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Master of the New World (APSIA Only)

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:03 pm
by McFreedomstan

The State of the Union

Ever since the collapse of the United States in the late 1800's, the Americas have become a land ripe with rivalries and opportunity.

The industrial titan of Gettysburg stares down the old fashion capitalists of the Texan Confederation. It boasts of its ever increasing arms production and expanding roads. Intellectuals and Academics travel the world, spreading left wing economic theory and gathering allies for their motherland.

The Texans broadcast their lifestyles of abundance over the red veil, tempting workers in Gettysburg and Antes to reconsider their loyalties. Troops patrol close to the West Virginia border, daring the Gettysburg Guardsmen to contest their claim to the state.

The American Federation rearms itself at an alarming pace and beckons over migrants from impoverished Toluca and Barnetia to fuel its growing need for manpower.

The Great Lakes Commonwealth, with rivals to the North and West, forms a loose alliance with the Texans to ward off any ambitious generals. Though it maintains cordial relations with its Southern neighbor, several elements within its army remain keenly aware of their potential ability make a grab for the entirity of the Eastern United States, should any sign of weakness present itself.

Proud to be the model nation of the Americas, the United Pacific States have abandoned the arms race its cousins to the East have entered and instead opted to focus on trade. Rich beyond belief the UPS is a perfect breeding ground for unsavory desires. Criminal Organizations from Antes, the American Federation, and Toluca are more than happy to supply the drugs, sex, and violence that the UPS craves.

The Antes Republic, a left leaning oil giant with enough capital and firepower to protect itself, looks on at the situation in the South. While the Americans bicker the Antes forces train. Their spies gather secrets. Secrets like the sorry state of Palingrad's munition stockpiles...

Seen as nothing but some foreign dump by its neighbors, the proud nation of Toluca has trouble exerting influence. Its army is large and its resource stockpiles even larger. It controls trade routes to the Atlantic and Pacific. Its real estate locations are second to none. With some crafty economic and foreign policy, the nation of Toluca could potentially become the star child of the Americas.

Flashpoint Ohio

January 1st, 1990. The 25th Presidential Election of Ohio begins. The once neutral state has begun to veer towards more partisan positions and threatens to destabilize the balance of power in America. Its substantial wealth and military forces that once served to maintain sovereignty now act as an irresistible asset for any nation that manages to influence their candidate of choice.

Jack O'Malley, staunch conservative and owner of several firms operating in the Texan Confederacy stands against Tyrone Miller, veteran and supporter of the Great Lakes Commonwealth in the National Conservative Party primaries.

Mary Steinburg, the democratic socialist candidate with a deep admiration of Gettysburg social programs battles with hardline neoliberal and Antes friendly candidate, Adam Cambre in the Ohio Democratic Party primaries.

American leaders look on and wonder: What would happen if just a tiny bit of pressure were applied in the right places?

The Global Stakes

America's various nations account for 30% of global manufacturing imports. American oil consumption is the highest per capita. American arms manufacturing accounts for 39% of global supply. American food exports keep vulnerable states like Songjiang and the Indian Emirates satiated. American credit finances European and Asian infrastructure. American fleets prevent piracy in the fragile Caribbean region. American mines outproduce those of every other continent.

The slightest upset to the status quo could have catastrophic effects on the world economy. But for every loser there's a winner. Starving your opponents, cutting off their arms and fuel, expanding your ideological support... any nation with half a brain cell would be wise to lobby for their own interests during this period of instability.


  1. Only members of the APSIA region are allowed to participate in this RP.
  2. Any RP-related secrets in Discord, telegrams, or any other medium must be disclosed when asked. No exceptions. Note that disclosed secret information cannot be used in-character by anybody except for those who know it in-character.
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  4. No godmodding. If you think it's godmodding, it most likely is.
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  6. Weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons) are not allowed to be deployed unless all damage is self inflicted.
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by The Worst Nation Possible

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 3:44 pm
by Panjal

      Lezgi Gazet

      May 7, 1989

      ​Emperor of Yahel visits Pavlovsk

      Emperor Haldune of Yahel made a visit to Chekhov this Saturday to meet with General Secretary Gorbachad at his estate. The two shook hands and stood for pictures on the lawn of the General Secretary's Estate, and Emepror Haldune stated that he had "never seen such a beautiful residence, not even my own." After short public talks, Secretary Gorbachad, Emperor Haldune, and his top aide Paul Benis went inside to discuss increased political and economic friendships between the two countries. General Secretary Gorbachad reportedly told the Emperor of the benefits and stability that a Rykovian Socialist system provides, and gifted him a few books on Pavlovski policy.

      The Emperor returned home Sunday, and given many gifts by the Pavlovski people as he departed through Vnukovo airport. There is no doubt that the charisma of Secretary Gorbachad and the love of our people will convince the Empire of Yahel to become one of the people's greatest allies in the near future.

