Oceanic Security Council [MT | OPEN | Alliance Pact]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Oceanic Security Council [MT | OPEN | Alliance Pact]

Postby Erythrean Thebes » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:45 pm


Mission Statement

The Oceanic Security Council was founded in recent 2014 as a replacement for the Oceanic Defense Coalition. ODECON was a force for neoliberal security in the early 21st Century, but the eventual collapse of the Coalition created a power vacuum in the Seas, exploited by a spike in black activity. King Isandros of Thebes created the OSC several years later as a stopgap reinvention of ODECON, for the purpose of a liberal alliance under pragmatic terms, one which would not repeat the former’s fatal mistakes. In its charter, the League gives itself wide latitude for military intervention, and the rhetoric of the preamble supplies lethal force in the ultimate place of argument for human rights. The rights of borders, sovereignty, nationalism et al. rank only second to the universal entitlements of dignity and self-defense. The OSC is an absolute collective defense pact, with the pure and immediate goal of guaranteeing security by collective action. The Council serves the need left by ODECON and protects the safety of the seas through multilateral agreement. The OSC is a major deterrent to aggression against any of its members and a powerful force for maritime security across the world.

This alliance is open to any nation that IC will adhere to the provisions of the founding charter. It is a successor to ODECON, created by a former signatory. The OSC reiterates a commitment to protecting liberal values internationally, but in a modified form. Economic and cultural unity is not a program of the OSC; social and market integration is the purview of bilateral agreement. The OSC evades the previous vices of ODECON by using a simpler and more honest thesis of sheer military alliance. The ideological basis of the alliance is also changed. Self-defense is the fundamental justification for the alliance and all its actions, replacing the failed attempt to use liberalism itself as a type of ideological justification. Compared to ODECON, the OSC’s founding charter also gives the Council wider latitude to take military action in defense of vital interests. Given the global rise of extremism and political instability, this change is necessary to prevent a kind of diplomatic paralysis which weakened the efficacy of ODECON.

The OSC has no headquarters or independent institutional existence. However, provisions exist for the creation of Council-designated offices and assets proper.

Charter of the Oceanic Security Council


This Oceanic Security Council is a commitment by the member states to protect one another and to deny completely to any hostile actor the use of the land, the sea, or the air. On the basis of the combined military strength of the Parties, these articles of mutual security are enforced in full as a guarantee to the sovereign existence of each and every member.

Articles of Defense

Article I
Any act of aggression against a member of this Oceanic Security Council shall constitute an attack upon every of its members. Any member who is attacked shall be able to invoke this Article to require the assistance of all other Parties. An act of aggression shall NOT exist when the member is assailed in the course of a military operation beyond their own sovereign territory.

Article II
There shall be no limitation which stands as a prevention to the use of force to protect the sovereignty of a member of the OSC. This Oceanic Security Council recognizes no other nor higher international authorities.

Article III
The principle of Article II shall be taken to mean that aggression is not answered until the aggressor is finished as an aggressor, without further powers of aggression. The OSC High Commission will reserve the power to define when an attack upon a member-states has been answered.

Article IV
In the judgement of the OSC, no aggressor retains rights to life or property after entering into aggression against a member of the Council.

Article V
The individual members shall retain complete freedom of action politically, militarily, and economically. Article I is the sole requirement enforced on the Parties. An annual defense spending of 8 percent or greater is nevertheless the recommendation of the Council.

Administrative Articles

Article VI
In order to create an executive body to arbitrate disputes which may occur in interpreting the Articles of the Charter, each member state will appoint a single representative to serve upon a High Commission of the OSC.

Article VII
The High Commission shall have the power to create any office or title necessary in order to delegate responsibility for the functions of the Council. The Commission will have supreme authority over all appointments to office. The High Commission shall not have the power to delegate its oversight of the OSC budget. The High Commission’s authority shall not be construed to extend beyond those forces and equipment placed under OSC control by a signatory.

Article VIII
All powers not forbidden to the High Commission by the Charter of the OSC shall be considered to rest with the Commission.

