Without Fear or Favor Series One [PRIVATE, DNP]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Without Fear or Favor Series One [PRIVATE, DNP]

Postby Turmenista » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:18 pm


Thread List - Character RP //

Thread List - News and Events //

OP Speaking //

This is the IC ARCHIVAL thread for Without Fear or Favor Series One, a collaborative RP effort between myself and several other people. It serves as a hub for WFF-related things, so, as such, it is restricted to a select amount of players, in order to better ensure things go about the way they should. As this is discontinued, please do not post here.

Accepted Players //

  • Myself
  • Valefontaine
  • Free Asian Ports
  • Western Pacific Territories
  • Tangaliro
  • The Enclave Government
  • Adunu
  • The Commonwealth of South Pacifica
  • Hwangyuk/Neo/Da Liang/Tyr
  • Confederation of the Equator
  • Pakiranistan
  • Forest State
  • Dablit
  • Hsienkang

A Brief Preface //

On December 31, 1989 of the Old Calendar, the world was subject to a cataclysmic event of biblical proportions. The largest and deadliest conflict in human history had begun, bringing with it the fires of centuries of human hatred and militarization and confusion manifested in the form of nuclear hellfire. From the ashes of the conflict, however, came the birth of new nations, ready to take on the new world before them without fear or favor.

The year is now 391 After Calamity. For the most part, a steady peace has fallen upon the world. In the distant lands of the East, however, a conflict brews, though no one knows when the violence shall end, or where it began. Some say it was caused by human greed, others by religious ignorance and others by a mixture in between. No matter the view of it, everyone unanimously agrees that a war is on the horizon. Alliances will change, worlds will collide, and armies will clash in the sands and dunes of this strange land.

Throughout the world, bustling metropoli have emerged from the ashes of the old civilization, growing exponentially as technology rapidly advances past their Pre-Calamity levels. Cities stretch on for miles on end, while cutthroat corporate policies and conspiracies are executed behind closed doors of modern skyscrapers, all while business in these massive metropolitan areas continues as usual, and as a mythical firearm continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

Amidst all this, and unknown to most of the world, the remnants of a war in Heaven itself have appeared once again, either to work out their differences for the Fate of humanity, or to settle their old scores once and for all.

Where do I begin?

Applications are as one can expect them to be, though, it should be noted that there is a "Character" section on the Spreadsheet that most of us here have access to.
Code: Select all







[b]Appearance:[/b] (Include Height, Weight Any other notable aspects - or an image)

[box][size=120][b]Equipment and Belongings:[/b][/size] (not all of this is necessary, it depends on what kind of character you're playing with)
[b]Loadout Name[/b]







[b]Inventory:[/b] this is for other miscellaneous items or objects typically carried in the backpack, vest, pocket, etc.[/box]

Rules //

  • I am the OP, the Thread God.
  • Valefontaine is also OP, the Thread God no. 2.
  • More rules will be added as time goes by.
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Postby Valefontaine » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:21 pm

muh nation

Federal States of
President: President Depeche Strangelove Touchfaith Z. Stardust III
Ruling Party: Federalist Party
Government: Federal Presidential Republic
The Nine-Tailed Fox Weathers On
On the 1st of January of the year 1990 of the Old Calendar, Euphemie was absorbed in the chaos of mankind's deadliest wars. It survived through the crisis, albeit the course of Euphemian history had been forever changed by the War. Much of its allies in the eastern continent, Mederum, are long gone now, though it retains a minor influence through the Emirate of Qarik. Euphemie stands among the nations of the world as an anomaly, a remnant of the Old World Order that has weathered through the centuries a battered but unfaltering nation.
The FSE maintains a grand military, economic and political presence in the Atlantic Ocean, presiding over smaller Atlantic islands like Etoile Marin through the United Association Compact. Major islands, like Turmenista, serve as hubs for the large Federal Navy, which has bases across the Atlantic.

As such, Euphemie has a decisive naval advantage over the Atlantic Ocean, projecting vast influence between Ophir and Mederum.
The Federal States, along with her allies, Etoile Marin, Aenara, and Oesterra, comprise the military pact known as the Sovereign States League. As a member of the League, Euphemie stands ready against any foreign bloc threatening its allies.
The southern half of the Euphemian state of Red Pine was lost in the brutal Third Alvimian-Euphemian War. Euphemie has never relinquished her rightful claim to this land, and her citizens-in-exile have spent the past two centuries waging brutal guerrilla warfare against the Alvimian occupation. They call themselves the 'Free State Army'.
Euphemie is religiously divided between the new and old faiths — by 391 A.C., most of the population identifies itself as part of the Euphemianist Church, who worship the first President of the FSE, George Charles Fern, as an aspect of God. They are contested by the Ourielist Church, who were once the majority religion in Euphemie before the War.

