LGBT Protestors Attacked by Government Forces (MT)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Late Roman Empire
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O Fortuna!

Postby Late Roman Empire » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:11 pm

Wednesday, 13 February, 2019
Sterry, Haran Province, New Edom

"Well, just be glad that you didn't get sent to Valik. I hear that's a nasty mess. Bunch of gun nuts, at least that's what I've been told. The Edomites are warlike themselves, and maybe a bit preachy, but they're naked half the time, including some lovely ladies. Even if you can't touch, you can still look and rub one out to them. That's a lot better than some crazy ammosexuals," Centurion Placus Consentius Vetranio commented to Legionary Caius Duronius Speratus, one of his more like-minded comrades, who hadn't been to Edom like Vetranio himself.

"I hear that there are mobs of people who try to tear legislators limb from limb if they don't like what they stand for," Speratus recalled the Legislative Purge of 2012.

"Oh, come now, let poor George Gutenberg's rest in peace. He died horribly, after all. Killed by a lot of Damoclean savages with their terror weapons. On behalf of sodomites and Marxist scum, no less. Not that I'd want to hang a sodomite. I'm a good Roman, after all. Scorn and the Church's censure is enough punishment in this life, what with Hell or Purgatory awaiting them in the next. I'm just saying that the poor man's already answered any wickedness or malice related to said purge of good Monarchist deputies. And they weren't all so good, anyway. Monarchists back then included some nasty fellows, like that man Rand, who tried to murder Touchstone. Don't ask me why we backed the Free Congress in the Second War, Monarchists in the Third, nobody in the First. That's up to the Divine Augustus in his wisdom, and back then, we had more than a few of those," Vetranio chuckled.

"You might want to watch that kind of talk, sir. Not an order, of course. You're my superior. Still, could be seen as seditious, implying that the Empire's unstable, sir," Legionary Caeso Flavius Roscius observed.

"Good point. Have to be careful. Vigiles don't usually bother with soldiers, but needn't give them ideas of talking to the pilus prior or the primipilus. And you never know who's in the vigiles, does ya?" Speratus added.

"Oh, come off, now! Trust me. I'm a centurion. I can tell you, from years of experience, to get loose of your silly civvy fears of the secret police. They don't bother with good legionaries at all, trust me on that. Let alone centurions. And I wasn't saying that we're unstable now. Just that we were before we got the better sort of Emperors. 2011 was a rough year, trust me on that," Vetranio scoffed now.

"True. We're a lot stabler these days, right, sir? A lot fewer civil wars than the Edomites, that's for sure. Or the Valikans, or the Ashabis, for that matter. I can never understand, you know, some of these.....," Speratus started to say when he was interrupted.

"Hey, did you hear about the Ghantish sailors who landed in Azmar for some odd reason during the Great War? Seems that the skipper landed them in a place where there's no lasses, but many ewes, of course.....So the skipper thinks that it's all resolved and all, while they get all supplied and that jazz, but then he sees the boys sprucin' up and such, so he asks the bosun now, 'hey, now, boyo, why you be gettin' all sharp now? I done told that they'll just be sheep in this part of Delvian States now.' To which his bosun told him, 'well, aye, that be true, cap'n, but see now, skipper, you don't want an ugly one now, does ye?' Me wonders at the look on the poor skipper's face right then, doesn't you?" Roscius joked.

Vetranio and Speratus led the others in raucous laughter at that.

"Alright, cunni, up and at 'em. You's lot's about to land, and you're going to do it in damn good order, or by the eunuchs' missing balls, you'll be looking at a month of latrine duty, you 'ear me right now, boys?" Pilus Prior Centurion Tiberius Juventius Baro broke up their little banter.

"Aye, aye, sir! You 'ear that, boys? We'll be on good, dry ground as quickly as we can get our arses moving and out of the transports, with our fuckin' gear! Come on, you lot, you wanna live forever?" Vetranio announced the news to anyone slumbering or not hearing Baro.

It was but part of the machine, just their group of cogs in it, but the Roman juggernaut ruthlessly organized itself for the landing, tough, grizzled marines and green leathernecks straight from boot camp alike collecting their gear with the aid of the non-combatant troops, glad that the Roman military had considerable ranks of these to aid them. It was the job of the Roman soldier or marine, simply put, the combat kind that was, to follow orders and prepare for any danger, to drill, exercise, train, stay fit, practice their marksmanship, tactics, etc. But it was the job of the non-combatant troops to make that possible, and there was luckily enough of that lot to make for smooth and efficient landings in cases like this, at least with there being no contest or resistance to said landing. Such mundane, boring, monotonous tasks were theirs to do, as the Roman military was a highly specialized one, yet at least they faced little risk of a physical nature. That was the trade-off....menial work, but less danger.

In any case, now they stepped out of their transports on Edomite soil, in Sterry, the famous port of Haran, to face whatever Edomites were sent to greet them, and the lot of them were very aware of the historical significance of this. For the first time since the Third Civil War, four years back, the Barebones Legion and the Maritime Legion were back in New Edom, where they had last distinguished themselves (or at least the Barebones had....the Maritimes had a different test on Gloria Regis, to say the least). Now, once again, they checked their gear, cleared and cleaned their weapons, and lined up to find their new assignments, both staff postings and barracks. They were in a foreign country once again, and it was one that was an ally, facing a very real menace to its sovereignty from a lot of meddlesome outsiders.

"Bunch of Commie lunatics don't need to be tellin' our friends and allies how to run their countries, do they now? In Rome, buggers get dirty looks from colleagues, sermons from priests, and slaps to the face from the odd wife who's tired of not gettin' a good tumble. In Edom, they make you shut up and hide it, go to some kind of nice, comfy clinic, or else leave. No one's stonin' folks like in the old days, you know. It ain't that bad. Well, boys, here we are, and here's our fine hosts," Vetranio groused, finding the notion of people making a big fuss over buggers a bit odd as always.

"Silence in the ranks! We're about to meet 'em. The locals, that is. Welcome to Sterry, a city that we tried to take more than once in the Great War. Now, we're here as guests. So, be good, you sorry lot of bastards!" Baro told his men, those of his cohort, just as the other senior centurions told those in their commands.
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Ardoki » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:10 am

Ardokian Embassy,
New Edom

Kane showed the Edomite official into the embassy, and was about to make a quip when Ambassador Wade walked into the foyer.

'I have been instructed by the Minister of External Affairs to direct you to the basement, where the refugees are currently being housed.' She said to the Edomite official, completely ignoring Kane. 'Any which express a desire to leave, shall be able to leave the embassy grounds with you immediately. Those who wish to stay, may stay; however, will be able to leave any time they wish. You have our guarantee.'

Kane stepped to the side, and gestured towards the foyer. 'This way, good sir.'
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Postby Free Thouthen » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:22 am

OOC I would like to point out that the carrier had merely departed the port. I intend to write one mid-transit post, then the arrival post. IC wise, it will take the carrier roughly 8 days to arrive in Tempestan waters.

When one looked at Daniel Kahsai Siyoum, one could not have expected this short, gently looking man to hae been one of the most bloodthirsty dictators of the twenty - first century, comparable only to such figures like Idi Amin Dada or Suharto. The "Great Equalizer" as he was known by the title he had assumed, was relatively short - measuring only one hundred and sixty centimeters in his height. Often this condition had produced unease for the famed dictator, as when he visited a certain country, it's leader put tallest soldiers he could have assembled into the honor guard, forcing the "Great Equalizer" to constantly look up, making him feel shadowed like a stone under a cedar. His skin was brown like a chocolate - evidence of his mixed heritage. The man himself had a tall, sleek face and short, curly hair with a pair of small, deeply set eyes, which if were not eternally filled with mailce and hatred, could have been called beautiful. It seemed almost impossible that such a kind-looking man hid such vice inside his soul; but looks could have been deceiving. Daniel Siyoum rose all the way down - from a petty criminal, to a powerful businessman and then politician. Mixed heritage made him a perfect poster boy for "diversity" and that is why a group of oligarchs who constituted the real rulers of Thouthenian Democratic Party (sole legal political party aside from Thoutenian Minorities Party, Thouthenian Socialist Party and Thoutenian Libertarian Party, all of which were facades for the TDP).

He stepped on a podium, watching the endless crowd, more or less willingly assembled to witness his speech during the Democratic Popular Convention, an annual event held TDP's leadership. The common people were pests in the eyes of dictator; merely another problem he had to deal with, as he did not rise from the gutter all the way up to bother himself with popular opinion. Thus, taking lessons from what ultimately killed USSR and other dictatorial state,s Daniel implemented an entire new brand of policies. He did not fully nationalize economy, but rather pursue the corporatist dream; demolishing any business of the middle class, but keeping the major corporations in hands of his cronies, and foreign ones well bribed to keep silent and enjoy cheap labour force he provided them with. He did not outright ban religion, but rather announced a policy of mandatory ecumenism with protection not applying to traditionalist candidates of Abrahamic religions. New Age supporters daily lecutred on universities and led "interfaith dialogues" with public support, and in his dreams Siyoum slowly planned introduction of Cult of Mother Earth as a new eco-religion once last bastions of the Church have been extinguished. He slowly begun stripping all the peoples in his country of their ethnic and religious heritage; first bombarding the country with uncontrolled immigration and instituting "mandatory race mixing" first to destroy the white majority, and then go after the blacks Asians until a new people with no past to refer to have been created; a group history of which he will write himself. For once Christianity died, he, in truly Nietzchean fashion, intended to implement new moral order himself; and God have mercy on all who opposed his dream go create a new human utopia, all that stand in his way be damned.

He stepped on the podium and looked at the dark, gloomy streets of Augustholm, the capital of the Free State of Thouthen. Once a marvel of Ghotic architecture, the streets of Augstholm have been reduced to a sad place where various ethnic groups always quarrelled with each other despite the Supreme Equalizer's claims that the new policy of "Mandatory Diversity" worked perfectly. Those who remained in that hell on Earth lived a simple life full of consumptionism and hedonism - the state made sure that all emotions and higher things were gone. Goal of all people under Supreme Equalized's rule was to be only fulfillment of basic needs - aside from serving the TDP, that is...


"My honored people!" he begun his speech, only to be overshouted by a wave of cheers. By well trained motion, the crowds assembled themselves, making the "Progressive Salute".

"ALL HAIL SUPREME EQUALIZER! EQUALITY IS THE BEGINNING! EQUALITY IS THE END!" wave of cheers erupted from the crows, which knew that the first one to go silent will loose his job and visit one of infamous Mental Health Caps; thus all kept going until the Great Equalized signaled them to stop. After a while, the dictator got bored and signaled the crowd to cease.

"My honored people!" continued Siyoum "Long have I fulfilled the honored post of guardian of our democracy! Standing side by side, we worked together to realized Francis Fukuyama's vision of a society that is absolutely equal. Said great thinker had proven that liberal democracy as the one we are living in now is a historical inevitability. Those who oppose the main process of the history are fascists, racists and bigots and deserve to be nothing else but washed away by the coming flood of progress! "

Another wave of cheers erupted from the crowd:

"I have long pursued programs to increase diversity of our nation and ensure social justice!" shouted the dictator in an emotional tone "I established welfare net that transformed the wealth of the rich to you! I established a policy of a positive affirmative action for oppressed minorities. I have set a state that, like omnipowerful father, always takes care for it's citizens. It helps us transform our country in a paradise - one where soon wealth divisions will be abolished, races will be abolished, all divisions will be abolished and all will live in harmony with Mother Earth!"

He rose his fists into the air.

"The duty of creating an utopia on Earth can't however, be restricted to Thouthen a lone. For in the lands abroad there are those who, instead of the omnipowerful state that cares for them, want to be cared about by an invisible God! There are those who still hold view that white race is superior to all others and should not pay the price for slavery and centuries of harm it had inflicted on others! There are those who believe that women are different than men should not fulfill the same functions! There are those who immigrated here, and refused to reject their barbaric religious believes in the name of diversity and tolerance! To such of you I say, you shall be punished for obstruction of human progress!"

The speech was, as of now, making quite an impression on the crowd, even if most of it was obviously faked:

"The actions of the Edomite government can't be classified in any other way than barbaric" shouted the current head of state "The Edomite government, inspired by clergy that grows fat on the altars as the people grow poorer and poorer, chose to use lethal force against the poor citizens of their country, whose only crime was rising up for having their identities denied. In a globally interconnected world, such behaviour can not be tolerated. When democratic peace is not upheld, and the authortarian, reactionary regimes are permitted to freely do what they wish, it's always humanity that suffers in the end. As such, guided by the responisibilty to protect, Thouthen has to act! Shall we stand idly as a next Hitler rises to power in New Edom, among happy chants of Church choirs, and saluting of Nifonese nazis!? "

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" shouted the assembled citizens!

"I am glad that you agree! Thus, I, Daniel Khasai Siyoum, the Great Equalizer, Protector of the Minorities, Greatest Friend of the Gay, Lesbian, Transvestite, Queer, Woman, Child, Immigrant and Black, One who makes the working class equal, announce the following. The Edomite state thinks that it can hide behind the walls of allies, behind Nifonese ships, commoner missiles and Roman legions. I say to them, you can't. You can't escape the progress. To demonstrate it, the Free State of Thouthen will be deploying a carrier group to Tempestan ocean, with a mission to keep a forward presence to the Edomite state, and inform it of it's necessity to conduct social reforms, or be washed by tides of history. Anything less radical is already bound to fail, as nations that want to take part in Chacoan peace talks have absolutely no arguments to convince New Edom to change it's course - so this time, someone will have to show them that they can't do what they want with impunity! HAIL EQUALITY!"

"ALL HAIL SUPREME EQUALIZER! EQUALITY IS THE BEGINNING! EQUALITY IS THE END!" shouted the assembled people, at least officially full of joy. Yet under masks of support for the regime, there was uncertainity; the dictator was pushing them into a war against a foreign state, one they had no idea about it's future.