Article IX
The High Commission shall have the power to enact and approve binding legislation upon itself and any offices it may create. The High Commission shall not have the authority to delegate the power of legislation. All proposed legislation shall be enacted, approved, amended, or repealed by majority vote of the Commission.

Articles of Accession

Article X
Every application to join the OSC shall be subject to the vote of the High Commission. If the membership of the Commission shall exceed 10 delegates, then a minimum of 2/3rds approval shall be required for any additional applications to pass.

Article XI
Once an application has been introduced to the High Commission, the voting must be closed and tallied after no more than seven (7) days.

Articles Miscellaneous

Article XII
There shall be no grant to observer status nor any form of affiliate membership other than full membership in the OSC.

Article XIII
This Charter may only be amended through an affirmative vote passed by each Head of State of the member nations.

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Postby Erythrean Thebes » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:46 pm

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Re: Oceanic Security Council

Postby Yohannes » Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:00 am


Understanding that therereae area many pirates in the Sea because theer is a power vacuum in the Seas, exploited by a spike in black activity, we want powerful Oceanic Security Council to protect our nation's Commonwealth Navy and oru trades from pirates and black activity. We require your protection and we need Oceanic Securiyt Council's help.

Sovereignty is very important to us so we are willing to gvie military base to Oceanic Security Council to protect our trade from power vacuum in the Seas from black pirates and spike in black activity created by power vacuum in the Seas.


Chancellor of Yohannes
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Postby Vymar » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:10 pm

To the diplomats of the OSC

The Vymarian government has found great interest in this alliance. Vymar recognizes the importance of international trade, and for international trade to function at 100% effectiveness, it first must be safe to trade. We are willing to use our military forces in order to aid in the goals of the Oceanic Security Council to create a stable, safe sea for international trade. We hope our presence strengthens the alliance ten fold.

Long live Vymar

Ryan Chase, Head of Foreign Affairs
The United Federal Republic of Vymar
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Postby New Aeyariss » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:41 pm

Tagging. I will be considering Nifon for this... depending on some factors.
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Postby Erythrean Thebes » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:03 am

Yohannes wrote:snip


ATTN: H.E. Chancellor of Yohannes

We received your plea for help through our long-wave radio transceiver; we are sending you this memorandum to confirm to you that our forces have heard you and they are en route to protect your shipping. To coordinate action more directly you will need to open a line of communications with our Direct Security Force Commander, Verion Ildrastos. He has plenary power to coordinate operations with yourselves. We have dedicated our OSEC Direct Security Force Chamomile to patrol the Seas of Noctur, and we have established Noctur as the first of our Global Operations Zones. In the future we will plan to add a Zone Commander of Noctur who will take charge of organizing operations as our presence in the Noctur Zone may expand. We will look to you for further instructions as we think you are well-positioned to take the lead in quarantining the threats presently manifest in your regional waters.

In regards to your leasing offer, the OSEC High Commission is prepared to purchase rights from your government at a very favorable cost. At your leisure we may agree on a time and place to begin outlining the principles of an agreement; we hope that any such agreement may satisfy the needs for a long-term provision that can sustain protracted policing efforts at a sustainable cost. We will discuss the details further in future negotiations. In the interim, we are prepared to consider signing any short-term agreement on basing which your government might suggest which is acceptable to the High Commission.


Mr. Narkesus Turionander
President of the OSEC High Commission
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Postby McNernia » Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:27 pm

New Aeyariss wrote:Tagging. I will be considering Nifon for this... depending on some factors.

Mcnernia is much the same.
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Postby Erythrean Thebes » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:40 pm


Attention: H.M. King Isandros

Your Royal Highness, with this letter I am following up on the conversation which we had previously on the 22nd of December, where you had asked me officially in your capacity as plenipotentiary delegate for Thebes to serve as Theban representative on the High Commission of the so-called "Oceanic Security Council," and by default as the Commission's singular member as President of the Commission. I am of course honored and delighted to accept your offer and can only but express my thankfulness that you believe so highly in my abilities as an officer and loyal servant. I am completely prepared to step into the office of OSC President at your direction, and I assure you that I intend to deliver on every of the critical strategy objectives which you outlined to the World Assembly in your speech of last year. As I intimated to yourself at our previous meeting, my vision for the OSC is to take the most direct course of resistance possible against global terrorism, and using the flexibility of our institutional structure to continually adapt and retool our organization according to the needs of the moment. I will be communicating nonstop with Your Majesty himself, to ensure that the Oceanic Security Council is verily whatever thou needst it to be - a shield and a spear for our cause to rely on.

