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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:54 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
As the two men sat at the table eating Daniel casually eyed Scott. "Hey, I'll tell you this now, if for whatever reason any Union boys show up here, there is a place you can hide. Under the stove is a secret tunnel I dug in case I would ever need to escape here for any reason. It isn't big enough to stand in and it goes to the creek. Don't go through the tunnel. However, you can lay there and wait if need be. I will warn you though that if you do attempt to escape that way that I placed a bear trap or two down there so you'll be in worse pain then when you were shot if you try to escape. I plan on having you stay with me until you are fully healed and then we'll decide what to do with you then. Until then, stay here and rest."

"Don't worry. If they come then I will surrender and claim I held you hostage and forced you to feed me. Nobody else needs to die in this war." Scott replied

"Son, I served in the 1st Marine Division during the Korean War and the locals know it. They would know no way in hell would you be able to hold me, hostage, because if you would have tried I would have killed you or died trying. If they come, just hide and I can bullshit them."

"You're talking to the person that fought at the Battle of Ottawa. Actually, the word Battle in this situation would be better replaced with the word massacre. I was at the massacre at Preservation Square-" Scott said but was cut off by the radio switching from it's music to sharp static. Suddenly from the static came a voice that was cold and uncaring "Today the people of America have been liberated from their barons! Today the Combined Communist States of a new America march to free and break the chains of enslavement. No longer will you have to be poor and worked to death for the Revolution approaches. Today we march on Washington to dispose of the tyrants and the oligarchs of our nation. Today the Revolution happens! Today a new America is formed! THE PEOPLES COMBINED COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA!". With that, the radio went silent and went back to playing the previous song it was.

"Oh, shit..." Scott said slowly "We lost... we cannot fight a two-front war.". As they listened to the radio Daniel's face became rock hard. After the message ended he got up and stretched a hand across the table to Scott. "Son, it looks like we now have a common enemy. If there is one thing I hate more then traitors, it's FUCKING Commies! You stay here, I need to go to town. While you're here, Betsy can keep you company." With that, Daniel walked out the door and walked deeper into the woods to the cave where his truck was stored. Once Daniel got into town he immediately ran to the gun store. Upon getting there he purchased an old B.A.R. rifle and all the .30-06 ammunition that was left. After purchasing the gun he went to the bank and withdrew all of his savings. Afterward, he started back home. Upon reaching the cabin he hopped out and walked inside with the B.A.R. and a pile of ammunition. "Scott, here take this. I'll need you armed for self-defense. I'm trusting you with a gun so you'd better not shoot me or I swear I'll come back as a ghost and rat you out to the Communists." With that, he tossed the Browning Automatic Rifle to Scott and sat down to start unboxing the ammunition.

"How the hell did you get a BAR! These things are classified as an automatic rifle! And what do you intend to do? The commies won't come here." Scott said while checking his BAR.

"Son, this is the middle of nowhere Missouri. I could go out and buy a Sherman tank from Crazy Earl if I really wanted to. Don't question it, just accept it. If those Commie bastards are smart they'll attempt to do what you did and cut off the Kentucky Corridor. However, Cairo Illinois is their lowest point and easiest point to cut off since it is literally the only roadway across the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. They will punch through there and expand to the east and west, it's just common sense. Speaking of which, if your story is true, you drove through Cairo Illinois to get here. Now, load that 20 rnd. magazines for that B.A.R. and keep it close by. We time but stay vigilant. After all, the Unionists also want you dead too."

"Good point..." Scott said while counting the ammo and continued "But they won't go west they'll go east to Washington. They won't go east cause the farmers won't support them. They need to take Washington to cement their legitimacy and have a massive morale crush on both union and federalist troops. The fate of Washington will decide the fate of this war."

"Trust me, they'll head both ways. The wider the divide they can create the easier it will be for them to hold the corridor. They will obviously head towards Washington but I have a feeling they'll push from Pennsylvania since it is much closer to D.C. They'll push down through Cairo to prevent any reinforcements from heading back towards D.C. It's simple geographical tactics at this rate. Now, try and get some sleep. I need to move my truck." With that, Daniel headed for the door and hopped in his truck and drove it deeper into the woods out of sight from the cabin and stockade. Scott watched the door closed and slumped in his chair. He wondered what would happen to his nation if the communist did take Washington then the United States of America. Scott would put aside all his hate for the corrupt federalist if that meant that the communist never did take power. He had personally seen what communism could do during the Liberian civil war. The communist would first have death squads in the ghettos massacring the poor for not being "Useful to the state.". Scott remembered watching on the news the Government publicly executing dissidents. He and his parents barely escaped the state before the Commies came to power. Scott swore the day when he witnessed the massacres and swore never to let them take power again. Never again...

Daniel had just straight up lied to Scott. He was moving his truck but not to the cave in the woods. He drove back to town and went immediately to the county clerk's office. Once there he ran inside and spoke with the clerk whom he knew well "Hey John, how much would it cost for you to give me a fake Missouri ID card?"
"Hey Daniel, why do you need a fake ID card? You're old enough to drink! Ha ha!"

"Not important, I'll give you 100 dollars to forge a fake license without a picture."

"Hmm, I can't do that Daniel... It's against the law..."

"Against the law??? John you heard the radio! The fucking communists are marching on Washington. By the time they get there
they'll be here! You know what, I'll pay you 150 dollars to make that ID."

"Hmm... fine but if you tell anyone I'll say you held me at gun point."

"That's fine by me, I don't plan on ratting you out."

"What is the name on the ID?"

"Scott Sullivan"

"Age, place of birth, etc.?"