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by Grandi Alberi


Pasta de Macaco declared national dish, Group of furries get the death penalty, POOPOO PEEPEE

Buona Aria Drug Kingpin Arrested

Alfonso Tassinari's mugshot

A millionaire named Alfonso Tassinari has been arrested today in Buona Aria. The reasons he was arrested is drug possession, conspiracy to distribute drugs, and being intoxicated by drugs. Tassinari has reportedly been involved in the production and distribution of cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, and heroin for the last 2 decades. The Alberino Secret Service surprise raided his Buona Aria condo and found him high and drunk, and his basement was full of drugs. He later confessed that he was planning on selling most of it. All his assets have been siezed by the state, and he will receive his sentence within the next few weeks.

God Bless Grandi Alberi!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:13 pm
by Songjiang

      Emperor Visits Terracotta Warriors

      May 7, 1989


      The Terracotta warrior exhibit has been completed and is now open for visitors. The exhibits first visitors were none other than the Emperor the Empress and Crown Princess Qin Shan Mai, other guests accompanying the emperor were Prime minister Wei Xu, General Huang Xiaoming, Wuxing CEO Xiang Jianhong, as well as the heads of the Great noble houses. All payed respects to the first Emperor of Songjiang.

      After the Emperor left normal visitors were allowed to enter, Princess Qin Shan Mai stayed to sign autographs and a one day viewing of her latest movie the Great Wall was available at an auditorium located at the museum. General Huang Xiaoming, and Wuxing CEO Xiang Jianhong also stayed fueling speculation that the two have been attempting to court the princess presumably with the emperors permission.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:03 pm
by New-Duluth
      Star Tribune
      May 7th, 1989

      Development of Northern Boundary Waters Suggested

      Minnesota politicians are debating weither or not to develop the Northern boundary waters. Don Ness, the Mayor of Duluth states that the boundary waters are abundant with Natural Resources and would aid the already booming industrialization of the Commonwealth.

      There are some that oppose this however, as the boundary waters are protected within a National Forest.
      Are resources really worth the cost? See more on page 7.

05/07/1989 12:44:19
Subject: Support [Classified]
Mr. Miller,

You have our support in your campaign,
you should check your account's transactions. A generous donation from several mayors and other politicians in the commonwealth.
Your victory in the polls can and will go a long way for both of our nations.

Thank you and good luck,

- Arne Carlson
Governor of Minnesota

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:07 pm
by Unified Capitalist Kingship
    Qatar Bi-Quarterly


    Yahel looks to neighbors for help.
    A true Texan delight

    With only about 2% of Yahel's land being arable, people have begun to look outwards for a more permanent source of food. For many years food has been supplied at demand just to fill exactly what was needed when it was needed. Recently Yahel has looked towards three main nations to satiate its hunger. Pavlovsk, Mbale and The Texan Confederacy. All three bring important resources to the table. Pavlovsk with large supplies of food to feed the masses and the Texans with fine cuisine and Mbale for fine cheese. Yahel will begin prioritizing food imports from those three nations in an attempt to secure a permanent source of food for the foreseeable future.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:26 pm
by Songjiang

      Mencius Becomes Jade Emperor Henry Ford New Celestial Prime Minister

      May 9, 1989


      The Confucius and Taoist Masters have announced that The Jade Emperor Confucius has retired and in his place his Prime Minister and successor Mencius will be his replacement. Confucius has apparently declared Henry Ford to be his Prime minister of heaven. From this point on the Mandate of heaven will be dependent the will of Mencius, and all Songjiang Emperors and Empresses must adjust there methods of rule to adapt to his demands. As a result of this change the Emperor must require the mandate of heaven since the one he currently has is no longer valid.

      Mencius, also known by his birth name Meng Ke (孟軻), was born in the State of Zou, now forming the territory of the city of Zoucheng (originally Zouxian), Shandong Province, only thirty kilometres (eighteen miles) south of Qufu, Confucius's birthplace.

      He was an itinerant Chinese philosopher and sage, and one of the principal interpreters of Confucianism. Supposedly, he was a pupil of Confucius's grandson, Zisi. Like Confucius, according to legend, he travelled throughout Songjiang for forty years to offer advice to rulers for reform. During the civil war period (403–221 BC), Mencius served as an official and scholar at the Jixia Academy in the State of Qi (1046 BC to 221 BC) from 319 to 312 BC. He expressed his filial devotion when he took three years leave of absence from his official duties for Qi to mourn his mother's death. Disappointed at his failure to effect changes in his contemporary world, he retired from public life.
      It is expected that Mencius who was very displeased with the system of governance set in place by the Qin will demand drastic changes to the current govarnment lest Songjiang lest they loose there mandate of heaven and right to rule.
      The people are of supreme importance; the altars of the gods of earth and grain come next; last comes the ruler. That is why he who gains the confidence of the multitudinous people will be Emperor... When a feudal lord endangers the altars of the gods of earth and grain, he should be replaced. When the sacrificial animals are sleek, the offerings are clean and the sacrifices are observed at due times, and yet floods and droughts come [by the agency of heaven], then the altars should be replaced.
      — Mencius

      Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.
      — Henry Ford

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:57 am
by Toluca-
      May 12th, 1989

      Cartel Leader: "What if I pay taxes instead of prison time?" • "Barnetia is poopoo" signs appearing in cities • President Ciceron found naked in Caribbean

      Union Party Announces "10 Year Plan"
      President Ciceron, President of Toluca and Leader of the Union Party (PDLU), has officially signed into action the 10 Year Plan. Ciceron and his allies have been trying to push the 10 Year Plan through the National Assembly since the start of his term in 1984. Finally gathering support from the National Libertarian Party, Ciceron was able to move the 10 Year Plan into the 3rd Voting Stage and eventually into Presidential Assent.

      Secretary of the Treasury, Mariangel Nores, has outlined the fundamentals of the 10 Year Plan:
      The 10 Year Plan is a piece of legislature to turn Toluca from a regional power to a global power. The Union Party Leadership has ran the numbers, quantified the results and acknowledged the pros and cons of the plan.

      The key to the plan is about utilising Toluca's large workforce into building huge amounts of infrastructure. Thousands of education and transportation facilities will be built from Baja California to the Bahamas and everything in between. Employing and educating our people is of up most importance.

      Secretary of Tourism, Bernabé Gaona, spoke of the plan to revitalise the Bahamas into a tourist paradise. While most tourists coming to the Caribbean end up visiting Santa Rosa and other nations, Gaona has firmly established that he hopes to change that. Specific "tourists cities" will be conceived in the following years especially for tourists and tourism. The government is subsidising a merger between the airline Air Caribbean and hotel company Royal Blue into the new Royal Caribbean TL. Gaona claims this will assist in the further development of the Bahaman tourism industry.

      The 10 Year Plan also outlines the direction for the military in coming years. Secretary of Defence, Agustín Seco, told El Diario that the Tolucan Armed Forces will focus on a modernisation and quality. National Service will be slightly relaxed and troops will have longer training times. Seco also plans on striking a deal with the Texan Confederacy regarding modern arms and armour for the Tolucan Armed Forces. In addition, Seco wants to rapidly expand the navy to allow Toluca to spread its influence further than just it's borders.

      While the 10 Year Plan is undoubtedly a product of Unionist political thought, the Plan would never have passed without National Libertarian support. This is shown in the the 10 Year Plan's on relaxing some of Toluca's more strict regulations over the course of the 1990s. The wording is vague, but hints of drug decriminalisation, regulated abortions and the status quo on gun laws are hinted at and certainly a possibility. Radical libertarians point at even acknowledging drug cartels as legitimate businesses so they can be regulated and taxed.

      Proponents of the Plan point at the heavy switch from manufacturing to service as a key benefit of the plan. Naturally, the service sector will see a large increase from increased, nation-wide education.

      With National Libertarian support, the Liberal Party will not be able to disrupt the plan of the progress even if they win the next election.


      In other news...
      • Jewel of the Sky to make first flight on January 1st:
      The President's own private jet, dubbed "Jewel of the Sky" is set to take flight on the First of January, 1990. The President plans on hosting foreign leaders to celebrate.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:17 am
by Meiji


      Z Tech Industries Game Boy - Z Tech Industries now hiring

      Embassy open between Japan and The United Pacific

      Embassy open between Japan and The United Pacific given the opportunity between our Two Nations two control and maintain the peace in the Pacific. We're planning on maintaining and growing our friendly discussion between our Two nations there's a lot of business opportunity in growing each other's economy.

      Let our Two Nations prosper.

      article author: Z Tech employee 237.
      Z.T.I. releases the Game Boy in Japan
      The Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld game console which was developed and manufactured by Z Tech Industries estimated sales are high

      Z Tech Industries now hiring
      You have just been born congratulations you are hired. As long as you are Japanese there is no problem

      War on immigration

      Japanese naval forces have been ordered to prevent any boats containing immigrants from crossing the ocean border of Japan. Lethal Force has been authorised if the boats in question do not respond or comply with the orders of the fleet.The government has cancelled all programs dedicated in accepting immigrants or people looking for asylum. Any immigrants located in the country will be deported to the countries of origin unless they signed a contract with Z Tech Industries contract details are currently classified and will not be released to the public.