Admiral Elizaboth Wormberg, the first female admiral put into the office by Siyoum's administration, smiled as she stood upon a large podium. In front of her, a crowd of sailors had assembled, ready to listen to her speech before they embarked on a grand journey to establish a forward presence near what their leadership called a "sexist regime of the racist white male". When one looked at her, she could not have been described as attractive; her hands bulky like in a strongman, belly large and visible, face square - like and full of wrinkles, hair short raven - dark which, when coupled together, had made her look like a witch from the children's fairy tales. Except, that this time it was no tale, and this monstrosity was about to be unleashed on a certain nation.

"My dear soldiers, sailors and airmen!" she shouted in what sounded more like screeching than human voice "Today is a great day! Today our force shall embark on a grand mission to to show our power to the racist regime of the while male that holed itself in Finberg, and in this glorious mission, we shall not fail!"

She paused, looking at the gathered men. Deep in her heart, she detested them all - ever since her lover and husband had left her broke raping her beforehand, she could have never looked at a man again. Thus, according to the ancient wisdom that evil breeds evil, bad traits of her former husband transferred on her alongside the harm.

"The evil white male thinks that he had won! He thinks that because he is the most privileged caste, the world is in his grasp! " she started reciting a speech she wrote four hours earlier "Look, my dear soldiers, at our cowardly foe! The Edomite has not a single intention to change peacefully, but like all fascists, resorts to violence - and that is because violence is inherent characteristic of every white male that had not been taught virtues of our glorious society! The white men shall never let us be free, never will see us as equal! Thus, we will have to face them! I am calling every member of an oppressing minority, the black, the immigrant, the woman, the gay! Thus, we shall unite against him and topple him down!"

She rose her fist into air:

"Onward, oh oppressed! Now, do you have any questions about evil nature of our foe, and why Supreme Equalizer ordered his pacification!?"

"Excuse me, Madame Admiral?" said Commodore Eduard Ooghaze an enormous black skinned man standing next to her, currently being her chief of staff and the only officer in this operation to show any kind of real tallent. An Immigrant from Yughanna that filled "naval officer" in his job, was in fact, a former pirate that took many commercial ships hostage and held them for months. Still, due to the lack of officers caused by endless purges perpetuated by "The Supreme Equalizer", Thouthenian Navy accepted everyone who had even basic skills. The man, aside from his skills, had almost no discipline and loved to drink "But what is, how you said it, a "gay"? We do not have it where I come from..."

Words could not have described Admiral Elizaboth's face.

"YOU!!!!! You..." her face turned into blood of red like the soviet flag "YOUU FASCIST! YOU, RACIST SEXIST MYSOGONIST HOMOPHOBE TRANSPHOBE! How dare you, how dare you deny existence of an entire group of people that makes 25% of your country's population! I will have you court martialled!"

Not wanting to land in a "mental health camp" where various offenders against the system were "rehabilitated" (and usually never seen nor heard of again) themselves and recognizing what the government would classify as "hate speech" - all the men launched themselves at Commodore Oooghaze. It took few seconds of tiresome struggle to pin him down, as the former pirate was a mountain of muscles forged into the fires of African conflict.

"Get off me you traitors!" he shouted as he struggled "I will eat your brains and feast on your hearts for this treason!"

"Take him to the Military Hate Crimes Bureau! They will know what to do with him..." Elizaboth still fumed with anger like an old train "Ugh... I need to rest. Members of my staff are to meet me at 1700 hours for issuing an OPORD. You are dismissed. "

Everyone saluted her and left to their own tasks. Few hours later, Carrier Group "Tolerance" had left the port, ready to spread progress world wide.

ORBAT: Carrier Group "Tolerance"
- 1x Over the Rainbow class CVN with 18x Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II, 6x Sikorsky Sea King SH-3H, 4x Agusta AB-212 and 3x Sikorsky SH-3 AEW.
- 5x "Diversity" class FFG
- 3x "Social Justice" class SSN
- 1x Axillary Replenishment Oiler "Multiculturalism"
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Montenbourg » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:37 am

Hittanryan wrote:
To: Elizabeth McCord, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Montenbourg
From: Amy Bailey, Secretary of State, Republic of Adiron
Subject: New Edom
Encryption: High

Your Excellency,

We are grateful for the invitation, although I must ask if the other parties are aware if additional parties may attend this round of talks. Our hosts would undoubtedly need to know who will be in attendance.

As to a strategy discussion, I have contacted Ambassador Edwards in Montague. He has recommended that embassy and State Department staff should meet with appropriate Foreign Ministry officials prior to the summit. We have a number of insights we may be able to provide. If this is acceptable to you, we can have our offices see to the arrangements.

Amy Bailey
Secretary of State

Palace of Westfalia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Montenbourg

RECIPIENT(S): Amy Bailey, Secretary of State, Republic of Adiron
SENDER: Elizabeth McCörd, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dearest Miss Bailey,

You are cordially invited to the Palace of Westfalia, Foreign Affairs Headquarters, to discuss the situation in New Edom. I find necessary to discuss further diplomatic strategy due to the seemingly action of some nations.

Also you're staff is invited to the #WeAreVoice Concert in benefit of the #DecriminalizeLGBT campaign. This raises thousands of Monten Pounds to provide to our cause. Admission to the Concert is free, but we encourage participants to donate generously to the fund. Your helpful donations are truly something to speak about.

Your response will be appreciated,

Elizabeth McCörd,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Kingdom Of Montenbourg

Progress, Liberal, Pro-Democracy.
"Iustitia et Pacem"
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Postby Ghanddoria » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:38 am

New Edom wrote:
Please write good posts in response to this. No FT, no magic, no superheros. Diplomacy, espionage, political responses, journalists, tourists and gradual moves towards military response with proper stages of development are acceptable. This thread may also contain mature subject matter.

This image may have additional descriptions but this is the overall look I'm going for, as well as the area of government district and embassy row. (Image)

Fineberg was a green city in some respects. Near the government district, which included embassy row, and the banking district which also contained a number of foreign businesses, there were wide boulevards lined with trees. This was also true along the Silver River estuary which included a bird sanctuary and the Fineberg Zoo. The Majestic Hotel, Terrace Hotel, Vandeviere Hotel and Maconnais Hotel were among the fancy foreign owned hotels that had franchises in Fineberg.

The architectural style of the government buildings, churches, and the fancy town houses of the rich was in what was called the Neo-Cornellian style for the most part--inclining to fancy stonework with pillars, wide steps, villa style homes and palatial arrangements for the government buildings often with towering domes and with plazas surrounding them.

The corporate businesses included hospitality such as MotoPizza, Taste of the East Restaurant, Serenely Barbecued Chicken, and services such as at the Forum Idumeum Mall, a four block long mall complex built by a Roman entrepreneur which included clothing stores, a pharmacy, a movie complex, a food court, electronics, novelties, game stores, sporting goods and an outlet for Mike’s Monkey House.

The main transport in the city of Fineberg was urban trains, buses, and taxis. A typical taxi was a small open vehicle that barely fit two passengers, with the driver sitting up front. Instead of four wheels, it only had three.

In the urban residential districts, most of the buildings were made from cinder blocks and had laminated roofs. Mixed in with the houses were small stores and an occasional school, and round domed churches. For most of these ordinary people, a trip to the Forum Idumeum or banking district was likely to be a once a year trip to something exciting. For the most part, a shopping center was a large warehouse-style building that contained dozens of small shops selling just about everything imaginable: clothing, shoes, leather goods, kitchen supplies, umbrellas, toys.This would often be mixed with religious icons. Popular in Fineberg were icons showing the Three Wise Men and the infant Christ, often with bright colours and also very popular were ones that lit up with electric lights.

The average woman did chores on their back porches. In much of New Edom, the back porch of a house was actually a work area for both laundry and cooking. Ovens and stoves were almost always kept outdoors to prevent them from heating the inside of the house. Washing machines were not yet common on the island, so most clothing had to be washed in a large specially designed sink. Therefore, between cooking and laundry, women spent their days on their porches instead of inside their houses.

By contrast, the average man in Fineberg either worked in a shop, did service work as mechanics, labourers, factory workers and when not doing such things tended to tinker with home projects, sit around listening to football or basketball matches on the radio or watching it on a grainy TV, or loafed around at cafes playing chess and arguing about sports, politics and religion with neighbors. While there were challenges to these gender roles, they were mostly among the Middle Classes, particularly among the younger generation.

The majority of the people running around were dressed in loose-fitting white shirts and cargo shorts. Many of the younger women were wearing short dresses made of very light fabric. It was apparent that the only concern of the people on the street was comfort. There was not much worry about modesty, even for the warm southern Acheron. One would see, however, that close to home most of the women working on their porches were topless, wearing nothing but an apron, or completely naked. The Edenist movement had revived the tendency for ordinary folk to only wear clothing when necessary, and the theological notion that with the ascension of Christ that Adam and Eve’s sins had been forgiven meant that nudity was not, per se, sinful.

There was a sharp dichotomy though for university students and others who wanted to appear modern and international.These folk wore suits, T shirts with logs at times and other statements of modern foreign fashion. It was a symbol of class as well as affiliation with ‘modern ideas’ to dress so.

Outside the city were a collection of small towns and villages interspersed with farm country and which included some barracks here and there for military units attached to the Military District of Fineberg. The farming plantations included groves of fruit trees (lemons, melons, mangoes, oranges, grapes) and vegetables such as olives, chickpeas and lettuces. Not far off was the gated town of Quality Bay, which contained some expensive hotels, a casino, a marina and shops that served them.

OOC Thread

Fineberg, New Edom

In the years long fight for LGBT+ rights in New Edom, controversy had bloomed once again. In the light of agreements with foreign nations to permit emigration, the government had, controversially, permitted people to declare their orientation in a few different ways. For instance, people could report themselves for reeducation, or could admit their orientation in order to emigrate to nations accepting their orientation. Because of these loopholes, discussion was once again possible. In spite of a violent attempted set of purges two years ago under the government of General Nicanor, it was hoped that the more liberal acting presidency of Count Lalery might make it possible to agitate for rights.

Cloris had never participated in a demonstration before in her life. There'd never been anything in the twenty five years of her life that had stirred her up enough to do more than make the most passive protest. Normally, Iris wasn't very sure what she really believed in, especially when the object of protest was somehow remote from her daily life like climate change, education, health provision, trades union rights, and so on. And she'd always been scared off by the threat of public disorder. She didn't want to be in a peaceful demonstration that then became a full-fledged riot. That was bad not only because innocent people got killed and lynched, but also because it was a dangerous place to be.

A big protest was brewing in her city. It was to protest the human rights abuses going on in New Edom against LGBT people. New trade agreements involving normally more tolerant nations such as the Shrailleeni Empire, Adiron, Shalum, McNernia and others had been in the news, and outrage on the part of human rights activists that nothing was being done on their front had reached a boiling point. The various organizations such as the Organization for Free Expression, Church Human Rights Interests Syndicate of the Tabernacle, The Edomite Freedom Coalition were gearing up to make a lot of noise and try to get world leaders to discuss the abuses while in the very country doing the abusing. People were going to be on both sides of the debate and there was bound to be some anger, and perhaps even some violence.

Cloris lived in a commune building with other counter cultural people, including her Dengali friend and lover Ayesha who was a relief doctor but worked below the radar as she did not have an official job. Her friends Mark and Jorin worked at the Rosa Crucis Relief center as well, largely doing administrative work, while she, Cloris, was a Latin teacher. Normally the groups they associated generally kept their heads low, and in the confusion of shifting urban life, hordes of people still moving to cities for work, moving in from different parts of the Empire, the LGBT movement, the counter-culturalists, even the socialists were often not really noticed as long as they were not too much in people’s faces. But tensions and fears had begun to explode, and it was hoped that world opinion might, this time, make a difference. Cloris hoped so but feared not.

Cloris and her friends were among the protestors who were nude. They were painted with slogans such as LOVE IS LOVE and FREEDOM IS BEAUTIFUL to distinguish themselves from blue and white End Times Church protestors. There was variety though. There were a lot of men dressed in camouflage, and heavier, thicker clothes than this time of year would necessitate, and there were a plethora of backpacks with Peace signs, rainbow flags and biblical protest signs from the friendly ecumenical church groups urging pacifism and peaceful conflict resolution. What they wanted, all of them, was to raise the question for the national legislature to consider at least making it legal to declare oneself a non-heterosexual, even if same sex marriage, adoption and office holding were in the far distant future. At least let the government protest the right to be who you were.

Her friends and acquaintances was completely swamped in a vast crowd that had congregated in open defiance of the punitive penalties imposed by the Council of Ministers with the general support of the Chamber of Deputies. friends and acquaintances was completely swamped in a vast crowd that had congregated in open defiance of the punitive penalties imposed by the government. It took awhile for the march to actually begin, though the first demonstrators had shuffled off several hours earlier. There was a palpable sense of conspiratorial partying in the whole event that Iris and her friends felt as they browsed stalls selling pro LGBT and revolutionary literature. There was an illicit thrill in doing something illegal. And, unlike taking drugs or importing goods cheaply from outside the Empire, it was illegal activity in the full glare of publicity and where there was a very real chance of being found out. All around the marshals in orange reflective were there to remind protestors that this was a peaceful demonstration and that any violence or civil disorder would be pounced on instantly

The main goal was to march into the areas where foreigners would not be able to ignore what was going on. Everyone with acquaintances or friends who might be sympathetic among well off foreigners who might film and stream the protest on their phones, and in particular around the buildings on the cruciform area of ‘embassy row’ would be shown this protest. Thus far the organizing had worked, as it had largely been done through social media, which the government was uneven about monitoring. It was a cheerful good-natured march where children were lifted up on their parents' shoulders and where Social Democrats in their rubber boots and organically woven clothes were singing rousing songs

There were, however, some signs of alarm. ETC counter protestors, by mid morning, had begun showing up in trucks in groups dozens strong, vastly outnumbered but more aggressive, painted blue and white and naked, without firearms but armed with their own signs, with clubs and sticks, banging them on the vehicle sides and shouting, “NEW EDOM NEVER SODOMITE! STAND FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, BLASPHEMERS! REPENT, REPENT!”

