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Berlin Has fallen (Open, MT, IC)

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:07 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
Interrogation of POI-2018-K-5 on Incident 2018-K

Date and time: 16/5/2018 0933

Foreword: Interrogation was assisted by the detainment of his wife Zoja Mazur. Lockdown on Berlin has been lessened.

Interviewer: Emma Alt

Interviewee: Borik Bogatzky (POI 2018-k-5)

Play tape.

Tape activates:

[Sound of the door opens and closes]

Borik: When am I getting out? You can't keep me here.

Emma: Get out? At this rate, you'll end up being hung in Romania.

[Chair being drawn]

Borik: Bullshit. I come home a hero. While your nation will fall from the inside.

Emma: Really? Because currently, your "government" has denied your existence.

Borik: (Unintelligible). Nevermind that! I'm not talking. [He speaks in Romanian: Brothers United]

Emma: Not talking? Talk now and save your life the pain.

Borik: How else could you hurt me. You Krauts have already destroyed my nation!

Emma: (In a sing-song voice) Last chance Borik.


Emma: Sergeant Tonkin bring the subject in.

[Door opens]

Borick: WHAT THE HELL! Zoja what have they done!

Zoja: Borick I would say the same. WHAT THE HELL!

Tonkin: Romanian scum! Shut up!

[Silance for 10 seconds]

Emma: Zoja is here on an expired visa. It would be very easy to send her back to Romania where she has several warrants. Take her back to the cells Tonkin.

Tonkin: Hey, after this maybe...

Emma; Joey told me. Coffee later?

Tonkin: Jawol!

[Door closes]

Emma: (Under breath) Romantic Idoit.

[Silance for 30 seconds]

Borick: What do you want me to say.

Emma: Simple! Who shot the Kaiserin?

Borick: I don't know. But I know something else. But I want a deal.

Emma: Go on.

Borick: Zoja stays in Hamburg until the situation in Romania ends.

Emma: It will be done if your information proves to be fruitful.

Borick: I presume this is being recorded.

Emma: Yes. Talk.

Borick: There will be massive attacks in Berlin on April the 16th on 9:30 using Romanian governmental support. They wanted me to take the blame for the gunshot to loosen the lockdown.

Emma: Tonkin what time is it?

Tonkin: (Over intercom) It's... Oh my god... it's 9:33.


[Sound of a chair being thrown back]

[Door opens and slams]

[Silance in room excluding intercom for 30 seconds]

Borick: Lung România Live

[Tape ends]

Tape from a CCTV outside the Reichstag facing road on 16/5/2018.

Play tape.
9:29:30: White van pulls up outside service entrance gate for inspection (Van was traced to a renting company).

9:29:50: Checks reveal nothing unusual. Van let through.

9:30:34: Van parks just outside the back service entrance 2 of the Reichstag.

9:32:50: Van marked as suspicious due to no activity inside. The camera zooms to view driver. Driver perspiring severely. A security alert is given.

9:33:20: 2 security guards approach van. 30 meters from the van.

9:33:30: Guards order man to step out.

9:33:32: Van detonates at the forces of 200kg of TNT.

9:33:40: Feed of Camara distorts severely.

9:34:50: Gunshots reported.

9:35:22: Masked Gunman comes into view and executes the surviving officer from the explosion with a pistol.

9:35:40: Gunman enters Reichstag through the service entrance.

9:45:23: SWAT breaches Reichstag.

11:03:2: Gunman wounded and arrested.

Interview 2018-K-INC-2-3.

Date: 16/5/2018 1400

Foreword: Interview on the Gendarmenmarkt attack.

Interviewer: Lieutenant Colonel Clemens Schmuck.

Interviewee: Police officer Jerald [REDACTED]

Play tape.

Schmuck: Are you sure you want to do this Jerald? For goodness sake, you're shot!

Jerald: It was a through and through. Simple patch up. I want to do this. I have to talk about this to someone that won't treat me with such pity.