      At least the government is looking out for us.

      article author: Z Tech employee 247.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:18 pm
by Sietsk

Emperor Carol III announces new foreign policy, and reforms
Today, our Emperor has made the new foreign policy known to the public, after visiting most cities in our empire and assessing the economic situation we're currently in. After the loss in WW2, the country's economy has steadily declined. Our Emperor's new attitude towards our neighbours is also motivated by the failure of the First Plebiscite in Kakanj and Greater Kosovo. "We've been the target of humiliation from other, great powers. Millions of Romanians and Bulgarians live outside our borders, separated from their families. This can not continue. We will act NOW. The Romanians and Bulgarians in Kakanj and Greater Kosovo will be hosting a Second Plebiscite, which will determine the future borders. IF the authorities intervene in the plebiscite, or if they do not take the will of the people in consideration, we have no other choice than impose the will of the Carpathian people by force. We urge these governments to heed our warnings and no military conflict will occur."
Emperor Carol III has also noticed the sorry state of our industry, infrastructure and education. The first wave of reforms will target our industry and infrastructure. The main part of the plan is reopening the gold mines of the Carpathians and investing in the oil industry, and perhaps become one of the leading oil exporters in Europe. "Even the chinese shall use Carpathian oil!"
Our Emperor has also suggested a possible overhaul of the education system, but currently reopening closed schools and hiring more teachers is the priority.
The Military of Carpathia certainly isn't in the best shape. The purchase of foreign, more advanced equipment is proposed. This will have to wait, however, as we lack the money to outfit the entire army with such equipment. But their courage is sure to be enough.

Relations with Pavlovsk
The Ministry of Culture has announced that it has contacted the authorities of Pavlovsk regarding a possible 'cultural exchange' with Pavlovsk. The cultural impact of Pavlovsk can not be disputed, and it finds many admirers in Carpathia, too. The authorities in Pavlovsk have not yet responded, We hope that such an event will be possible, as this is part of the plan to improve the relations of Carpathia with other countries through culture.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:23 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

May 24, 1989

Tito Perez confirms candidacy for 1990 election
The mayor of Santa Rosa's capital city wants to run on a platform of democratic reform

Mayor Perez
Ciudad Beldad - Thousands of supporters came out to see Tito Perez, the Mayor of Ciudad Beldad, announce his candidacy for the 1990 presidential election.

The mayor stumped in the Parque Central, where he was received by a wide audience. The mayor, who had been speculated to be interested in running for the high office, confirmed the rumors and stated that he wanted to be the next President of Santa Rosa.

Perez is seeking nomination from the Partido Social Democrático (PSD), the center-left opposition party. The PSD faced two crushing defeats in the previous two presidential elections, and after 1986 challenger Pol Schwenke retired from politics, Perez is expected to have little opposition from within his party.

During his speech, Perez claimed that he would serve as a "democratic reformer," hoping to scale back the hardline policies of the Romero administration. Perez proposed cooling down the Santa Rosan efforts in the war on drugs, claiming that the amount of casualties and damage have gotten out of hand. Perez also stated his discontent with the administration's policy on tourism, claiming that "Santa Rosa has much more to offer."

As Mayor of Ciudad Beldad, Perez has funded the construction of new and modern infrastructure projects, including the new metro system. However, crime rates have increased during his term, especially those related to smuggling, forgery, and laundering. He has been criticized for his refusal to work with the Romero administration on several key issues.

Other declared contenders in the election so far are Raul Romero (PLR) and Imani Crespo Cruz (MOLAN). Romero is the incumbent president seeking a third term. Imani is a revolutionary activist from Santa Rosa's minority criollo population.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:15 pm
by Songjiang

      Japanese Intrude on Songjiang Waters

      June 4, 1989


      Two Japanese destroyers Intercepted a small flotilla of Immigrants from the Union of Southeast Asia presumably on there way to Japan. The Japanese ships ordered the ships to turn around but were apparently not heard or the immigrants could not understand them. At around 13:00 The Carrier Shen Long detected the destroyers in Songjiang waters and dispatched several frigates to warn them out. when the frigates arrived they found Japanese troops boarding the flotilla while in Songjiang waters.

      The frigates fired several warning shots and ordered the Japanese ships to cease operations. This was followed by an hour of tense negotiations resulting in Songjiang taking control of the immigrants. While Songjiang douse not allow immigration into the country without going through proper channels, we also do not agree with Japans use of lethal force, nor there willingness to violate territorial waters to prevent immigrants making it to there shores.
      The immigrants have been taken to an immigration testing center to see if they qualify for Songjiang immigration those who fail will be returned to were they came from, those who do not wish to live in Songjiang will also be returned.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:05 pm
by Panjal

People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs
June 5, 1989


June and July Operations Agenda


  • Setup of North American operations safehouse planned for mid June in [REDACTED], Gettysburg with permission of the Government of Gettysburg.