At your discretion, my king, I will begin making the outreach to our optimal partners and allies across the global seas. I will keep you aware of every step of the admissions process. The letters of application I will forward to yourself with my comments. With due discretion, I will pass you the overtures of our potential partners also. You will have to decide Your Majesty what degree of openness you wish from your Security Council. We will doubtless attract more signatures by promising spheres of influence to our fellow members, but then we will have to contend with the fact that our nation may lose any monopoly over the organization. It may be, my king, that both Thebes and the OSC would benefit most from a strong and select party of founding members (maybe 4 or 5? Perhaps an odd number?) that we may be bound by society, commerce, culture, and friendship as well as and on top of purely military interests. I should emphasize too the propaganda value of resurrecting the 'Mare Nostrum' great society of our ODECON and the valuable contribution we can and ought to make to democracy through the founding institutes of our alliance. In any case, I must express my skepticism of the dubious concept of an inflated membership with too many opportunistic nations and no sufficient amount of unity on principle or transparency.

To inaugurate the OSC, I have declared the beginning of Operation Shakeup - a longterm land-and-sea counterinsurgency campaign against the entrenched criminal governments of the former Lavinium states. Since Lavinium is just overseas from our great republic, the epidemic of nonstate criminal actors in the Southern Sea area and around the Trellwan Strait, at the expense of regional democracy, makes a good choice of stomping ground for our alliance. If we can establish resources for a permanent maritime presence in the region, especially one crowdsourced by multiple other partners, it may provide the model for success in stabilizing other regions of the international seas. Although our command of the use of hard power tools will be challenged, as we search for the ideal remedy to the new 'hybrid war,' I expect it will be even more important in building the international reputation of the alliance and establishing viable modi operandi in navigating political flashpoints of the unstable regions, not just military ones. It will be your decision what objectives are initially the most viable, only you can decide based on the resources you are willing to commit. I must advocate my historic position that a pair of Royal Carrier Strikeforces, however small a force, would be an unmissable statement of our military power and would serve as a cheap impediment to the rampant spread of chaos in the region. We can certainly wait to proceed according to the enthusiasm of our potential allies. And yet, your Majesty, I cannot but think that they may be more encouraged to join following our example, rather than hoping they bite on our caution.

As they may appear, I will send you my report on each of the prospective applicants to the alliance, and you may issue your final approval, or otherwise. I would not dare to presume to lead yourself in such a matter. Only know that, if anything, I believe Your Majesty, as our eternal Commander-in-Chief and sovereign of our nation and people, yet still holds more responsibility for outlying the future of this Oceanic Security Council, than I who can but lead it for you.

If it should be necessary to summon me personally, you of course would have no need to hesitate, for my service is readily yours. On a somewhat related note, as an always cranky-flier and poor sleeper I am of course keenly pondering what arrangement would be best for locating the headquarters of this nascent league. I can appreciate the desire for something in our own great country, although I fear that the world community may prefer a more objective choice. Might there be some clever symbolism in using an island for the place? Or would we only be tempting disaster?

I readily await your orders, O King,

H.E. Prince Stolthemeus,
Crown Prince of Basseudar
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Postby Nawawi » Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:24 pm



the Emirate of Nawawi has more attention to Oceanic Security Council. As one of the countries in the world surrounded by oceans and to play an active role in global theatre. So with this, we officially announce that we will join the defence pact of Oceanic Security Council. Thank you from our nation.

- Husein X
Emir of Nawawi

- Democratic Sunni Muslim Nation -
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Postby Fecaw » Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:34 pm

Considering this. A government may come tomorrow.

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Postby Pan-Asiatic States » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:10 pm

Interesting. I might apply.
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