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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Turmenista » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:19 pm


Exciting New Year's News from METRARC
Monday, December 31, 391 A.C.

ARCADIA — METRARC, the public transportation network of the city of Arcadia, is widely-regarded to be one of the most efficient and elaborate public transportation networks in Euphemie, ferrying millions of people around the city and the Arcadia Metropolitan Area every day. But today, right before the commencement of the New Year, METRARC CEO Danny You-Might-Think-He-Loves-You-For-Your-Money-But-I-Know-What-He-Really-Loves-You-For-It's-Your-Brand-New-Leopard-Skin-Pillbox-Hat Kavinsky gave a highly-anticipated announcement about the future of METRARC and Turmenistanian public rapid transportation in general—and what he had to say was exciting.

According to the press release, the increasingly popular Transitcard payment method, which METRARC introduced in 380 A.C. to reduce the burden of carrying tokens and revamp the transportation grid, is slated to completely replace the burdensome fare tokens by early January. By that time, the Arcadia City Council is expected to decommission the use of fare tokens entirely in favor of the card, which it will ensure is made easily accessible to all. Already accepted by all of METRARC's bus, trolley, rail, and ferry routes, the Transitcard will also come with student, elderly, and veteran discount versions, towards the end of the fare tokens' use. Transportation Authorities in other Euphemian cities have begun to plan up similar implementations of alternative payment methods to tokens.

METRARC also plans to extend lines further throughout the Arcadia Metropolitan Area and the rest of Haven Island. Kavinsky has also revealed an ambitious new project to improve the facilitation of rapid travel throughout the entire archipelago, meeting with the Louisa Transportation Authority (LTA) and Alainor Transit Authority (ATA) to discuss the creation of "high-speed, underwater railways" similar in fashion to subways, which will increase travel throughout the main islands. The Transitcard will also play into this, as Kavinsky states that its ultimate goal is to "be applicable for the entirety of Turmenista, not just Arcadia or Haven Island." Lawmakers in the state will vote upon a spending bill regarding this in mid-January.

In the Headlines
Annual Lunar Light Show atop the Great Pyramid of Yevosh in Akhmanar expected to be watched by millions tonight
Wanted Criminal "Samuel C.C. Hayden" Arrested just in time for New Years
Sinking of Cruise Ship near Coral Islands Attributed to "Creature," Lone Survivor Says
Arcadia "Serial Killer" Seems to target only Criminals
A.C. 391 — Year in Review

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Postby Turmenista » Fri Feb 08, 2019 3:41 pm


MONDAY, DEC 31, 391 A.C.

YEVOSH — As the closure of the year A.C. 391 approaches, annual traditions around Akhmanar will commence, signaling the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. Pharaistic temples throughout the country will have special morning and afternoon services to commemorate the end of A.C. 391 and beginning of A.C. 392. These services will be free of charge for the public to attend. Some government offices and agencies will be closed in light of the holiday, but all essential services will remain open around the clock.

The Historical Records Office of the Akhmanar Republic has completed its annual archival report of the important international events of the last 12 months. This archive will be released to the HRO website and will include important events of every month for the year A.C. 391. Concurrently, it has begun the archival of important events for A.C. 392.


The most anticipated event of the holiday takes place in Yevosh, where, every year, the light of the moon will strike the silver top of the Great Pyramid of Yevosh and glow white exactly when the new year will begin. This event is expected to be seen by millions of people worldwide, both in-person and on television.

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Postby Tangaliro » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:41 am

You are in: North Ophir
Sunday, December 28, 391 A.C.
Union to sign Treaty of Fiscal Goodwill with the Federal States

After days of deliberation, today the Union and the Federal States of Euphemie have signed the Treaty of Fiscal Goodwill in front of the public in Alainor, Turmenista.

The Treaty of Fiscal Goodwill mandates that both sides of the treaty are obliged not to engage in Financial Warfare against each other in any scenario. Union President Alexei F. Zhenov welcomed the signing of the treaty with full heart, stating that the signing of the treaty is a great step in Union-Euphemian cooperation in guaranteeing a stable and sustainable market environment for the international community. Here is the full transcript of President Zhenov's address on the matter.

Being the two dominant superpowers of the globe, the Union and the Federal States hold responsibility to maintain a stable and sustainable relationship in protection of the hard-earned international order that generations of people before us sought for with blood and sweat. It is the sacrifice of countless Tangaliroans, Euphemians, and many others that gave us the relative peace we enjoy here. The signing of the Treaty of Fiscal Goodwill will be a milestone for us in guaranteeing that the peace will continue.

It is to my deepest belief that the Treaty will act as a beginning to a more orderly world, to the benefit of all residing on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Benign economic interactions had always been a great factor in the pushing of a stable and mutually-beneficial relationship between countries. By the signing of the treaty, we create a more stable economic and political environment for businesses to invest in, a great step in preventing the mistake from 391 years ago from occurring ever again.

May god bless the Union and the Federal States to a better future, and may god bless all of mankind.

In the headlines

Union Protector Shen Xuewen expresses will to resign early due to body conditions
Union to begin carrier program next year
President Zhenov appointed to take position of Union Protector for remainder of Shen's term
President Zhenov's vision for the Union
New military equipment programs to commence next year
“In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.”
-Sun Tzu

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Postby Valefontaine » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:01 pm


Adelphene Midterms: Results
Monday, December 6, 392 A.C.