City Militia had also shown up but for whatever reason appeared alarmed and fled back to their barracks.

Delphino Marcus, a journalist for NENN news asked a militia officer why his units were falling back, and the nervous officer, sweating, said, “We have reports that there are going to be epidemics of sodomy throughout the city. It’s all a guise for a homofront attack. We are not armed enough for this; we have been ordered back. Beware, Christ help us, mass sodomy will fall upon us!”

As the crowds gathered around embassy row and the handsome corporate buildings in the foreign district, suddenly it began to come to a halt as people pressed in from another direction. Cloris and her friends clustered together, trying not to lose sight of one another; she gripped Ayesha’s hand almost painfully tight. The press of the crowd became ever more panicked as a growing number of people worried more about getting away from the crush than they were of continuing the demonstration. Clouds were billowing from the Palace of Justice.that Cloris later learnt had come from tear gas canisters. The flow of public text messages she was receiving on her mobile phone were becoming increasingly hysterical.

"They're firing on protestors near Betharan Palace," said Ayesha, her voice tight. "That's what it says here."

"It's not bullets, though," said Mark, checking his own phone. "They're using water cannon."

"That's not right," said Jorin. "That's not right. There are politicians, pop stars, comedians and camera crews there."

"It's bad enough here as it is!" said Cloris as she held her mobile phone up in front of her face as she couldn't straighten out her arms to hold it anywhere else.

When the pressure from the crowd relaxed, it was as the demonstration was beginning to fall apart. It didn't happen all at once. The crowd just became progressively less organised. Then it fragmented sufficiently to allow Iris to see what was actually going on. It all broke like a wave. Soldiers and police were waving batons at fleeing protestors. One protestor was battered on the head and chest by a baton as he lay in a foetal crouch on the ground. Smoke was still billowing out of the area around the Palace of Justice and nothing could be seen through the engulfing whiteness other than the faint shadows of memorials and protestors. Escaping along with the smoke were protestors who held scarves, handkerchiefs and other types of cloth up against their mouths. Horses were trotting backwards and forwards with mounted police on their backs as they attempted to disperse the crowd. Horses and men alike wore gas masks, giving them a sinister insect appearance. Some of the protestors had turned to rioting. The rioters were throwing stones, bricks and railings at the police and soldiers and aggravated an already dangerous situation. Smoke continued to float over the crowd. Cars were overturned. Projectiles were thrown at the statues of David the Lawgiver and Adah the Liberator.

“Brothers, brothers, we are brothers in Christ!” cried a group of the ecumenicals, waving their signs and holding up their crosses.

“Oh Christ, not again,” said Mark, and involuntarily sprayed urine down his leg, unnoticed in his fear. The friends clutched at one another. An orange-vest backed up nearby and was crying out, “Link arms, everyone, link arms!”

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" shouted Gloria, one of their other friends, her eyes wide with alarm.

"Was that the sound of gunfire?" asked Mark who stood paralysed in indecision.

“It was. Where's it coming from? Wherever it is, that's where we're not going." Cloris stammered. They were being shoved this way and that--by people trying to join the defensive line, by others rushing up to throw bricks and rocks, by people running.

"We can't go forward," said Ayesha. "We can't go backward. We can't go over the bridge. So, I guess that's the only way we can go."

"This is a fucking nightmare!" said Cloris.

"Can we trust the police?" asked Jorin. "Are they going to arrest us and put us in cells and interrogate us? Are we going to be tortured?"

There were more sounds of gunfire and a sudden rush of mounted police: this time supported by soldiers wearing riot gear normally worn by police. Three or four helicopters were swooping over embassy rowand one dropped a huge metal net catching a group of twenty or thirty protesters. And then, behind them, a line of armoured vehicles with thick huge wheels rumbled forward.

"Quick!" screamed Mark. "Get moving. Run!"

Those who ran were permitted to flee, though here and there militia and soldiers would grab some, either beating them brutally to the pavement or grabbing them and hauling them into vans. Many others were permitted to flee. Those who stood and tried to pacifictically protest were all beaten or arrested; those who tried to fight were all shot. Those who tried to use vehicles or buildings as shelters were fired on with autocannon, grenade launchers and even a few missiles, though someone heard an officer yelling,

“Idiots! Do you know how much anti-tank missiles cost? Use grenades, you damned fools!”

Protesters ran to the nearest embassies or foreign businesses. Profile Incorporated, United Mailing Services, the Civic Bank of Avantine, as well as the Adiran, Shrailleeni, Garzan, McNernian, Shalumite, Ghantish, Nakad, Kylarnatian, Netorarian and other embassies had their doors approached by groups of panicked people, who if not prevented from doing so would desperately pound on the doors begging for help and asylum.

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Postby Vionna-Frankenlisch » Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:10 am

Harbourtown, New Edom
Major Alex Pender

“Good morning. A magnificent animal, Major, and an impressive rider. Or should it be ‘Your Excellency” as we call titled persons here?” mused Elimelech thoughtfully.

"Ah, best you don't, thank you, Colonel. It's a courtesy title and I don't like to use it, even though I'm meant to." Major Pender replied, still smiling, removing her brimmed pith helmet to reveal short, dyed cyan hair. A complete absurdity among the nobility.

He introduced some of his command staff: Major Telemachus, his executive officer, and Sergeant-Major Saul, his senior NCO. “Good day, Major,’ he said with a bow. “A fine beast, if I may say so. I had a plan to offer, if I might recommend. Why don’t we begin moving heavy equipment and vehicles and such first, and then load the horses get them calm and situated, and finally the main body of your personnel?”

"That sounds excellent." Pender replied with a nod, "We have the horses ashore now so it'd be best to get their corral together while the Imperial Navy boys start unloading vehicles. They're dumb as bricks but incredibly good looking..." Pender cleared her throat. "Anyway," she said, "The heaviest equipment we have to unload are the tanks but they will have to wait for that transport there to dock." Pender twisted around and pointed to a hulking great mass of steel that steamed slowly closer to the jetty. "Once the last of the horses are ashore, then we can begin unloading the vehicles. And, if you think its safe, we can begin bringing men ashore now."

Colonel Lord Featherwick

"It is what is done, is it not?" Featherwick replied, smiling charmingly. "I thought that General Buckingham would want a man from your fleet to speak with when he comes ashore. And I'd be most glad to invite you to luncheon later, aboard HMNS Black Crystal." His incompetence was obvious but Featherwick had a charming, noble quality to him that made him instantly likeable to most.
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The Speech of Aristocrat Kaiwade

Postby Lanorth » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:21 pm

Saturday 2nd of March, 2019
Karabrax-Ariston Palace
Central Lanorth
Annual Aristocracy Announcement

"Dear Tyronian. I am Volkan Aryrus Verskyro Kienrich Kaiwade, the Aristocrat of Lanorth. As of conformation a recent hearing in the Tyronian Senate just yesterday evening, General Halvan Leonary, the new Chief of the Tyronian General Staff, was asked by the Senate Armed Forces Committee what is the greatest threat to Lanorth and it's allies and their autocratic way of life? He answered 'I would put New Edom right now as the number one threat. They are the only country that the Tyronian Senate officially recognise as the country with the highest difference in ideological and society-related beliefs that remains a true threat.' General Zakeri Palasdom, the new head of the Tyronian Alliance Association, expressed the same view to the same committee during his conformation hearings. I fully agree with the two General's assessments. It is also an assessment shared by many top military leaders, according to GEO, or Global Espionage Operations, Lanorth's second branch of Spedial Forces, who are people who are in the best position to know the facts of the case. In particular, I applaud my former comrade in arms and former Supreme Commander of the Tyronian Anti-Terrorist Regime General Vadal Bankhar for laying out the risks that Lanorth and the Tyronian Alliance Association face in this brave and unexpected time of the year. As the Commander-in-Chief of the Tyronian Armed Forces I have once witnessed Edomite aggression in 1999 during their civil war. Intelligence staff of the Global Espionage Operations have claimed they were brutal during that time. Of all of the challenges Lanorth has once seen in The First World War, The Second World War and The Cold War, the worst threat to Lanorth has began in 2019, the threat being New Edom and King Elijah and Queen Mara of the country. Yes, extremist terrorists cause a threat to our security, but until they can beat us on the battlefield, they cannot harm our nation. The Edomites are different. This is the truly terrifying part, I am afraid to say. As they begin to allow nations to perform counter-terrorism exercises in New Edom, the threat increases more and more and our military activity increases more and more alongside it. They consider the homosexual populace to be terrorists, which we find despicable and utterly revolting. Under King Elijah and Queen Mara, New Edom has charded a dangerous course that if it is allowed to continue may lead inexorably to a clash between SACTO and the TAA. That could mean a war that could so easily and inevitably turn nuclear. As a Tyronian Commander once said in 1943, 'war has it's own grammar not understanded by humans. It has it's own language that we attempt to understand but fail to. That is why millions upon millions die.' I would add, it has it's own dynamic. If TAA soldiers find themselves in direct combat with SACTO soldiers, that conflict will escalate. That means the ultimate option will lay upon the table. The usage of nuclear weapons. But this dynamic can easily be stopped if the nations, under the leadership of New Edom, shows the necessary resolve and mind to cancel the exercises and halt the war exercises currently being planned out amongst the General Staff of the Tyronian Armed Forces. It is a war that can be stopped if New Edom knows Lanorth and The TAA are going to fight for our freedom and the necessary cause to protect our allies in battle. We are ready to fight to the very last man. Until then, my dear Tyronian, let us hope for Drenity's sake that we do not go to war that could end up destroying the whole planet. Farewell."
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Postby Brytene » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:19 pm

Layover, Kenya
Moi International Airport

The private charter settled nicely down on the long, heat-hazed airstrip, the passengers breathing a sigh of relief. Standing up to stretch their legs, this was the second layover of their long trip back west. Jimmy stepped out first, down the short bright yellow steel stairs that had been wheeled up to the jet, instantly feeling the muffling heat even in this early season.

Maybe thirty yards away was the triangular-peaked terminal, distinctly Kenyan and relatively charming, as airport buildings went. The group strolled into the terminal, in order to refresh themselves, grab a bite to eat and stretch their legs. Harlaus stopped outside for a smoke, while Jimmy went inside to find something to read.

It was a couple of minutes later that a commotion caused him to glance up. Harlaus was rushing through the terminal, obviously looking for him, causing quite a stir thanks to his ruddy complexion and bushy yellow beard, sweat already staining the armpits of his pastel yellow dress shirt.

"Jimmy! Where's Sara?!" he cried out, his eyes wild and frantic. Jimmy, who was in reality Captain James Salary of R-DARK, stared back at him - he had thought she had remained behind with Harlaus.

"She's not with you? Fuck! Check the women's bathroom - I don't want to alert security unless we absolutely have to," he said, putting the magazine he had been browsing back in its rack and stepping into the corridor. Harlaus caught his shoulder, checking him.

"I don't think we want to do that at all, Jimmy." he said meaningfully, glancing around and then stepping closer.

"She's fucking stolen just shy of 70 million NSD from the Edomites."

James Salary was an experienced soldier, and had been on plenty of undercover and black flag operations in the past. He was not at all surprised - he was conditioned not to waste time gasping and pearl-clutching when shit hit the fan. He was, however, annoyed, both at Sara and at Goldwing Finance.

"How? Do the Edomites know?"

"I have no idea if they've noticed yet," Harlaus replied, keeping his voice low "it's only a few million out of several billion so it's not immediately obvious. I only noticed because I was checking the clearinghouse status - most of the cash did make it where it was supposed to go."

"So how did she do it?" Salary asked, hands on his hips, leaning close to the harried-looking Harlaus.

"She charged a fucking conversion rate!"

Even Salary, a military man, understood instantly. Of course it made no sense to charge a conversion rate if the currency wasn't being converted, but by falsely setting up some of the payments as international, Sara had managed to muddy the waters and somewhere inbetween, had made sure a tiny percentage had been lost. It was an easy crime to trace once noticed, but by using her internal knowledge of the software to dodge the automatic red flags, as well as delaying the payments by dumping them through an automated clearinghouse, she had bought herself enough time to make it halfway across the globe.

"Get back to the plane. Be ready to go." Salary grunted, before turning to stride through the airport, affecting the air of a man with a plane to catch, not a financial criminal.

...several minutes later...

He had spoken with airport security, claiming that the tall brunette with the delicate curls and striking red lipstick was a pickpocket and had stolen his wallet, but they had failed to find her. An attendant near the taxi rank thought he had seen her get into a taxi and leave. The security staff had offered to contact local police for him, firing up their CCTV system to spool through and see if they could spot the taxi, so as they did so Jimmy returned and told the charter to leave without him. Harlaus, at least, would make it home safely and on-time, as Jimmy picked up his cell and reluctantly placed a call..

Cenwulf's Solar
Castle Oakhall

Arminius was a spare man with a gaunt face, a trim goatee and a bald head. Even Cenwulf knew little about his top intelligence man, but the spymaster's low, gravelly voice and intense stare were more than enough to discourage unwanted prying.

"I have received word from the agent bringing home the Goldwing Finance personnel. One of them has stolen a considerable sum and fled."

Cenwulf stared. "You bloody what?"

"Sara Eichenhart." Arminius said, pronouncing each syllable clearly and slowly. "A senior accountant from the Nass Branch. Also a lesbian. She played tricks with the return of the Edomite billions and took something in the region of $69,000,000 dollars, at least partially in the form of travellers checks and cash in a variety of denominations."