The fact that the Euphemian military and police are dominated by Euphemianists poses further marginalization to the Ourielists, and President Stardust aims to amend these divisions, rather than implement blatantly Euphemianist values as his National Republican Party rivals would. However, it will be a difficult challenge that must be overcome. Can he overcome societal divisions within his Presidential term?
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Free Asian Ports » Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:26 pm


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Left-wing Utopia

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Postby Adunu » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:39 pm


Republic of
President: Arthur Just-Another-War-With-The-World H. Kelsey
Ruling Party: Grand Party
Government: Oligarchic Presidential Republic
The Ox Strides On
On the first day, of the first month of 1990 on the Old Calender, Oesterra, along with many of the other nations of old, collapsed in the chaos of the Calamity. However, it's spirit would not die.

Oesterra was reborn by a loose republic of a few wasteland settlements that had been created in the ruins of Providence, the previous capital. The republic soon expanded, incorporating other wasteland settlements back into the Republic. Eventually expanding westward, much like their pioneer ancestors did before. The Oesterran spirit had been revived, brought back from the ashes of the Old World and into the New World. Millions enjoyed the wise, strong leadership guiding Oesterra out of the ashes.

However, nothing good lasts forever. As the frontier grew ever further west, eastern politicians grew more and more corrupt. As time went on, a cultural divide occurred among the eastern and western states, and with Congress possessing no way for the smaller Frontier states to voice their opinions against the much larger Eastern states, the west was essentially left to rot by their eastern brothers. However, the Ox Strides On and Oesterra can overcome the divide. President Arthur Just-Another-War-With-The-World H. Kelsey has been making an effort to provide the Frontier states with a voice, hoping to pass legislature that supports them and brings Oesterra back to balance.
Much like it's Atlantic counterpart, Oesterra garners a significant presence in the Pacific Ocean. And, as such, is able to project it's influence into the Orient through the use of it's many Pacific island naval bases.
The Republic, along with her allies, Etoile Marin, Aenara, and Euphemie, comprise the military pact known as the Sovereign States League. As a member of the League, Oesterra stands ready against any foreign bloc threatening its allies.
The southern half of the Euphemian state of Red Pine was lost in the brutal Third Alvimian-Euphemian War. Euphemie has never relinquished her rightful claim to this land, and her citizens-in-exile have spent the past two centuries waging brutal guerrilla warfare against the Alvimian occupation. They call themselves the 'Free State Army'.
Euphemie is religiously divided between the new and old faiths — by 391 A.C., most of the population identifies itself as part of the Euphemianist Church, who worship the first President of the FSE, George Charles Fern, as an aspect of God. They are contested by the Ourielist Church, who were once the majority religion in Euphemie before the War.

The fact that the Euphemian military and police are dominated by Euphemianists poses further marginalization to the Ourielists, and President Stardust aims to amend these divisions, rather than implement blatantly Euphemianist values as his National Republican Party rivals would. However, it will be a difficult challenge that must be overcome. Can he overcome societal divisions within his Presidential term?
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The Commonwealth of South Pacifica
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Democratic Socialists

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Postby Tangaliro » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:38 am

tag, nation stuff below :3

Sacred Union State
President: Union President Alexei F. Zhenov
Union Protector: Grand Union Protector Generalissimo of All Under Heaven Shen Xuewen
Ruling Party: Unitary National Protection Government
Government: Presidential Republic
The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes
On the 30th of December of the year 1989 in Old Calender, a fateful day that will forever be marked on the history textbooks of humanity, backed by the Proletariats Revolutionary States of Velikiyaslavia and the Third Internationale, the Teutonian Volksrepublik has launched a surprise attack on its southern capitalist counterpart, the Teutonic Federation, triggering the notorious Third World War that forever changed the course of human history. The conflict has killed more than 80% of western Mederum's pre-war population, and resulted in a series of nuclear exchange that has permanently destroyed countless countries on the continent. Ravaged by the nuclear war and its aftermaths, order and balance of the continent has collapsed.

However, from the ruins of the old world, a new one is determined to rise. Starting from the beginning of the New Calender, countless people of noble hearts have risen up from the wastelands, determined to preserve what remains of human civilization in this brave new world. Through their benevolence, wisdom and courage, they have guided Mederum out of its distress. Determined to not repeat their predecessors' mistakes, the people of western Mederum have settled aside their difference and established the Sacred Union State, tying the fate of countless together.