"Make him over 21, but younger then 40. I don't care about where he was born, hell say some backwoods area if need be."

"Alright, give me a moment."

A couple minutes later Daniel walked out of the clerk's office with a brand new Missouri ID card with a blank picture. After hopping in his truck he headed back to his cabin...

Written with the help of the chuck

Jasonville Joins the War to help the CCSA

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:51 pm
by Jasonvillee
*President Jason goes up to the podium*

"My fellow Jasonvillers. America has fallen.

This is a sad day, America was once a great peacekeeping nation, and even had relationships with a communist republic like us. Now because of a new corrupt dictator, America has seperated, and we shall support the CCSA in making their own nation. We shall also help the West Pacific States in making their own nation.

If possible, we will help reunite America as it was before. We are not here to spread communism, just to stop an evil American dictator.

Now my fellow Jasonvillers, you are thinking, Jasonville is just a small peninsula, with a small military. But this is a cuase for freedom. We must try!

Now, together, we shall go to war, to reunite America, or support the CCSA and the WPS to gain their freedom

For God and for Jasonville!"

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by Jasonvillee
*Telegram to the President*

Admiral Yee: Hello sir, I have brought the Atlantic Fleet back. It is ready for war

General Lee: Sir, the Jasonville Expeditionary Force is all set and ready to go. We will depart from Jasonville when we are ready.

*End of telegram*

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by Deutschess Kaiserreich

MacArthur went too far. In his total destruction of the West Pacific states, the secessionist states mobilized their militias to guard their safety. President of the AUS Huey Long proposed a first strike on the Federalists to secure the sovereignty of his new nation. The plan was for the Minutemen to march on the state of Kentucky to cut off the route to Washington. With Washington isolated MacArthur may have agreed to a possible peace deal with the AUS but the Minuteman forces that originally toke the corridor were blasted away with the Federalists heavy firepower. With the AUS now fighting a retreat, the leader of the CCSA Jack Reed decided now was the time to spread the revolution. In an infamous speech, he declared the second revolution of the United States on August 15th. Having stayed of the war the Communist had the advantage of the superior production abilities of the great lakes and more completed mobilization. The 1st Revolutionary infantry regiment assaulted the Federalist held city of Henderson. Fighting there would be brutal as the city was the last stronghold of the Kentucky corridor. Everyblock and room were fought for but despite the Federalist's tenacity, they were driven from the city on August 20th. At the same time, CCSA troops moved into the midwest engaging the Federalist's tank divisions where the CCSA was driven back. But the corridor is now in very real danger of falling and if it does Washington will no longer receive reinforcements...

President Jason makes a deal with the AUC, CCSA, WPS

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:59 pm
by Jasonvillee

Anchor: "Breaking news everyone! President Jason, leading the Jasonville Expeditionary Force to America, met with the leaders of the AUC, CCSA, and WPS. Although a small nation, Jasonville was able to make friendly relationships with these new sovereign nations and is now opening trade with them.

President Jason has reported that Jasonville forces are now helping these 3 nations defend against the now Dictatorship of the USA.

We will report more later."

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by Deutschess Kaiserreich
Jack peeked over the still smoldering wreck of a sedan in ruined streets and saw commies. They were in grey uniforms covered with pockets and finally, they were armored with steel plates of their chest. It may not have been much but against low caliber rounds, their armor would hold. They held uniform weapons and marched in a uniform way. Yet they clearly did not possess the tactics and know-how of a veteran. They moved slowly across open ground and in formation. For goodness sake! This was the age of bombs and machine guns and they advanced in formation over an open field.

The Communists advanced ever closer down the street and Jack prepared to meet them with his BAR. In the window above a Browning heavy machine gun awaited them. Behind the corner of the shattered house lay a squad in hiding with an APC. Jack fired into the crowd with dozens dropping before the Communist could react. Responding to this the Browning who mowed down even more. "For the Republic. For MacArthur!" Hendricks, the leader of the squad yelled, before climbing over the house and firing bullet after bullet into the communist hordes. He charged with his bayonet into the crowd his men following after shouting chants of "DOWN WITH THE TRAITORS! UP WITH THE STARS!" and mowing down even more communist's. The APC had finally turned the corner and layed lead into the suppressed communist troops. The communist soldiers had finally organized themselves into cover but not before a few dozens lay dead or wounded on the streets. Fire roared onto Jacks positions as hunks of metal was blown from the car. The Browning crew dashed from the window as the walls of the second floor exploded with so much dust that the crew struggled to breathe. Hendricks and his men, however, were not harassed by fire as they closed in on the communist positions. Only a few meters away did the commander of the communist soldiers realize his mistake and ordered "OVER THERE! OVER THERE! CUT DOWN THE BARONS! FREE AMERICA!".

But it was too late as twenty of Hendricks men leaped over the rubble with bayonets and knives in their hands. It was a massacre as cold American steel cut flesh and scattered blood from the young and unprepared communist soldiers. Hendrick's fist met the commander in the face sending the man reeling back to the wall of a building. Hendricks grabbed his pistol and prepared to fire but at the last moment a communist soldier came out of nowhere and lept at Hendrick tackling him down onto the grown. The Soldier prepared to punch Hendricks but a crack of a pistol killed him instantly. Hendricks threw the mans corpse away and stood up. Hendricks saw the commander still fighting with his men but his fellow man was being slaughtered. Hendrick could have admired the man for staying with his troops even when his death was imminent but he was the enemy the republic so Hendricks shot him. Several times. With the death of their commander, the thirty or so communist troops left broke and ran for their lives down the street. Hendricks's men raised their rifles down and shot so many that only a half dozen could dash into a building and escape. Over sixty communist traitors lay dead on the ground covered with their own blood with a dozen laying groaning the street. Despite this, a dozen or so Federalist's lay dead on the ground and the same number being tended to by medics. A communist soldier groaned loudly next to Hendricks so Hendricks shot him sending a grunt of shock from the wounded man and slowly the soft sound of his breath fading way...