Cenwulf slammed his desk with his fist. "Bloody hell! Of course she had to be gay. That ridiculous Count Lavatory of theirs is going to have a field day with this! By the end of the day she'll be a confirmed Homofront terrorist and an avatar of Satan himself, according to their Ministry for Agriculture or whichever random department is in charge of counter-terrorism over there."

Arminius remained impassive, taking a breath and throwing a glance out of the window, at the glittering nightlights of Lundene. "Almost certainly true. However, there are several upsides to the situation."

Cenwulf grunted and slumped into his chair, then waved impatiently for Arminius to continue before pouring himself a beer.

"Firstly, the amount is negligible. It is not sufficient to justify any real action on the part of New Edom - much like their fellow SACTO nations, they are quick to throw around threats, but the truth is that they are currently busy securing their own borders and waging an anti-terror campaign on their own soil. Their allies are similiarly engaged or else lack the political willpower to launch a campaign against a well-defended nation half a globe away, especially not over such an amusing sum of money."

Cenwulf took a sip of beer, smacked his lips and then shrugged as if conceding the point. Brytene, whilst not a dominant superpower, had a capable military and several strong allies, and had stellar infantry and special forces in particular - any invasion of distant Brytene would be a folly worth of Alcibiades.

"Secondly," Arminius continued "Goldwing Finance stands to lose rather a significant amount of prestige, and money. Whilst some more backwards nations may be inclined to see this as a reflection of the general state of the Brytisc financial industry, those who actually understand international economics will most certainly pin the blame squarely on Goldwing Finance, especially if the state comes down hard on them for their failures. Any damage to Goldwing Finance poses a significant blow to Sir Arthur Canillac and his independence movement. So long as the government is careful not to twist the knife too openly, this represents quite the opportunity for us."

Cenwulf stared at the Director for a moment, and then a grin split his face and he chuckled. "So much for you being apolitical, Arminius! I like it. It'll do indeed."

Arminius shrugged. "Sir Arthur's ridiculous dreams of independence are a threat to the Confederacy. It's not politics, it's national security. If he was just agitating for lower taxes R-DARK would not care one jot either way."

"Hah. Fair enough. Well, we'll let them figure it out and come yelling. With any luck they'll make another public gaffe in their outrage, but even if they somehow manage to handle this like a real government, we can't tell them we already know without spilling the beans that we had an R-DARK agent in their tire fire of a country. I'm sure Goldwing or the Edomites or the Bank of Yohannes will figure it out soon enough..."
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Postby McNernia » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:19 am

Harbourtown Naval Base, New Edom
Commodore Arthur Folass MRN

The Colonels gifts were wasted on a man like Folass, serving one of the few Hardasses in the Royal Navy who had the connections to go far. Rumored to be on track to take the place of Ralton when he stepped down the man had learned to tolerate no delays. No problems. He looked to the harbor and saw the transport coming.

“Well I suppose I shall await the general. Nothing for it.” The man would wait for the general to arrive. He was not that happy, he sent a message back to the ship that he would be delayed a bit further watching the Vionnaians unload the equipment of war. If the New Edomites wished to speak to him then he would be available.
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Postby New Edom » Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:50 pm

Haran Province,
New Edom

The Romans were definitely not the most popular of New Edom’s allies in some parts of Bara Province, and generally throughout Haran Province. Not only were they remembered as having been the conquerors, but they had supported the Monarchists during the 3rd Civil War, and as such were suspect as were the Imperium among some politicians. Furthermore, their arrival complicated everything as the Solisans had just arrived.

“Let them sit on their garlic stuffed asses in their transports,” had grumbled Harbourmaster Galal, an irritable one legged Haranese follower of Augrim. “Let them pay for supplying Rand and blowing my leg off.”

“We are all allies now,” had chided Governor Aurangzeb. “Fie upon you for poor hospitality. We shall greet them with honey and salt and bread, and make them welcome for our beloved Queen and our beloved Prophet. Remember their past courtesies to her. She has bade us love them and this we will do.”

The Roman envoys of the fleet and expedition were made welcome by applause, by a band performing stirring airs, and with honey, bread and salt as brothers in arms them, with Aurangzeb greeting them as courteously as he had the Solians. He had to explain, mournfully, that they were still moving 8,000 Solisian troops and that they would have to wait a bit, but that appropriate transport would soon be made available.

It would take well into the night before equipment, troops and materiel were moved, as a result, but in a way this was what these exercises were for, to test readiness and responsiveness. “How quickly we wax fat, and kick!” chuckled Aurangzeb. “It was ever a hardship in the old days, where we ate stale bread and drank brackish water and were glad of it, where we had to scrounge the rounds to kill our enemies and piss in dry river beds. Now we lament a little honest work because guests arrive all at once? We must give praise to God for such fine friends and so what we can.” His staff took his example, and changed their views, for they were rightly shamed that they had waxed fat, and kicked.
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Postby New Edom » Sat Mar 02, 2019 2:01 pm


From the Office of the Minister of Defense

[Encryption: Most Secret, Eyes Only, Ministerial, Senior Official, Appropriate Military Officials Only]
To our Imperion, SACTO and Bilateral Allies,

I have been made aware of rhetoric from foreign enemies by my friends in the Ministry of Police and Foreign Affairs. These include:

Lanorth Assembly Speech. It is not clear if this is intended to provoke a response, if it is merely saber rattling, or if it is an actual perception of threat. The government of New Edom intends to make a diplomatic response, however it should be noted that New Edom has no nuclear arsenal to speak of and that if there is a failure to convey our lack of intended threat to Lanorth, we call upon our allies to support our diplomacy with their commitments to our defense.
Thouthen Speech This rhetoric is backed up by a promise of threat. It is recommended that Imperion exercises be adjusted to repel a potential incursion into the Tempesta, and it is requested that our other allies should be prepared to back up our position with public approval.

I have the honour to be,
General Jonathan Unwerth
Minister of Defense

General Augrim
Chief of the Imperial General Staff
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Postby New Edom » Sat Mar 02, 2019 2:21 pm


From the Office of the Minister of Defense

[Encryption: Private, Embassy Staff Only]
To His Excellency Daniel Folais, Ambassador for Novitera,

My dear Mr. Folais,

I regret to inform you that 14 of your bank’s employees had been arrested on the day of the protest, in a clear case of ‘at the wrong place in the wrong time’ and have been released. I have enclosed their identities. Two of them, a Mr. Joram and Miss Axa, were lightly injured but no more than someone getting caught up in a rough spot and an excitable football crowd might have been due to being flung into a militia truck. I have been informed that the militiamen in question politely apologized.

On a more serious note, I am informed that one of your own citizens, a Mr. Richard Hayes, a tourist, was outspoken during his arrest, accusing the militia arresting him of sexual perversion and disgusting hygienic practices in a most rude and blasphemous manner, and I’m afraid that he was injured by having his head banged against a wall, and then after receiving a beating was sodomized with a riot baton. He is currently in hospital. On behalf of my government, I deeply regret this incident, and assure you that the militia present will be severely punished, as it is contrary to the professional conduct required of our personnel. However I would appreciate your advice as to how to handle this matter in a way that is appropriate to your culture. Deputy Minister Misabel has suggested to me that having the particular militiamen confess their crime, followed by a gauntlet and penal servitude might suffice, I would appreciate your letting me know. I would like, however, to point out that at the same time his remarks were also inappropriate and provocative in the extreme, and while naturally in every case any of our officials committing outrages on your people will naturally result in punishment, the injuries will remain.

With regard to other matters, I understand that you also have some recommendations to me with regard to the legal advice that was requested. I would appreciate receiving it and being able to set up a meeting between them and the Deputy Minister of Justice.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Postby The Nordic 5 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:43 pm

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Part One: Warrior

Postby Lanorth » Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:31 pm

Seventeen-Thirty Hours,
Sunday the Third of March,
Southern Vadistok,
Eastern Lanorth

After the darkness and bitter coldness of the Tyronian winter, Spring is an optimistic time for the people of Vadistok, and this holiday to celebrate the transition of the season was no exception. Warm Spring sunshine set off the white walls and domes of Pattershon Cathedral. In Vantin-Baslong park, groups of students from the many universities in the city played football or lay on the grass chatting whilst families and people of all ages gathered in the park with a picnic or a barbecue to celebrate. In the city, the cafés and bars in Vandlihon Square were full of people making the most of the weekend and the weather. It seemed a long time since the attacks on LGBT protestors which caused the tension it had caused today. Since then, the Tyronian Armed Forces had been more active than it was during World War Two.

A lone man made his way through the Vatin-Baslong, scanning the crowd as he walked. Unobtrusive and around medium height in his mid-thirties, with close-cropped dark hair and a black zip-fronted fleece jacket over a newly laundered white shirt, he moved with an easy pace. However, Vanatol Karaval Sekavai Brontoban was not enjoying the sun. A driven, utterly focussed man, Brontoban did nothing but the best, and things may have already been showing themselves before anything started. First, he was contacted by his base commander to tell him that the group he was looking for had left the area quicker than anticapated, then ten minutes earlier, the fuckhole assigned to follow them said he had burst a tyre and had lost them. He also, unsurprisingly, went missing when the secret police snatched him from an alleyway. There was only a slight burst of air that belongs to a silenced pistol just before two men walked out from it and disappeared from view almost immediately afterwards. Brontoban had to assume they would be travelling to the Helogo, the tourist part of town. That is why he was now searching Vantin-Baslong park for them. He had put the whole area into sectors, which he monitored each sector with unbelievable percision and determination. He did this slowly with great concentration.

There. At the pavement table. One woman and four men. Now he saw them, he realised the group stood out among the Tyronian students. Dressed in a black polo shirt with the animal found on the Edomite flag engraved onto the sleeve, the four men sported the Edomite tourist look. Brontroban slowed his pace, relaxed his shoulders almost so he was slouching, and made his way towards an empty table directly to the right of them. As he waved to the waiter, he took out his mobile and made a couple of calls. Minutes later, another man and an attractive woman joined him. They shook hands and he kissed the girl on both cheeks, sat down and ordered together they coffee. A typical group of young Tyronian professionals relaxing on a day off. Then the three of them argued about who would win the Tyronian Premier Football League; Minimo Mokiav or Italis Skarchov. All they had to do now was wait. The moment came when the Edomites at the next table took out a tourist map and turned it around to orientate it before placing it upon the table. 'Well, we are obviously in Vatin-Baslong.' he said, mispronouncing the park name and speaking in Baran, a recognised Edomite languags. It was what Brantroban had been waiting for.

'Where are you heading?' Said Brontroban, smiling at the Edomites, also talking in perfect Baran. They turned to look at him, surprised.

'You speak pretty good Baran. Have you been to Edom?'

'Yes, once. ' Brontoban said, smiling again. 'I studied Baran there like ten years ago in Fineberg.'

'You don't say, that is where I am from!' Was the delighted response of the Edomite.

'Well. Aren't we both surprised?' Said Brontoban. 'Would you like to order a beer?' He asked. 'Have you ever tried our Eastern Blizzard wine? It is what Lanorth is famous for when speaking about beverage.'

'Well...' the Edomite hesitated. 'I guess one will not do any harm. By the way, I am Malachai Gamicoth.'

'Vanatol Brontroban.' Replied Brontroban he responded and they shook hands. 'I lecture in Baron at the university of Harakon, what are you guys doing here?'

'Great to meet you Vanatol,' infused the Edomite. 'I am an Edomite tourist on holiday here with my friends, who prefer to have their names kept private.'

'You don't say Malachi, that is quite the adventure. How are things here in Lanorth?'

'Good, good.' He replied.

At that moment, the Eastern Blizzard wine arrived. They both sipped it and and looked like they enjoyed it, too. Malachi also seemed to like the female university students walking passed them with their long and light brown hair, which was attractive, or sometimes the female student sunbathing in a bikini and their underwear. In no time, the Edomites were at the centre of a bunch of admiring Tyronian. The Edomites were now drunk. The Eastern Blizzard was a strong wine only drunk by the Tyronian who were used to the type of strong alcohol, others were not. That is why the Eastern Blizzard is illegal in many countries worldwide. Brontroban lifted his chair and placed it between the table legs. He turned to his female partner. 'Get ready to move.' He mumbled in Tyronian. She nodded.

They rejoined each other and Brontoban started a new conversation. 'Hey, Malachi. Do you want to go to a local bowling alley? We can see who is better at bowling? Your friends can come, too!'

'Yes, please. Lets get moving.' He said, his goice slower than usual due to the fact he was drunk. So, with the support of Brontoban, they walked towards a plain white van without windows. This is when things started to get violent. From inside Brontoban's fleece, he drew a silenced PP-09 pistol given only to members of Global Military Operations, one out of three of Lanorth's special forces branch. He slapped Malachi across the head with it, knocking him unconcious and throwing them into the back of the van. His four friends were held at gunpoint as they were each escorted into the van and also knocked out by Brontoban. 'Lets get moving to Q3-09-BL-02.' Said Brontoban to his female associate. She hopped into the drivers side and started the engine whilst Brontoban held the unconcious Edomites at gunpoint in the back of the van. They drove off. They were meant to be returning home that very day. No doubt the Edomite Foreign Ministry would file a missing report asking where they are. Of course, only the best Tyronian Government officials and the highest-ranked Military Commanders in Lanorth new about this Operation, known only as Operation: Maruca. This would go down in Tyronian history. The Tyronian Government are ready for any letter sent by New Edom or SACTO. All they have to do is wait. Like Brontoban did before starting a conversation between the group of friends.
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From the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Berwald Oxenstierna, Dept. Secretary of State For Foreign Affairs of The Nordic 5

Of course, our government is happy to have an agreement regarding safe emigration to your country. Naturally we would also require that your government agree to make sure that this did not become a safe haven for terrorism, Homofront or otherwise. This would include conducting your own investigations and turning over terrorist cell members, informants, supporters etc over to us if they were our citizens who had been planning, for instance, violent reprisals against our government or our own people.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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The Hall of Solomon,
Fineberg, New Edom
Two Days After the Demonstrations

Embankments of sandbags flanked the entrance to the high court in Fineberg, and soldiers patrolled roadblocks which required vehicles to pass through areas easily cut off by mobile blocks that were lined with razor wire. Sniffer dogs and metal detectors forbade anyone to enter with suspicious chemical smells, guns or explosives from entering.