Combining the force of the many pre-war powers of the continent under its banner, the Sacred Union State of Tangaliro has soon rose to become the next superpower of the continent, one that could only be compared to by another nation on the other end of the Atlantic Ocean. Rising from the ashes, Tangaliro is determined to become the beacon of all, guiding the world back to an era of order and balance.
The Sacred Union State maintains a grand military, economic and political presence on western Mederum, allied with its many neighbours through the NCA, the SUST stands undisputed as the sole superpower of the western half of the continent. Believing that power comes with responsibility, Tangaliro has declared itself as the Beacon of Human Civilization, offering help and protection to its many weaker but equally civilized neighbours against foreign threats and internal issues, while carefully maintaining a balance between interventionism and isolationism to not overstretch itself.

As such, Tangaliro holds a nearly uncontestable diplomatic and military advantage over Western Mederum, despite its projection of power beyond Mederum being limited by its still recovering naval capacity and Euphemie's obstruction.
The Sacred Union State, along with many other countries on the continent, are the members of an international military pact known as the Novus Concordia Accords. As a member of the Accords, Tangaliro is determined and ready to strike at any foreign threats against its allies across the world.
While their ancestors were determined to not repeat their predecessors' mistakes, as the New Calender hits the 391th year, not all inside the Sacred Union State are content of the Union itself. Standing defiant as a pre-war global superpower, a part of the Velikiyaslavian population begins to show a surge of nostalgia toward the old Proletariats Revolutoinary States, taking the status quo of the Union as an insult to their former glory.

Meanwhile, in the eastern part of Sinica, which was occupied from the PRSV before the Cataclysm, the many descendants of Proletarian Republic remnants, ethnic minorities and loyalists of former eastern warlords, unable to share the fruits of the merge of the Union, are beginning to show dissents on the status quo sympathizing their counterparts in former Velikiyaslavia. They demand a better representation in the Unitary Government and a fairer distribution of resources inside the State of Sinica. If the unitary government cannot address their demands in time, the dissents may grow into separatism.

Far from the northeastern parts of Tangaliro, Zaratia, being one of the few states which had a perfectly functioning pre-war government that survived through the Cataclysm before the merge, as the newer generations begin to forget about the terrors of war and their ancestors reasoning behind the merge, a resurgence of pan-Zaratian nationalism is on the rise. The fascistic blackshirts are seeking to separate the state of Zaratia from the Union and purge all foreign influence off their homeland. Such radical movement are not embraced by many, but the memory of old times begin to wear off, a crack of opinion among the Zaratians are beginning to rise.

Further south, while the Victoria Island heavily relies on the resources of the continent to survive, a new camp of politicians who calls themselves the Marcoists, embracing the doctrine of Victorian localism, has risen from the metropolis of what remains of the Channel Region of Victoria. Despite a firm opposition of the camp by the Lowlanders and Highlanders alike, through exaggerations and hoax, their doctrine is seeming to gain favor amongst the Channelmen. Should the true face of the Marcoists not be debunked in time, Channel Victoria may eventually fall into their hands and become their base of operation to push forward an independence of the whole Victoria from the Union, albeit how unlikely it would be for them to sustain themselves.

The rise of regionalism in these areas are beginning to draw equal concern from the Unitary Government and their democratically-elected counterparts. With the recent show of interest by the leaders of these movements to form a united front against the Union, suppressing regional separatism has become a pressing issue for the Union. Will the Unitary Government be able to address the demands of the dissents and suppress the secessionist movements before it is too late? Or will the rise of regionalism become the beginning of the end of the Sacred Union State?
Despite the previous compromises between the benevolent but dictatorial Unitary National Protection Government and the democratic opposition, the newly-elected figurehead civilian government under the lead of Union President Alexei F. Zhenov are demanding for further reforms inside the Sacred Union. As the democratic opposition grows increasingly huge with the Union's full recovery from the Cataclysm drawing closer and closer, a self-appointed government is beginning to lose popularity among the people of Tangaliro.