  • Following setup of safehouse, NKVD covert agents will begin subverting Ohioan media and press in favor of Democratic candidate Adam Cambre. Disinformation will be spread regarding both National Conservative candidates.

  • Cambre Campaign associates will be contacted and offered campaign assistance and contributions via launderers.

  • Leaders of the Ohio Democratic Party will be contacted and offered to cooperate with the Cambre campaign to sway primaries in Cambre's favor and improve their party's image in the press. Bribes will be provided if necessary.


  • Arms shipments to the "Kurdistan Worker's Party" separatist group in Izmir will begin.

  • NKVD Covert Agents in Yahel will spreading pro-Rykovian Socialism propaganda and offering funding to Socialist groups within Yahel.


  • NKVD Operatives, with assistance from the Navy of Songjiang, will be raiding the Heilongjiang Armoury in Harbin, Songjiang. Armaments within will be supplied to socialist revolutionary group the "People's Front of Songjiang."

  • Bureaucrats in Songjiang will be probed to find more revolutionary sympathetics.

OOC: All subversive actions in other player nations have been approved by said nations.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:05 am
by Songjiang

      Communists Invade Taipei Palace During Princess Qin Shang Mai's Birthday

      June 9, 1989


      Shortly after the guest list of important Nobles in Songjiang arrived at the Taipei Palace in the Province of Taiwan, tens of thousands of armed men attacked the palace, with many of the attackers making it inside via unknown means. Within minutes, it was over-- the the palace had been taken.

      After securing the palace, the attackers raised flags similar to that of Songjiang's, but with communist symbolism upon it. Members of the media and press were permitted to leave and return to the mainland, but all present Nobles were herded by the militants and arrested. The royal family was separated from the other Nobles and taken somewhere else.

      When our reporters made it outside the palace, we found many more of the armed group's men on the streets of Taipei, and many groups of citizens were, in fact, cheering for them. In the distance, we could see the Navy Carrier Shen Long. However, the carrier's flag had been replaced with the group's flag.

      After retirming to Beijing, we found out that all of the regional naval bases had been overtaken, and most of Songjiang's coastal cities had already fallen prey to this rebellion.
      It seems after 2,000 years the Qin's claim to the Mandate of Heaven may be taken, though there have been reports that members of the Ming and Tang houses are gathering the army for a counter attack.

      It seems unlikely that a counterattack can prevail against the Naval rebellion and successfully free the captured nobles.
      Beijing remains in royalist hands for now, but the rebellion's forces are near.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:58 am
by Meiji


      Z Tech Industries Game Boy in the - Z Tech Industries now hiring- Have you tried our new muffin

      Formal apology

      Japanese government is willing to apologise for the incident that happened between Japan and Songjiang. The government is currently investigating the incident and the captain's of boat vessels Z Tech employee captain 211 and Z Tech employee captain 482 have been removed from their position for the duration of the investigation. Government of Japan is currently not clear on what government Songjiang should the apology be sent so the government has decided to send an apology basket to boat government's.

      better safe than sorry I guess.

      article author: Z Tech employee 237.
      Z.T.I. releases the Game Boy worldwide
      The Game Boy by Z Tech Industries is being released worldwide estimated sales are high

      Z Tech Industries now hiring
      You have just been born congratulations you are hired. As long as you are Japanese there is no problem

      New muffin flavour now in shops
      Quickly go to your nearest shop and ask for a new muffin flavour you will be surprised how delicious they are and good for your help you can even surprise your boss with this small gesture everyone is doing it so should you

      Japanese troops are being sent to liberate
      Japanese troops are being sent to liberate from poverty a couple of islands in the Pacific .
      the Japanese government is planning on peaceful integration of the islands into the nation the government is also planning on spending a lot of money on infrastructure build up naval bases construction, military bases, airports, housing, agriculture, fishing industry and tourism a perfect place for a vacation according to 9 out of 10 employees.The plan is to go to the islands and explain to the natives why joining Japan is in their best interest upon the islands joining Japan the natives will get all of the benefits of a Japanese citizen. If some of the natives disagree with joining Japan they can leave peacefully.


      Hey I wouldn't mind working there.

      article author: Z Tech employee 247.

      Farms in the sky?

      Government is planning and constructing farms that are integrated with modern architecture plans are for a building to produce its own food the plan is to be implemented in highly dense urban areas to reduce the cost of transporting food from outside of the city the new building with this design in mind will start construction sometime next year.

      Growing food in your own garden in a middle of a city.

      article author: Z Tech employee 236.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:20 pm
by Songjiang

      Imperial Army Betrayed 260,000 Dead

      June 17, 1989


      Having effectively lost the use of its vehicle assets the army continued its efforts form up for a counter push into Shanghai and other coastal cities bogged down by the distance needed to travel, and the fact that they had to abandon most of there vehicles along the way do to a lack of fuel.