IC: Aryana:

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:44 pm
by Crimetopolis
"My Fuhrer, the Kaiserina has not responded to your inquiries." an advisor said. Chief of the Federal Security Bureau head Director Efrem Zimbelist Jr. "Our intelligence have intercepted messages from Moscow. Lenin is highly interested in the events in North America." Schmidt turned to Chairman Alan Freed, director of ARBC[Aryana Radio Broadcasting Company] While other news agencies were permitted by Arayanan laws to operate freely, but said laws allowed ARBC to be the official government channel, too. ARBC was also popular because they played western swing and jazz music, too.
"What do your news polls reveal?" "While 35% oppose intervention, 90% oppose MacArthur for his jet bombing raids against American civilians." "Both MacArthur and communists must be contained." said Schmidt. He looked at Dr. Alan Keyes, head of Aryana's diplomatic agency. "What do you think." "My Fuhrer, Long we can possibly work with." "Dr. Keyes, please draft a formal letter to Huey Long saying that while are we willing to send military aid, we will not send troops, also. In exchange for thirty years no trade tariffs after the war is won. BUt wait until MacArthur's next atrocity to act."

Pre-battle Inspection

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:28 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Sergeant Thomas Wicker looked up and down his squad. Huey Long himself would be coming to inspect his troops before the big offensive in Kentucky.

"Private Jenkins!" he shouted. "What is that?" He pointed to Jenkins' collar on his olive-green fatigue jacket.

"It's my button, Sir."

"Why is it unbuttoned?!?"

"I dunno sir. Maybe I had a little too much to drink last night and was a little hung over in the morning-" The squad laughed.

"Knock it off. Get that durn thing buttoned! Do you think our beloved President cares about your drinkin' habbits, Private Jenkins?" Jenkins didn't respond. He immediately buttoned his collar.

A bugle call blared. Assembly.

"Ya hear that boys! Town square, now! Move, move, move!"

The square soon became a sea of men in uniform. They milled around a bit until their general shouted "ATTEN-shun!" They all picked up their rifles, holding them at port arms. A black Cadillac escorted by men on motorcycles rolled up. It ground to a halt, and Huey Long himself came out. He walked down the lines, examining his troops. Many of them were in shape; they'd been preparing for such an opportunity. Others didn't look so good. Wicker's men were well-led and well-drilled; Long noticed this.

"Fine job you've done there, Sergeant. Bet these boys'll hold up 'gainst the Feds." The men cheered at this remark. Wicker smiled internally, having to keep a stern face for his President. Long then walked up to the podium and adressed the troops, but not before much applause.

"We've experienced some setbacks, boys, but now we have a shot. The Commies and Feds are givin' one to us. We're gonna swiftly move back inna that corridor and make a run for Washington!"

More cheers.

"If we can't make Washington,... hold the corridor, sit back and enjoy the show our enemies are puttin' on. You're gonna love it. Always be ready-''

"AT A MINUTE'S NOTICE!" the Minutemen yelled.

"Thank you for your service and good night." Long walked down the stage and towards his office. His secretary ran up to him.

"Sir, urgent letter from some country called... Airy-anna."

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by The Chuck
When Daniel arrived back at his cabin he walked in and Scott was asleep in the bed. After putting his rifle up on the rack Daniel got ready for bed himself. Unfortunately Scott was sleeping in the only bed so Daniel took his coat and the bearskin and made a bed on the floor using the bareskin as a comforter and his coat as a pillow. Within a couple minutes he was passed out dreaming of what the future had in store for them.

The Jasonville Navy Bombards the Coast!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:27 pm
by Jasonvillee


Anchor: "Today, the Jasonville Pacific Fleet has bombarded the east coast of America. It has launched troop carriers into main land and Jasonville soldiers are currently fighting the Americans.

The Jasonville Navy has also picked up some sieged CCSA soldiers and took them back to their base. Now here is a report from Veteran Lieutenant Shelly. "

Shelly: "I thought I wouldn't have to fight another war, but I'm here again, in the Battlefield.

I was in charge of the 110th Liberator Battalion, and we met some fierce fire. First, they mowed a lot of our troops down. I led our troops to a safer position where our Bazooka team fired on the American tanks. Then some CCSA troops came and supported our troops and together we pushed those Americans out of the town we were liberating. They only retreated because there were only about 300 of them, and 600 of us.

Now the CCSA's supply lines are connected through this town! For God and For Jasonville!"

Anchor: "Thank you ma'm and thank you for serving our country.

That is all folks, For God and For Jasonville!"

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:05 pm
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
Jason looked over the horizon from his battleship and saw the Jasonville fleet. The landings had been a success and the dictator was now shaken. Surely now a peace deal could be made Jasonville could reap the spoils of war. Jason looked to his future and saw a massive parade with ticker tape descending from the skies. The planes that made up the airforce roaring above while crowds cheered. Speaking of planes Jason saw a speck on the horizon. "Hey, Jones."

"Yes, Jason?"

"We sent scout planes right."

"Yeah, a large bombing fleet."

