cleone bowed his head, standing and waiting patiently for the the lord's words.

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The Imperial and Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Of the Kingdoms and Lands in Reichsrath Represented, the Lands of the Holy Hungarian Crown of Saint Stephen and the Lands of the Bohemian Crown of Saint Wenceslaus

To: The Representatives of the Kingdom of Kjalåra
From: The Imperial and Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
CC: International Community
Encryption Level: Unencrypted

Your Honourables

The Imperial and Royal Minister for Foreign Affairs presents her compliments to The Representatives of the Kingdom of Kjalåra and has the honour to refer to Your Statement on the 11th of March wherein Your Monarch openly and unabashedly threatened nuclear annihilation against any forces that would operate against Syndicate shipping in the vicinity of Your forces. That You Monarch would be so cowed by operations aimed to deter and destroy assets of human traffickers of the Syndicate (none of which that would have appeared to pertain to Your forces in the region at that time) as to threaten nuclear annihilation against forces that dared to involve Your naval vessels in this operation seems, surprising and suspicious. The inevitable question that would be posed was: If the Kingdom of Kjalåra felt so threatened over operations aimed to destroy Syndicate forces that it put its nuclear assets on alert, does the Kingdom of Kjalåra then approve of and sympathise with the Syndicates? The recent evidence suggesting that Your forces are now engaged in operations against the Syndicate puts the above events in a paradox.
The Kingdom of Kjalåra could resolve this paradox and regain its rightful seat amongst the civilised nations of the world by issuing retractions of its paradoxical and terrifyingly bellicose threats, by standing its nuclear arms down to normal alert status and by issuing a sincere apology to the Communes of Uan aa Boa for running its blockade in cohort with forces hired by the now confirmed slavers of Construction Enterprises.

I have the honour to remain
The Imperial and Royal Minister for Foreign Affairs and Privy House-, Court-, and State-Chancellor
Her Serene Highness Alexandra Ignatia Prinzessin von Hardegg

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ISLE OF CORNEY— Albert listened to the gracious king speak, and was buoyed by the prospect of support.

“Your Majesty, thank you for your proposals and I have the honour to indicate my tacit agreement thereto. My father and I have been in earnest discussion these few months, and in particular the last few weeks, with regards to the state and future of the Crown of Posteastan. My father is cognisant of his advancing age, and that he has but a few decades at most, the Lord willing, to live out his last years, and I do suspect, regardless of any designs you, Father, may have on the crown, you would prefer to live out your years in peace here.”

To this, Sir Alexander nodded in agreement. Albert continued.

“I am in further full agreement with Your Majesty that an appeal to the people of Posteastan to shew them for whom they ought to aspire to serve would be tactical at this point in the campaign. With the passing of the Church of Posteastan's Patriarch, the time is ripe for a new appointment that will support the cause which is ordained by God in the holy scriptures. I am not, however, convinced of Your Majesty's proposal to have your self and the King of Erbonia at such a 'summit'. Though my father and I are of course deeply in gratitude to Your Majesty's support for our restoration, I cannot help but feel such would indicate a less than independent future for Posteastan. Rather, I think, perhaps, that your presence, and the presence of my Lord Alexander would be warranted in some way, but not as a main figure.

“It would, if I may dare to suggest, be more effective if we were to arrange for my coronation in Leozina rather than a mere summit. If my father's people are to fight, they need someone to fight under. The mere illusory institution of the Crown is ineffective in this regard; a person, a true body of flesh and blood to rally the cause is in mine eyes warranted. I have not had the chance to think this through, for the idea has only now corporalising in my mind and is yet lacking in finer details. Father, Your Majesty, Gentlemen; pray do not hestitate to address any blatant fallacies in my proposal.”
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If you have any questions about Great Nortend, please ask in the diplomacy thread above.

This nation generally represents my personal views in most areas, though slightly exaggerated perhaps.

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OOC: The "Report" sections are written by the player of Caracasus and used with his permission.

Liberty-City, OAS Headquarters, General Kalugin's Office

"What we have here is some interesting insights into the lives and times of Posteastani and their relatives… and, to boot, some evidence of what people have long suggested," – the analyst started. Here, it starts off…" – he read out.

"We've finally got actual, concrete fucking evidence of these guys. I mean, I do understand the skepticism, really I do. Information and intelligence - even intercepted intelligence from that particular nation is probably best taken with enough salt to fuck over someone's blood pressure for life.
I take it you've heard of the Ohiton conflict? Well, here's the really odd part about that conflict. The United Socialist States of Caracasus was pretty much solely responsible for humanitarian aid and the refugee camps in the area at the start of the war, under the dubious leadership of a commander elect named Priscilla Keynes. Now I'm sure that name rings a bell somewhere.
So she goes rogue. We all know the story. Damn near everyone suspected she was a plant for International Observations all along, Caracasus denies that to the hilt, we get stories of her popping up all over Ohiton like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Fighting pirates, taking on a Jarl, taking down a bearsark, flying helicopters out of top secret bases... I mean, the rumours about Keynes could keep the tinfoil hat brigade in business for years to come"

"A bearsark? Is that something like a berserker, or a Russian ber?" – Kalugin started.