A young woman with glasses wearing only sandals remarked to a foreigner entering the metal detector array and placing their personals on a tray, “Inconvenient, isn’t it? It’s why I rarely wear anything to these things, and besides, it’s a nice day.” Like most young common born Edomites she was trim bodied, olive tanned all over and neatly but naturally groomed.

“Journalists and diplomats, gallery stairs to the left and right,” a court clerk said as he stood behind the security checks.

Bishop Julian Arminius, Bishop Lemuel Ephod, Bishop Nestor Sidon-Nephaniel, were black robed old men sitting at a high bench. Liver spotted skulls peeped through wispy grey and white hair. Clerks and Advocates surrounded them like courtiers along with uniformed guards in blue tunics, black trousers, combat boots and kepis with crossbelts guarding the entrances and exits.

Bishop Arminius banged a cylindrical polished stone on the table before him, and the chief clerk said in a loud, ringing voice, “Your Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, pray silence for the appointed court of inquiry. Any disturbance or inappropriate interruptions will result in a warning, followed by expulsion from the court. I remind all present: we invoke this sacred place to the truth of Almighty God. Liars will not achieve the joy of Heaven.”

The bishop then said, “The purpose of this inquiry is to examine the events of the demonstrations dated two days previous, to establish responsibility and whether any criminal trials or courts martial should be convened.” There were sounds of shuffling paper around. “Our first witness is...Colonel Cosmo Weber, the senior colonel of the 14th Regiment of Their Majesties’ Hussars.”

Weber came from an old Anglo-German family of mercenaries, dating back to the War of Independence in the 1860s. He had a straight backed bearing, and cream coloured hair and blue eyes. He wore a parade dress uniform of khaki with trousers tucked into riding boots and carried his kepi under his arm. Some of his brother officers were among the other witnesses prepared to give testimony as well. Some of the representatives of the NGOs and demonstration groups were present. The young naked bespectacled woman who had arrived earlier suddenly rose and yelled “Boo!”

“Silence!” Bishop Arminius barked. “Noted: that woman there! Another outburst like that, young lady, and you will be taken out and switched for disrespect! Colonel Weber, please state who you are for the record.”

“Certainly,” said Weber. “I am Colonel Cosmo Weber, commanding colonel of the 14th Hussars. I am here to give testimony as to the events of January 19th in Fineberg which involved the demonstrations and subsequent violence surrounding them.”

“Very well. Colonel Weber: how did you come to be involved in security operations on that day?” Bishop Ephod, with his large round glasses and round face and tufted ears resembled an old owl.

“That day I was senior ranking officer overseeing security operations in Fineberg,” replied Weber. “Our duty is quite clear: in the event of a riot or other civil disturbance, we are to provide assistance to the Municipal Militia and restore order.

“On that day I had received intelligence that demonstrations of unprecedented size had begun blocking traffic and creating confusion in central Fineberg in Miter District and ws approaching Victory Square and possibly Embassy Row. At that time their intentions were unknown. I was then advised by Peter Misabel, the Deputy Minister of Justice, that this assembly was unlawful and that I should prepare a squadron to assist the Militia in restoring order.

“As I am sure Your Excellency is aware, our regiment is composed of armoured units and mounted heavy infantry, so I ordered troops attached to the First Squadron including a Reconnaissance Troop and three Troops consisting of armoured personnel carriers to stand ready. Then I deployed them along Crozier Street with instructions to await only my direct orders to interfere with the demonstration.

“I then received reports of Militia having attempted to direct traffic and the general movements of the demonstrators failing…”

“Who were these reports from?” Bishop Sidon-Nephaniel, who resembled a brooding old stork with his long beaky nose and deep wrinkled skin folds around his eyes and his very little hair.

“From Commandant of Municipal Bajith and from Sub-Commandant Leshem, Your Excellency,” replied Weber. “An S-100 Drone confirmed what they had reported. I have the full report from the field intelligence operation team and all the footage available for Your Excellencies’ perusal.” He coughed and drank from a glass of water.

“And what did these reports confirm, Colonel?” asked Bishop Ephod.

“That there were clashes taking place, particularly near Betharan Palace. I was informed that Count Falk had felt it necessary to call out the Royal Cavalry Guards 3rd Squadron in riot formation to defend the Palace from a mob. It was reported to me by Commandant Bajith that the Militia were unable, with their resources, to control the situation. Subsequently, General Merari ordered me to disperse what appeared to be becoming a riot.”

“Did Commandant Bajith explain why his Militia were unable to deal with the situation?” asked Bishop Arminius.

“They were vastly outnumbered, Your Excellency. It was estimated that there were at least 100,000 demonstrators, and only 2,300 Militia were on duty available to deal with the situation. Our Municipal Militia have a limited number of personnel trained in riot control and they were still being formed up. Having had no warning that a demonstration on this scale was to take place, it was impossible to coordinate with leaders among the protestors or negotiate with them. By the time violence had broken out the Militia were outnumbered 43 to 1. I had been informed that armed elements were attacking the Militia.

“When my units had begun to coordinate with the Cavalry Guards, I found that Count Falk had successfully driven the mob from the square near Betharan Palace, and so I conducted a flanking maneuver and was faced by demonstrators who were using urban vehicles as shields and throwing Molotov cocktails. My Hussars found badly wounded and burned Militia retreating, and when ordered to disperse, the lead vehicles were attacked by Molotov cocktails and thrown bricks. It was reported to me by the Troop Commander that there was shooting, so I gave the order to respond with force.”

“By force…” Bishop Ephod said. “You mean…”

“To open fire with live ammunition, Your Excellency. Given the urgency of the situation, as my men were dismounting to disperse the crowd they were given covering fire by machine guns of course.”

There was a lot of murmuring in the crowd, a few people heard sniffling, some hissing in anger. “Murderer,” several people began to exclaim.

“Silence.” Bishop Arminius said sternly. “This inquiry is not a debate in the Chamber of Deputies or a gathering in a stadium. This is a sacred place of truth. Everyone who is a witness or was involved and was called upon will have an opportunity to be heard. I will not tolerate further outbursts. I will clear the room of all but the necessary witnesses and officials if there is another outcry.” His stern gaze swept the room like a searchlight.

“Colonel Weber: it was reported that autocannon fire was heard. Can you explain to us what this mean?” Bishop Ephod said.

“Certainly, Your Excellency,” replied Weber. “The APCs deployed are the Puma, which is actually a wheeled APC. Of course these were deployed to avoid damage to the roads. They fire a 25mm autocannon in addition to a coaxial 7.62mm machinegun. The machineguns were fired into the hostile crowd. However there were sightings of vehicles that appeared to be ‘technicals’, that is to say improvised trucks with mounted weapons, and that was why the Troop Commander of the Recon Troop ordered his gunners to open fire with the APCs’ autocannon. The trucks were successfully attacked.”

Bishop Arminius leaned forward, steepling his hands for a rest for his narrow chin. “Was it assessed that these ‘technicals’ had formed a threat?”

“Err, no, Your Excellency,” Weber smiled ruefully. “They turned out to be trucks with cameras and large mobile mounted microphones on them. But when you look at the footage, it’s very easy to see how, in the heat of the moment, they greatly resembled technicals.”

The Bishops shuffled their papers. Bishop Sidon-Nephaniel said, Is it also true that missiles were fired?”

“Only one, Your Excellency,” said Weber. “Specifically a “Speer” air to ground missile.”

“Only one. This was an anti-tank missile, yes?” said Bishop Sidon-Nephaniel sternly.

“Yes, Your Excellency.” said Weber.

“Why was it fired, Colonel?” demanded the bishop.

“A proximity alarm warning had gone off indicating a heavy weapon about to fire from what had been believed to be a ‘technical’, Your Excellency. Well, at such times one must act very quickly, and in the streets there was insufficient room for the lead APC to maneuver without risking exposing brother vehicles to an other words, merely dodging would have been too risky to other vehicle crews and personnel, so the platoon commander in the vehicle simply fired the missile.” Weber explained.

“And it was not, in fact facing an attack but was, in all likelihood, facing a news crew on a truck?” said Bishop Ephod, pursing his lips tightly.

“That is correct, Your Excellency.” Weber said. In the wash of muttering, murmuring voices of people not daring to voice their feelings too loudly, his voice was blurred a bit, until Bishop Arminius struck his stone for silence again. “I would like to say that once the dangerous elements of the crowd we were facing had begun to disperse or surrender to Militia that we ceased firing. I would also like to state, for the record, that while the initial mistake with the camera crews was regrettable, that this sort of confrontation and confusion is inevitable when you have poor communication of intent when there is civil disobedience and unexpected political actions. We had no idea what to expect save that there had been violent opposition. Such vehicles as ‘technicals’ had been used frequently during the 3rd Civil War and if it was an uprising, we would have been acting swiftly and efficiently to prevent a 4th.

“I regret the incident with the missile, but I would like to point out as well that when some of the vehicles were reconfigured to our needs from the Wolf Armaments specifications, it may have caused some alterations in the software that made such an error possible. While I regret unnecessary deaths, at the same time it might have been fortuitous in preventing even worse incidents on a battlefield. I think, overall, that the operation was a success and that we also learned valuable technical information.” Weber sat and waited.

Bishop Arminius glanced at the other judges, and then he said, “Colonel, I would like to thank you for your honest testimony, your honour, and your service. We will take a brief recess, and with no intended disrespect, receive confirmations from other officers who were present during the operation when we reconvene. Go with God.”

Weber stood and bowed. “Your Excellencies.” he nodded to the other military officers present, who stood respectfully as he departed the room, through people who seemed varied in their responses. Other citizens present bowed to him with deep respect even if they had been visibly upset by his testimony; others glared and vehemently kept their seats.
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From the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

To Volkan Aryrus Verskyro Kienrich Kaiwade, the Aristocrat of Lanorth

I have been informed of a recent speech that you made at the Karabrax-Ariston Palace. In this speech, you have reportedly declared our country to be a threat. This is not considered particularly credible by my government, as our government has not threatened your own. There are several specific points of your speech I wished to address, however.

When has our government ever designated a homosexual population to be terrorists? I do not know if you are aware, but my government has several treaties on a bilateral basis with other nations that allow for peaceful emigration of homosexuals and other persons of similar ilk. We do not designate such persons as terrorists, but rather as lawbreakers if they take part in activism encouraging homosexual activity.
Our government does target the terrorist organization known as Homofront, its supporters and sympathizers. Unless your government supports Homofront, it has little to fear from us.

Unfortunately, your speech suggests that because you perceive our nation as a threat, that a military confrontation is imminent. Our response, however, is that you can have no conflict without yourselves being the aggressors.

Nevertheless, our Monarchs do not wish a military conflict at this time. Instead, we are curious as to what would reassure you that our government has no hostile intent. I imagine that this is largely due to culture clash and misunderstanding, which I am happy to clear up.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
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SENDER: Berwald Oxenstierna, Dept. Secretary of State For Foreign Affairs of The Nordic 5

Mr. Geta,
Thank you. Safety is our number one priority, so terrorists will not be tolerated. Investigations will take place as newcomers arrive, we will do background checks at Customs, as well as the usual check for restricted items.
Berwald Oxenstierna, Dept. Secretary of State For Foreign Affairs of The Nordic 5

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To: Hosidius Geta
From: Daniel Folais
Subject: Incident
Encryption: Moderate

Dear Sir,

I am happy to hear that our people were able to be released. In the matter of Richard Hayes, this is very unfortunate. Although, understandable given Mr. Hayes's surly belligerent nature when he was arrested. Nevertheless, the severity of the mistreatment is most unwarranted and has shocked the State Department back home. The King's government may handle the punishment of the militiamen involved as it sees fit. My office is confident appropriate steps will be taken to that end. What you described allows me to believe with confidence that your government is serious about the rights and safety of Noviterans visiting New Edom. What most concerns the State Department at this point is that Mr. Hayes should have recourse and we would like to establish such a precedent for our citizens that receive mistakenly unjust treatment while here. These things do happen after all and we believe it is important that governments be held accountable.

That sounds a bit ominous I know but please hear me out for I think I have a suitable proposal. Your Ministry of Justice will waive sovereign immunity and allow Mr. Hayes to levy a suit against the Ministry. Although the matter will be settled out of court away from the public. A suitable payment from your government will be made to Mr. Hayes for damages incurred. Perhaps, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. An ultimately small amount in the grand scheme of things and enough to make Mr. Hayes content. In exchange, Mr. Hayes will waive any rights to raise an action for this incident indefinitely as well as sign a confidentiality agreement which will be legitimized by the embassy too. This will make it binding in Novitera as well. This is common practice back home and I am sure Mr. Hayes will accept these terms should the amount be substantial enough.

My government has no intention to make a fuss about this. But we cannot control Mr. Hayes once he is back in Novitera. Should he decide to go to the media to tell the story of your government's brutality against him, an innocent man, he would be free to do so. I am sure plenty of journalists across the world would be interested in his story. A payout could save your government a bit of embarrassment and as I understand there is a public relations crisis already. I hope you will consider this proposal and of course I am willing to hear out your alternatives.

As for the second matter, I recommend a Noviteran based international law firm with a branch here in Fineberg called Reynold Hays. They are an international firm that represents many large to middle sized corporations back home and are considered among the best. I have already contacted them and they are excited to put together a team for you. The main reason I recommend them is they have the largest presence in New Edom out of Noviteran based firms, have plenty of contacts and keep some distinguished private investigation firms on retainer. I have included the contact information of Brandon Fowler who is here in Fineberg if your government is interested. He would be heading up the team.