"Oh nevermind"

With that, Jason looked away and dreamed about the spoils of war he would surely get. A suit of honor and returning to his apartment in his army-given sedan. Maybe Jason would retire to the countryside but he still felt the allure of the capital. He loved the nightlife in the bars as songs would sing and prepares the bartender would not reject his advances with a medal on his chest. Jason walked away to stare once more at the giant guns of the SS Kerad. One could crawl into the barrels as easily as a child in a slide. This ship was the symbol of the nation as though Jasonville may have been small it could build big. The spirit of the nation was within it. Jason couldn't wait to... Suddenly the ship lurched as a wall of water appeared at the sides drenching the deck. The shrill of a plane's engine could be heard before the port side of ship erupted in fire and flame. Jason looked up to see the sky filled with flak and planes descending onto the fleet. A destroyer literally was split in half as a torpedo hit the magazine. The carrier in the middle of the fleet tried to get their planes off but they were strafed by fighters before they could leave and detonated in furious balls of flame killing dozens of the crew. Jason ran as fast as could to the nearest anti-air position that just above him. But as he climbed the ladder he heard the shrill of another plane and then the anti-air gun and its crew were vaporized. Jason was thrown back and felt something cold enter his back. He looked to his chest and found a piece of metal covered in his own blood. Jason panicked and screamed but it drowned out by the screams of sailors drowning or in screaming from their burns. The battleship listed even further as the bridge and its captain was silenced by a dive bomber. Jason felt tears overcome him as he saw as Jasonville's once mighty fleet burn and sink. At least he wouldn't be lonely...

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:25 pm
by The Chuck
When Daniel Sullivan woke up he looked over and saw Scott still passed out cold on his bed. Without making to much noise he got up and went outside to chop some wood for the stove to make breakfast and coffee. As he was chopping down an oak tree he heard what sounded like an engine rumbling down the path towards his stockade and cabin. Quickly he dropped his hatchet and shouldered his rifle in the direction of the sound. Within a couple moments a half-track rumbled into view with some USA soldiers on it. Quickly lowering his rifle and shouting at them, he was able to get them to stop.

"Hello! What's going on? Anything I can help you boys with?"

"Good morning sir, sorry to interrupt your day but we've received reports of an AUS soldier who was last seen in this area. You wouldn't happen to have seen anything suspicious would you?"

"Nope, it's just myself and my brother Scott out here. I served with the 1st Marines Division in Korea as a marksman and now have retired to here though."

"Thank you sir! You wouldn't mind if we looked around your property and in your house would you?"

Cursing to himself Daniel thought quickly and came up with an idea. "Sure though let me check to make sure that Scott is decent first. A couple days ago we were hunting together and he shot himself. He unfortunately is fairly simple and doesn't say much."

With that Daniel hurried back towards the cabin with an armful of wood...

The Jasonville Navy has been attacked!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:44 pm
by Jasonvillee


Anchor: "Some of our ships have been sunken by a submarine.
Jasonville Casualties:
10,000 naval personal dead
2 ships destroyed
1 ship in need of repair
7 planes fallen into the ocean

Enemy Casualties:
4 planes downed

We have a report from Sailor Jason (who coincidentally has the same name as President Jason )."

Sailor Jason: "I was looking out on deck, day dreaming. Then I saw some planes in the distance and asked my friend if we sent planes the day before. We just had a confusing debate and then all of a sudden, our ship starting rocking. Then I saw the other ship, the SS Dominance, blow up in flames!
Then those planes started bombing us and I realized that this was an attack. Me and my friend went to a anti Aircraft gun and shot a plane down.

Then Our ship was hit hard by a bomb and the ship literally burst into pieces!
I saw Admiral Lee yelling commands and President Jason (which I think gets in danger too much) was getting a body out of the water. A officer told him to hide but President Jason just shook his head and went put the injured man on a lifeboat. He saw me and was going to get me when my friend came with another lifeboat. Then we scrammed outa there to our other ships near the coast."

Anchor: "Thank You, and folks, do not let your morale down! Our President is fighting with our troops in the front line and we must have hope also! War will be terrible, but we fight for a good cause.

For God and For Jasonville!"

*advertisement starts*

"Buy war bonds to keep this tank running!"


PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:33 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Long looked over the letter.
"This changes thangs!" he said. "These Aryana people might be givin' us some support. Makes one wonder: should we hold back and let MacArthur act? Let him dig his own grave?"

"I agree", said one of Long's generals. "How can we expect Aryana to help us if we aren't there for them to help?"

"Goldarnit, Parks! Just because Market Garden didn't go so well don't mean this won't! I say we proceed as planned!"

"Don't let rashness spoil our campaign, General Bryan" said another commander. "We can use this to our advantage. Not only will we have support, but the outside public will be more sympathetic, possibly getting us more."

"But why waste this chance?" asked Bryan.

"I was a fool to think this would be a chance to begin with" said Long. "The Feds whooped us, and they'll whoop us again if we come back."

"How'd'ya know that?"

The junior commander replied:

"Look at these photos" taking a folder full of them out of a briefcase and passing them around. "This is what they did to the Commies, 'ccordin' to my intelligence personnel. God knows they'll do it t'us". Everyone in the room was shocked by what they saw.

"It's settled then", said Long. "We wait for Aryana."

"Or do we have to?" asked Parks. "Intel appears to have some footage of POW camps. Looks like these fellers weren't treated too well. EDITH!"

"Yes, General Parks?"

"Get these photos printed and sent to Aryana immediately. They want atrocities, they'll get 'em."

"Right away, sir"

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:39 pm
by Bjornoya Islands
Felix Rasmussen, Premier of the Bjørnøya Republic, gazed out at the glimmering shine of the aurora borealis, which illuminated the dark, starry night. Within the next few hours, the Premier would be responsible for making some of the most influential and lasting decisions. His actions could determine the fate of the Republic's most powerful allies, the United States of America.