Schmuck: Fine. Let's begin with how it began.

Jerald: We had just received reports of the Reichstag when a black van drove up to the checkpoint. We told them that they could not pass since a lockdown was in effect. I heard the back door open...

Schmuck: You don't need to do this Jerald.

Jerald: Dave ordered them to stay in the van and drew his gun. He didn't draw it fast enough and a man with a rifle walked over and shot him. Several times. I dove to cover as more shots rang out. I don't know who the shots belonged to. The only thing I knew was that after about 20 seconds members of the crowd in the square began to fall down. One after the other. I got to my feet and found only 4 terrorists standing. I had time to shoot 3 before the last one hit me. I fell down and shot the last person in the foot. I don't remember anything other than that. I'm done.

[Sounds of sobbing]

Schmuck: You did well Jerald. You did really well.

[Tape ends]

I move that we give Jerald the bronze star. He did well-Lieutenant Colonel Clemens Schmuck

"As you can see here the sausage factories are going very well. Hopefully, the market can recover after the crash"
[Image of Reichstag attack appears on the screen]
"BREAKING NEWS! There have been multiple reports of explosions and gunfire in Berlin. Dozens of casualties have been reported and it is reported that there are still active gunmen. Civilians are to stay inside their houses and not be in the open. Do not come out if you hear gunshots and report any suspicious activity..."
Kaiserriech national news report on 16/5/2018 0945

Note: This is a continuation of my "Attempted assassination of Kaiserin thread". I decided to continue this in a new post ever since I decided to escalate the situation on that thread. You need to read that in order to know what is going on in this thread.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:55 am
by Cantonese Union
Cantonese Armed Forces Hainan Naval Base, [REDACTED], Hainan Province, Cantonese Union
April 16, 2018, time unknown (?, UTC+/-?)

The command center was full of operatives monitoring the progress of the naval exercises near Hainan. Defense Minister Chang Wanquan was one of the people actively monitoring the exercises and making sure that everything from was functioning as intended. After triple-checking that the date on the calendar is correct, he was generally impressed with the professionalism displayed by the naval forces. He suddenly got a call on his government-issued phone that was on an encrypted network. The call was from the head of the ESF.
He picked up the phone and wasn't even able to greet him, because as soon as he picked it up, Chan started briefing him: "We're deploying more agents in the Kaiserreich under the guise of helping our European allies because the situation is getting out of control. Our plainclothes agents interrogated a person with knowledge of the failed assassination plot and found out that there was going to be a large-scale terror attack at 9:30 their time and he was right - the attacks on German government structures and citizens began at 9:33."

Chang always thought that the Germans were ruthlessly efficient in virtually everything and could not believe that they could let something like this happen, but his largest concern was about the source since the ESF chief kept going on about "bringing them back to help our agents" at the emergency briefing.
"Are you going to bring the asset to safety?"

"No, he was disposed of. According to him, the Germans were close to capturing two people who also knew about the plot. The agents decided that evacuating him to some European nation or to the homeland was too much of a risk, especially since he had no knowledge of what was going to occur after the initial bombing." Chan replied. "Our current task is influencing German officers with offers of life in the Cantonese Union and the SAR's, the flamboyant lifestyle they could afford because of our booming economy, the privilege, things like that in exchange for valuable intelligence. This ends my briefing on the situation in the Kaiserreich, I will be rushing to Hong Kong now since the journos there want me to make a public statement. Agents will be on the ground in 10-12 hours."

"Understood and good luck. The armed forces will be on full alert now, even though we should not have any military threats." Chang hung up and gave the command for the military to go into full alert.

Cantonese State Public Announcement Office in the HKSAR, Central District, Hong Kong SAR, Cantonese Union
The head of the External Security Force made a public statement on the current situation and announced the actions the ESF will take to safeguard regional stability. Cantonese and Hong Kong newspapers published his statement the following day. Two excerpts are available - one is from the Cantonese media outlet SCMP, the other one is an opinion article by a Hong Kong based outlet which is more critical of the authorities.



PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:52 pm
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
"All citizens have been told to stay inside their homes. Anyone outside during the curfew is to be detained. You have permission to use deadly force if they resist. One of the terrorists made a mistake. He left his phone on his person. We went through the calls records and traced 70% of his calls to one house in downtown Berlin. We believe it is the HQ of the R.L.F and yes it is confirmed through the Bundesnachrichtendienst that it was them. Beware, Our reports believe these suspects are trained soldiers smuggled in from Romania with heavy weapons. Come in with shock and awe and clear the house as fast as possible. Do me a favor and try to capture some bozgors."
-Bundesnachrichtendienst (Secret Service) Officer Hinrich "The hunter" [REDACTED] on 16/5/2018 at 1232.

The videotape of breach of the suspected breach by the 5th motorized stormtrooper division.

Camera operator: Private Fredrick using a headcam.

[Start tape]
12:50:32: APC moves up the road to the suspected safe house.

12:50:56: Gunshots are heard to bounce off APC.

12:50:58: APC responds with 20 rounds from its 20mm autocannon. One enemy casualty confirmed. Defender suppressed.

12:51:03: 6 soldiers on board disembark and take cover behind a row of parked cars.

12:51:04: The squad moves through nearby bank to breach the western wall to enter safe house.

12:51:30: The squad clears the upper floors and set charge as more gunshots are heard.

12:51:35: Explosion is heard. Defenders are confirmed to have access to explosives. The squad breaches the wall as another Squad (Referred to as squad 2) assaults the building from the east.

12:51:35: Squad enters through holes and spots a defender. The defender is shot 5 times and is confirmed to dead.

12:51:40: Bottom floor front door on the western side is blown out. 3 defenders are confirmed to be down.

12:51:43:25: Squad breaches through the door and enters a hallway and spots a dazed defender coming upstairs

12:51:43:50: Man is shot by private Fredricks two times and falls down the staircase.

12:51:55: Squad 2 breaches eastern wall and terminates 4 defenders. Thermal imaging confirms there to be only 5 defenders capable of resisting. All defenders left are on the top floor.

12:52:02: The squad breaches opposite room an is confirmed to be clear but filled with weapons.

12:52:10: Squad breaches the second room and terminates one defender. 4 defenders are left.

12:52:30: Squad 2 clears the bottom floor and joins squad one.

12:52:46: Squad 1 and 2 breach another room. three defenders are in room two are terminated and one surrenders.

12:52:50: Shout from opposite room by the last defender saying she has surrendered. Squad 2 secures suspect while squad 1 breaches the last room.

12:53:01: Fedricks volunteers to be the point man. Squad breaches room.

12:53:02:12: Headcam reveals the last defender to have explosive devices on her body. Explosive devices on the last defender detonate.

12:53:02:19: Squad is thrown back. Vital signs of Fedrick are flat. Camera destroyed.
[Tape ends]


Terrorists: 14 dead and 1 captured.

5th motorized stormtrooper division: One dead and APC damaged by explosives.

Notes: Terrorist captured has been taken to an undisclosed location.

Current time: 1300.

OOC: Cantonese Union are you saying that Emma Alt and Sergeant Tonkin are your spies. Also, can you clarify your post a little? Like who are the two people who knew about the plot and the man you killed? (I like the reference you made with the date)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:21 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
“This right in. We have reports of gunfire in downtown Berlin. It is suspected to be a army raid due to previous reports of the 5th stormtrooper motorized division in the area. Residents in downtown Berlin have been told by the government to remain inside. They warn that anyone spotted in the open in the downtown area will be detained for the remainder of the incident…”

News report at 1245 on kaiserriech national news.

“The current number of casualties have been counted and are around… oh god… 72 dead. The Kaiserin requests a moment of silence…”

News report at 1337.

“Cantonese citizens have been requested to approch the nearest canton embassy in the area to await instructions. It is is suspected that the canton government may choose to evacuate their citizens…”

News report at 1350

“The Vatican City has denounced this attack as a action of pure brutality. They pray for the fallen and injured.”