Daniel Folais
Ambassador to New Edom, United Federation of Novitera
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From the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs

[Encryption: Private, Most Secret, Appropriate Officers Onyl]

To Simon Alvarado, Foreign Minister of The Republic of Gran Chaco

I hope that this message finds you well. I have been speaking with Dr. Benjamin Scroll, our envoy to Arcologia, and he has informed me that he has reached an understanding with some of your officials in your department regarding certain policies with regard to your own government’s efforts in Arcologia. I think that this understanding may blossom into an agreement, but I would like to confirm this upon meeting with you if some time could be set aside for that purpose, so that I might advise the Monarchs and Council of what that mutual agreement might be.

As for our delegation, I would find Dr. Scroll’s presence at the meeting invaluable as he is among our most knowledgeable officials about the West of Cornellia. I will also be bringing Basil Jerome, our Undersecretary for Transmarine Affairs, an English speaking translator, Accuser-General Rahab Sheba. Each of us will be bringing a private secretary, and we shall have a security detail of 10 plus four personal servants. It would be nice if I could have a suitable house or suite of rooms be made available for myself. Naturally financial arrangements can be made to make things simple, which can be arranged through my staff.

I have the honour to be,
Hosidius Geta,
Minister of Foreign Affairs
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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(OOC: Co-Written with Novitera

Count Sharra’s Estate
Quality Bay, Fineberg, New Edom

The beautiful gated community of Quality Bay was part of greater Fineberg, perhaps fifteen minutes on the highway out of the city center. And here, a fine estate lay, with emerald green lawns lush as a forest carpet, sculpted hedges and trees surrounding a geometrically laid of garden, tennis court and riding stables. At the splendid villa, a number of people had gathered for a party that was intended to congratulate the Minister of the Interior for his appointment as President of the Council.

The Noviteran Ambassador was invited, along with officials he might prefer to guide him through the negotiations. There were many amusements at this party, and one of them was a few games of chance. It was a curious custom among Edomites that taking part in gambling one had to participate in a promise of charity or else it was considered a sin and a crime.

In the main hall, people were enjoying a splendid buffet and music performed by the National Opera Company’s First Soprano. People did their munching and drinking, therefore, discreetly. Count Sharra himself sat, rapt, with his daughter and younger son near him, his daughter with her hand on his. Meanwhile, naked, painted servants made their ballet like rounds among the guests.

“Mr. Folais?” said a honey-haired woman in an evening dress of sky blue, approaching the ambassador with a smile. She was very svelte in build, albeit of well preserved middle years. “I’m Countess Sharra. I recall we met at the Queen’s Birthday last year. Mr. Geta thought it might be nice if you and the other guests you brought might like to chat with him and Mr. Misabel in one of the card rooms. May I show you the way?”

Daniel Folais was sitting with several other Noviterans who were important to have at this meeting. They had taken a tour of the estate. For some this was the first time seeing something so opulent. At this moment they were sitting at a blackjack table. The ones accompanying him were Brandon Fowler, who was at this moment advising and representing Novitera. But they thought it a good idea for Count Sharra to get to know the man who might be heading up an investigative team for them. Raymond Uesugi worked with the embassy. He was head of citizen’s rights and security which was taking care of Noviteran citizens here. When a Noviteran was arrested, he was the one who would deal with it. The last was William Dixon, an attorney for another Noviteran law firm that had a branch in New Edom. At this moment he was an adverse party representing Richard Hayes.

“I never catch a break do I?” Said Raymond as he busted his hand. The dealer took away his chips. He had lost his third hand already.

“You’re too reckless Raymond. Don’t know when to stop.” Said Brandon who motioned to stay. The dealer flipped his cards and kept hitting until busting himself. Brandon smiled. “See. Sometimes you just have to know when to quit.”

That was when Countess Sharra arrived. “Countess!” Exclaimed Folais. He grabbed her by both shoulders. “Good to see you again! And what a lovely home. I love matters of state in this country.” The others greeted her respectfully as well. “Yes, we should love to join. Come on guys.” They followed Countess Sharra.

Countess Sharra smiled warmly at the ambassador. It was part of court gossip how the Noviteran ambassador had this odd habit of seizing people by the shoulders.

The room was actually a billiard room, as it turned out, with comfortable chairs and settees, a sideboard with drinks and snacks on it, and Hosidius Geta, Elizabeth Corbulo and Peter Misabel in it. “I’ll leave you all in peace,” smiled Countess Shara.

Upon arriving the Noviterans exchanged greetings. All had been in the country long enough to acclimatize to the customs. There was no hand shaking. Merely nods and pleasantries. Folais though gave each man a shoulder squeeze. “So, what game are we playing today? Oh but first, Will here has something to say then I’m afraid he’ll have to be dismissed. Can’t have him privy to our private discussions if he’s representing Mr. Hayes.”

“That is so. Shall we get that out of the way? I’d like to see the garden again and have a smoke anyways.” Will said.

“At this point, just discussing some legal precedents to be established,” said Elizabeth Corbulo. “Shall you have to leave, Mr. Dixon?”

At this point Brandon interjected. “Gentleman’s agreement then. Will, you can’t use anything we talk about here.”

Dixon nodded. “My lips are sealed.” The Noviterans knew that if Dixon was smart, he would uphold that agreement or his career in Fineberg would be over. Everyone gave each other a look and figured the Edomites understood that too.

“If you do have to go, Sharra will be delighted,” said Geta. “He does love his gardens and would enjoy hearing your review of them. Gentlemen, I thought we would play a little straight pool if you would care to. In God’s name, I devote a thousand to the Little Sisters of Tranquility. And shall we say...a thousand a ball, equals cancel?”

“Two-on-two?” Asked Folais. “Who’s our two best here?”

Uesugi shrugged. “I don’t play much anymore.”

“I partake. I’ll play.” Said Fowler.

When Dixon did not speak up Folais held out his hands. “I guess I shall have to rise to the occasion. We call. One thousand a ball and one thousand to the Wiyrkomi Foundation.” He said. Folais grabbed two pool cues and tossed one to Fowler. A competitive resolve fell upon them. Billiards was very popular in Novitera. Perhaps the country’s number one leisure activity. To lose would be an embarrassment. This was their game.

“You think they’re humoring us or want to shame us by beating us at pool?” Asked Uesugi quietly to Dixon. The two of them had stepped back.

“Just a fucking game man. Think you’re reading too much into it.” Dixon replied.

The Edomites smoked and talked as they played. It turned out that Misabel was fond of the game, and Corbulo was a very steady player.

Geta said, “This matter of your tourist...Hayes? Could easily turn out to be…” he lined up a shot. “Number Two yellow.” he let the cue strike forward and it seemed a good shot but narrowly missed and ricocheted opposite. “Damn. It could turn out to be on a cloth untrue, with a twisted cue, and elliptical billiard balls.”

Teenagers in Novitera would often hang out in billiards halls after school or during the weekends. When they went to college they played in the rec rooms of dormitories after classes and in bars. Once they were salary men they played after work to blow off steam or during work to discuss deals. Both Folais and Fowler had done all that. They were good. Not good enough to win tournaments that involved prize money or do it professionally but certainly could hold their own against the most talented amateurs back home.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes. Will, why don’t you tell them of your offer.” Folais went with a light shot that bounced the ball off a wall and into the side pocket. He had hit the cue ball along the bottom putting a back spin on it so it would not go wild and rolled perfectly to line up with another that he hit into the corner. There was one more that Folais managed to hit into a corner pocket before missing. “Must be these contact lenses.” He said jokingly.

Misabel took up his cue, chalked it, and lined up a shot. His long fingers moved with spider like delicacy and precision. “Four green, corner pocket,” he announced, and sent it spinning in a trajectory into the pocket neatly. “Perhaps it is the lenses, Mr. Ambassador,” he said with a chuckle. “My father loved this game. Such a pity. His stroke did not merely rob him of his agility and love of the active service of the law...but of billiards. I took it up as a boy at his side. Well...enough memories. The case?”

“A pool shark are you? Impressive. Perhaps we should have refused but then I fear we’d be branded as cowards.” Folais replied.

Will pulled out an envelope. “Mr. Hayes has agreed that for a sum of 600000 UFD, he will sign an agreement to waive any rights to levy suit for the incident as well as a confidentiality agreement binding in both New Edom and Novitera. The confidentiality agreement would forbid him from disclosing the events that occurred while he was in custody in perpetuity. If Mr. Hayes does not receive this, we will file suit with the courts. Of course, we expect it will be dismissed for one reason or another. I expect, sovereign immunity. At which point Mr. Hayes intends to take his story to the media and use the dismissal as further damning evidence of the government’s mishandling the situation and refusing to take responsibility.” He set the envelope down on the table.”

“600k huh? He can be negotiated down. I’d be able to do it.” Said Fowler confidently.

Dixon chuckled. “I can’t comment on that or the intentions of my firm’s client. But as it stands, that is the offer. That being said, he was sodomized with a baton. Most egregious. Shocking to the conscience. This would be a multi-million dollar case back home.”

“I’d just kill myself, personally,” remarked Geta. “But very well. Yes, they broke discipline and the law. But that is a startling amount. Why so much? Is he somebody back in Novitera?”

Uesugi spoke. “If this happened in our country, it’d be four million at least. It is not his status but the severity of the injustice. A foreign notion, I know. Mr. Hayes is very livid about this which is why he wants so much. We understand that Mr. Hayes was belligerent and surly. But you yourselves have admitted that is no excuse.” He said.

Fowler was chalking his cue and studying the table. “Four million back home. But Will’s firm has probably advised him of how much he can realistically get here. 600 is just the opening offer. You can probably cut a deal for half that amount.” He said, then began to line up his shot. There was nothing good and several balls were in the way. Fowler raised up the back end high and struck the cue at a steep angle making it bounce over opponent balls. He hit his target and it went into a corner pocket but he ended up scratching. He shook his head in disappointment.

“Will, 300 thousand?” Asked Folais.

Dixon thought about it for a moment. “Four.” He replied. The Noviterans looked to the Edomites.

Geta sipped his drink and looked at them thoughtfully. “That’s not what I mean. What are we compensating him for?”

Elizabeth Corbulo, petite and vixen faced with her pageboy raven hair framing that face lined up her own shot. She was not really pretty, but a striking woman with a strength of presence in spite of her height, curvy hipped as Edomites preferred their woman. “I think what the Minister means is that we need to understand what we are responding to. There is a concern that our government itself will be perceived as guilty. To us, this would be payment for something as a demonstration that our men acted incorrectly and caused harm to one of our citizens contrary to our policy and instructions. But what are we satisfying? Medical bills? His honour? What will we commit our own honour to in this way?” She got her third successful shot in succession before she tsked when she missed a fourth.

Will answered. “The damages we will claim are medical expenses, long term psychological damage and general pain and suffering.” He said.

Folais was walking around the table trying to figure out where the best opportunity was. There was nothing good. “What Will here cannot say is what you’re really paying for is silence. Exactly the kind of thing you’re worried about. This is hush money. A settlement is not technically an admission of guilt. It is a settlement. The terms of which will be kept confidential along with whatever happened to poor Mr. Hayes. As it stands, what happened to Mr. Hayes has no coverage. Nobody is asking questions. It’s not in the spotlight. A bit of money will keep it that way. No one will know or care that a settlement was made. They won’t even know what for. It would also please my bosses back home to know that there is now a monetary incentive not to mistreat our citizens while they are here.” Instead of doing a difficult angle shot, Folais lightly tapped the cue ball. It rolled and came to touch one of his ball making it not a scratch shot. But now it was stuck between his ball and was close to the wall. Any shot would hit his ball to mess up the trajectory.

Peter Misabel stiffened at this. “You imagine,” he said with soft irritation entering his speech, “That we fear to defend the honour of our country and its policies in public? Because this...tourist...challenges us? Who is he to impugn the honour of our nation? I am placing mine upon the table, for it was my men who committed the outrage on his person. You think we are afraid of your journalists?”

Folais chuckled. “Fear? No, not at all. I’m sure you can defend it quite well. But why do so if you don’t have to? All this trouble can just go away. Now, consider this. An incident occurred which was grossly mishandled by your people. Not to mention the flak your country is getting right now for its treatment of homosexuals. It comes out that someone, who had nothing to do with the protest, was arrested, beaten and sodomized with a baton. When he tried to file a case, it was dismissed. Or you can have it go to the courts in which case all the facts will be laid out. You can deny it but the folks in my country won’t believe you. How many Noviterans do you think will keep visiting New Edom ready to spend their hard earned cash? How much harder will it be to get talented people to move here. And that’s just Novitera. What if the case hits the spotlight in Adiron, Chaco, other countries. My government doesn’t want that kind of trouble and we are expecting neither does yours. Bad for business you see.” Explained Folais.

Misabel said coldly, “I would not deny it. We are the ones who brought it to your attention.”

“Wait a moment,” said Elizabeth Corbulo. “Be at peace, Peter. Let the Minister speak of this.”

Geta said, “Mr. Folais, you’re a good fellow, but sometimes you don’t know how to talk to us Edomites.” he chuckled and patted Misabel on the back. “I am sure that you in no way intended to impugn Mr. Misabel’s honour. This is a cultural misunderstanding. You and your government are helping us avoid further misunderstanding. Mr. Hayes merely wants the harm done to him demonstrated to be taken seriously, and that this should stand as a warning to any officials who believe they are above the law and dare to disobey the King-Emperor. Isn’t that right Mr. Ambassador?”