For days, unrest had been brewing in the U.S. With that in mind, it did not surprise much of the Bjørnøyan community that several regions had split from the once-powerful nation. What did come as a surprise to the Bjørnøyan people was the Premier's decision to side with one of the more powerful offshoots, the American Union States.

Rumors began spreading around Bjørnøya that the A.U.S. was a 'new confederacy.' The Bjørnøya Republic had held a reputation for strong equal rights between races, and easily led western nations in terms of women's rights. The Bjørnøyan people would have zero tolerance for support rebellious groups supporting racial segregation and inequality. However, the Premier had received verbal confirmation from A.U.S. President Huey Long that the Union States would do their best to ensure the safety and fair treatment of all citizens, regardless of race.

The Premier promised support from the Royal Bjørnøyan Armed Forces to assist in the reinstatement of a central government in Washington, D.C. This would require several achievements in order to accomplish this goal, so the Premier ordered a 'game plan' to be drafted. He had one request. Ensure the movement of A.U.S. troops into southern Pennsylvania at the very least.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:31 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
The door opened and men in white sheet entered. Their hats were tall and thin as those of wizard and the only they could see was through two holes for their eyes. They slowly shuffled into the church as it was dark and only barely lit by candles. The population had recently begun to despise their existence so meeting had to be carried out in secret. Slowly the benches began to fill with white but noticeable men could not be found. Many had been arrested and or drafted in the Minutemen. The members here had shoot negroes before but they were usually unarmed so therefore many were concerned with being drafted into a war. They could not imagine being shoot at as many of them were very young. In fact, many of the older members had left or fragmented into different groups. As time had passed many had grown resentful of their daily violence. Eventually, illegal militias were formed that massacred the member of white and lynched them to the trees like their victims. Many militiamen and women were prosecuted but went to prison or executed with smiles on their faces. This acts had frightened too many members with the more extreme wanting violence against their own race for retaliation of these attacks. Many had also left in disgust at the extremist and vowed to keep their original "values" to their heart. The benches were barely full enough to keep this meeting happening but the grand wizard arouse to address the crowd. He would reassure them that vengeance would be wrought. But before he could speak the doors of church burst down and slammed against the ground with a deafening thud. Members nearest to the door were shocked and many near the end drew their weapons. Though did draw it with difficulty. A man with a cowboy hat but a green uniform marched in flanked by a dozen with submachine guns. In his mouth lay a cigarette but he drew it out and crushed it with his heavy boots. His left hand hovered near a massive revolver and it was itching. "Hello, you ghost role-playing faggots. Senator Long has just outlawed your despicable organization. Drop your guns at my feet and I may try to get my men not to beat the crap out of your nutsack and nut brain." The man said with an uncaring thone and a strong southern accent.

"NEVER! We will claim victory now or later. You cannot kill an idea." The Grandmaster yelled at the top of his lungs.

"But we can kill you and your faggoty friends. What is this a boys club." The leader walked over to a man frozen in fear. The man tried to run but the leader caught his hood and ripped it off to reveal perhaps a young man with sharp blond hair that only in his early twenties. The leader laughed and spoke again "The Grandmaster likes young boys does he not? I assume that most you are as young as him. Those that want to leave drop your weapons at my feet and walk outside. Then I want you to burn your clothes and run home to mama."

"Do not listen to the devil. He is the puppet of the niggers!"

"Please. Drop your weapons and walk home." The leader of the minutemen said in an amlost pleading thone and jestured to the door. Despite the grandmasters protest many tore off their hoods and cloaks and ran dropping any weapons they had the minutemens feet. After a minute or so a few dozen members were left. The grandmaster was surely nervous even if no one could see his face. Suddenly a shot rang out and the man the leader had ripped the hood off fell to the floor. There was a silance and everyone stared at the man holding a revolver. The silance was ended when both leaders orded their men to fire and bullets wizzed through the air...

PostPosted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 8:22 pm
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
The church was a flurry of light and death. The boys outside ran for their lives as bullets penetrated the old walls and whizzed above their head. Men dropped to the ground and continued to fire widely. For the first few second the men in hoods seem to have the advantage but they were no match against well-equipped minutemen. The automatics ripped into the hoods turning the clean white into a filthy red. The men hoods took dozens of shoots but many had reached cover behind the wooden benches. Half of Micheals force lay wounded by the revolvers of the men under the command of the grand wizard. The grand wizard himself stood on the podium releasing bullet after bullet from a pistol. Micheal aimed at the master and fired. The master grunted in agony and stepped back. He stared at his white robes rapidly turning red. He drew his last breath and fell to the stage. Yet even with the death of their master the men in hoods continued to fire but numbers were dwindling.

Splinters were blasted into air immersing themselves into exposed skin and lungs. The men in hoods were only numbered at barely a dozen and falling back. But a few raised their hands in surrender but were shot by men they considered to be their own brothers. The black men in Minutemen now took the revenge against the men that had made their father and grandfathers live's hell. They filled the men that had filled their fathers and brother lead. Finally after what seemed like an eternity but was only perhaps a minute or two the gunshots ended. Only a few of the men in hoods were left standing and perhaps half a dozen lay on the floor groaning. The black men now stood with their boots on the head of the very same men that had killed with impunity so many years ago. That day was gone now. "All hail the AUS!" the men yelled in victory and chanted "A new America. A free one!". Micheal drew another cigarette and lit it in victory.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:00 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
MacArthur was happy for the first time since the war had begun. Everything was playing to his plan. He sat in the oval office smoking his pipe and staring at a map. The Kentucky corridor was almost closed and heavy losses on the supply wagon were occurring. The supply line was in the range of CCSA heavy motors but the motors were poorly made and were extremely inaccurate. Most of the motors were actually pre-weltkreig models and had therefore been outdated and poorly maintained. Even with the factories of the great lakes, the CCSA had little resources to fuel them. Their only supply line was through the great lakes from Canada but MacArthur was preparing to strike that supply lines. The Federalist had maintained the loyalty of the air force through better wages and this paid dividends when the Jasonville fleet was attacked and sustained heavy losses. There were even rumors that the president had been wounded. Fool... even though MacArthur missed the thrill of a gunfight he knew that being under active fire was stupid when you lead an entire nation. The fleet was not destroyed as MacArthur was hoping but they would be discouraged to attempt landings.