SULLIVAN — Adelphe midterms' results have been greatly influenced by the Pacific Conveyor incident. The Log Cabin Party and the Independence Party of Adelphe are on an unparalleled offense in the northeast Ophiric country's Senate, where they’re hoping to use the recent scandals surrounding the Constitutional Unity Party to their advantage.


In the Headlines
Radioactive Cleanup continues: Neworder praised for swift solution
Drug crime down 4th quarter of 392
What is going on in Alvimia?
Second Blogger War: Aenara-Utsan intellectuals continue debate for 4th week in a row
Animated TV sequel "Summer With You 2" announced
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Postby Forest State » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:26 pm




CAMILEA, DAIMIEL --- Attention all readers. This will be the last broadcast from the Official Daimiel News and Media Website in its current form. This post is being written under gunpoint as the entire government headquarters is being swarmed with hostile members of the Soloara Clique, who are forcing the staff of the publication to write this post.

We have been told to inform the nation that, following a coup by unloyal members of the military who would rather trust the rule of a prominent cartel leader than an experienced former general who has led Daimiel through tough times and ushered in an era of great stability and prosperousness, the nation of Daimiel will be under the control of the Soloara Clique and the military in a junta rule. This “Soloara Clique” as it is known is led by notorious criminal Esteban Romero, who is known for
Greogfbgnbgfnbiglbn lgid f wefgfbgtugkb tgkuvYVctcgh D]


Greetings, citizens! This is none other than the leader of the Soloara Clique himself speaking, Esteban Romero. Thanks to the backing of the proud and nationalistic men of the Daimielese Armed Forces as well as support from the good and reasonable people of Daimiel across the nation, we have finished the process of eclipsing the central government as the most powerful faction and the country. And we said, if we’re stronger than the central government and we have more money flowing in than the central government, why don’t we become the central government?

So I’m saying it right now.

I am government. However, I am a fair ruler and can guarantee that the Soloara Clique will do more for the problems of this country than the regime of Macario Alvarado did. Alvarado will be tried in the Clique Court for the crime of selling out Daimielese interests abroad and putting on a weak showing against rivals. We, however, will smash cultural Alvimianism wherever we find it. By that, we mean we will fight foreign influence in all places. No more will Daimielese farmers struggle to sell their goods to their own people. No longer will the suburbs dry up as more people attempt to move to the more international cities.

This is what we consider Cultural Alvimianism, and the Soloara Clique will not stand up for it. Nor will we continue to do nothing about the threat of communism on Daimielese soil in the south, where movements have been left to fester by the military. Before, our street soldiers did more about this problem than the central army. Now, both of us are walking hand in hand, on one mission together to unify the country and repair what Alvarado left broken. Alvarado, after all, was too comfortable to care about the common person.

And that is why we have decided that it’s necessary to purge Alvaradist elements from the government.

I believe that going forward, this country has a bright future, and it takes citizens that have experienced the real Daimiel to bring that about. God Bless Daimiel...
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Postby Da Liang » Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:38 am

New Year War: Sinica Officially in a State of War
Zhang Ping, People's Daily
14:18, February 05, 392 AC (UPDATED)

PICTURE: The 12th Mechanized Infantry Battalion conducting offensive drills near the border with Tianlei Man.

CHIYANG February 05, 392 AC (People's Daily) - Party Secretary-General and Paramount Leader Chen Zhiqing announced that the People's Republic of Sinica is officially in a state of war with the warlord states of Tianlei Man, Jubian Tianguo, and Heishan Juntuan on February 05, 392 AC after the People's Revolutionary Congress concurred with the state's declaration of war against the coalition. Analysis of the Congress debates shows that most of the justifications of the declaration of war are either of legal basis with the One-Sinica Law constantly being cited or with ideological reasons of "finishing the unconcluded revolution against the Liang Dynasty", with the warlords being remnants of the preceding monarchy.

Additionally, an added justification was the recent incident regarding PRANV Qinyuan, a Gunboat Destroyer that was commissioned during the Liang Dynasty era, being severely crippled by Anti-Ship Missile Attack back on January 15, 392 AC while patrolling near coasts of Tianlei Man. The findings of the investigations conducted by the Ministry of National Security which show that the AShM was of Tianlei Man origin became one of the justifications for the majority of the Congress to utilize hard power against the coalition.

Prior to the declaration of war, there were multiple eye-witness reports from various sources regarding a military build-up of the People's Revolutionary Army Ground Force(PRAGF) throughout the border of the so-called 'warlord coalition.' Accounts from the PRAGF spokesperson from multiple interviews declared the primary purpose of the military buildup was for drilling purposes in order to retain the Ground Forces' combat capabilities.


As of February 30, 392 AC, the PRA spokesperson released various documents to the public in regards to the military's major progress in the course of the conflict. On the Tianlei Front, the PRAGF managed to seize control of Tianlei Chang without much resistance. Additionally, Tianlei Man's airforce was also reported to have been rendered inoperational due to various Suppression of Air Defenses Operations conducted by the People's Revolutionary Army Air Force.

The military was also reported to have been making slow but steady progress on both the Jubian Tianguo and Heishan Juntuan fonts due to its mountainous and inaccessible terrain. However, the spokesperson of the PRAGF claimed that they will most likely achieve their operational and strategic goals by the end of March.

No data regarding the number of casualties during this conflict was released to the public as of yet.


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