With the strong call for democratic reform persisting inside the Sacred Union State, the Grand Protector of the Union will need to carefully choose his next maneuver to preserve the current order within the Union. Otherwise, should he make a wrong step, the democrats will quickly take over, one way or another. Or maybe, if he wills to, he can try to push for a smooth transition to democracy, but either way he chooses, he will need to be careful, for the wolves looming beyond the borders of the Union are watching, poising to strike at any time to destroy the Union.
Being the successor the a majority of pre-war industrial and technological powers on Mederum, Tangaliro finds itself sitting on a rich treasure of technologies and recyclable materials left behind by the nations before the Cataclysm, through utilizing these resources, Tangaliro will be able to generate itself a huge fortune in both monetary income, resource stockpile and technological progression.
Lacking any major drinkable water sources in the south, Tangaliro heavily relies on importing water from Sanjar and the north to fulfill the daily needs of the Gallia and Zaratia. The strategic needs of water security has created a strong strategic bond between Tangaliro, Sanjar and Akhmanar. With Sanjar holding an important source of fresh water and Akhmanar holding the passage of the freshwater pipeline, Tangaliro will closely protect the two against any foreign threats that may threaten its water supply. However, should the two give the Union no choice, it may take the matter into its own hands through any means it sees fit, even if that means, with reluctance, an annexation through force.

In contrast the many continental countries of Mederum, Ezo stands defiant to the new continental order and views the Sacred Union State as a threat and the instigator of the Third World War. While the Union does not want to raise hostilities between civilized nations, should Ezo begin to pose a threat to the Union or its allies, Tangaliro is ready to strike at any moment against the anarcho-capitalist island nation for the greater good of the Mederum it perceives.
Tangaliro is an amalgamation of many pre-war countries of different culture and origin of civilization. Among them, some can even be traced back to ancient times up to several millennia ago. Thanks to the lesson of the Cataclysm, people from different groups of culture inside the Union has learnt to settle aside the difference and pursue commonality. Over the past three hundred years, under the vacuum period of nationalism after the war and the support of the post-war governments, different cultures have been slowly integrated into each other through the free flow of population and interracial marriages, creating a rare scene of cultural harmony within the Union. Nowadays, average Tangaliroans view of the rich background of civilization inside their nation with great pride. Despite the destruction of many ancient artifacts and heritage sites during the Third World War, the Union is still sitting on an immensely rich tourist and cultural resource that it can generate revenue with.

The cultural harmony and the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Union are treasures that many has sworn to protect, and will remain to protect, both in the name of god and humanity.
On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean sits the Federal States of Euphemie and several other Ophiric nations. While the Sacred Union State holds no grudge and hostility against these nations, the Ophirics do not seem to perceive the Union kindly. The foundation of the Sovereign States League to counter the Novus Concordia Accords, the strong caution the Federal States takes against Tangaliro in the Atlantic and a series of unwelcoming actions is drawing confusion to the people of the Union. The Ophiric nations are highly civilized nations that Tangaliro is willing to befriend, but on the other hand, it seems that the Ophiric nations do not welcome the presence of the Sacred Union State.

Tangaliro is reluctant to fight the nations residing on the other end of the sea, but should the Union and its allies be provoked bad enough, even the most tame of the Union would be ready to change their approach on the Ophirics from through the delivery of a gift to the barrel of a gun.
Despite the fact that more than three hundred years have passed since the Cataclysm, not all countries are capable of self-sufficient food production yet. In some places, chaos continue to reign, rendering stable food production impossible. In other places, their pre-war agricultural centers are contaminated by heavy radiation. In some rarer cases, their farmlands are simply too small for self-sufficient agriculture. With the vast, fertile and relatively untainted lands of eastern Gallia and Sol Terra in our hand, we are capable of providing ourselves with enough food to spare to these poor people.

By establishing their food dependency on us, we will effectively establish strong influence over their country. If we desire so, we can just cut off their food supply and watch as famine rate and food prices skyrocket in their nation before they could find an alternative source, submit to our demands or simply collapse into chaos. This is heavily recommended against, however. Not only is it a morally corrupt atrocity that will seriously undermine our righteousness as the Beacon of Civilization, but it would also likely spark heavy dissents and opposition against us within the Union as well. Food is a basic necessity for human survival, by using it as a token of politics we are little different from uncivilized barbarians who stop at nothing for their own interests. Nations like Sanjar may do it despite others protests, but as the Beacon of Civilization, a hope for humanity, we must not fall to the level of those selfish ones.
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Postby Etoile Marin » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:45 pm

