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Australian Immigrants

Postby Vinala » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:58 pm

Immigrants from Perth are flooding to Toluca and the American Federation due to the Vinalic civil war. Over 1500 of them to be exact. These Australian immigrants are introducing problems with the food supply in the American Federation specifically.

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Postby Nationalist Gold Union » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:18 pm


December 31, 1989

President Romero accused of embezzling disaster relief funds
Over $250 million reportedly spent on houses, yachts, luxury cars

President Raul Romero in October 1989
Ciudad Beldad - A comprehensive report published today in La Estrella seems to implicate that President Raul Romero and close government allies have been embezzling national disaster relief funds to spend on a wide variety of luxury goods for personal use.

The report states that the President of Santa Rosa, as well as vice president Esteban Gayoso and economic minister Pablo Lizardo have spent an extraordinary amount of money on anything ranging from luxury import cars to beachside mansions. It also accuses VP Gayoso of buying a miniature yacht and throwing parties on it, inviting guests ranging from Puerto Rojan-based singer Paolo Skredz to the Ambassador of Grandi Alberi.

Neither Mr. Skredz or the Ambassador responded to our request for a comment.

If confirmed to be true, it would explain why the disaster relief department "ran dry on the budgetary end of things" this year, despite there being few natural disasters of costly magnitude.

Naturally, the President and his administration denied the allegations vehemently, accusing La Estrella of a left-wing bias and of coordinating a smear campaign against him.

Romero is seeking re-election for his third term in April.

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Postby Toluca- » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:24 am

      January 6th, 1990

      Toluca FC Commissioner: "Barnetia's teams sucks" • Immigration to Texas begins slow slightly • Union Party higher-up found guilt of sexual harrassment

      Parties gear up for 1990 Election Season
      Following the 1990 Electoral Convention in Mexico yesterday, election season has officially kicked off. Like always, the main three parties, the Union, Liberal and National Libertarian parties announced that they will be running, as well as the more minor parties such as the Progressive Party and the Catholic Union Party.

      Esteban Cicerón and Victoria Collazo still lead the Union and Liberal parties respectively, but following Isaías Sánchez's resignation in 1988, 41-year-old Emilio Santángel leads the National Libertarian Party. His age and lack of experience has put a dampen on the PLN's chances of securing either house.

      Ruthless campaigning has already began. Thanks to Unicorn Shipping CEO, Enrique Carballar's generous $5 million donation, the Union Party has spared no expense with lengthy and high budget television ads. In comparison, the other parties are lacking behind. The first national debate will occur on March 28th.

      The hot-topic issues during this election will be drug regulation and tourism. The Union Party wants to keep cracking down on drugs, whereas Liberal wants to regulate the drug market. Radical libertarians have even posited legalising drug cartels.

      Esteban Cicerón - Leader of the Union Party

      In other news...
      • Commissioner Eustacio Tenorio challenges neighbours to friendly matches:
      Commissioner Eustacio Tenorio of the Tolucan National Football Team has challenged Texas, Barnetia and Santa Rosa to friendly matches. "I'm very eager to see the Barnetians lose." he said to El Diario.

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Postby Nationalist Gold Union » Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:30 pm


January 28, 1990

Congress initiates impeachment case against Romero
The President is embattled by accusations of embezzlement

Congress of Santa Rosa
Ciudad Beldad - The Congress of Santa Rosa has passed a motion to hold a vote on the impeachment of President of the Republic Raul Romero amid accusations of his embezzlement of public funds.

Earlier this month, La Estrella published a bombshell report accusing the President and several high-ranking officials in his government of stealing money from the national disaster relief budget and spending them on luxury objects like houses, boats, and sports cars.

The President has vehemently denied all of these allegations, accusing La Estrella of treachery and refusing to step down or submit to the accusations.

The Congress voted 47 to 43 in favor of passing a motion that would guarantee on a vote on the impeachment of President Romero. Despite Romero's Liberal Republican Party controlling a majority of the seats in the legislature, some of it's members, including speaker Israel Pozo, have voted in favor of advancing the measure in favor of the "common national good."

According the Constitution, removing the president from office requires both an impeachment by the Congress and a conviction by the Constitutional Court. In order to initiate an impeachment case (which has already happened), half of the Congress must vote in favor of passing a motion to hold a vote. During that vote, two-thirds of the body must vote in favor of impeachment. Once an impeachment has been made, the Constitutional Court must vote in favor of convicting the president of the crimes and can remove him from office there.