MacArthur was scheming and moving magnetic tabs on his map to positions he wanted. The room was empty but MacArthur needed it. He needed a moment of silence from his advisors and colonels to make a plan that he would present before his men. Perhaps his scheming plan would not work but would at the very least bring the Federalist close to the tipping point of the war. Whether it would tip to the Federalists side was up to his men and officers. MacArthur held pride in the divisions left to him. They were far better than the militiamen of the Minutemen or the Red Revolutionary guard. They had been trained and been born through fire in Korea and Canada. These were the men that held Seoul against waves of commies even when they starved and bombed. These were also the men that had drooped into Hong Kong and destroyed the Red fleet that was still in port. These were his men and he was their leader. He would fight for them at every turn and defend them from any foe. MacArthur's thought processes were broken when Blackburn walked into the room with a gun on his belt. If one could see the future then they knew this would be the moment where America's fate would be decided...

Just 10 minutes before...

"I am addressing the people of the United States of America. For the 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days the United States of America has been torn apart. I admit myself that the Government before me was needless and corrupt. A government that cared not for its citizens but the men in the high castle. I promise every single red-blooded American even if they are among the many traitors that I am not them. I will never be them. But that does not mean that we will fight the fatherland. Alone we have stood against the traitor but even when we were alone we drove the communist's traitors that want nothing more to destroy our nation from the birthplace of our nation and of freedom." MacArthur paused before the Camera and then continued.

"I happy to report that the city of Philadephia has been retaken. We have also obliterated the foreign fleet that tried to invade out northern states with the air force. But I am also here to announce that another nation we thought was friends has returned to their backstabbing ways. The Republic of Mexico has demanded the many territories of the Southern states in our moment of weakness. Mexico has raised their daggers and has poised them to strike into our exposed eastern land. The United States of America stands alone against a wave of hatred and oppression! We shall defeat the Mexicans as we have the Communist that dare include our name in theirs. We will defeat the southern states that risen again. We will defeat the traitors and invaders! The people of America are unconquered. We will remain unconquerable. If we must win this war alone, we shall do that too! WE WILL STAND AGAINST OUR FOES AS OUR FOREFATHERS DID! DOWN WITH THE TRAITORS UP WITH THE STARS!." With that, the camera crew shut down the camera and took the tapes to the broadcasting center.

MacArthur sighed loudly and took a long hard sip of water. He was now tired but could now look forward to some brandy. MacArthur was about to pour himself a cup and drown in it when a man came in with the biggest smile on his face. Everyone in the room felt their spirits lifted. From the highest officers to the lowest janitors everyone felt hope in their chest. The man said his words that he was struggling to control "The first ships from the Kaiserriech have arrived. They are filled with weapons and supplies. They are not sending any men yet because they can't spare any. But once the war the Indochina is over they will send reinforcements to us!

"Perhaps we are no longer alone." MacArthur said breaking out the Brandy while the room filled with joy and hope.

IC: Alan Freed:

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:45 am
by Crimetopolis
Alan Freed made sure to leak the atrocity photos and made sure all media, including foreign. Propaganda posters began appear both at home and abroad. They showed MacArthur beginning Lenin for help as a fellow communist, too. 'United States of America or United Communist states of America?'. Because Aryana's military was all volunteer, and a national lottery paid to upgrade its military, it was a non-issue even to the political opposition, too. Ships began unloading medical supplies Huey LOng's harbors. But U-boats began unloading military supplies at night. Mauser 9mm broomhandle pistols, EM-2 assault type rifles, ammunition, .280 caliber MG-42 copy, Beretta Model 2 submachineguns, M35 Stahlhelms, tropical uniforms, and panzerfaust 150 anti tank rockets,. All identifying marks were removed, This same equipment was made at a Federal security Bureau secret factory. It only ran at night to avoid detection.

IC: Thomas Wicker

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:50 pm
by Rezmaeristan
Sgt. Wicker looked out the back of his troop carrier. His unit-no, 20 percent of Minuteman Army East- was retreating. Their objective had shifted from making a run for Washington to protecting their supply lines. North Carolina would be a prime target due to its being a border state, and the roads from Wilmington to the front lines had to be protected at all costs. The trucks circled around a clearing to form a staging area and came to a halt. Wicker and his men exited the staging area.

"Alright boys, y'all know your orders. Keep the road clear of guerillas, saboteurs, and snipers. Search the woods and make sure there ain't no Feds in there! Shoot 'em on sight.

The squad walked through the woods. They were thick and rugged; it would have been difficult to carry out the order of shooting a Fed on sight if they could barely even see him. Several engines rumbled. The supply convoy. If there were any Feds in the woods, they'd be heading for the road. Wicker signalled to his men to head for the road, and they did. He saw two men setting up a mortar by the side of the road in the woods. Unit markings were hard to see, so he pointed his sidearm at them, shouting, "Surrender!" One of them quickly shot at Wicker, the bullets zipping by his head, one scraping his hat. Private Jenkins bull-rushed the mortar men, bayonetting them both before getting shot himself.