News report at 1400.

“We have reports that the gunman in the…”
[Screen displays large amount of static before showing the face of an male individual that was later confirmed to be the leader of the R.L.F “General Makarov”]
“Today your glass empire has shattered . Your witch in the high castle has been felled by a noble brother. Your empire dared to support the evil council that claim that they are the true government of the motherland. We will liberate România from your hands and your people, culture, and spirt will suffer what you have done to us. Long live…”
[Transmission is cut. Transmission was confirmed to be from [REDACTED] in România.]

Intercepted transmission at 1412

This has gone on for long enough. I ask permission for retaliation air strikies to be conducted on R.L.F bases and other assets-Air Marshal Erik Rommel.

Permission will be given after we get support in the UN but prepare the bombers because as soon as we get support.

The Kaiserreich Will strike back.- Kaiserin Louise Victoria the second

Current time 1448

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:55 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
>Access file România-POI-1
[Do you wish to access file România-POI-1]
[Please enter your security card]
[Security card accepted]
[Enter your code]
[Code accepted]
[Opening file România-POI-1]
[Time of accessing file: 1430]

Name: Makarov ukensie

Known Aliases: Dave Bernard, Dimitri Price, and Day Kuek


Sex: M

Weight: Unknown

Height: 163 cm

Bio: Was born in Moscow on 1960/5/23 and delivered on the doorstep of an orphanage. At age 8 he volunteered to be part of the Soviet youth where he mostly participated in menial talks for the communist party such as dictation, object fetching, and mopping the floors. At age 12 he was conscripted to be in the M.D.F (Moscow defense force) as French forces stormed the city. He was captured during the battle and was sent to a POW camp near the Românian border. He and a group of Soviet soldiers escaped from the camp and fled to a neutral safe zone in România. He was released from the camp after the war ended in 1973 he was to sent back to the orphanage in Moscow and stay there until he was of age. However he was noted to missing when the train for Moscow left but it was assumed he had found a family and was adopted. He would pop up again in 2001 as a colonel in the Romanian people’s army. In 2015 he rose to the rank of general following his success in crushing an anti communist uprising. In 2017 when the government made an official move to disband the communist system when he declared them all traitors and formed the battalions under his command into the R.L.F. He attempted to take the capital in the opening days but failed and suffered extremely high casualties. His army would not recover and instead of open warfare he used guerrilla warfare. He has recently claimed responsibility in the Berlin attacks. Retaliation is being planned.
>Close file
[Closing file]
[Logging off]

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:02 am
by Deutschess Kaiserreich
Except from “Frederick Adams blog”.

Foreword: Frederick was a UN security officer in the room during the kaiserin’s speech.


“The room was a mess of babbling bureaucracy as the representatives discussed what had recently happened in Berlin. Many whispered fears that if such an attack could go undetected could such an attack happen in their own nations. Some however whispered rumors that this attack was a false flag operation carried out by the kaiserreich herself. The room went silent as the Kaiserin stepped into the room. She was as beautiful as ever but had the face of exhaustion and her arm was in a sling. She walked up to the speech podium winching as she placed her hand onto the podium. “Today Berlin was shaken by a series of terrorist attacks by Romanian nationalists. Just a few hours ago the R.L.F hacked into our national news and claimed responsibility. Berlin just an hour ago was finally clear of any danger as security officers have arrested a Romanian stabbed. My nation has been shaken to core. I will not stand for such attacks on my fatherland and now I speak directly to the R.L.F. You may have killed many innocents and brave officers. You may have destroyed landmarks and obliterated the streets. But you have no killed our spirit, culture, and confidence. We will stand against your tidal wave of terror and hate together. Trust me Makarov… The kaiserriech will strike back…”


Glory to the kaiserriech- Homeboy 18

Down with the The Romanian scum- Victoria hound.

Glory to the kaiserin!- eyak23.