“Very correct. And yes, I do not mean to impugn any honor. Mr. Misabel, us Noviterans don’t really think in such terms. Forgive me. What we are simply trying to do is come up with a solution that satisfies all parties and keeps business going smoothly. I’m thinking, if your son breaks a neighbor’s window, it’s not enough just to punish your son. The neighbor’s window now needs repairs. It’s not dishonorable to compensate the neighbor and it’s not dishonorable for the neighbor to agree never to speak of the incident. Everyone walks away with their head held high. Wouldn’t you say?” Folais asked.

“In that case, in keeping with our laws, I would prefer a clear value to be set, which will also send a message throughout the land,” Misabel said, relaxed again. “To show that we honour the safety of your citizens. Four hundred thousand, and Mr. Hayes gets to watch the gauntlet carried out so that he has no doubt that the sentence was carried out. Would that be satisfactory?”

Folais gestured at Dixon. “I must have the client’s approval. But I think four hundred will be accepted. The paperwork will be drawn up and sent to your office. Thank you Mr. Misabel.” Dixon said.

“Wonderful!” Exclaimed Folais. “We’ll be able to put this situation behind us. It will be as if it never happened while we are able to capitalize by learning from it. The bosses back home will be very happy. Well most of them. Douglas is never happy. And you are right Mr. Misabel. This will send the message you want, preserve the honor of your government and save you a headache.” He stated happily.

“Never happened…” Misabel muttered.

“Will never happen again, or if it does eye for an eye,” said Geta jovially.

Fowler clapped. “Deal making at its finest. Shall we finish the game?” He wanted to get back to playing so he could study the table. With his eyes low, he would be able to sneak glances and examine Corbulo’s form as he had been doing this whole time.

Elizabeth Corbulo said gravely, “Gentlemen: you may as well turn and face the table. I’m about to kick all your asses.”
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The INquiry
Court of Solomon
Fineberg, New Edom

A handsome, dark haired man of striking height, dark hair and wearing a well tailored parade dress uniform stood proudly with his kepi under his arm. The man was Count Jonas Falk, Senior Colonel of the Royal Cavalry Guards.

“Excellencies, the Militia were unable to disperse the crowds because the fire brigade vehicles not having arrived. Their deployment had been blocked by the crowds which were in turn blocking the roads. Furthermore, the firing of tear gas grenades had dispersed some elements of the crowds but there were violent responses and the Militia ran out of ammunition. Riot equipment was being dispersed, but we were informed that the units had not managed to receive them.

“For this reason, as the crowds were controlling the streets near the Palace, I ordered out the 3rd Squadron as this is a horse mounted force, exceptionally well trained in crowd control, and had them fitted with gas masks. I ordered that platoon commanders, platoon sergeants and squad leaders be fitted with grenade launchers with gas grenades. Other personnel were issued riot batons and sidearms. However I had also instructed that only Troop commanders could issue a firing order. “

“Count Falk: was that when you gave the order to charge?” asked Bishop Ephod.

Count Falk smiled and shook his head. “I’m afraid that journalists have exaggerated. There was no charge, that would have been irresponsible and created chaos. The key issue was to disperse the crowds in such a manner as to not create a bottleneck. I advanced four troops at walk march and ordered them to fire gas grenades. Following this, I ordered an advance at double quick time in skirmish order. That may have been mistaken for a ‘charge’.”

“Commandant Bajith, why was insufficient riot gear distributed to your Militia?”

Bajith cricked his neck and stuck out his chin. “Excellency, our Militia are trained to keep public order, and to deal with small scale dust ups and civil disturbances. The general plan is for fire brigade vehicles to be used to have fire hoses disperse people. Gas grenades are available, and there are also units that have riot shields and helmets. However I must emphasize that we were enormously outnumbered and because we had no notification of the demonstrations, which appears to have been the intention of the demonstrators, we were unprepared.”

“Commandant Bajith,” said Bishop Nephaniel-Sidon, “Why did violent confrontations begin?”

“The assemblies were illegal, Your Excellency, were blocking roads, outraging public decency, advocating in some cases for attacks on the Morality Act. Attempted arrests were violently interfered with. I regret to say that Militia personnel were unable to control the crowd, had been taken by surprise, and were forced to fall back.”

When the board had reconvened, Bishop Arminius slammed his stone down on the table. His chief clerk rose and said, “It is now time to call witnesses to events on embassy row. We are grateful to the Government of Vionna-Frankenlisch for cooperating with testimony, and call upon Sergeant-Major Barca of the Vionna-Frankenlisch embassy protection detail to bear witness to the events of January 19th. Sergeant-Major, could you please, for the record, state your name, rank, unit you serve with and your position at your nation’s embassy?”

Sergeant Major Andreas Barca stepped up to the podium where Colonel Weber had so bravely endured the clergyman’s interrogation. His khaki service dress was prim and in pristine order, yet felt somehow ill-fitting in the judicial circumstances. Barca cleared his throat quietly and spoke as clearly as he could, his accent somehow less pronounced by some miraculous intervention.

“I am Andreas Barca, Sergeant Major in the Royal Frankenlisch Guards, Your Excellency. Although I beg to report that a dispatch was received early today by my embassy, informing me of my promotion to Second Lieutenant in the Second Battalion of that regiment. At His Imperial Majesty’s embassy here in Fineberg I am the commander of our fourteen guardsmen, all of the same regiment as me, Your Excellency.”

“Thank you,” said Bishop Arminius. Clerks scribbled busily.

“Sergeant-Major, can you generally describe the events that took place on Embassy Row on January 19th following the commencement of the demonstrations?” asked Bishop Ephod.

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Barca replied, courteously, “We were made aware of the march as it was going on but there was no knowledge of any violence until we heard the gunfire clearly. It seemed that the very moment we heard the firing getting closer, Embassy Row was awash with these people running away. We were swamped and His Excellency, Sir Dobson, gave the order to let some of them in. So I opened the gates and we let in perhaps five dozen, a few were injured and I distinctly remember a man crying out as our medic took a bullet out of his hip.”

Barca wiped his steadily perspiring forehead with a tan handkerchief. “Would you like me to go on, Your Excellency?”

“Just a moment, Sergeant-Major,” said Bishop Arminius. “Why did your ambassador, er, Sir Dobson, let Edomite citizens into the embassy?”

“I am just a soldier, Your Excellency, he did not tell me why and I did not ask. I believe he allowed the civilians into the embassy for what he considered to be humanitarian reasons. I believe he also had hoped that his daughter, Mary, was with the crowd.” Barca answered somewhat unconfidently, hoping that his genuine ignorance would convince the narrow-faced Bishop.

Scribbling went on as the elderly bishop nodded. “Now: what happened after the citizens took refuge in your embassy?”

“Our staff tended to the people as well as they could and took them into the basement to get them out of the way. He ordered me to call out the guards and told me to search Embassy Row for his daughter. When Sir Dobson got no response from the Edomite Ministry of Justice and when we came back and said we hadn't found Miss Mary…” Barca gulped. “He grabbed his revolver and came out with us to search for his daughter and Miss Bethany, Your Excellency.”

“Let us be clear, Sergeant-Major: your ambassador, and several armed personnel including yourself left the embassy openly carrying weapons?” Bishop Ephod asked gravely.

“I regret, Your Excellency, that you are correct.” Barca was solemn in his reply, and truthful, after all, hadn't he cautioned Sir Michael against the sortie?

“What happened after that?” asked Bishop Nephaniel-Sidon.

Barca was apprehensive. “Well… Your Excellency… We started of very quickly, we rushed down Embassy Row and then two other roads before we slowed down and actually looked about more thoroughly. We came to a wide street with some shops on one side where it looked like there had been some fighting.”

Barca considered his next words carefully. “Sir Dobson saw his daughter and Miss Bethany being arrested by some militiamen. He said that they were holding hands at that Miss Mary was singing.” Barca chuckled unwilling before being stared into solemnity by the Bishops. “She told me yesterday everything, Your Excellency, that the militia officer called them daughters of the Devil, forgive me, because Miss Mary had sang ‘We hail to thee o’ gracious King’. It is the Royal anthem of our King, may God and Andy bless him.”

Barca looked up sheepishly at the Bishops, they had not wavered but, unwilling to bore them, Barca continued. “We advanced towards the militia with bayonets attached,” The Sergeant Major’s voice wavered, “You must understand, Your Excellencies, that Sir Dobson is a widower with only his daughter left to him, it was not an act of malice. I cautioned him and he spoke to the Edomite men…”

There was some muttering in the court at this, some people peering at the soldier, whispering behind hands, but it was very quiet.

Bishop Ephod loudly cleared his throat in an old man’s croupy way, and adjusted his glasses on his sharp little nose. “You had fixed bayonets. Who instructed you to fix bayonets, Sergeant-Major?”

“I recall that it must have been Sir Dobson. There was nobody else who could have given the order.” The Jallottan soldier admitted, “Although, given the circumstances, nobody argued with the order.” Barca was extremely glad that Sir Michael Dobson was not there to hear this, Embassy business had kept him busy and he was only on his way now, Barca prayed that he would be finished before his ambassador arrived.

“It must have been?”” said Bishop Nephaniel-Sidon with his eyebrows soaring high on his forehead. “Who was in command?”

“Sir Dobson was in command, Your Excellency. I command the guards but I come under his jurisdiction.”

“Proceed, Sergeant-Major,” said Bishop Arminius.

“The officer had called his men into a formation and, as I recall, regular Edomite soldiers arrived in vehicles with guns. Sir Dobson asked the officer to release Miss Mary and Miss Bethany. I ordered the radio operator, Corporal Thandermann to tell the Embassy what had happened. Sir Dobson had spoke with the militia officer and his daughter came through the lines as the Edomites packed up. They did not release Miss Bethany.”

“Miss Mary was bleeding where the Edomites had hit her about the face and arms. She was soaked and marked by the water cannons and she was all bleary from the gas. I called the men back into formation and we marched back to the embassy.” Barca took a moment to clarify. “I just want it to be clear that I don't believe there was any danger of action fighting. The situation was tense, yes, but Sir Michael Dobson is himself, former Lieutenant Dobson of the King’s Gestoria Lancers. He had fought in Abbas many years ago and he knew what he was doing. Although his judgment was clearly clouded by his worries for Miss Mary.”

The Bishops whispered to one another in the Baran language for a couple of minutes. At one point Bishop Nephaniel-Sidon jabbed his finger emphatically a few times. They leaned back and regarded the soldier thoughtfully.

“I would like to say, for the record, Sergeant-Major, that you are, I hope, as a professional soldier, aware of the dangers of allowing emotion to cloud duties in the face of danger and difficulty?” Bishop Arminius said sternly. “Was your embassy not that of a valued ally, this would have been considered an international incident and not merely an unfortunate lapse of judgement. I hope you are aware of this.”

“I am, Your Excellency. But may I say, sir, that I have seen this situation before.” Barca’s voice aged by fifteen years in an instant, it was tired and middle-aged, not what one would expect of a strapping soldier of thirty-six years. “I was born in Jallotta, sir. The year that I joined the King’s army, there was a march in Dagathi, my home city, many women and homosexuals and other people who are LGBT and all the rest came out to protest. There are many Muslim leaders in Jallotta, at least there were back then. They too, set the local militia on the protesters who only wanted to be equal to any other person, to any other subject of King Edward, as he was back then. The killing didn't stop until our Viceroy sent in the King’s men to restore order.”

Barca kept a solid hold on his emotions, all the same, he wavered near the end of his tale. “Your Excellencies, Sir Dobson acted from his heart when he should have acted from his head. But sirs, if you had seen the killing that I had seen those sixteen years ago, I beg your pardon but I think you would have followed Sir Dobson’s orders too.” Aware that he may have overstepped the mark, Barca faced downwards, unwilling to look his interrogators in the eyes.

Bishop Arminius said in the same stern tone, “Sergeant-Major, you are speaking to men who have lived through three civil wars and anarchist rebellions and terrorism. Do not presume to lecture this body about death. I myself have seen in my beloved home city innocents blown to pieces and set on fire by anarchists, seen villages stripped of all the living but insects and carrion birds.” He closed his eyes a moment and then opened then after a few heartbeats. “However, we are not without compassion. It is at times difficult to remove understanding of one situation to comprehend a fresh one. Thank you for your honesty and your honour, Sergeant-Major, and for your testimony. You may go.”

Sergeant Major Barca nodded and smiled, weakly. “Thank you, Your Excellencies.” He exclaimed, still relegated to the voice of an older, perhaps weaker, man. The soldier stepped away from the podium and walked away slowly, not looking at the Edomites who looked down on him.

A number of the local journalists (forbidden to record events via electronics) were scribbling furiously. A few people were whispering. Some ladies, watching him, were dabbing at their eyes. Some of the people who represented NGOs regarded him with wariness.
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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The Inquiry
Court of Solomon
Fineberg, New Edom

Ambassador Nelson knew relations with New Edom had been damaged by the events of the past two days, but there was growing unease about rising Edomite power regardless. By the time Redstone left, there was a sense that Adiron’s policy with respect to New Edom had been put on an indefinite hold. The Edomites’ status as mediators in Ceti put them in a position of power even without its client states and network of alliances. If the deal fell apart, the Imperium appeared poised to attack again. Although it wasn’t guaranteed that the Adiran government would bear the ultimate responsibility for that, it was a crapshoot.

Adiron had therefore tried to accommodate New Edom, and ended up making concessions that were being questioned. If not for New Edom's role as mediator, would Adiron have accepted the Edomite colonization of a section of Arcologia? Would the Edomites have presumed to do so in the first place? Some would say these concessions were unnecessary, others might agree with the Edomite rationale. Pushing the opinion of the country one way or another would depend on how the Edomites would react if Adiron displeased them.

Now, however, Adiron was reaping the fruits of its inaction. Foreign Minister Geta apparently felt no urgency to respond to Bailey’s communiqué, much less entertain Adiran concerns over democracy and human rights. The Fineberg riots of 2019 set off an alarm bell: Deol and Bailey had both well and truly failed to win New Edom over from the Imperium. There might be some goodwill between the two nations, but New Edom would turn to its carefully-cultivated alliances to keep its domestic policies in place.