"Goldarnit Private Jenkins, are you so determined for glory and heroism you'll throw your life away for it? I like it. I'll tell Long all about your actions and make sure you get a Medal of Courage for them.", said Wicker, chuckling and smiling. "Medic!", he shouted, his emotions suddenly shifting to fear and seriousness.

The squad medic, Private Garrin, was on the spot. He examined Jenkins' lower leg. "No exit wound. Shiet. I'ma hafta remove that durn bullet." He reached in with his tweezers as Jenkins screamed and bled. "Calm 'im down, please!" Wicker grabbed medical alcohol from Garrin's medical kit; he poured some into Jenkins' mouth, calming him down. After Garrin finished dressing the wound and removing the bullet, he sent out a signal for stretcher carriers.

"Kestick! Stay with Garrin and Jenkins until the stretcher shows up. Rest of you, as you were.", said Wicker.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:27 pm
by Jasonvillee
At the coast of the CCSA territory, and on the Jasonville SS Hope

Secretary: Sir, the defense of the CCSA and the AUS has gotten better, but I think is is time we need to unite America back again.

President Jason: Yes I know but we can't.

Secretary, But sir we must, this war is going to end very badly for us if we don't

President: Alright, send telegrams to MacArther, the leader of the CCSA, and the leader of the AUS. And the WPS, well they're already dead so they can come if they can.

Secretary: Yes sir. Oh and also Admiral Yee and General Lee told me to tell you to watch out. They would like you to stay inside for a while...

President: But those troops need me for hope!

Secretary: With all due to respect, you are a good commander, but we need you to lead our nation, and not risk yourself out in wars.

President: Alright I'll stay out for a few battles, I need to... do some stuff anyways.

Secretary: Alright sir, have a nice day! Also any orders?

President: Oh right! CCSA troops trapped in another location, we need to go save them.

Secretary: Alright sir, I will tell that to Admiral Yee, See you!

President: Alright bye for now.

*Conversation ends*

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by Deutschess Kaiserreich
The room was silent with only the sound of both the men's breathing. MacArthur took to pipe from his mouth and placed it down onto the presidential desk. Blackburn's hand rested on the very same table with his other hand holding his clipboard. Suddenly both the men drew their guns but MacArthur's was pointed at Blackburn face before his hand could even reach for his revolver. Blackburn lunged for MacArthur's pistol but MacArthur stepped aside as Blackburn charged passed him and pistol wiped him on his head. "Blackburn, I may be old but I can still draw a pistol faster than you can say oops.". Blackburn lay on the ground swearing and clutching his head. He stared into MacArthur's eyes as the man picked up his pipe and placed it into his mouth again. "Blackburn... Blackburn... Blackburn... why did you want to kill me. This was just stupid."

"You killed the people of Los Angeles. You stand in the bastion of democracy as a tyrant. I have served with you for a year MacArthur and seen many things but not this!"


"You may have as well had... I saw them shoot civilians!"

"I know." MacArthur sighed and sat into the nearest couch but his hand was still on his pistol. MacArthurs face was now full of regret and clearly, he wished he could have changed the past. MacArthur continued to speak "I wanted them to maybe loot the occasional shop and rough up a few traitors. But when I saw the smoke rising I knew that I lost control of my men there. You were right to kill those men in the gun truck, Blackburn. I'm gonna hang those war criminals when its all over."

Hearing this Blackburn's face was now contorted to fear but he kept his composure and replied: "How did you know."

"Please, Blackburn! Your story that you barely escaped the gun truck when the traitors assaulted your truck is total fucking bullshit! I looked at the truck myself and knew that you shoot the men inside. How? You are carrying the very same revolver as me. I know how it looks like when you shoot someone with it. Only officers in my army are allowed to have that very same model. So either one of my officers was killed and his weapon taken or you shot those men. I wanted to believe it was the former."


"Because I didn't want to kill you!"

"So your gonna do it now" Blackburn spat at MacArthur.

"No. I won't kill you."

"You might as well. You killed the Republic."

"No. I will never become a tyrant of old. Never. I may be called the American Ceaser but trust me. When this is all over I'll give it
all up."

"So you expect me to join you because you say something that is very likely not true."

"No. I am the only one that knows you shot those men Blackburn. I can forget that."

"And in return?"

"You will remain my assistant though with more specialized tasks. I know you want to go back to Martha."

"Martha... I keep forgetting she exists. This damm war is tearing me apart."

"Then help me end it sooner!"

"And leave the Republic to you!"

"No... leave it the Senate. Trust me. If I don't step down when this is all over you can kill me and there will be no consequences."

"Can I kill you painfully."

"Yes." MacArthur put away his pistol and unaware to everyone in that room. The fate of The untied States of America, a bastion of democracy and hope, would be decided.

IC: Daniel Sullivan and Scott "Sullivan"

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by The Chuck
"Scott, wake up! We've got some soldiers here looking for you. There isn't enough time for you to hide so I told them you're my brother and are a bit of a simpleton. Don't speak if they come inside, they'll be able to tell you're a southerner just by your voice. The B.A.R. is under your bed and I doubt they will look carefully. Just be polite and don't speak at all. If shit hits the fan, pull the rifle but don't shoot them unless they try to shoot first. Ok, I'll let them know they can come inside."

With that Daniel walked back outside and spoke to the soldiers outside.

"Alright, Scott is awake, come on in and have a look around. If it isn't to much of a hassle for you, would you boys like some coffee and breakfast?"

"Sure sir, we can take a moment away from searching for that AUS bastard and share a hearty breakfast. Thank you for your hospitality!"