      Despite this the army marched on pulling by hand hundreds of artillery guns from the furthest regions to try and attack on mass. some units still had tanks do to being closer to the objectives, and a few inventive units acquired fuel from civilian sources to keep vehicles that ran on normal fuel moving. heavy rains made this much worse and the unpaved roads across much of rural Songjiang turned to mud. the army had lost 105 of its numbers to desertion even before it made it to the large camps set up outside the cities still under royalist control.

      though exact details are not certain early this morning the camps were suddenly hit with hundreds of thousands of pounds of bombs destroying what few military vehicles that had made it to the front and killing an estimated 260,000 men. the injured are reputed to be in the area of 100,000 or more.

      The bombs were dropped by 48 Wuxing B-1S supersonic heavy bombers who used the fact that they were supposedly part of the royalist forces to catch the army be surprise and in the open. Airforce General Huang Xiaoming has revealed himself as the rebellions leader over public radio, and television.

      Naval Marines backed by a hundred thousand armed civilians have begun a push outward to take the rest of Songjiang. Mass desertion has begun in the Army units in Beijing, and those who are not fleeing are being overwhelmed with mobs demanding they leave the city before the airforce bombs it. The people of Beijing know that the airforce has many more bombers and fighters they can use than they have so far.

      The rebellion now rules the air and the sea Its likely only a matter off hours before the rebels reach Beijing and take it for there own. with the recent losses and desertions the rebels also now outnumber the royalist forces by a considerable amount.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:37 pm
by Songjiang

      Peoples Republic of Songjiang Pushes Ming Forces to Manchuria

      July, 1 1989


      Since the fall of Beijing to the People's Front of Songjiang, Imperial Ming Forces have been on fighting a loosing battle city after city, though the actual fighting has been fairly light.

      The Ming have been hiding in cities to protect themselves from the Songjiang Air-Force Lord the Ming themselves have done nothing to stop there soldiers from looting resulting in cities turning on them wherever they go.

      With each city taken the People's Front of Songjiang grows in strength. many of the vehicles abandoned by the Ming forces are being recovered, and now the Ming have been forced back Manchuria there southern army having surrendered once it was cut off from its command.

      General Huang Xiaoming, Wuxing CEO Xiang Jianhong, and Princess Qin Shan Mai have been revealed to be the leaders of the People's Front of Songjiang, along with many officers from the Navy and Air force.

      General Huang Xiaoming has issued a statement this morning.
      The Qin ruled Songjiang for 2,000 years they were a force to be reckoned with for much of that, however all things must change, and the Qin's glory days ended centuries ago. The age of monarchs is at an end. The Mandate of heaven states that there must be one ruler of Songjiang it however makes no mention of what that ruler should be called, it also makes no guarantees that that rulers children should be rulers following them or how long they should rule.
      Rykovian Socialism has defeated the Qin Dynasty and the People's Front of Songjiang enacts the mandate of heaven. The Qin have clearly lost the mandate of heaven the gods no longer favor them they have instead granted there favor upon the people!.. No more emperors, no more lords! This was a peoples Revolution and the People have been found worthy.

      The People's Front of Songjiang has declared themselves the Peoples Republic of Songjiang and have announced the intent to select a chairman from the Socialist Party by a vote from party members in a few days it is expected that General Huang Xiaoming will be selected. Do to the inability at the moment and the need for a working government the intended election system for chairman cannot be used.

      The Peoples Republic of Songjiang has urged all Ming soldiers to surrender promising that they will not be punished for there loyalties to the royals. The republic has also sent out a request to the nations of the world to legitimize the the Peoples Republic of Songjiang in the APSIA counsel.

      It seems now that the war is almost over in only just under a month. If any Royalist forces read this we urge you to surrender you have already lost don't waste your life fighting for a dead dynasty.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:58 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

July 3, 1989

Four locals killed by isolated Vudú islanders
The group of surveyors got too close to the uncontacted settlement on the isle of Navaza

Navazan Vudú people
Los Cayos - A team of 4 surveyors were reportedly murdered on an expedition to an isolated Vudú colony island off the southwest coast of Santa Rosa.

The surveyors, who were hired by a local fishery, were all assumed dead after vanishing and not returning after a week.

The island of Navaza, which is under the jurisdiction of the Los Cayos department, is mostly uninhabited, save for a small settlement of roughly 10-50 black practitioners of the Vudú cult-religion. Estimates say that the Navazan islanders, who were African slaves from Santa Rosa, arrived on the island about two centuries ago and have chosen to remain mostly isolated, fighting off the few who choose to attempt contact.

Several cases similar to this one have appeared in the past; most notably the murder and ritual sacrifice of a fisherman by the Navazans back in 1890. Local and national authorities have opted to not bother prosecuting the islanders, mostly out of fear.