The Ambassador had communicated with the Secretary of State and met with all the heads of his embassy’s departments about this. Despite the ‘intelligence’ gaffe, that was in effect exactly what they needed now. They needed to know how the Edomites would respond with respect to Adiron in general and the peace deal in particular. They needed to know if the political climate in New Edom was changing. They needed to know if LGBT rights and civil liberties were going to change in New Edom one way or the other.

Much of this fell to the embassy’s Foreign Service political officers. The lowest ranking of them tended to function more like analysts, worked as part of teams, and had either chosen or been assigned to report on one segment of society, an issue, or a geographic area. A lot of their work involved reading local publications, working with local contacts and hired political specialists, and acting as aides to higher-ranking diplomats. They didn’t stay in the country long, doing two year tours before rotating back to the capital.

The political teams had been working on a wide range of other projects, including the oil trade, recent incidents in Hostillia, the impacts of economic reforms—including agricultural reform and the effects of the recent nationwide strikes, and a range of provincial issues. Now this would have to take priority. Teams who focused on specific Edomite provinces called consulates for any news related to Adiron outside of Fineberg. Specialists on human rights kept an eye on government press releases and eyewitness accounts and prepared reports that the Ambassador would use when reporting to the Secretary of State. Their team leaders were trying to piece together the bigger picture: how would this affect things overall with the peace deal, with FODE, with existing trade, with aid workers?

One of the younger political officers had been asked in effect to debrief Eastnam, to view what footage and recordings he was able to take at the demonstration before violence broke out. His name was Kyle Boone, a political officer currently in his third year of the Foreign Service. Usually dressed in business casual, he was a tall man no older than thirty by appearance, with bushy eyebrows and a slim build—thinner than when he arrived in New Edom with junk food less readily available or convenient. He had done a two year stint in New Laconia and this was his first assignment abroad.

Eastnam tried to seek out speakers first, then anyone who looked like they were leaders of a group, until finally turning to anyone willing to speak. Realizing they were risking themselves legally, he would have asked permission to film them before doing so. Generally he asked the same questions, following up if he picked up on something or they had more to say:

“What is the purpose of this march?”

A volunteer traffic warden wearing sunglasses, an orange reflective vest with the position stenciled on the vest, wearing nothing else but sandals, says, “This march is a civil rights march. While we are in solidarity with LGBT+ persons wanting to have the right to appeal for their civil rights in our country, it is mostly that nothing should be forbidden to protest for, whether it is morally challenging or currently illegal.”

“We are here to insist that LGBT rights should not be against the law!” cried a woman wearing mostly feathers and facial glitter. “We all are human, we all love and live. We should all be allowed to do this freely. But you can’t be out in New Edom. If you are out, you can be subjected to discrimination, abuse, being arrested, having forced physical examinations or being sentenced to time in jail.”

“We are here to demonstrate that whether you think being homosexual is a sin or not, that their basic human rights should not be denied,” said a soft voiced tall thin priest in black Apostolic robes. “We stand with other members of the faithful to say that what we do unto the least of these, we do to Christ.”

“Nearly 76 people have been arrested in a recent crackdown just before the end of the previous year,” said a man wearing a light brown suit, shakinig his head. “The persecution continues. These were not homosexuals, by the way. These were civil rights advocates protesting the Morality Act.”

A woman in the black robes of an Apostolic nun said, “We are here to protest harsh punishments, the harshness and inhumanity of our legal system.”

“Which group do you represent?”

“Oh, I’m just here representing the Order of the Purple Cross--see my armband?” said one of the young men near the edge of the marchers. “I have a portable radio, and I’m here in case anyone gets hurt. Hopefully it’s no worse than a case of heat stroke,” he added with a nervous laugh.

“I’m Joshua Orpen, and I’m the Political Affairs Director for the Organization for Free Expression,” explained a naked, lean man with hairy olive skin. “We support protest for the right to free assembly, free political association and that includes having the right to at least politically discuss LGBT issues.”

The Apostolic nun said, “I represent the Ecumnenical Council of New Edom. We’re an interface non-government organization that supports mainly the basic issues of human rights such as protection from being jailed extra-legally, torture, deprivation and other cruel and unusual punishments.”

The man in the suit said, “I’m here with a group that is called The Fineberg Petition Group for Civil Rights and Freedoms. Our goal is too expand New Edom’s legal civil rights and political freedoms to include a nationally elected Council of Ministers and to have more open and less restricted political discourse.” He revealed that he was affiliated with Chairman Simon Silvanus, Deputy of the Chamber for North Reme.

The Apostolic priest replied, “The Church Human Rights Interests Syndicate of the Tabernacle. We are, well, several representative churches which propose that human rights issues should be championed by the churches of New Edom. We are a splinter group, I guess you could say, of the Ecumenical Council. We are not merely here to see human rights and fair discourse. We stand for feminism, anti-colonialism and LGBT+ rights. I think the Ecumenical Council think we go too far.”

“A lot of us are students, artists, journalists for small publications or online publications,” said the young woman in feathers. “We are a secular, socialist group and we’re seeking political and social reform.”

“How have the current laws affected you or people you know?”

“Sometimes we get shouldered aside when we’re trying to help people being arrested,” admitted the Purple Cross man. “I mean...we all know people who have been pushed around a bit.”

Orpen looked down. “A number of people getting sent for Re-Education, to penal colonies, forced to emigrate. Property gets confiscated. It’’s not pretty.”

The man in the suit laughed shortly. “In some ways yes. It’s entirely possible...I’m not naming any names...that politicians who rock the boat get targeted by citizen mobs. Happened in Nass and Harbourtown, could happen here.” he smirked again but humour did not reach his eyes.

The nun paused a moment. “The Ecumenical Council has observed that critics of the current policy surrounding the Morality Act get marginalized, get sent to different positions, are overlooked for promotion, but not always. It’s challenging to be heard, and so we are taking the step of joining the march to make it clear that we are not just armchair critics.”

The radical priest said, “There are, as I said, tensions with the Ecumenical Council. They are contending with how government policy is carried out, we’re questioning the policy itself. Some of our membership has been suspended duty or even defrocked, but we could expect worse. It’s not us who are suffering the most, we are here to stand in solidarity with the suffering.”

The young woman in feathers nodded soberly. “A lot of people from our group have been arrested, sentenced to penal colonies, accused of damaging public property, sedition and such. You can also get targeted by Militia, they feel the gets rough. People get beaten, robbed, brutalized. It’s rather scary.”

“Do you think anyone in the government is listening?”

Joshua Orpen smiled. “We’ll find out today.”

The nun replied, “The Archbishop of Bara is very compassionate. He was born poor, but he is a wise and scholarly man. He has never forgotten his roots. His vision is a revival of faith within the Church, and he has a vision for Christian humanism I think we will be able to count on.”

“We expect to separate the sheep from the goats. I think we hope that the Queen-Empress will support us. Not the LGBT thing, the humanity thing. She’s kind, she’s seen as a living saint by many. If anyone can temper the King-Emperor’s harshness, it would be here.” the radical priest said.

The man in the suit replied, “We have a broad support in the Chamber of Intellectuals, Social-Democrats and Liberal-Democrats, but we need to demonstrate to the party leaders that they could use our support to build a popular base to initiate government reform.”

“What help would you want from foreigners?”

Joshua Orpen shifted a bit. “We would like awareness raised. It’s hard to get news about this kind of thing here. More journalists like you getting our stories out.”

The young woman in glitter said, “Stand with us in solidarity, protest with us. Stand outside the embassies of our country, write petitions on our behalf, and welcome our refugees and asylum seekers. Don’t…” tears streamed down her face, smearing her glitter. “Don’t forget about us!”

The radical priest said, “Especially we need fellow Christian nations and groups to stand with us. Be seen to stand with us in radical liberating faith so that we can make our case, and use that to bring political and economic pressure.”

“Ah,” said the nun, “I think we need to have more theological support abroad for human and civil rights. We need to have allies stand with these concepts, so that the government does not fear a popular rebellion, but will feel stronger for listening tot he people and being a true father and mother to them.”

The man in the suit replied, “Yes. I hear talk of placing embargoes or higher tariffs. Don’t do that. It will just drive the government further towards Imperion and SACTO. Instead, offer better incentives for trade and finance.”

Boone and Eastnam didn’t interact much other than that. Eastnam had been trying to follow up with the groups he spoke with, calling their offices for interviews with leadership, further eyewitness accounts, and asking to cover events. These included the Organization for Free Expression, the Ecumenical Council, the Fineberg Petition Group for Civil Rights and Freedoms, and the Church Human Rights Interests Syndicate of the Tabernacle. It had only been two days and there was a lot to do, however, so he likely had to get in line. He was also putting in a request with ANBC for a camera crew, which would take some time to organize. Boone for his part wrote up a report on Eastnam’s raw footage and looked over local media for other past mentions of the groups and their activities.

Boone and Eastnam, along with a local interpreter who had worked for the embassy before, were attending the inquiry up in the gallery. Both were focused on taking notes as best as they were able.
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In-character name of the nation is "Adiron," because I like the name better.

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The Nordic 5
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Postby The Nordic 5 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:30 am

There were the usual influxes of immigrants, including those from New Edom, but this woman...she wasn't like them. Berwald was out near the customs office, helping with the background checks before calling up Astrid and saying a soft, barely audible, "Your majesty, this woman on hold at the moment is...part of Homofront, we'll have to report back to New Edo-"

"...Just bring her to my office, I'll see what I can do."

He sighed. "Yes ma'am." He said before hanging up. He looked at the woman. "You need to come with me to Her Majesty's office out in Stockholm."

The woman silently nodded and they left.

-- time skip --
When they got there Berwald was quickly dismissed and the woman sat in a chair on the other side of Astrid's desk. "Miss...?"


"Susan. You wish to enter The Nordic 5?"


"I see. Are you aware that you're wanted by Edomite law enforcement?"


"As you know, safety is a top priority here in The Nordic 5. I won't make you recant your Homofront ways, but if you're a wanted criminal and you wish to stay, you'll need a change of appearance."

She led her into a relatively small back room and after an hour or so the woman stood in front of a full-body mirror, hair dyed blonde and in a ponytail as she admired the dress she had on.

"You can keep the dress, I have others. I only really wear them for special occasions where it's needed, I don't touch this room that much."

Susan smiled. "I suppose I'll need a new name as well. Any ideas?"

"Well... Karla always sounded like a nice name."

"Karla...I like it." She smiled. "Karla Rinkrsdotter."

"Old Norse? You sound like a time traveler."

She let out a playful huff. "What about..."


"That sounds nice. Okay, Karla Engström..." She smiled. "Thank you so much, Your Majesty."

"Not a problem, my dear." She said calmly.

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The carrier moves on

Postby Free Thouthen » Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:45 am

OOC Forgive me for poor quality. I am feeling awful, and it's hard to write; but I want to move this forward.



"Arise you marginalized peoples
Arise oppressed of the Earth
For justice comes from lived experience
Equality shall have its birth!

When we speak our truth to power,
And the privileged are called out,
When we challenge privilege and injustice,
You will hear the people shout!

It's the rise of intersection
The future's black, brown and red
The patriarchy will come down
White supremacy is dead!

It's the rise of intersection!
The future's female and free!
Capitalism will collapse!
In a red earth and a green sea!

- March of the Oppressed Minorities

The endless propaganda kept blasting from the radio as carrier group "Tolerance" akin to massive snail, lazily crawled through the oceans, heading towards the Edomite shore. Massive bulk of the carrier, even though tiny in comparison with it's nuclear brothers, was still a sight to behold. Surrounding it were five "Diversity" class frigates, an axillary replenishment oiler, and three Rubis-class SSNs, each upgraded to AMETHYSTE standard, trailing the depths around the battlegroup, preventing hostile submarines from getting in.

Five thousand kilometers from the Edomite shore, and over a week of sailing awaiting them. Over a week for the action to begin - though, with the modern sensors, Imperion RORSATs had a good chance to spot them at this range and at least ID the battlegroup.

As the battlegroup entered roughly five thousand kilometers from New Edom, a visible change appeared in it's organization. Ships, which until now cruised at wide distances and with far less order - a ruse aimed at deceiving early warning radars and blending in with the commercial shipping - now assumed far tighter formation, forming a pentagonal shape around the carrier. The Axuillary Replenishment Oiler was moved to the center of the formation, making it play the role of the carrier; while the real carrier was moved to the back, where normally the oiler would be.

The entire battle group was going to keep a strict EMCON, restricting emissions to what was necessary. To compensate for the vulnerability of frigate air search radars turned off, two AEW helicopters and four F-35s were going to keep clockwise rotation, searching for the potential threats. Likewise, ASW assets were going to constantly monitor the area clockwise; from time to time, a helicopter would hover over the waters and extend it's hydrophone and MAD, checking for eventual contacts.

The plan provided for the carrier group to move in a zig-zagg pattern, avoiding eventual reconnaissance aircraft that have been sent to search for it by constant alterations of course. Admiral Wormberg, however, wasn't sure about level of threat on the Sabrini sea, as satellite photos could only show the ships stationed in the docks, rather than those moving on the international water lines.

While her battlegroup would maintain a steady pace of 16 knots, Wormberg made a decision to send forward two of her three SSNs. Each of them would accelerate to maximum silent (20 kn) speed, descend below the thermocline in order to hide from enemy's active sonar, and carefully monitored it's own noise. Each of submarines would be assigned an area which it would be responsible for searching, and reporting contacts with enemy vessels. A gap would be put between the two areas to prevent the submarines from mutually detecting one another, and thus eventual friendly fire.

Bombarded by endless propaganda about fighting the evil fascist white male from Edom, the sailors were eager for battle...
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