Tagged. My nation described below:
Principality of
Etoile Marin
Princesse des étoiles et défenseur de l'île de lumière: Amilessi Léa-Mathia Fléau “Persephónê” Astredonnée de Côpetia “l'Amant”, Amilessi Fléau Côpetia III
(En anglais: Princess of Stars and Defender of the Island of Light)
Ministre du gouvernement: Valéntoire Genscard-Thérlons Rapiers Herménégilde
(En anglais: Minister of Government)
Parti au Pouvoir: Coalition nationale princière-démocratique (CNPD)
(En anglais: Ruling Party: National Princely-Democratic Coalition)
Gouvernement: Noble Principauté Démocratique
(En anglais: Government: Noble Democratic Principality)
The Star of the Sea Rises Once More
Many today forgot the times where Etoile Marin once co-existed with the world as a neutral, unaffiliated state. Unfortunately on 1 January, 1990, the world took a turn for the worse and plunged into a global conflict unthinkable by man. The consequences it had on the island were severe, sparking a civil war of tremendous proportions that caused nuclear hellfire to spread to its shores, annihilating much of what once was and shall never be again. Less than 20% of the population survived thanks to apocalyptic measures put into effect years prior.

This population would only resurface nearly a century later, when the island had healed enough to a point where the Marinians could once more live upon its land. Communities sprouted up once more, organizing feudal-esque councils started by the descendents of the old monarchs. Farming was crucial to sustaining the populace, along with fishing and scouring through the ruins of the Old Marinians to find relics of the past. This once backwards civilization, over the course of several centuries, restored itself to its former glory. It wasn't alone by any means, though.

Etoile Marin now exists as a peaceful successor to its former self, joining hands with the Western Powers like Euphemie and Aenara. The noble descendents of the isle now seek to promote and encourage harmony in the stricken world, so as to prevent another calamity as the one at the onset of the New Calendar from occurring again. Led by the grace of a well respected monarch presiding over several political leaders, the Star of the Sea has risen once more from the depths to speak to the world.

Many suffering events have transpired on Etoile Marin; its people have persevered through the eras, but now enjoy the splendors of a gracious life. The Rapiers administration in particular, coupled with the reign of Amilessi Fléau Côpetia III, has seen tremendous growth and success in recent times for the isle. Many claim it has developed into a center of peace and prosperity for all.

The Marinian People are some of the most peaceful in Tsion. Crime is low and sparse, domestic issues are infrequent, and foreign affairs revels in a peaceful court of diplomacy with all. Though, even in such a peaceful state, the island still holds many untold, ancient secrets.
The Marinian Revolution, a seemingly ancient event to the people of Etoile Marin, once played a critical role in what the world meant to the island. The only effect it had however was a devestating mark on their history and their society. Many years later even to this day, the long descended successors of those quarreling parties still bear the vestiges of their factional rivalries. Coalitions of ideological followers constitute the democratic process of the isle now, vying for government control to create what each coalition believes to be an “ideal society.”

While their peace may seem docile now, the fear of a renewed civil war still looms over the horizon..
From left to right:
Bachasson André-Marçon Gaels, André-Marçon Gaels
(Leader of COMECS: Coalition du mouvement économiste social, En anglais: Social Economist Movement Coalition),

Réthy Janviers-Achiel “Vigipirate” Boullonsais, Réthy “VP” Boullonsais
(Leader of CNPD: Coalition nationale princière-démocratique, En anglais: National Princely-Democratic Coalition),

et Determe Désiré-Toi Enrique Martel IX, Determe Martel IX
(Leader of NCGP: Nouveau coalition du gouvernement populaire, En anglais: New People's Government Coalition)
Etoile Marin's position in the world leaves it in a desirable place by both continental powers on either side of it. It truly is the Star of the Sea, a lonely entity of strategic and logistical value to anyone who contests it. The island is fully aware of this, and maintains a miniscule, but competent maritime defense force to act as a first line of defense. Should the Marinian resolve truly break, it maintains strong alliances to Euphemie, Aenara, and Oesterra as a member of the Sovereign States League. Should such a major power ever invade its shores, Etoile Marin is prepared to defend itself to the very end.
The Federal States of Euphemie are a benevolent nation neighboring Etoile Marin, so benevolent they are the island's closest ally. A bond to last a millennium, formed just one century ago, exists between the two nations. The United Association Compact provides for many domestic and commercial benefits to both Etoile Marin and Euphemie, allowing their peoples to exchange and intermix with one another. The UAC additionally mandates and provides for strong defensive cooperation between the two, making Euphemie the Star of the Sea's sovereign protector in the face of foreign aggression.
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Postby Turmenista » Tue May 21, 2019 2:24 pm

For everyone's information, we've moved to Series Two on an entirely different forum entirely. Please refrain from posting here anymore. The new link is here.
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