However, in the modern era of heavy weapons and the presumably backwards technology of the Navazan isolates, it wouldn't be as difficult to enforce the law as it was back in 1890. Nonetheless, activists claim that doing so would violate the right of self-determination of the Navazan people, who they consider an "uncontacted tribe."

"The uncontacted Vudú peoples of the island of Navaza simply wish to be left in peace," Martina Bolivar said. Bolivar is the chairwoman of the National Board of Threatened Peoples.

"The Navazans are protected under the 1962 International Treaty on the Protection of Uncontacted Natives and Peoples, of which Santa Rosa is a signatory," Bolivar added. "Besides, the Vudú civilization on Navaza has existed longer than an independent Santa Rosa. The escaped slaves set up their settlement there more than three decades before independence."

Regardless, the families of the murdered surveyors are seeking reparation and justice. Maria Salvini, whose husband Mateo was killed earlier this week, is calling on the national government to take action.

"Navaza is within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Santa Rosa, and therefore Santa Rosan law applies," one of Salvini's lawyers said in a statement. "First-degree murder is a felony in this legal jurisdiction. If we do not uphold our own laws, the credibility of our nation's legal system is at stake."

Salvini's legal counsel also argued that the Navazans are not protected under the aforementioned Treaty, saying, "A group of people that have settled on an island for only 200 years should not be protected by this treaty. By this logic, it would be defiant of the treaty for any 200-year-old (or older) nation to enforce their own laws in their own territory."

The government has not announced their position, but has stated that the Ministry of Justice will be "looking into the situation." The Ministry of the Interior issued an advisory against all travel to the island.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 4:51 pm
by Noorizadeh

      Tolucan Consulate under siege from racist mob – employess forced to eat own neckties. • 200 Pounds of Cocaine from Mbale confiscated on canal, shipper claims that it is dried cum. • Barnetian Coders release Minesweeper, magazines dub it "the game to rival Tetris".

      Japan Blocked from Entry though Barnetian Canal

      Japan, represented by one Halley Astry in international affairs, recently staged an occupation of various Pacific Islands, a move which garnered them many reprimands, including from both Toluca and the United Pacific. Like much of the international community, Barnetia joined in on the embargo by blocking Japanese ships from entering the Barnetian canal. However, upon issuing the order, it was revealed that Japan had staged the attack as a test to who were true allies of the nation. When interviewed, the Barnetian Foreign Minister doubled down on the anti-Japan policy, stating:
      This stands as a last resort against Japan's unlawful aggression and manipulation. We do not want to restrict the flow of the market, ever, however, Japan's atrocious idea of peace has led us to this. To invade the Pacific islands is a horrid move that our nation, as a pacifistic state does not approve of, however passing it off as an experiment is a horribly sheepish move that we do not condone at all. We only aim to rebalance the scales of power and condemn inappropriate behavior. ¡VIVA LA BARNETIA!
      The Mixco Post is actively looking into the situation and aims to keep its readers posted.

      Written By: Hector Ocasio-Cortez

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:34 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

October 22, 1989

Plutarco Dijker enters 1990 presidential race
The independent businessman previously recieved 14.9% of the popular vote

Dijker in August 1990
Puerto Rojo - Plutarco Dijker, who ran an unsuccessful bid for president in 1986, has confirmed that he will be running again in the upcoming contest amidst much speculation.

Dijker announced his candidacy to a crowd of supporters in Puerto Rojo earlier this morning. Several hundreds to thousands of people were present, but no official estimate has been made.

The Puerto Rojan businessman considers himself a political outsider, belonging to no party and having no prior career in politics. Dijker's platform is relatively big tent and broad, but he considers himself a populist and an advocate for "sweeping reform." Some have accused his rhetoric of being strongman-like. Many have considered him close to the Ortizmo movement.

He was born in Santa Rosa in 1938 to a family of Niuew Leiden refugees. In 1960, he graduated San Luciano University with a major in real estate. He later went on to found the Dijker y Calles Corporation with his associate Domingo Calles in 1967, which specialized in construction. In 1975, the Dijker-Calles Tower was constructed in Ciudad Beldad, becoming the tallest building in Santa Rosa. He ran for president as an independent in 1986 and received 14.9% of the vote in the first round. Since then, Dijker has been working behind the scenes with several minor political parties to create a political bloc in favor of his ideas.

Plutarco Dijker has promised to campaign in "every corner of the country in order to hear the voices and ideas of every Santa Rosan." His running mate is Bert Morena of the Partido de Ortizmo Siglo XX (POSXX).

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:34 pm
by Merchants of Hulm


      New avant garde Art Museum opens in Copenhagen; Torkild Villumsen nominated new president of Consumers Protection Association; man tries to have intercourse with a deer, gets his genitalia mutilated by the wife; "Why the new generations hate Hulmian food so much?": the reportage.