"What? Ah yes, we are given to understand the phenomenon is still alive and well in Oehiton, although I understand that anyone can be a bearsark, you know, muscles, angry demeanor, possibly some fly agaric drinks, and off you go, rampaging with an axe like the ancestors did. But here, here is the important part. The odd part, they say."

"The odd part?" – Kalugin said. "This doesn't sound good."

"Now here's the odd one. It's odd because there are actual, still living witnesses to it. It appears that someone noticed whatever the fuck it was Keynes and her band of happy anarchists were up to and tried to put a stop to it. They sent something named an agent.
Before the agent found them, we've got scattered reports across Renabourg of a strange man or men wearing grey suits. They turn up, they ask questions, they leave. So far so spooky. I mean, you've read reports from that war in particular. Legends and myths breed like rabbits. Up until this part - and I've attached some of the witness testimony that I've parsed below:
It took place in a nightclub. The agent managed to track them down somehow and they ran, either by accident or design they wound up in one of the biggest underground raves in Ohiton. Strobe lighting, music so loud and heavy it feels like it's breaking your bones, that sort of thing.

It moves. It moves really fast, faster than anything that's not some sort of big cat has a right to move. Trouble is, it's discoordinated. Anyway, it seems at some point Keynes and the man she was with lose it for a second. The agent - this man in grey - looks about searching for them, but it's slowing down. One eyewitness stated it almost seemed to be trying to sniff the air. It almost looked like the thing could not focus, could not find its quarry.

They cornered it by a speaker stack in the end - and it was in a pretty sorry state by all accounts."

"That's… so put with what we know, it's a vampire of some kind, but not necessarily the undead type." – said Kalugin. "It might be the kind that's created by a virus, or perhaps some kind of… it seems the Postie government, or someone, had these things on leash. To launch them as hounds."

"Maybe drugs?" – the analyst asked – "Give someone lots and lots of combat drugs…"

"Combat drugs aren't magic, Ringwald, you know this as well as anyone. Sure, they'll inure you to pain somewhat, and I'll grant that they sometimes will make you disoriented, but they're not going to let you move like a wolverine unless they come with a whole bunch of training. So either the Postie government had a pact with those fellows, or it had created them somehow."

"Which brings us to... the conclusion." – said the Analyst.

"I am certain none of the eyewitnesses knew what the fuck they were watching or dealing with here, and I'm not entirely sure Keynes did either. When we compare these to the other accounts though, something rather interesting jumps out.

Aside from being almost supernaturally fast and strong, they've got excellent vision and hearing. They may also have some enhanced sense of smell - perhaps something like the sense that reptiles or snakes have. We'd need a specimen intact to figure that one out. What is clear though is that sometimes that's a disadvantage. They don't cope well with irregular and chaotic changes to light levels or very loud chaotic noise. It seems to provoke something like sensory overload in them. I know it's not much to go on, but hell, it's a hypothesis, right?

"Less than a hypothesis. He's not suggested an explanation. But let's move through with this. A hypothesis can transform into a theory when it is something that explains all available facts, does not contradict any of the facts. So when we put everything together, we have a group of intelligent, humanoid or human creatures, which bite others and drink their blood – sometimes also eat their flesh, are inhumanly fast and strong, and are either inured to pain, or completely immune to it. It's also possible that they don't do well in the light. And they may, or may not, sleep in coffins."

"So vampires?"

"Potentially, or possibly fellows who for some reason believe themselves to be vampires to the point that they start drinking blood. Now as you fully know, there's any number of cases," – Kalugin continued – "that individuals in the grasps of anger, fanaticism, or other similar situations display a very high pain threshold, and act in ways suggestive of near impossible strength. Imagine that the person in question is someone strong to start with – a sportsman, perhaps – and you've got some pretty incredible performance levels. Bear in mind that we have only one case with video evidence of these guys, and a whole bunch of witness statements, in this case here, third-hand or fourth-hand ones. We can't be sure that this bounching and wall-climbing is representative of the average member of the group."

"You say member…"

"Yes, I'm implying a group with members. It could be a cult that's aligned with some agency of the previous government – perhaps trained to use as assassins…"

"Like the actual assassins, the ones from Alamut?"

"Yes. Either acting independently as a subcontractor to those "greys", or perhaps as a subordinate group. Again, at this point it doesn't matter if they're literally vampires in the sense of reflecting in mirrors. You know the joke about the wooden stakes, right?"

"Hm?" – the Analyst hummed.

"Putting a wooden stake in a vampire's heart kills them. Putting a stake in the heart of an innocent person also kills them. A stake in the heart kills damn near anybody." – Kalugin replied. "We need to disseminate warnings to our allies and coalition partners. Add a recommendation that, whether or not people believe in the vampires, the should start acting as if it were true. Also alert the Carasians and ask them for more information about this Keynes person. I have a hunch that we'll hear about her again before this is over."

Sometimes, there really is money on the sidewalk.



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