"No problem, so long as you respect my 3rd Amendment rights Haha!"

With a laugh the soldiers and Daniel walked back inside the house and sat down around the table. Turning towards Scott a couple of the soldiers said hello before taking a seat. Scott smiled and waved his hand without speaking like he had been instructed to. As the soldiers sat around the table Daniel prepared them a breakfast of eggs and pork. As he cooked they looked around and noticed how the stove was sunk into the ground.

"Sir, I don't think I asked but what is your name? I noticed the medals on the wall."

"Oh, it's Daniel Sullivan and that's my brother Scott. I served in the 1st Marine Division in Korea as a Sergeant and now have retired to here with him."

"Pleasure to meet you Sgt. Sullivan. I was also wondering why you dug a pit for your stove."

"Oh, that's so if the door is open and some coals or embers fall out they won't catch the cabin on fire."

"Alright, makes sense. Though why did you build the stockade around your cabin?"

Thinking quickly Daniel made up an excuse,

"Oh, that's due to all the bears migrating further and further south. Actually a couple days ago I shot a big old black bear. His pelt is over there *points towards the wall where the bear pelt is hanging from*.

"Oh wow! That's a massive one. How many rounds did it take to put down?"

"Only one, once a marksman, always a marksman. Alright, breakfast is served! Come on over here Scott, join us at the table."

A Walk in the Woods

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:09 am
by Insurgia
30 Miles East of Portland, Oregon, West Pacific States
Mt. Hood National Forest
9:02 AM

It was a wet day as usual. The moisture from the Pacific saw to that. Though it was expected to be sunny by noon as the forecast had predicted. Two figures scouted the forest floor, both of them with some sort of obvious long-arm slung over their shoulders. One was obviously far younger, a father and son perhaps. James and Kyle Ellison of Portland.

James, the father of Kyle, had served in the 1st Marine Division during the Korean conflict. A decommissioned Captain with a patriotism that he has long abandoned. The senselessness of war had left James scarred and his views changed. His patriotism nearly extinguished. His cause was his family now and he puts that above all else. James was a hardened individual but he retained his rational thinking. He was very far from being naive. He gripped the sling tightly as he navigated the woods with Kyle, who kept close behind him. The birds were quiet. The nearby streams gave them both a relaxed sense of security. He was thinking heavily upon the events that occurred in L.A. It was genocide. He couldn't stand the thought of the very man he took orders from also being the one responsible for the death of AMERICAN citizens. His train of thought was acutely interrupted.

"...I'm thinking about joinin' up." Kyle spoke.

The two continued forward, navigating the forest. James took his claim in, periodically gazing over at his son in skepticism. There was an awkward silence as they continued on.

"You going to say something about that?" Kyle continued.

"You're too young." James cut him off.

"You said 17." Kyle implored.

The two made their way down a small shrubby hill, James scoffing at his son's attempts at persuasion. The two of them locking eyes as they traversed down.

" did! You said when I was seventeen I could!" James continued.

"'re not-"

"Three weeks! Three weeks, Dad!"

"You're not seventeen. Not yet." James finished.

"What difference is three weeks going to make?" Kyle continued.

"Fraudulent enlistment." James noted.

James and Kyle continued down the shrubby hill. Their rifles clinking around as they made their way around.

"It's not even-it's a fuckin' militia!" he yelled.

James stopped, turning on a heel, his hand meeting Kyle's chest. He shoved him back with enough force to knock him on his ass. Kyle reeled into the dirt, his rifle taking the brunt of it.

"Don't ever raise your voice at me again." James' voice was stern and demanding.

Kyle was wide-eyed, looking up at his father in shock. He took down a loud gulp before getting up to his feet. The two stared at one another. An angry and intimidating James Ellison glared at his son. Kyle was paralyzed for that moment until James' glare finally broke. He let out a loud sigh, scoffing while gazing up at the treeline. Maybe even a crack of a smile was seen.

"Son...just-give it three weeks. Please. Enjoy the time you have here. While you can. As a kid. Just-don't grow up too fast...okay?"

Kyle blinked twice before he failed to come up with a response. James cracked a full smile, dusting his son off and wrapping his arm around his son's shoulder. They continued on their little walk through the woods.

Virginia Offensive, part 1

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by Rezmaeristan
The Minutemen, equipped with their supplies from Aryana, advanced on foot towards the US border. The objective was the same as earlier, but this time they'd be going a more direct route, hoping the chaos within the USA over recent atrocities in the Western theater , in addition to advances made by the Communists and new equipment they'd recieved from Aryana, would negate any advantages the Feds had over them. Also, there was a lot of industry in southeastern Virginia that would help Long's war effort; this was his primary objective before assailing Washington. There was a slight downside to this plan: Norfolk Naval Station. The US Navy would periodically be coming back into Norfolk to refuel and such, so they risked being bombarded.

Long and his staff surveyed this from their command post a few miles behind the front line. They were getting reports from the battle lines radioed in.

"5th Mechanized Division, taking heavy fire but continuing advance! Gaining ground! (shouts in background) We've taken a position! Repeat, we've taken a position!"

"3rd Infantry Division, holding!"

"As expected, we're advancing on their left flank. Pretty soon we'll have Norfolk isolated. No Norfolk, no US Navy", said General Bryan.

"Don't getcher hopes up", said General Parks. "Their Navy can still bomb the shiet outta us. Not to mention we still gotta actually block it off from the west."

"How'dja propose we do that?" asked Long. "Do we have any forces we can divert over that way?"

"Our supply liners. We'll reinforce that flank with 'em and make a run for Suffolk, and then the river."