      Copenhagen Fashion Week is a hit.

      This week all eyes in the fashion world are focused on Hulm during the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Whoever is someone in the fields of art and entertainment has done everything possible to take a seat in the front rows of this exclusive event. The first designer to show off his clothes on the green carpet will be Aksel Andersen, an eccentric designer revealing the past few years. The artist, politically engaged on various fronts in defense of the rights of homosexuals in the world, gave an interview in which he praised the decision of the Copenhagen Government to open the dialogue with the transsexual associations for their legal recognition. His new collection, called by the young "Crystal Terracotta", challenged the limit between men's and women's clothes, with a hint of modernity and formality.
      One of the many guests at the event was actress Katrine Mølgaard, whose recently hit the spotlight for her leading role in "Brick", the heart-breaking story of a paraplegic prostitute looking for redemption; Katrine had positive words for the new Government policies on the improvement of equality on the workplace for Hulmian companies working oversea. "I am happy to see that our values of equality and meritocracy are help high even outside of our borders.

      A peace of Andersen's new collection.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:45 pm
by Unified Capitalist Kingship
    Qatar Bi-Quarterly


    Yahel sees a shift in ideoligy
    Flag of the Yahel socialist movement

    Over the years Yahel has been no stranger to the ways of socialism. A small handful of emperors have attempted to install "improved" governing systems only to fail due to the public, vassals, or successors. Yahel has remained reasonably stable despite the many changes of hands, but it seems that relative stability might be about to change. Recent observations have shown more and more citizens embracing socialist ideologies, mainly the works of the nation to the north, Pavlovsk. The lesser, almost negligible groups promoting their ideologies have started growing and gaining more influence and even beginning to band together under one front. YSM, also known as the Yahel socialist movement has come to light, rallying and engaging in non-violent protests. The Emperor has shown no signs of attempting to cull these groups or give into their demands. Almost as if he's simply ignoring the whole situation. Gaining funding from the public and unknown outside forces, it seems as if these people will not be stopped.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:24 pm
by Nationalist Gold Union

November 19, 1989

Tourism project causes controversy
President Romero's expansion of Don Pedro Resort raises environmental concerns

Mabó rainforest
Puerto Rojo - President Raul Romero's newest effort to expand the Don Pedro Resort in Puerto Rojo has stirred controversy and protests. Critics accuse the president's administration of destroying the environment and putting the interests of tourists above those of Santa Rosans.

Minister of the Environment and Tourism Xavier Gisbert (PLR) stated that the expansion of the Don Pedro Resort, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, has always been a goal of the administration.

"The resort, which is conveniently located next to the sprawling beach, the bustling city of Puerto Rojo, and the captivating Mabó rainforest, has always been an attraction to visitors from across the world," minister Gisbert said.

The company that owns Don Pedro is Vista Clara, which receives millions of pesos in subsidies every year. President Raul Romero raised the budget of the Ministry of the Environment and Tourism in his first years in office due to the lucrative nature of the Santa Rosan tourism industry.

Nonetheless, the expansion has not come without protest. In order to make new room for the expansion, which includes two new hotel complexes, a parking lot, and an 8 acre swimming pool, a portion of the Mabó Rainforest will be destroyed – a process which has already commenced.

The Mabó is home to many species of wildlife native to Santa Rosa. Additionally, nearby local communities rely on the Mabó for it's resources, and due to it's largely protected status, the national government hasn't done too much damage to it.

Tito Perez (PSD), the center-left presidential challenger to President Romero, has criticized the move. Perez has been repeatedly critical of Romero's tourism policy.

"Our rainforests and the nature of Santa Rosa are something we should hold dear. In fact, they are tourist attractions of their own. I don't see why we'd replace a jungle with a big swimming pool," Perez said.

Meanwhile, independent challenger Plutarco Dijker criticized the move on a mostly nationalist note. The former real estate developer has formerly been in legal trouble for building near conservatories.

"It's against the will and the interests of the Santa Rosan people to disgrace a national beauty such as the Mabó," Dijker said. "The locals who will be affected by this move are being ignored; their interests are being debased by those of foreign tourists. We cannot submit to the whims of visitors."

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:47 pm
by Grandi Alberi

Catholic Death Squads


The Alberino government has ignored this issue for long enough: It's time to take action. President/General Alberto di Maccheroni has authorized the creation of what can only be described as "Catholic Death Squads". This special branch of the Secret Police, called the Forza di Polizia Anti-Pagana (FPAP), will be tasked with raiding pagan places of worship, such as mosques and synagogues as well as getting rid of pagan priests, rabbis and imams. They will also stop pagans and atheists from speaking in public. They are also allowed to attack pagan/atheist businesses and homes. Lethal force is authorized. The FPAP begins operations on Christmas.

Polizia Segreta di Grandi Alberi