The measure to begin the impeachment case has caused plenty of concern as the upcoming presidential election is less than three months away; Romero is seeking re-election. In the event that Romero is convicted ahead of the election, he would not necessarily be barred from the ballot. In the event that Romero wins the election but is impeached and removed from office shortly after, he would simply retake office in August.

Nonetheless, Romero is polling in the low twenties and teens, being surpassed by both Plutarco Dijker and Tito Perez, so whether he makes it to the second round of voting is low in probability.

Vice President Esteban Gayoso has also been accused of being involved in the scandal. However, Congress has yet to take any measures against him.
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Postby Panjal » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:16 pm


      January 29, 1990

      Ohio Primary Campaigning Begins - Candidate Profiles
      Mary Steinburg (left) and Adam
      Cambre (right) meeting at the ODP offices.
      Tyrone Miller (left) Jack O'Malley (right) at an
      NCP fundraiser in 1987

      With the new year and decade, comes time for another election cycle for Ohio. However, this year's is quite unlike any other before. Candidates are more outspoken and opinionated than ever, and this election seems likely to determine the future of this decade. Read on to learn about the two parties and the two candidates running for each.

      Democrat Candidates
      • Mary Steinburg
        A self-described "Democratic Socialist," Steinburg is from Cleveland, most known for her time as mayor of her home town. Steinburg has consistently given praise to the government of Gettysburg and its taxation policies and social programs. As Mayor of Cleveland, Steinburg introduced a controversial taxation policy for the city which mirrored that of one from Gettysburg, particularly increasing taxes for large corporations and wealthy individuals.

      • Adam Cambre
        Currently serving as a Representative for Pike State in the Ohio Congress, Cambre is a proponent for more pragmatic approaches to government reform, and already made his campaign message clear at an ODP event last week: "doing, not dreaming." Cambre's political message often implies a "Rykovian Socialist" leaning, and has often shown a fondness for the Antes Republic and it's "common sense approach to complex issues," though Cambre has never explicitly declared support of the Antean government as Steinburg has with Gettysburg.

      National Conservative Candidates
      • Jack O'Malley
        O'Malley is a world-renowned businessman, owning companies which operate worldwide, and is the current CEO of the Coca-Cola Company, a Texas-based company. O'Malley is a fan of the Texan Confederacy's hands-off approach to economics, and considers himself a Libertarian. He has vowed to ease regulations on Ohioan industry and corporations, lower tax rates, and limit the government's role in the economy. O'Malley's decision to run for President has run into heavy criticism, particularly from the Democratic side of the aisle, with many seeing his bid for candidacy as just another money making opportunity for the wealthy businessman. O'Malley has dismissed these accusations, and has already vowed to resign from his CEO position if he becomes the next President.

      • Tyrone Miller
        Perhaps the most moderate candidate running in this presidential election cycle, Miller is a veteran First Sergeant in the Ohioan Army. Miller has worked as the Head Ranger of Cuyahoga Valley National Park for the past 12 years, and considers protection of the environment a high priority. During an interview in early January, Miller discussed his admiration of the Great Lakes Commonwealth's more centrist government style, and emphasized that he believes active bipartisan discussion and compromise will often lead to the best solutions for the general population.

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Postby Nationalist Gold Union » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:23 am


February 6, 1990

President impeached; resigns
Congress indicts Romero of embezzlement, sparking his and Gayoso's resignations

Romero and Gayoso
Ciudad Beldad - Only moments after the Congress of Santa Rosa voted 61 to 29 in favor of impeaching President Raul Romero on embezzlement charges, the President and Vice President Esteban Gayoso both reluctantly resigned.

Although the impeachment does not remove him from office, and although Gayoso was not impeached, both of the men wanted to avoid a conviction during election season, choosing to step aside instead.

"It is with a heavy heart and great reluctance that I make this decision," Romero said. "For the sake of national unity and the electoral success and appeal of the Liberal Republican Party, both Vice President Gayoso and I will step aside, rather than allow this circus of a trial to drag out longer."

In accordance with the Constitution, due to both the President's and Vice President's resignation, the President of the Congress is to act as President for up to one year. As the election for President is taking place in a little over two months, Acting President Israel Pozo said that he will act for the rest of Romero's term and that the Congress will not select a replacement.

Romero and Gayoso are expected to relinquish their position on the PLR ticket for the presidential election later today, though it is unclear who will replace them.
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